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May 22, 2024 18 mins

Host Ramses Ja provides updates on trending news stories.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
A man who needs no introduction. The Black Information Network
is committed to bringing you up to the date news
stories that are relevant, informative, and inspiring. And while news
stories are always being updated and others are breaking, we
understand that you need to be in the know all
week long. Welcome to your midweek memo on the Black

Information Network Daily Podcast with me your host, Rams's job
All Right? First up from the Black Information Network. According
to Denverse seven, two black children spoke at a Denver
City Council meeting earlier this month asking members for more
classroom space. An unidentified person referred to as zoom Bomber

interrupted the students, launching a racist tirade against the girls.
The zoom bomber told the children to go back to
Africa and use several racial slurs, including the in word,
before their microphone was muted and a statement city Council
President Jamie Torres condemned the incident. Quote last night, the
Denver City Council endured a cowardly and racist zoom bomber

who interrupted our general public comment when two African American
youth were speaking about their community needs unquote, Torres said.
She goes on to say the words were vile, as
was the character of the person who would actively seek
to say these words to two beautiful and courageous young girls. So, yeah,

this is something that caught our eye around here because
you know, longtime listeners of the show and fans of
the Black Information Network will know that one of the
themes that sort of underscores a lot of the content
that we create here is that we want people to
get involved in the political process, especially because like it

or not, that is the framework of this society. That's
the game we're playing. Voting matters, running for office matters,
and it shapes outcomes. And so there's a push here,
and obviously there's a push I believe, across all major
black endeavors to ensure that our children are fortified. And

so an incident like this sort of caught our eye.
And the way that it felt certainly to me is
that you know, I know, I know that we weren't
born to fight. Only I know that we weren't born
to cry. Only I know that some of our ancestors,

that was their story. They were born, they lived very short,
hard lives, and they died young. And that is not
our natural state. We deserve to be happy. We deserve
to laugh and to be able to pursue the things
that make us happy, same as anyone else, and often

enough we find that that is just beyond our reach.
For many of us, struggle is part and parcel to
our human experience, and we hope that our children will
live better lives than we do. You know, I think
that we have a special hope because there are lots

of other people, certainly in this country, where it's kind
of assumed that their children will live better lives. But
for us, we really have to work for it. And
the intersection of this push to make sure that we're
involved in local government and we're shaping outcomes for our communities,

and you know, ensuring that our children have a brighter
tomorrow is where this story lies. And while I'll admit
that our children do deserve the future that we want
for them, they deserve to live long, happy lives, not short,
hard lives. I also understand that there's a lot of

pushback that's taking place right now, is illustrated by this
zoom Bomber example, and our black children need to be
more resilient than ever. And I would love to live
in a world where preparing our children to step into

adulthood without the concerns that were at present when I
was stepping into adulthood. I would love, I would celebrate
a world like that, but clearly that's not the world
that we live in just yet, and we're still working
toward that, and I don't want us to lose sight

of that, and I certainly don't want our children to
be unprepared. And so I love the fact that these
girls were getting involved, they were letting their voices be known,
they were shaping helping shape their community. But we also
have to make sure that while we're doing those things

in our own communities, we're also fortifying our children to
be resilient against the pushback that inevitably will come. Moving on,
it's time to give you an update on Gaza. So
I'm just going to share a few things with you.
This is a little unorthodox, but there have been some
developments and a lot of recent developments. Charges have been

brought by the International Criminal Criminal Court against Benjamin net
Yahoo and Israel's Defense Minister. Net Yahoo has called the
charges beyond outrageous. And you know, there's there's been a
lot of people that, you know, there's a global support,
as we've discussed on this program, has shifted away from

Israel in favor of the Palestinian human beings who are
starving and who have lost family members, I mean, generations
wiped off of the planet. And you know, this is
not the first time that you know, these this government

has been tried, and I don't believe that it will
be the last time. I believe that global opinions on
the nation state of Israel have shifted and they will
remain shifted for five decades. And my heart goes out

to the people of Israel whose government does not represent
their interests. And my hope is that you know, the
people who were responsible for the irresponsible bombing campaign that
ended so many lives needlessly are held accountable. Another update,

Israel dismantled and confiscated camera equipment belonging to the Associated
Press that showed live pictures of Israel's border with Gaza,
but after significant condemnation, Israel has said the equipment will
be returned. So this was a I don't know if
this was a sneak attack or a sneak campaign I

should say, or not. But as I mentioned, favor has
shifted away from Israel in support of Palestine, and a
lot of that has to do with the stories being
told of the Palestinian plight, and that is due largely

in part to entities like the Associated Press reporting on
what's going on on the ground there. And you know,
there have been a number of reports how journalists have
lost lost their lives. There have been accounts of people
saying that journalists have been targeted by Israel to suppress

this flow of information. There are people that are making
connections to this push to ban TikTok because a lot
of younger people were mobilized to take action because of
what they saw on TikTok, and so this move was
not a popular move by Israel to dismantle the camera

equipment and now they're saying that it will be returned.
So oops, there bad. Finally, the final update I should
say from Gaza is from CNN. None of the aid
that has been unloaded from the temporary floating peer the

US constructed off the coast of Gaza has been delivered
to the broader Palestinian population, as the US works with
United Nations and Israel to identify safe delivery routes inside
the enclave. The Pentagon said last Tuesday, Several desperate Gazans
intercepted trucks delivering aid from the peer over the weekend,

leading the UN to suspend the delivery operations until the
logistical challenges are resolved. CNN reported the group did not
trust that the aid was actually meant for the Palestinian people. Quote.
I have doubts, Moniere Ayad, a Gaza resident, told CNN
near the pier. He goes on to say, I don't
understand this floating peer or what it indicates and what

its purpose is. They say it's for aid, but people
are apprehensive is this aid or something else. We know
that the US has never supported the Palestinian cause, so
it's implausible that it's giving US aid without something in
returnnot And I think that, you know, the Palestinian folks

on the ground are right to be cautious about what's
being trucked in to Gaza and to ask questions because
it's not like the USA has been supportive this whole time.
This is a very new thing, and you know, as

he mentioned, it's implausible that the US is giving aid
without something expected in return. This is your midweek memo
on the Black Information Network Daily Podcast with Me your
host ramses job all right, and you know we had

to talk about Diddy. Next up from Double XL Matticacine,
Charleston White is confused about why people want Diddy in jail.
So brace yourself, because if you're familiar with Charleston White,
you know sometimes he says some controversial things. This is
no exception quote. This is all I'm gonna say. White began,

she wanted some money. Obviously, she didn't want Puffy to
go to jail. Why are y'all wishing jail on Puffy?
Not one time did that girl call the police on
p Diddy? Seancombe's brother love, not one time. I know
a lot of relationships. All they do is fight and
explotive deleted, exploitive deleted, and fight sometimes. I know a

explotive deleted, get in a relationship for so long, exploitive deleted.
Start a good fight so we can do some good
explotive deleted, and after the explotive deleted, get tired of good,
exploitive deleted, other explotive deleted, go back to doing some
good fighting. I apologize for having too heavily that, but

as you can imagine, there was a lot there that
doesn't quite fit on this show. Charleston went on to
say that many artists, even female rappers, discuss bad relationships
and their music. Quote so that's a lot of toxic
relationships they rap about in the songs. He continued, see

Sexy read Glorilla talk about their toxic relationships where you
beat them and they beat you, all that kind of stuff.
So all I'm saying is, people, you ain't never had
a billion dollars, ain't no telling how I might treat
my woman if I get a billion dollars, and you know,

I'll just I'll leave the rest off because it's impossible
for me to read that. He also explained that Diddy
and Cassie were partying together and that Cassie was quote
down with the Freaky two. He goes on to say,
quote there's always two sides of the coin, since she
wasn't plainning about the fun part. So yeah, A lot

of people had a lot to say about this, as
you can imagine, and you know, right now is the
time to be really honoring, uh, what Cassie has said.
A lot of people were pointing out, I believe rightfully
so that there is a power dynamic that comes along

with having not just that much money, but that much status.
A celebrity is a currency in its own right, and
it is not as easily attainable. You know, getting a
lot of money is tough enough, but getting celebrity, valuable

celebrity Allah p Diddy, that's that's that's tough to get
because there's a lot of people that are wealthy, and
relatively speaking, not a lot of people with money and
wealth together, So that power dynamic is very different. And

the allure of the opportunities that come with that, the
allure of lifting yourself and your family up out of
whatever circumstances they're in, or securing your future, whatever, whatever
the case is. Those are things that exist beyond just
kind of the the you know, I love you, you love
me part of a relationship. Those are things that exist

beyond the you know, here's what our bedroom proclivities are.
There are some pressures that exist in the relationship forum
that have to be considered, especially when you're dealing with
someone like Puffy, And unless you walk in the shoes

of Cassie, it's hard to suggest what she could have,
would have should have done. Once I saw the video,
you know, as I mentioned before on the show, once
I saw the video, I recognized that, Okay, there's that
that it's really tough to come back from that. And

then when I saw Puffy's apology, I was like, okay, well,
it really does seem like you're sorry you got caught,
not like you were going to get in front of it. Hey, listen, guys,
I know I did some bad things in the past.
I'm trying to make them right now. To Cassie, I apologize.
Here's you know whatever, to make it right. I'm gonna

make a donation here whatever whatever that is. We didn't
hear that. So I think on some level I kind
of understand what Charleston White was trying to do, which
is to say, nobody's perfect, and that's fair. But when
a person is trying to move as though they are

move as though they are blameless, it's particularly hurtful and
upsetting to those of us who wanted positive outcomes all
the way around. So we'll see what else he says,
but at present, he's getting torn up on the internet.
Finally sticking with Diddy, he's facing another lawsuit. This comes

from TMZ. This lawsuit was filed by a former model
who claims the disgraced Mogul enticed her with promises of
career advancement, but she claimed his plan was far more sinister.
Crystoll McKinney claims in the suit obtained by TMZ. In
two thousand and three, when she was twenty two, she
was invited to a men's Fashion Week event at Soprani

Downtown in New York City. She met Combs at the
event and he invited her back to his studio. She
says shortly after their arrival, Combs and several colleagues were
drinking Hennessy and passing around joints. She took a which
she said was quote very powerful unquote and felt as
if she was floating. She claims the joint had been
laced with a narcotic or other drug. She says Combs

then demanded she follow him to the bathroom, where she
says he forced himself on her, began kissing her, and
shoved her head down to his crotch. She started walking away,
but then felt woozy. I've skipped ahead. I spare you
all the details of the graphic details there. She started
walking away, but then felt woozy and lost consciousness. She says.

The next thing she knew she was in a taxi.
She says she came to realize she had been sexually assaulted.
She claims she was subsequently blackballed from the modeling industry,
got severely depressed, and attempted suicide in two thousand and four.
She's seeking unspecified damages. So, yeah, it's an interest time.

I don't imagine that this is just flung together in
the past couple of days, or maybe it is, maybe
it has been. But the fact of the matter is
that everything starts to look a little bit more sinister
on the heels of that video and Cassie's lawsuit, And
so we're going to keep following this story like all

the rest of them, and see what comes of it.
But that is your midweek demo. This has been a
production of the Black Information Network. Today's show is produced
by Chris Thompson. Have some thoughts you'd like to share,
use the red microphone talkback feature on the iHeartRadio app.
While you're there, be sure to hit subscribe and download
all of our episodes. I am your host Ramsey's Jaw

on all social media and join us tomorrow as we
share our news with our voice from our perspective right
here on the Black Information Network Daily podcast
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