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May 24, 2022 2 mins

What’s the deal with Formula 1 racing? Is it just a bunch of European adrenaline junkies with a death wish? And how does it differ from something like the American-based NASCAR or IndyCar series? In reality, there’s way more to it. F1 combines some of the world’s great engineering feats, drivers with the athleticism of Olympians, and a captivating billionaire's playground. But while there’s never a dull moment in this sport, how do you even get started as a viewer? Comedian Michael Kosta (The Daily Show) is here to do all of that heavy lifting for you. Each week, F1 expert-in-residence Lily Herman will take him — and you — on a different team’s journey, all in the hopes of figuring out who’s worthy of his — and your — support. From Sports Illustrated Studios and iHeart Media, this is Choosing Sides: F1.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It is the best, the elite of motor sports, the
thing that everyone is aiming for. The stakes are so
incredibly high it doesn't scare you. Then it's not veg enough.
From my Heart Radio and Sports Illustrated Studios, this is
choosing sides one. Wow. Formula one is much more than

a car race. It merges together man and machine in
a rich people's playground where the line between life and
death is razor thin. WHOA, this is off to a
dramatic start. I'm selling it right. Putting aside all of
the theatrics, Formula one has captivated billions of people worldwide
over the past seventy two years. However, it's only now

gaining a serious foothold in the States. But even if
you've already started watching F one, you might still be
missing the nuances, the history, and the teams. I ask
you this, do you even have a favorite driver? That's
where we come in. I'm Willie Herman, a walking pop
culture encyclopedia and Formula one expert, and I'm Michael Costa, comedian,
former pro tennis player, current Daily Show correspondent. And I'm

just gonna be honest here, I have not seen five
seconds of a Formula one race, Lily, What the heck
am I doing here? Well, you're in the right place, Michael,
because by the time we're done here, you'll not only
be an F one whiz, but you'll be ready to
declare your loyalty to a team and a driver. Who
are these drivers? Rich kids? I'm very interested in the steering?
Is it just men when they say box? Does that

mean pit daddy issues? Daddy issues galore. We'll get into
the rules, technology and on track rivalry. Shut up, but
we'll also get into the salacious stories you need to
know to truly understand the sport. Jesus witness, intimidation and conspiracy.
We are off to a great start. By the end

of our time together, Michael will pick his team and driver.
He seems like a whiny over ACTI team principle, and
hopefully you will too. I am willing to be convinced.
I'm willing to to become a fan of the sport.
But if I don't just give that away, listen to
Choosing Sides F one on the I Heart radio app,

Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Is that
what they say in the podcast? Bas I'm a TV
guy I don't know,
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