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September 24, 2021 29 mins

Ethan's experience in the forest proves that blood is indeed thicker than water, but to find it, you have to dig deep. Just be careful what you wish for.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Bridgewater is a production of I Heart Radio three D
audio and Grim and Mild from Aaron Mackey. For a
full exposure, listen with headphones. Listener discretion advised. Ethan, Honey,
we watch you athen Ethan, Ethan, baby, wake up? Call

for help? Okay the fun fuck fuck Jeremy, there's no
fucking service. Oh come on, Ethan, it's me, it's me,
it's nano. Okay, baby, wake up? Did you find him?
He won't wake up here? Let me don't don't don't
touch him, okay, Just to make yourself useful and just

go for help. Yes, Hello, this is Jeremy Bradshaw. I'm
at Assan at Ledge in Freetown. Can you hear me?
Freetown State Forest. There's a young boy here who seems
to be injured. We watch you, you want you, you're coming, Ethan, Ethan, baby,
can you hear me? Come here? At it here, let

me stop it? What do you do wash? Knock this animals,
nuke altivented knock dose animals, admitary so list knock this animals,

knock outovented knock those animals a dmitary th spot no
spoilst knock this animals nuke outun not those animals. Dementary
admitary admitary ethne No, no, yeah, yeah, baby, yeah, baby,

it's it's me. No, no, yeah, he's he's gonna be okay,
you'll be okay. Yeah. Yeah. It wasn't the fire out, Yes,
it was. What did you do to him? He was possessed?

I exercised the spirit from his body. Oh so now
you're a priest. I told you. I'm attuned to the spirits.
I've spent my whole life learning the specters and shadows
of this place. Your grandson is not the first wandering
soul in the forest. I've said, right you, thank you,

I'm sorry, thank you, You're welcome here. Yeah, the Hoskins.
How is he? When can we see him? He's all right,
you can see him in just a moment. He's not
all right. He was speaking in tongues and covered in
symbols Olivia. Physically he's fine, a little dehydrated, has some

minor cuts and bruises. But you can take him home tonight.
Thank god, Thank you. Dr Did he say anything to you,
um no. He seems to still be in shock. The
only thing he said was that it was happening again,
does that mean anything to you? I don't know. Doctor.

You can go ahead and see him now. I'll get
started on the discharge papers and m hmm. Don't you
want to go talk to him? Ah? I don't know. Yes,

of course I do, but just I'm just going to
give family some time. And you are family. I'm blood,
it's not not the same. I'm glad the child is safe. Yeah,

thank you anytime, man, Truly, I am here to help.
That's really all you we're doing in the woods tonight.
You were helping. Of course, where a small community, we
have to look after one another. And I'm better equipped
than most to deal with this particular danger, the danger

of missing children, those who get lost in the untamed places, right,
because you're so attuned. Yes, Mr Bradshaw, I am, And
you can gaze upon that fact with as much derision
as you like, but it is just that a fact.
And I don't need your approval, nor anyone else's. I

know myself and what I'm capable of, and that is
all that matters. And what are you capable of? Celeste?
And was right? Any time something happens here? You and
your cabal of friends seem to be right at the
center of it. Why was there a bonfire there tonight?

What were you all doing that wasn't one of ours? No,
you seem pretty practiced at stoking it, almost like you
built it yourself. I didn't stoke those flames, Mr Bradshaw.
You know just as well as I that I was
feed away, tending to ethan. The fire started anew on
its own. That's not possible, of course. It is. Perhaps

the wind picked up an ember, pushed it into some
dry kindling at the center, or someone had left an
incendiary amongst the logs to cause confusion and fear. That's
what you'd say. Isn't it a perfectly rational explanation for
every single event, even if you have to stretch it
over your memory of what actually happened, like trying to
fit a rubber band around the world. Where's Katie? I'm

sorry she was with you earlier. If you were really
part of the search effort, you'd know you were supposed
to be in pairs, and so we were. But where
is now? She she got frightened? What did she get
frightened of? So? Last you of the forest, Mr Bradshaw,

Katie is she isn't ready for the entire truth of Bridgewater.
What does that mean? She's grieving morning a loved one
is what brought her and so many others to the gathering.
You are not a support group. We are many things.
Katie wanted to contact her mother, That's why she joined

the gathering. Contact as in to talk to her ghost,
talk with her ghost, commune with her spirit, whatever you
want to call it. I think being confronted with all
those spirits scared her, especially after what happened with her friend.
She's afraid of angering the souls that dwell within the forest.
She's just not ready because she's okay, isn't she? She'll

be absolutely fine. Your grandson, on the other hand, I
what what what is wrong with him? Hey? An, he's fine.
Why don't you go check on him? Don't you tell
me what to do? Fradshaw And I think he's right An.
You should go be with your family. Okay, you shouldn't

do that. Do what scare her like that? She's already
gone through enough and even as fine you just heard
the doctor. That doctor doesn't know what she is dealing with.
They won't be able to take Ethan home tonight. Just
you watch. I am watching you. Then as ever, you
are looking in the wrong place. What do you mean

you're keeping him overnight at request of the police. We've
been asked. I can explain this. We're dealing with a
potential kidnapping case. Services Hoskins. It's safest to have Ethan
here overnight for observation and station a uniformed officer outside
his room. Do you think he's still in danger. We're
just trying to figure out what's going on. We'd like

to interview him soon. If that's all right, Absolutely not.
I will talk to him and you can be in
the room silently. Ah, Brad Shawn Becker the worst crime
solving dueos since Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie and Clyde didn't
solve crimes, they committed them exactly. Well, excuse me for
being protective of my grandson, who, if I recall correctly,

I found before the police did. Yes, well done. Ms Becker.
Roll very glad that Ethan is safe. But this is
an active investigation, and you are a civilian. You either
let me talk to him or you don't talk to
him at all. Fine, Mom, it's all right, Shelly. We're

not going to scare him. We just need to know
what happened? Okay, Okay, not you, Bradshaw Man. I was
right there with you. You said this one out. But

it's all right, Ethan. You're safe now, I know. I'm
I'm not scared. Then talk to me, baby, I'm not
a baby. Okay, Okay, you're right. I'm sorry. You're tough
as hell, and I know that you've been through a lot,
but we really need you to tell us what happened.
All right. I don't know what happened, Okay, just just

talk me through the weekend. Okay. You were camping with
your boy Scout Troop. Yeah, we've been camping in Freetown
a lot. It's not like I didn't know what I
was doing. I know you're a really good camper and
we go camping and hiking all the time. You know
that forest, yes, exactly. And I'm like used to the

noises and stuff that the noises well, you know, the
birds and animals and the trees and stuff. Forest quiet,
not house quiet, right, right, right, I'm used to the
forest quiet. But some of the others get scared. Like
the first night there was all this cracking and like

something skittering, and like Mason, he's only ten so he
gets scared. You know, he was really worried it was
some kind of monster because I guess his older brother
told him there was monsters in Freetown. But you know better, Yeah,
I do, except except yeah, can you get him some water?

Go on eveing? Right? So last night, yeah, yeah, I
think it was last night, Nana. What day is it, honey?
It Sunday night, Sunday? Okay, so yeah, last night, our

second night it mm hmm, Nana. I know there aren't monsters,
and know that just bad people. That's what you always say.

The only real monsters are the bad people. That's right.
But I don't even remember walking up to the ledge.
I just don't remember the ledge. Yeah, above the lake.
People are on top of the ledge. Yeah, Ethan, No, no, no,

we found you right next to the lake. No, no,
you couldn't. I was. I was up there. I woke
up there. Okay, all right, let's just just to go
back for a second. Okay, let's let's talk about what
happens Saturday night. There were voices, but they didn't they

didn't sound like people. No, they weren't people. Did you
see something even? And it was like what Grandpa used
to talk about Grandpa. Yeah, Dad's dad, right, Grandpapa Hoskins? Yeah?

Who else would I be talking about? No one, Just
keep going. Grant used to talk about the puck watches.
You know. Wait, you're not walking up, so you wouldn't know.
They're like fairies, except really mean. They've got quills and

spears and fire, and they even tricked people into getting hurt.
And Nana, I think I saw one you saw puck watching.
It was talking to me, trying to get me to
go with it. Ah, I don't know why I did.

There was these lights. I could barely see past them.
They were big and so bright, and then like a triangle,
and there was a person but they looked wrong, and
at first I thought it was one of the other boys.
They were short, whoever it was, but do you think

it was a puck watching? It was something something, and
it was saying, we want you come here, So I went.
I wanted to. I don't know why, but I wanted
to follow the lights. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have. Oh, honey, No,

it's okay, it's okay. You didn't do anything wrong. What's
the next thing you remember, Captain? Please, it's okay. Ethan,
please go ahead. I don't I don't know. I'm sorry now,
I don't know. I don't remember anything. It's okay, that's
all right. Really, you were there in that woman, that's

all I know. You mean at the lake by the fire. Yeah,
we sell the lights lights? What what do you mean
that the bonfire? No, the lights? You saw them, right, Nana?
What what lights? Baby? All around you? You and that woman,
they were floating lights. No, Ethan, that there weren't any lights.

I know what I saw, Okay, okay, I do believe you, Ethan.
Do you remember anyone else being around tonight besides me
and Celeste, that the woman? Anyone? Um, all right, I
don't know, Okay, that's okay, it's just honey. Do you

know how you got those symbols on your arm? Symbols?
Mm hmm yeah you um, they washed them off when
they admitage you. But you had these symbols all over
your arms. I did why what do you mean we
don't We don't know. I mean, we didn't recognize them.
Maybe maybe one of the boys did it, you know,

as a prank for fun. They were written in blood. No, honey,
it's okay. What does he mean blood. Who's blood? No,
it's we're just not sure, you know. The police. The
police is testing it now. And what happens to me, Nana?
What happened? You got lost, that's all, baby, You just

got lost. Is it true the stories you always told?
Are they true? Are there monsters in the woods? They no, Son,
there aren't any monsters in the woods. We believe that
you were kidnapped by a cult. Does the gathering sound

familiar to you? The what? Nana? What is he talking about? Nothing?
He did, honey, don't even listen to him, Ethan. The
woman who was with your grandmother, Celeste Corey, did you
recognize her, Captain, I don't think so. She didn't come
to your camp and lure you away. No, No, there

was no one there. But you heard a voice, right, yeah?
What was it? A man's voice? Stopes witness. I don't
know it was it was whispering, and the voice led
you to the ledge. And yes, I don't know. I

woke up and there was a voice, and then I
woke up again and was on the ledge. M hmm.
I thought I thought I was dreaming, but there were lights.
How did you get to the lake? I don't know.
I don't know. Okay, scared, Nana's okay, Ethan, we are done, captain.

We're gonna let him rest, right, Okaya, Nana? Mm hmm,
it's okay baby. I'm gonna stay here with you. You're safe.

Could you send him my mom? Yeah? Of course, how

was he? He's all right. His family is going to
be with him tonight. So now you you're not you're
not staying m h I uh. I just wanted to
give them some alone time. And mm hmm do you? Uh?

I mean when when did uh just spitch out? Rat Shaws?
Where where's Shelley's father? I just I don't know. I
mean you you two don't seem very close, and you
never he's gone. He's been gone for forty years. Right, Sorry,

you're right, we're not close. I messed up with Shelly.
I never wanted kids, but when her dad, I wasn't
a good mother. But I'm trying. Messed up. We live too.

She seems to love you, you know. I mean when
she was a kid, I was too obsessed with finding
out what happened to her grandfather. So you know, I'm
trying with Ethan, really trying. He was their miracle baby.
They they didn't think that they could have another one.

And then I don't see anything happened to him. Well
I safe now, mm hmmm. And forty years? Yeah, what

you said? He's been gone for forty years, and I
think we should just go to sleep. Bradshot has been
one hell of a long night. You knew he was
waking up in the middle of the night. And what

do you want me to say, Jeremy, how long? When? Um? So?
That means huh did my mom know? She found out?

And so this whole time, all these years, these decades,
you knew I still lived here. Yeah, And I was
going to tell you when you got older. But then
you moved out to California with your mom. That was
for college. And then I came back. Why why did
you come back? What happened to you here? I know?
But why did you come back? Why would you stay?

I have family here, so do I apparently talk? Could
you not tell me? How could my own mother no
tell me? She didn't want to ruin the idea of
your dad, and neither did I. They were going to
get divorced. And then when he went missing, we and

we both thought it would be kinder to keep you
in the dark. It's like all I ever am it's
in the dark, and try so hard to know everything
I can, and I am still constantly in the dark.

I am sorry. Oh fuck you? Fuck you Anne. You
don't get to talk to me like that. Why because
you were sucking my dad? That doesn't make you someone
to me. Don't make us sound tawdry. We were together,
we were in love. I still am. Yeah. Well, guess what,

he is dead. You dragged him into your crazy theories
and you encouraged him to go out there and do
something stupid and dangerous, and now he's dead. Don't you
blame me for that. I told him never to go
out there on his own. We were doing everything together.
Oh you sure were, weren't you. You were doing everything together.
When I woke up and I realized that he was gone,

I couldn't go after him because I was watching you.
So whose vault is it? Really? What are you talking about?
How did my house not look familiar to you? You
stayed over sometimes when they split up. Your parents decided
that there would be joint custody, especially when we found
out that I was so we uh, we were trying

to make get comfortable for you at my house the
weekend your dad went missing. Your mom almost out of
town visiting a friend, you know, getting some space, so
we had you for the weekend. Well, I don't remember that.
And we were all going to go for a hike
in Freetown. You know. I used to join you guys
on your Saturday. I did them with Ethan now and

he stays in the same room she did when you
were little, Hope. No, those hikes were always just the
two of us. Honey, you were just a kid. I'm
I'm not surprised that you don't remember. Why are you
lying to me? I'm not Jeremy, not anymore. But you're

telling me that it's my fault. It's my fault that
my dad is dead. But he's not dead. When you
shut up, Anne, m he is dead. He's as dead
as you can get and he's been dead for forty years.
And I am sorry you never found anyone else, But

that's your fault. I'm sure you were just trying to
protect me, which is but you know that was never
your job either. But um, you could have I could

have had you should have told me. I know I
have a half sister. M hmm, what does she know, no, No,

I never told her. She asked about her dad so much,
but I had never told her. It's one of the
reasons why we're not so close. Is that supposed to
make me feel bad for you? Know? These are the
choices that you made. And you can't blame your ghosts,

or your monsters, or your cults. You can't blame the
Bridgewater Triangle for your unhappiness. Neither can you. Well, I'm
glad either safe. Oh my god, fuck, he's my nephew.

I have a nephew and a niece. I don't think
I could ever forgive you for this, Anna, I know,
I know. Bridgewater was created by Aaron Manky and written

and directed by Lauren Shippen, with executive producers Aaron Manky,
Misha Collins, Matt Frederick, and Alex Williams, supervising producer Trevor Young,
editing and sound designed by Trevor Young and Matt Stillo,
and music by Chad Lawson. Starring Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw,
Melissa Ponzio as Anne Becker, Karen Sony as Vipen Corona,

Lori Allen as Nancy Collins, Cheryl Umania as Officer Bautista,
Victoria Grace as Katie Frank's Will Wheaton as Captain Haddock,
Hillary Burton Morgan as Shelley Hoskins, Jonathan Joss as Joseph Hoskins,
Sabra May as Olivia Hoskins, Samuel Marty as Ethan Hoskins,
Kristin Bauer as Celeste, and Nathan Fillion as Thomas brad Shahn,

with additional voice acting by Brigand Snow, Andrew Nowak, Julia Maurizawa,
Jarvis Johnson and Brielle Bresnan, Kristen dem Curio, James Oliva,
and Leron Amiel. Learn more about the show over at
Grimm and Mild dot com Slash Bridgewater and find more
podcasts from I heart Radio on the I heart Radio app,

Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows,
and as always, thanks for listening
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