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April 2, 2024 86 mins

Shannon Sharpe and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson discuss if DJ Burns could have a shot transitioning to the NFL, what red flags are deal breakers in dating, and Ocho tries to spell some more words.

1:40 DJ Burns receiving NFL interest
9:10 Shadeur Sanders show off new Cyberbeast truck
22:00 Which red flags are tough to ignore?
35:00 Spell-O-Cinco
42:00 Dunk on Unc
53:00 Q and Ayyyyy
1:00:00 Much More Nightcap!

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Speaker 1 (01:21):
N C State.

Speaker 2 (01:22):
DJ Burns is receiving NFL interest to fight this fact.

Speaker 1 (01:26):
He's been awesome for the wolf Pack.

Speaker 2 (01:28):
He may he may not be drafted in the NBA,
but despite measuring six foot nine, many believe he's a
little closer to six sixty seven. But give it his
his size and his athleticism.

Speaker 1 (01:41):
I called big. Will it Willie continue to teach him
the kick slade?

Speaker 4 (01:45):

Speaker 1 (01:45):
Yeah, will will it big? Will it get him right?

Speaker 4 (01:47):
Yeah? He can make some money? Yeah, most definitely, you
can make some money. This is one of the things
that is confusing to me. Why is it that you
don't think he's going to make the NBA. Is he
helped me out here to get a better understanding, because
you can help me understand a little better than anybody else.

Speaker 1 (02:02):
In today's game.

Speaker 2 (02:04):
His game really doesn't translate because he's undersized and he
doesn't shoot the three.

Speaker 1 (02:10):
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Speaker 4 (02:12):
Draymond Green is Draymond Green not undersized as a defensive players,
great defensive player Draymond.

Speaker 1 (02:19):
But he but see he's gonna have to go to
the ideal situation.

Speaker 2 (02:22):
Draymond does Draymond Basically, Draymond runs their offense. They run
their offense through Draymond, although Steph Curry is the point guard.
All their split actions, all all those flares, all those
pinned downs that they be running, Draymond's initiated, okay, And
so I just think the thing is kind of like
Antonio Gates And look at Antonio Gate.

Speaker 1 (02:43):
Did he do okay in the NFL? Oh yeah, what
about Tony Gonzalez? Oh yeah, Jimmy Graham, Oh shit, yeah.

Speaker 2 (02:51):
Rayfield Wright was a basketball player in Port Valley, moved
to tackle.

Speaker 1 (02:54):
He's in the Hall of Fame for the Cowboys.

Speaker 4 (02:57):
So this would be a smart decision, but would be
what do you think it'd be a good decision if
if Oh yeah.

Speaker 2 (03:03):
At his size, Yeah, all you got to with his
athleticism and his long as long armed as he is,
because you want your tackle to have long, long, because
you want to be able to keep them guys off
because they coming, Hey, go down there, see big Willie
for about three four weeks.

Speaker 4 (03:20):
You'd be good. Huh.

Speaker 1 (03:21):
Hey, will you teach me how to get up out?

Speaker 4 (03:23):
So you think, even though it doesn't translate, there's really
no chance that he can play at the highest level.

Speaker 1 (03:29):
You think, did you? Did you?

Speaker 2 (03:31):
They don't believe like Zach Edy. Zach Edy is seven
foot four, he's averaging thirty and sixteen.

Speaker 1 (03:36):
That's the talk about he might be. Yes, he ain't
gonna make the league. They say he might be a
second round draft pick, a free agent.

Speaker 4 (03:44):
What so, what's the difference, way hold on, what's the
difference with him and Wimby?

Speaker 2 (03:48):
Wimby seven four two? But you see women having the ball,
You see women shoot threes. You see Winby put the
ball on the floor.

Speaker 1 (03:54):
Okay, okay, okay.

Speaker 2 (03:56):
See Wimby. See that's the difference between an American big
and European m bright. You see nicolea Jokic. Yeah, you
see Wimby.

Speaker 1 (04:03):
Yeah, now Loo against Zach Edie played with his back
to the basket.

Speaker 4 (04:09):

Speaker 2 (04:10):
The game he came in the nineties, if he came
in the eighties and nineties in the top ten.

Speaker 4 (04:14):
P okay, okay, I got it so that nobody has
no use for just having that big frame, that big
body in the post.

Speaker 1 (04:21):
At all. Well, I mean, look, Rudy Goberts found the way.

Speaker 2 (04:25):
But see, the thing is is that the bigs in
European bigs there used to move it because they play
so much in space. The American bigs not used to
playing like that. That's why I'm bigs. We ain't got
no bigs.

Speaker 1 (04:38):

Speaker 2 (04:39):
If you look at all the look at Joel and
b Joeling beans from Cameroon.

Speaker 1 (04:43):
He played soccer. That's his footwork, right, he has great
footwork at that.

Speaker 4 (04:48):
Yes, and the post.

Speaker 2 (04:51):
Threes, Anthony Davis shooting three. Brook Lopez has turned himself.
He was a back to the back, play, back to
the basket player. He's turned them self into a stretch.
Now he's launching three.

Speaker 1 (05:02):
D's right, Okay, you have to evolve the game of basketball.
The evolution of the game is no longer all you
do is play with your back to the basket. It
ain't that.

Speaker 4 (05:12):
No, it's not that anymore, right, See I think I
mean and with them knowing that, especially in college, they
should have been working on that from your freshman year
to evolve, to make sure what you need translates to
the NBA.

Speaker 2 (05:26):
Oh Joe, I'm trying to win games I'm gonna kick
the I'm gonna kick the kid said, I said this
about t Bow, I said, everybody said. Everybody kicked the
can down the road right his element if junior high says, oh,
when they get into high school, they'll teach you. And
the high school says, I just want to win. And
so when he get to college, they got more people
to teach him than I do. And and the urban

minds says, hey, I'm trying to win. Let him get
to the NFL. And so by the time he got.

Speaker 4 (05:52):
There, what ah, you get exposed.

Speaker 2 (05:55):
Everybody just kept kicking the can down the road. Nobody
took pick the can Up's okay, son, this is what
we need to do. So now here you are twenty three,
twenty four years of age, and all you've done is
just done things this way. That's why it's easy to
teach a child that. It is easy to teach a
child that it is an older person.

Speaker 4 (06:20):
Yeah, I like that.

Speaker 1 (06:21):
I like that.

Speaker 4 (06:21):
I got it.

Speaker 2 (06:22):
Saying is that it's easier to teach a child to
replay a broken man. You know why kids look at
the hackers who you say, the FB, lbd C, I
A and FBI and all these the Googles and all
these hackers. Kids, give me our pad, give your three
year on your phone and watch you be watching something
either order a thousands of ice.

Speaker 1 (06:44):
Cream sandwiches and enduring that short with like who ordered this? Right? Yes,
these kids many they be knowing all this stuff. Oh
Joe man with first time I get something is locked
up A forget it.

Speaker 2 (06:59):
I mean only be tried to get me to go
over stuff. I just say, man, forget this. Don't worry
about it. Right, I'm quick to say, forget it.

Speaker 1 (07:07):
Man. I ain't got no I ain't got no pay
stues on your kids.

Speaker 4 (07:12):
Yeah, I mean, we're we're in a we're in a
we're we're in a tech driven era right now, especially
for the kids.

Speaker 2 (07:19):
This is what Peter, because I said this morning. I
told him, I said this morning on the show about
DJ Burns. I said, I said him to Willier Anderson
right now will have him kicking and he'll be And
then about the hour after I said this, Peter Shrinker
says spoke spoke to and text multiple gyms and about
s C State big Man DJ Burns at the nfl
ot Prospect over the last twenty four hours. He's listed
at sixty nine, but probably six six seven with a

plus footwork would get a big turnout and potentially dollars
if you participated in Pro Day, which is a week
after the Final Four.

Speaker 4 (07:51):
I said he should do it. Hell yeah, he should
do it, and he would probably make more money going
to the football side as opposed to the best ball side.

Speaker 2 (08:01):
Yeah, because basketball ain't got no guaranteed contracts. Somebody probably
give him a guaranteed contruck. Because even if I just
put him on the practice squad, even if I just
put him on my practice squad.

Speaker 1 (08:10):
Oo get here.

Speaker 2 (08:12):
Yeah, what they did, the Gates, That's exactly what they did.
Antonio Gates, look at it.

Speaker 4 (08:19):
That's dope.

Speaker 1 (08:20):
That's dope.

Speaker 4 (08:21):
Well, yeah, I mean it's dope. But I just don't
like the fact that his dream, I'm assuming probably is
Obviously I would love opportunities to playing the nb the NBA,
But obviously the game is changed and it's evolved. As
you said in his game.

Speaker 2 (08:36):
You go to au AU tournaments, what them kids doing,
O Joe man, They pulling up shoo threes, They pulling
up threes, pulling up You don't see nobody playing with
their back to the basketball Joe. Yeah, everybody, I don't
care if you seven foot tall or if you five too.
You letting them threes go? Yeah, because everybody ain't nobody

trying to be Jordan Moore. Everybody trying to be Steph Curry.

Speaker 4 (09:00):
So it's step we we gotta blame Steph. It's Steph fault.
It's is Steph Curry effect.

Speaker 2 (09:05):
Step chef step Shader Sander shows off the new cyber
truck in Colorado. He's the first guy to He's the
first person to have a cyber truck in Colorado. Shder
Santas is the most valuable pair, the most valuable player
in college football in terms of nil valuation. He's not

shy by planning his well. He showed up the new
Tesla cyber truck. Said it was the first Cyberbeast model
to live in Colorado, Cyberbeast's most expensive version of the
Tesli model, coming out of the base price of a
little on.

Speaker 1 (09:38):
A one hundred five.

Speaker 4 (09:40):
Yeah, yeah, I like that. I like that thing.

Speaker 1 (09:43):
I like the thing. I wouldn't know how to I
wouldn't even know how to turn it, crank it up,
let alone drive it. Listen because it looks like he push.
It looked like he pushing buttons from the start.

Speaker 4 (09:53):
You know, I was thinking about getting one and and
somebody had to talk me out of it. You do
need it, Yeah, somebody had to talked me out of it.
I mean, not that I was gonna really do it anyway.

Speaker 1 (10:03):
You know, I had the I go I have.

Speaker 4 (10:04):
Spurts of seeing things that I want. You the key
word that I want. But do I really need it?
And she said one thing aa, and I was like, Okay,
forget it. I'm good. I just it, just it just
it went away fast. It went away fast. But it's ugly,
which most people would say. And I like things that
are different that not very many people will have my

black aad drive a smart car every day. I've had
once in two thousand and four. I'm on my fifth
smart car. Why do I love it so much? It's
good on gas, I can park anywhere. I get fifty
five miles to the gallon. And not very many people
are going to be driving a damn smart car. And
then that cyber truck every time, every time, every time
I see.

Speaker 1 (10:45):
Somebody, oh that shit ugly? Where you going with the
ugly car?

Speaker 4 (10:49):
Not very many people are gonna want it, let alone
drive it, which is why I thought, you know what,
maybe that should be my next vehicle.

Speaker 1 (10:56):
Hey, I might be ugly in the car, but when
I go to the bank, I'm gorgeous. I don't know
about you. I'm huggling.

Speaker 2 (11:03):
I'm hugged at this will, but I ain't. I'm I'm
a I'm a beauty pageant winner when I go up
in there. You know the way I look at it, like,
if I really want something, I won't get it immediately.
I'll wait a month or two.

Speaker 4 (11:15):
And see if you still have that same feeling a
month or two, still have that, still have that same
passion for it?

Speaker 1 (11:20):
For a month or two, I'll get it. Because a
lot of times we're like, oh man, I gotta have this,
I gotta have it, and then you get it in
the post A buyer and postive buyer is the worst
at times. Yep, yeah, I'm not. I'm not one of those.
So I just like, Okay, I want something. Sometimes I
weigh a whole year, a whole year. Nah, don't don't

do it, don't do it, don't do it.

Speaker 4 (11:46):
You gotta be careful depending on what is what it is. Now,
you know, if you wait a whole year. Then a
new model or a new version of whatever it is
you want.

Speaker 1 (11:54):
Go up.

Speaker 4 (11:54):
Yeah, the price go up one of the other. So
sometimes you you you gotta be shows.

Speaker 1 (11:59):
It's tough.

Speaker 4 (12:00):
Yeah, it's tough.

Speaker 1 (12:00):
Yeah. And a lot of times so you know what,
O yoe?

Speaker 2 (12:03):
Uh if and if if the price goes up, it's
telling me, Okay, you weren't supposed to get it, get it. Yeah,
I mean it's ok because at this point, at this point,
oh Joe, I'm like, I got I got my range Rover.

Speaker 1 (12:18):
It's a twenty twelve. I got it.

Speaker 2 (12:20):
It's a twenty thirteen. But I got it in October
twenty twelve. Oh cha, I got thirty five thousand miles
on it.

Speaker 4 (12:26):
That's it.

Speaker 1 (12:27):
That's it.

Speaker 4 (12:28):
And you had it that long.

Speaker 1 (12:29):
I had it that long.

Speaker 2 (12:31):
So basically like when my daughter comes, you know, she's like, Daddy,
can I go to the store?

Speaker 1 (12:34):
Can I go to the mall? That's what she drives.
My sister come, that's what they drive.

Speaker 2 (12:39):
I was like, get a new car for what? And
put what my BMW four years old? I got six
thousand miles on it.

Speaker 4 (12:48):
Damn that's it.

Speaker 1 (12:50):
That's it, Oh Joe. I told you I got rid
of my Bentley.

Speaker 2 (12:56):
I had that Bentley from nineteen ninety eight the two
thy eleven.

Speaker 1 (13:02):
I had five thousand miles on.

Speaker 4 (13:03):
Had that old boy dropped.

Speaker 1 (13:06):
Or one of ten? It was a Mulliner one of
ten made.

Speaker 2 (13:09):
Yeah, my Ferrari, I had that car from ninety three
to two thousand and one, had three thousand miles.

Speaker 4 (13:17):
On a long boy.

Speaker 1 (13:18):
You should have kept that.

Speaker 4 (13:19):
Now, ninety three nineties, that sounds like that magnum p
I joint.

Speaker 2 (13:22):
Now it was the black one and the last dance
that Michael Jordan got under that five to twelve.

Speaker 4 (13:27):
That's the magnum p ire joint. Why you ain't keep that?

Speaker 1 (13:31):
You know what?

Speaker 2 (13:32):
Oh Joe, it was costing me more to ensure it.
Oh okay, and let it say, to register it every
year and let it okay, And I just let let
it go.

Speaker 1 (13:41):
I got you, I got you. So that's that's that's
what I'm saying. But I don't, I don't.

Speaker 2 (13:45):
I don't go nowhere. Yeah, I go from point A
to point B. And that's like when I worked at Undisputed,
it took me a grand total. It might have taken
me five days to get to working back.

Speaker 1 (13:56):
It might have took me twenty minutes total round trip.

Speaker 4 (14:00):
You was close.

Speaker 1 (14:01):
Everything was close, the gym, whole food, target, everything within
a within a four mile radius. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (14:10):
Yeah, so you ain't really go nowhere.

Speaker 2 (14:12):
I ain't going nowhere. I ain't driving, no, bro. I
went to San Diego twice. I flew both times. I
fly from I fly from Atlanta to Savannah. Come on
that man, you man, I wish I might get sitting
to drive.

Speaker 1 (14:31):
How long? You know, my brother?

Speaker 4 (14:33):
Listen, driving is cool. It was cool because for me,
let me, let me tell you.

Speaker 1 (14:36):
Let me tell you.

Speaker 4 (14:38):
I've never driven anywhere until I met a certain someone.
I had never driven the Tampa unless I was going
to goddamn Busch Gardens. Then all of a sudden, I
found myself driving three hours or two hours and forty
five minutes. Every so often we changing up coming in.
I don't know what happened now I think about it. Man,

you put on some Snarta, true, you play some gospel,
but before you know it, your head clear, roll the
window down a little bit, smoke your cigar. I mean
you're good that that that three hours? It just down
alegated alley. Is it ain't turned into nothing. I ain't
but a mile and a half from CVS. You know,
I gotta get that script. Yeah yeah, put that in

the band, Put that in the bad put that in
the bag.

Speaker 1 (15:25):
Hurry up, hurry, don't let nobody see it.

Speaker 4 (15:28):
Yeah, hey, be careful, let him, don't let him.

Speaker 1 (15:32):
Ask the price, Shine and sharp. Your prescription is racked.
Will you stop calling my name out aloud? Hell no, Hey,
y'all need to deliver this.

Speaker 4 (15:48):
Yeah, you need to try that, though. You need to
try that one time. Try what seen it route?

Speaker 1 (15:54):
Oh? Look, I used to drive. I used to drive.

Speaker 2 (15:57):
I used to drive me and my brother when freak
Nick we drive. I would drive to South Carolina. We
drive to Atlanta. I would drive to it from my
blimp Savannah to Atlanta. Man, I'm done, my man.

Speaker 1 (16:09):
My hips can't take that. Man, I be man, I
have rigamore to sitting there, sitting down that loan. I mean,
that's that's about the same as man. Look here as
a flat, Oh Joe, where we hold on? Where was
we at?

Speaker 4 (16:25):
We was hold on?

Speaker 1 (16:26):
We were in Hoboken and we had to go to
some part of Georgia, New Jersey, some part of of
New Jersey. Man, my hills, Man, I got that thing
like friend, sample, Man, I can't. I'm not in pain,
but I get stiff.

Speaker 4 (16:41):
Right right right, right right right, So you know, sitting
in once yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2 (16:47):
I mean I'm constantly even on the plane, I'm constantly
moving around, standing, stretching.

Speaker 1 (16:53):
People be looking at me, missus sharping. Okay, hell no,
I ain't. Okay. I wish I was just playing with
four hundred yards long so I could walk.

Speaker 3 (17:06):

Speaker 1 (17:07):
Man, I'd be on five man by hips. That's funny, Okay,
I got my ham stream be like guitar scream. Oh yo, man,
I be stretching. Man, you laughing on yo, Okay, you
keep on living. Listen.

Speaker 4 (17:22):
I think I think for the most part, I think
I'm lucky. I'm lucky because I was able to get
out the NFL with no injuries. Now, if I'm gonna
get hurt, it would be it would be me doing
some of these damn hobby and crazy things that I'm
doing now. I mean, God, let me knock on wood,
you know, God willing, he gonna keep me, keep me,
keep me intact. But like, oh man, I can't, I can't.
I can't imagine not being able to sit down for

hours at a time and have something and then have
something aching and making me uncomfortable.

Speaker 1 (17:50):
Man, man, oh yo man.

Speaker 2 (17:52):
When I first had the surgery, because they told me like,
I had the surgery on my on my off week,
so we got a week off the I had my surgery,
they say, with a mister sharp, you probably should take
somewhere between ten days to fourteen days off, right, man,
I took my man.

Speaker 1 (18:08):
I took my dumb ass back to work within seven days.

Speaker 4 (18:11):
O cho ever heard what y'all?

Speaker 2 (18:15):
The people don't even realize the pain that I was
in sitting up there for that length of time after
having my health repair.

Speaker 4 (18:24):
Yeah, I know they gave you medicine, know that they
help with the pain.

Speaker 1 (18:28):
That couldn't.

Speaker 2 (18:29):
I had an allergic reaction to it. The only the
only pain medicine they gave me. They didn't give me
any pain medicine. They gave me the anesthesia to put
me to sleep, and that was it. Because I had
a bad lurgury reaction that I had to get rushed to.
You see it, there's a lot of things. See ain't
nobody really know that? But I ended up having to
get rushed because I had allergic reaction to some medicine

and so it couldn't give me any pain medicine. Bro
I had, I mean, I broke out. I'm talking about
from from here all the way down. And it's like
like like fish scales. I said, oh, man, you just
gave me.

Speaker 4 (19:05):
You gave me chills.

Speaker 2 (19:06):
Man, damn and so bad and so but bad, you
know what I'm saying. But you know, I mean, what
was I gonna do? I was just like, oh, yeah,
I'm going I'm going to work. But boy, and then
I had hernia surgery. I had hernie a.

Speaker 4 (19:18):
Surgery on trying to squad trying to squat a dead lift.

Speaker 2 (19:22):
No, no, And then that was worse than my hips
because I ended up having hernie a surgery and trying
to sit up there.

Speaker 1 (19:27):
And they told me, said, mister sharp, you need to
take two weeks off. You can't. You're not gonna be
able to sit for an extending period of time.

Speaker 2 (19:32):
You're not gonna have to. So man, I took my
dumb ass up there. I told him. I said, no,
I'm done. I'm done for the rest of the week.
I took time off bad but yeah, oh man, oh.
As a matter of fact, I just had her allergic
reaction man seafood.

Speaker 1 (19:52):
No, I don't. I don't fool with that. I don't
fool with no seafood. Man.

Speaker 2 (19:56):
I stopped talking mad say because I told I was
telling her I'm allergic the sheep seafood.

Speaker 1 (20:03):
She was like, well, what happened if I order it?

Speaker 4 (20:07):
There she go, she's playing with fire.

Speaker 2 (20:10):
I'm allergic to seafood. Well what if I eat it
and brush my teeth? I say, you know what, you're
trying to tell me something.

Speaker 1 (20:18):
This ain't gonna work.

Speaker 4 (20:20):
This ain't gonna work. Hey are you you you you
had that goddamn seafood. You're gonna be looking like Hitch.
Remember when Hitch broke out?

Speaker 1 (20:29):
Yes, yes, yes, that's exactly what happened.

Speaker 4 (20:32):
That's funny, That's that's exactly what funny. But I could
just I mean, I can imagine. I mean, she was
very tone there for you to actually say, I'm gonna
look to seafood, and she's still insisting on instantly.

Speaker 2 (20:42):
I start throwing up talking about instantly, damn about, Hey,
it ain't gonna tell it ain't gonna take long. O, Joe,
you know you know you your mouth start watering. Anybody
that's ever had your mouth start watering?

Speaker 1 (20:55):
Is this cute?

Speaker 4 (20:57):
How did this start? This started when you were younger?

Speaker 2 (20:59):
Or yeah, on the back end, And see at first,
when at first, when I first I ate some shrimp,
I was back in Glenville, and I thought that I
got some bad shrimp, so I didn't eat anymore. I say,
it's just bad. Ain't no sense. And then we had
a u a low country ball in Denver, crab shrimp lobster.

Speaker 1 (21:16):
I said, man, you know what this is?

Speaker 2 (21:18):
This bro I I barely made it out of the cafeteria,
damn barely, but as soon as it hit my mouth,
I got him from the table.

Speaker 1 (21:29):
Barely made it out. And so you can't even have
no gumbo in Louisiana or nothing. Oh hell no anything.
Here's the thing.

Speaker 2 (21:37):
I'm like mullets, so like shrimp, oyster, oysters, oysters, anything
like that.

Speaker 1 (21:43):
Now, calamario, I could eat that's a crustacean. I eat that.

Speaker 4 (21:46):
Okay, Damn, are you you're missing out? Boy?

Speaker 1 (21:51):
I'm missing out, missing out.

Speaker 4 (21:53):
Listen. You know about them diamonds, right, yeah, you know?
It worked like them diamonds, but it's a little cheaper
they've got damn oysters.

Speaker 2 (22:01):
No you see, you see if I eat that shell fish,
They're gonna be releasing white doves and try to get
no dove released. Try to get no duve release to
the church Ojo, because that's exactly what's gonna happen.

Speaker 1 (22:16):
Yeah, I got you, I got you, and oh Joe
check this out. It's time for our next segment is
called Nightcap after Dark.

Speaker 4 (22:30):
Yes. Yes.

Speaker 1 (22:39):
This week on the Instagram we.

Speaker 2 (22:41):
Had our second Nightcap Tails prompt. This week's prompt, what
red flag? Don't you might ignore it? And here are
some of the best answers. Andre Michelle Brooks said, credit
bad but good sex god dangy, but.

Speaker 4 (22:58):
Get good sexy, get you passed through a lot of ship,
a lot of ship.

Speaker 2 (23:03):
Anita underscore Apple Bump says every past relationship with someone
else's fault.

Speaker 1 (23:11):
Shout as King Leto says we're not ignoring nothing.

Speaker 4 (23:16):
These days ain't gonna be drinks drinks.

Speaker 2 (23:20):
Heavily, and often says there are BFF with X, you
okay with real if real bff with AX.

Speaker 4 (23:29):
Yeah, I don't care. I don't care about that. And
one thing about it. Listen, chat stay with me real
quick one thing I've always been this way on and
I'm not sure how you feel about it, and chat
everyone I've ever dated. It's one thing I've never done,
they've never done. When you meet someone new, you remember that,
Remember that comment I made to you long time before,
where I said, there's always somebody that would have access
from someone's past because you don't know what bond they

are built over the years. Yes, one thing I never
do when I meet someone, I do not make you
block anybody. I don't tell you you can't talk to
who you want from you pass. I don't want nothing
to do with that. You conduct yourself.

Speaker 1 (24:03):
You already know right from wrong.

Speaker 4 (24:04):
Now you do something, you cross the line and know
on the line that you're not supposed to cross, that's
on you, then I know how to move accordingly. So
based off what you do and how you moving, then
I'm moving to cordly. I ain't. I'm not saying nothing
to you because you're gonna do what you want anyway.
You're gonna do what you want anyway. That's that goes
for any and everybody. They're going to do what they
want anyway. So I never I don't want I don't
want you dealing with me and feeling like you're in prison.

It's ain't prison. I'm not the motherfucker warden. I don't.
I don't. I don't. I don't move like that. I
don't move like it never has.

Speaker 2 (24:34):
Yeah, I don't know. I ain't gonna tell you what
you shouldn't. You've grown, Yeah, I don't ask you ever
dated anybody there? So you dated anybody famous or you
dated Yes, sir, what you did before me, you did
before me?

Speaker 1 (24:51):
Yeah, cause yeah, I would see what you've been doing
before I would get somebody that.

Speaker 4 (24:56):
Yeah, I just I've never been like that.

Speaker 1 (24:59):

Speaker 4 (25:00):
There are a lot of people that are are controlling
in that in that certain area about dealing with people,
dealing with people from your past. Hey, don't be talking
to this, don't be listen. You're going to do what
you want to do anyway exactly.

Speaker 1 (25:12):
You know, right and wrong.

Speaker 4 (25:14):
Now, if you if you mess up and you caught
up in some bullshit doing some shit, you ain't got
no business. I'm not saying nothing to you. I'm just
moving accordingly. Yeah, you're not hearing me. No, you're not
saying nothing to you that. I ain't saying nothing. Oh
you move. That's how you're moving. Okay, bet we okay,

bet that's it.

Speaker 1 (25:36):
That's it.

Speaker 4 (25:38):
You got one time, mh. One time. You already you
already have the green light and your freedom to do
as you please. Right, so if you're moving funny, well goddamn,
we're gonna make it a comedy show. Hey, I'm just
taking just let it go ahead, let it go. I'm

just saying that general. I'm just saying in general. I'm speaking,
you know, hypothetically. I mean for people out there. You
know a lot of a lot of dudes like like
the control situations and you can't do this, you can't
do that. Don't talk to this person, block him, block
that man. Listen, Fellas, they gonna do what they want
to do anyway. But about they gonna do what they
want to do anyway.

Speaker 1 (26:19):
But you know what we're doing. I got my lick back.
I got my lick back. You got hit that ain't
a lick back?

Speaker 4 (26:25):
Oh yeah, oh they love that one.

Speaker 1 (26:27):
They love that. I'm like, hey, we broke up. She
broke I'm up. That's what. I bet.

Speaker 4 (26:36):
That's a good one, A good one.

Speaker 1 (26:38):
I mean, I got my lick back. I went and
did this Okay, he got the huha, Now I'll look
at you.

Speaker 4 (26:45):
Yeah. And the funny thing about it, if it's the
thing with with with men is men love a woman
love women.

Speaker 1 (26:54):
It's already taken. Mhmm.

Speaker 4 (26:56):
And if they know they can get you and you
got to go back home, Oh, they love that because
if you're not their sole responsibility. Oh yeah, ay wait,
you mean I can get that and I ain't got
to do nothing, and he's doing all the work at
home and I can still oh man ship.

Speaker 1 (27:14):
Yeah, it's different, it's different. See, oh Joe.

Speaker 2 (27:18):
Men normally aren't as emotional tie to sex as women are.

Speaker 1 (27:23):
So for a woman to lay down with a man,
unless unless she's.

Speaker 2 (27:28):
A woman that works in that profession, because what they
can do prostitute can distinguish fuck from feeling. Most people cannot,
especially women. So if a woman sleep with a man, yes, sir,
it's different. Cut you cut a hole in the tree

of the man to hit that. Yeah, if it's dark,
it ain't nobody to go, see. But for a woman
to be in a relationship and to step outside of
that relationship, it's different.

Speaker 1 (28:07):
Yeah, yeah, she tied to him, broke all.

Speaker 4 (28:12):
Right, Listen it happens.

Speaker 1 (28:14):
It happens.

Speaker 4 (28:15):
Like listen, you've been you've been living a long time.
You don't play. You don't play the game. And I'm
not talking about on the field. We didn't play the
game a long time.

Speaker 1 (28:23):
M hm.

Speaker 4 (28:23):
Or what happens many of times? Yeah, many of times.
But that that's a good that's a good topic. Let's
let's go.

Speaker 1 (28:33):
Let's lets let's go. We done got off track.

Speaker 4 (28:34):
We not got off track. Okay, if she snores, how
would you know that's a good one. I've never had
anyone that snored before. That's a good one.

Speaker 2 (28:46):
Bothers, Hell yeah, let me go to sleep first. Uh uh,
Johnny c Bomb broke at fifty years of age.

Speaker 4 (29:01):
Wait what I mean? You got to define broke now?
I mean in this in this economy like I mean,
I mean, it's we in difficult times now. You can't
be using broke.

Speaker 1 (29:13):
What fifty thout fifty thous year, I mean fifty thous
Hold on how much fifty thousand a year?

Speaker 2 (29:18):
That's like three that's like four thousand a month, about
forty two that's about forty that's about forty two hundred
a month, forty one seventy five a month, by the
time Uncle Sam take man, Uncle Sam.

Speaker 1 (29:30):
Hit that old Joe bro. That's thirty six thous thirty
four thirty eight.

Speaker 4 (29:34):
All right, listen, you got you listen.

Speaker 1 (29:36):
You have to understand Ojo, how find this shit?

Speaker 4 (29:39):
Now you're talking?

Speaker 1 (29:41):
How find this year? Ody? Now you're talking? How about
you make? How about you make a year? Yuh?

Speaker 2 (29:46):
You got you gotta double, you double your salary. Come
on again, you make fifty nine, you make one hundred.

Speaker 1 (29:52):
Yeah, I like that. I like that. I like that.
I like that. I like that.

Speaker 2 (29:58):
Seventy said when you all on everyone else's side and
you know, and never on your side when any situation arises,
it's always because of something you did.

Speaker 1 (30:08):
Constantly place blame, never take accountability.

Speaker 4 (30:10):
That's a good one. What I mean, Benita Thomas said,
teeth jacked up? That least that last one. You just
said accountability. Isn't that one of the things that women
have a problem doing. I'm not saying that, I'm just asking.
And just I heard that a birdie told me that
women have a problem taking accountability and they always put

situation to put on somebody else. Yeah, yeah, I'm just asking.
I don't know, I'm just asking.

Speaker 1 (30:38):
Yeah, I heard, dad, Dad, they can't listen. Look, I
understand some women. Some women snore, you know, especially the
ones I like, you know what, right? You know what?

Oh Joe, that when you gotta you gotta hudd your
boat down.

Speaker 4 (31:07):
H yeah, huh yeah, when you when when you when
you when you when you hit put the put a
little shoulder them they stopped snoring.

Speaker 1 (31:14):
Yeah, they started huh huh. Oh you up. Now, come on,
let go and get this one in. It did She tried,
She tried to get out of one. She tried to
get out of her night, and they do this. I
could better do that even if she watched store. I

tell her she was store.

Speaker 4 (31:38):
Hey, well you shut out man. Yeah, no, ship, my stomach.

Speaker 1 (31:48):
Hurt, so we gotta get it dead. Hey, change this
out on your sixty five check fis sixty five. Said
she's wearing an ankle monitor.

Speaker 4 (31:58):
Listen, you can't do you can't do that.

Speaker 1 (32:02):
You can't do that.

Speaker 4 (32:03):
But it's it's some, it's some fine. Once they got
them ankle monitors on't they don't made it, made a
mistake and made the wrong decision in life, and it happened.
But they're beautiful, and there's a there's an account on Twitter.

Speaker 1 (32:16):
I don't.

Speaker 4 (32:16):
You've probably never seen it because you're not on there
as much as I am. And it's called mug shots,
and it's it's bug shots of females that are locked
up behind bars that are getting out on gorgeous Chat.
I know some people in the chat know exactly what
I'm talking about, gorgeous, and I'm like, well, God damn,
what the hell did you do get in there?

Speaker 1 (32:38):
Hey, gorgeous? You know what? Man? If I fall all
the hard times, yes, I'm gonna work in a female prison. No,
I don't do that. You a't.

Speaker 4 (32:47):
You ain't gonna make it. You're gonna be five. You're
gonna You're gonna be five week one, you canna be.
You gonna be five. Hey, the war's gonna be calling you. Hey,
h mister sharp, missus sharp, please sharp, bring me your
gun and badge. You got to you gotta get a
hell up out of here.

Speaker 1 (33:09):
Okay. Ojo DBN said her kids are bad.

Speaker 4 (33:16):
Oh okay, that that.

Speaker 1 (33:21):
Whatever? Talk about what he says he don't suck toes
but eat big feet.

Speaker 4 (33:34):
Hey, this is this, this topic, this is a good one,
especially talk about red flag. This is a really good one,
especially for the women in chat, the women that are
in the chat. I want you to think about this.
We talk about humans human nature. We think about human
nature when we think about us as humans and trying
to live right and do right, whatever it may be,
following the Ten commandments. Whoever it is you believe in.

Human error is inevitable. So when we talk about I
ain't dealing with nobody with the red flags. Are at
the first sign of a red flag, I'm out of there.
The fact that you meet somebody and you're already yeah,
that too, and you're already you're already meeting their representative,
so you don't know who you're really meeting anyway, because
they're putting on just.

Speaker 1 (34:12):
To get you.

Speaker 4 (34:13):
So the fact that if you meet somebody and everything
seems perfect, that in itself is a red fucking flag.
That's a red flag in itself, be your true authentic self.
Either they're gonna like you or they're not. If they don't,
go on to the next one. There's no such thing
as nobody with no red flags. And depending on who
you are, even the red ones they look green. And

sometimes you don't even have to lie to women. You
don't even have to lot of women. We start offline
from the beginning, and it knows you lie because if
she like you, she allied to herself. If she like you,
she allied to herself. Yeah, shoo, hm oh choe.

Speaker 2 (34:54):
Now it's time for your favorite segment, and it's called
spellow sinkle oh ship.

Speaker 1 (35:00):
Why you know we had this to night? What I
would have I would have studied. I would have studied it.
These are real, This is real. Easy to know. You
say that every night. You say Joe easy easy right here? Okay,
the first word is lean lean lean. Wait, Darryl did

not pay the bank the loan back, so the bank
put a lean on the house. N there you go. No,
l I in you know, I'm i's already know what
you have. Man, Why you got me? You got me
last night in the same way I live in. I

just said it fast. You know what I mean? Say
L I an e. But anyway, that's what I talked. Okay.

Speaker 4 (35:53):
Here it is.

Speaker 1 (35:56):

Speaker 4 (35:59):
H R Y H I E R A C H y.

Speaker 1 (36:05):
Nope, h I E R A R C H y. Okay.

Speaker 4 (36:11):
The R yeah, see the R. The R through me
off because obviously the R is fucking silent. But hey,
you gotta come.

Speaker 1 (36:17):
You gotta give me some grace. Now, okay, how about
this was easy calamity?

Speaker 4 (36:24):
What you just said it was easy? It is calamity, calamity.
Can you use calamity in a sentence for me?

Speaker 1 (36:36):
Please? The city the earthquake led the city into calamity
and ruin.

Speaker 4 (36:43):
Oh, calamity calamity.

Speaker 1 (36:47):
All right? Fuck it?

Speaker 4 (36:48):
C A double L A and midy. It gotta be
n I T y if it's not something droum with
the goddamn English language. If I'm if I'm wrong, there's
something wrong with the goddamn English language.

Speaker 1 (37:00):
You're wrong. It's C A L A M I T y.

Speaker 4 (37:03):
That's what I just said. Uncle, you said double L. No,
I didn't mean double l's as in two l's. I
was just saying double L.

Speaker 1 (37:11):
Yeah, yeah, you double wrong.

Speaker 4 (37:13):
Okay, how about this with okay, o Joe man, y'all,
y'all cheating the night brock.

Speaker 1 (37:18):
How about this soliloquy.

Speaker 4 (37:23):
Soliloquy? Can you please use soliloquy in a sentence? Please?

Speaker 1 (37:28):
I have time, oh Joe, to listen to your soliloquy. Soliloquy.

Speaker 4 (37:39):
God damn it, that's a hall one now Solilo s
A l.

Speaker 3 (37:47):
I L.

Speaker 4 (37:51):
Yeah A q u oh oh y oh u y
h am I wrong, s O l I l O
k u y that's what I just said, didn't No,
you told.

Speaker 1 (38:07):
Me the words. The night was easy.

Speaker 4 (38:09):
You giving me all this hard ship.

Speaker 1 (38:10):
Okay, how about this right here? O Joe ostentatious?

Speaker 4 (38:16):
You know what show over?

Speaker 1 (38:16):
I'm gone.

Speaker 4 (38:21):
Come on, man, O Joe ostentatious.

Speaker 2 (38:26):
Yes, we're fancy clothes, drive a nice car because he's ostentatious. Yes,
but wait wait, it's showy, its pretentious. It's someone that
tries to impress. But that ostentatious.

Speaker 1 (38:41):
That ain't me.

Speaker 4 (38:42):
So How'm gonna know how to spell it? Austin Austin ostentatious? Well,
I got the tatious part. So if if if the
beginning ain't right, O s t E N tatious ost

e n t A t I O U S Okay,
you got it all right?

Speaker 1 (39:13):
Hey, look at that?

Speaker 4 (39:13):
You all right?

Speaker 1 (39:14):
Right, here's your bonus question, right, the onest question. Chat.

Speaker 4 (39:17):
This is for you all, chat, This for all chat.
If I get this wrong, I won't even do the
show them.

Speaker 1 (39:25):
Pandemonium Pandemonium pandemonium.

Speaker 4 (39:33):
Please use pandemonium in the sentence for me.

Speaker 2 (39:38):
When the forty nine ers lost, pandemonium broke out in
the city, pandemonium and wold noisy disorder, confusion.

Speaker 4 (39:47):
Uproar, pandemonium, pandemonium, common sense. Pandas are great in China.
There's no way there can be a silent letter in
this word. So pandam Uh we're gonna go with that.
We can break it off in two sections. Panda p
A P A N d A pandaka monium M O

N I know there's a fucking silent monium monium medium,
monium medium, So how medium is spelled with? I okay,
m O N I?

Speaker 1 (40:24):
U M close? What p A P A N d
E M O N I you M pandemonium.

Speaker 4 (40:40):
Like, I don't know who came up. They really butchered
the English language on how things should be spelled with
all this trickery in between that makes no effing sense.
Excuse my language.

Speaker 2 (40:51):
Okay, Oh Joe, nic it's time for you to answer
ask me these hard ass questions back.

Speaker 4 (40:56):
Nah, it's on now, do uncle on chat I apologize
chat to night just wasn't my night?

Speaker 1 (41:04):
How many I got right?

Speaker 4 (41:07):
I mean I got right three. I went three for five.

Speaker 1 (41:10):
What you got U let me say, let me words
you got?

Speaker 4 (41:13):
No, I got lean right. I was just talking too fast.

Speaker 1 (41:16):
Noah, you got you got ostentatious, but that that's easy.
But I got lean right too. I was two for five.

Speaker 4 (41:23):
Come on, I I was just talking.

Speaker 1 (41:24):
I talked fast. I get excited. Nah, I mean the
way you spell the words. I thought you was on lean.

Speaker 4 (41:34):
And then chat. Better not be laughing because y'all ain't
know how to spell nothing words either. I don't start that.

Speaker 1 (41:39):
Maybe they be laughing at me like they like they
like they.

Speaker 4 (41:41):
As they be killing me. Okay, here we go, chat,
we finna get on the day. Question number one, dunk
on trivia, don't cheat now what you're reaching for? What
you reaching for? Okay, make sure let me see that.
Let me I don't want to make sure the answers
ain't on that. Okay, Okay, I got I gotta watch

you duncle on trivia question number one. I took on
l s U and the NCAA Women's Elite eight tonight
in honor of the Hawkeyes win. Name at least two
active Pro Bowl tight ends that played at Iowa.

Speaker 1 (42:19):
At least George Kittle, George Kittle and Hawkinson T J. Hawkinson.

Speaker 4 (42:25):
You got that right there.

Speaker 2 (42:25):
Also Sam Laporta also, yeah, see that was that was
too easy. And Dallas Clark, Dallas Clark with the iwallo.

Speaker 4 (42:31):
Yeah, that was too easy. That was too easy. All right,
you get an asterisk, you get an asterisk behind that
because that was too easy.

Speaker 1 (42:38):
No, absolutely not.

Speaker 4 (42:42):
Hated. But that was a very easy. And that was
a very easy question based on the the stuff that
I had to spell. The stuff I had to spell
was some old Harvard First of.

Speaker 2 (42:52):
All, you had you asked me a question about the
Common Draft and the car in the draft. The Common
Draft didn't happen until nineteen seventy.

Speaker 4 (42:59):
Sir, you got it wrong. It was twelve. I ain't
trying to hear all that question Number two, which defensive
player holds the NFL record for most consecutive seasons with
at least one interception? Which defensive player holds the NFL
record for most consecutive seasons with at least one past intercepted?

Speaker 1 (43:37):
I don't know, Charles Wilson.

Speaker 4 (43:39):
That answer is absolutely indubitably fucking wrong because it's Dark Green,
Daryl Green, who had one interception for nineteen consecutive seasons. Yeah, Chat,
we got him. We got him on the rope. Chat,
it's all down here from here. Chat. Oh, you definitely
ain't getting this right. You need to definitely get this right.

Who is the Bengals all time leader in passing touchdowns?
You definitely ain't getting this right. Who is the Bengals
all time leader in downs? Who?

Speaker 1 (44:15):
Kenny Anderson?

Speaker 4 (44:16):
That answer is also absolutely wrong, absolutely not wrong. The
answer is Andy Dalton, who has two hundred and four tds, followed.

Speaker 1 (44:27):
By no I forgot about the red rifle.

Speaker 4 (44:30):
None, followed by none other than the great Kenny Anderson
with one hundred and ninety seven.

Speaker 1 (44:36):
That's ass, that's ass. Got handed dog with the tc U.

Speaker 4 (44:39):
Oh yeah, hey, Chad, we got him on the ropes. Baby,
we got him.

Speaker 1 (44:44):
Doing the rope. I'm gonna get one. I'm gonna get one.

Speaker 4 (44:47):
Oh No, not to night, not not the night, not that,
not that, not after that first one. Here you go.
Number four. Who had the most receiving yards between two
thousand and eight? Hold on, who had the most receiving
yards between two thousand and two thousand and nine? Who
had the most receiving yards? Between two thousand and two

thousand and nine. Just remember I was playing during these years,
So be mindful of your answer, and remember the kind
of kind of yards I put up in the two thousands,

two thousand and two thousand and nine, nine year span.

Speaker 1 (45:34):
Now you said for two you saying for what?

Speaker 4 (45:37):
Listen to me, Now stay with me. Who had the
most receiving yards between two thousand and two thousand and nine?
So that's a that's yeah, that's a nine year span.

Speaker 1 (45:47):
Yeah mm hm, oh my goodness, I'm gonna say, s
h Chad.

Speaker 4 (46:07):
We got him on the rope chat, we got him
on the ropes. We got him on the rope. He like,
I'll leave right now. He trying to dodge and and dance.
You know, he got his hands on the rope se
trying to It's too late. Uh m hmm. I just

told you I was playing during this time. You must
have forgotten. You must have forgot the run I had.
Uh uh I had a run.

Speaker 1 (46:36):
I must say, Yeah, you're cheating.

Speaker 4 (46:40):
If you get this right, you're cheating.

Speaker 1 (46:44):
I want to see him, but it's probably I'm gonna
go with I don't know. I'm gonna go to yo.
Who yo.

Speaker 4 (46:54):
That's my guy, that is my best friend, but my friend.
That answer is also wrong. That answer is wrong. The
answer is Tory Holt, who had twelve thousand, nine hundred
and fifty four yards in the two thousands, followed by
none other and arguably the greatest receive ever to play
the game, the freak of nature that is Randy Moss

had eleven thousand, seven hundred and thirty nine yards from
two thousand to two thousand and nine. And guess who
they can guess who was after them?

Speaker 1 (47:25):
Who? Not me? Yeah? I would.

Speaker 2 (47:32):
I wanted to say last. I wanted to say fist,
but fist didn't come in. Fist didn't come in because
he met Fist didn't come into like oh four, yeah, five,
something like that, so it couldn't have been I knew
it couldn't have been him.

Speaker 1 (47:43):
Yeah, nah, No, all right, last one? Who this is
the last one?

Speaker 4 (47:46):
Yep, last one right here. You're gonna get this some
wrong too, now. See you was making fun of me
for only getting one. Right now you only got one right,
so we even and you ain't gonna get this on
neither chat stayed with me.

Speaker 1 (47:58):

Speaker 4 (47:58):
Coach Prime played six and forty one major League Baseball
games more than anyone who's played in both the NFL
and MLB. Can you name the four MLB teams Dion
played for? That's not fair.

Speaker 1 (48:15):
The Braves, the Yankees, the Reds. Oh my goodness.

Speaker 4 (48:31):
Come on, chat, we got him on the rope chat.
All we need is to knock out like Fraser. Hello,
I'm Howard Cosell. Tonight we have two of the greatest
fighters ever, ever, ever.

Speaker 1 (48:54):
I don't know. I'm I don't know jo Gyas No, no, no, no,
too late.

Speaker 4 (49:01):
You already say I don't know. You can't do that.

Speaker 1 (49:03):
No, you can't do that. You can't do that fat
the giants.

Speaker 4 (49:07):
Wait a minute, you just said I don't know and
threw your hands up that answering.

Speaker 1 (49:12):
No, it does not the Giants. You can't the Giant.
Was it the Giant?

Speaker 4 (49:17):
No, it was the age, So you're wrong.

Speaker 1 (49:19):
Okay, you're right, you're right.

Speaker 4 (49:24):
You know it's too late. Chat chat chat, I know, y'all. Chat. Listen,
he's trying to cheat. Did you not hear him say
I throw my hands up, I don't know, And after
you say I don't even throw your hands up and
say I don't know, that's it You can't say oh
and then give an answer after the fact.

Speaker 1 (49:42):
He cheating.

Speaker 4 (49:43):
Chat am I right? So you and one Joe?

Speaker 1 (49:46):
Look what somebody made Look at somebody made me a denver?
What's that laboard? Head lights up? Can you see it?
Little hey?

Speaker 4 (49:54):
That that's live? That that's all yep, I'm like that.
Two No, no, no, you you one for five? As chack,
I got it?

Speaker 1 (50:10):
Did I get it right? Did I get it right?
You can't say, oh, I don't know.

Speaker 4 (50:14):
I don't know. And I had said the answer already
know you didn't. I did so as you said, oh,
I give up, I don't know.

Speaker 1 (50:20):
I said, giants giant said you said, we got him,
chat we got him. I answered the question. You said,
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (50:28):
You threw your hands up and I said giants.

Speaker 1 (50:30):
No, no, I said, I don't know. I'm just gonna
say the giants. And you said I don't know. No, no, no, no.
Somebody somebody gave you the answer. There you want, I'll
go one more. I give one more for five.

Speaker 4 (50:42):
I know you won for five. Mm hmm.

Speaker 1 (50:46):
You you want for five?

Speaker 4 (50:47):
Stop cheating?

Speaker 1 (50:48):
That That was the last. That was the last one. Okay,
all right, it's time for our last segment of the night,
and it's a Q.

Speaker 4 (50:55):
And a hey boy, it's a two in the morning.
We got people up with us. Man, I appreciate y'all chat.
I appreciate y'all. I love y'all. Man can bleed y'all.

Speaker 1 (51:10):
Up this late, Stevenson Smith said, Uncle Ocho.

Speaker 2 (51:15):
I'm currently bringing in my thirty third birthday tuned into
the show with a complimentary lass of laportie. I love
you guys and the show. Stevenson, Happy birthday, Thank you, bro.
We appreciate the support. Hey enjoyed thirty three and I
can't wait to see what you tell us about thirty four.

Speaker 4 (51:30):
Yeah, happy birthday.

Speaker 2 (51:31):
On the birthday man, Happy birthday, Cheep Nation, When no, huh,
chef Nation, Excuse me? When are we getting memberships and
Nightcap merchandise?

Speaker 1 (51:41):

Speaker 2 (51:42):
When are we getting merchandise this month? As says, we're
getting merchandise and memberships this month?

Speaker 1 (51:48):
But hell, when am I getting merchandise?

Speaker 4 (51:50):
I'm part of the show and I ain't got no
damn T shirt, I ain't got a hoodie.

Speaker 1 (51:53):
I ain't you h next may damn may you do
realize it's safe for already?

Speaker 4 (52:02):

Speaker 1 (52:02):

Speaker 4 (52:02):
Oh okay okay okay you said next May no no
no may okay okay okay okay okay.

Speaker 2 (52:11):
Up Gray King, Greetings at night, call my favorite YouTube
live channel, f Y Laportier. Orders are taking nearly two
months currently LBJ is to go, o Joe, just order
three packs of boy beat Us Supremo, paying them with Laporte.

Speaker 1 (52:24):
Will enjoy them with friends and get your back get
back to y'all.

Speaker 4 (52:29):
We love appreciate.

Speaker 1 (52:32):
Is that up, Gray King?

Speaker 2 (52:34):
Is that what it's saying, because I don't think it's
it's not supposed to take that long. We do have
another shipmen coming in April fourteenth, which will be about
twenty five thousand bottles, which is about about forty five
hundred about four thousand cases. But thanks to you guys,

it's going extremely well. But we're definitely trying to cut
that time down, bro to make sure everybody get there
somewhere between three to five business days. So we appreciate
you guys bearing with us, but we're doing we're gonna,
we're gonna, we're gonna cut down this this delivery time,
trust me.

Speaker 1 (53:11):
Jay Bourne says Uncle o'cho. I'm recently separate.

Speaker 2 (53:14):
Recently separated Army Vet and started a commercial cleaning business
in Dallas called Daffer James Cleaning and Disinfecting. I would
love a shout out God bless uh congratulations Jay Barn
to the business. Hey, if you own a business Daffer
James Cleaning and Disinfected, y'all need to hook him up.

We got to take care of our own. That's what
that's what we do, Jay Born. So, Hey, if you're
in the Dallas area, Daffer James Cleaning and Disinfecting, our guy,
Jay Burning gonna hook that thing up for you. You
won't be disappointed.

Speaker 1 (53:54):

Speaker 2 (53:54):
Kemper Norwood, Julia, do you have Kayler Clark winning MVP
of I wins the National Championship, that's a no brainer.

Speaker 1 (54:02):
Hell, she might win it. She might win it and
they lose. She's she's been phenomenal. She's been phenomenal.

Speaker 2 (54:08):
I mean she's she's she's box office, she's everything is advertised,
big moments, big moments, she plays well, she rises to
the occasion. So she's she's unbelievable. I'm glad I got
an opportunity. I've been very, very fortunate. I go back
a long ways and remember seeing some of the great
the Cheryl Miller's, the Shamikhah hole Claw, the diet of

to Rozis, the Candace Parker's, uh, the Stewie's, all them,
the my More I remember all and and hey, she
ranks favorable. She's right there with all the best of them.
Ter G said, what's up, guys? I think the issue
with the w n B a name brand recognition. We
know the U c l A's Yukon connect. However, you

really can't name most of the w NBA team. Secondly,
do you think Javon Kurage would be a number one
today with his athletic system? Man, Look here, I was
very fortunate enough I played against freak in his absolute
crime before he had those ankle injuries that called and
robbed him of his athleticism.

Speaker 1 (55:12):
He was special, real deal. He was special.

Speaker 2 (55:15):
I'm talking about you talking about six ' four, probably
about two sixty, probably walked around about six percent body fat.

Speaker 1 (55:23):
First step was like that of a wide receive board dB.
He was.

Speaker 2 (55:27):
I'm talking about freaky, freaky athleticism. And I think I
got a pair of his gloves. I think he wore
size five X glove.

Speaker 4 (55:35):
Yeah, curse hands is huge.

Speaker 1 (55:38):
Face hand was like a like a like a catcher's man,
like a first basement. And I just seen Curse.

Speaker 4 (55:42):
I just seen Yvonne at F one not too long ago,
you know, F one getting ready to come back to Miami.

Speaker 1 (55:47):
Now, yeah, I saw him F one last year. I'm like, well, god, damn,
what you like? You can go suit up right now.
But he's still you know, he's still sitting still. Yeah, man, yeah,
yeah yeah. Uh. Martin B said they can know, y'a.
I'm a huge fan of twenty eight.

Speaker 2 (56:02):
But I have an old soul question and and a
four band gauntlet between the Isley Brothers, the O j
the Commodoores, and the Gap Band.

Speaker 1 (56:11):
What's your ranking? Oh that's that's a good Brothers. The
number one Brothers is one.

Speaker 4 (56:17):
Wait over the over the Commodoors. Yeah yeah, listen, he
just throw anybody at you. He threw the top, the
top of the top. The cream of the crop is
the number one. Okay, I would go God, that's tough, boy.
That's tough. Name of name of mouth forgetting more time,

name of the month for one.

Speaker 2 (56:40):
Time, The Brothers, the Old Jay's Commodore, the Gap Band,
the Gap Outstanding.

Speaker 1 (56:50):
Yep, that's listen.

Speaker 4 (56:55):
It's so many hits. Matter of fact, you know what
I'm gonna do. You know what I'm doing. Let me
put this in my notes real quick, because I already
got the album that just now you now you got me, Finn,
go back and listen to this. What I'm gonna do tomorrow,
I'm gonna listen to this, Brothers, I'm listening.

Speaker 1 (57:09):
I'm gonna listen to this so I can I can
do I can do that, do justice WNT putting the
Temptations in there? Yeah, what man, I would go?

Speaker 4 (57:19):
Uh you said, oh did you say, Oh Jays?

Speaker 2 (57:21):
Yeah, O J's, Commodore's in the Gap band, I Goy's one.

Speaker 4 (57:31):
Oh Jas Gap Band, Oh Brothers Gap Band, Ojash and Commodore's. Yeah,
that's only four.

Speaker 1 (57:46):
That's it. That's only half four. All right.

Speaker 4 (57:48):
Let me see who I'm going.

Speaker 1 (57:53):
Oh, that's a that's a I'm going. I'm going, I go,
I go the Old Jay's Gap Band, Commodores.

Speaker 4 (58:01):
Okay, I'm going. I'm I'm gonna go with you. I'm
gonna go with the Brothers first, the Commodorees, the O
J's in the Gap band. Now, honestly, that's it's a
win win no matter which where you go.

Speaker 1 (58:18):
You know what line of Richie was the lead single
of the Common Commodores.

Speaker 4 (58:21):
Yeah what you know about that?

Speaker 1 (58:23):
Man? Well? I did you? They got started there at
uh at Tuskegee real, Yeah, okay, I ain't know that.
That's tough. All I know is the Islands, the one
the Islands three times the lady. Oh hey, y'all remember

when they used to have that Uh what was that thing?

Speaker 4 (58:49):

Speaker 1 (58:51):
It's with Timberland and Swisbee. What was that?

Speaker 4 (58:54):
What was that where they had to where they go
and get the verses versus versus?

Speaker 1 (59:00):
Y'all remember the Eyes list in the Earth, Wind and Fire.
Oh that's right, they did have a versus hunky I
got about that?

Speaker 4 (59:08):
About that? I think the Eyes is one that clear cleared,
like cleared them out. If I'm not mistaken.

Speaker 1 (59:14):
I don't know many the earl with if ire had
to pay. Boy. Oh man, I was like, okay, who
would win? Mariah A. Whitney, Oh.

Speaker 4 (59:28):
Hey, that's tough.

Speaker 1 (59:29):
Michael Jackson or Prince.

Speaker 4 (59:32):
Two different, two different artists.

Speaker 1 (59:33):
I like that.

Speaker 4 (59:34):
Hell you know he know he didn't didn't mention. Now
what happened if you throw Frankie Beverly and mains in
the mix.

Speaker 1 (59:41):
I think.

Speaker 2 (59:43):
I like Frankie Beverly made, but I wouldn't put I
wouldn't put them in front of them.

Speaker 4 (59:49):
I'm not listening. I'm gonna have to take over your
I gonna have to take away your credit credibility.

Speaker 1 (59:54):
You're putting Frankie Beverly and Maze in front of for
this group.

Speaker 4 (59:57):
Man, Frankie Beverly and Maze is right up there with
everybo body else we just named.

Speaker 2 (01:00:01):
Ain't the first of all? Ain't nobody up there with
the Isley brothers. So just stopped that. So now you
go put who you putting this sentond? Ain't nobody else
there with the Iley?

Speaker 1 (01:00:08):
Man, you talk about Franky Beverly and Maids.

Speaker 4 (01:00:11):
Now hold on, now we talk about the same Frankie Beverley,
the same I'm talking about the same Frankie Beverley that
perform every year.

Speaker 1 (01:00:19):
In essence that that for yes, yes, yes, Frankie Beverly
and Maids ain't messing with Brothers.

Speaker 4 (01:00:26):
No, Okay, you're tripping that.

Speaker 1 (01:00:28):
You tripp You put it to put it to the chat.

Speaker 4 (01:00:30):
The Chat ain't even old enough to know about this stuff.

Speaker 1 (01:00:33):
Yeah they do. Yeah, they are, Yeah, they are. Ain't nobody,
ain't nobody, Ain't nobody, ain't nobody, ain't nobody messing with it?

Speaker 4 (01:00:39):
People in the chat over thirty five, please talk and
explain to him about Frankie Beverly and maids and that
I mean no difference first of all between them and
the brothers. Now, that's that's that's tough. You acting like
it's like, oh no, I brother still for no, Wait
a minute, now there's an argument. There's an argument to
be had.

Speaker 2 (01:01:00):
It'll be like it'll be like a tech be cumberling
two hundred and twenty to nothing.

Speaker 1 (01:01:05):
It was longside of scoring football.

Speaker 4 (01:01:07):
On man, come on, man, come on, nah you tripping.

Speaker 2 (01:01:10):
Cumbling was unable to throw a single pass without of
being picked off and ran back for a touchdown.

Speaker 4 (01:01:15):
Were tripping? Okay, I'm let me let you chair the chat.
The chat will the chat will will help you in
this in this instance.

Speaker 1 (01:01:23):
And I know, Chack, Frankie Beverly made great dame messing
with the Iley brothers.

Speaker 4 (01:01:31):
All right, I'm I'm, I'm we're gonna were gonna see
I need I need the thirty thirty five and up
crowd to give you a better understanding.

Speaker 1 (01:01:38):
Maybe I'll give you forty five and up fifty en up.
Ain't nobody mess with ain't nobody mess with the iviand brothers.
All right, all right, okay, lady.

Speaker 2 (01:01:50):
Ray, please forgive me for my out of pocket comment
last night, said George the Goat.

Speaker 1 (01:01:54):
Not forgiving.

Speaker 2 (01:01:55):
Since we all try to continusly approve ourselves, what is
the one thing about yourself you're working on or want
to improve upon?

Speaker 1 (01:02:04):
Me? Something that I'm continuously working on? Yep.

Speaker 4 (01:02:09):
I think the most important thing for me is being
a father, being a better father. That's that's the one thing,
one of the one things I'm continuously working on, being
a better father, and a better partner, better father, a
better partner, and in a few months, a better husband.

I think that that's that's that's the top three for one.
Number one. I'm working on being a better father. That's
that's number one. Continuously always striving to be better in
certain areas, you know, certain areas.

Speaker 1 (01:02:51):
And so who so who's who's winning? Is a brother
winning by eighty percent?

Speaker 4 (01:02:58):
See these people don't know, no, goddamn you man. The
fact that y'a fact that y'all disrespecting Frankie Beverley and Maids.

Speaker 1 (01:03:04):
Ay nobody disrespected.

Speaker 2 (01:03:05):
First of all, Frankie, Beverly and Maids performed our second
Super Bowl party, so I know, man, oh.

Speaker 4 (01:03:16):
Sunshine, listen, I'm scared to sing the song because I
don't own one.

Speaker 1 (01:03:25):
Of we ain't gonna tak it. But anybody messing with
the brother, I think that's for me. Me.

Speaker 2 (01:03:30):
I'm constantly working on being a better dad. Patience I
have none, and I definitely I definitely have to work
on that. I definitely have to work on that. And

now I need to understand that everybody doesn't see things
how I see things. Everybody doesn't do things how I
do things. And you know, I'm constantly telling Shelley, like
when the lady comes over and prepare the food and
put it out, like, can you have her to put
it in a certain way? She's like, Shannon, it's nothing
wrong with the way she put the food in there,

but can she turned the labels? Can the labels be
facing out? I mean, it's just just small things like that.
Is that I'm just I'm just trying to work on patients.

Speaker 1 (01:04:22):
I have none. I have none, and I need to
I need to be better at it. Uh, and you
know what is it?

Speaker 4 (01:04:35):
Yeah, that that was a great question. In the fact
that that question was asked, it really it really jogged
my memory. Not my memory, but for some some of
the things I need to work on continuously. But that
that that being a better father is one of them,
and being and continuing to strive to be a better partner,
a great partner. So because I continue to be a
better partner, it would just transition into being that of

a even better husband just being able to do that. Yeah, yeah,
better man in general. But they got damn fall. I
just it's something I've always always wanted to continue to
work on. And not from a financial aspect, you know
that that part is ten out of ten. They're just
other areas that that I need to navigate and and

and and be better at.

Speaker 1 (01:05:21):

Speaker 2 (01:05:22):
I think it's it's probably a little easier for you
because it's hard because my kids are grown now and
I don't see it.

Speaker 4 (01:05:28):
I got four or five. I got four or five
that's grown too.

Speaker 2 (01:05:31):
Yeah, and uh, and and I don't see them with
the frequency is that you see your smaller ones. So
it's hard for me to get and they've grown now,
they're grown, they're grown, and you know, my oldest daughter,
like daddy, you did, you did a great job. They
tell me I did a great job. But I do
think at times I could have done better. I probably

probably shouldn't have been as hard on them as I was,
but I wanted them to be the best they possibly
could right at whatever they chose to do. And I
probably was a little harder on them than I needed

to be, especially they were kids.

Speaker 4 (01:06:14):
Yeah, I said you, you did yours a little different.
It seemed like you ruled with iron fist. I was
a complete opposite. I wasn't hard on mine. You know,
during their during their time obviously growing up, whatever they
wanted to do, they were allowed to do. I didn't
force the issue on anything, because usually when you force
a child to do something that you want them to do,
there's always pushback once that they gets when they gets

to age, once they get through an age where okay,
now I can make the decision. You know, this really
doesn't make me happy. I was only doing it because
you forced me to.

Speaker 1 (01:06:44):
I never did that.

Speaker 4 (01:06:45):
But now, at this at this time, at this tenure
injunction in their life, I'm all for okay. At some
point things are gonna have to kick in some point.
I need to be your last option, not your first.
So I I haven't even had that talk yet. Right now,
I'm still what you need. Okay, you're gonna get it
first caught. I'm not now. I'm not even asking no questions.

So I haven't got to that point where you were
with yours now where you tell them listen, don't call
me first, let me be the last option. I still
and I'm still in that phase of I'm the first
option until I make sure you haven't figured out.

Speaker 1 (01:07:22):
Yeah, well they they I think they got it figured out.
Oh yo, it was just like it was No. I
didn't reason with the kids. It was what I said today,
take the trash out, clean the house up, do the dishes,
do X, Y and Z.

Speaker 2 (01:07:36):
There was I was under There wasn't no. I just
remember my grandfather said, well, you don't rash you with
a child. You're the adult, you're the parent. What you say,
go and you know and that and and I did.
As they got older, I wasn't as hard, but I

felt they understood and they understood, Okay, this is really
really that, it really wouldn't need us to do this
or else. And there was things that like, it's not
that big of a deal, and but uh, the kids
were always uh would always like and I have I
have a great relationship with my kids. But they do

a great job for the most part. Now the oldest,
the old my oldest daughter, she'll share everything boys, blah
blah blah, whatever the case may be. She gonna, I mean,
we got that type of relationship. He is more he's
probably more quiet. He's probably gonna tell his mom first

to get her feedback to let the like, okay, do
I tell dad pool the same thing. She's probably gonna
go to her mom first. Mom gonna give me the
heads up. Who's gonna call you?

Speaker 1 (01:08:55):
You don't know? And so uh.

Speaker 2 (01:09:00):
But it's but it's you know, like I said that
at the end of the day, I want them. I
want them like figure it out. And then like, okay,
that this is what I'm thinking. What do you think.
I ain't got no problem with that, but don't don't
don't go do it. And then it meant blow up
and yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hell nah, yeah, I.

Speaker 1 (01:09:24):
Don't know what you want me to do. I ain't
no repair man, no come to me first. Look, it's
your idea.

Speaker 2 (01:09:28):
It's your decision, but I'm gonna give you my honest
assessment of what I think it should be.

Speaker 1 (01:09:32):
Doctor Frank L.

Speaker 2 (01:09:33):
Bella and said, what would you do if you discovered
that your house was honted but the ghost was actually
friendly ghost and just watered to chill?

Speaker 1 (01:09:40):
Nah, you got to get up out of her ghosts?
I like that.

Speaker 4 (01:09:44):
I like the idea that you know what that remember
you remember Dropped Dead Fred? Uh huh remember the movie
Dropped Dead Fred? I know, right, said Fred, I'm too
sexy for my too sexy for my I remember that too.

Speaker 1 (01:10:01):
I remember that.

Speaker 4 (01:10:01):
I mean I dropped dropped there Frere was a it
was imaginary. So I'm just I'm thinking of ghosts. I
think I think that would be cool. You know that's
probably hypothetically speaking, it's not possible. I don't even think
ghost of real. I think, hell, if ghost are real,
I think my mama and my grandma would have came
back and showed me a sign. By now, So I
don't believe in ghosts because they came and told me.

Speaker 1 (01:10:23):
To gave you a sign you got real?

Speaker 4 (01:10:25):
Yeah, okay, I like that. That was that was that
was cute. That that was cute thinking.

Speaker 2 (01:10:31):
About all all the women that you don't come across
in your life, it was this one that made you
decide to settle down.

Speaker 1 (01:10:37):
It was this one to say, you know what that
would They never walked leaving my side.

Speaker 4 (01:10:43):
Yeah, she got money. That's why I ain't going on
so nah but no, but serious, I like that.

Speaker 1 (01:10:50):
I like that.

Speaker 4 (01:10:51):
But Mama, Grandma, I know y'all gonna see this up
in heaven. How about when of y'all come down here
and give me a sign that everything is okay. Hey,
you just transitioned and ain't came and told me nothing, Nathaniel,
And I know y'all gonna get this because I know
y'all got WiFi in heaven.

Speaker 2 (01:11:07):
How about that it's not gonna come back. And the
form that you look at that you're looking.

Speaker 4 (01:11:12):
For where it need to come back in some kind
of form, in any kind.

Speaker 2 (01:11:16):
Of ship, Josh joshor Meerrol says, unking out your love
fluc and Nightcap, you got to my heroes. Would you
guys ever consider being an action movie together or two
up and Oh Cho taking out bad boys? As long
as I ain't got to do no running long they

gotta do no running. Can that be an action? Can
I be an action movie with no running? It's called action?

Speaker 1 (01:11:41):
You got the run? You got you got the run?

Speaker 4 (01:11:43):
You gotta tell me, you gotta jump. Listen. If I
do action movie, I want to do my own stunts.
I want to be like Tom Cruise. I want to
be like Jackie Chan. I want to be jumping off buildings, helicopters,
coming flying off cliffs on man, just all types of
just crazy stuff.

Speaker 1 (01:11:57):
I like that.

Speaker 4 (01:11:58):
That's a good idea.

Speaker 1 (01:11:59):
You don't want to know of that. No no action
movie for me.

Speaker 2 (01:12:04):
Suddy Kahn said, uncin o Jo, you're my favorite due
what's your favorite saying of all times? Change your perspective
about life? My favorite quote is by Roomy. If everything
seems dark, look again, you might be the light.

Speaker 1 (01:12:18):

Speaker 4 (01:12:20):
I don't really have no good quotes, you know. Most
of the ones you been telling me, I have them
all written down there in a notebook. As far as that.

Speaker 1 (01:12:30):
I mean, I mean, I'm a big quote guy. Oh Joe,
And over the course of my.

Speaker 2 (01:12:35):
Career as my specialist, since I've probably been about nineteen
or twenty, yeah, I've kind of wrote her down a
lot of them. Doctor Samuel Johnson, a British poet, what said,
almost every man will waste a part of his life
trying to possess qualities he does not have, in an

attempt to gain applause for which he cannot keep.

Speaker 4 (01:13:01):
Wait a minute, I gotta stamp. I gotta stand up
on that one.

Speaker 2 (01:13:04):
Think about what he said, almost every man will waste
a part of his life come on a precier in
an attempt to possess qualities he does not have, in
an attempt to gain applause for which he cannot keep.
We're all trying to We all will waste a part
of our life trying to be something we're not, just

the gain applause for which we cannot keep.

Speaker 4 (01:13:31):
You see, I had to stand up on that one. Now,
if you had the offering play that, I've seen you
some money, what's your cash otter?

Speaker 2 (01:13:39):
And you know what I'm saying, that was a game.
I'm gonna be a pastor. You know what I'm saying.
You know my mato is in the church. Don't put
change in the collection plate. God don't like knowing. That's
what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (01:13:50):
I'm saying, That's what I'm saying. God, don't like knowing.

Speaker 4 (01:14:04):
Heah, no, that's a good one. Hey, that's a good one.

Speaker 1 (01:14:08):

Speaker 4 (01:14:08):
Don't change, don't put change in the collection plate because
God don't like noise.

Speaker 2 (01:14:13):
God don't like noise. That's what I heard, he said.
Because it's a Sunday, he rested, don't wake him up. Yeah,
number of paper.

Speaker 4 (01:14:22):
Hey, what dollars and up dollars?

Speaker 1 (01:14:24):
Dollar dollar.

Speaker 2 (01:14:27):
I gotta what you call a ATM machine in the
back of the church, two of them. I got faith
in the back of the church. Yeah, yeah, they can.
He ask you the Bible, Melanchot, he said, Well a
man rob God. He answered himself yes, and tied then
in offering jaz Lord. This is quickly become one of

my favorite live streams. Love y'all, comedy, wisdom, all in
one mix. My question is where would you invest one
hundred thousand right now in these trying times. Uh, it's
not a lot, but it ain't a little.

Speaker 1 (01:15:00):
It is a lot.

Speaker 4 (01:15:01):
It's a lot. Hey, listen, are you a gambler? Are
you a gambler? Because if you're going to invest a
hundred k, there's a chance it don't hit. There's a
chance that you can lose that hundred k. That's a chance.
I don't like chances. I don't like putting my money
in other news hands, in other people's hands, and hopes

that it's gonna hit. I don't like that. I don't
I don't like I don't like it. You might have
better advice for him, but I'm not investing in nothing
whereas a possibility it might not go the way I
wanted to.

Speaker 2 (01:15:36):
I don't like gambling. Oh Joe, I'm about to be
fifty six, and I've accumulated a little lot of money
over my years. I don't take the risks at fifty
six that I took a thirty five or I took

it twenty five. Yes, because I'm not going to have
as much time to recoup that if I lose it. Yes, sir,
So the risky, risky stuff that's gonna pay me twenty
five thirty forty percent, it's just not worth it to me.

Speaker 1 (01:16:15):
Just let me be a little s and p let
me get six percent.

Speaker 2 (01:16:19):
I'm cool. I'm cool. I can spend X amount of dollars.
Never take the principle live off that I'm cool. One
hundred thousand is a lot of money. You need to
put it in something really really solid. But the question
I have for you, anytime you invest money, can you
put it away and not even think about it for

five years?

Speaker 4 (01:16:43):
And you know the kind of money you got to
have coming in to take a hundred and put a
hundred up and not even think about it? Don't have
don't have the mindset or I got one hundred K.
I want to invest it because I want to make
a quick turn, make a quick flip so I can
have more.

Speaker 2 (01:16:56):
Yeah, at this point, I mean the left Bay. No,
you know, like I said, I don't have, I don't
it's it's it's just not worth it to me at
this stage of my career. Now, how do I how
do I make How do I make that up? To
lose five seven million dollars?

Speaker 1 (01:17:18):
You can't make it? Not worth it?

Speaker 4 (01:17:21):
List they're they're they're they're. There are people in this
in life that are one percenters that can take the
opportunities and the chances to do that because they have
such large lump sums coming at a time. But they
could take those chances. Yeah, and sometimes they hit, sometimes
they don't, But it doesn't matter.

Speaker 2 (01:17:40):
Anthony Simmers said, Please wish my fiance share a Happy birthday, Shape,
Happy birthday. Anthony wants to wish you a happy birthday.
Hopefully you have a great day. Flowers, candy, bubble bath and.

Speaker 4 (01:17:52):
You know what it is. You gotta shake them covers now, yeah, yeah,
don't don't forget that diamond. Happy birthday, Shay, don't forget
that diamond. Why hey, Anthony, make sure you pop it
thirty minutes thirty minutes before action. I want you to
try something different to night. Right before you start, right

before you start horizontal activity, you gotta scream this is
Sparta and then go ahead and hand your business.

Speaker 1 (01:18:23):
M hmm.

Speaker 4 (01:18:24):
Yeah, I think the people in the chat.

Speaker 2 (01:18:28):
Huh and yeah, I mean you know that's that's that's fiance.
So you know you gotta you know, that's change some birthday.
You know you do candy rolls, bubble bad you know
you know you uh, massage your feet as far as
the gold down.

Speaker 4 (01:18:46):
You know, no, no, no, no, no no, you gotta
do something different now. You take you take them feet,
Get you some whip cream. I know you got some
whip cream at home. Matter of fact, if you ain't
got no whip cream, I'm gonna tell you what you do.
If you got kids, and you still got a bottle,
a bottle laying around the house. Get your bottle, put
some pickle juice. Put the pickle juice in the bottle. Huh.
Take the pickle juice. Put in the bottle, and god

damn squeeze the bottle pickle juice over the over feet.

Speaker 1 (01:19:12):
Start with the pickle pickles.

Speaker 4 (01:19:14):

Speaker 1 (01:19:15):
I don't like pile.

Speaker 4 (01:19:16):
I mean, we're giving him an idea to do that.

Speaker 1 (01:19:17):
I know. He okay, my bad, Yeah, okay bad. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (01:19:21):
Take the pickle juice, put it, put it on the feet.
Start with a pingy toe, working with work away over
to the to the big toe, like you're playing the flute.
Like this, like you're playing the flutey blue ships, some
new ship I got. Somebody take the whip cream. They've
got some whee cream on. I don't even know.

Speaker 1 (01:19:36):
Don't like whipped cream. I don't like whipped cream. Cool
whatever you now. I don't like that. What you like?

Speaker 4 (01:19:42):
Any kind of sauce?

Speaker 1 (01:19:45):
You like? You like ranch?

Speaker 4 (01:19:48):
Who ha?

Speaker 1 (01:19:50):
Like you like who ha? Yeah? Yeah, but I'm saying
I don't like I don't I only I don't know.
I don't like condiments. The only condiment catch up.

Speaker 4 (01:19:58):
Ah, that's a good I like you on with that.

Speaker 1 (01:20:00):
I like what. I like the way you're thinking. I see.

Speaker 4 (01:20:02):
I like the way you're thinking.

Speaker 1 (01:20:03):
Take some alligate over here. Ash listen as we call
Ash Gator for real, because you'll eat anything.

Speaker 4 (01:20:10):
Yeah, listen, I'm telling you what to do now in
twenty twenty five. We're in twenty four. Right now, we're
gonna work on you the rest of the you to
get you who you want to be get you some ketchup, right,
get the highest ketch up with the squeeze bottle.

Speaker 1 (01:20:22):
But yeah, squeeze it.

Speaker 4 (01:20:24):
Let it run down the crack, right down the crack
from the back, from the back, and when it when
it gets right down, I'm going with it. Nope, I
don't want to say because this is PG, because I
no kids might be watching it.

Speaker 1 (01:20:37):
Yeah, yeah, I'm saying no.

Speaker 4 (01:20:40):
Why are you saying no?

Speaker 1 (01:20:42):
My stomach hurt? What you ate? Early, fool? A fool.

Speaker 4 (01:20:47):
I'm telling you before before they years out, we're gonna
get were gonna get you. We're gonna get your suck
and toe. We're gonna get you eating ass one or
the other.

Speaker 1 (01:20:53):
No, I'm good, O, Joe, don't worry about it.

Speaker 4 (01:20:55):
It's it's after two o'clock, So after two o'clock I could.

Speaker 1 (01:20:58):
Talk like this. Can I paid not to do those things? No? No,
not at all. Listen, you're going to have to evolve
in that area. Twenty five hundred a month.

Speaker 4 (01:21:07):
If I don't have to do that, Oh, that ain't enough.
What's she gonna do a twenty one hundred dollars a month?
You just had somebody add that has seventy seventy five
hundred upkeep what twenty five hundred gonna do? That's disrespectful?

Speaker 1 (01:21:18):
Hub, Yeah, because I ain't did it?

Speaker 4 (01:21:22):
Just try it one time?

Speaker 1 (01:21:23):
Nope, just try it.

Speaker 4 (01:21:25):
Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Speaker 1 (01:21:27):
Who don't want the twenty about? Who wanted the twenty
five hundred the month?

Speaker 4 (01:21:31):
I mean, I'm sure that your help and I and
I won't.

Speaker 1 (01:21:34):
Ten and I wont ten ninety nine at the end
of the year.

Speaker 4 (01:21:39):
Twenty five hundred tax free free. Yeah, twenty five hundred,
twelve months. Okay, that's a night.

Speaker 1 (01:21:46):
That's ay, twenty five thousand, another five what boom, boom.

Speaker 4 (01:21:50):
That's a nice that's a nice little check.

Speaker 1 (01:21:52):

Speaker 4 (01:21:54):
But or you can save or you can save your
money and live a little bit and see what.

Speaker 1 (01:21:59):
It's like to do something nice, thirty thousand with no taxes.

Speaker 4 (01:22:07):
Listen, you ain't ain't get done just two minutes. You
ain't even got to do it that long.

Speaker 1 (01:22:12):
Just you know what. Being in generous has been a
good year for thinking about cast doing good. Yeah, we're
doing good. I get you three, I get three bands.

Speaker 4 (01:22:27):
You gotta you gotta live a little bit, man, I'm
telling you.

Speaker 1 (01:22:29):
Man, you yeah, And they say oh, they say, okay, yeah,
we take it. We take that. That what I'm talking about.
That what I'm talking about. You know what I'm saying.
Don't you know I'm vegan. No, you know what I'm saying.
I'm vegan.

Speaker 2 (01:22:42):
No more.

Speaker 4 (01:22:42):
You ain't gotta eat it. You ain't gota eat it.

Speaker 1 (01:22:45):
No me, No meat can touch my mind.

Speaker 4 (01:22:47):
It's about It's about the taste. It's about.

Speaker 1 (01:22:51):
That's all.

Speaker 4 (01:22:51):
It is about to take you. That's why I got
you using condiments. You gotta take you. You got to
take other things to the bedroom and change it what
you do because it's not gonna work. You want to
the younger women, right, think about it. You you would
like younger women. You're not gonna date nobody fifty six
or sixty. You're gonna you know what I need I
need to get I need. I need to give me
somebody young and with the old soul. Okay, that's a

good one. So if you got somebody with an old soul,
you got somebody young. You're still gonna have to be
able to keep up with the whipper snappers that she
had before you.

Speaker 1 (01:23:18):
I keep up with them, I keep up with them.
Them diamonds.

Speaker 4 (01:23:22):
Yeah, the diamond is one thing, but you need to
bring the condiments like whips, chains.

Speaker 1 (01:23:28):
I'm all about that. Okay. Yeah, I got clean cuffs.

Speaker 4 (01:23:32):
Okay, blindfold will Yeah, what about you.

Speaker 1 (01:23:36):
Got you gotta have the chair?

Speaker 4 (01:23:39):
You got the chair, you put it on, you put
it on the on the on the okay, okay, okay,
you got all that. Okay, okay, Well you just like
Christian Grave? Why you swear?

Speaker 1 (01:23:51):
You mean? I like that? I like that. I like that.
I like that. Are you good?

Speaker 4 (01:23:56):
You good?

Speaker 1 (01:23:58):
Like that? Yeah? That? Yeah? Oh oh they said I
will break my hell that what happened broke by hell?
You know? Yeah? I would, Dick, I was dd great
great games tonight.

Speaker 2 (01:24:20):
I would beat the last year's defending champ LSU to
advance to the Final four, Yukon takes down Juju Watkins
and the USC Lady Trojans to advance the Geno Orims
and the Yukon Huskies twenty third Final four. Great ball
games tonight, Great great ball games. H Kayler Clark with

sensational page Beckers were unbelievable as well. They advanced Iowa
takes down LSU, Yukon takes down USC. Thank you guys
for joining us for another episode of Nightcap.

Speaker 1 (01:24:54):
I am your favorite. No Today money. You'll be back Thursday.

Speaker 4 (01:25:02):
Damn, that's a long time.

Speaker 1 (01:25:04):

Speaker 2 (01:25:04):
Please make sure you hit that subscribe button. Make sure
you hit that light button, and please make sure you
subscribe to the Nightcap podcast feed. You can listen to
us through the Club Shay Shape feed, but we would
greatly greatly appreciate it if you signed up and listen
through the Nightcap podcast feed. We're sold out of Shade
by Laportier. We're only taking pre orders. We had to
shipment come in. We should be able to fulfill those orders.

Thank you guys so much.

Speaker 4 (01:25:30):
I forgot, I forgot what my jersey to night, My
jersey's night. I'm I'm wearing the greatest soccer player, the
greatest attack no, no, the check don't know who.

Speaker 1 (01:25:43):
This is the greatest Italian player ever. You see it,
ball of telling.

Speaker 4 (01:25:53):
Yeah, that's my guy, that's my guy.

Speaker 1 (01:25:56):
That's that's my cousin.

Speaker 4 (01:25:57):
Like if there was a comparison to me on the
well was.

Speaker 1 (01:26:00):
In football microphone microphone.

Speaker 4 (01:26:03):
If there was, if there was a comparison to me,
you know, as far as comparison football player soccer player,
it would be Bollatelli. He's the best. He's the best
Liverpool player ever. He's as he's the best Italian player ever. Yeah,
now chat if y'all want to argue, meet me on Twitter.

Speaker 1 (01:26:19):
So thank you for joining us. I'm your favorite on
Shannon Sharp.

Speaker 2 (01:26:23):
He's your favorite, number eighty five, Liberty Cities, Own Cincinnati
Bengal Legend, Ring of Fame, honoree, Pro Bowler, All Pro,
all the Way, And I chat tonight, nightcap.

Speaker 1 (01:26:34):
I'm Shannon, He's O Choe ro I love y'all. Night
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