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September 10, 2021 21 mins

When faced with strange evidence from Vipin's encounter in the woods, Jeremy and Anne find themselves at odds over its true meaning, and their conflict threatens to bring an end to their work.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Bridgewater is a production of I Heart Radio three D
audio and Grim and Mild from Aaron Mankey for full exposure.
Listen with headphones. Listener discretion advised. Phippen, MA bad? That bad?

You're a right Bradshaw? No, no, I'm not well. I'm
about to make a day a little better. I just
picked up the celest files from and this is really
not a good time. Where are you hackamck? Why Hippen?
Pippin was here this morning following up on the carvings
and he called and I don't know something happened and

he was attacked or no, that's really not you don't okay, okay,
thank you. That's bad, Bippen, Bippen, bip been. I can't

hear your buddy, I'm coming hang on. Are you okay?
Oh whipping? Are you hurt? Are you? Oh God? Is
it bad? Ah? No? No, no no, no, You're gonna
be fine. Everything's gonna be fine. Do you think you
can move? Yeah? I think so. Hello? Who's that? And hello?

And Wippen? Uh did you see anything? You know? What
attacked you? Lights? Lights? There were lights, someone's eyes. Hello?
But we gotta we gotta get going good? What the hell,

oh god, put your arms around my neck? What just
do it? Look at me, buddy, who you gotta get movie,
don't look over there, just look at me. Don't look

Come on, hey, there you are and run Jeremy, Jeremy,
what I'm doing it? Don't look at that thing? What?
What thing? Is? He? Okay? Was he conscious when you
got here? Yeah? He was? He he must have just
passed out. Okay, all right, we'll come on. Let's get

him to a hospital. And there's something yeah, yeah, right,
we gotta get him to the hospital. Did you notice

any symbols on the trees and the clearing or were
you looking for him? Yeah? I was a little bit
focused on other things. Did you actually notice any carvings? Oh?
You bet your ass. I did what I can out
of at least seven scattered throughout the swamp. I didn't
exactly stop and take pictures, but I think I could
probably find them again. Off, I'll go back there once

we know the boys. All right? No, I don't. I
don't think that's wise. Uh. Don't you want to know
what happened to him? I mean the answers might be
in no symbols, but it isn't safe and so you can't.
Excuse me, you just can't go back in there. Okay,
you have to promise me that you won't go back, Jeremy.

I have spent hundreds of hours in that swamp. Yeah.
And the other night you nearly broke your leg. Yes,
and this time I'll be more prepared. Yeah, but there
is no way to prepare for what's in there, Jeremy.
What did you see? Nothing? I just nothing, Jeremy. I
don't know. It doesn't make any sense. I don't There

was a dog, a dog, yeah, and it was it
was huge, Anne, it was bigger than it didn't make
any sense, and its eyes. Excuse me? You brought in
Mr Karna? Correct? Yeah, Hi, I'm Jeremy, Bradshawn. This is

and Becker. How's he doing. He's going to be just fine.
He lost some blood and has a mild concussion, but
he's okay. Thank god. Were there any other injuries beyond
the ones that were on his head other than the
lacerations on his skull. He's in tip top shape. These
types of injuries are rare but can be fatal. Your
friend is lucky. What do you mean by these types

of injuries? All attacks? What excuse me. Like I said, unusual,
but not unheard of. Maybe he happened upon a nest
or something birds can get territorial. It was an owl attack.
Seen it before. I would recognize it anywhere. We're running
some blood tests to check for infection, but we've given
him a raby shot to be safe. It was an

owl attack. Thank you, Thank you. Doctor. Does he live
with anyone Bradshaw? Uh? Sorry, no, no, I don't think
he does. Could someone keep an eye on him just
for the next twenty four hours. What should we be
looking for? Any confusion, dizziness, vomiting, if he has a

hard time waking up, But just have him rest for
the next day or so and he should be able
to get back to things soon enough. Thank you doctor.
We've got it from here. It's a fucking owl. Yeah.
I've heard that one before. I have lived here in
my whole life, and I have never known anyone to
be genuinely attacked by a goddamn ow. If that is

what the doctor said, it was, well, doctor say a
lot of things, yeah, usually things that are right. It
is the most rational explanation. All right, come on, let's
do whatever paperwork we need to do. To bring that
boy home. I told you, and I really don't know

what I saw. When you said there was a giant
black dog red eyes. You know what that sounds like.
It sounds like my eyes were playing tricks on me. Okay,
you said you didn't see anything. Yeah, but but that
thing was so fast? What do you mean that thing?
Back when I first joined the force, there were reports
reports of a giant black dog with red eyes terrorizing

locals and a man had his horses ripped into. Well,
that explains it, then, yeah, okay, yeah, thank you. No
explains why I would hallucinate a black dog with red eyes.
I'm sure that I overheard my dad talking about that
case when I was a kid, or oh, I don't.
I came across any of my research and something just
stuck in my head. You know, all the reading I've

been doing, and the adrenaline of worrying about VIPPING and
my exhaustion, and it's all just cause my brain to
glitch out. Do you honestly believe that? Of course I do.
The doctor said it was an owl attack, and that
makes perfect sense. I don't know what I was thinking earlier.

I completely overreacted. No, you were finally thinking straight. Bradshaw,
you saw something your books and your research couldn't explain,
and that's where you're wrong. My books and my research
they do explain this. This is exactly what all of
it is about. People creating stories to justify things. Our
brains they're just imperfect. And I saw a shadow or

or a fox or I don't know what, and my
mind just turned it in to this monster. I feel foolish.
I it was a it was an owl, and I
really thought it really looked bad and vip and he
was limp a lot all over his face and it

was my fault. Just fear, just that's all. It was
fear and adrenaline. Those are the real monsters. Why don't
we go ask Vippen what the real monsters are? Hey, Hippin,

here's some tea, Thank you. How are you feeling? Ah,
like I got attacked by an owl? Catch is a
completely ridiculous thing to say. All the good news is
he gonna be okay. Yeah, And you shouldn't feel too ridiculous, because,

believe it or not, the doctor said that this isn't
the first time she's seen something like this. I know,
I know, I just I just feel stupid? Are you
and me both? Wait? What do you have to feel
stupid about? Did you see the owl? No? It um,

it just it moved too fast. I think I heard
it though there was something? Well? Uh, what am I
trying to say? It felt like something was following me
through the swamp. I know that's not true, it can't
be true. But what what did you see? I didn't

see anything at first? I just heard it. There was something.
It was just rustling at first, always right behind me.
But I would turn around and and and there would
be nothing. But but there was a voice, a voice.

Did you recognize it? No, No, it wasn't. I'm I'm
not sure it was a human voice. I mean like
I have sometimes a cat crying from far away. It
sounds like a baby, yeah, sort of, except this was close.
What was it saying? Ewa chew, chew. Isn't that it's

probably just an animal? No, no, Jeremy, it didn't sound
like an animal. You said it didn't sound human. I
know what I said. Okay, why don't we let you
rest up? Vipp and you're still concussed. We shouldn't be
bothering you with all this. I'm fine, I'm fine. I
I have a little bit of a headache, but but
I'm thinking clearly. Okay, Well, but it doesn't sound like

you are. You've had a traumatizing day. No, you you
I know what I saw, Hipping. You just said you
heard something, and now you're saying you saw something. I
was trying to tell you on the phone, but that's
when something attacked me. An owl attack you sure and owl?
Maybe I know not Maybe I'm sorry, Hipping, but we

shouldn't be indulging in these fantasies. Hey, would you stop
insulting the boy Bradshaw. I mean, if he's saying then
he saw something, then he saw something. Hey, this really
isn't any of your business. And well, you know you
don't seem to be handling it very well in your
own What if that's supposed to mean you're too blinded
by your rationality to see what is right in front
of you. I'm too blinded. You can't see past this

absurd notion that there's something supernatural and how there is
something supernatural in Hawka Mox whipping. Stop, No, everyone just
shut up for one second. Light, Okay, there were orbs
of light. What are you talking about? The voice it

was whispering, and then out of the trees came these lights.
Floating lights. Yes, yes, wait, how do you know they
were floating? Jeremy, See this sounds exactly like what Daniel experienced.
My mother said something about floating lights, and I told

you that Vipen And she said that you and you
used to talk about floating lights in the forest. Me.
That wasn't me, No, that was your father on one
of his patrols of Freetown Force. He said that there
were strange lights that appeared. No way, my dad didn't
believe in this crap. No, I've told you this before
and I'll keep telling you. Yes he did. Your mother
has it all backwards. I wasn't trying to convince him

of something, honey, he was trying to convince me. And
what did he say? The lights looked like about this big? Yeah, yeah,
he said the size of a basketball, and that there
were three of them, yes, three of them. They were
sitting in a triangle with two on top. Right. But
he said that he saw him in Freetown forest, not
in hock a mock swamp. Did you guys ever figure

out what they were? Well, he thought that maybe something
to do with puckages. But and I think you should go.
Excuse me, Vippin needs to rest. I don't need you
to speak for me. I'm fine, and you don't need
to go. Thank you for your help. And I think
you should go. Okay, Brad, But I'm really sorry that
this stuff makes you feel uncomfortable. But I think we

need to talk about it. We don't. You need to
let it go. This has gotten completely out of hand.
People are getting hurt and I'm not going to indulge
it any longer. What are you saying. I'm saying that
whatever this has been, this investigation, or whatever you're doing

into my dad, it's over. No, we still don't have
any answers, which is the same as it's always been.
But my dad's badge didn't appear because of lights in
the woods or because of some giant dog it washed up.
How do you explain the lack of wear and tear
on it? It doesn't matter, None of it matters. It

just doesn't change anything. There is a rational explanation for it,
regardless of whether we find it or not. I don't
give up, Jeremy, Well, I am giving up. I'm giving
up on this. What about the messages. Huh, how do
you explain that what weird voicemails that you think are
my dad? They're nothing, Anne, You can barely even tell
that as a man at all. What if I could
prove that it's Thomas? Sure? Cool? Yeah. If you can

prove that my dad is sending you voicemails from beyond
the grave, go for it. Good luck with that project.
But until that happens, I think it's best that we
go our separate ways before someone else gets hurt. I

really appreciate you spending your Sunday afternoon helping an old
woman out. Are you kidding? This is the most interesting
thing I've done all week? Oh, then you need to
get out more. Kid, seriously, creepy voicemails on both your
home and cell phone, old police tapes. This is like
one of those mysteries in a box you can subscribe to.
What's a mystery in a box? Never mind? Um, how's

it been doing. I talked to Jeremy this morning. He's
doing just fine. Good. That's good. I'm glad he's okay.
He's a nice guy. Yeah, yeah, he is. You should
be hanging more with kids your own age. So are
you trying to set me up on a plate, trying
to prevent you from turning into me. There are worse

things in the world. That's certainly true. But maybe right
I'll text him see if you wants to hang out
when he's feeling better. We just won't go hiking. No kidding,
an owl attack, whould have thought? Mm hmm. I take
it you don't buy that it was an owl. Uh. Look, kid,

I know that you don't believe in the Bridgewater Triangle,
so you've been around the block seeing stuff like I
know I've gotten this speech before. I'm just saying that
you and your technology, you rely on it too much.
You think it can tell you everything, but the answers
aren't in there. Oh yeah, so you don't want me
to keep preparing this audio? All right? Yeah, there's some

answers in there, but it isn't the solution to everything.
I know that. But just because there are some things
that are hard to explain doesn't mean it's ghosts or monsters. Okay,
I think I've cleaned up this audio as well as
I can can I hear it? Yeah, and you need

to help mm hmm, Lee, You are right, it isn't
what it seems it's happening again and it will hold
end this time one way or another. Nana, that's that's him,

that's my Thomas. I are you sure i'd know that
voice anywhere. Let's compare to the tapes. I can't believe it.
There up that one. Hold on, mom, Hey, Mom, just
you can tell her that I'll have you back before dinner.

What what what do you need? Our second, we interviewed
several witnesses over a China farms after the commutilation of
the horses measuring five feet for it just high. Despite

being double reinforced, the northwest corner of defense has been
up through Nana, it just went Sep. Well, I mean,
did you hear it? It's the same voice. It's Thomas.
I don't know how, why, or what it means, but
but that's Thomas's voice on my answering machine. Nana, that
was Mom live. What is it? It's Ethan. He was

out camping this weekend with his boy Scout troop in
Freetown forest right. Yeah. Mom went to go pick him
up this afternoon and Nana, he wasn't with his troop. Well,
what do you mean? What are you? What are you saying? Ethan?
Wasn't with his troop when they woke up, and they've
been looking for him all day, and Live Nanny, He's Missing.

Bridgewater was created by Aaron Manky and written and directed
by Lauren Shippen, with executive producers Aaron Manky, Misha Collins,
Matt Frederick and Alex Williams, supervising producer Trevor Young, editing
and sound designed by Trevor Young and Matt Stillo, and
music by Chad Lawson, starring Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw,

Melissa Ponzio as Anne Becker, Karen Sony as Vipen Corona,
Laurie Allen as Nancy Collins, Cheryl Umania as Officer Bautista,
Victoria Grace as Katie, Frank's Will Wheaton as Captain Haddock,
Hillary Burton Morgan as Shelley Hoskins, Jonathan Joss as Joseph Hoskins,
Sabra May as Olivia Hoskins, Samuel Marty as Ethan Hoskins,

Kristin Bauer as Celeste, and Nathan Fillion as Thomas Bradshaw,
with additional voice acting by brigand Snow, Andrew Nowak, Julia
Mauritzawa Jarvis Johnson and Brielle Bresnan, Kristen Demcurio, James Oliva
and Leron Amil. Learn more about the show over at

Grimm and Mild dot com slash Bridgewater, and find more
podcasts from I Heart Radio on the I heart Radio app,
Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows,
and as always, thanks for listening.
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