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January 27, 2023 35 mins

Thomas does his best to adapt to the modern world as Anne and Jeremy worry over what comes next. 

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Bridgewater is a production of I Heart Radio three D
Audio and Grimm and Mild from Aaron Mankey for a
full exposure listen with headphones. Listener discretion advised. Yes, yes, Linda,
thank you, and I'm sorry. I mean, you're the dean.
I should have called you earlier, and I'm sorry for

not giving you the advanced notice because obviously it put
you in a spot. But no, no, no, it's it's
not exactly resolved, but I think the emergency part of
the family emergency is over at this point. But anyway, Yeah,
thank you, I appreciate it. No, no, no no, no, no,
I I don't think a leave of absence is necessary.

We caught up on quite a lot this morning, and
I should be back on schedule by the end of
the week. Oh really, who's the publisher. Oh that's fantastic. No,
I don't. I don't have any completed chapters that I

could share just yet, but I, um, how how soon
do they want that? I could try to do that?
So hold on, So just two or three sample chapters
and outline whole book. Okay, yeah, okay, I'm going to

get right on that. Thank you, Thank you, Linda. Okay, Bye, Jeremy, Hey,
what are you doing here? Were you ever going to
tell me that celestis dead? Ship? Can you please close

the door? What the hell happened the other night? You
were supposed to protect her? How exactly was I supposed
to do that? You gave me nothing to go on
and was all set up anyway? You were? You were
never worried about her, of course I was. She didn't
seem all that surprised to see us. You sent us
there under false pretenses. Yeah. I may not have given
you the whole picture, but I was concerned about what

she was going to do. I knew she wanted you
for the ritual, and I thought, I mean, okay, when
she told me her plan, I just assumed you were
an anchor for your dad, that she could help him
pass over. Yeah, well that is not what happened. So
what did happen? What did she tell you she was
going to do? There? The veil, it had been getting

weaker and weaker for a long time, and she thought
there was finally going to be a way to close it.
She thought Thomas was stuck, like he was holding the
doorway open because he wasn't willing sacrifice. So you knew,
you knew that my father had been murdered by the
gathering by the children of Tituba. There was something else,

something twisted and wrong, that is not No, I didn't
know until that night. She told me to come get you,
to send you an end to her at the ledge.
She she was going to push Thomas through, finally closed
the gate for good. But she she lied? Didn't she

that she could close the gate without anyone else getting hurt?
I don't know what she was thinking, but yes, she jumped.
I'm sorry. Was she happy? What not? Okay, maybe happy
isn't the right word. But did she did she want
to be doing it? I don't know, I I think so.

We tried to stop her. I tried to call out,
I tried to pull her back, but there was the
wind and it was all this massive storm and that
like what happened very fast? Wait? Wait, wait, what do
you mean there was a store? Yeah, there was a store.
Don't you remember. I don't think there was a store
anywhere else? Right, of course you should have told me, Honestly, Katie,

I didn't even it didn't occur to me. I mean,
the last three days have been I don't know how
to begin to describe them to you, and I'm not
going to, so don't ask. I just I know that
Celeste should have been more on my mind, but I
feel like I haven't had a chance to breathe. I

am sorry, she's gone me too. How did you find out?
I haven't see in the papers anywhere they I mean
they called me. Yeah, I guess I was listed as
one of her emergency contacts. They couldn't get a hold
of any of the others, so eventually they hit my

name on the list. Do you know who the others were?
Other members of the gathering? I would assume once from
other places, maybe people Celeste used to know, and none
of them answered. Is this the end of the gathering?
Do you think Celeste was the leader? Right? Yeah? For

our chapter at least. And things have been scattered the
last few days. But I've heard what's celested. The sacrifice
she made, it should have calmed everything down. But there's
been whisperings of another chapter leader coming to Bridgewater to
deal with the fallout. What fallout? I don't know. I mean,

it's not over yet, is it, Honestly, Katie, I I
have no idea. I'm just trying to get back to
my life and too, I don't know, start getting to
know that the new the new life that this whole
situation brought me. Right. So, wait, who is this other leader?

Someone from Virginia? The triangle down there, the historic Triangle,
you know it? Yeah, of course, it's very well known
area in the folklore circles. Well, I guess that makes sense.
More supernatural activity means more members of the gathering, and
they're they're coming here because something went wrong with Celeste's ritual. Yeah,

I guess do you know who it is? A woman
named Peyton Blake. She's the youngest leader in the history
of the gathering, apparently barely thirty, apparently very knowledgeable. Do
you think you could give me her contact information? I mean,
see what I can dig up, But I should tell

you I'm not going to try to seek out why not. Look,
I joined the gathering as a way to process my
grief about my mom, and maybe I don't know, maybe
I started to believe some of it the longer I
was part of it. But I'm in way over my
head now and I'm not sure I want to be. Yeah,
I know how you feel, but I'll try to track

her down for you. I mean, as much as I
want to put all of this behind me, you might
not be able to. Yeah, Katie, I'm sorry you have
to find out how's the last from the police. But you,
I don't know. You can't expect me to be upfront
with you when you haven't been up front with me.

I guess that's fair. Maybe, um, you and I could
just try being honest with each other from now on.
If this it really isn't over, then I I think
we probably want to say thing and what's that to
make sure that whatever is on the other side that
you all are always talking about doesn't come out? Uh wait?

Did Sless make a believer out of you? After all?
I think there is a lot more going on in
the Bridgewater Triangle and I originally thought let's just say
that welcome to the club. Look, okay, I know that
we don't always see but Marian and I we want
to help. I'm not going to go out of my

way to get involved. But if you need people to
help you, we're here. Thank you. But actually I think
I'm good. I've already got a crack team on it.
I'm telling you, the plaid is going to make him
look like the original brownie towel man. Not now that

the mustache is gone. Oh thank god, you're You're the
who immediately assumed you recognized him from that hipster coffee shop.
It's the same. No, I think the mustache could have
been a strong choice, too strong that had to go
liked too bad. Hey, maybe you can grow a beard.
Beards are so in and it would cover your face more. Maybe. Hey, so, um,

is this what you expected for a granddaughter grandfather bonding?
Oh right, you mean did I expect to be spending
my Friday helping my dead grandpa, who's only like eight
years older than we shop for skinny jeans. No, not exactly. Well,
Olivia is right, it's somehow still too brawny towel guy. Okay,

the pants are good, though, way better than the bell bottoms.
I never wore bell bottoms. Okay, Oh, try the button
down and the sweater next. Hey, thank you for coming,
by the way, I know this whole thing is super weird.
Oh gosh, no, I am happy to do it. I
wasn't sure I was ready for the full one on
one with a total stranger and biologically related to Yet

trust me, I get it. I barely want one on
one time with my grandparents, and I've known them my
whole wife. What do you all right? What do you?
What do you think? WHOA, holy sh it, you look what?
I can't look that ridiculous? Can I? We had collared
shirts and sweaters in the seventies. No, No, you look fine.
You just you look you just you look just like Jeremy,

really just like him. I mean it is creepy, all right.
So no, on the sweater. How do you feel about Henley?
I don't know. I have no idea. Great, try it on,
that's say, okay, try it with that bomber jacket and
and the black jeans. So you're not so cozy with

the other Karanas? Oh no, I mean they're fine. I
mean they're not super thrilled that I'm spending my life
doing research on made up stories for children. That's what
they say. But you know how it is. They're old. Yeah,
my dad's parents are kind of like that too. I
never understood my dad working in tech, and so I

understand me even less. How about your parents? Do they
think it's all made up nonsense? Oh? Yeah, they're religious Hindu,
which is how I was raised. Actually, Um, actually became
really obsessed with religion when I was a teenager. I
went to church and temple and the mosque, Buddhist centers,
basically anything I could find. It drove them crazy. That

is a lot that you ever settle on any of them.
I still celebrate the Hindu holidays with them, but I
don't know. I've always had a hard time believing in
God's The idea of a more powerful being having an
effect on all of us just felt strange. Ideas about
the soul or karma or universal forces, even magical creatures

or monsters like those always made more sense to me.
So I get Hinduism more than a lot of other religions,
but none of it really feels right. Yeah, exactly. I
guess that's what led me to all of the crypto zoology.
I do think there's an explanation for most of the
weird stuff that's happened in the world, for the miracles

and the ghosts and the myths. I just think that
maybe our scope of understanding it is limited. For some
people that leads them to religion, and for me, let
me do what my parents consider bigfoot hunting. I've never
been able to make them see that I'm just seeking
out the same answers that they are with their faith.

You know, Oh, I can totally picture you as a
religion obsessed fifteen year old. Yeah yeah, I mean it's
it's all kind of part of that historical narrative that
you're always talking about. Right, So the stories that we
tell ourselves in religious texts, you know, they aren't that
different from the myths that we make up to explain
the unexplainable. See, you should talk to my parents from me.

So I guess a lot of those things are explainable
now because monsters are real. Well, I'll be sure not
to mention that part to them. So you know, you
should probably um ask me out first before you go
introducing me to your parents. Um, I feel ridiculous, like

I'm pretending to be Jim Morrison or something. Maybe if
you kept the shaggy haircut. But I think you look perfect. Really,
I don't look anything like myself exactly. And hey, Jeremy,

our things at the university a little rocky, They're okay.
My Dean was weirdly not thrilled that I missed the
last two days of classes without any morning, but I
think I was actually able to smooth things over, would
you tell her? I told the truth. Then I had
a family emergency. I didn't get specifics. I couldn't exactly

tell her that my dad came back from the dead,
and I didn't literally did not know what day of
the week. It was fine, it's okay. Where is he? Oh,
he's out with Olivia and Vippen? Why do we want
shopping and getting a haircut? Why? The kids thought it

might be a good idea for Thomas to you know,
blend in a little bit more, I guess, and Vivin
went with them. Yeah. I think he might really like Olivia.
I actually think she asked him to come along. I'm
not sure she was ready to go out with Thomas
on her own, but you know, yeah, juicy gossip. Yeah,

how's he doing? Man? You saw him this morning, Jeremy,
I mean, I know, no, but I mean, hey, thank
you for letting me crash on your couch. I think
I'm just I'm not really ready to like you don't
want to let him out of your side? I get it.

Does he seem off to you at all? Off? How?
I don't know, Like this morning he was sort of
still half asleep and he seemed a little bit disoriented.
I don't know. Maybe maybe he's just not a morning person.
I know he always liked mornings. Maybe he's just, you know,
he's just not used to sleep and yet or something, right,

I guess that makes sense. I mean, like his food, things,
his his whole body has to be adjusting. Jesus, would
that have been my room? What your guest room? Would
that have been? That was gonna be my room, wasn't it? Ah? Yeah, yeah,

that was the plan. Shelley would have stayed with us
in our room while she was a baby, and then
you guys might have shared for a little bit before
we could uh ford a bigger place, and then you
never needed a bigger place? Huh? I didn't? And what what?
What happens? Now? Where do we go from here? I

have no idea. Does he get a job? Does he
go back to working on the forest? Am I gonna
fucking die before him? Or is he just going to
disappear one day in two years from now? Because this
is all just borrowed time. I mean, sweetie, you're spiraling?
How are you not? The man? The man you love

is back? But and he's forty years younger than you. Thanks.
I noticed. I mean, how does any how does any
of this work? I don't know. I mean we did it.
You know, we got him back. It's more than I
could have ever hoped for. Yeah, you don't feel like
it's it's a monkey's paw or something. Well, sure I do.

I mean I got him back, but I can't get
the last four decades back to spend with them. Oh,
we miss an entire life together. I can't mean, you know,
I know that we can't be together now, not really,
but I mean there's no life for us to build.
Doesn't it like eat you up? Of course it does.

But me come into terms with the cruel irony of
my situation is not the same as you waiting for
the other shoe to drop. It's just if there's one
silver lining to me missing out on my life, it's
that the two of you have gotten yours ahead of you.
I mean, you're the one that got robbed, Jeremy. I'd

give up a lot more for you and Shelley to
have time with your dad. Oh my god, Shelly, what
are you going to tell her? I don't know, I
don't know. I mean, Olivia doesn't want me to keep
it from her she doesn't think it's fair. Yeah, I'm
inclined to agree, But what of telling her I'm putting
her in danger. I mean, there's still something roaming around

out there, and maybe it's not our problem anymore. What Look,
Katie Frank's came to see me earlier, and she says,
there's this new gathering leader who's on our way up
from Virginia and maybe she can just take care of this.
I'm not sure that we can rely on a stranger
from another state to fix things here. I also met

someone outside of Oakley Farms. You did? Why didn't you say? Well,
I don't know. I guess I just got distracted. It
wasn't really much of anything. It's just another hobbyist. But
she's part of this group of legend trippers who have
all They've come to Bridgewater to look into all the
strange stuff that's been happening. So maybe we can just
like keep an eye on them and hear about any

other attacks and then just like I don't just go
from there. I I I don't know. I just think
that we can maybe afford to do a little outsourcing here, Okay,
And if all of this really is the Fay realm,
like Vippen and Olivia think, doesn't that mean we're dealing
with much bigger issue here? I don't know, maybe, but

Fay myths are incredibly broad and until we have something concrete,
and I know my dad wants to get all dan
out and he wants to figure out what's going on
with the in between but come on, it took us
forty years to get him out. Don't you think we've
done enough? Pass the pepper? Here you go. So you

really think that all of this the in between space?
What happened to me? It's fairies? Um, yep, that's the
working theory. I thought fairies were tiny and armless. That's
the modern Disney version of them. But the Fay realm, well,
depending on when and where the myth is from, it
can encompass so much exactly. And the version that's small

and ambish, like luring children into the woods, that appears
in so many different cultures, like fairies and hobgoblins in Europe.
Puckweges here, right, everyone using different language to describe the
same thing. Then which version of the myth that we
think is correct? I don't think it's about one group
of people getting it all right. It might be all
true to some degree. I mean, it's like the Abrahamic religions, right.

The God is the same across Christianity and Judaism and Islam,
but a lot of the details are different. So what's
the God in this situation? The one unifying thing the Phayreom.
I guess it appears basically in every myth tradition, just
not always in the same way. The other side. That's
what the gathering calls it, right all right, I think

it's a place where spirits are in the afterlife essentially.
I guess the only other soul I saw was Alden.
It's not always just about the afterlife, though. A Mount
Olympus could be considered the other world, even though they
had the underworld too, or Valhalla or ryugu Jo, a
Japanese land of dragons under the sea. There there's actually

a whole folk story about a man who went to
Ryo Gujo for three days and then came back to
his life years had passed. Sounds familiar. And that's not
even including the liminal spaces, the river sticks, Purgatory, chin
vet Bridge. Sometimes they're not even places but times. The
day of the dead, all Hallow's eves seances, even any

place or time that connects this side to the other side,
whatever the other side might be. So we think that
in between space that Thomas was in was really like
a halthway to the other side, like riversticks. It would
make sense. Right where did you guys learn all this stuff? Well,
I'm getting my PhD in it, so I kind of

have to know it all. But Olivia, you don't work
in folklore like Jeremy Ryan. No, but I have access
to the Internet. Oh did Jeremy explain the Internet to you?
It sort of honestly sounds just as made up as
the Fay Realm or some idea of monsters coming over
a kind of bridge, at least that stuff I've actually experienced.
Don't worry, we'll work up to the dark web. What

everything seems mysterious when you're first learning about it. We
think of the pay realm and monsters is something magical
and impossible. But what if they're just another species that's
just really different from ours, like those fish that live
in the bottom of the ocean, another species that lives
in another dimension with a bunch of supernatural beasts. I know,
I know, it sounds far fetched. You're dead. Grandpa's currently

dipping a French fry into his milkshake, so it's delicious. Yeah, no,
I can safely say I will never confirm that for myself.
You're missing out hip him. Wait, what what does that
make magic? I mean Celeste and the children of Titsubo
were able to open up the gate, So so there's
something at work here. Whatever it is, magic or physics,

we don't understand. It has to have rules. We just
need to find out what they are. Okay, well, we
know that things happen on a forty years cycle, and
then it seems to need two souls at any given time.
There was someone with all them before I appeared. He's
always had someone with him until now. Celest didn't get

all the way through. She broke one of the rules.
I broke them, and we have no idea what the
consequences of that are going to be. Come on, but
let's get out of here, um fippin. We'll drop you
off at Years on our way, on our way to
what to deal with some of the consequences. Jeremy, I

don't think Thomas is going to see it that way.
He feels responsible to all that but what about his
responsibility to us, to himself. Well, we can't spend the
rest of our lives trying to control the Bridgewater Triangle
because it's out of control. How about starting with trying
to learn more about it? Okay, don't you still have

a book to write? Honestly, I don't. I don't even
know how I'm supposed to write a book now. The
entire premise of it was that people in the Bridgewater
Triangle have this unique relationship to myth, and they're spending
centuries stealing legends from the Wampanoag and bringing legends of
their own, then mixing them together to create something particular
to this place. How many times have I said this

place and it was all about urban legends influencing culture
and vice versa. Accept that, Dada. It turns out they
weren't really legends at all, because people in the Bridgewater
Triangle have been and are being attacked by real fucking monsters.
By entire life's work is all bullshit. I've been made.
Reality has turned me into a complete fraud. And on

top of all that, I'm the same fucking age as
my father. I'm sorry, I just like I feel like
I can't even breathe and m hm. I understand. I
get that, Jeremy, I really do, I really do. But
what about Alton? Okay, is just a kid, I know,

but for all we know there is nothing that we
can do about it. Right? But then what about the
balance that Celeste was always talking about? If whoever whatever
controls the triangle or the gate or the fucking in
between whatever this is, isn't happy with the way things are,
I am quite confident that they're going to make it known. Okay,

then don't you think we should get ahead of this?
I don't understand what is this about? What is it?
Why are you so eager to find more problems? Yeah?
Aren't you tired? Of course? Of course I am, Honey.
This is what I do. I figure things out, you know,
I mean, I fix them. Yeah. But as you were

just talking about, and you missed your entire life because
of its fair, it isn't And you're right, my dad
and I we have a chance now to really get
to know each other. Yeah, yes, So why the rush, right?
I mean, we can figure all of this out and
then you can have that time. But I know that

you'll both be safe and I'm sick of trying to
change things that I can't control. Do you really think
that we can figure this out enough to fight against it?
Celeste did the ritual wrong, We're definitely not going to
do it right. We need to enjoy this while we can,
while we can. What if it takes him back? Wait? What?

This is so much bigger than any of us, and
I can't I can't to wrap my head around it
at all. And it was literally, this was literally my
job to understand all of this crap. But now it's
it's real. The cycle, the balance, the Faye round, the
goddamn dog all. Then it's all so beyond my scope

that I don't even see the point. I don't see
the point in trying what I do see, I see,
I see a chance at a second chance, And for
whatever reason, I'm getting that at and having a dad,
and until something happens that forces me to confront all
of this other shit, that is what I am going

to focus on. Jeremy is not going away again. You don't.
You can't say that you don't know that, And that
is the whole point. None of us know anything. Celeste
is dead, She's not somewhere else. So if everything is
still fucked up that we have a ticking clock here.
I'm sorry, I just what the hell? Power search, earthquake?

Get away from the windows, and what's happening? I don't know?
And and what do we do? What do we do?
I don't know? I don't know. Do you hear that? What? Nothing?

There's nothing? Are you sure this is a good idea?
We have to rip the band aid off sometime, you know,
especially if knowing everything could help her stay safe. So
the sooner the better. But while she's working, I figure
it lowers the freak out chances, trust me, okay, because

banks are just nice and quiet. Knock knock, live, Hi, honey,
what are you doing here? Sorry for the unexpected drive by,
but we were in the neighborhood and um, did you
finish whatever you were helping your nana with? Oh? Sorry, Hi,
who's this? Mom? This is Um Thomas. Hello Thomas, I'm Shelley.

I'm Olivia's mom. Yeah I know, so, mom. This is
UM Thomas Bradshaw. Oh hi, okay, Bradshaw is in Jeremy's brother.
I didn't I didn't know he had a brother. Oh no,
this is not his brother. So I'm just gonna tell

you some stuff, and I need you to know that
I'm not messing with you. Live. What are you talking about?
Does the name Thomas Bradshaw sound to get all familiar
to you? That was Mom's old partner, right, the one
who died well missing. It turns out I'm still very
much alive you. Uh, okay, I don't understand, okay right?

So um, all that stuff Nana told you growing up
about Bridgewater and how weird it is and how something
happened to her partner, something that defied explanation, Yeah, that
was all true. And so this is Thomas Bradshaw who
went missing in except he wasn't so much missing as
he was trapped in a magical to mention where time

didn't really pass, which is why he looks closer to
your age than Nana's, even though he's really old enough
to be your father. And by old enough, I mean
he is your father and my grandfather. So that's what's happening.
What hi, lif Um, I don't really understand what you're doing.

I know it's allowed to take it for me too,
and I know Anne would want to talk to you
explain everything, but I couldn't wait to meet you. I've
been waiting to meet you for forty uh no, no,
you're crazy and you're you're some sort of scammer or
a creep. But and then middle Mom, this is real, Olivia,

it is I promise Shelly. You can ask me anything
you want and I'll tell you everything that I can. Really. Okay, listen,
I don't know what your game is here, but you
are going to stay away from my daughter. Mom, Olivia.
It's not your fault, honey. This man is clearly praying
on you, and so I will just stop it. Stop.

You will get out of here right now, Shelly. Please,
if you do not leave in the next five seconds,
I am pressing my panic along. Oh my god, Mom,
he's not trying to rob the player, and then the
police will be dragging your sick predator asked to jail
before you can blink. So you have options. Mom. It's okay.

I'll go fantastic And if you so much as look
at my daughter again, I won't wait for the police.
Do you understand me? Yeah, Okay, just go back to Nanna. No,
do not go near my mother. Mom. He's gonna go okay,
and and and you and I will talk. I mean it,
stay away from my family, Okay, I understand. I am

so sorry for springing this on you, Shelley. I'm so
sorry for so much. I don't understand. How is this happening?
I don't know. This is not a natural quiet Dad, Jeremy,
hey you okay? Well, actually I need to talk to

both of you. We need to talk to you too.
Something just happened. What do you mean? Wait, what what's
going on? Why is everything? Why can't I hear anything?
We don't know. There was this earthquake and then everything
went quiet inside. So we came out here and it
was the same thing, an earthquake. I don't know that's
what it felt like. Was it was it quiet when

you were walking on I don't know. I wasn't paying
attention really, so I guess I would have noticed. This
is God, Wait, this happened before when you went missing,
and you remember we were combing free down for you
and yes, and it was unnaturally quiet, like we were
somewhere else, entirely the in between. How is that possible?

You can't just wander into another dimension. Maybe we didn't.
Maybe it wasn't about us going into the in between,
but it was about it coming out to us. Maybe ah,
oh dead, Hey, Okay, what's going on? Yeah? Yeah, yeah, Thomas, Okay,
I'm fine. I just got a bit dizzier Dad death.

This episode of Bridgewater was written by Lauren Shippen and
directed by Brendan Patrick Hughes assistant director Sarah Klein. Sound
designed by Vincent the Johnny rema Il Kali, Josh Thane,
and Trevor Young, with music by Chad Austin, starring Misha
Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw, Melissa Ponzio as Anne Becker, Alan

Tutick as Thomas Bradshaw, Karen Sony as Vipen Corona, Sabra
May as Olivia Hoskins, Cheryl Umania as Officer Bautista, Will
Wheaton as Captain Haddock, Tricia Helfer as the Legend Tripper,
Stephen Guarino as Dr Edwards Nandamisu Demba as Peyton Blake,

Hilary Burton Morgan as Shelley Hoskins, Nicki McCauley as Celeste Then,
Victoria Grace as Katie Franks, with additional voice acting by
Greta Gould, Shelby Young, Adam oh Byrne Monty, Markham, Charlie Bergman,
and Tern Westbrook. Executive producers Aaron Manky, Misha Collins, Lauren Shippin,

Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams. Supervising producers Josh Thane and
Trevor Young. Bridgewater was created by me Aaron Mankey and
is a production of Grim and Mild and I Heart
three D Audio. Learn more about the show over at
Grimm and Mild dot com, slash Bridgewater and find more
podcasts from I Heart Radio on the I Heart Radio app,

Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows,
and as always, thanks for listening.
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If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Every week comedian and infamous roaster Nikki Glaser provides a fun, fast-paced, and brutally honest look into current pop-culture and her own personal life.

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