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April 7, 2020 2 mins

We said that these are really uncertain times for the travel industry as a whole, and we may not have realized how right we were. We've been impacted also.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I'm Jerlyn Guba and I'm Pavio Rosati were the co
founders of Fathom and the hosts of this podcast. On
last week's episode, Pavey and I had a conversation about
what the future of travel will look like after the
coronavirus crisis. We've gotten a lot of nice feedback from
listeners about the episode, so thank you for that. We
said that these are really uncertain times for the travel

industry as a whole, and it turns out we have
been impacted too. We're really sorry to say that our
podcast will be going on hiatus. We've had a great
time bringing you stories from interesting travelers from around the world,
and we're really grateful to you for tuning in. If
you haven't already listened to them all, please go back
and binge on all eighteen episodes. In them, you'll learn

why Disney World is the happiest place on Earth, how
it feels to go on a self imposed exile on
a containership across the Pacific, which it turns out is
a very timely topic, and what happened when newly butds
tested their marriage by climbing Mount kiliman jar Oh. Those
are just a few of the adventures until we come back. Here,
you can get more travel advice and stories along with

all the wanderlust you need to update your bucket list
and plan your future travels at our website fathom away
dot com, on Instagram at at fathom Way to Go,
and in our beautiful book Travel Anywhere and avoid being
a tourist. By the way, no need to unsubscribe that
way you'll know when we're back with new episodes. We'd

like to thank everyone at My Heart, but especially are
awesome producer Marcy Depina and our executive producer Christopher Hasiotis.
If there's one thing Quarantine and Lockdown have taught us,
it's how sociable we really are, not that we had
any doubt. This crisis, too, shall pass and our lives
will return to a new normal, and travel will stop

being a fantasy and we'll all be back out there
in the world again soon. Until then, we hope you
and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.
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