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May 17, 2021 6 mins

In this episode of Commencement: Speeches for the Class of 2021, Destiny’s Child singer and actress, Michelle Williams, sends her heartfelt love, congratulations, and support, and takes some time to acknowledge the greatness of the graduating class of 2021.

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Speaker 1 (00:07):
To the class of and the family, friends, teachers, and
neighbors who helped them along the way. Congratulations, you did it.
Graduation might look a little different this year, and it'll
almost certainly feel different, but whether you're celebrating with a
small crew in person or gearing up for another virtual event,

this is your moment, which is why we're bringing you
the commencement you deserve, full of wisdom to help you
step into the real world and enter a brand new normal.
And now you'll hear words of wisdom from Michelle Williams. Hey, everybody,

my name is Michelle Williams, and I simply just want
to send of the graduating class of one. While what
a year it has been. When you think of last
year up until now, I can only imagine the thoughts

that we're running through your head, the thoughts of all,
my gosh, what has this pandemic caused? You know, I
can't imagine the fear. I could imagine. Maybe some changes
were even made as far as what you thought you
wanted to do, even possibly where you thought you'd go

to school after you graduated high school. Now I know
that that is the traditional way to go after high school.
What do you do you go to college, And nothing
is wrong with that because guess what, I actually did
the same thing. Now, I did not complete my schooling,
but I did go to college, so I can imagine,

you know, the excite meant as a graduating senior, whether
it's high school or if you're graduating college and transitioning
over to maybe masters or even your doctorates. Listen, hats
off to you, but I just want to speak to
those who I think what's going on the past year.
If anything, you were probably taught how resilient you are.

It was probably amplified how brave you are. It was
probably also amplified the courage that it took to go
ahead and complete your studies. So I'm just simply here
just to encourage you, to let you know if you've
had the courage to stay focused during a pandemic and

continue your schooling and to finish I really truly believe
you can do any thing anything. And some people might say, no, Michelle,
everybody can't do anything. I don't agree. I believe if
there's a certain amount of effort you put into it,

not only effort, but there are certain things that you
might even have to sacrifice to do anything. That's what
it takes to be great. That's what it takes to
finish something with excellence. It takes you starting off doing it.
It takes consistency, and it takes courage, It takes the

belief to know that you can do it. I'm so
excited about where you're going to be five years from now,
and where you're probably going to even be ten years
from now, especially for those who have cracked the code
of knowing what the power of belief can do, because
it's gotten you this far. I know, last year, I

just got on Instagram and just did a video of
encouragement to the graduating class of and there were also
people who really thanked me for speak into those who
aren't going to necessarily go the traditional route of going
to college. You know, maybe you've decided to open up
a business, maybe you've decided to maybe just go to

a trade school to get a certificate in something, and
they really appreciated me for speaking to them. So I'm
gonna speak to you too. You might be graduating high school,
you might be graduating college right now, and you're like,
you know what, I'm gonna go ahead, I'm gonna open
up a business. You've been doing some screenprinting, you've got
your own clothing line. You decided to say, you know what,

I'm about to go ahead and be a chef. You've
decided to be a public speaker. You've decided to be
an author. You've decided to be a dancer, a singer,
a rapper, and entertainer, and that's okay to just know
that you need the power of belief to sustain you
in those areas as well of being an entrepreneur or
an artist. And we need more entrepreneurs and we need

more artists bringing your variety, your diversity, your gift, in
your light to this earth, because man, we need it.
And for what I've been seeing lately, I'm like, thank
you Jesus, there is hope and we are going to
be in good hands. So just shout out to the
graduating class of one. Just know I'm rooting for you.

Just know I'm so happy and excited for you, And
thank you all so much for letting me check in
with you, just to send you some love, all right,
don't get weary in doing well. You can find the

collection of incredible commencement addresses from all your favorite speakers
at the Commencement podcast on I Heart Radio or wherever
you listen to podcasts.
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