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April 8, 2024 63 mins

Shannon Sharpe and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson react to Cody Rhodes beating Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, South Carolina finishing their undefeated season being Caitlin Clark & Iowa, and the breaking news that John Calipari is leaving Kentucky to become the coach at Arkansas.

0:00 Introduction
04:40 Wrestlemania 40 reaction
13:00 Lady Gamecocks win National Championship vs Iowa
16:05 Dawn Staley thanks Caitlin Clark for her impact on Women’s basketball
34:00 Breaking news - John Calipari leaving Kentucky for Arkansas
50:40 Reports that Micah Parsons is “wearing thin” in Dallas
59:30 Exec says Jerry Jones may be trying to sabotage Dak as new contract looms

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The volume.

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Welm you we ready?

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Oh sorry, guys, I was just sitting here. Oh okay,
that's old me.

Speaker 2 (01:31):
Guys. I was sitting here. I was wondering.

Speaker 3 (01:32):
I forgotten that we were starting the clock once Ocho
shot down in the chair.

Speaker 2 (01:35):
So that's old me.

Speaker 3 (01:36):
Thank you guys for joining us for another episode of Nightcap.
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So thank you very much for doing that. Oh you'll.

Speaker 3 (03:04):
Let's get right into it, and let's start with WrestleMania.
Cody Rhodes the American Nightmare. He finishes the story. He
took down the tribal chief Roman Raids with his patentent
move the cross Roads, and he is now the Universal
Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World in a match you

had to see with a lot of interference. Seth Robins
stuck his nose into it. John Cena the Undertaker and
lo and behold there was the Rock. Also an unbelievable match.
We had two championships change hands. We have two, not one,
but two, a men's and a women's new universal champ.
Let's start with the match tonight. Oh, Joe, I know

you watched it. Cody Rose the new Universal Undisputed Heavyweight
Champion of the Roads. He takes down the tribal Chief
Roman Reigns and a match you had to see.

Speaker 1 (03:56):
Yeah, listen rattling for me, you know it. It was.
It's been a very, very long time since I've watched wrestling,
but being that we were going to talk about it tonight,
it's my first time watching since I've watched as a kid,
obviously when I watched Hulk Holger and Jimmy Superfly, Snooker,
Andre the Giant, you know, back back in those days,
the Dusty Roads, the original, the original Dusty Roads.

Speaker 2 (04:19):
That Cody, that's Cody Road's father, you know.

Speaker 1 (04:22):
And the funny thing about it is I haven't watched
it so long. I didn't even realize until I watched
Cody tonight and got a better understand that. Well, wait
a minute, what that brings everything full circle? Yes, it
made it that much better for me to be able
to be back in front of a TV watching wrestling again.
And one thing about the w WWE right now, I
don't want to say it wrong, is WWE correct? Yes, yes,

one thing about them. Sometimes they've been known to drop
the ball on the way scripts are written or the
way shows are set up. But tonight's WrestleMania was one
for the ages. It was one for the ages, and
they didn't missed They didn't miss a beat at all.
And it was Dope Bruman Rains who had had the
title for what almost one thousand I forgot, forgot over

thirteen hundred days over or thirteen hundred, thirteen hundred damn days. Now,
now we have a new new champion.

Speaker 3 (05:14):

Speaker 1 (05:15):
Congrats to Cody, and I'm excited. I'm excited to see
what's next. Now you got me, now, you got me
sucked back in the rastling. Now I got to catch
I got to play catch up. I got to play
catch up.

Speaker 3 (05:26):
This was I think, if I'm not mistaken, it might
have been the first big event that the new the
new chiefs entwned, the new CEO, Triple H Yes, takes
over for Vince making. Man, we know what happened. We
don't need to get into that. And they bring the Rock.
This but the first time that Rocks have put the
trunks back on and actually raffled wrestled raffle in over
eight years. And so with Triple A's vision and with

Rock the great showman and the great businessman that he is,
I think WWE.

Speaker 2 (05:53):
Is in great hands. But back to Cody Rose, the
American Nightmare.

Speaker 3 (05:57):
All the things that he's ever wanted was to make
his dad proud, the American dream himself. Dusty Roads, the
man with the Bayonnick Albo, the figure for a leg locked.

Speaker 2 (06:05):
Hey, he's here to tell.

Speaker 3 (06:06):
You Georgia's own Mary Ella, Georgia's own Cody Road is
at the top of the order in the WWE.

Speaker 2 (06:13):
A tremendous match.

Speaker 3 (06:14):
It was a bloodlines match because Roman Range and Rock
one last night, so he got all the interference, he
had all the help that he needed.

Speaker 2 (06:22):
So they stacked Age Deck against.

Speaker 3 (06:24):
Cody Rose and Cody Rose would not be denied tonight,
so he put him in his patent move the cross
Roads what not?

Speaker 2 (06:31):
Once not?

Speaker 5 (06:33):

Speaker 2 (06:33):
Three time?

Speaker 1 (06:33):

Speaker 2 (06:34):
Hey? They was over.

Speaker 3 (06:35):
The rep counted about Cody Roads the universe, the new
Universal Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Speaker 2 (06:41):
And I got an opportunity to witness.

Speaker 1 (06:42):
You know what's funny, do you know what is what's
the name of Cody Rose finishing move? You know the
name of it? Cross Roads, The cross Roads. I'm finna
try I'm gonna try that on red. I'm gonna try that. Hey,
I just I just got my TikTok going, So I
think my first video on TikTok is is gonna be
me trying to do the cross Roads on real. I'm
gonna see how that go.

Speaker 2 (07:04):
Man, it was unbelievable.

Speaker 3 (07:05):
Like I said, I think the thing with Triple H
nine in charge of the w w E, they brought
Rock back into the folds. And you know, Rock is
the great showman, and you look at him. He hadn't
been had the trunks on in a very, very long time.
But Rock was made for this. He had an opportunity
growing up to watch his father all our Cody Roads,
and he went to the family business, and then he

branches off and become what we know him to be today,
The Rock, one of the greatest entertainers, not only in
professional wrestling, but box office in Hollywood as well.

Speaker 2 (07:36):
Cody Rose didn't want a hand out.

Speaker 3 (07:37):
He said, I'm gonna do it the hard way, and
they fought every chance he got closed. He was never
able to cross the finish line. But tonight he stands
on top of the mall, the American Nightmare. Cody Rose
is your new Universal Heavyweight Champion of the World. And
it was a tremendous match. I'm sure. I mean box

office two night event. Over one hundred and forty four
thousand people attended. It was so big that had it
that Lincoln Lincoln Financial Field, but LINC in Philadelphia. They
had it in a football stadium. That's how big professional
wrestling is. It was unbelievable, man. My favorite was when
they when the lights went off, you already knew what

it was. You heard that music coming after Oh oh,
I thought he was walking up. But when they cut
the lights back off, there he stood the Undertaker. Yeah,
legend bad and when he Polo Charles La Rock.

Speaker 2 (08:33):
Get it. That was unbelievable.

Speaker 3 (08:36):
But the previous match on Saturday night, it was Rock
the Rock and Roman Reigns took on Cody Rose and
seuth Rawlins.

Speaker 2 (08:42):
It was epic and because Rock and Cody Rose.

Speaker 3 (08:46):
Had won, it was a bloodline match, and because he won,
they got interference. So you know, the deck was kind
of stacked against Cody Rose, so to speak, but somehow
he found a way to dig down. You wouldn't be
denied tonight and he won. Oh Joe, we haven't also
had an next little women's match.

Speaker 1 (09:04):
Oh my goodness between.

Speaker 2 (09:06):
Io Sky and Bailey. Yeah. Former, they're former partners and
damage Control. They were friends.

Speaker 3 (09:12):
Yeah, hey, and you know what happened when one friend's
hand something the other won't.

Speaker 2 (09:17):
Yeah, I got to get it.

Speaker 1 (09:18):
I got to have it.

Speaker 3 (09:19):
We're gonna say a friendship with Tide, but I got
to get it. And Bailey got the women's title back
after beating former friend in fraction Ao Sky what you
what did you like about this match?

Speaker 2 (09:29):
Because Ao Sky is very athletic. I mean she had
to be a gymnast brought it at some point in
their career.

Speaker 1 (09:34):
Yeah, it was, it was good. It was very exciting
again for me. The funny thing about it. A lot
of people won't believe this, but for me, this was
my first woman's women's match to actually watch. It was
my first woman's master Actually watching could tell that Ao Sky.
If I don't want to say a name the wrong way,
Ao Hotel, she's very athletic. You promise she probably has
a background, a gymnast background and also a dance background

as well, and you could tell because of her athletic
in the ring. So it was exciting for me to
watch and kudos and congrats to her.

Speaker 2 (10:05):

Speaker 3 (10:05):
And was that Saturday night where we had the three
black women Jay Cargill. I don't have the names in
front of it, but I think that was the first
time that three black women had a team. Bianca, Belair
and Naomi teamed up and they wrestled it with unbelievable.
Congrats to those guys. It was an unbelievable match. But

we have a new women's champion and her name is Bailey.
She takes down Ao Sky former damage control friends Ao Sky.
And that's what happens though Joe when he when there's
something on the line, we had to take that thing
away from it. What else we got, Oh, we mentioned,
we mentioned triple h. I thought he did an unbelievable job.

He's kind of been working in the background for the
longest time, I think, if I'm not mistaken, he's a
Jim McMahon's son, son in law, and he's kind of
been lurking in the background. He's kind of been prepping
for this day to come. We knew this day was
gonna come. It came probably a lot sooner than everybody anticipated,
but I'm sure they had a plan in place that

when Jim McMahon stepped aside, and probably he stepped aside
a lot sooner than he wanted to. This was the
natural progression. This was the picking more than which it
would go. And I think the best thing that did
it they brought Rock back into the fold, made him
a partner, gave him the name The Rock Back. Rock
has a great show, a great eye for talent. We
had him on the show on first take and he

talked about he wanted to be even global, he want
wrestling to be even bigger than what it is, and
no better person to take it a brawl than one
Dwayne DJ Rock Johnson. So I'm excited for Rock's roll
and he's gonna continue this WWE rain and it was
great to see him back in the ring with the Trunks, Congrass, Rock, Congrass.

Speaker 2 (11:51):
Triple Ah.

Speaker 3 (11:52):
WWE fans, they're the winners. There are no losers tonight.
I understand that Roman Reigns is a little disappointed as
his Aoscot, but the wrestling community is very pleased with
what they saw today.

Speaker 2 (12:03):
Ojo definitely next.

Speaker 3 (12:06):
Segment is time for our segment to get started, and
it's called a.

Speaker 1 (12:09):
News camp news cap.

Speaker 3 (12:18):
Don Staley and the Ladies South Carolina Game Cox have
done it again. For the first time since twenty sixteen,
the NCAA has an undefeated national champion and it's the
Lady game Cost of South Carolina. South Carolina capped off
a perfect season thirty eight to er with an eighty
seven to seventy five win over the Our Hawk Guys,
avenging last year's Final four loss that ended the undefeated season.

Asn't been the case all season. It was South Carolina's
depth on full display. The Game Cox had four players
in double figures, led by career high by freshman Tesla
Johnson who had nineteen points, star center Carmela Cardosa Chipton,
who was the most outstanding player of the final four.
She had fifteen points, seventeen rebounds, and I think four

point four blocks. Tihannah Tiannah Tahennah Tihinnah.

Speaker 2 (13:07):
Pow pow.

Speaker 3 (13:10):
Ship there with fourteen Chloyd kids had eleven points and
ten rebounds. Raven Johnson, Raven Johnson, Raven Johnson. Last year,
she was the young lady that Caitlyn Clark. If you
remember watching the game last year, she was like, I
ain't even worried about you say I was on a
revenge tour. Yes, she was a primary After the first quarter,

she was the primary defender on Caitlyn Clark. It wore
down very difficult. She had eighteen points in the first quarter.
She finished up with twenty eight points on ten of
twenty eight shooting. Thirteen of those points came in the
two minutes span in the first quarter. I would jump
out to a heart a hot start leading the game
for Cox ten nothing. But I felt very very good

because I knew the size.

Speaker 2 (13:56):
Of the lady game. Uh yep, did it? Pete Paul's Now,
I'm just saying I just knew that. I just cause
you know, I know they just wait the wait, wait,
waiting on you.

Speaker 3 (14:05):
We knew the I'm talking about in basketball term, don't
y'all be Gordon, So I would go ahead. I was
just the one time I'm saying it for O Joe
and I on Nightcap, No did it. We knew the
Lady game cars were too big for the hour Hawk
guys that size six foot seven Cardoza. You had Watkins
who got in fouled trouble, who had twenty rebounds.

Speaker 2 (14:25):
Against NC State on Friday night.

Speaker 3 (14:28):
Kids is another big rebounder, So we knew the likelihood
because if they missed a shot, they was getting.

Speaker 2 (14:35):
Second chance after second chance after second chance.

Speaker 3 (14:37):
If I'm not mistaken, I think they out rebounding them
fifty to twenty nine. So I was a plus twenty
one if I'm not mistaken. And the depth I would
play basically five girls. Yeah, Kaitlyn Clark wore down. I
don't care what anybody tell you.

Speaker 2 (14:52):
She wore done.

Speaker 3 (14:53):
But you know why, Ojo because she's responsible for damn
near all the scoring and facilitating everybody else, because there's
no some one else that can really take you off
the dribble. So if she doesn't create something, nobody does
anything right. If so, Raven Johnson hounded her for the
entire for the entire second to third quarter, and so
don Stateley completes her second national championships in three years,

and she gave Kaitlyn Clark help for popularizing the women's game.

Speaker 2 (15:21):
And he us take a look at what coach Staley
had to say.

Speaker 5 (15:24):
I have to congratulate IOWA on an incredible season. Awesome, awesome,
and I want to personally thank Caitlyn Clark for lifting
up our sport.

Speaker 2 (15:37):

Speaker 5 (15:38):
She carried that she carried a heavy load for our
sport and it just is not gonna stop hearing on
a collegiate tour. But when she is the number one
pick in the WNBA draft, she's gonna she's gonna lift
that league.

Speaker 1 (15:53):
Up as well.

Speaker 5 (15:54):
So so Kaitlyn Clark, if you're out there, you are
one of the guilts of our games that we'll appreciate you.

Speaker 1 (16:02):
That's dope.

Speaker 2 (16:03):
That's live.

Speaker 1 (16:04):
Thank you, that's live. That's live.

Speaker 3 (16:06):
Oh Joe, you to get some black man. I can
barely see you. I don't see nothing but teeth. You're
calling me black, No, I'm calling you midnight. Hold on,
hold on, let me let me turn my light up
a little.

Speaker 1 (16:15):
Bit. Let me turn my light up a little bit.

Speaker 2 (16:16):
You don't even think you got your light on. It's
all tell the cliffs was yesterday a Friday. Hold on,
hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Speaker 1 (16:39):
Can you see me now?

Speaker 2 (16:40):
Yeah? That's better? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (16:41):
My bad, My bad, My bad, my bad. You know
I had I had my life's dim I have my
life's dim because you know, I had a little little
romantic dinner in here earlier. But but anyway, listen, this.

Speaker 2 (16:52):
Is what we need more of.

Speaker 1 (16:54):
This is what we need more of. For Ms Don
Staley to come out and pay kudos and pay tribute
to what Caitlyn Clark has done for the game of basketball,
especially women's basketball. It's phenomenal. It's phenomenal. We need more
people to do things like that, as far as giving
people their praises, giving people their flowers while they can

smell them. Caitlin Clark again had a heavy load, and
she is responsible for a lot of us that have
really never watched women's basketball before. And I'm one of them.
I never why. I'm just gonna be honest with you,
I've never watched women's basketball. But because of Caitlin Clark,
because of Angel Reese obviously, Juju Watkins as well Tessa

Thompson and some of those girls at South Carolina. It
had me tuned in the entirety of the season, no
trying to see what was going on week the week,
and it was exciting. It was exciting. Tonight's game was
very exciting, and I was a little spooked at the
beginning because I ever got off to a fast start,
I ever got off to a fast start, Like, oh no,
I mean, what's gonna happen. Some adjustment is gonna have

to be made at one point, once South Carolina was
able to come back and not Tessa Thompson, Ms Johnson.
Once Man Johnson got on Caitlin Clark in that second
half of the game and contested almost every shot and
made things a little bit more difficult for her, not
as easy. I say, oh man, it's gonna be it's

gonna be a long night.

Speaker 3 (18:19):
Think about the way she defended her. I'm gonna make
her go right. If you get all the way to
the basket. I got six foot seven, that of protectment.
I got six foot four of their watkins to protect me.
I got kids, So I'm gonna keep you going to
your right I'm gonna stay on your upfield shoulder. I'm
not gonna let you spin back because I know you
want to go left and get that three ball off.
And so even if you make difficult shots, I'm gonna

make you serve a lot of energy. You watched it
as the game kept getting she wore down and wored
out because Raven Johnson picked the pockets two or three times,
something we did. We don't normally see uncharacteristic turnover. We
saw the frustration levels start to rise, but that was
couth Carolina. They had a defensive game plan. We're gonna
make okay. We understood that. They played really girl, that's

a porty roll played really well against ukon right. I'm
gonna see if you can do it again. I'm gonna
see if you can do it again. I don't believe
you can.

Speaker 1 (19:10):
You know. The funny thing the first the beginning of
the game, the first seven eight shots, if but not mistaken,
none of them was Katon Clark. So the supporting cast
was playing well from the beginning, but they weren't able
to sustain that throughout the entirety of the game. I
think for the for the Hawkeyes to have won the game.
Caitlin Clark would have would have would have had to
have taken that game over and scored dwann in sixty sixty.

Speaker 3 (19:34):
To score sixty, she would need to get an efficient
forty plus an a fishing. Yeah, you know when you
think about it, Oh Joe, she had, I think you had.
But she got six of those ten points she got
over the last three quarters from the free throw line, right,
So that means she only got four points on shots,
so five or twenty over the last three quarters. So

that lets you know, and it takes a lot. They
did a great thing. They took her off the ball
to because a Aravion Johnson is picking up ninety four
feet hounding her every chance she could.

Speaker 2 (20:03):
Okay, we're gonna let somebody bring up the ball. We
look at it. They had three players play at least
forty minutes.

Speaker 3 (20:11):
They have another player played thirty five minutes, and they
played one player play twenty seven minutes, so they got two.
They got their bench players gave them no points and
play the combined total of eighteen minutes, where Watkins gave
them fourteen minutes, gave him three points and five five rebounds.
Fagan gave gave him eighteen minutes off the bench gave

them six points. We got Johnson gave them a nineteen
points for Wiley gave them nine points eighteen minutes. You
see the difference now, mind you, most of those girls
from our play young excuse me say girls. I don't
want anybody trying to call them girls. The young ladies
played a large ambient minutes the other night. That's a

quick turn around. Forty minutes you play forty minutes. I
don't give it, damn for you eighteen. I don't care
if you're twenty twenty one. That's a lot of minutes
and you're playing it. That's the action path. So the
mind has to stay focused because a lot of time
you get tired mentally way before you get tied physical.
It's the mental that convincious that you are tied physical.

And so I thought, Don Stanley struck the gun, I'll
allow my players to play a lot of coaches. Once
that thing got six noneing, eight, nothing, they to call
time out. Don said, hell, y'all got us in there, listen.

Speaker 1 (21:28):
Let me let me let me tell you what. Wait
wait a minute, night you can attested this and everybody
in the chat can have tested this. Don stated, don't
call no timeouts. Remember how your mammy, your grandma, your
mamma used to look at you in church and she'd
get that look from the choir, from the choir stand,
and you missed behaving in church and she give that look.
And when you get that look, you know, will you

better tighten up? Don state ain't calling no timeouse. Look
at Don Staty's facial expression to her team from the sideline.
She gonna look at you. That is that's time out
right there. If you pay attention. Don Stelly give everybody
that look, and you already know what it means. Right now,
tight up, I ain't calling I ain't calling no time out.

If Don Stelly give everybody a look and they get
they get it right together.

Speaker 3 (22:14):
Did you peet what she said? She said, we had
scouted them. We was running their sets on Tuesday before
we got here. Say we we knew we we kind
of knew what was going on, right, so they were
they were unbelievable when they needed to. The differences I
think this year and last year was South Carolina's ability

to make outside shots, because you know, our doesn't have
the young ladies that can take that can take you out,
that can guard you off the dribble. So it's best
for them to stay in that zone. And unless you
hit shots out side, uh, they're gonna punish you.

Speaker 2 (22:52):

Speaker 3 (22:52):
The thing is even when they missed, because you got Cardoza,
because you got Walkings, you got kid inside six four six,
spot six seven, you got you getting. Yeah, fifty one.
I rebounded was fifty one to twenty nine. South Carolina
had eighteen offensive rebounds. Eighteen offensive rebounds. Mind you, I

Will only had twenty nine rebounds total.

Speaker 1 (23:18):
And listen, along with Mila Cardoza, she had obviously had.
She had fifteen points. She had seventeen rebounds by.

Speaker 2 (23:23):
US, seventeen seventeen by herself.

Speaker 1 (23:26):
Yeah, listen, listen. A kudos to don for one. A
kudos to the Iowa Hawk Eyes. A kudos are all
their players, especially Kingdom Clark. But what Don State has
been able to do at South Carolina, it's such a
short amount of time. She deserves it. She deserves for one,
they went thirty eight thirty. They went thirty three this year, the.

Speaker 2 (23:48):
Tenth team to go undefeated throughout the entire.

Speaker 1 (23:50):
Season seventy four and one, seventy four and one the
past two seasons and she's only been there three years
and only lost three games.

Speaker 2 (24:00):
Yeah, no, she went there long with the last three years.
Their record is one hundred and ninety last bad.

Speaker 1 (24:05):
But what they need to do, they need to do right.
They got to do right by miss Tally. Now, well
we need to back. Then.

Speaker 2 (24:09):
They just gave what you making she the second highest
paid behind Kim Kim Mulky.

Speaker 1 (24:13):
Now, yeah, we need to redo that, baby. We just
did it and we need to redo it again. We
need to redo it again. We need to bad, We
need to back. We need to back to bring treat
the back, to bring truck up one more time, just
just one more time. Because you know what's gonna happen now,
is they gonna go back again. Oh yeah, that's gonna
take you again. Because what do you think? What do

you what do you think? All the young ladies are
gonna want to go play now that are coming out coming.

Speaker 2 (24:38):
Out of high school.

Speaker 1 (24:39):
Everybody want everybody going right to South Carolina.

Speaker 2 (24:42):
You do realize she grats her starting fired from last year.

Speaker 1 (24:46):
They gone to the w n B. A. Yeah, they're gone.

Speaker 3 (24:49):
The only person that's leaving now is Cardosa All those girls.
All those girls are right back. Young ladies are freshmen
and sophoboards, so they're gonna be back to continue with
it again. Bull Wally was SEC tournament MVP. Cark Dosh
was the most outstanding player in the final four. They
got these young girl, young guards coming back. She's a

defensive minded head coach. She says offensive take care of
himself if we get after people. But if you know what,
when they put full which she put full, Waally in
pays change. Yeah, because now she can she can take
it go. Man, that she'd have hit that move. She
hit a move on up back up on the other side.

If you hit that without a left I threw my
team back.

Speaker 2 (25:34):
The women.

Speaker 1 (25:34):
Hey, she the real deal. She's been doing that all season.
She's been doing that all season.

Speaker 3 (25:37):
That was a lot of things, Oh cho, A lot
have been discussed. Aby Caitlin Clark's gold case.

Speaker 2 (25:43):
Excuse me.

Speaker 3 (25:44):
She's the d one women's career all time leading scorer
in history, most three pointers in women's history, big ten
career points leader, big ten assist leader, most points in
the NCA Tournament b Shamikah Holstar by one for eighty
four to seventy nine the John R. Wooden Award, two
time AP Player of the Year, two time Nationsmith Player
of the Year, three time unanimous First Team All Americans,

three time Don Staley Award, with a three time Big
Ten Player of the Year.

Speaker 2 (26:11):
She is one of the goals, but she can't be
in front of Stuart.

Speaker 3 (26:15):
In my estimation, the greatest women's college basketball player is Stewart,
Breonna Stewart.

Speaker 1 (26:19):
Okay, are your titles?

Speaker 3 (26:21):
Four outstanding MVPs, three time Player of the Year, three
time conference, four time Conference player. Ain't nobody else until
somebody do that.

Speaker 1 (26:30):
Don't talk to me, right, Okay, So are you saying
she can't she's one of the ghosts, but she can't
be the goat because no, she wasn't able to solidify
it by winning a championship.

Speaker 3 (26:40):
You remember we had this discussion, Yes, you can be great, right,
can't be the great? Tis not empty hand?

Speaker 1 (26:48):
It understand? I mean, I think there are a lot
of people that will argue the fact with that, because
there are there are some great ones that are let's say,
let's say NFL for that matter, there are some great players.
There are some great players that played this game for
many years, and you understand how difficult it is to
win a Lombardi Trophy, but the resume speaks for itself
at times. Sometimes not able to win a to win

a Lombardi, But you are great within your own right
based on the accolades and what you were able to
do throughout the entirety of your career between those lines,
does that take away from you being the greatest that
you were never able to win?

Speaker 2 (27:24):
Still, I believe, I believe you can be great. You
can be great.

Speaker 3 (27:28):
I think the thing is when you start looking at
the great test to think what you put up there.
The reason why we say LT LT with all his stats,
with our Super Bowl rings, we wouldn't say he's the
greatest defender, but not only but what gives him the
bump LT was a league MVP award that only quarterbacks win.
Running backs win. LT won that award from the other side.

He and Alan Page since the Mercher are the only
two who have ever done that. I don't believe in
my lifetime we'll see it again, O Joe. I don't
believe he will just see a defender, especially with the
rules the way they're set up for the offensive guys.
Right now, you're gonna have too many quarterbacks to throw
for forty eight hundred five thousand plus forty five fifty touchdowns,
So it's gonna be really, really hard for.

Speaker 2 (28:13):
Defending to win that award.

Speaker 3 (28:15):
Caitlin Clark is a great, great player, but how do
we put it in front of Brianna Stewart who has
four championships, who has three have basically a lot of
the same awards with four titles and four month stout
Standing Players or Shamiko to hold blaw or Cheryl Miller
or Diana Tarassi. That's unfair, you know, because at the

end of day, they tell me, at the end of
the day, it's all about winning, Yeah, and.

Speaker 1 (28:40):
What they will do. I think what she's been able
to do is she's been able to give the game
of women's basketball a different type of visibility, a different
type of exposure. I'm not sure how to explain it,
but she was able to do that. Maybe the times
are different now. Maybe times are different now as far
as social media is concerned, as opposed to it might
have been might have been there when Breonna Stewart was

playing and some of those other young ladies were playing,
But now it is heiden like to the gods when
it came to Caitlyn Clark and Angel Rees and those
young ladies that are playing in today's game again, it
had people watching the game of women's basketball they have
never watched before, and they were everywhere.

Speaker 2 (29:20):
They were everywhere, Like.

Speaker 1 (29:21):
I can't even and I apologize, and I apologize to
anybody in the chat that that watches college basketball. I
can't name any of the men's college teams that are playing,
let alone name any of the players that are playing
in the goddamn tournament. But I could tell you about
ten women that are playing, Like that's what that's that's
the impact that they've had on the game so far.

But I think for her and what she was able
to do for the game is more than just not
winning championships. Her impact brought she.

Speaker 2 (29:51):
Brought it, She brought it visibility. I think with her
and Juju Watkins.

Speaker 3 (29:55):
I think because the talent is so spread out with herself,
ca and Clark, at I with Juju at usc Cardoza
and the Lady Game Cars, and then you got Paige
Beckers and so you got the game is so spread out.
I've been watching college basketball since they had the first
when the Lady teamsters.

Speaker 2 (30:13):
A LA Tech when they beat Cheney State.

Speaker 3 (30:16):
Uh, they won back to back, and then they ended
up getting beat by Cheryl Miller and they won back
to back. And then the first undefeated team was UH
with Texas led by the great Clarissa Davis. And so
I've kind of followed basketball or women's college basketball.

Speaker 2 (30:31):
Through the time.

Speaker 3 (30:32):
I remember when when when Yukon finally burst on the scene,
UH in the nineties with Breca Rebecca Lobo, Tennessee dominated. Uh.
Tennessee won three in a row, was going for an
unprecedented third and they got knocked off. If I'm not
mistaken by Duke, I think that was ninety nine Shumika's
whole claw uh and Tamika.

Speaker 2 (30:52):
Catchings UH that that team.

Speaker 3 (30:54):
And so I've kind of, you know, followed women the
women's game, and I know a lot of the great players.
And so, yes, I think Kaitlyn Clark is fine, but
it's just hard for me to put her in front
of someone because I said, like Cheryl Fops, go back
and look at Cheryl Foops, And I think that was
what was that what ninety like ninety three ninety four
when she when she put Texas tech on her back,

dropped forty seven in the National Championship Game sixteen or
twenty two against the Ohio State. I think when they
had Katie Smith watch, that's what Kitlyn would have had
to do. Score up points like that, but do it efficiently.
But I thought Caitlyn Clark was the best player on
the court. South Carolina had the better team, and they

wore her down. They made her work extremely hard. They
fought hard. Raven Johnson and bring them. They fought hard,
over screened. They didn't take the easy way out when
I don't want this contact let me go, butter Spring,
No the game player. Force her right, big girls, when
she you still get close, step up, beal, be ready
to get them hands up. They understood this Simon. They

carried out for Simon. And that's the most difficult thing
because you know, it don't take great players a half inch.
That's all they needed, a half inch, and it's because
he could score like that. But give South Carolina tremendous credit.
They did a great job. They you can't rewrite history.
You can't make up for what you lost last year

because you was there. And Kaylyn Clark had an unbelievable
job she scored forty one. But they came out with
a mission today. They were on a mission today and
they win. So congratulations to Don Staley and the Lady
Game Concer of South Carolina. They win the women's College
and National Championship eighty seven seventy five over Iowa Hawkeyes. Ojo,

we got some breaking news. After fifteen years at Kentucky,
John Calipari is finalizing a five year deal to become
the next head coach of Arkansas. Cali Perry's longtime friends
with John Tyson.

Speaker 2 (33:00):
You know him.

Speaker 3 (33:00):
You like chicken, right, He's the food He's the Tyson
Food Empire, and he's a huge razor back booster. Now,
mind you, John cala Perry is making eight point five
million dollars a year. So in order to get him
to leave up blue Blood and go there, what must
they be paying him? But if I'm Kentucky. But if
I'm Kentucky, why mo Up said about him going? What

does he want? What does he want? Think about all
the number one overall draft picks. Dereck Rose was the
number one all raw draft pick at Memphis State. They
didn't win the national championship, Anthony Davis. They won with him,
John Wall. He had John Wall and Boogie Cousins, ain't
win nothing. He had Karl, Anthony Towns, he had Shae Gilgers, Alexander,
he had Devin book Yeah, oh yeah, yes, he had

all those guys, number one overall draft pick, Dereck Rose,
Karl Anthony Towns, John Wall, Anthony Davis, and you know what,
he got the show for it one national championship. I
ain't gonna mention Devin Booker. I ain't gonna mission Shake Gilders.
I'm not gonna mention all those other guys, probably fifteen
number one, not old, number one overall, the fifteen.

Speaker 2 (34:02):
First round pick, and a lot.

Speaker 1 (34:04):

Speaker 3 (34:04):
Jamal Murray, He's had thirty five first round draft picks.

Speaker 2 (34:10):
Tyler Hero, he he got one title.

Speaker 1 (34:13):
He dinna have some gangsters over there. Boy, he gonna
have some gangsters.

Speaker 2 (34:17):
How about I do. I'm gonna name some of the names.

Speaker 3 (34:19):
Anthony Davis, Devin Bookers, Shay Gilgers, Tyrese Maxi, Malik Monk,
John Randall, John Julius Randall, John Wall, Bam out of Bajo,
Tyler Hero, Jamal Murray, Eric Bledsoe, PJ. Washington, DeMarcus Cousin, Karl,
Anthony Towns and Manuel Quickly, Wait all he got one
title all in win down, Yes, thirty five first round

draft picks. He got it one title. Don't give me
the hey. And I think coach, I've met him on
several ocasions. I think he's a great individual, but he's
under achieve based on the talent talent that he's a.

Speaker 1 (34:57):
So I mean these I'm I'm trying to think obviously
when he when these players were here, did they have
the supporting cast to Actually was a lot of.

Speaker 3 (35:07):
John Wall and Karl, Anthony Towns, John Wall and uh
and Boogie Color was on the same team.

Speaker 2 (35:15):

Speaker 1 (35:17):
That means that means the other the other play the
other team that they had to play. Of the teams
that that the year that Boogie was there, the year
that John Wall was there, then who in the hell
won that year? That was that guy? Damn great?

Speaker 3 (35:30):
I remember called Anthony Childs. They lost to Wisconsin. Wisconsin,
mm hm, that's when what's the guy name?

Speaker 2 (35:41):
Oh bad?

Speaker 1 (35:42):
Is somebody somebody somebody in the NBA right now?

Speaker 2 (35:45):
Yeah, Frank, No, Frank the Tank. He in the NBA.

Speaker 3 (35:48):
But he he played about as much as me and
you play in the NBA. He give them count of
mean it's me and you get Frank.

Speaker 1 (35:56):
How was the team at Wisconsin that much better than
the team at Kentucky.

Speaker 3 (36:01):
Now what happens is, oh, Joe, uh, those teams realizing
we get this young team in a situation because they
used to beating everybody, because there's so much talented. See,
I get you in a situation you haven't been here.
That's why you see underdogs. You see underdogs win.

Speaker 2 (36:18):
What do they do?

Speaker 3 (36:19):
They get the team that's supposed to be superior to them,
get them late into the ballgame. You look up like,
oh my goodness, we gotta fight in our hand.

Speaker 2 (36:28):
It's too late. It's too late.

Speaker 3 (36:30):
You're in a fight right boom. So now we get
them in the deep water. See earlier in the game,
you got all your strip See I get you lay
in the ball game. Now I can drag you out
to the deep and drown you.

Speaker 1 (36:44):
But if you do have all that talent, if you
have a John Wall, if you have a call Anthony Towns,
I'm thinking, I'm thinking and thinking about them on an
NBA level and understanding how good they are in the NBA.
With hell in college, you ain't you ain't that far
off than what you look like. I'm thinking they should
run away with the goddamn game, especially when you're taking

account the other three player that's on the court.

Speaker 3 (37:07):
The hard party of is that all of these got
a lot of these All these guys was five stars.
You can't give him a whole bunch of shots and
not give me five. I was a five star too.
Guess what I was missed basketball? In Georgia. I was
mister basketball. In California, I was mister basketball. In Florida,
I was mister basketball. I was mister basketball whatever state
I was in. Guess what I was missed basketball too?

Speaker 1 (37:29):
See now, when you when you say something like that,
the first thing I think of, well, hell, if you
got five people that were missed the basketball in every
respective states in high school, then they should make it
that much easy in college regards to who you playing
how many?

Speaker 3 (37:42):
But see when I was mister basketball in California or
in Florida, guess who got the ball of the shots.

Speaker 2 (37:47):
So, Joe, you can't You can't get twenty.

Speaker 3 (37:51):
Five shots, twenty five shots, twenty five shots, twenty five shots,
twenty five shots?

Speaker 2 (37:55):
Can you?

Speaker 1 (37:56):
But listen if everybody is missed the basketball wherever they're from, right,
that means they're already efficient. So if you put if
you got five minutes of basketballs in the court, everybody
has to be efficient. So it's it's not it's not
making any sense to me.

Speaker 2 (38:09):
If you could, you could you be official with three catches.

Speaker 1 (38:16):
It depends on the run. Hey, don't don't throw me.
Don't throw me three shallows and.

Speaker 2 (38:23):
Throw you one dig out bank.

Speaker 3 (38:27):
Okay, I see, you see the thing is hard when
the guys used to get as many shots as he
won't And now look at Michael Jordan. Did you ever
think Dean Smith is the only guy ever to hold
Michael Jordan under twenty points a game?

Speaker 2 (38:46):
Mm hm.

Speaker 3 (38:48):
College coaches don't build College coaches don't build systems around player.
College college coaches expect players to come in and run
their system. Okay, And when you and Trench, that's what
it is. So he's leaving. Caliparri Can produced thirty five

first round draft picks since his arrival in Kentucky. One
national championship, one runner up, four final fours. Look at
what Jay Wright? Jay Wright win National championship with Jalen Bronson,
and we see what Jaylen Bronson is doing, Josh Hart, Dante,
Deeven Chinzo. Is any of those guys, Devin Booker, Shay Gilgers, Tyres, Maxi, Julius, Ramdoll,

John Wall, Boogie Cousins, Karl Anthony Towns.

Speaker 5 (39:40):

Speaker 3 (39:40):
No, So if he's leaving for and he's making eight
point five year, he's getting at least ten to twelve.

Speaker 1 (39:52):
Who's the highest paid college coach right now? You think.

Speaker 3 (39:57):
Gee probably would have been to him because all baby
Bill self, Hey.

Speaker 1 (40:07):
What's what's the it was, what's the coach that used
to be at Saint John? That was like he was
in the movie Good Fellas, Oh coach carnl Seca. No, no, no, no, no,
he was. He was at Saint Yeah yeah, yeah, where where?
Where where is he at?

Speaker 3 (40:22):
He's still at Saint John's Bill self, Bill self at
the highest played the Kansas. He probably wasn't making eight
point eight nine, okay, nine point six, so he he
had at bare minimum.

Speaker 2 (40:38):
He leaped from that. But coach cal felt the pressure.

Speaker 3 (40:44):
You keep going on in first second rounds and you
get all these you got all these first round picks.
It's not a good look. Yeah, and I talked about this.
So we had this with a coach Greenberg, I said, coach.

Speaker 2 (40:56):
Here, unachievement.

Speaker 3 (40:57):
Yeah anyway, you any way, you sliced up about guys
staying freshman and they're not gonna be in being players.

Speaker 2 (41:04):
You know, he's unachieving by no stretch of the imagination.
Can you look at somebody.

Speaker 3 (41:09):
If Alabama, If Alabama and Georgia and Clemson had all
those first round picks going to the going to the
NFL and they only had one title, people would say
Nick Saban, Dabo Sweeney and Kirby Smart.

Speaker 2 (41:24):
Under chieve, I got you, I got you. You're right,
You're right. Bill self makes nine point six million.

Speaker 3 (41:33):
Coach Cavill's making eight point five, Coach Izo about six
point two, Bruce Pearl five point seven.

Speaker 2 (41:40):
Rick Barnes five point seven.

Speaker 3 (41:42):
So with that being said, for him, come on now
up and Lagason Arkansas was a nice work when coaching.

Speaker 2 (41:51):
What's up?

Speaker 3 (41:52):
Nolan Richardson had forty minutes A hell that ain't that
ain't Kentucky. It's the same conference. But they're not a
blue blood. But yeah they're not.

Speaker 1 (42:02):
I mean, I'm sure the recruits, I mean, recruiting players
are obviously gonna want follow mister Caliperry there.

Speaker 3 (42:09):
Yes, he's gonna look a lot of people didn't like
to recruit those one and dons because it says messes
it up, because you recruiting guys and they're gonna be
gone after one year.

Speaker 2 (42:22):
But you see, but you see what coach coach coach
k did. He started recruiting one and dones. Can't beat him.
Join them.

Speaker 3 (42:30):
The greatest key to survive. The greatest key to survive
is adaptability. Stop talking about the nils. It's here the state.
Go to your boosters and say we need twenty five
to thirty million dollars to get the players that we
need to get either coming out of high school or
in the transfer reporter.

Speaker 2 (42:45):
Stop complaining. It is what it is.

Speaker 3 (42:47):
It's here now.

Speaker 2 (42:50):
I like that.

Speaker 3 (42:51):
A lot of a lot of coaches scurried away, Oh Joe,
because now you don't have the advantage.

Speaker 2 (42:57):

Speaker 3 (42:57):
You go look at Florida Parking lot. Go look at
all them Dodge cars. All you see is is challenges and.

Speaker 2 (43:02):
Charge charges and how you got how you got fifty guys?
And they ain't like the exact same type of car.

Speaker 1 (43:10):
Everybody, everybody, nobody.

Speaker 3 (43:13):
Won't know Chevrolet. Don't nobody want no Ford? Everybody want
to Dodge.

Speaker 1 (43:18):
Yeah, I like that coach you just said.

Speaker 2 (43:20):
Now with that the survival Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1 (43:26):
I say it again.

Speaker 2 (43:27):
The greatest, the greatest key to survival is adaptability.

Speaker 1 (43:30):
Yeah, I gotta, I gotta use I like I got
to be able. The greatest, greatest key to survival is adaptability.

Speaker 2 (43:36):
I like.

Speaker 1 (43:36):
That's a good one.

Speaker 3 (43:37):
Now it's here, n I l isn't going anywhere. The
transfer portal isn't going anywhere. Yes, guys want to know
how much time and I'm playing? And how much money
can I make? Just so, just like that straight business.

Speaker 2 (43:54):
All I want.

Speaker 3 (43:54):
I want all I wanted my coach. I don't care
if my coach was too much older than me. He
could have been two days older than me. How you
gonna help me get better? And when I come to
you with a question, I need you to give me
an answer. Don't tell me you're gonna get back to me.
I need you to know, because hell if I if
I got if you got to get back to me,
I might as well go and ask somebody else. I

might figure out on my own. Right, I come to
you have answers have answers. I think I'm entitled to them.

Speaker 2 (44:27):

Speaker 3 (44:33):
So coach cal after fifteen seasons is finalizing a five
year deal to become the next head coach at Arkansas.

Speaker 2 (44:42):
That five year deal, I guarantee you is gonna be
probably sixty million. You got to blow him out of
the water with Joe.

Speaker 3 (44:50):
Why would I leave Kentucky ain't and a half million to.

Speaker 2 (44:54):
Go to Arkansas?

Speaker 1 (44:55):
And you think Kentucky didn't have a chance to actually
to match with Arkansas was offering.

Speaker 3 (45:01):
He knows, he knows the pressure that that's a pressure
cooker when you get those type of guys when you
Alabama and you get those five stars, when you're Georgia
and you get those five stars year after year. Hell,
they're trying to get coach day out Ohio State. Brother,
look at all this talent you got and you ain't
won no change title.

Speaker 2 (45:21):
Yeah nah, bro Nah.

Speaker 3 (45:23):
When you keep getting those guys, you get them. You
get Joey Bosa, you get Nick Bosa, and you got
Chase Young and you got a C. J. Strive and
you got all these receivers, Jackson Smith, and you got
Marvin Harrison Jr. And you got this when you got
that what you need to show me something? Yeah, you

had justin fields and I ain't got nothing.

Speaker 1 (45:47):
Yeah they almost get that on that almost almost.

Speaker 2 (45:53):
Mm hmmm, I can't.

Speaker 3 (45:55):
I can't do no, no almost hey, because they're gonna
be come a time the man. You will stand before
the man and the man gonna say you almost got
the helper? Is that what you tried to hear?

Speaker 1 (46:07):
If you fo no, don't tell me that. Let me
get a redo.

Speaker 3 (46:14):
You gotta do, you know, it's it's very sports is
very simple once you get to a certain level.

Speaker 2 (46:23):
Now, if you want to play, say hey, hey, it's
a learning experience.

Speaker 1 (46:26):
And but that's for kids, right, right, right, that's for kids.

Speaker 3 (46:32):
You get to college, you get to the NFL, it's
about winning because you get paid the King's ransom to win,
not to try hard.

Speaker 2 (46:42):
Now that's a kid.

Speaker 3 (46:42):
That's for five and six year old, five to ten
year olds, right, it's a baby. You tried your best,
You tried hard, that's all you can no, no, no,
no no. But once you get to that next level,
it ain't it ain't no try hard.

Speaker 2 (46:54):
You don't get paid millions to try hard.

Speaker 3 (46:57):
You get paid millions to do when Yeah, right, So
don't let anybody tell you, oh, oh they gave it.

Speaker 2 (47:03):
No, no, no, no, no, no, great effort, not for kids, right,
but the start making money.

Speaker 1 (47:09):
You got to keep in mind, now we done played
at the highest level for a very long time. You
also understand how difficult it is to win, how difficult,
how difficult it is to put together a team that
can function and be efficient year in the year out.
It takes time to build a team, trying to keep
a team around or keep a unit together that has

a chemistry to make it easier to win. For one,
it's hard getting a goddamn quarterback. You got to get
your quarterback in place first. That's the damn hard part
because until you get that situation fixed, you can't work
on nothing else.

Speaker 2 (47:47):
No, that's the first, that's the first and foremost. You
have it.

Speaker 3 (47:53):
And when you have justin Fields and you have CJ. Stroud,
and you have what you have and look at all
those received that they had. Yeah, it's hard to say
they didn't under achieve.

Speaker 1 (48:08):
You, right, you're right when you put it like that,
you're right.

Speaker 2 (48:12):
Look at what they had.

Speaker 3 (48:13):
Oh Joe, look at that, Look at that, I mean,
look at all those d linemen that every Nick Moosa
joined Bosa and Chase Young all one defensive rookie of
the year. Look at those receivers that they had lit
the running back, the offensive line, That's all I.

Speaker 2 (48:30):
Got hold on. Didn't Denzel Award? Didn't they all those
running all those dbbs.

Speaker 1 (48:37):
Yeah, and it has some boys come out of that now.

Speaker 3 (48:40):
Top draft picks. I ain't talking about. No, I ain't
talking about no. Bottom of the draft by the underchieved.
So coach coach cal is moving on, has moving on.
I believe that deal is gonna be somewhere around sixty
million dollars. Fifty five to sixty million dollars, don't I don't.
I don't see him moving like you said, I don't

see him moving for oh, a five year deal for
fifty million.

Speaker 2 (49:08):
It's gotta for me to uproot my family.

Speaker 1 (49:10):
It gotta make sense. You gotta make sense, damn crazy and.

Speaker 2 (49:17):
Even to a dummit, dollars makes sense in tears, s
c N s c. It gotta if it makes dollars,
it makes sense.

Speaker 1 (49:27):
Yeah, most definitely.

Speaker 2 (49:29):
And the more dollars, hey tell you, Oh, Joe, you
know they say money talk. Yeah, gash screams you gotta
see screaming.

Speaker 1 (49:40):
I'm just sad, especially to write him oount. Uh huh,
especially to write him ount.

Speaker 2 (49:48):
You think about what's a lot going on, what people
would do for money? Mm hmm. But the end, the
root of all leaver is the pursuit of it.

Speaker 1 (50:02):
Yeah, yeah, by any means.

Speaker 3 (50:07):
According to reports, Michael Parsons has worn thin within the
Cowboys organization. Shan Sharif of one oh five to three
the Fan Reporter, I've heard far. I've heard from way
too many people this offseason. I'm talking about at least
four different people that have told me that Michael has
worn thin there. I don't know how much of it's true,
how much of its actually hurt his reputation.

Speaker 2 (50:28):
I think the latter.

Speaker 3 (50:29):
I don't know whether this is behavior or some type
of some typical superstar. I don't know how damaging it is.
But all I do know, I've heard far too many
people that if Michael Parkson was out there, there would
be a decent amount of people inside Forward Center at
the Star in Frisco. Smiley a breadth of sy relief.
That's a lie, A damn show is and that's a lie.

Why do they do It's not even they aren't. They
aren't even in their off season program. They're not even
in their off season program. So why somebody even make
up something like this in general?

Speaker 1 (51:02):
For what?

Speaker 3 (51:02):
I try to heard it, Try to heard it, try
to hurt his head, his bargaining power, You got too
superstars this up? You got seated and I heard the thing.
Think about it. Trey von Diggs took three to four
million dollars the market value the state. I don't believe
you're gonna be able to get CD for three to
four million. And I know, damn well, you ain't gonna

get Michael.

Speaker 2 (51:24):

Speaker 3 (51:24):
Michael might be willing to cut you a deal the
second time around, but the first deal is gonna secure
three generations, yes.

Speaker 1 (51:31):
Sir, and which And you say, well, his bargaining power,
His bargaining power is what it is when you turn
on the film. The stats are what it is, who
he is and what he is as a player. It's sorry,
Setting Stone, you can't change that. Whether you don't like
the way he is personally or whatever. People are saying,

Oh he's wearing thin, fuck wearing thin? I know what
the fuck? Did I know what he does?

Speaker 2 (51:56):
Released that? My bad, My bad, my bad.

Speaker 3 (51:58):
God, damn it, I ain't never heard of think about
the OJO. You didn't hear nothing in the first year.
You didn't hear nothing, in the second year. You didn't
hear anything in the third year.

Speaker 2 (52:05):
Oh. Now on the side for the man is loved
for an extension.

Speaker 1 (52:08):
Now we got problems. Now we have problem Now now
he's wearing thin. No he's not.

Speaker 3 (52:16):
I know a guy reminds me of a guy who
sho played fourteen years in the NFL. Ten years of CBS.
You never heard one thing by Shannon Sharp being difficult
to work with. Didn't hear anything the first six and
a half years. Now Shannon Sharp's on his way out
to those Shannon's difficult to work with.

Speaker 2 (52:33):
You know how they do.

Speaker 1 (52:34):
It's always the game. It's always the game.

Speaker 3 (52:37):
Go ahesk those same people that nothing. I don't even
go there. It is what it is, Thank you very much.
I can think, y'all, But I know I know how
the game played.

Speaker 1 (52:44):
Yeah yeah, but it's but why are they playing it
now at this time? It makes no sense. You got
you're gonna have to pay him either way, because if
you don't want to pay him, that what you're gonna
do is what you don't want to do is you
don't want to piss him off. You don't want to
piss him off because now you got this coming out
coming out of it, and it's coming from inside those doors.

Of course, it's coming from inside those doors.

Speaker 3 (53:06):
Trevon Digg Just pat it. That's that weird shit shaking back.
That's that weird is shaking my head?

Speaker 1 (53:13):
Now you living now you now you cursing?

Speaker 3 (53:16):
Man, man, I'm just I you know what I'm saying,
and you put it up on the thing and I
just I just read it verbati because you know I
used to say it, but but that But that's what
happens when they try to damage someone's reputation. Now, like
I said, to put that out there because he heard

the thing, O Joe, no matter what said, somebody's gonna
believe it's true, no matter.

Speaker 1 (53:42):
What, right, right, you're right. But I know one thing,
I don't care what you say about him. I don't
care what you say about him. I know what I
get when that god damn whistle blow on that field.
I know what you get on first, second or third down.

Speaker 2 (53:59):
I know you get.

Speaker 1 (54:01):
Yeah, I know what they can do the numbers in
the film and the Eye and the Sky don't lie.
It never has and never will.

Speaker 3 (54:07):
But if the players, here's the thing, Oh show teams
asked players to do things they never do themselves. Yes,
which is give discounts.

Speaker 2 (54:19):
Tell me the time. Go ask Eric Shakes at Fox.
Go ask Sean mcmatus.

Speaker 3 (54:25):
He's getting better than to retire, but David Burston is
taking over. Who are go ask Jimmy Patarro or Bob Iger.
Who's at what's the other one, NBC? I don't know
who's that NBC?

Speaker 2 (54:35):
Go ask them.

Speaker 3 (54:37):
Did the NFL when them contracts came up, did they
give them a discount?

Speaker 1 (54:41):
Absolutely not.

Speaker 2 (54:42):
Now, hair of the thing just is what we know.

Speaker 3 (54:45):
The NFL had two years left on their original existing contracts.
They end up the players signed their agreement. They gave
him ten years of labor piece and the NFL where
in the NFL came back to the network say we
got ten year of the we want to redo the DS. Now.

Speaker 2 (55:03):
I ain't telling what somebody told me. I'm telling you
what I know. I know.

Speaker 3 (55:08):
Look at what Netflix two and a half billion, Yeah,
Amazon a billion dollars, paid over one hundred million dollars just.

Speaker 2 (55:15):
To have a Black Friday game.

Speaker 3 (55:17):
Now you've got a Christmas Day game on Wednesday, a
game on Thursdays, a game on Friday, a.

Speaker 1 (55:22):
Game on Saturday, and a game on Sunday.

Speaker 2 (55:24):
I'm playing with me.

Speaker 1 (55:25):
Yeah, yeah, it's now it's chestnut Checkers and that's the
game they plan. Yeah, that is that. That is the
game they plan. It's always been a business. When you
understand the business, then you're able to separate the two.
When you understand it's a business, then you're able to
separate the two. No matter what owner is smiling your face,

no matter what your owner is telling you understand, at
the end of the day, y'all are not friends. It
is a business, yes, and conduct yourself as such. You're
not going to go out there and play with a
smiling face. And remember it's still a kid's game. But
at the end of the day, it is a business.

Speaker 2 (56:05):
The NBA owners and the players look at themselves as partners.

Speaker 3 (56:09):
The NFL partners is NBC, it's Fox, it's ESPN, it's
Netflix's Amazon, it's not you players.

Speaker 2 (56:20):
That is the difference.

Speaker 3 (56:23):
So our partners when they talk, when they talk about partners,
look how the owners talk. Look when they when they say,
look how Adam Silver When he says, our partners, the players,
NFL TALKT Roger Goodell says our partners, Fox, ESPN, CBS, NBC, Netflix, Amazon,

just say it, kil we just donated two hud of dollars,
said drunk aad is. This ain't ain't nothing for o
T It's well a little honey in there for a boy.

Speaker 1 (56:57):
Oh you know what, you know what I forgot to
got to do what you know I got. I got
a nice little gift. Man came in the mail for me. Man,
Remember the other night with a colorful jersey? Uh yeah,
George Campos. Man, he signed a jersey for me. Man, George,
I thought that's a compost. Now he said, listen, legendary

legendary goalkeeper from my beautiful, beautiful Mexico, A friend of mine, Miguel,
Miguel Azano. I know you're watching, Miguel. I appreciate you.
Thank you for subscribing. George Campos when you see this, man,
thank you for the jersey. And I'm I'm gonna frame
this up and hang it up. But whatever, gonna tell you.
Remember when I got in trouble, I got fined thirty

thousand dollars. And and beget Miguel, who's responsible for getting
a jersey to me and getting it signed by George.
He sent me a sombrero. Remember when I scored one time?

Speaker 2 (57:51):
Yeah, you have Poncho.

Speaker 1 (57:54):
Miguel is responsible for that. Damn Pancho Brow. He sent
me all the way from Mexico, so it's the real one.
As matter of fact, he's responsible and he owe me
that thirty grand back for that. So Miguel, when you
see this, I need that thirty thousand please. I appreciate
the jersey. Man, George Campos, if you see this, I
love you and I appreciate you.

Speaker 2 (58:13):
Hey, Bicha, keep doing what you're doing.

Speaker 1 (58:16):
Don't stop.

Speaker 2 (58:17):
I guess what you know.

Speaker 3 (58:18):
The Guyboys, I bet they might be the biggest brand
for they ain't the only team to play money.

Speaker 2 (58:26):

Speaker 1 (58:26):
That was a good one right there.

Speaker 2 (58:28):
That was a good one. Check this out, O Joe.

Speaker 3 (58:31):
An anonymous execs says Jerry Jones could be sabotaging Dak Prescott.
Mike Sandorf and Athletics spoke to numerous anonymous NFL executives
about free agency move for all thirty two teams in
this offseason and for the Cowboys. One execs insinuated that
Jerry Jones was sabotizing the roster to depress Dak Prescott's price.
The execs said, if you if the guy wants sixty

million a year, you know what's going what's going on?

Speaker 2 (58:56):
What we're going to do.

Speaker 3 (58:56):
Instead, We're going to have an average team and you're
going to do play worse and then you'll get you
get a better price. What did I tell yo, Joe?
Remember what he said? Jared said, At first he said
he was going on lean. Yeah, then he said he
needed to do more with left that did he say
if it's a lie?

Speaker 2 (59:15):
He told it.

Speaker 1 (59:15):
Yeah. Listen, you got to be able to read.

Speaker 2 (59:18):
I heard him say it.

Speaker 1 (59:19):
Yeah, you got You gotta be able to read between
your lines. Cowboys fans, this is what this is. This
is the person that is running the show. This is
the person that says the team that he's been a
part of are similar to that of the Cowboys when
they won Super Bowls. He'd rather play the game then
give Dak, the team and the fans what they deserve,

a team that is adequate enough to compete year in
a year out. No, you know what I know I
got to pay that, So how can I sabotage things
so I don't have to pay him? And his value
is not what it should be elsewhere either?

Speaker 2 (59:59):
Can I? Do you want to know?

Speaker 3 (01:00:02):
I remember the man when he made Tony Romo the
highest player in the NFL name the time Tony Roman
had to play a depellen of his contract? How many
playoff wins Tony Romo got. I ain't saying nothing. I
know what it is, what it is, I'm just asking you,
guys a question. I don't I don't understand he treated Tony.

Speaker 2 (01:00:24):
Romo like he was Peyton Manny, like he was Tom Brady,
like he was Drew Reed.

Speaker 1 (01:00:30):
I don't want to help me, help me understand you.
Maybe you might have a better understanding on what he's
trying to do. What is what is he doing?

Speaker 2 (01:00:37):
What you are trying?

Speaker 3 (01:00:39):
What are you trying to prove? Dak is one of
the few players that heisman Poles Jerry. He keeps him
at arms distance. All the other players has ingratiated themselves
with Jerry. That's not how Dak's been.

Speaker 1 (01:00:54):
It's a business. It's a business, right, Who are the partners?
It's not the players. If I'm not mistaken. We just
talked about that. Yes, keep it its business, keep it
as that, and Dak is one of those that has
kept it as that and understands that. Especially with this,
there have been so many times that Jerry, I'm not

gonna say, has thrown back under the bus. But he
ain't meaning right. He ain't meaning right, he ain't meaning well.

Speaker 2 (01:01:22):
So many times.

Speaker 3 (01:01:26):
I mean because when we look at it, If I'm
not mistaken, he released it, He released Larry Allen. I
think Troy retired or he maybe he released him before
he retired, the same thing with Mike. So all this
notion about, oh Jerry loves his stars, check and see
what he did with him.

Speaker 1 (01:01:47):
Or it's a business black it will always be that
no matter who you are. Now, when you can play
and when you're young, that's a different ball game. It's
a different story.

Speaker 2 (01:01:58):
What have you done? What have you done for me lately?

Speaker 1 (01:02:01):

Speaker 2 (01:02:02):

Speaker 3 (01:02:02):
During the two thousand and one offseason, Troy Aikman was
weighed the day before he was doing seventy million, seven
year contract extension, ultimately announced his retirement on April ninth.
That was all other. Now, that's the quarterback that won
three Super Bowls and was a Super Bowl MVP.

Speaker 1 (01:02:22):
Every time. Wait wait, wait, how much was he to do?
You said seventy.

Speaker 3 (01:02:28):
Million, seventy a contract extension, seventy seventy million, a seven
year extension. But you got realized in two thousand and one,
ten million dollars a year with a lot of money.

Speaker 1 (01:02:37):
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's back then.

Speaker 2 (01:02:39):
Oh yeah yeah, yeah, yes, so I think he had
oh concussions, was a concussion or it's back back?

Speaker 3 (01:02:50):
Uh. He ultimately announced his retirement on April ninth, after
failing to find another team.

Speaker 1 (01:02:56):
Failing, oh, due to the back injuries. Probably nobody want
nobody wanted to touch because remember, Emmy, we end up
going to Arizona, Arizona. Yeah, Larry Allen goes to San
Francisco and makes the Pro Bow. Didn't Larry alln make
two more Pro Bowls? Well, Larry, Larry was good bro,
good yell.

Speaker 2 (01:03:16):
I'm like, okay, he's the greatest line ever play in
the NFL.

Speaker 1 (01:03:19):
Larry Man. I was with Larry a few times at
the Pro Bowl. Bright, But that's that joke, that joke
that was strong.

Speaker 3 (01:03:26):
So well, that's what the Cowboys are doing. We know
what y'all trying to do. Cowboys By could keep doing
what you're doing.

Speaker 1 (01:03:33):
That hold your head, baby, I got you
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