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June 20, 2024 10 mins

This week's mid week memo features updates on Donald Trump, Nvidia, the passing of baseball icon Willie Mays, and more 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
A man who needs no introduction.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
The Black Information Network is committed to bringing you up
to the date news stories that are relevant, informative, and inspiring.
And while news stories are always being updated and others
are breaking, we understand that you need to be in
the know all week long. Welcome to your midweek memo
on the Black Information Network Daily Podcast with me your
host Rams's job all Right? First up from Black Information Network.

Videos appear to suggest that a Blacks for Trump event
in Detroit was attended by mostly white people. On Saturday,
which was June fifteenth, former President Donald Trump appeared at
two campaign events in Detroit ahead of the twenty twenty
four election. The former president appeared to garner a warm
reception during his campaign stot at Turning Point Action Conference

in downtown Detroit. However, at a second event touted as
a Blacks for Trump rally, only a few black people
were seen in videos that circulated on social media. The
rally was held at the one eighty Church, a black
church in Detroit, but the crowd appeared to be filled
with white people. So I'm sure you've seen this video.

If not, it's really easy to find. But basically, there
are some black folks on a stage with Donald Trump,
and then the camera pans to the congregation, the actual
audience that are witnessing what's taking place on the stage,

and I think you might be able to see one
black person. Everyone else in the in the crowd is white.
And so for a Blacks for Trump, I'm not sure
I love that how that's phrased blacks for Trump, But
and it blacks for Trump event where there's no black people,

it means one of two things. Means either black people
aren't as into Trump as the holes would have us believe,
or too Trump isn't into black people as he would
have us believe, because didn't actually have any black people there.
So if he's trying to avoid us, there's video evidence

that he was successful at that. And honestly, you know
all the smoke and mirror stuff surrounding Donald Trump, you know,
there's nothing new there. He's been kind of a con
artist for some time, and he's a great illusionist, and

some people buy into that they want to believe, and
so their brain will fill in the gaps. And that's
a human condition. So I can't even really be mad
at people who are longing for whatever, But I can
be mad at Donald Trump for taking advantage of those people,

and I think that this is another one of those examples.
Moving on. Next up from CNN dot Com, Navidia, Wall
Street's artificial intelligence poster child is now the most valuable
company in the world, taking the crown from Microsoft. Nvidia's
market capitalization closed at roughly three point three four trillion

dollars on Tuesday, edging past Microsoft's three point three two
trillion in value. Apple is the third most valuable company
in the US, with a three point two seven trillion
dollar market cap. Navidia shares closed three point five percent
higher on Tuesday. Microsoft shares fell point five percent, and

Apple shares lost one point one percent. Navidia earlier this
month joined the tech giants in becoming the only US
companies to cross a three trillion dollar market cap. So
normally we don't really venture into business stuff too often here,

and I don't think we should, especially when the business
is as significant as this. This isn't a decidedly black story,
but I feel that it is important for me to
do my part and keeping us all informed with respect

to things that I feel are important for us. You know,
these are the people that are shaping the world ahead
of us, you know, artificial intelligence. You know, Nvidia is
the company that is behind you know a lot of
the AI stuff that we're seeing, and they're further developing that,
further implementing it into different areas of our lives. And

you know, these are things that we need to keep
in mind, especially now with this being the most valuable
company on Earth, So we need again bear in mind
who is doing what and who they're doing it for.
And if you're an investor, you know, then obviously you

know who is leading the pack, and you know, maybe
that's relevant to you as well. But with us focused
on you know, educating the next generation to take STEAM programs,
STEM and STEAM programs seriously and to really develop our

footprint in the tech space, I think it's also up
to us, the people who are currently at the helm
of you know, black ideas and black politics and black
culture in this country, to also know what's going on
in that space.

Speaker 1 (05:52):
Join us for the National Urban League Conference in New
Orleans July twenty fourth through the twenty seventh at High
Regency New Orleans. Don't miss out. Register today at nuelconference
dot org.

Speaker 2 (06:08):
This is your midweek memo on the Black Information Network
Daily Podcast with me your host Ramses jaw all Right.
Next up from USA Today. Willie Mays, the say Hey
Kid of the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties Giants fame,
a home run slugger and center field star for most

of his twenty three year Major League baseball career, died
Tuesday at ninety three after a short illness. The San
Francisco Giants announced Mays, almost inarguably the greatest living Hall
of Famer, was to be honored Thursday evening, when Major
League Baseball stage is a Giant Saint Louis Cardinals game
at Birmingham's Rickwood Field. Mayes's hometown and site of his

Negro League career before making his major league debut in
nineteen forty eight, one year after Jackie Robinson broke the
league's color but Monday, he indicated he would not be
able to make it and would enjoy the game from home.
A little bit about him. The Giants retired his uniform
number twenty four in nineteen seventy two, and the address
of their home stadium at and T Ballpark is twenty

four Willie Mays Plaza. His bronze statue in front of
the main entrance is surrounded by twenty four palm trees
and the right field wall is twenty four feet high.
And in twenty fifteen, he received the Presidential Medal of
Freedom from President Barack Obama. So yeah, sad news, but

a lot to be proud of too. You know, this is,
you know, one of our heroes, and he lived a
full life. And you know, I was doing some reading
about him, and it appears as though he left it
all out there. He got everything he came for, he

enjoyed himself, he made his fury, and you certainly made
us all proud. So rest in peace to Willie Mays. Finally,
this from Double Xcel. On Tuesday, June eighteenth, DJ Head
shared performer schedule to appear at Kendrick's upcoming The PopOut
show at Los Angeles' Kia Forum on Wednesday, June nineteenth,

Starting at four pm PST, Djhad and Friends will take
the stage, followed by Mustard and Friends at four forty
five and Kendrick Lamar and his Friends at five forty
five pm. It still remains unclear who makes up these
different friend groups, but fans will find out soon. However,
with Mustard and tow It's more than likely Kendrick will

perform his not Like Us dis track for the first time,
which Mustard produced. Amazon Music previously announced on June seventh
that it would be streaming the PopOut concert. The show
is presented by pg Lang and Free Lunch, and will
be live streamed on Amazon Music's Twitch and Prime Video channels.
So yeah, if you're listening to this early enough in

the day, be sure to put an alarm because tonight
is going down. It's a great way to spend June teenth.
We're actually going to be doing a watch party on
Civic Cipher's YouTube stream, so if you want to check
that out, we are at YouTube dot com slash Civic Cipher.

And just because I'm from there and I'm able to
say so, Compton stand up and we'll leave it right then.
This has been a production of the Black Information Network.
Today's show is produced by Chris Thompson. Have some thoughts
you'd like to share, use the red microphone talkback feature
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hit subscribe and download all of our episodes. I Am
your Host Ramsey's Jaw on all social media and join
us tomorrow as we share our news with our voice
from our perspective right here on the Black Information Network
Daily podcast
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