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October 25, 2023 29 mins

Eligible Residents shall participate in Non-Programmatic or Programmatic Recreational Activities utilizing the provided Facilities and Equipment. Not all Recreational Activities may be available for Participation per [P#5255§1.9] due to loss of Recreation Privileges as a result of Disciplinary Action(s). 



Written by Josh Thane, Matthew Riddle and Alexander Williams. Starring Natalie Morales, Steve B. Green, Raphael Corkhill, Rachel Rosenbloom, Wayne Bastrup, Miguel Perez, Sunny Boling, Chris Jai Alex, Trevor Young, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Laura Schein, Ross Aronow, Morgan Brown, Sandra Valladares, Joseph Whipp, Alex Boling, and Jay Jones. 


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Speaker 1 (00:04):
Thirteen Days of Halloween Penance, a co production of iHeart
three D Audio Blumhouse Television and Grim and Mild from
Aaron Nankey Headphones. Recommended Listener discretion advised.

Speaker 2 (00:25):
Sh what to do?

Speaker 3 (00:34):
What to do?

Speaker 4 (00:38):

Speaker 5 (00:39):
I know that book from the library.

Speaker 6 (00:40):
What was it again?

Speaker 7 (00:42):

Speaker 8 (00:43):
The mirrors should have definitely gone with the other self
as an omen of death. Okay, maybe let's start with
a table of contents.

Speaker 5 (00:57):
Onto logical unfolding the philosophical analysis of unmanifested potentialities, ether
and its peculiarities, an exploration of possible interdimensional mediums. Why
do they have books like this in a prison library?

Speaker 9 (01:12):

Speaker 5 (01:13):
Random page?

Speaker 10 (01:14):
Um, yes, I see it now? Not there not yet?

Speaker 4 (01:19):
Ah? Yes yes. Here.

Speaker 8 (01:23):
Within this hypothetical mirror universe, each individual is purported to
have a doppelganger, literally a double walker, an apparition that
personifies all the decisions abandoned, the paths untaken, the words
left unsaid in our present sphere of existence. The theory

presents a fascinating paradox that whilst our mirror selves are
seemingly our reflections, they are in truth being sculpted by
an entirely different set of experiences and consequences. This captivating
paradox resides at the intersection of exact science and the
other worldly, whirling in a maelstrom of ethereal mechanics, psychological analyses,

and philosophical riddles. While concrete evidence for such a universe
and these spectral counterparts remains elusive, the phenomenon has nonetheless
inscribed an intriguing image upon the grand stage of the intellect,
resonating with provocative questions about identity, reality, and the intrinsic
nature of existence itself.

Speaker 5 (02:30):
Jesus Carill, don't sneak up on me like that?

Speaker 8 (02:35):
And it's Martinez what we might have to try charades here?
Because Hey, where's Grimes? I thought you too were always you.

Speaker 7 (02:59):
Know, hell residence of Section C. We hope you are
all enjoying your recreation time.

Speaker 5 (03:04):
What the earth?

Speaker 7 (03:05):
Remember here at the Pendleton, we live by the motto
A healthy body can last forever.

Speaker 5 (03:12):
All right, I get it, I get it.

Speaker 8 (03:15):
Hey, what do they mean by recreation anyway? Because I
feel like we're getting plenty of steps in here. I
really get the impression that you speak at least some English.

Speaker 5 (03:27):
Then where are we going?

Speaker 4 (03:35):
What not? Your what the war? What the yard? Wait?

Speaker 5 (03:42):
Wait, wait, when you say yard, do you mean outside?

Speaker 4 (03:49):

Speaker 5 (03:50):
No, no, no, no, no, we're still inside, did you.

Speaker 10 (03:57):
Okay, so I guess.

Speaker 5 (04:00):
We mingle.

Speaker 4 (04:03):
Check me, Nope, check me?

Speaker 6 (04:05):
Still no, check me, There are no checkmate, soldier. This
is checkers.

Speaker 11 (04:12):
Palms together at the heart, and we'll close our practice
with the sound of m inhale, and we'll seal it
with the prayer of Narcissus.

Speaker 9 (04:28):
But what I shall never recognize myself, for if I do,
it will be the end of things.

Speaker 3 (04:34):
Hell still, hold still?

Speaker 10 (04:41):
Nice ink?

Speaker 5 (04:43):
How'd you get a tattoo gun in here?

Speaker 6 (04:47):

Speaker 5 (04:48):
Yeah, we'll carry on?

Speaker 2 (04:50):
Hold on?

Speaker 10 (04:52):
Still, thousand fucking people in here, and you can't manage
to talk to a single one of them without making
a fool of yourself.

Speaker 8 (04:59):
You socially, I say, first of all, nice shorts, nice headband.
You know they've never brought me out here before. Crazy
how they call this a yard. It's all enclosed. But hey, listen,
I was thinking about my case. I got to reading
that book from the library.

Speaker 10 (05:17):
See and uh yeah, not now.

Speaker 12 (05:21):
Oh remember when I told you about simple pleasures? Movement
is one of them?

Speaker 5 (05:26):
Okay, sure, yeah, I understand, kid.

Speaker 12 (05:30):
You literally live next door, so just tell me later.
I'm not going anywhere.

Speaker 5 (05:35):
Okay, okay, you're right.

Speaker 2 (05:37):
But what do I walk?

Speaker 12 (05:39):
They say it's the best medicine.

Speaker 7 (05:41):
A walk?

Speaker 10 (05:43):
Yeah right? What is that in the middle? What am
I looking at?

Speaker 2 (05:51):
The Panopticon?

Speaker 10 (05:53):
I'm sorry, that's.

Speaker 2 (05:55):
The Panopticon, the all seeing eye in the sky. Only
you can't because you're standing too close. It towers high
above the yard, the cell block everything, and the top
is entirely encircled in windows of one way glass. They
can see out, but we can't see in, and so

you never really know, know what if anyone's looking? Did
you know there's someone following you? What?

Speaker 10 (06:27):
How did you know?

Speaker 2 (06:28):
I see their imperfections almost beautiful if only where do
you see? I don't know if it's the ears and
maybe the lips just need a bit of trimming. This
isn't just a vision. Someone's there and they're real.

Speaker 10 (06:45):
Maybe it's your glasses, maybe it's my eyes.

Speaker 5 (06:49):
Okay, well, I better be moving on.

Speaker 2 (06:51):
I wasn't always like this, you know, I was a doctor,
a family man. It all began with that eye, that
damn evil eye, all because my vision had started to fail.

Speaker 13 (07:15):
Morning, sweetie, We've got eggs and bacon eat up before
this one finishes it all himself.

Speaker 2 (07:20):
He's a growing boy, isn't he let him eat?

Speaker 14 (07:23):
I'm hulder a cliche and onto our top story this morning.
We're all resting a little easier today as the Keepsake killer,
thirty eight year old Jason Delving has finally been brought
to justice. He was executed by lethal injection at eight
fifteen last night, finally closing a dark chapter in this
city's history.

Speaker 5 (07:42):
So I'm turn this up.

Speaker 14 (07:43):
Delving brutally murdered twelve innocent people, all of whom appear
to have been chosen at random. Each victim was found
with a body part removed, leading to Delving's macabre nickname.
Despite detective's discovery of the missing body parts at Delving's residence,
we're told he maintained his innocence until.

Speaker 13 (07:59):
The Well, that's one last thing to worry about.

Speaker 2 (08:03):
Whoever prints these newspapers. I don't know why the letters
have to be so damn small.

Speaker 13 (08:08):
Ralph, get your eyes checked. You've complained about this for months.

Speaker 2 (08:12):
Yeah, Dad, take care of it already. I've gotten by
just fine, thank you. Don't your patients think it's weird
when you're an inch from their face. I'm an E
ANDT son. That's normal.

Speaker 13 (08:22):
You've played golf with Arthur Watson for what twenty years?
Give him a call and get it checked out.

Speaker 2 (08:28):
Tell you what I'll think about it anyway, I got
a run. Love you both see it tonight.

Speaker 13 (08:33):
Bye, Ed, have a good day, sweetie.

Speaker 4 (08:37):
Call him?

Speaker 2 (08:56):
Damn it? What now? Well, at least the mailbox is okay.

Speaker 13 (09:06):
Oh no, Ralph, what happened?

Speaker 2 (09:08):
It's fine, dear. Nothing the body shop can't fix if
that had been a person. I know, I know.

Speaker 13 (09:15):
I'm driving you to the office and after work you
are calling doctor Watson.

Speaker 4 (09:20):
Do you understand me?

Speaker 6 (09:22):
Fine, Doctor Watson speaking evening, Arthur Hope.

Speaker 2 (09:39):
I'm not disturbing you at home, Ralph?

Speaker 6 (09:41):
Never, what do I owe the pleasure?

Speaker 2 (09:43):
Listen? I'm sorry to talk business at this hour, but
I've got a medical question. I thought you might be
able to help me.

Speaker 6 (09:49):
With Happy to help what's going on?

Speaker 2 (09:53):
You know I've needed readers for a couple of years now,
but lately my vision is really declining.

Speaker 6 (10:00):
You're not trying to make excuses for that golf handicap
of yours, are you?

Speaker 2 (10:04):
I'm not sure I could even get off the green anymore.
I can hardly read the paper and my peripheral vision
is becoming hard to trust. I backed into the mailbox
today and to tell you the truth, I didn't even
see it.

Speaker 6 (10:16):
Hmm, that does sound serious. When did this start?

Speaker 2 (10:20):
I don't know. It was gradual at first, but now
things seem to be degrading rapidly. It's bad, I know.

Speaker 14 (10:29):
Tell you what.

Speaker 6 (10:30):
I could take a look see what's going on. Maybe
lasers would fix it. Hard to know for sure, but
we've been doing something experimental in the office lately and
I have to say the results are phenomenal. People who
couldn't see a spotlight in the theater are walking out
with near perfect vision.

Speaker 2 (10:49):
How is that even possible?

Speaker 6 (10:51):
Listen, it's an outpatient procedure. You'd need a day or
two to recover, and then you should be perfect. Twenty
twenty vision are better. You could be back at work
in the same week. A man your age with the
kind immacular degeneration you're describing, I think you'd be an
excellent candidate.

Speaker 2 (11:08):
Arthur. That sounds too good to be true.

Speaker 6 (11:11):
There is a catch. This does require a willing donor.

Speaker 2 (11:15):
Donor are we talking about a transplant?

Speaker 6 (11:18):
Think of it as a cross between stem cell therapy
and an organ graft. The registry has a pretty long
waiting period, but maybe I could pull some strings.

Speaker 2 (11:28):
So you really think I should do this?

Speaker 6 (11:31):
As your friend, I'm telling you this procedure is nothing
short of a miracle.

Speaker 13 (11:46):
This whole thing feels a little rushed.

Speaker 2 (11:48):
You're the one who wanted me to get it taken
care of it, I.

Speaker 13 (11:51):
Know, but surgery already.

Speaker 2 (11:53):
Arthur swears by it, and we got lucky there was
a donor available so quickly.

Speaker 13 (11:57):
Well, you'll hear from me about it if anything goes.

Speaker 6 (12:07):
Are you ready to do this?

Speaker 12 (12:08):

Speaker 2 (12:09):
Really as I'll ever be.

Speaker 6 (12:11):
Now I'm going to give you a little gas. I
want you to start counting backwards from one hundred, that
old trick.

Speaker 2 (12:18):
This is really necessary.

Speaker 15 (12:20):
I mean, does anybody even make it pass a little round?

Speaker 16 (12:57):
What do you mean to me?

Speaker 6 (12:59):
But don't don't? Yes, we've got our own little keep sleep.

Good morning, doctor Stanley. How are you feeling?

Speaker 2 (13:28):
Is that it? I feel great? No pain? But why
is everything so dark?

Speaker 6 (13:38):
Tell me? Can you read this?

Speaker 2 (13:41):
Yes? Yes I can? Is this my bill?

Speaker 6 (13:46):
Listen for now? It couldn't have gone any better. Just
don't take those sunglasses off in the next twenty four hours.
About this time tomorrow, you'll be ready to see the
world again.

Speaker 5 (14:03):
Nice shades.

Speaker 17 (14:04):
This is a good look for you.

Speaker 2 (14:06):
I feel a little silly in these things, to be honest.

Speaker 13 (14:09):
Better get you home before anyone sees you. I don't
know why it took you so long to do this,
but if you wouldn't listen to me, at least you
would listen to doctor Watson.

Speaker 2 (14:20):
What is that?

Speaker 5 (14:22):
What's what? Honey?

Speaker 2 (14:23):
On the side of the road. That man? Pull over?
Pull over? Why damn it, honey, pull over, pull on
the wheel.

Speaker 4 (14:32):
We have to help him. What were you thinking? Are
you trying to get us killed?

Speaker 2 (14:39):
That man over there? What man lying in the gutter?
He's bleeding out. I need to help him.

Speaker 13 (14:46):
That's a deer, a dead deer.

Speaker 2 (14:50):
Even squinting through the dark glasses, I could see that
she was right. It was a dough and her head
had been smashed. I swear it was a man. There
was so much blood.

Speaker 4 (15:03):
You almost killed both of us. Listen.

Speaker 13 (15:08):
Maybe your eyes haven't totally adjusted yet, and things probably
don't look altogether normal. Let's go home and maybe blame
this one on the anesthesia still wearing off.

Speaker 2 (15:19):
Maybe maybe you're right.

Speaker 13 (15:30):
Feeling better this morning?

Speaker 2 (15:31):
You know I needed that sleep. I'll tell you. It's
like somebody wiped all the dust off of my eyes. Yeah, Dad,
how are those new peepers clear as day? Look at
that time? I better get to the office.

Speaker 13 (15:44):
Don't you think you should give it till at least
next week?

Speaker 2 (15:46):
Arthur said it would be only a day or two.
I'm fine, But how.

Speaker 13 (15:50):
Are you gonna get there?

Speaker 4 (15:52):
Ralph? You can't drive?

Speaker 2 (15:54):
Really, I'm Ralph, you know, Ralph. I think I'll take
the train today. You can me off at the station
when you take Sam to school.

Speaker 7 (16:02):

Speaker 2 (16:03):
Are you sure it's been a while? It might be
interesting to see through new eyes.

Speaker 13 (16:22):
Excuse me, I just need to get through.

Speaker 2 (16:25):
Please, ma'am sit here. I insist.

Speaker 10 (16:29):
You are too kind.

Speaker 2 (16:37):
Something in the atmosphere of that train felt hostile. Hoping
to avoid eye contact, I glanced down at my feet
and found blood on my shoe. What the where did that?
In front of me was a trail of bloody footsteps
leading down the aisle back to the bench where the

old woman was, And now she was hunched over like
she was struggling to hold herself up, and where her
foot had been there was just a bloody stump. Oh God,
everybody clear the aisle. This this guy's problem, probably drugs.

Speaker 6 (17:17):
Look at his eyes.

Speaker 17 (17:18):
Take it easy, buddy.

Speaker 2 (17:19):
Please, we need to help this. That woman, she was
right here. I know I saw her.

Speaker 17 (17:28):
Whatever you say, nutjob, doctor Stanley. I can't believe you
are back, So somebody.

Speaker 14 (17:46):
To be back.

Speaker 2 (17:47):
Janet, what's first on the agenda.

Speaker 10 (17:49):
Mister Osborne's in room two.

Speaker 17 (17:50):
He's been waiting a while, thank you, Janet.

Speaker 2 (17:56):
Right, so we're still having issues with the left ear.

Speaker 1 (18:00):
No, it's my left ear right once clear as a bell.

Speaker 2 (18:04):
Hmmm. And the hearing aid's not helping.

Speaker 6 (18:08):
I already have a hearing aid, but my wife doesn't
seem to think it's helping.

Speaker 18 (18:13):
Sounds about right. Okay, let's take a look. Chin up,
turn this way, m.

Speaker 2 (18:22):
Look at that.

Speaker 18 (18:24):
You've got some kind of laceration. What I am as
puzzled as you?

Speaker 2 (18:30):
What if we just.

Speaker 18 (18:37):
Be what do you do with Jesus Christ?

Speaker 4 (18:40):

Speaker 2 (18:42):
Understand? Sorry, good lord?

Speaker 14 (18:46):
Why why are you holding a scalpel?

Speaker 2 (18:48):
I I thought, no, I just remembered.

Speaker 18 (18:52):
I need to leave now. Robert I'll reschedule, mister Osborne.

Speaker 17 (19:01):
Doctor Stanley's everything.

Speaker 10 (19:02):
Okay, mister Osborne ran out of here like he's.

Speaker 2 (19:05):
You'll be fine, but don't build him for today. Just
call and try to reschedule. Okay, one more thing, would
you call me a car? You want me to call
you and cancel the afternoon of course, Doctor, I'll be
in my office.

Speaker 6 (19:29):
Doctor Watson speaking Arthur, Ralph, I was about to call
your office. You must have read my mind. How those
eyes doing, Arthur?

Speaker 2 (19:38):
I have to say, I'm not sure I'm taking so
well to the procedure. What do you mean my vision
seems to be influenced.

Speaker 6 (19:46):

Speaker 2 (19:47):
How so I keep seeing things? Well, that's the point,
things that aren't there, that shouldn't be there. I'm not
sure I follow. I mean, I'm seeing visions, violent ones
to what.

Speaker 6 (20:01):
But that couldn't have anything to do with the procedure.

Speaker 2 (20:04):
Arthur. The eye you implanted in me, something in it
is not right. It's it's evil.

Speaker 6 (20:14):
There is something you should know.

Speaker 2 (20:17):
Okay. The reason we found a donor so fast I'm listening.

Speaker 6 (20:23):
Was because the tissue came from Jason Delving.

Speaker 2 (20:26):
The Keepsake killer. You put tissue from that monster in
my body.

Speaker 6 (20:30):
Getting donations like that from prisoners, it's standard practice.

Speaker 18 (20:33):
But what I'm seeing, these these visions, those are his victims.

Speaker 6 (20:37):
What you're saying isn't possible.

Speaker 2 (20:39):
You need to undo this. Do you understand?

Speaker 18 (20:41):
Possibly you're going to take that psycho's eye out of
my body.

Speaker 6 (20:44):
Please? You're talking like a crazy person.

Speaker 2 (20:46):
Of be in your office shortly?

Speaker 6 (20:48):
Well, doctor, stand that?

Speaker 2 (20:53):
Take me to the office complex off Magnolia Drive building.

Speaker 14 (20:57):
C share it thing I know where adds at.

Speaker 2 (21:01):
Day going? All right, I'm just I'm tired, just had
an operation. Need to see my doctor for a checkup.

Speaker 14 (21:10):
Ah, yeah, you won't see me going on a.

Speaker 9 (21:12):
No knife doctors these days, I mean give you a
dose of dope and a great big bill.

Speaker 2 (21:17):
It's all they're good for. I myself am a doctor
as well. Thank you.

Speaker 9 (21:21):
Hey, no offense, doc. I just try to keep myself
away from any hospital I can. You don't see me
getting no insurance driving this thing around?

Speaker 2 (21:29):
Well, yes, the healthcare industry could be better.

Speaker 14 (21:32):
That's the understatement of the century.

Speaker 9 (21:34):
I just keep to my usual routes and straight home
for me. Couldn't take the hit if something happened that
you know.

Speaker 14 (21:41):
And you get these maniacs like the Keepsake killer running
around cutting off all kinds of body parts.

Speaker 2 (21:46):
Sometimes excision is the only way to keep impatient alive.
What are you getting on about, Doc?

Speaker 9 (21:53):
This guy has been removing body parts after stabbing them
to death.

Speaker 2 (21:56):
Right here, works, that's his building A twenty five. Even
as the driver turned around for the first time, I
saw his face, a rotted out cavern where his nose
should be, losing bloody puss all over his mouth and chin.
My god, what's wrong with your face? Take your money?

You ain't no spring chicken either, Doc. Hey, what no tip?
Doctor Stanley?

Speaker 6 (22:27):
How are you today?

Speaker 1 (22:28):
I don't see that you have an appointment?

Speaker 6 (22:30):
Where is he?

Speaker 4 (22:30):
Doctor Stanley?

Speaker 1 (22:31):
Doctor Watson isn't available right now?

Speaker 18 (22:34):
What the hell have you done to me? Well, if
you can't burst in like this, you're going to fix this,
you hear me.

Speaker 6 (22:40):
I need you to calm down.

Speaker 2 (22:41):
What were you thinking? Experimental surgery?

Speaker 18 (22:44):
You let that killer loosen?

Speaker 2 (22:45):
My mind?

Speaker 6 (22:46):
Listen to me, Ralph, matter of what you're saying is possible?
Do you understand maybe this is some side effect from
the end.

Speaker 18 (22:53):
I know it's possible because it's happening but I don't
know if I can control what I'm starting to feel,
these memories, these compulsions.

Speaker 6 (23:04):
Scaring me around.

Speaker 2 (23:05):
Look I get it, nobody's perfect, Doc, Sometimes our bodies
just need a little fixing, hellttle modification. You know, this
Keepsake guy, maybe he saw things not as they were,
but the way they ought to be.

Speaker 18 (23:24):
And you know what they say, Arthur and I for
an eye, hope, someone help me.

Speaker 1 (23:32):
What are you doing?

Speaker 2 (23:36):
Watson's assistant shotted a potted plant across my skull. Next
thing I know, I wake up in this hell hole.
They've got me on something to keep the urges down.
But once in a while, I look around at these
people and I can't help but think they're almost perfect.

They just need a little bit of fixing.

Speaker 8 (24:06):
You know, there would have been a point in my
life where I would have thought you were insane and
maybe even scary.

Speaker 10 (24:14):
But I just want you to know that, at least
in here, you're not that special.

Speaker 8 (24:21):
Maybe maybe you're right now if you're finally feeling seen,
I'd like to maybe spend a little in my recreation
time figuring out all of the fun this place has
to offer.

Speaker 2 (24:33):
So that's it's them isn't it?

Speaker 4 (24:40):
Hey? You over here?

Speaker 5 (24:42):
It's me, it's or hey Grimes?

Speaker 10 (24:46):
Uh Krell said you were pouting.

Speaker 5 (24:50):
He really missed you today.

Speaker 8 (24:51):
I think I might have even seen it's here, say something, buddy,
can't do this song and dance routine all by myself?

Speaker 3 (25:00):
Which side of the mirror?

Speaker 5 (25:02):
I don't I don't understand what no of it.

Speaker 3 (25:05):
It's so simple. All I have to do is break
the glass.

Speaker 8 (25:10):
Holy shit, you are short circuiting.

Speaker 2 (25:17):
You gave us no choice.

Speaker 17 (25:21):
What the fuck was that?

Speaker 10 (25:24):
What's happening to him?

Speaker 3 (25:25):
They all know I need mind, They know, they all
know nobody wants this. No one wants this.

Speaker 7 (25:32):
Okay, big fellow, Let's get you on your feet.

Speaker 3 (25:37):
Nobody can help me but me. She understands because she
can stop it.

Speaker 17 (25:46):
We'll take care of her.

Speaker 10 (25:48):
Don't you worry.

Speaker 4 (25:49):
Let's take care of you first, okay, Grimes.

Speaker 3 (25:52):
Never, I'll never be never, hear never again. I will
never ever be alone again? Never, oh never alone. None
of us are ever alone. I am not alone. He
is not alone. She she is definitely never alone.

Speaker 4 (26:11):
Why did you do it?

Speaker 16 (26:12):
Don't they see what it means?

Speaker 10 (26:15):
Never alone?

Speaker 2 (26:17):
That was a close one trip?

Speaker 10 (26:19):
What the hell happened to him.

Speaker 12 (26:22):
We are living in a world where doctors become patients
and guards become prisoners.

Speaker 10 (26:28):
Are you quoting something?

Speaker 12 (26:30):
Depends whether or not you believe this has already happened.

Speaker 5 (26:34):
Hey, while you were jogging, did you see a blond
woman wandering around in here?

Speaker 7 (26:39):
All residents, recreation time has reached its conclusion. Please return
to your habitations. I repeat, All residents, return to your habitations.

Speaker 16 (26:53):
Oh yeahkaka.

Speaker 1 (27:10):
Thirteen Days of Halloween Pennance starring Natalie Morales, Episode seven
observation written by Josh Thain, Matthew Riddle, and Alexander Williams.
Editing and sound design by Josh Thain, featuring the voices
of Steve B. Greene, Rapa L. Corkil, Rachel Rosenbloom, Wayne Bastrup,
Miguel Perez, Sonny Bowling, Chris Jy, Alex, Trevor Young, Wilbur Fitzgerald,

Laura Shine, Ross, Arena Morgan Brown, Sandra Viadares, Joseph Whipp,
Alex Bowling, and Jay Jones. Directed by Alexander Williams. Executive
producers Aaron Mankey, Noah Feinberg, Chris Dicky, Matt Frederick and
Alexander Williams. Supervising producers Trevor Young and Josh Thain. Producers

Jesse Funk, Rima, Ilkali, Noami Griffin Mays and Casby Bias.
Script editing by Lauren Vogelbaum. Story consultants Ben Bolan and
Matthew Riddle. Casting by Sunday Bowling CSA and Meg Mormon CSA.
Production coordinator Wayna Calderon. Production assistants Jenna Johnson and Winona Lowe.

Theme music by Rose Azerti with vocals by Anna Hummler,
recorded at This Is Sound Design Studios in Burbank, California.
Engineered by Ross aeronaut special thanks to Romelia Osorio, Nathan Rule,
Glen Nishida, and Rob Mosca. Thirteen Days of Halloween was
created by Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams and is a

production of iHeart Podcasts, Blumhouse Television and Grim and Mild
from Aaron Makey. Learn more about the show at Grimandmild
dot com slash thirteen Days and find more podcasts from
iHeartRadio by visiting the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever
you listen to your favorite shows. Happy Halloween,
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