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November 15, 2021 32 mins

That's right! Chiquis is officially off the market! In this episode of Chiquis and Chill, you'll hear from Chiquis and her new beau. Learn how they met, what they like about each other and much more in this rare interview. They also open up about their very first date. She’s spilling all the relationship details for the first time.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
When did you know that you wanted to make our
relationship official? I think, honestly, I think immediately, What do
you like least about me? Be honest? Okay, okay, now
we're getting spicy. Relationships don't have to be hard. Sometimes

we make them hard. Hey, what's up, guys. Welcome to
cheek Ease and Chill. I'm your host cheek Ease, and
we're back with another episode. I can't believe we're already
in the middle of November. Guys. I love Thanksgiving, and
not because of the food. The food is good, but
because of what you know you're thankful for. Anyhow, today's

episode is going to get kind of personal. I'm opening
up and sharing my love life with you, something I
haven't done in a minute. So grab a caico a tequila. Um,
you might need some tequila because it's cheek Ease and
so if you listen to episode one, you'll know I'm

not single anymore. My boyfriend's name is a Medial Scentez.
But before we get into that, I want to take
a step back and touch on my last relationship a bit.
So we're gonna start off with, UM, I was married
for about a year. I'm still not divorced. Actually, we're
in the process. And it's not because I don't want
to be divorced. Um, it's just the process is long.

It's a long story. I will explain a lot more
about that in my book You Guys, comes out February
eight It's called Unstoppable UM. And it's something that is
important because it did happen. I was married and yes
now I'm dating, and I'm gonna talk about all of
it in my book. UM. But I learned a lot
from it. I definitely learned a lot about myself in
that relationship, a lot about what I don't want in

a person, what I do want, what I want to
do different. Um. It was very painful, but I think
with pain comes promotion. You learn, you grow, and it's
all part of the process. So I'm not thankful for
that partner, UM, and grateful for the lessons that I learned.
My last relationship lasted about four and a half years,
and uh, we got married and we started having problems

like leslie here into the marriage. So we separated officially
September and for those months, I want to say October
it started and again I'm always really sad around the
time because I lost my mom in October, like not physically,
but then she passed away in December. So it's always difficult.
And it was another like big thing in my life.

I fell to my knees, I was depressed, UM pandemic.
So many things happened at once. Um. I didn't want
to get divorced. I didn't want to get separated, but
I knew it was what was best for me. So
I did take a break. I did meet someone rather soon. UM,
I want to say, like in October, and I want
and I don't know if this sounds harsh, but it's

the truth. I feel like he was a devil in disguise.
I felt like he was everything that I wanted. And
I don't blame him completely, but I also take fault,
you know. But um, he told me everything I wanted
to hear, and I thought, oh my goodness, how did
you send me a guy a month later? So fast? God? No, no, no,
you need time to breathe guys, you need time to heal.
So that brought me even more into like a dark hole.

So then I decided in January, I'm gonna be single.
I'm going to do self love. I am going to
just love myself. I didn't want to know anything about guys.
And then March came around and I was like, okay,
March first, actually I said it in the first episode two.
I'm like, I'm gonna go on dating apps. I checked
out RYA, I checked out all these like high profile
dating apps. Then Emilio comes into the picture that same day.

So on the dating apps, I really said, I want,
I want a date. I want I love to love
and to be loved. I believe in marriage. I believe
in love, and I don't want to be tainted and
jaded for the rest of my life. And I'm like,
I want to date. I want to meet new people.
That doesn't mean I have to be sexual with them,
it's just they can take me out to eat or whatever. Um,
but I really wanted something where hey, this is an app,

and you're here because for the same reason, And if
it's a high profile app, then it's kind of like
you pay for these apps where I feel that there's
more serious people. They're just not trying to hook up
with you and getting your pants. It's more of like
I'm really trying to find something solid here. A friend
of mine UM was on Riah and she showed me.
I was like, this is kind of cool, like there's
famous people on here, and I really like it because
you couldn't screenshot like certain things like that I was like,

this is this is this is cool, this is where
I want to be. And then another friend of mine
had met her husband and now has two children with him.
I think they met on Plenty of Fish or something
like that. So I was like, maybe this is the
way to go. It's gonna be hard for me to
find someone because I am who I am. I don't
really go out that much and the pandemic and everything.
So I was like, I just so I did it.

But I never got to get into it because as
soon as I had Emilio, I was like, okay, I
don't feel comfortable. And then I have to tell you
guys about that too. I found his ass on Riya
like a month into dating my friend who was on
Riya that introduced me to Riya. She says, oh my god,
the guy you're dating is on here. She's like, but
I can't take a screenshop, so she put it on

her laptop and she took a picture of it, and
I was like, okay, so we're exclusive, right, we're dating exclusively.
He's like yeah. I'm like, okay, so are you on
any dating apps? And he's like, riah, but that's not
really a dating app. I was like, yes, it is.
I looked into it and I was like, you're on there.
But he was really honest about it. Anyways, I was
I had forgot about that until right now. But anyways,

I never really got to tap into the dating app thing,
but I had thought about it. So let's go back
a little bit on the d m s because that's
something that I hadn't really experienced until the world knew
I am separated, I'm going through a divorce. Like the
d m s were hot, you guys, I was like,
what the hell is this? I for a moment thought, okay, well,

I don't know. Sometimes, like when you're married, you feel like,
am I still hot? You know what I mean? Like
I'm attractive to my husband, to my man. But um,
I did receive a lot of d ms from regular
guys and um then I also received d ms from
women women that you guys may know, um that I
don't want. I don't feel comfortable putting it out there,

but asking me on dates, like serious dates, like, Hey,
I've had an eye on you for a long time.
You are so sexy and juicy, and I want to
know what you taste like. She said, So I would
love to take you to dinner, but let me take
you to dinner first. I'm not gonna lie. I thought
about it. She's very attractive. I thought about it. And
also some rappers. I met one of these rappers actually

at an award show in Vegas, and he said, I've
seen you on Instagram and I said, oh cool. He's like,
how about you give me have your Instagram? How about
you give me your number? So I was like what
He's like, I saw your going through a divorce. He's like,
so I can make you feel better. So I was like,
oh my goodness. Um. I gave him a number and

we talked for a little bit. Didn't really work out. Um.
And then another rapper too, Um, really nice, very respectful, Hey,
what's up? We should hang out one day? Don't you
gotta worry about me? We can sign N D A S,
the whole thing. But I never I never want to day.
I'm just I'm kind of shy in that aspect. I'm
just kind of like Oh my god, I worry. I'm like,
what if they say something because there I don't know.
I was just very hesitant and I just decided not

to go through with it. But it got pretty hot
in there, guys. And then on Snapchat it got crazy.
They were sending dick pics. It was insane. It gets crazy,
I swear to you. I feel like Snapchat can sometimes
be like, I don't know, the Devil's Manual or something.
It's crazy. You can get yourself in trouble in their guys,
so be careful with that. But anyways, that was when

I was single. But I'm a single no more, so
I ignore those d M s now um. But people
are kind of honestly, they're they're very respectful. Now that
people know that I officially have a boyfriend, I'm not
getting dms like that anymore. They're kind of like, I
think they kind they know what kind of woman I am.
Uh So, any who, and then the screenshots is not cute,
you guys gotta be careful with that. So this is

how we get in too. I'm not single anymore, guys,
because you know is now officially my boyfriend. Okay, so
let's talk a little bit about a medio or a
lot of it. I talked about it briefly in episode one.
But we met for the very first time in May

and he was taking pictures of me and it was
crazy because it was for Joline and it was during
the quarantine and we couldn't Becky and I Becky Gane
I didn't get together and do like a real, real
um video music videos, so we had to do like animated.
So it's crazy because I had all these crazy outfits
on and it had to do like crazy movements and
it was just not a pretty sexy type of photo shoot.

So I was doing all these crazy ass things on
the floor and here he is a cute guy that
has really pretty eyes. That's what first attracted me to
him was when I saw him, was like, wow, he
has really pretty eyes. I even told him, aut you
have beautiful eyeballs and he's like eyeballs. Like yeah, I
like your eyeballs. He's like, oh thanks. But he was
very professional, very respectful. Um he did kind of ask me, hey, so,
what's up is your man here? And I'm like, oh no,

he actually moved out because you know, my ex had
already moved out and we were already starting the separation.
So he had just recently moved out, like two weeks before,
and I was really sad. So I was kind of like,
I like this guy, but I'm in no position, you know.
But he was cute. I had one of my guys,
my makeup artists, asked, Hey, just ask if he's married.
I just want to know. He said he wasn't. But
I never asked if he had a girlfriend, and I

think during that time he did. I learned that later,
of course. Uh so that happened. I get back with
my X. We try to make things work, didn't work out.
We separate in September. UM rolls around after my big depression,
and I went to to Loom in January, and I
feel like I left all of my sadness into Loom.
I just feel like I was born there. So I

was like re birthed into Loom. And I went into
the ocean. I meditated. I left everything there. I came
back just happy or I'm like, you know what. That's
where I was like, I want to love myself, I
want to take care of myself. I want to learn
from my mistakes. And that's when I decided. On March one,
of one that I was going to do dating apps
and this whole thing, and I was stopped in my

tracks because Emilia walked through my door. He was invited
to Becky G's party that was at my house. It
was a surprise party that we had done for her
at my house and he was invited. And again that
same spark, that same look, that same feeling that we
I think we both had that first time we had met,
came back and I was just like we were inseparable.
The whole night. We were talking, we were dancing, we

were vibe and taking shots. Then because he used to drink,
he doesn't drink anymore, so we were taking shots and everything.
We got buzzed and I told him, hey, I love
your dimples. Can I poke them? And he's like, you
could do whatever you want. I was like, oh that
mean it was so sexy When he said that. One
thing led to another and we kissed, so he actually
kissed me, and I thought that was really hot too.

So I just I love his smile. I love his smile,
of his eyes, his dimples. The first kiss was very nice,
very soft, very respectful. He kind of put me up
against the wall, which I really too and he just
he kissed me and then we talked. I have like
a garage that I turned into a closet at my house.

We went into the closet. We were just talking and
talking like I just feel like I had known him forever.
It just it all helped. I felt just so nice
and the kiss was nice, and he touched my butt
and I was like, oh my god, stop. It was
really cute. And then I found out that he was
younger than me. Guys, he's younger than me. A lot
of people don't know that. I never thought I was
going to date anyone younger. My ex was a year

younger than I was, and I felt like that scared me.
He was the first guy had ever dated that was
a year younger than me. Everyone was like four or
five years older. So I was like, well, I'm for
sure not going to do That's another thing. This is
why I know God knows what you need, because I
was like, I want this. I want a guy that
has already been married and divorce so he knows what
I've gone through. I want him to have kids, because
I don't know if I want to have kids. I

want him to be older and mature and God gave
me the complete opposite. Emilio is twenty nine years old.
He just turned this past May, and I'm thirty six
and I never thought that I was going to date
a guy younger. He has no kids, and he wants kids.
It's just I'm like, God, what are you doing? But
he knows why. But he's very mature. I'm actually going

to call him in a little bit. I'm surprising with
a little phone call, you guys are gonna be able
to feel that he's very mature, very mature guy. So
I'm gonna call him Elion. And this is exclusive for
all of you guys that are listening only for cheek
ease and chill. I have never done this. I haven't

even really talked about my relationship with anyone guys, because
I kind of want to keep that part private. My
last relationship really scared me and I'm just a little
tainted in that area. I'm like, you know what, I
just want to keep this to myself. But hey, you
guys are special. This is a special podcast. So I'm
going to call him. I prepared some questions and we're
gonna get some truth at him. Okay, so can you

call him up? Always right here, only say what's up
to everybody? That's only here we go nervous, Hi, baby,
Hi beautiful? What are you doing? Him walking? Oh? The

puppy to give him a kiss for me? So you
know how I'm like recording a podcast and stuff. Yes,
so today's episode is called I Am Not Single anymore.
So I'm not single and I'm talking about you and
how we met and you are live with me right now.
Say hi to everyone? Wow, Hello everyone, Hello, everyone. So

this is a medio Sanchez. You guys already kind of
told you guys how we met and what he does
for a living, but I want you guys to hear
it from him, so I prepared these questions for you. Baby. Um,
can you talk a little bit, like for a little bit,
just like for like seven minutes? Yeah, of course. Okay,
Oh my god, hold on, are you nervous? Who are
you nervous? Because everything with us has been so private

and nice But it's okay, though. This is I think
people want to know this part of my life and
I would want them to know why why I am
with you, and I want you to be completely honest.
There's some questions on here that I just I want
you to answer truthfully. Don't think I'm gonna get mad. Okay, okay, okay, okay.
So tell them straight up. What do you do for

a living and where are you from. I am a
photographer and director out of Los Angeles, California. I was,
but I was born in Santa Monica, So I'm more
of a beach boy than an l a boy. I
feel he loves Santa Monica. You guys, um, do you
remember the first time we met. The first time we

met was on set during COVID for the Joe Ween
music video that we did together. Yes, yeah, so right
away on our first day we had to work together
and it was kind of a any day it was.
I kind of told him about that, see, he remembers,
he I thought you maybe you had forgotten or something.

Why would I forget the first day? I don't know.
I just wanted to make sure. Okay. So what was
your first impression of me? Um? Well, you had a
lot of energy that I felt was very attracting, Like
I was attracted to that, and I didn't I didn't
know why or what, but it just felt like, I

don't know, people just gravitate towards you. So I guess
that's kind of what happened. Oh, you've never told me
that immedial. Oh guys, this is so cute. Did you
think I was pretty? Of course? Did you like my butt?
Mm hmm yeah. I may have looked at it a

couple of times. He may have looked at it a
couple of times. Oh my god, you guys. He's very
He's a very reserve type of guy, very shy. Um.
He's used to being behind the camera, so this is
all very new for him. So the fact that he's
doing this and answering all these questions is a lot.
So thank you so much. Maybe okay, I'm not done
yet though, So okay, So do you remember the first date? Yeah,

our first day. It was already like a few weeks after.
We were kind of talking. So I took you to
Catch in Hollywood because I remember you were feeling like
you haven't seen anything or been a part of like
my side or like my life. So I was like,
let me take you to I'm taking mind her. Let

me bring it over here and take you one of,
you know, one of the cool restaurants. So I knew
the atmosphere was going to be fun, and we both
really love sushi, so mm hmm, yeah, it was like
the perfect place. Let me tell you, guys, Emilio has
introduced me to so many new and different things, different
places I had never been to Catch. I had never
really even hung out in that area, and it was

refreshing because we got to hang out and nobody followed us.
No paparazzis, no, no, like. It was just a different
type of atmosphere. He comes from, like Hollywood. He's a
Hollywood kid, and you know, so he knows all these
things that I'm in l a girl, guys, but I'm
like in the valley, I'm on the outskirts, you know
what I mean. And he's taught me so much a
different freaking world. It's it's crazy. So Catch was so

delicious and I gotta highly recommended and ll at you guys. Catch. Okay,
So were you nervous about that first date though? Okay,
I think it was the first first date that I've
ever been on where we fought over the food. Definitely
your first because I could eat. That's why I don't know.

I'm not shy. I'm not a shy girl. I'm not like,
oh no, I don't want to eat Like now, I'm like,
bring it and order whatever you want to eat all
of it. So I think he was like this girl,
she's cute. Okay, So we're you nervous or not. I
think we were both nervous. Huh. I wasn't, as you know,
because we had already was talking every day, hanging out
a lot, So like that part, I wasn't as nervous,

but I was nervous to see us in like a
date situation. It was like, okay, so a real test.
It's like, okay, how are we if we start doing
real relationship things. So that's kind of what I was
nervous for. We had a glass so it was like
it kind of took a lot of pressure off. It
was such a nice time. Do you remember what I

was wearing, not the very first time, not not the
Julian on March one? Do you remember what I was wearing?
Oh that day? Yeah, he came out of your glamor
when you were wearing a purple Lakers jacket. It's your
hair tight. And I saw it all in slow motion.
It was pretty crazy, like out of the movie or
what out of a movie. It was straight out of

the movie. And I was like any college rest probably.
I was like, we already worked together once and I
don't I don't know why. It just happened out of nowhere.
And I was like, and it kind of hit me
and I was like, oh man, that's may have been alcohol,
but I don't know. That was crazy. It was. It
was like this electrifying feeling. Guys, it's crazy. Okay, what
color was my lipstick? I'm gonna go with red, Go

with red. No, remember it was dark. It was like
a dark like burgundy or something like that. Well, I
guess it's kind of red. Guys. Okay, let's give him
that kind of red. And then because okay, he doesn't
want to say it, but like he was like, you
were in these black leggings and your asks looks so nice.
What don't you tell him that? Didn't you say that
or not? M he's shy, he's shy. But anyways, he

did say that. He said that my butt looked really
nice in those in those um leggings. Okay, do you
remember our first kiss and where it was m M, yeah,
definitely it wasn't. It wasn't much long after that that
same night or what I think, So who kissed who me,
are you. I definitely kissed you. He kissed me because

you told me I can cook your dimples. Yeah, you
could do whatever you want. Yeah, you said that. Um,
when did you know that you wanted to make our
relationship official? I think, uh, honestly, I think immediately everything
was like wow, okay, everything, everything, everything that I felt

for you happened so fast, like and you just like
I said, you have like this very strong force of
attraction that I was like, I just honestly, I just
kind of knew. Since since that night, since the beginning,
hasn't really changed. Mm hmm, thank you. I was gonna

ask you another question, okay, but wait, um, because when
we first started dating you guys, the conversations were very different.
They were like, Okay, we're gonna chill, and we didn't
talk about all kinds of things like kids and all
this stuff. And now it's kind of like, hey, you
make me feel things that I've never felt before, you know,
and that makes me excited. Dabe. You know that I

can do that because it's all organic. Yes, it's authentic,
and we don't there's no pressure. We let it flow. Um. Okay,
so what do you like the most about me physically firstly, yeah,
physically first, and then we'll go into the you know,
the rest. I want you to guess what my favorite

thing My butt, but give okay, my smile, my cheeks.
It's true, I should have said, yeah, I should have
said cheeks. He loves my cheeks, you guys. He's always
grabbing my cheeks from my face. Okay, the cheeks in
the bottom two, but my cheeks from my face. He
grabs them all day long. I've never really let anybody
touch my favor, but he loves my cheeks. Okay, So

about me? Characteristic a trait? Something that you like the
most about me? M m um. I mean, obviously there's
there's so many things, but my favorite is probably how
genuine you are as a human being, like in public
but also like even bucking closed doors. You're just such

a carrying, in loving person and all you wanna do
is make as many people happy as you can, And
it definitely rubs off on me. It motivates me to
want to be the best person I can be. Also, oh, babe,
can't we just see you so I could just mm okay, alright, guys,
sorry about that. Anyways, I forgot I'm here on the podcast. Okay,

so what do you like least about me? Be honest? Okay, okay,
now we're getting spicy. Um why I think it kind
of goes It kind of goes with what I just
said was the best thing about you is that you

know you do. I want to please everything and everyone
as you possibly can. And sometimes you're a bit hard
on yourself mm hmmm. And sometimes I you know, being
hard on yourself, you forget sometimes to like give yourself,
you time for you, Oh my god. Yeah, I wish
you gave yourself more of your time and knowing that

everything doesn't have to be done yourself, you know, and
you can lean on other people, and it's okay to
do that, and especially now that I'm here for you know,
you can always lean on me as well. Thank you,
Thank you. See you, guys, I told you he's very
mature for his age, because I was talking about your
age and I've never dated anybody as ang as you.
But I was so worried and now I don't care anyways. Okay,
one last question, okay, because it's very important. Do you

feel that I'm controlling controlling? Yes, not at all, absolutely not.
Thank you. I've never had any of that stience at all. Oh,
thank god. I just needed to know I do know
what you like, and I know you don't like and
I it's just stick by those rules and I'm good. See, guys,

you got okay. Men that are listening to this podcast,
when they say happy wife, happy life, that's some serious ship,
you guys. It's not that. It's just kind of like
we both advice versa. We should all know what we
like about one another in your partner and just stay
in that lane and in those lines, and you don't
have to worry about it. Relationships don't have to be hard.

Sometimes we make them hard, and communication is key. And
that's something that him and I are on the same page.
We both come from relationships that were a little difficult
and we weren't necessarily our best selves in those relationships,
and now we want to be the best self for
each other. So we're both very intentional, um doing that.
So I think this is why it's it's working, you know.
And and um, I just I love them, guys. I

do what the hell I do if it can, I say,
I'm telling the world now, I love Amelio. Oh, I
love you, Janey. Thank you, babe, Okay, So it is
Jenney the one, And look, you don't have to answer
that right now. It's it's it's just you know. But

if you do, you feel that Genet is the one? Absolutely,
oh my god, absolutely okay. And you know that every
day he does guys, he says he wants Yeah, he
wants everything with me. That's what he says. I want
everything with you, That's what he says. Um. You know
a lot of people ask me, will you ever get
married again? Do you still believe in love? Is Amilia

the one? I get that question all the time, and
I have learned that I want to live in the
moment and right now he is the one, and right
now I wouldn't mind getting married again. And I am
still healing some things from my past and I'm going
to therapy and seeing my life coach and stuff because
it really did damage me and I want to heal

myself of that before stepping into something else more serious.
He understands it, and I'm very very honest with him.
But he makes me happy and he has made me,
honestly think of having children more than I ever have
in my life. He'd be a wonderful father and i'd
feel safe, that's the word. I would feel safe marrying him,
and I would feel safe having children with him. So yes,

I mean he is he's he's the guy. Um. He
teaches me something every single day, and sometimes I feel
like I'm the little Toxica on the relationship. So I'm
trying to just keep myself from making the same mistakes
as before. Um. But it's all learning. It's a it's
a learning process. You gotta take a day by day. Okay, baby,

thank you so much for taking my call for doing this.
I know it's not your thing, but I wanted people
to see how wise he is, how mature, how loving
and anyways, so I'll call you in a little bit.
I okay, yeah, go go pick it up. Okay, I
love you. Okay, bye. Well, there you have it, guys,

And again, let me reiterate, I have not talked about
my relationship in this way, and he doesn't give interviews.
He's just talked that to pipe. So we're breaking nice
here on chickens and chill. It's so I hope that
you guys enjoyed that little glimpse into my relationship with Amilium.

Now we're gonna get a little deeper. Okay, I don't
know if you know, but I'm a cancer and Emilio
is a Gemini. This crazy as it sounds. I'm all
about horoscopes and everything usually on the type of person
to like look up like, are we compatible for one another?
And I haven't done that with the Meilio. Why? I
have no clue, But I'm gonna do it here with you, guys,
I promise you. I haven't read it before. Um, So

I'm gonna go on horoscope dot com to see Emilio
and I are truly quote unquote compatible for one another
according to astrology. All right, pulling it up right now.
I'm kind of nervous. I'm not gonna lie. I don't
know why I haven't done it with him. That's so crazy.
Um let's see, Okay, Jim and I and cancer in

love and sex. Okay, When Gemini and cancer come together
in a love affair, it may be a rather curious relationship.
Sensitive emotional cancer O Sagio has trouble communicating clearly. I
think I've grown that, okay, but clear communication is what
defines Gemini. Gemini's nature and silver tongue may encourage the

crab to come out of its shell more quickly than usual.
Cancer intern can teach Gemini to slow down and appreciate
the world, which the frantic twins hardly ever take time
to do. If Gemini seems to ignore cancer or doesn't
provide them with as much reassurance and intimacy as needed,
trouble may ensue. I'm laughing, guys, because it's so true.

That's true. My love language is words of affirmation. But
he knows that, so he's really good at that. Okay,
these two signs approach the world in different manners that
they must be able to under done and except one
Another's difference is Cancer is the sign of home and heart,
while Gemini is the thinker. Gemini can easily slip into

the role of cancer's night in shining armor. Quality of
home life is important to cancer and gem Gemini will
be oiled by their cancer lover, hearty home cooking, which
is true, kind of soft bed and other creature comforts. Okay, look, guys,
what I'm getting out of here is that cancers and
Gemini's aren't necessarily compatible because we're very different. I'm very emotional,

He's more in his mind, which is very true. But
let me tell you something about this. You don't necessarily
have to be quote unquote compatible. It's just where you
are in your life. When you meet your person, are
they in a healthy state of mind? And Emilia and
I both do therapy every week. He knows he has
things he has to work on. We're very honest with

each other. I have things I have to work on.
I see my life coach. I'm very intentional about doing
my work because I can be a very unhealthy cancer,
and obviously geminis can also be unhealthy. Every sign really,
but it's all about you being intentional every day and
being the best version of yourself for your partner, for yourself.
So I think Emilia and I work, even though it
says that we're not that compatible. I think because we're

both on the same page and we both want the
same thing. Some people are like, no, I gott stay
away from this sign because they're not good for me. Hey,
you might run into the love of your life, and
astrology says that's you know, that's not your match. And
you know what, I have never dated Gemini, and I
was a little skeptical in the beginning because my mom's

love of her life, his name is Fernie and he
is a Gemini. My mom was a cancer like me,
and that was my mom's soulmate. She always said, that's
my soul made. But he's just he wasn't necessarily a
healthy gemini. So I was kind of like, oh my god,
like they're you know, you always hear that they're too
face and they're not to face. I've learned what they are.
That's why I was a little bit like, oh my god.
But with Emilio Selo, you know, so, yeah, this is

my first time day your joy. I hope that you
learned a little bit about my relationship and also about yours,
or if you're not in a relationship, what you want
to do in the next relationship, how you want to act. Um.
All I can tell you is communication is key. Always
be honest. Honesty is the best policy. Communicate because through

communication comes clarity. Anyhow, I hope that you enjoyed this podcast,
and don't forget to listen to Cheeks and Chill every
Monday on the I Heart Radio app, Apple podcast, or
wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. This is a
production of I Heart Radio and Michael podcast Network. Follow
us on Instagram, at Michael Podcasts and follow me cheek

eas on Instagram at cheek Ease. And I'll see you
guys next week. And remember Nana two three,
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