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January 13, 2023 28 mins

Once one impossible thing has happened, it feels the world could come apart at the seams. Folklore professor Jeremy Bradshaw does his best to hold himself together after getting everything he's always wanted and having his entire worldview shattered in the process. 

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Bridgewater is a production of I Heart Radio three D
audio and Grim and Mild from Aaron Mankey for a
full exposure listen with headphones. Listener discretion advised. Who's there?

Who's there? Celeste? Where? Hello? No? I can't Why is this? Really?
Is this really? God? Am I really here? Is that
really you? Yeah? Jeremy Thomas? Oh Thomas. And I knew it.

I knew it. I knew that you were still out there.
I knew you would find me. And how is this possible?
Jeremy's sun? God, look at you. I don't, I don't understand.
I knew it. This can't be all right. This is something,

celestiad You're he's solid, He's he's How are you here? Dad?
It's me, It's really me. I never stopped looking, Thomas,
and he's past few months. I thought that I could
hear you. You know, I was really trying to listen.

I know you've never stopped never, never, Just so sorry
he took me this long? You wont What is all
of this mean? Where? Where? Where have you been? How?
How are you? How are you all? Are you alive?
I'll explain everything, I promise, and as much as I

can anyway, I'd love to get out of this lake first,
and fine, what is that? We have to get out
of here? But we'll last Where is she? Last? Was
the last Celeste from Yes, from the old gathering case? Yeah,
the last she traded places with me? What means she

must have That's how I we have to go. Now
what we we? What? What? What? Are? We? All a blur?
But I think I think I think I'm not the
only one that got out. Okay, that's another dead end.

One other incident of symbols relating to a lost person
in eighty years Why Ethan? Yeah, um, Olivia? Hey, sorry,
how can I Yeah? Yeah, yeah, come on in? What

are you doing? Gree you first? How are you? How
are you doing? How's Ethan? I heard about him? It
was he's okay, I mean no, he's not. He's healthy though,
he's safe. They let him out this afternoon, and I
don't know. My parents are still in complete freak out own. Yeah,

they seemed a bit frazzled when they opened the door.
My dad is taking Nathan to our grandparents in Winchester.
He needs a break from from this whole place. I
guess my dad can work from wherever, so they're just
going to stay there for a little while until Ethan.
We've been We still don't understand what happened. I've been

scraping through message board posts and digital archives and I
can't find anything recent that's close to what happened to Eatan.
So I just hey, I know, but he's safe, and
he's called his big sister and his grandmother on the case.
I mean, if anyone can figure it out, it is
the Becker Hoskins. Yeah, anyway, what's up? What are you

doing here? Oh? Right? Um? Have you talked to Anne recently? Oh?
I haven't talked to her since the hospital last night. Why, well,
something kind of strange ch happened earlier. Okay, so you
remember Katie Frank's Wow, I can't believe you still live here.

Once you learn about the modern housing market, you'll understand
it looks different and all the furnitures. I also don't
remember you being such a slab. Well, it has been
a hectic a few decades. Believe it. Oh my god,

it's really you. You're really here husband, decades since we
lasted that decades, Thomas man Christ, I'm an a woman now,

I mean, look at me. No, no, no, You're still beautiful,
You're always beautiful. But I'm not who I was. I
don't think either of us are. Um, Jeremy, O, my god,
there's so much I want to tell you, things I've
been waiting decades to tell you. And and I no, no,

it's it's okay. I know about that. It's um, how
did you you knew it was me? How did you know?
I mean, it's you're my son. Sure you're all grown
up now, but I knew i'd know you anywhere anytime, you, Jeremy,
But you you look what what do I look like?

You look almost exactly the same, maybe a little rag
it around the edges, but you haven't aged. Huh? I
did wonder? Should should that? Um disturb you just a little?
But I don't know if I can complain about not
getting older? How exactly is this possible? Time worked differently

over there? Oh? Well in that case, okay, Jeremy. And
how do we even know? How do we know that
you are the real Thomas Bradshaw? What? Yeah, you just
come out of the fog. You're still thirty five, and
you're talking about celestrating places with you like it makes
any sense? And then you expect us to believe that
my father is not actually dead. Jeremy, my father is dead.

You are dead me. I'm not, I never was. I'm
so sorry. No, don't say you're sorry. And you say
you're sorry because you can't say you're sorry because you're
not real. Okay, Jeremy, Jeremy, honey, after everything that we
just witnessed, your you're still denying that there's something beyond

our understanding going on here. I mean, look at him,
look at him. We're not hallucinating. How I know this
isn't just a dream or that that you're not some
trick that I'm not gonna wake up tomorrow and find
that you're still gone. I'm not going anywhere. I'm here.
I mean, I barely understand how or why I was

able to get out, but I'm not leaving. I'm here, Son,
I'm here. You we're jad I lost you. You've been
You've been gone. I know. Fuck, I feel like I'm
losing my mind. I know the feeling it's really you,

isn't it. Yeah, Jeremy, it is so. When you when
you said Tim moved differently over there, you were inside
that that thing that opened up above the lake, yes,
I'm kind of like a vortex or portal ship. Did
Celeste really open it or wait? If she treated places

with you then she strapped out like you were. Ah,
I don't know. And she was with you when you
found me, yeah, right right before and then she jumped.
How did you know that that's what what she was
trying to do right away? You knew that she was
trying to trade places. That's the only thing that makes sense.

I guess something else could have gotten me out, but
I don't know how. And I remember her from before.
She was there that night when when you Yeah, and
and recently things have been getting um thinner, but between
here and there, and I thought I heard her trying
to talk to me, trying to tell me what she
was planning. So Celeste was she wasn't lying, She wasn't

she wasn't making any of it up. She really was
trying to fix some kind of cosmic tear more or less. Yeah,
And you you think she jumped off a cliff and
landed in where wherever whatever you've been in work for me? Well,
to be fair, I was pushed Thomas. Oh my god,

that's probably not the best joke. No, no, no, I mean,
why not, right, Like, why shouldn't my dad dad joke
about his own murder. I mean, you can't joke about that, then,
what can you joke about Jeremy. To be fair, I
do think it was an accident. It all happened so fast.
I thought they were going to hurt someone. But knowing

what I know now, maybe I should have played it differently.
I've had a lot of time to think about it.
How should you have played it? I thought they were
a crazy cult trying to sacrifice someone. I didn't realize
they were trying to go somewhere of their own free will. No,
you had it right, Okay, they didn't know what they
were trying to do either. I mean they were trying

to sacrifice somebody, some kind of blood rituals, open up
a gate to another dimension. You did the right thing
with the information that you had, Thomas. You did Oh
my god, that is such bullshit. What. No, I'm sorry.
You should not have intervened. You You should have just
let those nut jobs do whatever it is that they
wanted to do, and they should have dealt with the

consequences themselves. It wasn't an option. I had a job
to do, and your and did your job usually require
confronting dangerous people alone, going to a secret cult meeting
without any backup and without telling anyone. You try explaining
to your captain that you need resources to stop magical
rituals in the woods and see how that goes. Well,
you should have tried. You think I didn't. I was

doing everything I could to get to the bottom of
what was going on to protect my people before it
was too late. Well, great job. I'm not the one
who needed to be protected. As an officer of the law,
I don't get that. Bub don't don't give me that
you were some lone wolf with no responsibilities. You're right,
I did have responsibilities to the people at this time.
You had a responsibility. You had a responsibility to me

and to Ann. You didn't even tell your partner. I mean,
I know you had the opportunity, given that you two
were already together at that point. All right, let's just
all what. I'm not going to tell me that calm down,
you're not I'm going to tell you that I don't
think that this is the time, and that we can't
exactly cast stones, considering we've been doing the exact same

withholding information from the authorities. Come on, fine, well we
should go to the police. Even if Celeste really is
in that other place. We we need to file them
miss some person's report. No one can see Thomas, not
yet what And you know, I am right, Jeremy, Not

until we can figure out how to explain all this.
We don't know, right, We don't know how people react. Yeah,
so call what? Well, I can't do what the police
know my voice to Ellen Thomas obviously yet so right, yeah,

I can't. There's no service landline in the kitchen. Okay,
be right back. How are you feeling fine? All things considered?
A little less fine after that? Well, you know he's
processing emotions are running high. You really know him? Huh yeah.

I mean we haven't known each other for very long,
but the time that we have spent together has been intense.
This isn't all what I was expecting. I can only imagine,
but you seem I don't know I would have thought,

But you're you, you know, putting together the pieces and
cracking the jokes. It's really you after all this time,
it's really you. Don't worry. I had plenty of time
to have the full mental breakdown. How long has it
actually been based on the fact that Jeremy is are
fully bromance. I'm guessing quite a while. But forty years forty, Oh,

of course it's forty I should have known. What are
you all right? Anonymous to delivered. I just hope they
get there and find nothing that would mean that she's alive,
right and wherever you were right? I think? So? Yes, Okay, good,
that's good because otherwise people have survived that fall before Jeremy.
I mean, even if she didn't get through the portal,

she could be okay. Right. Well, if for some reason
she didn't get through, we have a much bigger problem. Yeah.

She didn't say anything else, just that she was worried
about Celeste. Yeah, that Celeste was trying some kind of
ritual to close the terror in the veil. It didn't
make a lot of sense, and I'm not sure why
that would be dangerous in the first place, but Jeremy
still thought it'd be a good idea to check it out.
Damn it. Nana still hasn't responded any of my calls

or texts. Neither is Jeremy. If Celeste really is in danger,
then they hey, I'm sure they're totally fine. If they're
totally fine. Then why are the police here? Oh god,
come one would do that to oaks? Who this is?

An have seen? I'm gonna need you to step back.
What happened? Who is that? We're the paramedics. They're grabbing
a gurnee. What happened? It seems there was some kind
of accidents or someone didn't get the help they needed.
We don't know much. Someone jumped, that's unknown at this time.
Who is it? Is? It? Is it? Look? I know
the two of you have been caught up in whatever
has been going on. I'm really glad that your brothers okay.

By the way, thanks, but this just got very very serious. Maria.
Whose body is that? Celeste? Corey? Celeste is she? She
was already gone when we got here. Oh god, wait,
have you seen anyone else? No? Have you seen anyone else? No?
It's been a quiet one. The storm earlier cleared everything out.

Thank you, officer. Well, um, we'll get out of your hair.
Stay safe. What are you doing? Why didn't you ask
about Anne and Jeremy. We don't even know if they're
okay or okay. What we do know is that they
came to me Celeste, who was now dead, and they
didn't stick around to talk to the police. Think, what

do you think they did something? I don't know, No,
of course not. Nana doesn't like Celeste, but she helped Ethan,
and Nana wouldn't look. I don't know what happened here,
but I know my grandmother and if she saw something
or knew something, she would stick around to healthy investigation,

even if she could get in trouble for it. So
if she's not here, then she must have a really
good reason, or something happened to her and Jeremy or someone,
but there'd be signs of a struggle. I look at
all the mud. There's a bunch of footsteps, but no
signs of dragging or body falling on the ground. Oh

the hell. My Nana has taught me a lot through
the years, and something about all of this doesn't feel right.
Like Jeremy and Nana had to leave for some reason.
Maybe they were being watched, or maybe they saw something
that could put them in danger. Maybe something chased them away.
We need to find them. Where do you think they'd

be and why wouldn't they be picking up their phones? Well,
if they're at my Nana's. The service there sucks and
they could walk there from here. Okay, so that's where
we go. That's where we go. What do you mean
a bigger problem? It has to do with the in
between what it needs. Every forty years, something happens here,

and I think we're still in the middle of it, right,
a forty year curse? Sure? Why not? That makes perfect sense.
I'm going to try to explain the best I can
do you that, Um, do you remember the last forty years?
Have you been awake this whole time? I don't even
know if that's the right question to ask. Is that
even the right question to ask? I have no idea
of what we're dealing with here, because in all of

my years of research, I cannot think of anything that
would create some sort of time travel. I don't think
we're dealing with time travel here research. I'm a folklore professor.
It's a weird ship is sort of my life. But
this is um okay, So then what we're dealing with here? God,
what are we dealing with here? If it's not time travel,

then how are you? How are you here looking like that? Magic?
I think, or something close to it. Magic. Look, We've
always known this place is different, right, special? And all
this stuff. You and I investigated all the strange cases.
We knew that we were just adding to the pile
of unsolved mysteries in the Bridgewater police files. And I

think there's a reason for that. The Bridgewater Triangle, it's
a name that was given to this region a few
years before. Well you probably wouldn't have heard of it
at the time, but there was this cryptozoologist. Ah. A
lot of people now actually believe that there is some
kind of mystical force in this region that attracts monsters
and and paranormal activity, the Bridgewater Triangle, And that sounds

about right, But it's not this region that's attracting things.
The region isn't opening to something. That's exactly what Celeste
was talking about two she she was saying that the
veil was was thinner here. She's right, but a veil
between what between here and and what Thomas. Where exactly

were you inside that veil? I guess. I mean, I
don't know how to described. It didn't feel like I
was gone for forty years, but it did feel long
enough to expect to be an old man by the
time I got out. If I ever got out, you
did I know Celeste was just trying to make things right,
and I hope it worked. But now she'll be trapped

in there. And were there things in there with you?
You said, you don't know what else got out and
out of where, out of whatever is on the other
side of that in between? Spirit, right, that's what Celeste.
Thanks Spirit. I'm not sure. I never got to the
other side. I was just stuck. Sometimes it looked like

freetown forest. Other times the fog was so thick I
couldn't see my own hands in front of me, and
it was like it was like being in suspended animation.
I never got hungry or thirsty, but I was always tired, sapped,
something like it was feeding off of me, feeding off

of you. It feels alive the in between. Every now
and then I would see something out of the corner
of my eye, hear something breathing behind me, but I
never But something changed a little while ago. I don't
know if it was weeks or days or hell even
years ago, but the air was getting less suppressive, the
fog starting to lift, the veil was getting thinner. Yes,

And so I tried to call out. I tried to
talk to you. I heard you. I don't know how,
but I heard you when you were in free Town.
No on my answering machine. You were leaving me messages.
I could barely make out your voice on some of them,
but I know it was you. How is that possible?
How could you be leaving messages from another dimension? You

don't even have a cell phone? What phone? Right? Um?
That's it's it's a it's a portable phone. That's a phone.
Oh yeah, Tom, Jesus Tom, you okay. I mean it's
really been forty years. Forty that's such. I mean, I

knew it might be that long until I could, but
I really, I really didn't think about what that would mean. Dad.
I'm just gonna wait, where are you going? I assume
the bathroom hasn't moved. Nope, just still down the hall.
I'll be right back, right right of Sorry. Wow. Wow,

And this is also fun. I mean, he's here, he's
really here, and he's looking real enough to go pale
at the sight of a cell phone. And then, Jesus,
I yelled at him. I yelled at him for being irresponsible,
yell yelling at my own dad for being irresponsible. It's okay, honey,

he understands you know, it's been weird for all of us,
and you know, but there's like adrenaline crash coming for us.
Who knows what, you know? Yeah, yeah right, But then
I don't know, like I feel like I'm in some
kind of dream here. No, he's really back, Jeremy. We
caught him back. You know, everything in these past few weeks,

even in my most desperate, scared moments, I just never
let myself think that any of it could be real,
because I let myself think that then I could have hope,
and I um I could not. I know, I know,
I get it. You know, there were times even when

I thought having a hope would kill me. But you knew,
you knew it was all real. I knew that I
seemed certain, But I hope really is all that ever was?
I feel like I he just walked out of the fog.
We didn't even have to like fight a giant black
dog or anything. Yeah that's true. Oh God, was that real?

I mean, I think it's safe to assume that all
of it is Jesus, you know, we don't have to
worry about any of that stuff now it's over. Yeah, yeah, God,
what celest did for us? I know, does she have
a family. I don't know, but we can find out.
We could tell him, tell him what that there loved

one is in some interdimensional purgatory. Maybe maybe, h there's
a way we can get her out, you know, I
mean we know where she's trapped. Maybe we could do
it right this time? Yeah? I think No, no, no, no,
she finally finished what she started forty years ago. She
made her choice to sacrifice herself to make things right.
It's not it's not our problem anymore, and this is over.

We we don't need to know how to get her out.
Yes we do, because there was someone else in there
with me, so lest I can't believe she's I mean,
what happened? I have no idea. Katie said she thought

she was in danger, right, I mean maybe she meant
that that Celeste wasn't doing well, that she was at
risk of hurting herself. Yeah, or or what okay, what
if whatever she was trying to do the ritual? What
if it worked? What if it what? Do you think
she was trying to perform some kind of human sacrifice?

I don't, I don't know. I don't understand what is happening.
I I feel stupid for even suggesting it. What was that? Hello?
Is someone there, Olivia? We should hurry both ship? Oh

my god, what is that? Olivia? Read? This episode of
Bridgewater was written by Lauren Shippen and directed by Brendan

Patrick Hughes assistant director Sarah Klein. Sound designed by Vincent
the Johnny Rema Okay, Ali, Josh Thane, and Trevor Young,
with music by Chad Lawson, starring Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw,
Melissa Ponzio as Anne Becker, Alan To Dick as Thomas Bradshaw,
Karen Sony as Vipen Corona, Sabra May as Olivia Hoskins,

Cheryl Umania as Officer Bautista, Will Wheaton as Captain Haddock,
Tricia Helfer as the Legend Tripper, Stephen Guarino as Dr
Edwards Nandamisu Dembe as Peyton Blake, Hilary Burton Morgan as
Shelley Hoskins, Nicki McCauley as Celeste, Then Victoria Grace as

Katie Frank's, with additional voice acting by Greta Gould, Shelby Young,
Adam oh Burn, Monty Markham, Charlie Bergman, and Tern Westbrook,
Executive producers Aaron Manky, Misha Collins, Lauren Shippin, Matt Frederick
and Alexander Williams. Supervising producers Josh Thane and Trevor Young.

Bridgewater was created by me Aaron Mankey and is a
production of Grim and Mild and I Heart three D Audio.
Learn more about the show over at Grim and Mild
dot com, slash Bridge Water and find more podcasts from
I Heart Radio on the I Heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts,
or wherever you listen to your favorite shows, and as always,

thanks for listening.
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