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August 27, 2021 27 mins

Jeremy and Anne find more than they were expecting in the woods, and it sets them on a dangerous quest for answers from the past. The biggest challenge of all, though, will be keeping an open mind.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
MHM. Bridgewater is a production of I Heart Radio three
D audio and Grim and Mild from Aaron Mankey for
a full exposure listen with headphones. Listener discretion advised. Ah,
and and are you are? And and where are you?

And and and and yeah, and we're where are you?

H ahead? No? No, no, no no no add and here, Jeremy,

oh dare me over here? Man? Right here? Where where
I'm stuck? Oh god, I didn't see it in the dark.
Are you hurt? No? Just a little bruised. That's the nature.

Come on, help me up. Okay, okay, fine, fine, it's
just a little wet, stupid swamp. What the hell happened?
I just I could and see in the dark, put
my foot down in the wrong place and just went down.

Where is this a sick hoole or an animals end
of some good? Maybe my trap someone set for us?
I don't know. Oh, come on, it wasn't a deer
that slammed into us, Jeremy, there's somebody. What the I
don't know? Come on, m oh my god, it's the gathering.

So Olivia was right, Well, come on, let's go talk
to them. Don't move their hands. M hmm, that so harmless.
After all, where aren't they back yere? Wheren't they back yet?

Are yet? Chill man? They'll be fine and is a badass.
A couple of Manson family want to bees, are not
going to scare her. Okay, last I checked, the Manson
family murdered a bunch of people. You know what I mean.
The gathering is a bunch of whack jobs. You have
nothing better to do than spout nonsense and stand in
circles singing Kumbaya because you're such an expert by now

I am. I have spent the last hour and a
half reading about them online. What how No, No, that's
not possible. I searched every conceivable database trying to find
reference to them and have come up with basically nothing.
That's because you're looking at all that. Yeah, you know,
legal places, something like that. Anyway, while you've been sitting

there with your cute little papers, you think you think
my papers are cute, I have been trawling every single
board and form popular with cultists. Oh, I've been reading
police files for your information. There's plenty of stuff in
there that's useful. Oh yeah, like what like like like
did you know that the gathering had an extremist offshoot

in the seventies that believed in human sacrifice. They were
called the Children of Tichiva. Yeah, yep, I found them too. Really,
I've only been able to find one or two references
in the period research I've done. After the mid eighties,
there's no trace. But but you've found something in the

past two hours. Are you kidding? A fringe black magic
cult that believes in human sacrifice? That is internet catinet.
What are they saying? It's Latin? I'm pretty sure. Do
you speak Latin? No? One speaks Latin and no, so

you don't know what they're saying. No, but neither do
you da? What the hell? What are they trying to
do it? Who cares? They have a six ft bonfire
in the middle of protected wetlands. Jeremy, did you did
you see that? Just see what in the fire? What

are they doing? They're heating their blades, change and change,
and they're coming toward us. Wait wait, wait, so are

you saying that the Children of Titchuba still exist? No? Thankfully,
it seems like the gathering excommunicated those members. For lack
of a better word, I guess the main group wasn't
so interested in human sacrifice and realized how racist and
misguided the offshoot was because of the whole Salem witch
trial thing. Yeah, Titchuba was the first one to be

accused of witchcraft simply because she was a woman of
color and easy to blame. She wasn't a witch. She
was enslaved and abused and scapegoaded and jailed, and we
don't even know how she died. And for a bunch
of weirdos in the seventies to take her name and
apply it to their creepy goth cult is racist and
insulting and just playing wrong. Wow. That was Have you

been sitting here keeping that in for the past hour?
It drives me not it's probably a bunch of rich
board kids. You don't know a single thing about the
history of the place they live. Oh well, that's not fair,
because I mean, they clearly knew a little bit of
history if they decided to name their group after Chichiba.
Why are you defending them? No, No, I'm not. I'm not.

I get where you're coming from completely. My heritage has
been co opted and twisted, to believe me, but that
doesn't mean it's not interesting At least academically. Whoever the
children of Chichiba were, they were clearly familiar with at
least basic Salem history. And we're trying to accomplish something
by invoking Tichiba's name. That's what I'm interested in. History

is written by the victors, which is why the Salem
Witches are still so maligned and misunderstood. Well, I'm so
glad all that suffering can be your academic interest. It's
important the way history is told. When there's something complicated
and strange like the Salem witch trials, most people don't
even attempt to understand the nuances of it. Instead, the

myth survives. And that's what you study, the myth exactly.
Why why not just study history then help people understand
the complicated pieces because stories are the easiest way to
do that. There's a reason the weird, incorrect legends survive.
They're easier to digest, more interesting to engage in. Okay,

but as far as I'm concerned, Oh thank god, Hey,
where the hell have you guys been? And why are
you covered in dirt? Um? We found the gathering? Yeah,
and they've what challenged you to a mud wrestling contest?
I don't think we would have one, considering they had
very big, scalding hot knives on them. Knives. Yeah, are

you guys okay? Yeah? Yeah, yeah, Yeah, we're fine. We
got out of there really quick. Why you didn't stay
and talk to them, Well, we didn't think it was
a good idea, with being armed in us having recently
fallen down a lot, but we know that it is
not our only chance. What do you mean the leader?
I know her, Olivia. I'm gonna need you to find
an address. Look, I'm just saying that if you spend

all your time focusing on the legends, I think you're
really missing the point of it all. Oh, there are
a lot of people ratshaw. Yeah, I think we should
talk about what we saw. Isn't that what we've been
doing now? You know what I mean? Not the gathering,
not the knives, the fire. What about the fire. I

know you saw it too. I could see the look
on your face. I was watching a cult have a
secret ceremony. I can't even imagine what my face was doing. No, No,
I saw you and you saw the symbols in the flames.
They were the same ones that we saw on the rock.
But that sounds like a trick of the light, and
not to mention, we both bumped our heads. Yes, yeah,

and what about that huh? Who was in the woods
with us? All the gathering members? You know they were
dressed in white, right, so if one of them had
knocked us over, we would have seen it. It was
like no, no more like the shadow was chasing us,
I think, and it was an animal. Why did you
call up for your dad? What I heard you? I

heard you call out for him. Did you hear something?
I don't know what you're talking about, Jeremy, you're ready
to go? Yeah? One sec? Well, anyway, things, why you
do debate? Sure thing, I'll see you around yeah, look,

see him monday, Okay, you will? I mean yeah, I
think we should go talk to Celeste together, right, Yes, yeah,
I agree? Okay? Good? Hey and Anne, thank you for
what you really kept your cool tonight. That's what I do.

I'm not some shrinking violet Bradshaw. That's not what I'm saying.
I know. Look, it's not what I do. I was terrified,
and even with all the insanity and being chased through
the woods and falling down into a sinkhole, you kept
your head and you got us out of there, so

just thank you. Well, you're welcome. So now can you
agree that you need to listen to me about all
of it? I think I think what we both need
is a good night's sleep. Sleep isn't going to make
this go away, Bradshaw, Well, it's worth a try. Have

a good night, Annah? Yeah, yeah, why are yet? Yeah?

It kind of looks like your place. What do you mean,
secluded near the woods, a bit of a creepy hermit vibe.
My house doesn't have a creepy hermit vibe. Well, you
don't have any neighbors, Anne, and it's not like we
live in the middle of nowhere. You really have to
look to final places secluded his years. Oh well, at

least I don't have wind chimes. I mean, how much
more cliche can you get? She's definitely got a very
neighborhood witch feeling going here. Yeah. Hey, don't you think
we should bringing in the police on this because you
think they would listen? I just think I don't know.

We were almost attacked by burning knives last night and
this woman was at the center of it. She's not dangerous.
How do you know? I interviewed her and I'm pretty
good at reading people from you know, my decades in
the police force. But you interviewed her forty years ago.
I think it's likely that things have changed since then. Yeah,
people don't change. Do you think she's going to remember you?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Yes,
how may I help you? Sorry to bother you, ma'am.
My name is Jeremy Bradshaw is an beer. Yes, I
remember you, my How we've aged well? I don't know

about you, but I'm feeling pretty spry, almost like I
could run through a swamp in the middle of the night.
Mm hmm. Would you like to come in? Thank you
for the tea. It's very that's unique my own blend.

You don't want any, Miss Becker. I don't typically drink
homemade bruise given to me by cultists. Yes, let's not
skate around while you're here. You said you came across
our little meeting last night. Yes, sorry to be so blunt.
You weren't supposed to to see that. I don't know
if it lived up to your expectations, Miss Becker. From
what I told you about the gathering in the past,

you barely told me anything about the gathering. You were
a potential witness to a crime. Come now, you didn't
actually believe that everyone else did, but you knew, you
knew that the gathering had nothing to do with any
of the dark happenings in Bridgewater at that time. You
knew we weren't Satanists. We still aren't. That doesn't mean
you're not messing with things that you shouldn't be. I mean,

what exactly were you trying to invoke last night? We
were trying to speak to the other side? What does
that mean? Do you know what hawk a mock swamp means?
And wappa knock the place where spirits d well. You see,
I'm like you, I actually have family members who are
wamping up. Don't presume to know my heritage, Miss Becker.

Is that why you were there? Because you believe there
are spirits? Hacka mock Swamp is just one of several
places we meet. I can't divulge the other locations free
times day for us, maybe Dighton Rock. I couldn't say
this entire area is ripe for communication. The veil is
thin here again? What does that mean? The Bridgewater Triangle,

as I believe you call it, is a bright spot,
a portal between worlds that attracts creatures of all sorts
looking to get to the other side, the other side. Yes,
what what is the other side? Well, it's the side
that isn't this one, okay? Meaning meaning what exactly? The

other side is many things, too many people. For some,
it's a demon realm, a place of fire and malice
and great and terrible power. Those are the groups that
everyone has always been afraid of, Like the children of Tichuma. Yes,
those awful people. I thought that they were part of
the gathering. We shared some members for a time, but no,

our philosophies were entirely different. The children of Titchuba, so
heinously named for a woman whose personhood has been already
dragged through the mud. Plenty believe that Bridgewater was a
doorway to hell. They believed that they could call in
the devil as the Salem, which is purportedly did and
gained unthinkable power. But just as they misunderstood history, they

misunderstood this area terribly. But you understand the area, yes,
I do. Well. No, that's an awfully arrogant thing for
me to say. I am but a mere mortal. I
could never truly understand all the secrets and magics that
this place holds. But I understand it better than most.

I am attuned and I take it. You don't think
this is a doorway to help, No, I do not,
But it is a doorway for others. The other side
is the Faye Realm, the place where magic is real
and creatures of mischief rain. For some it's a wormhole,
a place to transport you through time and space. But

for the Gathering, it is none of those things, and
all of those things. It is a doorway to everything else,
everything except how We don't believe in hell, but you
do believe in magic. We believe in energy, and we
believe that there are many mysteries in this world that

we simple humans will never be able to fully comprehend.
So then, what were you doing last night? What were
you channing? A parry? Ianuam venite ad open the door?
Let us here speak? Now what does that mean? Well?

I just told you what What do those words mean
to you? The gathering is dedicated to communicating with the
other side, to would end. I can't tell you that
because it's a secret, or because you don't have any
goal at all. Hm. You don't believe in anything, do you? Jeremy, No,

I do. I believe in I believe in science, and
I believe in what I can see with my own eyes.
But you say you're a folklore professor, and yet it
is clear to me that you don't have respect for
the gathering and our beliefs. No, no, please, I'm look,
I'm sorry if I offended you. I really don't honestly

have any problem with anyone believing anything as long as
they're not causing harm. We're not doing harm. The gathering
is a peaceful, spiritual group. Then why were you while
carrying burning hot knives last night? You were leaving your
ceremony to go further and just want to do God
knows what carvings, My dear, the knives were for carvings.

We have to communicate somehow. You were all there, So
who were you communicating with other members of similar groups
who might happen upon our doorway? As our future selves
are meeting. Places must constantly shift as the land shifts.
It's the twenty first century. Why not use I don't know, phones,

are signal or some other secure messaging. We know that
some of your members are using anonymized emails to talk
to each other online. So it's not like you can't
use technology. Well, some of our newer members prefer that
form of communication. Yes, but we are not only communicating
with those in the here and now Jeremy, right, you
mean you're also trying to talk to the other side

with with the carvings. That is correct, the forest, the swamp,
this entire region. It wants to speak to us, speak
for us. So you vandalized protected lands. It is in
vandals in its freedom of expression. Free speech doesn't cover
the facing state parks. I think you know a little

something about unconventional communication, miss Becker. What do you mean
someone has been trying to communicate with you and with you, Jeremy,
he's desperate to talk. Excuse me, forgive me. I'm speaking

out of turn. I think it's best for you to
to leave now. Oh we're not done talking. I'm afraid
we are, Miss Becker. I'm sorry. It couldn't be of
more help to you. You know, we could cause you
quite a lot of trouble. I don't think you could.
Last I checked, you were how do you put it?
Persona on grata with the police. I'm not sure they

listened to you. And even if they did, what exactly
would you be saying? You may have trespassed on a
very private meeting last night, but you didn't witness anything illegal.
Correct your harming detective forests on swampland and the police
are suddenly so concerned with nature. You need to face reality.

You don't have any power here. I had absolutely no
reason to talk to you, and yet I did. And
I don't need to indulge this any longer, not from
people who don't respect who I am or what I do.
I think you should go fine. We were appreciating your
time so list and I'm not trying to cause you

any trouble, I promise, But would you be willing to
talk to me more about the gathering? It would I
think makes some really wonderful local coverage for my book.
Mm hmm. I'm not sure that's the wisest idea, Jeremy,
neither of mine. Please just consider it. I will if

you will consider opening your mind. There are a message
just Jeremy, your father? Did you know him? I just
the story. I just know the story. What do you mean? Really?

You need to leave? I wish you all the best,
keep an open mind. Wait, wait, the last well that
was a crop a nonsense. Well if it's such a nonsense,
then why did you ask if you could talk more?
Are you kidding? You were right? She's a wonderful cliche.

The windshimes were just the tip of the iceberg, So
you don't believe a word of it. I definitely believe
that she believes it. But that's why I want to
talk to her more. The more research I do, the
more Vippin was dead on. This personal angle is so important.
I don't think my book is just about the legends

of this place. It's it's about the people too, and
what the legends mean to them. And Celeste, she's a
great example of the ways that all these myths mixed
in with the age of conspiracy, they've congealed into something
brand new, new myths, new ways of interacting with them.
What's so interesting? No offense, bread shob But I don't

need the whole academic lecture here. I get that you're
excited about your tenure and you're publishing your deal or whatever. Well,
my publishing deal isn't totally finalized, and I think I'm
looking at a slightly bigger picture here. She's hiding something.
She's not hiding something I don't think that woman is
capable of hiding anything. Now, whether she's been watching us

or is genuinely in tune with something that we're not,
I can be fairly certain it's not that she knows
things that she shouldn't, And I'm going to find out
how she knows, one way or another. Oh and what
are you talking about? What does she know that the
unconventional means of communication that she was talking about mentioning
your father. Of course you mentioned my father. She's praying

on my vulnerability. Yes, yes, but she she was right.
I do know something about unconventional forms of communication. What
are you talking about? I got a voicemail from your father? Okay,
I'm sure you've got a lot of voicemails from my
father when you were working together. No, Jeremy, not when

he was alive. I got a message from him two
days ago. Bridgewater was created by Aaron Mankey and written
and directed by Lauren Shippen, with executive producers Aaron Manky,
Misha Collins, Matt Frederick and Alex Williams, supervising producer Trevor Young,

editing and sound designed by Trevor Young and Matt Stillo,
and music by Chad Lawson, starring Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw,
Melissa Ponzio as An Becker, Karen Sony as Vipen Corona,
Lori Allen as Nancy Collins, Cheryl Umania as Officer Bautista,
Victoria Grace as Katie Frank's Will Wheaton as Captain Haddock,

Hillary Burton Morgan as Shelley Hoskins, Jonathan Joss as Joseph Hoskins,
Sabra May as Olivia Hoskins, Samuel Marty as Ethan Hoskins,
Kristin Bauer as Celeste, and Nathan Fillion as Thomas Bradshaw,
with additional voice acting by Brigand Snow, Andrew Nowak, Julia Maurizawa,

Jarvis Johnson and Brielle Bresnan, Kristen dim Curio, James Oliva,
and Leron Amil. Learn more about the show over at
Grimm and Mild dot com slash Bridgewater and find more
podcasts from I heart Radio on the I Heart Radio app,
Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows,

and as always, thanks for listening
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