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October 23, 2023 34 mins

Per [P#8512§1.6] Residents incapable of controlling self-actions shall reduce immediate feelings of anger or aggression. Residents shall attempt talking or writing about their feelings, meditating, and/or breathing exercises. Residents shall relax and engage in Non-Offensive, Repetitive Action of physical, temporal, and/or mental Health. Failure to do so shall result in Remediation.



Written by Trevor Young, Alexander Williams and Matthew Riddle. Starring Natalie Morales, Wayne Bastrup, Tara Buck, Jeff Bowser, Anna Homler, Raphael Corkhill, Jay Jones, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Alex Boling, Erin Aster, Sandra Valladares, Laura Schein, Miguel Perez, and Lauren Vogelbaum. 


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Speaker 1 (00:04):
Thirteen Days of Halloween Penance, a co production of iHeart
three D Audio Blumhouse Television and Grim and Mild from
Aaron Yankee. Headphones recommended Listener discretion advised.

Speaker 2 (00:40):
Uh, Hello, you're back. I can hardly see you, But
you remember me, don't you? You're real as real as
you aren't you afraid someone's gonna hear you? They never

seem to. But if you are worried about it, come
to the door. It is you. Who else would it be?
What are you doing here? Ever since that first night,
I've been wondering what happened to you. I guess I
was looking for you. I got locked up in solitary

for I don't even know how long. I don't think
you could have found me if you tried, But I
was thinking about you too. Where do they keep you?
I mean, are you on this cell block? I'm not sure.
I find this place so confusing. Yeah, tell me about it.
But how do you keep getting free? I just don't

think they pay attention. But I can't seem to find
a way out either. I think I'm trapped. Do you
know how you got here? No? Do you? I remember
enough to know it was an ambush? But not what
they want out of it? Or why me? Do you
want to escape? It's the only thing I want. Let's

make a pact. You find the way out, you tell me.
If I find a way, I'll tell you. And if
we can go, we'll go together. Shake on it. Your
hands are so warm and yours are so cold? How
will I know where to find you? I'll find you. Hm,

I'm so tired, but I can't sleep. I can sing
to you. Won't it make too much noise? I will
sing softly?

Speaker 3 (02:46):
Okay, m.

Speaker 2 (02:54):
Mighty, see the mighty, see the so bye so bye
that song you sang? Where does it come from? My hie?

Speaker 4 (03:11):
You say?

Speaker 2 (03:13):
Ma Hi sigh, so bye, so bye.

Speaker 5 (03:29):
Rodriguez, you're late stuff whi jusia? Is it time for breakfast?

Speaker 6 (03:36):
You missed breakfast? It's time for group.

Speaker 3 (03:39):

Speaker 6 (03:40):
Got to organize this therapy community room.

Speaker 3 (03:45):
Now yourself, it is does has all the things that
you desire? How do you become them? Well, when you're
imagining your higher self, realize that everything they have is
some thing you already possess.

Speaker 2 (04:03):
My caseworker is my therapist.

Speaker 3 (04:05):
Why SIORI good to see you on your feet?

Speaker 2 (04:08):
How long has it been I don't know, like a
week long enough.

Speaker 3 (04:13):
You came in before Easter. On my count, I was
over three months ago. Wait wait what anyway? So great
to have you join. We're just about to begin. Why
not get yourself a refreshment and settle in for some connection.

Speaker 7 (04:28):

Speaker 4 (04:33):
Feeling better?

Speaker 2 (04:35):
Like I woke up with a three month hangover? What
we'll circle back on it. You do therapy frip? Is
it mandatory?

Speaker 5 (04:44):
It's highly encouraged.

Speaker 2 (04:46):
Tweedled and tweedledum said. I was late, but it doesn't
seem like it's actually started. We're on intermission. Well, at
least there are donuts.

Speaker 4 (04:55):
I wouldn't eat those.

Speaker 2 (04:58):
Why which in them?

Speaker 6 (05:00):
Really old?

Speaker 2 (05:01):
Whatever's left over goes back in the closet until the
next session. Yeah, and what about the coffee?

Speaker 3 (05:07):
All right, everyone, let's regroup, lots more to share in anay,
grab a seat, gather round, you know what. Let's let
Siary speak first today?

Speaker 2 (05:19):
Do I have to? Like? Will you physically force me
to talk and punish me if I don't? Siory ms Martinez?
Thank you.

Speaker 3 (05:27):
Do you see that poster on the wall, which one
with the elephant?

Speaker 2 (05:34):
It's hard work carrying all that weight? Why not share?

Speaker 8 (05:38):
The load.

Speaker 2 (05:39):
Ugh, gag me.

Speaker 3 (05:41):
Ah, Yes, how true. We've all experienced a weight that
seems too much to bear, And though everyone carries something
different shane, guilt, regret, a revenge blot, we don't have
to go it alone. Sharing that burden is one of
the things that pulls us together as a community. Why

didn't you tell us about a time that you felt overburdened?

Speaker 2 (06:05):
You mean besides right now, dig.

Speaker 3 (06:07):
Siary, don't be shy. We can keep a secret.

Speaker 2 (06:15):
This necklace that I used to wear I had since
middle school. There was a girl, let's call her Stacy.
We didn't have any classes together, but she had the
locker above mine. Looking impartially, you could consider us platonic acquaintances,
but I was obsessed. It was my first crush, and

I had no idea what to do. One day, I'm
alone in a junk shop and I come across this
set of silver necklaces. A moon split into one side
a waning give us the other side, a waxing crescent.

Speaker 1 (06:52):
How did you know they were waxing and waning?

Speaker 5 (06:54):
Because it set it on the box?

Speaker 2 (06:55):
Whose story is this anyway? In the overly formal manner
of a dramatic teenager. I wrapped the cress in half
in a note from S to S and slipped it
through the hole in her locker. That day, at lunch,
with the gibbis dangling from my neck, I approached her table,
but I chickened out. She was surrounded by friends and

they were all cackling. On my way to my next class,
I get to our lockers and what do I find?
The crescent necklace on the ground, the note crumpled with
something scribbled in the margin.

Speaker 5 (07:31):
What did it say?

Speaker 2 (07:32):
I won't repeat it, but it was a three letter word.

Speaker 6 (07:37):
Then what happened?

Speaker 2 (07:39):
I was crushed.

Speaker 1 (07:41):
You didn't really finish the I talked.

Speaker 2 (07:43):
It sucked. I don't want to talk anymore. It's someone
else's turn.

Speaker 3 (07:47):
Right, who's next?

Speaker 5 (07:50):

Speaker 8 (07:51):

Speaker 3 (07:52):
Uh, lily h I was not here, Um Kelson, how
are you feeling this morning?

Speaker 7 (08:00):

Speaker 5 (08:01):
I fine?

Speaker 3 (08:04):
Just fine? What's another word for fine?

Speaker 5 (08:08):
Another word for fine? Fine? Fine? What is another word
for fine?

Speaker 2 (08:16):
Of what happened to his face? I think you're about
to find out?

Speaker 5 (08:21):
Good? I guess good.

Speaker 3 (08:23):
Why don't you share your story? Glson?

Speaker 5 (08:26):
But I've already told it?

Speaker 3 (08:27):
Why not tell it again?

Speaker 5 (08:30):
Well? I guess all of you or most of you
know that I used to share an apartment with my
sister Serenity. H right, yes, sir, I understand your frustration. Sir. Okay,
So with our Gold Rewards program, you can get fifty

gigabytes of I had been working this shit phone company
job hardly with the pay, which wasn't much. Mom died,
leaving us nothing but the bill for her funeral. So
while Serenity waited tables at some awful dive bar downtown,
I sat home and answered phones. Still we were struggling.

I'm very good, sir. Thank you again for being a
valued customer of Nexus Mobile. If you'd like to stand
the line, there is a brief survey angry people taking
out their frustration on a faceless victim. Every day was
more of the same until hello, and thank you for
calling Nexus Mobile. My name is Gelson, with whom do

I have the pleasure of speaking.

Speaker 9 (09:35):
Gos Gausson. What a strange.

Speaker 5 (09:39):
Name, just the name my mother gave me a.

Speaker 9 (09:43):
Woman of rare taste. Well, Gilson, I'm calling with some
fantastic news. You won the sweet Steak.

Speaker 5 (09:52):
I'm sorry you must have the wrong person. What sweepstakes?

Speaker 9 (09:55):
Well, there aren't too many Gelson's in this city, are there?
I guess you don't remember. Up you filled out a
form online to renew your passport. There was an option
to enter our sweet state.

Speaker 5 (10:06):
I don't have a passport. I've never had a passport.

Speaker 9 (10:09):
Don't you wanna know what you've won?

Speaker 5 (10:11):
H sure?

Speaker 9 (10:13):
An all expense paid trip courtesy of Factor nearly a
cruid line. This luxury open water voyage is the most
extravagant excursion on the high seas. You and a guest
will be treated to a palatial inner rule, lavish cuisine
from the industry's premier chefs, and an invitation to a

most illustrious ball given in our grand ball room. How
does that sound?

Speaker 5 (10:41):
Wow? I er I, I don't know what to say.

Speaker 9 (10:44):
Splendid You've just received our brochure. In the coming days,
a package will arrive with everything you'll need to attend
our special event. Just remember you are required to bring
the content with you on.

Speaker 5 (11:07):
Things have been so bad for so long that this
news really seemed too good to be true. More than anything,
I was excited to tell my sister, all right, Gel,
no more secrets.

Speaker 2 (11:19):
What's going on?

Speaker 7 (11:20):
Where are you taking me?

Speaker 5 (11:22):
Your favorite Michelle's. But how can we use a special
occasion special? It's Thursday? What's special about cool? Blue Sea's
the crisp sea air, the most divine food you've ever had?
It's a dream come true?

Speaker 3 (11:36):
Look suternalia for premiers?

Speaker 5 (11:43):
What is this a cruise, Serenity, the cruise you always wanted?

Speaker 8 (11:48):
Brow That's sweet, But I don't know how we're going
to afford Michelli's let alone a cruise.

Speaker 5 (11:53):
There's nothing to buy, Sis, it's ours? What how I
want a sweep? Steaks? And this isn't a scam, Serenity.
I worked for the phone company. I sell scams for
a living. This is not a scam. You and me, Serenity,
we're doing this. Where are the terms and conditions? Look?

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, Okay, but I think
it's a sign things are suddenly looking up for us,
and I have a feeling they're only going to get
better from here.

Speaker 2 (12:21):
Well, then let's do it.

Speaker 5 (12:24):
Sorry, Gil, I didn't mean to doubt you. Did you
see the picture of the room. Look here, hey, wash
the room. You can show me the sc That car

accident changed everything. Mom was gone and now Serenity was gone.
I couldn't afford a funeral, only the cheapest urn. I
didn't leave the house, stop calling into work, lost track
of time altogether until hello, what's this? Congratulations? You are

cordially invited to join us on Saturnalia Cruise Lines, the
most extravagant adventure on the high seas. Find and closed
a welcoming gift your mask. The mask wasn't really anything special,
wood white paint made to cover the whole face, but

I'll never forget the way it stared back at me
with those bare, empty eyes. We look forward to your
company on our premiere night set sail Cotillion ball and
initiation ceremony. Remember you must bring the contents of this
package with you to board the vessel. Don't forget your

plus one. We were on the pier the next morning. Well, sis,
we made.

Speaker 7 (14:20):
It, girlson, girlson?

Speaker 5 (14:23):
Is that you.

Speaker 7 (14:25):
We spoke on the telephone. You do remember, don't you?
I tell you we are thrilled, just thrilled to have
you join us tonight. You do have the contents of
your welcome gift?

Speaker 2 (14:35):

Speaker 7 (14:36):
And where is your guest? H hmm, Well it's a
lovely and come along then, Welcome aboard the SS cronos.
Only our most distinguished guests are ever allowed to embark.
Consider yourself very lucky.

Speaker 5 (14:58):

Speaker 7 (14:59):
Thanks the lavish foyer, as you can see both our
prize chandelier constructed by none other than Francois, an antecedent
of the acclaimed Burleck Brothers, famous for their similarly splendid
works in Versailles.

Speaker 5 (15:18):
Uh cool, wow, overrated.

Speaker 7 (15:22):
If you ask me, ah, miss Berkeley, I'd like you
to meet our newest member, Gelson. You'll be initiated tonight.

Speaker 2 (15:31):
Gelson. That was my father's name.

Speaker 5 (15:34):
Really, it's not a very common.

Speaker 2 (15:36):
My father was from South Africa, worked in the diamond trade.
It killed him though. Oh only met the man twice.
But hey, I inherited all this money.

Speaker 5 (15:47):
I'm sorry, but congrats on your inheritance.

Speaker 7 (15:50):
I guess I suppose Gelson Barclay had to be good
for something.

Speaker 5 (15:55):
Hey, did something happen to your face?

Speaker 7 (15:58):
That's all a pleasure as always, missus Barkley, come along, Gelson, croquet,
bad mitten. We really have all the sports of the
noble caliber. If only there were horses for polo.

Speaker 5 (16:13):
I'm more of a baseball where's my shuttlecock? And who
might you.

Speaker 7 (16:18):
Be Hello, missus Albrett. This is Gelson, our newest member.

Speaker 5 (16:24):
Where are you from, Gelson? I live uptown, just past town.
My husband once owned a building uptown.

Speaker 4 (16:32):
Hated going there, had to do inspections, make sure everything
was safe and up to code.

Speaker 3 (16:37):
Who cares? I say, cockroaches, all of them.

Speaker 5 (16:40):
That place deserved to be demolished. Okay, I come here
in the mornings to decompressed. Hey sorry, ma'am, but it
looks like your makeup is coming off. I can see
your cripes.

Speaker 3 (16:52):
Oh my powder always smuches when I sweat.

Speaker 5 (16:55):
Look away away, Yeah sure, sorry.

Speaker 7 (16:59):
John, isn't she one of our founding members.

Speaker 5 (17:03):
Never been so charmed in my life.

Speaker 7 (17:08):
This is, of course, our stately dining room, able to
accommodate one thousand people. And oh, some of our guests
are still enjoying breakfast. Why, mister and missus Beckett, what
a pleasure to find you here this fine morning. How
are the eggs Benedict?

Speaker 6 (17:25):

Speaker 7 (17:26):
Indeed lovely? I'd like you to meet our newest member, Gelson.

Speaker 6 (17:32):
Hey, good day, Gelson. Say you appeared to be a
man of fine tastes. Do you collect art?

Speaker 4 (17:39):

Speaker 5 (17:39):
It depends I just pre ordered this pretty cool prince
of a Batman A.

Speaker 6 (17:43):
Fan of the Dutch Masters. Hey, well, you'll be impressed
to hear that I've recently acquired a previously unseen original
oil painting by none other than Johannes Vermer. My men
have dated it back to sixteen seventy three, just two
years before his untimely demise.

Speaker 5 (17:59):
Right on, Hey, are you okay? You have some blood
right there on your cheek.

Speaker 6 (18:07):
Blast It must have cut myself shaving this morning. Never
quite got the hang of that, silly me.

Speaker 7 (18:13):
Well, we'll see you both at the ceremony tonight. Come now, Gelson,
it's time we showed you to your quarters. This room
has everything you should need, including an Alexandra Imosu Vanquish

bespoke suit. What do you think?

Speaker 5 (18:36):
Wow, I've never had a suit that nice or ever. Actually, yes,
we know.

Speaker 7 (18:43):
Be sure to wear it this evening and bring your mask.

Speaker 5 (18:47):
I've been meaning to ask, what's this party all about?
Is it like some masquerade thing?

Speaker 7 (18:53):
It is not just some masquerade thing. It is our
premiere night set, Sail, Cotillion Ball and Initiation Ceremony. You
have been given the rare opportunity to become part of
our elite society, chosen for your unique circumstances.

Speaker 5 (19:12):
Hmm, I didn't know I'd be joining a club.

Speaker 7 (19:15):
It is a distinct honor endowed upon an uncommonly select few.
After tonight, you will never again feel the pains of
loneliness nor struggle with the trifles of money. You may
finally bid farewell to all the hardships of your past life.

Speaker 5 (19:33):
Past life.

Speaker 7 (19:35):
Yes, Gilson, tonight you become a new person. Remember, wear
the suit, bring the mask.

Speaker 5 (19:56):
I don't know how they got my size, but the
suit fit per fitly, even the shoes. The only problem
was that ship was huge. Couldn't find a damn ballroom? Shit,
where is this place? Nope? Man, I'm so late that
lady's gonna kill me. Maybe this one? Whoa this ain't

it just a bunch of file cabinets, errands through christiansen
by these passenger files? Abby Abbott, Abney Abrams. Geez, how
many people are on this boat? Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Barber. Hey,
there's that Barclay Lady father deceased, large inheritance released from

psychiatric ward. Here's mister and missus Beckett arrested for grand
larceny imprisoned for theft of historical art. Albrecht attempted to
collect payment from life insurance policy on her husband, sentenced
to life in prison for his murder. The heck's going on? Here?

Is there?

Speaker 4 (21:10):

Speaker 2 (21:11):

Speaker 5 (21:12):
Newest member, sister recently deceased, Other friends and family not
found minimum wage work, Reclusive status.

Speaker 10 (21:24):
To be initiated, Gelson, welcome, A toast everyone to our
newest member.

Speaker 5 (21:47):
You're late, sorry, but I and you brought the urn.
What's that?

Speaker 7 (21:55):
We've set sail now? The ceremony will begin in just
a few minutes. Tell me you have your mask?

Speaker 5 (22:02):
Yeah, it's here. Was I supposed to decorate it? Everyone
else's is so fancy?

Speaker 7 (22:08):
I just get a drink, try to socialize. I'll be
right back to get you. Don't go anywhere.

Speaker 5 (22:18):
You're looking pale and seasick.

Speaker 2 (22:21):
Never been on a boat?

Speaker 5 (22:23):
Yeah? Hey, how long have you been out of the asylum?

Speaker 3 (22:26):

Speaker 5 (22:27):
Nothing? Sorry?

Speaker 2 (22:29):
I just.

Speaker 3 (22:31):

Speaker 5 (22:31):
Sorry? Are you crying?

Speaker 7 (22:33):

Speaker 5 (22:34):
You shouldn't be here? Why are you here?

Speaker 10 (22:37):
Leave now?

Speaker 5 (22:39):
Whoa look?

Speaker 6 (22:42):
Don't mind her, lad. These cotillions always make young women
absurdly emotional.

Speaker 5 (22:48):
Right, So that fancy Dutch painting you were talking about,
did you like steal it. Why that's absurd, young man.
I'll have you know. I just read it in a
file about you going to jail or something. Do you
know about the file cabinets?

Speaker 6 (23:05):
Hey, I I I have no idea what you're talking about.

Speaker 5 (23:12):
Hey, let go of me.

Speaker 6 (23:14):
Listen, boy, there's still time.

Speaker 5 (23:16):
Go go now?

Speaker 7 (23:19):
Is everything all right here?

Speaker 3 (23:20):

Speaker 6 (23:21):
Yeah, of course. I was just enlightening dear Gelson about
the history of French Impressionism and its impact on remitting.

Speaker 7 (23:30):
I'm sure, Gelson, the ceremony is about to begin. Please
approach the podium.

Speaker 5 (23:37):
Yeah sure. Let me describe a snack.

Speaker 2 (23:42):
Don't touch the shrimp if you're hoping not to.

Speaker 5 (23:44):
Wretch missus Albrecht here.

Speaker 2 (23:46):
Let me slice a piece of cake for you.

Speaker 5 (23:49):
Hey, listen, I know about your husband, what you did.
How come you're not still in jail? How dare you whoa?

Speaker 2 (23:57):

Speaker 5 (23:57):
Are you gonna stab me?

Speaker 7 (23:58):
Shut up?

Speaker 3 (24:00):
You have no idea what's going on here?

Speaker 7 (24:02):
Take this knife?

Speaker 3 (24:04):
Put it in your pocket?

Speaker 5 (24:05):
Are you crazy?

Speaker 7 (24:07):
I'm tired.

Speaker 5 (24:08):
Don't get stuck here like me, boy, take it.

Speaker 7 (24:13):
Gelson. It's time. Dearest patrons of the s S Kronos,
we are gathered here today once again as family. Each
and every one of you has taken part in this ritual.
Here you have shed your past lives full of poverty, crime,

and hatred. Today another joins our dynasty. Welcome Gelson, Welcome girlson.
Your life has been tragic, sad, poor and unfortunate.

Speaker 3 (24:53):
Hey, but fear not.

Speaker 7 (24:55):
This evening, we relieve you of your chains. You shall
s admit your life to a greater power, a hungry power.
Now is the time.

Speaker 5 (25:06):
Down the mask become one of us, shifting serenity to
one side. I lifted the mask in my free hand.
I looked into those deep dark eyes, and then suddenly
it spoke, go sir, let.

Speaker 4 (25:26):
Us be call war, let us sassow.

Speaker 9 (25:48):

Speaker 5 (25:51):
The only way I can explain it is I was seduced.
Welcome girls, Huh what?

Speaker 7 (26:04):
You were chosen like everyone here because your life had
no more meaning.

Speaker 5 (26:12):
Seriously, what the fuck you think?

Speaker 7 (26:14):
You're stuck, no loved ones, no hope of a brighter future,
abject poverty. You were a ripe fruit all But now
your body shall nourish the spirit in the mask, an
immortal soul, a true member of our group, with you

as its vessel, until your body expires and we yet
again must find a new human container. But rest knowing
that you now serve a purpose today, your life has.

Speaker 5 (26:48):
Meaning that all of you don't make me.

Speaker 7 (26:54):
You can't kill us Kelson, certainly not with a knife.
We have existed for centuries. We are immortal. Soon you
will understand.

Speaker 5 (27:11):
The boat had set sail, but I could still see
the pier. I had no choice but to jump, but
I'd never make it without my arms free. I'm sorry, surtity.

As I sped away from the boat dock, I tried
desperately to pull that damn mask off my face.

Speaker 9 (27:48):
Care can.

Speaker 5 (27:52):
Get every It wouldn't budge w na get the fucking

But I still had the knife in my coat pocket. Fine,
here we go. I was completely blinded by blood, every

sense distorted by pain and noise, but I had to
get away through the rain faster and faster until I
was arrested and convicted of the hicular man's life. At

the hearing, my face was entirely wrapped in bandages. I
tried to tell them about the masks that housed immortal
souls and their secret club that stole people's bodies as vessels.
But I must have sounded completely incoherent because the judge
d me clinically insane. I don't know what happened to
those people, or that boat or that god forsaken mask,

and I don't care. I'm just happy to be free.

Speaker 2 (29:36):
But you're not free.

Speaker 5 (29:39):
Well, at least I'm safe.

Speaker 2 (29:41):
What gives you that impression?

Speaker 5 (29:43):
I'm sorry? Is this a cross examination? I didn't talk
during her story?

Speaker 3 (29:47):
Well, I mean where it's sort I'm done.

Speaker 6 (29:49):
They say he had a psychotic break, killed four of
people driving in the rain judgments, but.

Speaker 2 (29:55):
Police never found the boat, that club, or any mask.

Speaker 3 (30:00):
Okay, Kelson, thank you for sharing. I look forward to
the next time. Now, SIORI what me?

Speaker 2 (30:08):
But I already went.

Speaker 3 (30:10):
You're not done sharing?

Speaker 2 (30:11):
I am done sharing? Are I shared?

Speaker 3 (30:13):
But what happened in the necklace? Hey?

Speaker 5 (30:15):
Yeah, you never said what happened to that?

Speaker 2 (30:18):

Speaker 5 (30:18):

Speaker 2 (30:19):
Okay, you really want to know? I picked it up
off the ground, humiliated, and after school I went and
threw it in the river. Immediately, I felt like an
idiot because I spent a lot of money on it,
like my whole allowance.

Speaker 3 (30:33):
You didn't go after it. Uh.

Speaker 2 (30:34):
It sank and the current was strong and I don't
like water.

Speaker 3 (30:39):
But that's only half the story, isn't it. Well you
said you were wearing the other half when you arrived
was detained. Well why did you keep it?

Speaker 2 (30:50):
Because because it hurt. It hurt to be rejected, and
I didn't want to forget it. It was like a
token of pain, like a scar, a reminder that maybe
some people are just meant to be a part.

Speaker 3 (31:10):
Oh well, we are at time. Thank you all for
your candor. I hope you each found this a helpful
stop on your personal paths through recovery. Now, what would
be a great way to share our burn is if
everyone could help stack chairs and move them into the closets.

Speaker 4 (31:33):
Looks like therapy? Shut you up?

Speaker 2 (31:37):
Yeah good? What's that on my bed?

Speaker 5 (31:45):
Bois your dibiaised bad?

Speaker 2 (31:52):
Please find your completed requisition request in response to a
resident relations petition for personal belongings. I never filled out anything.
The enclosed items were approved based on the following criteria.
They checked the box for religious, ceremonial and or marital significance. Okay,

my juicy fruit? Sweet? Is that religious? And? Oh holy shit?
Is that my necklace?

Speaker 3 (32:23):

Speaker 2 (32:25):
This isn't my necklace? This is the crescent.

Speaker 8 (32:30):
Huh oh yeah, Thirteen Days of Halloween Penance Starry Natalie Morales,

Episode five Therapy written by Trevor Young, Alex Williams, and
Matthew Riddle, featuring the voices of Wayne Bastrup, Tara Buck,
Jeff Bowser, Anna Hammler, Rafael Corekil, Jay Jones, Wilbur Fitzgerald.

Speaker 1 (33:13):
Alex Bowling, Aaron ast Sandra Viadaries, Laura Shin, Miguel Perez,
and Lauren Vogelbaum. Directed by Trevor Young. Executive producers Aaron Mankey,
Noah Feinberg, Chris Dickie, Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams. Supervising
producers Trevor Young and Josh Thain. Producers Jesse funk rima Ilkali,

Noami Griffin, Chandler Mays and Cassby Bias. Script editing by
Lauren Vogelbaum. Story consultants Ben Bohlan and Matthew Riddle. Casting
by Sunday Bowling CSA and Meg Mormon CSA, Production coordinator
Wayna Calderon, Production assistants Jenna Johnson and Winona Lowe. Theme
music by Rose Aserti with vocals by Anna Humler, recorded

at This Is Sounded Design Studios. In Burbank, California, Engineered
by Ross Aerono, special thanks to Romelio Osorio, Nathan Rule,
Glen Nishida, and Rob Mosca. Thirteen Days of Halloween was
created by Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams and is a
production of iHeart Podcasts, Blumhouse Television and Grim and Mild

from Aaron Maikey. Learn more about the show at Grimandmild
dot com, slash thirteen Days and find more podcasts from
iHeartRadio by visiting the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever
you listen to your favorite shows. Happy Halloween.
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