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November 21, 2022 9 mins

We are heading into the DWTS season finale and it marks the conclusion of Cheryl’s time with the show. And while emotions run high, so does excitement and anticipation for what may be next. Cheryl opens up about her hopes and fears heading into her final dance. 

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
This is Burke in the Game and I heard radio podcast.
Hey guys, welcome to Burke in the Game. Um, alright,
so we are heading up into the finale right now,
and wow, there's been tons of tears and tons of
laughter and lots of um ups and downs. Right, an

emotional roller coaster for me because you know, I know
I said in the past or the past few weeks
that this is likely my last season. Well, I am
here to confirm that this is my last season. I
have made the final decision. And um, whoa, it is
just it really, I guess on top of my divorce, right,

this has been a different type of divorce. This has
been a relationship. I would kind of compare it to um,
a relationship that has had lots of ups and downs, um,
but has for the most part. When I look back
on this memory of twenty six seasons, it, um, it
has been a great memory. It's been an amazing chapter.

It has changed my life completely. It has made me,
you know, the woman I am today, um, And I'd
like to say that, you know, the woman that I
am yet to become is not with this family though,
you know, it's all bitter sweet, like you know, Louie
and I are actually going to perform, um my last dance.

I wouldn't say our last dance because I would love
Louie to be back, and I'm pretty sure he has
expressed that himself as well. So, UM, I chose Louie.
Louie has been the chosen one um for me, So
as my final dance, I am dancing with Louie. I'm
also starting the dance I guess you could say with Pasha.

We're going to be uh doing like an Argentine tango,
which has been one of my favorite dances ever on
the show. But um, you know, just I guess behind
the scenes, it has been really sad. Um. You know,
I have this people, especially behind the scenes obviously also
the dancers. You know. For example, I ran into Max.
Max was there for vale Um during the semifinals, and

then he asked how I was doing. Waterworks started crying
my eyes out. Um, he just wants to check in
to make sure I'm okay. And you know, this decision
of life after Dancing with the Stars, just to even
think that far ahead, which isn't too far from today,
it really, um is uh scary it I have I
have a lot of fear behind that this decision. However,

I do know that once one door closes, I'm pretty
sure because it has to happen, another door opens. Um.
You know, there's a lot of talks about, you know,
me being a part of possibly another television show, which
stay tuned for that. You know, I obviously don't want
to announce anything that hasn't beneficial as far as contracts go,
but had had it is definitely in the works and

it has been since even before the season. Um. But
I'm not obviously putting all my eggs in one basket. However,
you know, when it comes to me about my future
and like what I would like to do, I want
to continue my journey talking about mental health. I want
to continue my journey being able to you know, hopefully

get the messaging out that mental health is important, to
have these uncomfortable conversations and to continue my work with
that through movement, UM, and hopefully to be able just
to continue to be my authentic self on television. UM,
as you guys are watching, and you know, Dancing with
the Stars is about the celebrity and as much as

I've had such an amazing time on all with all
twenty five partners I've had. You know, there comes a
time where, like you guys know, it's time for me
to hang up these dance shoes and see what else
there is out there for me. Dancing with the Stars
has been, like I've said, a huge part of my life,
if not my whole life I've had Even through my

personal life, I've had so many ups and downs, but
there's always been this one constant, which has been Dancing
with the Stars. And you know, after Len's retirement, UM,
that was so emotional that I came out of left field.
I think for most of us, we were not prepped
for this to happen. UM. And as far as my
future goes, I don't make the decisions there. And to

be honest, you know, I I do want to see
what else there is other than Dancing with the Stars.
You know, UM, people are saying, you know you should
replace Len. I don't even know what's going on, and
I have not heard anything about anything or the future.
That you're still trying to get through the show. There's
um an amazing finale to look forward to, and this

is gonna be really tough this last dance, UM, I told,
I warned Louis and Pasha. That look, I might be
crying during this dance, and I don't think I've ever
really cried while dancing, and I'm pretty sure that's impossible.
So I'm hopefully gonna be able to just pull it together. Um,
hopefully my lashes don't fall off my face. But at
the end of the day, no, once you hear the

song coebook of Banna, we're re enacting that dance Louie
and I from second season. This is my final bow
and um, it is so tough. However, it's so exciting, right, Like,
I really truly believe that this is just the beginning
of my new chapter. I will never forget leaving. You know, Harlem.

When I was with my ex dance partner and coming
here was a big decision. It was the same type
of feeling like, oh my gosh, what am I doing?
Am I going to regret this moving forward? And again
I had to shut that door, that door of competitive
ballroom dancing, that door of my relationship with the partner
I was with. Um, I had just turned professional and

I had just been around in the competition circuit, and
once you have done the rounds in that world, it's
really hard to start over, and I knew that, you know,
though my intention was only coming here for one season,
I knew that I would have had to start over again,
let alone having to work on my relationship with the
person who you know, just we we didn't have a

very healthy relationship, as you guys know. Um, at the
end of the day, it was scary. It really was
scary to think life after competition when I was still
so young. I was in my prime. I was twenty
one years old. I just turned pro, you know, we
just made the finals in the Rising Star Professional Latin
category in Blackpool, and that just takes time, you know,

And to have to put that aside and then come
back maybe six months later, and then realizing I'm not
coming back and that maybe this is it as far
as my competition career goes. Was a really hard decision
for me to make. Yet I do not regret any
of it, and I even thank my partner, um, even
though I haven't talked to him, for really allowing me

to do this and um making it so that I
had no choice but to take this opportunity with Dancing
with the Stars, because you know, if he would have
told me not to do it, I probably wouldn't have
done it. So again, I guess there is heartbreak when
a chapter closes, but there's also so much to look
forward to. And um, I'm just so grateful for every

single person on this show that has been involved in
this show that I've worked with, from the coordinators, from
the camera operators to the band, to all the dancers
who have constantly challenged me to be the best artists
that I could be, and to the executives who have
come in and out of this show. You know, thank

you for believing in me. Um, and I just I
hope to work with all of these people again. I mean,
from glam to wardrobe. The list goes on, and I
know I'm forgetting people, but um, they more. I guess
you can say too that people behind the scenes have
become more of my family than anybody else on camera,

and that that, to me is really hard because when
you it's I know, from working on other shows in
the past as well, to have been a part of
such a legacy and to have been a part of
something that's been going on for so many seasons. I
don't know if this will ever happen again. I don't
know if I'll be a part of another show that
will go on for thirty one seasons. Um And I

just I want every single person on this production just
to know how grateful I am and how much I
love them, because it's because of all of them that,
you know, they have been such a crucial part of
my life. They make us all not just look good,
but like, you know, the conversations I've had with these people,
they've seen me grow up, you know, and uh, it's

gonna be really hard. It's hard for me to say goodbye,
but oh but it's time. And uh, I just want
every single person to know how grateful and how much
I love them. And it's just this experience has been
life changing and um yeah so but oh I want

you guys to tune into the finale. This dance that
I'm doing is dedicated to every single person who has
supported me and loved me, even though you may not
know me throughout my career. Um and I hope to
be able to make new memories and thank you. Just
thank you for this experience, Thanks for listening and coming

along this journey with me. If you like what you hear,
then feel free to give this podcast five stars. You
can also follow along with my journey on Instagram at
burke in the Game and if you have any advice
or want to write in, then email me at burke
in the Game at i heart radio dot com.
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