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February 24, 2024 60 mins

In this special episode, One Tree Hill travels back to the 1940s... Some serious drama happened behind the scenes in this episode and it all had to do with…melting wigs?! Revelations are revealed regarding Chad’s writing of the episode.

Plus, panic, a weird twist, and a real-life kiss we never knew about!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
First of all, you don't know me.

Speaker 2 (00:02):
We all about that high school drama. Girl drama girl,
all about them.

Speaker 3 (00:06):
High school queens. We'll take you for a ride. And
our comic girl shared for the right.

Speaker 2 (00:12):
Drama Queens, girl girl fashion, but your tough girl.

Speaker 4 (00:16):
You could sit with us girl Drama Queens, Drama, Queens, Drama, Queens, Drama, Drama, Queens, Drama, Queens.

Speaker 5 (00:25):
Literally every minute.

Speaker 1 (00:26):
But we were not filming. I was just sitting in
a chair, like, my life, my life, my life.

Speaker 3 (00:35):
Well, tell everyone what you're talking about, Hillary.

Speaker 5 (00:39):
This episode is going to open my life. Uh yes, hey,
my life. Everybody.

Speaker 1 (00:45):
Welcome to Drama Queens. We're talking about And this is
an infamous episode, right, Sure, some people hate it? Somebody
else read the synopsis.

Speaker 3 (00:57):
Okay, Season six, episode eleven. I think I'm the only
one that had fun on this episode. We did?

Speaker 1 (01:02):

Speaker 3 (01:04):
Sure did?

Speaker 5 (01:05):
My Echo?

Speaker 3 (01:05):
My Shadow and Me Air date November seventeen, two thousand
and eight, in a very special episode. Wow, it sounds
like we're starting in after school special, which this definitely
was not. Chad Michael Murray Penn's an homage to the
classic films of the nineteen forties. Karen's cafe is transformed
into a glamorous nightclub, with Lucas as its proprietor, Nathan

as the bartender, Haley is the nightclub's residence, singer Peyton
and Brooke as town floozies.

Speaker 6 (01:34):
Susies wholesome nieces that are stupid.

Speaker 3 (01:39):
And just had no clue what was going on, and
oh boy, mouth is a is a reporter and the
town drunk. Wow, let's get started.

Speaker 1 (01:51):
Oh my god, you guys, Chad did write this, which
I really want to give him credit. Yep. At the time,
we all thought we were grown ups, right, and we
were twenty five, twenty six, Like a kid, a twenty
five or twenty six year old kid writing an episode

of a TV show is a very big deal.

Speaker 3 (02:15):
Like yeah, for somebody who didn't go to school for
writing or try And he's not trying to get in
a writer's room, he's not. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (02:21):
No, he just had an idea and begged to do
it for years and they finally were like, you know what, Chad,
write a bottle episode. It don't tie it to anything
in the narrative, just make it live on an island.
And he did it. And I don't think they helped
him very much, because you know, they wanted to prove
a point. You're not a writer, we are, and I

think he turned in something that was so fun, weird,
but that made it interesting. Yeah, So for any kid
out there with a dream, just keep pushing. Man. I'm
glad he won this fight.

Speaker 3 (02:55):
Yeah, me too. And knowing that he did that was
the thing that inspired me to go ask if I
could direct an episode, which because I think I was
the first one out of all of us to do that.
And I went to Greg, one of our producers, with
a script because I had seen Chad do this, and
I was like, wait, this is a possibility we could
actually branch out side because we definitely were not encouraged

to do anything other than what we were let alone
other projects, Like we were notwidged to do anything on
our show besides act. So yeah, to go home and
break down an old script from seasons before with I
had all my tabs and all my little notes on it,
and I mapped out scenes and I did blocking like
I used to do in our direct plays in high school.

And I came in with a huge binder and gave
it to Greg and I was like, this is what
I would have done with that episode if you had
let me direct it, you know, three years ago, can
I have one in the future? And they liked it
and they gave me one, and it is you know,
to Chad's credit, because he was the first one to
take the step and go, hey, I want to do
something else. Yeah, I appreciated that.

Speaker 1 (03:58):

Speaker 3 (03:58):
I think that's a big deal.

Speaker 6 (04:00):
Who is just the fact so many people I think
out in the world who don't work in our industry
don't know how they really do put those barriers up
for us. And you know, I've I've worked on things
as I know you guys have where that's policy where
producers will say, we hired you to act, we expect
you to be an actor. Don't ask to direct, don't

ask for input, don't you know, and they fill in
the rest of the blanks, and and so I will
say for us, I think that you know, whatever the
TV version of like the seven Year Itch is, like
by season six, you're just like I can only say,
but I love him like so many more times, like
please God, you know, how are we.

Speaker 3 (04:43):
Going to keep doing the same thing again?

Speaker 6 (04:45):
And to start finding these these avenues? You know, he
took the lid off that box, and it did. I mean,
it pushed you to go in direct Joy and then
James and then me, and it really I think inspired
each of us in.

Speaker 3 (05:02):
Our own ways.

Speaker 6 (05:04):
And listen. As much as some of the powers that
be didn't want to help us, didn't want us to
succeed at some of these things, I do appreciate that
they said, Okay, if this is what it's going to be,
if you love these old you know, old timey forties films,
if you love this old like lore of Sinatra and whatever,

we're going to give it context. And so the minute
the episode opened, like.

Speaker 3 (05:30):
I genuinely was like, what is six to eleven?

Speaker 6 (05:32):
And then it started and I was like, oh my god,
he's watching the movie.

Speaker 3 (05:34):
It's the forties episode, isn't it.

Speaker 5 (05:35):

Speaker 7 (05:36):
And it was a cool device I think for them
to give us to get in and out of this
world from Tree Hill, to go into this sort of dreamscape.

Speaker 3 (05:48):
And you know, they.

Speaker 6 (05:52):
They opened the door to this new world for us
and we got to go have a time. And I
don't know then we did.

Speaker 1 (06:00):
Other shows have done it successfully too. I mean, didn't
really Dale go on a time travel adventure? Did they
feel like I saw like black and white things, be
watching fricking Nickelodeon and kids cartoons forever. But I feel
like in Passing, I've seen time travel on these other shows. Okay,
and it is cool to get out of your bubble,

but yeah, I wish they would have taken better care
of Chad in this moment because as a new writer,
you know, he's coming up with the story arcs and
the A story and the B story and the C story,
and I feel like they could have helped him massage
some of that a little. Yeah, because some of the
dialogue was hard for me as a woman to say,

and I'm that's not a dig at our friend here.
That is a dig at the grown up in the room,
not being like that's a hard thing for a woman
to say, say it out loud yourself.

Speaker 6 (06:59):
Well, yeah, to to not help bring what we often
saw in that bygone era on screen, which was like, gee, mister,
I just need some help, you know, like to not
help all of us in our modern era doing a
flashback bring it up to date. I hear what you're saying.

I guess in my brain, I was like, Wow, we
did the thing, because that's what so many women were
forced to do back then.

Speaker 1 (07:28):
Y'all. I had to spin in the middle of that
bridge and.

Speaker 6 (07:32):
Say how many times did it take you to do
that with a straight face?

Speaker 1 (07:42):
Did you see how wide that shot is?

Speaker 6 (07:46):
I have it written down as questions zero times?

Speaker 5 (07:50):
You guys. I was like, you want me to do what?

Speaker 1 (07:53):
And the director who shot on me nameless because he's
a tool, was.

Speaker 5 (07:56):
Like, you got to spin in the middle of the bridge?
A spin?

Speaker 1 (08:01):
And I was like spin, Like, like, how why would
I spin when I'm telling him my feelings because we're
doing this big crane shot and it's gonna look better
if you spin, and you just keep spinning, and I'm like,
like Lisa in the Sound of Music.

Speaker 5 (08:19):
Sixteen, go ahead, what you talking about? I got a spin?

Speaker 1 (08:23):
And so if you look, I am just making his face.

Speaker 5 (08:28):
I'm just like a need la.

Speaker 3 (08:31):
It's so solvable, though, Like they could have just if
he needed a spin, he could have had you and
Chad dance together for a second, and you know, you know,
you could have had to grab you and spin you around.
I don't know, it's so solvable. It's so dumb.

Speaker 1 (08:43):
Suggestions were offered.

Speaker 3 (08:45):
I'm sure they were. No, that's what I'm saying, it's
so frustrating that once. You know, sometimes when people get
something stuck in their head, they can't move on from it.
I mean, whatever, I've done the same thing, I guess,
so I can't.

Speaker 1 (08:55):
Buy the butt.

Speaker 5 (08:55):
But the sets were gorgeous.

Speaker 1 (08:57):
I loved seeing Wilmington through this different lens.

Speaker 6 (09:00):
That was cool, and all that vintage cars and even
the way that the that the sets changed the color
palette of the show.

Speaker 3 (09:09):
Yeah, so blue and gray.

Speaker 6 (09:11):
It was. Yeah, it was so fun to see and
you guys looked so beautiful. And I just remember, like
you talking about knowing what book you were reading.

Speaker 3 (09:21):
I was like, well, this feels.

Speaker 6 (09:22):
Cool and especially joy I think, because I know for
me and I think for most of us, your storyline
was the most fun, like Haley getting.

Speaker 3 (09:31):
To do you know, big band stuff.

Speaker 6 (09:34):
I just remember being like, well, the way I'm going
to have the most fun on this episode is I'm
going to be the second set photographer. So I just
like got into background costumes and I took pictures on
set every day.

Speaker 3 (09:45):
That's what I did.

Speaker 6 (09:46):
Any scene I wasn't in, I took photos. So I
have like I got to figure out how to digitize
all of it. But I have this amazing sort of stash.

Speaker 1 (09:55):
Don't we have that sponsor baby, Yeah, we have legacy
Legacy bo lazy Bog.

Speaker 6 (10:01):
That's not even an insert. It just happened naturally. But yes, Like,
I've got all these beautiful, old vintage photos of you guys,
and they're so they just pretty I got to dig
them up.

Speaker 3 (10:13):
Well, I had a ball on this episode. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry you guys had to do all the stuff
you had to do because I had fun.

Speaker 1 (10:20):
But you wrote music for this episode, right I did?

Speaker 3 (10:23):
Yeah, they asked, Well, No, I had a song called
the Hotel Cafe that I had written because I did
a set before I ever got one Tree Hill. I
had done a set of jazz standards at the Hotel
Cafe in La and I thought it'd be fun to
write a song for the venue in keeping with the night,
and so we just transferred the name to Karen's Cafe.

And then when I sent that in, they were like,
this is great. Do you have any other stuff? It's like, yes, please.

Speaker 6 (10:50):
Hold You're like then out a whole night.

Speaker 3 (10:54):
Yes, So wrote a bunch of stuff with my writing
partner at the time, and yellow and yeah, and then
we actually got to score the episode. I don't think
they ended up using most of it. It was much
more theatrical and sort of cinematic than they Our director
wanted more forties actually style again yeah which yeahs ours

was more like theatrical and emotional, but I liked.

Speaker 1 (11:29):
You know what they chose is that also when you
were working on the Notebook.

Speaker 3 (11:33):
No, this was aft okay, so wait this aired two
thousand and eight, so the Notebook score was done. We
have probably done the workshop, maybe maybe the year prior,
which is also probably why they knew that that nineteen
forties music was in my wheelhouse.

Speaker 1 (11:50):
Because you're so Rachel McAdams.

Speaker 3 (11:54):
It's beful, it's so fun, and James so debonning and
so just he so fit that time period so well.
I remember walking. First of all, I was so excited
when I got this script.

Speaker 1 (12:08):
I was like, oh, it's rancs.

Speaker 3 (12:10):
I'm so excited. And I remember running into the trailer
the first day and I opened it up and I
look at James and he's hovering over the sink shaving
his face. He's got half a face as shaving cream,
and he looks up because I really flung the door open.
I'm glad he didn't cut himself. And he looks over
his shoulder at me, and I was like, are you

so excited? The first day of this episode?

Speaker 6 (12:35):
So much fun?

Speaker 3 (12:36):
And he just looked at me like I had three heads,
and he's like, yeah, it's gonna be fun, Joey.

Speaker 5 (12:42):
I just slammed the door and ran back out.

Speaker 1 (12:44):

Speaker 3 (12:45):
I was super stoked. But the costumes were great, had
fun with them. I didn't love the wigs, but I
didn't either.

Speaker 1 (12:52):
Should we just go ahead and talk about the wigs?

Speaker 2 (12:55):

Speaker 3 (12:55):
My wig was so bad? You guys, why did they
make us wear wigs?

Speaker 1 (12:59):
If we come the badge right now, then we could
talk about fun stuff for the last half of the episode.

Speaker 3 (13:05):
Hopefully everyone at home is okay with that sandwich, right, like, yeah.

Speaker 1 (13:10):
You know, it's like shappetizer, but the entree and dessert
are gonna be gorgeous. Guys. The wigs. The reason that
they did the wigs this way is because we were
doing this huge episode and they weren't giving us any
more money. All the money had gone into the sets
and all the extras and the cars and like all
the background. It didn't go to us and so in

order to do finger waves and pin curls on how many.

Speaker 3 (13:39):
Yeah, for different hairstyles for each scene because we had
different I had some different hairstyles. Yeah, you guys had
hats and yeah, I mean there was there was a
lot to do the whole thing, too many other extras
to do their hair too.

Speaker 1 (13:52):
What you didn't know they were also wedding down the
streets so that it had that glisteny ill noir vibe
and do you know what doesn't go together?

Speaker 3 (14:03):
Tell them wigs and water. Oh, turns out wigs and
water and a hot We shot that in the summer,
so then there was the humidity plus the cakey makeup,
plus the wigs and the watered streets. It wasn't great.
It was rough. Also, Yeah, I just feel like.

Speaker 6 (14:22):
I look like I've run a marathon, but and then
like put a gown on, like I look sweaty but matted.

Speaker 3 (14:29):
I don't know, because.

Speaker 1 (14:31):
There weren't enough people to touch us up on set
and also get people ready back in the trailer.

Speaker 3 (14:36):
Our sweet team. But I do remember as much as we.

Speaker 6 (14:40):
Were like, oh boy, these wigs, they're just they're just
starting to do the thing in humidity that like poodles do.

Speaker 3 (14:45):
Uh oh.

Speaker 6 (14:47):
And then when they tried to figure out how to
make it a little better with some of the hats, like, y'all,
you two know, for any of our friends at home
who haven't figured this out, if you've seen me stand
next to any other living human ever, I have a
giant head. It's just a really large skull. I think

my parents tried to make me feel better about it
when I was little, and they were like, Oh, it's
just you have a big brain. I y'all, I don't
fit an a vintage hat like today, like I I
just don't. And and I remember being in the fitting
and they just kept bringing these hats in and I

was like, guys, what are we doing? And then they
had to find a hat that sort of was just
like a little top of the skull circle with like
a front piece, and they were like, here, this doesn't
have to fit around your head. It's just gonna sit
on it.

Speaker 1 (15:44):
We're gonna pin it to you, stable to you.

Speaker 6 (15:46):
We're just gonna pin it onto the top of your
noggin and send you in there to talk to Austin
and Paul while Paul's you know, ripping a bag get apart?

Speaker 3 (15:54):
How cool was that? Said?

Speaker 6 (15:55):
By the way, my favorite, but that was like the
one thing they could get to fit over my big
fat head and that poofy way. It was like it
was a Ramon or poor wardrobe girls.

Speaker 3 (16:09):
Yeah, hair and makeup and wardrobe really had a time.

Speaker 1 (16:13):

Speaker 6 (16:13):
Do you know what that's called? Like the hat that
sits on the is it? Is it a It's not
a fascinator. That's the British version.

Speaker 1 (16:20):
What is it?

Speaker 3 (16:21):
The pillbox hats sit off to the side, but they're
often round and it was a little and they sit
on the topdies sixties vibe. Yeah, the ones that sit
on the top from the forties. I don't I don't know.
It gives you a swoop like a bang.

Speaker 5 (16:35):
Girl's a topper.

Speaker 1 (16:36):
I don't know what that is?

Speaker 3 (16:37):
A topper? That's probably it?

Speaker 1 (16:39):
A top had nineteen eighties mal bangs for most of
this episode, like LUs shit was teased. It was so
high because it would fall out because of the humidity.
And they're like, well, if we just.

Speaker 5 (16:52):
Tease it a little, just.

Speaker 3 (16:53):
Teaset to make it straight, because they knew that humidity
was there. What was the why don't they just make
it straight. I don't know.

Speaker 1 (16:59):
Here's here's what I remember. I remember the wig fitting
and I had started putting red in my hair because
I didn't want to be anyone's blonde fantasy anymore. I
was working over it.

Speaker 5 (17:10):

Speaker 1 (17:11):
The theme is that I was over everything at this point,
and I was like, Oh, I'm just gonna get some
red deposit shampoo and they can highlight and bleach my
hair all they want, but the second I go home,
it's red again. They can't do anything about it. And
so when we did our when we did our fittings
for these wigs, I was like, Okay, give me a

red wig to match my hair now, because you can
see at the beginning of the episode it's significantly darker.
And producers came in and they were like, you're the
blonde and I was like, yeah, but we're all kind
of switching it up. So wouldn't it be cool if
like Brook got to be blonde, or Haley got to
be blonde, or someone else got to be blonde. And
they were like, the note from the studio is that

no one likes you as a redhead, and this is
how we're going to get you to be blonde. Again.
And what you'll see is that we've got another episode coming.

Speaker 6 (17:59):
Out that they made me wear the red wig.

Speaker 1 (18:01):
Yeah, and they there's another episode coming up where I
have to wear a blonde wig again. They were just like,
if you're not going to do what we say, we're
going to write it into the script and make you uncomfortable.

Speaker 5 (18:11):
And it was a big deal.

Speaker 1 (18:14):
Big deal. And they made a point on set two
of just being like, you're really not attractive as anything,
and I'm just like, I hate it here you guys,
I like my blue dress.

Speaker 6 (18:24):
Though your dress was so good and that asymmetrical back.

Speaker 3 (18:28):
Come on, it was the year of the sticky bootitty. Yeah,
we all had it. Seemed like we were having the
most fun in our scenes with Paul. Yes, Oh my god,
the best. He was built for that era. He was
built for that those those time period movies. I'm surprised
it isn't done any mustache. Oh yeah, so good him

sitting there a hopper and over the spaghetti with the Yeah,
super super bad. Yeah, it was just so good.

Speaker 1 (19:00):
A second joy when he came on, he was coming
back to the dressing room to see you. Can we
talk about that scene because I found myself unexpectedly into it.

Speaker 3 (19:13):
Same we had a ball. It was so much fun.

Speaker 5 (19:18):
Yeah, but are you the.

Speaker 1 (19:19):
First person to voluntarily kiss Dan Scott or guess that
was involuntarily.

Speaker 3 (19:24):
It was definitely involuntary.

Speaker 5 (19:26):
We're such a handsome man.

Speaker 1 (19:27):
No one wants to kiss him.

Speaker 5 (19:29):
I know.

Speaker 1 (19:30):
I know.

Speaker 3 (19:30):
It's weird too, because it was like a struggle kiss,
which is like, oh, it's my friend, Like I don't know.
It felt strange because we were definitely super close by
then really really, you know, he was probably my best
friend on the show at the time. It sorry, my
brain went somewhere anyway, but I.

Speaker 1 (19:49):
Thinking about kissing him.

Speaker 3 (19:55):
Yeah, I have kiss Paul in real life, and he's
a good kisser, and se you know, we are friends,
you're not friends. You never know what's going to happen.
But anyway, we are very impressed. But he's a good kisser,
and so it was weird in that moment to be
having a struggle kiss with someone who is a friend
and then slapping him in the face, which I had to.

He was like, just hit me. I'm like, Paul, I
want to hate you. Just hit me, all right, So
I smacked him. But what you saw on camera was
the real deal.

Speaker 1 (20:26):
For sure. I liked it. I mean, look, I don't
like I did too scene at all, but I liked
the way you just talked.

Speaker 5 (20:33):
Right over him.

Speaker 1 (20:36):
Like there was just a chemistry there.

Speaker 3 (20:38):
Yeah, we worked on that scene quite a bit. I
remember I was having a ball. This is my dream
come true to sit and do a little continental accent
and wear the cute little vintage clothes, and it's like,
who knows I'll ever get a chance to do this
again in my life. I might as well just yuck
it up.

Speaker 1 (20:53):
That was a conversation. I remember us talking about what
the accent was supposed to be, like the gal Friday
of it all, and how we were supposed to lean
into it. I didn't. Yeah, I'm talking about I need love, guys,
I need love, I.

Speaker 6 (21:14):

Speaker 3 (21:17):
But it was tough because you guys were in an
awkward position. There was there was just behind the scenes
stuff that was awkward. And to have to be like
stuck in these costumes and saying these things and you know, Hillary,
what you're talking about, all this all the BTS stuff
that you were struggling with. They were trying to strong
arm you, and you know, it was uncomfortable. I think

for a lot of people.

Speaker 1 (21:53):
My favorite part of it was because most of my
scenes were with Chad and he was so excited, you guys, like,
this was his dream come true. It was really really
fun to be with him and and just kind of
like be a part of the celebration because after every
take he would be like, how was that? Did that
feel okay for you? Like do you want to change anything?

And I was like, no, I don't want to change anything.
You're so pumped right now, buddy, I'm into it. So
like you can see that I'm kind of smiling in
some of these more awkward things that I have to
say because I can He's hanging on every word on
the other side of the camera and so pumped about it.
And I just wanted it to be great for him
because he was so excited.

Speaker 2 (22:37):
You know.

Speaker 1 (22:37):
It's like, that's a fun thing to share with someone
when their dream is coming true and you get to
stand next to them while it happens. Taylor Swift and
Travis Kelsey, Yeah, it's a fun thing and so and
also Paul was around a lot, and you guys know,
Paul's mantra is make it work. Yeah, I admit it

doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense to you, like,
make it work. So I need love. I'm just gonna
keep saying it. Just play the recordating, I'm so irritating. Okay,
skills on the piano, what's so funny as I've ever
seen in my life.

Speaker 3 (23:20):
He was so hokey. He was just pounding his hands,
like bopping around Antoine committing to the piano. Man Like,
he was just having such a good time, And you're right,
watching your friends just have a really good time. There's
nothing better.

Speaker 6 (23:38):
I He made me giggle every time it cut to.

Speaker 3 (23:43):
Him Lee too, with the red hair, and that he
really committed so hard in this episode.

Speaker 1 (23:49):
Yeah, oh my god. I mean I bought Lee in
a nineteen forties movie. I was like, is this absolute
venture movie? What's happening here?

Speaker 6 (23:58):

Speaker 1 (23:58):
When he's all bleary eye on the bridge and like
you can feel the fear on him, Yeah, he killed.

Speaker 6 (24:07):
Lee is so good and it was really nice to
get to see his range. I think because Lee is
so good at his job, sometimes he makes it look
so easy that you forget how good he is. And
to see him in an episode like this committing to
that comedy and stumbling out of the club and falling
into the trash, you know, with the bottles rish crashing,

like really sort of stereotypical forties comedy. And then to
your point, you get to him so afraid and I
don't know, I just loved, Oh, I love to see
the range. And I loved that his character got to
go on a journey because at the beginning you think, like, ah,
here he is like the drunk reporter who thinks he's

like two big for his bridges, and then you realize
he's really onto something and you know he's in danger.

Speaker 3 (24:54):
It's so exciting. That's tough to fit all that into
one episode. You know, they were like, write a bottle episode,
but it's an entire story arc. There's a whole movie
in twenty eight minutes, No No forty.

Speaker 1 (25:06):
The last three seasons, it's everything from Keith's death to
Peyton getting pregnant, and.

Speaker 3 (25:12):
So it's just all piled into one. Yeah, and Julian,
that was fun too. I loved in the warehouse when
you walk in he's talking, he just pauses and like
pauses his shoes, pick around a little sugar, switch the
knife up. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (25:30):
I loved I was gonna say in the same way
I loved seeing Lee in this era, I loved seeing
Austin in this era. They're so fun, those two, and
it really made me want them to go do some
like old timey caper together, now a caper.

Speaker 1 (25:46):
I feel like I can say this now because surely
it's not going to happen at this point. I've been
watching these episodes. There was a scene that I shot
with Austin that I have not seen in any of
the episodes yet, so I think they cut it. And
when we are introduced to Julian, it is Peyton's in
the bathroom at Trick and she's like washing her hands

at the sink and someone comes in and grabs her
and Percily kisses her.

Speaker 3 (26:16):
Oh my god, I remember this.

Speaker 5 (26:18):
Do you remember us filming this?

Speaker 3 (26:19):
Yes, you filmed it, and oh yes.

Speaker 1 (26:23):
Because it was a huge deal that the camera that
was on me as the person spins me around and
is kissing me. I made these like horror show.

Speaker 5 (26:32):
Bug eyes, and I do it in this episode.

Speaker 1 (26:34):
But I made the horror show bug eyes. And they
were like, hey, Hillary, we're gonna go again. But if
you could keep your eyes closed, that would be great,
and I was like, uh, I'm being sexually assaulted in
the woman's bathroom. Yeah, I probably wouldn't lean into it.
Frand yeah, they made me watch like playback to show

me how ugly I looked with my bug eyes being
forcibly kissed by Julian, And so they just cut it
out of the episode. And I didn't say anything in
the first episode that Julian was in because I was like,
maybe I'm mis remembering. Maybe it's like in a later episode.

Speaker 5 (27:10):
But I feel like by the time we get.

Speaker 1 (27:12):
To the nineteen forties thing, it must have just been
cut out.

Speaker 6 (27:16):
You remember that, I do, because I remember I remember
being there. It was like one of those trick days
where they're just like all stand around and yeah, because
I have that like that icky feeling of just remembering
how uncomfortable the whole thing was, and that must have
been why right that they watched it and they were like,
oh no, there's no way to make this all cool, sexy, sexy.

Speaker 3 (27:40):
Not sexy. It's it's literally threatening.

Speaker 6 (27:43):
That's horrifying, horrifying.

Speaker 1 (27:46):
We shot it so many times, so many times.

Speaker 6 (27:52):
And that anyone could write it and go this will work.

Speaker 3 (27:56):
Oh yeah, this is a good idea.

Speaker 1 (27:57):
This is a.

Speaker 3 (27:57):
Normal thing for a person to do to another person.

Speaker 5 (28:00):
They like this.

Speaker 1 (28:02):
No, I love seeing Austin be this bad guy and
that's what reminded me of it in this episode is
that he can be dastardly and it's cute.

Speaker 3 (28:12):
It's not he really leans into it so fun. Why
was Joe in this episode?

Speaker 5 (28:19):
Sir Chad could punish it?

Speaker 3 (28:23):
This brought him all the way out for this episode,
but he didn't do anything. And not that I don't
love watching Joe on screen. I just was like, why what?
There's no storyline, there's what's happening?

Speaker 1 (28:32):
Girl? I just there's certain things like why is Brooke
a bad guy? Like a vicious, two faced bad guy
in this episode?

Speaker 3 (28:41):
So dumb? Yeah? Yeah, you didn't really have any They
didn't give you much depth or I don't mean, I'm
not saying that you don't bring depth to your character.
It's just that it was like on the page, like
what what are you there for? What are you trying
to do?

Speaker 6 (28:58):
There was a lot, I think, and I don't remember
if there was something else going on when we were
shooting this. I'm not even sure I was supposed to
be in this episode, How would.

Speaker 5 (29:07):
We do it without Brook?

Speaker 1 (29:08):

Speaker 3 (29:08):
You were? No, you were? How can we do that?

Speaker 6 (29:11):
I just remember, like there, I don't remember why it's
been so long. I don't remember if I was supposed
to be doing something else, or we were traveling for something,
or I don't know, but I remember the panic of
having to insert scenes for me into this episode, like
right at the eleventh hour.

Speaker 1 (29:30):
Ooh weird.

Speaker 6 (29:31):
I think many of you guys had like more fleshed
out stories, and then with me, it was like, oh,
uh no, make or do this?

Speaker 3 (29:39):
I don't know, make or do this? Yeah, maybe we
need a reason to shoot Peyton.

Speaker 6 (29:43):
Let's make it Brooke, which, like you know, in the
in the grand scheme of our show doesn't track for
our characters, especially where they are together in season six.
But I think I think sometimes when you're like when
there's a panic shift right before you know a big
show's getting shot and there's things like wigs melting, they're
less concerned with us.

Speaker 3 (30:05):
Did they give did don't even have a reason in
this episode to be so? I mean, was it just
like just jealousy? She just didn't like.

Speaker 5 (30:13):
She just wanted that Lucas guy. She just wanted real.

Speaker 6 (30:17):
She just wanted her problems with money and men to
be fixed.

Speaker 3 (30:22):
Some somebody needs to affects my problem.

Speaker 1 (30:25):
I would have gladly given you the dove necklace storyline.

Speaker 3 (30:29):
Babe, listen, you mean you wanted me to twirl for you? Yes,
there was so much that could have happened, and I
love to see team up on something BLF like solving
a crime.

Speaker 1 (30:42):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (30:42):
I would have been very cool. I would have been fun.
But that might have been if we'd been directing the episode. Joyce.

Speaker 1 (30:49):
Well, but also to that point when you have a
very young writer and you don't sit down and do
like all the read throughs, and what are the female
writers in the room have to say about it? And
what is some of the older writers the other young writers,
They didn't workshop it with him in a way that

could have helped him, and I think, I'll just say it.
I think that they were like, oh, you think you
can write an episode? Okay? Yeah? Took everything really, really
literally because he had the audacity to want to try something,
and so that was part of the reason that I
was like, I want to commit to this shit. I

gotta say just because we're gonna stick it.

Speaker 3 (31:35):
To them, prove them wrong.

Speaker 5 (31:37):
Yeah, let's get them.

Speaker 3 (31:38):
Such a different time peer if it wasn't that long ago,
But it just feels so different. I look at there's
so much encouragement now. I feel like for young artists
and people who are established in one thing and wanted
to try and do something else, it feels like there's
this constant available community of people going, yes, I want
to see you succeed. I want to see you try this,

try that. Great. And I don't know why it was
back then they were like, no day in your lane.

Speaker 6 (32:05):
I think we're much more in a we're much more
in a culture of mentorship.

Speaker 3 (32:10):
Yeah than we were then.

Speaker 1 (32:12):

Speaker 6 (32:12):
For so long there was this gatekeeping attitude about like,
well I managed to get in the door, so I
can't let anybody else in after me.

Speaker 3 (32:20):
Yeah, you got to earn just the way I did.

Speaker 1 (32:22):

Speaker 6 (32:22):
And I think when enough of us started figuring out
how to climb through the window, we were like, well,
this feels dumb. If we just open the door and
let everybody in, the vibes are going to be better
in here.

Speaker 3 (32:32):
People are happier, better ideas, yes.

Speaker 6 (32:34):
Yeah, And so I think that that shift has been
so monumental, but it is worth remembering that we were
really in an era where we weren't encouraged, let alone supported,
And you know, I do remember when scenes were written
for me. Finally in this episode saying to the powers

that be, I find what you've done, Like, I know
you're on a time crunch, and you know we're building
these sets and we're doing these things, and you're approving
all this stuff and you're renting picture vehicles and it's
it's it's a whole undertaking.

Speaker 3 (33:10):
I get that.

Speaker 6 (33:11):
And you've turned these things around for me in twelve hours,
and I I find them to be rather demeaning. Yeah,
and that, and then it's you know, you get met
with oh, don't take it. Oh come on, you're being
too sensitive. This is ridiculous. It's we need a foil,
we need and it's like, hmmm, do you And and
the thing that stood out to me thinking about that

watching the episode was actually hillary that we even had
a little something repeated between Peyton and Brooke Brooks like
fix my.

Speaker 3 (33:41):
Problems with men and with money. And then you even.

Speaker 6 (33:44):
Say like, well, what do I have to do short
of throwing myself at you? By the way, more power
to people. But it did it did feel a little reductive,
and I and I think it's an interesting point that
you make a you know, we can talk about now
what was happening behind the scenes and be that even

where whacking this mentorship vibe that we all work so
hard at now even where when someone was being supported,
they were still being undercut at the time.

Speaker 3 (34:16):
Yeah, then, yeah, you know.

Speaker 5 (34:18):
That's what it was.

Speaker 1 (34:19):
It was like they gave him a yes, but they
withheld full support. And I think everyone Chad could still
be writing television if he'd had full support and he
had a moss that was like, I'm going to mentor you.

Speaker 5 (34:34):
If this is a.

Speaker 1 (34:35):
Goal of yours, let me help you do it, and
like really like learn the ropes. And that's why, like
when I go to see Megan Parks movies, she was
on a teen drama, she had to say crazy shit
on her team. She was surrounded by mentors and people
that were like women, Oh, we're going to introduce you
to this writer's group, and we're going to introduce you

to these female directors and they're going to raise you up,
you know, to be the next generation of leaders. And
we kind of we missed the boat on that. But
that said, we looked cute in our weird wigs.

Speaker 6 (35:11):
But you know what I do appreciate, to be honest,
is that even though look, the environment on our show
for us, especially as women, could not have been more
different from the environment on our friend Megan show. But
we navigated around it. We worked around it, we figured
it out of it. We supported each other's art, we
supported each other's ideas, we supported each other's music writing directing.

Like we we we may have had to claw our
way into those spaces, but we were undeterred. So you know,
I say, that's I say, fascinator topper.

Speaker 5 (35:47):
What do we call them?

Speaker 6 (35:48):

Speaker 5 (35:48):
Off tops?

Speaker 6 (35:49):
Toppers, off toppers? Off to you, my guests.

Speaker 5 (35:53):
Did you guys ever see Bugsy Malone?

Speaker 1 (35:56):
We got Bayou and Jody Fosters.

Speaker 3 (36:00):
No, it's like little kids doing a gangster movie.

Speaker 1 (36:04):
Yeah, it's like it's terrible, right, It's like a little
kid It was a really famous director, joy who was that.
It was a very famous director, like an Oscar winning
director that did this movie. It's all little kids doing
a gangster movie and instead of shooting each other with guns,
they're like throwing pies at each other and that's why

they kill each other. And it's ridiculous.

Speaker 3 (36:26):
The musical too right, I don't think, so.

Speaker 1 (36:29):
So fun to watch. And so that was the energy
that I personally took into this episode. I was like, Hey, yay,
we're gonna Bugsy Malone.

Speaker 6 (36:39):
It Alan Parker starring Jody Foster, Scott Bayo, Florence Garland.

Speaker 1 (36:44):
They like shot it in London. They spent a ton
of money on it. It was a deal.

Speaker 3 (36:49):
I do appreciate that they, even though they knew the
writing was like, they weren't giving job the support that
he needed. I appreciate that they at least trusted us
enough to bring in depth and ideas and things to
the characters that they knew they could throw something at
us at the last minute, especially you, so with like
last minute pages and know that we were all gonna

show up. I mean, at least they at least that
burden on our shoulders. They knew we could carry.

Speaker 1 (37:18):
What was your theme movie when you were like we
all had such different storylines. You're the fem fatale, so
enjoy I mean, you are just the the Humphrey Bogart,
Laura Becall, Yes.

Speaker 3 (37:31):
The Barbara Stanwick, Like, Uh, I don't know what the
movie is. There's one. There is one movie with Barbara
Stanwick in a dressing room. Actually, I think is when
it opens.

Speaker 6 (37:41):
Oh, so it's like it's like a real reference.

Speaker 3 (37:44):
It might have been. I can't believe we got Casablanca
by the way, right, so cool for the opening scene.
Casablanca was in the opening scene of our show.

Speaker 1 (37:53):
Because we didn't have any expensive bands. We had your
music and we had I think two other songs that
really stood out, but we weren't paying like you know,
Aerosmith or sometimes he would get those really expensive songs.

Speaker 6 (38:06):
And who owns Is that a movie? Like is Casabanca
owned by Warner Brothers?

Speaker 3 (38:11):
Yeah, that's probably isn't. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (38:12):
I think that being part of such like an old
iconic studio might have really helped us out.

Speaker 3 (38:18):
Yeah, in that moment. What was your inspirational movie? Hill
bugsy Malones? Oh for this, that was the energy you
went in with.

Speaker 1 (38:25):
Yeah, would you would you watch the prep.

Speaker 3 (38:27):
I didn't need to watch anything. I watched all of
them my whole life. I've been watching preping for that. Yeah,
you're like I.

Speaker 6 (38:33):
Was, I literally was writing the music for years. Enjoy
you manifested this episode.

Speaker 3 (38:39):
I probably did.

Speaker 5 (38:40):
Did you plant this seed in chat Hen?

Speaker 3 (38:43):
Why aren't we doing our period piece?

Speaker 1 (38:45):
Did your notebook adaptation influence him?

Speaker 3 (38:48):
It might have might have done. I don't know.

Speaker 5 (38:51):
That's cool.

Speaker 3 (38:53):
I don't know. I have to ask him. Yeah, I
sure was happy. Oh when we went out to that
airplane hangar, that was really fun too. That was going
out all the rain, and I remember filming out there.
They drove us out. I don't know where it was.
It was like forty five minutes away some airplane hangar.
They brought in an old, giant, old airplane. This is

before CGI was something that they could do easily. They
were like, no's we actually need an old aircraft from
the forties.

Speaker 6 (39:22):
Didn't it come from like am I remembering this correctly?
Didn't that come somehow through the air show? Like we'd
all go to the air show every year, and I
feel like it was somebody associated with the air show
was like, oh, yeah, I know a guy who's got
a whatever plane in his old collection, like that kind
of weird where you're like, is this real life? People

have conversations like this. You know a man with a
collectible warplane? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (39:50):
Right, all the wig money was in that plane. Yeah, No,
that looked beautiful. It reminded me of like Pearl Harbor.

Speaker 3 (39:59):
Yeah, I mean, that's what I was thinking.

Speaker 1 (40:01):
And there was a resurgence of interest in World War
Two during that time. I mean, I feel like so
many movies about World War Two came out when we
were in high school. Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor
came out when we were like nineteen, and then I
feel like there were a couple other movies that all

really like fell into this theme. And I don't remember
why was there an anniversary or something like it had
infiltrated our pop culture to the point that you got
Peyton walking along the bridge like, I'm not sure how
I feel about the war.

Speaker 3 (40:36):
Yeah, come on, I could be a nurse.

Speaker 1 (40:39):
Peyton Sawyer would know exactly how she felt about everything.

Speaker 3 (40:42):
That's right.

Speaker 1 (40:44):
Yeah, I don't know why World War two was such
a bop.

Speaker 6 (40:48):
I wonder what it was you saying that makes me think, Oh,
all the things we think, you know, watching the episode
and then looking back on it, you saying we could
have teamed up and done something. I'm like, Oh, wouldn't
it have been neat for Peyton to go and argue
that she wanted to write an opinion piece about the
war for the newspaper to Mountain. Yes, yes, that would
have been cool.

Speaker 1 (41:08):
Of course, we could have just lived in this world
for a few more episodes.

Speaker 6 (41:12):
Honestly, if there was a caper, I'd have been so in.

Speaker 1 (41:16):
Yes, Okay, you guys, we're going to do a little
bit of imagination right now because I need your opinions
on that weird twist about Dan and Peyton's mother being
in love and what that means for Lucas and Peyton
and why was in there?

Speaker 6 (41:36):
Oh yeah, use they were making it seem like you
might actually be his sister. Yes, that's what I'm saying,
And it made me feel kind of icky.

Speaker 3 (41:45):
Wait his sister Dan and Peyton's mother.

Speaker 6 (41:48):
If Dan and Peyton's mom had been together.

Speaker 3 (41:50):
Wouldn't that make her his stepdaughter.

Speaker 5 (41:52):
We never put a time on it.

Speaker 3 (41:54):
It sort of made it seem like, is Dan Peyton's dad, right?

Speaker 6 (42:00):
And yeah he were yeah, yeah yeah, and also Lucas's dad.
They would be half siblings. I don't know it, it
definitely it definitely rang like an icky bell for me.

Speaker 3 (42:10):
Oh, you'd make Lucas's sister you're talking about Oh oh oh,
I see ew.

Speaker 1 (42:19):
It was confusing for me.

Speaker 3 (42:20):
I didn't catch because it came out of nowhere.

Speaker 1 (42:22):
It was like, wow, are you hanging out with that man?
And instead of I put in my notes, is Peyton
a sugar baby?

Speaker 3 (42:29):
Like not?

Speaker 1 (42:31):
No? Uh? I think everyone knew at that point too
that I liked much older dudes. So I'm watching the
episode just like, yeah, all right, Like Peyton's hanging out
with Dan, this is cool.

Speaker 5 (42:42):
Like that's her energy, it's my energy.

Speaker 3 (42:44):
That's what I was thinking.

Speaker 5 (42:45):
Yeah. I was totally fine with it.

Speaker 1 (42:47):
But then it was like, I don't know why you'd
hang out with Dan and it's.

Speaker 5 (42:49):
Like, actually, he was working my mom, not me. It
was so weird.

Speaker 1 (42:54):
It was so like soap obra, which is cool, but
it made me confused because I'm like, but wait, now
we're gonna kiss? Yeah? Yeah, tree Hill's two small folks
even in the forties.

Speaker 5 (43:20):
Lucas shoots Julian. Then Dan says, isn't this fun?

Speaker 3 (43:28):

Speaker 5 (43:28):
What did he say? He goes, isn't this fun?

Speaker 3 (43:32):
Isn't this fun? Right after Lucas shoots Julian.

Speaker 1 (43:35):
Oh yeah, I loved it. Yeah, I really liked being
with Dan in this episode.

Speaker 3 (43:41):
He was my favorite.

Speaker 1 (43:43):
Yeah, bad guys always make sense, and maybe this is
why I'm attracted to like a bad guy in real life.
They know what they want, they're not apologetic about it.
They just go and they get it. And so playing
a bad guy always makes sense because you don't play
by anybody else's rule. But when you have to play
the moral center with the dove necklace and like tell everybody.

Speaker 5 (44:04):
All about it, you had to play by all of these.

Speaker 1 (44:07):
Like ethical rules that I don't know, get kind of muddy.
I would rather be the psychopath. Paul had so much fun.

Speaker 3 (44:15):
Yeah, Paul had a lot of fun. I wish they
had not tokenized abusing women as like the here's how
you're a bad guy. You know, here's how we know
he's a bad guy. It was kind of gross. It
just felt like a little too I don't know easy.

Speaker 1 (44:31):
I got slapped on my ass and on my face.

Speaker 5 (44:34):
Yeah, I didn't like the face too.

Speaker 3 (44:36):
It was awful. It just wasn't great. No, No, I don't.
I don't think he enjoyed it much. I mean, he
likes being a bad guy, but having to having to
go around like man handling everybody and trying to I
remember him feeling like talking about how uncomfortable this was.
He was like, this is not I don't I don't
mind being a bad guy, a gangster with the dudes,
but why does it all Why did it have to

be with all three women? He has to be so
physically aggressive? It was gross and unnecessary.

Speaker 1 (45:04):
Did Dan ever hit a chick on our show?

Speaker 5 (45:06):
I remember when.

Speaker 1 (45:09):
The girl who knew that he shot Keith, he came
into her house and he just standing there was super scary.
But he did he ever lay hands on deb or Karen. No.

Speaker 6 (45:19):
The only person he ever got physical with at all
was Carrie, and he pushed her up against the wall
of the hotel room, remember, and said if you come
after my grandson again, I'll kill you.

Speaker 3 (45:30):
But which didn't really have anything to do with her
being a woman and him having a disdain for women.
It was like, you are a threat to my family.
I don't care what gender you are, and you have
a problem. You have to stop.

Speaker 6 (45:42):
Yeah, And I remember us talking about it even in
that episode, how it was intimidating, but it felt accurate
and you understood the reaction from him.

Speaker 3 (45:54):
I mean, she kidnapped a child and self defense with
her on the cornfield too, Sam, he had like.

Speaker 6 (46:00):
Two people going at each other who are both a
bit threatening.

Speaker 3 (46:03):
But yeah, you know, I don't.

Speaker 6 (46:05):
Think that was ever really Paul's you know, even as
Dan as mo. So it did feel really it felt
heightened to a point of yeah, of discomfort in this.

Speaker 3 (46:17):
Yeah, there's just so many other ways to let somebody
know that you're a bad guy. And you know, an
episode when we've got forty five minutes to film stuff like, yeah,
it would have been better to do.

Speaker 5 (46:27):
Somebody was working for stuff out Besides.

Speaker 3 (46:30):
That, I know he was having a lot of fun.

Speaker 6 (46:32):
Poor Paul too, because he's just he was always our protector.
Like Paul was like, you know, he's the lion king
for us.

Speaker 5 (46:43):
Oh my god.

Speaker 2 (46:46):

Speaker 6 (46:47):
You know, he's moved, and poor Paul in this episode
has to like be the bully and he's only ever
been our protector. Oh god, I just know it broke
his heart. I remember to your point Joy him being
so uncomfortab.

Speaker 1 (47:00):
And he was so sweet that he was finally getting
to work with us. He never got to work with
us girls. He was always working with the boys, and
so it was like, oh my God, I get to
play with the girls.

Speaker 5 (47:09):
How fun.

Speaker 1 (47:12):
Okay, now I'm gonna hate you.

Speaker 5 (47:14):
That's probably why.

Speaker 1 (47:14):
He wanted you to slap the shit out of him,
just so it felt like fair.

Speaker 3 (47:21):
Yeah that actually makes sense.

Speaker 1 (47:24):
Yeah, I see him. Yeah, that way he could say, like, no, really,
I got the short end of the stick, Joy, I
want to talk about I'm just going through my notes
in chronological order. The tears running down your face in
the airplane hangar so perfectly timed. How many takes did

we do this?

Speaker 3 (47:45):

Speaker 5 (47:46):
Baby? They were just bang bang oh.

Speaker 3 (47:50):
Yeah that was that was real. I don't know how
many takes. I have no idea, but couldn't have been
too many. They would have to reset my makeup all
the time.

Speaker 6 (47:58):
When it works out like that, though, do you ever
have that moment when you know you're on your closet
and you can feel those big fat tears falling in
your face and you just go, oh.

Speaker 3 (48:07):
Nailed it. Yeah, and you're like, I know exactly when
to blink what it's like.

Speaker 6 (48:11):
Because sometimes you sob and you're on the wide shot
and you're like, cool, no one's ever going to see this,
And like, when I watch moments like that for friends
or even the ones that I've had, and I'm just like, God,
it's so nice when you get them in the clothes us.

Speaker 3 (48:27):
It's so nice, you know it is. Actually I get
really uncomfortable if it's not. It works for the forties thing,
but it was hard for me to stand there and
let the tears stay and not wipe them away because
I'm such a I just in real life, like, I
don't like crying in front of people. I don't like
people having to console me while I'm crying. I'm you know,

It's an issue I've had for many years, and I'm
getting better at as i get older and learning how
to be more vulnerable with friends. But it is definitely
something that I have a physical reaction to if I'm crying.
I don't want people watching me cry. I want to
wipe the tears away fast.

Speaker 5 (49:03):
You should play Peyton Sawyers.

Speaker 3 (49:04):
Sometimes I don't like it, and it's hard to have
a camera on you and to trust that it's okay
to let the tear fall and you don't look. My
pride kicks in. I'm like, oh, I look like such
a weak I hate looking like I'm crying and it's okay.
It's okay to just let my character be sad and

let people experience that without having to just wipe the
tears away and be like, I'm fine.

Speaker 1 (49:29):
Mine, I'm strong, looked pretty like little diamonds face. I
want to talk about what I loved, and it's gonna
be about me, guys, Sorry your dress. No.

Speaker 5 (49:45):
I love when Peyton gets shot.

Speaker 1 (49:48):
When Peyton gets shot and I had to lay there
in Chad's lap while the rain pelted me face and
my face was reactively twitching to being pelted with rain,
and they kept being like hard stap my face just

screaming over the rain towers while we're filming it. I
can I can see every muscle in my body tensed up.
It hard, and I remember like, finally they got a
take where my face wasn't just like you know, my
eyeballs weren't doing weird stuff. And the pride I felt

being dead for this show, uh was huge.

Speaker 5 (50:34):
Like I felt like I had.

Speaker 3 (50:35):
A calm blash.

Speaker 1 (50:39):
And I loved watching it back because I just remember
being in Chad's lap and Chad kind of like cheering
me on, like you're doing so good. Hell, it's so good.
Just don't move, don't move don't move. Okay, yeah, that
was a little twitch, little twitch, keep it still.

Speaker 5 (50:54):
It was rain death is hard death.

Speaker 3 (50:58):
It's horrible. Well, especially at that angle the water was
going up your nose. Probably it's all those little things that.

Speaker 6 (51:10):
Nobody thinks about until you have to be in the
scene on the ground and you're like, well, my sinus
cavity's filling with rain water, and my like, I'm not dead,
so I am. I am twitching because I'm being hit
with drops that are so big by the time they
get down to the ground out of said rain tower
that like, I feel like I'm being punched in the face.

You don't realize how hard it is to hold still.

Speaker 1 (51:34):
Well, for all of you guys at home who want
to try it out, just start recording yourself on your
phone and then take the sprayer at your kin should
sink and spray yourself in the face and full don't
move a muscle, just don't.

Speaker 3 (51:47):
Have your friend do it. Actually, I would love to
see this trend happen all over TikTok. Friends bring each
other in the face the insired death.

Speaker 6 (51:55):
By the way, it should be two girls, because watching
you do this made me think about what happened to
me in season eight that we talked about joy when
we did our big car accident.

Speaker 3 (52:06):
In the rain.

Speaker 6 (52:07):
Yes, and I'm watching you in this episode in Chad's lap,
obviously trying not to twitch, and I'm just remembering also
getting screamed at over the bullhorn to stop twitching when
I was supposed to be passed out in the road
under the rain tower and Austin was doing CPR on me,
so like myst no, and they were just like, look

more dead. You're supposed to be dead, and I was.

Speaker 3 (52:32):
Like, Hi, this is how okay?

Speaker 6 (52:36):
And you do you're hot?

Speaker 3 (52:38):
Yeah, your eyes twitched the whole thing. I had to
do a movie once where they I had to go
under a bathtub and be no, no bubbles, no nothing.
That the shot was me in placid water under the
bathtub with my eyes open. It's so hard and in
the scripture like okay, sure whatever, I mean, we must
have done fifteen takes. I couldn't do it. I had

to hold my no. The director's finally like just hold
your nose, just it's okay. We got to get out
of here, and I was like, just give me one more,
give me one more. I'm gonna make it worth your while,
and I like, I did it. I sucked it up.
It was torture. Water filled my entire sinus cavity and
I did not move and I let the water get
perfectly still and laid there with my eyes open, like
I went through labor. I can do this, but let

me tell you, it was incredibly uncomfortable. It's painful.

Speaker 6 (53:25):
I mean, we have human reflexes to keep us alive,
and you don't realize how strong they are until someone
tells you not to do them, and you're like, oh,
it turns out this is my literal fight or flight
in stang time.

Speaker 3 (53:39):
You can't drown yourself.

Speaker 1 (53:41):
Yeah, it's awful. I loved it. Oh my god, this
is one of those episodes my husband can't watch see
me doing the spin and I'll never take.

Speaker 6 (53:53):
Never live it down spring real quick for me, Hilary,
What do you need?

Speaker 3 (53:58):
I need love.

Speaker 5 (54:02):
I need for freedom, like the duve.

Speaker 6 (54:05):
You know what, though, I feel like George would like
that scene, Yes she might.

Speaker 1 (54:11):
No, George thinks I'm a big dork, which is cool
of her. I just, oh my god, y'all, speaking of
I just watched Heathers with Gus and Veronica Sawyer. I
was like, yeah, like Peyton Sawyer's Veronica Sawyer and Gus's
brain exploded. That's my sidebar. That's my sidebar to come

back to the present. How are we going to get
out of this time travel?

Speaker 3 (54:49):
I don't know.

Speaker 6 (54:49):
Is there maybe a fan question which might bookend time
travel for us? Is there an ending moment you guys want?

Speaker 3 (54:57):
I mean the fan questions from Julie's it's questions about
the costume, which we've talked about. She's asking if we
had old techniques with makeup, lighting and hairstyles. I don't
know if there were any particular older tech I mean
I do know the hair and makeup team was really
doing a lot of research before we came in. They
had all their books out, all their costume books and everything.

Speaker 1 (55:19):
Sophia had the coolest manicure, and I remember being so
jealous because you had the moon I did.

Speaker 3 (55:27):
I got that a cool half moon thing memory.

Speaker 6 (55:30):
I loved that and they made me get like long
fake nails. I felt so fancy and I couldn't do
anything like I couldn't text. I was like, how do
people what is happening here? And I think about that
even today, like nail art has gone to a whole
other place.

Speaker 3 (55:47):
And I'm like, but how do you load your dishwasher?

Speaker 6 (55:51):
I'm not capable, but it looked pretty I sure did.
It was very cool to see, to your point, joy
like and even with the research about the manicure Hill,
the books of references that our hair and makeup team pulled,
you know, for everybody at home. They were looking at

everything from the way women wore lashes than to the
shape of eyebrows to like, you know that really pointy
cupid's bow that people would do with lipliner. Yeah, the
way the curls were set. It was so I don't know,
it was just so specific, and it was really cool
to see our team take us so in depth.

Speaker 5 (56:33):
We didn't.

Speaker 6 (56:34):
I didn't love my wig at all, but I did
love the research that went into making it.

Speaker 3 (56:39):
It was pretty cool.

Speaker 6 (56:42):
Like wearing it, I was just itchy the whole time
it was they had to give me. They broke one
of those little combs, like off off of the little
teeth thing off of a comb for me, and I
kept it in my bag and I'd just like stick
it in between the edges of the way because I
was so itchy all day.

Speaker 5 (57:00):
It's like having a broken arm.

Speaker 1 (57:01):
Oh, you just had to get that like itcher in there.

Speaker 3 (57:05):
Yeah, and all the glue that they had to put
on that was you had to take off every night
with alcohol or actone or whatever to peel it off
your face. For the wig, oh, for the drama.

Speaker 1 (57:14):
I was reading a book about the South American jaguar preserve.

Speaker 3 (57:18):
I love that you're bringing it around with how we
started this, and you saying you knew exactly what book
you were reading.

Speaker 1 (57:23):
And I just remember thinking, you know, it was like
three o'clock in the morning, We're all itchy, we're all wet.
I've got sticky blood all over me. I've been laying
on the ground getting spray in the face. I just
remember thinking, well, at least I'm not kidding, like it
could be what I'm just reading about them like eating people,
like on vicerrating people. And I was like, well, at.

Speaker 6 (57:43):
Least it's nice.

Speaker 1 (57:44):
It's not that that'll be Chad's next episode.

Speaker 5 (57:48):
There's a jaguar loosent Tree.

Speaker 3 (57:50):
Hill that should have happened. Honorable mentions. Lee Norris crashed. Yeah, yeah,
it's my yellow ribbon unanimous vote. I love it.

Speaker 6 (58:03):
Great should we celebrate by spinning a wheel?

Speaker 3 (58:05):
I love that idea.

Speaker 1 (58:13):
Man, you guys, we have the most likely to be
the next bachelor or bachelorette.

Speaker 3 (58:21):
Oh Rachel, wasn't that? I feel like we've had this
question before. Maybe not, but I would say, Rachel.

Speaker 1 (58:28):
Oh gig, that little hussy, oh gg would be so good.

Speaker 6 (58:33):
And by the way, now that they're doing like parents,
I don't love this golden term, so I don't want
to use it. But what I would give to see
both deb and Barbara on the on the Bachelorette.

Speaker 5 (58:46):
Oh my god.

Speaker 6 (58:47):
I want to see that woman being courted like the
sexy minx that she is. Y just like men falling
all over themselves to get close to Barbara.

Speaker 3 (58:56):
I'm in yeah, yeah, but like quality men. And if
we could find a whole entire room full of really
we should vet We'll vet them network. We should be
the committee one thousand.

Speaker 1 (59:09):
Okay, great, we could pitch this.

Speaker 6 (59:15):
Maybe we should take these details.

Speaker 1 (59:16):
Out of this episode.

Speaker 5 (59:18):
Yes, all right, friends.

Speaker 1 (59:20):
Next episode. We're gonna love the next episode. I promise
it is Season six, episode twelve. You have to be joking.
Autopsy of the Devil's Brain.

Speaker 3 (59:31):
Wow, don't remember this at all. Oh boy, I guess
we'll be refreshed.

Speaker 1 (59:36):
Oh, Peyton still down on the ground, so I'm sure
we'll be in the hospital.

Speaker 3 (59:40):
Cool, that's right. Do you know what's wrong with you? Yeah? Okay,
I don't. I don't remember. Oh I think I do too.
Dun't tune in next week, ladies and gentlemen, to see
you next week out All Drama the Drama. Hey, thanks
for listening.

Speaker 6 (59:58):
Don't forget to leave us a review. You can also
follow us on Instagram at Drama Queens O t H.

Speaker 1 (01:00:04):
Or email us at Drama Queens at iHeartRadio dot com.

Speaker 5 (01:00:08):
See you next time. We all about that.

Speaker 2 (01:00:12):
High school drama. Girl Drama Girl, all about them high
school Queens. We'll take you for a ride at our
comic Girl Cheering for the Right Teams, Drama Queens.

Speaker 6 (01:00:22):
Leise my Girl, up Girl Fashion with your tough girl.

Speaker 4 (01:00:25):
You could sit with us Girl Drama Queens, Drama, Quise
Drama Queens, Drama Drama Queens, Drama Queens
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