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November 30, 2023 29 mins

Drag performer Maria is not struggling like the rest of you… we've got a case of abundance here because for this queen, options are aplenty and that’s where Abuelita comes in to make some hard choices! Not everyone can pass muster! This week meet Maria, who knows what she wants and is not afraid to kiki with Abuelita to find a good match. We also meet the contestants Abuelita has chosen for Maria, who better be Abueltia Approved!

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
Buenas buena miha is.

Speaker 2 (00:08):
Do you believe that knows best? Well? This is date
my first, where plays matchmaker for our star dater and
three contestants looking for Alita's firm stamp of approval. I
am your host, Vico or this is joined by our.

Speaker 1 (00:29):
Lovely with that Comstan.

Speaker 3 (00:42):
I'm ready for all of you, cuties. Just bring it,
bring it, bring it.

Speaker 2 (00:46):
Today's main dater is Maria. Today is interesting because a
lot of people who've applied for your help have not
really had much luck on the dating apps. You know, however,
Marias is that on the apps, they are on my body.
So we have a case of abundance here, Alita, we

have abundance. Have you ever had to choose between lovers?

Speaker 4 (01:11):

Speaker 1 (01:11):
I just took them all at the same time.

Speaker 3 (01:13):
Oh yeah, but as long as they didn't know about
each other.

Speaker 5 (01:17):
I was.

Speaker 1 (01:19):
I was young and foolish, I was gonna say.

Speaker 2 (01:21):
I was like, oh my goodness, I'm the complete opposite.
I don't want to choose, and everybody knows, yes, actually
I choose them all. I'm like, yes, please, everybody.

Speaker 1 (01:33):
The more the merrier. But here's the thing. For Maria.

Speaker 2 (01:38):
Monogamy is the historical preference, but they say they can
maybe be convinced to try more openness. And it has
been around five years since they've had a serious relationship,
when they were deep into what they call one of
their big big loves, a different kind of BBL. Maria
recently moved to Los Angeles and trying to find another

partner for a new season of life. I love that
this this stunning queen has tried all of the apps,
but has been a little bit overwhelmed by everyone who's
been knocking on their door.

Speaker 3 (02:14):
So e that do you think, Well, let's see what
we can do to get this beautiful Maria of the apps.
Welcome Maria, come on into Alita.

Speaker 6 (02:27):
How Hi everybody?

Speaker 2 (02:30):
Oh my goodness, hello, Hello, you came in and it's
like boom radiance that introduction.

Speaker 7 (02:38):
I'm like, oh my gosh.

Speaker 5 (02:38):
I hope it transcends everybody who's listening. If they can't see, yes,
they're gonna be like, who's this girl who thinks she's
so beautiful?

Speaker 2 (02:45):
I know, listen, honestly, you have like some beautiful like
neon flower blouse situation. We got some platinum nails. I
understand why you're just off the charts on the apps.

Speaker 1 (03:01):
Let's get to know Maria Maria.

Speaker 3 (03:03):
I'm interested on your beautiful name. Where did that come from?

Speaker 5 (03:07):
Well, there's a few stories behind it, but mostly my
grandmother who pretty much raised me when I was little.
Her name is Maria, and she passed, So this is
a name that I honor her in. You know, I'm
born Christopher, and my chosen name now that I go
through when I perform and do things like that, is Maria.

Speaker 7 (03:28):
Maria then Cartier.

Speaker 2 (03:29):
Yes, were you close to you're Alida?

Speaker 5 (03:32):
Oh my god, yes, we were so close. When I
was little, my mom was going through the academy.

Speaker 7 (03:39):
She's an officer, but she was an officer.

Speaker 5 (03:40):
She retired and so I was pretty much raised with
my grandma, so I spent most of my time with her.
So when she passed, I was about like maybe seven,
So I tooked that pretty hard because I was always
being with her and I was attached with her literally
by the hip. If you saw her, you saw me.
My mom says, I get my fire from her.

Speaker 2 (04:00):
I love that. I love that you said that. It's
been five years since your last like big, big love right, Yes,
a long time?

Speaker 1 (04:07):
How long with did that.

Speaker 5 (04:08):
Relationship last That was a four year relationship. We lived
together and we were walking through the adoption process as well.
But it was the huge, huge thing when it was
the decision to separate and go our separate ways. But
me and him have an amazing friendship and relationships still.

Speaker 1 (04:28):
That's beautiful.

Speaker 2 (04:29):
What are the things that you've learned from that past relationship?

Speaker 5 (04:32):
I learned how much I really do love and a door,
the romance that comes with the everyday stuff like you know,
you get home and those little small things that your
partner does for you that goes a long way, and
how much I like that.

Speaker 7 (04:47):
And what I learned that I don't want.

Speaker 5 (04:50):
I need someone who is secure and super supportive.

Speaker 7 (04:55):
I get a lot of attention in rooms that I am.
I'm a performer, I'm boisterous, loud.

Speaker 5 (05:00):
You know, there's a lot of eyes on me, and
I need someone secure in that.

Speaker 7 (05:05):
You know, Okay, people are talking to her, taking pictures,
hugging this.

Speaker 5 (05:09):
App but you know I know she's mine, or I
know we're together, or we go home together.

Speaker 7 (05:13):
Someone who's secure and confident in that way.

Speaker 5 (05:16):
And then another thing I learned, the big takeaway from
that was how important like having financial discussions are in
adult dating. You know, I know taboo. That's not something
you want to talk about on the first date.

Speaker 3 (05:29):
But it is second when it's Okay, you're new to
La correct.

Speaker 7 (05:35):
Yes, yes, I've been here six months.

Speaker 1 (05:37):
Wow, Oh my god, welcome to La La Land.

Speaker 3 (05:43):
Well what is it that you find different about La
in the dating life?

Speaker 5 (05:47):
I don't know why, but I just feel like people
are a lot more accepting here and embracing. And it's
weird to say that because as a New Yorker it's
like the melting pot everything goes. But like just from
an identity perspective, because I do consider myself gens are
not unconforming and I used all pronouns, and you know,
it's not every day that I'm fem presenting. So I

have my days where I'm maybe more masculine presenting or
things like that. And so I'm just finding that here
I don't have to explain so much what it is.
People are just like go with the flow, whereas I
felt in New York and in my past, my whole life,
I'm constantly having to explain why I woke up with
a beard tomorrow and why last night, you know, I

was at the Beyonce the Council looking glamorous.

Speaker 3 (06:32):
Well, in the name of all the LA listeners, thank
you very much. That is something very nice to be
said about our LA peeps. I want to know a
little bit more fun facts about your life. How did
you get into the business that you are in. What
made you who you are?

Speaker 5 (06:48):
I was very much a person who was on the
straight and narrow. I went to college in three years,
I got my degree and went straight into work through
my internship and just was working adult like corporate retail
life and just straight at it. So before twenty five
years old, I was just living this life of like
not a twenty year old person, you know what I mean.

Like I had the four oh one K and I
had a retirement plan going and a salary and this
and that, and it was just like you're painted the
picture that that's the dream and that's what you're supposed
to go after. But then you realize in your early
twenties and you haven't done none of the early twenty shit,
you know what I mean, It's like, what is going on?
So I'm living this straight in our life and I

think I was just sitting at my desk one day
realizing this is not what I want to be doing.
I'm a creative. I went to art school, so it's
like I want to be doing my thing. And the
only thing that was like a creative outlet for me
was doing drag and performing and creating and acting and
doing things like that. So I just started kind of
just jumping in and pursuing it. And I had been

doing drags since like twenty eleven or something like that.
I started in college, so I knew that that was
a passion for me, but it was like something that
I buried deep, and I never looked at it as
like something that could be a profession or make me
money or pay the bills. And now I'm happy because
Maria pays the bill, and I say, oh my god,
how cool. I never thought that I could just work

for myself and make money off of my own personality
and who I am and my talents. I was so
straight and narrow. You got to go work somewhere fifty
hours a week, now, right.

Speaker 3 (08:25):
I was going to mention something in regards to that.
There was nothing wrong with that either.

Speaker 7 (08:29):
Yeah, yeah, nothing wrong because.

Speaker 3 (08:31):
You knew exactly where you were going. You were preparing
yourself and it's very true that no matter how young
we are, we need to be prepared for the day
in which you are a Wilita's age, because hell, life
moves quick.

Speaker 5 (08:42):
Amen, And it set me up to understand money, understand bills,
understand all of that.

Speaker 3 (08:48):
And more power to you in the fact that you
return to your creative world and are doing exactly what
you love the right way.

Speaker 1 (08:56):
But I want to ask you.

Speaker 3 (08:57):
You say that you lost your Awlita when you were young,
but she's always around you. So what would she think
of your life right now? And what would she tell
a dating possibility about what makes you such a great catch?

Speaker 7 (09:12):
That's so interesting. I think she will be blown away
by who I became. She was a very big queer advocate.

Speaker 5 (09:19):
She used to work and cook food at like the
LGBT centers.

Speaker 7 (09:23):
And I would go with her and things like that.

Speaker 5 (09:25):
She would help a lot of like people battling HIV
and AIDS and things like that. So that was something
she was passionate about that I didn't realize until an
adult that that's what she was doing because I witnessed
all of this and her doing it as a kid,
and so I realized.

Speaker 7 (09:39):
I think she would just be.

Speaker 5 (09:40):
So proud and astonished by just why I become but
the advice that maybe she would give me.

Speaker 3 (09:46):
He planted a seed because I Willitas know they really do.
You are so beautiful inside and out. I love you.
You're gorgeous, gorgeous.

Speaker 2 (09:55):
We will definitely get you off the apps and on
a date.

Speaker 1 (09:59):
This, this is the goal. We are so happening. You
have to know it's happening.

Speaker 5 (10:05):
I'm happy to be at a place where I can
stay out loud. I am welcoming romance into my life.

Speaker 1 (10:10):
Oh I love that. I love that.

Speaker 2 (10:13):
Thank you for being here with us, Maria. Honestly, you
can throw away your phone. Me and Amalita, we got you.
We got you handling it. So Aalita is going to
have to find someone that has a heart as big
as yours, who can handle all of this glam with
grace and fabulousness.

Speaker 3 (10:34):
And I had to say, there was a moment when
I got really choked up, and that's because Yi Aelita
is here with us. She is so ready and so
very proud of you. Awelita doesn't need to stick together.
We are the salt of the earth. We bring with
us a little bit of the wisdom from the past
that we're trying to put together with the presence so

that we can have a more accepting, more loving world.
And she's here with you, She's in your heart, she
is you.

Speaker 7 (11:04):
Yes, thank you so sweet mom.

Speaker 3 (11:08):
After this, tell you that I cried because I did.
Look I get the CLEENX.

Speaker 2 (11:15):
All right, Mandia, thank you so much.

Speaker 1 (11:19):
We'll be back after the break. Welcome back today, Maya
Wili the first.

Speaker 2 (11:29):
Well, now that we've had the chance to get to
know Maria, we are going to send Awelita off on
her three speed dates for some GAFA with each contestant.
So shall we bring in the first one.

Speaker 1 (11:46):
Yes, let's do this.

Speaker 2 (11:47):
Ah right, Ailita, Let's meet Billy. Hey, Hello, Hello. Before
I hand you over to our give us a little
intro to yourself.

Speaker 8 (12:03):
All right. I am Billy Horren from Los Angeles.

Speaker 9 (12:08):
Born in Ohio, actually thirty five years old, and I
do branding and marketing for fashion companies.

Speaker 1 (12:17):

Speaker 2 (12:18):
I love that.

Speaker 1 (12:18):
Well, thank you for that.

Speaker 10 (12:20):
And I'm fun, all right. I like that fun fact
is that I'm fun, So I'll add that on there.

Speaker 1 (12:26):
That's what I wanted to hear. Well, welcome to date.

Speaker 3 (12:29):
Mayamilita first, where you have the chance to walk away
with the beautiful main data and let me ask you
a couple of questions.

Speaker 1 (12:37):
Let me talk about your dating life. What is that? Like, Oh, Graham,
it's pretty wild.

Speaker 9 (12:43):
Explain you know those like crazy dating stories that you
go on a date and you're like, I can't believe
this happens.

Speaker 8 (12:53):
This always happens to me.

Speaker 2 (12:56):
Give us an example, Give us an example.

Speaker 8 (12:58):
Well, here we go.

Speaker 10 (13:01):
Recently, in the last months, I went on a blind
date and everything was going well until the big question
dropped is like, what's your Instagram?

Speaker 8 (13:11):
So you give him the Instagram and he gives.

Speaker 10 (13:15):
Me his and we finally have somebody in comment, you know,
a friend in comment? And he goes, oh, how do
you know this guy? And I was like, oh, we
kind of like hooked up a while back, you know.
And he was going like.

Speaker 8 (13:29):
Oh, well, how long ago? And I was like, I
don't know, like a year or so ago. And I
was like, why how do you know him?

Speaker 10 (13:37):
He's like, well, that's my ex boyfriend and we were
together at that time.

Speaker 1 (13:43):
Okay, alrighty, next date. So what was your answer to that?
How did you respond?

Speaker 8 (13:52):
I mean, I was kind of like obviously shocked.

Speaker 10 (13:55):
So I just said, well, I guess practically we've slept
together already.

Speaker 1 (14:01):
And his response, I mean he thought it was funny.

Speaker 3 (14:04):
He thought it was funny.

Speaker 1 (14:04):
Oh that was cool.

Speaker 8 (14:05):
But again there was not a second date after that.

Speaker 3 (14:08):
Yeah, I can see why. So what are your red
flags when it comes to finding someone special? And what
are you looking for a committed relationship?

Speaker 1 (14:19):
You're looking for love.

Speaker 8 (14:21):
I'm looking for love, the love of my life.

Speaker 10 (14:24):
You know, I've always known since I was a child
that there was one person there for me. So it's
kind of like when I go on dates when you realize, like, Okay,
they're nice, they're great, but do you really feel that
like spark that you found your other half? And if
I don't, I can't really pursue that because you know,
it's kind of like you're lying to yourself. So red

flags for me, I guess for people who are serial daters,
people who date one after another after another after another,
trying to find something.

Speaker 8 (14:54):
Maybe they don't know what they're looking for.

Speaker 3 (14:56):
You made me cry, Yeah, because you are looking for
love and aren't well.

Speaker 1 (15:01):
But that's where you're here.

Speaker 3 (15:02):
So Awalita can help you now, in looking for that
special someone in your life. What is the one quality
that you have to have in that relationship?

Speaker 1 (15:11):
What is the number one?

Speaker 10 (15:13):
They have to be in love with themselves in a sense,
they have to be secure with themselves, but they also
have to live life as an adventure. I'm not very
into like being a cookie cutter by the book. Let's
do this, Let's be here, and then let's sit around
and retire together for the rest of our life. I
want to like live life as a fun adventure with
that other person.

Speaker 3 (15:31):
And sit on that rocking chair out in the porch
and just forget about everything else.

Speaker 1 (15:34):
Just die on that rocky chair. Thank you.

Speaker 2 (15:39):
So sorry to interrupt, but we're gonna send Alita to
save her next cafecito Billy. Thank you so so very much.
We'll be back with contestant number two. Welcome back to day,
my an Alita. First, I will ead that meet Juni.

Speaker 1 (16:04):
Hi, Hello, Hello Juni.

Speaker 2 (16:07):
Before I hand you over with a Wilita for a
little one on one, give us a little intro to yourself.

Speaker 4 (16:13):
So my name is Juni. I am from Los Angeles, California.
I love to cook and I'm a big foodie. So
when it comes to cooking, I always hold food to
like such a high expectation, and so every time I
go to a Michelin Star restaurant, I'm going to be
that snooty person that's like this is okay, or like
this could have been done.

Speaker 2 (16:31):
Different, not just the food, but the whole experience.

Speaker 4 (16:35):
The whole experience, of course, because anytime someone comes to
my house, I always make sure that I am giving
them the Michelin.

Speaker 1 (16:42):
Star experience and the addresses.

Speaker 4 (16:47):
Anytime, anytime, You're welcome over, anytime.

Speaker 1 (16:52):
Oh thank you, JUNI.

Speaker 2 (16:54):
Well, I'm gonna go ahead and hand you over to
a Wilita for a little cafecito.

Speaker 1 (16:58):
Aiita, take it away, Junia. Plea sure meeting you. You
are so cute. Now are you on vacation in Italy
right now?

Speaker 4 (17:06):
I am so. I came with a group of friends
to Italy. We kind of have this thing where we
go to a different country every year, and so last
year we went to Brazil. This week we're in Italy.
Before that we were in Costa Rica. So I am
a big traveler as well. I love to experience a
new cultures, on new cuisine, on new adventures people. So

that's why I'm here.

Speaker 1 (17:30):
That is awesome. I love it. I love it.

Speaker 3 (17:32):
Well, let's talk a little bit about your dating life.
You have all these wonderful friends that you travel with.
How about your dating life? What is that about?

Speaker 4 (17:39):
What's up? So?

Speaker 1 (17:42):
When was the last time?

Speaker 3 (17:43):
Then it was the last time you actually were in
a relationship.

Speaker 4 (17:47):
Four years ago, pre pandemic And I was in a
relationship for ten years prior to that.

Speaker 1 (17:52):
My goodness, yes, ten beautiful years.

Speaker 4 (17:56):
Ten beautiful years. We have the dog, we have the house,
had the engagement ring. I was ready to commit, but
then pandemic hit, and you know that's when like the
whole foundation crumbled, right, Like I think that I opened
up a lot of uglies for a lot of people.
Did Now I'm very single, moved across the country, started
a new life.

Speaker 3 (18:15):
And I was going to ask you that did your
life change dramatically after that?

Speaker 7 (18:18):
It did?

Speaker 2 (18:19):

Speaker 9 (18:19):

Speaker 4 (18:20):
I felt in a way that I was like I
was in a good place and then all of that happened,
and I was like, you know what, it's time to
choose me. It's time to do something different. So I
got a job in California, and I said, you know what,
I'm going to go and they said when can you
be here? And I said, give me two weeks. So
I packed up my car, packed up my dog, and
I just drove across the country. No furniture, no nothing,

Just like you know, I wish to hope a dream
and my dog and I made it. And I've been
in California for you know, four years, and I love it.
I love everything about it.

Speaker 3 (18:51):
Now, you tell us that your dream is to have
a farm full of animals.

Speaker 1 (18:57):
What appeals to you about that?

Speaker 4 (19:00):
You know, despite living in Los Angeles, the mecca of materialism,
the mecca of beautiful people, concentrating people, you know, the traffic,
the amount of people that are constantly flocking to Los Angeles,
I'm like, I just want some peace and quiet. I
want to have like the farm. I want to have
no neighbors for miles. I want my neighbors to be chickens, goats,

a cow. You know, I want to be best friends
with Betsy the cow. That's what I.

Speaker 1 (19:28):
Want, Lindo, Helindo.

Speaker 3 (19:31):
There is something to be said about the piece that
quietness and solitude and animals bring to your life. You know.
That's why I think in La a lot of us
most of us have pets because we do want that
little connection, even if it's just in a little cubicle
that we live every day. What is it that you
are looking for right now in a partner? Are you
looking for love? Are you looking for a long term relationship?

Speaker 4 (19:54):
I think I want that. I've been single for so
long that I thought in Los Angeles, where there's ten
million people, I'd be like, there's bound to be at
least one person that likes me. And I've been here
for four years and I've yet to find that one
person that like I connect with on a more intimate level.
I can connect with people on you know, any kind

of superficial thing, fashion, movies, aesthetic, whatever it is that
you know, Californians love, but nobody has been able to
make a commitment. And that's been the hard part. That
I want somebody that I can connect with, that I
can like really just like not have to think about
being more than myself.

Speaker 2 (20:34):
You know.

Speaker 3 (20:35):
I hear a lot of people say, oh, yeah, it's
Los Angeles, It's what California is all about. But I
think that as human beings, we are different everywhere we go,
and it's just a matter of who we surround ourselves
with who we open our hearts to and who is
able to do that for us. So I think a
Wilita is going to try and do that for you.

Let's see what happens. Okay, thank you, thank you, Juny.

Speaker 2 (21:00):
And that's the time we have for this. So let's
kick off your third and final CAO. Let's meet Florentino,
Mida Florentino. Before I send you over with the little.

Speaker 1 (21:16):
Give us like a little intro to.

Speaker 2 (21:19):
You, your name, where you're from? What do you do
a fun?

Speaker 6 (21:22):
Facts Florentino, the tropical experience, Rico slashes Dominica Republic and
I am just a fabulous experience for to have some fun.

Speaker 2 (21:34):
Then really I love it. Well, thank you so much, Farentino.
I'm going to hand you over for a little.

Speaker 1 (21:41):
Alita. Trig it away, take it away.

Speaker 3 (21:43):
How are you me florentinot I have an espresso already
right now. The first thing that I read is that
you say that alitas are the true test.

Speaker 1 (21:57):
What do you mean by that?

Speaker 11 (21:59):
As the person that was race by my grandma, they
always have great insight and their best intentions for your
in mind, so they're always the toughest critics. So I
feel like if you can get thrown out Waalita, you're
most likely to get to the heart of the person
you want. Because if the a Walita approves like, it's
a yes for the family.

Speaker 5 (22:17):
You know.

Speaker 3 (22:19):
Okay, I'm crying again, all right, Phoenix, Is your Awalita
still with us?

Speaker 11 (22:24):
Yes, thankfully she is. She's about to turn eighty, so
I am the blessed to have her around. That's the
tough woman, the toughest woman I know.

Speaker 8 (22:31):
I love that woman.

Speaker 1 (22:32):
Does she give you dating advice?

Speaker 5 (22:34):

Speaker 11 (22:35):
Time has changed, orientations have changed, mentalities are a little
bit different. So Mayawalita has like an overall idea, but
going to deep, especially being a gay man, it's a
little harder getting super deep into details and emotions with
an Aa. So Maalita gives me like a broad view

of how you approach things, you know, like my mom
is really good at giving me advice. I go to
her to like the deeper questions, you know.

Speaker 3 (23:05):
But you would be surprised sometimes how I Willitas have
a better understanding than you think we do because we
love you so much.

Speaker 11 (23:12):
They do. Maa actually surprised me with a lot of
love and acceptance throughout the years and having difficult conversations.
So I definitely cherish that woman's opinion deeply in it's
nice to see her evolve and accept me more and
embrace me more, and it's made for us to have
like even more special relationship through out time.

Speaker 3 (23:32):
It's the ultimate love. So, speaking of love, are we
looking for love in a relationship?

Speaker 11 (23:36):
I'm always looking for love.

Speaker 3 (23:38):
I love love, You love love? So has that gotten
you into trouble? Because sometimes it's kind of hard to
see all the red flags if you're in love with love, Yes.

Speaker 11 (23:49):
That has gotten me answer trouble. That has got to
be out of trouble. I mean, I am just a lover.
I use a lot of that love for inspiration. I
feel like love is one of the most powerful process
and that keeps me alive as a writer, as a musician,
love is like my biggest inspiration in life. So I
often find myself pulling from love for different sorts of inspiration.

Speaker 3 (24:11):
You know, so you also are a hard worker and
you have a lot of hustles going on out there.

Speaker 1 (24:16):
What is that all about?

Speaker 11 (24:17):
Well, living in la is not an ec city, and
being a freelance artist, you need to stay on top
of your game all the time. So I'm being very
blessed to live off of art here since simum to La.
So I'm constantly working in production, using my body as
my vessel for modeling, acting and doing all the things

that I as the child thought were a dream. And
I'm here living off of ghost little things. Honestly, I'm
having the best time. Hustling very hard because it's tough
out here. But if you're doing what you love, I
feel like no hustle is hard enough.

Speaker 1 (24:55):
No, and you have to.

Speaker 3 (24:56):
Life has changed completely for all of us, no matter
how old we are. Life is a hustle. And do
you hustle to find that right person?

Speaker 11 (25:04):
Also, I feel like I have a lot of open doors.
I am on the dating apps. I'm very open so
like going out and meeting people. I'm very open to
giving people chances. Like I said, I'm an open door
for love, and I love love and I always welcome
it in whichever way it comes.

Speaker 3 (25:21):
That you are also looking for commitment, yes.

Speaker 11 (25:24):
And that is so hard to find here in La.
I guess I don't know the culture. Everything moves so quick,
everybody's looking so like the person that's gonna give them
their next moment or taking them more and like finding
a person that's willing to commit.

Speaker 8 (25:35):
I feel like it's so hard.

Speaker 2 (25:38):
I hate cutting off coup of seat those because I
always want to like keep hearing, But unfortunately I have
to stop this because we will be getting to know
each other more with games and challenges, So do not worry. So,
thank you so so much for Lentino. Ah so aut
eat that you just met three lovely, gorgeous humans. They

all seem to have great, big hearts and just exactly
what Maria is looking for.

Speaker 3 (26:03):
So and do you think's something little different to offer? Absolutely,
it's harder for Awilita, but very interesting.

Speaker 2 (26:12):
Do you think it's going to be possible to find someone? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (26:15):
I think so. We always do, Veico.

Speaker 2 (26:18):
All right, Maria, come on in for a hot second
and tell us what have been your first impressions.

Speaker 5 (26:23):
I'm freaking out because I love like everyone's answers, and
I agree with you Awlita that they are like bringing
something different and unique that all seems like hard to
like if I had to make a choice, like, oh
my gosh, they all bring something else so different.

Speaker 7 (26:41):
I liked all the contestants I thought their answers.

Speaker 5 (26:44):
Were great, and most of all, I love that it
seems like everybody's on the same page about looking for
something serious currently, which like I love the most and
like full transparency between us and whatever.

Speaker 7 (26:57):
I'm just like really nervous right.

Speaker 5 (26:59):
Now because I'm wondering if these daters or contestants are
quote unquote like transamorous, or if they're interested in someone
who does drag or looks so female presenting, because I'm
not presenting as a boy today, but that does exist,
you know what I So, I just don't want to
seem like I'm like cat fishing or doing like a

bait and switch or something. So that's just that's one
thing that keeps running through my mind.

Speaker 7 (27:24):
Is all this guy's great, he's cool, Like I'm lik
in theses, but I wonder, like.

Speaker 1 (27:28):
You know what I mean, don't question, Okay.

Speaker 3 (27:32):
Go with it, Okay, let us do all the questions.
Like I said, they each bring something different and special,
but in the way that they speak, they've opened their
heart and their mind to being in a format like this,
So we are accepting of everything. This is a program
of inclusion. It is a program dedicated to Ldbqtia community.

Everyone who is looking for love is here with us,
so don't question it, relax, enjoy the process, and uh
let's see what we can do.

Speaker 2 (28:07):
Oh yeah, it's gonna be a good time. It's gonna
be a good time. Well for this week, that is
all the heat we could handle. So we'll see you
next week when A Wilita and I will play some
fun and flirty games with the three contestants hoping to

be a Walita approved for Maria. And remember to subscribe
to Date my auralid the First wherever you get your podcasts.
Date my Awalita First is a production from WV Sound
and iHeartMedia's Mike Wueltura podcast network, hosted by me vicordis
joined by the fabulous Lina Montenegro. Date my Awalita First

is produced by Leo Clem, Nico Raguel, and Luigi Villian Meva.
Our executive producers are Wilmer Valdorama, Leo Clem and Nico Raguel,
and wvsaund. This episode was edited by Sean Tracy and
Nico Raguel.

Speaker 1 (29:04):
This episode features original music by Gay B.

Speaker 2 (29:07):
Lopez. The original artwork for this show was created by
Mack McClain special thanks to our team of cupids at
WV Entertainment Special Things. Also to our hopeful romantics this week, Maria, Juni,
Billy and Florentpino.

Speaker 1 (29:23):
Additional thanks to Salt and Lime Media.

Speaker 2 (29:26):
For more podcasts from iHeart, visit the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts,
or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. See you
next week and in the meantime, don't do anything Amanita
wouldn't do.

Speaker 1 (29:37):
Just do it better besit us
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