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April 10, 2024 95 mins

Cam Newton joins Shannon Sharpe at Club Shay Shay, delving into a wide array of topics from football to fashion. He sheds light on his cigar lounge Fellowship and clarifies his controversial "game changer vs game manager" quarterback comments, providing insights into the NFL criticism landscape and its parallels to the rap game's beef between Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. Cam candidly discusses his experiences with various NFL teams, including the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers, reflecting on toxicity in relationships and corporate politics in football. From dissecting quarterback strategies to analyzing player legacies and team dynamics, Cam offers his unique perspective with honesty and depth. Cam offers insights into what is holding Lamar Jackson’s Baltimore Ravens and Dak Prescott’s Dallas Cowboys back from making a deep Super Bowl run. Cam claims that the Atlanta Falcons could’ve afforded Lamar Jackson, Justin Fields, Mike Vick and himself for the price they paid for Kirk Cousins. He reminisces about his rookie days in Carolina, shares stories about former teammates like Steve Smith Sr., Luke Kuechly, and Christian McCaffrey, and reflects on his relationship with Panthers' former owner Jerry Richardson. Throughout the conversation, Cam's authenticity and passion shine through, making this first part of Cam's episode a captivating journey through the highs and lows of his football career and personal life.


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Did you ever get tired of hearing people say, man,
you dressing like an auntie? You dressing all them women
clothed them tight clothes.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
Bring your girl around me. If you know a female
is toxic and still you know she toxic, he ain't
gonna be toxic with no go cam though, sho see
you know I'm on camp. We still away from red flags.

Don't camp.

Speaker 3 (00:26):
That's cool for some red flags that quate the six flags?

Speaker 2 (00:32):
Boy on boy is it?

Speaker 4 (00:33):
Is it?

Speaker 2 (00:33):
A fun ride? All my life?

Speaker 4 (00:35):
Grinding all my life, sacrifice, hustle back price, Want a slice?

Speaker 2 (00:41):
Got the Brothers swap all my life. I've been grinding
all my life.

Speaker 4 (00:44):
All my life, and grinding all my life. Sacrifice, hustle
back price one slice, got the brother dis swap all
my life.

Speaker 2 (00:54):
I've been grinding all my life.

Speaker 1 (00:58):
Hello, welcome to another episode of Club Shayshay. I am
your host. I'm also the propriut of Club Sha Sha
and today is a special edition because we're on the
road and the man we're on the road with today
he's the only player to win the Heisman, the BCS
National Championship, NFL Rookie of the Year, and be selected
number one in the NFL Draft the same season. He's
an NFL MVP. He's an SEC and NFL Offensive Player

of the Year. He's the first team All Pro, earned
three Pro bowlsf AP, College Player of the Year, Consensus
All American, First Team All SEC quarterback. He won back
to back national championships, one in junior college, the other
in the NCAA. He's also has the most rushing touchdown
by NFL quarterback Carolina Panther Auburn Atlanta Great.

Speaker 2 (01:42):
Some call him Superman. I call him my nephew, Cam
Newton howl.

Speaker 1 (01:47):
That intro, it was all right, what did what I
leave by? Tell me what I leave out? It was
a right entrepreneur father ye.

Speaker 2 (01:54):
All the dad?

Speaker 1 (01:55):
Yeah yeah, grandfather, great father, father, great father, great business. Here,
Thanks for having us, Yes, making club sha shaye, come
into fellowship?

Speaker 3 (02:01):
You did anytime? You ul any welcome? Look here, I
know you on an express sauce. That's bad luck. What's
the mixing spirits with unspirited drink? That's bad luck? That's
bad luck. Okay, we're here. You got water, I think yep? Yeah,
mm hm.

Speaker 2 (02:21):
Hm hmm. Now let's go viral. Is it a good look?
You think you know what I'm saying. So it's rock and roll.
How you doing?

Speaker 3 (02:34):
Oh, I'm magnificent. Many better, I'd be a twin. You
know what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (02:40):
You listen.

Speaker 1 (02:41):
I'm We're here at your at your place, fellowship, and
I think it's one of the I haven't been to
a whole lot of cigar spots, but the ones I
have your second to none. Yes, sir, when you came
up with the idea for fellowship, what were you thinking
and what were you hoping to accomplish?

Speaker 2 (02:57):
Well, I travel a lot and.

Speaker 3 (03:03):
Smoking cigars is a part of my daily routine, and
for me, I just wanted to create something that embodies
everything that I like, socializing, networking, being comfortable, as well
as eating great food and and you know, smoking cigars.

So you know, you combine all those things together and
that's what you get out of fellowship. Was this your
first entry into being an entrepreneur, indirectly or directly, Yes,
indirectly now. I think the first one was realizing at
the age of twenty, I'm the man of my bloodline

and that's and I say that humbly, being that I
got so much high regard to my father. But making
those type of decisions really put a lot of things
into perspective. Okay, let's get right into it.

Speaker 1 (04:05):
You cast you went by we earlier when you said
game managers versus game changers. Can you clarify what did
you mean? Because I think I know what you mean,
but I want to hear it from you. What did
you mean when you said there are certain guys and
you can list the guys if you like, that are
game managers, and there are certain guys that are game
changers because they're asked to do different.

Speaker 2 (04:25):
Things correct well.

Speaker 3 (04:28):
In the game of football today, there's only really five
game changers at the quarterback position, Okay, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen,
Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow. Okay, And that's not
a title that's just handed out to anybody. Now, this

is the biggest misconception. Being a game manager is not
a backhanded compliment. It's something that your team does not
require you to win the game all the time. Those
game changers, they're asked to win the game every single day, right,
And that's just what I meant. And when I went

more into detail about it, I think it really became
a parent that I'm like, yo, hold on, and I
know we're talking about brock Perody here, and I have
no quarrels or no issue with him. I think his
his rise to who he is is the perfect definition
of the American dream. Hardworking, get it out the mud,

you know, earn every single thing that you that you
get that you get, and he's done right by the
opportunity that he was presented with. And for me, I
never wanted to kind of come off because I know
what it's like to prepare as an NFL player. I
think too many times it was assumed or painted as
if I was bitter, as if I was a I was.

Speaker 2 (06:00):
Just calling to how I see it.

Speaker 3 (06:02):
When I think about game Changers, there's top two on
their team, top three, top five.

Speaker 2 (06:09):
And when I you know, explained it even more.

Speaker 3 (06:12):
I was looking at the roster of the San Francisco
Fort Narners and I'm saying to myself, well, they loaded,
But he didn't ask for that situation, you know what
I'm saying. You know, I've played with Christian McCaffrey. I
know how dynamic he is. You know, I've always been
a fan of Deebo Samuels. I've played against Fred Warner.
I know the amount of preparation it is. George Kittle,

those guys, and you know that team is stacked. Trent Williams,
those guys, you know, have the ingredients to be or
to become a dynasty. And I never wanted to kind
of jade that from you know, his hard work in preparation.

Speaker 1 (06:52):
I think sometimes cam people. I remember when I first
got into the league, people would critique us and they's like, well,
you never played the game, and if you did play
the game, were you any good. Now you have players
that played the game, played the game at a high level,
that were very good, and they're not allowed to critique.

Speaker 2 (07:11):
So are you beyond reproach?

Speaker 1 (07:13):
Are you not allowed to be critique regardless whether you're
a game changer or game manager?

Speaker 2 (07:18):
So where are we going with this camp?

Speaker 3 (07:19):
I think we're living in a day and age where
people aren't critiquing the take. They're critiquing the person who
gave the tape. Oh okay, so I said they made
the messenger. Yeah yeah, I said game manager, And people
were saying, you didn't jump on the fumble, You didn't
you didn't perform, or he's better than you, or you're

a bust or you're doing it, And I'm saying to myself,
it's like, that's not talking about what I said. I
think a lot of times we're getting distracted by who's
delivering the message, not the message.

Speaker 2 (07:54):
It so right, Wow, that's.

Speaker 1 (07:57):
It's funny that you say that you listed mahomes Lamar,
Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers.

Speaker 3 (08:04):
Those are your and Joe Burrow, those are your game changers.
Those are the guys that you go into the game
and there's the level of expectation eat weekend and week out, sir,
we're gonna win this game, correct, Game managers, you was like, Okay,
if this goes well, if this guy plays well, this
guy plays well, if the defense does, we have a
chance to win.

Speaker 2 (08:23):
No, it's simple.

Speaker 3 (08:25):
With those five guys that are listed, you're telling them,
or the unspoken word is go win us the game.
Game managers in some regard is you're basically telling them,
don't lose the game, right, See what I'm saying, Right,
those like don't put the don't put the ball in

harm's way, protect the football. Just give guys chances to
make plays on your behalf or our behalf, and we'll
win the game.

Speaker 1 (08:53):
You do realize, like when you say certain things like
this and this is I remember when you had to
comment and your dad called me when you said, I
think what was the term you use?

Speaker 2 (09:07):
What was the term that you use? Random randoms?

Speaker 1 (09:10):
And I'm thinking to myself, does he understand, like if
he goes into one of these locker rooms and these
guys that he called random, how uncomfortable that's going to be?
Did you think about it in that term.

Speaker 3 (09:23):
Shannon, I tell you this, or Uncle Shy, my sole
purpose while using my platform is to expose the truth.

Speaker 2 (09:34):
Okay, however it comes out.

Speaker 3 (09:36):
It may be aggressive, it may be you know, a
little slag sometimes, but it's the truth. And I don't
bite my vernacular just because of the setting that I'm in.
You could put me in the locker room, you could
put me in a barbershop, you could put me in
in a podium, you could put me in front of ESPN, Fox, CNN,

it doesn't matter, right, my vernacular would not change. And
Randoms were guys who I felt still do feel that
they've been given opportunities that guys of.

Speaker 2 (10:11):
My stature never gotten. And that's just the truth.

Speaker 1 (10:16):
I think that's gonna make for some very uncomfortable, tough conversations, Cam.

Speaker 3 (10:21):
So bed, this is when I realized that I'm not
for everybody, right, That's when I started living in my
true self.

Speaker 2 (10:31):
But at a quarterback, you have to be for everybody.

Speaker 1 (10:33):
You know, you the faith of it, because you got
to be good with d line, the old line, the
wide receiver, the running backs, the dB.

Speaker 2 (10:39):

Speaker 1 (10:40):
You actually are the CEO of the company, sir, and
you understand a lot of people are gonna take their
que from you, of.

Speaker 3 (10:47):
Course, and I'm good with all them. Anybody, you do
the research. You probably already have people who are watching this.
Let them do their research. Find a teammate that said
Cam Newton was in the makemate.

Speaker 1 (11:00):
You called me random. You come in there camera, You're
gonna have to have a conversation. Well, you just that's
just competition. It's just competition. Anytime that I ever wanted
to insert myself, let's compete. That's a cultural thing. I'm
competing with you right now.

Speaker 3 (11:18):
Club shape Shape verse, Funky Friday Nightcap verse, fourth and one.
It don't necessarily matter. It's a healthy competition there. You
see what I'm saying. And we have to normalize that.
We're seeing it in music right now. J Cole, Kendrick,
Lamar Drake healthy competition. Now, don't get distracted by the words.

Understand the message and where it's coming from, the purpose
of the words. So I see guys have opportunities to
be backups that didn't come by way of me. I
understand who I am, and you want me to minimize myself.

Speaker 2 (11:57):
You want me to dim my life so somebody else can. Well,
you have to deal your like to be a backup.

Speaker 3 (12:01):
I told you who I would back up, but that
still wasn't good enough.

Speaker 2 (12:05):
So now it's this whole.

Speaker 3 (12:10):
Emancipation of who the black person is supposed to be,
especially a black quarterback.

Speaker 1 (12:15):
You want me to shrink and minimize my op becam.
You have a wife and kid. You have a wife
and you got three kids. You're without a job. You said, well,
I'm only gonna work, do this and this. I don't
know if you're in the position to say that, if
you're trying to feed said family and keep a roof
over the head.

Speaker 2 (12:35):
Eli did it, Eli Manning. That's in the beginning.

Speaker 1 (12:42):
You could have probably pulled that card in the beginning
when you had.

Speaker 2 (12:46):
The power that's cool. You can't say different rules to
different people.

Speaker 1 (12:51):
And I don't think it's a difference set of rules
because we're gonna talk about this later with time saying look,
I want your door to go here here there, okay,
find I have no problem with that, although I didn't
really particularly like when Eli did it. But I'm saying,
when you have the power Superman, Clark King can't get
no power. Yes, sir, the Superman had Superman had the power.

The guy that did this, the guy that was fifteen
and one, sir, could have called that shot.

Speaker 3 (13:16):
But this is what I'm telling you. Is this that
person who you're talking about. I'm a very confident person
that oftentimes get miss interpreted as cocky who just cam
thinking is to sit.

Speaker 2 (13:31):
Up there, I get told him. This is me telling you.

Speaker 3 (13:36):
I've admitted to putting myself in some fucked up situations,
and I don't want to put myself in no more
bad situations. So if you give me an off season
to learn a playbook properly, if you give me a
time to really understand the play caller's purpose, now I

can interpret what he's trying to do and also give
my insight too. Those are situations that I didn't necessarily have.
I was learning in New England. I was learning, and
I said this not time and time again. I was
learning a twenty year system and trying to cram that
throughout the year as well as I was signed. A

month before we played football, I go to Carolina. I
was trying to learn on the goal and on top
of that, you fire the OC two weeks into an
already bad situation. Right now, I had to learn something
again now in the off season. I'm telling you, like yo,
these are what I would want to do. This is

me representing myself. And if I can't represent myself and
speak as honest as I know how, I don't want
to put myself in no bad situations because my production
was being impacted by bad situations. But when I say that,
it's me saying who does he think? No, it's it's
just the truth, and I'm speaking my truth.

Speaker 1 (15:03):
But the thing is, cam the people that you mentioned
the likelihood you were't gonna get a chance to play.

Speaker 3 (15:08):
Hello, I knew they wasn't gonna come and get me.
I knew my phone wasn't gonna ring, But I still
had to tell the people what I wanted. And that's
the power of media. Right now, we don't have to
wait for a publishing in the newspaper or a magazine.
I can go direct to the source either with ex Twitter, TikTok, Instagram.

Speaker 2 (15:29):
Your own platform. I got my own platform.

Speaker 3 (15:31):
I'm gonna tell you how what I want and it's
for you to sift through and say, Okay, that juice
is worth the squeeze, and if not, then it is
what it is. And I'm fine with that. That's the
thing that people don't understand. I was ready to walk
away from the NFL when Carolina released me the first time.

Speaker 2 (15:50):
So me being in this position right now, it don't
make me uncomfortable.

Speaker 3 (15:53):
Look where we're at. This place, sa ain't cheat. This
place paid me very well.

Speaker 1 (15:58):
Why didn't you You said you ready to walk away
and you was dealing with some injuries in Carolina. Why
didn't you take that off season to get fully healthy
and then come back.

Speaker 3 (16:12):
That's the gift and the curse, because the opportunity presented
itself as a competitor, as a lion. When the opportunity
presents itself, you say to yourself, I could do it,
I could do it. I don't need that much time.
I'm me and it ended up. I bet it on
myself and it didn't work out right. And I don't

have nobody else to blame but me. Even though I'm
saying to myself those are bad situations. I knew those
situations as it was arising, still having full confidence in
myself to say I can do this.

Speaker 2 (16:49):
Yeah, but see.

Speaker 1 (16:50):
KM and the word of the great Clint Eastwood, he said,
every man got to know his limitations. Is like, if
you know a female is toxic and still you know
she talked, he ain't gonna be talking to me.

Speaker 2 (17:03):
Go cam though, ship.

Speaker 5 (17:06):
It's the photo to tell you toxicity. Any ride, don't camp,
don't now, don't know.

Speaker 2 (17:16):
Come on like we're gonna keep it at the buck now,
you you know, come on camp? You tell me we
still wait for red flags. Don't camp.

Speaker 3 (17:25):
That's cool, but some red flags equate the six flags.

Speaker 2 (17:31):
By old boy? Is it a Is it a fun ride?

Speaker 3 (17:33):
But you see the end of the day, you still
gotta taste of you know what I'm saying, the appetizer
or the or the sample, just to see if that's
something that you want to partake in camp. Damn, I
may be.

Speaker 2 (17:45):
Too real.

Speaker 5 (17:48):

Speaker 2 (17:49):
You know what I mean? Can't wave you hear me?
Your folks even know how really you know what I'm
saying that you get.

Speaker 3 (17:56):
But at the end of the day, I know who
I am right and I know that that may turn
a lot of people off, but that ain't my kind right.
And I'm extremely respectful to everybody. I respect everybody, and
when that time comes for me to express myself, I

don't want to be minimized. I have children, I have sons,
I have daughters, and I raise them to be able
to look every man and every woman in their eye
and speak in mind.

Speaker 2 (18:28):
And there's a right and wrong way to articulate yourself.

Speaker 3 (18:31):
And I've never crossed that boundary by disrespecting somebody by
expressing myself. You Are you done with football? I think
the question is is football done with me? Because if
you give me ample time, or you give me a
situation that makes sense to me, I have to take it.

Speaker 2 (18:53):
Are you training to go back to play football? Man?

Speaker 3 (18:55):
I'm ready right now. That's what people don't understand. I
still work out. I still I mean, it's like riding
the bike. I've been playing this game since I was
seventy years.

Speaker 1 (19:03):
Old housewives work out. Have police trained? Yes, sir, are
you training? Don't let this cigard fool you. I'm smoking cigars.

Speaker 3 (19:11):
Like after a two a day, three a day, don't matter,
don't don't don't let this fool you.

Speaker 2 (19:19):
Now, how about this? Getting in is the easy? Part
is knowing when to get out. That's hard. I'm listen.
Put it like this, I'm not big and nobody to
go back. Right.

Speaker 3 (19:35):
If the opportunity presents itself where somebody feels the need
that Cam Newton can help our franchise, I'll be ready.

Speaker 1 (19:44):
Have you or any your representatives representation reached out to
any of the thirty two teams?

Speaker 2 (19:48):
Yes? And what's the feedback? What's been said?

Speaker 3 (19:53):
Oh? Man, you know we're exploring options right now, and
you know that professional talk all to say yes sir,
And that's fine, that's cool. They have to do what's
right for them, and I have to do what's right
for me, and a part of that is telling the
people what's right for me. So you can't sit up

here and say Cam ain't willing to be a backup.
I told y'all I'll be a backup. These are the
people who I would back up. And that still wasn't
good enough. So what is it now? And I already
knew that going into it, because it's not necessarily.

Speaker 2 (20:31):
What's being said. It's the source of who's saying it. Right.

Speaker 3 (20:35):
Oh ah, man, you know bringing the cam Newton into
the franchise.

Speaker 2 (20:40):
What does that say to the starter?

Speaker 3 (20:42):
Am I supposed to apologize for the ore that I bring?
That's me. That's what made my roar loud. I put
a lot on my plate. That's how my father raised me.
And man, look, my father is obviously the most influential
male of my life, and he is as holy as holy.

But when my dad know when I talk to him
like this, like Pop, you ain't raised no bitch. Now,
this is this not him as my pastor, this is
me talking to him as a man. You ain't raised
no bitch. So I got to do what's right for
me and my family and us. And I'm not gonna
let nobody play with me. So that could be intimidating

to a franchise because they think that, oh, we can't
control this.

Speaker 2 (21:30):

Speaker 3 (21:30):
No, you've never had no problems from cam Newton. You've
never seen Cam Newton on the duy. You've never seen
Cam Newton have conduct detrimental to the team. You've never
seen Cam Newton oust his the organization. Knowing that this
wasn't my fault, I still take the blame. That's what
quarterbacks are supposed to do. I've been an upright honorable

citizen in the eyes of the media, and now when
I have I have my way of expressing myself.

Speaker 2 (22:02):
Oh, who do you think you are? Cam Newton? Simple
and playing.

Speaker 1 (22:11):
If I gave you a choice the last drive, you
got two minutes on the clock and you gotta go
eighty yards to get a touchdown, I'm gonna give you
Tom Brady. I'm gonna give you Patrick Mahomes, both in
their prime. Who you taking Brady? Why it's Brady? I
mean not to minimize Patrick. I remember playing. I never

played Patrick Mahomes the time I was supposed to playing.

Speaker 3 (22:39):
I had COVID. I remember playing Tom Brady in New England.
I think it was twenty seventeen, twenty eighteen, and the
impact that he had it was like the game is
never over. As a quarterback, you never to get distracted

by the opposing offense. You know what I'm saying. I think,
Pat Well, it's not I think, I know Patrick Mahomes
has that. It's like when you score, it's like Dann,
we left too much time. Well with Brady, the whole crowd,
they were down. I think about two scores, the whole crowd.

Speaker 2 (23:20):
Brady, Brady, Brady sh that type of impact.

Speaker 3 (23:28):
I don't think the game will ever see that in
respect to who he was, and he's proven time and
time again with elite support, supporting cast and questionable support
and cast, Brady has always got it done. And I
wouldn't say it just was Brady. It was Coach Belichick,

it was Josh McDaniels, it was that whole organization. Brady
was just the person that got a lot of credit.
But if I were to that situation, I'm going with
Tom Brady every single day.

Speaker 1 (24:04):
Do you feel like when you're playing against a Brady
or you're playing against the Mahomes now that you're actually
competing against them, and I know, well, I'm not on
the feel against Tom Brady, I'm not on the feel
against Patrick Mahomes.

Speaker 2 (24:14):
But you know what they're gonna do for you got
to match it.

Speaker 3 (24:16):
Yes, sir, I mean as a as an athlete in
that game or a player in that game. Those are
all things that you think in the back of your head.
You know, for a minute, offense is that it's paramount,
is of great desire that we got to get first downs,
we got to.

Speaker 2 (24:33):
Keep them off the field, you know.

Speaker 3 (24:36):
And as we're playing, these are the things that completions.
Keeping the clock rolling, you know, protecting the football, whether
in the pocket, outside the pocket, guys.

Speaker 2 (24:48):
You know, staying bound. It's a lot.

Speaker 3 (24:52):
It's almost like the Jordan effect, the Lebron effect, the
Steph effect.

Speaker 2 (24:55):
These are great players now.

Speaker 3 (24:57):
And when you're playing against them, you'll be like, if
you didn't feel that impact to say, you already know
who you're looking across from.

Speaker 1 (25:08):
I think you two and on against Brady? Does does
it feel what you're saying now? I didn't hear you.
It was a I think you two and oh against Brady?
I think you beat him in Carolina and you beat
him in New England.

Speaker 2 (25:18):
Yes, sir, Do you feel.

Speaker 1 (25:20):
Different like beating a Brady or beating one of these
top or Rogers or beating one of these top tier quarterbacks?

Speaker 2 (25:27):
Do you feel different when you beat one of those guys?
Only person I wish I.

Speaker 3 (25:32):
I would have beat What's Peyton. You to het, I'm
owing two verse. Peyton obviously won in the regular season
when he had that crazy year with fifty five touchdowns,
and then obviously in the Super Bowl.

Speaker 2 (25:49):
But other than that, I have my own right.

Speaker 1 (25:54):
If I give you a choice, you got to start
a friend you Cam Newton is the general manager, and
you get Joe Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts or Rock Purty
to start your start your franchise with who you pick.

Speaker 2 (26:05):
It Joe Shustein smoking Joe motherfucker cool.

Speaker 3 (26:11):
I seen him at a Super Bowl party and I
was like, Yo, like this dude, I could see what
like got guys gravitating man. Listen, he got that it factor.
And a lot of times, especially as you cover sports
or you you talk about it, critique sports, you don't
really know these people. You don't have real interactions with them.

I met Joe, cool guy, and his oora was just right.

Speaker 2 (26:41):
Just a cool lass dude. You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (26:43):
Not taking anything away from Jalen, not taking anything from Brock,
not taking anything from you know, any other person Justin
Herbert that you that.

Speaker 2 (26:51):
You spoke of.

Speaker 3 (26:51):
But I need guys that's gonna lead our franchise.

Speaker 2 (26:56):
It's easy to say.

Speaker 3 (26:57):
When things are going good, but are you gonna give
the confidence in that locker room where things going bad?

Speaker 2 (27:03):
And that's what I look at from my sea. Who
do you think win wins the Super Bowl? First?

Speaker 1 (27:11):
Jordan Love, Rock Party, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert,
Dak Prescott, Jalen Hurst, Lamar, what happened? What happened this year?
Because it seemed like everything was perfect. They had home
field throughout. They were clearly from about Week nine on
the best team in the NFL, and it wasn't close.
You look at the team that they beat. They beat
Miami by god knows how much. They did a demolition

job on the forty nine ers. They blew the doors
off Seattle. All the teams that made the playoffs or
that was playoff potentials, they just didn't skate by them.
They ram shout And then this moment AFC Championship game
on your home field, and everybody knows Lamar Jackson is
going to be the MVP.

Speaker 2 (27:53):
The only question is is it going to be unanimous? Again? Yeah?

Speaker 3 (27:57):
I think one thing that Lamar and the Ravens organization
just has to figure out it's how to win the
ugly games.

Speaker 2 (28:08):
It's one of them situations.

Speaker 3 (28:09):
Like sometimes when I look at Lamar, it's like, bro,
you just stop thinking. And it's easy for a guy
with that much talent to think, Oh, it's so many
Like as a chef, you could prepare this meal in
so many different ways. But everybody know your signature signature

is smoked. Man, Smoke this motherfucking and get on a
bout your day. You got to win. Find a way
to win the ugly games, and we can talk about
the other stuff later. Patrick Mahomes has found a way
to do that. I don't care what we need to
do or we can talk about all this other them
drop balls. We can worry about all that shit after
the end of the game. Let's find a way to win.

Travis Kelsey Man, We're gonna find a way to fucking win.
And I think for Lamar once he figures that out,
not to say that he hasn't, but everybody around because
it's just not Lamar, it's everybody finding a way to win.
That's what made Tom Brady and the New England Patriots
so dynamic, because it could be we're gonna find a

way to win that Super Bowl in Atlanta.

Speaker 2 (29:15):
That was the ugliest super Bowl ever.

Speaker 3 (29:17):
Yes, the Patriots versus the Rams, low scoring. We thought
it was gonna be a fire up and down thirty
five thirty one. Man, it was thirteen to three, low
scoring game. We gotta find a way to win. And
once he figures that out, the organization figures that out.

Speaker 1 (29:36):
It's funny that you say that because Brady mastered that.
And you mentioned Patrick Mahomes because you look at the
Super Bowl against Philly. He threw four one hundred and
eighty yards, but every yard mattered. Correct this, he didn't
have what he ended up going overtime, and I think
he might've had close to three hundred. But you say that,

it's like finding ways to win that people don't think
you can because everybody thinks that he's supposed to throw
for three four hundred yards and that's the only way
they can win. But sometimes he turned into a game
manager because he toarm Brady was the greatest game manager
and the greatest because he understood, man, this is gonna
be a low scoring game. Man, I can't put this
ball in harm's way. I can't fumble, I can't make mistakes.

Speaker 3 (30:19):
Or knowing how to compartmentalize the different versions of yourself,
and that's what makes you a game changer, because it may.

Speaker 2 (30:28):
Say, hey hey hey, easy, easy, easy, hey check.

Speaker 3 (30:31):
Check check hey Bronco, hey, Bronco. Hey, fifty two is
of mic that's checking into a run play. It's too high.

Speaker 2 (30:38):
I know what it is.

Speaker 3 (30:39):
I want to take this shot. We're calling two plays
this second and short or third and one. We're going
to be aggressive.

Speaker 2 (30:46):
Okay, hey, hey, easy.

Speaker 3 (30:47):
Hey, I gotta get us out this play, first down,
one yard game cool, that's fine. I need to understand
what version of myself that I need to go into
my deck of cards and say, okay, boom, I'm throw
that legend, that little tennis spade out.

Speaker 2 (31:02):
It's gonna walk though. She did what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (31:05):
Each so each game, a quarterback Cam Newton has to
go in there. I have to be the best version
today of what is needed of me today.

Speaker 2 (31:16):
I might not need to be Superman today.

Speaker 3 (31:17):
Put a microscope to it and even this play, okay,
not today. Because out in a given game, you may
have anywhere from forty five plays to sixty two plays.
That's just been documented. What a regular game for offense
may look like those plays. Each play will never look

the same. So you have to sit up there and say, oh,
well I got one right here. Hey, hey, easy, we're good.
Sat while they the easy no no, no, no, no, no,
we're good and you're taking your shot. That same thing
may come out the next play. You want to take
another shot. Hoh no no no, no no, no, he killed
that kill that. These are what the outside pundits don't realize.

It's a chess match, and too many times people forget
that in football.

Speaker 2 (32:08):
You just think it's eleven on eleven.

Speaker 3 (32:10):
It's about splitting that number down the middle of and
finding your one on one right and the great ones.

Speaker 2 (32:16):
To do it, and you see what makes them great.

Speaker 1 (32:20):
The Cowboys are in a very precarious situation because they
find themselves in a very similar situation to where they
were four years ago. Dak Prescott going into the final
year of his contract that time they franchised, that made
it play on a franchise tag, thought about franchising and
get to give Hi a long term deal.

Speaker 2 (32:34):
So here we are again. What is it that Dak
needs to do?

Speaker 1 (32:39):
What is it that Dak hasn't done to convince the
Cowboys because clearly they're not convinced because Jerry said it
after We're only going to go as far as Dak
carry us, and this was as far as he could
carry us. What are you seeing from Dak's what's going
on with Dak? What's going on with the Cowboys offense?
That in big games he doesn't play his best?

Speaker 2 (32:59):
This mess is just too Dak Prescott.

Speaker 3 (33:04):
We're looking for that motherfucking dog, and I don't think
Jerry Jones will allow him to become that.

Speaker 2 (33:13):
Because you got to be politically correct.

Speaker 3 (33:16):
You got to be almost the president of football, almost
to be the signal caller for the Dallas Cowboys. What
Dallas Cowboys need at that quarterback position is somebody saying, now,
fuck that, this is my shit, this is what we're
gonna do. I hear all that, but we're trying to win.
We're trying to win, yes or no, Okay, cool now,

unleash me and let me win this football game. That
type of aura, I don't think that can be that.

Speaker 2 (33:46):
No, because Jerry wants to win his way, you see
what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (33:49):
So those are gonna be very combative forces that I
don't know if they can get to that next level.

Speaker 1 (33:57):
I know a guy that played quarterback that didn't win
their as much Dak, probably one more playoff game than him,
and he never had to worry about a contract.

Speaker 2 (34:05):
The guy that Dak come on came after. That's what
I'm saying. I mean, am I missing for the people
that we're keep it at a bout? Now? Who you
talking about? So? So? So the people know?

Speaker 1 (34:21):
All I know is Tony Romans made the highest played
quarterback in football with no Super Bowl, no NFC Championship game,
no first Team All prow the Team All pros.

Speaker 2 (34:32):
He ain't. He ain't never had to worry about a contract.

Speaker 3 (34:34):
And when he's done playing, he gets a deal that
nobody else gets. So what are we really talking about?
So you won't cam Newton to shut up and shit
it back when I'm telling y'all that this is ain't
There's different rules for different people. Yes, when I could

sit up here and say, hold on easy, that's a
slant coming head, watch the pressure. Hey watch this and
watch that as a as an athletic quarterback, you don't
get enough credit. You think Lamar Jackson has been as
successful as he is by him not understanding the football
game and how people are gonna try to play him
Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, these athletic quarterbacks.

Speaker 1 (35:21):
Come on now, you said, like, okay, Romo got what
he got when he played, and then he goes out
and he becomes color of CBS gets this long term deal.

Speaker 2 (35:32):
At the prime time game. He ain't. Oh yeah, he's
no boy.

Speaker 3 (35:36):
I take another guy who I have a whole much
respectful and call me Bias Greg Olsen. Yeah, Greg Oson
ain't get that deal. So it can't be no black
and white thing. It's just like, yo, how why how
did he get that?

Speaker 2 (35:49):
You want to call games? Man?

Speaker 3 (35:51):
I want the money. I figure anything else. Shit, I
asked you a question about that, and what made you
get into lepart heah, yeah, it's because, shit, you realize
that you could become a billionaire.

Speaker 2 (36:04):

Speaker 3 (36:04):
We'll figure all the other rest of this stuff out later.
I ain't no different.

Speaker 2 (36:09):
Cam. Do you want to call game? Nope? Shit, we're
gonna give you thirty million dollars a year.

Speaker 1 (36:13):
Shit, Jo, but you can't go Cam, you can't go
in there and saying no, you have yes, I would
love the call games?

Speaker 3 (36:19):
Well, yeah, I love to call what' that contract look
like we're gonna give you seven hundred and fifty thousand?

Speaker 1 (36:26):
All right, I'm good. Well man, I mean they're probably.
I mean, it all depends on where you calling. You're
calling the you know you're the number one slot or
the number two slot. Number one slot? You know is here?

Speaker 2 (36:36):
Man, you gotta know who you are. You see what
I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (36:40):
You take, you take certain people from certain situations in
that situation ain't the same my point, period, undisputed, ain't
been the same since Shannon Sharp move walked up out
of them. Shannon Sharp gonna be straight, not skim. Why
them raiders ain't what they are now?

Speaker 2 (36:59):

Speaker 3 (37:00):
Is because of you. No, you gotta figure out. You
got to know who you are, bro.

Speaker 2 (37:04):
You do care.

Speaker 1 (37:05):
But I think the thing is is that we are
not gonna get allowed to start at the top. You
started in the mail room, and then you're gonna start
carrying the mail and then you're gonna work your way
up before you get to the penhouse. You're not going
to the penhouse. You have to understand that. And see,
I once see you can be good at any game

if you understand the rules and how to play the game.

Speaker 2 (37:27):
I understand that, and I'm exposing that. So you do
me a favor.

Speaker 3 (37:32):
Okay, you go back to the introduction and you give
that resume, and you put that on.

Speaker 2 (37:42):
Dan Oloski and see if he don't become getting the
number one slide up. Hello. You see what I'm saying.
I understand what the rules are. I'm just here to
expose it.

Speaker 3 (37:56):
Like your CONSTENTI with Kat William said, I'm just here
to collect information and I'm just here to report it.
Don't get mad that I'm reporting what I've obviously seen,
what's to be true.

Speaker 2 (38:08):
And what everybody else knows. They just don't say it correct.

Speaker 3 (38:12):
So you're gonna make me the bad guy because I'm
reporting the truth. No, No, I'm not gonna do that.
I'm not in the position. I don't need you, you
don't need me, but people need the truth.

Speaker 2 (38:24):
You had a very interesting take on Kirk Cousins.

Speaker 1 (38:29):
You're like, I want to know who his agent is
for sure, because I want to know how man that's
won one playoff game been a game manager his entire
career and get guaranteed three hundred and three hundred and
thirty one million dollars thirty five, He's coming off season
ending Achilles surgery at his age. The foul cous just

gave him one hundred and eighty million, one hundred million
guaranteed fifty million at the time of signing.

Speaker 3 (39:02):
It ain't even I mean, that's egregious and I love
the fact that he's able to get that money. But
what the Falcons paid Kirk Cousins. They could have got
Cam Newton, Justin Fields and Michael vic.

Speaker 2 (39:25):
For that price.

Speaker 1 (39:26):
You do realize they could have gave up two first
round and they got Lamar Jackson for But.

Speaker 2 (39:31):
We're not talking about that. See, this is the thing about.

Speaker 3 (39:33):
Sports that we don't do a better job with holding
people to the fire.

Speaker 2 (39:39):
You a judge, you a critique Dak Prescott.

Speaker 3 (39:42):
You'll critique Cam Newton, you'll critique Lamar Jackson, you will
critique Patrick Mahomes.

Speaker 2 (39:46):
But who's to say for.

Speaker 3 (39:47):
The ownership, the management and all these decision makers by
tricking off these key decisions. But they want you to
just shut up and play I'm center for at the like,
when are we gonna admit that these coaches really don't
know what they're doing, These managers don't know what they're doing.

Speaker 2 (40:07):
These owners really don't know what they're.

Speaker 3 (40:08):
Doing, or they're making bad situations, and that the franchise
is suffering from that.

Speaker 2 (40:14):
It's not just that y'all don't have good players.

Speaker 1 (40:17):
Well, see, here's the thing. If you and I make
a bad decision. Let's just say we make a bad investment,
we can't recoup that. They make a bad investment. The
TV contract's gonna pay them three hundred four hundred million dollars,
So what are they actually lost? You see how you
overcome a bad investment. If you make a bad Let's
just say you go out there and buy a piece
of property.

Speaker 2 (40:36):
For fifty million.

Speaker 1 (40:38):
You're like, damn, I'm out of this fifty million, But
you say, you know what, I got one hundred million
coming in. Ain't no skin off my back nothing. See
that's how they look at it. And see I look
at Atlanta. I think they were looking for the next
Matt Ryan because the most successful quarterback in their history.
I guess far As wins and get into the Super Bowl.
You look at Matt Ryan because it is basically a

carbon copy of it.

Speaker 3 (41:00):
Matt Ryan had Tony again Zalez arguably or he's top three.

Speaker 1 (41:07):
You know, yeah, you had Roddy White. He had Julio,
he had some weapons. But they say, look here we
got jaw. You had a defense. Yeah yeah, I mean
you had Julio.

Speaker 2 (41:17):
That's all you need.

Speaker 1 (41:19):
But they say, we got Jon Robinson, we got Drake London,
we got Kyle Pitts. I think they signed Mooney from Chicago.
So there's like, we just need somebody to get him
the ball.

Speaker 3 (41:30):
That's cool, But I'm telling you, with that one hundred
and eighty that you gave that guy, you could have had,
if not more talent at that position, and you was
gonna sell out right.

Speaker 2 (41:44):
I'm here man.

Speaker 3 (41:45):
We are across the street from Mercedes Beand Stadium.

Speaker 2 (41:48):
Yes, people after games.

Speaker 3 (41:51):
For the four years that Fellowship has been open, has
been in saying the same argument. When you go in
that stadium sometimes it's not max the capacity. I was
a teenager when Michael Vick was here.

Speaker 2 (42:11):
Come on, no, man, that mother bruh.

Speaker 3 (42:13):
And they wasn't elite, no, but Michael Vick to Atlanta
was something that the city needed. And that's where you
gotta talk to management to say, hey, listen, I understand
it's twofold. We gotta win football games, and we gotta
sell tickets. I don't know, and I'm not saying that
to shame Kirk Cousins. What I am saying is, let's

give a little bit more perspective too, because the perspective
about it is my take personally was Cam's getting old.
He ain't getting no younger. He thirty two at the time.
He's coming off of shoulder injury. Linz Frank all things

that are not quote unquote serious injuries.

Speaker 2 (43:04):
They're not career ending. Career ending.

Speaker 3 (43:07):
If you toyo Achilles back when you was playing, you're done.

Speaker 2 (43:13):
Yeah, You're never the same thing.

Speaker 3 (43:15):
So now he's coming back. I had this take on
fourth and one. You're giving this person the money coming
off of injury.

Speaker 2 (43:27):

Speaker 3 (43:29):
How am I supposed to feel because the same questions
and the same concerns.

Speaker 2 (43:34):
That you had with me.

Speaker 3 (43:35):
Obviously you don't overlook that you seem to have don't
have those concerns with him. And if you give Kirk
Cousins my resume, he probably would have gotten more.

Speaker 2 (43:45):
But I'm tripping, but I'm better, But I'm mad. I'm not.

Speaker 3 (43:50):
I'm just exposing the truth and it's for you to
digest however you feel.

Speaker 1 (43:56):
There are a lot of running backs that traded that
changed teams. Derrick Henry went to the the Ravens, Saquon
Barkley went to the Eagles, and Joe Mixon went to
the Texans. They also got Stefan Diggs. Which running back
do you feel will have the biggest impact.

Speaker 2 (44:20):
The biggest impact.

Speaker 3 (44:22):
I don't think he has as many yards, but I
think he has a bigger impact Derick Carry.

Speaker 2 (44:30):
I think so too. You know what I'm saying, he
made a great year for Derick Carry.

Speaker 3 (44:35):
Would be seven hundred and fifty yards, not a thousand
that he used to because obviously you got to share
that workload with Lamar. But if he can get seven
fifty and take that put these games away, like we've
all known the Baltimore Ravens just to.

Speaker 2 (44:54):
Bring their teams into submission. I think Derrick Henry, I.

Speaker 1 (44:58):
Think Derek here needs to have about eleven hundred because
I don't want Lamar to run. Because now when you
play action that thing with big d Henry coming down
the hill and you like he roll over and Lamar
pulls that ball up out of there, Zay Flowers, those
guys are gonna be running.

Speaker 2 (45:12):
Oh for sure.

Speaker 3 (45:13):
But I don't think eleven hundred yards is gonna make
it make a break.

Speaker 2 (45:18):
That impact ain't nothing in seventeen games. That's which is true.

Speaker 3 (45:21):
But you gotta understand, I don't see Derrick Henry averaging
one hundred and twenty one hundred and forty yards. No,
can he give us seventy yes, yes, so seventy times
seventeen If that's the average, that's all we need that.

And then when you get into the red zone, we
gotta shrink this field. Now they really gonna be on
an attack and dictating to the defense.

Speaker 2 (45:52):
Now we're playing chess.

Speaker 1 (45:55):
Christian McCaffrey, you played a couple of years with him.
I believe he's the best running back in football because
of what he can do. He's not two hundred and
twenty five pounds, but he can run inside, he can
run outside. You can put him in the slide, he
can catch it, you can put him out wide, you
can swak dump it to him. He can make people miss,
and he's better. He's better than you think it pass
protected even though it Besides, what did you notice about

c mac when he was there with you in Caroline?

Speaker 2 (46:21):
Christian McCaffer was polished to be a.

Speaker 3 (46:25):
Professional football player when he was in wreck ball like well,
I mean, I think the viral clip went around when
you know his father Ed was giving him a v's
and in high school, that's that's a little different. His
preparation before the game. The people don't see how he
take care of his body. A big Bruce Lee fan,

you know, b As Walter, this guy takes care of
his body better than I've ever seen anybody.

Speaker 2 (46:55):
From his dieting to his.

Speaker 1 (46:59):
Training physios, just preparation before you know practice.

Speaker 3 (47:04):
He has a real routine and I think for him
it's not about size because he understands the Christian McCaffrey
that we see today was not the Christian McCaffrey saw
as a rookie. He realized, I have to put on
way to endure this type of beating. But I think
Christian McCaffrey is capped by the position that he plays

because he's so much more than just a running back.
If you really want to put Christian McCaffrey, he could
be a top ten receiver.

Speaker 2 (47:39):
And that's not fabrication. This is if you say, all right,
ce Mac.

Speaker 3 (47:44):
This year, we're gonna move you from running back and
we're gonna put you, and I guarantee you he does numbers.
That's just his position gives him that what I think
he's making seventeen a year around that where he should
be making twenty.

Speaker 2 (47:59):
Five at like a top tier receiver.

Speaker 3 (48:02):
Right, that's just the impact that Christian McCaffrey has.

Speaker 1 (48:06):
There was a lot of speculation, and I don't know
how true it is because I haven't really talked to
anybody about Lamar and that like free agent wide receivers,
top free agent wide receivers didn't want to go there
because it's not that they don't believe Lamar can throw.
It's just the type of offense that they believe they run.
They're gonna be doing more blocking than catching. Was that

something that you experienced that It wasn't that Cam couldn't throw,
because you threw for four thousand yards as a rookie,
so clearly you can throw the football. But because of
the type of offense that you guys ran receivers, free
agent receivers felt that, man, I'm not gonna get an
opportunity to showcase and they're gonna say I'm a bus
because I'm not catching hundred balls.

Speaker 3 (48:45):
It's the situation as a receiver that you got to say,
hold on, that's not a good situation for me. I'm
a fan of Lamar. I'm speaking as a receiver. I'm
a fan of Lamar, but that may not be the
right situation. I don't think Stefan Diggs was sitting up
there saying I don't want to go to Baltimore. I
think we found that out with Odell. You know, Odell
wasn't featured like he would have thought right featured, But

that doesn't say he's not. He still doesn't have it.
But I've definitely dealt with that as well. And I
think the Ravens organization is not in the position of
trying to promote Pro Bowl players. We're trying to create
Super Bowl players, right, and our system is what it is,

and it goes through and it stops with Lamar Jackson. Right.

Speaker 2 (49:33):
Two part question, Russell Wilson comes to Denver. We know
what he did.

Speaker 1 (49:38):
Didn't see how the goals without saying he went to
the Super Bowl one one lost, another was a bad
play call away from possibly winning two Super Bowls within
his first two to three years, first two to three
years of his NFL career. What forty fifty thousand yards
passing over three hundred touchdowns. He's gonna have four hundred
touchdown passing touchdowns before. Why didn't it work in Denver?

And I'm sure you've heard the stories about how some
of the things transpired that wasn't football related.

Speaker 3 (50:09):
Yeah, but I don't think when you change ownership or
when you change coaching, they gotta go with they guys.
I don't think when Sean Payton got into that locker room,
I don't think Russell was his guy and it impacted
his play, whether the pressure of everything and your psyche

or while you're playing good or bad, you know you
got that in the back of your mind.

Speaker 2 (50:36):
They tried to make it work, but it just wasn't that.

Speaker 3 (50:38):
That's one Number two is he didn't have the support
that he had in Seattle. Now you would have thought
how many times the Carolina Panthers played Seattle Seahawks. They
was a divisional game and it was some battles, right,
So I knew the impact of the Legion of Doom
or the Legion of Boom, however you.

Speaker 2 (50:59):
Want to look at it. The Twelfth Man with.

Speaker 3 (51:04):
Earl Thomas camp Chap Richard Sherman, and Wagner, kJ Wright,
you know, Bruce Irvin, like these guys like they were intimidating, bro,
and they wasn't trying to beat their homeboys and dap
you up.

Speaker 2 (51:23):
We'll do that shit after the.

Speaker 3 (51:26):
Season, even at the end of the game. We ain't
with no friendly shit with you, bro. Fuck you when
you have that to look across. I don't think he
had that type of same support.

Speaker 2 (51:40):
In Denver.

Speaker 3 (51:42):
Not to say that that defense wasn't a stand up defense.
It was just a lot of culminations of things where
it was.

Speaker 2 (51:49):
Just a style of play.

Speaker 3 (51:51):
Pete Carroll had that organization like they they was bound
to have something happened. I was like, oh, broy, don't
happened to nobody but Seattle. They're always a playaway.

Speaker 2 (52:04):
You know.

Speaker 3 (52:04):
When you see that that comeback from the Green Bay
that year, it was just like it would not happen
to no other team. Even when we played him during
our year going to the Super Bowl, we were up
by like twenty eight points. They came back and.

Speaker 2 (52:18):
If it wasn't for an on side kick that we recovered.

Speaker 3 (52:21):
Sh that was just that type of team, And you know,
I don't think that was the same rollout in Denver
that he had and.

Speaker 1 (52:30):
Then you get Justin Fields his situation, goals of the
I think fifteenth big overall, I think he top twenty pick,
had some good moments, tremendous legs, tremendous legs, studied, got
better at studying, Understand the place, Understand what was expected
of him.

Speaker 2 (52:49):
Why didn't they work in Chicago?

Speaker 3 (52:50):
But that's where we got it. Also, not just critique
Justin Fields, we got a critique management man. They didn't
put him into the best positions to be success. He's
running the unbelievable legs. He's running for us life. You
put somebody else into that can't run, he would have
doubled the sacks.

Speaker 2 (53:09):
And also.

Speaker 3 (53:12):
Preparing him or having him evolve as a player that
he needs to become. That's coaching, that's general management, that's ownership.
This is our franchise guy. We gotta develop him in
a way for longevity. We're seeing the same thing kind
of happen with Bryce Young. If y'all don't develop this

player in the right way, then we're going to say
after a year or two he was a bus.

Speaker 2 (53:40):
But that's not the player.

Speaker 3 (53:41):
That's the management going into a situation because if you
were to ask you, if you were to put the
power back into the players during the draft, and if
it wasn't up to management to say who they wanted
to go to. A lot of these teams, nobody wanted
to go there because they know the insufficiencies of men.
But the players don't have that eli power to say, now,

I don't want to go over here. But if they did,
it would be more team saying I don't want to
go to this team. Why would I want to do that.
I've seen what.

Speaker 2 (54:11):
Y'all did to him, right, I ain't gonna do that
with me.

Speaker 1 (54:14):
So so now both of these guys end up in Pittsburgh.
Mike Tomlin and he says, right now, Russell Wilson is
in the pole position, and there'll be there'll be time
that Justin Fields will be able to compete for the
starting job. So what do you think the Steelers thought
process was? Because I have my opinion on what I

think it is. Tell me what you think it is.

Speaker 3 (54:38):
I think Mike Tomlin is doing what I just said,
He's developing Justin Fields. Hey, we're going to bring in
a veteran that you can see not only his preparation
on the field, But how does he take care of
his body? I want you to study that. And then
he's on a one year contract. If he does not produce,

then you will be inserted to take on that. And
you're still young enough yees to be labeled a franchise guy.

Speaker 2 (55:10):
So it's it's it's chest here.

Speaker 3 (55:12):
And if anybody can coach, Justin feels it's Mike Tomlin
because he knows the struggles. He knows how the vernacular
or choice of words to get through to his quarterback
in that.

Speaker 2 (55:26):
Type of in that type of manner. What does Lamar
have to do to get to that Super Bowl?

Speaker 1 (55:31):
Because he's he's been an MVP twice, Yeah, one vote
away from being a two time unanimous MVP, two times
first team All Pro Pro Bowls. We know he's going
to the Hall of Fame, but I believe he needs
that that one super Bowl. Now we start talking about
Lamar is one of those pantheon, one of those top

six seven quarterbacks with multiple suits, because there are many
that have multiple multiple MVPs and Super Bowl.

Speaker 3 (55:58):
But this is the thing that I think we get
so jaded and distracted by things that have so many
different determining factors, right, Does Brady have as many Super
Bowl rings without certain rules being in place? Does Patrick
Mahomes have, you know, the same amount of If this

play goes one way, that play goes another.

Speaker 2 (56:24):
I don't think.

Speaker 3 (56:26):
Lamar Jackson's greatness is dictated or predicated off of him
winning the Super Bowl.

Speaker 1 (56:31):
No, He's great, for sure, But that est is what
we're trying to add for sure.

Speaker 3 (56:37):
But I think, like I said earlier, the Baltimore Ravens
have to find a way to win the ugly game.

Speaker 2 (56:44):
Yeah, and if.

Speaker 3 (56:46):
We can find a way to win those type of
games that's all three levels and three phases of football,
that's offensively, defensively, as special teams, if we can find
a way to win those type of games, then we'll
be good. That's no denying that they have enough talent
to win. But I don't want the pressure to be
on any player to think that you got to win

a Super Bowl to be labeled a great player or
a generational player. We've seen it time and time again.
I always ask this question because it's so it's so
paramount to putting perspective into sports. What's more important impact
or championships? You look at a guy like Alan Iverson.

Is he not great?

Speaker 2 (57:33):
Yes? Does he not get the est? No?

Speaker 1 (57:35):
I think that me the way I look at it, Cam,
and you correct me if I'm wrong. I believe you
can be great without winning a championship, but in order
for us to add the est, you have to have
won a championship. Karl Malone is a great player. Is
he better than Tim Duncan because they didn't have time,
he can't be Charles Barkley is a great player. I
believe you can be great without winning a championship in

any sport.

Speaker 2 (57:58):
Bad bonds, but you have to win championships. But you're
you're thinking about a lot of determining factors.

Speaker 1 (58:10):
When the same determinive factors that went into him winning
the MVP.

Speaker 2 (58:13):
Which is true, but hear me out.

Speaker 3 (58:16):
Karl Malone was a great player and was a shot
away from obtaining NBA championship if it wasn't for the
Russell push off. Yeah, well push off, crosshover and then boom.
We seen Michael Jordan's last shot as a bull. Yes,
if he misses that shot, then Karl Malone, who do

we know him to still have that same thing? So
his greatness was still it is what it is you're going.
It's so many different things in sports that we look
at and say to ourselves. I mean, let's look at
Caitlin in college right now? Yes, all right, during this time.
You know, we don't know if she's gonna win the
national championship, right but her not winning the national championship

does that suppress her greatness?

Speaker 1 (59:05):
No, she's still great. But I don't put I can't
put her in front of Tarassi. I can't put her
in front of a Stewart. I can't put it in
the others that have multiple multiple championships and have the
same credentials. They they they won Final four US and
one Finals, m VP, they won Nasmith Awards.

Speaker 2 (59:21):
So I just like I said, is she great? Yes?

Speaker 1 (59:24):
I believe you can be great without winning a championship.
But in order for us to add the est, you
have to have a championship, Sailor.

Speaker 2 (59:32):
That's that's opinionated.

Speaker 3 (59:36):
But if you that's just a discussion that barbershops all
across America and and cigar conversations.

Speaker 2 (59:42):
Mess your question.

Speaker 1 (59:43):
Without those championships, would you still look at Kobe the
same way? Without those championships? Would you still look at
Jordan the same way without those championships.

Speaker 3 (59:50):
Yes, no way, yes, no, because I'm gonna tell you this,
no uh uh no, you're right, you're right. But I
don't respect the championship that Kobe won with Shop more
than I appreciate the championship that he won with Lamar

Oldham or Power or Derek Fisher.

Speaker 2 (01:00:18):
That one was a grinder.

Speaker 3 (01:00:20):
That's a person going up back to what I'm saying,
heat Man, there was some ugly wins. Yes, it required
him to exert just as much energy on the offensive
side as the defensive side. He's guarding the best player
and I'm still giving everything that I got, But that
still doesn't negate that he was on a great team.

You know what I'm saying, Like those teammates have to
also understand the amount of uh the amount of focus
that it requires, Like, well, you got a great player.

Speaker 2 (01:00:51):
We can't just say, oh, Lamar got it.

Speaker 3 (01:00:54):
Everybody got a emergency has to has to rise and
the great players brings that out from the whole organization.
Patrick Mahomes does it, Tom Brady has done it, And
I see what you're saying, So I would agree with
what you're saying.

Speaker 1 (01:01:10):
The Panther, the team that you spent the lion's yere
of your career with. How do they put Bryce Young
in a situation where they can get the maximum value
for what they gave to get it?

Speaker 2 (01:01:25):
Well, I remember having a conversation with.

Speaker 3 (01:01:30):
A brief conversation with him, and during Super Bowl I
saw him at a party, and I think he needs
to understand that voicing his opinion is important. Yes, some
quarterbacks have that freedom too, and some don't. You ain't
at the age or you could tell us.

Speaker 2 (01:01:50):
Who and what you are you're a rookie.

Speaker 3 (01:01:52):
Yeah, but you have to because every offensive coordinator asked
their quarterback this question. Game on the line, third and four,
third and eight, got to have a situation, who would
you prefer to.

Speaker 2 (01:02:06):
Throw the football to?

Speaker 3 (01:02:07):
See what I'm saying, So, game on the line or
going into this season?

Speaker 2 (01:02:11):
What do you need to be successful? Right? And he
needs to have those answers for that, So talk to Bryce.

Speaker 3 (01:02:16):
Bryce has to obviously be open to doing it, not
doing it publicly, right, but doing it behind the scenes
to say, listen, if we got this person in the draft,
this is who I want, right, Like I need to
be protected and not to just think selflessly on the
offensive side.

Speaker 2 (01:02:31):
Man, we need defense.

Speaker 3 (01:02:33):
We need to control, like understand what our division is
because first, in any type of team atmosphere, you have
to dominate your division first. That only guarantees you that
you will go to the play.

Speaker 1 (01:02:45):
Well, I'm not so sure they know what the hell
they're doing because they had an opportunity to get to
first round for Brian Burns and they trade him to
the Giants for less than that.

Speaker 2 (01:02:54):
We have to start holding these people, and its accountable.
You know what I'm saying. Yes, And when a guy
like me says that, like what the fuck would you do?
I tell you what I do. You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (01:03:09):
It's a lot of things that are even going back
to the franchise. It's like, bro, you should not have
clean house like you clean house. Getting rid of a
Ryan Khalil impacted that offensive line. Getting rid of Thomas
Davis impacted that defense, not just the linebackers.

Speaker 2 (01:03:23):
Losing Luke, how you lost Luke?

Speaker 3 (01:03:27):
Luke retired, right, But I do think Luke would not
have retired if he knew that locker room was still
gonna be intact. He probably would have took some time off, right,
and his health isn't important. You know, taking concussions extremely serious,
but that would have been something that you would have
had to consider being the Luke Keickley knowing that I

still got KK Short, I still got Charles Johnson, I
still got Thomas Davis, I still got guys that that's
gonna that's gonna battle with me. You did what I'm saying,
Julius Pepper's they all left and that's These are the
things that he had to think that I say, hold on,
we ain't got none of that. I gotta start over now.
I'm good with that. And I can't speak for Luke,

but these are the things that on hindsight, you got
to think about your door.

Speaker 1 (01:04:16):
All intends of prayer. He's gonna come out this year
and his father, Coach Prime, said, look, I don't want
my son to play in the cold weather, and I'm
gonna term you know, I'm gonna have.

Speaker 2 (01:04:28):
A say where he plays.

Speaker 1 (01:04:30):
He said, Eli did it even I told Teams, I
ain't going there. The thing that he has that Eli
had is that his dad had money, got cloud and
so you know, he didn't come from no situation where
you know, we even catch up with a knit needle. Yeah,
you know we robbing Peter to pay Paul. What do

you think what's an ideal situation?

Speaker 2 (01:04:53):

Speaker 1 (01:04:53):
First of all, what do you think about coach Prime
saying that he wants your door to be X y
Z And what do you think ideal landing spot?

Speaker 2 (01:05:01):
Push your do it with me Atlanta. They just gave
first cousins all that money. We'll figure all that other
shit out.

Speaker 3 (01:05:15):
You ever heard a dead Caphlebroncos got eighty five million.
We'll figure out that other shit out if Prime can
get shoulder.

Speaker 2 (01:05:29):
In Atlanta.

Speaker 3 (01:05:30):
But let me tell you something, all businesses include a
magic city will be.

Speaker 2 (01:05:35):
Appreciative of that, right there. Real talk.

Speaker 3 (01:05:40):
So these are the things that But I don't think
he'll be a top four pick, as he was on
record the same and that's fine. I remember having a
conversation with Shaun Watson when he got drafted because Deshaun
just alike with Justin Fields.

Speaker 2 (01:05:57):
They came through my seven or seven program and I.

Speaker 1 (01:06:00):
Had both from Georgia, one from Gainesville and I think
uh from Kenlsack.

Speaker 3 (01:06:04):
Yes, sir Rob he went not Rob har Harrison, correct,
And I remember telling them you're in the best situation
than any other the quarterbacks. He I think Deshaun went
twelfth to Houston. You got a quality receiver in d
hot you know what I'm saying. And that level of
expectation is it like you can?

Speaker 2 (01:06:27):
You can?

Speaker 3 (01:06:30):
You know what I'm saying. I think really too, and
I say this humbly. My success in the league was
not good for the upcoming rookie quarterbacks. When you see
guys like Peyton Peyton Manning didn't become good until after
second and third year.

Speaker 2 (01:06:47):
They threw them out there in the fire.

Speaker 3 (01:06:48):
But if Peyton Manning was drafted in this day and
age of expectations and.

Speaker 2 (01:06:53):
Throw no, no, hell no.

Speaker 3 (01:06:58):
But when they when you see a guy like a
Joe Borrow, when you see guys that have early success.

Speaker 2 (01:07:04):
Stride j Strid, Oh my goodness.

Speaker 3 (01:07:07):
But you want to go somewhere where you can really
take your time and becoming the guy your way.

Speaker 2 (01:07:17):
You see what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (01:07:18):
And that's just some of the things that you got
to think about. So from Prime's perspective, it's not just
whether that that I.

Speaker 2 (01:07:27):
Think he's trying to run away from. It's the situation
and the best to quit.

Speaker 3 (01:07:36):
Come on, now, when you think about it, and you say,
do we go to.

Speaker 2 (01:07:40):
A Giants.

Speaker 3 (01:07:43):
And he don't got the talent that he's capable of having, or.

Speaker 2 (01:07:50):
A Las Vegas.

Speaker 3 (01:07:52):
See what I'm saying, Like, Oh, okay, I see what
y'all trying to do over here. We're gonna take our
talents over there. I don't think weather has anything to
do with it. I think certain situations has everything to
do with it.

Speaker 1 (01:08:05):
Caleb Williams R. G Three said that he believed Caleb
william should pull a d li like Manning.

Speaker 2 (01:08:10):
He don't got the juice.

Speaker 3 (01:08:13):
You know, when you think about you ain't even got
to say the first name when you mentioned the word
or utter the word Manning, that come with a little trembling,
Like when you think about Sanders, Yo, they don't even
know half the people don't even know his last name.
They say Prime Dion, that come with a little rattling

of the Williams.

Speaker 2 (01:08:39):
No, and that's ship. You say, Newton, That ain't got
no you know juice either.

Speaker 3 (01:08:45):
You know what I'm saying, Ship, We already seen what
that tried to get you across from.

Speaker 2 (01:08:52):
Ain't nobody to train to count you did ot as.
But that's just the facts.

Speaker 3 (01:08:57):
Right, So I think now, when you're looking at these
situations and who got the ability to say what they
not gonna do? It comes with a pre existing resume
because obviously I got sons. When my son get to

that point, hopefully if he ever is in a draft,
my daughters is ever in a.

Speaker 2 (01:09:23):
Draft, Oh, you best believe. Nah, we straight, We're good.
What y'all want? No, I'm representing them. You know what
I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (01:09:32):
I know I'm gonna put my son and my daughter
in the best situation to succeed, and that's not a
succeedingst situation, right, you.

Speaker 2 (01:09:41):
Want to do?

Speaker 1 (01:09:43):
You believe the Bears made the right decision moving on
from Justin Fields because I said this camp, I said,
I do not believe the Bears are going to pass
up two number one overall quarterbacks in back to back years.
I said, no way, They'll do it, No way.

Speaker 3 (01:09:59):
I I would have loved to see what Justin Fields
could do with.

Speaker 1 (01:10:09):
Addie Keenan keenan Ally got DJ still there, DJ Comet
still there.

Speaker 3 (01:10:14):
You see what I'm saying, Like, what would he would
have done with that? You know what I'm saying. But
I mean, I guess we'll never know.

Speaker 2 (01:10:22):
Are you surprised that they made this move?

Speaker 3 (01:10:24):
No, No, I'm not because I don't know what was
happening inside that locker room or inside that organization. And
we've talked, you know, a couple of times, and I
think with Justin, he's one of those He's not He's
not a.

Speaker 2 (01:10:43):
Vocal vocal like you Cam. Yeah, he not. He not.
Nobody else will camp yeah, which is true.

Speaker 3 (01:10:49):
But I'm saying like, I don't think he could express
himself or nor did I think he knew how to
express himself in a way that it wouldn't come off
in a conflicting way. But in that position, you gotta have,

you gotta have some ship to you. I'll give you
another person who may not be vocal, but he got
some ship to.

Speaker 2 (01:11:15):
Him, Aaron Rodgers. You wanna see everybody bring it up
on me?

Speaker 3 (01:11:22):
Just one of the like when they do that ship
that's a swaggy motherfucker boy, bad cold cold, but he
just does it in this subtle way.

Speaker 2 (01:11:32):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (01:11:34):
So all these different players is you know, you gotta
have some some stuff to you.

Speaker 2 (01:11:40):
Let's talk about his uh, his fashion.

Speaker 1 (01:11:43):
He's received a lot of criticism, painting his nails doing
certain things. You were a guy that caught a lot
of criticism from the way you dread man count them
tight clothes off?

Speaker 2 (01:11:55):
He thinks how they that they look good? They'll look good.
He got them handy to do.

Speaker 1 (01:12:01):
How the hate that he received and you received, how
would you? How would you tell him to handle that situation?
And how did you handle it?

Speaker 2 (01:12:10):
Just be you.

Speaker 3 (01:12:11):
We don't need no more Cam Newton's. We don't need
no more Patriot Peyton Mannings or Patrick.

Speaker 2 (01:12:17):
Mahomes or Tom Brough. We need.

Speaker 3 (01:12:20):
Unique players being themselves. And I got news for you.
Gen Z is here, and gen Z is here to
stay right. So whatever you may think that, oh that
ain't football. And the dude got pink nails, But I
guarantee if he painted his nails pink, hell even diees
hell pink.

Speaker 2 (01:12:38):
If they win the football games, ain't nobody gonna worry
about that. Thank you.

Speaker 3 (01:12:42):
Let's keep the main thing the main thing. Don't you're
worried about fashion? Like bro, I have a life outside
of football. These are things that I like. I love art,
I love you know, fashion, I love my family. I
love doing things that will take my mind off.

Speaker 2 (01:12:57):
Of the daily rigors of the pressures of performing. And
you can't judge me. Hell, I don't go to your cubicle.

Speaker 3 (01:13:06):
I don't go to your job saying what you can
and can't do. Why are you drinking the Caramean Michaiyata.
Ain't you count your calories?

Speaker 2 (01:13:14):
Well? You know, it just is what it is.

Speaker 3 (01:13:17):
I think you know what Caleb Williams represents is something
that is unique.

Speaker 2 (01:13:23):
To who he is. And we can't be.

Speaker 3 (01:13:26):
Hypocrites to allowing why we like that camp I ain't
like that.

Speaker 2 (01:13:31):
No, but people.

Speaker 3 (01:13:35):
I remember I was having this conversation with a coach, Shuler,
Mike Shuler, one of my favorite coaches of all time
that have coached me because he knew.

Speaker 2 (01:13:43):
How to speak camp right.

Speaker 3 (01:13:45):
We had a head budding one time with the things
that he was trying to make me understand the level
of expectations for what being a franchise quarterback was.

Speaker 2 (01:13:58):
And he said something said, would you see Peyton Manning
doing this? Would you see Tom Brady doing this? And
I had to stop him. I said, hey, listen, I'm
not trying to be no Tom Brady.

Speaker 3 (01:14:11):
I'm not trying to be Peyton Manning because guess what,
I can do some shit that they can't do, and
they can do some shit that I can't do. But
it's a thousand ways of skinner cat and we all
trying to win football games. So I hear what you're
trying to say, but you have to also understand that
that ain't me. I'm not trying to be there. You

know what I'm saying. I could go into Peyton Manning's
neighborhood where he's from.

Speaker 2 (01:14:39):
Payton can't come to where I'm from. You see what
I'm saying. He ain't gonna do no camps at you know,
college Park parp. No. I could go, you know, to Louisiana.
You do know what I'm saying. I go to California
and dude, whatever, and I'm not.

Speaker 3 (01:14:53):
The moral of the story is you should not have
to try to mimic what somebody else did to appease
the somebody else be you.

Speaker 2 (01:15:02):
That's not why they're winning games.

Speaker 1 (01:15:03):
You think they're being in band because they stand up
there and they're all butting up and they speak eloquently
after the game. They're winning game because they're winning game
because of what they do during the course of the week.

Speaker 2 (01:15:12):
And if I'm doing that during the course of the week,
why you.

Speaker 1 (01:15:15):
Care if I got on Versada blist, whatever I got
on matter it could be I come up to the bath,
I come up there with a tower.

Speaker 2 (01:15:21):
Sheet on nick. Listen here, man, I win the football games?

Speaker 1 (01:15:27):
Man, right, did you ever get tired of hearing people say, man, camp,
stop dressing?

Speaker 2 (01:15:31):

Speaker 1 (01:15:32):
You dressing like an auntie? You dressing all them women
clothes them tight clothes. Did you ever get tired? Do
you get tired of hearing that? Because you're still here
to this.

Speaker 2 (01:15:38):
Day, bring your girl around me, and man, we'll figure
out that. We'll figure out whether about you a man.

Speaker 3 (01:15:45):
Listen, you don't don't think I got the Jewish she
get to smelling these dress and smelling that area, and
you know, smelling that ghost.

Speaker 2 (01:15:54):
Get to seeing like, oh, man, like what you did
with that? You can tire your bow tis got a
clip on a baby? I really tie bow tie?

Speaker 3 (01:16:00):
Like, oh, pocket squad, How did you do that with
a jean jacket? What you're doing with that? How you
got a dog on wallet chain, a pocket watch? Like
all these different details. It's like, Man, I really study fashion.
I grew up in the church so even though the
Bibles say come as you are, had it, Little Newton
wasn't letting me come in there with no Jordan shorts.

And I had to press my gene you coming as
you are. Come on, that's how you are. And I'm
stepping right. And you can't name anything that I got
on because a lot of it is from a thrift.
Stough I thrift. These are things that I genuinely enjoy
to do outside of I love textures, I love textiles,

I love art bosque Isja Michelle. I love these people,
jay Z, I love for Real, I love Kanye, I
love the artistry of music. Paintings like these are our
self expression in many different facets, and I tried to
bring that to the game of football by saying, oh,
this was the type of time I'm on a day,

I'm feeling spody. Let me go on a step and
let everybody know how I'm coming to day. I want
to feel like James Bond today. I'm gonna put on
a tuxedo. Oh I want to, you know, get my
urban on. I want to, you know, dress it with
a shirt or whatever I want to do, I can
do it. And that should not have any type of

issue with how I play, because it really doesn't.

Speaker 1 (01:17:28):
What does Cam's fashions say about him? So what we
what we have on today? What is Cam trying to
relate to day? What you saying today? What you own today?
I'm a big stepper, you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (01:17:40):
Like I've been quoted in the media recently saying, you know,
just because you got a lot of money, don't mean
that you got style.

Speaker 2 (01:17:51):
Okay, you feel what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (01:17:53):
And I remember you got a problem with everybody stripping
the mannequin. Yeah, man, you got the Vasachi glasses, with
the Versacha shirt, with the Vasacia belt and the Vasachi
purse and the Vasacha Like cool, that's fine.

Speaker 2 (01:18:11):
I don't knock that.

Speaker 3 (01:18:13):
But when I see fashion for what it's right, I said, damn,
Like I like how you put that on, or I
like the ribbon that you you know, tied around your
neck like I I'm the Canelo, the Ralph Lawrence, the kisss,
the you know Canelo, Bruceanelli, uh, Brunella Cuchenelli.

Speaker 2 (01:18:35):
Yes, you see what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (01:18:37):
You know what I'm saying, Like, these are all fashion
inspired things that I like, and you don't have to
have that uh per.

Speaker 2 (01:18:48):
Diem to look good.

Speaker 3 (01:18:50):
You see what I'm saying, Like you can go wherever
you want to go and to mimic that a little,
but doing it with.

Speaker 2 (01:18:57):
Your with your own flip you.

Speaker 1 (01:19:00):
So you get up every morning, Cam and put this
on and my line help cam every day, seven days
a week, you get up and dress Now one time
do you want to put on some ap leisure?

Speaker 2 (01:19:16):

Speaker 1 (01:19:16):
One time? You say, Man, you know what, I ain't
feeling like getting all spoiled the day.

Speaker 2 (01:19:20):
So you know what I do? You one better?

Speaker 3 (01:19:23):
You ask any one of my teammates, any one of
my teammates, how the cam dress?

Speaker 2 (01:19:31):
It was every day?

Speaker 3 (01:19:32):
It was a lifestyle, bro, every single day. Man, I
got so many clothes that I Man, I'm not about
to waste my money. And I don't find myself spending
four thousand dollars on a jacket or a pair of
shoes that I only wear once and I done spend
fourteen dollars on a pair of jeans that I wear
every day, and then it's gonna look completely different.

Speaker 2 (01:19:54):
So people who.

Speaker 3 (01:19:55):
Really know me know, bro, every day Cam gonna dress up.
It's gonna be a different side different style. You know,
I don't consider myself with the Neapolitan, you know, with
the strawberry banw ord, the chocolate.

Speaker 2 (01:20:07):
I'm basket robbers. I got so much flake, you got thirty,
you got thirty one and more.

Speaker 3 (01:20:13):
I'm a step. I'm a big step and never pledge.
I pledged me five me. But bro, I'm trying to
tell you, if an opportunity present, like those are the
things that I genuinely care about.

Speaker 2 (01:20:24):
Like I love dressing up my kids.

Speaker 3 (01:20:25):
I love, you know, doing that because that was a
passion that I didn't come from money, so we had
to make do with what we had.

Speaker 2 (01:20:32):
You know, we wasn't poor, but it you know, I
remember watching MTV Cribs and I was saying it.

Speaker 3 (01:20:37):
I said, eat man, look at that closet. Yeah, dang,
if I ever had that, I was gonna do this.
And then I invested in so many different pieces of clothing,
and that energy wasn't reciprocated. You know what I'm saying, Like, man,
I done spend ten thousand dollars a y'all and you
ain't gonna don't worry about it. Or I go and

support a black business and shoot that reciprocation is still there.
He said what I'm saying so I love putting people
on and said, bro, what you got on? Oh man,
this ain't thirst store. Bro, that's you know you had that.

Speaker 1 (01:21:10):
MTV cribs had me food too, because a lot of
time they rented them crib for today.

Speaker 2 (01:21:14):
Know they did what See that's the way. That's why
we're here with that ring, that ship. You know what's
the real You feel me? So let me ask you this.

Speaker 1 (01:21:28):
It was reported and you can you can confirm or
you can deny this. That Jared Richardson when you sat
down him, he was owner of the Carolina Panthers when
you was gonna be selected, no On, no ball, and
he asked you, he said, you have any tattoos?

Speaker 2 (01:21:41):
You said no, you have any piercings? You said no.
He said, keep it that way. Was that true? Yes,
but it wasn't it. It wasn't what it was. See,
that was what he said, but he also said other
things after that.

Speaker 3 (01:21:57):
He said, we want to keep it that way because
we don't want you to go out and do anything
that's not a good representation of this franchise.

Speaker 2 (01:22:05):
I'm gonna give you the keys to this Ferrari. Now,
I don't want you to scratch it up.

Speaker 3 (01:22:11):
Me and mister Richardson's relationship was something that I had
one regret in my life. I never had a relationship
with my grandfathers because by the time I came of age,
they were deceased and the man who I am now,
I go to my father to have these uncomfortable, uncomfortable conversations,

and with mister Richardson what people didn't know. Man, we
would had some real conversations and seventy percent of them
wasn't had anything to do with football.

Speaker 2 (01:22:48):
He had a very.

Speaker 3 (01:22:53):
Good perspective of who I was and what I was becoming.
That's what I always say, can save your money because
I would tell him. I was like, yo, I want
to become the second football player to own a franchise.
It says, Kim, you got to say your money, I said,
mister Richard, how do you say your money? He said, Well,
I had to make a business decision. I left the NFL.

I played with Johnny United is one of the greatest courter.

Speaker 2 (01:23:16):
He still blied or bled at the.

Speaker 3 (01:23:18):
Time that Johnny Units was the best quarterback to ever play,
and rightfully so. But I had to make a business
decision because the Baltimore coach wasn't going to pay me
enough for me to provide for my family, so I
had to go into the workforce. He started, you know,
in that way to believe it was Hardy's right. Then

it went into bo jiang grens yep. So these things
is something as a businessman where I am now me
having different businesses and trying to have it be producing.

Speaker 2 (01:23:55):
Assets not liabilities.

Speaker 3 (01:23:56):
Just because Fellowship is of existence doesn't mean that Fellowship
making money. It's my job to make sure that everything
that I put my name on and that I'm a
part of Iconic Saga, everything that you see me produce,
whether it either social media or on YouTube long format,
is produced and created by my staff at Iconic Saga.

Speaker 2 (01:24:13):
No backing, no help, no nothing. And it comes with
The key thing that he taught me was.

Speaker 3 (01:24:21):
He had these core values or these core words for
the franchise that I buy by, and one of those
things was harmony.

Speaker 2 (01:24:27):
What the hell harmony got to do with it? He said, Cam,
you have to understand, harmony is the key ingredient for
any two people or more to coexist. It got to
be on the same page.

Speaker 3 (01:24:39):
I can't want something from you that you don't want
from yourself, or you not in alignment with that hard work.

Speaker 2 (01:24:47):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (01:24:48):
These things are something that I still hold deer to
my everyday life today. So no matter if it's a homeboy,
my partner, whether we intimate or not, is whether working
relationships or not. Harmony is key, and honesty to the

degree where transparents like I got to know how you think,
I know how you feel, and you've got to feel
safe to express yourself and that I'm not gonna judge
you for that.

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Speaker 1 (01:26:31):
You go to the Carolina Panthers number one Overall your
debut game you throw for four to twenty two.

Speaker 2 (01:26:37):
I think the next game you throw for four to
twenty three.

Speaker 1 (01:26:39):
First rookie to have back to back four hundred yard
passing days, fastest player to throw four thousand yards still
a record set a single seeds or rushing record for
quarterback rushing touchdowns. First quarterback, I thank you, the first
quarterback to throw for four thousand rookie to throw for
four thousand yards.

Speaker 2 (01:26:53):
Also, oh yeah, first player at.

Speaker 1 (01:26:58):
NFA history have at least five rushing, five rushing touchdowns
and five passing touchdowns in the first five games. Name
rookie of the year. And you were number two in college.
Somehow you end up with number one. You the first
pick in the draft that they held number one. When

you came back there and got that jersey, you had
number one?

Speaker 2 (01:27:22):
What happened to the number one jersey? I really didn't
want to be number I mean number Yeah. What happened
to the number one jersey? Why you didn't get that?

Speaker 1 (01:27:28):
Jimmy claus You, Hey, you got a big, big bay,
take a little bait, hostile takeover. He tried to tried
to hustle, you, tried to finesse you did he tried.

Speaker 3 (01:27:38):
To jug a jugger from Atlanto. Bro I'm a friend,
I'm a finessa. And when I felt like he was finessing.
See that goes back to the thing that makes me great,
my mentality. When Jimmy Closson charged me a million dollars
for my number. I said that would be the last
Why don't you just go to the equipment manager. No,
it's it's proper protocol. Even equipment manager said, Hey, the

person who has number two, you gotta work out a
deal with him. So I went direct to the source.
That's how my dad raised me. I ain't have no
problem with uncomfortable conversations. Hell, it was comfortable for me.
And when I felt that he was trying to play me,
that took over to say we would never hear Jimmy
Clauson again in Carolina.

Speaker 2 (01:28:24):
Well, you made sure he had got That was a
chip on my shoulder. And that's that's how. That's what
made me who I was.

Speaker 1 (01:28:31):
How much would you have been willing to partake to
get that number? I would have donated one hundred thousand
to his foundation or whatever to him.

Speaker 2 (01:28:41):
I don't care.

Speaker 3 (01:28:42):
When he hit me with a million, I thought he
was joking, and I said, I've been public with saying
that I was like a million.

Speaker 2 (01:28:48):
I was waiting on the light. Nah, man I jip playing.
I said, all right, cool. We hung up the phone.

Speaker 3 (01:28:55):
He called me back like an hour later and was like, man,
I was just talking to some representative of mine and
we'll do seven hundred.

Speaker 2 (01:29:03):
And fifty thousand.

Speaker 3 (01:29:06):
I said, oh you for real, I said, bro, motherfuckers
don't even make a million dollars in a lifetime.

Speaker 2 (01:29:13):
I'm from you think I'm about to give you a
million dollars for a fucking number.

Speaker 1 (01:29:17):
But I say, let's I mean a meal. I mean
I bought a bass boat. I thought that was pretty
I got a pretty good deal. I traded with a
Frank wayIn right, freaky Frank. I asked him, say you
got into hobbies because I wanted eighty four. Jermaine Lewis
had eighty four. I offered him he and his wife Rolexis.
He said, nah, I kind of want to keep the okay.

Speaker 2 (01:29:38):

Speaker 1 (01:29:39):
Went to Frank Wayne right because he was with me
the year before in Denver, and I was like, man,
he's like, nah, shopper, you can take it.

Speaker 2 (01:29:46):
I said, nah, bro, I don't want to just take the.

Speaker 1 (01:29:47):
Number I get. He's like, I said, what's your hobby?
He said, man, I fish bought him a bass boat.
I got Eddy two.

Speaker 2 (01:29:53):
He got a bass boat. Hopefully he still got it.
But I don't.

Speaker 1 (01:29:56):
And I get what you're saying, you know it's your number.
You had it want to just big big up you
and just take the number. How we make it work.
But bro, you ain't fit. You ain't fit to hustle me.

Speaker 3 (01:30:05):
Now it went my energy change. I was trying to
be a good teammate. Yeah, and that's all I needed.
You know, as a competitor, you don't need too much
get going.

Speaker 2 (01:30:16):
It's one of them. You can say something wrong to
me and I been, is that really how you feel?

Speaker 3 (01:30:21):
Because when I look out of out of you, and
I might, I'm gonna have my discerning things.

Speaker 2 (01:30:25):
Like oh he for real? Yeah, I said, don't worry
about it.

Speaker 3 (01:30:28):
And at that particular point in time, it went from
becoming the best player to ever play for Carolina, then
it was out, you will never hear Jimmy Causon's name
as long as I'm here.

Speaker 2 (01:30:42):
And that was my first duty to to kind of conquer.

Speaker 1 (01:30:45):
Yeah you wanted, you wanted to raise Jimmy Clauson from
the Alexicon anybody?

Speaker 5 (01:30:50):

Speaker 3 (01:30:50):
Yes, because I felt played and you're not gonna You're
not gonna finest me what you think this is.

Speaker 2 (01:30:57):
And that's all I needed. He turned me as the
kids say, they teed me up. You dig know what
I'm saying. And that's just what it was.

Speaker 3 (01:31:05):
And I can see how he felt. It was like, Yo,
they took me with the pick, the first pick. They
didn't have no first round picks. The year before, he
was the first pick of the draft in the second round,
supposedly to be Theranchise quarterback.

Speaker 2 (01:31:20):
It didn't go so well.

Speaker 3 (01:31:22):
But I'm telling you is if the Carolina Panthers have
the first pick, chances.

Speaker 2 (01:31:27):
Are they didn't have a good season.

Speaker 3 (01:31:30):
So he was in that ram of trying to be
insubordinate or trying to make it hard or whatever.

Speaker 2 (01:31:37):
And that's fine, that's cool. Don't try to do that
with me.

Speaker 3 (01:31:41):
And the crazy thing about that the following year after
I chose number one, he went to number seven. So
now number two is available, why do you go to
number seven? That was his college number, his high school number.

Speaker 2 (01:31:57):
I don't know, but really tried for this. You can't.
He's gonna get you all mad, youig, you know what
I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (01:32:03):
See, that's where it was like, these are the things
behind the scenes that people don't really know what gets
you going, You see what I'm saying. So I was
like man, bro, who the fuck do you think you it? Oh,
you're gonna fuck around to find out? You think you're
gonna find out?

Speaker 2 (01:32:18):

Speaker 1 (01:32:19):
When you got there, you had a guy that was
a starter his own right, Steve Smith Senior. One of
the best receiver, He was a triple crime winner, one
of the best receivers.

Speaker 2 (01:32:28):
For his size.

Speaker 1 (01:32:29):
Pound for pound, I don't believe there's a better receiver
to ever play the game than Smitty. Yes, sir, what
did you take from Smitty? What was his Because I
know him off the field, so what was What was
he like as a teammate?

Speaker 3 (01:32:41):
Great teammate, but just like Luke Keickley, when Smitty was
on the field, get the fuck out of his way.

Speaker 2 (01:32:51):
He was a pit bull. And that's what I took
from him.

Speaker 3 (01:32:56):
Now you have to understand who Smitty was and if
I could go back and change things. Smitty wanted to
win yesterday and he knew as a business what taking
a young quarterback that means we are rebuilding. He didn't

want to rebuild. He wanted to win and I can't
take that away from Smitty. And we bumped heads, you know,
because he felt the transitioning of the team to kind
of go to the quarterback and I can't foot them
for that. If I had to change things, I would
wish to have had Smitty my fifth year because now

we can talk. We can have grown man conversations, and
I don't think a lot of people understand what that's like.
Going into an NFL locker room at the age of
twenty one twenty two, we got all these veterans bro
I had, and you got to lead them. I had
John Beeson, I had Thomas Davis, I had Jordan Gross,
Ryan Khalil, these older guys was like leaning in for

a rookie at the age I didn't know how I
went from a locker room where all my players that
shared the field with.

Speaker 2 (01:34:11):
Me were my peers.

Speaker 3 (01:34:12):
We're talking about, man, what we gonna play at At
that time, they had NC DOUBLEA, Like what you know,
we're gonna go play mad and we're gonna.

Speaker 2 (01:34:18):
Go get twenty five cent wings at the spot. We're
gonna go bowling man. When you going to the NFL
locker room, Hey, we're gonna try to go bowling man.
It's date night for me and my wife. Now I
gotta go pick up my kids from the Daycass Friday,
I ain't got time to these are family men. These ain't.

Speaker 3 (01:34:34):
No you're talking to a guy that's thirty eight approaching forty,
thirty five, thirty two. What the hell they got in
common with a twenty one year old gen Z ain't
mixing with no millennium.

Speaker 2 (01:34:45):
You're digging.

Speaker 3 (01:34:46):
I'm saying, like all these baby boomers in that locker room,
they ain't trying to.

Speaker 5 (01:34:52):
You, feel me.

Speaker 2 (01:34:52):
So that's that's what the disconnect was.

Speaker 3 (01:34:55):
And I learned so much from Smithy because even though
he was aggressive on the field, great teammate still to.

Speaker 2 (01:35:02):
This well, during the time, he never wanted to have
his own room on the on the road.

Speaker 3 (01:35:10):
He would always room with a younger players so they
he could teach them the preparation what it was like. Wow,
And I always respected that about it. Gave the best
gifts heart of gold. But on that field, brouh a shark.
If he if he sensed any blood, oh boy, he

coming in practice, walk bruise or anything. Man. Smitty coming
after you, bro five now with the soul of a
six phonic, like y'all said, But it was Smitty.

Speaker 2 (01:35:41):
That he was describing. Sh Yes, sir.

Speaker 1 (01:35:45):
This concludes the first half of my conversation Part two
is also posted and you can access it to whichever
podcast platform you just listened to part one on. Just
simply go back to club profile and I'll see you
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