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May 27, 2022 110 mins
Cody Blue's father, Dee Snider, sits down with his doctor and son, to discuss the benefits of working with psychedelic medicines. In this episode Cody talks about healing the stigmas behind working with psychedelic plant medicines. Cody's brother Jesse shares the story of the confrontation he had with his father after taking mushrooms. Then, Cody and Dr. Abhinav Gautam sit down with Dee and discuss healing Dee's shoulder pain, plant medicines and other healing modalities. Dee is encouraged to try Microdosing for the first time. Later, Cody calls Dee to check in... (Time stamps below) Dr. Abhinav Gautam is an inventor, entrepreneur and musician. Trained as an anesthesiologist, he co-founded Nexus Clinical, an electronic medical records software company focused on alleviating the administrative burden of clinicians, allowing them to focus on helping patients and Carevoyance (acquired by H1) to leverage the power of data science, analytics and geo-spatial visualization tools to improve healthcare administration.  Dr. Gautam pioneered RELIEF® used by the world’s top performers, musicians and professional athletes. As a former competitive soccer player, active tennis athlete and musician he combines his understanding of the human anatomy with his artistic eye to create harmonious and unparalleled results for each patient. This rare union of talents has earned him a high level of respect, love and admiration from his patients and peers. Dr. Gautam graduated from the Louisiana State University (Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry) and performed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. 0:007 - Disclaimer 1:50 - Cody on the stigma behind psychedelics  6:06 - Negative responses from family or friends after a psychedelic experience  8:00 - Cody's brother, Jesse, on telling his dad about his first Mushroom experience  16:32 - Cody cautions against stigma and alienation  17:45 - All of Cody's family but his father have worked with psychedelics... so far... 19:10 - Psychedelics were lumped in with 'drugs' 20:28 - Dr. Abhinav Gautam and Dee Snider talk about psychedelics  21:36 - Dr. Abhi helped Dee's shoulder 22:26 - Dr. Abhi on pain and looking at the body and mind in a connected fashion  26:36 - How Dr. Abhi received Dee's shoulder pain 29:48 - The Lympathic System  34:51 - Sacred Geometry and the body 36:22 - Psylocibin and Ketamine 38:45 - Psylocibin and promoting plasticity and transformation 40:06 - Psylocibin for depression and creativity  51:40 - Ayahuasca healing shame and transcending physical pain 1:05:56 - Dee and Cody on creativity  1:11:16 - Protecting your kids and Stigmas 1:13:57 - Treatment Modalities, Not all medicines are for everyone, Microdosing 1:17:21 - Meditation and State 1:19:55 - Will Dee try Microdosing? 1:22:20 - Dee Snider on if he will try Microdosing Mushrooms 1:23:57 - Dee and Cody catch up from Sicily post sitting down with Dr. Abhi 1:34:06 - Cody's mom on changing the narrative around mushrooms to help people 1:39:40 - Dee's confrontation with Jesse was 8 years ago  See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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