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April 15, 2024 67 mins

Shannon Sharpe and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson react to Pittsburgh Steelers QB Russell Wilson clarifying his comments on "opening doors" for black QBs, Bengals QB Joe Burrow, saying Cincinnati is "built to beat" Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs & discuss their early money issues when entering the NFL and give tips on how to build wealth.

0:00 Introduction
07:15 Russell Wilson responds to Unc’s criticism
18:50 Joe Burrow says Bengals are “Built to beat the Chiefs
31:40 Ocho talks about how players run out of money in the offseason “It’s impossible to maintain the same lifestyle as when the checks are coming in”

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Speaker 2 (01:21):
Hello, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us again
for another episode of Nightcap. I am your favorite, OK,
Shannon Sharp, He's your favorite, Number eighty five runner Extraordinaire,
Bengo Ring of Fame, Honoree, Liberty City's own pro bowler,
all Pro all the way from Oregon State down. That's
Cincinnati in your living room. On Nightcap. As co host,

he's missed the rail Risotto. Chad Ocho sinko jo.

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Hold holda, I ain't even I'm just tonight. I'm just
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Right yep, yep, ain't no water.

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Ain't no water, so boom, first thing, who you think,
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Real, drink all the water. I'm thirsty mm hm.

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Parched, you know what, I'm glad real gone because had
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Hold on, you would listen. She lucky she here because
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Like you don't.

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You don't do that. That's like when you got a
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Got kids, right, Yeah, and they drink, they drink the
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it is.

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Yeah, but a little swallow. Ain't number backwash? Yeah, ain't
number backwash? Come on?

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Come on, what we're doing, what we're doing, what we're doing.

Speaker 4 (03:08):
Yeah, I apologize. I just had to get that off
my chest because I'm kind of upset. So basically, nine,
we beefing water.

Speaker 2 (03:16):
You know how this thing work o Cho. Upset at you.
I'm upset at you. Yeah you you you know better.
Now you know he's gonna do nightcap tonight and tomorrow.
You know he needed water in there because he talks,
and so when he talks, he's parked.

Speaker 1 (03:32):
Thank you.

Speaker 2 (03:32):
So that's like being in the desert. You know the
man was going on the trip and you didn't even
pack his favorite too. You ain't packing his too brush.
You ain't give him no the older ret, no, no mind.

Speaker 1 (03:41):
No canteen, nothing.

Speaker 2 (03:43):
Nothing nothing. So come on, real real, come on, I'm
with you now, I'm with you when you're right, but
you're wrong and this, this, this is real.

Speaker 1 (03:50):
Yeah your favorite, don't come say that.

Speaker 2 (03:52):
You so right. You gotta do right by you, gotta
do right by Ojoe.

Speaker 1 (03:56):
This ship ship got no damn water, throw dry, but you're.

Speaker 2 (04:01):
Gonna gonna be all. We're gonna get through it. We're
gonna get through it.

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there and thank you, oh Joe. Before we get started today,
so have some things that we need to address. You
and I need to address and Russell Wilson is doing
his best job to Evidently he hearded what you and
I said. Obviously our voice is care resonates a lot

because we have a large platform, our subscribers, our followers.
They like what we have to say. And so evidently
what we said when we talked about what he had said,
I think it was it GQ essence. It was an
Essence magazine was essence. Yes, sir, So Russell Will said,
let's start building each other. The evolution of the black

quarterback in the NFL has been one of the coolest
experiences in my life. To be a part of full
context is always important. Grateful for those before me, those
with me, and those after me. God is good. So
what he did is that before what Russell Will, this
is the author. Now what he did he highlighted. This
is not what he said. He highlighted what the author said.

This is what This is what the author said. Before
Wilson burst onto the scene. Signal callers of color, Doug Williams,
One Moon Round, the Cunningham and Michael Vick all dominated
to feel at one point a fact that Wilson recognized
and respect. I think I think about those guys before me.
He says, that's not what he said. He's just regurgitating

what the office said. Okay, here, but when I but
but I tell you what you do now where real
come home? You said real, I love you? But and
see what happens now, this is what he's saying. He says,
But when I came into the league, there were only
a few of us. It was Cam Newton, Robert Griffin, third,
Colin Kaepernick, myself and a couple of others. By the

end of the second year in the NFL, Wilson had
lift held up the Lombardy, becoming just a second black
quarterback to do so, while when came on forget him
a personal confident that also marked a shift in the
position for me to be able to go back to
back Super Bowls when one of them, I think it
opened a lot of doors, he says. Now you see
guys like Patrick Mahomes, he didn't highlight that part. Now

see but see you know this, o Joe, he didn't
highlight or me, you be able to go back to
back and win one of them. I think it opened
a lot of doors. That's not what he highlighted, right,
I knew you to highlight what you said. Now what
I can't highlight what Ocho said? Oh this wa wah wah, wah,
blah blah, blah blah. That's what Ocho said. She and

what did you say? You can't highlight what I said?
What did you say?

Speaker 1 (08:42):
Oh? Man?

Speaker 2 (08:42):
You know what?

Speaker 1 (08:43):

Speaker 2 (08:43):
And you ain't gonna talk about all the receivers that
came up for Ojo, Like when I came into leave,
wasn't nobody really running no rocks but like me, maybe
Jimmy Smith. So you're gonna forget about Sterling Shop, you
forget all Flipper Anderson, Aaron Cors, you gonna forget about
all the other guys that were round runners and just
highlight your era. So in other words, and this this
is what irks me a lot about this generation. If

it didn't happen, if they didn't see it, it didn't happen.
If it is not on the internet where you could
just go, it didn't happen. And so the emergency quarterbacks
like Mahome, Jaylen Herds and Mr Jackson and CJ. Stroud Uh,
to name a few, is indicative of a new era
football and the glimpse of what the sports is trending.

Speaker 1 (09:26):
Mm hmm.

Speaker 2 (09:27):
So he heard what he heard what we said. I'm
glad if he didn't hear it. And that's the thing.
If he didn't hear it, somebody that he that's close
to him did hear it. I look, I'm happy that
more people that our color getting an opportunity to play

that position, because before they were getting transferred, they would
play going and moving and running back with wide receiver,
or they were playing def dB, they were a safety.
They weren't getting opportunities no matter how accomplished. Warren Moon
had to go to the Great had to go to
the NFL, he had to go to the Canadian League

after he won the Rose Bowl. After Ron was a
prototypical drop back quarterback, he had to go win five
Great Cups, right and come back. So that's all we're saying, Russ.
We're not saying, but we don't want you to minimize
the importance of the guys that right.

Speaker 1 (10:34):
Yeah, you know, I don't.

Speaker 4 (10:36):
Obviously, context always matters, anytime anything is being said, anytime
anything is being written, context always matters. I've talked to
Russ multiple times, really not on this situation here, but
in general just about obviously me being on the other
side of the fence, being a part of media, trying
to balance being able to be critical, me trying to
balance being able to be able to analyze players without

it being disrespectful and talking and talking to Russ in person,
not over the phone.

Speaker 1 (11:02):
In person.

Speaker 4 (11:03):
What he said was is we as those that have
already played the game, already played the game, we have
to it's in for us to do do justice, to
stop tearing all Black King down in general, and kind
of somewhat in the narratives at times on some of
the things that we say. He also said the fact

that he respects those that have played the game that
came before him, the players that have the voices like
we do. We're very impactful when we talk about the
game because we played it. Not only did we play it,
we played it at a very high level, and our
voices matter because they're very powerful.

Speaker 1 (11:39):
We got a lot of reach. You gotta gotta you
got a lot of reach.

Speaker 4 (11:42):
And I think more so on that end, I think
he's kind of sick of the narratives in general.

Speaker 1 (11:47):
You never hear Russell Wilson fire back, You know that, right?

Speaker 4 (11:50):
You notice that this is one of the few times
he's actually came out and spoke about what obviously with
me and you had to talk about. And I think
he's just sick of the narratives, and I think this
is we're gonna see different Rush Wilson. Now, this is
what I think from this from this point on, because
Russell never says anything when anyone says anything about him.
So the fact that the fact that he came out
and said something, I think we're gonna get We're gonna

see a more voisterous, more opinionated Russell Wilson. So when
people say anything about him, I think he's gonna fire
back and kind of set the record strate Well.

Speaker 2 (12:18):
I think for me, oh Love, I do the best
job I possibly can because I really never tried. I don't.
I don't think I have only once. I think one
time I have attacked somebody in all my years of
doing this, and this is going on probably almost two decades,

that I've attacked someone personally. And if I ever see him,
I'll apologize. There's no sense in going getting into that now,
even though he continuously attacks me. But that's not the
hear nor there for me O Joe, And I think
the thing that people that have heard me, they know

I'm not parsimonious when I come to with my criticism.

Speaker 4 (13:03):
That's a good word right there. Baby, I like that one. Parsimonious.
I gotta write that down.

Speaker 2 (13:07):
So, in other words, people have heard me criticized Aaron Rodgers,
Peyton Manning, Tom Brady just as much as I've criticized
the Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes.

Speaker 1 (13:19):
I believe just because sir.

Speaker 2 (13:22):
You're accomplished, I'm gonna say two parts. Just because you
aren't accomplished. You won multiple m vps, multiple Super Bowls. Yes, sir,
you're not beyond reproach. Yes, just because you're black and
I'm black, that doesn't mean you're beyond reproach. Now, I'm
not gonna attack you as a man, but I think

I think I can attack your play on the field.
And this, I thought Russ was being dismissive of the
guys that came before him. Okay, okay, that's what That's
what I would say. I was like, But Russ, you
do realize that Marlon Brisco was a scrambling quarterback before

Doug Williams. You probably don't even know who he is.
The first black quarterback to start opening Day for the Broncos.
There was James That was Shaq Harris that also from
Gramblin State, that played under coach Rob before Doug Randall,
there were so many guys. Donte Colepep was a mobile quarterback,
but it seems like he was. He was very fine

to fit his era Cam RG three, you know, call
a CAP because if I'm not mistaken, CAP came out
the same year he did, might have came out the
same year he did. I'm not mistaken. So that's where
I am. I don't know. I don't know Russ personally.
I've met him a few times. He was great to me,

I was great to him. I don't know Russ off
the field. I'm not in his life.

Speaker 1 (14:54):
Good dude, real good dude, but all ill.

Speaker 2 (14:56):
But this notion that every time that somebody like if
you if we were attacking him personally, we said, we
don't like what he's doing. We don't like that he's
putting everything on social media. We don't think this. So
he's that he's this. Now we're attacking him personally. Yes,
I don't think you and I've ever done that. No,
I haven't. I spoke to something that was brought to

my attention. Everybody called me a lie after it was
reported as facts that he did have an office, he
did have a special interest. He did have extra smart Well,
why'd you have to bring it up? Because all up
I thought context matters? Yes, sir, So when does context matter? Though, Joe,

You're right now, I could have went I could have
went deeper, but then I would I felt personally. Now
I'm piling on. Now I'm adding something. Whatever transpired, leave
it there, Yes, sir, but they the one thing fans
know about me. When I speak to something and Emerald,

I speak to something in Baltimore, you best believe take
it to the bank.

Speaker 1 (16:06):

Speaker 2 (16:07):
If I tell you, Grass would turn the cheese o. Joe,
tell him what you're gonna do. You're gonna quit every
job you got, take every dime out of the bank
you got, and start hustling crackers. Yes, sir, cause my
word is better than bitcoin when I talk to you
about those two franchises. Right. So, I wish Nightcap wished

Russ the best. Hopefully he gets back to being the
Russell Wilson that we knew we loved when he was
in Seattle. I hope that's what he can return to.
I'm afraid that's what he returns to. That's because I
still think he has good football in him. I think
his heart really didn't want to leave Seattle, but sometimes

you have to. You have to go. And the thing
it didn't work out the way he envisioned. I don't
think anybody envisioned that it would be only a two
year stint in Denver. But I think Russ has good
football left in him and I wish him the best
in Pittsburgh except when they play the Ravens, and if
they play the Broncos.

Speaker 4 (17:11):
Well, listen, he's gonna be fine again. Context matters where
you're going. You're going to a great organization, a winning organization,
a great head coach, one that's got your back no
matter what come, hell of high water, Mike Tomlin is
going to have his back. Another thing that matters a

quarterback going to a new situation supporting cast.

Speaker 1 (17:36):
Yes, what am I surrounded with?

Speaker 4 (17:38):
I'm surrounded by good running back play, and you're surrounded
by good catches of the ball, even if they are young.
Who knows what they're going to do in the draft.
Who knows they're going to bring pieces in there to
make your job easy? Winning organization, all Russell Wilson has
to do is going there and be Russ. Yes, that's it,

and he gonna be except when you play the god
damn Bengals, that's it.

Speaker 1 (18:04):
Except when you put the Bengals.

Speaker 2 (18:06):
Yeah, and it's not that we're rooting against well where
we are, we're rooting against you, Russ. We don't want
you to play if it is tell you that lot, well,
I hope Russ have a good game and long as
the Steelers lose. No, I don't know. No, I don't
because if you have a good game, that greatly goes
to helping the Steelers win that game. Yeah, I don't
want that. I want the Ravens to beat the breaks

off of twice. And if they play the Broncos, I
want the Broncos to win. You know, if it was
a former teammate, Oh, I want you to have a
good game, just not win the game, right, I wanted.

Speaker 4 (18:38):
I wanted to have a good game, but I don't
want to. I don't want to be the Bengals. And
you know what Russ might be. Russ might be watching,
Russ might be watching Rush. You know how I feel
about you, But I love you. I love you to death.

Speaker 1 (18:48):
I love you. Gonna have it.

Speaker 4 (18:49):
I'm telling you you're gonna have a good year. I'm
telling you, but when you play the Bengals, you can
have a great game. As long as the result of
the game is the Bengals winning.

Speaker 1 (18:58):
That's all that mattered. That's all I came aut so
that's all that mattered.

Speaker 2 (19:02):
Continue success. So Russ, hopefully I cleared up what my
thinking was why I said what I said. I understand
you have more than a right to refute anything that
was said by me or OHO on this podcast. That's
well within your right. But we wish you the best
moving forward. And hey, it didn't work out in Denver,

but hopefully it works out three times better than what
it did in Denver. In Pittsburgh, because Steelers was my
favorite team when I was growing up. Unfortunately that had
to change once I got drafted. They were no longer
my favorite team. And playing in that division with the Ravens,
we hated the Steelers and we still do some things.
Some things never changed, never changed.

Speaker 1 (19:49):

Speaker 2 (19:49):
It's time for our first segment of the night, and
it's called a news cap.

Speaker 1 (19:54):
News Cap.

Speaker 2 (20:01):
Joe Burrow breaks down pass excess against the Chiefs and says,
I think we're built to beat them. Joe Burrow is
three and one all time against Kansas City. Appearing on
New Heights podcast Live, Burrow said, I think we match
up pretty well with them. I think we're beat to build.
I think we're built to beat them. I always appreciate
legendary battles. We have guys go out there always making plays.

Patrick is always out there making plays. Both teams have
big time offensive lives and a great matchup. One of
the biggest question marks the soft sason what's gonna happen
with T Higgins? They have franchised him. He wants that
long term deal. This is what T. Higgins says. He
says he anticipates playing for the Bengals in twenty twenty four.
He told reporters that his youth football camp Sunday. Higgins is,

who's entering his fifth year in the league, has requested
the trade earlyer this offseason after Cincinnati plays the franchise
tag them. I don't appreciate it. I've grown, I've grown
a love for centens that it and I didn't think
I would. I'm looking forward to it. Higgins is four
sports and his draft class with thirty six and eighty
four receiving yards, three players ahead of him Justin Jefferson, C. D. Lamb,

and Brandon Aiyuk also have yet to receive contract extensions. Okay,
let's talk about what Joe Coole said.

Speaker 1 (21:15):
Jocks the facts.

Speaker 2 (21:16):
Yeah, he's three and one against Kansas City. He says
he believes they're built to beat them.

Speaker 4 (21:25):
They are, they are. I mean what he said is factual.
I think when it comes to the quarterback play. Obviously,
when it's comes to the quarter play that accolades, people
will always put Mahomes ahead of him because of the
Super Bowls in the playoff wins. But we are three
and one against him. From a team perspective, offensively, we
are built to beat them. Why because we have a

special quarterback in ourselves over in Cincinnati, one that can
match up toe to toe with Patrick Mahomes, one that
takes care of the ball. Also in crunch time when
it matters most and two minutes on the clock and
you know you need a score.

Speaker 1 (22:03):
We also have a quarterback on our end.

Speaker 4 (22:05):
Get it done, that can go get it done and
make the right throws at the right time and not
turn the ball over defensively.

Speaker 1 (22:14):
Our deems of coordinator also, which.

Speaker 4 (22:17):
Is why the maturation of why we play so well
against the Chiefs. Also, we've always had the supporting cast.
We always had the personnel that matches up well against him.
Sometimes it's like that, there's always a team that has
your number right no matter what you do. You don't
see him that often until you get to the playoffs,
But for some reason, when it comes to that chess match,

you always have the pieces that fit very well, and
it's always a good game when you face that team. Now, again,
the Chiefs have always even though we're three and one,
the Chiefs have the Super Bowls, they have the accolades,
they have the parties. But we just haven't got over
that hump. If we get a healthy Joe Burrow, if
we get it healthy Joe Burrow this year, it's gonna

get scary come play off time. We already know what's
gonna happen in the regular season. What we do need
to fix in Cincinnati is we need to fix the
slow start. We have a problem having a slow start
and then picking up as the season goes. If we
can get a jump on the competition and come out
the gate, we can come out the gate hot, and
then after after after goddamn Thanksgiving and just go on

cruise control and just play good football.

Speaker 1 (23:24):
I think we're gonna be good. I just don't like
the fact that we start so slow.

Speaker 4 (23:26):
We'll start owing two, we'll start on three and got
to crawl and fight our way back into contention. If
if we get a healthy Joe Burrow, you already know
what's gonna happen.

Speaker 2 (23:37):
Is a rap? Oh Joe. You keep saying if if if, if.

Speaker 4 (23:42):
If if if if it's healthy. Listen, this this is
a game. Injuries happen. It's part of the game. But
when you lose a quarterback of that magnitude who I
consider to be the second best, first best, it depends
on you.

Speaker 2 (23:53):
Ask I plays best, and you can ask anybody right first.

Speaker 4 (23:58):
All right, all right, all right, I knew, I know
you gonna get I know you're gonna get little passionate.
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know.
I know that's my team. You see what Jersey I
got on, right, Yeah, I understand that. But even you
know yeah, okay, all right, second best, Okay, you are
you want the fact? No, okay, cool, second, second, second best.
But even still that's good when the when the thirty

one other quarterbacks in the league.

Speaker 1 (24:20):
But if we get if Joe is healthy, it's up
and stuff.

Speaker 2 (24:26):
Let me ask your question. You beat the you're built
to beat Kansas City, and what happened? What happened when
you don't play Kansas City in the first eight weeks
of the season and you go down three five like
you normally do, then.

Speaker 1 (24:37):
What we fight we fighting clawback.

Speaker 2 (24:43):
You're making it a lot more difficult on yourself, exactly, exactly.
Instead of having all these games on the road, maybe
you get somebody, maybe Buffalo. Now you've gone to Buffalo
and beaten them. I'm even going to Kansas City. But
you make your job a little easier difficult, right as
opposed to like get these games at home. You don't

have to travel, you get to Steeno, sleep in your
own bad things of that nature. But the injury is
the biggest concern because he's been injured more times he's
not finished this even more times than he has finished.

Speaker 1 (25:17):
Yes, sir, yes, sir.

Speaker 4 (25:19):
I mean that's you know what, It's unfortunate. It's unfortunate.
But if anything to me, I like to say this
would be the year he stays injury free.

Speaker 1 (25:32):
I just think it is. And if you're gonna get hurt.

Speaker 4 (25:34):
Let's get hurt early in your career, as opposed on
the back end or opposed in the middle.

Speaker 2 (25:39):
Na. Hey, if I dodn't got me about five or six,
if you got me about three or four super Bowl,
I start to get hurt, I can break down because
I can walk away right now. You don't want to
be You don't want to be in a situation like
Andrew Love. See, it's a lot easy to walk away
from the game when you Tom Brady or Peyton manny,
because here I am in your twenty two your ateen. Yeah, man,
look at it. I got as I've gotten super Bowls,

I've gotten all the accolades. But look at a guy
like Andrew Love. He has to walk away after what
five six years?

Speaker 4 (26:08):
Yeah, he got beat he got beat up badt he
gotta beat the bad But in Joe Burrow's case, his
injuries had nothing to do with the punishment he was
taking behind center.

Speaker 1 (26:18):
You know the calf, Yeah, Risks, I'm not one.

Speaker 2 (26:22):
Yeah, he got sacked in the pocket, he got tweaked
a certain way.

Speaker 1 (26:25):
Yeah, but the thumb.

Speaker 2 (26:28):
Did he hit his thumb on somebody's head? Cause didn't
he break us?

Speaker 4 (26:31):
I'm not sure it was this wrist that was bothering
risk because I'm not sure how it happened.

Speaker 1 (26:39):
But one one week they.

Speaker 4 (26:42):
Saw him wearing a brace, you know, and then played
in the game he threw and I don't I don't
know what happened.

Speaker 1 (26:48):
But again, I think he's healthy now, he's gonna be
all right. I'm sure.

Speaker 4 (26:52):
I think might be in the off season program now.
So I mean they're gonna be fine. I would I
would hope. I hope they get something done with Higgins
because he's deserving, He's he's desert, he's deserving.

Speaker 2 (27:04):
So what you're gonna do, what you gonna do with
with Jefferson, I mean with a Chase Chase?

Speaker 1 (27:10):
I know, I know, I know.

Speaker 2 (27:12):
Have you ever been on the team. Have you ever
been on the team. Have you ever seen a team
pay two number ones?

Speaker 1 (27:19):

Speaker 2 (27:20):
Especially in today's market, what today's market is what it is,
because Jefferson is gonna Jefferson. First of all, I keep
saying Jefferson Chase because three of them, it's a just.

Speaker 1 (27:32):
And justin, justin.

Speaker 2 (27:34):
Everybody just wants the first one to see the domino fall.
Oh yeah, that's what everybody's waiting for because I believe
all the teams really want to do something. But I
want you to set the market.

Speaker 1 (27:46):
Right and so I can overlap.

Speaker 2 (27:47):
So I overlap.

Speaker 1 (27:49):
We all in the subdivision.

Speaker 2 (27:50):
We all got twenty fifteen thousand square foot home with pool,
We got theaters, we got a bowling alley, We got
an eight car garage with fifteen bedrooms, ten bath We
all got to save houses. I just wait for somebody
to put their house on the market so I can
see what the bad is. That's what these guys are doing.

Speaker 1 (28:08):

Speaker 2 (28:09):
No, nobody want to be first, because you already know
you will be the highest paid receiver for exactly one.

Speaker 1 (28:14):
Day, one day. But maybe in the draft, maybe in
the draft.

Speaker 4 (28:22):
Obviously, t Higgins said all the right things today, he
said all the right things at his camp. You know,
obviously requested the trade. We all know that he is
deserving of what it is he wants. His play has
been magnificent. One of the few teams where I think
we were fortunate enough to have two number one receivers.
This is a very very very very deep draft class

at the receiver position. Yeah, I think maybe, I'm not
sure what may happen. He might get traded, maybe the draft,
maybe during the draft, you never know, maybe during the draft.
But again, I love t I would love to see
him with my Bangals, but also from the business side
of things. He's done for the Bengals organization and that
team and that city, when he's done for me just

watching him, you know, from Afar, even when he's at Clemson,
to see him the maturation and the growth that he's
possessed to this point. He is deserving of that money,
that big money, that kind of money that secures your
future where you're your mama straight, you know, when you
have kids, your kids kids straight.

Speaker 1 (29:23):
That's all. That's all I'm saying.

Speaker 4 (29:25):
I would love to see him stay, but I also
wanted to get what he deserves, even if it's not
in Cincinnati.

Speaker 2 (29:30):
Yeah, it's probably is probably gonna have to be because
I mean for him to stay, because I don't I
don't see a situation with Chase because it's different quarterbacks.
Quarterbacks give a little discount. They always gonna take you
at a quarterback because they're the first guy that gonna
come say, you know what, we're gonna take your salary
and we're gonna turn it into a signing bonus and
we're gonna put it in portable years down the straight,

down the road. So they're always willing. Normally nine times
out of ten they'll kick the can down the road
for the quarterback, right, everybody, all the other positions. So
if I'm a wide receiver, especially that first come. First
of all, I ain't given nobody no discount.

Speaker 4 (30:06):
No, not the first contract. No no, no, no, absolutely no
not the.

Speaker 2 (30:10):
First absolutely not, absolutely not. I wouldn't give none anyway
because because because here's the thing, like Keenan Allen said,
I had my best year, y'all want me to take
a pay cut. Yeah, so what happens if I don't
have my best Oh Joe, you already know they're gonna
come see me.

Speaker 4 (30:27):
Yeah, you know you know that. You know that, and
you're gonna you get that knock on the door. You
know how, you know how to k not go.

Speaker 2 (30:32):
But I thought, but hold on, I thought I signed
the contract because that's what they tell you when you
want to renegotiate.

Speaker 1 (30:38):
Yeah, you signed the contract, didn't you.

Speaker 2 (30:40):
Okay, you signed it to your neighbors up in the mind, right,
But so now all of a sudden, now it's it's.

Speaker 1 (30:49):
Not well, you know, we got to do what's in
the best in the team. Team.

Speaker 2 (30:52):
Well, you know what, I made all my money because
I need to do what in the best interest of
the Chase family. That's my mom my grandma, granded is
all the family, that's my team. I didn't do what's
in the best interests of them. So hopefully guys do
a better job of understanding that, because you know what,
Baseball players don't really give no deals. You notice that no,

and they get guaranteed. But show hell Taney seven hundred million,
he's gonna get all seven hundred million, every dollar and
they got. And they got Mookie Best on the on
the payroll that three hundred and sixty five million. They
got Freddy Preemer, Oh, Freddy from from he from California,
but he was a brave he's on the payroll for

buck sixty bucks seventy. Yeah, and they got so many.
They got the other Japanese picture that they just came over,
just paid him a boatload of money.

Speaker 4 (31:41):
Hey, you know what, I already thought about what but well,
all I got damn money come from man when it
come to baseball.

Speaker 2 (31:46):
Now get they the same place they got it in football?

Speaker 1 (31:52):
So hold on half the time them stadiums don't even
be filled up.

Speaker 4 (31:58):
So I'm trying to understand where that kind of money
coming from when it comes to baseball.

Speaker 2 (32:02):
They got it in football, but you see what baseball
players did when they shut it down. There was no playoffs,
there was no World Series. They was willing to set
out and the Players Association said, look, we're doing we're
gearing up for this day. So for the next several years,
we need you to sell no big purchases, No big purchases, right,

and now we ain't playing pumps.

Speaker 4 (32:32):
But you know, you know it would take to get
the NFL players that come together like that, it'd be
very difficult because I mean, there are a lot of
players you know that that when the off season come,
they've already run through really all their money, all of it.
They really run through all their money. And a lot
of people in the chat you really really don't understand this.

It's like they can't wait until it gets in the
season for those checks to start rolling in again. And
the fact that it doesn't matter of that you're getting
paid twice is or three or four or five times
more as opposed to when we was playing. If you're
making more, you spending more, yeah, spending more.

Speaker 1 (33:09):
It don't change.

Speaker 4 (33:10):
And sometimes it's god damn almost like living check the check.

Speaker 1 (33:14):
Even if you're making millions, that ship happens.

Speaker 4 (33:16):
That's why the percentage of us when we're done playing
within two years huh two years once some checks stopped
rolling in or you ain't got no money.

Speaker 2 (33:25):
Now, I mean, how many how many big? How many
cuban leaks you need?

Speaker 1 (33:30):
Don't yo?

Speaker 2 (33:31):
Okay, you get you one, you get you get you
a little little bracelet, little master. Did you train right?
Do you need five cubans? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (33:39):
Hey, listen, do you need Do you.

Speaker 2 (33:41):
Need a house in Miami? One in Houston? And BLUs?
You know you got hey, you know you got to
have what you know? What you do about it?

Speaker 4 (33:49):
I already know you at I got to know you.
I'm with you when you're right. I'm with you when
you right place.

Speaker 2 (33:54):
And they got a g wagon, they got a culling,
and they is.

Speaker 1 (33:59):
You only drive one? You can only drive one?

Speaker 4 (34:02):
Matter of fact, this is this is a good scenario
and a good case in point. Think about this chat,
stay with me real quick on this one right here.
Think about everybody from Shannon Sharp's era. Now, think about
all the players from my era. Show me any of
the players from my era or Shannon Sharp's era that
are still living the same exact lifestyle as if they're

playing the game of football.

Speaker 1 (34:25):
Think about it.

Speaker 4 (34:26):
Yeah, driving all the nice shit, all the bigger It's
impossible to maintain that lifestyle when checks of that magnitude
stop rolling in.

Speaker 1 (34:36):
There's nothing else in this world where you can.

Speaker 4 (34:38):
You can make six hundred and fifty thousand a week, nothing,
it's impossible. You can make two hundred fifty thousand every Monday,
three hundred and fifty thousand every every it's nothing.

Speaker 2 (34:49):
That's very These guys make these guys making these guys
making three million a game, yep.

Speaker 4 (34:55):
And the funny thing about it is is you make
it three million a game, and you think, you know what,
it is always gonna be like this. So you're spinning
unconsciously having fun fashion cars, going here, trips. You know
you gotta punch, you gotta You got a bunch of chicks,
so you know you're tricking office.

Speaker 1 (35:12):
You're tricking off as well.

Speaker 2 (35:13):
And you bring your homes with you. You know they
ain't paying for nothing.

Speaker 4 (35:17):
They entourages, the entourages. That's a lot of mouth of feed.
Ain't nobody paying for nothing? Well, when you look up,
you and your six. When you look up, you're in
your eight. Oh, god forbid, you have an injury. Oh
sh or listen, Joe, that should go fast boy.

Speaker 2 (35:34):
Whatever you made, whatever, whatever I made, Yeah, I go
ahead and take half of it. Oh, put it in
the bank, Sam, Yeah, I kept I paid my taxes quarterly.
I got tired of writing three four million dollars checks
at the end of the year. So now you take this,
it's quarterly. It hurt, It would hurt my pride. I
gotta pay that much. So what I do is that, Hey,

whatever I made, I got one hundred thousand, I get
two hundred thousand, I get a half a million, two
fifty gold or one hundred goal or fifty thousand gold.
I set down aside. Now this is what I got
towards my expenses. Because Uncle Sam gotta get he got expended.
I gotta pay Uncle Sam. He got a big old house. Yeah,
he got a big old house in DC, the big one.

And then he got another building I think they called
it the Capitol. And then they got the Penagon, and
we got on them beat of Steph Bombers and you
know the f sixteen hornets. Yeah, I got to pay
my party and all that, right, Yeah, understand that. Also, Ojo,
you got an agent.

Speaker 1 (36:38):
M h he taking it, you're taking it.

Speaker 2 (36:40):
He gonna get two to four percent.

Speaker 1 (36:42):
Yo, yeah, oh yeah, most definitely.

Speaker 4 (36:45):
So you know, it's funny if we had somebody, I think,
the casual fan. You have to be a player to
understand the casual fancy the numbers at the end of
the day and think, oh my god, he signed for
two fifty or.

Speaker 1 (36:59):
Three or whatever it may be.

Speaker 4 (37:02):
But when you break down the numbers and actually you
get that chopping half with Uncle Sam take, then you
factor in your expenses. Yes, then you think about what
goes to your agent. Then you think about what you
got left over. It shrinked significantly the regards of what
those numbers said. Going across that take on ESPN, it's

a different ball game.

Speaker 1 (37:24):
It's all smoking mirrors. It's about the real like what
you can touch.

Speaker 2 (37:28):
Yeah she but see, Ojo. The best thing that I
did I was I switched agents. The agent that I
have you represented John. I remember asking John to say, John,
who's your agent? He told me. His name Marvin Demo.
I said, you think he'd be interested in representing me? Is,
I don't know, but here's this number. He gave his number.
I called him, had a meeting with him. Is I'll

meet you at the Pro Bowl. Right. He asked me,
what did I want in my future? I told him,
I said, I want to live this same lifestyle that
I have right now. He said, you have any kids?
I said, I got three. How old? I told them
how old they were? He said, do you support anybody
outside of your kid? I was like my mom. I
helped my mom out. My mom was still working at

the time, I said, my grandmother and my sister. At
the time. My brother had just had just retired. I said,
I take all that responsibility. He says, go home, get
me all your financials of how much you actually have,
Get me everything that you spend, and then I'll get

back to you in thirty to forty five days. Brought
him everything I had, right, like, well, I mean, you
don't blow a lot of your money. I don't see boats.
I don't see at that time, Oh, Joe, I had,
you know, had nice cards, but I always I never
I didn't have a card note so I had to
pay them off in cash, no trips. He says, this

is what we're gonna do. He says, we're gonna do this, this, this,
and this. He says, I want you to is if
any time you have an appearance, he says, I want
you to divide it up and put it in an
account for each kid college. So we're gonna do that
every time you go do something, no matter how that's
not yours, that's theirs. Okay, he says, Now your contract

is gonna come up. You know, Hey, we're gonna talk
about this. We'll see what the market it is. He said,
this is what we're gonna do. He said, the first
you know it's half. Yeah, but I want you to
take whatever you get, whatever we get. I want you
to take a third and say I'm not gonna touch
it for twenty years. Okay, that was three years. We

go to Baltimore.

Speaker 1 (39:45):
Hey, y'all have a free agency.

Speaker 2 (39:47):
You know it's coming. Seven time Pro Bowler, four time
first team, seven consecutive Pro Bowl. I'm on the market.
Yeah whatever get shennon. He said, I want you to
take a third and put it away for twenty years.
You can't touch it. For twenty years. Now, hold on,

don't you think about it?

Speaker 1 (40:09):

Speaker 2 (40:10):
Twenty years and I'm like, what damn? What if? What
if something unforeseen? You know brother Mom's sister Sennon, I
want you to put a third for twenty years? Man,
Oh Joe, you know, so I went earlier this year

and I talked. I was talking to him and he said,
I need, you know, give me your financials. I brought
him all the financials.

Speaker 1 (40:42):
Oh Joe.

Speaker 2 (40:45):
You know what they told me. He said, go buy
yourself something.

Speaker 1 (40:51):
I say, but that twenty years and you ain't touch it.

Speaker 4 (40:53):
Ain't touch it, you are. I already know what it's
looking like. You ain't got to tell me, man, he
ain't got to tell.

Speaker 1 (41:00):
Me, oh joe.

Speaker 2 (41:02):
So that's why. That's why when when uh Fox did
what they did, oh Shaye was straight.

Speaker 1 (41:11):
Yeah now unluss. They had to do the payout, the payout, hey,
but oh Steveh.

Speaker 2 (41:16):
They came by with his little lightboard, say I heard
somebody over here need a little sister out of Yeah,
you know, I had a little you know, little cop
broke down side the roads.

Speaker 1 (41:25):
And come on old old triple s. Yeah. So now.

Speaker 2 (41:35):
So now I'm thinking, Okay, I've got the kids and
the grand kids. I'm trying to get my grandson kid
his kid straight. But there wasn't no fancy. It wasn't
no going on, no this, and no express travagainst stuff
like that. No, my sister the a sh get me A.

I don't need no you know you know what I did, oh, Joe,
I got my sister. I bought her. She told me
she wanted a limited That's why you know the Southern
you know, they don't speak correctly. Right right, I heard expedition.
She said limited edition.

Speaker 1 (42:19):

Speaker 2 (42:22):
So at that time, the expeditions had just came out.
I said, So I told her, I said, ny, if
I got you an expedition. She said, Shannon, what is that?
I said, I wanted a limited edition. She wanted an Explorer,
but she wanted a limited an edition. I heard expedition.
So I done went to the I done went to
the dealership and got it. Actually, Elway had a car dealership,

and I went to the dealership and.

Speaker 1 (42:46):
Got it the wrong thing.

Speaker 2 (42:49):
I don't got the wrong thing. She's like, Shaddy, I
don't want that. But just so half of the dealership
in my hometown, they had won them a.

Speaker 1 (42:56):
Lot right, So you just traded, you traded the back.

Speaker 2 (43:00):
I want it. I want it. I want it. I
bet you do. I bet you do want it. So
but but that was the that was the thing. And
so and oh Joe, see, I'm just watched like I've
always been a provider. And I understand that I'm the
baby of the group and I'm just saying on, but
I'm the I take over. I took over everything because

once my brother left, now I got all the responsibility.
So that's my thinking. That's why family. I put family
above everything. Yes, And I don't play about my family.
My thing is so when something when something bothered my family,
it bothers me because I'm I'm close like that. And
I gave my grandmother on a death bed. I got this.

Speaker 1 (43:42):

Speaker 2 (43:43):
And when I say I got it, you got it. Hey,
my brother, Hey, go to bed, risks. You ain't never
got to worry about money. Live me, go to bed,
sleep easy. You ain't never got to worry about money. Hey, guys,
I want to say this. My sister had the surgery,
both of him prepared.

Speaker 1 (43:58):
She's already home, she's walking.

Speaker 2 (44:00):
She competitive she just tried to beat me because I
was I was walking unassisted the second time in six days.
We fared him. So she's trying to beat me. She
done walked up and down the hall, and she all
a ride and everything. My cousin called me and said, uh,
I asked her how she do it? She said, what
I got this morning was already set up. She's already
given a sep here for She's just trying to beat me.

Makes me sick. That's good, but that's that's how I am,
O Joe. So I saved, and people like, well, man,
you bro to what I make to what I sped,
the ratio is not even close, not even close.

Speaker 1 (44:37):
You know, man, man worse than yours.

Speaker 4 (44:39):
But minus minus always always been like that, you know that.

Speaker 1 (44:43):
It's it's a it's a discipline that you learned very early. Yeah, early,
matter of fact, because we heard the stories. Oh Joe,
we've seen it.

Speaker 2 (44:51):
I've seen guys that I played with man and this
they they they they down bad man.

Speaker 1 (45:01):

Speaker 4 (45:02):
I think it might have been my first year might
have been my first year, and I went second round
obviously thirty. I forgot what pick I went, you know,
And I think my signing botus might have been what
maybe one five one two something like that.

Speaker 1 (45:19):
Lord, oh listen, and.

Speaker 4 (45:20):
You know when you're young now you in Florida, that
ain't you know? Yeah, you know you're young. You're young now,
And so I'm thinking I'm having fun. I'm having a
good old time. I look up off season. Come, boll,
I done ran through all that.

Speaker 1 (45:40):
Hey, listen to me.

Speaker 4 (45:41):
Now, I dodn'et ran through all that because I wasn't
paying attention and I hadn't learned to.

Speaker 1 (45:47):
Say no and chat.

Speaker 4 (45:49):
Listen, family, y'all stayed with me because I can tell
y'all this, And I'm gonna tell you where the discipline
come from.

Speaker 1 (45:53):
For me, because it started early after that first year,
the off season that came.

Speaker 4 (45:58):
We got into the middle of the season, we got
about we got about to maybe April May. I'll never forget.
I was with Jerome Stanley at the time. But unc
I had I had ran out. Bro you hear me,
let me tell, let me take my glass off. But
you know, I play a lot. I had ran out.
I ain't had nothing left. So I talked to missus Stanley.

I say, Missus Stanley, man out and messed up through
no problem.

Speaker 1 (46:25):

Speaker 4 (46:27):
Dennis north Cut Cleveland Brown's ride receiver and chat. If
anybody in the chat no Dennis north Cut, I guarantee
it to tell you, Dennis north Cut had to give
me one hundred fifty thousand. Might have been year one
maybe maybe, Yeah, it had it had to be year one,
because after that I was on point. Then Dennis north
Cut had to give me one hundred fifty grand so
I can get through the so I can get through

the season, get through the off season. And when them
check started rolling, I shot Buddy that money back. From
that point on, well we talked about chip. Yeah, man, listen.
I became so financially conscious of everything I did, started
going to clips.

Speaker 1 (47:06):
I got that smart car probably in two thousand and four.
I treated myself the things that I got nice. That
was all.

Speaker 4 (47:13):
If it wasn't the commercial money, it wasn't if it
wasn't TV money. You know, all that stuff I had
going off the field. I ain't touched no more NFL
checks from that point on, when I couldn't make it
through a goddamn off season.

Speaker 2 (47:25):
Basically, so you think about you got one five, you
got realized I was making sixty three my rent at
meal PONK. I was I made sixty three thousand of
my rookie year mill pond. The rent was five. Hold on,
first of all, you couldn't do like you know how
you got to do a rent. You gotta do a
rent right like a year. Yeah, but I told her

to see I got I got the apartment because I
couldn't move in. Boy, And this is this I had.
God was looking out for me. Yes, sir, my apartment
wasn't going to be ready. So I made the team
in August. Our parliament wasn't gonna be ready until the
first of October. I ain't got no where to state. First,
I I ain't got O Jo. I ain't got no

o Joe. I ain't got no place to go, man,
unless I go to the hotel. Hotel probably about fifty
bucks a night. Oh to everybody know Melvyn bra you
may call him fat Cat Hell fat Cat. Say I
got him too. I got him in the first two weeks.
Hump you take him the next ten days. Bobby Humphrey,

Ricky nat you bring it home. So I slept with
I slept with fat Cat the first two weeks. Then
I went to Bobby Humphrey. They dropped me off for
me mail took cause I ain't got that time. I
ain't have no car just yet. Then I got my
car in the process. I'm living with b Hump. Then
Hump asked about No, I ain't got no car because
I'm driving Ricky the Teals. Ricky the Teal let me

drive here. He had a four x four h based out.
He let me drive here. Let me drive his front
runner for five weeks. I'm living with teammates. Yeah, so
now October, November, December, January, February, March, I got to
get six months. I ain't living there, so I'm paying

one thousand dollars for place I ain't even living. I
got to go back and finish up my degree. I
stay in this place called Royal Loakes. Hey, and anybody
in Savannah you know Royal Oakes, Oh, Joe A thousand
bucks a month, and I got a furnish it and
I got a place to go back to Savannah State.

Speaker 1 (49:33):
So I paid for my own tuition, Yes, sir.

Speaker 2 (49:36):
Now, had the president had some of these presidents that
that I've been dealing with, they probably would say, well,
come on back. But I had to pay. I paid,
No problem, wasn't no problem. Even though I wasn't making
money like that, they just oh, tell you no, NFL
people say, you've been paying professionals, professionals this, you make
a lot of money. But I wasn't had a cell phone.

Speaker 1 (49:54):

Speaker 2 (49:54):
I don't know if you know this on Joe, but people,
if y'all knowbody, in the nineties, they had a Roman charge.
So my phone, my phone was based out of Colorado.
I brought the phone back to Georgia. Anytime I powered up,
I'm roaming man, free phone dollars a minute. And you
know your boy big time of Oh Joe, you do,
I've been mad.

Speaker 1 (50:13):
I can't tell you what right right right?

Speaker 2 (50:17):
Yeah, I'm on my way. Hey, bro, hey, man, what's
going on? I called my brother, said, bro, what's going on?
He like, I said, man, your boy money jump Fuddy
said what you mean? I said, boy, you boy money

jump from I said, man. You know, I said, man,
I'm I'm trying to go back to school, you know,
finish up my degree. Yes, sir, And you know, he said, well,
the first thing I want you to do is turn
that dawn phone off, all.

Speaker 1 (50:53):
Right, get that roaming off there?

Speaker 2 (50:55):
Yeah, yeah, get that rolling up, cause the bill was
like the bill was like, oh, tild I got that
bill like twelve.

Speaker 1 (50:59):
Hundred doll got same, yes in the nineties. In the nineties,
shit twelve hundred.

Speaker 2 (51:06):
Now, mind you, I'm still paying five hundred, five ten
and five twenty five and mill pond, I'm still paying.
I got twelve hundred. I got like, uh a thousand.
I think it was like ony twenty nine at Royal
Loakes and I had to go to rental centem because
I ain't got no furniture. So I got to rid furniture,
furnish the whole apartment like two fifty three hundred dollars
a month, right, and I got to pay to go

back to school. I ain't got no money coming in
on Joe.

Speaker 1 (51:31):
Yeah, Hey, it's different, listen. I don't I don't think.

Speaker 4 (51:36):
I don't think people understand, man, I don't think people understand. Obviously,
the money's a little bit different today. But again, if
the discipline isn't there, I learned quick.

Speaker 1 (51:46):
I learned quick. It took me one year, one year,
with five I finally made it. I went through it.

Speaker 4 (51:52):
Holy, I'm back at I'm back at square one. Yeah,
and somebody else that had that been had been playing.
Got to send me enough, just survived during the off season.

Speaker 1 (52:02):
Oh no boo, I.

Speaker 4 (52:04):
Will never be I will never ever, ever ever be
in this situation again ever. Tight up real quick, hey, then,
Dennis north Cot, if you see this, I know you're
gonna see this. Boy, I appreciate you because it's because
of you that got me to get myself together. Boy,
So forget it.

Speaker 2 (52:23):
My going into going into my going into my second year,
my second year. Get ready. So now, o Joe, I'm
a you know, first two years, I made sixty three thousand,
I think I made sixty three, and then seventy three
got a ten thousand dollars raised, right, And so by
this time I got a I ain't got no contract, right,
no contract, oh joke. So but I kept my place

year round this time. So I'm playing. I ain't got
no hey, I ain't got no money coming in. You know,
I'm spending. You know I'm going to Black College. Beat
we you know you bought the boy? Do that? Oh?
Oh freak you boy?

Speaker 1 (53:05):

Speaker 2 (53:07):
My brother called me. He said, look here, and this
is the first this is really the only time in
all in all my years, my brother has ever cursed
in me.

Speaker 1 (53:19):
The only time ever he picked up the phone.

Speaker 2 (53:22):
He called me. He said, what's up?

Speaker 1 (53:24):
You know, I mean, what's up? Bro?

Speaker 2 (53:26):
Ain't what's up?

Speaker 1 (53:26):
We're good.

Speaker 2 (53:28):
I could tell by the tone of his voice. Of
his voice, he wasn't in a joking move. Oh yeah,
like what's up?

Speaker 1 (53:35):

Speaker 2 (53:36):
This is what he said to me, Birdbato, I'm not
gonna go broke fucking with you and hung the phone
up and hung up. That's the only time my brother
has ever uttered a curse word at me.

Speaker 1 (53:53):
The only time.

Speaker 2 (53:57):
Say no more, yeah, say no more. He god, oh Joe,
because I was I'm thinking, man, this I'm gonna be.
I'm gonna be Here's like, bro, And you know, later
he is facing and say, Bro, you don't understand an
injury here or something happens there, you not gonna you
not gonna play in the NFL. Is if you were

a doctor or a lawyer or had a normal occupation,
your career is not going to be as long as theirs.
And you needed to understand that, right. But he was
the only one that my sister would call me. I said,
get out of my faith. But that was the only time.
And from that moment on, well, I don't have no
choice because I started having babies then.

Speaker 1 (54:38):
You know, yeah, oh you ain't got no choice. That
that that that'll get you. That'll gets you, right, that'll
get you.

Speaker 2 (54:44):
Oh Joe, you know what the three words I hated
m hm three words to this day, and I ain't
heard him since. I love you, Shannon. I'm praying God, WHOA.

Speaker 1 (55:06):
Got to be more careful? Yeah?

Speaker 4 (55:10):
Yeah, listen, listen, they were they were nothing but blessings
on the back end.

Speaker 2 (55:17):
Nothing did because because here's the thing, Oh Joe, Now
my homeboy is hearing. My homeboy is Savannah right he
hear it? Yeah, he probably ain't gonna make it. You
know they he ain't gonna make it. Look at that,
he thought he was gonna be a first round pick.
He going the seventh round. He ain't gonna even make
the team. My homeboy, dude, like a kid, he ain't
gonna be able to be He ain't gonna be able

to take care of them kids. YadA, YadA, YadA. Man,
Oh Joe, And I remember my grandmother. The only thing
she ever said, you make them you take care of him.
Now that's it. She didn't, she wasn't. I'm disappointed in
you because I didn't raise you like that. The only
thing she said, take care of them kids, boy. Because

you know old people that don't call you bout your name.
My grandma very call me my name. She called me boy,
called me son. That's the way they do it inside. Hey,
hey boy, take care of them kids. Okay, it got
oh Jo. It made me focus, but it gave me
a desire because my desire to succeed now was far

greater than your desire to want me to fail. But see,
the one thing that I had in my favorite that
you didn't is that I controlled my success. Only thing
you could do was wish and hope. Right, I had
it in my hands, mad, Oh Joe, bad look here,
but those man, that was that was that was That

was the time, Oh Joe, that I look back and
I think about it, and as we talk about a
lot of times financially, we weren't always the most financially
responsible people. Now take a time now. Sometimes you don't
get an opportunity to recover because if you make too
great a mistake at this joke, sho my life. I
ain't trying to hit number of singles. I ain't trying

to hit nothing out of the park.

Speaker 1 (57:03):
You can't walk if I need the walk as long
as I get on base. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is different. Man.

Speaker 4 (57:12):
Financial literacy is so important for us, not even it's
not even about being an athlete, just for everybody in general.
Understanding the value of a dollar. You know, I had
I had to learn. I learned really quick. It just
took one incident. It took one mistake, and it tightened
and straightened me up really quick. And it's gotten me
to the point where I am today. Listen, eleven twelve
years move for the game. And obviously I'm very fortunate,

you know, because some of the people surrounded by me,
Doug for one, some other people, to where I'm at
a point now where I'm making more now and I'm
not even playing football. I ain't got to take no hits,
I ain't got to score no touchdowns. I don't making
more now, and I ain't caught a damn pass.

Speaker 1 (57:52):
In ten years, thank you man.

Speaker 2 (57:55):

Speaker 1 (57:56):
You know.

Speaker 4 (57:57):
But then those those principles and not that that financial
discipline is still instilled in me.

Speaker 1 (58:03):
I have a little I have a little fun here
and there, you know, for kids, but it's never to
the extreme. Would have to maintain and keep up an image.

Speaker 4 (58:12):
No, never, never, I never get to that point because
I understand, like I don't care what you see going
across that screen, across that ticker, but that money, that
money would jump funny real fast if you if you
move a wrong. My grandma always said, a fool and
his money sells shooing part ways.

Speaker 1 (58:31):
They will every time.

Speaker 2 (58:34):
And then at what point time? O jo it like me?

Speaker 1 (58:37):
For cars?

Speaker 2 (58:38):
Oh Joe, I done have had every car Ferraris, don't
do it for me. Mercedes. I've had every Rose Rust,
I've had them all. So now me just getting the
car he ain't ain't no road, that range, that getting
the thank service every year it is still drive good.

Speaker 1 (58:53):
And you get from point A to point B the
exact same. Hoo.

Speaker 4 (58:56):
How about my my dumb ass. I think it was
twenty two thousand and nine, maybe twenty ten. I leased
the damn Bugatti for a year and then I get,
I get fined when year were playing the Philadelphia Eagles
in the preseason, I get I forgot who was number
fifty five, Caucasian Caucasian brother, I forgot his name. I
got hit across the middle to about big hit mane

is preseason. I'm like, well, god Lee, I think mahommey
went flying. I went to the sideline and I had
my phone on the sideline. I tweeted, it's okay, guys,
I'm okay. It was a good hit. I tweeted the
NFL find me twenty five thousand in the preseason. Hunk
I tweeted out the following day, I'm chat, y'all can

find this tweet too. I tweeted out the following day, Well, man,
they done took twenty five thousand. That was one of
my Bugatti payments.

Speaker 1 (59:48):
Man. I took that car back by the month later. Man,
get this, get this, get this?

Speaker 2 (59:54):
Why but you already locked into the you might as
what just cap it?

Speaker 4 (59:57):
Manunk I took that car back a a month later.
By the time we got the God Down November, we
was in the priasy. By the time we got to November,
you got baby, you got to go.

Speaker 1 (01:00:08):
You got to go.

Speaker 4 (01:00:08):
Many I had did that based off I had had
all type of shows in the off season, so it
was coming in like crazy, so like you know what,
I'm gonna treat myself and get something I've never had
before that not very many people had and I did that.
You know, I treated myself a little bit, but it
had nothing. But look what I had coming in on
the field right, never again, I said, let me lock

back in and get back to the discipline that I
had fucking displayed the past six or seven years.

Speaker 1 (01:00:34):
But I know, I know what it's like to drive
it now and.

Speaker 2 (01:00:37):
Then plus O Joe out here, whatever kind of car
you think you can have driving in Beverly Hills, and
when you pull up to the light, I guarantee you
gonna see another one looked just like it's just like
a color. Yeah, unless you got the Space Shuttle and
they got those. Yeah, So I don't know who. You
try and impress God, drive around here and you're gonna

see seventy million, one hundred million, two hundred million dollar mansion.
You think you're impressing somebody and they tap a button
and the whole wall go down into the floor, the
entire wall. To imagine you got whatever size house you got,
you press a button and the wall disappears. So you
can't impress nobody. So once you realize that you can't

impress nobody out here, man, wush I might I'm aa
drive mine? Man? What you driver a two thy and
twelve rane.

Speaker 1 (01:01:33):
Roll a two thousand and five smart car, stick with the.

Speaker 2 (01:01:37):
Ribs scuffed up. Man, Wait on't you get the rib painted?

Speaker 1 (01:01:40):

Speaker 2 (01:01:43):
Why? That didn't really hurting nobody? That's what I'm gonna
pull up to the curb again and go scuff them
up again. So I'm good man. I mean, once you realize, oh,
show that the people that you try and impress, they
don't really care how to you? If you think about
people don't really care about you.

Speaker 1 (01:02:03):
No, it don't, it don't.

Speaker 4 (01:02:05):
And I tell people all the time, I tell players,
even the players plan today. I tell them all the time.
I say, listen, find a way to make yourself a
household name. Find yourself a way to make your yourself
a household name. And you do that by what you
do on the field. And you get to a point
in your career where your name is bigger than anything

you can buy. Your name is bigger than anything you
can purchase. So it doesn't matter what you're driving, they
recognizing who the individual is outside that helmet. Yep, When
your name and your visibility is bigger than anything you
can purchase to put on and well, there will be
your value.

Speaker 1 (01:02:43):
Yeah, there we your value right there.

Speaker 4 (01:02:44):
You don't need the fancy car. You don't need all
the motherfucker jewelry because when you out in public, Oh shit, I.

Speaker 2 (01:02:52):
Got a I got got me a little nail. Yeah,
got that too, raised. But I need to get my
number back. I got to get my number because know
when my house got broken into, it took my number
and it wasn't yeah man, and my brother gave it
to me. Send them seeing the thing else. Like the
watches now, even the watches now, O Joe, they don't

have the same they don't have the same value to me, because,
oh Joe, it was a grind every watch that I got.
I saw that watch and I was like, I save
up and get it, get it.

Speaker 1 (01:03:25):
Yeah that's a good feeling too, man, Oh that's a
good feeling.

Speaker 2 (01:03:30):
That's what hurts so bad, O Joe, is that I
saved up to get those watches.

Speaker 4 (01:03:34):

Speaker 2 (01:03:35):
I mean, man, that thing hurt. It wasn't like I said,
it wasn't the because insurance covering everything. It was that man.
I was like, man, I remember seeing that watch. I
was like, I'm gonna get that Okay, five thousand here say, oh,
I got an appearance there, then an autograph signing here
something there. End up saving It might take me two years,

but I got it. And the feeling that when you
save up to get something like me, Oh Joe, that's
why I don't. That's why I don't really do a
whole lot right, because I got money out to go
do it. It ain't like it don't have the same
meaning to me.

Speaker 1 (01:04:09):
Nah, And you know you know what's good now?

Speaker 4 (01:04:11):
You're speaking of saving, right, I myself, we just got
we just got a new place, obviously, see the back dragon.

Speaker 1 (01:04:16):
I'm not at the old place no more.

Speaker 2 (01:04:18):

Speaker 1 (01:04:19):
I told Real, I give you a year and a
half and I'm up.

Speaker 2 (01:04:23):
Out of here.

Speaker 1 (01:04:24):
Well, I don't know what she gonna be. I know
I'm leaving, so I got the hold.

Speaker 2 (01:04:27):
I got my hold up.

Speaker 1 (01:04:28):
Hold on, let me show you record. Hold on, I
ain't I ain't bullshit.

Speaker 2 (01:04:39):
Listen, but you see this, you about the building? Know
how you about to build a house?

Speaker 4 (01:04:44):
Boy, I'm un I'm not playing. I'm unkle, I'm not playing.
I got I got my float plans right here. I
got my float plans right here. This is it's called
O Show's world. I told Real, I say listen, I'm
gonna give a year and a half. We ain't gonna
be here no more. I know, we just got I
think we only be here three weeks. I give you
a year and a half and were moving. I want,
I got, I told myself by twenty twenty five, I

need to be breaking ground in January.

Speaker 1 (01:05:09):
Oh my birthday. I need to be breaking ground on January.
It's called Ojo's World.

Speaker 4 (01:05:13):
Little twelve thousand, little twelve thousand square foot the twelve man, listen, unk,
I got. I got eleven kids, man, I got eleven kids.
They might be in college something.

Speaker 2 (01:05:23):
You know.

Speaker 4 (01:05:23):
Everybody damned there, everybody's grown now except for the little three.
But I'm finna treat myself for all the hard work
and all the saving I've done throughout the years, right,
and then come on the back end and do something
I want to.

Speaker 1 (01:05:34):
Do for the little ones, for the lot one. Just that,
just that just has to fun. I will open it up.
But it's too big, and Camra that god damn big.

Speaker 4 (01:05:42):
But man, listen, I'm talking about I've been penny pension
for a very long time.

Speaker 1 (01:05:47):
Just to do something like that that's wrong with them
like that, I'm finna get it.

Speaker 2 (01:05:51):
You got you gotta reward yourself.

Speaker 4 (01:05:53):
Oh yeah yeah, and I got it. And the fact
that me and her beefing. So I want to be
able to say, you know what, I want to talk
to you right now. I'm finn I'm finna go on
the west wing. I'm finna go on the west wing.
I don't even want to.

Speaker 1 (01:06:06):
I ain't. I ain't trying. I want to be able
to play hide and seek. And it takes you by
the hour to find me.

Speaker 2 (01:06:16):
Bad you wild Joe?

Speaker 1 (01:06:17):
No, no, no, no, I'm I'm more not lip my
mouth dry right now.

Speaker 4 (01:06:21):
All this time I've been talking because it ain't no
water in refrigerator downstairs.

Speaker 2 (01:06:27):
But that's what uh, I can't. I can't afford nothing
right now. My money. You know, I'm painting, pinching. I'm
trying to. I got some I pitied. You know. I
got I got some playing. I got a master playing bro.
You got you got playing some brewer. I got something
brewing on Joe, I got some brewing.

Speaker 1 (01:06:43):
I didn't.

Speaker 4 (01:06:43):
I didn't gave you my plan. That's my plan right there.
So I'm I'm locked in.

Speaker 1 (01:06:48):
I ain't ain't. I ain't spending nothing you know.

Speaker 4 (01:06:50):
Chad, if y'all see me in the same outfit, you know,
for for two three weeks, a month, two months, now,
you know why yeah

Speaker 2 (01:06:59):
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