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September 3, 2021 28 mins

Using their connections at the police station, Jeremy and Anne meet a key witness with a frightening claim. The mystery creeps closer, though, when an ally calls for help. But will it be too late?

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Bridgewater is a production of I Heart Radio three D
audio and Grim and Mild from Aaron Bankey. For full exposure,
listen with headphones. Listener discretion advised. M h h hi, Mom, Hi,

hear me? No, No, for you still at home? It's
almost knew it. Are you just waking up? I'm a
grown man. I also don't have classes today, and I
had a late one last night, and I've actually had
a week of late once. Oh, finally seeing someone, Teremy,

I'm so glad. No, I'm not seeing someone. The only
dates I've had recently are with the library. Oh, Aretty,
much different there, then. Oh well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
I don't need you to day, Jeremy. I just think
spending time with people your own age might be You know, mom,

what did I just say about being a grown man? So?
Is it a book that's keeping you awake? Yeah, something
like that. It's not the whole thing with your father's dad,
is it? Because you said that was all resolved? No,
I didn't. I said that the police didn't find anything
else with a badge. I didn't say it was resolved.
He didn't go and talk to Anne Becker. Did you

is that she did or not going to talk to
Anne Becker? Mom, why don't you want me talking to her?
Instincent history? Jeremy, what is all of that business with
your father? She was always sticking her nose and where
it didn't belong. You mean in the investigation she was

his partner. Makes sense that she would have wanted something
just because she was his partner. Does not mean and
you know what, just please, Jeremy, you can't trust her.
You cannot trust this woman. Mom. I'm sorry. I cannot
just take your word on this. I need you to
tell me why. There's still a lot that I don't
know about Dad's disappearance, so that I don't know what

is there to know. I know it isn't satisfying, But
people go missing in Freetown forest all the time. Honey,
we got I'm lucky. But did he even go missing
in Freetown forest? What? My t A just dug up
an article that said he went miss singing? Howk him
up swamp? Jeremy, You know that local newspapers are hardly
the most reliable sorts for anything. Well when corroborated by

police files, I think they are. How would you have
access to the police files. You're already talking to her too. Mom.
I know she's a bit of a kook, but she's
had useful insight. And I mean, after this week, I
think that there's a lot more than this than we thought. Jeremy,
what are you hoping to do? It won't bring him back,

you know that, right, that's not I I just think
a little I don't know, a little closure would be good. Well,
I promise you you're not going to get closure by
talking to Anne Becker. Oh my god, you still have
not told me what your problem with her is. She
filled your father said, with all sorts of nuns, and

she pulled them into all her talk of that place
that giant dogs and snakes, cold floating lights. And now
now she's doing the same with you. No, she is not.
I don't believe any of that crap, and you know it.
But I do believe there's obviously something suspect about the
original case. Yes there is, Mom, I think that the

police were too quick to blame it on the popular
scapegoat of the moment. You don't think your father got
into trouble with the Satanic coat? No, I'm not saying that.
All I'm saying is that there is someone out there
who knows what happened to him, and there is a
reason that his badge appeared now and I am going
to do what I always do and learn everything I
possibly can about it. And if it was a cult,

who knows, they might still be around and more people
could get hurt, and I don't want that to happen. Jerry,
it is not your job. I'm sorry, Mom, I gotta go. Okay,
please please yeah, I will by wait wait, slow down.

What did she say again? Giant dogs, cults, hipp and
I wasn't telling you about it because it's relevant. I
was actually just hoping to oh, oh, lights in the woods, right, yeah,
but she was just talking. It doesn't actually mean anything. Well,
all information is useful information. I would like to think
that I've taught you better than that. I'll just say

at the stage, it's all useful. You know, we should
be learning everything. We can get a broad look and
then we can narrow down. The book is much further
along than that it was. But you're telling me finding
legitimate occult activity and hawk mock swamp your conversation would Celeste?
Those aren't reason enough to revisit some things not the

whole thesis. I was always going to do a chapter
on spiritual groups in the area, and I would just
have more information. But okay, you said you dug up
some more information on the gathering. Yeah, um, here it is.
It actually seems like there's some other offshoots groups around
the country that believe in supernatural portals way to talk
to the other side, and according to the lore among

these groups, the gathering is old. Wait a minute, are
you saying these groups have their own internal lore. Yeah.
They swapped information about potential locations where the veil is
thinnest and did discuss rituals to open it. You know,
so on I've shared you and what we've compiled so far.
We oh, um, yeah, Olivia, she's actually been helping me out.

You know. Um, she's really she makes really good girl
cheeses and and she's really good at this stuff. Now,
I know why you've been running off so quick after
class this week. I mean not that I'm you know,
not good at research. I'm I'm very good at research.
It's just, you know, she's a female perspective, you know, Vipen.

You spent a lot of time in here with me. Um. Yes,
that's kind of my job. No, I mean, I just
don't I don't hear you. I don't hear you talk
about your social life or whatever it is you do
outside of school. Well, doing a PhD is a full
time gig. I know. I'm just saying it's allowed, you know,

doing a degree and being passionate about your work and whatever,
and having a life outside of those things. Spitballing here.
But you can maybe have friends or hobbies, or or
maybe you could ask a smart girl out on a date.
I can't believe we're having this conversation right now. Sorry, Like,
am I crossing a line. I spend most of my

weeknights and weekends with you for the past year. You
were just telling you about a conversation you had with
your mom. We've spent the past two weeks investigating your
dad's disappearance. I think we're at the stage where you
can ask me about my personal life. But when was
the last time you went on a date or did

anything but research and writing? You sound like my mom.
I do plenty. I I I hike to take photos
for your book, okay, I travel to do research. I
make new friends often. Not Phil, He's another academic who's

so boring? And again it's just for research. Look, I'm
just saying, Kettle, you know you're right. Who am I
to tell you what to do? I guess I honestly
just see a lot of myself in you, and I
don't want you ending up like me. I'm going to
ask you this and let you know that this is

a safe space. But are you unhappy? No? No, it's
not that. It's just I know, I don't know. Actually,
never mind, It's just I see how much you care
about this subject and how people you want to find
something out, and you want to be the person to
find something out. I get it. It can be all consuming.

Do you feel like it's consumed you? I feel like
I'm a boring academic and you should probably go hang
out with some people your age. All right, why don't
we say this today is Friday? If that calendar is correct,
Why don't you go play hockey for the rest of
the day and just go go go lit a life

or something. What are you going to do? Don't worry
about me. I am very exciting weekend plans. Ah, You're
going to meet up with Anne, aren't you? Yeah? I
am all right. Any developments I should know about. No,
no developments. I I just can't believe how much I
let myself get swept up in this whole thing. It's

been good to get back to real life this week,
but you're still spending your weekend with that. Yeah, we're
going to go talk to the police with that hiker
still missing. Um, I don't know. It's just been weighing
on my conscience, like I have to convince Anne that
we should tell the police about the gathering. Will you

think the two are related? I just think I can't.
I can't take the chance. And besides, maybe the police
were able to share some information on celest Ha. There.
It is not done with her yet, are you not quite?
So we agree this time I'll do all the talking.

That is not exactly what I said. I know how
to talk to these people. I was one of them.
I think that that is precisely why it's hard for
you to talk to these people, Professor Bradshaw, Miss Becker,
how can I help you? Officer Batista? You can't be here,
and yet here we are. You two are working together. Yes, Look, Batista,

Jeremy told me about your girlfriend. Come on, let's take
this outside. Katie was at home with me last weekend.
She wasn't in Hackamox swamp holding a knife. We are
not trying to accuse Katie of anything, not yet, at
least I wouldn't think she was there the other night anyway,

because you said that she wasn't in the inner circle.
And do you think this was the inner circle? They
were half a dozen of them, maybe mostly older, all
in white robes and armed. Not to mention the person
who was in the middle of it all, do you
recognize someone? Uh huh? A woman named Celeste Corey. She
was a member of the gathering in the seventies. I
interviewed her back then, Officer Batista. That's why we're here.

I thought you were here to, you know, report cult activity.
We need some files. You have all the old files,
don't you. I do. But Thomas and I weren't the
only people on the force who were looking into the gathering.
And God only knows what Celeste has been up to
for the past forty years. You're asking me to give
you confidential information. Okay, come on, this is a suburban

police force, it's not the n s A. I think
what Anne is trying to say here is it. Anything
that you have on Celeste would be a huge help
to us. I'm sorry, I can't giving out information about
a private citizen. I could lose my job. Well, I'm sorry.
I think dating occultist who lied to the police could
also put your job at risk. So I mean, you know,

there's no reason your captain needs to know that you're
talking to us or about Katie. Right, fine, good, thank you.
You didn't see any violence, correct, There wasn't any animal
sacrifice or or utilation of anyone. No, no, uh. When
we went to see her, Celeste said that they were

using those knives for carving symbols into trees. M that
tracks you've noticed an upstick and vandalism of both the
swamp it. Wait, did you see you went to go
talk to her? Yes, on Monday. It was mostly a
waste of time, which is why we need at file.
So after seeing a cult meeting involving in a legal

bonfire and several armed participants, you decided to go talk
to one of the perpetrators and then wait five more
days before coming to the police. I am the police,
all due respect, miss Becker. No, you're not. You can't
just go harassing people if I'm going to risk my
job for you, then I need you. We weren't harassing anyone,
so less talk to us willingly. Mr Bradshaw Captain. I

was just umh and a becker. What exactly are you
two doing here together? We were just they were asking
about the missing hiker. Yeah, that's right. I I've just
been concerned. Oh do you know Daniel? No? No, I
just um, Well, I I guess I feel a bit

beholden to him, seeing as he found my father's badge,
and I just wish I could have thanked him. Oh,
there's still plenty of time for that. You found him, Yes,
that's what I was about to tell you. It seems
you went back to hiking Freetown for Rest and got
lost for a couple of days. Is he all right?
He's a little banged up, dehydrated, you know, the usual
for lost hikers, but he'll be fine. What happened? Do

you mean? What happened? Kid? Didn't know where he was going,
took a wrong turn and couldn't find his way out,
and that's all. That's all. Well, I'm I'm glad to
hear that he's all right. Is there anything else we
can do for you no, thank you, Captain m hmm,
get back to work, ba Gista, I should really get going.

Wait that hiker? What about him? Where can we find him?
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I am impressed. What do you mean storing a police
officer for information? I didn't think it hadn't didn't you. Hey,
that's not I did not do that. Oh what did
you think that was? Then? Listen, you were the one
that brought up Batista's girlfriend. I just wanted to tell
Captain Haddock about the gathering. I'm telling you that would
have been a mistake. We don't want to spook them.

If the police get officially involved and start sniffing around
Celeste again, they'll close up shop again and we'll miss
our chance, miss our chance to what to find out
what the gathering is trying to do. Well, Celeste told
us they're trying to open the door to the other side.
I'm actually just more interested in how would they think
they're going to do that? What if it's more than that?

What if they've already opened a door and they're trying
to let something out, and please no, I know you
don't believe me, but something is going on, Bradshaw. You
saw the symbols in the fire, You heard the voicemails
from your dad. That was not my father, that was
that was some kind of prank or something. I got
a third one last night and just listen. Olivia taught

me how to get it onto my phone. And I
really don't want a cool That wasn't my dad, Bradshaw,
how can you that wasn't him, and someone is messing

with you. I don't know who, I don't know why,
but that was not my dad. How can you still
not believe that, maybe, just maybe there's something going on
here that you can't immediately wave away. How can you
be so quick to believe that that is my dad's voice?
You know, there is a reason that we believe in
these stories, these myths. There are brains way of filling
in the gaps. We find a meeting. We see a

cloud and we want to give it a shape that
we recognize, and a shadow will pass before our eyes,
these very weak, very limited human eyes, and we call
it a ghost and then we hear a strange voice
in the woods, and we want desperately to believe that
it is the person that we want to hear from
the most. That's what we do as humans. Amen, on

a voicemail. What a strange voice on a voicemail? What
did I say? The woods? Oh? Yeah, on a voicemail, Jeremy, listen,
this is it. We're here. Well, I just want to
say we're really glad that you're all right. Uh yeah, yeah, thanks.

What exactly happened to you? Daniel? You said you'd listen
to me, right, you won't make fun of me, of course,
not like we said, Daniel, were not the police. Yeah,
but you used to be yes, And during my time
on the forest, I encountered a lot of things I
couldn't explain in the forest. And it seems like maybe
you did too. But if you didn't, that's okay too.

It's a big park and getting lost is it's completely understandable. Yeah, yeah,
you guys want some water or anything? I might I
might get some water. Uh yeah, of course, go ahead. Yeah,
we're okay, thank you? What are you doing? Excuse me?

And you can't leave him like that. We need to
hear what he went through, not some story that he
comes up with. Because you're suggesting that he encountered something supernatural.
I wasn't suggesting anything. Oh, come on, you were leading
him and you know it. Okay, who here has actually
questioned people before? And you're not the only one who
knows how to do an interview. I've talked to a
lot of people with lot of crazy stories, and all

that takes is a tiny little push to turn nothing
into something in someone's head. Sorry, am I just m
this is hard to talk about. Yeah, take your time.
We're here to listen to whatever you want to tell us.

I did get lost, okay, just a little, and I
went back to the forest because something, something had been
bothering me about finding the badge. The badge? What do
you mean? I kept thinking about it, and I think
I think I saw something in the woods right before
I noticed the badge on the ground. What did you see?

Someone running away? Maybe couldn't have been an animal. No? No,
it was bright, white and tall and like like it
was made of light. What kind of you didn't follow it? No?
I I stepped on something and I looked down to
see a police badge. I was freaked I ran right

back to my friend. And but that's why I went back.
I wanted to. I've been having these nightmares about being
lost in the woods and there's something following me and
a voice. What what's the voice saying? I thought if
that I went back into the forest during the day,

it would I don't know. I thought checking out the
spot where we found the badge, seeing it again would
would stop the nightmares. But I got turned around on
my way there, and and were you and your friend
hiking at night? What when you found the badge? You
said you wanted to go back during the day. The

dreams they're always at night. You're still having them. They're
different now since what happened, Daniel, when you got lost?
What happened? It got dark and my phone died. I mean,
it's not like it had any service, but I've been
using it for a map and a flashlight. And then

I was just it was so dark. But then these
lights appeared. There were a few of them, round and
white and just hanging there in the air. Were they
doing anything else, like moving pulsing? No? No, not at first,
but but then then there was a voice. It was whispering,

e wa che excuse me, That's what it was saying.
E wa cho And did you recognize the voice? Did
it sound human? No? No, it didn't. The lights started
to move and I, I can't explain it. I wanted
to follow, so I did. It's all such a blur,

but I know, I know what I saw. I did
get lost, but that's not That's not why I went missing. Daniel,
what are you saying? I'm saying. I'm saying I was
abducted by aliens. Hey, Vippen did nothing in our conversation

last night's stick. It's the weekend. Why are you calling me?
What's up? Well, it's a bit of a funny story. Actually,
I've got one of those two. Actually, And and I
went to go see that hiker who was fine, by
the way, he was just fine. It was a couple
of days ago. Um, he's physically fine. He's pretty rattled.
But it ended up being a pretty interesting way to

spend a Friday afternoon, because, yep, I'm in a hawk
mock swamp. And why are you spending your Saturday morning
in a swamp? It didn't seem like a good idea
to come here in the middle of the night. Sipen Hey,
I wanted to see if I could find traces of
what the cults was doing last weekend pictures of the

carving CELESTI was talking about, and I, h I got
a little lost snippen. No, I'm fine, I'm fine, Really,
I just I just thought I was hoping you would
remember something about the clearing that they were in, you know,
how far into the swamp it was, any distinctive landmarks. Uh,

it was the middle of the night, and I was
a little distracted by that, you know, cults. But so
you have no idea where you were basically basically, yeah, sorry,
So have you found anything? Ah, it's hard to say.
I've seen some markings on trees, but I'm not sure

they're carvings. They don't look distinctive enus. They almost look
like like like what hallmark? Really? Come on? What? What
could leave claw marks in the swamp? I have absolutely
no idea. Here's another one, Professor, It's enormous. It could

be woodpeckers maybe, or some kind of squirrel six clawed squirrel. Okay,
well probably not that then. Uh, well, maybe it is
a carving. It's just a symbol that the gathering uses
that we haven't seen yet maybe, Pippen. Yeah, sorry, I

m is really great beyond. Yeah, Hey, buddy, listen, why
don't you just work on getting out of there. I'll
stay with you on the phone and then you and
I can go back there on Monday after class. How
does that sound? Yeah? Yeah, that that sounds like a
good idea takes what? What was? What? Hear? What? That's how? Um? Pippen?

You're probably just here in the wind. Yeah yeah, Pippen.
PROFESSORI calls what There's something? Professor Pippin Sippen, will you
tell me? Do you see someone? Is there? Someone there?

Something else? Pippin Fippen, fipp In, God damn it. Bridgewater
was created by Aaron Manky and written and directed by

Lauren Shippen, with executive producers Aaron Manky, Misha Collins, Matt
Frederick and Alex Williams, supervising producer Trevor Young, editing and
sound designed by Trevor Young and Matt Stillo, and music
by Chad Lawson. Starring Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw, Melissa
Ponzio as Anne Becker, Karen Sony as Vip, and Corona

Lori Allen as Nancy Collins, Cheryl Umania as Officer Bautista,
Victoria Grace as Katie Frank's Will Wheaton as Captain Haddock,
Hillary Burton Morgan as Shelley Hoskins, Jonathan Joss as Joseph Hoskins,
Sabra May as Olivia Hoskins, Samuel Marty as Ethan Hoskins,
Kristin Bauer as Celeste, and Nathan Fillion as Thomas Bradshaw,

with additional voice acting by Brigand Snow, Andrew Nowak, Julia
Maury Sawa, Jarvis Johnson, and Brielle Bresnan, Kristen dem Curio,
James Oliva and leron Amia. Learn more about the show
over at Grimm and Mild dot com, slash Bridgewater, and
find more podcasts from I heart Radio on the i

heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to
your favorite shows, and as always, thanks for listening. H
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