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April 18, 2024 63 mins

Enjoy this recap of some of the best moments from February and prepare for more captivating conversations with Shannon Sharpe because you never know who’s going to stop by The Club…

00:00 - Mo'Nique on Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and Kevin Hart losing her family $10M+ 

00:17 - Johnny Manziel on losing 40 lbs, doing heavy drugs in the Hollywood Hills & listening to Future

00:36 - Terry Crews on Katt Williams being homeless during filming of FRIDAY AFTER NEXT

00:49 - Desi Banks on buying 12 houses & owning 18-wheeler trucks


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Now, to Tyler Perry's credit, Tyler Perry called us up right,
and he said, I can see the pain in you
and I can hear it, and I want to let
you know that I would never do nothing to hurt you.
But the conversation kept going on, only for Tyler Perry
to admit he did start a rumor that I was

difficult to work with. He lied, only for Tyler Perry
to admit I was wrong. And when my movie Boo
come out, I'm going to say that right now, here's
where when you did that interview with Kat, I could
respect how you do it, because Kat said you let
them people lie in your face and your response was, Kat,

I don't know if they're lying or not, because I
can only take them at.

Speaker 2 (00:49):
Their word the word, right.

Speaker 1 (00:50):
Yes, Well, we sent you the audio of Tyler Perry.
I don't want you to take me at my word.
I want you to hear his word. And did you
hear that man saying what did you hear that man saying?

Speaker 3 (01:04):
He said it?

Speaker 2 (01:05):
What did he say?

Speaker 3 (01:09):
Is that modey? You know you're not supposed to be
recording people.

Speaker 1 (01:14):
No, no, no, no, let me back up. Everything we
did was legal. And here's where a black woman really
gets the kick in the ass. Had I not recorded
Tyler Perry, then it would have been my word against his,
and then on top of that, it would have been
he's so powerful, we can't even pay no attention to that. Well,

now I have him on audio, which is legal to
do where we live. Okay, we have him on audio.
And do you know what some people then said, why
would you record him? Just like you said there and said,
you know what's unlegal to But did you hear what
the man said? I violated you, I mistreated you. Do

you know, Shannon? That's cost my family tens of millions
of dollars. Yeah, over a lie and a rumor?

Speaker 3 (02:04):
Is he gonna is he gonna make a car? He's
gonna compensate you for that?

Speaker 2 (02:07):
I want you to look in your camera.

Speaker 1 (02:08):
Yes, and I want you to talk to Tyler Perry
because you heard what that man said, So ask him.
Will he compensate my family for that?

Speaker 3 (02:16):

Speaker 4 (02:16):
Will you come on club Shay Shay and let's have
a conversation about the fair compensation for what transpired between
you and Monique. You can sit right here, and she's
sitting right here, and you and I can have a
conversation and will.

Speaker 2 (02:29):
Do you want better? And give me five on that? Baby?

Speaker 1 (02:31):
Where do you want better? Shade my husband and I
will sit right next to him. See, with this whole
situation and some of the people that Kat talked about, ironically,
I have some issues with those same people.

Speaker 2 (02:47):
There were people that reached out to.

Speaker 1 (02:49):
Tyler Perry on my behalf, okay, and I was grateful
for that.

Speaker 2 (02:53):

Speaker 1 (02:54):
There was Al Sharpton, the Reverend Al Sharpton, civil rights leader. Yeah,
I said him that audio. He listened to it. He said, baby,
what that man did to you is wrong, and you're
like my daughter, and we're gonna have to get him
to fix that.

Speaker 3 (03:09):

Speaker 2 (03:10):
We didn't hear from l. Sharpton for six months.

Speaker 1 (03:13):
The next time we saw Al Sharpton, he was on
a podium talking about we don't need to fly commercial
because we can fly Tyler Perry's private jet. I said,
that's why maybe I'm not hearing back from him.

Speaker 2 (03:25):
Okay. Then we had our.

Speaker 1 (03:27):
Beautiful sister, Stephanie Mills. Yes, okay, who is she don't
play yes?

Speaker 2 (03:33):

Speaker 1 (03:34):
I told her what happened since her the audio. Now,
don't know if she listened to that audio or not.
But however, she called Tyler Perry. She said, Monique, Tyler
Perry does not want to revisit this.

Speaker 2 (03:44):
Okay, fine.

Speaker 1 (03:45):
While we're on the phone, Tyler Perry calls her back
and says, I will meet with Monique, but not with
her husband.

Speaker 2 (03:54):
And you ready for this?

Speaker 1 (03:56):
And now Monique has to apologize publicly to say Oprah
and I had nothing to do with messing up her.

Speaker 3 (04:03):
Career, but that'd be a lie.

Speaker 1 (04:05):
Looking at goddamn camera, I thought I thought that was
a stage the way.

Speaker 2 (04:10):
You look at the camera.

Speaker 1 (04:11):
Yes, because you heard it, yes, right, yes, So when
you have when you hear what this man is saying,
so I said, Stephanie, tell Tyler Perry. Never will I
meet with him without my husband. And I owe no apology,
so I'm not going to give one that goes away.
Kevin Hart. Now you know when Williams said Gatekeepers, Yes,

Kevin Hart, I do his podcast, yes, and I want
you all to re listen to the podcast so you
can hear it for yourself. When he first comes on,
he says, you're like my mother, You're like my aunt,
you're like my sister. Okay, then we do the podcast,
we speak about the Tyler Perry situation Oprah Winfrey. He said,

I don't really know Oprah, but I'm gonna reach out
to Tyler.

Speaker 2 (05:00):
Shape that. Kevin kept his word. He reached out to
Tyler Perry.

Speaker 1 (05:04):
Kevin Hart called me back about maybe a week or
so later. He said, MO, I talked to Tyler. He said,
he don't want to revisit it. He said, but I
tell you what, let's move past that mod. Let's just
move past that and let's just do great things. So
whatever I want you to hear me, Kevin Hart, let's
move past that mod. Let's do some great things together.

Don't even worry about it. Whatever y'all want to do,
I will partner with you. I'll executive produce with you.
You just let me know what you want to do. Now,
let me say that before we go any further, because
I want to make sure I give Kevin Hart his
proper credit. When my family was up against the wall,
Kevin Hart wrote us a check and said, here you go.

Speaker 2 (05:44):
We're forever grateful for that.

Speaker 1 (05:46):
When we were able to give it back, we said, brother,
we appreciate you with some interest on top. Because I
don't never want nobody to think me and my husband,
So I want to make sure I put that out
there that brother really helped us out.

Speaker 2 (05:56):
When we needed to be helped out.

Speaker 1 (05:58):
Then when he came back with I got I didn't
ask Kevin Heart to do anything. He said, our executive produce,
I'll partner with you. I said, good shit, Kevin, because
we're in a deal with In Demoll and we're trying
to get our talk show back. Mo whatever it is,
I got you. Now, Kevin Hart is one of the
biggest entertainers right now in the world right and was

Then we got off the phone with Kevin Hart. We
called in de mall immediately and said, Kevin Hast said
whatever we want to do, he got us.

Speaker 2 (06:26):
He's gonna partner executive use.

Speaker 1 (06:28):
They was like, oh, this is incredible because when you
put Kevin Hart name on it, you already know what
it is.

Speaker 3 (06:33):

Speaker 2 (06:34):
Two weeks go by, we get a call from in Demol.

Speaker 1 (06:38):
In Demoll says, we just got a call from Kevin
Hart's manager, Dave Becky, and Dave Becky said, Kevin doesn't
want anything to do with Monique, So whatever she told y'all,
he doesn't want to do anything with nothing. You know,
he doesn't want any any kind of relationship with Monique?

Speaker 3 (06:52):
So what changed between the two weeks and when?

Speaker 4 (06:54):
And plus he gave your check, you gave the money back,
then said he would partner with you executive produce whatever
you need.

Speaker 3 (07:00):
Mo, Hey, we got you.

Speaker 4 (07:02):
So what transpired or what do you think transpire between
then that two week period?

Speaker 1 (07:09):
Well, soon as we got off the phone and they
told us what Kevin manager David Becky said, I called
Kevin Hart immediately. I said, hey, baby, we just got
off the phone with end Demarrow And they said Dave
Becky called them up and said, you don't want anything
to do with me. He said, MO, that's a miscommunication.
I can tell you right now. I said, wait a minute,
are you okay thh with this white man calling them up,

getting in between our relationship something you said? He said, MO,
that's a miscommunication and we're gonna talk tuesday. Don't worry
about it. I'm telling you right now it's a miscommunication
that was two years ago. If you talked to him,
I talked to him. I've never talked back to Kevin
Hart again. So that's what we're faced with. When you

allow somebody to come in between a relationship with a
woman that you said, I'm like your mother. You said
I'm like these things. I didn't ask you for that.
So everything that that baby was saying sitting here, everything
he was saying was on the up and up. Because
when you hear people say get the anger out your heart.
Oh man, no one's saying he's lying. No one ever

said I was lying. It's so easy to discount and
devalue because of what we look like. However, when it
comes to Tyler Perry, I will not allow you to
discount or devalue because that is your.

Speaker 2 (08:27):
Voice on that audio.

Speaker 1 (08:29):
Remember on Good Times when Penny's mother was whooping up
on you and she had recorded it.

Speaker 2 (08:35):
That's you one tape.

Speaker 1 (08:38):
So how does it go from you saying you're going
to give me an apology to now I owe you
an apology?

Speaker 3 (08:44):
But what are you an apology for?

Speaker 1 (08:47):
What could I possibly owe you an apology for when
you've admitted See when Lee Daniel says to me, because
Cookie from the show Empire, I was offered that role
now to Rogie tore it up, baby it listen here. However,
I was offered that then Felida call me back and say,

baby girl, they said.

Speaker 2 (09:08):
You're too difficult to work with.

Speaker 1 (09:10):
But you here on an audio that a man told
David Talbert, I was difficult to work with.

Speaker 2 (09:15):
Do you see how that cost my family?

Speaker 3 (09:18):

Speaker 1 (09:18):
And with no accountability because oh it's the great Tyler Perry. No,
you've got to be accountable for that. Oprah Winford, You've
got to be accountable for the things you've done with
my family. You've got to be accountable for that.

Speaker 3 (09:32):
Is there any relationship between you and Tyler and you
and Oprah?

Speaker 5 (09:34):

Speaker 2 (09:36):

Speaker 3 (09:37):
No, But I thought there was an apology. I read that.

Speaker 4 (09:42):
I thought I read somewhere that Oprah had issued you
an apology and Tyler had issued an apology.

Speaker 3 (09:47):
That's not correct.

Speaker 4 (09:48):
No, No, the only person that's given you an apology
saw it.

Speaker 1 (09:52):
Is Lee Daniels. That's the only person. So we are
in a place where we're too afraid to call them
for what it is. We're too afraid to say if
it looked like a duck in a quack, like a duck,
what is a Shannon?

Speaker 2 (10:10):
It's a duck.

Speaker 1 (10:11):
So again, you see the struggle of the black woman.
As I'm sitting here talking to you and you say mother,
Why would you record him? But you heard the man
violate me. The first thing wasn't I can't believe that
cat did.

Speaker 2 (10:23):
That to you? It's why would you do it? And
we understand it because we've been conditioned that.

Speaker 4 (10:29):
Way, because when you you had to get somehow, because
when you're telling people these are lies, nobody.

Speaker 3 (10:37):
Is believing Monique.

Speaker 4 (10:39):
So now even though you have him record his voice
and that's him and he's saying he made it up,
now it's no longer.

Speaker 3 (10:49):
Oh man, I can't believe he lied on mo more?
Why do you record it? So now they're putting the
owner's back on you.

Speaker 2 (10:55):
Where's the win? How do we win? How does a
black woman win?

Speaker 1 (11:00):
And when you say here, he is right here, And
I look to the community and say, how long do
we allow us to keep being exploited, used up, taking
advantage of and because we think somebody can give us
an opportunity, we just say, I'm not gonna say nothing.
If we keep operating like that, Shannon, You're gonna have

a whole lot of us sitting right here in this
same seat, almost telling the same story.

Speaker 4 (11:28):
Why do you think Tyler is afraid to meet with
you and your husband. Why does it need to be
you one on one when he meet with other representatives
and their client. What is it about you that he
feels it needs to be just you? And he does
he think your husband is some kind of negative influence
on you. He thinks the husband is saying things that

Monique probably wouldn't say if I just had had an
opportunity to talk to her one on one.

Speaker 3 (11:55):
What do you think that is?

Speaker 1 (11:56):
Let me say, yes, people better be glad my husband
is by my side because they have people in Hollywood
that know wherever you act up is where I show up.
People know in Hollywood, baby Shayna. And I don't say
it with a badge of honor, it's just what it is. Well,
I've had to say who you think you talking to?
And we're sitting there with the president of the studio

or the my patience level, it's not gonna allow. I've
been molested, I've been violated. So the moment I see
you trying to do it, we're gonna have to address it.
My husband is nothing but a gentleman. And you know
why people have a problem with my husband because he's
right to it. There's no we're gonna dance around the bush.
He's right to it. And people like Tyler Perry, people

like Oprah Winfrey, they look at my husband and say,
how dare you be so direct? How dare you not
put your eyes down when you're talking to me? How
dare you do that? My husband is also my manager.
Why would he want to exclude my management. It's like Tyler,
you should want my husband to be there. You may
want him to be sitting right there so that way

we can have a conversation that everyone.

Speaker 2 (13:05):
Can be heard.

Speaker 1 (13:06):
But I appreciate you, Shannon, because most people are too
afraid that's heard the tape. They're too afraid to say, no,
I heard it, and this is what he said. I
appreciate ts Madison because TS Madison was the first one
to say no, I heard what he said. So when

folks were trying to jump on her, she knocked down
for the black woman. Listen, baby, y'all don't even understand
the fights that says to be having when ain't nobody.

Speaker 2 (13:35):
Watching for the black woman?

Speaker 3 (13:36):

Speaker 2 (13:37):
So I appreciate you looking in that camera right.

Speaker 4 (13:40):
Well, I mean, look, sometimes there are some some black people,
some not all. Some that my grandpa used to say
MO is that if you're not careful, you'll become the
very thing you despise the most in a person. Now,
what do we despise most about Trump supporters ex president
try is that no matter what he says, no matter

what he does, they give him an out. There's some
people in our community, no matter what powerful black people
say or do in our community, will give them an.

Speaker 2 (14:09):
Out, and we can't, and we've become.

Speaker 3 (14:12):
The very thing we despise the most.

Speaker 4 (14:15):
What we despise most about President Trump's ex President Trump
support us.

Speaker 3 (14:19):
Is that no matter what he does or says, it's okay.

Speaker 2 (14:23):
Yes, we can't do that.

Speaker 3 (14:25):
You can't.

Speaker 4 (14:26):
We can't if somebody is wrong, Like you said, Mo,
if somebody is wrong, we have to be man or
woman enough to say they're wrong, regardless of what comes
along with that.

Speaker 1 (14:35):
They don't know, they don't understand what them saying i'm
sorry will mean for them.

Speaker 2 (14:40):
See when I.

Speaker 4 (14:41):
Read this, because that's not for you and I'm sorry.
It's not for the person that you offended. It's for
you because currently you're in hostage your feelings because you.

Speaker 3 (14:50):
Have to live with that. You live with that what
you've done.

Speaker 1 (14:53):
So when you see a woman say me turning seventy.
I'm so happy because I've never heard anyone stop it.
Stop it because there's a black woman that has been
calling your name for over a decade that you seem
to want to make go away.

Speaker 2 (15:09):
And I know I'm not the only one.

Speaker 4 (15:11):
Would you what would you sit if Oprah called mo today?
Would you sit down and have a conversation with him?

Speaker 1 (15:17):
Let me tell you what I'll do if Oprah call
me today, Shannon Sharp, we will sit down and have
a conversation with Oprah Winfrey. We will sit down and
have a conversation with Tyler Perry. We will sit down
and have a conversation with the presidents of lions Gate.
We will sit down and have a conversation with anyone
that is I'm gonna say, brave enough to sit down
and have a conversation. But what happens is within seconds,

within seconds, if Tyler Perry was to sit right here,
you will say, man, I heard you what you trying
to tell me about the system? Within seconds, Oprah Winfrey
would know that. People would say, hold up, and I'll
go back to Tyler Perry. You know why Tyler Pray
don't want to talk to my husband because he can't
talk around him.

Speaker 2 (15:57):
My husband don't careing about that man's money. We don't
canting about your title. We care about your character, brother,
We care about your intention.

Speaker 3 (16:03):
What you're gonna pay? What what you what you're gonna pay?

Speaker 2 (16:06):
How you're gonna make it right? How are you gonna
make it right?

Speaker 1 (16:10):
Because if I am your aunt, Mary, and I really
belonged to you as I really belong to you right now, Shannon,
I am your sister, and you heard something that was wrong.

Speaker 3 (16:21):
How how can Tyler Perry make it right?

Speaker 6 (16:24):

Speaker 4 (16:25):
Give you a job, give you your s give you
a sitcom?

Speaker 3 (16:28):
Say more, Okay, you know what? More?

Speaker 4 (16:30):
Sitcom? You're gonna be the executive producer. I'm gonna be
a co executive producer. You're gonna do the sitcom.

Speaker 1 (16:36):
If somebody cost you, Shannon Shop millions of dollars, yes,
do you want to be compensated for what they cost
you for a lie and a rumor?

Speaker 3 (16:43):

Speaker 1 (16:43):
So at that time, I was making roughly between two
and three million dollars a year, Right, I set in
that for over.

Speaker 2 (16:49):
Twelve for over a decade, like twelve years. You do
the math.

Speaker 1 (16:55):
Over a lie that he admitted that he told now
something I'm making up. You admitted that, brother, How do
you make that right?

Speaker 3 (17:04):
You got I'm sure you got lawyers. Have you had
a conversation?

Speaker 1 (17:08):
Well, what happens is when you take somebody at their word, time,
time time, we.

Speaker 2 (17:15):
Don't need to go to no lawyers. Taler, you know
what you did. Just make it right.

Speaker 1 (17:21):
And if he doesn't make it right, what will our
community do? What will our community say? Because today it's me,
tomorrow's you. Then what we've got to hold him accountable?
Did what what cats say? We've got to you got
to tell Tyler Perry, come on, now you do it.

Speaker 4 (17:38):
Sh You got to tell him, You got to tell it.

Speaker 7 (17:42):
Is this all you o with therapy involved a lot
of self therapy. I mean a lot of times. I
mean twenty fourteen, after my first season, I went and
spent three months in rehabbing reading Pennsylvania, and I didn't
have a normal off season. I didn't get to like
I needed to work on myself. And at this time
I learned a lot through that, and it continuously learned

as I went on. And this is a you know,
collection of ten years of not therapy, every day, not
therapy every week. But a lot of is it with yourself.
You have to know who you are. You know who
you are, you know what you do good, you know
what you do bad. You know what you need your
team for over here to help you with to make

you the best version of yourself. And for a long time,
I've been independent in the sense that I feel like
I can do it all by myself, when in reality,
I need family, I need friends. I need my team
of people who want nothing from me, who want nothing
but the best in love for me, and people that
I can trust because a lot of time in the

past I didn't have people around me that I could trust,
really genuinely, truly looking out for my best interests.

Speaker 3 (18:57):
Johnny, you mentioned that you partied. You like to drink alcohol.

Speaker 4 (19:00):
Was the heavier drugs involved other than alcohol in marijuana?

Speaker 5 (19:03):
Oh yeah, college?

Speaker 3 (19:06):
No, once you got to the league.

Speaker 7 (19:08):
Yes, that's when the real like hiding and reclusing started.
And man, I've given Cleveland. I've given Cleveland a really,
really hard time. And I think it's all more situation
than it is really the city itself. Being in a
fishbowl city like college station ate me up because I
couldn't move. I couldn't park my car the wrong way,

I couldn't do anything.

Speaker 5 (19:32):
I was always spotlight.

Speaker 7 (19:35):
And then I go to Cleveland, I signed with Lebron
and math and then and now Lebron comes back and
I'm under Lebron's wing.

Speaker 5 (19:44):
So now this lamp heat lamp's even hotter on me.

Speaker 7 (19:47):
I'm not playing, I don't got confidence on the field,
and now I'm taking out my anger on my day
to day like interaction my team. I'm struggling but not
letting anybody know.

Speaker 5 (19:58):
Right, So, like my like right with Cleveland is not
really anything. Is what I made it to be.

Speaker 7 (20:04):
And I think that's just the bitterness of like how
things went and me not realizing that I did it
to myself for a long point in time.

Speaker 3 (20:11):
Do you remember the first time you tried hard drugs?

Speaker 5 (20:14):
Oh yeah, yeah, for sure.

Speaker 4 (20:16):
What was it about it that made you try it?
Did you think because I'm Johnny Football, I can handle this.
I can do something that no one else has been
able to do, do a hard drug and be able
to steal function and do everything I need to do.

Speaker 3 (20:28):
Even though I tried this.

Speaker 7 (20:29):
Okay, that persona that I had on the football field
of being able to have that confidence translated over into
the party scene as well. I'm the guy just like
I am on the field, in the club, in the streets.
So it's all in front of you if you want it,
and you're hanging around the wrong circles. It ain't hard
to find at all. So you know, you get around

people who you think you look up to or this
or that, and then it just goes. And then it
kind of goes and it's snowballs and it keeps getting worse,
and you go from cocaine to oxy cotton, to percocets
to mushrooms. I mean, I look at the mushrooms as
a different thing. Now that's not a good thing to say,
but like the harder drugs, the drugs that like tear

you down. I never did anything with needles, never did
anything like that. But the coke and the OxyS and
the percocet were very, very tumultuous in my life, and
like pop their head, especially the days.

Speaker 5 (21:24):
Of wandering around the Hollywood hills.

Speaker 7 (21:26):
And it makes sense why you see me so sporadic
and like I was two hundred and ten pounds when
I left Cleveland. I was one hundred and seventy pounds
sitting in Vegas that August, that September, October, whatever it
was later than that year. How you lose forty pounds
you're on a strict diet of blow?

Speaker 6 (21:44):

Speaker 4 (21:44):
I was about to say, only you don't want either
one of them. I mean, you lose forty pounds in
that length of time you on crack or zempic. So
that's the new thing nowhe toushe.

Speaker 3 (21:58):
You're right about that bro.

Speaker 5 (22:00):
Out in time.

Speaker 3 (22:00):

Speaker 7 (22:01):
I would look in the mirror and I didn't see
myself any different than when I was in Cleveland, really
until I stepped on a scale at the Cosmopolitan Hotel
in Las Vegas. I didn't realize I lost forty pounds
wow at all And people were hitting me up like this,
And I remember these pictures came out and I was like, damn,
what am I doing?

Speaker 5 (22:21):
Whatever? We'll figure that out later.

Speaker 3 (22:22):
Let's go again, let's go bre So.

Speaker 4 (22:24):
As anapolete, you're bear competitive when you when you when
you do drugs, do you still have that competitive nature
like when you with your boy and you're like, sh man,
I ain't been to let you one up me.

Speaker 3 (22:36):
You can't.

Speaker 7 (22:37):
I'm a tank when it comes to the party. I
mean I could party hang with the best of them. Like,
I ain't saying that to brag. It's not something to
really see, but it's truth and glorify.

Speaker 5 (22:47):
But it's true.

Speaker 7 (22:48):
You put somebody in my in your that you think
in your life can really go that distance with the
Henny or with them, with the drugs or whatever you want.

Speaker 5 (22:55):
I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go twelve rounds, would you?

Speaker 3 (22:57):
I mean, Johnny, you a small man, bro.

Speaker 5 (23:01):
I'm a little thick. I guess I'll never forget.

Speaker 7 (23:09):
Probably about week thirteen or fourteen of the season, I'm
walking out of coach Petton's office or I'm upstairs in
the where the coach's offices are in Cleveland, and I
walked by Jimmy O'Neill's office and he's like, hey, Johnny,
come in here for a sec. I'm like, oh, it's
our defensive coordinator. I'm like, what's up, coach, And I'm
chill with everybody like I'm a that's just how I am.

And he's like he's sitting back at his desk, d
of got his foot up, and he goes, you know,
we'd be a really good football player, if you got
your head out of your ass. And I'm like so
caught off guard. Now this confidence that I'm building is
immediately just I don't know if he meant in away

or just like you know, you're two and twelve and
your team is struggling and you're like, you know, looking
the ways, the or whatever it was.

Speaker 5 (24:01):
But this happened.

Speaker 7 (24:02):
And when I left that that office and I went
back down to the quarterback room, I was white as
a ghost, so white that Josh McCown looked at me
just like you are and was like, what happened? And
I'm like stuttering through this story, and Josh McCown gets
up out of his seat and walks straight up to
that fucking office. Now what was said, I don't exactly

know what it is. But when he came back in
that room, he was pissed. He said, you don't do
that in this league with the young guy and somebody
like you just don't. You can't break his gump, break
me in half. And from there I was broken. I
ain't give a fuck. I ain't care about that team.
I didn't care about that what my role was, and
there's no excuse all of these things led up to

be the perfect failure, and at the end of the
day it's on my shoulders. But when you're starting to
get a little momentum and you get broken like that,
that's when the running to Vegas happened, and me missing
the last game of the season, that's when the wig
store he comes out. And when I'm really like running
two three weeks after this, when this happened, I go

straight home. I go straight to my basement. I get
the biggest bottle of Hennessy out of the bottom of
the drawer, and now I'm sitting in the basement. I'm
listening to the future every second. Every day, I'm partying by
myself just to try and like get out of this
reality of a situation that I'm living in with a
head coach that wants nothing to do with me, with

the DC who's saying if I get my head out
of my ass, we'll have a chance. Just this whole
perfect storm of just like fuck this. And when that happened,
I was done.

Speaker 4 (25:40):
What was your relationship with Like with Josh Gordon, you
have a guy and here we know he's had his issues,
his struggles, very similar to what you're sharing with us.
Right now, What was your relationship with Josh Great?

Speaker 7 (25:52):
I saw a side of Josh that the rest of
the world didn't get to see. I saw a guy
that was from that trap, that from that bad neighborhood
growing up, who had beat the odds to be able
to get there. One of the most physically talented specimens
that you'll ever see on the football field. He struggled
with a lot of the same things that I struggle with.
And I tried my best throughout those times to be

a better influence around Josh than a lot of other
people were, because a lot of his boys didn't give
a shit at that point in time. And you know,
should I have done things differently in our relationship to
not you know, sway him certain ways, because I think
I definitely had to do this.

Speaker 5 (26:34):
We didn't do drugs together.

Speaker 3 (26:35):
You didn't do drugs.

Speaker 5 (26:36):
We didn't do drugs together. He would.

Speaker 7 (26:39):
He loved the weed man, He loved it, and when
he would come over to my apartment, all he ever
wanted to do was roll it and put it on
the counter. He just wanted to be included on the
whole thing, which is the way his mind kind of worked.
But he never smoked around me. He never I mean,
we went on trips together. We went to Aspen, we
went everywhere. Like JG is my dog to the core
and funny your ass. And just spoke to him yesterday

and he sounds like he's in the best place that
I've seen him in years. And it takes time and
getting away from it, and for me and him, we're
talking about golf now, and golf is kind of like
an avenue that I never thought me and me and
JG would be able to like talk about golf, go play,
and like, golf is really shifted my mindset and being
able to still continuously give me competition. But as much

as it is against other people, when you're playing golf
is always about yourself and battling yourself six inches between
your ears and then you know, getting in a good
headspace to go up and hit a good shot.

Speaker 4 (27:36):
John, I want to get you out of here. You
mentioned that once you left Cleveland that you contemplated suicide
and you spent all your money. Clearly that's the lowest
point of your life. Was it a culmination of I'm
not where I thought it would be. As far as

in the NFL, you're in the NFL. But you're not playing,
and you're not you feel you're not getting the support
that you need or deserves in order for Johnny to
be Johnny, because you just sometimes you need somebody, just
a little support. You need somebody to say, Johnny, hey, bro,
you could do this. Pat you on the back instead
of kicking the butt all the times?

Speaker 3 (28:16):
When did you know?

Speaker 4 (28:17):
So what happened? When you're contemplating taking your own life,
it's different.

Speaker 7 (28:21):
It's not that I don't have the support. It's not
that I don't have the team, because at that point
in time, I had every single person you could ever
think trying to reach out and I'm just blocking people
at every single turn. And I think for me, it
was something I didn't find out until I went to
play in Canada again. I remember having this feeling in

Cleveland that I didn't love football. Okay, but it was
a feeling. And when I didn't play for a while
and I'm out of the league and I'm trying to
get back in I end up going to Canada, and
when I walked into that locker room for the first
time and walked out on a practice football field, every
single feeling that I had felt in that Cleveland locker
room came back to me in that Canadian locker room,

and I knew right then and there that I didn't truly,
truly love this game to the point of where I
need to do what I need to do to be successful.
So the suicide thing comes in when you look at
life and.

Speaker 5 (29:19):
You say.

Speaker 7 (29:22):
I fucked up the biggest golden opportunity that you could
ever imagined. And this is where I think whenever you
said what you said about the Fan Control Football League,
it is sad, Shannon.

Speaker 5 (29:33):
What you said on that day is exactly right.

Speaker 7 (29:37):
It is sad to watch a guy who had all
the potential in the world, all the opportunity, all the resources.

Speaker 5 (29:44):
And team around him, and he still goes fuck that.

Speaker 7 (29:48):
But what if I told you today that I don't
think that I loved when I was doing enough to
ever get into the mix of doing it the right way.
I went through that period with Josh McCowan where we
did it, but like it never was like over the
tip and I'm not in the gym, I'm not grinding,
I'm not doing the things that I did back in
the day that made me great. So now I realize

that I didn't love the game of football like that.
I just happened to be immensely talented at it. I
happen to have great teammates around me, great coaches, great
perfect storm to be able to get me to walk
across that hall at Radio City Music Hall, walk across
that stage. So that feeling came back in Canada, I
realize I don't love the game. And then when the

game's gone from you, there's a huge transition, and every
guy will tell you what the transition is to figuring
out your identity and who you are as a person.
And I truly feel like from two thousand and seventeen
on that's seven years that that's what I've been doing.
And my mission has been to try and stay away,
get a little bit of this hype off me, and

just live and find out about life. To be a
great uncle, to be a great brother, to be a
great son, To be a great role model for Texas
A and M. To be a great alumni, you know,
a leader, To be a great resource for my guys
who play at Texas A and M. And these are
all things that I'm trying to do and moving forward

that I've completely neglected in the past.

Speaker 4 (31:17):
If I can say, Johnny, you could go back, what
would probably be one of the two things that you
wish you could do.

Speaker 7 (31:24):
If I could go back to a certain point in time,
I would drop myself right after that in the locker
room of the Oklahoma game in the Cotton Bowl, knowing
what I know now, I would have known how to
handle myself. I would have known how important and imperative
it is to be a better teammate than just numbers
on a field on Saturday.

Speaker 5 (31:45):
There's something to be.

Speaker 7 (31:46):
Said about how your guys ride for you when you're
doing the right things in the building. And that twenty
thirteen year for us at Texas A and M, a
lot of internal problems were happening because their leader is distracted.
Their horse that makes this whole carriage go is fucked up.

And the shame that I have for letting guys down
like Cedric a Boy and like Jake Matthews and Mike
Evans is the same shame that I carried with me
to this day about letting down Joe Thomas is a
guy who's in the end of his Hall of Fame
career and is looking for somebody to come in and

lead this team and then you get in me.

Speaker 5 (32:34):
It's tough. You know, it's embarrassing.

Speaker 7 (32:38):
It's embarrassing to have been the guy that have let
down some overall really great athletes of my time and
in my generation. Something I carry hopefully with my head
high right now. But at the same time, internally, I
know it eats me alive because they did more for
me than I gave.

Speaker 5 (32:55):
In returned to them.

Speaker 7 (32:57):
And what a shallow kind of selfish way of life
that I was living at that point in time. And
I have a lot of regret, Like I regret wasting
a couple of Joe Thomas's last year is in Cleveland.
I regret disrespecting Lebron and not making that's making sure
what it meant to me, showing him that I give

a fuck enough to just do what's right, to listen
to mav and listen to the.

Speaker 5 (33:22):
Team they built around me.

Speaker 7 (33:24):
You know, it focks me up that I messed up
our second year at Texas A and M and we
went seven and four or whatever, because that was our
chance to win a national time him off the game
against had a cool game against Dude one that was
like a legendary kind of tail on it but like
I almost wish to this day that we lost that
game because I would have came back so us having

that legendary run against a Bowl game.

Speaker 5 (33:48):
That's kind of like.

Speaker 7 (33:50):
I kind of wish we would have lost, because then
I would have came back with a vengeance and I
probably wouldn't have got drafted because I would have gotten
in trouble. Right, But it doesn't sit right with me
certain things, And those are three things how I wasted
my twenty thirteen season, How I treated the legends in
that building in Cleveland, and how I treated Lebron in Math.

And you know, from there, I can even take it
a step further and say, in twenty sixteen, I don't
think I treated Drake the way that I should have
with representing the clothes that I was wearing and his
OVO brand and his label and everything. You know, at
that point in time, I was so selfish that I
was dragging everybody that was tied to me through the mud.

Speaker 5 (34:29):
Now it's regret. I'm not harboring on this in this
in any kind of way.

Speaker 7 (34:33):
I'm just calling it exactly what it is in the
way that I feel about it. And you know, I
owe those people apology and hopefully one day down the line,
I'll be able to have the opportunity as a man
to be able to look him in the eye and
be able.

Speaker 5 (34:45):
To do that.

Speaker 3 (34:46):
As we see it here today, how is Johnny Manzail doing?

Speaker 5 (34:49):
Probably the happiest I've ever been in my life.

Speaker 7 (34:51):
And I think I went through a period of time
after the documentary came out where I maybe acted a
little bit like I did in the past, and it's
easy to let ego and fame and stuff kind of
creep back in. And what I've done now since really
you know, December ish, you know, it's new three months,
but I've insulated myself in a way with a team

that I can trust, people that I love that are
doing nothing but looking out for my best wishes, best regards.
They know me, They're not letting me cheat, They're holding
me accountable. And it's not going to happen overnight. It
is going to be a slow, gradual process to get
to who I want to be as a man. But
in my opinion, sitting here today with you and join
the hell out of this conversation, so I feel like

I'm on the right path to where I need to go.
And as Johnny Manziel, not as Johnny Football.

Speaker 4 (35:41):
You once married and this is the last one you
were once married. Could you see yourself being married again?
Or is there someone in Johnny Manzil's life that's keeping
Johnny grounded?

Speaker 5 (35:49):
Nope, it is my friends right now, my family.

Speaker 7 (35:52):
No, it is my two nieces with a third one
on the way that I talk to every single day
on FaceTime. That are really my reason why I'm still here,
And a huge reason of my success is based off
my sister and my mother and my father, and my
true core friends and my team I have around me.
So love will calm when it comes, But for right now,

I'm focused on getting a bag, taking care of my money,
and getting back to where I need to be, being
the best brother, being the best uncle, and being there
for my family and my university and the way I
need to be to make people proud that I want
to make proud. I don't want to continuously keep letting
people down when I feel like I'm destined for bigger,
greater things than that in life.

Speaker 4 (36:35):
I am so proud that you're sitting here today and
you found your reason to live.

Speaker 3 (36:40):
It was me.

Speaker 8 (36:41):
Kat Williams sitting next to each other in a little
bitty room, and he was like, man, come on in,
we got this because Tiny Lister didn't want to do
my good friend.

Speaker 3 (36:49):
Yeah, God bless his soul.

Speaker 8 (36:51):
Tiny Listen didn't want to do the third one, and
they said we got a new character, a guy named Damon.
The whole day I was like, and see, you got
to understand too. I had none to lose, Like when
I see nothing to lose. I came in there like
Craig and day day, just the niggas I want to see,
you know, I had nothing to I went back to
Flint on them. I was like, this is where I

came to. These are the cats I knew. And I
came in there man and Offsea Cube.

Speaker 9 (37:18):
Everybody's like oh and then Cat came in and just
the audition and they said you in, you in, and
Friday after next I listen.

Speaker 8 (37:29):
I saw Cue probably about a month ago, and I
walked up to him. Man, I said, dude, thank you,
thank you. So you have no idea how many careers
you started just by giving us that shot. A lot
of people never ever really get props. What props is?

Speaker 3 (37:46):
Do you know?

Speaker 8 (37:47):
Because they're like, well, I didn't get that much money,
but dude, that was my start.

Speaker 3 (37:52):

Speaker 8 (37:52):
I was, man, I was just thankful. I was walking
around and listen and what was so crazy as me
and Kat. Kat was home at the time, so Cat
was living in his trailer and me and Cat said, hey, Man,
and I remember talking to Cat. I said, Cap, I said,
we never get another opportunity. We got to make sure
they remember us, I said, because we did two new

cats in this whole thing. They know everybody else, right,
it's me and you. And remember, man, I was not
gonna let what happened in my football career happened to
my entertainment career.

Speaker 4 (38:26):
Man, I'm listening that you tell the story Tea, and
the way you're telling the story. Football never gave you
the high that what you got by just doing that exactly.

Speaker 8 (38:37):
I knew I was in my destiny when I say
this is what I'm saying, I found my destiny.

Speaker 2 (38:42):
I was gone.

Speaker 8 (38:44):
People. When people see that scene and Friday after the
next look, you turned the sound down, the airt the comedy. Right,
we was crying, right, we were deep. They were so
in it.

Speaker 2 (38:52):
He was crying. I was crying.

Speaker 8 (38:54):
People were standing by the monitors like, what are we
looking at right now? Because I was so going in
and I said, this is where and then it was
so wild because I didn't even want money anymore. I said,
I don't want that feeling again, you know, you know
what I mean. It's too because you could talk about
athletes and money and all that stuff, but there's a

point when I'm sure when you just catching and doing
everything right, you want to you want to chase that again.
They call it the zone, they call it. It's just
blow whatever that is. And let me tell you, you know,
when I hit that blow again when I was doing
White Chicks, that movie White Chicks, everything I said, just blow.

Speaker 3 (39:36):
Friday next White Chicks came off of.

Speaker 8 (39:40):
It came after that because again you're talking about the
whole the black Hollywood is very small, and they saw
it once Friday after next hit. People were like this dude,
And so what was so great is Keenan Ivy Williams
was like, hey man, we gotta get this dude to shot,
you know what I mean, because they're like, man, we

want some of that on us. And it kept all
my business shinning in this town has been repeat business.
I mean, the reason I was with all these Sandlor movies.
Adam Sandler called me. But the thing is when I
did Longest Yard, which was my revenge on the NFL,
me and Michael Irvin, the whole movie, I was like,

this is the one everybody gonna remember, like good God,
Like who.

Speaker 3 (40:29):
Gets that right?

Speaker 5 (40:30):
You know what I mean?

Speaker 8 (40:30):
And I remember Chris Rock was like, hey, man, he's
on the movie Longest y'all. He said, dude, you're killing
I got something for you. I said, what is it?
He say, I don't worry, aboudy, I got.

Speaker 3 (40:42):
Something for you.

Speaker 5 (40:43):
I go home.

Speaker 8 (40:44):
The script for Everybody Hates Chris. It's literally on my doorstep.
I open that up. He's like, I want you to
play my dad because he saw me and my wife
and my two kids out there all in Santa Fe,
New Mexico when we were filming Longest y'are. He was watching.
And that's the thing on other people. You gotta remember,
everybody is watching it. Everybody is watching. And so then

I played Chris's dad, and everybody hate Chris for four
years straight.

Speaker 5 (41:13):
This man.

Speaker 8 (41:14):
When I look at my life, man, I just think,
I just thank God for every opportunity. And now this
is another thing because I now reached the point because
I played with all these guys and they're going now
I'm losing actors. Man Andre Bauer passed away last week,

and he took me under his wing.

Speaker 3 (41:41):

Speaker 8 (41:41):
You talk about one of the best actors of our generation,
I mean Juliard Trade, absolutely incredible Emmy Award winning dramatic
beast Brooklyn nine nine, who was able to come and
flip it to a comedy like that.

Speaker 3 (42:01):
And I was like, man, what is the secret? And
he never this is nothing. He was.

Speaker 8 (42:05):
He was with like a super all pro who could
have looked down on all of us but decided he
was just gonna pull us all up with him sixty
one years old. He was like my big brother. I
look at guys that are dying, well, I look at
Michael Clark, Duncan's gone, tiny listen gone, Lass Reddick gone,

and I'm like, tried Wick Bozeman gone. We did a
movie draft day together, okay, And I'm going, man, you
don't have forever, you don't. You gotta go for it.
You got to get what you got, what you are
come to get now, and you can't waste time. You
can't treat it like well, whatever tomorrow because I seen

it in the NFL and everybody thought, and this is
the thing everybody had determine, certain people that already won,
like I won life, you won, you know, people say,
hey won the internet.

Speaker 3 (42:59):

Speaker 5 (43:00):
It ain't never over it.

Speaker 8 (43:01):
It's never how you start, it's how you finish, right,
And let me tell you when I'm done. And I'll
be honest with you, man, I'm just getting started. I truly,
truly feel I have the same energy that I had
when I first started. I'm really thankful to be sitting
here with you right now. But I admire you for it.
But just your transition, you know what I mean, And

the energy that you bring, your passion is palpable. And
I'm the same way. I'm one hundred percent passion. That's
all I am.

Speaker 3 (43:32):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 8 (43:32):
I don't know no other way. I have no other way.
I'll do everything like I'm getting a million dollars.

Speaker 4 (43:37):
When when you sat down for the for the you
sat down for the audition to read with Cat, did
you know Cat prior to that?

Speaker 3 (43:43):
Nope, not at all. And you guys became pretty cool.

Speaker 8 (43:47):
At we became amazing friends. And what's so crazy? I
used to watch him because I was because we you know,
remember a movie, when you shoot a movie, then you
got to wait a year and a half for it
to come out, correct, So.

Speaker 3 (43:59):
You just wait.

Speaker 8 (43:59):
Like people, You're like, man, I got this thing coming,
They're like, yeah, right, whatever, And you know what's so funny.
After Friday, the next I had to go back to
a security. I had to go back because I didn't
have nothing else to turn to. But I knew it
was coming, and well, it was so crazy. I was
doing commercials and different things, but I would go watch
kat Williams at the Hollywood Park casino.

Speaker 3 (44:21):
He had his own.

Speaker 8 (44:22):
Room and this man was the funniest man I ever seen,
which was crazy. And then I'll never forget when he
starts selling out the Universal Amphitheater and watching him blow up.
This is another thing too, to watch people all. It's
funny because I see kids that's been on set and
now they're superstars. Now, you know, like Tyler Ja's Williams

is now superstars. You know, I've watched people here. This
is that you never never know what's going to happen.
You know, you look at things and you go, oh
my god, this man was listen. One great example, we
were at the BT Awards and I saw this little
kid walking around with a little hat all and I
was like, hey, hey, I got his mixtape. I said,
Kendrick Kendrick. He said, you know who I am? It's

Kendrick lamar Brouh. I said, man, your mixtape, dude, Section
eighty is amazed. I said, you are the next I said,
we're back on Liten Kid. This is Kendrick she was.

Speaker 3 (45:15):
He was like, you know who I am?

Speaker 5 (45:17):
I said, I said, I love you.

Speaker 3 (45:19):
I said, I think you are going to be the future.

Speaker 8 (45:21):
And what's so crazy is that he called me a
few years later ended up doing a video with him
because he said, remember when you told me you knew
who I was. I remember this and told me I
was going to be I was gonna be doing something great.

Speaker 3 (45:38):
Look at this man.

Speaker 8 (45:39):
Look tell me he's not the best in the world
right now.

Speaker 3 (45:43):
And I'm so proud.

Speaker 8 (45:45):
And the thing is too, man, there's another thing I
had to learn, and that the NFL taught me that
I had to unlearned competing. I decided to never compete
with people. This was my problem because what they call
it sent of comparison right. When I'm looking at what
you got and comparing what I got, it's always gonna

be a problem. Yeah, always, because you always gonna come
up short. Yes, somebody always got more right and then
somebody always got less, but you always want more right.
And I realized, man, that creativity was the exact opposite competition.

Speaker 3 (46:24):
If I'm being creative, I'm not competing.

Speaker 8 (46:27):
So I decided, you know what, because everybody was like,
hey man, you gotta you know when you gotta be
like tiny, you gotta be this you got no, I
was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, I'm gonna be me.
I'm gonna be me. And I was like, yeah, but
you kind of weird. I said, yeah, I am. That's
what made me you neque I am all right.

Speaker 3 (46:44):
Listen, First of all, you.

Speaker 8 (46:45):
Can't even It got to the point where we read
scripts now to that we want a Terry Crews type
because they know that's that's just me, right. And I
decided by just being creative, that was my ticket out
of that world of competition. Because this is the thing, man,
The league is always it's like, hey man, you versus

so and sothing. First of all, you got to fight
the people in your own locker room first before you
even go up against another team, you know what I mean.
And then you always being judged like, well you missed
the step and did you miss that?

Speaker 5 (47:22):
But he didn't.

Speaker 8 (47:23):
The coaches would never they will always tell you what
you messed up on, right, And then being black, we
would go into the locker room and if you hurt,
they like, mmm, you act like you don't want to play.
I'll say, hey, man, First of all, the white kids
get it hurt and they're like, oh, yeah, yeah, he's hurt.

Speaker 5 (47:40):

Speaker 8 (47:40):
I've never ever treated they never ever treated any black
guy I knew in the locker room like he was
really hurt. Wow, Like he was trying to cut out
on the game.

Speaker 4 (47:49):
So, in other words, you said, I gotta unlearned because
you know, it's a it's a jungle mentality, because someone
is literally trying to take food off your table, someone
is trying to take a roof from over your kid
in your family.

Speaker 3 (48:01):
Head to make sure they have one.

Speaker 4 (48:03):
But once you got into the entertainment space, like I'm
not competing against him.

Speaker 8 (48:07):
Yeah yeah, I mean what can I do? First of all,
I didn't go to school that I didn't go to Julliard.
You're telling you to a dude who ain't supposed to
be here. Everything I'm getting ain't ain't I ain't supposed
to have. So I'm already behind, you know what I mean.
But then I realized, wait a minute. If I just
bring what I bring, I'm ahead.

Speaker 5 (48:29):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 8 (48:30):
If I can, if I bring what only I bring
to a project, because you can't do what I do.

Speaker 5 (48:38):
Right, you know what I mean?

Speaker 8 (48:39):
And this is one thing that the magic, and this
is what I want to tell every young man is
trying to transition out. That's the way it works for everything.
You have something that no one else has, but it's
shifting you to find it. You gotta find it, and
don't you don't find it by comparing yourself to everybody else.

Speaker 3 (49:00):
Whatever you find up, I find out what you want
to do.

Speaker 8 (49:02):
And this is when I had to make the hard
realization that, man, maybe football wasn't.

Speaker 5 (49:07):
It wasn't it just.

Speaker 3 (49:09):
It wasn't for me.

Speaker 8 (49:10):
But it got me to where I am, and I'm
very thankful for it. But let me say I love
the game. In fact, I don't even have a team.
I just love the players. Right sitting here with players
talk about you know what we came through.

Speaker 3 (49:23):
It feels like a fraternity. Man.

Speaker 8 (49:25):
It feels like something we can we can therapize each other,
you know what I mean, because we all know it,
we all seen it, and we all played those games together.
I was there when they was like, ain't no cte
sit out?

Speaker 5 (49:35):
You're just weak?

Speaker 3 (49:36):
Right, man? My head hurt, you know what I mean.
I seeing double and They're like, man, look, you're just weak.

Speaker 8 (49:44):
I was there when it was telling everybody wasn't it
wasn't real, right, you know.

Speaker 3 (49:48):
What I'm saying. I'm like, No, this is real, man,
this is real.

Speaker 4 (49:51):
You've been buying laying lately. How many properties have you purchased?
And what would do? What's the meaning behind that?

Speaker 10 (49:58):
It's been my twelve I'm gonna like my twelve house
a twelfth house now. But I always always said that
I've learned that, you know, when it comes to income,
I wanted to fit it somewhere in a way can grow,
you know, so to just be I explurted and stuff
like that. I think investments is really big, and I
feel like real estate buying lant and stuff like that,

it's one of the best investments in the world. You
know what I'm saying. It's especially in Atlanta, Georgia. People
move me there crazy, you know what I'm saying. So
if you got any income, Man, I feel like real
estate is it's been good. Man shot out to my
my guy Gene Man, and you know it's been. He
was the one that that set me up right when

it came to it.

Speaker 6 (50:41):

Speaker 10 (50:41):
And we've been building a for a long time, you
know what I'm saying. And we got a lot of
great stuff in store. You know, we got a workshop
coming up that I would love for people to be
a part of. Men, if you're in Atlanta, Georgia, February
seventeen eighteen, we're doing a workshop. You can go to
my real estate page. There's be designs and you can
get the information. So want to, you know, give people
learned about real estate. You know what I'm saying, How

to build, you know, how to get money, how to
find the right money to invest, you know how to
get that right loan, you know stuff like that.

Speaker 6 (51:11):

Speaker 4 (51:11):
Yeah, well you've seen very very frugal with your money,
very wise.

Speaker 3 (51:18):
But everybody's made a dumb purchase. What was your dumb purchase?
My dumb purchase purchase.

Speaker 10 (51:28):
I ain't gonna say it's dumb, but I got a
Porsche so crazy. I ain't done, but I had to
get that, mother, I would have got that porch, no
level turbo.

Speaker 6 (51:40):
I had to get that. Yeah, and I like cars.
I love fast cars, right, yeah?

Speaker 3 (51:46):
So do you do you do you have? I mean,
are you like old school.

Speaker 10 (51:49):
Cars or got foray, got one of those? I got
a haircat. I'm a haircap truck. I got a bens
Benz truck.

Speaker 6 (52:00):
What else I got?

Speaker 3 (52:01):

Speaker 6 (52:01):
I said, yeah, but I love.

Speaker 10 (52:03):
Cars though, Like if I make crazy persons, it'll be
called car.

Speaker 3 (52:06):
You're not that big of a jewelry guy, splurged guy in.

Speaker 10 (52:08):
Jewel Nah, and my homeboy beginning on me all the
time I got jury.

Speaker 6 (52:12):
He want me to wear all on the on stage.
He like, boy with me. What a whole box? So
that's if I down Detroit. But you're like, what a
whole box?

Speaker 3 (52:20):
What's your biggest purchase outside of real estate?

Speaker 10 (52:22):
My biggest purchase outside of real estate? I mean I
I I own two eighteen wheeler trucks. Two Okay, yeah,
I got that too.

Speaker 3 (52:34):
So you have, like, do you have a trucking company?
Or just trying to build a truck, a truck serve.

Speaker 6 (52:38):
Yeah, there's been a truck l yah. Yeah, I got
that too.

Speaker 3 (52:41):
What you call?

Speaker 8 (52:43):

Speaker 10 (52:43):
Well, I got to invest with FedEx. Okay, yeah, so
I got I'm connected with them. So I got to
my road, I got, I got my four drivers. Now
they switch out. Uh but yeah, that's that's another investment
that I got as well. That's that's been doing.

Speaker 6 (52:57):
Pretty good for me. But I would say other crazy
persons too. Of course, durry jury is a thing that
you know. But now you know, I can give me
a nice little watch and just with me a nice
little chain and shine a little bit.

Speaker 3 (53:11):
You seem really simplistic when it comes to jeury.

Speaker 6 (53:13):
Yeah, I'm cool. I ain't gotta come in with a
big chain on, right, You feel me like I could
do it?

Speaker 3 (53:17):
And I may do it.

Speaker 6 (53:17):
Sometimes I pop out to the club and shine a
little bit.

Speaker 3 (53:20):

Speaker 10 (53:20):
And then like I said, my boys have been on
all on. I may bet on two on and I
may put they real bust down on and I you know,
I have to do what I gotta do. Yeah, because boy,
when it shine and shine and what I'm good?

Speaker 6 (53:30):
Look at you do?

Speaker 4 (53:33):
You mentioned earlier that you have. You started your own
production company. What have you learned most about the business
of comedy?

Speaker 6 (53:41):
The business of comedy, I would say it's serious.

Speaker 10 (53:46):
But I think a lot of people out there, I
think they should, of course have their own business when
it comes to this man, because like I said, you
never know when you would not get an opportunity. And
me have my own production company. It allows me to
continue to work whenever I want to, you know, work.
I ain't gotta wait on Hollywood to give me a
movie or whatever it is. You know, I a And

also I've learned that you know, even with that, it
takes time for me to to to connect and and
get my.

Speaker 6 (54:14):
Stuff to that level. You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 10 (54:15):
Sometimes you just gotta play the game right for your
stuff to get there. You gotta play the long game,
you know what I'm saying. Of course, one day Daze
Banks Production will be a company that would be big,
But like I said, it take time. I got plenty
of ideas of stuff that we already presenting to different.

Speaker 6 (54:31):
Companies that you know that we wanna uh partnership with.

Speaker 10 (54:35):
You know that we have meeting with with TV shows,
feature films, you know, stuff like that, and it's always
presented Dze Banks Productions want to present you guys this
script for this, this treatment for this, and you know,
like I said, I got my team that always with
me when it come to me, you know, being in
these meetings or whatever it is. But like I said,
I always had a goal at you know, I and
a lot of stuff that I've shot, and already it's

a uh it, it's like a approven like the numbers
already there. Let people know it already worked. The TV
show I want to do is already already shot. It
that the sitcom I already do is already that the
show film I wanted to turn it to a feature
them the numbers already there. I'm telling you it works already.
So it's like it's just up to that company whatever
it is, to actually believe in it because I know,
I know people say all the time, just continue to

do it on yourself, put it out yourself, whatever it is.
But man, hey man, for me, my goal is to
have my show on net for I want to be big.
I want to be with the lines. I want to
be with the paramounts. I want to have my stuff
connect to those people. You know what I'm saying, that's
what I want to do.

Speaker 3 (55:33):
Yeah, why was it so important for you to believe
and invest in Daisy?

Speaker 6 (55:43):
I think that's what at the time I didn't know,
but I think that's what God wanted me to do.
I think that what God wanted me.

Speaker 10 (55:50):
But God wanted me to believe myself first and to
know that you can still be successful with yourself then
having to worry about other people.

Speaker 6 (55:59):
Right, you can have your goals whatever it is, but
you can still be successful, right. You know what I'm saying. So,
like I said, in this in this world is it
is industry.

Speaker 10 (56:10):
A lot of people wait on opportunities, man, you know
we see it all the time. Like just imagine how
to write a strike here? Man, A lot of a
lot of actors wasn't working. You know what I'm saying.
It was how of work were making the income they wanted?
You know what I'm saying, Thank God, they you know,
they got what they you know, they finally got you
know what they deserve if you know. But I just

think that's the leadway when you want to do your
own thing, when you want to you want to build
up your own family, you want to you know, get
that going.

Speaker 6 (56:37):
I think that's it's it's something up to you what
you want to do.

Speaker 10 (56:41):
I'm just one of the guy Like I'm a hustler, man,
I don't want to sit and wait, you know. I
like to grind, you know what I'm saying. So I
know this is gonna pay off one day. It's gonna
they gonna tap in.

Speaker 3 (56:51):
So have you, uh if any or how many have
you gone on some additions? Audition? Yeah?

Speaker 10 (56:58):
Oh tons that I said, audition so many things. I
don't got close to a lot of different movies man
that I was number up against the lead.

Speaker 6 (57:08):
You know what I'm saying. I've been up close to
a lot of guys. You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 10 (57:11):
Thank God, I said, I just booked a major fem
a twenty four firm that I'll be shooting soon. We
stay waiting on the dates to get for that. I
can't wait for people to see that. But that is
a step that I feel like that's gonna open up
doors for me as well. Like I said, I'm also
in and pitch meetings with other movies that i'm the
lead of, you know, TV shows that i'm the lead of.

You know, that people don't know right now, you know
what I'm saying. But yeah, people don't see the other
work that goes on, right you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 6 (57:41):
They just see what they see. But like I said,
it takes time. It's a process. But like I said,
this is the opportunity.

Speaker 10 (57:47):
Is this interview. Is I guarantee that this open up
the door for sure for show for show? I think
so exactly. That's what it's about.

Speaker 3 (57:55):
Has this audition?

Speaker 4 (57:56):
Have any audition you've gone on and you've turned down,
Like damn, that should have taken that one.

Speaker 6 (58:00):
Yeah, it's been movies. Yeah, it been movies that.

Speaker 10 (58:04):
Yeah, that I've seen I've turned down that gave other
people opportunities.

Speaker 3 (58:09):

Speaker 10 (58:10):
That And the only reason why I didn't accept it,
Well one movie I didn't accept it was because I
just felt like it wasn't right.

Speaker 6 (58:18):
It was just too much going on with it, you
know what I'm saying.

Speaker 10 (58:20):
I was like, you know, and then they I think
they wanted to be the at the time, it was
like like they want to be the like counsel on
show that a weekend that I had and I was like, nah,
it's too late for that.

Speaker 6 (58:29):
I'm finna go. My show already sold out here, so
I'm gona gone.

Speaker 10 (58:32):
I'm gonna gonna do this and whoever y'all get this
opportunity to Hey man, it was just meant for them.
I'll wait my chance to get mine, right, you know
what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (58:39):
I went.

Speaker 6 (58:39):
It was no pressure.

Speaker 3 (58:40):
So what have you learned about the auditions that you
have going on?

Speaker 6 (58:43):
I've done well with all of them.

Speaker 10 (58:45):
It's just, uh, I feel like it's it's just up
to the people deciding on who they want.

Speaker 6 (58:53):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 10 (58:54):
That's okay too, And that's what I had to learn
with my Actnic Koch, Dwayne Boyd and Todd. They used
to always tell me all the time something it ain't
it ain't you, you know what I'm saying. Sometimes they
they may need a guy with a full beard. You know,
you probably acted well, but we need a guy with
a full beard.

Speaker 3 (59:09):
Or you know.

Speaker 10 (59:11):
You did great, but you sound southern, you know, or
we need a person that could play a doctor instead
of you know.

Speaker 6 (59:20):
It's just little stuff like that.

Speaker 10 (59:21):
I do my thing on an audition, you know what
I'm saying. And I'm all about the finding the right project, right.
I don't want to just be in no movie just
to be in I Nah, man, Like that's what they
don't make a legendary, you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 6 (59:36):
I feel like I said, let's go back to Chris Tucker.
Friday was for him. I hear.

Speaker 10 (59:40):
You know, I'm trying to say the ohgus who audition
for that? I know it was a guy that was
supposed to play that role, but I feel like it
wouldn't have maybe not been done, Like if christ Win
a guy Mike els Day. They can't nobody be dayDay, correct,
you know what I'm saying. Just little stuff like that,
those films was for them. You know what I'm saying.
I just and that's what I want for myself. I
want that feeling to be for me. You know, it's

no rush for me to get just being something. That's
the stuff that we're working on. It's it's around, it's around, Dizzy,
it's around you know what what's gonna be good for me?

Speaker 6 (01:00:14):

Speaker 3 (01:00:14):
Would you ever do a Tyler Perry movie?

Speaker 6 (01:00:17):
Man? I auditioned for Tyler Perry did a few times.

Speaker 8 (01:00:19):

Speaker 10 (01:00:22):
I mean, if it's the right role, yeah, I mean,
I you know, I ain't I ain't against work with
ty I think Tyler Doeger Tyler's least a legend.

Speaker 3 (01:00:31):
Is there a role that you wouldn't play?

Speaker 10 (01:00:33):
Uh, that I wouldn't play? Yeah, I mean I wouldn't
play it. Like I don't wanta do nothing outside of
what makes me feel uncomfortable.

Speaker 6 (01:00:42):
Right, Yeah, I.

Speaker 3 (01:00:43):
Remember where you don't want to dress up? What you
mean my dress on or wig on?

Speaker 6 (01:00:49):
Uh? I ain't look bro I like, if necessary, I
just put it out. I mean, you do from my character.

Speaker 10 (01:00:56):
I've done short films, but that ain't got I did that.
I did that because my grandmama loved it, like she
loved that character been my grandmoma.

Speaker 6 (01:01:03):
Like I did that for her. You know what I'm saying.
That's Hey, I ain't worry about that. You know what
I'm saying. And that character is based off her. You
know what I'm saying. So all that I don't care
about that. You know what I'm saying. But now I
ain't finished.

Speaker 10 (01:01:15):
You ain't finna come to my dressing room and I
probably been playing this role and you say, hey, can
you put his own?

Speaker 6 (01:01:20):
No, I'm not doing that.

Speaker 3 (01:01:23):
How was it acting with Easter Ray and Regina Hall.

Speaker 6 (01:01:28):
And little Uh.

Speaker 8 (01:01:31):
I don't.

Speaker 10 (01:01:31):
When I was on set, I seen Regina. I didn't
see I didn't see East of Yeah, I seen Regina,
So y'all didn't not really. I seen Will Packer too.
I ain't really have a you didn't have Yeah, I
ain't really connect, you know I was.

Speaker 6 (01:01:45):
My scene was quick. It was real quick.

Speaker 4 (01:01:48):
So Easter Ray said Hollywood is scared and clueless after
her show was canceled. She said she also said black
stories are less of a priority and they aren't a
lot of smart execs and more. What's been your experience,
your personal experience with Hollywood?

Speaker 10 (01:02:03):
Well, that's crazy though, like the Black Show, because like
what I'm presenting at black shows, and you know, I
would say on these pictures, you know, we we we
got these ideas that work. Like I said, we understand
the culture. I feel like Hollywood should really allow us
to like we we got the numbers. We were showing y'all,
this this shit work. You know what I'm saying, It works.

Speaker 3 (01:02:22):
You know it works.

Speaker 6 (01:02:23):
So it's like.

Speaker 10 (01:02:26):
Let us like at least try, you know what I'm saying,
Like at least try, and you know, of course y'all
got guys if y'all got rights or whatever it is.

Speaker 6 (01:02:33):
I mean, we can connect.

Speaker 10 (01:02:34):
Let's bring it together and see how we can like
make this really work, you know what I'm saying. And
understand who coming to the table like me being a
part of the culture.

Speaker 6 (01:02:43):
I got a fan base. These people want to see
me on that level.

Speaker 10 (01:02:46):
This is what's gonna bring numbers to you guys platform,
because at the end of the day, it's a numbers game.

Speaker 6 (01:02:51):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 10 (01:02:52):
Y'all trying to get y'all money, y'all money back or
whatever it is, you know what I'm saying. So we
got to think about stuff like that, you know, and
we take it serious.

Speaker 6 (01:02:59):
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