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December 7, 2023 25 mins

This week, Abuelita and Vico play games to find out who can handle queen Maria both in the limelight and when she departs the stage. To see who is Abuelita approved for Maria, contestants rank fake dating profiles they could see on dating apps from dateable to undateable and then contestants are tasked to act out scenes with Liliana to see how they would take care of Maria’s own Abuelita. Who will win over Liliana’s heart?

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
Buena Buena asked me some mortes. Welcome back to date
my a Wilita. First, I am your host Vico Ortiz,
side by side with our loving aid Leanna. You better
stop swiping and start smooching with a little help.

Speaker 2 (00:21):
From Ala Loves smooching help us on the way.

Speaker 3 (00:26):
Hello, my beautiful itez.

Speaker 2 (00:30):
We're back to help Maine date Maria from last week. Yeah, fine, love,
you can.

Speaker 3 (00:39):
Like usual. You know me, I'm beautiful, Yes.

Speaker 4 (00:43):
You are only that.

Speaker 1 (00:45):
Last week we met Maria, who says it's been about
five years since she's had a serious relationship when they
were deep into what they call one of her.

Speaker 3 (00:54):
Big big loves.

Speaker 1 (00:56):
Maria is a performer and recently moved to Los Angeles,
and it's trying to find another partner for a new
season of life.

Speaker 2 (01:05):
We also met the three contestants trying to win me over. First,
we met Billy, a soft spoken excellice who now works
in fashion and it's looking for a trustworthy and open partner.
We also met Florentino, a true Puerto Rican sweetheart and
creative who is looking for someone adventures and is not

afraid of making mistakes along the way as part of life.

Speaker 3 (01:29):
Don't you think.

Speaker 2 (01:30):
And we met Junie, an aspiring nurse an actor who
believes communication is key in any relationship.

Speaker 1 (01:37):
I cannot wait to see how these contestants do with
the games that we've made up for them today.

Speaker 5 (01:45):
Me neither.

Speaker 2 (01:47):
So let's check in with Maria before bringing in the contestants.

Speaker 6 (01:50):
Maria, how you doing? How you feeling?

Speaker 7 (01:53):
I'm feeling good. This is such a unique experience.

Speaker 2 (01:57):
If this is so cool, I see that you're a
little nervous.

Speaker 8 (02:03):
Yes, take it as a good thing that I think
y'all did such a good job that I'm nervous now
because I'm like, oh my god, it is happening.

Speaker 6 (02:13):
It's gonna be great. It's gonna be great.

Speaker 3 (02:15):

Speaker 6 (02:16):
We will see you very very soon.

Speaker 1 (02:18):
All right, Alida, shall we welcome back our fabulous contestants.

Speaker 3 (02:23):
Yes, it's time.

Speaker 1 (02:24):
All right, let's welcome back Juni, Billy, and Florentino.

Speaker 6 (02:34):
Are you all ready for our first game?

Speaker 1 (02:37):
So here's the thing, contestants, our main dater and all
of you seem to have tried a dating app or two,
and you've seen some characters and there's a lot of
total flakes and some people that even.

Speaker 6 (02:50):
Like you know catfish and whatnot.

Speaker 1 (02:52):
So for this game, we're gonna present some profiles to you,
and it's time for you to get swiping. You're gonna
swipe left if it's a no go, and swipe right
if it's a yes.

Speaker 6 (03:08):
So with all that in mind, let's get it going.

Speaker 2 (03:11):
All right, Well, let's start with the first one. Now,
this profile comes from a clear gym rat. All photos
are of them shirtless or in the gym, and they're
covering their face with their phone in their mirror selfies.
Now they're by or Reads Gemini, who loves.

Speaker 5 (03:29):
The left Gemini.

Speaker 3 (03:34):
Can I finish reading.

Speaker 7 (03:35):
My little friend?

Speaker 2 (03:39):
Now we know remove the Gemini Florentino's experience.

Speaker 6 (03:44):
It's like, I'm not gonna waste a second.

Speaker 3 (03:46):
Jumped right on it.

Speaker 2 (03:47):
Oh goodness, Okay, they're by r Reads Gemini, who loves
the La music scene and going to shows. Can enjoy
a one night in morning coffee dates, are cute mini
golf and flying my drone around the city. Here for
a good time, not a long time.

Speaker 6 (04:05):
What do you think, Billy?

Speaker 5 (04:06):
You had me at Jim Rat Jim A no go.

Speaker 3 (04:09):
They're all moving their hands to the left.

Speaker 5 (04:12):
Yeah, if you're not showing your face. What do you
have to hide? You know?

Speaker 6 (04:15):
What about you?

Speaker 8 (04:16):

Speaker 9 (04:17):
I would say face money maker one two Jim, sure,
I appreciate you putting in the work, but also if
the face ain't right, the face ain't right.

Speaker 7 (04:28):

Speaker 9 (04:28):
And then the drone.

Speaker 5 (04:31):
I'm sorry.

Speaker 9 (04:32):
There's many many hobbies that you can do, but a
drone it's no for me.

Speaker 6 (04:39):
Billy. Do you want to expand them? Why you're like, no,
hard left, let's.

Speaker 3 (04:42):
Go just a gym rat.

Speaker 4 (04:44):
I can't deal with Jim rats. They're either at the
gym or a meal prepping.

Speaker 6 (04:51):
Noted. This is good, this is good.

Speaker 2 (04:54):
How about the morning coffee dates? Do you think they're cute?

Speaker 5 (04:57):

Speaker 6 (04:57):
What do you think?

Speaker 9 (04:59):
I am not a morning person at all? So when
they said morning coffee, I'll be like, sir, I'm gonna
be asleep.

Speaker 7 (05:08):
I will miss that date.

Speaker 3 (05:10):
How about you?

Speaker 5 (05:11):

Speaker 10 (05:12):
I mean, I think it's on for coffee, but like
in the morning. Really, I'm like, how about coffee date?
Said coffee date?

Speaker 1 (05:18):
My goodness, y'all want to stay awake for a while?

Speaker 3 (05:21):
I know all night, Billy, I'll take it.

Speaker 4 (05:25):
If it's an afternoon expresso martini date, coffee with a kick.

Speaker 1 (05:31):
Huh yeah, all right, my profile is a nerd alert.
I got a cute, nerdy guy who clearly travels a lot,
seeing as his photos are of him in Italy and France.

Speaker 6 (05:45):
Is this harving you?

Speaker 11 (05:46):

Speaker 9 (05:47):
Why am I being exposed?

Speaker 1 (05:48):
Right now?

Speaker 9 (05:49):
Why am I being exposed?

Speaker 1 (05:51):
We got Bio six three ready for adventure at a
moment's notice, good vibes and four twenty friendly love or
food trucks open to long term, but something short will
do bottom, smiley face.

Speaker 3 (06:07):
Let's get lost on the.

Speaker 6 (06:09):
City and maybe each other too.

Speaker 8 (06:13):

Speaker 6 (06:15):
I love that. I might steal that, billy.

Speaker 5 (06:17):
What do you think I'm going for it?

Speaker 4 (06:19):
I'm six four, so someone in six ' three is
right up my eye level.

Speaker 6 (06:24):
Lorentina, go for it.

Speaker 10 (06:26):
He had me on sports money, friendly bottom and sendmatch nerdy,
which means he's probably more on the low key side,
which is a good.

Speaker 5 (06:34):
Balance for a personal agree you know. Is it right
for me?

Speaker 3 (06:37):
Mmmm? Juny.

Speaker 9 (06:39):
I can't relate to the over the six feet, However,
I can appreciate somebody's height.

Speaker 7 (06:44):
Because then it just makes me feel.

Speaker 9 (06:45):
So much more like petitue than cute.

Speaker 5 (06:49):
I want somebody you just carry me.

Speaker 9 (06:52):
I love that I'll tell you I'm five five on
a good.

Speaker 6 (06:56):
Day, bless you.

Speaker 2 (06:59):
Now we have one more. Now this profile is a stumper.
Who are they? They only have group photos, no photos
of them alone, and you can't tell which person the
profile is for. But the bio is sweet and it
reads looking for my happily ever after. But I'm not
sure what that is just yet. I do know it

involves some tequila housewives binges and my pops Sammy looking
to start as friends and see where it goes from there.
Regular flosster and you should be two.

Speaker 10 (07:33):
So I think I would strit right just because of
the personality. It seems like a friendly approach to social media,
which I enjoy, like not taking themselves too serious. And
it's like, also take care of your hygiene, you know
that little wink wing just for personalities, just to see
where that leads. It would be all right for me
and to try and figure out who's the one on the.

Speaker 3 (07:52):
Profile, Billy, what do you think?

Speaker 4 (07:55):
The floss thing is like a must for me. You
have to have like good teeth otherwise it's a go.
But people with only other people in their pictures are
usually unattractive because they always have their attractive friends in
the pictures with them, so.

Speaker 5 (08:11):
Like all the cute ones come on together, but I
would go right.

Speaker 4 (08:15):
Just to see who it is because he does sound
sweet and nice.

Speaker 3 (08:18):
How about you, Jinny?

Speaker 9 (08:19):
And then I also agree, I'm going to swipe right.
I am a big teeth person. I go to the
dentists like every three months. My dentist is my best friend.
Sometimes I just like text him just to be like, hey,
how are you?

Speaker 5 (08:32):
I miss you.

Speaker 6 (08:34):
I love that.

Speaker 9 (08:35):
However, the photo thing, I am of the belief that
I only have pretty friends. So if in the photo
all my friends are pretty and I am also pretty,
and you swipe right on it, you're gonna be like,
oh wow, I agree, there's somebody pretty in this photo.
So that's just how it is.

Speaker 3 (08:53):
It's like, you guys know each other.

Speaker 8 (08:56):
Have we all?

Speaker 9 (08:57):
Matt, and weho at some point, honestly.

Speaker 2 (09:01):
At some point because you have kind of the same answers,
the same ideas, the same philosophy about how to approach things.

Speaker 3 (09:09):
I'm loving it.

Speaker 1 (09:11):
Well, that was a blast and also makes me thankful
that I'm not on the.

Speaker 6 (09:17):
Apps for right now at least or ever.

Speaker 2 (09:20):
Maybe Yeah, well, we know that I've been banned from
all the apps, so we can't even talk about that
all that, I tell you.

Speaker 6 (09:28):
All right, well, then we'll be back after the break.
Welcome back today, Maya WII the first.

Speaker 1 (09:41):
Hello, Hello, Welcome back, gorgeous contestants.

Speaker 6 (09:45):
Sadly it's time for one of these cuties to hit
the road.

Speaker 1 (09:49):
Yes A, Wilita, who are you gonna send backing?

Speaker 2 (09:53):
I This is a moment that, of course nobody likes,
but it's part of the process.

Speaker 3 (10:00):
You are each very.

Speaker 2 (10:02):
Special, beautiful, beautiful people. Thank you for being here with us. Unfortunately,
one of you will be out right now and creating
that special decision. It has to be what our main
data really is focused on what they want and how
you guys come together for that reason and that reason alone.

Speaker 3 (10:25):
The one person that is leaving, and I love you
is Billy.

Speaker 6 (10:30):
Thank you, Thank you, Billy.

Speaker 3 (10:31):
We love you.

Speaker 4 (10:32):
You have fun and get wild with the.

Speaker 9 (10:35):
Rest of this.

Speaker 1 (10:35):
Yes, okay, folks, We're going to keep it simple in
this last and final round with a few more personality
based questions. Alita and I are going to ask some
cues and all you've got to do.

Speaker 6 (10:58):
Is take turns and during Leiana, we are ready. They
get away.

Speaker 2 (11:03):
Missa motis if you want the lottery tomorrow, what would
you do?

Speaker 3 (11:07):

Speaker 9 (11:08):
If I won the lottery tomorrow, first thing I would
do is realize my dream of buying like fifty acres
of land in Montana, starting my farm, having my cute
little cottage home, having no neighbors, cows, chickens, goats, some
like crops, maybe some corn, who knows, you know, That's

what I would do. First thing I would do. Second
thing I would do is take care of my mom
in Mexico. She was supported like ten years ago, so
that's been a struggle trying to get her back, and
I really hope that this year is the year.

Speaker 6 (11:43):
So who knows, crossing fingers for you too.

Speaker 3 (11:46):
Absolutely, Okay, that got me.

Speaker 6 (11:50):
What would you do?

Speaker 5 (11:52):
Ideally? If I want the lottery?

Speaker 10 (11:53):
At first, it would be like, definitely buy a safe
place where I can be and my loved ones can be,
including my friends, because I have dreams of having a
big house where all the people that I love can
be together. But a little condo in front of the
beach in Puerto Rico would do? I?

Speaker 11 (12:07):
Love it?

Speaker 3 (12:08):
Love it?

Speaker 1 (12:09):
Would you rather date someone who acts like you are
so lucky? To be with them, or someone who is
constantly texting and calling you when you're out with your friends.

Speaker 3 (12:20):
JUNI the latter.

Speaker 9 (12:22):
So I want somebody to worship the ground that I
walk on, to make me feel like I am the
most special person to have ever come into their life,
because chances are I probably feel the same way. And
you know, they always say date somebody who is more
into you than you are into them, But for me,
it's always like the opposite. I'm always the one that's

more into them than they are into me. So like
having that, I think for me would be like life changing.
You know, maybe that's my soulmate.

Speaker 3 (12:51):
Noted Okay, Florentino.

Speaker 10 (12:53):
Tell me, I would say the first one I have
a person that is like letting me know that I'm
looking to have them, I'll probably bring the same energy
I'm like, and that's why we're together because we're.

Speaker 5 (13:03):
Lucky to have each other.

Speaker 10 (13:04):
A person that doesn't trust me and east to text
me every time out with their friends, it is like,
probably we're not building the right trust and if there's
no trust, things are not gonna go very well.

Speaker 3 (13:15):
Thank you you wh Yeah, let's do this.

Speaker 2 (13:18):
Okay, So what is your favorite cheap Thrill and what
is your favorite thing to splurge on?

Speaker 6 (13:25):
What about you?

Speaker 7 (13:25):
Dony Cheap Thrill.

Speaker 9 (13:27):
Is going to talk about.

Speaker 5 (13:32):
Talking about too.

Speaker 10 (13:33):
I was gonna say the Jack in the Box two
tackles for a dollar special.

Speaker 9 (13:39):
And then the splurging is definitely you know, like Michelin
Star restaurants. I love to see the attention that people
put into dishes and seeing the artistry that people are
able to like make into something like this big and
You're like, oh, that's just the bite of food and
I'm like, no, no, this took years for them to perfect.
So I'm like, savor every every bite, you know. But

also Taco.

Speaker 3 (14:03):
Bell, all right, what do you splurge on?

Speaker 6 (14:07):

Speaker 5 (14:08):
Doing live music?

Speaker 10 (14:10):
It's like the one thing that I would pay for
a good seats to have a good moment, to be
filled with inspiration. Like for example, yesterday I was at
a concert that I probably shouldn't have paid all that
money too. Honestly, it's worth every dollar because it's inspiration
and lets me know somewhere I want to be and
somebody who's works I think it is so inspiring. So

I really like supporting art because I'm supporting it gives
me back right in that very second, not.

Speaker 5 (14:35):
Like Taco Bell that gives you.

Speaker 3 (14:38):
Someone else.

Speaker 5 (14:42):
But yeah, definitely art live art, Oh I eat that.

Speaker 6 (14:47):
Who's gonna be hard? It's gonna be really really hard. Yes,
thank you all for playing today.

Speaker 1 (14:52):
We have had an absolute blast, and after the break
we'll be back with the Smalls secret to we've been keeping.
Welcome back to day make a Wilita First. Well, my friends,

little did you know our main data has actually been listening.

Speaker 6 (15:17):
This whole time.

Speaker 1 (15:19):
Ah yeah, ah, Wilita might have an idea of who
she likes. But let's see if we have a unanimous
decision to all of our contestants. Muchisi besos as on
your search for love. Thank you for playing. We'll be
back after some deliberation with our main dater, Maria.

Speaker 6 (15:45):
I'm obsessed.

Speaker 1 (15:46):
This last game really really showed how they approached conflict
and how they approached certain situations that are a little
bit you know, sticky. So I'm curious. I'm curious to
see what you're thinking. I'm curious to see what Maria's thinking, Like,
what is coming up for you?

Speaker 7 (16:01):
First of all, I love the games.

Speaker 8 (16:03):
I'm texting them in the group child I'm like, I
wish I could play the game because I would nail
the games. But no, they're great. I think they're both
really really cool people. I really loved what Flow said
about being a creative and things like that, Like that's
something that really like speaks to me.

Speaker 7 (16:20):
I like that he's a creative.

Speaker 8 (16:22):
I also love how like pure Junie is and like
ju is great.

Speaker 7 (16:27):
Like it is hard. It's a hard decision for me too.

Speaker 8 (16:30):
But I think they have fantastic answers and I'm feeling
really good.

Speaker 7 (16:34):
But yeah, this is hard. It's gonna be hard.

Speaker 6 (16:38):
It's a Toughye, it's really really a tough.

Speaker 2 (16:40):
They both bring different aspects. Yeah, enhancement to Maria's life.

Speaker 1 (16:45):

Speaker 2 (16:45):
My thing is from the beginning, I think I was
towards Flow.

Speaker 3 (16:50):
There was just something there.

Speaker 2 (16:52):
Now, yes, can be a ham in moments, but there
were times when we ask questions and he really put
his serious face on and explain to us what his
feelings were about them. So I can see that not one.
You can get nervous under these circumstances. Maybe you show
more than you really want to, but the heart is there,

all right.

Speaker 6 (17:15):
You're the one. You're the one that has the stamp.

Speaker 1 (17:25):
Well, the time, the time has come to come clean.
We have our gorgeous mandator online here listening in this
whole time.

Speaker 6 (17:39):
This is the secret.

Speaker 1 (17:41):
But before I bring them on, it's time for to
make her stamp of approval. And it's generally not been
easy at all. You both are truly incredible contestants. You've
put your heart on the line. You've been really honest
and earnest and humorous and charming. So give it to you.

Speaker 2 (18:01):
Yes, as Vico said, you are both incredible, incredible. What
I do know is that we have to make sure
that you align with our main data, that you connect
in different aspects. I see the passion in both of you.

I see the commitment to being in this show and
the commitment that you would give to our relationship. I
just want to remind you. You've told us you are
looking for love, you are looking for commitment. So make
sure that from the moment on, whoever steps into this
role of dating our main data, that you do with
with light, and you do it with love and just.

Speaker 3 (18:44):
Be your true self.

Speaker 2 (18:46):
And for that reason and that reason alone, the person
who will be with our main dat.

Speaker 3 (18:55):
Is Florentina.

Speaker 1 (18:59):
Juny thank you, thank you, thank you for taking time
to be here with us today, to share yourself, share
your soul.

Speaker 3 (19:05):
I love you, Junie, you are the best.

Speaker 9 (19:08):
Thank you so much for having me. It's been a pleasure.
Thank you so much.

Speaker 10 (19:11):

Speaker 9 (19:12):
If you want to d M me Billy's number, that's
good too. I can settle for a seconds.

Speaker 3 (19:17):
I think we saw that coming. Thank you, and here
we are. I guess all these works.

Speaker 6 (19:27):
This has become a Puerto Rican party now.

Speaker 10 (19:31):
You know it's the island. You know, we find each
other and we stick through, and here we are.

Speaker 1 (19:36):
Indeed, because our main dat is also Puerto Rican, we
have the tropical experience and then we have this like
queen coming over and I cannot wait for y'all to meet.
So Maria, if you want to come in, say hello,

how are.

Speaker 7 (20:04):
You nice to meet you?

Speaker 5 (20:05):

Speaker 7 (20:06):
I've been here silent the whole time.

Speaker 5 (20:08):
And I hope you don't think I'm crazy.

Speaker 8 (20:11):
No, you had me laughing the entire time. And yes,
this is.

Speaker 7 (20:15):
Me on the main DAT.

Speaker 8 (20:16):
My name is Maria born Christopher, but I go by
Maria as my performing name.

Speaker 7 (20:22):
And this is me.

Speaker 5 (20:23):
So what's up?

Speaker 7 (20:24):
What's next to us? A Wilita thank you.

Speaker 5 (20:25):
We found.

Speaker 3 (20:28):
First impression flow.

Speaker 10 (20:30):
Gorgeous, gorgeous, so I'll have a great start and beautiful.

Speaker 6 (20:36):
Teeth, yes, my goodness.

Speaker 1 (20:40):
Right, but I forgot that we had a whole I
was like, how do we get to that gorgeous? Gorgeous, gorgeous.
We're gonna let these two have a little seven minutes
in heaven mini zoom date and is just them too?

Speaker 8 (20:56):

Speaker 6 (20:56):
It's just them too? You're third wheeling this one.

Speaker 3 (21:00):
I want to take notes.

Speaker 6 (21:01):
I know you want to take notes, but that is.

Speaker 10 (21:02):
Not for us.

Speaker 5 (21:04):
After after a minute, after minute six, we can let
you in.

Speaker 6 (21:07):
After minutes, stay here for the compromise.

Speaker 7 (21:11):
I'm brand new to l A. I just moved here
from where I'm from New York.

Speaker 8 (21:16):
So yeah, no, I'm from New York, but I'm Puerto
Rican too, and I spent a lot of time in
Puerto Rico. So when you came on with the energy,
I was cracking up because I'm like.

Speaker 7 (21:27):
Here we go, people, I'm like, here we go. So yeah, no,
it was cool.

Speaker 8 (21:32):
I like to kind of be upfront with the whole
identity thing because where I'm fem presenting today, I am
not always you know.

Speaker 7 (21:40):
So I was in drag like and I'm very gender.

Speaker 8 (21:44):
Fluid, but I like to kind of be forward with
that because sometimes people see you one way and they
expect this to be the thing, especially on a first impression,
and it's like, oh ship. So that's something I like
to leave with and just kind of get you know clear.
There's days that I have a beard, and there's days
that I have a body like so it's a moment.

Speaker 5 (22:05):
One day you might punch me.

Speaker 10 (22:06):
One day, I'm never know Puerto Rican from New York,
you might get hurt.

Speaker 5 (22:12):
I'm getting here regardless of this.

Speaker 7 (22:15):
No, don't believe that. Don't believe that.

Speaker 5 (22:16):
I have a question. We brought you to Lafe work.

Speaker 8 (22:20):
So I've been writing, producing acting for the last three
four years. During the pandemic, a lot changed and a
lot froze in New York. So I started just kind
of doing work and I came here and I did
a project two years ago.

Speaker 7 (22:35):
I decided then that like it put la on my mind.

Speaker 8 (22:38):
Like so then it took a little while, but I
did my thing and now I'm here.

Speaker 7 (22:42):
I've been here six months.

Speaker 5 (22:44):
What's your sign?

Speaker 7 (22:45):
I'm aquarius?

Speaker 10 (22:46):
Okay, my best friend is in a quorus. So what
part of Puerto Rico.

Speaker 7 (22:51):
Are you from Okay?

Speaker 10 (22:53):
So my family is Dominican and my first ten years
I grew up in the art but then when I
first got there, we moved into Tallaha.

Speaker 8 (23:00):
Nice I'm familiar with. I've been there before. A lot
of my family's Dominican too, so I know how it is.

Speaker 5 (23:06):
Have you ever been to like Weeho and gone out
and have the whole.

Speaker 7 (23:09):
Experience I've gotten in the mixed plenty?

Speaker 10 (23:11):
Oh so it's not like you know, it's a matter
of getting in some more trouble.

Speaker 11 (23:18):
Yeah, listeners, thank you so much for joining us this season.

Speaker 1 (23:28):
It has been such a pleasure, such a delight to
share with y'all, all these beautiful people, their stories, their desires,
their wants, their needs. Because at the end of the day,
we want to feel love, we want to feel safe,
we want to feel.

Speaker 6 (23:44):
Seen, heard and celebrated.

Speaker 1 (23:46):
So thank you so much to every single one of
you for celebrating every single person's journey here with us.

Speaker 2 (23:53):
I hope in your life each of you has had
the pleasure of enjoying one or two a willitas. And
I leave you with this Awilita, the one that wishes
your nothing but acceptance and love throughout your life and
that's what Date Maya Awalita First is all about. So
thank you to all the team that has been involved
in creating the show and for each of you listening,

Thank you.

Speaker 1 (24:17):
Date my Awalita First is a production from WV Sound
and iHeartMedia's Michael Tura podcast network, hosted by me vic
ortis joined by the fabulous Lena Montenegro. Date ma Awalita
First is produced by Leo Clem, Nico Raquel and Luigi
Villian Weba. Our executive producers are Wilmer Valdorama, Leo Clem,
and Nico Raquel a WV Sound. This episode was edited

by Sean Tracy and Nico Raguel. This episode features original
music by Gabe Lopez and Alvaro Morello. The original artwork
for this show was created by Mac McClain. Special thanks
to our team of cupids at w V Entertainment. Special
thanks also to our Hope for Romantics this week, Maria, Thino,
Billy and Juny. Additional thanks to Salt Inline Media. For

more podcasts from iHeart, visit the iHeartRadio app, Apple podcast,
or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Speaker 3 (25:12):
See you next week.

Speaker 6 (25:13):
And in the meantime, don't.

Speaker 3 (25:14):
Do anything Alita wouldn't do.

Speaker 7 (25:17):
Just do it better.

Speaker 3 (25:19):
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