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June 3, 2022 141 mins
Deepak Chopra and Cody Blue discuss psychedelic medicines and the nature of consciousness in the season 1 finale (timestamp: 22:48). Guests Cole Crawford Millette and Shirley Wantland sit with Cody to discuss the steps one can take, should they feel called to try psychedelic medicines. And finally, David Grillot of the non-profit Thank You Plant Medicine shares the names of 3 retreat centers that he recommends.  Deepak Chopra has been described by Time Magazine as “one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century.” For the last thirty years, he has been at the forefront of the meditation revolution. Cole Crawford Millette is the Founder and Managing Partner of The Work. Cole has been deep on her path of transformation for more than a decade, supporting hundreds of seekers worldwide from Emmy award winners, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, & philanthropists; to our veterans and those recovering from addiction, eating disorders, trauma and depression. Shirley Wantland serves as a Managing Partner for The Work. The Work is a premier psychedelic integration and transformational recovery firm, bringing decades of professional experience together in both the clinical mental health space and the psychedelic shamanic healing arts to support a shared vision of deep healing & personal revolution. David Grillot is the co-founder of the non for profit “Thank you plant medicine.” The organizations mission is: Working together, in gratitude, for the global de-stigmatization of psychoactive plant medicines and psychedelics, and their responsible integration into mainstream society. 0:07 - Discalimer 1:10 - Intro  3:10 - Cody's first Mushroom ceremony 6:36 - Reiki 11:18 - Merging with Source Consciousness  16:55 - Do not be the healer, be the healed, share your story 19:41 - Guest Intro's and Intentions 21:18 - Deepak Chopra talks to Cody about Psychedelic Medicines and Consciousness  24:13 - Deepak on Psychedelics and the Default Mode Network 25:15 - Run-a-Mok ego, interconnectedness, our genes, brain and gut 27:11 - Psychedelics remove the conditioning of our minds  27:50 - Identity  29:40 - the reducing valve  30:27 - Modalities of perception, Awareness and Wholeness 31:39 - The Original Religious Experience and Waking Up From The Dream 34:02 - Everyday reality is a collective hallucination  36:57 - Waking up to your Real Self  38:10 - Creating a better world 40:40 - Deepak Chopra's work with Psychedelics and most profound Psychedelic experience with LSD 43:08 - Intro: Cole Crawford Millette and Shirley Watland 45:48 - Feeling called to the medicine 52:52 - Importance of integration  54:35 - The psycho-spiritual piece of mental health  1:07:28 - Psychedelic therapies as a viable option in mental health today  1:10:14 - Preparing for a psychedelic journey to return to the True Self and Wholeness 1:11:10 - You want to try Plant Medicine: What to do first 1:18:01 - Safety and taking inventory before working with psychedelic medicines  1:20:50 - Physical maladies showing up as trauma in the body 1:24:52 - Contraindications and dangers  1:26:20 - Return to Homeostasis 1:29:09 - 3 categories of preparation  1:32:40 - Spikes in mental health issues  1:39:50 - Intention and Personal Agency  1:41:30 - Integration  1:45:05 - Grab a journal 1:52:15 - Know why you are going to the medicine 1:56:20 - learning to let go  2:07:02 - wrapping up 2:09:42 - David Grillot of Thank You Plant Medicine shares info on medicine retreat centers  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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