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November 12, 2019 2 mins

"A Way to Go" is the new podcast from iHeart Media and Fathom which explores all the reasons people travel.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Away to Go is the new podcast from my Heart
Radio and Fathom that explores all the reasons why we
pack our bags, get on a plane and explore the
world beyond our backyards. Where your hosts Fathom co founder
Pavio Rosetti and Jerlyn Gerba, and in every episode we'll
talk to an interesting person with a great travel story
to tell stories that are spontaneous, say me, totally memorable.

This season, we're circling the globe with newlyweds hiking Kilimanjaro.
So we chose to climb Mount coman Jaro because we
wanted to do something challenging that neither of us have
ever done before. And I wanted to do something that
would really test both of us, so test us as
individuals and then test our relationship to an actor and designer.
On a five kilometer took took rally through India. We

set off on the on the rally and during the
day and just driving through towns, waving new people and
uh seeing the sites and seeing oral Indian As someone
who was born in India, I'm seeing parts of India
that I had never seen before and never expected to
be driving on those roads. I've got new Yorker on
a Safarian Batswana. All of a sudden, I hear these

incredible harmonies and the entire lodge staff was singing us
in with this beautiful song to welcome us, and I
almost like burst into tears. So I was so happy.
A screenwriter who exiled himself on a container ship to
escape his Twitter feed friend of mine and I we've
had writing projects to do, and this is like you
when you're on a boat, Like that's it, like you,

you can't. Oh, I procrastinated, but on Instagram or there's
no Instagram, there's nothing. It's just you. And then the
ocean and the Pacific, the Mighty Pacific, and the graffiti
artist tagging his way around the Southern Hemisphere. My twenty
countries and I'm gonna stop so I'll get to a
hundred and I'm painting all other seven countries while I'm there.
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