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August 7, 2023 54 mins

In part 2 of our "TOZ" series, the girls start with a little life update before diving into games from the card game app...A 10 but, Most Likely To, and more. Then the epic saga of Sarah's hair extension is finally told.

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Speaker 1 (00:09):
Hello, what animal?

Speaker 2 (00:14):
You know?

Speaker 1 (00:14):
Platypuses are real. I did know that.

Speaker 2 (00:17):
Twitter didn't know that.

Speaker 3 (00:18):
I just I saw like a TikTok of a Twitter
where everybody was like, Parry the platypus is not well,
like Perry the platypus is fictional, obviously, but the platypus
part is real.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
And I never knew that, but I knew it.

Speaker 1 (00:31):
I was on a bait with a guy who's whatever,
the worst, the worst. Now it's not the worst, he's
like third worst, and we were talking about plato pi
and they're like in Australia. I think Australia is where
all the weird animals are, like big demon spiders that
eat your face.

Speaker 2 (00:47):
Off, and snakes who poison you and like curdle your blood.

Speaker 1 (00:49):
I never I see like one of those like really
scary like bug or animal videos on TikTok. Yes, oh wow,
they're from Australia, and I'm like, oh no, there's a
there's ada in my face, in my ear, and I'm like.

Speaker 3 (01:02):
I when you watch the entire aged, Yeah, my boyfriend
wants us to go to Australia this Christmas.

Speaker 1 (01:10):
Here's the going on trips.

Speaker 3 (01:11):
It's true, here's the thing though. However, however, I will
not be sitting and this is just about me. I
will not be sitting in the middle seat for fifteen
more than fifteen hours on a plane to go to
Australia with no stops in between.

Speaker 2 (01:25):
I will not be doing it. It will not be happening.
I will be sitting in first class, like on a.

Speaker 1 (01:30):
Grade, being a first class ticket to Australia.

Speaker 3 (01:32):
I want to until I realized it's like first class
thousand dollars on it because Jefflue is having a sale
right now for Australia, like specifically in December for some
weird fucking reason, because I always do sales like that.
And I looked at first class, I was like, yeah,
it's gonna be like thirty five hundred.

Speaker 2 (01:47):
I was like, what is it?

Speaker 1 (01:48):
Usually they're better give me over it was my hair. Yeah,
I know they have to pay me because there's no way.
And the thing is, like, you were scared of plane,
some shock, you go all the way to Australia.

Speaker 2 (02:00):
That's the thing.

Speaker 3 (02:02):
I don't really And the thing is is I can't.
I can't argue about it. There's a good chance I
won't go. But I did already tell him yes, so
I was just I would be going back on my
word one, which is something I don't want to do.
And two it's like his graduation present because he never
actually ended up getting his graduation present because he graduated
during COVID. So he asked for like three years ago

to go to Australia that summer, like that winter of
his graduation, but then it never happened, so it's just postponed.

Speaker 2 (02:29):
And he asked me to go, and I was.

Speaker 3 (02:31):
Like, I want to on paper, like going to Australia
would be so much fun. All my favorite influencers live
in Australia, like Sammy Robinson, Johnny Tute.

Speaker 2 (02:38):
I was like hell.

Speaker 3 (02:39):
Yeah, But then I looked at how long the plane was.

Speaker 2 (02:42):
Then I looked at all the scary animals. Then he
said he wanted to go skydiving, and I was like,
you know what, you know what, you know what, let's
go to Paris instead.

Speaker 1 (02:51):
My thing is like, when it comes to skydiving, why
would you want to follow out the sky voluntarily? Everyone's
like it's it's an adrenaline rush. Run down the street.
It chased my car, like I don't think we were
meant to be falling down from Earth, and you know,
I'm good with staying on Earth, and that's how I
see it.

Speaker 3 (03:11):
I feel the same way about people going bungee jumping
and people scuba diving and really really deep waters and
people who go shark cage diving.

Speaker 1 (03:21):
Or to see the Titanic that as well. Also My
thing is like, what is there to see? Is the
boat with algae on it? Like what do you really like?
What do you douse wanting to come out and be
like welcome, here's a tour.

Speaker 2 (03:33):
Oh so there wasn't even a window. It was on
a screen.

Speaker 1 (03:35):
Right, there's like a very small way. But I'm also
kind of like you can also looked it up on Google.
You just spent half a quarter billion dollars quarter million
dollars to go see some shit with algae on it.

Speaker 3 (03:46):
They did this bit and friends were Joey and Chandler,
we're talking about all we do is sit in this
coffee house and talk whatever.

Speaker 2 (03:52):
Let's actually go and do something with our lives. Joey
was like, let's.

Speaker 3 (03:55):
Climb Mount Everest and Chandler was like, or we could
get video of someone else climbing Mount Everest and almost
dying at the video store and then like not die,
and Joey was like, that's a better idea, and I
just I would like to emphasize that, retweet it, repost it, like.

Speaker 1 (04:12):
I'd love to see some wonders of the world, but
like I'd like to wonder how more safe distance. You know.

Speaker 3 (04:19):
I just have this theory where the wonders of the world,
most of them at least, are meant to be explored,
just not by me. I mean, there are people who
train their whole lives to climb mountains and go scuba
diving and go in submarines and be in the military and.

Speaker 2 (04:31):
All this crap. And I just am not one of
those people. I'm I'm I mean, we're too pretty for this.
Like no, I'm just kidding, but it's true.

Speaker 3 (04:39):
I'm just kidding, But I mean I just can't. I'm
not built for it. I don't have the mind strength
for it. I don't have the grit, I don't have.

Speaker 2 (04:46):
The will, I don't have the want, the desire, the yurn.

Speaker 1 (04:49):
I just don't have it. I'm just really not that curious. Yeah,
Like people are liked like wow, like the view Like
I'm not a viewperson. Like when people go to like
New York the rooftops and like for people, I mean Sarah,
they're like, wow, look at this city. It's a bunch
of buildings. Like I'm really not that amazed by it.

Speaker 2 (05:04):
But I get it.

Speaker 3 (05:05):
It's like, there's this one adventure you can do at
the Edge Observatory in New York where you hang on
the building by a harness and like lean off of it.

Speaker 2 (05:14):
Essentially, why would you ever want to do that?

Speaker 1 (05:19):
Well, it's like, why do you want to fake death
so badly? Go sit down somewhere, watch a video. You're
testing your homework, or they're gonna kill you. Like, I
just don't get it at all.

Speaker 2 (05:27):
Actually, what else do we got going on?

Speaker 3 (05:31):
Well, you know, just as a little intro, this will
be part two of the Taus game that we are playing.
If you missed the last episode, I would recommend to
go watch that first, obviously, because that's part one and
we are just playing the series of minigames in this
one app that we have. It's kind of similar to
Piccolo but better. We're not doing it as a drinking game.
We're doing it as a get to know each other,

dive into ourselves type of game and that's coming later.

Speaker 1 (05:56):
Though, Beside that last episode that I think London's a
country and Sarah anything starts the case. Yes, that's what else?

Speaker 2 (06:05):
I thought? What else?

Speaker 1 (06:07):
You couldn't name any You couldn't name any country start
with S, like, not even a single one.

Speaker 3 (06:11):
I was thinking of Spain. Literally, Spain eluded me. I
visited Spain so many times. You Switzerland, Sweden.

Speaker 2 (06:19):
None of it, God of it. You thought the Pakistani
flag was red and green.

Speaker 1 (06:27):
Yeah, I was thinking about Palestine.

Speaker 3 (06:29):
You redeemed yourself at least. I still couldn't think of
a single thing that started with the letter K.

Speaker 1 (06:34):
There's so many countries start with S. I was a
little bit concerned, Okay, but yes, life updates. It's actually
really funny update from after twenty four hours ago when
we talk of the last episode twenty four hours ago,
and I literally say, I think he edited it out,
but I literally saw last episode that I was scared
to talk about my new guy on the episode in
case like something happened, and then it happens like right

after finished recording, so no longer my man. But that's
funny because it's almost like, yeah, it's like a routine
at this point. But it's like I'm honestly about to
reenter myself with the ericcause I'm like, it's not even
it's I'm like joking at this point, Like from the
age of seventeen, men have been nothing but a disappointment

to me romantically, So why do I continue to waste
my time?

Speaker 2 (07:21):

Speaker 1 (07:22):
And to me, me, myself and chick file.

Speaker 3 (07:26):
I think a lot of men, at least in my experience,
just speaking from my experience, a lot of men that
I dated would be very manipulative and condescending in a
way that they didn't even realize. I think it's not
weaponized ignorance. I think it's a lot of weaponized arrogance,
Like they think that they're this god and then it

all just like fuels their ego and they're going to
tell themselves everything they want to tell themselves to make
themselves feel.

Speaker 2 (07:53):
Good and like above you.

Speaker 3 (07:55):
And that totally reflects after like date number four, you know,
you start to see the mask come off little bit
and it's like not because this isn't what happened to.

Speaker 2 (08:03):
City at all. Just like speaking to the dating.

Speaker 3 (08:06):
A New York City trope or in any major city
at all, really I find that a lot of men
have egos that make no sense.

Speaker 2 (08:15):
I guess I'll end it there because it's true.

Speaker 3 (08:16):
It's like, why not even I'm not even being shall
I'm not even talking about looks, I'm talking about money,
I'm talking about your personality.

Speaker 2 (08:23):
Genuinely. It's like, do you think you're a good guy?

Speaker 3 (08:26):
I really want to know, because I mean, I know
so many amazing people in my life and I'm so blessed.

Speaker 2 (08:31):
It's like, you don't have as much integrity in your
pinky finger.

Speaker 3 (08:34):
That they have in their whole bodies, and you think
you're all that. It just it makes no sense, the
narcissism that exudes from these people.

Speaker 1 (08:42):
And it's so annoying because like every guy I've dated
has been like an outward narcissist. I think you try
to hide it, like you could see it from a
mile away. And this was the first guy I had
dated that like, genuinely was a nice guy. And so
I think that's what made it hurt more is that
I was more willing to like let my guard down

and trust them than I would be with anyone else
because I knew this person was a nice guy. At
the end of the day, and like I trusted him
more because of like I just it just felt different,
you know. So think that's why we didn't. We only
to touch it for like a month. But like I
think the reason why it did hurt me so much
is it's like I can't trust narcissistic guys. I can't
trust guys that seem nice. I can't trust guys that

tell me one thing but act another way. So like
I can't trust your words, your actions, your personality. So
like what is it at this point? Because it's just
all men, like none of the one commitment man of
them seem to like respect feelings or emotions. And it's
just kind of like what now, you know, like I've
tried the nice guy, I tried the bad guy. I've

tried putting my guard down and try to keep my
guard up. So it's kind of like it was just
like no way to like, you know, it's exhausting over it.

Speaker 3 (09:54):
I tap out one theory that I heard that I
don't and really know if I believe or not, but
I just thought it was interesting to think about. Is
that guys, specifically in New York, they have ample opportunity
or they think they have ample opportunity.

Speaker 2 (10:09):
It's one or the other.

Speaker 3 (10:10):
It's like they actually are getting laid like once every
two days by some random person, or they think that
they can get laid every two seconds.

Speaker 2 (10:16):
It's like diluted hope.

Speaker 3 (10:19):
And they go out all the time and they're like
and even if they don't, it's like they have the
opportunity because there are so many beautiful women in the city.
They're like, oh my god, I can really get whoever
I want, when in reality, it's like you are not
all that personality wise, Why do you think you deserve this?
It's and I think it is a little bit of like, oh,

this is what I deserve or like whatever, like I
deserve to be a player for like twenty years.

Speaker 2 (10:44):
It's like, I don't know, it's a weird theory. What
do you think about that. It's like diluted hope.

Speaker 1 (10:49):
And it's like I try so hard to understand it
or like see where it's coming from, but it's so
hard to And I will say it's because of my
like limited perspective in the sense that I've never found
value in casual like I'm fine with not like being
married to the person that I'm seeing, but like if
I genuinely like you or like, I'd rather invest my

time and energy because at the end of the day,
the most valuable thing you can give someone is your time.
You do not get any of it back. So I
would I waste time after time doing things that are
meaningless when I can invest that time to someone that
like actually brings me value. I just don't see it
any other way. So it's hard for me to understand,
Like what do you get out of sleeping with fifteen

people in a year? Like I'm not slut shaming, I'm
not sure because I've been there. I've been that person before.
But like when I was going through that time where
like I was particizing casualness, I found no value in
it because like in the day, it's like I'm alone still,
So like what was pointing me investing my time in
that person for twenty minutes? You know? And so like
I try to understand.

Speaker 2 (11:50):
And it always twenty minutes?

Speaker 1 (11:51):
Yeah, Max, Max, I try to understand it, even just
like casual dating or I'm just like I just rather
invest my time in someone I see something long term with,
because like, what's the point you could die tomorrow and
would you want to be in your death with thinking, Wow,
I got twelve people this year. I'm the man I
find yourself with. None else is high fiving you. So
that's where I'm at, and that's how I see.

Speaker 3 (12:11):
It, and that's how Sidney sees it. I don't know,
it's a huge thing. I mean, that's a great question.
I can't even I don't know.

Speaker 1 (12:21):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (12:22):
As someone who did find value in that lifestyle, I
don't even know how to answer your question. I can't
really describe to you the value that I got in
that lifestyle, especially now that I've been in a committed relationship,
not with the same person for like three and a
half years, but someone who has been actively in a
in all relationship with the past three and a half years.
I'm not going to argue that I find way much
more meaning and value in like a monogamous partner. And

that's coming from someone who didn't believe in monogamy for
I think three years straight.

Speaker 2 (12:47):
So because I think, I don't know.

Speaker 1 (12:49):
Part of it is that it's an ego thing, but I.

Speaker 3 (12:52):
Think also maybe an insecurity thing, because I know in
the three years that I actually found value in bodies,
I was extremely insecure, but.

Speaker 1 (12:59):
Yeah, feeds your ego makes you feel like yeah. But
my thing is like I get that value from getting
emotional connections with people, because physically you could think I'm attractive,
But also like the way that our generation is people
will sleep with anyone. It's like, I don't only get
value from like a guy being physically attracted to me
or like such attracted to me. I think also like

at the end of the day, like, is my ego
gonna keep me warm at night? Is gonna be there
for me like during hard times? No, So I'm kind
of like, and I'm not discounting people who do think
that way. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with
that or right. There's no right or wrong which to approach.
It's just who you are. But that's just like the
way that I viewer the way I've experienced it. It's

so weird. I'm on my period right now and all
I crave for the last like four days is zero
sugar gearad Like I literally left the house to get
like a bunch of botles yesterday.

Speaker 2 (13:53):
What is it zero sugar gatorid ye? Why specifically zero
sugar gatorid.

Speaker 1 (13:57):
I don't know. It just tastes a little clearer.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
Say, does it taste better? I've never I mean I
liked one.

Speaker 1 (14:03):
You know how like rega gatorade's kind of like foggy tasting.

Speaker 2 (14:06):
Yeah, it's a little bit clear interesting. Yeah, it's like
a little less flavor.

Speaker 1 (14:10):
I've had cookies and gatorade for every meal for the
last two days. I'm actually not even kidding, but about
the cookie for the guy. So I felt bad about it,
and then I was like, oh wait, he dumped me,
so le me eat it now. I feel better. Do
you want to keep that? Yeah, it's okay. It's about
being vulnerable, transparent, transparency. I listened to this. I'll actually

cut my hair off.

Speaker 2 (14:33):
Britney Spears Era. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (14:36):
I mean, I can't count the amount of times that
like and this is just let me know if I
shouldn't say this, but I just think this is funny
and it's so true.

Speaker 2 (14:46):
The amount of times I would one go on one.

Speaker 3 (14:49):
Day with a person or two sleep with a person
one time, and then they would text me the next
day and be like, I'm not looking for a relationship,
and I'd be.

Speaker 2 (14:57):
Like, bitch, did I ask you to marry me? I'm
so confused.

Speaker 1 (15:00):
I hate my big biggest, biggest, biggest pet peeve is
when people tell me how I feel. Are you in
my noggin? Are you in my brain? No? No, no, no no,
Because if you are a man, actually, if you're anyone,
but especially someone who I'm like seeing romantically, and at

any given point we are in an argument, I will
respect anyone as an egos or an argument. Like we
come to this, I want to hear your opinion. I
want to hear your emotions. I don't understand where you're
coming from, so I can better like get to a
place where we have an answer or resolution, resolvement resolution.

Speaker 2 (15:37):
That's so true about you.

Speaker 1 (15:38):
But however, nonetheless, although if you tell me how I'm feeling,
I will lose my noggin, Like that's the point where
I lose all respect in an argument, or like if
you're gas lying me into thinking I feel a certain way.
I'm a big girl. I'm extremely emotionally intelligent. And that's
one thing that I will give myself credit for. No

matter what is I have a very high EQ. If
you tell me how I feel, no, you will see
myr asuly change colors, Like that's they're still coming back
from that absolutely not done. I'm a big girl. I
can voice my opinion on how I feel. I'm good
at that. Actually I'm a cancer, thank you.

Speaker 2 (16:17):
And no lawyer.

Speaker 1 (16:18):
By the way, Yes, double's what I do.

Speaker 2 (16:21):

Speaker 3 (16:23):
It's just also funny too, because when I used to
get told that, I was in a place where I
did not want to commit to anybody. I didn't believe
in marriage. I didn't believe in monogamy. Not that I
believe in polygamy either, but I just didn't. I didn't
buy into the whole.

Speaker 1 (16:36):
Thing ethical non monogamy exactly. That's not a button on Hinge.
The men be every single oh my god, every single
profile I see on Hinge is ethnically non monogamous. Baby,
explain that to me in a sentence. Done what that means?
They saw non monogamous and said, yes, I'm putting that
on my profile.

Speaker 2 (16:54):
Sense I mean, and.

Speaker 3 (16:56):
I know, like I am not okay, I'm a quaint
says with like polygamist people. I'm acquaintances with people who
still don't believe monogamy. To this day, I do, But
it was so funny. I used to get these elaborate
eight page texts from men who were like nineteen, being like,
I'm not looking for a serious relationship.

Speaker 2 (17:17):
I feel like we're moving way too.

Speaker 3 (17:19):
Fast, and I'm like, boy, you literally I don't know
what you want me to say. But I'm not asking
you to marry me. I'm not asking you to date me.
I'm not even asking to see you ever again.

Speaker 2 (17:30):
So I really know.

Speaker 1 (17:31):
And again, like I think that it's an ego thing.
They get power out of telling someone like I don't
want to be with you, and okay, I'll be honest,
like any time in college, but especially like freshmen and
sophomore or like like middles not middle school into high school.

I think that at any stages that any of those
stages in life, like I can understand, like I don't
want to settle down because like you're in call, you're
getting to know yourself, Like you're on your own for
the first time, You're going to figure out who you
are in a new context, and I'm growing into being
an adult. In high school, you're going to a new place,
might not be in the same area, obviously, the same

thing about like you're abought to be in a new environment,
older by yourself on the first time. Whatever college m
might be moving like I get all those stages, but
at the grown age of twenty six, when the men
are like I just literally can't be tied down right now,
What are you looking for? What are you looking for?
Like I actually do wonder or like even like early twenties,

I understand, but men who are like thirty thirty three,
thirty five, thirty six on Hinge talking about I'm ethically
no monogamous. I don't want to settle down. Baby. You
are past your core life crisis. You're almost in the middle.
What are you waiting for? Like you've seen what's out there.
If you get a good connection, hold on.

Speaker 2 (18:53):
Tw its, like you'd be lucky.

Speaker 1 (18:55):
To do so, like I said, like I don't think
people understand that it's so rare to find someone you
connect with, like to a certain degree, like there might
be seven billion people on this earth. But at the
same time, like finding someone you can truly be yourself with,
who you connect with emotionally, physically, mentally, like is supportive,
like just you just go together. That's so hard to find.

But for some reason, our generations is the first one
to have dating apps where you can look at four
hundred women or men or whatever it's diluted, ho on
your phone in one day and say yes no, yes, no,
yes no. There's one certain power in it. You think
you can say yes no to anyone too. You have
so many options at your hands, and you think, oh,
there's gonna be someone more attractive or skinnier or thicker,

or longer hair or blonder hair or darker hair, like
you think there's always been someone better out there for you.
You're chasing an idea that it's not a guarantee if
you find someone who might not be as blonde as
you like, or as brunette as you like, or as
slump thick as you like, whatever your criteria might be.
But you have that connection, please hold on to it
because there's no guarantee that Margot Robbie's gonna show up

on your thing. And like you that, like it's something
that I just don't think people understand. Actstracts me crazy
because like I did a guys who am not the
most attractive or the smartest or the nicest or the
kindest almost respectful, that one not so much. But we've
connected and like I've valued that over their physical looks
or what their job is or how match they make

because at the end of the day, I don't care
how much you make. I have my job because I
want to support myself. I never behold into a man's money.
But I've overlooked that most people wouldn't. Ad people wouldn't
because I find a connection with you, but you woant
to be out here looking for who knows what I mean.
Just it drives me crazy. It actually drives me crazy.

Speaker 2 (20:41):
Yeah, I completely agree.

Speaker 3 (20:43):
Also a lot of the times when men and we
talk about this a lot on the podcast, when men
have this idea of their perfect woman, that woman does
not exist.

Speaker 2 (20:50):
It's not just not a guarantee, it's not a thing ever.

Speaker 3 (20:53):
It's like they're like, oh my god, she can't poop,
she can't bart, she can't have a period, she can't whatever.
But also she can't get pregnant. But also she has
to do this and she has to be perfect. Then
she has to never change her physical appearance. She has
to always remain twenty three years old, she has to
always like, never have frizzy hair, she has to never
smell bad. Like it's all stuff like that that makes
a human a human that men think defines womanhood. I

think that was greatly emulated in the Barbie movie. If
you want to check out our combo on that, check
out our last episode because CITDNY and I dived into that.

Speaker 2 (21:22):
But also dating apps. My point is.

Speaker 3 (21:25):
My point is is that dating apps kind of fuel
this idea of the perfect woman that does not exist
because think about it, You're seeing highlight reel of someone
and then you go on the date and you realize,
oh my god, they're not this picture perfect woman that
I saw from these seven pictures.

Speaker 2 (21:39):
It's over, do you know what I mean?

Speaker 3 (21:41):
Dating apps definitely support that idea of the perfect woman
where it's like that Margot Robbie guess what, guys, Marco
Robbie shits her brains out like it's stuff like that,
where it's like her hairline is, I'm perfect, you know
what I mean exactly, And I think that diluted idea
that men have that women are just like perfect, but
also further than that, it's like objects, things like a

prize to be one, something to be owned.

Speaker 2 (22:05):
It's like that whole idea.

Speaker 3 (22:07):
Might be in the subconscious instead of the front of
the brain, which is always a good thing, but that
idea is being constantly encouraged by the swiping techniques.

Speaker 1 (22:15):
The whole Like men only went to chase. Yeah, well
they go go gather and hunt something in the forest.

Speaker 2 (22:20):
Well what are you chasing?

Speaker 3 (22:21):
Also, I mean, you're chasing this ideal of something that
is not real or even existent a little bit, because.

Speaker 1 (22:27):
You're gonna wake up when you're forty and realize, damn,
what was it doing for the last twenty years? Yeah,
you know, you're doing nothing. It's what you were doing nothing.
And that's not just applied and men. Applied to some
women as well, but I think just more common among men.

Speaker 2 (22:41):
That's a great disclaimer to make.

Speaker 3 (22:42):
Yeah, I mean, obviously Sidney and I are straight women,
so we're directing this at the male species, but also, yeah,
this definitely applies to some women.

Speaker 1 (22:50):
It's also like the rules are so different, Like when
you're a man, no matter what age you are, Like
Robert de Niro, that man is nine hundred years old
and his girlfriend is like twenty three, and she's sitting
in gorgeous and beautiful. Once a woman at a certain
age minola see them is desirable because it can't be
controlled or nitpicked, which why I think it's very creepy.
When I see men on like hinge who are like

forty or something and their settings are set to eighteen
and above, because what are you doing? What do you
who is paying taxes in a mortgage had to talk
to an eighteeny on a girl about I would love
to know?

Speaker 2 (23:21):
Yeah, but what do you have in common?

Speaker 1 (23:22):
How do you click control act? If you control them?
And I think it's scary and it's creepy, and yeah.

Speaker 3 (23:27):
Absolutely it's shallow, and I don't know, once they realize
they're an actual human, they just kick in with the curb,
take away all the money, and that's it.

Speaker 2 (23:35):
It makes no sense, It makes no sense.

Speaker 3 (23:37):
And yeah, I would say that two major things that's
really prevalent in city nized lives that perpetuates this behavior
s dating apps and living in a big city where
like you go out to a bar and you're surrounded
by hot women, whether or not you're getting laid or
hooking up with anybody or not. It's like you are
surrounded by this still looted hope where you can look
at someone at the end of the bar and it's

literally a Margo Robbie look alike and you can call
her and she won't hear you, and you can, but
you can do that, you have agency and like you
actually believe.

Speaker 2 (24:04):
That shit, and it's really frightening. Yeah, I mean dating
is hard, and it's not especially I don't know.

Speaker 3 (24:13):
I mean if it reminds me of the first couple
episodes of Sex and the City where Carrie's like, there
are so many beautiful women inside it out in New
York City, and then on the opposite side of the scale,
genuine loyal, respectful, funny, ambitious, intelligent men viewing far between.

Speaker 1 (24:29):
Like I said, there's so many Barbies and then there's Ken's.

Speaker 2 (24:34):
Kings aren't even Kenning.

Speaker 1 (24:35):
I'm seeing it again today. It's seeing my fourth movie
this week since Sunday and it's Tuesday.

Speaker 3 (24:40):
Like Ken was toxic, but at least he was round gossling,
like all these men are not even ran.

Speaker 1 (24:45):
He learned his lesson. Maybe I'm actually don't really remember.

Speaker 3 (24:47):
Yeah, everybody had an issue with the ending a little
bit on Ken's part because he didn't apologize to Barbie
and say sorry realistic.

Speaker 1 (24:53):
Yeah, when as a man ever apologize when they do,
you paused, like, I'm sorry for being real I'm sorry
that you're sensitive, and I'm like, thank you for that.

Speaker 2 (25:02):
I'm sorry.

Speaker 1 (25:03):
I I'm sorry you took it that way. That one.
That one will do it in for me.

Speaker 2 (25:08):
If you want to piss Adney off. I've heard people
say that to you, I.

Speaker 3 (25:11):
Think five times in our friendship, whether it's guys or
like ex friends of ours and your face.

Speaker 2 (25:18):
It's not funny, but you get so much.

Speaker 1 (25:19):
It's true to say to somebody the one thing you
can do to lose me in an argument or honestly
a relationship is tell me how I feel or how
I should think. I am an autonomous woman. I can
think and feel mind, I'm not a robot. It's condescending
to me. You know what's so hard for me what
those like tests you take on, Like when you go

to a website and it's like are you human? It's
like which of these is a bicycle? Groby's sweating. I'd
be like, sometimes like the corner of the tires in
a new window, do you press that window and it's.

Speaker 2 (25:50):
The littlest corner?

Speaker 1 (25:52):
I feel those quite often.

Speaker 2 (25:55):
Pick the traffic lights, yeah, and I'm like, it's the
pole of the traffic light.

Speaker 1 (25:58):
You're like like one in the background, like this side
out and like probably AI could beat me at that. Yeah,
that's what's really scary.

Speaker 2 (26:05):
I always get those wrong. AI is so funny, funny
and scilly.

Speaker 1 (26:10):
Funny and skilly.

Speaker 3 (26:12):
I love AI in the sense where it's like it
should used as a tool to help people do their
jobs easier and become more efficient. But a lot of
big companies and big brands and stuff are using it
to replace people.

Speaker 1 (26:22):
They're laying off their entire staff and using a computer instead.

Speaker 3 (26:25):
Well, because also AI, in particular chat gbt is not
one hundred percent accurate at all. It's not even seventy
five percent accurate. They don't give factual information.

Speaker 1 (26:35):
If you ask it to help you for like law cases.
The cases they gave you like the don't exist. Yeah,
like they're not real.

Speaker 3 (26:41):
Someone on TikTok asked chat gbt to write a book
report on Charlotte's Web for them, and the entire book
report was factual, like AI knew what the book was,
It new scenes in the book, it had supporting evidence,
et cetera. But then when you went to the work
sided page, every single work sided that they listed was
it didn't.

Speaker 2 (26:59):
Exist all of the.

Speaker 3 (27:03):
Yeah, like the sources they got their information from none
of them existed in the real world.

Speaker 2 (27:07):
It's crazy.

Speaker 1 (27:07):
It's crazy honestly becomes sentient.

Speaker 2 (27:11):
Yeah, oh god, that's my biggest fear.

Speaker 3 (27:13):
I feel like it's closer than we think, honestly, because
think about how quickly. I feel like one day I
woke up and CHATIBT was a thing and I could download.

Speaker 2 (27:21):
It for free.

Speaker 3 (27:22):
I feel like, literally three months ago it was not
a thing. Literally, it's happening very fast. Did you see
Twitter's rebranding to x.

Speaker 1 (27:30):
Like someplace take that fun away from that man? And
I love Twitter and I open it, I'm like, time
to go. Yeah, And like, Threads is not catching on
like I thought it would. No.

Speaker 3 (27:40):
My boss, I work for a food tech company, so
obviously technology is very important to us. And my boss
asked me one day, she was like, Sarah, you have
to make an account on Threads for the company. You
have to make a corporate account. And the next day
she texted me never mind. It just fell off so quickly.
It got a lot of traction at first, but it
just they're not marketing it anymore because they got lazy.

Speaker 2 (27:58):
They thought everybody was just like an a keep it going.
And now it's totally lost traction. I haven't heard anything
about Threads since it originally launched.

Speaker 1 (28:05):
I lead the app.

Speaker 2 (28:06):
Yeah there you go, there you go. All right, do
we get started on the minigames. Let's do it?

Speaker 1 (28:14):
Do it? Do it?

Speaker 4 (28:15):
Do it?

Speaker 1 (28:16):
Do it now? All right? Say thinking about that and
think about the dude call us now, don't feed they
call us now for one one? Paint my neck my bad.
Then it comes to that song the line is that
the same song?

Speaker 2 (28:30):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (28:30):
I feel like no, but I think I made all that.

Speaker 3 (28:33):
So the next minigame we're playing is called They're a
ten but from the TikTok trend. If you're not unaware,
it's literally like there are a ten, like everything else
is amazing about them, but like they haven't showered in
five days and stuff like that. So we're gonna do
twenty five cards. I'm picking the random category and off

we go. Hm, yes, you uprate them then, so Sydney, yes,
and all. Just specify it gender wise because obviously you're
bo straight. Okay, he's a ten, but he knows everyone
when you go out, Oh.

Speaker 1 (29:06):
Gosh, a six, because why don't know your business? Where
do you bee?

Speaker 3 (29:10):
Does your name I really want there to be a
card on here that says he's a ten, but he
has like three hundred t Instagram followers.

Speaker 1 (29:16):
Yeah, Chris Evans.

Speaker 3 (29:19):
Chris Evans is the only exception. Matthew McConaughey too. Sarah,
he's a ten, but he doesn't wear socks.

Speaker 1 (29:24):
With his shoes. All of them are probably released toes.

Speaker 2 (29:34):
Four solid four. That's good, maybe four and a half.

Speaker 3 (29:38):
Sidney he's an eight but has the same personality as Sarah.

Speaker 1 (29:43):
I love you, but I would never date a man
that's a Disney adult so actually too. Also, imagine if
you just wakes wakes up singing next to me, I'm
gonna be like, no, no, no.

Speaker 3 (29:57):
Imagine walking in to your master bedroom, okay, gorgeous, how
whatever period you walk into your master bedroom and can
you hear Webkins noises coming from his laptop.

Speaker 1 (30:08):
And he's like, He's like, damn it. Three minutes round.

Speaker 2 (30:11):
You walk in to see him playing the pizza Parler
minigame on Webkins, or or mining for gems at the
curio shop on we like what would you divorce?

Speaker 1 (30:20):
No, I don't even know how to explain.

Speaker 2 (30:22):
I wouldn't date somebody like that either, like, that's for me,
that's for the girls. That's so funny, Sarah. He's a ten,
but he never uses protection.

Speaker 1 (30:31):
Ten h.

Speaker 2 (30:35):
Depends on whether or not we're dating. Sydney. He's a ten,
but he would rather go out with his friends than
with you.

Speaker 1 (30:41):
A four, because what you and your homies doing? You
want to be out with them so much, Sarah.

Speaker 3 (30:44):
He's a ten, but he only listens to roth Roath
r O hf F.

Speaker 2 (30:50):
Do you know who that is?

Speaker 1 (30:51):
R O R O h f F. No, Okay, well
I'm just.

Speaker 3 (30:53):
Giving that one, Sydney. He's a five, but he checks
in with you every day to make sure you're okay.

Speaker 1 (31:01):
A seven. It's that could be kind annoying sometimes, but
like care about me, So.

Speaker 3 (31:04):
Yeah, Sarah. He's a ten, but he has a foot
fetish A negative three.

Speaker 2 (31:10):
I mean, she said, actually it's no, like how much
of a foot fetish is it? Because if it's like
hut and small, we can deal with it.

Speaker 3 (31:16):
But if it's like, oh my God, put your foot
down my throat, it's not gonna happen.

Speaker 2 (31:19):
I'm sorry, Sydney.

Speaker 3 (31:22):
He's a ten, but he always gets you down. He
always goes down on you.

Speaker 1 (31:26):
No, gets you down, like makes you upset.

Speaker 2 (31:28):
Oh, oh you need to sorry.

Speaker 1 (31:30):
Well, that's actually all my exes. So like a seven, Sarah.

Speaker 2 (31:35):
He's a four, but he's intelligent. Oh seven and a half.

Speaker 1 (31:38):

Speaker 3 (31:38):
I love intelligence is so sexy, like when you know
what you're talking about more than me.

Speaker 2 (31:43):
I love it, Sydney. He's a ten, but he says
I love you on the first date.

Speaker 1 (31:48):
Well, and you say nine point five. I can't, Sarah,
I can't dig it too.

Speaker 3 (31:52):
No, because imagine like you're going out with this model
and then it's like a seven hour date and at
the end of it, he's like, I've never felt this
way about anybody I'm in lover.

Speaker 1 (31:59):
But you know that when men like me too earliest
kind of a turn off, and like, what do you
like about me so much? I like to chase a
little bit. Actually I think I think I'm used to him.
Men like chase a little bit for men, So actually
I need to get over that. And well was the
question it was.

Speaker 2 (32:17):
He's a ten but he says I love you on
the first stick to be careful of love.

Speaker 1 (32:20):
Love vombing, which I am was just in so six.

Speaker 2 (32:25):

Speaker 3 (32:25):
He's a ten but he sells pictures of his feet.
Why am I getting all the feet questions?

Speaker 1 (32:28):
Because I know you freak? How much money is he said,
how much money making?

Speaker 4 (32:35):

Speaker 3 (32:36):
Three, Sydney. He's a ten, but he claps when the
plane lands.

Speaker 1 (32:40):
A zero.

Speaker 2 (32:42):
That's so funny, Sarah. He's a ten but he only
wants to do the missionary position. Oh my god, Oh
my god, I'm my god. I would actually kill him.

Speaker 3 (32:50):
Uh two, Oh my god. No, no, Sydney. He's a
ten but he only showers once a week.

Speaker 1 (33:00):
A zero funky funky, but I predicted this question he did?
You did?

Speaker 2 (33:08):
No, because people, even when they do shower every day,
they don't watch their neck, their.

Speaker 1 (33:11):
Knees standing when you leave the room. Sarah.

Speaker 3 (33:18):
He's an eight, but he has a selfie on his
lock screen. Oh my god, actually is zero point five? No,
a zero point one. I just can't a selfie, like
unless it's for ironic reasons or like it was a
dare or something.

Speaker 2 (33:30):
I just can't. That's so funked.

Speaker 3 (33:33):
Sydney. He's an eight but he likes e sports. Wasn't
your exit gamer?

Speaker 1 (33:42):
But yeah, it's like a five stuff because like why Sarah.

Speaker 3 (33:49):
He's a ten but he never finishes his dishes, like
cleans his dishes or finishes his food.

Speaker 1 (33:55):
Cleans dishes.

Speaker 2 (33:57):
Well, actually I like doing the dishes were doing. I'll
do like it.

Speaker 3 (34:03):
If that's his only flaw. He's a ten, I'll give
him an eight for that. Sidney he's a six, but
he has very beautiful eyes.

Speaker 1 (34:12):
Well, they're gonna do stare at me? A six.

Speaker 3 (34:16):
Sarah, he's a ten, but he has an onlyfan account
a zero. I'm sorry, I can't do the only fans thing.
That's awesome if you can, but I just know I
would get.

Speaker 1 (34:23):
To girls doing it. But why are you using man
doing it?

Speaker 2 (34:26):
It's for girls only?

Speaker 3 (34:27):
Like if I was a lesbian, I'd be fine with
my party because i'd be like three. Sydney, he's a ten,
but no it's actually Sarah, wait, why.

Speaker 1 (34:35):
Are you's just I don't even know what that means.

Speaker 3 (34:38):
So no, he's giving it, Sarah. He's a ten, but
he did time for robbery.

Speaker 2 (34:43):
Ooh, bad boy.

Speaker 3 (34:46):
Maybe like it depends it depends on why, because robbery
it's not like you kill somebody.

Speaker 2 (34:50):
It's just like maybe you.

Speaker 1 (34:50):
Took some money, like when you're a secret, Yeah, are
you a robber? Now, oh wait, that's karma. Yeah, m.

Speaker 2 (35:01):
Sounds like whatever, all right, I'll give him an eight.

Speaker 1 (35:04):
Sidney, he's ten innate, but your man's robbing people.

Speaker 2 (35:09):
Yeah, but like but like okay, was his sister dying
and maybe he just needed a loaf of bread like
Jean Valjeans, like there are lots of different types of
robbers of Caysdney. And then what if what if he
has like tattoos?

Speaker 1 (35:19):
She don't be that girl that's like on TikTok, Like,
look if my man got me and to show him
in crazy like weaving, Sydney. Sorry, well, like what if
it's really.

Speaker 2 (35:34):
Like what if he was like what if it was
for me, like he robbed a bank, Like that'd be
hot anyway, I read like anyway, Sidney, he's a ten,
but he doesn't have a driver's license.

Speaker 1 (35:47):
What if he legally can't drunk? Well before I would
set a tim because we're in New York and don't
have to drive, But I'll say seven.

Speaker 2 (35:58):
Sarah, he said nine, but he feels why same thing
like three, Sydney. He's a ten but he does not
like to travel. That's a big deal.

Speaker 1 (36:09):
Breaker for me, Yeah, because I want to travel for
like my whole life, So for we want to do
a staate a your home all day weirdo?

Speaker 2 (36:15):
Yes, all right, we finished, we finished. They're a ten.
But that was funny. I like doing that. So this
one is.

Speaker 3 (36:24):
Called Who's most likely to where the most designated person loses?
So if it's a tie, it's a tie, and then
we just skip the question between us. But whoever, like
if both of us point to somebody, then they lose. Okay,
so we can actually have a winner and a loser
of this game, which is exciting.

Speaker 2 (36:41):
Let's get started.

Speaker 3 (36:43):
Who's most likely to never miss an episode of their
favorite show?

Speaker 1 (36:47):
Sydney, Sydney lose, sorry, Sydney.

Speaker 2 (36:52):
Who's most likely to participate in the show Love Island Sydney,
Sydney for sure. Yeah, you're gonna lose. Who's most likely
to adopt a child? Sydney, Sidney.

Speaker 1 (37:05):
Wait, what's who wins? If you get the more, you
get the.

Speaker 3 (37:06):
Least if you if you get the most like designations,
you lose.

Speaker 1 (37:10):
Oh well you're supposed to be boring. I'm losing.

Speaker 2 (37:12):
Yeah. Who's most likely to struggle to open a condom package?

Speaker 1 (37:16):
Sarah? Sarah, she'd be like, what is this.

Speaker 2 (37:20):
I don't like that. Who's most likely to lie about
their salary Sarah.

Speaker 1 (37:25):
I feel like your mind's like on the internet. Yeah, Sarah. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (37:29):
Who's most likely to wash? Who's most likely to shower
twice a day?

Speaker 1 (37:33):

Speaker 2 (37:34):
That's actually funny because you literally do twice a day.

Speaker 3 (37:36):
Who's most likely to drink five liters of water but
then ask for more?

Speaker 1 (37:40):

Speaker 2 (37:41):
Yeah, I agree. I definitely drink more water than you do.

Speaker 3 (37:43):
Yeah, because you like having to pee that much, but
you also like other stuff.

Speaker 2 (37:47):
You like orange juice, cranberry juice.

Speaker 1 (37:49):
Gatory accept Yeah.

Speaker 2 (37:52):
Yeah yeah. Who's most likely to have the most conquests Sarah,
Sarah's who's most likely to become a great business this
woman Sydney, Sydney. Who's most likely to fall asleep before
midnight on New Year's Eve?

Speaker 1 (38:07):

Speaker 2 (38:09):
Who's most likely to lie about their age.

Speaker 1 (38:11):
Sarah, We'll lie about it if I the last three
years you've been for three years forget.

Speaker 3 (38:19):
Who's most likely to vote for a candidate in a
TV show via SMS, Sydney.

Speaker 1 (38:25):
I gotta be pans to vote in Love Island? Did you?

Speaker 2 (38:28):
That's fry? Who's most likely to play strip poker.

Speaker 1 (38:31):
Sarah, whether it be agree and all?

Speaker 2 (38:34):
I think we've only not agreed on one.

Speaker 3 (38:37):
Who's most likely to have sex with someone of the
same sex Sarah.

Speaker 2 (38:44):
Who's most likely to make a phone call while in
the bathroom.

Speaker 1 (38:46):
Sydney, Sydney, Yeah, I do that all the time. Actually,
most of the actually are taken on the twist.

Speaker 3 (38:52):
Who's most likely to have sex with their partner's parent Sarah.

Speaker 2 (39:01):
Who's most likely to make preliminaries in progress? Sydney? What
preliminaries in progress?

Speaker 3 (39:08):
It's like who's most likely to make groundbreaking progress in
the world.

Speaker 1 (39:11):
Oh, Sydney, Yes, it's true. Don't like word it like that.
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (39:16):
Who is most likely to want an elderly person Sarah want? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (39:20):
Like sexually? Yes, Sarah. Literally.

Speaker 2 (39:23):
Matthew conhey is so old and I love him.

Speaker 1 (39:25):
I'm not even him girl, even like Ben in Date
Cumer Botch people from that, Dad is.

Speaker 2 (39:30):
Not ancient or elderly.

Speaker 1 (39:32):
He's like forty girl up, Prince sure, Matthew McConaughey is
younger than him?

Speaker 2 (39:36):
Are you serious?

Speaker 1 (39:37):
Have you.

Speaker 2 (39:39):
Let me look up? Okay, man, it isn't working. That's
funny though. Who's most likely to get ripped off all
the time because it happened? How many times have I
gotten ripped off? You think this?

Speaker 1 (39:54):
Gropa a fur co off the side of the street
from multiple hundreds of dollars five hundred.

Speaker 3 (39:59):
Of exact, and I did not ask to see the
authenticity card. Also it was off the street and also
was off Yes, I remember I started working for that
knife pyramid scheme for a second.

Speaker 1 (40:09):
Yeah, it's good stuff. Yeah. If I was gonna rip
anyone off, would definitely be Sarah.

Speaker 2 (40:16):
Oh, thank you.

Speaker 3 (40:18):
Who's most likely to skip their midterms Sarah, because it
definitely wouldn't be you. Who's most likely to remember what
everyone was wearing the last time you saw each other Sydney, Sydney.
Who's most likely to marry for money? Sara, Sarah, Yeah,
because you have money. That's not fair. Who's most likely
to have the most followers on Instagram? Who's most likely

to have volunteered in a foreign country without telling anyone?

Speaker 1 (40:44):
Sydney. I'd love to do that, You're so wholesome.

Speaker 2 (40:49):
Who's most likely to go see a movie or a
show alone?

Speaker 1 (40:51):
Sarah A show?

Speaker 2 (40:54):
Yeah alone?

Speaker 1 (40:56):
Of thee Yeah he thinks alone, right, so you law, Oh,
it's so hard being the most likely too.

Speaker 3 (41:05):
We know I lost yeah, oh yeah, I got fifty
four and you got three.

Speaker 2 (41:12):
We both have s nams. It can be hard sometimes,
got your own names.

Speaker 1 (41:16):
Shut up.

Speaker 2 (41:18):
We're on our last minigame.

Speaker 3 (41:19):
We're zooming through these Would you rather two possibilities?

Speaker 2 (41:23):
One choice? Twenty five cards?

Speaker 1 (41:26):

Speaker 3 (41:28):
So should we just go back and forth? I'll start
with you. Would you rather have a bed or have
a sofa to sleep on a bed? That's a weird
ask question. Would you rather this meet? Would you rather
eat African food for the rest of your life or
eat Asian food for the rest of your life?

Speaker 2 (41:43):
Asian food? Because I'm an eachmart.

Speaker 1 (41:45):
Stone, I'm not what weren't say? After that, I was like,
I'm wrong with Africa.

Speaker 2 (41:51):
Yeah, you thought I was gonna be racist, didn't you.

Speaker 3 (41:53):
Would you rather live in Japan or Brazil? Sydney?

Speaker 1 (41:57):
And why Brazil? There's more black and Jessica is in that.
Technically I'm also Filipino, but they don't know that.

Speaker 2 (42:05):
Yeah you are, Philip I always forget your Filipino.

Speaker 1 (42:07):
And I'm a culture person, so I think there's a
lot of African culture, in Arian culture in Brazil. But
you can't is to be a full and good food.

Speaker 2 (42:14):
So yeah, right, I want to go to Tokyo so bad, Sarah.

Speaker 3 (42:19):
Would you rather be always hungry or always thirsty? That's
a great question. I feel like I would get used
to the hunger. I'm gonna say I would. I would
rather be always hungry because I love me some like
water and wine that can get me through.

Speaker 2 (42:36):
Sidney. Would you rather be a star through sports or
be a star.

Speaker 1 (42:40):
Through movies like an actress movies. I'm gonna kick a
ball around.

Speaker 2 (42:43):
No, Sidney. Would you rather? Oh, and it's me Sarah.

Speaker 3 (42:47):
Would you rather have light up shoes for your wedding
or a handspinner as a ring?

Speaker 2 (42:50):
Light up shoes because I can just hide those under
my dress.

Speaker 1 (42:52):
I'm stay.

Speaker 3 (42:54):
Would you rather, Sidney not have your high school diploma
or not have your driver's license?

Speaker 1 (43:00):
I mean, I'd rather have my diploma and not my
license because I don't drive anyway. I'm not just an
awful driver. I don't know how I passed it in
the first place.

Speaker 2 (43:07):
Oh, I completely agree.

Speaker 3 (43:08):
I totally failed a parallel parking section and I started
to cry.

Speaker 2 (43:11):
But then the guy was like to it where you passed.

Speaker 1 (43:12):
I think he just felt that after so we don't
have we didn't have to do really, we had to
park in like a ruggar parking spots. It's actually my
first time ever parking, which is, you know, scary, Sarah.

Speaker 3 (43:22):
Would you rather be able to only have fries at
McDonald's are only burgers?

Speaker 2 (43:25):
Fries? I hate burgers, Sydney.

Speaker 3 (43:28):
Would you rather live in a city you hate with
the person you love or live alone in a place
you loved.

Speaker 2 (43:34):
That is such an interesting.

Speaker 1 (43:35):
Country, I guess city I hate the person I love.

Speaker 2 (43:38):
Yeah, hope this for mecause.

Speaker 1 (43:40):
Hopefully I follow up a point. Think they're so depressing
and you're just like, that's so sad, like girl, yeah,
like the pregm.

Speaker 3 (43:52):
Would you rather Sydney get six points off of your
driver's license or a six hundred dollars fine six points?

Speaker 1 (43:59):
I don't know that, Sarah.

Speaker 3 (44:02):
Would you rather eat sushi for the rest of your
life or eat burgers for the rest of your life?

Speaker 2 (44:05):
Sushi, Sushi, sushi, sushi. I love sushi so much. Let
me some avocado rolls, so yummy, Sydney.

Speaker 3 (44:12):
Would you rather have your parents read all of your
iPhone messages or read all.

Speaker 2 (44:16):
Of your parents I phone messages. Definitely the second one.

Speaker 1 (44:19):
Right, my parents. I don't know who the favorite child
is coal.

Speaker 2 (44:23):
Would you rather Sarah sweet or salty? Salty? I don't
like candy or anything, Sidney. Would you rather go one
week without your phone or go one week without your laptop?

Speaker 1 (44:35):
Laptop? Why? Actually, because my phone is more like portable.
But I can pretty much do the same thing on both.

Speaker 2 (44:43):
You know, it's just with your phone. You have wife
Hi wherever.

Speaker 4 (44:47):
You go, and I love to ting down. I just
can't like take it out on the train and stuff.
I never talked about my extensions on the podcast. Whatever
all end with that, Sidney? Would you rather listen to
R and be your hip hop?

Speaker 1 (45:02):
Hip hop girly? But I love R and B, R
and B.

Speaker 2 (45:06):
I was gonna say R and B two, Sarah.

Speaker 3 (45:09):
Would you rather be able to have sex only in
one position for the rest of your life? I get
all the sex questions they know for the rest of
your life, or change partners every time you have sex.

Speaker 2 (45:20):
Well, if it's about my.

Speaker 3 (45:21):
Current partner, I would have to say the first one.
I would be obligated to say the first one. I'd
be required to say the first one. I would be
most likely moved to.

Speaker 2 (45:33):
Say the first one. But in reality, I think it's
the second one.

Speaker 1 (45:35):
The first one.

Speaker 2 (45:37):
But alas, I think I'm maybe Sarah. Thank you, Sidney.

Speaker 3 (45:43):
Would you rather cheat on your partner in front of
them or have your partner cheat on you in front
of that? Wait, Sidney, would you rather cheat on your
partner in front of him or have your partner cheat on.

Speaker 2 (45:53):
You in front of partner?

Speaker 1 (45:55):
Cheat in front of me? Really, at the end of
the day, I retain my integrity. I can. Also, I'm
not really dramatic like your So is this I just
see my own eye?

Speaker 2 (46:09):
Yeah, you feel my God Olivia Poe moment, what we'd like?
The tea thing? What she always says?

Speaker 1 (46:14):
What does this? Now? It han't the whole thing ready,
I'm actually pretty much already seen to happen. So I've
been there, done that, Sarah.

Speaker 2 (46:24):
Would you rather video conference or face to face?

Speaker 1 (46:27):

Speaker 2 (46:28):
Obviously face to face?

Speaker 1 (46:30):
That depends on who. If it's like for work, I'd
rather do it.

Speaker 3 (46:32):
Oh, I agree with that actually, But like if it's friends,
obviously I'd rather meet them.

Speaker 2 (46:36):
In person or family?

Speaker 3 (46:37):
Would you rather be the funniest person in the room
or the most beautiful person.

Speaker 1 (46:40):
In the room. Sidney, I'm already the funniest, so I
guess the most beautiful. You can only get you so
far in certain spaces in this life.

Speaker 3 (46:48):
Yes, Sarah, would you rather have sex in public once?
Or never have sex in a comfortable bed? Obviously, sex
and public I've done that already.

Speaker 1 (46:56):
It's like that's an enticement for her.

Speaker 3 (46:58):
Yeah, I take that as a challenge. Alrighty, we are
done with tas, We're done with our mini games.

Speaker 2 (47:05):
We're done. That was fun? Did you have fun this
episode and last episode?

Speaker 1 (47:11):
Sarah's The funny thing about Sarah is that she physically
cannot do something without being like, how do you? Guys
like you? After? Like I've seen longers with her like
three times now, she's like, how'd you like it? It's
a girl. I've seen those three times. It's good every time.
And she'll be like like after our like trips, she'll
be like, roses, thorns and buds, name rate everything. I'm like, okay, okay.

Speaker 3 (47:32):
If you used to sit around the dinner table with
your family when you're younger and do roses, thorns and
buds please let me know, or just like roses and thorns,
please dm us and let us know, because I.

Speaker 1 (47:41):
Feel we sat there in silence. We also didn't eat together.

Speaker 2 (47:44):
So yeah, I know, it's funny. It's funny.

Speaker 3 (47:50):
Our family progression is funny. I used to be required
when I was a kid to eat at the dinner
table with my whole family, which.

Speaker 2 (47:55):
Is just my mom and dad because I'm the only child.

Speaker 3 (47:57):
And then as time when I got to high school,
then it was like, okay, we're sitting at the kitchen table.
Then it was like we can sit and watch TV,
but we all have to be together and watch the
same thing.

Speaker 2 (48:07):
And then it was like Mom and I just eat
by ourselves now, and then Dad just eats by himself
in the living room.

Speaker 3 (48:12):
But that's the way he likes it. It's like he
wants to watch his sports. He doesn't want to hear
me whine about watching sports for an hour.

Speaker 1 (48:17):
Because we have long dinners, Like my brother eats dinner
at like four thirty or like five FM. We's been
at like seven, so I'm not eating that really.

Speaker 2 (48:25):
Yeah. No, before we head.

Speaker 3 (48:27):
Out, I wanted to fill you guys in on the
saga that is my hair. I'll give you the two
minute summary Sparknoes version, and it's that. A couple weeks ago,
I went to go get extensions in and tape in extensions,
which is supposed to be the most the least resistant
to hair breakage, or the most resistant hair breakage.

Speaker 2 (48:44):
I would say that's proper and correct.

Speaker 3 (48:47):
So I went to go get these done at the
salon that I've been going to for the past two
or three years. I was seeing a new woman because
the woman who colors my hair, who I've been seeing
for the past like many years, is not the same
person who did my extensions. So she ordered these extensions.
She did not color match them. She told me they
were natural.

Speaker 2 (49:03):
They were not. They're synthetic.

Speaker 3 (49:05):
She literally did not layer them, did not thin them out,
she didn't make them look natural. She just literally put
them in and set me on my way. They fell
out in like a week. I do not have them
in my head anymore. I went to go take them
out yesterday because I was so sick and tired of them.
They were getting matted. They were literally like molding in
some fucking areas. Because of like, and I was doing

everything right. I followed all of her instructions, et cetera.
And it was just a nightmare. And I took them out,
and now I already had very naturally thin hair, which
is why I got extensions in the first place. I
also had very short hair, and I wanted my hair
to be longer, which is why I got extensions in
the first place.

Speaker 2 (49:41):
And then I took them out.

Speaker 3 (49:42):
My hair is two times thinner and it's shorter than
it was before because it was started to break and
she put them in incorrectly so that my hair was
matted underneath the hair extensions. It was like matted and crumpled.
So when I took out my like my hair was
already falling out basically, So when I already took out
the extensions, literally half of my head of hair just

came out.

Speaker 2 (50:02):
And now it's so thin.

Speaker 3 (50:04):
And I took them out yesterday, I think I cried
for three hours straight. I already have literally eight strands
of hair on my head. I don't have alopeci or anything,
but I do have just like chronically thin hair. I've
always had thin hair and like really thin hair. And
then I took out the extensions, and I never should
have gotten them done. In the first place, at least,
like at this salon. I should have done more research.

I should have gotten them done in New York, probably
because the better salons are here. But I got them in,
took them out yesterday.

Speaker 2 (50:29):
All my hair fell out.

Speaker 3 (50:30):
It was a disaster. So I still have hair, which
I'm really excited about. But it's so thin.

Speaker 2 (50:36):
It's like, I mean you can hold it, you can
like barely hold it in your hand. It's so thin,
like it just kind of I go to put it
in a ponytail and just falls out of my hand.
It's like nuts, how short it is. My mom thinks I.

Speaker 3 (50:47):
Should cut it into bob because really, yeah, I can
like grow it, and like now it's just it looks
really uneven and like patchy.

Speaker 2 (50:53):
It literally looks patchy.

Speaker 1 (50:54):
What did you say about it?

Speaker 2 (50:55):
My mom, she was just as pissed as I was.
She said she might like send them a message, and
I was like, don't, and then she was like.

Speaker 3 (51:04):
She just thinks I should get it done in a
bob because when you cut it, it like healthens up
the hair. That's not what I work, but you know
what I mean, it's like it makes the hair healthier.
The more, You just like get a dusting or a
trim that it ends up actually growing faster if you
cut it more, which yes, which is contradictory, but it's true.
So she thinks I should get it cut into like
a bob, which it practically already is. I would just

take like maybe a half more inch, but I don't
even want to fucking touch my hair at this point.

Speaker 2 (51:30):
I'm scarred, So I don't know. I don't know.

Speaker 1 (51:33):
I think she's just message her and be like, what
you did was not what you promised or what I
paid for, and she needs to find way to give
a retribution and give your money back or have someone
else to fix it or whatever. You know.

Speaker 2 (51:44):
Yeah, it's crazy.

Speaker 3 (51:44):
I mean the hair was madding and to not be mad,
I mean I followed all of her instructions. I brushed
it like all the time, and I kept really good
care of it, and I put it up when I
went to sleep.

Speaker 2 (51:55):
And all this stuff, and it's just I don't know.

Speaker 3 (51:57):
It was either really really bad quality synthetic extensions or
just like not the I don't even know. It's it's
impossible to disselect at this point. But that's been my
past couple of days is so crazy. My extension started
falling out in the shower a week after I got
them in. So I would just say, if you're thinking
about getting any major treatment done your hair, whether it's dye,

because dye can ruin your hair if you have thin hair,
if it's not done properly, whether it's tape and extensions
or k tips or any any other kind of braidens,
like any kind of extensions you could possibly get, I
would say, do as much research as you possibly can.
And just because your one salon is good at coloring
your hair or cutting it or blow drying it does
not mean they're also going to be good at another
service that might be more complicated. So if I were

to give you any advice, it would be that. And yeah,
just don't make.

Speaker 2 (52:45):
The same mistake that I did because I have no
hair now.

Speaker 1 (52:47):
It's awesome.

Speaker 2 (52:48):

Speaker 3 (52:49):
Yeah, research is key. And also I would say not
even google research. I would say, like like actual people,
make sure they're not sponsorships on TikTok. Make sure you're
getting your info from like actual people who love the
salon stuff like that.

Speaker 1 (53:03):
Yeah, and I could look at their pictures on Instagram.
Sometimes they be looking jacked up, and I'm like, why
would you post that? Ye.

Speaker 3 (53:09):
Also, what happened with me is that my hair technician
or the hair technician that did my tapens she showed
me a picture of her work, but only initial installment.
She didn't tell me how it ended up. She didn't
tell me how long it lasted. She told me my
intensions were going to last anywhere from two to four months,
and they only lasted like a week and a half.
So I would say, definitely look that up, make sure

to inquire. And it doesn't matter if your technician is
showing you pictures of the initial installment how it doesn't
matter how good it looks. Then the actual like maintaining
of the hair is what you have to ask about. Okay,
thank you so much for listening. I'm sorry if you
literally have never gotten anything done with your hair and
that did not apply to you, but it traumatized me,
so I figured I would want to help a hand

to anybody.

Speaker 2 (53:52):
Was thinking about it.

Speaker 3 (53:53):
Hope you liked this episode. Let us know if you
want to hear any topics in the future. We love you.
Follow us on Instagram and TikTok of Crying a Public
podcasts and You can always listen to us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,
or wherever you get your podcasts.

Speaker 2 (54:06):
We love you, goodbye,
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