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April 18, 2024 39 mins

In this episode of Date My Abuelita, First! we bring back previous contestant Marian as a main dater and prepare to get a little spooky. Marian confesses to Abuelita a history of picking the wrong types of guys, and even a pattern of being cheated on. Even though she recently went solo-traveling, Marian is hoping to find a travel companion, and maybe even to ride their surfboard… Abuelita meets three handsome contenders; a film score and Celtics obsessed composer, a horror loving actor and a data analyst with a winning smile. The guys play a round of “Haunted House of Horrors” and go head to head in a game of “Red Flags”. Will Abuelita find a date for Marian who won’t be a jump-scare? 

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
Aid, Do you have any tattoos?

Speaker 2 (00:07):
I've always wanted one where who oh my, but that
would be a little heart a little hard so I
can leave hearts as I walk away.

Speaker 1 (00:22):
Or you want someone to know where to aim when
they like give you.

Speaker 3 (00:24):
A little.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
You know me too? Well?

Speaker 4 (00:30):
That's amazing all right, Welcome listeners. This is day on
a Walida. First, we're our cute but ail Lilian plays
matchmaker for one hopeful main dat. She's gonna meet three
lucky contestants before sending one of them off on a
one on one date with our amazing main dator. I
am your host, Vigo ortis joined by the lovely Aura.

Speaker 2 (00:57):
How are you today? I didn't forget about the tattooth
leading Now tell us about our main dater. Are they
tatted up well?

Speaker 4 (01:06):
Our main dater this week is Marian. Marian is twenty
eight and she's a fellow.

Speaker 2 (01:13):
Piees VIIs twin.

Speaker 4 (01:16):
Marian is a tatted and pierced nurse in a psych
unit who dreams of traveling and writing a screenplay.

Speaker 1 (01:25):
She is a lover girl with specific taste.

Speaker 4 (01:29):
She's usually attracted to the skater look with a little
tat or a little piercing Marian is looking for a
serious relationship, and some of her red flags include no ambition.
I feel that mommy issues and bad hygiene. Also feel
that Marian loves all things horror. She even has a
replica head of Twisty, the clown from American Horror Story

in her bathroom.

Speaker 1 (01:54):
Oh my god, what an experience.

Speaker 4 (01:56):
She's been cheated on in the past, so she says
she's working untrusting people.

Speaker 1 (02:01):
What do you think that can we find someone worthy
of Marian?

Speaker 2 (02:05):
I think I want to be friends with Marian. Oh
and I want to do that right now.

Speaker 5 (02:09):

Speaker 1 (02:10):
I love that way.

Speaker 4 (02:10):
I think that Segus perfectly into bringing Marian in. Hello Marian, welcome, Welcome, Thank.

Speaker 1 (02:19):
You so much.

Speaker 2 (02:19):
No, it's so lovely to see you again, MiNet Alin
that you look amazing, a beautiful lady.

Speaker 4 (02:26):
Yeah, we were so glad that we met you on
that first episode with rough Us. But definitely we saw
you and we're like, we're gonna get you three people
that are gonna vibe for your love.

Speaker 5 (02:35):
So that was really fun too, just being like a contestant.
I wish I got to meet that guy. But I'm
so excited that you guys have found potentially a good
one for me today.

Speaker 4 (02:45):
So tell us more about yourself. What should awilli than
I know about you.

Speaker 5 (02:50):
I just came back from a really big trip. I
joined like a group of strangers essentially and Costa Rica.
We were there for like ten days and we got
to like tour around and I would say, like traveling
is one of my other really big passions. I got
to meet people from like other countries like Australia and
like England and stuff, and for me it's really cool
just to see like other cultures.

Speaker 2 (03:12):
Were there any situations there.

Speaker 5 (03:14):
Yeah, there was one person that was fond of me,
but it happened to be my freaking tour guide.

Speaker 2 (03:21):
Oh my gosh, that is a situationship.

Speaker 1 (03:24):
I don't know. This is my favorite type.

Speaker 4 (03:26):
You just like go to a trip and you meet
someone that you probably will never see again, and you
have fun and then you did so you had a blast.

Speaker 5 (03:33):
It was kind of awkward because I mean I didn't
feel the same way as him. Oh it was early
on into the trip where he like kind of came
on to me and he was telling me, like I
could lose my job over this dangerous.

Speaker 2 (03:47):
But did anything happen?

Speaker 5 (03:49):
We just kissed a bit. Aside from that, there was
a really hot like surfer dude from Costa Rica nice
I danced with at the club and then he found
his way over to us like after the club, like
he was driving and then he saw us on the
street and asked me and my friend if we wanted
to ride. I said yes, but my friend said no.

Speaker 2 (04:10):
So surfboard, skateboard, don't matter what board it is.

Speaker 4 (04:14):
I I want to learn a bit more about your
past relationships. What's been the longest relationship you've been in,
and what are some traits from past relationships that you
definitely want to see moving forward.

Speaker 1 (04:28):
What are the things you're like.

Speaker 4 (04:29):
Ooh, I really like this about this person and I
learned this about this person.

Speaker 5 (04:34):
And yeah, So my longest relationship was four years and
that was like a high school sweetheart.

Speaker 2 (04:42):
They didn't you break up and then go back?

Speaker 5 (04:43):
Yeah, you know, like there's that time period where like
you break up and then you still are seeing each
other but not really. It's a little bit of that.
And then some trades that I really like from these people.
It's like different people, but the last one, most recent
one to take good care of me. I always thought
that like relationships should be like equal across the board.

But I don't know. As a lady, it was nice
to be taken care of, you know sometimes, so acts.

Speaker 4 (05:10):
Of service is a good love language for you, Like
receiving acts of service.

Speaker 5 (05:15):
Yeah, because I also give love by acts of service,
so to receive it back it just made me feel
really special. And it's not something that I expected because
the relationship before him was a total opposite, Like I
was given give and giving and not receiving a lot back,
not even a thank you. But I also really liked

when my partners would integrate with my friendships. I like
someone that can have like a good time, is very versatile.
I consider myself to be pretty social. I like to
be like out and parties and like all over the place.
So I would appreciate somebody who doesn't judge me for
that and instead of like putting me down.

Speaker 2 (05:56):
No, we don't accept any putting down here.

Speaker 5 (05:59):
Yeah, I would. I want them to like support me
even though if I'm like dancing on the tables, which
I do sometimes, like I would want him to be
like hyping me up, not like getting mad at me,
you know.

Speaker 1 (06:10):
Championing you up the table.

Speaker 2 (06:12):
I like that.

Speaker 1 (06:13):
But but I feel like that also is a metaphor
to life.

Speaker 4 (06:15):
You know, someone who does need diminish your life, someone
who's championship.

Speaker 2 (06:18):
A whole time, who doesn't hold you back.

Speaker 1 (06:21):
I love that. I love that.

Speaker 4 (06:23):
I also want to learn a little bit more about
your trust with people. I know that you had that
happened in the past. How have you learned from those
past relationships and how are you working on trusting people now?

Speaker 5 (06:34):
Well, yeah, I have been treated on by like multiple
different partners. I don't know what it is, because I
feel like I'm a great girlfriend, like I have never
cheated on anybody. But what I've learned, I don't know
if it's necessarily like a good thing, because it kind
of made me a bit more guarded when it comes
to relationships. I don't know. I've learned just to be

more patient and getting to know people and not be
so vulnerable so quick.

Speaker 2 (07:00):
I guess, specifically, what kind of person is this? What
trade do you think it is that attracts you? Check
you out, look at that big smile, so you're very
well aware of it, which is really really good. That
shows that you are growing up and you're looking for
something better. In life. So that's where we're going today. Absolutely,

we're going to drop all that BS and leave it behind. Yes,
what do you want in a partnership right now?

Speaker 3 (07:27):

Speaker 5 (07:28):
One loyalty consistency.

Speaker 1 (07:31):
How does loyalty and consistency look like?

Speaker 5 (07:35):
Not cheating? But also just I like communication, like consistent communication,
knowing where their head is at. I'm a words of
affirmation girl, so I think that reassurance is really helpful.

Speaker 2 (07:49):
Tell me a little thing about your passions. How many
do you have and what's going on with that? And
do you want your partner to have the same interest
and passions that do you have?

Speaker 3 (07:57):

Speaker 5 (07:58):
Actually, I don't want them to have the same interests.
I like to be like the only one, but I
want him to have his own too that I can appreciate,
like for me, some of them are. I like to drum,
like I'm learning to play the drums. I also bartend
a little bit on the side, like private events and
stuff I've always liked to write, like fiction, poetry and horror. Yes,

I mean I work in the sideborg that's like my job.
But I also really appreciate like mental health and dogs.
I volunteer at like a dog shelter.

Speaker 1 (08:31):

Speaker 4 (08:32):
Oh my gosh, Well, I think it's time for Alan
to find Marian, a gentleman that has a board.

Speaker 1 (08:41):
You can surf on.

Speaker 2 (08:44):
A board, you can ride life. Chris, Yes, let's do this.
We go, We'll be.

Speaker 1 (08:52):
Back after the break.

Speaker 4 (08:56):
Welcome back today, Malani the first. Alrighty, let's bring on
the contestants. Let's start with Mark. Mark is a scorpio
who loves aliens in three D printing. He is affectionate, monogamous,
and was raised Catholic.

Speaker 1 (09:15):
I hope that you are doing okay with that.

Speaker 4 (09:18):
He competes with Spartan races, dungeons and dragons fuck yes,
and has a collection of miniature haunted houses.

Speaker 2 (09:25):
How dope is that? Who lives there?

Speaker 4 (09:27):
Mark was married once, but he's now looking for a
long term relationship and for that special someone who will
play with his hair.

Speaker 1 (09:33):
Oh I love that.

Speaker 4 (09:34):
We're so happy to have you Mark, Yes, yes.

Speaker 1 (09:38):
Yes, yes, yes. And next we'll welcome Sahil.

Speaker 4 (09:41):
Sahuil is twenty seven, a virgo and is a Boston,
Celtics obsessed LA based film composer. He's passionate about music
and film and is looking for a partner who values
their career and their passions.

Speaker 1 (09:54):
Hells yeah.

Speaker 4 (09:55):
Sahil has only ever dated other Indian folks to please
his parents, but is now interested in exploring beyond that.
Sahel says that work life balance can be hard for him,
but that he is building better boundaries. Hell's yeah, while
looking for a more serious relationship. Say hello, Sahuil, Hey.

Speaker 6 (10:12):
Guys, excited to be here. It seems like it'll be fun.

Speaker 2 (10:15):
Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh yes, hold on to your pants.

Speaker 1 (10:18):
Yeah, Oh my goodness, finally we meet.

Speaker 4 (10:21):
Louis Lewis is looking for someone he can really connect with.
He is his best self when he is around cheery.
An upbeat company will definitely give him that.

Speaker 1 (10:31):
Lewis works in tech.

Speaker 4 (10:33):
As a data scientist and is passionate about health and fitness.
Lewis wants a real connection and is ready to cook
a nice meal for his partner. His family is from Columbia,
and while his own hourly that is in Columbia right now,
he is very excited to meet ours.

Speaker 1 (10:51):
Yes, say hello Lewis.

Speaker 6 (10:53):
Hello, nice to meet you guys.

Speaker 2 (10:55):
Yes, oh my gosh, I love this now, contestants, I
am really excited about you all being here today, and
I'm looking forward to seeing how you do in little
games that we're going to play and see if one
of you could be the match for our beautiful.

Speaker 1 (11:11):
Main dat Let's dive into game number one, shallow.

Speaker 2 (11:15):
Well, I hope none of you are scary cats.

Speaker 4 (11:22):
The reason why we're laughing so maniacally is because our
first game, we're sending you all to a hunted house,
a hunted dating version of House of Horrors, if you will.

Speaker 2 (11:34):
Now, our main dator is a big fan of horror,
so for this first game, we're going to throw three
scenarios at you that are straight out of a horror film,
and you'll tell us what you would do.

Speaker 4 (11:53):
For the first Hunted House of Horror scenario, imagine you
are on a date with your sweetie.

Speaker 5 (12:00):

Speaker 1 (12:01):
Oh no, she brought seven of her friends.

Speaker 4 (12:08):
You are already feeling pretty annoyed, but then all of
her friends transform into mutating slime that makes everything it
touches toxic. And I don't mean just toxic like you'll die,
I mean toxic. You'll become the most toxic person imaginable.

What do you do knowing that your girl rides or
dies for her friends, even if they're toxic as.

Speaker 2 (12:48):
Lewis kick us off.

Speaker 7 (12:50):
I think what i'd first do is, you know, maybe
get a round of drinks for everybody and maybe you
know that's the antidote to get the toxicness out. And
then yeah, that doesn't work, you know, we get it
to go and uh maybe try their friends sometime else.

Speaker 1 (13:03):
Okay, okay, Mark, what would you do?

Speaker 3 (13:06):
Okay, Well, if this is a real horror situation, right,
I would make a trap. I would dig a hole
and get them to fall into the hole and then
you know, they can just be toxic down there. That's
like right away what I will do, Like, all right,
I'll re surviving this. I don't want to kill your
friend because obviously care about them, but they're monsters now,
so oh yeah.

Speaker 2 (13:25):
Put them away for a while.

Speaker 1 (13:26):
It's amazing.

Speaker 2 (13:27):
Well and now, last, but not least, Sahil, what the
heck would you do?

Speaker 8 (13:31):
I'm introducing her to my friends. I'm sorry, but he's
gonna meet my friends. She's going to join that group.
She's gonna be happy, We're all gonna be happy. No
disrespect to the toxic friends. I'm sure they, you know,
have certain values that work. But I think my friends
can kind of turn her around.

Speaker 2 (13:46):
Oh, what a sweetheard.

Speaker 1 (13:49):
How would you address that she has toxic friends?

Speaker 3 (13:52):

Speaker 8 (13:52):
My friends are going to handle that part. That's that's
their responsibility. I'm just gonna say, Ony, don't you go
meet my friends? And why don't we, you know, just
hang out and go to the movies or something, and
she'll meet them and then you know, they're my friends
for a reason.

Speaker 6 (14:04):
They'll handle the hard part.

Speaker 2 (14:05):
That's the end of toxicity as they know it. I
love it. I love it all right. Listen, here's another one.
You are crushing on someone and they invite you on
a date to a carnival. Both of you decide to
go into the House of mirrors. I love that. It's
already trippy enough, but then all of a sudden, in

the mirrors are the reflections of previous partners and mistakes
you had in the past. Now what do you do?
Do you run? Or do you face your past head on?

Speaker 4 (14:41):
This is therapy, Mark, what's your reaction to this?

Speaker 1 (14:46):
What will you do if.

Speaker 3 (14:47):
This really happened? I think my first reaction is like,
what the hell is going on? Did this carry? Break
the mirrors?

Speaker 1 (14:53):
Break mirrors, mirrors are out done?

Speaker 2 (14:56):
My goodness, hel what would you do?

Speaker 8 (15:00):
Yeah, I'm kind of similar to Marx Boat, except my
fight or flight reflex is usually flight, So I probably
rut like I'm here.

Speaker 3 (15:08):
That never goes well in horror movies.

Speaker 2 (15:11):
I know you're always going to the wrong classet, right, Lewis,
what would you do?

Speaker 7 (15:16):
I guess I'd first see kind of her reaction to see,
you know, is she trembling or does she want to know?
Because I feel like a lot of the times you
can kind of learn a lot about someone from their
past and kind of what they want.

Speaker 6 (15:28):
So but if she's ready to bolt, I'm also ready
to storm out.

Speaker 4 (15:32):
And then then you talk a little later, it's like,
oh my gosh, she's terrified. Let's get out of here
and be like I can explain it was a tough time.

Speaker 1 (15:42):
I love it, Okay. I have the last scenario.

Speaker 4 (15:46):
You've been dating someone for a couple of months and
it's going really well and so far nothing huge is
standing out as a red flag.

Speaker 1 (15:57):
Now your date invites you to a haunted.

Speaker 4 (16:01):
House and when you show up, you are met with
every single one of your worst fears and they all
come to life.

Speaker 1 (16:14):
What do you do?

Speaker 4 (16:15):
Do you face your fears to rescue your date, or
do you ditch because the fear inside is too much
to bear? If you decide to stay, describe what's inside?

Speaker 1 (16:26):
What are some of your fears? Very danger?

Speaker 2 (16:29):
This game real major therapy. You will be built for
this one.

Speaker 1 (16:37):
Sorry, what's your what's your response?

Speaker 6 (16:39):
I'd like to think I would stay.

Speaker 4 (16:41):
And that's the case. If you stay, what would it
look like? What are some of the fears that are
coming up to life?

Speaker 8 (16:45):
Fire? I can't really be around fires. I still mix
my spaghetti with an oven mitt on because I'm afraid
of the stove. I hear that I have like a
weird eye fear, Like if I'm watching a movie and
like zoom in someone's eye, I have to look away
or stuff like that interesting, And I can't put contacts
in or eye drops in because I have a really
weird kind of eyes.

Speaker 6 (17:05):
Definitely be a lot of eyes.

Speaker 2 (17:07):
That needs to be studied, right Lewis, So, Yeah, would
I stay?

Speaker 7 (17:12):
I think it depends on how much I like her? Yeah,
I see a future worth her. Yeah, I'm definitely staying.

Speaker 6 (17:17):
Fighting it out.

Speaker 7 (17:18):
And then what that would look like I'm imagining like
big spiders, Yeah, something a little bit more psychological maybe
like inadequacy.

Speaker 6 (17:29):
Yeah, I think I'd fight through it if it was
worth it.

Speaker 1 (17:32):
Hell's yeah, Hell's yeah, Mark, what about you? How does
it look like.

Speaker 3 (17:36):
On a more grounded level, there would be a you
know those Triloquist stummies?

Speaker 2 (17:42):
Yeah, I hate those things.

Speaker 3 (17:45):
I'm kind of chasm that I would have to walk
through because.

Speaker 6 (17:48):
I'm terrified of heights.

Speaker 3 (17:50):
Ooh same and much like these other two gentlemen, I
have abandonment things from my dad, So loneliness would be
a concept somehow. But yeah, I would also say, you said,
we've been dating for what five months?

Speaker 1 (18:04):
Yes, it's been five months.

Speaker 3 (18:05):
Definitely, Even if I didn't like her that much, at
that point, I'm invested in this person, at least as
a friend. So what's trying to savor?

Speaker 8 (18:11):

Speaker 1 (18:12):
Here? Here here? Well, that was juicy.

Speaker 2 (18:14):
I think you guys did an amazing job. Can we
applaud you? But if you think that a Wilita is
gonna take a break. Hell Now, next.

Speaker 1 (18:22):
Game, This one is a crowd favorite. It's called the
Red Flags.

Speaker 4 (18:28):
We're gonna list three things that are generally considered to
be red flags, and you're gonna rang them from tolerable
to totally deplorable.

Speaker 2 (18:39):
Some of these are gonna be really, really bad. I'm
just warning you. Here we go. Says they're not interested
when you talk about something exciting to you, always makes
fun of your taste in music, defers to your preferences
when making all plans. One, two, and three mark.

Speaker 3 (19:00):
The biggest reflect I guess would be the third one.
If she's always deferring to me, then I don't know
how much of her would I even really know?

Speaker 5 (19:08):

Speaker 2 (19:09):
The other one was not interested when you talk about
something exciting to you.

Speaker 3 (19:13):
That would be I guess number two. For me, it's
not that big of reflex. I think it's healthy to
have different interests at times.

Speaker 1 (19:19):
You can.

Speaker 3 (19:20):
My taste in music is so broad. I will listen
to death metal and I will listen to tas with.
If she's making fun of my taste of music, he's
making fun of her own, that's cool. That's not a
problem for.

Speaker 1 (19:30):
Meright, cool cool, Lewis, what's your order?

Speaker 6 (19:33):

Speaker 7 (19:33):
So Toleral, I think defaulting to me when it comes
to like logistics.

Speaker 6 (19:38):
And plans, I kind of like that.

Speaker 7 (19:39):
I kind of the plans and you know, usually do
a pretty good job at it. So I take that
the second one laughing at music tastes.

Speaker 6 (19:47):
I laugh at my own music taste sometimes, so I
think I'd be okay with that.

Speaker 7 (19:51):
But what I would not stand for is someone telling
me they're not interested when I'm talking about something I'm
excited about. You can at least pretend to be interested,
or you know, you don't have to be mean about it.

Speaker 1 (20:01):
Here here sihil what are yours?

Speaker 8 (20:04):
So like deferring to me? Like, I'm cool with that.
I'm not the most decisive person myself, but maybe that's
a good thing. If people defer to me more, I
can be a little bit more decisive then in terms
of my music taste, you know, I wouldn't prefer for
people to make fun of it. But at the same time,
people make fun of my music taste all the time already,
as long as like we're already close because I just
listen to film scores and people think that's kind of weird.

Speaker 1 (20:23):
I love that.

Speaker 8 (20:24):
But the things that I'm passionate about, like I only
talk about things that I'm like, if you see me
start talking about basketball, I won't stop, or like the
same thing with like movie scores, I just don't stop.
I just continue to go. So it's like pretty important
that if that's all I talk about, to be with
someone who's cool with me talking about those things.

Speaker 1 (20:41):
Cute q qq okay. I got three other ones.

Speaker 4 (20:44):
Their moto in life is live, leftlove, where's sunglasses? Indoors
for no reason and calls you babe after the first date.
I want to start with you, Saio, what came up
for you in these three?

Speaker 6 (21:01):
I don't want to be called babe after a first date.

Speaker 1 (21:04):
That's your biggest red flag.

Speaker 5 (21:06):

Speaker 8 (21:06):
To me, it's like a sign of endearment. And if
I'm hearing that after the first date, then I have
to really wonder how authentic it is. The second one
would be sunglasses inside. I just that seems kind of weird.
And then I'll deal with the live laugh love.

Speaker 1 (21:23):
Lewis, what's you?

Speaker 7 (21:25):
Yeah, I guess most tolerable would probably love, even though
I wouldn't say it that way.

Speaker 6 (21:31):
You know, I like the mentality, the mindset.

Speaker 7 (21:34):
Next tolerable would be wearing the sunglasses inside, you know.

Speaker 6 (21:37):
On the same page.

Speaker 7 (21:38):
Yea like a fashion statement, you know, and then yeah,
getting called babe. You know, maybe it's like an amazing
first date, but still, you know, maybe wait, at least till.

Speaker 3 (21:47):
A third date.

Speaker 1 (21:48):
I hear that, Yeah, Mark, what's yours?

Speaker 3 (21:51):

Speaker 1 (21:51):
Left love as the most tolerable?

Speaker 3 (21:53):
Yeah, little sense of adventure. I guess being called babe
after the first date wouldn't be a huge red flag
for me, so that would be my second. But the
sunglasses indoors, that's a little odd.

Speaker 2 (22:06):
Okay, here we go now with another set? Are we ready?
Doesn't ask questions about your life? Says that all of
their exes are crazy since they don't do drama, but
creates dramatic situations. Often these are tough, yo, how about it? Mark?

Speaker 3 (22:24):
Most tolerable would be that he says all her exes
are crazy because it sounds like hyperbole, but it could
be true. Maybe she had terrible tape in men that
she doesn't like drama but creates. It would be the
second mm hmm, And what.

Speaker 6 (22:37):
Was the third?

Speaker 1 (22:38):
Doesn't ask questions about your life?

Speaker 3 (22:39):
That would definitely still be the worst one. I'm just
a mannequin.

Speaker 1 (22:42):
Then, yeah, there's a prop mm, sachio, what are yours?

Speaker 2 (22:47):

Speaker 8 (22:47):
Not asking questions is the worst. The drama thing would
be second. I think I'd find that kind of annoying
at times the exes are crazy. That doesn't bother me
as much. I think that's a lot better than I
miss my ext Hm hmmm, I understand that if he
has terrible taste in men and she's seeing me, what
does that say about me? So that kind of, I
guess be a little bit of a concern.

Speaker 3 (23:06):
You're breaking the cycle.

Speaker 8 (23:08):
Yeah, No, I'm totally always gad for people to talk
trash about their exits.

Speaker 6 (23:12):
I mean, that might be one.

Speaker 1 (23:13):
Of my red flags, Lewis, what are yours most tolerable?

Speaker 7 (23:18):
Is all my exes are crazy, just because all they're great.
Next to that second would be not asking questions about me.
I think that's a little weird, but I'm sure we'll
get to know each other at some point. And then
the third would definitely be says she doesn't like drama.
It makes drama for two reasons, very hypocritical and yeah,
I hate drama.

Speaker 6 (23:38):
I'm looking for peace, So yeah.

Speaker 1 (23:40):
Well you're here for peace and ease. Absolutely.

Speaker 4 (23:45):
Thank you all so much for your answers and your analysis.
These were some sticky, yiky situations, so hats off to y'all.

Speaker 2 (23:57):
No, even though these red flags may seem silly to all,
of you or atrocious. They really help me get a
sense of your preferences in what you would tolerate or
not tolerate, which is so helpful when thinking about who
might be the right match for our main data.

Speaker 4 (24:16):
That is very, very true, So Alida Leana, who is
not going to be moving on with us.

Speaker 2 (24:23):
The one thing that we have to keep in mind
is what is our main data about who would start
out with a nice friendship and take it on to
a nice relationship, which is what we hope here. Unfortunately,
the one person that will be leaving us now, and
thank you so much for being here, because you are
adorable is Sahil.

Speaker 4 (24:45):
Sahil, thank you so so much for bringing it, for
being so charming and so funny.

Speaker 1 (24:52):
This is thanks guys, thank you so much. We'll see you.
We'll be back after the break. Welcome back today, my

Speaker 4 (25:04):
First well, alrighty to you too.

Speaker 1 (25:08):
You've made it to the next portion.

Speaker 4 (25:10):
Of our show where Awilita is going to take you
on a speed date a little cafeo Awilita with each
one of you. This is an opportunity for her to
get to know you better, dive deep and ask you
questions that will help her pick the winner.

Speaker 1 (25:27):
So shall we get started out what you do?

Speaker 4 (25:29):
Let's do it alrighty Mark, I'm gonna go ahead and
hand you over with Awlita for a little one on one.

Speaker 2 (25:34):
How are you, my darling? Thank you? Vico?

Speaker 3 (25:36):
Really good? Having fun?

Speaker 2 (25:38):
That is very good. Now, when was the last time
you had a relationship and what happened last July?

Speaker 3 (25:46):
And frankly he was on paper so the relationship ended.

Speaker 2 (25:51):
Is it safe to think then you might have some
trust issues.

Speaker 3 (25:56):
No, I've been in therapy since I was two. My
brother passed away and him and I were never close,
so I hadn't talked to him in years and that
really messed me up. So I've been in therapy for
a long time. So as far as trust issues, I
know that he's a person not everyone's. I'm not like that, right,
so I don't expect other people to be the same.

Speaker 2 (26:17):
I'm very sorry about your laws. That had to be
very difficult. And the fact that you have continued talking
to someone about all the issues or questions that you
might have about life that is pretty impressive. Also, so
because of all the therapy that you have taken and
how you have been able to grow up from all
that baggage that you were carrying. What is it that

you want now?

Speaker 3 (26:38):
Essentially, I'm looking for a life partner. We're not getting
any younger.

Speaker 6 (26:41):
You look wonderful for your age.

Speaker 3 (26:43):
But you know, I want to have kids at some point,
if possible. I know millennials are not having a lot
of luck having kids for whatever reason, but eventually I
would like to try to have kids. So as far
as a partner, I want someone who is willing to
go there. It's not a necessity it I want it
to be an option. I want someone who enjoys some

of the similar things that I do, but they don't
have to be all like I can have my own
Like Dungeons and Dragons. It's a hard ass. It's a
very involved game. It's not for everyone.

Speaker 2 (27:13):
My last husband played Dungeons and Dragons. He did I
didn't see him for days.

Speaker 3 (27:19):
Yeah, it can be it can be a thing. But
you know, I love horror films too, and that's actually
a big part of who I am.

Speaker 2 (27:25):
But you are willing to compromise in these things that
you want to do in order to spend time with
your partner. Of course, make sure that you each support
each other.

Speaker 3 (27:34):
Right, Yes, if you're making a commitment to a partner,
there should be your main priority until you have kids.

Speaker 6 (27:40):
At least that's kind of how I see it.

Speaker 2 (27:42):
So what is the biggest green flag of something that
you really really want in your partner?

Speaker 3 (27:48):
Any kind of passion for a creative endeavor? I would
say it's a huge green flag for me.

Speaker 2 (27:53):
You like to have a lot of fun?

Speaker 3 (27:55):
I do, but you know, within reason.

Speaker 2 (27:57):
Well, what if you were at a party and you
both gods so out of control that you're just dancing
all over the place getting up on chairs.

Speaker 3 (28:06):
I will do that without getting out of control. So
I'm not a big drinker, but I will still get
on top of a table on death.

Speaker 2 (28:13):
Okay, I like that. Thank you so much, Mark, loved
your answers.

Speaker 1 (28:18):
Fantastic. Let's bring in the next one. Hello Lewis.

Speaker 4 (28:23):
Hello, alright, I'm going to hand you off to our
Wilita for a little take it away.

Speaker 2 (28:29):
Oh so cute are you Latino? See see Colombia on
the Colombia in sign? And that's pretty good. I'm also
South American, so yeah, but listen, what are you looking for?

Speaker 6 (28:44):
I think I'm looking for like a genuine connection.

Speaker 7 (28:46):
I think I want someone where I can be myself
and you know, be outgoing and you know, someone that'll
appreciate that, and someone that I can just have a
good time with no matter you know, if I'm at
the club or you know, family party.

Speaker 2 (29:01):
When was your last relationship and how long did it last?

Speaker 7 (29:04):
That would have been about I mean, I guess a
year or two years ago, somewhere around that time.

Speaker 6 (29:09):
That one was about three years.

Speaker 2 (29:12):
That was a long time. Why did it end?

Speaker 7 (29:14):
She moved and then I stayed here and you know
we tried long distance but it didn't really work.

Speaker 2 (29:18):
So what is it that you don't want in a
new relationship? What kind of baggage did you bring from
the past that you said, I don't want this anymore.

Speaker 7 (29:30):
Some people that are stuck in their ways are a
little stubborn. I don't really get along with some people
that like try to be, you know, on the more
positive side, just because you know there's a lot of
negative going.

Speaker 6 (29:39):
On, but what can you do about it? And you know,
on the day to day that doesn't really help.

Speaker 2 (29:43):
Yeah, you do seem like a very chill person. You are.

Speaker 6 (29:46):
Yeah, I would self describe myself and.

Speaker 2 (29:48):
You're a Wlita, what kind of advice does she give
you about love?

Speaker 7 (29:52):
Mamilita is also a really happy, cheerful person. You know,
she's the one that's you know, gossiping and knows all
her neighbors. So I don't know about as outgoing as
she is, but I definitely relate and try to kind
of emulate that.

Speaker 2 (30:05):
It's very good. I love that answer because I'm a Wilita,
so you know, thank you very much, my love. I
appreciate your answer with a great smile.

Speaker 4 (30:12):
Thank you, Thank you both so much for having your
one on One's cafe. Will lead that, and I think
it's now time to be honest with you all since
you've been so honest with us. So Awita and I
have been a little sneaky and we've invited our main
dater to listen on everything today, meaning she's been in

here in secret this.

Speaker 2 (30:38):
Whole time and watching.

Speaker 1 (30:41):
Awlita might have an idea of who she likes. But
let's see if we have a unanimous decision.

Speaker 4 (30:48):
So muchisimus, Grassies, We're gonna ask you for a quick
exit and we'll bring back our main contestant.

Speaker 1 (30:59):
Oh okay, I will lead that. What do you think about.

Speaker 2 (31:03):
Oh, I don't have any doubts.

Speaker 4 (31:05):
You don't have any doubts. No, you don't have any No,
what are you not doubting about.

Speaker 2 (31:11):
I'm not doubting that Ryan would have a wonderful time
with this person. They would start out as amazing friends.
It would be a good balance for both of them,
and I think they're pretty much on the same wavelength.

Speaker 4 (31:26):
I have a feeling what I would eat us leading
to and I'm gonna be I'm gonna throw a curveball.
I can see why you're leaning towards Lewis.

Speaker 1 (31:34):
He's a cutie.

Speaker 2 (31:36):
Okay. If that is the case, then let me just
put this little thing about Mark, our beautiful mandator wants
to travel and do a lot of stuff. And I
think that Mark is more on the clock. He is
ready to not only have a wonderful relationship, and I
have no doubt whatsoever about that.

Speaker 1 (31:54):
Mm hmmm.

Speaker 2 (31:55):
He's a great guy. I love him dearly. He is beautiful,
But his schedule is a little different than our main dator.
He is ready to solidify a relationship right now and
start having kids.

Speaker 4 (32:07):
I would have wished to have hear a bit more
of Lewis's handling of past relationships. Because when I see
guys that are really chill but have not given me
their process around their chillness, I get a little like, hmm,
what have you been resentful about that you're not communicating.

Speaker 2 (32:24):
But I don't think that he is chill because or
he said he was chill because I asked them, I
saw it, I felt him, and see. That's why you're
the logic and I'm the heart. Yeah, yeah, we're gonna
bring these topics. And you're very right. I should have
asked one more question or two, but our main dator
can do that easily. Also, that's true right away.

Speaker 1 (32:45):
That's true, Marian. What are your thoughts?

Speaker 2 (32:47):
Just say it, drop it. Yeah, but listen in regards
to what Vico was saying. Yes, I didn't hear or
ask any questions in regard to how he handled any
of that, but he does seem like a nice person.
We can't be asking all questions that need to be asked,

and we can't just decide that because a person also
is in therapy for a very long time, that things
are as good as they should be. You know what
I'm saying, There are still questions and you know, fragmented
pieces from the past that still keep dropping on now
questions that you might have. It is going to be
up to you to make sure that that relationship gets

half on the right foot.

Speaker 4 (33:29):
Right Yeah here, alrighty, let's bring back these two handsome fellas. Welcome,
Welcome back, my goodness, nail biter, nail biter, indeed, so
Wilita tell us who gets a shot at MUCHU MUCHU more?

Speaker 1 (33:54):
And Hawaii.

Speaker 2 (33:56):
Listen, guys, because I am all about love. I just
hope that the person that we picked today to meet
our main dater, we'll do it with an open heart
and an open mind. You have both said that you
want a relationship, so make sure you don't bring the
mistakes of the past into this new day. And for

that and beautiful other reasons, we have chosen one of
you to meet our main dater, and that person is.

Speaker 1 (34:28):
Lewis Mark. Thank you so so much for your time.

Speaker 2 (34:35):
Thank you member.

Speaker 4 (34:36):
You're hilarious and creative answers. You definitely know your horror.
I have not left in the moment that you're like
I'm gonna dig a hole and like put them all there.

Speaker 1 (34:45):
That was freaking hilarious. Thank you. So so much. You're
so sweet, almost a big D and D fan.

Speaker 4 (34:51):
So Hell's yeah, thank you guys, thank you that day,
Take it easily, good luck.

Speaker 1 (35:01):
And then there was one.

Speaker 4 (35:03):
Yeah, so Lewis, let's go ahead and introduce you to Marian.
Go ahead and turn on your camera. Marian, what are
your first impressions on Lewis?

Speaker 5 (35:18):
I like, favorite to him since the beginning, So I'm
so glad that you made it to the end.

Speaker 1 (35:24):
Hells, yes, Lewis first impressions.

Speaker 6 (35:27):
She's very pretty. I like the chucky doll in the back.

Speaker 1 (35:31):
It's hanging in there, observant. All right, well, now.

Speaker 4 (35:36):
We're gonna send ar contestants away for a little virtual dates.

Speaker 2 (35:40):
Just have fun, cuties, please have fun.

Speaker 5 (35:44):
My nickname is Ryan. I don't know if that's what's
showing up on your screen. It's probably still producer. Ye, yes, yeah,
that is my name. When you were talking about how
like you would invite like all the monsters and stuff
to like have drinks and stuff, yeah that's perfect. And
then when you were saying about like how you would
want someone who is like fun and like optimistic and

someone that you can bring around like family, Yeah, I
was like, Yo, this boy is describing me.

Speaker 7 (36:10):
So yeah, yeah, you know, I don't know a lot
about you, but I can kind of feel that. Oh yeah,
I know, get energy, your cheerfulness. You know, I'm thinking, yeah,
I was very curious to see you know what you
look like.

Speaker 6 (36:22):
And you know, I was like, okay, we'll play the game.

Speaker 5 (36:25):
And I know it's been fun. I hope that, like,
you're not disappointed.

Speaker 6 (36:30):
I am not at all.

Speaker 1 (36:32):
How old are you again?

Speaker 6 (36:33):
I am thirty three?

Speaker 5 (36:35):
Oh perfect, because I just turned twenty nine. I just
celebrated a birthday. So when on the twenty fifth of February.

Speaker 6 (36:44):
Okay, gotcha.

Speaker 5 (36:45):
I'm like used to dating men who are a bit younger.
I don't know why, like they just tend to be
So I was like hoping to meet someone older.

Speaker 7 (36:53):
Yeah, I think I think that's the right ratio to go.
You know, older got younger girls.

Speaker 5 (36:58):
So yeah, I think. So have you been to Colombia?

Speaker 3 (37:02):
Yeah yeah, I.

Speaker 6 (37:02):
Try to go every so often. I was there maybe
what a year now?

Speaker 3 (37:05):

Speaker 5 (37:06):
Maybe you can take me because I hear good things
about it.

Speaker 6 (37:09):
Oh yeah, yeah, I'd love to take you.

Speaker 5 (37:12):
I just came back from Costa Rica, okay literally on Saturday.

Speaker 6 (37:17):
Oh, nice. I'd you like it?

Speaker 5 (37:18):
I loved it. I was there for like ten days.
It was one of those like social travel solo groups.

Speaker 6 (37:25):
Okay, that's cool.

Speaker 5 (37:27):
Have you been before Yeah yeah, a while ago, but
yeah I remember the Yeah do you like Do you
like to travel?

Speaker 3 (37:36):

Speaker 6 (37:36):
Yeah, I try to travel. Take at least a one
big trip a year.

Speaker 2 (37:41):
You know.

Speaker 7 (37:41):
Done, South America, done, Europe, Central America.

Speaker 6 (37:45):
So yeah, try to get out there. How about you?

Speaker 5 (37:47):
Nice? Yeah, this travel book been me so hard that
I'm low key thinking about like quitting my job just
to travel for like six months or something.

Speaker 2 (37:56):

Speaker 6 (37:56):
That's always nice.

Speaker 5 (37:57):
But I think it would be fun came out and
get to know each other.

Speaker 3 (38:02):
Yeah, definitely.

Speaker 6 (38:04):
Yeah. Yeah, let's go get some drinks.

Speaker 5 (38:06):
You know. Do you have weekdays free?

Speaker 6 (38:08):
Yeah? Maybe Wednesday tomorrow? Is that tomorrow?

Speaker 5 (38:12):
Yeah, I'm off tomorrow, so I work out.

Speaker 6 (38:17):
Yeah, you know, let's kick it off strong.

Speaker 1 (38:25):
Well wow wow wow. I hope those sweeties hit it off.

Speaker 4 (38:30):
Find us back here next week as Leanna and I
make some more matches.

Speaker 2 (38:36):
Good work today, Ali, Oh we did good, But I
like what I'm looking at.

Speaker 1 (38:43):
Date my Ali.

Speaker 4 (38:43):
The first is a production from WV Sound and I
heart Media's Michaultura podcast network, hosted by me Vico Ortiz,
joined by the fabulous Lena Montenegro date My Houri. The
first is produced by Leo Klem, Nico Raquel and Sophie
Spencer Zavos or Executive producer are Wilmer Valder Alma, Leo
Clem and Nico Raguelt WV Sound. This episode was edited

by Sean Tracy and Sophie Spencer Zalos and features original
music by Alvara Morello and Gabe Lobez. Special things also
to our hopeful romantics this week, Marian Lewis Mark and Sahio.

Speaker 1 (39:19):
Additional thanks to Solid in Lime Media.

Speaker 4 (39:22):
For more podcasts from iHeart, visit the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts,
or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Speaker 1 (39:28):
See you next week and in the meantime, Don't do
anything Awanita wouldn't do.

Speaker 2 (39:33):
Just do it better, Okay, Thesitos
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