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April 25, 2024 39 mins

This week we meet 22 year old Scotty, a columnist who brags he’s gone on more dates than he can count. Abuelita hopes that her date will be the one that lasts. We meet 3 contestants; a comedian who could woo Abuelita with his eyes, an activist who teaches Abuelita what bussy is, and an aspiring make-up artist who knows to ask for a little attention. They play a round of “Dating App Daddies” and a table slapping game of “Dick-tionary”. Will Scotty find a new love connection to report on in his column? 

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Speaker 1 (00:11):

Speaker 2 (00:13):
What is that a Wilita chick it out? It's the
love train coming.

Speaker 1 (00:17):
Through the love train gotta catch it to.

Speaker 3 (00:23):
So yeah, absolutely, me too. But before we get on it, Okay,
let's make.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
A love connection happen. Welcome listeners.

Speaker 3 (00:33):
This is Date my Awlita first for our incredible Aliana
plays matchmaker for one very fortunate main Zator. She'll meet
three parames in contestants before sending one of them off
on a one on one date with our main data.
I'm your host, Vico Ortiz, alongside the always stunning old.

Speaker 1 (00:56):
Oh my vehicles. Such compliments, You're such a flirt.

Speaker 3 (00:59):
That is correct, always learning as my EMO, and I
am so excited to meet our main dater this week.
To me too, Yes, our main dater this week is Scottie.
Scotty is a recent college grad whose bright personality lends
itself to his job as an actor, singer and the
friend you bring around to lighten the mood. Oh he

sounds incredible when Scotty is not a lasting after the
resurgence of the former buffet style restaurant Sue Plantation. He's
a serial dater who's gone in a huge amount of
dates Scotty is looking for someone to balance out his empathetic,
high energy. He wants someone independent and opinionated who offers

companionship and friendship as well. OUDI the how many dates
have you gone on?

Speaker 1 (01:48):
Okay, let me multiply really quick. How about sixty nine
six hundred?

Speaker 2 (01:52):
I love the new start with sixty nine.

Speaker 1 (01:54):
Oh. I made the calculations, and damn that's where it draws.

Speaker 2 (01:58):
That's very into that.

Speaker 1 (02:01):
I like that hike count and you medic listen.

Speaker 3 (02:06):
When I have capacity, I'm out there exploring life is
a tasting many and a boy am I hungry?

Speaker 1 (02:14):
I know that that's pretty good, but I get it. Well,
should we just meet Scottie?

Speaker 2 (02:20):
I absolutely listen to me, Sweet Scottie Scotty, come on in.

Speaker 4 (02:25):
Hello, what an intro?

Speaker 2 (02:30):
Oh my goodness. We are so glad to have you
here on Dave My Hourlida first.

Speaker 3 (02:34):
So I know that we had a little intro about you,
but give us a bit more detail, something like I
don't know, maybe age or astrology sign, what makes you
take or what makes you laugh?

Speaker 5 (02:45):
Okay, I'm twenty two years old. I'm a virgo, yes
Gemini moon, Virgo rising. I do know the Big three. Yes,
I like to have fun, even when it may not
be the best time too. Sometimes there's like serious situations
I may not take as seriously as I need to,
but I just like to, you know, have a joke,

have a laugh.

Speaker 3 (03:07):
Give us an example, like, what's been a situation that
you were like, Lol, I should not be laughing, but
I'm corracking the fuck up.

Speaker 5 (03:13):
I mean, I've never really been in a relationship like
something very serious, and so to me, friendships are my relationships.

Speaker 4 (03:19):
That's what I value.

Speaker 5 (03:20):
But like if your friend does something that's like a
little embarrassing and they're like a little embarrassed about it,
like I like to poke fun at that, or if
I do that, then they can do it back to me.

Speaker 4 (03:30):
I mean there's.

Speaker 5 (03:30):
Probably more serious situations, but we're just meeting.

Speaker 4 (03:34):
I don't know if I should share.

Speaker 1 (03:37):
If it is a serious situation and you still laugh
about it, is that your way of not dealing with
it in that particular moment.

Speaker 5 (03:44):
Oh, it's definitely my way of coping. In college, my
focus was in comedy, so it's definitely just kind of
like all throughout my life, I just try to find
the humor in things and that's just how I live
my day to day life. But then also it's just
a good escape to like not focus on the small things.

Speaker 1 (04:03):
Let's say that you are in a date and that
person says something that at that moment you'd rather answer
with laughter or a joke. Are you willing to change
that a little bit in your relationship so that you
can start communicating better.

Speaker 4 (04:18):

Speaker 5 (04:18):
I definitely don't like just skip over serious things like
based on the range of seriousness, you know, So if
someone's opening up and being vulnerable to me, I'm not
going to instantly respond to that with laughter.

Speaker 4 (04:30):
So I guess the answer to your question, yes, I
am willing to change that.

Speaker 2 (04:35):
I am very curious.

Speaker 3 (04:36):
You say you're twenty two and you've gone on a
lot of dates, and I see here something around Revenge
of the Gay Boyfriends.

Speaker 2 (04:44):
Tell me about these boyfriends.

Speaker 5 (04:46):
So Revenge of the Gay Boyfriends is a column that
I write. It's the humor column about dates that I've
been on. But it's just I claim the term boyfriend loosely.
It's like anyone that I've like gone on a date
with or had some sort of weird experience with, whether
anything sexual or romantic, came out of it, just that

connection that spark can like label someone as a boyfriend.

Speaker 4 (05:11):
So it's just like a loose term throne.

Speaker 3 (05:13):
About noted note because I'm like, oh, my gos is
twenty two? How many boyfriends have you collected?

Speaker 4 (05:18):
And my little boyfriend satchel that I keep with me everywhere.

Speaker 2 (05:21):
I go, amazing. What are some of those like gnarly
stories that you want to share?

Speaker 5 (05:26):
One time I hooked up with this man at his
apartment and we like finished, you know, the deed, and
then he was like, Okay, you have to go, and
I was like wait why, He's like my husband's coming
home soon. And I was like, oh, I didn't realize
it was, you know, one of those things. So I left,
and a few weeks later, I was like messaging this

other guy on the intermisson grinder dot com and I
went to go hook up with this guy and it
turned out to be the other husband.

Speaker 3 (05:56):
Wow. Wow.

Speaker 5 (05:57):
I didn't realize it until I like walked into the
room and they have this job like wall clock sticker
that wasn't set like any specific, just like a sticker
of a clock, and I remember walking in and being like,
oh my gosh, I've been here before.

Speaker 3 (06:12):
That is incredible. This story is amazing. This should be
done in a telenovella.

Speaker 1 (06:18):
Yes, what is it that Scotti is looking for now?

Speaker 4 (06:22):
I guess stability.

Speaker 5 (06:25):
I've moved like all over the country, so I just
haven't really had the time to grow and develop myself
and then also be in a relationship. And now I
feel like I'm in like a location that I'm going
to be in for a while. But it's like allowing
me the time and I have like the sense of
self to be able to find that stability.

Speaker 1 (06:46):
What is your most precious desire when it comes to
having a relationship. What is the best thing that you
can see coming out of that?

Speaker 4 (06:55):
I mean companionship.

Speaker 5 (06:57):
I love to do stuff alone, but I love to
share experiences with people, and I feel like in the
greater picture of life, that's what life is all about.
To me, is like experiencing as much as I can
and connecting with as many people as I can. Clearly
with the nine hundred ninety nine dates that I've collected
under my belt, and so I guess that's what I'm
looking for is someone who is just as excited to

like experience the world.

Speaker 1 (07:20):
Probably something new with someone new.

Speaker 3 (07:22):
And that's a quality you look for in a partner. Now,
what do you bring to the table as a partner.

Speaker 5 (07:28):
I like to think I bring fun, I bring curiosity,
I bring adventure. I'm really like down for anything. My
friends often say that if like no one wants to
do something, like I'm down to do it, which.

Speaker 4 (07:40):
Could be for the better, for the worst.

Speaker 5 (07:42):
Reading to that as you will, but yeah, I just
think that I'm very easy to go along with.

Speaker 3 (07:50):
You say that you are done for anything. Has there
been something that you literally were like, ooh, this is
crossing a boundary and this is a major red flag
and I do not want to be associated with this ever.

Speaker 4 (08:00):
Again, it's all in moderation. Everything's in moderation.

Speaker 5 (08:03):
And I think like something that I've learned from going
along with things is that's where I found myself in
those boundaries, and so a partner who also can recognize
those boundaries within themselves, you know. And I have learned
that like by doing too much, you know, your lemon,
Like that's kind of how I was raised. So I

know now like obviously there's things I won't do.

Speaker 1 (08:27):
Murder, Oh, thank you.

Speaker 2 (08:29):
For sure, big red flag.

Speaker 3 (08:30):
Yes, Scotty, thank you so very much for all your
wonderful answers. It's time to bring in the three contestants
and I need them and see what ALII the sees
and how she can connect you know that one person
for you, so fingers.

Speaker 6 (08:47):
Crossed, will be back after the break. Welcome back to
day am I alily.

Speaker 3 (08:54):
The first Okay, we are in. Well, Welcome to our contestants.
First step, we have Jess. Jess is a Gemini who
works at Sephora and is a huge Arienator, a real yes,
a Wanita Arienator, a huge fan of Ariana Grande.

Speaker 2 (09:18):
He yes, he.

Speaker 3 (09:21):
Is unapologetically himself and has been known to be called
Latuxica in a relationship gone wrong because he can go
all next. But Jess has spent some time learning from
his mistakes and is now looking for someone emotionally available
to one day start a family with.

Speaker 2 (09:38):
Welcome Jess, Welcome, Welcome, Thank.

Speaker 4 (09:40):
You for having me, Thank you so much.

Speaker 2 (09:42):
All right, Well, next we have Alex.

Speaker 3 (09:45):
Alex is an aries Son double Capricorn who says the
number one thing he's looking for in a partner is
a sense of humor. For Alex, laughter is a serioush business.
He's a drum instructor and a video editor for Minneso
SOA who considers himself.

Speaker 2 (10:01):
Seriously young at heart.

Speaker 3 (10:03):
Alex has been single for a few years and generally
likes to take things slow but certainly study. Though Alex
says he could probably do a great TED talk on
the band system of a down, he says he'd preferred
to do one on dinosaurs, a topic he knows nothing about.

Speaker 5 (10:19):
Say hello Alex, Hello Alex, I have really beautiful work
on everything I said in that interview.

Speaker 2 (10:27):
Last, but starting not least Daniel.

Speaker 3 (10:29):
Daniel is a virgo and creative working on an R
and B and rap album while simultaneously leading advocacy groups
focusing on homelessness and LGBTQ plus policy.

Speaker 2 (10:41):
Because Daniel was incarceated as a.

Speaker 3 (10:43):
Child, he had spent many years healing from his trauma
and learning to trust people. And he feels like he's
in a place now where he loves himself enough to
love someone else too.

Speaker 2 (10:51):
I love this.

Speaker 3 (10:52):
Daniel can tend to gravitate towards coxakhonk guys. He likes
to be a fixer and listen same so he's looking
for someone independent and self sufficient.

Speaker 2 (11:02):
Hello Danny.

Speaker 3 (11:03):
Y'all, Oh my god, thank you, oh so very much.
Y'all sound fantastic, But we're gonna start breaking the ice
with some games. The first one is dating app daddies.

Speaker 2 (11:19):
So our main.

Speaker 3 (11:21):
Dater has put some serious work into the apps today.
We'd love to see how you might represent yourself.

Speaker 2 (11:29):
In a dating app profile. In this game of Dating.

Speaker 3 (11:33):
App daddies, we'll give you two types of men you
might meet on an app, and you'll tell us where
you fall on the scale of one to another. For example,
if I said planned daddy to coffee daddy, you might
say you fall somewhere in the non cafinated tea daddy territory.

Speaker 2 (11:54):
Yeah. So the first.

Speaker 3 (11:55):
One is where do you fall on the scale of
fish daddy to fashion daddy. Is it a gruff fisherman
or fashion forward daddy?

Speaker 2 (12:09):

Speaker 7 (12:10):
I mean I'm wearing overalls, so I feel like I
have to say fish daddy.

Speaker 2 (12:16):
So fish daddy for Alex.

Speaker 4 (12:19):
Jess fashion daddy.

Speaker 2 (12:21):
Fashion daddy for Jess. Danny All, I don't.

Speaker 8 (12:24):
Know, it depends on the day. Sometimes I like fish
and sometimes I like fashion.

Speaker 2 (12:29):
Okay, I see you. So we're falling into mermaid daddy here.

Speaker 4 (12:33):
Yes, I don't know.

Speaker 8 (12:39):
A great option.

Speaker 2 (12:42):
We love it well, I mean, Mermaid daddy is all
the way we need that. What's your next one?

Speaker 1 (12:46):
Okay, let's try this one. Where do you fall on
the scale of baby daddy to big daddy? Do you
consider yourself someone who likes to be baby or left alone?

Speaker 3 (13:00):
Is that?

Speaker 4 (13:03):
Maybe? Maybe?

Speaker 9 (13:04):
What's the Mermaid option of this?

Speaker 2 (13:07):
Give me a second.

Speaker 1 (13:08):
I'm gonna find it this baby daddy, big daddy, middle
of the road, custody daddy. I don't know what are you.

Speaker 2 (13:14):
Alex shared Alex's custody daddy. Jess, where are you at?

Speaker 4 (13:19):
I'm doing big daddy, big daddy?

Speaker 2 (13:22):
Okay? Noted and Daniel? What's yours baby.

Speaker 8 (13:25):
Daddy for me? I like attention, I need it all.

Speaker 2 (13:29):
Oh, we have it all in here. We got baby
this bottle.

Speaker 8 (13:34):
Yet my bottle.

Speaker 2 (13:37):
Yes, I'm obsessed.

Speaker 3 (13:40):
We got all the answers for this one, baby big
and custody here for it.

Speaker 1 (13:45):
Well, listen, as long as you're a daddy. I'm into it, lent,
but that is how I feel so indeed, gentlemen are
making me feel does desperately looking for husband six. All right,
let's move on to the final round of this game.
Where do you fall on the scale.

Speaker 3 (14:06):
Of Daddy needs a kiss too, Daddy needs him alone time.

Speaker 2 (14:11):
Are you super affectionate or are you a little bit
more demure?

Speaker 4 (14:15):
Jess tell me I'm definitely more affectionate. And then I
get mad at you don't like I'm like, why are
you not being you know what I mean?

Speaker 3 (14:24):
So like, it's very much like Daddy needs a kiss.
Daddy must have a kiss, give it to me, Daniel,
what are your thoughts on.

Speaker 8 (14:32):
This, Dame, I need a kiss, Like I said, I
love attention, so you better give it all to me.

Speaker 1 (14:38):
Hell over there?

Speaker 8 (14:39):
Then you go over there.

Speaker 2 (14:41):
Yeah, it's daddy must have a kiss. Give it almost Alex,
So what's yours?

Speaker 9 (14:46):
I think I'm the same. Daddy needs a kiss.

Speaker 7 (14:49):
Sometimes Daddy needs a kiss just before Daddy needs his
alone time. But I do need to make sure that
before I go into that, I get a big kiss.

Speaker 2 (14:56):
I am into this.

Speaker 3 (14:57):
I'm into this like verse world here like I'm just
like I need like I will say both.

Speaker 7 (15:02):
I mean, I'm really trying to take a hard stance
on something, but everything I'm like a little bit of both.

Speaker 2 (15:07):
Please yes, no.

Speaker 3 (15:09):
Here for that here for that, I will lead the
I want kisses all the time, even in my alone time.

Speaker 1 (15:18):
Listen, I'm sixty seven, not dead.

Speaker 3 (15:22):
Yes, hello, Well, thank you so much for participating on
our first round of games the dating app Daddies. We're
gonna play game number two so we can get onto
meeting this main dater. We want to know a little
bit more about how you communicate. So here's the thing.
In this game of dick shanery. We're gonna ask you
to define a new word. We're gonna give you a

sentence with a brand new term in it, and we're
gonna make it up like literally, We're gonna hear some
words that will make absolute no sense, and we're gonna
ask you to give us that definition.

Speaker 2 (15:55):
It could be literally anything.

Speaker 3 (15:58):
So if I told I would eat that sentence whenever
I go through a breakup my friends tell me I'm.

Speaker 2 (16:04):
Zee black, I would eat that. What would you define?

Speaker 1 (16:07):
Ze black? Absolutely in need of dick no amazing? I
knows that very well.

Speaker 3 (16:14):
So ze blick means slut ho fuck boy era amazing.

Speaker 1 (16:18):
So this is serious, all right.

Speaker 3 (16:20):
So the first sentence is if I see my partner
talking to someone hot, I get so glumpy.

Speaker 2 (16:29):
Yes, what does glumpy mean?

Speaker 4 (16:32):
Another word for maybe like kind of crazy?

Speaker 2 (16:36):
I love it.

Speaker 4 (16:37):
Yeah, like a little too familiar.

Speaker 2 (16:39):
Amazing Alex, what does glumpy mean?

Speaker 7 (16:43):
If I see my partner talking to someone hot and
I get glumpy, it means that I'm writing fan fiction
in my head about what they're.

Speaker 1 (16:52):
Going to do the whole relationship, which got started in
that conversation.

Speaker 3 (16:55):
It's fan fiction. I'm obsessed. This is a great take
as well.

Speaker 9 (17:00):
If they get to like have some fun, I get
to have some fun.

Speaker 2 (17:03):

Speaker 3 (17:04):
I love this inclusion. Daniel, what is your definition of glumpy?

Speaker 8 (17:09):
My panties is in a bunch they're glumping together, the
blumpy panties.

Speaker 3 (17:16):
I'm obsessed. This is amazing. Le Leana, what's your sentence?

Speaker 1 (17:19):
Oh? Here we go on an average Saturday night, I
like to sleam with my partner.

Speaker 2 (17:28):

Speaker 3 (17:28):
What does sleaming with your partner on a Saturday night
mean to you?

Speaker 7 (17:32):
Shleaming is like spooning, except for your on top of
each other.

Speaker 9 (17:37):
It's not sexual.

Speaker 7 (17:38):
It's just you're kind of like putting a lot of
weight on one person. Some people just like to be
laid on.

Speaker 2 (17:43):
It's like a way a blanket I'm obsessed.

Speaker 1 (17:46):
Yeah yeah, but if I'm a hundred pounds and he's
three hundred, I'm dead.

Speaker 3 (17:50):
Well, then you sle on top. I got on top, Jess.
What does sleaming with your partner mean?

Speaker 4 (17:59):
I would say versing, like going back and forth.

Speaker 3 (18:02):
Okay, okay, Daniel, what does sleaming with your partner mean?

Speaker 8 (18:09):
It means I'm gonna slap you and then fuck you
right after.

Speaker 1 (18:11):
Oh my goodness, you're talking to a elite that. I'm
so happy you recognized it. It's just part of my
personality and I've got a lot of people that I
would like to sleam right now.

Speaker 8 (18:30):
Yep, slap and fuck.

Speaker 9 (18:32):
It's the best.

Speaker 2 (18:33):
I'm obsessed. Oh my goodness. Okay. So my final.

Speaker 3 (18:39):
Word is, if I know a date is staying the night,
I make sure my brangoo is sparkling clean.

Speaker 2 (18:51):
Alex, what does brangoo mean?

Speaker 9 (18:54):
Oh god? What else could it mean?

Speaker 1 (18:56):
You got to be honest, Just say it, my heart.

Speaker 2 (19:00):
And you're like, yeah, let's go there, Daniel. What does
bango mean?

Speaker 4 (19:06):

Speaker 9 (19:07):
Yeah, to have that.

Speaker 8 (19:13):
Because I keep it really.

Speaker 2 (19:16):
Bring it, bring it, Daniel, this is so good, Jess.
What does bango mean? Are you a green boy? Pussy?

Speaker 4 (19:22):
Or I've been at both and some of me right
in the middle.

Speaker 2 (19:27):
Yeah, just like heart and Prisy are clean. Amazing. Wow,
that was a blast. Thank you, Thank you all for participating. Man,
this moment is always right.

Speaker 1 (19:40):
Yeah yeah, okay. First of all, I'm very grateful that
each of you are here with us. Thank you for
being so open and receptive to our silly questions. It
isn't that humor. Then we find the connection between people.
I love each of you. There is no difference in
that I am You're a Willie, but I did have

to make a decision. And the one person that will
be leaving us now and not continuing to meet our
main dater is Jesse.

Speaker 2 (20:14):

Speaker 3 (20:14):
Thank you so so so much for coming in. Orbs
has their hair, and you're a wonderful day, like absolutely gorgeous.
Thank you so very much.

Speaker 6 (20:30):
We'll be back after the break. Welcome back today, my holily.

Speaker 2 (20:36):
The first.

Speaker 3 (20:39):
Congratulations to our two remaining lucky contestants.

Speaker 2 (20:43):
You've made it to.

Speaker 3 (20:44):
The next portion of our show, where a Wilita is
going to take each of you on a speed date
a little You're gonna have a one on one just
you and Lileana. This is an opportunity for her to
get to know you a little bit more intimately, dive
deep and ask questions that will help her pick who's

going to end up with the main dater.

Speaker 2 (21:05):
So we'll start with Daniel.

Speaker 3 (21:08):
I'm going to leave you to it with hourly Dalia
for our little Cafesito college.

Speaker 1 (21:13):
Are you Latino?

Speaker 8 (21:15):
I am Latino, but I don't know Spanish. You know.
I grew up in like a neighborhood that didn't accept
it really.

Speaker 1 (21:20):
So well, now we are accepted everywhere, and that Willita says,
you can speak Spanish anywhere you go. So tell me
a little bit about growing up in this family and
this reasoning that people did not accept the Hispanic language.
How did that make you feel? And how did you
approach your adulthood when it came to love and finding

a partner.

Speaker 8 (21:42):
Ooh, that's tough. I guess for me it was like
it didn't affect me until my later years, because ultimately
it affected my parents, you know, them growing up in
the valley, really in a predominantly white neighborhood in their
particular era, like it was unacceptable to speak Spanish, you know,
so they kind of just forgot how to do it
and then come to my generation. You know, I was

really never taught unless I was around my grandparents and
stuff like that. But now I don't know. I guess
it plays a big part because you know, I feel
disconnected for my culture. I feel like I'm trying to
find my place in this world and I'm trying to
find my community. And I think that's big for a
lot of people, is you know, community and finding where
you belong and stuff. As far as love's concerned, like

and finding love, I don't know. I think I have
a great personality, so I don't really struggle with love.
I struggle with trust.

Speaker 1 (22:32):
Are you a jealous person?

Speaker 8 (22:34):
No, I'm not jealous. I just like a lot of attention.
So if you're giving other people more attention than me,
then that's an issue. But I'm not jealous. I always say,
if you know, I can't sit here and tell you, oh,
you can't look at all the beauty in the world
because there's so much of it. But if you act
on what you see, then that's the issue that's different.

Speaker 1 (22:53):
That's a different situation altogether. When was your last relationship.

Speaker 8 (22:58):
Oh, it was like six months ago. I'll say my
real relationship and it was toxic, you know, it was
mentally physically abusive. It was a tough time for me
because I really questioned my own self work. But because
of it, I came out stronger and that's when I
started doing in my album and learning how to do
music and accept that part of me. Because I was

always too insecure to think that I was worth being
an actor or a musician or whatever it is, right,
I never saw that for me. But after the relationship,
I took the pain and I turned it into power.

Speaker 1 (23:31):
That's amazing. I congratulate you for that. That is exactly
what you need to do. But tell me how long
did that relationship last.

Speaker 8 (23:38):
I mean it was about six months as well. But
ultimately it was my friend before and I've I've known
him for years, but like he came to stay with me,
you know, from Chicago as a friend and then we
kind of well I grew on him first, but like
he kind of grew on me. So we started a
date and that's when things kind of got sour.

Speaker 1 (23:58):
Are you still friends?

Speaker 8 (23:59):
Yeah? Yeah, kind of. He's just in a different place,
you know, mentally, like he is the party person, you know,
the one that really isn't pursuing his dreams and goals.
And I'm the opposite, you know, I'm stay at home studying,
and you know, I'm very spontaneous and adventurous, don't get
me wrong, but my priority isn't shaking my ass.

Speaker 4 (24:19):
You know.

Speaker 1 (24:20):
And you are ready for a relationship long term.

Speaker 8 (24:23):
I mean, if it's the right person, you know, like,
definitely I need somebody that could communicate. I think that's
my biggest thing. Just tell me, tell me how you feel.
And a lot of people, especially from my community, like
our communities, they don't know how to communicate how they feel.

Speaker 1 (24:38):
And in this communication, if that person said to you
as you are starting the relationship that they needed their
own space once in a while and then you go
do your life and they do theirs, do you agree
with that part or is something that that trust is
gonna have something to do with I mean.

Speaker 8 (24:55):
I feel like I'll struggle with trust. But if you
find the right person, then they'll help you through struggles. Right.
So me, I say that all the time, like you
need personal space.

Speaker 4 (25:05):
You know.

Speaker 8 (25:06):
Sometimes I'm gonna be annoyed. I don't want you over
here bugging me. I want to just be with my dogs,
you know, but whatever it is, right, So yeah, I
believe in like having a lot of personal space because
then you have that opportunity in those moments to be together.

Speaker 1 (25:20):
And truly enjoy them and appreciate them exactly.

Speaker 2 (25:24):
I love you so much.

Speaker 3 (25:26):
I'm sorry to interrupt because we got to get onto
the next cafe, but that was beautiful.

Speaker 2 (25:30):
Thank you so much, Danny, thank you.

Speaker 3 (25:31):
Okay, Alex, I'm going to hand you over to Ada
for a little cafe.

Speaker 9 (25:38):
This is the part I'm most nervous about, absolutely.

Speaker 1 (25:41):
And you should be. Let's talk a little bit about
your love life. Tell me what that's been about in
the past couple of years after the pandemic.

Speaker 7 (25:50):
I got out of a relationship just before that, and
I've been pretty friend focused, I guess.

Speaker 4 (25:56):
I would say, like I was.

Speaker 7 (25:57):
Very nervous when you set up the dating app thing,
because I just have not been on an app for
like six years. I just like to meet people in person.
It's just been very kind of casual, I guess.

Speaker 1 (26:08):
And that relationship ended because.

Speaker 7 (26:10):
We were open and they were seeing other people and
I was seeing other people, and as you may assume
with those types of relationships, it got very messy and
we just couldn't.

Speaker 9 (26:21):
Do it anymore.

Speaker 1 (26:22):
So what is your biggest red flag for a new relationship?

Speaker 4 (26:26):
Well, yeah, I.

Speaker 7 (26:26):
Think the reason that things like kind of went south
was like the communication wasn't there, which, like all types
of relationships got to have, you know, the good communication,
but especially in like a poly one, if it's not there,
you're you're done for. So I think a red flag
is like if for really like almost no reason, I'm
already feeling like a wall because I know that I

might have a problem and start like putting up my
own walls and then you know, soon we're just both
behind walls.

Speaker 1 (26:55):
What is it that you're looking forward in a new relationship?

Speaker 7 (26:58):
I like being surprise, So I like people that have
like a lot of spontaneity. I think I can be
like a pretty like organized person, and so I'm really
excited when a partner can get in there and kind
of shake things up in a fun.

Speaker 1 (27:12):
Waye something that you're also willing to learn and practice
along the way.

Speaker 7 (27:17):
Oh yeah, I mean I like to like go on trips,
but if I'm like on my own, I'm never going
to go on one. So like, if I have like
a partner that's like, I got an idea, we're doing this,
that's kind of what I need to like, help me.
And then I also am like, wait now I also
have ideas.

Speaker 1 (27:33):
Oh that's amazing. Thank you so much for your beautiful answer.
So I appreciate them.

Speaker 3 (27:38):
Thank you so much for having an intimate one on
one go away lead that so she could get to
know you both much more deeply.

Speaker 1 (27:48):
Yeah, is it.

Speaker 2 (27:48):
Time for us to let them know our secret?

Speaker 1 (27:51):
Gone up and waiting forever? No, and tell them, let's
tell them?

Speaker 2 (27:56):
Yeah, well so a little.

Speaker 3 (27:58):
Did you know that our main dater has been listening
this whole time. He's been lurking in the shadows, looking
at everything and listening to all. Here's the thing, though,
Awlita might have an idea of who she likes for him,
but we're gonna have you step out for a second
to see we have a unanimous decision. In the meantime,
Muchisima's gassias to the both of you, besos arasos, thank.

Speaker 2 (28:21):
You so much for playing.

Speaker 3 (28:22):
We'll deliberate and then we'll bring you back in into
the damn thing. Yes, Scottie, do you want to come
in and give us your two cents?

Speaker 5 (28:32):
Yeah, I thought Daniel had like a really beautiful and
like heartfelt story. I was just very entranced the whole
time that he was speaking about like his life experiences. Yeah,
I have like a similar kind of like upbringing with
identity and like being raised, you know, without my heritage,

So that really revsonated with me. I think he's very
upfront with his emotions and how he feels, which is endearing.
I don't know how I would respond to that, because
I think sometimes I tend to be a little more
like harsh with my words, like I can be like
upfront with how I'm feeling, and he's just so like

such a sweet fall of sunshine that I, I don't know,
it intimidates me for someone to be so open.

Speaker 1 (29:22):
Well, didn't you make a comment about how you are
on that road and that path to opening up and
learning more? Wouldn't this be a nice opportunity to do so?

Speaker 4 (29:35):

Speaker 5 (29:37):
But then I feel like I almost like argued back
of like he got out of like a bad relationship
and he's working on this project and himself and he's
healing through his art and his music, and like, is
it the time for me to join that journey with him,

if that makes sense, Like I know how I create
and how personal that is and like it. I feel
like the way he was talking is like finding himself
all over again. He's like someone I would love to
start a friendship with first and see where things go.

Speaker 1 (30:12):
And what about Alex Alex, I liked.

Speaker 5 (30:15):
The way that he talked about relationships and people. I
liked that he was more of like logical mind. I
have like a big past with improv and so it's
like head, heart, X factor. Those are the three types
of improvisers, and that's kind of how I've come to
like categorize people. So Alex is definitely more of a

head and Daniel's more of a heart. And it's just
what you lead with. And I liked alex His answers
for like comedy, where he took it like a step
further in the reference versus the like first thing that
came to mind. I liked watching his mind work, and
I liked how he talked about someone should be open

when you first meet them, and you shouldn't feel like
you have a wall or a push you know something
there And so it's like, who am I from this
very short time? Am I more like interested? In having
a conversation with I don't really know with that.

Speaker 3 (31:16):
I think me and I either're gonna have a fun,
little heated conversation. So you sit tight, thank you for
your input, and see what's up, because this is going
to be a tough one. I think both of them
are fantastic in juxtaposition to Scotty, which clearly has made
a lot of really beautiful observations on both of them

and is very much in that same crossing path of
like this could happen with this person, this could happen
with this other person, anything could go in terms of
an experience, I think Alex could be a really interesting
experience for Scotty in this precise moment and where they're
all at, they're closer to mindsets than I think.

Speaker 1 (31:56):
After their sense of humor is it comes together closer
than the death Daniel.

Speaker 2 (32:00):
But we love Daniel.

Speaker 1 (32:01):
I love Daniel. Yeah, let me think about it for
a minute or two.

Speaker 3 (32:05):
All right, beautiful, Hello, Hello to you, beautiful handsome daddies.
Just thank you, Thank you to both of you to
really putting yourselves out there and really being so earnest
and funny and sweet. So thank you for your energy
with that Alida take it away.

Speaker 1 (32:26):
Well, listen, you are each amazing, good looking, kind smart. However,
at the end of the show, we need to think
a little bit more about the main dater and that
one person who matches more with the person we're trying
to put you together with, so that this can be

the start of a great relationship. Because of that, the
person who will be dating our main dater is Alex.

Speaker 3 (33:00):
Oh yeah, Daniel, we love you, love you so fucking much.

Speaker 2 (33:08):
Thank you for your energy, thank you for your earnest ness.

Speaker 8 (33:10):
Yeah, thank you. You guys, have a good day, and
thank you so much.

Speaker 2 (33:16):
What a sweetheart. Well, Alex, thank you so much.

Speaker 3 (33:20):
And without further ado here, Scotty, do you want to
turn on your camera and your microphone say hello to Alex.

Speaker 4 (33:28):
Hello, Alex, hie to meet you.

Speaker 3 (33:32):
Yes, Scottie, give us your first impressions on Alex, and
then I'll move on to Alex.

Speaker 5 (33:37):
I mean, awesome hair, awesome fisherman outfit. I love the
collection of pencils in the background.

Speaker 4 (33:48):

Speaker 5 (33:48):
I like how logical you were with all your answers,
and I at your sense of humor and how you
kind of took in that information and then did like
a step further.

Speaker 4 (33:57):
It was awesome. It was great.

Speaker 2 (33:59):
Alex first impression on Scottie.

Speaker 9 (34:01):
Extremely cute, a wonderful smile. Look at this smile.

Speaker 1 (34:06):
I love his smile.

Speaker 7 (34:08):
And very good compliments. And apparently he listens, so that's good.

Speaker 2 (34:13):
Yes, amazing.

Speaker 3 (34:16):
So now we're going to send ar contestins for a
little virtual day.

Speaker 2 (34:21):
Have fun, y'all.

Speaker 1 (34:23):
Stay true to yourselves, be real, open up your hearts
and your minds, and stay in touch.

Speaker 4 (34:29):
Oh my gosh, well, hi, very nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you too. Loving this room. Set
up your room lighting. Yeah, I did a whole thing
for it. I cleaned up a little bit, but did
it make the bed? No?

Speaker 8 (34:44):
I know.

Speaker 7 (34:44):
Well that's because a lot of the stuff that was
messy over here is on the bed. Oh okay, okay,
that makes sense. I have to sort it still, And
then I would. I was just like, oh god, someone's
gonna notice that. And of course you notice that. H
how dare you?

Speaker 8 (34:57):

Speaker 7 (34:57):
I assume we're all supposed to be like in Los Angeles.

Speaker 5 (35:01):
Yes, I just moved to Mecula, but I'm leaving in
a few months.

Speaker 9 (35:07):
Are you like from here? From here or where are
you from.

Speaker 5 (35:09):
I'm from Temecula, okay, like an hour and a half,
two hours. But I've been going to LA pretty frequently
for like potential work stuff, and then I'm working in
I fel like everyone in Los Angeles.

Speaker 4 (35:22):
It's like entertainment just say it. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 9 (35:27):
Is this where like I'm supposed to ask you to
sing something? Oh, don't make me do it?

Speaker 8 (35:32):

Speaker 5 (35:33):
Me saying no, don't do it. No, I'm so shy.
I just couldn't.

Speaker 7 (35:37):
Have you been to a concert lately, or what's like
your dream concert? Or have you you do go to them?

Speaker 9 (35:42):

Speaker 5 (35:43):
I love going to concerts. I lived in Boston the
past three years. Nice, and all the concerts there were
like ten dollars, ten to fifteen dollars. It's so cheap.
I saw King Cruel Nice. It was so awesome. I
went alone, and it was like the most like transcending
experience one could have.

Speaker 7 (36:02):
I never go to concerts alone, but I feel like
I should.

Speaker 9 (36:06):
Now you're convincing me.

Speaker 4 (36:07):
It's so scary, but it's so fun.

Speaker 9 (36:10):
The lead singer King Cruel, I did not expect him.

Speaker 5 (36:13):
To like look like that, yes, ginger and like, but
he's got like that boys.

Speaker 4 (36:17):
Yes, and he's British too.

Speaker 7 (36:19):
They're all British. It's always someone whatever. I'm like, interesting,
They're like, oh, I'm also British.

Speaker 4 (36:24):
By the way, I'm British.

Speaker 9 (36:26):
They're all tricking me.

Speaker 4 (36:28):
I just got a lot of house shows.

Speaker 5 (36:31):
My friend's cousin was in a band and so we'd
go and he would perform in like at.

Speaker 9 (36:35):
Least nice Oh yeah, one of those kinds of shows.

Speaker 4 (36:39):
Yes, yes, yes, yes, but yeah.

Speaker 5 (36:42):
I do like comedy, I would say, because I'm like, I'm.

Speaker 4 (36:46):
Like, oh fuck, what do you do?

Speaker 5 (36:47):
And I'm like, oh, I write and I act and
stuff like, but I like to do it with like
a comedic perspective, like oh so comedian and I'm.

Speaker 4 (36:54):
Like no, no, no, no, no no. It's like it's like
I don't want that label, but it's like, yes, is it.

Speaker 7 (37:00):
Yeah, I definitely have that label. I perform like live
and stuff like that.

Speaker 4 (37:06):
It's awesome. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (37:08):

Speaker 7 (37:11):
I do like characters and stand up and I mean, whatever, sketch.
I'm on a team here, so but yeah, those are
kind of like my favorite things to do is like
go see a show, whether it's music or something like that.

Speaker 5 (37:25):
Have you been to the maybe this is a dumb question,
but the Largo I love. I've performed at the Largo
really yeah, it was crazy. I've seen a few of
my friends have performed there too, so I've seen some
shows there.

Speaker 7 (37:37):
It's a a guy who runs it. Is this like
weird Irish guy or maybe he's Scottish. I always get
it messed up, but he is as as we discussed
with King Gruel, British or something.

Speaker 5 (37:49):
Makes so much sense that the bar is cash only
and they like only serve Guinness.

Speaker 9 (37:54):
Okay, so he's definitely Irish.

Speaker 4 (37:55):
I think, yes, yes, Well it was nice to meet too.

Speaker 7 (38:00):
I'll definitely see you around. Well you guys, bye, Scotti, Bye.

Speaker 9 (38:04):
Everyone else who's like.

Speaker 2 (38:05):
Listening, Well wow wow wow. I hope those sweeties hit
it off.

Speaker 3 (38:16):
Find us back here next week as Leanna and I
make some more matches.

Speaker 2 (38:22):
Good work today, Ali, Oh, we did good.

Speaker 1 (38:25):
I like what I'm looking at.

Speaker 2 (38:28):
Dave Miaori.

Speaker 3 (38:29):
The First is a production from w V Sound and
iHeartMedia's Mikultura podcast network, hosted by me Vico Ortiz, joined
by the fabulous Leanna Montenegro Dave may Auri. The First
is produced by Leo Clem Nico Raquel and Sophie Spencer Zavos.

Speaker 2 (38:44):
Our executive producers are.

Speaker 3 (38:46):
Wilmer Valderrama, Leo Clem and Nico Raquel w V Sound.
This episode was edited by Sean Tracy and additional help
from producer Daniel Koneg and features original music.

Speaker 2 (38:56):
By Aliva Morello and gay B Lobez.

Speaker 3 (38:59):
Special things also to our hopeful romantics this week, Scottie, Daniel,
Alex and Jess. Additional thanks to Salt and Lime Media.

Speaker 2 (39:07):
For more podcasts from.

Speaker 3 (39:08):
iHeart, visit the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you
listen to your favorite shows. See you next week, and
in the meantime, don't do anything a Wanita wouldn't do.

Speaker 1 (39:18):
Just do it better. Okay, they see those
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