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April 11, 2024 40 mins

Shannon Sharpe and Gilbert Arenas break down the Lakers' loss to the Golden State Warriors and Bronny James' chances of becoming an NBA player.

1:30 Lakers fall to warriors
13:00 Scout projects Bronny to be next Patrick Beverley
35:20 What can people expect from Gil’s live show in LA?

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Speaker 1 (01:21):
The Lakers fell to the Warriors last night on Tuesday
night on the home floor at the Crypt. Yeah, somebody
told me that the Warrior's gonna make twenty six threes
and Draymond is gonna be five or five the first half.
Steph Curry is gonna be five or five or six
or six. Klay Thompson always shoots the lights out of

the building when he comes uh for the most part.
During this week's episode of mind Game podcast with Lebron
shares with JJ Reddick, he explained why it's so difficult
to guard Steph. He said, guarding step is uncomfortable, and
the problem with guys in our league, they're not comfortable
being uncomfortable. And that's why Stephan Golden State was all
will always be relevant because they play an uncomfortable style

of play. When ask if he hates the Warrior style
of play, Lebron responded, I hate it when you don't
have the personnel to match up.

Speaker 2 (02:10):
I hate it. No, No, that's facts. Right, Steph has
been a.

Speaker 4 (02:18):
Unique He's been a unique star that no one has
put the emphasis on. And that is his conditioning. In
this movie, we we have scud none. We have changed
the lead to mimic Golden State Warrior Steph Curry without

dissecting Steph Curry for who Steph Curry is.

Speaker 2 (02:44):
Yes, he can shoot the ball, that's not his skill.
His skill is he's very.

Speaker 4 (02:50):
Great moving without the ball in inpeckable shape.

Speaker 2 (02:54):
Right. That allows him to move and move like he.

Speaker 4 (03:00):
Has the Rip Hamilton mixed in with the Miller, the
Reggie Miller. Right, you have a guy who's moving one
hundred miles an hour all the time. So you if
you're not in shape his shape to keep up with him, right,
you are not comfortable guarding him. And the problem that

is the problem with him that he himself, by far
in the last ten years and then nine to nine
ten years, has been probably the most in shape basketball player.

Speaker 2 (03:37):
That's good.

Speaker 5 (03:39):
Yeah, Like his usage of running and moving without them
the ball is on another level and that is what
makes him great.

Speaker 1 (03:50):
And how do you keep because when we get tired,
we're not the same people. You don't can't you can't
run the route with the same ferocity. That's why when
guys run a couple of goals in the two minagery,
they tap the head and they come out and somebody
else comes in.

Speaker 2 (04:04):
He has to maintain that pace.

Speaker 1 (04:08):
And you know, he might start he might start at
the top, and then he'll go up under and then
he'll come through.

Speaker 2 (04:14):
He just weave his way through.

Speaker 1 (04:15):
I mean, he's in and out of traffic, and you
could never relax with him. The moment you relax is
that's when you get bit. It's kind of like playing
Steph curR is like being a snake handler. If you
ever relax, you get bit. You relax, he's gonna splash

your three in your eyes. And then when you try
to overplay him back door and then he lays the
ball up.

Speaker 2 (04:42):
So it's so hard to be right with him.

Speaker 1 (04:48):
And yeah, we've never seen we've never seen anything like him.
He's so great that they she's changed the way the
league plays. Everybody wants to find Steph Curry. Everybody wants
to find out they can launch up three and you
gotta sell you gotta sell them five guys.

Speaker 2 (05:01):
That shooting threes. Yeah, yeah, I can tell you right now.

Speaker 4 (05:04):
The problem with that is you're never gonna find another
step Courry because you.

Speaker 2 (05:07):
Rest too much.

Speaker 4 (05:08):
You got too many days off, right, he ain't taking
a day off.

Speaker 2 (05:11):
From uh from cardio.

Speaker 4 (05:13):
No. This reminds me of Steve Nash when we when
we had to guard Steve Nash the week before we
got to them, I was doing extra trademill stuff even
though we're gonna have three or four games before we
get into them, because I do it. Every time we scored,
he was gone. So for the most part, I'm always

in full speed. There was no walking the ball like
for me to get rest, I had to walk the
ball up right.

Speaker 2 (05:43):
I had to wrestle offense against Steve Nash.

Speaker 4 (05:46):
Right, that's the same thing with with with with with Kurby.
You have the rest on your offense because when he
has the ball, you're you're, you're, You're in full speed
the whole time.

Speaker 2 (05:56):
So and the problem is it's just not steph it's play.
Also Also that's the problem.

Speaker 1 (06:06):
I mean, if it's a pawn and it's like, you
know what, there's a gator in there. Okay, I see
the gate over there, but it's that damn, it's two
of them, two of them and that's the problem. And
then you had Kevin Durant. That's I mean, it was,
it was, it was, it was. I mean, it's just

it's just amazing. But I'm gonna just be honest with you.

Speaker 2 (06:32):
We ain't worry about them right now. Okay, we're not
worried about all they.

Speaker 4 (06:37):
Shotting and shooting that they did they timp spots.

Speaker 1 (06:40):
Steal yeah, yeah, we uh we didn't. They didn't have
it last night. De loc didn't have it going last night.
Lebron Lebron was what thirty three, eleven and seven played.
Prayed played really well. Uh Reeves played really well, but
we needed we need to deload and hit some of
them threes early to match, and every time they got

it close, they got it to four.

Speaker 2 (07:05):
And then GP GP the second he hit a couple.

Speaker 1 (07:10):
Uh Wiggins couldn't miss from three last night. You I've
been I can I can tell. I can tell the
way the game said when Draymond hit that's here we go.
I said, if Draymond hit the what the hell you
think Stephen Klay gonna do if he.

Speaker 2 (07:24):
Hit them like this is listen. I was hoping Phoenix lost.
I hope they have I was hoping they lost, but
they took that win on.

Speaker 4 (07:39):
And this is getting crunchy because Golden State got three games,
that Blazer's Pelicans Jazz, which bigger win, all those.

Speaker 2 (07:48):
They gonna they canna if they get Now.

Speaker 4 (07:50):
This is the problem, this is this is what's relicans. Okay,
this is what's good. If if New Orleans loses to
Golden they got to play Golden State and the Lakers.
If they lose the both of us, they can be

in the eight seed. Phoenix can go to the sixth seed.
We can get the seventh seed. We need to be
seventh seed. You need to win one game and you
in the playoffs. And and I think that's what's gonna
happen because because.

Speaker 2 (08:28):
New Orleans, New Orleans have what they got three more games?

Speaker 4 (08:31):
Yeah right, they got Golden State, Lakers and what the Grizzlies, right, yeah.

Speaker 1 (08:40):
The Lakers. The Lakers got the Grizzlies on Friday. We
got the grit we got so we got two games.
We got the Grizzlies and the Pelicans left. Where do
they play the Pelicans in New Orleans? They don't even matter.
We were smacking both of them. But they need to Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 4 (08:56):
We So what happens is if Golden States beats Great
is least.

Speaker 2 (09:06):
Who else plays again?

Speaker 4 (09:07):
Go to State has Grizzlies, we have If Grizzlies lose
two more games, they are no never mind because they
only got they only got thirty two losses and.

Speaker 1 (09:22):
The Lakers got thirty four right of thirty five. Huh
Lakers got what thirty four thirty five? We got thirty five? Yeah, yeah, yeah,
So they need to lose out. They need to lose out.

Speaker 4 (09:34):
But even if they get to the seventh spot, if
we can get to the sixth fot because Sacramento has
they got Sons and the Blazers.

Speaker 2 (09:42):
So they go one and one and we go too.
And oh they needed that. They needed one of those games.

Speaker 1 (09:50):
They either needed the game last night or the game
that AD went down in preferably. We were trying to
we're trying to get out of Denvisie. I'm so we're
trying to get out of them. Aside, you mess righting,
you mess right to be out of the NBA. I
you'll be out to you be out to play here,
play out. We can't get out to play it. We
we were good, we solid, everybody, everybody to play in

solid uh NBA Scouts project Bronnie James to be a
Patrick Beverley two point zero according to the latest project
projection from Scouts, Brownie upside compared to veterans like Patrick
Beverly and other small defensive oriented guards. The ringer said
James project as more of a disruptor. Comparison is like
beads of Patrick by Beverly, Devion Mitchell, Norris Cole. Beverly

has had long had the longest career of the three
because he's the best shooter of thirty three point shooter
from three, but all three were respectable defenders. Brownie will
follow in their footsteps to catch on on with a
winning team.

Speaker 2 (10:49):
What you think? What do you? What do you?

Speaker 1 (10:50):
What do you think? What's his what's his upside? What's
the best Brownie can be?

Speaker 4 (10:59):
Oh, it's difficult because he has a Westbrook engine right,
so he has a forty three inch vert. He has
all the fast touched muscles, so he has Westbrook's engine
in him right. He uses a very defense. He can
pass the ball, he has great vision. He knows how
to plays very unselfish, which he's too unselfish. He can

hit the shot didn't didn't shoot very well and in
college so far. But when when he turns it on,
he turns it on, he can be He can be
a more explosive Drew Holiday type of player.

Speaker 2 (11:44):
Okay, right, Patrick Beverley is defense. Patrick Beverley was a score.

Speaker 4 (11:47):
But Patrick Bedley didn't have the the the physical tools
to be a be a good offensive player right in
at the NBA level.

Speaker 2 (11:56):
I mean, he averaged thirty seven in high school.

Speaker 4 (11:58):
But uh, to be a guy you can get like
you're there's gonna be times where.

Speaker 2 (12:04):
You get a switch on Ronnie. Ronnie's taking it to
the basket right, and he can jump.

Speaker 4 (12:11):
So he's not offensively minded, but he has the tools.
So the people he named the people they name that
he can his game is after He's way more athletic
and skilled than those guys.

Speaker 1 (12:26):
Okay, So you think he'll be a first round, late
first round pick this year or is he going back
to school?

Speaker 4 (12:37):
I think it's one of those things where you test it, right,
this is the advantage. This is the advantage that we
these kids have today. I'm going back to school, but
I get to test it now. If I test it
and ace to test, I'm saying, I'm staying in the draft. Right,
There's been guys that they were projected late first the matrix, right,

Sean Mariy late first round, had a standout workout lottery right, right,
he had he went from late first to a lottery pick.
So you know, he goes out there and he starts
showing that his real attribute.

Speaker 2 (13:19):
You start putting him against other players that's.

Speaker 4 (13:21):
Supposed to be drafted in the first round, right, and
he can put himself against some of those guys and
he's ding up and getting to the basket. He can
shoot in the draft. But for the most part, you
go and test the waters. You go back to school.
You got Musclming coming in. Offensively minded guy, plays four guards,
up tempo, shoot a lot of threes, probably put some

more offense into his mind, where, hey, I need you
to be more selfish, right, I need you to selfish
And let him average about anywhere from ten to sixteen
next year and then into the draft.

Speaker 1 (14:03):
Russell Westbrook says he's the best NBA's bench player. He said,
ain't nobody better than me coming off the bench, and
this league Russ Preus provided. Russ has provided eleven point
per game five rebounds and a little under five assists,
often providing the spark off the bench with his energy,
attacking and aggression and playmaking. Is Russell Westbrook the best

player off the bench this season?

Speaker 4 (14:29):
Okay, well, okay, you have to put it in the
context that he is putting it in right.

Speaker 1 (14:37):
First, he's the most you know, he's the most accomplished
player coming off the bench. He's not better this year
than Malik Monk coming off the bench.

Speaker 4 (14:44):
But but he don't have Milik Monk's time. You give
him Elik Monk's time, He's gonna be better than Milik Monk.

Speaker 2 (14:50):
That's what he's that's the energy's saying.

Speaker 4 (14:53):
You know right now, with the time he has and
the team he has, he's averaging eleven four and five.

Speaker 2 (14:58):
That is not Westbrook, right right?

Speaker 1 (15:01):
I mean yeah, with the number that but for the
amount of time that he's getting, I mean he's got
decent numbers.

Speaker 2 (15:06):
Yeah, So you know.

Speaker 4 (15:07):
The Westbrook that he's saying that I got, I got
three other Hall of Famers playing.

Speaker 2 (15:12):
I have to sacrifice.

Speaker 4 (15:13):
You put me on the bench, you give me bench
time with the elite guys who's getting bench time?

Speaker 2 (15:19):
Oh I'm blowing in numbers out of the way.

Speaker 4 (15:20):
I'm age eighteen seven and seven and stuff like that,
So I understand where he's coming from.

Speaker 2 (15:25):
Where he's coming from.

Speaker 4 (15:26):
When it comes to this game of basketball, and we
talking about going out there playing, Ain't nobody coming off
this bench.

Speaker 2 (15:34):
Better than me? Right? Yeah, playing twenty two minutes.

Speaker 4 (15:38):
But I'm playing twenty two minutes because I got James Harden,
I got Paul George and Kawhi in.

Speaker 2 (15:45):
Front of me, right, That's who I got in front
of me.

Speaker 1 (15:47):
I don't him with Norman Powell might be better than he is.
Right now, do you know how many minutes Norman Power
you to night?

Speaker 4 (15:53):
But but but Norman Power is supposed to score. My
job being to score. My job is to give Norman
powder ball. I'm spoking, I'm giving him the ball. That's
why he looks good. But if you want me to
go out there and get you a twenty and cut
everybody off, yeah, we might not win shit.

Speaker 1 (16:10):
Yeah, show you what I got to take twenty six.
Norman Power averages twenty six minutes a game. Maya, I
don't think Russ is that? What is Russ?

Speaker 4 (16:20):
Russ might be like eighty twenty two twenty two. Yeah,
what is malikue Monk? I mean, Monk might be at
like twenty eight. I got to be a twenty eight.
I mean it don't look like minutes a league Monk player.
Malague was balling for he tweet that knee. I mean,
he was going crazy. He was gonna win it. And

I still believe he will win six Man of the Year.
I think he's done enough. Milik is the only.

Speaker 1 (16:49):
Average twenty six minutes a night only only, but you're
the go to guy.

Speaker 2 (16:54):
Yes, it was a good but that's what I'm saying.

Speaker 4 (16:56):
There's a difference Malik coming in as a go to
score or Russ book is I'm running the team.

Speaker 2 (17:04):
But two different jobs. You know, it's two different jobs. Yeah,
that has to do different things.

Speaker 1 (17:10):
But I think Russ in his role, uh does a
great job. Malik in his role. I hated to see
Malik go, Damn. I wanted to Kim stay with the Lakers.
Can you imagine him coming off the bench with the Lakers.

Speaker 4 (17:22):
But then that's who we need, That's what we need
off the bench right now.

Speaker 2 (17:26):
Who I mean we we.

Speaker 1 (17:29):
Normally we had we had good production with Ruin coming
off the bench, but now the guy that was started
in front of the road was so bad we had
to put Ruige to the starting lineup. Oh man, I
can't wait that Christian Woods put that Damn.

Speaker 2 (17:45):
I can't wait till he get back. Are you coming
back this year?

Speaker 4 (17:50):
I think he's still I think he's still in Porto Ranch,
stuck at the girls house, still trying to find himself.

Speaker 1 (17:54):
Oh yeah, you don't. Jumped the fence and got it
tired and flat. The man put him on, put him on, float,
put him on.

Speaker 4 (18:01):
I don't trust the dude who don't know how to
serve a person where you know where she lived. She
knew how to jump your damn gate and take your
license plate off, but you don't know to serve her
with no papers.

Speaker 2 (18:12):
Come on, doll, Yeah man, y'all did I mean come on?

Speaker 4 (18:17):
She em?

Speaker 2 (18:19):
How about this way? As she jump your gate? Got
you're looking at the wrong house. Stop looking at her house.
Look at your house. She's somewhere high in your garage. Damn,
but I can't find look look on your cabin.

Speaker 1 (18:34):
But they got to they got a kid together, right, Yeah,
and so yeah, I think a lot of that has
to do.

Speaker 2 (18:40):
I don't you know, I don't want to be the.

Speaker 4 (18:43):
One to put put my put my kids mom in jail.
And I you know, I mean, I really, I mean sometimes,
you know, sometimes you have to do what you have
to do.

Speaker 2 (18:54):
But I was always conscious of that.

Speaker 1 (18:55):
Now I'm not so sure it was always reciprocated, but
you know, I'm very I was very conscious of, like,
damn that my kid was gonna grow up, go grow up.
Was they're like, my dad put my mom and had
my mom put in jail. I had my mom arrested,
and I did. I didn't want that. I didn't want
that on my conscious. But I also, you know, jumping

the man fancy scratching his car and not doing all
kind of poolicees next time out for that.

Speaker 2 (19:28):
Don't don't be don't don't don't be that.

Speaker 4 (19:31):
You know what the problem is with that, We have
a conscience when it comes to in the court said this,
they said, they're starting to lean to the less of
the two evils, and the less of the two evils
is the man.

Speaker 2 (19:50):
Usually, when the man is coming.

Speaker 4 (19:52):
To court, he's fighting for fifty to fifty mm. When
the woman is coming to court, she's fighting for old custody.
One every single time right, So the less of the
two evils is the person who wants to have a
fifty to fifty. So with that, so with the two mindsets,

that's a different playbook.

Speaker 2 (20:14):
Right. Your job as the woman, you're trying.

Speaker 4 (20:17):
To put me in jail so you can get full custody,
that is right, as long as I am unfit. You
So your job is to find me unfit, to find
out what kind of dirt to try to make me
go crazy so you can get the full custody because
the full custom comes with a better check.

Speaker 2 (20:36):
Yeah. Right, So there's things.

Speaker 4 (20:38):
As men, we're not going to cross those lines because
we do have a conscience.

Speaker 2 (20:45):

Speaker 4 (20:46):
I just like even men who won full custody, right right,
the ones who won full they still gave back some Yeah,
because I mean shit full cousin just took away to pay.
I'm not trying to take your responsibility away, right right,
You're trying to take the responsibility and the money.

Speaker 2 (21:06):
Like that. Okay, you can get the money, like I
do you get the money? Can I? Now? Can I
be the father? Yeah? That's the thing.

Speaker 1 (21:14):
I mean you have to let I think the thing
is gila, Like you know, you when you're young and
you know, are you arguing? Are you arguing? Are you
disagreeing to be right or to do right? Because if
we're trying to make a city, if we're trying, if

you're trying to be right, it ain't gonna because sometimes,
you know, you get to say your head. I just
want to be right. Are you arguing to be right
or arguing for right? Those are two different things. Now, Gila,
I don't think that.

Speaker 2 (21:53):
Listen, well, I can only.

Speaker 4 (21:57):
Speak for myself, and I think for the most part
the course are starting to really understand that the men want.

Speaker 2 (22:07):
To do right.

Speaker 4 (22:08):
All men for the most part, want to be in
their children's lives.

Speaker 2 (22:14):
They just don't want to deal with what comes the
other side of it.

Speaker 1 (22:18):
But it shouldn't cost me for it shouldn't cost me ten, fifteen,
twenty thirty thousand a month to be.

Speaker 2 (22:23):
In my child's life.

Speaker 1 (22:24):
Now, I ain't got no problem paying if you can
show me, say well, Shannon, baby formula costs fifteen thousand
a month, okay, and parables is another twenty another twenty
five miles a month. This is why I need forty
five dollars for the key. Okay, boom, I come on.

Speaker 2 (22:41):
Now, I was in.

Speaker 4 (22:42):
I was in, I was in, I was in court,
and we were doing family the family therapists, and and
I said, this is not a this is not a
parenting issue.

Speaker 2 (22:58):
This is a money issue.

Speaker 4 (22:59):
I said, all these women and men in here, this
is a fight about money.

Speaker 2 (23:06):
This is not a fight about parenting.

Speaker 4 (23:07):
If you took money out of the equation and said, hey,
why can't this person take care of their kids, they
don't have an answer for you. The excuses is coming
because there's a money attached to it. Take the money
away from this, this fatherhood.

Speaker 2 (23:25):
You take the money away from it and say let's
be parents. There wouldn't be no argument because I was
a great parent when we was together. Now all of
a sudden, now yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right, yea.

Speaker 4 (23:37):
Right out of garantee, because I can tell you for
one thing, if you give the man the kids, he
ain't gonna be asking you for no money. He's not
gonna be sitting there trying to put you on child
support and do all this stuff. You don't even exist
in this this moment. You want to see your children. Okay,

Other than that, we can get a n name, can
get it made. Our mother's gonna do that we have
health when you have the children, you're taking us to
court four responsibilities because obviously you can't do it on
your own.

Speaker 2 (24:11):
And that used to be my argument. Well, if she can't.

Speaker 4 (24:14):
Take care of the kids and she needs my money,
won't you give the kids to me?

Speaker 2 (24:19):
I don't need her money. It's easy like that.

Speaker 4 (24:25):
If the person who can take care of the kids
without the other person should be primary.

Speaker 1 (24:33):
Right, and then they normally give that, they normally give that,
normally give they normally give that to the woman.

Speaker 4 (24:39):
Now, yeah, you're taking my money to make her primary. Shit,
don't take my money to make her if she can't
sell it. If you can't take care of the kids
by yourself, then give it to the parent who can
and then you go from there.

Speaker 2 (24:58):
That's yeah. But once once it becalled a pocket book. Yeah,
well we're gonna lose. That's a fight.

Speaker 4 (25:07):
There's always a fight over money. That's the fight. Is
not about the responsibility of the kids. It's the fight
about the money of it. If you take money out
of it, you too child support out of trust me,
there's gonna be some dead beats out there, right for sure.
Out there for sure, But for the most part you

would get it right when you take out the money.

Speaker 1 (25:32):
Yeah, I may everybody. Everybody knows me. I got a
big heart. I ain't got no problem with the money
because I can go make some more of that. Just
show just show me where the kid needs this, and
we got it.

Speaker 2 (25:44):
Don't show me. Hey, hey, bring them over here. Do
you know what I'm saying?

Speaker 1 (25:48):
Hey, because I'm look, I can get Look, I had
a team. I had a teamate of mind that that
he and this I think girlfriend of something broke up
and he got the kids and you know, he got
a nanny, go to work, he comes football practice, and
he did everything that he needed to do and he
you know, he go pick it up, pick picked the
child up.

Speaker 2 (26:09):
Hey, I get it. I ain't got no problem.

Speaker 1 (26:12):
Like I said, I ain't never had a problem responsibility,
and I'll pay whatever I need to pay whatever. First
of all, I went up to Jodge say I'm gonna
pay anyway. I ain't find the key, and keep going
back and forth. But you know, sometimes, you know it
was just like I said, we were both we were young,
and you know, everybody wanted to be right, and you
know it was and so I was just like, man,
you know what, And I said, because at the end

of the year. You know what I said, At the
end of the day, two people lose two, I said,
at the end of the day, it is way back
just I said. The only person that's leaving this courtroom
a millionaire's me. I'm the only one.

Speaker 2 (26:52):
What we keep going, making this, making this, giving this
guy all this money. I can be putting this away
for the kids. What's your need?

Speaker 1 (27:01):
What's what's gonna make you happy? What's realize? I say,
What's what's gonna make you happy? Let's get out of here.
I'm done because people don't I mean, I don't know
if anybody out there know, but when I when you
go to court as the man, as the man me
and our situation, we gotta play for hard turney two.

Speaker 2 (27:17):
So he don't he want to keep he or she
wants to keep it going.

Speaker 1 (27:21):
Those billable hours are going to somebody they no campaign.

Speaker 2 (27:25):
Yep, And that's that's that's the problem with the fight,
right when you have zero.

Speaker 4 (27:36):
And don't matter what you're fighting for because you gonna
get something. It's no different than divorce, right, Right, if
a man has one hundred million and you getting fifty
percent you don't realize if you take the lump sum
after the fifty you only get twenty five.

Speaker 2 (27:53):
You don't care about the twenty five because you got
twenty five. Molde in your hat.

Speaker 4 (27:56):
Anyway, as long as you get what h what you
didn't have. I got twenty five million more than I
had before. I don't give a shit if the government
took twenty five, I don't give it. What if you
give me too, it was too more than he was
gonna give me.

Speaker 2 (28:14):
Get it to me.

Speaker 4 (28:17):
They don't care about how much you spending. As long
as they get some of it, that's all that matters.

Speaker 2 (28:26):
I was just young. I'm glad.

Speaker 1 (28:27):
I'm glad we were all labored to come together and
and have a great relationship. I had to soften because
I just felt like, I don't like to be taking
advantage of I don't and because I'm gonna give you,
but I don't. I don't want you.

Speaker 2 (28:45):
I don't.

Speaker 1 (28:45):
I don't like feeling take advantage of, taking advantage of
difference used okay, but don't take advantage of me man,
because I'm gonna give you because I want my child
to have and and.

Speaker 2 (29:01):
You have the child.

Speaker 1 (29:02):
So I don't want my child liberal this quality conditions,
So I'm gonna make sure.

Speaker 2 (29:06):
But come on, now, let's be reasonable. Mm hmm. I
wanted to that lifestyle.

Speaker 4 (29:13):
They wanted the lifestyle they had, but you can't, you know,
that's just the way that Yeah.

Speaker 1 (29:23):
So but it was good. We're great. I called and
check on them. I always had, you know, I call
and check on to make sure, you know, happy Mother's Day.
You know, you know, I don't remember hell, I don't
remember no birthdays. Hell, I barely can remember own. Yeah,
I don't know. I don't do that. My brother, my brother,

my sisters, my kids. That's that's about. That's about all
my mom. That's about all I got. And granted because
it's always falls around, but it's made the twelve. I
can always, I always, I always remember that one. But man,
but hey, we raised I got three great kids. My
daughter graduating mad school, uh my son, I'm I'm a grandpa,

and uh my oldest man.

Speaker 2 (30:09):
I ain't think we're gonna be here though, Gil.

Speaker 1 (30:11):
I ain't think we're gonna be here the way we
started out, it is started out good, but we ended
on a good note.

Speaker 2 (30:16):
We ended on a good note. It started off good,
let's start off good. And it started off good, but.

Speaker 1 (30:20):
We ended on a good end, a good and at
the end of the day, give us what it comes
down to. So uh we we we're great. Now we
have a relationship. We can pick up the phone and
call uh. And I think that's what it should be.
And you know, for the kids, especially as as the
kids started to get older and they could comprehend, like
what we what were we arguing about? I mean, and

for me, it just got to the point, yeah, look,
if this is gonna if this is what's gonna make
you happy, ain't gonna keep you know, keep you from
I'm having to pay because sometimes you hey, you paid
ten to keep them paying twenty mm hmm yeah, even
though you even though you know, bros, take it, take it.

And so now you know, the kids like hey. But
I think the thing is they did a great job.
I'll be I'll be I'll be pissed if my kids,
if my kids didn't turn out to will that they
did all the money I had to pork over. But
they did a great job. They did a great job.
And I think the thing is that they explained to
the kids that look, the lifestyle that you do enjoy

is because your daddy is so focused in doing what
he does. And as they got older, they really understood.
They really understand now because they're adults and they gotta
work and they gotta pay you a mortgage and they
gotta pay a card note and they gotta and they
gotta do all that thing. They're like, well, damn, daddy,
you did all of that. You did all of that,

and you took care of Aunt Libby, and you took care.

Speaker 2 (31:54):
Of granted, and you took great Grandma Mary Dixon. Wow, daddy.
We yeah, yeah, your daddy did all that.

Speaker 1 (32:03):
And now you know, especially when they you know, because
my oldest came out here when I have my second surgery,
she told my sister, well, I'm gonna take I want
to take care of that.

Speaker 2 (32:11):
So and she see like, damn, like had to help me.

Speaker 1 (32:17):
You had to help me, you know, bathe me and
get me up and do things like that and made
sure I was walking.

Speaker 2 (32:23):
And you know, she was like, who daddy.

Speaker 1 (32:28):
Now, it's like now you she had They have an
appreciation because they see how they daddy get around because
they saw they saw I was so active Gil and
you know, I'm still active for the every fifty six
year old. But considering what I was into what I
am now and how I get around, and you know,
I don't move like I was. You know, I don't
move like I was dead. They have a greater appreciation.

The told that what I did took on my body
so I can provide to make sure they have. And
I tell people now, they're like, well, she, I mean,
you got what are you working for? I said, trying
to secure four generations. Oh, I'm trying to secure four generations.
I want I want to get four generations ahead. Start now.
I don't know about the field, the field generations. I

don't know what y'all gonna have, but I'm gonna make
sure four of them. I'mnna make sure my grandson, his son,
his son, they gonna be straight gilt.

Speaker 2 (33:21):
Now out of that. After that, Hey, hey.

Speaker 1 (33:27):
My daughter, if they have they have a family, I'm
gonna make sure I get four.

Speaker 2 (33:34):
I'm gonna knock four.

Speaker 1 (33:35):
Of them out the way, so fur I'm gonna have
a great eight.

Speaker 2 (33:39):
Hey, they between third and Home.

Speaker 1 (33:41):
Ain't gonna gonna make They ain't gonna be standing on
home they Hey, they ain't gonna stand at home plate
but they gonna be between third and home plate guilt.

Speaker 2 (33:48):
I'm just sitting there. Hey, hey, anything a popfly? Hey anything?
You should make a home standing up. You ain't even
gotta slide in the home. So that's that's it. That's
what I do. Whatever that, and so I will make
sure they're straight. Check this out.

Speaker 1 (34:03):
Gil's Arena is live this Saturday, April fourteenth, at six
pm at al Ray Theater in Hollywood.

Speaker 2 (34:09):
That's right.

Speaker 1 (34:10):
Gil's Arena is live this Sunday, April fourteenth, at six
pm at the l Ray Theater in Hollywood. Tickets are
still available. What can fans expect Gil from the show?

Speaker 2 (34:23):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (34:28):
You know, it's it's it's it's live, you know what
I mean, So you expect anything.

Speaker 2 (34:32):
You know. We got a wild cast. We gotta we
got a wild cast. You know.

Speaker 4 (34:35):
We got special guests coming through that's gonna pop in
and pop out.

Speaker 2 (34:39):
So I just I got, I got my hats came in.
My hats came in. So I'm gonna be signing aut
the graphs.

Speaker 4 (34:46):
But uh, it's our spirit but live.

Speaker 2 (34:50):
We bringing our whole couch set. So we were bringing
the couch set. We're trying to get the jumbo trying
out there.

Speaker 6 (34:56):
We're trying to make him really feel lively that to
give that real experience of you know how it is
inside the uh inside the arena downstairs.

Speaker 2 (35:07):
Right, that's what you're doing Sunday. Oh y'all got your show?
You might go there?

Speaker 1 (35:18):
Yeah about Hey look here the next what the next
two months? The next two months about to be real,
real crazy for the night and the Nightcap crew, the
Share the Shatter Sharp crew. Oh you got that working
huh yeah yeah, oh yeah, we we we we getting
a lot of work in We were busy over here.

Speaker 2 (35:38):
Uh I just got back. Huh yeah, we go keep that.
We'll keep that wig wigle week huh later, as we
get as we get closer, As we get closer, you
can't keep anything a secret. You asked you that one
kid that tell the other kid.

Speaker 1 (35:58):
You know we got for Christmas? But uh, now, man,
that's unbelievable. You'll have a lot. Have you guys ever
did a live show before the first live show? Yeah,
they're they're different. You could feel you know, I mean,
the audience, the presence. Uh, you get instant you get
instant gratification. Although when you see it on the chat.

You see the emojis and and the people like that,
but they hear the oohs and ah, the laughter, the
you know that comes along with that. It's it's a
great feeling. It's a great feeling. I really love the law.
I love the live shows. I used to love when
we're undisputed and we're now were first take to go

to Savannah State, to go to Winston Salem to be
on location for the for the Super Bowl, although it
was calling so it was kind of like secluded. Uh
and what we what we in the National Championship Game?

Speaker 2 (36:52):
We was in? Yeah, super Bowl? Yeah that's I love that.

Speaker 1 (36:57):
And so we're looking to do a couple of those
before we start before the season cranks back up. So
that's something Nightcap is looking forward to. Maybe we even
take Nightcap to a nature bc U.

Speaker 4 (37:12):
Hey man, okay, look, okay, listen, Nightcap has to have
a certain time.

Speaker 2 (37:17):
You had me listen, I'm.

Speaker 4 (37:21):
Sitting here waiting for you, like you know them girls
were waiting for the Uber driver.

Speaker 2 (37:25):
Huh, I'm cad.

Speaker 1 (37:31):
Well, I thought, but I was like, man, you know
what I said, it needs some important game because normally
we go at seven unless it's a big But I
thought I thought Minnesota, and and and and and Denver,
with so much riding on it, I thought that I
thought it would I thought it was important, but I mean,
I mean, now it's about to be the playoffs, So
ain't tell her what type of the game gona be
gonna be coming on, right, You're right, You're right, You're right.

So uh, thank you guys, guys. We really appreciate you,
guys standing up late. We know we came on a
little later than nor but we thank you guys for
staying up and watch it and stands and supporting us.
Please make sure you hit that light button, make sure
you hit that subscribe button, because that's the way we grow.
And hey, heeded on over the Apple podcasts and leave
a comment because that's one of the reasons. That's another

way we can grow, is that you give us feedback
and let us know what we're doing well, what we
can do better, because.

Speaker 2 (38:21):
It's all about improvement.

Speaker 1 (38:22):
It's all about adapting and getting better at a particular thing,
and that's what we want to do. Thank you for
joining us for another episode of Nightcap. I'm your favorite unk,
Shannon Sharp, He's your favorite number zero, Arizona Wildcat, Legend
Wizard Great California's own Gilbe Arenas. Please make sure you
subscribe to the Nightcap podcast feed. You can listen to

us through the Club Shay Shape feed, but we would
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Shae by Laportier. We're taking pre orders only have something
very interesting to show you guys tomorrow. Also like and
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a show that airs every Monday through Thursday live at
eleven thirty am. That's Gills Arenal Gills Arena channel on
YouTube and it show airs live every Monday through Thursday

at eleven thirty am Pacific. He also has a personal
YouTube page and it's called No Chill Gill. Give with
Arenas personal YouTube page, No Chill Gill and Sunday Night
make sure I get this right Sunday night at six
pm at the l Ray Theater in Hollywood Gilbert Arena.
Gil's Arena is live. Tickets are still available and it's

gonna be a blast. Thank you again for joining us.
I'm your favorite on Channel sharp. He's giving arenas were
Thank you, geez,
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