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April 18, 2024 50 mins

We’re back with Season 2, Episode 59 of Club 520 where Jeff Teague and the guys discuss the upcoming playoff series between Damian Lillard and the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Tyrese Haliburton and the Indiana Pacers. Jeff predicts Dame’s Bucks will DOMINATE the Pacers and win the series in five games, despite Giannis Antetokounmpo's injury status. The guys then discuss the statue the Philadelphia 76ers unveiled for Allen Iverson, and read some old out of pocket tweets from Ray Allen.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
The volume. Without a ball, it's just a court without
your spirit. It's only a game. So together with the fans,
we bring our best.

Speaker 2 (00:12):
Hennessy is excited to celebrate the intersection of basketball with art, music,
and fashion. Each of these elements of culture represented ways
that fans, player supporters pay homage of the game off
on and off the court.

Speaker 1 (00:21):
Hennessey and Mitchell and US have come together for the
Ultimate Drop, a limited edition collection of mark their share
love for basketball culture and to celebrate Hennessy's continued partnership.

Speaker 3 (00:31):
With the league.

Speaker 4 (00:31):
The exclusive collection will have a limited drop available for
both in retail and online, and will be featured on
the Hennessy Arena Tour making stop seeing.

Speaker 1 (00:39):
San Francisco Saturday, marsh Knife, Dallas Sunday March seventeenth.

Speaker 3 (00:43):
Atlanta Saturday, March Dardie.

Speaker 1 (00:46):
Come see Club five to twenty podcast tape live in
each city for your next pre game.

Speaker 2 (00:50):
Let's share a twist on the classic the Hennessey Margarita.
A squeeze of fresh lime juice and a bit of
a gayve syrup. Top it off with some ice in
the salta rim.

Speaker 1 (00:58):
Mix it, shake it poor and enjoy the spirit of
the NBA Hennessy without your spirit.

Speaker 3 (01:04):
It's only a game twenty one and over only.

Speaker 4 (01:07):
Please drink responsibly.

Speaker 3 (01:12):
All right, We're back at the episode of Club for
our twenty podcasts. I'm the host. My name is DJ Wells.

Speaker 1 (01:17):
Same game with me to my left, my dog, but
should be here, pra at least, how you up?

Speaker 4 (01:22):
Cool and asked man. Shout out to my people already
STV worldwide for the hoodie for you know, me and
the gang. I appreciate y'all show for sure.

Speaker 2 (01:30):
Who is your supplying black forces? They said, they know
you can't just be walking to JD Sports every week.

Speaker 4 (01:35):
I do, man, Uh, what's my spot?

Speaker 3 (01:38):
Hang time?

Speaker 4 (01:39):
They get me right every time. Shout out to my nigga.

Speaker 3 (01:42):
Joe, Damn. That's love my right, my dog, You'm not
your young tig How you are? Man, I'm chilling man
still in my seven ways? Which one disease?

Speaker 4 (01:50):

Speaker 3 (01:51):
Thank you?

Speaker 1 (01:53):
I don't even know which one of these is, Mike,
Mike till here, Oh this is what it is? Yeah,
Mike tell me real he is about it though for
show for shure all my sevens is by the door
right now?

Speaker 3 (02:04):
Are them to hear? Sevens? That's all I said.

Speaker 1 (02:08):
That might be your rabbits, uh, you know.

Speaker 3 (02:13):
At the correction because they try to reverse the.

Speaker 1 (02:21):
I know I'm gonna wear the other ones. I'm wed
the other ones next time.

Speaker 3 (02:24):
They look so similar, Broy do they do?

Speaker 1 (02:26):
When I was when I was making my selection by
the door, I said, damn, these are a little more exclusive.

Speaker 4 (02:34):
Yeah, So the heirs of the foot locker sevens.

Speaker 1 (02:38):
Hey, you're gonna have to quite disrespected classes and call
them foot locker George's. We're not gonna do that on
board on the board, that's sure. You could go buy them.
No you can't, Bro, you ain't getting these. You can't
be disrespected classics. Man, we got the talking about no,

we got get.

Speaker 3 (03:02):
Okay respect.

Speaker 1 (03:03):
So they came out, though they definitely came out.

Speaker 3 (03:07):
They definitely came out. You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (03:09):
It's all right bro, this bro, no niggas in the
comments is like, now, you're never disrespect to see me
before us like that.

Speaker 4 (03:16):
But that's where niggas caught their shoes.

Speaker 2 (03:18):
Bro, I'm sorry, ain't the Mexican Georgia now those locker
Jordan's for.

Speaker 4 (03:24):
Sure, the Mexican George is like true Carnival.

Speaker 1 (03:27):
The Jordan Flight forty five high and low was like
the biggest selling shoe in for locker history. They need
number and they were. It's not like those shoes were cheap.
They were one forty five. They're still hot.

Speaker 5 (03:38):

Speaker 3 (03:39):
And I like, you know, like I said, like forty five.

Speaker 1 (03:41):
Something you would never wear. You would about to hire
the shrup Yeah, them was one of the weakest pair
of Georgie.

Speaker 4 (03:48):
But I told you how the lesson you know, the
last the Hispanics, they started a sneaker gatherer.

Speaker 3 (03:53):

Speaker 4 (03:54):
There, that's how they dress up every Eastern Bro. The
little girls have on their nice dresses.

Speaker 1 (04:00):

Speaker 4 (04:02):
Bro, you know they don't or they dress shoes with
the big back with the one strap over.

Speaker 3 (04:06):
The front, the big bag dress shoes.

Speaker 4 (04:08):
Yeah, with the big heel, the fat heel. But it's
little he lying.

Speaker 1 (04:12):
Bro, I'll be at these things. They don't you know.
We can move all though, Man shout out to the
left their community. Bro, I just want to get y'all.
You know, y'all love y'all just do for.

Speaker 2 (04:28):
Sure, He shout out to the truck drivers. Listen to
this podcast for sure. Also the teachers to listen to
this podcast. Shout out to y'all, but don't play this
for y'all kids.

Speaker 4 (04:37):
Man, them kids just tapped in. Man, obviously send me
a video of motherfucker walking around Parke with these I'll
go to class, bro, Well he do something to you.

Speaker 2 (04:47):
Look at you inspired? I guess embarrassop recording. Look at
your inspiration? Hey man, she said what you're gonna do?

Speaker 1 (04:55):

Speaker 3 (04:56):
You from that? But you got you you what's up? Man? Bucks?
You gotta pick us out. I already picked dang. You're
gonna stand on that. Man. None of the pacers want
to give us an interviews. So let's go.

Speaker 4 (05:09):
I funk with that ship show.

Speaker 1 (05:12):
I really feel that just six though Nadan Pats and
six without you. Honest man, that ain't about the terry
of with or without him? You know why to beat
the ass with him and well beat the ass without him.

Speaker 4 (05:27):
Make sure this is clip, Mike will make sure this
is clip. Ye save it at the end of this series. Yes, sir,
run this got to start doing that, bro, because this
nigga be off off his charge.

Speaker 3 (05:39):
I've been doing the right so far. The ship with
the patients.

Speaker 4 (05:42):
You have not been writing with the patients, bro, And
then you the fire niggas. You hated those niggas. You
didn't know what you was gonna do with them.

Speaker 3 (05:51):
Now they are the people people we didn't need.

Speaker 1 (05:54):
Got them right, Dame in five, Damon five, dam in five.

Speaker 3 (06:00):
Yeah, pacers On won one game all these disrespect.

Speaker 1 (06:03):
They parry won like Game three on the high they
bag home crowd crazy, the crowd be crazy and win
Game three. The games bridge gonna get yourself for one game. Yeah,
the game, the first home game, they're gonna be crazy.
And then game four, man reality is kickback in. Boom dum,
dum dum.

Speaker 4 (06:22):
They said, you gotta explain why you feel that way,
break it down.

Speaker 3 (06:28):
I don't.

Speaker 2 (06:28):
I just told you we whooped the ass in the
regular season and we'll do it again. There's nothing changed.
They still have doc rivers.

Speaker 3 (06:35):

Speaker 1 (06:36):
I thought that when we beat the Calves all regular
season and then regular season them like three and one
or just what it No, it was falling out against them,
swept them. Yeah, and then we played them and they
swept up.

Speaker 3 (06:54):
Damn. We're lucky. Lebron walk through the door. So I'm cool.
No Dame is. We're gonna see Dame cold.

Speaker 1 (07:03):
Like in the playoffs, Dame is like the Jumbo trin
version with Drake, and Tyree's gonna be the one with Yachty.

Speaker 3 (07:11):
You got us fun. They both good. You got us.

Speaker 1 (07:19):
Like that that yachy way, like the Hello be both
both well, yeah for sure, but they both be out
of pocket.

Speaker 3 (07:28):
They're both good, both talented, both do what they do.

Speaker 1 (07:31):
But you're not about to call Taris Haliburton li is
a point guards on this podcast out of.

Speaker 3 (07:36):
Pocket compared to Dame in the playoffs.

Speaker 1 (07:39):
Now, we can respect Day, but we don't got to
call him little yachty a point guards. I'm saying the playoffs. Yeah,
it's the first time in the playoffs, so we got
yeah little Yachty Like little Yachty made a hit. You good,
but Drake made it sound better.

Speaker 3 (07:52):
That's all it was, like Yachty or anything.

Speaker 4 (07:56):
Taylor Tarres Haliburton is better than Dame. Lillard didn't tell that.

Speaker 3 (08:01):
That's what he said. He's just what he said you
because it's a one on one match up. Now it's
gonna mm hmm.

Speaker 1 (08:08):
I'm right with ty Rice until I've seen it happen
where visit this, But I'm gig for the playoffs. The
playoffs want to be far. It's a lot of a
lot of good basketball play.

Speaker 2 (08:18):
Obviously every last episode should changed, but everything slid fire
down some of the matches we've seen. You still riding
with your okay see, I mean your sons over timber Wolves.

Speaker 4 (08:28):
Take. Yeah, they health the Yeah, that's the only reason.
Like they got a week so yeah, that's the only
reason I'm gonna take. I think the Lakers, if they
make the c are gonna be okay see.

Speaker 2 (08:43):
I think that's a very tough matchup for okay see,
and not a fair one because.

Speaker 3 (08:46):
They're not real Yeah.

Speaker 1 (08:50):
And I think Brin and them trying to lose on
purpose to get the see, I don't think that.

Speaker 3 (08:54):

Speaker 1 (08:55):
I don't think they want to play the Nuggas, but
if they thank, they aud have to play who between
God and the Kings, and I feel like they might
lose to one of those.

Speaker 2 (09:04):
They would definitely lose to the worst because Steph would
do some super human shouldnt get the fuck out of here.
I think they can probably handle the Kings, but that
would be hilarious if they tainted no purpose and then
lost loss, that would be funny.

Speaker 1 (09:14):
I should see them doing that. I don't think they
want to play the Nuggas, Lakers not losing to neither
one of them. Niggas, y'all wild definite loutes the Nuggets.
But I think they talk.

Speaker 4 (09:22):
About to the Warriors or Kings. They're not losing to
neither one.

Speaker 2 (09:25):
I ain't gonna count o Stephangains Steph either. I ain't
gonna count Steph Agains.

Speaker 1 (09:30):
Lebron team makes the same, Bro, I agree, but still
I've seen Steph in them games.

Speaker 2 (09:34):
Get get iffy that nigga come through. Bro, I wouldn't
say it would be easy when all the Kings. I
think they can handle that. But the Kings be beating
the Niggas too.

Speaker 1 (09:41):
Yeah, that's what I'm saying. They'd be having rough times
against the two teams. So I don't know, be interesting.

Speaker 2 (09:48):
I mean should I think Lebron Ady can't get one game,
but that would be crazy if they did, if they
beat Okay. See, but I think that's the one thing
they probably could get in that situation for sure. That
four five we talked about last time, but that that
mass Clippers, It's.

Speaker 3 (10:02):
Gonna be crazy. That's gonna be an epic, that's gonna
be a fire.

Speaker 2 (10:05):
That's when my I think it one'd be one of
my favorite first round series for sure, because in the East,
it ain't to me that you care about.

Speaker 1 (10:11):
Clippers and five clippers in five y'all just gonna be
washing it to watch your favorite players play. But yeah, five,
I mean Lucas then beat him a couple of on.

Speaker 3 (10:24):
Shout out to l D. B. I don't think really
calling Luca l D is You can't say that, Luca.

Speaker 1 (10:35):
Don what I'm saying like l D back back in
the days to meet something else like you.

Speaker 3 (10:40):
I don't know that one. Williams. Yeah, U l D
bro Yah. I used to say that especially people never
forgot called.

Speaker 1 (10:47):
That that chawnship school.

Speaker 3 (10:50):
What you call respect the people, Bro, I didn't he
was just slow.

Speaker 4 (10:56):
They ain't really do the we didn't give y'all. So
y'all gave slow people nicknames. Y'all out of pocket for that,
because that has a real meaning behind that, bro, respect
to the community. So that's crazy. A local man, the
real old. I don't know what these niggas talking about.

Speaker 1 (11:13):
I don't know, walking up is crazy. I was just
gonna get off that because Mike, Mike getting nervous. Man,
an's time we start talking. Anytime we start talking about
something that's a little off topic and nigga SMI Spider
is single. It's crazy. Somebody get a picture of his

sock shoe game today. Why you keep putting your lego
like y'all just lot explained. Why is your nigga this
is flexible.

Speaker 3 (11:50):
Moment. So I did gymnastics to the third grade. My
you real, You're the real sh tea for sure, Okay,
Richard saying.

Speaker 4 (12:07):
They could have wrestled or anything I did.

Speaker 1 (12:12):
So you did your days and wrestling with karate karate.
Oh yeah, there was a lot of groping.

Speaker 3 (12:19):
I would start calling you tweakling.

Speaker 4 (12:22):
That's a lot of groping. I told you about that
wrestling ship.

Speaker 1 (12:26):
This niggas I g I know where he was trying
to g Grophy is like I think he.

Speaker 3 (12:36):
Grow. When you learn how to wrestle, they got to
teach you to take things and sometimes you do it
if wrong.

Speaker 1 (12:43):
I'm sure he didn't go in that technique. I'm sure
he didn't go on some matter. It's like, no, Mike,
not like this getting off his ass like that. Why
are you picking him up between his legs like that?
Trying to slow me Mike Chill that a B B
L Drake, He said he probably played volleyball to.

Speaker 3 (13:11):
Respect to Theolly ship. Daddy B B L.

Speaker 1 (13:16):
Drake was the funniest thing this weekend. Oh, by far,
I fucking love this rick Across out of pocket though, Bro,
his this track was cool too.

Speaker 4 (13:24):

Speaker 1 (13:25):
Anytime you can go against fifty and still be surviving,
you already know this.

Speaker 3 (13:29):
You built for this.

Speaker 4 (13:30):
His baby mama lit to that camp. She off the train. Hey,
he'll be having to deal with her. And then these
niggas taking jabs, Addy, Man, they made the d v D.
I told your niggas a long time ago about them,
about them abs, though I told your niggas was purchasing
them l he said, ll name too.

Speaker 3 (13:50):
Who did across? Should I tell you?

Speaker 1 (13:53):
Man'll get on nigga ass falls man, really that nigga
a long he can beat Jamie Fox up for our.

Speaker 3 (14:01):
Really beat up James forgot really alone.

Speaker 4 (14:08):
I don't want no smoke niggas getting their bodies done,
Bro said it cost forty.

Speaker 3 (14:13):
Who you think got their body done?

Speaker 4 (14:17):
The fact that you got said, said joint. You got
the nose drop and that's crazy. Your favorite Indianapolis concert performance.

Speaker 1 (14:25):
Oh no, he didn't. Bro money back, definitely got the ass.
Definitely got money bag works for that bro. Damn man Cavo.

Speaker 3 (14:34):
Is ridiculous, he said, he said. I respect that, though.

Speaker 1 (14:39):
The fact that you're gonna have to start asking niggas
that question is crazy. Who had the worst weekend though?
Damn Jakob cal it. He ain't gonna never get an
album ever again.

Speaker 3 (14:55):
He's done for cald Good.

Speaker 4 (14:58):
I'm not gonna say good Man get well song.

Speaker 1 (15:00):
Came definitely, Yeah, he's hog to give us something.

Speaker 4 (15:03):
Like give well. So just beat the allgation.

Speaker 1 (15:06):
Justin Bieber had a bad weekend.

Speaker 2 (15:09):
Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber sung nigga and nobody cared about it.

Speaker 1 (15:14):
I didn't see it. Jame Smith and Justin Bieber hook.
You didn't see James was.

Speaker 4 (15:19):
Talking about what Jay and gave him a kiss.

Speaker 1 (15:22):
Jayne came in, so let me see them hips move
like a snake. Man that behind it behind him, nigga,
it looked like we used to get worked on the
high school.

Speaker 3 (15:32):
Back the ass came on. Yeah, we got behind him.
You know what Justin did he with a kiss?

Speaker 1 (15:42):
Excuse me, yeah, he grabbed the hips. He turned around
kissed him his mouth now on the cheek. It's close enough.

Speaker 4 (15:50):
Justin Bieber oh Man, were.

Speaker 3 (15:58):
About to eat that. I thought about it. It's fine.
Shout out to the KFC. This is the fun I thought.

Speaker 1 (16:09):
That's the real bucket. I'm gonna tell you right now.
All right, hold up? What's the nigga that that we
went to? Who with?

Speaker 3 (16:23):
Keith Lee?

Speaker 1 (16:24):
All right, Keith Lee won't tell me what the chicken taste?

Speaker 4 (16:29):
Just a little softy to night niggas?

Speaker 1 (16:33):
What did you what did you write the eagle right
now in Keith Lee.

Speaker 3 (16:37):
Hold on.

Speaker 4 (16:41):
Six point five six five, I didn't put the dressing
on it. You gotta dressed it updressing up. We have
perpetuating every series. We just talked about this episode. So
we just talked about DJ Caller. He's a piece of chicken.

Speaker 3 (16:56):
We got Handesson glasses and nigga had a good the
honey pack Jeff gave me.

Speaker 5 (17:06):
Bro, why do you have any Why do you have
old on?

Speaker 4 (17:13):

Speaker 1 (17:13):
This is not this is not playing, bro thinking why
do you have?

Speaker 3 (17:18):
Damn Mike, give me some souzs all open them.

Speaker 1 (17:21):
You got a honey pack? Bro, Bro, he's fucking to
a cock. Feel sorry for you. Listen, y'all, listen, listen.
I know we pine, but this is just for YouTube.
So the Honey Pack shout out to m p J.

M p J to have my number. Jeff is one
of his basketball you know your there fraternity A Fred
the real akas They gave me this Honey Pack shout
out to the game you feel me, Jeff said, they
work within you know a couple of hours the never Bro.

Speaker 3 (17:58):
Don't eat them with chicken.

Speaker 1 (17:59):
Bro, your heart you just said in salty Hey, can
we just chance this podcast?

Speaker 3 (18:06):
Bro, your heart might stop or something.

Speaker 1 (18:08):
Bro. Don't do that, Bro, Bro, what freaky hemp? We
got a freaking bitetting freaking.

Speaker 3 (18:18):
Not in the same room. Turn I'm see business?

Speaker 5 (18:26):
Hey man?

Speaker 3 (18:30):
What said turn me up? Turned me down? Hey man,
go the chicken is nuts.

Speaker 1 (18:40):
Bro, that's the craziest condiment I've ever seen in my life.

Speaker 3 (18:43):
Man, I don't want to funk up the bar. Bro.
I don't know what we know.

Speaker 1 (18:49):
That shout out to Cali. I don't know who he's
talking about. That's the b B L Chicken about the
real process, real process, nou b oh ship, they said,
but they said that biscuit was dropt boll The ain't

be put that honey on it. They never dropped slippery
slopes kings out on water park.

Speaker 3 (19:24):
I think this is crazy the way Button.

Speaker 1 (19:27):
And I Williams to the podcast officially, Yeah, you definitely.

Speaker 4 (19:33):
Forgot this right. Her bab was hunger in the bitch.

Speaker 1 (19:36):
Hell, I'm gonna tell you right now, we don't have
an Eagle sponsorship.

Speaker 3 (19:40):
After that, y'all dropped the ball. We're not like im.

Speaker 1 (19:43):
Why did you put that sexual ass honey with the chick?
But he got that's the honey, stay honey.

Speaker 3 (19:57):
Boy. We're talking about raw slipping pepper wi we got hone.
You can't get that in wing star. No, no, sir, Louise,
chop it up with care.

Speaker 1 (20:09):
It's maybe my fault. Hell no, man, we were talking.
I don't know where we left to take it.

Speaker 4 (20:16):
DJ call It Brover came up. Who do like worst weekend?
DJ calor the cold?

Speaker 3 (20:23):

Speaker 4 (20:24):
I think cold just because it's about cold mm hmm.

Speaker 1 (20:28):
People giving cold more grace because they said they see
that this is what niggas is all.

Speaker 3 (20:32):
He wanted to smoke.

Speaker 1 (20:33):
He said, damn niggas saw that he was gonna start
talking about white moms.

Speaker 2 (20:35):
He bowed out of it. Drake taking his mom quote
unquote was hilarious. That ship was funny, funny as ship.
What is that nigga doing proms? I said, Mom, it's
a guy who's doing proms. I ain't know what's fucked up.

Speaker 1 (20:49):
Jeff Way was just like boy, if you would have
seen Rick Ross crowd at all start, he'd have some immunitions.

Speaker 3 (20:54):

Speaker 4 (20:55):
It was vicious.

Speaker 3 (20:57):
It was like it was tough. Can no fucking all up?

Speaker 4 (21:01):
Oh wow?

Speaker 2 (21:02):
But like you said, Rick Ross, I would have gainst
fifty and when fifty was wild out putting her on camp,
taking his kids shopping.

Speaker 3 (21:09):
This is like, this is nothing.

Speaker 1 (21:12):
But I did see him talk ship to burn Man though,
Man said he was side when Drake he was like
ship doing for Miss Gladys. But damn said me to
the pussy party.

Speaker 4 (21:25):

Speaker 3 (21:26):
Listen, bro, y'all, y'all heard that song.

Speaker 1 (21:28):

Speaker 3 (21:30):
He made it very clear, Bro, I was become rivals.

Speaker 2 (21:33):
He's been this environment ever since, Bro, for sure, And
I don't think he's ever said to us about it,
so it must be some type of whatever to that.

Speaker 4 (21:42):
Yeah, Bactually he didn't kill Rick Ross. Across is still
he's still swimming.

Speaker 1 (21:47):
Yeahs, but yeah, he definitely he's still alive.

Speaker 4 (21:53):
What the Boss saidiga still swimming?

Speaker 3 (21:58):
I said would on some other podcast people I Love Would.

Speaker 4 (22:02):
I was like, is that one of your homeboys or something?
Brou I'm like, why would you just say that?

Speaker 1 (22:06):
It's random, nigga, heve you know what I said, I
just told you say that little fuck it would?

Speaker 4 (22:14):
How would you say somebody said that on the last part.

Speaker 1 (22:16):
I don't know what they were talking that ship, Yeah, bab,
I like the fact that niggas rapping.

Speaker 2 (22:21):
That's crazy. We thought that the Drake ship was fake
when we first heard it. Yeah, I thought it was
just unfinished. But that's crazy that we really thought that
that ship was fake.

Speaker 1 (22:28):
Hey, y'all, it's crazy man. They saying some other ship
came up, But I feel like it's a I feel like, yeah,
this ship is supposed to came out today. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (22:36):

Speaker 2 (22:37):
But just the process of just watching people making this ship,
I'm like, Damn, that's crazy that you could really make
somebody else's song for them.

Speaker 4 (22:45):
Niggas is going to DJ Academics to see them ship
valid or nah, that's crazy.

Speaker 3 (22:50):
To act your man's my man.

Speaker 2 (22:53):
Niggas hate academics, but niggas can't do what he does.
And everybody who's just like get him out of the
bank too. Like here, he's a part of it as
much as everybody doesn't want it or don't want to
acknowledge it, he is a part of it.

Speaker 4 (23:07):
I just foke with because he does be breaking this
ship down. He is messy, but he breaks the ship down.

Speaker 3 (23:11):
Hell it messy.

Speaker 1 (23:12):
But I mean he's personal, got information, So if you
got information, how you're gonna be upset about it.

Speaker 4 (23:18):
And he got those industry relationships now.

Speaker 1 (23:20):
So watching Mike trying to write something on the board
upside down is funny as ship.

Speaker 3 (23:25):
Yeah, I know what he's trying to what's he trying
to say?

Speaker 4 (23:30):
Talking about constantat talking about with the holes and ship
y'all see that with the girl said he paid the
five thousand crack.

Speaker 2 (23:36):
And he went through the law and order her as
and broke it all down. Say this cat, he said
I paid. I didn't pay that.

Speaker 4 (23:41):
He said he bought that bitch domain. That's crazy, bro,
That's a different type of plug right there.

Speaker 1 (23:48):
How you feel about that, though, How y'all feel like,
do you think so much or you think he was like.

Speaker 4 (23:53):
When you when you rich like that, I just think
you just take that one on the chin because it
ain't gonna stop you from getting on coochie bro.

Speaker 3 (23:59):
Yeah, so I don't.

Speaker 4 (24:01):
He kind of he young too, though, so he's like, Man,
don't ruin my name because if you really only cent
her fifty bro, kind of, I don't want to sue
you for I sent you five K. You're really kind
of showing me love.

Speaker 1 (24:14):
It's like he's getting a refund on the coachy that's
he paid her, but he saw her from what he
ever paid.

Speaker 4 (24:19):
I'm like, I know she really made him look lame.
I think that is kind of crazy. You feel me.
I don't know if it's that high, but it depends
on what coach you on. But damn, bro, I don't
think he should have went that far.

Speaker 3 (24:32):
I mean, younger niggas been buying box for Yeah.

Speaker 4 (24:36):
But I'm saying, though, shit, he felt like mofucker was
playing with his name too much, so Ship the Nigga
went to the extent to borrow don't main fucker.

Speaker 2 (24:42):
No, listen, you signed the NDA, shut your ass up.
I'm there with him. You signed the NDA, shut up? Yeah,
so chill out.

Speaker 3 (24:49):
For sure.

Speaker 4 (24:49):
You know what I'm saying, He didn't have to do that.
It didn't hurt his brand. No, I ain't heard, That's
all I was saying, Like I wouldn't.

Speaker 1 (24:55):
Know he was. Look, it made him money because I'm
sure that them strings probably, I mean, already goes crazy.

Speaker 4 (24:59):
I'm sure numbers weren't plated. Shout out to car Way
to set an example. Nasty ain't gonna play with.

Speaker 3 (25:04):
You no more. That's the fact that is.

Speaker 4 (25:07):
That's a lot of money, though, boy, for that shot.
But niggas spend more, you feel me.

Speaker 3 (25:12):
Niggas pay what they life for the shot.

Speaker 1 (25:14):
So I ain't surprised, but also said in the run
it it's crazy.

Speaker 4 (25:21):
Hey, what you wait though, Sometimes when you be trying
to control and get some instant fame in bite you
on the ass. So you know better.

Speaker 1 (25:29):
Now he really paid fifty for it. Now you're about
to pay Well, she probably got that money.

Speaker 3 (25:34):
But if she did.

Speaker 4 (25:35):
But know what I'm saying, why would you fuck up
a plug like that?

Speaker 1 (25:38):
You could have had a cool relationship with bro even
if he gave you five K.

Speaker 4 (25:42):
You could have That's my thing. It ain't enough to
blast the nigga that's what I'm saying. It's a it's
a high amount for the shot, but it ain't enough
to fuck with your reputation and trying to prove a point.
I don't know. I think she's trying to she like
a rapper a little bit or something. She's trying to
know who she was. I just he kept saying her name,
Layla something, Laila James. So that's her name. That sound

like a rabbit.

Speaker 1 (26:07):
I don't think she rapped. I think she did, like
poor I'm trying to wrap her something some.

Speaker 3 (26:10):
Ship like that.

Speaker 4 (26:11):
Her name is Layla Redd.

Speaker 3 (26:16):
Definitely pouring and rap.

Speaker 1 (26:19):
Definitely a stripper too. Yeah, Yard Rush is a real man.
Damn Mike then founding he's getting good at it all right.
I appreciate you, Mike.

Speaker 4 (26:30):
And you know how to find them old that's that
nigga to find the first president.

Speaker 3 (26:35):
He over there.

Speaker 4 (26:36):
I'm trying to get to it.

Speaker 1 (26:40):
You get to the sneaking year. Goddamnit. Oh I was
sucked up. I know it's there.

Speaker 4 (26:53):
We go.

Speaker 1 (27:01):
Hey man, we talked about this bridge before a Why
the fuck did they play with Iverson like that?

Speaker 3 (27:05):
Bro? Philadelphia's out of pocket? Yeah, they get that, man,
that little as trophy.

Speaker 4 (27:11):
They said, all them statues over there a little like
that though, So that's why I kind of lay it off.

Speaker 1 (27:15):
Look at Rocky though, mm hmm. That motherfucker from Philly. Nah,
he just made a movie in Phily. They ain't nobody
else to put up. Wait, Rocky is not from Philly. No,
it's just based the character based out of Philly, Rocky.
I mean, yeah, like, wasn't it based off of it?
I'm just saying the nigga that played that the statue,

I know nothing about white Boxer's apologies. I'm really asking there's.

Speaker 3 (27:40):
A real boxer name Rocky. Yeah, Rocky, I know nothing
about white Boxer.

Speaker 1 (27:45):
Yeah, I'm sorry, Nah, that's just a character a movie.
I want.

Speaker 4 (27:54):
It was real.

Speaker 1 (27:55):
I'm like Dada said, you just based out of Philly
on the movie. Man, Okay, niggas up, boy, I know
about white have to say that. I know it's white
box I know about the seven of Them seven about
seven White box that's in Furious Brother.

Speaker 4 (28:14):

Speaker 3 (28:16):
What about the what a Rocky my white white Man?
I always got to bring up Rocky my sion.

Speaker 4 (28:23):
What did the white boy on Fight Night?

Speaker 1 (28:26):
Butter banan butter band he do Dallas page of yoga.
Excuse me, d d P yoga now be helping niggas
they got sucked up on drugs and Ship shouts the
d d P.

Speaker 3 (28:40):
That was running.

Speaker 1 (28:42):
I mean, you know, I watched the rest on this ship.
I say, butter beans in there. He was in the
house with but them.

Speaker 2 (28:51):
That's a sick ass class, but obviously helping people, so
salute now.

Speaker 3 (28:55):
It was a sick class. It was like him back
well in the rehab center.

Speaker 1 (29:02):
DDP Ship, all right, now where's buff Daddy? They make
sure he wasn't here, Daddy on his last lig o.

Speaker 3 (29:08):
Respect for niggas.

Speaker 4 (29:10):
That's that's where niggas from the army when they come back,
that's where they need to go.

Speaker 3 (29:13):

Speaker 4 (29:14):
That's the real rehab niggas from the army.

Speaker 1 (29:19):
PTSD classes Man shouts to PTSD classes me, niggas crazy.
Come on, man, you feel about Drake Ship, about that
reference serve in our country?

Speaker 3 (29:35):
Huh? How you feel about that reference trap with Yachty?
Not surprising?

Speaker 4 (29:40):
Like you said, it's not surprising, but I didn't want
it to be that.

Speaker 2 (29:45):
But I feel like, in all realness, it's probably maybe
a few rappers that probably have never done that, bro,
but as a majority, everybody has writers to an extent.
Like if you look at it, look at all the
people we know that are ghost riders in these situations.
He'd be like, I could see why you would no
credit for that, But I can see why you would
take something like this and give it to water like
this because just work for them.

Speaker 4 (30:05):
I don't know, man, I don't think Rick Ross got
no ghostwriter.

Speaker 3 (30:09):

Speaker 4 (30:09):
I don't think Jez got no ghost writer. Bro.

Speaker 2 (30:12):
I think that they have both probably been in the
studio and have had help making songs.

Speaker 3 (30:17):
I'm not saying that they have writers. It's making songs
for them. Maybe a hook.

Speaker 4 (30:20):
But your like bar bars nah, I write nobody right
for got the bro?

Speaker 3 (30:24):
You say, gross Rickross never heard the double a new dress.

Speaker 4 (30:30):
Verse, put your that's all, push your yeah, push your tea.

Speaker 3 (30:38):
I say, he has a whole video to it. And
as far as it is as far.

Speaker 1 (30:42):
As Ross, let us know, bro, Gross is that nigga?
But everybody gets helped.

Speaker 4 (30:48):
Maybe on the hoods. But I'm just saying I don't
stand on it. If he said I didn't have a ghostrider,
it is more believable than the rest of these niggas
mm hmm, Like Kendrick, this kind of that hurts people,
Bro when they hear he got right, bro herst niggas feelings.

Speaker 3 (31:03):
Yeah, just be mad you judge him different.

Speaker 5 (31:05):

Speaker 2 (31:05):
I feel like when you said I'm the best rapper
live and stuff. Then yes, I understand because niggas said
that about waiting Gilly.

Speaker 3 (31:11):
But we know that that Gilly wrote the bars.

Speaker 1 (31:15):
Bro, Gilly ain't write them bars to the carter, bro
hen right, the bars, but definitely help put the swag
together for sure.

Speaker 4 (31:23):
Okay, he said, do it like this pause?

Speaker 3 (31:27):
That's crazy. But know what I'm saying, be like this.
We talk about when Mike was wrestling with the little boys.
I was and they were ten. Don't explain it, Kelly,

shut the fun up.

Speaker 1 (31:48):
Wait a minute, a minute. Wresting the way I used
to start off with. So the fucking dumb you look
stupid every day in practice. I'm sure you'll have little
head geary ship to move on getting. He's so professional
wrestling they want to be tuggling on the ground. I

jump off the top rope. Oh wow, I'm talking about.

Speaker 3 (32:20):
In the ring, bron off and off the no rope.

Speaker 1 (32:25):
So that ship this is jim floor, the gymnastic floor.
That's why he was so comfortable swear the bad bage
and new car wheels up.

Speaker 3 (32:33):
Those are springs.

Speaker 1 (32:34):
He had depend them on their back to get the Hey, yo,
that's what you get out you had? How niggas did
you lay on motherfucker record? What is your wrestling record?

Speaker 3 (32:45):
King? What was't your record?

Speaker 1 (32:48):

Speaker 4 (32:49):
I lost in the semi finals in County Damn to
a white boy. Damni lost Rocky white Boy to the mat.

Speaker 3 (33:01):
One of your legs in the here. That's why you're
so loose that they got to lift one. I lost
my point.

Speaker 1 (33:11):
That's why I was asking, Okay.

Speaker 3 (33:18):
Camera, Mike.

Speaker 4 (33:22):
Expected my camera.

Speaker 1 (33:24):
I'm not even that's crazy, Bro're moving on, man, that's crazy.

Speaker 2 (33:30):
Kentucky finally got a head coach. Nobody was happy about
it was Fast. Was happy about that. Ship was Fast.

Speaker 1 (33:38):
I love that they missed out all the coaches that
they wanted to get and try to gas them up.

Speaker 3 (33:41):
But they really wanted him. I think they wanted him, bro.

Speaker 1 (33:45):
I think the old this nigga boy, I think the
old heads came back that was on this team. They
got off the bus with even Ship. I think I
ain't gonna lie around, gonna be a good coach.

Speaker 2 (33:54):
I King Tucky, No, honestly, I was hating, but I
think he's gonna do well there. Obviously having somebody from
that liney winning in that tradition, because like you saw,
all the real recruits of Cows said, yeah we Arkansas
now Kentucky no more. They needed that energy back and
people being harsh to him for recruit and I'm like,
he was at b YU They can't even drink and
get no hose there. Of course, it was gonna be

hard to get some b you get kicked out out
the Brandon Davis.

Speaker 1 (34:18):
That's crazy Davis, not Brandon Davis. Oh yeah, Like if
you get a girl at b y U, you can't
man going to college.

Speaker 3 (34:26):
You can't get no buns. That's crazy.

Speaker 4 (34:29):
That the only school like that.

Speaker 3 (34:30):
Nah, it's a couple of schools like that.

Speaker 4 (34:32):
Oh I didn't know that.

Speaker 3 (34:33):
I wouldn't get recruited by those.

Speaker 4 (34:36):
So, oh boy, it wasn't Uh Jimmer, he's straight hoo,
that's what's up.

Speaker 3 (34:43):
Damn Jimmer and t bow them.

Speaker 1 (34:44):
Niggas was never late to class them. Niggas had nothing
but energy trash.

Speaker 4 (34:50):
It's crazy, bro, Damn. I didn't know that for real.
I didn't know you could get I thought it was
just no pussy on campus.

Speaker 3 (34:58):
But he got something. Guy kicked out. Yeah, that's crazy.

Speaker 2 (35:00):
He also it was allegedly the eighties daughters. That's a
little different.

Speaker 4 (35:05):
If you're gonna go for the gusto hit the hardest
one was hit the one with the cheese.

Speaker 3 (35:10):
How was you hit a broke bitch and lose your scllar?
It's like Lee, if you're gonna go out, go out, b.

Speaker 4 (35:26):
Lee. Bro, I'm gonna hit the nigga daughter who make
the decisions?

Speaker 3 (35:29):

Speaker 4 (35:30):
He made it. Now you gotta seal with that for
the rest of your life. I hit your daughter and
you put me out of school. You damn out of
pocket though, Bro, Come on, bro, you know.

Speaker 3 (35:37):
You get kicked out of my legacy?

Speaker 1 (35:39):
Would he wouldn't? The transfer port wasn't there yet, Bro.
He was still trying to hoop. Bro, I'm a hoop
on your daughter.

Speaker 3 (35:45):

Speaker 4 (35:45):
You you made this rule, he was nice. You made
this rule that I can't hit these shaws.

Speaker 3 (35:50):

Speaker 4 (35:51):
Where is where's your seed? Brocuse she out of pocket?
She definitely know the rules. Yeah, you from this lineage. Yeah,
you feel me and she let me. Craig, bro get
your household together. Bro, it's like life. You're supposed to
put that. He supposed to tuck that away, supposed to
get kicked out for that.

Speaker 3 (36:08):
For sure. He probably thought that too.

Speaker 4 (36:10):
I'm have a one up like, yeah, you can't kick
me out, that's strategy. Shout out to him. Man, I
didn't even know that with you.

Speaker 1 (36:18):
All the kids lose your job to transfer portals and
just hit you the eighty daughter, that's.

Speaker 3 (36:27):
Keep me.

Speaker 1 (36:30):
I'm just crazy, bro, Damn shut that down from kids now,
especially these days.

Speaker 3 (36:38):
It's hard. I wanted to ask you this.

Speaker 1 (36:45):
Obviously as a high school coach, and y'all obviously we
all watched AU, but ya really liked it for real?

Speaker 4 (36:49):
For real?

Speaker 1 (36:50):
Well, all these people in the portal, how hard is
it now for kids to like actually go straight from
high school to a D one?

Speaker 3 (36:56):

Speaker 4 (36:57):

Speaker 1 (36:57):
You gotta be really, really good to go to a
high level D one because all they're gonna do to
start recruiting grown men, Like when you go to Arkansas
this year, he's gonna recruit a lot of grown men.

Speaker 3 (37:04):
They've been in college for two or three years.

Speaker 4 (37:07):
Yeah, just to get the ball rolling first. Then he
had taped back into what hean.

Speaker 1 (37:12):
It's a lot of kids that are not that good
a high school no more so, like only the top fifty,
top one hundred really really get recruited. Other than that,
coaches gonna wait for that portal. If they don't get nobody,
then they might mess with you.

Speaker 3 (37:25):

Speaker 2 (37:25):
That's interesting you said that because I was looking heavily
for a lot of writers I mess with at the
hospital college up and they're just like, I hope this
finally deterred parents from looking down on jew cos or
kids to stop looking down on jew cos and Division
two schools because those are the kids in the portal
that's getting picked up. Yeah, there's gonna be a lot
of people that's high level D one players in high
school that's gonna end up going Division two or lower

level Division one because it's gonna be so many guys
as went there and played well, that's going to high
major schools in the Ain a third year.

Speaker 4 (37:54):
So niggas and hooping in college for six seven years.
It's not gonna stop. Ever, It's not a run for.

Speaker 3 (38:00):
Everybody getting to COVID here no more. After this part
of the class.

Speaker 2 (38:03):
But five five years is not gonna be ridiculous that happens.

Speaker 4 (38:07):
Yeah, I didn't, I didn't know how long. Well five
years is we used the five years, my red shirt year,
this COVID year, niggas is.

Speaker 3 (38:13):
I'm like, damn, are you going back to you?

Speaker 1 (38:16):
It's gonna get back to Flourid though, it ain't gonna
be as many red shirts because if we're gonna hit
the portal, like if you if you red shirt in
college now it's kind of crazy.

Speaker 3 (38:24):
Yeah I'm wrong, because you can just go to a
lower level school, kill you, you can.

Speaker 1 (38:30):
Leave, and the communication that they have with that now
is all open, ain't.

Speaker 3 (38:35):
No, Well, I'm gonna take my chance.

Speaker 4 (38:36):

Speaker 3 (38:37):
You can map your.

Speaker 2 (38:37):
Ship out pretty much because you got certain culture that's
having kids even transferred down to play somewhere else.

Speaker 3 (38:43):
It didn't come back to the school. Because I've seen
that happen a couple of times this year. I'm like, damn,
that's crazy, Like you went back to that school.

Speaker 1 (38:49):
But the dude went to from Ball State, went to
IU and then came back to Ball State.

Speaker 3 (38:54):
Yeah yeah, yeah, played at Ball State.

Speaker 1 (38:58):
The big man was that bas State killed their bass
State all you wanted, he went to AU average like
a point.

Speaker 3 (39:05):
I went back to Bass State.

Speaker 4 (39:07):
Damn it is what it is. Get better.

Speaker 2 (39:11):
The only thing that sucked me up is where they
keep making these graphics. I do not want to look
at your page and to see three. I'm going here.
I'm going here, nigga, make a decision, bro one graphic.
I keep seeing it with AU. I think it's crazy.
And now so we're playing AU was out of pocket
just go hop Yeah.

Speaker 4 (39:27):
I don't fuck with that either. I'm just excited that
the season is back, though. I come on a you dad,
I'm ready to get back to it for real. Not
really on that side, but I'm just excited to see
the young players coming up. Yeah, taped in, like to
see some of the guys Jeff boy in my had
a nasty dumps weekend somebody yeah easy.

Speaker 3 (39:48):
So I'm excited to see.

Speaker 2 (39:50):
And the way the game is played down. I like
the fact that you get to kind of see them play.
They real not they full game, but they real game. A.

Speaker 1 (39:56):
I know we jabbed a you and how crazy them
games be, but sometimes you to see the best players,
the best abilities in them, because you don't see in
the high school. Yeah, facts, coaches beholding them back. That's
what the parents say. But I'm just saying that's what
all the parents say.

Speaker 4 (40:13):
You know my kid.

Speaker 3 (40:15):
So when you see them at AAU and A I
guess they raw form the element.

Speaker 1 (40:19):
Yeah, and they still not killing or or they are killing.
It's like, damn, maybe I'm missing something as a coach,
like when am I not getting out of this player
and when.

Speaker 3 (40:28):
He's in AAU setting he does.

Speaker 4 (40:30):
This, but when he with me, but like this, sometimes
kids need to be around playing around better players than them. Yeah, excel. Yeah,
so sometimes when these a lot of these kids, if
you're playing for a top AU team, you was the
man on your high school team, so everybody ain't fortunate
to play with three other biggas that's cold on the team,

not even really one.

Speaker 3 (40:52):
Some of the time you asked to do way more
than you are.

Speaker 4 (40:57):
When you're rocking with your niggas that's ranked in the
state or whatever, wish you because it just make the
game easier because niggas it's catching them past his niggas
is maybe you got a bad shot, niggas offense rebound
for you, kicking it back out to you like little
shit like that be better. I'm gonna start tapping in
with these kids too, Like with the youngsters going to
the four fifth grade games, I want to start tapping
in with them. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (41:18):
I went to one this weekend.

Speaker 1 (41:19):
Uh my little brother and Hugh they coach a fourth
grade team. Yeah, yeah they was. They lost, but they
played well. They was playing hard. Shut a little huge now, No,
they weren't trash.

Speaker 3 (41:35):
They lost. He played trash. They play hard like.

Speaker 1 (41:40):
I'm more of a if you give a good effort
and you lose, it's like, especially at that age.

Speaker 3 (41:45):
Yeah, they're just better than us right now.

Speaker 4 (41:48):
Hard. I'm just glad that they still learn, especially on
the team. It ain't it's cool when your kid tight
at nine years old, but it's better to kind of
be sad or just mid level. And then when you
grow up, you become a better player because you don't
want to peak out too soon and ship like we
known a lot of players that peaked out. Niggas was
cold at twelve. Nings got the high school spooky that summer.

Speaker 1 (42:11):
Yeah, I know a couple that was really really good
when we was young. And then because you never have
no you don't know how tall you're gonna be you
don't know if you're gonna get athletic or not, Like
you're gonna have bounce whatever quick or whatever it is,
and at fourth grade you can't really judge that. That's
why I was talking to one guy at the gym.
I forgot his name. My fault, bro, you said you

watched the podcast too, But he was like, yeah, we're
traveling all over and I was like, what grade?

Speaker 3 (42:38):
He was like fourth. I'm like why.

Speaker 1 (42:41):
He was like, you don't get the same competition here
that you're get in different states.

Speaker 3 (42:45):
I'm like, do it really matter?

Speaker 1 (42:47):
You played the number one ranked fourth grade team and
in three years half of them don't even play. They
probably play football. No, I ain't care about basketball. Ninth
grade they become YouTubers like the who no more. I'm like,
I mean, cool experience, but like who talks about their
fourth grade igh?

Speaker 4 (43:04):
Like, nah, for sure. The only person that I can
say is I've been tapped in for a while that
really lived up to every expectation was Yogi Pharo. She
was so big when he was in the fourth grade,
and the articles and everything, but Og removed him from
the a you've seen for a few years. You know
what I mean, But that's probably the only child prig
that I know that went and then he ended up

sucking with the NBA eventually. Yeah, I mean that young though,
like Yogi was like moking them. Of course was raw,
but I'm saying that that nigga had a name when
he was not.

Speaker 1 (43:35):
Yeah, like little PJ from out here shouts a little
p Probably the best second grader I ever seen. Yeah,
I mean he still was a college for free or whatever,
but it just then't you know, from second grade to
where people thought he would be. If you looked at
him in the second grade, you'll be like, oh, he's
gonna be Travis's best.

Speaker 4 (43:52):
And the only thing that happened, Bro didn't grow, didn't grow. Yeah,
definitely so humble these kids, man, don't gast them up
too soon. That's the message.

Speaker 3 (44:02):
Yeah, let him keep working.

Speaker 1 (44:04):
Like I hate when people look at I don't want
to talk about basketball, but I hate when people look
at like being ranked the number one third grader or
the number one fifth grader.

Speaker 3 (44:13):
It's like, Bro, that's crazy.

Speaker 2 (44:16):
The nigga that made it lest ain't seen all the
fourth graders four third graders.

Speaker 3 (44:20):
Bro, I just want to know how are you evaluating?

Speaker 1 (44:23):
That's all that be for you to be that tough
on a fucking nine and ten year old.

Speaker 3 (44:28):
It's crazy, Like.

Speaker 1 (44:29):
I'm the number one nine year old ranking me six hundred.

Speaker 3 (44:34):
That's a nine year old. Fuck you, bro, like a
man talking about bro. Fuck out of here.

Speaker 1 (44:45):
And then you're the number one nine year old and
fourth grade you get the sixth grade. Everybody hit a
grossburg but you now you're now you're one hundred and
hundred and eight. Yeah, bro, brow you play football like
I seen that the other day somebody posted number one
fifth grader, fourth grader or whatever it was.

Speaker 3 (45:03):
I was like, yeah, this is fucking sick.

Speaker 4 (45:04):
Now I ain't doing nothing but hurting a lot of times.
These parents just don't know though, so.

Speaker 1 (45:09):
And what's crazy is now they've integrated and we'll get
off this. The parents like the A you parents. They
are proud of that ship and they get their content off.
I have seen so many homemade mixtape I'm like, we
don't have to do the show now.

Speaker 3 (45:22):
We can support our kids, but I'll put it on
the ground.

Speaker 4 (45:24):
Just work, bro, Just keep working, Bro, keep your cap
cut videos and your phone.

Speaker 3 (45:29):

Speaker 1 (45:31):
That ship turned fast, bro. For sure you could be
man RP. Devin Williams. Bro He's best seventh grader.

Speaker 4 (45:37):
All my life, eleague guys get good.

Speaker 3 (45:41):
Bro Donkin doing all type of shit.

Speaker 4 (45:43):
Seventh grade, Bro, my nigga, Robert Robber here Robert here
bro sixth grade unbelievable, Bro Duncan had skillful my nigga
had a good, you know, high school career while he
was there.

Speaker 1 (45:56):
But Devid Williams, I mean, you got a chance to
go to college for bro out.

Speaker 3 (46:01):
Yeah he was.

Speaker 1 (46:02):
We thought he was going to n b A And yeah,
all right people, man, but like so it ain't go
that way, so just keep working for sure. Hey, did
you see Targer would hit that Nick in the head.

Speaker 4 (46:16):
Yes, bro fucked him up.

Speaker 3 (46:19):
Dude died he damn.

Speaker 1 (46:24):

Speaker 3 (46:26):
I'm just saying the same clip.

Speaker 1 (46:28):
I just gonna make a compilation of every nigger we
kill off each episode.

Speaker 3 (46:32):
Well they go one more good.

Speaker 1 (46:36):
Well, so nobody killing you with the him Tiger Woods
bro to get hit in the head with.

Speaker 3 (46:41):
A golf ball. Bro By I died and I came
back to life. I'm to shout tiger man.

Speaker 1 (46:48):
I can't really assume him though, because he was But
after bro I was talking, I gonna fare something.

Speaker 4 (46:54):
Try Tiger probably blessed him. No, tigers still trying to
rebrod bro.

Speaker 1 (47:03):
Man, don't get me start on that tire and did
nothing to nobody. Bro.

Speaker 4 (47:07):
I'm gonna start texting like tiger. Bro I Tiger.

Speaker 1 (47:11):
He was living voicemails. Nigga, he it's Tiger. Hey, it's Tiger.

Speaker 3 (47:16):
Will call me ready to fun when you get ready
to call back.

Speaker 4 (47:19):
The nigga told her to come handle the cock. I said,
that's gonna stay with me.

Speaker 1 (47:26):
I gotta see after the honey pack, play after the
honey pack.

Speaker 3 (47:35):
I'm Tiger. Was his wife named Felicia.

Speaker 1 (47:38):
Damn I know his wife one named Felice and say
she wasn't black at all.

Speaker 3 (47:42):
She wasn't name was like Haley.

Speaker 4 (47:45):
I was about to look it up.

Speaker 3 (47:48):
Haley Woods the worse Tiger Woods holes up.

Speaker 1 (47:51):
When ray all I didn't know what what deons wash?
He said, you know what, n well he first got twit.
He was letting that ship fly on the top.

Speaker 3 (48:00):
What's right on the t like, bro, what you own?

Speaker 1 (48:08):
He was? Ray Allen was Mike put Away ally sweets
please girls like yo, let's meet up.

Speaker 3 (48:18):
With me. Knowing this was before uber. I'm coming to
get you myself.

Speaker 5 (48:23):
Jesus show he got game.

Speaker 4 (48:26):
Bro, it's rick fox fall Bro. While he's tweeting like.

Speaker 1 (48:28):
That, Bro, see I didn't put that together. Well, Ray
Allen say point right out what you say.

Speaker 3 (48:35):
Bro, I'm gonna read this. Please you have I'm getting there.

Speaker 4 (48:39):
When you masturbate thinking about my tongue on your clip
and switching back and forth from my.

Speaker 5 (48:47):

Speaker 1 (48:48):
I thought you went to church, David. I knew you
want to know it that fucking movie want fake. I
know you want the change to be boss. Mister Burks
was his phone. For sure, that nigga, that nigga suck
up titties.

Speaker 3 (49:03):
I knew he did. Look at coaches, I know you.

Speaker 1 (49:08):
He said told you the basket right shunk on your
call on the timeline.

Speaker 3 (49:11):
My boy didn't know what that direct message?

Speaker 4 (49:13):
Man, Oh that's old right here too, right, that's a
moved will you down ther feace to my boys?

Speaker 3 (49:19):
Oh god, the time, brokt Bro, I can't.

Speaker 4 (49:29):
Freaking he.

Speaker 1 (49:32):
Telling people that about merch hoey pass all right on Twitter? Alright, alright,
shop club twenty dot com man for your latest merch
for sure? It's crazy, right I ain't know that, bro.

You wouldn't even dunk on right if you knew that I.

Speaker 3 (49:55):
Was bathword boy. You are crazy, man, Oh god, sadly
that's crazy.

Speaker 4 (50:02):
Know what it is?

Speaker 1 (50:02):
Light Share, Subscribe. All that good shit will be back
next week. Club five twenty
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