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August 13, 2021 26 mins

Following the trail in their own ways, Jeremy and Anne each uncover new information that promises to add new pieces to the larger puzzle.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Bridgewater is a production of I Heart Radio three D
Audio and Grim and Mild from Aaron Mankey For a
full exposure, listen with headphones. Listener discretion advised. Um, thank
you for having you over. And I know this is

a bit strange. Can I get you anything? Water or
a beer? Water is fine? You have a lovely home. Yeah, well,
it's walking distance in my office, so you don't mind
if I have a drink to you know, it's been
a bit of a weird day. It's actually been weird

few days here. Have a seat, so okay, So you
said you recognize these symbols. Yes, I think so. Well,
can you tell me what you think you know? I

think you should probably go Wait wait, Officer Maria, I
don't know what you're afraid of, but I promise you
anything that you say that's going to stay between us. Okay,
you won't put it in your book. Okay, I promise
that I will anonymize anything. I'm sorry. I'm not usually

I'm a cop in one of the weirdest parts of
the state because there isn't a lot that frightens me.
I don't believe in ghosts or monsters or UFOs. Well,
we're in agreement there. Really, you don't believe even a
little bit of it. No, I mean I think that
maybe did. When I was a kid. I think it
was a lot easier to think of my dad being
taken by a Sasquatch and acknowledging that human beings can

be capable of such terrible things. You think he was murdered, Yeah,
I mean, don't you. That's been the prevailing theory among
the police since the eighties. I think a lot has
been blamed on the gathering. Yeah, that's what Anne said. Yeah, well,
despite what you've heard, Anne isn't crazy. So you're familiar
with the gathering. Man wasn't that well before your time?

It was, but they never really left Freetown tried to
drive them out. But the gathering is still around, it is.
It's smaller than it was in the seventies, I think,
and more underground, but they're still active. And huh so
the police, the police think that they have something to
do with this missing hiker. No, the police don't know

that the gathering still exists. Then how do you know
my girlfriend is a member? Oh? I see, her name
is Katie Frank's Katie isn't the hiker you talked to earlier.
Oh you see what, I'm talking to you instead of
my boss. Wait, Haddock doesn't know that she's your girlfriend.

No one on the forced US um that, because are you?
Are you worried about? Um about? I don't know? Oh
oh no, not at all. No, No one will care that.
I'm gates. Me having a girlfriend wouldn't be a problem.
The fact that I have a girlfriend who's a member
of a group that doesn't have the cleanest history with

the police would be a problem. So I take it
Katie didn't mention the gathering when she reported her missing friend. No, okay,
don't you think that that would be relevant information. Daniel
isn't part of the gathering. Yeah, but if Katie is
and he went missing after going hiking with her, she
were involved, why would she report it? I know my

girlfriend and the gathering have nothing to do with this.
It's just a spiritual group Katie joined after her mother
passed away, and it's been a really positive influence on
her life. That's what most cultists would say. It's not
a cult, Officer, Batista, it's by definition. I know what
you're thinking, but I've checked them out and I've spent
hours talking to Katie about who they are and what

they do. They're harmless. Wait, so what does all of
this have to do with the symbols. You said that
you've seen them before. They're used by the gathering. Cool.
So Katie lied to me. She didn't want suspicion being
cast on the gathering again. But you're here telling me
that one of their members carved a bunch of symbols
into a rock the day after my father's badge was found.

I don't think the two are related. Asson at Ledge
has been a meeting place for the Gathering for decades.
It would make sense that they'd leave messages for each
other there. That's what you think. This is a message
from the gathering to its members. It's how they tell
each other where meetings are. They'll carved symbols into trees
or rocks, sometimes even sand or dirt if the weather

is drying. If they've been around this whole time, why
would they need to communicate where they're meeting. They're constantly moving.
I'm assuming to avoid people like me and my colleagues
finding them. Freetown, Forest, Hacko, Mock Swamp. They're big places.
It's easy to get lost, so they leave symbols and
well traveled spots to tell those in the know where

they're meeting. Okay, and this is something that Katie told
you so she would know how to read these symbols. No,
this particular symbol system is only for core members. Katie
isn't one of those. She's not She's not deeply involved

or anything. It was just it was a source of
comfort for her after her mom died. She only goes
to their main meetings, meditations and stuff. Okay, I'm confused
this this message is for a different kind of meeting. Yeah,
and Katie's never been to one of those. She knows
about the code, how it works, what it's for, but

she can't read it. The only person that could maybe
help you translate that would be someone familiar with Wampa
dog symbols. I'm pretty sure that's what the system is
based on. But really, you need a core member of
the gathering, and you will have as much luck finding
one of those as you will sasquatch. Why come to
me like this, with all this secrecy and subterfuge, and

you seem so nervous telling me this, Maria, are you
sure the gathering isn't dangerous? They aren't, I promise not
to us anyway. What does that mean? Katie? She she
isn't on the inside, but she's been hearing things. These
symbols showing up near the lake. Is it means something?

The only other time they've carved on that particular rock
was in the gathering? Is scared? What are they scared of?
I have no idea, but whatever it is, it's just beginning.

Do you think Katie would be willing to talk to
you again, even if she can't translate the symbols. I
bet the Gathering has a lot of insight into the
Bridgewater Triangle. They could be a great resource for the book.
I'm really not sure that I want to be using
a cult as a reference. Well, they're as reliable as
anyone else who claims to have had paranormal experience. Yeah,
I guess, I don't know. Batista texted me this morning

again asking that I not tell anyone what she told me,
not even Anne. Have you heard from her? And I mean,
I don't know, I know, and I I really think
that it's best that we go our separate ways. She
might have experience and knowledge that I know, but I
I think that now that I have some of my
dad's files, I don't really you know, need her, And

Anne just wants to turn this into something that it's not.
What do you mean, I mean, I don't think she's
entirely stable. The police files that she had, She's got
tons of copies, and it seems like they were files
that she'd gone over again and again and again. And
that's just not the behavior of of someone in the
right mind. Yeah, but it is the behavior of someone

trying to figure something out. She was a detective after all,
I know, But what is she trying to figure out?
It's been forty years. She isn't going to solve the
mystery of what happened to my dad, and it's just
not going to happen, right. But maybe there's something else
at work here. You said she talked about it happening again,
which Batista seemed to believe as well. The gathering is

gearing up for something exactly. Maybe that's what Anne is
trying to solve, using for two year old case files
to predict cult activity. Now, all right, well, let's just
let's just look over the files. Maybe we'll start to
see what she sees I've already looked them over dozens
of times in the last twenty four hours. I'm starting

to sound like an I didn't sleep much last night.
Oh boy, should I be making a lesson plan for
tomorrow's lecture. No, it's all right. It's about Dighton Rock,
which I know backwards and forwards. I could do it
in my sleep. Oh wait, wait, wait, wait, I think
there was something about Dighton in the files, and I
thought you said you were working on your thesis last night. Yeah, well,

helping you out is kind of part of that, and
these are now part of your books. So no regrets,
except I haven't decided that yet. Come on, a scholar
writing about the Bridgewater Triangle who actually has a personal
connection to it. You know that's too good to pass up. Yeah,
because I love exploiting my childhood trauma for book sales.

I didn't. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that was completely out
of line. No, it's okay, don't worry about it, and
you're not wrong. Maybe you know I have been thinking
about it, making the book more personal or probably would
help book sales. No, I really don't think there's much
new information in here. It's the same legends as always sure,

but the first person perspective, Uh here here it is,
um yep. They went to go look at Dighton Rock
a couple of times, such stimulating police work. Okay, just
just listen to this. October one, Becker and I went

to look at Dighton Rock. Today it's in the museum now.
They moved at their features back fifteen years back. Demmi,
you know, the worst sense of timing of anybody that
I know. Still just a big rock at this time,
though it was it was odd the rocket. It seemed
to be humming and informed to the touch. I don't know.

I mean, Jemy's got the fluke. Gosh, the poor kids.
So maybe I got something and I'm just hallucinating. But anyway, no,
you weren't hallucinating. I felt it too. I should have
told you the same weird symbols that have always been there.
And Becker thinks the symbols we've been finding in the
woods might be based off Dighton Rock somehow, But no,

so far, so far, that doesn't seem to be a connection.
I mean, people have been trying to figure out what
this damn rock means for centuries. I don't think B
and B are going to be the ones to finally
cracked the code. You always hated that nickname. I loved it,
RAJ Hank Becker, the dynamic duo. I think the symbols
in Freetown have something to do with that new group

in town, the joining that wait, no, it's gathering, idiot,
the gathering. Literally, how many times do I have to
tell you anydio? I forget every time. It's a stupid
name for a group anyway, Gathering. Yes, I mean, I
don't even really know what we're supposed to be looking
for with them. Captain wants us to keep an eye,

but they can't be responsible for all the weird ship
that's been happening around here. But these symbols, they Becker,
I wish you were here. I always think better with
you on it. I wish I were there too. So
we'll do another patrol this weekend see if we can't
figure out a pattern to that placement of these carvings. Hey, Jeremy,

what are you doing up? And that's nothing? No, no, no,

it's not nothing. Okay. The humming, the warmth that could
have been anything, that was the rock was sitting in sunlight, okay,
in the museum. Yeah, it was a museum that had windows,
and the humming could have been uh, fluorescent lights or
some construction outside. All right, you really really think your
dad didn't consider that? I mean, he wrote it down.

It clearly was significant. He was just being thorough. Your
dad thought there was a connection between carvings in Freetown
forests and strange things that were happening. Just like, now,
what strange things? What strange things? Where should we start?
His badge being found, the missing hiker, the woman last
week who saw a four foot tall eagle. I still

can't believe that. You can stand to watch local news.
How can you not? It's basically modern folk lore? Okay, hippen.
All of this has an explanation, as I'm sure everything
in nineteen eighty had a rational explanation too. We just
got to find it. Yeah, But I mean just the
sheer concentration of events, like look at this here, Okay,

just listen to this. In August to November eight, there
were seven missing persons cases in Freetown State forest, three
reports of livestock being killed, seventeen eyewitness accounts of cult activity,
and to alien abductions. Supposed alien abductions. Suppose it alleged,

of course, but you know what I mean, I'm not
going to assume anything hippen. You seem to be buying
into quite a lot more of this than I'm comfortable with. Okay,
I'm just saying it's strange. You know, whether any of
it is real or not. It's not. It's not real, Okay, fine,
But it's strange right that this particular moment in time,
exactly forty years ago contained the highest concentration of paranormal

sightings in this area. I don't see how that's strange.
It was the late seventies, the early eighties. It was
a time when everyone across the country was panicking about
some demonic thing or another. There were all these stories
just breeding more. Stories became trendy to be worried that
your neighbor was a witch, or that your dog got
eaten by some mythological creature. That's just what was happening then,

I know. But not all these reports are just people
seeing something odd or making up a story. There there
were legitimate crimes. There are always legitimate crimes, always, all right,
just hear me out. There's this one report, okay, a
girl who went missing. Yeah, I know, and told me
about her twelve year old she was camping and she
got lost and came out of the woods a day

later without remembering anything. It's not as eerie as you're
making it sound. I don't remember half of the things
that happened to me as a kid. Sure, a toddler maybe,
but twelve. She went through a trauma VIP, and she
was lost and cold and scared, and who knows, maybe
she had to run in with a wild animal. Her
mind just blocked it out in self defense. Happens all

the time, does it? Because I'm not sure that's how
it works. You think it's more likely that she encountered
something supernatural. I'm just saying that. It raises questions. I
don't know what we're gonna do. I mean, we're also
relieved that Francine was found, that she found her way home.
How how did she get out of the woods and

she was completely fine, not a scratch or a bruise anywhere.
It doesn't make any sense, And she didn't remember anything,
and she doesn't remember anything that's right. It's it's just awful.
It's just reminding me too much of Jeremy. And I
just said, I know she's going to have nightmares, just
like him and just like me. But she doesn't remember

any lights, so I can't. There's nothing I can do,
not if I don't have more to go on. And
the only thing we were able to get out of
her it was something about the lake. Lake. She said
she saw a woman all in white. I don't know.
Maybe she was hallucinating. Maybe the captain is right, Maybe

it really is the gathering, kidnapping children, performing ritual sacrifice.
But at the lake, something about it just doesn't feel right.
I know what I saw. What did you say about
that lake? I know that the Indian abductions and big
Foot stings aren't real, but something out there is real.

The only thing that the girl mentions is seeing something
at the lake, a woman all in white. Well, it's
probably someone from the gathering, or or the children of Titchaba.
You know your dad and Becker went to the lake
the day after and saw something too. What do you mean,
what didn't you read all the files this? They saw
a miurage. No, they saw a vortex. Okay, it was

probably just a whirlpool. It's unusual, but it's not impossible
really above the water. Listen, it was late at night,
and it says here that it disappeared faster than they
can blink. And this wasn't a report that was ever filed.
These are just some personal notes. Yeah, one of the
only personal notes in all of these files. It was
clearly significant. Sorry, Vippin, we have different definitions of significant.

I just don't think that there's some grand paranormal conspiracy
at work here. Okay, But why would he write this
incident down if he wasn't going to report. I don't know.
Maybe he forgot his tape recorder that day and said
that he would always copy his tapes to the official reports.
He must have recorded his personal notes usually. I don't know.
But then maybe there's a lot more information that we're missing,

you know, maybe his personal notes have more of these
kind of sightings, you mean, the ones that he was
so uncertain of that he wanted to keep them from
his boss. Okay, you have to admit, aren't you curious?
At least? I mean, wouldn't you want to hear your
dad's voice again? Sorry? I just I get it. Yeah,
and of course I want to hear and said she

would make copies. But honestly, I am I'm reluctant to
go back there. I just don't want to. I don't
want to get a mestion in all of her crazy theorizing.
Frankly got enough of it with you, alright, professor, And
I'm just gonna put this out there. What if, just

as a thought experiment, you believed Anne, What if you
went along with all of this being real? Um? Why
would I do that? None of it is real? I know,
I know, I know, But just what do you risk
by keeping your mind open? I risk looking like a
total idiot, right, because that's the worst thing in the world.

It is. When it's my literal job to teach people,
I don't need my superiors or my colleagues finding out
about this research is one thing. But going off on wild,
unfounded speculation based off some individuals personal reports, it's just

the dean's don't need to know. Oh my god, I'm
not going to keep things from them. I'm not my father.
The school isn't in charge of your book. You are.
And this entire thing, this investigation, that's a strong narrative
to hang a book on. I mean I would read
that book. What investigation? There's nothing to solve here? Really? Well,

what about the carvings you guys found huh in the
missing hiker. That's not our job. We are academics, were
not detectives, and we're definitely not ghost hunters. What if
we went back to the lake though, you know, just
checks to see if the carvings have changed, and if
they have, it just means that the gathering is up
to something that is business that I definitely do not

want to get mixed up in. In the badge, what
about it? I agree that a missing person is in
our problem, but how his badge ended up in the
woods is your business. He died in Freetown forest, it
makes sense that something of his would remain there, But
that doesn't explain how the badge is in mint condition.

Well maybe that's something that I just don't need to explain. No,
you always need everything explained, and it could be anything
witchcraft or wormhole or the cult members. Stop fipping, seriously, stop,
we are not having this discussion. You have one saved message, yeah,

and you need to help the leak. You're right, it
isn't what it seems. It's happening again, and it hold
end this time one way or another. Come on, why

are you trying to tell me, Thomas, and you need
to help lak. You were right, it isn't what it seems.
It's happening again and it will hold end this time

one way or another. Thanks Mom, And you need to
help the lake. You were right, it isn't what it seems. Hey, Nana,

Hey baby, whoa? What is this stuff? It's nothing? Police stuff? Oh,
come on, Ethan, you know I'm retired. Yeah, right, it's
just it's nothing. Hey, um di Olivia ever take a
class from Professor Bradshaw? I don't know. I don't really

pay attention to what classes she takes. I'm glad you
and your sister are getting along. We get along fine.
She just doesn't talk to me much. Well, she's always
in her room doing computer stuff. M you're twelve. Don't
you like computer stuff? Well? I like Minecraft, but you

like hiking better, don't you. Heck? Yeah? Okay, Well are
you ready? Do you think we could go to the
ledge today? No? I don't think so, Nana. I don't
know why you're so scared to take me there. I
told you it's dangerous. It's just some rocks in the lake. Okay, Well,
you're just gonna have to trust me. Ethan the You know,

this is why I live never wants to go hiking
with us. You freaked her out with all those ghost stories.
I know. I know, honey, I never should have. Your
mom was right, But I I haven't freaked you out right.
Mm hmmm uh. But you you do know that the
woods aren't safe. You have to be careful, Nana. I'm

not a kid. I know there aren't any monsters in
the woods. Of course there aren't, baby, all right, come on,

you have one new message. Bridgewater was created by Aaron
Manky and written and directed by Lauren Shippen, with executive

producers Aaron Manky, Misha Collins, Matt Frederick and Alex Williams,
supervising producer Trevor Young, editing and sound designed by Trevor
Young and Matt Stillo, and music by Chad Lawson. Starring
Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw, Melissa Ponzio as Anne Becker,
Karen Sony as Vipen Corona, Lori Allen as Nancy Collins,

Cheryl Umania as Officer Bautista, Victoria Grace as Katie Frank's,
Will Wheaton as Captain Haddock, Hilary Burton Morgan as Shelley Hoskins,
Jonathan Joss as Joseph Hoskins, Sabra May as Olivia Hoskins,
Samuel Marty as Ethan Hoskins, Kristin Bauer as Celeste, and
Nathan Fillion as Thomas Bradshaw, with additional voice acting by

Brigand snow and Drew Nowak, Julia Maurit Sawa, Jarvis Johnson
and Brielle Bresnan, Kristen de Mecurio, James Oliva, and Leron Amiel.
Learn more about the show over at Grimm and Mild
dot com Slash Bridgewater, and find more podcasts from I
heart Radio on the I heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts,

or wherever you listen to your favorite shows, and as always,
thanks for listening,
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