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May 3, 2022 2 mins

How do family caregivers care for themselves? This is the inspiration behind “CareWalks,” a podcast from iHeartRadio and Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel dedicated to bringing resources and respite to family caregivers. Join our host, actor, and caregiver, Holly Robinson Peete every episode as she encourages you to take care of yourself, starting with simple practices like a daily walk. Each week we will explore ways caregivers can prioritize their own health, share stories from other caregivers, and learn about important resources for the caregiver community. Join us May 18th, for the premiere episode of “CareWalks” and take us with you on your weekly walk. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
We all know someone who serves as a caregiver for
a loved one, a cousin who looks after your aunt,
or a friend who cares for their ailing spouse. In fact,
more than fifty million Americans are primary caregivers for a
family member, according to a study conducted by A A
r P and the National Alliance for Caregiving. And the
truth about caregiving is It's not an easy job. These

millions of Americans are all too familiar with the emotional, mental,
and physical impact that caregiving can have on a person. Hi.
I'm Holly Robinson P and I understand firsthand how the
caregiving journey can transform a family. That's why I'm hosting
the brand new podcast care Walks, a collaboration from I

Heart Radio and Volter in Our Rightest Pain Jail. In
each episode, we will walk you through stories and insights
around what it means to be a caregiver and how
we can manage the physical impact it has on the body.
We want this to be the show that gets you
on your feet and keeps you company on a walk.
So when you hit play on a new episode, I'll

guide you through mindful walking meditations to start off your walk.
On the right foot, and then we'll keep walking through
as we dig into the great conversations with our guests.
Just think of the show as you're walking, buddy. It's
a perfect way to not only manage some of the
physical pain you're experiencing, but it also gives you space
to reset mentally from the more challenging parts of your life.

There's this guilt associated for so many people, and this
this warped idea that taking care of yourself is a
selfish act, when in fact it is mandatory. I actually
have a walking prescription where I can write this out
for people and say, look, this is the medicine for

your arthritis. The medicine for arthritis is to get up
and walk. We also know that in a day filled
with caregiver duty, sometimes all you have is ten minutes
or less to yourself. We got you covered. Each week
we'll publish a full length episode along with an abridged
ten minute version. This way, if you only have time
for a short walk, we're still there making sure you

don't miss a thing. We are here to help you
care for yourself while you care for the ones you love.
As they say, you cannot fill from an empty cup,
so let's work to refill yours on a weekly walk together.
Join me on May eighteenth for our first episode of
care Walks to connect with other caregivers and hear from
the experts. We'll explore how to manage symptoms like joint

pain and stiffness resulting from osteoarthritis, and learn how to
make time for yourself while being the best caregiver possible.
Listen on the I Heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, Spotify,
or wherever you get your podcasts, and take a moment
to remind each other that together there is power and
community and we must continue to share our stories, good

days and tough days alike.
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