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June 12, 2024 16 mins

On today's mid-week memo, Host Ramses Ja shares thoughts and reflections on the Hunter Biden guilty verdict and other trending news stories.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
A man who needs no introduction.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
The Black Information Network is committed to bringing you up
to the date news stories that are relevant, informative, and inspiring.
And while news stories are always being updated and others
are breaking, we understand that you need to be in
the know all week long. Welcome to your midweek memo
on the Black Information Network Daily Podcast with me your
host Ramsay's Job All Right. First up from CNN. A

federal jury found Hunter Biden guilty tuesday on all three
federal felony gun charges he faced, concluding that he violated
laws meant to prevent drug addicts from owning firearms. The
conviction marks the first time a president's immediate family member
has been found guilty of a crime during their father's
term in office, though his crimes pre date Joe Biden's

tenure as president. In a statement, Hunter Biden said he
was quote disappointed by the guilty verdict but grateful for
his family's love. President Biden expressed support for his son
in a statement and said he would respect the judicial process.
Hunter Biden could face up to twenty five years in
prison and a find of up to seven hundred and
fifty thousand dollars at sentencing, though he likely will receive

far less than the maximum as a first time offender.
The judge said. Sentencing is usually set for one hundred
and twenty days following a verdict, which means it is
likely to happen before election day. So there were a
lot of folks who were upset about the Trump felony conviction,

a lot of people that said that Joe Biden was
orchestrating that and that the attacks were politically motivated and
Biden somehow was kind of the puppet master pulling the
strings that caused Donald Trump to get convicted thirty four

felon accounts. And the fact of the matter is that
Trump was convicted in New York State, hunter Biden is
guilty of breaking federal laws, and therefore Joe Biden has

the capacity to intervene, indeed pardon his own son, and
he's committed to not pardoning his son. He's going to
let the process play out. And you start to see
where Joe Biden could do something that would directly benefit him,
his family, his son. He has not done that, and

where he absolutely cannot, has no involvement whatsoever. Donald Trump
has still raised him up as the person behind and
his conviction. And so there are a lot of people
on the right that are looking at this, but the
fact of the matter is that both of these trials

came about as a result of the individuals at the
center of the trials as actions. Hunter Biden was addicted
to drugs. I mean, he argued that he was off
drugs and relapsed and you know all that sort of stuff.
But you know, a jury of his peers found that

he was guilty and he'll be sentenced accordingly, and his
father will not intervene, and you know, I kind of
respect that, you know it at least it causes people
that are looking at Trump's trial funny to pause and
really wonder if they are caught up in some sort

of delusion, which, if you know anything about me, I
suspect they are all right. Next up, from the Black
Information Network, a white TikToker is facing backlash after she
filmed herself saying the inWORD in a cooking video and
refuse to apologize. And the video, TikTok user Lily Gaddis
was putting seasoning in a bowl when she used the

inWORD and referenced immigrants fresh off the boat looking for
a green card while ranting about gold diggers. Quote guys,
certain guys think all girls are gold diggers. I don't know.
If you get your information from street interviews from Miami
at three am, outside of a nightclub, you are getting

the opinion from some dumb explotive deleted and immigrants fresh
off the boat looking for a green card. Yes, they
probably are gold diggers, but that is the exception. I
am the rule. Everyone I know is married right now
is married to a broke a word inward, and they

don't care. Don't give a f word about money, end quote.

Speaker 1 (05:05):
All right.

Speaker 2 (05:05):
In a follow up interview, she acknowledged that her comments
upset quote members of a certain community end quote, but
refused to apologize. Quote all the backlash made me do
a deep dive and a soul search, and after all that,
I still couldn't find a care. She said. She's a
manager at Roof of the Carolinas, a home health care

company in Wilmington, North Carolina, and that place later suggested
that she was fired from her job, so she tweeted out,
oh no, I just got fired hashtag mob. Her employment
status remains unclear. Her Twitter account was temporarily suspended and
it's unclear if she was banned from TikTok, but her
account is currently unavailable. Poo. All right, so first off,

I apologize for saying her name. I probably shouldn't have
said her name. People like this don't deserve any attention.
I suspect that she's probably doing this for attention. There
are a lot of people who, you know, they don't

feel like they have much to lose. Their life hasn't
amounted to much or hasn't amounted too much yet, and
everyone's dying to matter. And of course everyone wants to
matter for good reasons, but there are people that will
take mattering for bad reasons. You know, mass shooters come
to mind, and that's kind of what I see here.

She wasn't saying anything that was specifically targeting black people.
She was just using like hip hop language, which she
shouldn't do, But once the backlash started to swell, she
doubled down on it, knowing that by troll when she

can probably get some more hits. This is what I suspect. Obviously,
don't know this person, and I think that this reflects
just kind of a changing world that we're in. You know,
we pay attention to people like this and we give
them a platform and raise them up. I mean, she's saying,
you know, or I guess. The reports are coming back
that her platforms have been deleted, and you know all that.

But moving forward, if you google her name, things will
come up where I suspect, prior to this incident, if
you googled her name, nothing would come up. Now I
might be wrong, She might be deeply racist. You know,
the stranger things have happened. Obviously, it would definitely she

looks the part, but you know, again she was. She's
a very young person and just a very disconnected person,
and you know, there are a lot of people giving
her attention and it's it's unfortunate that I'm another one.
But you know, my job is to report the news,
and you know, we'll decide together what we do about it.

Speaker 1 (08:11):
Join us for the National Urban League Conference in New
Orleans July twenty fourth through the twenty seventh at High
Regency New Orleans. Don't miss out. Register today at nuelconference
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Speaker 2 (08:27):
This is your midweek memo on the Black Information Network
Daily Podcast with me your host ramses Ja. All right,
next from Reuters, this is coming out of Cairo. Hamas
accepted a UN Security Council ceasefire resolution and is ready
to negotiate over the details, senior Hamas official Sami Abu

Zuri told Reuters on Tuesday, adding that it was up
to Washington to ensure that Israel abides by it. Hamas
accepted the UN Security Cantil resolution in regard to the ceasefire,
withdrawal of the Israeli troops and swap of hostages for detainees
held by Israel. He said, so, you know, there there

have been talks now for some time, and we hope
that this can be resolved any day, any moment. But
what ends up happening often enough, is that our hopes
get you know, elevated, because we don't want to continue

seeing the slaughter of these human beings in Palestine. But
I think Israel has has other plans. I won't say
what they are, but I suspect that by now you

might know. Linda Greenfield of the UN said, Israel accepted
the deal, the same deal that Hamas accepted, but Prime
Minister Yahu said he rejected the deal. So eh, and
you know this comes on the heels of Israel, you know,

rescuing four hostages over the weekend while killing I think
it was two hundred and seventy some odd Palestinians. And
to be fair, they've the IDF has killed more hostages
than they've rescued. They have killed the hostages themselves accidentally,
more hostages than they've rescued. But you know, with Netanyahu's

saying that he's rejected the deal, while Hamas is saying
they've accepted it, I think it kind of shows really
what Israel's intentions and motivation are and have been all along.
I'm saying, hey, these terms work, We'll get you back
to hostages, you give us back our people, you know,

and this is how we're going to move forward. Deal accepted.
And then Israel accepts the deal, and of course, remember
this was broker by the UN. Sonn Yahoo doesn't want
to accept it, and I believe this is at least
the second time that we've gotten to this point. I'm

starting to feel like maybe some of the Israeli negotiations
have been in bad faith. But you know, this is
big news, and so we're going to stay on top
of it like we always do. Finally, this is from
Fox News. President Biden appeared to freeze during a Juneteenth
celebration at the White House on Monday, Biden eighty one

was filmed standing still as stone while those around him,
including Vice President Kamala Harris, clapped and danced to a
concert featuring gospel singer Kirk Franklin. Video shows Biden staring
blankly and not moving an inch for about thirty seconds
before Vilanese Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, whose murder
triggered nationwide riots in twenty twenty, noted that the President noticed,

Sorry the President and put his arm around him. Biden
then smiles as Floyd leans in to say something, and
then they bump fists after exchanging a few words. And
this article goes on again, this is Fox News, so
it mentions other occurrences of concern. To be fair, you know,
Biden is he's an elderly man. You know, it was

a time that he confused the timing of COVID, saying
that it was during his vice presidency, which you know,
maybe that was confusion, maybe it was misspeaking. Okay. He's
definitely referred to dead people as though they were alive
and in the room, and in some instances long dead people.

And you know, I've never been in that position. I
don't know how many people you keep track of, how
many old people because he's politicians and to be old,
so they might die and you might forget that they died,
or you know whatever. You have your staff send out flowers,
so maybe there's something that you forget there. But I
think that Fox News is trying to take as much

as they can and paint Biden as incompetent, incapable of
presiding over the country, and say what you will. You know,
for most of you, I'd be inclined to agree with you.
He's probably not the candidate I would have chosen, but
he is the nominee for president for the Democrats, and

you know, if something happens, we have a vice president
behind him that is capable. She's certainly had some experience
on the job by now, at least as vice president.
But when Fox News talks about Joe Biden staring blankly
for thirty seconds, I'm like, uh oh, this is a

big deal. So I checked out the video, and in
watching the video, I saw Joe Biden watching a concert.
Now the people around him are dancing and clapping, you know,
not dancing, but you know, it's just kind of like
grooving with the music back and forth, just a little swaying,
and Biden was just standing there, smiling, enjoying the music.

You could see the lighting illuminating his face. He was
paying attention to the festivities in the same way that
a person would watch a movie, in the same way
that a person might watch a concert. If they were
not moved to physically engage with the music, you know,
you can be moved in other ways. You know, music

can speak to your heart, and you can be fixated
on some dazzling display of lights or you know, anything
like that. Think that this article is a stretch. Again,
I saw the video. He's just enjoying the show. If
he looked like Mitch McConnell looked, if he was mid
sentence and stopped then like actually froze, then I would

be inclined agree. Hey man, we got a problem here.
This man was enjoying a concert and he stopped and
enjoyed the concert. There was nothing, There was no cognitive misfire,
nothing like that. But if you believe the Republican response
to the video, if you believe this Fox News article,
then you believe that that was a brain fog that

he endured. But I mean again, I saw the video.
I saw his face. He was smiling and enjoying the show.
So stop giving him a hard time. All right, y'all,
He's the only one we got and uh, we'll leave
that one right there. This has been a production of
The Black Information Network. Today's show was produced by Chris Thompson.

Have some thoughts you'd like to share, use the red
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I am your host, Ramsey's Jaw on all social media,
and join us tomorrow as we share our news with
our voice from our perspective right here on the Black
Information Network Daily Podcast
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