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April 15, 2024 71 mins

Shannon Sharpe and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson share their predictions for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA Play-In Tournament, recap UFC and discuss the latest rap beef.

0:00 Lakers vs Pelicans preview
9:00 Tiger Woods struggles at Masters
13:45 Max Holloway wins by last second KO vs Justin Gaethje
31:00 Caitlin Clark on SNL
31:45 Nike slammed for skimpy olympic track uniforms
36:30 Drake vs Rick Ross beef
48:00 Q and Ayyyyy
1:00:00 Much More Nightcap!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
The volume.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
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Speaker 1 (01:21):
The Lakers are the eighth seed and they will face
the Pelicans on Tuesday night after they go on the
road and close out the season in great fashion. They
beat the Pelicans, and they'll be the eighth seed. They're
number eight. They'll play the Pelicans, who are the seventh seed,
and the game will be played Tuesday.

Speaker 2 (01:38):
You watch it.

Speaker 1 (01:41):
Whoever wins this game will be the number seventh seed
and they'll face the Nuggets. Whoever loses plays the winner
of the nine ten and that matchup will be the
eighth seed and they'll play the ok seed thunder.

Speaker 4 (01:57):

Speaker 5 (01:59):
You know what's funny.

Speaker 4 (02:00):
Listen, Even if I don't know the game of basketball,
I understand this is a very important series for the Lakers,
right But I don't even think it's gonna be about Lebron.
I don't even think it's going to be about a
d I think it's going to be about the supporting cast.
So for you, I'm gonna ask you, who do you
think would be a bigger factor than the Lakers game,
whether it be Austin Reeves or to be D'Angelo Russell,

or look at both, because they got I think those
two got to play well, or one of the two
got to play extremely well and be able to keep
up with the production of.

Speaker 5 (02:33):
Lebron and ad Man.

Speaker 1 (02:35):
Look the Lakers when that when a D and Lebron,
I'm counting on ad and Lebron to be a D
and Lebron. We saw those guys the other night against
Memphis and they had to go plan to play damn
near forty minutes against the Grizzlies G League team. But
I like that KG. Actually he had another monster game today, right.
But when Austin Reeves and d Low, especially d Lo

shooting those threes, he can play the pick and roll,
he's tremendous, and then you know you want to help
on a D and then he gets to let those
three balls go.

Speaker 2 (03:07):
So this is twice that we played.

Speaker 1 (03:11):
They played the Pelicans and the play in the n
season tournament and blew them out. Played them again today
and blew them out. Now they're gonna have to go
back to New Well, they're not going back. They're gonna
stay there, gotta play the I just like the match up.
I think the Lakers match up very very well against them.
They'll have no answer for Lebron. They have no answer

for a D. The question is is that b I
was on a minutes restriction. Question is and he just
got back. How much they might throw caution to the win,
say b I, go until you can't go, But then
maybe it's like, nah, we need you for the long haul.
Zion did not have a good game today. I think
he's gonna come out try to be more aggressive. Lebron

did a great job on him. Hey, I'm gonna conceive
anything fifteen feet out, you shoot it, you have it.

Speaker 2 (03:58):
I ain't gonna let you let you get to this back.

Speaker 4 (04:00):
So that mean that means basically, obviously is the clock
ticking on Zion Williamson also to take that next step
and play at a high level, especially in the playoffs.

Speaker 2 (04:09):
Well he but listen, here's the thing O Joe. He played.

Speaker 1 (04:14):
Look, there's no question when he's on the court, he's
a wrecking ball athletic. Quick give your twenty you know,
average twenty five probably twenty five.

Speaker 2 (04:23):
Six or seven.

Speaker 1 (04:24):
Yeah, you'd probably like to see those rebounds go up.
But he I think he had what like he had
like eight or nine Assisterday. So he's a pretty good job.
I've seen him at times run the offense through him.

Speaker 2 (04:36):
His biggest thing is staying on the court health wise.

Speaker 1 (04:41):
Thing health wise, he's got to control he's got to
control his weight. He can control his Weight's he's a
phenomenal talent. He's a more athletic Charles Barker.

Speaker 2 (04:54):
That's what he is. Right now.

Speaker 1 (04:57):
People don't realize. I mean, you know, they see Charles
and they think that's all he was. Charles l led
the league of rebounding at six four. That's that's Charles Barkley.
So he could be that. He should be that if
he keeps if he's keep his weight under control. But
I like the way he's played this year. Uh, He's

he's a he's a phenomenal talent. Everybody knows he's a
phenomenal talent. But I got I got I got the
I got the Lakers, I think, And now, all things
being equal, would I be disappointed the Lakers lost and then.

Speaker 2 (05:28):
Won the eight one, eight nine matchup?

Speaker 1 (05:31):
Nope, because that means they get they get they get
the thunder and I think they match up better against
the Thunder than they Nuggets.

Speaker 5 (05:38):
But shot shot on scale you no.

Speaker 2 (05:40):
No, NICOLEA. Jokic scared me.

Speaker 1 (05:45):
Oh, Jamal Murray that they're they're They're as good. If
anybody in clup situation, last five minutes game within five points.
Nicola Jokics is the monster. Jamal Murray knows when game
time and he can take the game over.

Speaker 2 (05:59):
Michael Porter Jr.

Speaker 1 (06:00):
Can make timely big shot at the big shot at
the big shot. And they've been there and done that.
OKC has yet to be there, has yet to get
there and do that. So I'm always gonna take a
team that's been there and done that. And you're talking
about the MVP, Nakola Jokic, So yeah, they put fear
in everybody. But if i'm the Lakers have played well

the last couple of games. So the Lakers and the
Warriors getting to play in the t Wolves three six matchup.
They get the Suns, they lost the Sons. They could
have been the second if they won, they'd been the
two seed. Right if they're won today, yeah.

Speaker 2 (06:37):
They'd have been the two seed. But that's where they are.

Speaker 1 (06:40):
That's where they are right now in the Eastern Yeah,
all the Nuggets had to do was beat the Spurs,
but winby goes crazy on Friday Night. The number one
seed is the Boston Celtics. They're sixty four and eighteen.
The Knicks and overtime secure the number two seed. The
Bucks are the three seed Cleveland and the four seed Orlando.
The five seed Pacers six and so the play in

is Sixers Miami for the right to play the Knicks,
and then the Chicago in Atlanta for the right to
play Boston.

Speaker 4 (07:17):
I'm finna watch, I'm finna watch, I'm finna watch, I'm
finna locker. I'm gonna take me notes when they playing,
so I'm gonna be able to talk about it.

Speaker 2 (07:23):
Shoot the Knicks. I like the Knicks.

Speaker 4 (07:27):
Hey, but Joel.

Speaker 1 (07:29):
Ebid with Joel and bed if he can stay healthy
in this series, and that's a big if because he
missed he missed what two months with that need with
Joel and bed Tyres Maxi, Kelly oubre Jr. And And
and and uh, what's the other guy name, Tobias Harris.

Speaker 5 (07:50):

Speaker 1 (07:51):
I liked them against the Knicks. I liked them against
the Knicks. I do I do I believe the Kicks.
I believe.

Speaker 2 (07:57):
I believe the sixth was gonna beat Miami. I do
I know.

Speaker 5 (08:00):
I know whoa whoa whoa sim it down, sim it
down a little bit. Bam.

Speaker 4 (08:04):
Jimmy Butler, ty the hero. We got Baby Jesus. I
call him Baby Jesus, the young the young rookie from
u C.

Speaker 2 (08:11):
L A oh Ohman Hockey.

Speaker 4 (08:13):
Yeah, yeah, I call him Baby Jesus. That you don't
don't just come in and think they just finna come through.
Come down here in Miami and just just know what y'all.

Speaker 2 (08:21):
Y'all, y'all played. Y'all played them in in Philly.

Speaker 4 (08:24):
Well we're gonna we're gonna beat them in Philly too.
What you're talking about, it's the heat. This is Jimmy
Butler playoff time. Look at Jimmy Butler's stats in the
regular season, what he does and when his.

Speaker 2 (08:34):
Playoffs, he's a phenomenal.

Speaker 4 (08:37):
What makes you think they were Fulda go in to
Philly may have a Philly cheese steak man.

Speaker 5 (08:41):
Stop playing.

Speaker 4 (08:42):
And that's no disrespect to my Philly people, because I
know y'all, you know I.

Speaker 2 (08:45):
Love you too. Late this disrespect people in Philly love me,
ain't they?

Speaker 5 (08:50):
They good, they know, I mean, no harm.

Speaker 1 (08:52):
And Atlanta and Atlanta and Chicago for the right to
play the Boston Celtics.

Speaker 2 (08:58):
I think that'll be quick work in that situation. Whoever.

Speaker 1 (09:02):
But I mean the last the last week, I didn't
I have a light what I've seen from the Celtics.

Speaker 5 (09:07):
What's what's wrong with them? They they inconsistent.

Speaker 1 (09:12):
Here's the thing, oh Joe, this team takes and they
makes a lot of threes. So a lot of what
that is contingent on it's taking and making threes, right,
And you know, you can get hot and make a bunch.

Speaker 5 (09:24):
Of shooting when you cold, and you cold.

Speaker 2 (09:27):
But here's the thing. Sometimes they race out the big leads.

Speaker 1 (09:30):
They keep shooting threes and they let the other and
they shoot themselves right into a situation where the team
is right back in the ball game, right right. So
I mean, but there, I mean, you look at Tatum,
and you look at Prezingers, you look at JB. Derek White.
I mean, they got guys, a preacher coming off the bench,
they got they got they got a al big al

Al Horford.

Speaker 2 (09:51):
They got a solid squad.

Speaker 1 (09:53):
But sometimes you just look at them, like bro, Bro,
how y'all blow a twenty three point lead.

Speaker 2 (09:58):
How y'all blow a twenty six point lead.

Speaker 4 (10:01):
Damn hey, you know, the game of basketball is a
game of runs, you know, Yeah, the game of runs.
It's funny how when I do watch it the time
they do watch it. A team that going to run,
and all of a sudden the run ends. Another team
is back back in the game, only down by two,
and then the runs go on again.

Speaker 2 (10:22):
Three for goddamn that three ball.

Speaker 1 (10:25):
Because you're never out of the game because the things
oo you go. You go a couple of minutes without
making a shot. The team could make four or five threes,
and a lead that was twenty one is now all
of a sudden down to six five, And you like because,
I mean, everybody has somebody on their roster that can
get scorching hot from three and shoot you right back

in the game. Everybody has that one person on the team, everybody.
Some teams have multiple players on their team that can
get hot from three and you're right back in the ball.
So the series is going to be very, very interested.
I'm excited to see the Knicks, the Lakers take on
the Pelicans, and Golden State take on the Sacramento Kings.

Tiger Woods finished the Masters at sixteen over three to four,
a career worse, despite posting his highest round of the
Master's career in the worst seventy two hold score as
a professional event. Tiger Woods said return to Augusta National
Golf Club was good. Wood seventy two total sixteen over
three oh four was last among the sixty golfers who

made the thirty.

Speaker 2 (11:30):
Six old cut. It was a good week. It was
a good week all around.

Speaker 1 (11:33):
I think coming here and not having a full tournament
very long time, it was a good fight on Thursday Friday. Unfortunately,
yesterday didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to.

Speaker 2 (11:43):

Speaker 1 (11:44):
The tom kite is playing I thought I had in
my system. Unfortunately it didn't produce it. Oh Joe, Yes, sir,
Tiger had. That was twenty nineteen when he had that
miraculous run, right. But what's different now is that Tiger
can't put the time in during the course of the

week because his body right won't allow it. And so
what happens is is that because he's not used to walking,
so that first day he feels pretty good, yes, sir,
The second day, damn. It's kind of like when you
work out that first day like, man, this felt good.

Speaker 5 (12:24):
Yeah, and then.

Speaker 2 (12:25):
Guess what happened the next day. I'm a little sore.

Speaker 1 (12:28):
And then the next day you feel even like And
that's what happens to Tiger. He feels good the first day,
second day, but then that third day, all that walking,
all that swinging. What he hasn't been Like you said,
he hadn't played the tournament golf well since last I
mean that tournament that he played and when he played
in the Bahamas somewhere, but he had to have played.

Speaker 2 (12:48):
Tournament golf in a year in his body. Oh Joe,
you almost lost his life. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (12:56):
So with the back surgeries, the Achilles knee surgeries, the
mind is willing.

Speaker 4 (13:05):
And listen when when you think about the sport of golf,
it's a it's a sport that all ages can play,
all agents can play, all ages are able.

Speaker 5 (13:14):
But again, the injuries are taking a toll on them. Now.

Speaker 4 (13:18):
I think I think, as we discussed before, I think
he needs to go back to it's always of doing
what Tiger did in his approach and what he did
away from the game of golf, and I think it
will get him back into a groove into being what.

Speaker 5 (13:33):
We used to seeing on the green. He can't hunt
like that no more. It doesn't matter.

Speaker 2 (13:39):
You can't get no more old, Joe.

Speaker 5 (13:41):

Speaker 4 (13:42):
I'm telling you unc when you try, when you try
to do too much, when you try to change too
much of who you are to appease the masses, it
takes something away from you.

Speaker 5 (13:52):
It just takes them away from you.

Speaker 4 (13:54):
And I think we will never see the tiger woods
of old until the Tiger Woods of Old goes back
back to the Tiger Woods of old.

Speaker 1 (14:03):
I see what you're saying. But now we just see it. No,
you said, will we ever see a tight the tiger
of old? No, we're just gonna see an old tiger.
That's what we're gonna see.

Speaker 2 (14:13):
O Joe.

Speaker 5 (14:14):
That's fine, that's fine.

Speaker 4 (14:15):
Even an old tiger attracts the viewers.

Speaker 1 (14:17):
And sure, yeah, I mean the great thing that he
was able to make the cut, he got to stay
around for the weekend. You know they're gonna show cliffs
because he is tiger. But I mean, when you can
I mean, oh, Joe, just think as you starting to
get old, and all you can do is just go
play the game.

Speaker 2 (14:34):
You can't.

Speaker 1 (14:35):
I mean, so I mean, you can chip, you can put,
but you got to walk, and he can't watch. His
body won't let him do that, and on on a
consistent basis. So now all of a sudden, I mean,
if you know how hard it is to play when
you got back hurt, knee, hurt, shoulder, hurt, elbow, hurt.

Speaker 2 (14:56):

Speaker 5 (14:59):
Yeah, that's it's unfortunate. Man, it's unfortunate.

Speaker 2 (15:02):
It is.

Speaker 1 (15:02):
It is. I mean, but you know what, a he
had a run like no other Dolphins ever had. We
won't see it again. No, not like that, Not like
it again. No, No, that ain't happening, Joe, not like that.
In UFC three hundred, Max Holloway produced one of the

motions you.

Speaker 4 (15:23):
Forgot about the winner of the Masters, Old Scheffler. Yeah,
old Scottie. You know that's my boy. Yeah, that's my boy.
You know I played congratulations Scotty met him.

Speaker 5 (15:37):
No, I ain't beat I ain't beat him. You know,
I used to. I used to train with Scotty, you know.

Speaker 4 (15:41):
I used to used to do a little golf of
them a time, Me and Scotty Scheffler before he won
the Masters. Before he won the Masters, we played at
pebble Beach in California.

Speaker 1 (15:51):
Scotty Chef, Scotti Scheffler or Adam.

Speaker 4 (15:53):
Schefter, Scottie Scheffler, Scottie and I I played. I played
eighteen holes with Scotty at Pebble Beach in California. Listen
at the front nine. I shot at sixty seven on
the front nine with Scotti before.

Speaker 1 (16:05):
I know front nine. That ain't good though, But okay,
go ahead, that's a one thirty four.

Speaker 2 (16:09):
That's terrible.

Speaker 5 (16:11):
Man. Listen, I'm playing.

Speaker 4 (16:12):
I'm playing against one of the best they ever played,
So you got to understand the press.

Speaker 2 (16:15):
That's what I was on me.

Speaker 1 (16:17):
But here's the thing, oh Joe, this is why you
don't know think about golf because you don't play the competitor.

Speaker 2 (16:21):
You play the chords. I know.

Speaker 4 (16:22):
I'm just saying I'm trying to outdo him. Is that
what you That's what you're not understanding. For the front nine,
I shot a sixty seven. That was pretty goddamn good.

Speaker 2 (16:30):
No, it's not.

Speaker 5 (16:32):
How you gonna tell me.

Speaker 1 (16:34):
You do realize that's seven strokes a whole and some
of the holes are part threes.

Speaker 2 (16:38):
You do realize that.

Speaker 1 (16:39):
So you you're not only you're only voting your quad,
you're quad bogy.

Speaker 5 (16:44):
No no, no, no, no, no, no no. I'm at Pebble Beach.
But it's one of the heart.

Speaker 1 (16:51):
I'm just saying, sixty seven on the front nine is
not good. That's the one thirty four total.

Speaker 5 (16:56):
It was good for me. I don't golf.

Speaker 4 (16:57):
I'm a boxer, I like soccer and I played tennis.
But for me, I was out there with Scotty. Scotty,
I know you're gonna see this, baby, Congratulations on winning
the Masters of Today.

Speaker 5 (17:06):
If you want to get out there, man, you want
to hit again.

Speaker 4 (17:08):
While you got some time off, man, let me know, man,
congratulations as well on that green jacket.

Speaker 1 (17:13):
But yeah, that's not what I do. Okay, I beat you.

Speaker 5 (17:19):
Don't do that. Don't do that.

Speaker 2 (17:21):
You you can probably Charles Barkley, you probably you will play.
We play.

Speaker 5 (17:28):
No no, no, no, no no. I need this. I'm out
there if I'm If I'm a do it, I'm gonna
do it. Seriously.

Speaker 4 (17:34):
I got the whole outfit, and I got my I
got my golf clubs.

Speaker 5 (17:37):
I don't play now I can. I can play some golf.

Speaker 1 (17:40):
In UFC three hundred, Max Holloway produced one of the
most shocking and most one of the most violent moverive
in Octagon history. With a mere ten seconds on the clock,
he's Summers justin, Gaigee, stand in the pocket, let's go,
and he's staying in the pocket. It was one second
on the clock. Holloway catches it face playing yeah, and

you gotta be careful to keep keep your hands up.
UFC President UFC CEO Dana White call it one of
the greatest moments and uh in the company's history. I
get it. I mean, Gates, you felt he was behind,
ain't got nothing to lose. But I thought, what about strategy?
I thought, Norman, when you go, you got strategy? Where

you standing in the pocket, you ain't got those strategy.
You just whoever hits who first.

Speaker 4 (18:29):
It was great for the ending of the round though,
last few seconds. No, I mean, listen, he called him
to the front. Hey, let's throw them things. What you're
trying to do. But again, when it comes to throwing
them things and engaging in the pocket like that, if
you let loose, you gotta keep one on.

Speaker 1 (18:44):
You gotta you gottah to stay on the phone.

Speaker 5 (18:47):
You gotta let one go and and and and bring.

Speaker 1 (18:49):
It back like oo, you do it like this here.
You see, ain't nobody ain't nobody got nothing.

Speaker 5 (18:54):
You know they're tired. They tied at that point.

Speaker 4 (18:56):
So what's the first thing that goes away when you're tired,
you tallnique, Yes, you take all that goes away.

Speaker 2 (19:03):
When somebody in the pocket you ain't trying to go
do No.

Speaker 4 (19:06):
We wouldn't call that a lucky punch, would you, because
you know they Saad was down.

Speaker 5 (19:09):
You wouldn't call no, no, no, no, no no no. Okay,
I'm just saying. I'm just saying.

Speaker 4 (19:14):
I'm just saying, Hey, that was night. That was That
was a great finish. That was a great ending, a
great ending. What you think about what you think would
happened if Max Holloway had to fight me?

Speaker 1 (19:23):
Man, Look here, boxer don't do well in the UFC.
That's why that's why UFC fighters have to go to
the boxing ring. Ain't no boxer gonna do nothing with
no guy in the UFC. It's gonna be older amount
of time.

Speaker 4 (19:36):
Okay, let me let me let me ask you a
question now, ye and ask your question because I was
State rattling champ in eighty two. Okay, you know you
see my hands go, I got hands. So at what
point do you think Max Holloway would beat me if
we were to get an octagon like round one.

Speaker 2 (19:51):
Two or three? Thirty seconds? Wait?

Speaker 1 (19:56):
What do you mean thirty seconds? He'll tap you out
in thirty Why you why you are you disrespect I'm
putting all my money. I'm taking all the money. I
got everything I own.

Speaker 5 (20:05):
So you think you think you think Manoway could beat me?

Speaker 2 (20:10):
Beat the breaks off you and to both people do
just like you?

Speaker 4 (20:13):
You know what, Max Halloway, if you see this, if
you have any time, if you have any time doing
your break until your next fight, please left spar Let's
get some footage. I just want to show uncle uncle,
Uncle Sharp that I ain't with the bullshit. Please, brother
Max Holloway, congratulations, but please.

Speaker 2 (20:33):
Oh Joe.

Speaker 1 (20:34):
What there is to every sport, there's levels, right, I know,
I get it. You you a good entry level, good
entry level entry entry man.

Speaker 4 (20:50):
Yes, man, I thought Max Halloway, chip man, don't playing
me like that.

Speaker 5 (20:54):
Man, I'm out the city.

Speaker 2 (20:54):

Speaker 5 (20:55):
What you're talking about? Man, I'm built up?

Speaker 1 (20:59):
I mean you know you go back to excuse me? Uh,
I don't know if you remember when uh Connor called
Jose Aldo. Oh yeah, he clipped him.

Speaker 4 (21:11):
Yeah, oh at the beginning, at the beginning, at the beginning,
when he was coming in being aggressive.

Speaker 1 (21:16):
That was a good counter on marzvea dog flying me
benness aspirant. Uh kad be Maul Connor. Yeah, I mean, look,
there there have been some Holly Holmes signature leg kick
over Rodney Rousey.

Speaker 2 (21:30):
Uh, look it was it was a great.

Speaker 1 (21:33):
Uh. Pian did a great did an unbelievable job on Hill.
I mean because he'll kicked him in the growing and uh,
what's the guy? What's the black referee name? Herban?

Speaker 2 (21:44):
He went to check?

Speaker 1 (21:45):
He said, no, I got don't he worried about? Don't
you don't you worry about? Don't herb Herb? I got this,
I got this, walked it down, clipped it with the
left and then, uh, what's the name.

Speaker 2 (22:01):
Kyler? Kyler Harrison a sod UFC.

Speaker 1 (22:04):
You made her UFC debut, two times judo champ, the
two time Olympic gold medal in judo. What what Holly
Holmes is an outstanding kickboxer, outstanding boxer. What in the hell?
What make her stand in the clinch with Kayla Harrison?
Maybe she got maybe because Cayleb flipped her and Holly

reversed it, so maybe she got a little called in like, oh,
I mean it pretty good?

Speaker 2 (22:34):
Are you at your mind? Yeah?

Speaker 5 (22:36):

Speaker 1 (22:38):
The only time Kayla Harrison gonna touch me when we
go to the Son of the Ring and we touched
him blood a goolop. That's the only time she touches
me other than that, I'm kicking a puncher eight. She's
a two time Olympic gold medal judo, right, so that
means she used to grappling.

Speaker 2 (22:55):
That's what she wants to get your It's the.

Speaker 1 (22:58):
Same thing with Rondy Rousey, Ronnie Rossey. She was what
used to getting her hands on people you and flipping
them and on barr you. And so what did the
Holly Holme do kick her upside a head?

Speaker 2 (23:13):
What did the line is?

Speaker 4 (23:14):

Speaker 5 (23:14):
Don't say it like that.

Speaker 2 (23:15):
I'm just saying so I know you're I'm not listen.

Speaker 1 (23:20):
Sometimes you know, people get I'm gonna beat him at
their own game. Nah, nonna, no, se just no shit.
To beat a man, you gotta beat the man. The
hell you say if somebody else beat the man, I
beat him. Day damn that beat the man. You gotta
beat the man.

Speaker 2 (23:37):
No, hell no.

Speaker 1 (23:38):
If somebody beat the man on the way, I gotta
fight the man. Well, I'm gonna beat the man to
beat the man. Damn what y'all say?

Speaker 5 (23:44):
Hey, but I don't understand that.

Speaker 2 (23:46):
I didn't. I didn't understand that. I don't know.

Speaker 4 (23:48):
Listen, every listen, you have a corner. You come into
a fight with a plan. Sometimes the plan that you
do have you're not able to execute it, so you
go to plan B. I'm not sure what her plan
B was. Well, but it wasn't what it should be
because the outcome wasn't what we thought it was going
to be, especially for the accolades and what she what
her resume looks like.

Speaker 5 (24:09):
So far hold on my thing going dead?

Speaker 2 (24:12):
Damn yeah, yeah, we hear you. I'm just I don't.
I don't. I don't. I don't. I don't get I don't.
I don't get Holly Holmes strategy.

Speaker 1 (24:24):
And I don't think anybody in the chat get their
strategy either, because you know what Kayla Harrison is. You
know what she represents. She's a gold medals in judo.
That means you've beaten women all over the world. And
you used to getting your hands on people. I'm not
getting in the clinch with you.

Speaker 5 (24:40):
Hell Now, okay, you got to think about you can't.
You can't run the whole fight.

Speaker 4 (24:44):
The more the more, the more you have to the
more you have to move around, the more you kicking,
the more tired you get. That's okay, And you got
you gotta be you got to be very strategic because
as well.

Speaker 2 (24:55):
But here's the thing. It's the same thing in boxing.
What you gotta do.

Speaker 1 (24:59):
You box, You keep people somebody that used to fighting
in the pocket fighting inside? Why would I Why would I?
Why would I get inside? Why would I get into
the pocket with Mike Tyson?

Speaker 5 (25:07):
Yeah, that's where he wants to be. Hold on, hold
on now.

Speaker 4 (25:11):
Now we got Jake Paul getting ready to fight Mike
Tyson coming up in July June.

Speaker 5 (25:15):

Speaker 4 (25:16):
What does Mike Tyson fight and all the fights that
he's had, he's slipping up under everything trying to get
were on the inside.

Speaker 5 (25:23):
Yes, you can't.

Speaker 4 (25:25):
You can't run the whole fight, because what Mike is
gonna do if you, if you're a great boxing know
how to cut off the ring boy, be Hell, it's
gonna be.

Speaker 2 (25:33):
When when he thought lennyx Lewis, what did lennyx Lewis do?

Speaker 4 (25:36):
Keep that goddamn jab out the jab but if they
keep keep that jab in his face to keep him
up off of him.

Speaker 1 (25:41):
And now one of the guys, the only guy that
really fought him in the pocket and beat him was
Holy Feet.

Speaker 5 (25:45):
Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hey them boy with throwing
that leather.

Speaker 1 (25:49):
Boy even when he even when he went to win,
he was in Japan and he ended up losing for
the first time to what's the guy's name?

Speaker 5 (25:57):
Who do you love?

Speaker 1 (25:59):

Speaker 2 (25:59):
What's the guy?

Speaker 4 (26:00):

Speaker 1 (26:00):
Uh? The greatest upset in boxing? Again, I can't think
of the guy's name. Kept that jab on it, kept.

Speaker 2 (26:08):
That jab on him. Boom boom that jab boom boom,
just kept pounding them jab overright, jab overhead right.

Speaker 1 (26:14):
And then you saw Tyson looking for his mouthpiece, Buster Douglas,
Buster Douglas.

Speaker 2 (26:21):
When Buster Douglas beat him down, and what you call him?

Speaker 1 (26:24):
What you do because everybody had made the mistake of
fighting him in the pocket, or he'd walked him down walking,
he would take a couple of punches.

Speaker 5 (26:32):
Just to get off that yet one and when you
feel that one.

Speaker 1 (26:37):
And you know Mike Tyson, his signature is a double punt,
the boot, the uppercut. He's coming to the body, coming up.

Speaker 2 (26:45):
You know it's coming.

Speaker 5 (26:46):
But that left that left hook man in that uppercut
was some nasty.

Speaker 1 (26:51):
Yes, So Nah, Holly Holmes made the mistake of fight
like that and then she ended up uh uh Kayler
ended up my getting up from behind real naked choke chapter.
That was it. Al Jamaine Sterling his fight, he won,

but it wasn't interesting. I don't think Dana could be
as pleased with that. I understand that he moved up,
but his fight wasn't wasn't interesting. Piata, it was great.
I mean they had some I mean all the fights
were was really good. But man, Max all the.

Speaker 5 (27:33):
Way Yeah, back back to back this thing on Max again.

Speaker 4 (27:38):
Man, I know Max is probably gonna see this and
and I really want to like get your honest opinion
on what you just said earlier when we talk about
Max Holloway, right, and if him and I would have
getten the octagon, you you really disrespected me and thinking
I'm gonna get taped out in thirty seconds.

Speaker 2 (27:52):
Yeah you think so, I know.

Speaker 4 (27:55):
So that's a different hel like, like, you know me,
you know my competitive edge, my competitive nature, my willing
to try and do anything, you know, as a as
a grown man.

Speaker 5 (28:08):
Like, think about this. Let's say my kids are standing
behind me. Right, wait, let me finish.

Speaker 4 (28:13):
Let's say my kids are standing behind me and Max
Holloway got to get through me to get to my kids.

Speaker 5 (28:19):
What you think going to happen?

Speaker 1 (28:21):
Leave your kids at home, make it difficult. So make
it difficult for her to get them. Man, that's what

you should do. That's exactly what you should do.

Speaker 2 (28:49):
Don't do that. Don't do that, Joe.

Speaker 1 (28:52):
And if you watch, oh Joe, I mean I'm like
when I like when I watch when I watch fights, Ojoe,
I'm looking at it.

Speaker 5 (28:59):
That's fucked up, Oh Joe.

Speaker 1 (29:02):
When I'm watching fights, Yeah, I'm looking at like when
they come down because I know, uh. And so I'm
looking at Holly Holm and I'm looking at Kayla Harrison Harrison,
and I'm looking at her. And whenmen and fift dog
becoming no bull giant. Right, that's a large woman. Once

she refueled, right, she made waight at one thirty five. Yes,
she's walking around at one seventy one seventy five easy,
because when she re feuled, she looked like she was
like one fifty five one sixty and that's in twenty
four hours, so I know she she a lost. She's
a woman that's walking around one seventy five easy.

Speaker 5 (29:46):
Yeah, easy, yeah.

Speaker 2 (29:50):
Cause mano.

Speaker 1 (29:53):
Yeah, I mean if you if you look at the
steels of her when she was like, man, I mean
she got cap He's a same thing with Piea. I
mean he refueled and gained like twenty five pounds, which
lets me know that he's a large man. He's a big,
lightheaded Yeah. Yes, that tells you that would see the

thing that made Floyd so great. Besides of his skill,
Florida's not a naturally not a naturally large man. Floyd
probably only losing five to six pounds to make weigh
at one forty seven every time, yeap, or he might
not have to do anything to make one fifty four
right where everybody else is having to come down substantially.

Speaker 2 (30:38):
Yeah, Floyd is. It's Floyd Now. He's immensely skilled.

Speaker 1 (30:43):
So I don't want people saying with all the reason no,
I'm not saying that, but I'm saying someone that doesn't
have to lose that much weight to come down, he's
gonna be able to fight his natural spread. He's gonna
be And I felt that that was one of the
advantages that Floyd had because if you ever been around Floyd,
he's not a guy that walks around at one sixty
one sixty five dropping down to one fifty forty seven.

Speaker 2 (31:07):
Lord might wait one fifty five maybe maybe, I don't know.
He'll probably never touched one sixty.

Speaker 4 (31:14):
If if if you see him, if you see him,
he looked like he about at one forty seven, No,
one fifty yes for that battle. But again, once he
gets in that ring, the skill oh yeah, in the pocket,
out of the pocket from distance, I mean his ring
IQ is like no other and whatever whatever, whatever you're doing,
he has something to combat that each in every round,

and he.

Speaker 5 (31:36):
Will pick you apart. He will, he will, he will
pick your ass apart.

Speaker 2 (31:40):
All he's doing is just gathering information.

Speaker 5 (31:42):
Information round by round.

Speaker 2 (31:44):
And then he pulled. Oh, he looked that his favorite
is that pull.

Speaker 5 (31:48):

Speaker 4 (31:49):
Hey, oh man, he leave his head out there, leave
his head out there on purpose, waiting waiting on you
to throw something. Ah, I'm kind of I'm kind of
mad about this mock this Max Holloway stuff.

Speaker 5 (32:01):
Man, roll Bob and come back with it.

Speaker 1 (32:03):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was like I said, I wanted
to see. I wanted to see uh a man of
New nat. I think she wants to man the new neds.
But a man of New nets is smart enough to
know not to let her not the letter grab her.
So Man, the new ned is gonna be looking at
Neto because that's because but yeah, I know.

Speaker 4 (32:22):
She retired, but she danger how much money you got
to bring a man retirement for the right for the
right amount of money. Anybody come out of retirement.

Speaker 1 (32:31):
Now because you gotta know, Hey, this is what she's
good at. I'm not letting you grab me. I'm not
I'm not letting you grab me. I'm reready see. I
want bones. I want John Jones to get healthy because
I want to see him. I lad to see him
fight Francis and Donu.

Speaker 5 (32:45):
That'd be a good one always.

Speaker 1 (32:47):
Now, John Jones and my instamation is the greatest. He's
the most complete box of deal because he can do
it all. Yeah nah, as far as MMA, he's he's the.

Speaker 2 (32:56):

Speaker 5 (32:57):
John Jones. He fights at heavyweight though, right.

Speaker 1 (33:00):
He's a heavyweight now he moved up. He was a
light heavy. He took the bell from he took the
bell from Syria Gone. I think he took the bell
from Syria Don. I think because Uh and Gono had
to vacated. Syria Don ended up winning and he took
it from him. So I like that, Hey, yeah, but
I was I would love I would love that. That's

gonna be because he's made mince me that everybody was
light heavy. He beat Uh, he beat Gone and he
beat the guy out of Uh Step He didn't didn't
he be still step miosic? No John or did he
just fight just he did he just take the bell
from John Jones? I mean Cyril done? Did he fight

Steve No and Gnu? Because he can I mean he
can wrestle, he can submit you. I mean yeah, man,
I mean, I mean he's another He's a big light heavy.
SOI him he's not gonna have to lose any weight

because you can go up to that, I think up
to two sixty five.

Speaker 2 (34:08):
To be a heavyweight.

Speaker 1 (34:09):
So he's not gonna have to do anything. I think
that's the But right now, Uh and ganus in a
different league. I think he's with Strike Force, a PFL yeah, so.

Speaker 4 (34:24):
And contractually it could never happen anyway because he's put
another league.

Speaker 2 (34:27):
Huh okay, yeah John, because he tores pet Yeah, yeah,
he was.

Speaker 1 (34:34):
He was supposed he was scheduled to fight Stee Mio
Chick and ended up having to pull out because he
torres packed and he's on the road to recovery. So
I don't know who he's gonna fight when it's and
I don't know how much longer he wants to fight,
but he's taking on all comers at the light heavy
has the belt. It's not very many guys that can
say they're a two times two division champ, but John

Jones did that. Kayln Clark showed up on sating that
Live to dunk all over Michael Cheek when she joked
at the University, I will retire Clark's number twenty two,
and Avid replaced with an April apron. She said he's
a fan of Clark. Repried, really, Michael, because I heard
little that little April joke he did. At this point,
she dissed out plenty of wires crack by. She passed
jokes about women's basketball, which were shot down the super

introduced by weekend update co host Colin jos Oh, we
can't show you that because copyright win. Try to lose
all that, Oh Joe, check this out. Nike was slammed
for the skimpy team's uniform of USA's women's track and
field uniform for the twenty twenty four Paris Olympics. Nike's
under fired for the team USA's track and field uniform

of the twenty twenty four Paris Games were revealed and
the skimpy hip barry you know for female competitors or
some Olympics wondering if they'll be flashing their so who else?

Speaker 2 (35:49):
Oh yeah. The critic question whether.

Speaker 1 (35:52):
There were any input from former female from female athletes
who need to adhere to a complicated grooming. Wait, somebody's
oh tar Davis Woodall, she's a long jumper, she said,
My huha, gonna be out.

Speaker 2 (36:09):
Who did this? Twenty coming?

Speaker 1 (36:11):
Another woman said this way, there's no way a female runner,
and Andy saying this design to hope the usfl blah
blah blah paying for bikini waxes.

Speaker 2 (36:20):
Another said, if the.

Speaker 1 (36:24):
Baby is hanging out, it's still Madically, what do you
expect to be having with a moving person?

Speaker 2 (36:32):
They were they were revealing. Now, now, some women like
like those the heat like a thing.

Speaker 1 (36:38):
Mo she wears like the heat She don't wek like
a she were like a singler like not like the briefs, right,
And I guess that's what they're talking about. The briefs
are the one that has some of the long jumpers.
They wear the briefs and so and so like like
sh Carrie. She normally wears the singlet h Yeah, yeah,
you're one of the one two hundred the same. Yeah,

they weren't single, and so it's gonna be interesting. And
I guess you know, it's something they did. You know,
they were at Little cot Reach some under there, yeah,
and so they're like damn yeah. But when I saw him,
I was like, well damn. I mean, hey, look I'll
be looking at that.

Speaker 5 (37:17):
I mean, it looks like all track uniforms.

Speaker 4 (37:19):
Really, I'm not sure what if if you watch track
before obviously I watch track all the time. It to me,
from what I'm seeing, it looks no different than what
they they're already running in anyway.

Speaker 5 (37:30):
You know they're not little how yeah, okay, okay, probably.

Speaker 1 (37:35):
See the way they cut they say like that if
they look like that on the mannequin. What you think
when a person starts moving, when a woman starts running,
or she starts jumping and she she double hitch, kid,
she starts.

Speaker 5 (37:47):
Kicking, and you've seen someone. Okay, you're right, I agree
with you. I'm agree.

Speaker 4 (37:54):
Based on what they're always wearing, those that run the one,
the two hundred, you know, those that run the four hundred.

Speaker 5 (37:59):
I'm trying to see what is the issue.

Speaker 4 (38:02):
Probably maybe it's cut a little too high, Maybe it's
coming too high a little bit. Yeah, okay, okay, yeah, okay,
I see what you were talking about. So just maybe
they maybe they need to do something before. We got
plenty of time to correct got plenty of time to
correct it.

Speaker 2 (38:17):
But I think the thing is Joe Coup.

Speaker 1 (38:19):
You know, back when we ran track, we ran guys
ran we all ran in jockstraps, so we had like
we had like the shorts, and we ran in jobs. Right,
So I remember a guy was loan jumping and got
up in there and his meat came out. Oh Joe,
he trying to get it back here he up in
the air. Dude dropped by four feet. Man, Hey, see

that that.

Speaker 2 (39:00):
Was the only problem with jock straps.

Speaker 5 (39:05):
Man man, oh man, y'all, y'all, y'all ain't had tights
back then.

Speaker 2 (39:12):
Uh nah, I mean nobody really ran in tights back then.
You know, we had we had.

Speaker 1 (39:19):
Uh, we ran in the shorts like Christian Coleman, like
a lot of guys were like Like, if you look
at uh nor Allows, he wears the singlet like a boat.
He wore like a like a little vest, but he
wore tights on the bottom. Nor Allows wears the singlet.
You know, but if you look at Christian Coleman, he
normally wears he normally wears the short. Uh.

Speaker 5 (39:43):
But it all depends what It all depends on what
they're comfortable with.

Speaker 1 (39:47):
Yeah for sure, yeah uh oh. Joe Beef is heating up.
Drake responds to Rick Ross no job, claimed, warns rapper.
After this, don't worry, We'll handle it. Ross un released
his own unleashed his own Dizzey dish track Champagne Moment
soons after Drake's push Push Ups, Drop and Give Me
Fifty leaked on Saturday on Rossy's disk track. He called

Drake a white boy, claims he stole his flow from
Little Wayne, says he employs ghost riders and the last
he has cosmetic surgery, notably a nose job. Just called
Drake's mom to text him, wondering why the internet is
saying her son always has a no job. I can't
believe you would get one out me, because you know
I've always wanted one. Drake's mama a text in response that,

Drake quipped, I would have gotten us two for one
deal if I went mam. He continued, The nose job
room is coming to Rick Ross's guy I did song,
He's gonna loopy off weight, lost drug majournal, he has
a eating in days and he's turning a little anger
and races. He's performing at Palm for money.

Speaker 2 (40:48):
It's bad.

Speaker 1 (40:49):
Drake also hearing his nextly lyrical salvo will be fired
directly at Ross. Don't worry, we'll handle it and tag
Rick's at Rich Forever and said, you're the one.

Speaker 2 (40:59):
No your one, nosy goof Hey.

Speaker 5 (41:03):
I like you, I like you, I'm not.

Speaker 4 (41:06):
I'm not sure how everybody else feels in the chat,
but I like it for hip hop, I like it
future Metro the Weekend.

Speaker 5 (41:14):
Also, I think it has something to do with it.

Speaker 4 (41:16):
Drake Ross and the thing I like about drink and
Ross is we already know y'all got cruise, you got
you got.

Speaker 5 (41:22):
People that could take care of stuff in the street.
They not doing it that way. They doing it where
it matters.

Speaker 4 (41:28):
They don't matter how many trophies, how many times you
been platinum, how many accolades you have, what you've done,
how many cons. None of that matters when it comes
to that pin and there's beef. They handle it where
it matters most for us as fans of hip hop
in the booth.

Speaker 2 (41:45):
In the booth, it's a k. Don started it.

Speaker 5 (41:53):

Speaker 1 (41:54):
Jacob followed up later apologize, saying this ain't in my heart.
This ain't what I want to do design. I want
to be a part of the Yeah, Drake said, Drake
dropped and give me fifty. Drake went out of my light.

Speaker 2 (42:04):

Speaker 1 (42:04):
You know, people try to minimize Drake because I guess
he ain't grow up, and he ain't you know, got
all this, but hey, Drake had some bars.

Speaker 2 (42:11):
I like Drake. Ross came back, Ross had some knife.

Speaker 5 (42:15):
I like it.

Speaker 1 (42:16):
I don't know how true it is. I don't know
if they just trying to put hip hop because they
said hip hop.

Speaker 2 (42:20):
Was dying.

Speaker 4 (42:23):
It's well, it's well in the live right now, right now,
this is this is a hip hop royal rumble, a
hip hop civil war, whatever it may be, haveing many
parties are involved.

Speaker 5 (42:34):
But Ross and Drake, this this right here, that their.

Speaker 4 (42:38):
Creativity, their creativity in their art and pen is going
to have everybody on pins and needles waiting to hear
Drake's response. So this is the thing about it is
when Drake responds, Ross's gonna respond too. Yeah, And both
of them have great penmanship and creativity when it comes

to the art of music and it comes time to
talk about somebody. I like her, I like both of
them as artists. I respect both of them as artists.
You know, I'm just thumb hype. I just don't know
when it's gonna come out better.

Speaker 1 (43:12):
How they all teaming up on Drake though, Oh, they
all teaming up on Drake, man. You know everybody ate
rawls k dot Uh. I mean it's like like fifty,
like fifty guys coming that Drake.

Speaker 4 (43:25):
I don't I don't understand. I don't know where everything
is stemming from. For me on the outside looking in,
I'm just hearing the finished product and saying, oh, so
and so on on Futures album was talking about you know, uh,
the Big three, and then I'm like, well, who the
hell is the Big three?

Speaker 5 (43:40):
And then people kind of brought me up the speed.

Speaker 2 (43:43):
I guess it was supposed to be cold k Dot
and U Dranke.

Speaker 1 (43:47):
So boom somebody you know you Wayne, Wayne and Wayne
on the wheezy in a category by and.

Speaker 5 (43:53):
Said right, so he right, people had to bring me
up to speed.

Speaker 4 (43:58):
So once they brought me up to speed, Okay, now
I understand what's going on. Okay, Now I understand who
the Big three is. Okay, now understand what Kate out
with the words he was saying in the song. Now
see what the meaning was. So then I heard Drake respond,
oh side seven okay, that you ain't running nothing man exactly.
So now it's all making sense to me and it

comes full circle. So boom, I hear ross this okay,
oh okay, okay, okay, boom.

Speaker 2 (44:27):
I like that.

Speaker 4 (44:28):
Now, No, Dreazy Drake does say you know he on
Instagram and say boom, I'm finna come back at you, Drake.

Speaker 2 (44:36):
Even with Drake said a.

Speaker 1 (44:37):
Little shot at a job at yoah who John Moran
for real, yeah.

Speaker 5 (44:44):
Man, but yoah, he just played basketball. What y'all gotta
do is.

Speaker 1 (44:47):
They shout out to the hooper out there, busting out
the gritted I know why you're mad in I ain't tripping. Oh,
it's reported that they had interaction with a young let.
Now that's what's being reported. I don't know, and I
hate that.

Speaker 5 (45:02):
You you know you must hear. You must hear what
you must hear.

Speaker 2 (45:05):
I mean, that's what the girl, that's what's being reported.

Speaker 5 (45:08):
Ain't about being reported. We know what it is. When
you don't know what it is.

Speaker 2 (45:11):
I wasn't there.

Speaker 5 (45:12):
You don't have to be there to to listen to
the words.

Speaker 2 (45:14):
Do you listen to the words?

Speaker 5 (45:15):
I know why you misber what he said.

Speaker 2 (45:17):
He said, shout out to the hooper out there, busting
out the gritty.

Speaker 1 (45:20):
I know why you're mad, and I ain't even trip
it because remember when metro booming, says stell.

Speaker 2 (45:27):
He said.

Speaker 1 (45:27):
John also said, stay on that side right right right, so,
because you know how it is, don't joke telling the joke.
If you're grinning you in, I'm saying, yeah, so if
somebody telling joke that get one up on me.

Speaker 2 (45:41):
Better not laugh, because do you laugh. That means you're
part of it.

Speaker 4 (45:44):
Yeah, but you know what happened, especially when you're talking
greezy like when you talking special like that. You know,
with it being Drake obviously being a lover boy, that is,
there might have been somebody Job might have been seeing
and we listen.

Speaker 5 (45:55):
Drake, Drake, Drake, get whoever, whoever you, Yeah, come on,
let's go.

Speaker 2 (46:00):
You know what it is.

Speaker 4 (46:01):
I mean, common sense, so you're able to speak and
rap like that. But again, I'm waiting on Drake's response,
and then I'm telling you it's.

Speaker 2 (46:08):
Gonna have I had one response.

Speaker 5 (46:11):
No he didn't. He got to respond to.

Speaker 2 (46:14):
Respond to.

Speaker 4 (46:17):
Ross gonna double back hit him, and then Drake gonna
come back. Listen, this ship might go. This ship might
go all the way to goddamn summertime. It might go
all the way to summertime.

Speaker 5 (46:29):
Yeah, it might.

Speaker 4 (46:29):
It might because it is The penmanship and the creativity
between these two artists is phenomenal. It's phenomenal, and they
can they can go for days and listen. I don't
care about who got more money. I don't care about
accolades and and and numbers and streams. I don't care
about nothing, I didn't care about none of that. I
care about the penmanship and the going back and forth

and showing who has the better creativity and the better
pen That's all that come down to for me. For me,
everybody else in the chat, they might feel, you know,
and want to bring up other stuff that really doesn't
matter and has nothing to do with what's going on
right now.

Speaker 1 (47:09):
Right Well, I'm excited it's a U. But because everybody
everybody great. Hey, hey, everybody great on that mic. You know,
they talk like Joe Jay got ghost Riders, but at
the end of the day, you still got it. You
got it, you gotta sell it. Hey, I don't know
if he got great ghost Riders or not.

Speaker 5 (47:26):
I got a question.

Speaker 4 (47:26):
I'm glad you said that. Now, I'm I like rap.
I'm not a hip hop head to understand when someone
has a ghostwriter or they say someone else wrote for you.
Why did that so frowned upon in the hip hop space?
But when you have R and B, you have writers
for R and B, you have writers for gospel music,

why is it so frowned upon in hip hop when
someone has a ghost writer.

Speaker 1 (47:50):
I'm confused, Oh, Jo, They're just like, hey, if you
bought that you're supposed to be come up that thing
original after dome, it's supposed to be. It's supposed to
be you and your words about what you do, and
not somebody else, not you. It's like, it's kind of
like comedians. They frowned the punt if you got a
gross right comedian, if you don't come up with your
own jokes. Because I've had people on this and nah, hey,

I might have somebody help me a craft the joke
so I get it better. Okay, But as far as
just writing a joke and then me going out there
and executing, and nah, I don't do that.

Speaker 2 (48:23):
But some people like, hey, I ain't got no problem
with it.

Speaker 5 (48:25):
To each his own, Okay, Okay, I got it, I
got it.

Speaker 4 (48:28):
I mean, I just I'm just I don't know, I
understand in the sense, in the sense, but every other
genre of music has people that help them write and
create stories, you know, and the people that are doing
the writing aren't good enough to execute it. That's why
they are the writers, right, And sometimes listen, I guess,

I guess some of the best that are rappers don't
have ghost writers. But everybody's not able to execute everybody's
not able to write and execute and do everything all
in one. And you know a certain few. I'm jay
I'm sure jay Z can do it. I'm sure lo
Wayne can do it. Oh yeah, you know, but I
don't know.

Speaker 5 (49:08):
I guess I am.

Speaker 1 (49:09):
I mean you talk about when you start talking about,
when you start talking about you start getting with with weezy.

Speaker 2 (49:14):
And pop and big and whole and m.

Speaker 5 (49:19):

Speaker 1 (49:20):
Bro, you now you're talking about you know, now you're
getting on up there, guys like Big Daddy came on
the mic. Uh, guys like that k R. S One
that's not a lyricist, uh rock him. Yeah, Now you
talking about lyricists guys that really that's how they started.
You know, Big Daddy came U, k R S One

rock him. Lyricists really with that? Uh? But teachers on
I don't I don't like I said, I don't all right,
sound good to me. I don't give it damn where
it came from.

Speaker 5 (49:55):
Yeah, I don't, I don't care who.

Speaker 4 (49:57):
Yeah, yeah, I love like I liked I like this this,
this this beef or exchange of pleasantries between two of
the greats at what they do and Ross.

Speaker 5 (50:09):
I know you're gonna see this. Do what you do, Drake,
do what you do, Do what you do. I'm back here.
I'm enjoying it. I'm enjoying it.

Speaker 2 (50:18):
Let's go.

Speaker 5 (50:19):
Yeah, made the best pen win, made the best pen win.

Speaker 1 (50:27):
All right, Oh Jo, it's time five, last segment of
the day, and it's called Q and a Q and
a Q.

Speaker 5 (50:33):
And a chat. Ask me anything, ask me anything. I'm
gonna tell you. I ain't tell you no, lie. Hey,
we had a good show tonight, boy.

Speaker 2 (50:42):
Yeah we did. Yeah we did.

Speaker 1 (50:43):
Cali by A S m R. My life has been
recently and is. This is the only place that makes
me happy in my life right now.

Speaker 2 (50:53):
It gives me hope.

Speaker 1 (50:53):
Thanks Uncle O Joe love two million subs. That's on
our way. Hey, caliboy, we appreciate the love and support.
My job is to try to uplift, tell stories, give
you new information about football, basketball, but share life stories
with you. Bro. Hey, It's gonna turn around because even
though it rained forty days and forty ninth, the sun
came out again. Sunshine follows tomorrow. Cally boy, keep your

head up, chet up, keep walking.

Speaker 4 (51:16):
Forward, calliboy, I love your baby, I love you baby.
It's gonna be all right, keep on grinding. Don't hold
your head down because you can't see who you're going.

Speaker 1 (51:24):
Drain Master, said Uncle Ocho. From all of us in
the Chad, God is good. Glad to hear big sisters
headed home is home, healer dray masters. I really appreciate
that man. She's a super she's extremely she's extremely happy.
She's like, man, I don't feel no pain. I said,
you know, I told you the only pain that you're
gonna feel is the uh is worthy the incision. And

like I said, she tried to do it.

Speaker 2 (51:47):
She just tried to outdo me because she had both
of hers done at one time. She makes me sick.

Speaker 1 (51:53):
Yeah, boss lady said, Hey guys, I'm I'm hyper independent,
self made and tradition heart. There's a guy really liked.
But there's a slight difference between us as a woman.
Do you think I should shoot my shot here?

Speaker 5 (52:06):
Yeah? Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Speaker 4 (52:08):
Whoa before you shoot your shot. One of the key
words that she just said that can be frustrating for
a man. A man always wants to feel needed, and
a man wants to be provided. The first thing she
said was she's hyper independent. Can you suppress that independency
to allow that man to be a man before you
shoot your shot? If you can't, don't shoot your shot, honey.

Can you suppress being hyper independent and allow that man
to lead and provide everybody?

Speaker 1 (52:35):
Everybody wants a traditional man, but they want but they
want to be a non traditional woman.

Speaker 5 (52:41):
Right right, right, So.

Speaker 1 (52:44):
I'm not I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with
you being hyper talented, hyper.

Speaker 2 (52:51):
Independent, dependent, traditionally hard.

Speaker 4 (52:54):
That's a good thing. That's a great thing. But can
you suppress that and allow that man to be a man.
That's the difference, because most of the time women that
are independent, y'all getting an argument the first thing they say,
you know what, I.

Speaker 5 (53:07):
Don't even know.

Speaker 2 (53:08):
I make my own money.

Speaker 5 (53:11):
Come on, man, the power of the tongue words hurt.
So sis.

Speaker 4 (53:15):
If you can suppress your independency and allow that man
to be a man, shoot your shot, honey.

Speaker 5 (53:22):
Matter of fact, I shoot it for you. What's his name? Adam?
I sent him a tweet? I hook you up?

Speaker 2 (53:28):
Yeah, Hey, that w man.

Speaker 1 (53:32):
They got the lady shooting shots, freeze and everything. Me
and Raye lay up all right, Uh yeah, but it's
it's uh like I said. I mean, and today man,
everybody talking about they want a traditional man in a
non traditional society. I just don't understand how that works.
So Joe, you throw them in your man. I make
my own money. I do, YadA, YadA, YadA.

Speaker 5 (53:55):
Difficult, very difficult. It is very difficult.

Speaker 2 (53:59):
I didn't what do you want to I'm home too.

Speaker 1 (54:01):
Y'all get it, y'all get a disagreement, and now y'all
you know it's a fifty to fifty, but you throw
it up.

Speaker 2 (54:05):
Or you make more money. It's tough. It's tough.

Speaker 1 (54:09):
I mean, I mean you probably have to ask men
that have been mad for an extremely long period of
time and and see if the if the woman works,
and if she does, she ain't going around constant throwing
in his face. She independent, so I mean, reel independent

rail had a job before you.

Speaker 4 (54:34):
Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, sis sis, sis had it going on,
and honestly before me and the opportunity to present itself.
I mean, I'm only here because she got money. Honestly,
I'm just gonna be honest. I can tell the chat.
I ain't got no shame, I ain't got understand. I'm
here cusse she got money, that's it?

Speaker 1 (54:53):
Uh, DeMarcus Ware was just on the Mask singer and
one of the judges, Yes, it was you, Shannon.

Speaker 2 (55:00):
Would you ever go on that show? If so, what
would you sing?

Speaker 1 (55:04):

Speaker 2 (55:04):
No, I would not go in the Math. I guess
this is our reality right here? Yeah?

Speaker 4 (55:11):
Yeah, but listen, we can't sing though, No, how do
how do we get it? What do we need to
do to where we could sing?

Speaker 2 (55:19):
Like we used to give us auto tunes? Huh give
us auto tunes?

Speaker 5 (55:24):
What that means?

Speaker 2 (55:26):
Auto tunes? You know how people make everybody sound good?

Speaker 4 (55:29):
No, we sound good. We already sound good. We just
want to be able to sing songs without getting you know,
talking about.

Speaker 2 (55:35):
Oh no, you can't do it on here? No, no, no,
you can't do it on here? Hell no?

Speaker 4 (55:39):
Oh man, I don't like That's what's the point of
having songs and having music If people that enjoy your
music can't.

Speaker 2 (55:46):
Sing it, they can't You're sing your own home. You
can't take it on the platform.

Speaker 5 (55:52):
That don't make no sense, man?

Speaker 2 (55:54):
But uh no, but oh, Joe, you want to go
on the Math singer?

Speaker 5 (55:59):
Oh yeah, you think they'll put me on there ain't nobody.

Speaker 4 (56:04):
Ain't nobody gonna Ain't nobody gonna be able to guess
it's me though, because I could really I can really sing,
So they're gonna be like.

Speaker 5 (56:09):
Well, damn, who can this be?

Speaker 4 (56:11):
Because oh man, and listen, when you're on the MASD singer,
that mean I get to perform too, right, I'm in
the costume and I get the.

Speaker 2 (56:19):
Whatever you want to do.

Speaker 5 (56:20):
Listen, there's one thing about it.

Speaker 4 (56:22):
When you put a camera on me and a mic
and I gotta perform, you already know what you're gonna get.

Speaker 5 (56:28):
People are what's the mass singer on CBS, ABC? Fox?

Speaker 2 (56:31):
What? Fox? Yeah?

Speaker 4 (56:32):
Hey, if people at Fox, if you see this, I
would like the opportunity to be on the MASD singer.

Speaker 5 (56:38):
Uh is it not?

Speaker 4 (56:39):
Nick Cannon Terry Crews mm hmm no, Darren Cruz American,
Nick Cannon, Okay, yeah, Nick Hitch your boy man, Nick Kitch,
your boy man, get me on there, man, let me
come on there.

Speaker 5 (56:50):
They ain't gonna never guess you.

Speaker 1 (56:52):
Remember Paying Payne was talking because I asked him, I said, bro,
your voice your voice is incredible, right, and he's like,
you know, had switch it up. But the first person
auto tune was Roger Troutman, exactly.

Speaker 4 (57:08):
Computer love, Yeah, computer love, Okay, they should he didn't
have it in his mouth.

Speaker 5 (57:13):
You want doing the video? You're right, You're right. You
sure did?

Speaker 1 (57:16):
Yep Uh Andrea in a classic dance battle, who's bringing
the best move to win?

Speaker 2 (57:22):
Uncle ojo?

Speaker 5 (57:24):
Oh yeah yeah yeah.

Speaker 4 (57:25):
People gotta understand. I was on Dance with the Stars.
I'm a I'm a great dancer. If I had to
compare myself to someone, regardless of genre, genre of music,
when it comes to dancing, I'd probably be like Chris Brown.
I might be better than Chris Brown. I might be
better than Chris Brown. When said Chris Brown, Charlie Brown about.

Speaker 5 (57:45):
Chris Brown, Man asked, Chris, listen, chat stay with me
real quick. When I was living in l A. When
I was living in l A, you know, I used
I used to be a crunk. I used to I
used to dan I was a clown.

Speaker 2 (58:00):
Yeah, I mean some people have said that before. I
didn't agree with him though.

Speaker 5 (58:05):
At birthday part I was a crumper. I used to
be a crumper. What you talk about, man Like.

Speaker 2 (58:13):
I really used to do that?

Speaker 5 (58:16):

Speaker 2 (58:17):
I about to die nine one one, I thought you
was having a seizure.

Speaker 5 (58:19):
That's just that's the way it look. You gotta be able.
You got to be able to jerk the body like
me and Chris Brown came out. Then Chris Brown came
out dance me.

Speaker 4 (58:28):
It's just the fact that he had the platform to
display it and I had to play football.

Speaker 5 (58:34):
But if you asked Chris Brown, that's my dog.

Speaker 4 (58:36):
If you ask Chris Brown, boy you think sugar, he'd
be like yeah, but that he liked that when it
comes on like that.

Speaker 2 (58:43):
Okay, I take your word.

Speaker 4 (58:45):
Can I ask you a question real quickly. We're going
do you really think Chris Brown could be me dancing? Like?

Speaker 2 (58:49):
Think about it.

Speaker 4 (58:52):
See, this is what happened when I when I, if I,
if I was the entertainer, then you would understand. It's
the fact that I played football, So you don't. So
what did I do on the football field? You not
on the football field? You called passes? What did I
caught past it? But the one thing that was special
about me, I was an entertainer first.

Speaker 2 (59:10):
Okay, an actor is an entertainer. He's not a dancer.

Speaker 5 (59:14):
But I'm a dancer. I was a stripper in ninety
seven and ninety eight.

Speaker 2 (59:17):
Did you forget No, I'm trying to. I'm trying to.
I'm trying to get that image out of my mind.

Speaker 5 (59:23):
No, I had to make money. I was. I told you,
I told you I was at the right track. I
was at the right track ninety seven, ninety eight. I
ain't had no money coming in.

Speaker 2 (59:30):
Now you're on the wrong track.

Speaker 1 (59:33):
Patrick Willie was saying, oh, cho, I saw Billy a
video where you try our Haitian food. Are you going
to put up on it? And uh, do you have
any memories of cacade? And how and ojo? How about?

Speaker 2 (59:50):
What's that word lever? I have no idea lever versing,
lever cusin leverkuzy what is that? Yeah?

Speaker 4 (01:00:02):
The German team, German team balling playing really well for
onenk You ever had Haitian.

Speaker 2 (01:00:08):
Food, Not that I know, I mean what I mean? No,
not that, not that my knowledge.

Speaker 4 (01:00:14):
We got to we got to get you out here, man,
get you some Haitian food, some grio, some rice. And
the funny thing about it, young fella that really asked
that question right now. I went to Miami be Senior High,
so I was on I was eating Haitian food way
back in high school.

Speaker 5 (01:00:28):
The chicken truck.

Speaker 4 (01:00:28):
I never get the chicken truck used to be outside,
and I don't I remember the person's name. Her name
was Serrita. It was her family truck. I'm not I
haven't seen her since nineteen ninety six.

Speaker 5 (01:00:40):

Speaker 4 (01:00:40):
If you see this, I hope all is well. I
hope the family is well. I remember the chicken truck
way back then. And I love the grio and rice
and it's just it's good.

Speaker 5 (01:00:50):
Food is good. You got to get you some, You
got to get you something.

Speaker 4 (01:00:53):
So if you ever come to Miami, I got a
perfect spot for you to go to that had the
Haitian food, and I got you.

Speaker 2 (01:01:01):
I don't about no food, but I nobody that O
Haitian Huggle book.

Speaker 5 (01:01:05):
I know that.

Speaker 2 (01:01:07):
I don't know about the food, but that huggle book.
But you know about that?

Speaker 5 (01:01:13):

Speaker 2 (01:01:15):
What man? Now you talking? Yeah? Now you speaking my language?

Speaker 5 (01:01:20):
Hey boy? You cultured, you cultured, you cultured? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (01:01:25):
Okay up, Great King, shout out to Stephen and and
Collin car for recognize how valuable UK is to us.
We appreciate greatness. We uh and we got ocho. Stay
winning ug Great King. I appreciate that. Yeah, man, Colin
is is great. College has always been great. Stephen, And
like I said, Stephen and we really didn't know each other.
We see each other at a lot of a couple

events like super Bowl, like mainly the Super Bowl, bumming
to him a couple of times when I get went
to the uh uh NBA Finals and stuff like that,
and so you know, we was always casual, obviously not
doing this show with him a couple of days a week.

Speaker 2 (01:02:02):
We've become really close.

Speaker 1 (01:02:03):
I have a lot of plumb you know, went to HBCUs,
very outspoken, don't mind voicing my opinions. A lot of
times people are not going to agree with us, and
that's that's okay. But yeah, I'm very appreciative of what
the opportunity that steven A presented me, Colin partnering with
me and allowed me to bring Club Shayshey over to

his platform and allowing us to create what we've created here.
So Hey, I'm thankful for Skip gave me giving me
the opportunity. I'm always grateful, oh Joe, And I'm always
very grateful, very humble by anybody that presents an opportunity
for me. Yes, when I was on that platform when

I was standing up there in front of CAT, I
don't know how many people would have said, even if
it's true, that their brother was better at something than
they are. And here I am going into the Hall
of Fame because I believe that in my heart, and
so Steve Skip, even anybody that's ever given me an opportunity,

be it at CBS, Tony Battiti, I know Tony's going
to see this. He's the big ten commissioner now. He
was at CBS. He was the one that hired me
all of those Sean McManus was the CBO c of
CBS Sports. It was Tony batti that that says, Hey,
I think this guy could be really good. So I'm
very very appreciative of that. I'm appreciative of Skip believing
in me and give me the opportunity to come over.

The only problem that I've ever had is that when
people say Skip made me, that's the problem that I have.

Speaker 2 (01:03:41):
If you want to say, Skip gave me an opportunity.

Speaker 1 (01:03:43):
If you want to say, uh, steven A gave me
an opportunity, You want to say Colin give me an
opportunity here say that, but Skip didn't make me. Because
the Skip made me, he should be able to make
somebody else.

Speaker 2 (01:03:53):
Right, Hey, come on now, I'm at. I'm just gonna
keep it. I'll keep it.

Speaker 1 (01:04:01):
I'll keep it, spack with you. If it was that easy,
if he made me, he should be able to make
someone else.

Speaker 2 (01:04:07):
Okay, Jay, say guess what, I tell you what I did.
I made a I made a Kayla Sharp. You know
what I did.

Speaker 1 (01:04:14):
I wouldn't made a Kiari, I wouldn't made a Kayley.
That's making. So I'll give him credit. He gave me
the opportunity, and when the execs didn't want to follow
through with the opportunity, he said, no, I want to
do that. That's the only pushback. I will never ever
say Skip did not give me an opportunity. I will

never say stephen A didn't give me an opportunity. I
will never say Colin co Hurd didn't allow me to
pick up my platform and says, hey, I want you
to come here.

Speaker 2 (01:04:46):
This is what I can do for you, this is
what I'm be willing to do for you. That's all.
That's that's it.

Speaker 1 (01:04:52):
But that's when I get to that's when I get
up saying I don't get upset about a whole lot
because when people are like man, I wouldn't get no, no,
no no.

Speaker 2 (01:04:59):
He did that.

Speaker 1 (01:05:00):
He gave me that opportunity. And when like I said that,
when the fox execs one of the back out of it,
Kim said, no, I believe it. But when y'all start
talking about this making ish, nah, y'all con miss me
with that he make his personality. He didn't make me relatable.
He didn't make me charismatic. He didn't make me funny.

He didn't make me knowledgeable. I possessed all those traits
before I got there. He just allowed me to share
the platform with.

Speaker 5 (01:05:30):
It to display it.

Speaker 4 (01:05:32):
Hold on, I like that line you said, you boy,
and you you put out, You put out the night
with that one. Tell him make it, Tell him make
another one. Damn that's a good one.

Speaker 5 (01:05:41):
Brock Okay, talking that talking that talking that talk.

Speaker 2 (01:05:45):
Let him know it. Frank L.

Speaker 1 (01:05:47):
Bell be saying, hey, uncle, not your uncle, will be
chilling at Monday after the Masters tomorrow with your brother Sterling. Yeah,
so that means you're gonna be in myrtle beach. Can't
wait to meet him and hopefully get a picture. Oh
don't worry, I'll be dripped nightcap. Well, if you got
the nightcap on, he'll definitely gonna talk to you. He'll definitely,
he'll definitely say something to you and just tell him, Hey,

your brother, your brother know me, you met me in
Vegas and uh, he'll definitely have something to say. Oh yeah,
Lamar Robinson said, how unnot.

Speaker 5 (01:06:21):

Speaker 1 (01:06:21):
Please wish my wife Brianna happy thirty first birthday. She's
also giving birth to our second daughter in a couple
of weeks. Thanks to both of you. Thank you both
for constantly making us laugh.

Speaker 2 (01:06:32):
Hey, Brianna, happy birthday.

Speaker 1 (01:06:34):
Breathe, happy birthday and happy about to become a mother
for the second time. Oh man, that's unbelievable. Hey, Lamar,
we appreciate the support. Man, Thank you guy, that's unbelievable
adding to the family. Hopefully mom and daughter will be safe.
Hey hit back when she when she gives birth to
that baby and everything. Hey, jump back in the chat baby.

Let us know, man, we appreciate that.

Speaker 5 (01:06:55):
Oh yeah, uh no, lord, it said, Hey.

Speaker 1 (01:07:00):
H canne you my boyfriend is the truck driver and
listen to you guys on the road during the night. Chef,
can you give Jamail a shout out. It'll make his
day while he's out there on the road tonight, Jamail, Hey,
your boy, your girlfriend says, you know what, you'd be
listening to us, so I know we'd be hey, just
holding the road because I know should I'll be sharing
some funny moments with you, and yeah, you be so

hey just holding the road, man. But I want to
appreciate you, or I want to thank you and appreciate
your support that you've given us. Man, and thanks for
listening to us. We really appreciate. We appreciate everybody in
the chat because you guys, what makes it worthwhile. Wait
a minute, the support that they've given us. O choke
and they show up for us.

Speaker 2 (01:07:41):
It's been night in and night out.

Speaker 4 (01:07:43):
They could be doing anything else in the world, especially
this time of night. They could be doing anything else
in the world, but they with us.

Speaker 5 (01:07:48):
And for that, I love you. And you know I
love you because I tell you every day. If you
follow me on Twitter, you follow.

Speaker 4 (01:07:52):
Me on Instagram, I'll let you know every morning if
it's three hundred and sixty five days in the year,
I tell you I love you three hundred and sixty
five days of them. Every morning, Hey, hold on, hold,
hold on. You told them to do something before we
started the show as far as subscribing.

Speaker 2 (01:08:07):
Right, yes, are we?

Speaker 5 (01:08:12):

Speaker 2 (01:08:12):
Come on, hey, how many if you've got to jail?
We got twenty files in the chat.

Speaker 1 (01:08:17):
Hey, come on now, I know I'm telling them the
five five to y'all are not subscribe.

Speaker 5 (01:08:21):
Come on now, listen right now, we're gonna give you
one minute.

Speaker 4 (01:08:25):
We're gonna pall. We're gonna pall the show for one minute.
All we asked you to do right now, just do
me a favor. I never asked y'all to do nothing.
I never asked you'll do nothing.

Speaker 5 (01:08:34):
Just do me a favor. We're gonna were going one minute.

Speaker 4 (01:08:36):
Everybody, take a minute and just subscribe real quick, please please,
because I love you, Because I love you, just subscribe
real quick. Allow us to hit the goal that we
want to hit to night so we could be ready
for tomorrow show.

Speaker 5 (01:08:47):
Just do that for your boy. And the clock is sticking.
One minute, it's damn watch ain't even working.

Speaker 1 (01:08:55):
Mm hmm, yeah, hit the please hit either these things
too small in my ears, too big one of these too.
But we definitely not a match made it ever?

Speaker 2 (01:09:13):
All right?

Speaker 4 (01:09:13):
We we we we should we should we should we
should be we should be at that number, whatever that
goal was, we should be there. I can't see it
for myself. I can see it for myself, and we
should be there, asked, we should be there?

Speaker 1 (01:09:27):
We got one hundred new uh Ron asked, where can
I get a bottle of the Portier in Memphis or
Memphis metro area. I'm taking a trip to Tennessee soon
and want to support since it's not currently shipping to Michigan.

Speaker 5 (01:09:39):

Speaker 2 (01:09:41):
Uh, it's a lot of brown drinkers in the three
one three.

Speaker 5 (01:09:44):
I know that.

Speaker 2 (01:09:45):
Actually we tried to get to the three one three,
I'm not I'm not sure. Uh.

Speaker 1 (01:09:51):
Gloryala took all we had, so he glow up because
she got by two or street bottles.

Speaker 5 (01:09:57):

Speaker 1 (01:09:57):
Her and you came with your got it with with
her when she came and sat down with me for club.
So they took a couple of bottles with them, so
they got Uh. If you know, glow reala tiller to
hook you up. That's and that's how I show old Joe.

Thank you, Thank you for joining us again. Thank you
for joining us tonight for another episode of Nightcap. Please
make sure you hit that like button. Please make sure
you hit that subscribe button, and thank you for joining us.
I'm your favorite on Shatton Sharp. He's your favorite, Number
eighty five running wearing a Chase Jamar Chase Jersey.

Speaker 5 (01:10:38):
The greatest Bengal receiver they ever wear stripes.

Speaker 2 (01:10:42):
Let it be known, Let it be known, Let it
be known.

Speaker 1 (01:10:47):
Hey, he's mister Rail Risotto, Liberty Cities.

Speaker 4 (01:10:52):
On Bright Chris Brown Jansson, the greatest crumper to ever
come out of South Central.

Speaker 2 (01:10:59):
Yeah, all those things, ladies and gentlemen, that's him. That's him.

Speaker 1 (01:11:03):
Please make sure you subscribe to the Nightcap podcast feed.
You can listen to us to us through the Club
Shay Shape feed, but we greatly appreciate it if you
signed up and subscribe to the Nightcap podcast feed. Thank you,
guys for selling out Shave by La Portier. We're doing
everything that we can to make sure you get those
orders and we fulfill the shipment orders. So thank you
for having patience. But the orders will be there soon,

and please guys go out. Thursday is the last day
to vote for the Webby Awards. We are nominated. We
have two awards we are nominated for for the Club
Shay Shape, and one for Nightcap, which is best Sports Podcast.
That's the Webby we're nominated for. Nightcap is the Webby
for Best Sports Podcast. And we pend the link at

the top of the chat. So thank you for joining us.
We're back again tomorrow night We're out.
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