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September 17, 2021 21 mins

The search for Ethan sets everyone on edge, and old grievances return to the surface. But will they find the boy, or something more?

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Bridgewater is a production of I Heart Radio three D
audio and Grim and Mild from Aaron Mackey. For a
full exposure listen with headphones. Listener discretion advised, a Athanan baby,

where are you? Ethan? Hey, we're going to find him. An.
I know, you know, I think about all the all
the people that have gone missing here that you have found.
I didn't find everyone I know, but you are going
to find Nathan. I know it's gonna be okay. Yeah, yeah, no,

we are going to find him. I'm sure that, but
it doesn't mean that things are going to be okay.

All right, let's go over it again. They left for
the trip on Friday morning. Everything was fine Friday, Saturday night,
the trip. Woke up Sunday morning to find Ethan sleeping
bag empty and cold. This morning. What Sunday morning is?
This morning? It's only been a few hours after nine hours. Yeah,
it's been nine hours. Yes, and thank you. I'm aware

that it is still Sunday. I'm a cop. Specificity is
important to me, retired cop. Excuse me, if you're retired,
if you can, if you care about specificity, I'm just
sorrying all right, Jesus Christ Bradshaw my grandson is missing.
You really think this is an appropriate time to give
me some lip. I'm not trying. You're right, I'm sorry,

I'm just I'm wound up. All right, it's been a
stressful thirty six hours. Hey, how's it been doing. Oh,
he's all right. I guess I'm glad I insisted on
him staying at my place last night. I don't think
waking up in an empty apartment in the middle of
the night it would have been good for him. Nightmares,

wake up screaming, Yeah, how do you know that the lights?
That's what they do. The same thing happened to Thomas,
even what my dad mm hmm. After he saw the
lights and heard the voice for the first time, he
didn't sleep a full night through for months. He'd wake
up screaming. I don't remember that. I don't remember him

ever screaming in the middle of the night. Wait, and
when you say no, he was just really good at
hiding things from you, not because he was trying to
lie to you or anything. He just wanted to protected
from the darker things. And I have a feeling that
we have differing opinions about what the darker things were.
I knew my dad. Okay, I knew that he worked

on murders and kidnappings because he told me, and he
told me all kinds of other scary stuff. But he
was my dad, and so that made it all a
lot less scary. He was protecting me, but he wasn't
protecting me from sasquatch or aliens or any of that
other nonsense that you seem to believe. Oh, come on,
I don't believe in aliens. That's where you draw the line. Okay,

what you believe in aliens? No, of course, Actually no,
I don't believe in alien abductions. But yes, you know,
in an infinite universe, statistically it makes sense that there
would be aliens. Okay, of course, yes, the statistics rely
on the precious numbers of it. All numbers are reliable,

and yeah, so as hundreds of years of history, Jeremy,
so are facts and bigfoot sightings are not history. Okay. Well,
don't you think it's a bit strange that people have
experienced the same things in the same spot for centuries?
I mean, doesn't that tell you that there's something to
all of it? Or almost people just lying. I never
said that they were lying. I'm saying that humans are

susceptible to narrative. People haven't seen the same thing for centuries.
They've just experienced things that they can't explain and they
don't understand, and then they latch on to whatever the
most common story is that can fit around that. Great,
So you agree that there are events that are unexplainable.
Of course, there's plenty in the world that we don't

have answers for yet, but most sightings or supernatural encounters
can be explained by people in the past just not
understanding science, or people being high or exhausted or mentally ill. Okay,
all right, So which one of those categories does vipp
And fit into? And Vippin was scared and he was

filled with adrenaline, and he's already inclined to believe in
fantastical things, and that's a mental illness, isn't it? Believing?
That is not what I said God, and every single
little thing. I'm not going to apologize. I'm not for
being rational and for treating my own discipline and my

own work with serious thought. Oh, serious thought. Of course,
this is all about serious thought. Of course it is
That is my entire profession. And no, it isn't excuse me.
Do you know why you're a folklore professor, Jeremy Oh?
I can't wait. Please tell me. Okay, because you're a coward.
You hide behind myths to learn everything about them so

you don't have to face them head on. That is
a ridiculous assertion. I don't Yeah, I don't think that
you can call someone a coward for not believing in
ghost stories. It doesn't work like that. Look at where
you are, No, please, look at where you are. Look
what's happened in the past two weeks. You can't deny
that something's going on here that your book can't explain.

I can deny that. In fact, I can offer several
fact based explanations. Sweetie, all the facts in the world
won't change the fact that you are terrified and you're
not How could you not be terrified right now? There's
a kid in the woods, your grandson who's missing. Don't
you dare throw that in my face. Look, my dearest

friend is lying on a couch with a bloody head,
and there's potentially dangerous cult in the area. I don't
need supernatural reasons to be stressed right now. There is
plenty piling up in the real world, And none of
those things are going to get better if you keep
your head buried in the sand. And you're not going
to find your grandson if you think that he's been

taken by Puckwages. Well, thinking that hasn't slowed me down
in the past. I am sure that hasn't helped. Well,
I found you. What the hell are you talking about? Nothing?
Just forget it? Just nothing, Athan Man? What do you
mean you found me? You found me? I came to you.

You went missing for a bit when you were a kid? Athan, What? No,
I didn't Yeah, okay, sure, I'm sure you remember the
seventies much better than I do, So I don't know.
I actually don't know what you were smoking in the seventies.
Oh please, what did I say about you giving me live?
Tell me what you're talking about? Anne, I didn't realize

that you didn't remember Okay. I always thought that you
became a folklore professor because of what happened. I didn't
you know. But when you you said that you didn't
remember me from when you were a kid. And if
you didn't remember me, then chances where you've forgotten everything
else too, forgotten what else? And it makes perfect sense right,
you're repressing the hell out of all of it. That's

why you're so obsessed, and you know you just don't
even realize it, rep saying what what happened to you? Oh?
What happened to me? Please tell you? Got lost in
the forest? This forest? Yeah right, I got lost once
for about two minutes, but my dad found me almost immediately. No, no,

that was just the first time they tried to take you.
Excuse me, you got lost. You got genuinely lost for
a whole afternoon. Really, how did that happen? I wasn't
exactly taking myself on hiking trips. When I was five
years old. I was with my dad. You were four, actually,
and you were at my house. You were hanging out

in the backyard while Thomas and I went over some
case files, and something, something just lured you into the woods.
I mean, why do you think your dad was so
adamant about figuring out what was in here? His son
was talking about floating nights and little gray faced men
reaching out their hands. I mean he was, he was terrified.
What are you talking about? Plug tookulately, That's that's what

we think. I guess they don't like hurting little kids,
because we found you seven hours later, happy as a clam,
playing with some sticks, and I told you a story
about a pub. Well no, I mean you didn't really
know what to call it. You said it was a
little man, that's all you said. But one of the
sticks you were playing with had been sharpened into a
sphere and not something a four year old could do. Wow,

well that sounds like irrefutable evidence. You had nightmares for
weeks and weeks something I got a hold on you
and it just wouldn't let go. I don't remember having Well,
I didn't have nightmares about that. Anyway. You know your
dad weren't missing a year later to the day, So

I'm guessing that's what your nightmares became about. Yeah they did.
Wait wait, Anne, my dad not sleeping through the night.
How did you know about that? How did you know
about nightmares? My nightmares? What you said that he didn't

sleep for months? Did he did he tell you that? Did?
Did he tell you about me? And how else would
I know? And it's getting dark, so we need to
keep moving, Athan and athenh. It's probably just someone else

from the search party. I don't know. Come on, come on,
fuck Jesus Hello, what are you doing? Hello? Someone there?
Can you? Can you please point your flashlight down? Jeremy

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and Miss Becker. It's all right, Katie, it's just other seekers. Seekers.
You're looking for the missing boy, aren't you. What are
you doing the same, of course, but you're looking for Ethan.
We wanted to be of service. Wait, your Marts's girlfriend, right,

that's right. Well, why aren't you with her? Well? She right, yeah,
she doesn't want the force to know that you're together,
does she No, especially after what happened with Daniel. Well,
it seems like anytime someone goes missing in this place,
one of the weirdos is nearby. We're a tuned we
can be of help. Oh my god, attuned. We're sensitive

to the energies here, the spirits. Do you think energies
are going to help you find Ethan? Oskins? Has your
skepticism let you much aid in your search thus far?
Come on, Anne, let's keep moving. You shouldn't be out
here like this, and your girlfriend should have told you
that you're lucky that we didn't report your little meeting

the other night, and yet you did go out of
your way to acquire the police file on me. Batista
told you didn't she We don't keep secrets from each other,
and you don't keep secrets from your cult. It's not
a cult, you know. I have half a mind to
report Batista. No. Please, She's good at her job and

confidentiality is part of the job. So you don't have
a bunch of police files just sitting in your home. Man,
there's no privacy in this time. Not to mention, you
coerced her into giving you confidential information about Celeste. Don't
we have a more important task to focus on at
the moment. You don't seem particularly bothered by us looking
into your past. Why should I be? Did you find something? No,

it seems that other than cult activity in the seventies,
which was never proven to be criminal. Right, so your
your record in Freetown is squeaky clean, as it should be.
I have nothing to hide from those who seek the truth.
That's no more true today than it was forty years ago.
You were hiding something back then, and you're hiding something.

Now what secret do you think I have? You and
your friends, the other children? I told you I found
that group abhorrent, completely against everything that the gathering stands for.
But you all did some thing. Thomas new. He knew
that you were messing with things that you could never
hope to understand. And you think you can understand them.

You think you're the one is going to selve the
ancient secrets of this world, of the world's beyond. I'm
going to solve something, So you just better hope it
isn't whatever you've kept buried for four decades. Celeste, Yes, child,
do you hear that? Oh? Dear, what what is it?

The spirits? We've lingered too long? Okay, then let's get
a move on. Jeremy, Hello, who's there? They won't answer you. Hey,
all we can see are your flashlights? Whose art flashlights? Oh?

Come on, who's there? Will you show your faces? Don't
be hostile to the spirits, dear, you won't like what happens, Celeste.
They're not spirits, Okay, it's a person. So someone is
out there who's messing with us? Who are you? And
what do you want? You want? You Oh my god,
what is it? What? What are you saying? Everyone? Stay

prefoc is still. Don't look into the lights, Katie, close
your eyes, child, what the wait? Man, don't look into
the lights. And whatever you do, don't listen to the voice. Man, man, god,

damn it. Man. And are you okay? No? I am
not okay. Those things got away again. What are you
talking about? They've taken everything, because fucking place is taken everything. Man,
it's okay. You gotta come down. Come no, no, no, no,

no no. Don't you tell me to calm down. Don't
you have no you have no idea, you have no idea.
What's going on here? We're all stressed, and it's dark
and it's windy in this place is full of shadows,
and I'm seeing it too. I get it in for
fuck's sake, Bradshaw, open your goddamn head for once. What
do you think just happened? What did you just see?
I've I don't know. I saw lights and there was

a voice, and it's all power of suggestion. I don't
know all I've done for the past two days, and
talk about lights and voices in the woods. Of course,
I'm seeing that, right. And then you experience it yourself,
and you think it's just it's just because you've heard
a story. Okay, do you think that that that your
mind is that malleable? I don't know, and I just

think I am stressed and exhausted and scared for Ethan
and oh no, no, no, you you don't get to
be scared for Ethan. I am scared for Ethan. I
am scared for him and Olivia and my daughter and me.
But but you know who I'm scared for the most. You.
Your stubbornness is gonna get you gone, just like it
did with your father if he hadn't gone out alone

that night, if he if he had just woken me up.
I am telling you, what is happening again? That is
what the message said? What what message? And Thomas's Thomas's message.
He said that it's happening again. And something is broken here, Bradshaw,
something it's just not right in this forestingmore. Yeah, I

know it's full of coltson frank Ster's God knows what
you really think that that's what it was? Some teenagers
were flashlights? What else could it be? Reasonably realistically? What
could it be? Have you ever seen anything move that fast.
Do you think a flashlight can move on its own?

I don't know a drone? What about the pattern? Okay?
They were in the exact triangle that Vipen described. Can
you explain that? I don't know? I can't. Everyone keeps
asking me to explain everything. I don't know. And this
isn't getting us anywhere. We just need to keep looking.
Don't you think I know that? Well? We were prepared, Bradshaw,

just just like you said. I was half out of
my mind with worry when I said that there is
no monstrous dog waiting to attack us. Okay, no, that's
not what I'm talking about. Then what what are we
unprepared for? For something to open and then never close?
What does that mean? You? Watch? What the fund is that? Look?

Someone's over there. There's someone over there on the shore. Hey, Hey,
who's out there? Ethan? Ethan? Is that you? Who's there? Radshaw?
Get the flashlight? Ethan? Oh? Even what shoe? Okay? Oh

Jesus and look at his arms, Ethan? Are you honey?
Are you all right? It's Nana wants you Anthan? Can
you see us? Come here? Yeah? No, stop? He is
My grandson. Athan Bridgewater was created by Aaron Manky and

written and directed by Lauren Shippen, with executive producers Aaron Manky,
Misha Collins, Matt Frederick and Alex Williams, supervising producer Trevor Young,
editing and sound designed by Trevor Young and Matt Stillo,
and music by Chad Lawson, Starring Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw,
Melissa Ponzio as Anne Becker, Karen Sony as Vip and Corona,

Laurie Allen as Nancy Collins, Cheryl Umania as Officer Bautista,
Victoria Grace as Katie Frank's Will Wheaton as Captain had
Hillary Burton Morgan as Shelley Hoskins, Jonathan Joss as Joseph Hoskins,
Sabra May as Olivia Hoskins, Samuel Marty as Ethan Hoskins,
Kristin Bauer as Celeste, and Nathan Fillion as Thomas Bradshaw,

with additional voice acting by Brigand Snow, Andrew Nowak, Julia
Maury Sawa, Jarvis Johnson and Brielle Bresnan, Kristen de Mecurio,
James Oliva, and Leron Amia. Learn more about the show
over at Grimm and mild dot com, Slash Bridgewater, and
find more podcasts from I Heart Radio on the I

heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to
your favorite shows, and as always, thanks for listening.
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