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April 16, 2024 24 mins

Bubba Dub locks in for the second episode of The Bubba Dub Show. After the Indiana Fever selected Iowa basketball superstar Caitlin Clark with the No. 1 Overall pick in the WNBA Draft, Bubba draws a comparison between Clark and former Indianapolis Colts Hall-of-Fame QB Peyton Manning (2:00). Plus, Bubba previews the NBA’s play-in game matchups between the Lakers and Pelicans (4:00) and the Warriors vs. Kings (7:15) in addition to talking about Bronny James as an NBA prospect (18:45_, and some of the NFL’s biggest offseason storylines (21:30).

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
I'm back. Y'all thought I was lying. I'm back.

Speaker 2 (00:11):
I thought y'all thought I was lying.

Speaker 1 (00:12):
I told y'all I'm every day.

Speaker 2 (00:14):
Y'all gonna be seeing me every day, and you know
I'm starting to show out just like this, hit the
light button, hit the subscribe button. I ain't saying me
and me thought I until you hit that light button,
until you hit that subscribe button over her on the
bubble Dub show at the volume. Every day, I'm dropping
number heat, squab bittings, number heat today.

Speaker 1 (00:35):
You normally starting to show off with the w NBA.

Speaker 2 (00:37):
I know y'all seen Kaitlin Adams Apple Clark last night
went to the Indiana Fever. I'm just playing. I know
she's a lady. Love Caitlin Clark. She's the Steph Curry
of the w NBA. What she will be. I feel
like she's gonna go out and do great things this year,
but personally her going to Indiana, I think she's gonna
be a female Peyton manning of Indiana like she finger

creates how many jobs for the US figure of indianga
nowtown by her coming in, I feel like she changed,
She helped change the game of women basketball, especially in college.
If you asked me, uh, the videoship went up. Everybody
to king in watching she from our ain't nothing in
the hour. I ain't gonna mother and thing in hour.
But Caitlin Apple Clark, she was over there doing a

great thing, ball out, giving people hope, shooting the threes
from the logo because I can't even shoot them, damn
for they be real. I can't hoop on trash's hell.
But with all that being said, she went to the
indianga fever. Uh, Chicago's guy got Angela resee they got
the crdosal girl over there too tall mother, because if

you ask me two mountains, I climbed the mouse too,
I ain't.

Speaker 1 (01:44):
Boy show you. She'd tell them to call me. I
climb them. Goddamn I climb myke mynd everage to Neil.

Speaker 2 (01:49):
But shout out to Angela res Cordosa dom the same team.

Speaker 1 (01:52):
They're gonna get all the rebounds.

Speaker 2 (01:54):
And they asked me whether my thoughts moving forward to
for the WNBA, what you know we're.

Speaker 1 (01:59):
Got think it would look like. I think it's gonna
be great.

Speaker 2 (02:01):
I think the more viewership they get, the more mugget
that's gonna be coming in and the you use that
money that's generated to pay you women more money than
what they paying them. I think Caitlin clark first year
contract is gonna be seventy six thousand dollars. Trash the
hell she gonna do what setting is six thousand dollars.

Speaker 1 (02:21):
But that's when Dorsum has come in. Come in.

Speaker 2 (02:24):
I'm pretty sure everybody's gonna sign and sign them to
some kind of deals.

Speaker 1 (02:27):
But the w NBA, y'all have to do better with
the pay whether.

Speaker 2 (02:31):
Like I said before, I feel like the big time
after least like the Lebron's, the Steph Curries, the Michael
Jordans and et cetera, sacks should baggy teams are getting
involved in it and make it go up and make
it better than what it is today. So yeah, that's
my take on the w NBA and words headed is
gonna be better than it's ever been. So I'm super

excited about that, coming from a guy who has two
young girls, so you know it, it gives me hope,
it gives them hope, and it just gonna double ye. Hey,
it's gonna be in a better place. And if I'm
if I was kailing me too, just being honest. I
done went to Ice Cuoby and got that goddamn five
million shit. I ain't even no five million, no goddamn table,
five million, seventy six thousand dollars.

Speaker 1 (03:12):
You see what Prime Time deal with jazz shoe by
think of.

Speaker 2 (03:15):
Forger take five hundred thousand dollars a year and then
and they want to give me six million.

Speaker 1 (03:20):

Speaker 2 (03:20):
I love my own damn mama down there in Jackson,
stay shit, just letting you know right now, man, it's
all about the money.

Speaker 1 (03:27):
Damn. I told y'all that about the man now.

Speaker 2 (03:30):
I just playing shout to coach Brian Coliago, better win
this year too.

Speaker 1 (03:33):
I ain't bullshit with you. Coach Fryan, better win this
year too.

Speaker 2 (03:36):
Got I got Cayl O'Connor, goddamn bitch going on with
the Buffalo this year.

Speaker 1 (03:41):
Believe that.

Speaker 2 (03:42):
But God, stay tuned, Hit the light buddon, hit the
describe button. This is what we're doing over on the
Bubble Dup show Daily. Yeah it's a daily show.

Speaker 1 (03:49):
Yeah daily.

Speaker 2 (03:49):
That mean you gonna see me daily. Stay tuned. Y'all
already know what tonight is. Lakers Pelicans. Yeah, they told
z you on you can't Eagle goddamn mustard seed today,
So everybody know what zay you and e he swelled
up like he got fluid on his goddamn face. But
let me get say this though, but match up to
night gonna be crazy, Yes, don't be crazy because everybody.

Speaker 1 (04:09):
Don't know how it's gonna play out.

Speaker 2 (04:11):
I really don't know, but I'm just hoping the Lakers
come out and just stump stump the Pelicans early, like,
go ahead, get the game over with in the second quarter,
third and fourth quarter. Dang, we even play as starggers.
They gonna go on and get ready for the playoff.
But it's donna star war, Aggie. I don't want to
hurt your goddamn back. Hurt yo, I hurt your knees hurt.
I don't want to hear none of that shit. If
all that shit hurting you, go.

Speaker 1 (04:32):
And get that. I see hot shit, shap got Rubert
all over your damn bog until you can't even you
just burning everywhere.

Speaker 2 (04:38):
That's what you're gonna have to do, Eggie, because we're
gonna need jazz tonight. You're playing against your old team,
the Pelicans, that's who drafted you.

Speaker 1 (04:44):
So I'm tonight.

Speaker 2 (04:46):
I'm expecting least thirty five and fifteen from you to night.
Lebrun came out last game looking like magic. I don't
want to see magic tonight. I want see MJ. I
want you shooting that motherfucker thirty times tonight. Damnseelo Russell.
This ain't no time to be mess say turning the
ball over, because your ass turn the.

Speaker 1 (05:02):
Ball over, You're gonna be right over who.

Speaker 2 (05:04):
I met on the damn bench. That's how you got
to coach them team Dormenham. Now put your hands in
your pockets. Fam you gonna you got a tech. I
ain't never seen dormen Ham y'all get a tech all
day longest walking around with his head down, hands in
the pocket. Then you ain't coaching shit. And every time
you do drop or play Lebron veto, it couldn't be me.

Speaker 1 (05:23):
I don't give it that. If you hear Lebron Jaymings,
come me on the holl that you found you see
this play, yes, sir?

Speaker 2 (05:28):
When you damn so better run it that what real
coaches do you think? Lebron's ams a veto gred popavinch
Hell no.

Speaker 1 (05:34):
Why time out? Come on, Come on, shit right here.

Speaker 2 (05:38):
That what coaches do. Coaches coaching players play. I know
Lebron got a brilliant brain.

Speaker 1 (05:43):
I know this. I know he got a brilliant brain.
But this is my goddamn team. Fam you got one
or two year left and then you gone gone.

Speaker 2 (05:49):
I was on your own team. Well I'm gonna be here.
Get your ass over it and get in line. Matter
of fact, give me some updowns. Keep turning the ball over.
Come down court. You'll have four turnovers in the road,
last last game. Bring your ass you.

Speaker 1 (06:01):
No brun Come on and I'll pulling up that took
a rap. The shit gonna battles. You want another one?

Speaker 2 (06:06):
You're gonna stop turning the ball over the way you
turning it over? Yeah, bad bogging languge. When you turn
the ball over, you're throwing your hands up. You ain't
getting back on defense. You got young players on this team.
They're watching you. If you do what, they gonna do it.
So lead by example. Now switching over to the Pelicans,
Zion goall. C J McCullum over, girl. You got brandon
Ingram just came back from an injury.

Speaker 1 (06:26):
A young team. They growing, It's just not their year.

Speaker 2 (06:29):
Shot out to Willie Green, the black coach over there
doing a phenomenal job.

Speaker 1 (06:33):
But uh, we're on a mission. Fam.

Speaker 2 (06:35):
I'm sorry to tell you that even if y'all winning
this game, mister Laker, it's not gonna ingle Dan.

Speaker 1 (06:40):
Ye ain'tnna win no championship. You know what I'm saying.
You ain't gonna win a damn thing.

Speaker 2 (06:43):
So with all that being said, Laker's gonna come out
the night, stump the shit out the Pelicans, and get
ready for the Denver McDonald Nuggets.

Speaker 1 (06:50):
Yeah, that's what I'm gonna see.

Speaker 2 (06:51):
Because y'all swapped us last year, you ain't gonna do
it this year. I'm gonna say this right now. If
the Lakers play deal for Nuggets in the first round,
if we go in there and steal game one, that
shit over that's how wein't even won in Denver.

Speaker 1 (07:06):
Ain't nothing in Dinvi but weed. That's it. Ain't nothing
else up, But we ain't even snow that shit. Don't mix.

Speaker 2 (07:12):
Let La come town and get game one. Y'all can
cancel Christmas. I promise you that. Then you got Golden State.
They got Curve, May got Curvey, they got Clay, they
got the Silver backed Draymond Green over there. They got
Andrew Wiggins over there. They got old lad Broke down
State from CP three over them. They playing against the
Sacramento Kings. Now gonna forget Sacramento Kings lost a six

Man of the Year.

Speaker 1 (07:35):
Malik Monk I spelled, I smelled Trump.

Speaker 2 (07:38):
I'm thinking Golden State gonna go to Sacramento tonight and
win bout fifteen.

Speaker 1 (07:44):
I'm just being uner.

Speaker 2 (07:44):
I think they gonna go and win by fifteen. That's
my thoughts with the Golden State Warrior, Like, I think
dray Mond need to come my first quarter, put his
elbow on somebody. Nick, go on and set the tone
that you on that bullshit tonight. Go on and put
fear in them boards. Yeah, you're gonna have to do
that when you're playing against the Bonus. Yeah, the Booners
got something over with Sacramento. I just feel like Golden
State is more of a vegan tae that Nigga ends announced.

They got the beggar coach right now. So I got
to Mike Brown though I'm not not not the diminius.
Nothing you've done in this league, fam, But I just
feel like Golden State, you know, they battle tisted there.
They will beat Sacrameno Kings tonight and once again man
hit that light but in its subscribe button.

Speaker 1 (08:22):
I'm back, baby, I've been gone for a long time.
I'm back.

Speaker 2 (08:25):
I'm back Like Pastor Mace, Baby, I'm back, man, real tall.
I know y'all seeing the Olympic team roster. I know
y'all seeing the Olympid team roster.

Speaker 1 (08:34):
Man. This this is what, This is what it takes
for us to win.

Speaker 2 (08:36):
Everybody stepping up, putting everything aside. Damn the vacation, Damn
the family. I'm not saying like damn the family, but
damn all that right now, We're gonna go do this
for our country. Just what we're doing.

Speaker 1 (08:47):
No y'all seen chasing light, skinned table.

Speaker 2 (08:49):
You got brawn over girl, you got Curry over girl,
got nappy head to ring over there, you got Bam
over there, Drew Holliday over there, Death and Booker over there,
and Spider Man el what's over there? This a roster
him only missing one thing though, Damn Doug, what they missing?
They missing the final Who is that Traymont Green? You
need somebody going on in the Father country putting elbows

and doing kick boxing and all that, that's who you
need Draymond Green on that team. But nevertheless, I'm happy
to see the brun playing at this age. Brun seventy
five can go and be on the beach and be
living a life. But he say, you know what, I'm
gonna go and be on this Olympic team. I'm gonna
degracate myself to this. And that's what it's all about,

y'all degatations. I'm just so sick of y'all Jordan fans
and all, man, he ain't a brun. Well, okay, why
come they both can't just be great man like? And
I know what it is. It's the shoes man like.
Jordan created the They created the greatest shoes ever people
stand with used to standing in that line three and
four hours just to get the shoes.

Speaker 1 (09:53):
Man, I get it, I understand it.

Speaker 2 (09:56):
But we're just talking about what they are both being
able to accomplish on the It's been great, man. Lebron
flogged a thousand points them, thousand rebounds them thousand to city.

Speaker 1 (10:05):
We'll probably never see that again.

Speaker 2 (10:07):
Fam, Can we just can we just sit back and
just just thank God for what this guy's been able
to do?

Speaker 1 (10:13):
Oh, man, he played fifty years. Wall you mad?

Speaker 2 (10:16):
You mad because he got longevity. That's what's the bi
You want to live to do these type of things. Man,
you gonna want your career cut short. You know, like
Penny Hardaway was.

Speaker 1 (10:25):
Do the injury. T Matt Doge the injury, Dereck Rose,
do the injuries like these guys, Grant Hill. These were great.

Speaker 2 (10:31):
Players, but they got hurt. So for Lebron to be
able to be this good, this loan is great. And
I know what y'all be saying, our man he on
the steir rod Man, y'all say anything, fam You ain't
got no evidence of that.

Speaker 1 (10:44):
Stop saying that. Man.

Speaker 2 (10:45):
You know, God just every now and then he he
you know, he blessed somebody just like this, like something
we ain't never seen before, Like we donne seen Jordan before.
You know what I'm saying, Kobe Bryant me personally, I
think Kobe I ain't got more skills then then then
Michael Jordan never had.

Speaker 1 (11:03):
I'm talking about skills. I ain't saying a better player.
I'm talking about dribbling the moves. Kobe was a bad boy.

Speaker 2 (11:09):
Our pick of Kobe h GG and the rest of
the people that was on the helicopter or our pick
of them.

Speaker 1 (11:15):
Man, we miss y'all to this day. I would love
to see Kobe.

Speaker 2 (11:19):
Bryant right now, man on different podcasts and what he
was bad.

Speaker 1 (11:23):
We do with GG and her teammates on their teams
right now. Man.

Speaker 2 (11:26):
That's why I always tell y'all, man, one day you
hear the next day you're going and.

Speaker 1 (11:32):
Enjoyed people love the people who love you.

Speaker 2 (11:35):
Hit the light Buddet described, But this is what we're
doing over here on the bubble dubs on the body.

Speaker 1 (11:39):
Yeah, we're cranking up, just not getting started. Baby, let's go.

Speaker 2 (11:42):
A lot of people been ask me how I've been
feeling about the rap game, and I'm gonna just go
to the women rap game. It's begger niggas ever being.
You got Megan shaking that mother fucking melon. Do you
hear me Megan shaking nigger ass. I'm loving card B
shaking nigger ass.

Speaker 1 (11:56):
I'll sit it. Don't want it, bring.

Speaker 2 (11:57):
It to me, shit, I take it.

Speaker 1 (11:59):
I know what to do with it.

Speaker 2 (12:01):
Sit you ain't you ain't even think about off set, No, mother,
I promise you that Cardy B come hollering me. Yeah,
you might own the business, but leaning on the block.
You know what I'm gonna talking about. Hey, man, real
talk man. Gorilla doing her thing down there in Memphis.
You know what I'm talking about. She owned that, Mike Man.
She doing what she's doing. Man, Love Gorilla, love sex
you Red. I made that come in. It's all love

sex you Red.

Speaker 1 (12:23):
I know.

Speaker 2 (12:23):
I said I wouldn't get in the wallet that you
were getting in because I said to be cotominated. That
was all caps. She I'm in love with you, sex
you Red. I'll come to Saint Louis right now and
make love you and eat something that rides. Y'all got
I ain't bullshit. I love sex and Red. That was
all cap Who else we got out there, I ain't
think about, I said Megan Corgy, b uh glow riller
lot over your fine ass shit. Yeah, I need you

on my team too. Come out of let you this fellaw.
I got something for all y'all. Man, h sit what
you ad remy ma. You've been hiring ever since. You're
gonna cheer it on patpoo ra. Ain't your answering them?

Speaker 1 (12:56):
Yeah? And you put that.

Speaker 2 (12:57):
Frustration shit in the booth we need Yeah, papoos. I
still love your fan, strong black man, but that shit
don't get your no wealth, but cheated on fam being
faithful while she in prison. Now for do you hear
me and came home? Baby, I've been lord you the
whole time. Baby, I've been holding it down for us.
I've been lying like mama.

Speaker 1 (13:15):
She wouldn't have got mad, damn.

Speaker 2 (13:16):
But you know you want the biggest good guy and
everybody all black love, black love.

Speaker 1 (13:20):
Mind. Don't you think, dang you thank your girl, you
think your girl on.

Speaker 2 (13:25):
The dude you texted or talk to nel fo. They
got a backup playing. They might not be cheating on you,
but they got a backup playing.

Speaker 1 (13:33):
Trust me. Man.

Speaker 2 (13:34):
That's all I'm saying though. But the women rap game
is in very good hands. Shot out to Nicki Minaj
and what she's doing. I don't like y'all beefing though.
Y'all gonna need to be beefing up a rap. You
need to beef over real meat me.

Speaker 1 (13:46):
Yeah, Greg.

Speaker 2 (13:48):
Yeah, you ain't got a fly to Mexico and get
this meet. You can fly right down here to Texas
and get it. It's greg A. It's never been expected.
I ain't going to no doctor, I'm giving it to
you raw. Yeah, real talk taught about counsel. Counselor can't
kill me it. Kobe could so hit the light button,
hit the subscribe button. It's going down over on the
bubbled up so on the volume. Man, can't stop, won't stop.

Speaker 1 (14:11):
No digg let's go.

Speaker 2 (14:17):
Everybody's making the big deal or a big fuss about
Bernnie James in in the draft before I even come
in on that.

Speaker 1 (14:24):
Let me get say, I knew.

Speaker 2 (14:25):
Bernnie James was gonna be a real nigga when we
call him smoking Weed.

Speaker 1 (14:30):
Y'all remember y'all forgot all about Bernie smoking Weed.

Speaker 2 (14:33):
Y'all knew then he was gonna be a real nigga again,
cause that's something that we never ever got to see coming.

Speaker 1 (14:38):
From it, dagging the squeaky clean lebrun James.

Speaker 2 (14:41):
So to actually see his son being his own self,
not following the daggy foot stuff like that.

Speaker 1 (14:47):
I command Bernnie James for whatever he gonna do. Now?

Speaker 2 (14:50):
Is he nba rigga yet? Hell ya ain't NBA rigga?
Why wouldn't it be? Like y'all got to understand this
dude been playing ball since you were four thing five
years old, some of the best trainers the world, just
training with Gilberl Garringers. I got to give on what
they're doing over there. But he gonna have the best
trangers in the world. He got the best guy to
learn from in the world is Pops. Of course he's

gonna be rare. Is he gonna be Lebron hell or
know who els? But can he be a great defender? Yes, absolutely,
Bruggy Jadd's can be a great defender, y'all lead mad
in y'all feelings because this kid saying he's gonna enter
the NBA Draft but keep his eligibility for college.

Speaker 1 (15:26):
What's wrong with that?

Speaker 2 (15:28):
Y'all get so caught up. And I don't think he
gives it. I don't think of that. Your baby mama
gonta thank you this shit either your don't mama gonna
thank you your own daddy?

Speaker 1 (15:35):
Don't think you who gives a damn what you think? Man?

Speaker 2 (15:38):
Let that young man go out and lift his life.
He good either way, whether he go to college or
he goes to the pro. He's still gonna be set
for the rest of his life. Man, Like, ain't another
thing that Lebron can hang over his head.

Speaker 1 (15:51):
Mj kids never went to the league. Never.

Speaker 2 (15:54):
Your goat kids can neverle Yeah, let's talk about it.
So yeah, with that said, Brinnie Jane, go to the
NBA draft, do whoever you want to do, faun and
live your life.

Speaker 1 (16:05):
Your expect expectations.

Speaker 2 (16:07):
Gonna be there. But that's called your daddy. Lebron and
some of y'all be getting magging. Y'all feel it, man,
If you gonna get drafted, man, Lebron, gonna get it
on some team. That's what you're supposed to do for
your kids, right. If the kids need help, you help them.
So let Lebron do what Lebron supposed to do. I
ain't got nothing to say about it. I'm loving it.
Scottie Pipper sung in the league too. Jordan kids didn't

make it. I'm all for it, man, Hey man, Scotty
winning baby. I know y'all see Scotty up there in
the press boxing the Lakers are playing against the missing
your rant shooting him Grizzlies. I know y'all saw that, man,
So shout to Scotty pipping like here in great spirits again.
You know, Marcus Jordan and his ex them broke up. Hey, man,
life is shaping up, man. I always believe, man, the

grass ain't always gring. On the other side, it's artificial
over us sometimes believe that though. So shot out to
Sunny Brnnie James and what he's being able to do. Man, Yeah,
stay tuned though, I got some more coming. So you know,
it's a lot of things been going on in the
world football world. Buffalo Bill's traded Stephan Diz to the

Houston Shipping Serve Texans.

Speaker 1 (17:11):
I love it.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
I'm not gonna lie. I'm a Cowboy fan, but I'm
a Texan fan too. Shot out the bomb Bee, all
my homies down here is love because I live out
here in the city.

Speaker 1 (17:20):
Buggets love CJ. Stopp. Texan got your team, man, I'm
just being real with you. They got Steff fun Diggs
and go. I think that. I think.

Speaker 2 (17:28):
I think the Texans got a real chance to go
to the super Bowl. And I know, man, you tripping.
I'm telling y'all. I'm telling y'all. They like that.

Speaker 1 (17:35):
Like it's something about the city, man.

Speaker 2 (17:37):
You the women, the food, the drink, the swankles, the horses.
They thinning them, motherfucker them horses standing down here cause
they feeding them dog food. But you know we had
them trail rides down here, got the ATV holes coming
out and them shocks them tykes, candy paint, hey, or

it's the hood jumping right now, Hey, Len on their
grill right mother, And now he got the cars on them.
He got the cars on them. Trailer her head down
there to Ricky Rose. You know you know that big
car sold Rose be having Hey Linn got a ninety
ninety thous cars right now lying up ready to go
down there. Got got the pig on the back smoking
like a broke stove. Hey, lock y'all got on the internet,

talked down on my boy lin. I don't like that man.
He had all this in there and lost it. But
guess what he got it right back right back. They
tell me Lynn, when people going to the turkeylan hood,
they tell me Lyn, it's like an alley way. He
doing this, Oh him, Len, wait for the moment at

to the corster.

Speaker 1 (18:46):
Hey man, shot got the lin man.

Speaker 2 (18:50):
We always pray for our brothers man when they going
through a storm. He been going through a storm. But
he's showing you he'll never quit. All about the hustle man.
That's what he's doing. Over there. But back to the
Texas man, they gonna be special this shit and I
really mean that. But to piggy off that, to step
On Diggs, Josh Allen, what you gonna do fun? You
know what I'm saying a lot of people were saying

you not the quarterback that they think you are, and
I say, go out and prove it. You gonna got
step On Diggs no more. You're gonna have an ego
superstar deva ride receivers. Y'all claim Diggs. I don't think
he is, but that's what y'all say. But this the
year you go out and prove at Ken, Josh Allen,
get the Buffalo Bill to the super Bowl and win,
Cause y'all have been a hundred times with Jim Kelly

and lost.

Speaker 1 (19:33):
Can you win?

Speaker 2 (19:35):
It's the big question. Can Josh Allen win? You got
the big contract? What you're gonna do with it?

Speaker 1 (19:39):

Speaker 2 (19:40):
Switching over to the AFC North, you know we got
Joe Backwood, Rolling Burrow coming back from an injury over
there with the Bengals. You and Jamar Chase. Can you
get the Bengals back to the super Bowl again?

Speaker 1 (19:53):
Burrow? That's a big question too.

Speaker 2 (19:55):
Can you do this, They say, y'all elite, But damn
it showed me elite because it ain't that many of
the big quarterbacks in the league. Right now, all I
see is my homes. Who else too, NFL? They could
have kept that tone in the ocean two. Ain't what
y'all think he kirk Cousin went downated Lona trash. Mike
Dick rolling over in dog feces right now, seeing kirk

Cousin get that kind of money.

Speaker 1 (20:17):
So I got the vic.

Speaker 2 (20:18):
You know I love you, fam you know I love you,
But y'all could have got none. Undressing air Cam Newton
to go down there on Lone He's from now a
line of deserved better than what they getting.

Speaker 1 (20:28):

Speaker 2 (20:28):
Everybody, black folks, everybody a good time. Everybody talk about
Atlanta this and that, and I.

Speaker 1 (20:33):
Ain't all that this y'all claiming I love it Lona.
I'm going back down.

Speaker 2 (20:35):
I got a show coming up down there, May tenth
through to twelve time, coming to theater.

Speaker 1 (20:39):
Grab them tickets cause I know the women gonna be there.
Y'all be trying to highlight your.

Speaker 2 (20:42):
Boy, but I'm taking But look though, that don't mean
that y'all be trying to high let me in the dark.

Speaker 1 (20:48):
I don't like all that you ask upon to light.
Let me look up onto your neck right quick. Baby,
Yeah you dick, but you might be two goddamn pick
for me. Let me look up on your neck right
quick and see if you're a boy or girl. That's
all I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (20:59):
Y'all run now, Nigga Atlanta. How many and that I
had about I slip with this and that, but you
slive with Caitvin.

Speaker 1 (21:04):
Gentlemen don't even know it. Gotta be careful number.

Speaker 2 (21:08):
Love for me, But you gotta be careful going down
now atl y'all know where you live. But Kirk Cousin
ain't gonna do nothing. I like Kirk Kurky, great guy,
but that's for as it gets. The ain't gonna do
Thathing got the young black coach over there. I like
appreciate him, Arthur Blank, the only of Atlanta forgiving him
a head coaching position. I appreciate that. But I gonna
think Kirk Cousin gonna push the niggle. That's just my

personal thoughts. But who knows. You never know these days
what's gonna happen. But stay tuned, hit the like button,
hit the describe button.

Speaker 1 (21:36):
This is what we do.

Speaker 2 (21:37):
Off him the bubble Dup show Man. We keeps it
one hundred. We gonna hold nothing back. We're gonna cary
about your fittlings. Won't crut leave your feeling somewhere else.
This where you come to get your laught dead. This
you know what I'm saying. This is where you can
come in. Just chill out, just the place, stay tuned.

Speaker 1 (21:52):
Hey, check this out, y'all. All, rigad nog.

Speaker 2 (21:54):
This show being sponsored by Prize Picks. So go and
download Prize Picks right now. Use my promo cod trash
with two hs. Either you're gonna take it over or
you're gonna take it list. That's one thing about Prize Picks.
They will match up to one hundred dollars. So if
you put one hundred dollars in, they're gonna give you
a hundred. So you got two hundred dollars to play
with over that. Prize Picks number one sports bigging online

app in the world right now.

Speaker 1 (22:19):
So go and download Prize Picks right now.

Speaker 2 (22:22):
If you ain't already have fuse my promo code trash
two hes y'all, already know how we do it on
this show. We do trash other day each and every day,
and trash other day go to no other than nobody
but my damn self. I thought, my baby mama gonna
give me her damn taxes and let me flip them.

Speaker 1 (22:41):
That whole lie to me once again.

Speaker 2 (22:43):
I done went out a couple of weeks earlier, brought
me a box Chevy.

Speaker 1 (22:46):
Yuh got me a box Chevy.

Speaker 2 (22:48):
She told me she was gonna get me forty five
one hundred fuck some fourty of y'all go, Nah, all
I need is a motive. Yeah, I ain't got no motive, man,
but the rims on the car gonna look good.

Speaker 1 (22:57):
The little mom I'm get letting, you know, man, trash
other day go with me. I know what y'all think.
Come on, doub you wrong. I ain't gonna lie. I
told her. You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (23:05):
You give me that I was gonna flip it. I
was lying anyway. She You know, God don't like ugly,
so trashugar day go with me. I'm into it. My
baby mama. Right now we not speaking because she canna
give me her taxes to flip. I'm up shit I
feel like she against me. I feel like the world
against me. I feel like nobody loves me. Nobody want
to see me shine, nobody want to see me grow.
I wanna blow She wait, man, I'm wanna blow up.

She wait, man, she don't want to help me, so
trash other day.

Speaker 1 (23:29):
Go to me now.

Speaker 2 (23:31):
If you like this show, if you like this show
and you know what to do, get the like button,
get the subscribe button.

Speaker 1 (23:36):
We dropping daily, so don't get out. I missed the show.

Speaker 2 (23:39):
Well, hell, get home, take a bath, cut your fall
on your piec on and watch me again. I'm coming
on daily, baby, real doll. This is how we're doing
over on the Bubble Dumb Show. We just now cranking up.
We cranking up. We got merch coming. Oh yeah, we
got merch coming. I maybe even have some sunglasses coming.

Speaker 1 (23:56):
Oh y'all stay tuned. Yeah some sunglasses. Yees, stay tuned. Man,
see how again tomorrow. This is gone

Speaker 2 (24:05):
The volume
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