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May 24, 2021 54 mins

As they celebrate Tori's Birthday, no one can figure out why Jennie doesn't appear in this episode.

While discussing the episode, Sisanie admits that Brian was extra cute in this one and in real life back then Tori didn't want to admit to Shannen that in real life she had a curfew.

Jennie and Tori admit to a trick to prevent producers from hearing what they were saying to one another.

Then, the conversation takes a dramatic turn as the result of a question that was asked about the guys on 90210. Despite their nerves, Tori and Jennie reveal how they really feel about the relationships they have had with the cast for over 30 years.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It's with Jenny Garth and Tori Spelling. Hello, welcome to
another episode of nine O two one O MG. I'm
one of your hosts, Jenny Garth, joined by my friends.
Go ahead and introduce yourself, ladies. I'm one of the

other hosts. Tori Spelling. So sultry and it's saysny. Hello.
Where the hostesses with the mostess? Oh I wish it
was Mimoses instead Smoses. Don't get jealsis. I'm so ready
to drink. We're so happy to be with you guys.

Another week of season two, Beverly Hills, Nina two. No,
that's what we're here for, right, It is a big show.
Everybody thoughts at the Beach Club Love and the Beach
Club episodes. Yes, makes me feel happy, ready for summer.
It makes me feel like it makes you feel Hey,

you had a birthday this last week. Don't you speak
of that? No, we will speak of it because you're
older now. There was a second, like maybe a few
weeks a month. I don't know where you were two
years younger than me, and I did not like that
because it just gives you too much to be happy about.
I didn't even realize that because you know, I'm always

the first to point out that when you're older than me.
So I would have relished in that if I had
remembered it. Okay, I glad I didn't remember, like a
little more than a month. Darn, that would have been
good to rub that in. Now you're the big four eight,
I am, Yeah, And I gotta tell you, forty eight

fields a lot worse than because what do you mean worse? Like? Okay,
because it's one year closer to the young Voh, if
you know what I'm talking about. I know what you're
gonna say. One of your clothes are the grave? Uh?
Well you looking for I mean forty eight? Who do

you know what? That's the thing they always say, Oh,
you look so good for forty you look so great
for fifty years. Like what, what does that even imply?
You look so good for your age? Yeah? Always they
say that. I don't know that. I like that. It's
people are being nice, but it sounds like a backhanded compliment, right,
But it's not. They think they're being nice, but you
don't want to hear that. I don't think I would

ever say that to someone. No, you know what, I
think I have said that I just said it to you.
I'm sorry if you were offended by that, but I
meant it as compliment. Nothing you say can offend me. Well,
I feel like, um, we all look damn good for
our age there? How about that looking? I'm just staring
at our young co host since you said host today? Wait,

says how old did you turn this year? I turned
thirty seven? Oh, must be nice, but Jen remember thirty seven.
It was a good year's keeping it consistent. Don't remember
it at all. I'm excited for my forties, though usually
i'll be. I feel like be smarter, and I have

a better head on my shoulders, both classics. She said,
I'm excited for my forties, and I said you should be,
and you said don't be Yep. For once I was
the ray of optimism and you were dead be downer.
It's true we switched roles for a second. We should
do that more often. So. This episode is episode four

of season two. It's called Anaconda, which I don't even
understand why, but it aired on August first, nineteen one. Synopsis.
Brenda gets heated after a bad sun burned, but Brandon
and friends are in hot water when they're after hours
poker game at the beach club is followed by a

burglary who don't done. I'm sorry. Even back in the
day when we did this episode, every time I hear anaconda,
I want to go anaconda, don't go unless I knew
you were going to sing that, and I was excited.
Directed by Daniel Addius, written by Darren Starr and Jonathan Roberts,

who was a new is a new name for us.
This is a new writer, I guess for season two.
That's right, I do you remember that writer? I don't either,
I wonder now, but we had lots of ones that
went on to be like recurring writers or consistent writers
throughout the seasons. Even uh. And I actually sad to say,

I don't know Jonathan Roberts. I wonder if he this
was his one hit wonder. I don't know with us.
With us, we should really look into those details before
we go on a radio program and talk about them
or not a dio program. But you know, doesn't it
feel like we're doing a radio show. It does the
live radio show. I heart we want to do a

radio show next because because we know so much about music,
you both should fill in for me. When I'm on
maternity leave. How fun would that be? Oh my gosh,
how how how long are you gone from majority leave?
Before I commit to that? It would be a few months.
I don't know about that. You got wake a real early.

We should do it for a day. Well, see if
anyone notices. I don't think they notice. Why was this
episode called Anaconda though? Does anybody have any insight on that? Yes, okay,
I know there's a story. I don't have it, but
I know there's a story. There's a reference somewhere in

the show. It was the name of the card game.
Anaconda is a seven card stud poker game. It is
played with the same roles except for a few exceptions.
There we interesting, It's okay, that's where the title of
the show. I love how we're just learning about it
all together in real time. But just for people like

that are listening, we have like ten pages of preps,
like we're really prepared when we come in to do
this podcast. We just didn't know the un contact. I
don't know why. I don't know the writer, don't know
the why it's called them conduct? What else so far
that we're discovering because we're rediscovering the show together. So
why not discover the details of the show together. And

if we're just watching as fans, Literally we just watched
the show, and then we come together and we talk
about it and we go, what do you remember? What
don't you remember? And I love that about this podcast
because you know, we don't sensor ourselves. No, no, no,
we don't sense ourselves, and we don't pretend to be experts.
We only can give you our version of the story,
our memories from from it. So why weren't you in

this episode? That? Is this another thing I don't know.
I didn't even know that one. I really thought she
was in all episodes produced. Isn't that crazy? I even
asked my manager, who's so my manager from from then,
Mr Showbiz, and he has no recollection of me not
being in any episodes. He thought I was in all

episodes as well. I thought I was in all episodes.
Apparently I wasn't because I didn't see myself in this one.
But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy watching it. I
honestly I liked watching it without me in it. No,
that's just no, I like I relaxed, and I wasn't

nervous for when when I was gonna be on or
what I was gonna say, or do you know what
I mean? Like, I wasn't so caught up in my
own head about it. I was able to like submerse
myself in the story. And I really enjoyed watching Brenda
and Donna's scenes, Like I thought they were great and

I was like, well, I don't need Kelly. There we
were in that, like, you guys are so good together.
I really felt like this episode, Donna, you you had
the most to say, especially that scene like at the
beach with Brenda. You were so cute and so real,
like authentic in that scene, and I just wanted to
be friends with you. I wanted I wanted to hang

out on the beach with you. Maybe you saw a
little bit of the show back then, and maybe that's
the reason you wanted to be my friend real life.
Who knows. Maybe maybe I was home watching the show
that's where I was, And maybe you were sick, like
and you couldn't work, maybe lost your voice. I don't know. No,
The only thing I can think of would be that,

um my dad was struggled a lot with his health
and they my parents lived in Arizona, and he had
um there were occasions when he would have heart attacks
and end up in the hospital. And this to me
sort of feels like I might have made an emergency,

you know, flee to go be with him. That's all
I can really, that sounds likely. I bet we could
look up the script somewhere online, someone has it and
put the pieces together, because I bet you're right. I
bet you were in it and they had to take
you out because there was an emergency. If anyone knows
the answer to it out there, please let us know. Yes,

let us know any fact seekers about n why I
wasn't But it was a really good episode, not because
you weren't in it, anybody, that's okay, that's all right.
So should we talk about Poker? Yes, Poker. Ok I
don't even know her. That is so not okay to
say anymore. But it's remember what was the other one,

Poker in the front, liquor in the rear that I can't.
I just said that, but it came to my mind
because whenever I wish, these are the things you learn
on the set. People pretty old school, you could say,
poke him in the front, like him in the rear,
it doesn't have to be about a woman, and that's

your problem. You can poke some that would hurt. Poke
poked him in the front. I never heard poker. I
don't even know her. You never heard that. These are
now our old lady jokes. And then we laugh and laugh.

I mean it's funny. And the young people just like, like,
what are they saying? I'm laughing with you, Poker, I
don't even know her. Oh yeah, I thought Brian was
extra cute in this episode. He was. He was so cute,

this little poker faces that he was making, and those
were just like those remind like the faces he was
making at the poker table remind me of just him now,
Like he makes those faces just like for no reason.
And I don't know. This must be where they originated from,

except he was a lot shorter and I had a
higher voice. But it's him now, Yep, it's the same
bran different hairline. Brian had such a low hairline like
Eddie Monster. Right, yeah, we'll look at it now. He's
got great hair stills, he's got great hair. Yeah. I
ended up perfect, like settled in, settled in its settled in, Yeah,

settled into his face, into his hairline. He grew into
everything you know that came out wrong. Well, I felt
like the poker stuff was really fun to see, like
the whole sneaking into the beach club at night, which
I was like, Brandon, what are you doing? You're gonna

get fired? Peer pressure, peer pressure totally. I feel like
he is what the second time he's succumbed to peer pressure. Yeah,
it seems like Steve Sanders can get him to do
anything anything, But Steve is pretty convincing and kind of fun,
and you want to join in on the shenanigans when

he comes up with something like yeah, you know, you
get real convinced by him. Yeah, it's true. He's very
he's a good salesman. And that storyline is just so
relatable because I think in every friend group with high
school kids especially, there's always that one friend that the instigator,

the wild one. Oh my gosh, I had one of
those in high school. I had one of those on
set And it wasn't me, It wasn't gen Who was
it Shannon? Okay, because she like she was cool and
like was always going out and doing things, and I

was just like, she's so cool, Like I want to
hang out with her, so I would end up doing
things that, yeah, that's not bad, just like that you
shouldn't have done. Not like nothing bad, but just like
peer pressure, like oh no, because I like I felt
like when we started this show, I was still living
at home. Obviously, I was in my teens. I had

a curfew, which is so lame. And she'd be like,
let's go out on Friday night and don't worry, we
don't have to have an I D. And I'd be like,
I have a curfew, and I'm so embarrassed I couldn't
tell Shan Doherty I had a curfew. I love that
about you so like and early, like like right before

my eighteenth birthday, I think my curfew was still eleven thirty.
That is so crazy. You guys are like major TV
stars on like one of the biggest shows on the planet,
and you have a curfew. Just it's so relatable. It's interesting, though, Beau, Yes,
you add a curfew, and so you were obviously you know,

being parented. But then we would go to work and
be treated like adults and have absolutely no like um
like guardianship at work. We were just thrown into this
situation and had to make all our own decisions and
know how to act and know how to handle all

the things and know how to do everything on our own,
Like there was nobody there telling us yes, no, maybe
you know it was. There was never one adult that
was like, hey, if you guys need anything, you're young girls, like, come,
you can confide in me. That would have been nice
to have, huh. I wonder if they had that now

for teenagers. I mean when you're when you're a teenager
on a set now, you have usually your parents with you,
or your teacher or something like some sort of person
your parents didn't have have to be. I guess your
parents was there technically Tori, or was there but not there.

I took I took the g D so that I
didn't have to have a teacher on set because I
wanted to fit in with everybody else. We both the
g e D, which is like, so we could graduate
from high school earlier. Yeah, But then my mom said,
since she was so strict, if I took the g
D on my days off from filming, I still had
to go to high school and graduate from my high school.

Like that was our deal really, yeah, which was really
super hard to work these hours and then be like, oh,
I have the next day off, and I'd be like,
do I really have to go to my senior classes?
Like oh I would suck. Oh my goodness, high class problems.
But it's still and it's not that did you guys
feel that you were missing out? Like I mean, for me,

it's like I loved high school for that reason, like
just all you know, homecoming, the dances, being a cheerleader,
all that. Did you feel like you missed that on
any of that? But you basically were playing that on TV,
so you know, like I think tour you got to
experience a lot of that. Yeah, mm hmm I did
and the stuff. But once I was on nine O

two O, it was like my world transitioned and I
wanted to just be immersed into this world, um and
just act and be with these friends. So it just
it transitioned really fast. Yeah, because you didn't have anybody
watching over, you didn't have any teachers telling you what
to do. We were like, whoa, Yeah, it was yeah,

it's true. Oh my gosh, I would want I want
I would want that too. Yeah, But um, I don't
feel like I I mean, I did a little bit
of high school I only stayed in high school through
my sophomore year, and then I left and got my
g D as well, and then didn't ever look back,

never worried about it again. And look at me now,
guys stay in school kids. Well, I think it's does
it feel weird that like you still kind of in
a weird way acted it out, like yeah, you still
got to wear like the cap and gown dances and
got together football games and all the things. It just

was but as Kelly for not as someone way better,
because yeah, it was just I don't know, we were
doing it as adults kind of it was fun. Yeah,
That's how I felt more about, like the college years
when we get to the college years, because I felt
really like missing out when I had friends like that
would call me from college and they were having parties

and sororities, and I was like, wow, but we really
got to live all that. So I feel more about
that when we get there. Um went back to the episode.
One of the things that I was enjoying when I
every time I watched the show, I feel like I
really enjoyed the not just the opening credits, but like
the opening sequence where they owe you all of the

the they call it be roll or establishing shots of
Beverly Hills in California and all the glorious scenery that
is out here, you know, And I love that about
just for a second, it kind of sucked me in
and thought, oh my gosh. If I was living in
you know, Uruguay or whatever and watching this, think that's

so cool. That's what Beverly Hills looks like. That's what
the rich and famous live like. You know, that's California.
I think that was such a lure, such a an
important part of our show was all of that stock
footage and and and like establishing shots. I lived in
Orange County and I thought it was amazing. You lived

like a beautiful place as well. But I'm just saying
like I never you know, I didn't go up to Hell,
even going up to l A. Growing up in Orange County.
It was like you didn't needn't do it often. So
to us to see like the palm trees and Beverly
Hills and all the shops and all that stuff, it
was and something that we saw every day. Either come
on down see how two percent live Like that's more

than that. But I think every episode they would repeat
a lot of the shots of certain things like Rodeo
Drive and the palm trees and the beach, but there
were also a lot of new stuff, so that they
must have had, like, um, a whole second unit that
would go out and shoot these, um just beautiful scenes

like landscapes of the beauty of California. I want I
would want to be on that crew where you just
go around and there's no actors, just the beautiful scenery
and the real people. I love. That was that fan.
But right out of the gate, I felt like this
episode starts really tapping into uh Dylan's emotional trauma and

pain more than even more than before. Like, yeah, they
kind of talk about his problems with his dad, and
but this is the episode where I felt like we
really dove into his the dark parts of his psyche.
And I think this was like a a pivotal moment
for his character and like the trajectory of the importance

of Dylan McKay on the show greed, because he wasn't
just Brenda's boyfriend, he wasn't just you know this guy
that surfs he was he had all these layers and
we sort of start to unpack all start to figure out.
So interesting to see nowadays. I feel like they do
shows a bit different back then. There really is, and

like they didn't just drop little nuggets. It's like they
always put it all in one episode. They pack it
in kind of like big nuggets about somebody's character. It
happens all at once. I mean, not that we haven't
seen little things along the way with Dylan, but this
episode was very Dylan heavy about his backstory. This whole
season is more dramatic already. I'm realizing it's not that

after school special type of vibe that season one was. Yeah,
you're starting to really get invested in in each individual
character and their specific journey, and that's that's what's so cool. Like,
like I was saying that scene with Brenda and Donna
at the beach, like I started to care and and
understand and like kind of relate more to Donna and

to Brenda. I mean, first of all, I thought Brenda
looks super cut in this episode. Her hair and makeup
was on fuego, so just but um, I just felt like,
I you start to really want to be with these characters.
You start to want to hang out with these characters
and like help them with their problems and be there

for it all, you know. And also going into second season,
I think they were starting to know us as actors
more and that was helping them to start to guide
the characters. M What do you mean by that starting
to get you to know you as actors? Because we
always feel like we're like did they have like some
hidden microphone somewhere because they like the character attributes, Like

I feel like a lot of the stuff you see,
especially like for my character's Donna, Like that's very tory
and at that age that they were writing for me
um personality wise. So it's interesting that they were getting
to know us by spending time with us on set
and they were starting to write more personality traits of
the real actors into the characters. I think. But it's weird.

I didn't. I didn't never feel like they were spending
more time with us on set. I honestly felt like
they were watching us from Afar and like like make
taking notes about the the animals and the enclosures. Well, wait,
weren't you miked up? Like if you were miked up
or No, Well, with all those booms and every shot,

I don't think we were wearing body mikes, but you learn,
you learn very young, like we learned this on to
know that when you have your body mic on, it's
taped inside. We don't want them to hear it. You
just tap it and they continue to have a conversation
like keep doing it. Yeah, it sounds like the soundman
probably loved that because whenever we would talk about stuff

we didn't want to when to hear, we'd be like
tap tup tup, tup, tup, tup, tup, tup tup and
probably really hurt their ears, breaking punk kids. But like
I think producers and writers were like banking on us,
just like talking out of school and not like knowing
that we had our mics on, and which happens all
the time. Yeah, we went there was stuff would happen
and we'd be like, oh shoot, I forgot to go

like this, and you have just told like some really
juicy stuff. Um, but have you gone on in your
career jen to be on a set and work with
younger people or anyone and you do that and they
look at you like what are you doing and they
think you're crazy. I don't know if I've really noticed that. Now,
Oh it happened to me. Someone was like what you

are you? Okay, what are you doing? And I was like, Oh,
it's like a have it you don't. I guess it's
an old school thing. You like this so that sound
doesn't hear what the youngsters do now when they don't
want the sound man to hear what they're saying, they
just don't care. They don't care. I don't think you
can't unplug it. There's no off button. Well you can
unplug it, but it's not that easy because it's usually like, um,

when they put a body mic on you, it's it's
wrapped under a packaging thing, like you're wrapped up in
a belt and it's in the belt, in your pants,
in your clothes, on your thigh there's like a thi
wrap with velcrowdon. So it's like, you know, it's usually
like an ordeal to get to it, which is also
pretty embarrassing when the sound man is putting that on

you on set, like digging through your clothes, lifting up
your skirt, pulling up your everything just to get to
your mic, to change your batteries, batteries, just coping a
field right now, Oh my god. Pretty invasive. It's and
everybody's standing there waiting while the sound man is like

literally lifting your shirt up and basically putting his head
under their likes. They usually hand it to me and
they just go through. Now, So we grew up like
just being like on new shows they would be like okay,

they would always say that, we would just stand yeah,
just text here's my body put the same you need it?
That basically PTSD from that from being fondled. Do you
enjoy for play? Does it bring back? It's kind of numbing,
Like we're like Janice explained so much about my life

an epiphany. Lord, what is that? Well, there's still more
than cover from this episode. Let's take a break and
you guys can think about that and we'll come back. Okay,

you guys, we are back, and it's Anaconda don't want
if you ain't got buns hunts. Sorry, I love it
so much. We're at the Beach Club. We are what
they're play coker and the big thing is they're going
to do the you know, Ross Weener Black version of

Poker Night, which I just couldn't get past the name.
Sorry for anybody out there who's named Ross Weener Black,
But I mean I'm really sorry if your name is
Ross Win are black, But I'm sorry to be making
fun of it right now, but it just made me laugh.
One more time, say it one more time, a black, yes,
one more time to say it one more time. What

movies that from? I don't know, you and I always do.
I don't know. We got it from some movie. It's
from Elf on the Conversable and um, and Will Ferrell's
character is calling him an elf room. He's like, say more,
one more time, to say it one more time and
then you scrap out of left. Sorry, but it was

also funny when they're doing the poker stuff and they're
um talking about their fancy fifty inch rear projection TV.
I was like, that was like high tech in that
at that time. That dated us, didn't it? And it did,
But I loved it. It was pretty big TV for

that time, and rear projection TVs were the thing to have.
Now you wouldn't really want one, but they were good.
One of my favorite lines, I'm just going to jump
right ahead because that's what I do, uh, was when um,
the guy that they're playing poker with, says, Hey, Brandon,
don't be such a squeef what's a squeef? What's a squeef?

I thought he said squeak, but I thought I heard
squeef squeak squeef, Like, don't be such a squeak who
says that, Yeah, it's weird. Was a squeef? Like like
a loser? Sounds not fun? And then the girls come
to the poker party and they look so stink and cute.
I love your outfits. I always try to find pictures

from that episode really cute, and I loved those outfits.
It looks so fun. I wanted to go to that
poker game and smoke, well, I didn't want to smoke
the cigars. I could not believe you guys were smoking cigars.
I felt like such a stud you guys, I'm sure
I felt like I was going to throw up afterwards,
But I was like feeling cool as could be. I

don't see some cigars smoking as really making you cool,
but I guess it's the opposite. But imagine being what
were we seventeen then eighteen? Like you know, I was like, Okay,
it's just first scene, so I'm not doing it. But
it's like, I don't know. I thought I was in

the big leagues. Don't judge me. You were and you
looked great doing it. I really loved it. I was
there for that whole poker thing, the lighting and the
just it looks so Needo Neto, I said, Neto better
than squeef. It was a very interesting theme. Like I

was wondering, did the writers come up with that? Was
that your dad's idea to do the whole like Frank
Sinatra theme scene? Where do you guys think it came from?
I wonder. I mean, my dad was really good friends
with the rat Pack. I wonder if that was something
he was like, Oh, let's make it this kind of idea,

bring that back. I don't know. It was fun to
get see James Pickens jr. Um do some more scenes
in this episode. Did you guys like that? He's such
a good actor. It's funny. I wonder if people remember
him from this, because obviously everyone knows him from Gray's
Anatomy Richard on Grey's Anatomy, But we've crossover audiences, right, Yeah, sure,

Before that, he was he was Henry Thomas. He was
like the guy at the Beach Club, and he was
so great. He was I just loved whenever he was
on screen. And I mean, to be quite honest, the
show was not that diverse in in the nineties. We
that wasn't something that they really focused on. It was

a once in a while thing that they would say, oh,
we we should do this. But I loved seeing the
diversity and just feeling that, you know, just the difference
of of having him there. And I thought that he
added a lot to our show. I liked him a lot.
He was watching TV on the balcony agan man favorite
thing to do, and he had like the best mullet,

Like did you guys notice he had like the best
tightest mullet there is tight the tight mullet. But it
was a moment you had to really like sneak a
peek to see it. And I was like, what, he's cute.
So he appears in ten episodes of Nanotu and O

and then that was it. What what happened after this
season Greys Anatomy starts is that when he went there
maybe a year. I guess we'll find out, But didn't
we come back to the Beach Club or this was
it after this season? I feel like it was just
one season. Whoa we don't know in anything like like
we said, We're going to learn right along with you,

guys while we're watching this. The thing about this is,
if you're a super fan of the show, you've watched
every episode and you know what's happened and what's going
to happen for us. We literally don't know what's going
to happen next week. This is true just because we
acted it and lived it. Don't think we remember it.
We had a great we had a great song in

this episode, though, I did notice um was kind of
another one of those um foreshadowing weird nine O two
on Oh Moments, because there was a song called what
I Like About You by The Romantics in the scene
with Brendan Donna when they're doing their tams. I don't
know if you guys heard it, but I did because

that song was later became pretty significant to me because
I did the show What I Like About You? Yeah, yeah,
So I thought that was a neat little foreshadowing. Another
one of those things. That's so cool. Those things keep happening, coming,
keep them coming. I love it. Do you guys have
that happen? I mean, you notice, like the things that

happened like little signs. This is totally off topic. But
I'll just tell you. Um my daughter her school picked
a new mascot this last week and they, for whatever reason,
that it wasn't politically correct their old mascot. They wanted
to change it. So they changed it to the Owls

and they announced it yesterday and it was big news,
you know, for us. And that the night before they
announced it, I had a dream about a giant owl
swooping through and I didn't know where that came from.
Then then then they announced that their show their mascots
called the Owls. And then last night we were watching

um Queen's Gambit again. I guess we love that show,
and there was like an owl reference. I don't even
know why I'm telling you this, but it's about the
signs people. It's about noticing the universe, like synchronicity. Synchronicity, yes,
and I'm just gonna say it, I think. Okay. So,

so she told me this yesterday and I was like, oh,
she had this premonition about the owl being picked as
the mascot. But I think the overall theme is you
need to look deeper. The album means something else for you.
It's coming like something wei to figure it out. Well,
owls are wise. Maybe there's wisdom coming your way or

please go and she is a hoot. But I feel
like it means something little people. Maybe it'll be revealed
on the next episode. Maybe. Well, let's get into fashion
our favorite lines, and we have a few questions from listeners.
Let's take a break and we'll come back with that. Okay,

so let's talk fashion, ladies, because we love to talk
about fashion on the show. Um, I'll just kick it
right off. I was really digging Steve's outfits in this episode.
They were They were just fun and so perfectly Steve Sanders.
I loved the completely buttoned up shirt, blue shirt with

the white like docer shorts, but equally uh, the dolphin
shorts he was wearing with yet another tank top. His
tank top closet is just going nuts. We have to
ask him if he has any of those tank tops
and if he would be willing to wear them one day.

Oh yeah, then and now I want to do yeah,
like I want to see him in those now. I
want to see that so bad. Um. I loved my
outfit in the Poker Game. That was one of my
favorite outfits ever on this whole series that I wore
because I love the twenties, so mine was kind of esque. Yeah,
you were both kind of dolled up like retro like that,

and I loved it. Brenda's she looked every bit a
roaring twenties lady, just as you did, but a little
different take on it. Right, you were more of a flapper.
He was more of like, um, the cigarette girl, you know,
the girl that would a cigarette cigarette cigarette. Well, I'm

really dating myself. Everybody gets did you like anything since? Yeah,
it's funny that they were considered the babes that we're
going to be at the poke game. Brandon was so
disappointed that one of them was his sister. He's like,
this does not count. We get some fresh girls. Fresh girlfriend,
He's a fresh babe. Um. I liked Donna's hair in um,

like half a half down when you came into the
WASH's house. It's just like that was my go to
hair sound in the nineties because like, if you don't
want to do point out, you just like the half
of half down with like a huge scrunch, yeah, or
like a clip, like a little clips what were they
called the banana clips? No, that was a different one.
They were like, yeah, small, like just one and they

were flat, yeah, and it just would hold it. I
don't I don't know. It's so funny for me because
I feel like that hair do was like not a
TV hair do. I feel like it was just real life. Yes.
I think that's why I liked it really Like I
look at it and I'm like, oh my god, why
didn't they do my hair that day? Like, oh my god,
what was happening? Was I like late and they were

like got to get to said skip hair. No. I
feel like it goes back to being you, being authentic
and relatable. I feel like you and Brenda both looked
just really normal, like girls you would want to be
hang out with, like you, girls that you actually do
hair out with. How about lines? Best lines from the episode?
I know to one? No. One of mine was from David.

Uh he was He said, hey, little lady, can I
buy you a snack? Donna hot snack? Right here? He
was not feeling his vibe now not Yeah. Um of
course going back to that, UM, seeing I liked my line,
I uh, I had a cigar. I threw up. Yeah

that's so cute. Um, I already told you my favorite line.
Brandon don't be such a squeef. I plan on using
that reference later. I'm gonna call somebody a squeef today
and see how it goes. And that's that's it, you guys.
This is this was We don't have a lot to
say about this episode. I feel like we kind of
like didn't really go too deep. But that's okay because

we have some great questions I think from from listeners.
Don't we sist? We sure do? A Maya is asking
why do y'all keep picking and or shading the boys?
This other week it was about Jason and his height
and everything, and then Tori was sarcastic about how Jason
loves to rehash Nano toun o stuff. What did they

do to you? Wow, my gosh, what did they do
to us? Okay, here's what you guys need to understand,
Like these are like our brothers and sisters. Like anything
we say here we would say right to their face
and probably do. Like you hear how Jan and I talked.
This is how we all talked to each other. Um

and we we always were in contact stone we're all
still friends. So they didn't do anything. Does we love them?
It's our family. This is how you talk about your
best friends and family, right, yeah, but even so, like
I get what there's this Amaya is saying, like from
people that love the show, and you know, but the
thing is, this is our this is these are our recollections,

these are our memories. This is was our experience, and
you know, it was probably much different than their experience,
so the guy's experience or anyone else's experience, but we
can tell our side of the story. And I think that,
um so often we fall into the trap of trying
to tell a story that everybody is gonna digest, well,

like that it's going to be politically correct to say,
or it's gonna people are going to still like us
even when we say it. But there are some parts
of our experience that weren't great, and and that's okay,
and it's okay for us to talk about it now too,
and it's okay for for other people to share their experiences.
But you know, when you ask what did they do

to you, it's not necessarily what they did to us,
but what we as young people did to ourselves, like
our interpretation of what was happening at that time because
we were all so young and so like I said,
so unguided at that in that environment, that grown up,
mature environment, being completely left on our own for you know,

days full days of whatever happened, you know. And so
there's so much that happened that sort of taught us
and and shaped us as women, as young girls, as
now as women, and not all of it was great.
And you know, Tory and I do try to um

tell the truth, but at the same time not you know,
let people in too far to see like the you know,
the sordid parts, because we want everybody to love the
characters and love the show, and but we also have
our own experiences, so sometimes that stuff comes out of us,
like when we're joking and when we're like making fun.

But I don't think that it's not about what they
did to us. Well, but what she said, um, but
am also I believe I'm the person that the entire
first season I kept saying, Look how dreamy Jason's eyes are.
Oh my god, he's so hot. Like I acknowledge that too.

I think. I mean, I'll say to you if you
wore something like what were you wearing that week? Like
that's the same thing, Like why did they say something
about Jason Tite, like we were just referencing things that
we're in the script and happened. I don't think you
have to defend yourself, but I think that way you
said it makes a lot of sense. I know, I
don't feel like we pick on them, though I don't like,

I don't feel like we have different I haven't gotten
that vibe either. I think it is kind of like
you guys are all, you know, related in a in
a sense, these are our high school friends. Like we
I mean family picks on each other. It's like I
still have the same jokes with my high school friends
that like, and we still when we see each other
we pick up, but we left off and it's the

same stupid jokes that like, you know, sound mean, but
they're not me because it's us and we were in
those were, like like we've said before, those were formative years.
We were young girls. We were very very impressionable, and
I mean Tory and I've talked about this before. Back

to the whole major concept of why why am I
the way I am? And who how did I get
the way? And why do I have these issues or
these hang ups or you know, all that you ask
yourselves as you grow into an adult and you when
you start to look and sort of look at yourself
in the mirror and ask those questions. Yeah, a lot
of a lot of what happened on that set um

shaped us in all directions. But I think as a
young girl, maybe I was like, what blamed it on
the guys to like, you know, it was all their fault,
But it was how I saw it, like, you know,
brought out a super competitive part of me. Being in
that environment of being you know, uh, judge by because

of my looks or how I looked in an outfit
or you know. It was such a it was. It
was just a different day and age um and it
and it gave us young girls a lot of mixed messages,
and I for many years struggled with um, I think
that if I'm honest, like I think it, it kind
of taught me two be threatened by other girls, be

threatened by other women, be more competitive because I wanted there.
I wanted our co stars approval or attention, you know.
And it was it messed with me on a on
a deeper level. And not until later in life did
I kind of think it wasn't ever about the other girls,
and why did I ever make the other girls the

enemy in my mind? You know, it wasn't it. And
so it gives you different messages that you have to
work through. And I think that Tory and I are
always working through those messages as we grow older and
trying to be better people and figure it all out.
You know, absolutely all right, We'll go to the next question. Um.

This question is from Stephanie to Jenny. Through the seasons,
Kelly endured such traumatic experiences and eating disorder, the fire, drugs,
getting shot, and the cold, just to name a few.
Did you ever get tired of such terrible things happening
to your character and ask for something happier or easier

to play? In those ten seasons? I can ask this
question a lot, because yeah, you do. Because a lot
of bad things happen to Kelly. It's like a weird
I don't know why. They just love to do bad
things to her. I don't know why they did, but
I mean I did my best with it. When they
would give me a storyline that was dramatic on the

heels of another story and it was dramatic, I did
my best. Yeah, I got I got tired of the
heaviness of it sometimes for sure, and it was, you know,
That's why I love the scenes on the show where
it's like that everybody hanging out the group and we're
having fun. I love that stuff because it's like a
pleasant break for me. But it's interesting to see like

I did so many of those you know, dramatic things,
and I'm developed into a pretty dramatic person, like I'm
I'm not you know, Tory and I always joke she's
Pollyanna and I'm the opposite of whatever Pollyanna is. We
have to think of what that is. Didn't we figure
it out once? I don't remember. You think it's because

you played all these crazy roles when you were younger.
I feel like you're like, it's definitely shaded my life experience.
I feel like, no, not only did I have so
many traumatic experiences on camera, those those sink in, those
those sink into your bones, you know, and your experiences,

but I also have had, you know, a lot of
things in my real life. So and we all have
a lot of trauma and ups and downs in our lives.
But combining the two, I think it's a lot for
one lady. So I definitely think that it's it's made
me probably a more of a serious person. But it's

funny because my I call myself a blue person. I
don't know if you guys have ever heard that expression,
Like I I think you're not a blue person tour
I don't know would be you're more of like a
yellow person, like you air more on the light higher,
like a lighter, happier, sunnier side of the spectrum. And

I'm more a blue person like I've always struggled with depression,
and I've always uh, you know, had things that in
my mind that were harder for me to deal with
and and kind of cloud in my experience and made
me more on the blue side. I remember my dad
used to say, um, you would say are you feeling blue?
And that was I would I would say yeah, and

I didn't know why. I was a little girl, and
he would take me for ice cream and then everything
would be better. But but I think that people are
just kind of wired how they're wired. And I think
that I think all of our experiences, throughout all of
our journeys in life, like they accumulate, they kind of

add up and make you who you are. And I
know I love my blueness. I mean, I I love it.
I embrace it, and I it's something that I've learned
to live with and and that i love about myself.
I've I'm a I remember some people used to call me,
in a negative connotation, you're too emotion emotion emotional. That

was what I was saying, you're so emotional. And yeah,
maybe as a younger person, I was more dramatic and
more emotional because that's usually what happens. But I remember saying,
you know what, I'm not emotional. I'm emotion ful. Mm hmmm,
And I'm okay with that. So maybe I got it
from Kelly and also people telling you that when you're

so young, like there's something wrong even if you're even
if you're not that, then you start believing that you are,
and so then you carry that, you carry that. I've
done this thing called the landmark forum. Okay, it's a bracket,
and so it's a bracket that was given to you
in your adolescence or when you're young, and it may
not be true at all, and you carry it into adulthood.

And you know, it's like someone telling you, like you
can't draw, you're not a good artist. You know, like
when you're a little kid in preschool or like, and
then so then you go into elementary school, you're like,
I'm just not a good drawer, and you just start
believing that you know and has nothing to do with
who you really are. So it's just it's crazy for that.
And then I had no idea that doing these roles
would would really penetrate into like your actual real life

as well. Yeah, I mean I think for sure for me,
definitely doing all this stuff and then going home and
because you want to stay in that mindset right as
an actor assuming, I mean, yeah, it's hard to break
it off at the end of the day and the
day and then like turn it right back on. It's
to say them the next day. So it's it kind
of lingers. You're like, I'm just gonna stay a bit

on that because I have to be that tomorrow morning.
But I think I also to what you're saying, like
people label you you, we label ourselves like I do
that all the time. I say, oh, I'm not a
I'm not a writer. I how to write this, But
if I really sat down and applied myself, I probably
could write something. So it's it's the messages that we
hear from other people it's but for me, it's the

messages that I hear from myself, and they're probably from
those outer messages, and then I sort of internalized them
and keep reiterating to myself, like my the things that
aren't so great about myself. And I think that that's
something that we should all try to not do. Stop
listening to ourselves when it comes to those negative messagings.

I know, I wish we could just all live like
the innocent lives that children live, you know, and you're like,
you don't second guess anything when you're a child. I
think you're great. Yeah. I look at my kids and
I'm just like, gosh, if I can just have your
mind for a day, they're confidence because no one's torn
it down yet. I know, we could just keep them

in a bubble. I know. I wonder what I would
be like. I thought this before, Like what would I'd
be like if I hadn't been colored by all the experience,
like all the negative stuff, you know, and all the
messages out there, Like what would little Jenny look be
like if if none of that had happened. Well, it's

part of your journey, so you wouldn't be you if
it didn't happen. No, I wouldn't and you wouldn't love me,
and I would always love you no matter what. Do
you think you've carried some of Donna's traits into your
real life, Tori? I mean I've definitely carried being cast
as Donna being the producer's daughter through my whole life.

I mean, I definitely I'm the type. Like when Jen
says she shows emotions a lot when she was younger,
I didn't show any emotions because I didn't want to
be labeled anything. I just wanted to be perfect. Like
you know, they already have preconceived notions because I'm the
producer daughter. So going into that job, I was like,

I have to be sweet, I have to be nice,
I have to be kind, and I was all those things.
But it's carried over into my adult life that I
don't have a voice to be strong or brave or
the confident woman I want to be because I'm spending
so much time focusing on being just so sweet and
wanting everyone to like me. Yeah, so I wish, Yeah,

I wish that was different too. I feel like things
would be different. Everybody has their own like thing, you know,
like it's so interesting when you look at people. Yeah,
I think we all want to please people to an extent.
You know, it'd been dumb stuff Like when I was
planning my wedding, It's like I kept thinking about like

what everybody else was going to think. And it's supposed
to be the happiest day of my life, and I
was like worried about like are they gonna like this
or my guests gonna like that? And it's just you
have to be able to be a little selfish at times.
That's the great thing about getting older, I think, is
that you start to realize that it's not being selfish,
it's just honoring yourself and like giving yourself as much

love and acceptance as you do to other people. Mm hmm.
And that's it's hard, but it's part of the journey.
We're all still works in progress. Well, I just met
you guys not too long ago, and I think you're
both lovely and I don't get any negative vibes from
either one of you, So you're doing something right. No

shades of blue, No shades. Yes, you need sarcasm, please
be so boring without it. So what is our next episode.
Those were great questions you guys, By the way, keep
them coming because like obviously we're not afraid to talk
about anything. Um, if anything, I tend to talk about

stuff too much, but about like the real deal. But um,
keep them coming because we love them. Yes, next episode
is a season two episode five. It's called play it Again. David. Oh,
what an eyebrows tour again? David. Hm, I'm so curious.
What's David going to play? I have no idea. I

just excited because it's Davidson, you can remember, very excited. Well,
we'll see you guys next week.
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