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July 5, 2021 67 mins

Hilarie, Sophia and Joy all shed a tear while rewatching Episode 2 (“The Places You Have Come to Fear The Most”)


Peyton and Nathan share a romantic kiss in this episode but the behind the scenes were something quite different… SSORG to be exact.


Brooke Davis makes her first appearance and Sophia shares why the pom poms were a challenge.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
First of all, you don't know me. We're all about
that high school drama. Girl drama girl, all about them
high school queens and forever. We'll take you for a
ride in our comic girl Cheering for the right drama
queens girl fashion. But you'll tough, girls, you could sit
with us. Girl Drama, Queen's Drawn, m Queen's DRAWNA Queen's Drama,

John mc Queen's Drama, Queen's You. Guys, we just finished
watching episode two. Places we have come to fear the most, Um,
I expect to be affected. Friends. We all cried at
the end. I know what you were saying, like during
the zoom, I mean when we were just watching the episode, Hillary,

you were saying that you you're it's you're really realizing
what it is that Um was capturing people's hearts, because
you know, at the time when we were on the show,
it's harder to it's harder to see because it's all
mixed in with everything that we're experiencing behind the scenes too.
So to just watch it back kind of pure, uh
with fresh eyes is um. I'm getting it too. I'm

starting to really get it. Yeah, And when you see
it put together, you know, edited just right, and the
music is just right, and it ends on that beautiful
Gavin Degrass song What's so emotional? And and then Lucas
turns and looks and says, your art matters again. Three

choked up who admitted at first it's what got in first,
I did. I'm such a crier. I just wow, I
feel crazy, I'm crying. But it was such a you know,
that's what was great about this show is that, like
we were saying before, where everything now in this um
genre is really heightened and high stakes and like that

Riverdale Vampire Diaries, like sort of high concept stuff, the
superheroes and all that, which is so great. I love
those shows. But but we what we don't have a
lot of right now is just um teenagers with an
attention span that can like sit and watch. I guess
maybe that's what it is. I don't know if it's
lack of content or if it's just the fact that
the world has changed, But it seems harder to sell

this kind of a show now that it did then.
But back then, like all you all you needed was
the very genuine, real um emotion of the human experience
and something that's simple of the struggle of somebody wanting answers,
and how they built it up the whole episode until
the end when it's just one small, vulnerable moment and

he just says that one thing to you, your art matters.
It's what got me here. You didn't have to say that,
but it was vulnerable, and it's exactly what every teenage
girl wants a cute boy to turn and say something
vulnerable and meaningful to her. I mean immediately I was
like sixteen again, like, oh my god, I just want
that well, And I think what's really interesting is it
in a way that that never goes away, right, Yeah,

y'all we grow up and then we realize inside of
us are still scared kids everything like this show. I
think so, maybe because one thing I will say is
I get what you mean. Like these high concept shows
have really evolved now, but people are still watching our show.

And I think it's because at the root of it,
it gave a bunch of people permission to be scared,
to be vulnerable, to beings, to feel feelings, and like,
no matter in what ways they might have been succeeding,
or or how good their lives were at home, or
perhaps how rough their lives were at home, they had

a place to come and feel vulnerable and feel like
they could take risks. You know, it's a risk to
turn around and look at the girl at the basketball
game and say that to her when her boyfriend is
standing over there. But but we took these risks to
be seen on screen, and I think so many people
crave that now. It's such a teeny tiny moment, and

I honestly like that line is the line that fans
say to me more than any other, and it is
ingrained in I have it embroidered from a fan, like
hanging up on a wall in my house. Um. And
it's to watch it back because I haven't seen it
since it aired is so weird because it's such a

small moment and it made such a big impact, And like,
I'm coming off of a weird weekend. I literally just
drove through my hometown and hung out with some friends
from high school and and shared all these like vulnerable
things with them that I didn't have the moxie or
um confidence to tell them when we were seventeen in

real life. So to watch these seventeen year olds on TV,
I mean, it could be us playing these people are
like total strangers. But just to watch these seventeen year
olds on TV like say things that are earnest, it's
everything you want to have the guts to say when
you're that age, but it's just so hard. It's shocking
to watch. Yeah, but in that moment on the court,

did it feel like a big Did you feel it
in that moment how powerful that was or only within
the storytelling that we're watching back. I think I was
so scared of the process of filmmaking while we were
doing it that everything to me was like, how do
I hit my mark, how do I find lens? How
do I do all these things? And and I joke

all the time about how at the time, like Chad,
I was so mean to Chad when we first started
doing the show. It's just like, don't even look at me,
You're just a dumb boy whatever, um, because I was
such a snarky little brat, and so watching it, I
have this joke where I'm like, I believe in the
power of the edit right where you can like do

a totally dorky scene, but when they lay some good
music on it, I mean, you know what I mean,
they piece it together. The end of that episode. I
believe in the power of that edit. They did a
really solid job making that feel like a punch in
the gut. Yeah, And when you watch it, you get

you get the narrative of the edit, you get the
melody of the episode. And when we're doing it, you know,
we're in the gym for eighteen hours that day. You're
not you're not conscious of it. And and it's funny,
you know, Joy, you were saying something earlier when we
were watching about how it's a blur for us because

we did it for so long and it was so
many years. And I did something and I don't know
if I told you guys this, and this was just
an averaging, but I went through and looked at, you know,
some time sheets and was like, okay, So if I
wanted to make an average of how many hours we
shot every episode, and then what that means over eighty
seven episodes, it means that from you guys starting the

pilot to us finishing episode, we filmed this show. The
conservative estimate is thirty five thousand hours of our lives.
What So that's why we don't remember anything, you guys.
So the cool thing is math I that French I

got the graph paper out, you know, like, this is
the way in which I'm like, this is why when
people asked me if Brooke Davis and I are similar,
I'm like, so in some ways we became similar and
in many ways not at all. I love math and
and I needed like a data point to understand why
I couldn't always remember things that fans were asking. And

I'm actually so excited to be here a because we
get to do this every week, and I get to
do these two of my favorite women and be because
now we're going to get to experience what they did,
because at the time, we never did even if we
saw an episode, even if there was like a big something,
we had a watch party. We were still filming thousands

of hours a year, and so now we're just gonna
like watch the show and just see the edits. Did
we ever have a watch party? The only watch party
I remember is Honey Grove, Texas, where we sat down
with some fans and watched the show. But did we
ever I remember one in uh somewhere in Landfalls Center.

I think there was some bar maybe that people met
up in to watch a finale or something. Yeah, I
think it was near the movie theater. I can't remember,
but yeah, what are those sports bars like that? I
don't know. See this, I won't remember, but rarely we
did that. But wait, let's talk about something that we
have to address, which is the introduction of Brooke Davis.

She came in cute with that little flippy hair. Now Rachel,
it was like the grown out Rachel that hair looked
back at it and I'm just like, wow, I didn't
I just didn't really know the hair was so it was.
I actually sort of find it charming because it is
very innocent and sweet and and but then the thing

that is so traumatic for me is that I'd plucked
out half of my eyebrows. Like, so you talk about this,
I love it. I love the skinny nineties brows. I
think there's a girl. I'm telling you. I think it's
very flattering. But also, like I'm Italian, I can't I
can't get rid of these. By the way, I'm so
lucky because they grew back when I stopped plucking them out.

And I'm very thankful to my mother and her mother
for that. Your eyebrow grabbing castor oil on my eyebrows.
So I remember when you showed up. I thought you
looked like Janine Turner. Is that Is that what I'm
thinking of exposure? Yes? Yes, because she had that cute mole,

have a cute mole, and I was like and also
just that kind of like sultry like raise one eyebrow,
give you that like side eye look. And I was like, Oh,
she's got that thing that Sherylyn Fenn has it too,
you know, like you you embodied those women who just
kind of had like a little bit of mystery to them. Um.

And it was such a good introduction to Brooke Davis
because she does she gives like such good cheerleading side eye. Man.
You were also exactly what the energy that the show needed.
I mean that they introduced Jake with the boys and
you with the with the girls and the Girl's Tea,
and it was like every everybody got a little we
have We'll talk more about Jake in a minute, but um,

I loved what you the energy that you brought. It
was like just bubbly and fun and but there was
a depth there which we saw when you were talking
about um, your future and you know, your fear and
we were saying um in when we were watching it.
We were talking with each other and saying that that

line about you know, I'll here's what's going to happen
un as I get fat. And it's like, I can
see how so many girls who went into audition would
have read that as like a funny line. But you know,
family talk about why you knew how to nail that line? Yeah, gosh,
I think because and we've we talked about this a

little bit. When we first got together to talk about
this um there was so much about Brooke I didn't
understand and that I couldn't relate to. And I I
was so scared to admit I didn't know. So I
like was desperately trying to figure it out. And so
the sultry cheerleader, I was like they they yes, side,
I was like, that's what they do. Like I never
held a fair of pomp bombs, you know. And and

and the interesting thing for me was those were the
things I had to find in her, and like her
boldness and and her her very over sort of sexiness
and stuff made me scared. But the the fear I
could understand because I was a raid. And then that

fear in particular I really understood because I'd seen girls
who were in families like that, families that said, you've
got to do this job, or you've got to be
in this pageant, or you need to do this, and
don't you ever gain an ounce, because then you'll never
get a man, and you'll And I watched girls wither
under that. I had a friend in high school who

had to go to rehab for an eating disorder because
she grew up in a family like that. And it
was heartbreaking and scary as a teenager to see a
friend go to the hospital, you know. And and so
for me that line, to not play it as a joke,
to play it as a deep seated fear, felt really

honest for things I'd seen before. That made all the
difference with your character. Well, did they ever talk to
you about the trajectory of Brooke, Like, did you know
that down the road Brooke Davis would become like the
voice of reason? No? No, no, I mean, my god,
I I thought in the beginning, And you know, we'll

get to it in the next episodes. But if our
if our o G fans are here, they've seen them before. Um, Like,
you know, I thought that the stunt in the back
seat of the car, which I think might be in
the episode after this was like a one time thing,
was a stunt. I didn't know that. You know, they
were really going to try to push me to behave
that way, to be this like outlandish girl. And now

it's funny because at the time I was like, this
is ridiculous and high school girls aren't promiscuous like this,
And now I'm like, who am I to call any
woman promiscuous? Rude? But you know, at the time, I
just was like, I don't know, and and you know,
years into the show, I think they were just like,
we're so sick of fighting with you that we're just
going to start to make her more like you, which

was fun. I won, and then there were there were like,
way is I got to be so bold? Like later
down the line, you know when I trashed that cafe
across from Karen's, Like I would never do that, but god,
don't you just fantasize about like walking in a room
and just shoving everything off a table? Like she felt
so free to me in ways that I never did.

But but yeah, I had no idea what she was
going to be. All they said to me was, you know,
we've got this show, and it's so good and everyone
everyone's dealing with sadness, and we need somebody who's really
happy and likes to mix it up. And I thought
when I read that line about I'll be you know,

successful and get everything I ever want unless I get fat,
I thought, Oh, that's the hint. That's a hint for
who she really is. Didn't you guys grow up hearing
like I'm going to go to college and get my mrs.
I knew. I knew girls who grew up in the
South who said that, I don't know what an mrs is.

I'm sorry, that's your degree. You're going to go to
college to whoever you're dating your senior year in college.
That's such a Southern thing to say. Yeah, I mean
where I grew up, it was like, oh, yeah, I'm
going here to get my mrs. You know, all the
engineers go to this school, all the architects go to
this school, all the lawyers go to this school. Yeah,
that's a very Southern and I guess like upper upper

echelon East Coast too, But I don't know that they'd
say it that way. I mean, the Rednecks still say it. Joy. Yeah,
I lived in Dallas till I was twelve. I should know.
That's how you get out of that lower that lower system.
You're like, I'm gonna go get my mrs. She got
into the state school. She's gonna do well. You know.

Think about the trajectory that Brooke took, though. That's so
interesting that you would start in that place of genuinely
like just being like all those other you know, the
example of all those other type of girls that you
are just talking about, um, which I hate saying anyway,
type of anything like the generalization. Everyone's obviously got all
their own individual struggles, but there is some sort of

collective community similarity in that way that she would have
come from. And to see her go from that too,
the incredibly empowered woman that she became, I mean, that's
such an interesting and heroic journey. I loved that I
did too, and I loved I loved that she made

it feel possible for so many people, and I loved
that she always found it with women. So many girls
are raised to seek validation from men, you know. And
I even think back to all of us being kids
and you know, trying to figure it out and be
in relationships while we were there, and that's how you

think you're a grown up, But really you grow up.
Really you find your people in the women in your
lives first and foremost. And you know, we've all been
together for a hell of a lot longer than most
of us have been with anybody else. You know, I've
been in my marriage exactly. And so then I was like, wait,

how long is a twelve? I was like trying to
do the math real quick in my head. I need
to write it down when I do it, um. But
I I thought that that was so special, like even
you talking about her trajectory. You know, Brooke launched her
business living with Haley. Brooke made decisions about her future
with Peyton, like I loved being able to despite so

many ways in which like a group of old men
writing for us made me say that teenage girls would
never say your poor name. Come on, we would never
as long as we're addressing, Wait, what your first pets
in your mother's maiden name? My first pet was Shepherd,

and my mom's maiden name is well, I can't tell
people my mother's maiden name. That's like questions at the
Social Security Office calls and asks you, wait, then, what
are our characters mother's maiden names. Do we know that? Well,
then we I just said mine, So you guys go,
oh yeah, mine's Bunny Regard. Well do you know Ellie's
maiden name? I don't know Victor Elli Harp it was Harp. Oh.

I don't think Peyton had a pet. I had a
dog named Misty. I feel like she would Misty Harp.
Misty Harp definitely got her. Mrs Misty Harp's out there.
I'm so sorry. I just want to, um, gosh, I
don't know that Victoria had a maiden name that I

was aware of. Um. But my our first dog's name
was Bouncer because my mom could make that. He was
from Bodyguard. So Bouncer Davis is kind of hideous. Usual.
I just see boobs everywhere, but totally not something that

a teenage girl would talk about. You handled the naughty talk, baby. Why.
Here's why I had to because, oh my gosh, wait, guys,
you have a producer. It's Victorian Montgomery. See, this is
why we have people helping us make this show, because
they know the things we don't. So Bouncer Montgomery is
even worse. Yeah, it sounds like an old like Southern gothic.

Oh my god, William Faulkner character, But go back, go back,
because you're right, you know, Mail. The reason why I
had to was, I mean, it's definitely something that I
would have said something about, like I don't wanna you know,
why are we talking about this. That's not something teenage
girls would talk about. And I was also really conservative

and at the time and just very you know at
the time at the time. We'll take more about where
you are now after the show. Um, but look, I
mean when I joined the show, I was told, in
no uncertain terms, this show is about geting and sucking.

I can't believe said that to you. Almost spit what
it was, like, you, she's going to be prude, she
needs she can't be on this show. And it was
just so outrageous. So anyway, so I knew that, you know,
like I was going to have to like, you know,

I knew my character, so I wasn't concerned that my
character was like going to go in a direction that
I would have felt compromised in or whatever. So I
was like, OK, I think you were going to wind
up naked in a back seat. I didn't like if
it was on too that's right, I'm going to sing
you a song. Tell Yeah. So when that line showed
up in the script, I was like, Okay, I'm just

gonna I'm just gonna pardon the fun I'm gonna suck
it up, and uh, oh my god, it writes oh
my god. Yeah, so that's where that came from anyway.
But by the way, two episodes in a row, now
Hayley's making comparisons to Dawson and Joey because you say

it's Dawson's freak, Like, did you think that Hayley and
Lucas were hooking up in the show? I did. I
thought for sure, same. Yeah, I think that's what they
were originally going for. But Chad and I had no chemistry,
so it just didn't work. Yeah. I mean I kind
of felt that way with James because when I met

James on the pilot, like we went out with our parents,
you know, and like we were buddies, and I I
also was like such a proof that I hadn't like
really kissed that many people in real life, So you know,
kissing kissing James on the show was like weird and
that was hot and heavy. In the backseats they shot

that scene multiple times because they realized that neither one
of us that ever kissed on television before, right, so,
which means like neither one of us had been being directed.
The very first scene that you ever have to like,
hook up is the weirdest thing ever because it's not real.
So you're like, oh, no tongue, no tongue. Is this

a conversation? We need to have hands? Where those go?
And you're a teenager, you're so awkward talking about your
body or kissing anybody in the first place. And I
was twenty one and James was seventeen, and there was
a legality thing in the back of my mind where
I'm like, God, am I going to prison? Like home men?
So there was just so much going on, and there's

forty people staying around and you're shooting it at four
o'clock in morning and everybody just wants to go home,
and you're like, god damn, it just kissed me the
way we're spposed to kiss and like I don't need
to do and you're supposed to know what to do.
I don't know what to do. Yeah, They're like, run
your hand up her leg and he's probably okay, Can
I don't joy. They did a whole series of inserts
of just his hands on different body parts of mine,

and I'm just thinking, like, did I put lotion on?
Did I shave? Are we supposed to shave from the
knee up now? Because I've been one of those girls
who like, you were a slut if you shaved from
the knee up, you know. And I don't think it
until I joined the show that I was like, oh, yeah,
I guess I should do that. When they start doing
insert work on your thigh, god yeah, And it was

just that was so um traumatic and oh my god.
I never I didn't think about this until just now.
You know what made me realize that James was like
a child is that we did this like a whole
take of kissing and it went on and on and
on and on, and I'm like, somebody cut, somebody will cut.
This is so uncomfortable. And finally they yell cut and

James goes sorg and I was like, what I said, Sorg,
I remember what is sword? And he goes gross backwards
and you made T shirts, Hillary, I did sure teenage
a literal teenager. Sorg kissing you is sorg kissing you

sord right now. Oh my god, it was gross. Guys. Sorry,
Oh my god, that's so funny. God, I was jealous
because I was like all the Joy's kisses with James
seemed really like like passionate and really like gentle and loving,
and James and I like we were like two um

cobras just biting each other. They really captured the teenage
hormones each other. Is this how we do it? Smash
your face against my come on, let's head about each other,
chip our teeth. But interestingly, it feels so authentic for sure,
Like so much of what was so special about the

show is how authentic things felt and how honest they
were and like unpolished. Who was your first kiss in
real life? Sophia go, no, you go okay, my first bread?
I mean I had like a there was there was
like a summer camp kiss with this really tall, green
eyed Spanish boy was very tall and and like chubby

and just super like like a big like a linebacker.
And he kissed me out on the ropes course at
summer camp. But there was no tongue. There was no tongue.
It was just limps and it was it was a
smooth but it was like slow and sweet. But then
my French kiss, my first French kiss was this boy
and we were in his basement and he kissed me,

but he licked all the outside of my mouth. It
was like, I don't I guess neither of us knew
what I definitely know. I was like, I feel like
this is not the way it's supposed to be done.
There's not video evidence of that. Oh man, oh no,
I will say and I will never tell you who.

But I had one of the most aggressive and inappropriate
kisses I've ever had on camera on our show What
About You know what it is? I feel like joy
I've told you this, but I will never reveal to
the audience. But I was bitten by someone. Oh that's
right on our show. And when I said for the

whole time now, and I don't think that take made
it because I hit him. I mean I didn't like
hit him in the face. I just like shoved him
back because it really hurt. And I said, what are
you doing? And he goes, I'm being sexy and I
was like, it's not sexy like I'm being There has
to be like somewhere there's probably that in an outtake

and for his sake, I hope it doesn't come out,
because like I don't want to ruin his future prospects.
But oh man, I was like, you need to talk
to someone about this, and don't bite my face again, sir.
Sexual activity is such a luck of the draw thing
as you grow up in life, like who you end
up being able to kiss? Yeah exactly. I mean that

it makes a big difference. Hillary, who do you kiss
for the first time? Well, my first like prude kiss, um,
no tongue kiss, that's the differentiation. Tongue no, Yeah, exactly, first,
no tongue kiss. I'm doing the Music Man in fifth
grade and there's a sixth grade boy who has really
good hair and it's a very good dresser and in

the play with you, totally in the play with me,
and it is such a babe, and we get along
and we like all the same things. And so I
google him as an adult and he is a hairdresser
and a flight attendant now and he definitely, um is gay.
And I feel so like flattered that he thought I

was worth kissing in my super awkward years. Like it
was one of those things that I was like, oh
my God, of course, like yes, our energies were very
but also that's been a common theme in my life
ever since, you know. Um, and then tongue kiss was
I had started dating a really bad boy in high school,
like a bad and I was not a bad girl.

And he, I guess that's like the chicken dated before me,
like had a kid and stuff. Like he was definitely
is actually active, and I wouldn't kiss him for like
eight months, Like I was like, no, I'd like peck him,
but I was like, if you put your tongue in
my mouth, I'm a whore, Like that's it, it's over.

And so finally homecoming night we went to homecoming, we
come home, he's dropping me off. I finally like lean
over and he puts his tongue in my mouth, and
it's like he's a very he's very experienced and he's
a very good kisser. And all of a sudden, the
brights of my dad's truck flip on behind us, and

I'm just like, of course, of course, of course. Um
yeah it was you know, it was like sitcom. I'm
just like, thanks dead. Finally you ruin into my moment.
You ruined my tonk is dead. Sophia who are you
stuck in face with Oh man, it's so sweet. My
my first no tongue kiss and my first frensh kiss.

We're with the same person, no are you? Yeah? Yeah?
You guys my high school sweetheart until the end of
my junior year in high school. It was my best
friend from summer camp since I was nine. My god,
like the sweetest little bunny, just the best person, the
best person. And I feel so I feel like, on
the one hand, so lucky, and on the other hand,

I'm like, you were so nice that you made me
so naive in the world. God damn it. I just
had no idea. But yeah, I don't know. It was
just like so lovely. It was a sweet way to
kind of grow up and like fall in love and
have it last for so long. And I remember when
we were just like we've been together for so long

and we'd never experienced anything else, And um, I mean,
did you think you were going to get married? Oh?
You were? I was like, I was the Haley James.
I was like, this is it. And I also think
back and I'm like that sweet teenage boy who never
pressured me into having sex with him, who just was like,
it's okay that you're not ready, like literally for years,

for almost a decade. My god, when you consider the
fact that we like fell in love and hell to
hands at summer camp at nine. Um, you know, we
broke up when we were sixteen, and I remember just
being devastated. I remember laying on the floor, like the
cold tile floor of the bathroom, just sobbing because I

was like, Okay, I don't know how this has happened,
and I know it was right, but what's going on?
And I went to school and I had told my
best friend and when I like walked into school, she
came to meet me. And we walked in and everyone
was like, oh my god, what happened? Because I think
I looked really sad. And she said she looked at
two of the girls we were friends with, and she goes,

the couple of the century just broke up and said
we heard about Brad Pitton Jennifer Aniston and they were like, no,
you ding Dons or Brad and Gwyneth back then actually yeah,
And we were all so sad because they were like
so emo and hot and they had the same haircut
and yeah, and she was like no self, and everyone
was like no, we were like the teenage love story.

It was so sweet. Eat. Speaking of sweetness, let's talk
about Brian green Man. The sweetest he was. He really was.

We got robbed when he went and did his other show,
like an HBO show. Fine. I feel like we'd all
have had a much. I just feel like things would
have been better if he'd stayed. I might be giving
my cards away here. Listen, Sophia and I at the time,
it's so in love with him. We really were joy.

You were hanging out with Chef. You were like on
the Chef train, and Sophia and I over at the
Riverview Sweets. I remember writing down in the elevator of
the Riverview Sweets with you. And I was in a relationship,
so I could not say I think Greenberg is cute,
but I was like he's so he's self fun. It
is just like he's really cool, you know. And you

were like, oh yeah, yeah, Well you and I were
like little girls just being like, oh my god, he's
so cute. Oh my god. Like when you're so young
that you get excited that someone else thinks the person
you think is cute is cute because it's just so
exciting and validation and you have that damn guitar everywhere.
That's right. Yeah, he was a babe and by the way,

like stay to babe, like he's still the nicest suite
on the planet. Love how much he loves his wife,
like he is the guy that he was then, like
there was nothing false about him. That's what I loved
about him as an actor too, is when you watch
him on screen, he there's there's nothing fake. He's he
can't be um anything other than just real in that way.

You know, he's so genuine when he takes that bag
in just my heart because it's such a thing Dan
does to Lucas going his son and then it's you know,
his son again another double entendre um. But and you

see the heartbreak on Chad's face playing Lucas in that scene,
and you're just like it knocks the wind out of you.
And then Brian comes in don't let him take it,
and just takes the bag and puts it over his shoulder.
Hold on. I love how we refer to most of
the actors by their character's name, but with Greenberg, were
like Brian, like it was really his joy. Brian's a hero.

I was told you know in like season two, the
Peyton and Jake were in game and I was like, hey,
and I think they just said that to throw me
off the trail. Okay, this is a good place for
us to talk about this because we all got told
lots of things that weren't the same. And I was

told by the away from day one that Peyton and
Lucas were endgame, Like I signed up for a pilot
in which Peyton was not willing to admit that she
loved the you know, the emo boy, And so you
got told Peyton and Jake were endgame? But did you
did that because they wanted me to not lean into

the chat of it? Do you know what I mean?
Like it was it was a mind game. Oh heaven forbid.
They just tell us what our jobs are as actors
because we're professionals. Um, It's like, why did they want
us to like be weirdly invested in things behind the scenes? Joy?
Did you did you always know it was gonna be
Haley and Nathan or did you think it was going
to be something or someone else? No? I was surprised.

I thought it was going to be Haley and Lucas
for a little bit, but then our energy was so
sibling nous that there was just no Yeah, I just
didn't that didn't happen. Um, So I don't know, I'm
trying to remember. I think it was yeah once. Uh.
I'll be interested to see when this happens, because I

think it's later on in season one, when Haley starts
tutoring Nathan, And I think that was originally just supposed
to be an extra conflict of interest with Lucas, like
Lucas's best friend is now has to work with Nathan.
But James and I, you know who knew we had

chemistry and on screen and as soon as we started,
you know, getting on together, it was like people started
liking it. And there were message boards back then, and
I so, I'm I don't know, it would be nice
to talk with some of the writers on our show
who were there at that. I was told after the pilot.
I was told after the pilot that that Nathan and
Haley we're going to be like really, oh yeah, that

was part of the reason they recast because they were like, no,
we need Nathan and Haley like she's gonna fix him.
And I was like, interesting, yeah, So, I I mean
they told me and that's why they were like, you know,
we need someone who is sexy so but like doesn't
act like it, you know, so that Nathan gets drawn

in by this understated thing. And so so all of
my codependent issues really worked for me in this life. Yeah,
I was here to save him. High school girl with
codependent issues. Guys, we cannot bring home the fixer uppers.

Like for any teenage girl listening right now, don't bring
home the baggage. Just leave it at school. And anyone
who tells you you make me want to be better, no,
no run for the hills. I remember my dad using
a metaphor that he thought I would understand because my

parents literally in college, I rescued so many dogs and
I would always bring them in my parents house for
a night before I could figure out where to take them.
It is, it'll get there, it'll come back around. My
dad was like, if you bring home one more straight
dog into this house where we already have dogs, I
will literally change the locks and never let you back in.

So I was like, Okay, I guess six was too many,
but okay fine. And years later, you know, fast forward,
I don't know we're in our like mid twenties and
my dad just said, no more sick puppies. Rescue dogs,
not people. And I just remember being like just sobbing

because I never I didn't understand that that the sort
of I don't know that that desire or that subconscious thing. Basically, Joy,
what I'm saying is I have codependency issues, said them,
I'm glad we share that, and I just I didn't
know that that was bleeding into spaces where it could be,

you know, detrimental to me. And so, yeah, baggage at school, puppies,
the shelter, just keep just keep your keep on moving
out there kids, the promise. Um, can we talk about
Dan because this really was like a dance centric episode

manipulating all the kids. But it's so weird to see
how young all the parents are show, and as a
parent now, it is interesting to watch those storylines which
we noted earlier that it was well, I'm recognizing for
the first time why one of the reasons why our

show is so popular among such a broad age range
because you could watch it with your kids, um, in
high school or you know whatever. I don't know what
age is appropriate for this show, but um, at the
time you would watch it with your young adults, and
then the grownups would watch it as well because they
had storylines that they were interested in. And I think

it's really cool. I'm liking watching the parents storyline now.
I didn't really care much when I was twenty. When
Dan tells Nathan, Nathan says, oh, he's hitting on my
girlfriend right in front of me, And Dan says, you know,
if you're going to get in a fight, getting a
fight over something important. I remember feeling so slighted as
a young person, but now as an adult, like if

my son came home, I was like, I'm going to
fight over a girl. I feel like you big idiot,
Like what are you doing? And so to find myself
as a grown up siding with Dan Scott like what
if I become that's crazy? Yeah? And Karen watching Karen um,

you know, not go to the game and wrestle with
Like I want to support my son, but I just
can't go beat That must have been hard. I'll be
curious to know what Moira has to say about that,
because that's that's a hard choice to justify, Like to
not be able to get past your own uh issues
with the you know, for her for Karen not to

be able to get past her issues with Dan and
you guys not show up. Have you gone back to
your high schools in real life? Yes? When'd you go? Um? Five? Six,
seven years ago? Seven years ago? Probably just walked through
the halls. I went back for a fundraiser, but I

don't even remember when it's gotta it's got to be
at least that long. It's just so weird because we
have these like fake high school memories and like the
sets that we walked through as as as many times
as we walked through a real high school halls, you know,
and so to go back to like the real space

that's seen with Karen being like, you know what, what
did she say? That place knows too much. I can't
go back there. That too much, too much. I got
chills when she said that, Uh I did? I think
we all have places that feel like that, And I think,

in a way, isn't it interesting that our show has
carried that energy for us in a sense until we've
been like, no, wait, this is ours and we made
it and it was awesome. We're taking it back, you know,
it's a big thing and enjoy to your point, what
when you asked like how, I wonder how m mairear
did that. I think our experience in Wilmington actually being

so isolated on our show because it was like it
was all college kids and retired people mostly like you.
It really was like we just had each other. It
was very insular. It was very small, and so I
think at times when we were figuring ourselves out, it
could make failure feel so much bigger. And I don't know.

I would almost wager that maybe for her it was
every single person who's in that gym tonight has a
story about me, Like there's no anonymity in a town
like tree Hill. That was kind of part of the point,
um was how in everybody's everybody else was So I
don't know, I'd be curious to know that. Yeah, for sure. Yeah.

This was also the episode where we got to hear
the theme song for the first time. Yeah, we had
our opening credits. Yes, I don't want to be in
That song comes on and I like walk into a
restaurant or whatever I'm liked or am I like proud

of it? Do I like walk around secretly being punked?
I think it used to be that, like in supermarkets
or in restaurants. It was on a loop, so you
knew that like no one. It was just like a
block of music that played over and over again. Now
with the way like Spotify or like technology works, I

feel like I'm being punked because it's everywhere. I'm like,
are we've followed? Are they tracking our phones? Does someone
think this is funny that they're like, it could be
her or it could not be her, But this is
how we're going to find out. And then and then
if you get weird, if you get socially awkward, it's her,
it's her. It's totally. Oh god, I do love that song.

I still love it. I think it's such a good
so that whole album is really strong. Gavin degras what's
the album? It's Chariot, right. The album is called Chariot
and the song at the end of the episode was
a Gavin Degrass song also called Belief, which is a
super powerful song. He's such an amazing songwriter. Her partying
with him at fire Belly. When did he come visit?

Was it the show flo episode? Yeah, the Yokra episode.
He came back to visit. He was there a few times.
He came back in the end Yeah, he was in
and out. Yeah, he played like our kickoff party. I
think like we premiered. He came to Wilmington's and like
played at a bar or something. But I just remember
like being around a pool table with Gavin de All

being like, wow, he's really famous. Yeah, so cool that
he's sang our song. Yeah, he's fun time too. He's
a great guy. Did you tour with him? Yeah, yep,
I went on tour with him and Michelle Branch and, Um, yeah,
he's just like he's got that swagger. He's got that

like you know, deep artistic soulful heart, but has also
like got a he's a great time. He'll just you know,
shoot the shop with anybody, who'll have a conversation with
anybody from anywhere. He's a curious person. And I just
think he's a super cool guy. Um to catch on
and off and yeah, he's a good guy. Has he
ever come to one of the conventions? No, but he should.

They should bring him out, Gavin. If you're listening, Gavin,
don't be a dork. Come hang out with us. It's
so fun. We'll just bring him on this show is
what we need to do. I had one of my
coolest moments with Gavin he when he opened for Billy
years later after the show was ended, he opened for
Billy Joel on Billy Joel's tour, and everybody that knows

me knows what a freak I am about Billy Joel.
Like I know every song, I know every word every song.
He's my favorite. So I went to a Joel concert
and he was opening, and I I had like I
texted him, but you know, I didn't hear. I was like,
you know, he's getting ready to go do a show.
He's not gonna respond. So I was sitting in the
front and he and Gavin does his song, and he
starts doing our theme song and he's like walking down

around the audience and it's like a Hollywood bowl, so
you can come down the side of the stage and
come around the middle and up the middle. And as
he comes around up the middle, he's got security around him.
And I was like and I just like I told
my friend who was with us, off the right back,
and I just ran out into the aisle and like
rushed him like a crazy fan. And I got right
up in his space like and I was like and
I and I was like, either he's gonna see me

and he's gonna let me sing this with him, or
he's going to be totally freaked out, and like they're
gonna the security is gonna take me away, but I'm
gonna take the reds gut he w. I'm at a
Belly Joel concert. I have to do it. So I
ran up and uh, and he definitely was like uh.
And then his face wished when he saw me and
recognized me, and it was like, oh god, it brought

me in and we sang on the mic together for
a second but it was so great, and then he
went up. They put us up on the big tron
or whatever the big screen is. We were singing together.
So I staying at a Billy Joel talk concert. Technically
he texted me afterwards he was like, I have a cold.
You might want to take some vitamins see when you go. Also, though,

I just love your boldness. You're like, I'm going to
rush the performer joy your iconic Yeah, I would have
been too scared, Like what if had been there to
catch me getting like, you know, clotheslines by security? Who's
the broad you know? Life is short? Yeah? I like

that you went for it. Um speaking of going for it,
this whole Peyton art thing. Um, people all the time,
I want to know who drew those pictures. Like, I'm
just gonna say it wasn't me. We had like trained
professionals that did all the artwork and so all the
stuff that you see. Um, maybe our awesome producer can

pull up her name. Yeah, be nice to know the
name of the person that did all that. I don't know.
I don't know if it was the same person. We
had such a great art department. You know. Some of
the artwork though that was taped up to the wall
that Peyton tears down was stuff that I drawn during
the pilot and then they just like ripped it out
of the notebooks that they've given me and taped it

up because it was like we gotta cover some wall space. Um.
So all of my real art is the trash art
and it was drawn by It's on their Hillary and
the chat they just Helen Ward. Did Helen do all seasons?
I mean it's iconic. People make you know, those canvases
that they want us to sign a conquestion making money
that I do too. There's a little coffee table book

Peyton Pictures Sad stuff. You know, what's so weird is
that when the show started, it was like our art,
but I'd come from MTV and I'm like not an
arty lady, but I did have like the music thing going,
and so the transition from art to music for Peyton,

it was one of those things where it was like
art imitating life, you know, and and Sophia. You just
talked about this like your character had to turn into
Sophia a little bit more in order for it to
fit right, Joy, did you feel, I mean they added
you becoming a musician because you were such a skilled
musician in real life. You know, yeah, they did. I

mean I think that our I did love that about
the show, that there was a heavy, heavy bent on
our artists, um prowess being whether it was writers or
people who were reading you know, great literature or art,
great music. Um, I mean those are cornerstones of our show.

That um again something that is a little harder to
find now in this genre. And I just love that.
And yes, I think, you know, it's just total providence, uh, coincidence,
whatever you want to call it, that I was able
to um be cast on a show that had that

one of the music as a major cornerstone, and that
you know, I never came on the show thinking I
was going to play a musician ever, and I don't
think anyone planned that. UM And uh yeah, Mark heard
me singing to myself in a parking lot um and
just decided to He was like, hey, do you want
to sing on the show? I was like, I don't know,
do I I really didn't know because I was like

I just it was so much I was uncertain about
at the time. But yeah, really glad that I did.
It was just super cool. UM opened up a lot
of doors for me, and I think, you know, to
your point, the idea that we got to talk about
music and writing and and really elevate there sort of

pathways into feeling and human experience and catharsis. Those are
things that a lot of people weren't getting and and
we were all talking during the episode about how interesting
it was, Like even in that scene with Lucas and
Karen in the cafe when he's so mad and she's
yelling at him because he got in a fight with

Nathan at school and he's just he's being a boy,
you know, he's expressing anger and frustration and and to
see that in that character. And then on the flip
side to have Nathan's character being a little boy who
has been pressured to behave like a man and like

the wrong kind of man, you know, a petty, um
narcissistic man. It was so incredible to kind of have
these men on this seesaw of feeling. It gave all
these people permission and and we, obviously as as the girls,
got to do so much of our own um you know.

I was going to say leg work, and I'm like,
I guess it's heart work, like emotional stuff. But I
think that's part of why it's really lived for a
lot of people still is because they no matter what
end of the spectrum you come in on you you
feel represented in some way. And and I would like
to think you feel permission to like feel your feelings

in your own complexities and things. Well, did boys cry
on TEA? I see? I was never watching teen dramas,
so the only boy I ever like no, cried on TV?
Was awesome because I see that meme of James Vanderby
now it's like a meme. But did boys cry on TV? Back? Oh?

I'm sure they did. I'm sure they really know I
feel like this was an episode of Luke Perry crying cha.
Chad was really really good about being vulnerable as a boy,
you know, and not having to play that toxic masculinity
thing of like I don't feel anything, I'm dead inside.

You know, he went for it, And I think that's
such an interesting thing too, you know that that they
wanted him to play Nathan, and he wanted to do
something different than he had been doing for his career,
and and you know, isn't it so funny that then
and we've talked about this before, but like you had
sweet little baby James coming to play Nathan. He's such

a sensitive soul and then had to come in and
be bad and it's I don't know, it's just so
it's so interesting all the things that we all were
able to try and and the ways we had to
push ourselves to be these people. Have you guys ever
seen James's audition tape, because like room and it's like, hey,

it's nice to see you. Cool, cool, you know what
it's like so chill, and then when they just start
the scene like I can't imagine that, like turn in
the audition, It's like, oh no, I'm evil, you know,
so wild. I also it's striking me in this moment
because you know, Hillary, you were talking about how um
like even in your scenes, like when when Peyton and

Lucas would be doing these emotional scenes, like Chad would
always you know, meet you there and then Joy, I
remember asking you something when we were working early early
years and I was like, how do you do that? Though?
Like what what's the mechanism to cry like that? Like
I have to get so sad? And you just looked
at me and you were like, well, you know, I

just kind of and you did this thing. You went
somewhere in your head and you looked to the side
and then you were crying, and I was like, what
are you kidding me? It was like the most magical
thing I've ever seen. And in this moment, it's hitting
me that, you know, you guys, you and Chad really
came in having had the most experience on sets and

like me, Hillary and James didn't know anything. And yeah, man,
but it's but it's cool because I realized that in
this moment, I'm like, ah, right, you guys had like
these amazing performer skill sets that I just remember. I
remember watching you do things and just being like, Wow,

we had a lot of fun. We had a lot
of opportunities to do that, and you got a lot
more opportunities to do all that too. So I I mean,
I think Brooke took you built it for yourself. Yeah,
you really did, and I'm so excited for us to
see more of that. The next episode is the famous
one of you in the back seat of the car.
I um, but you know, we get to know a
little bit more about Brook. So to all our friends

at home, we heard you all really liked are most
likely to his last week? And so the three of
us did a little digging on the internet and we
dug up some pretty excellent most likely too excited about
like they're so ridiculous. We would like if you guys
continue to find this fun to pick one every week
and decide who we want to attribute it to. What

is the one for this week? Okay, who is mostly
likely to go on The Bachelor? Not that we've seen
her yet, But the moment I saw that come out
of the hat, my first thought was deb oh, yes, yes,

I deserve a second chapter. I've been dealing with Scott
for decades. Yeah, I'm gonna say a probably Rachel. Oh
my god, Daniel hasn't a periodet, but Rachel did. Maxim. Um, yeah,
I mean she had all sorts of weird stuff and
it didn't after I left. Didn't she end up doing

like a TV show with Dan Scott or something weird? Oh? Yeah,
she ended up Well do we give away the spoiler?
I heard a rumor that they ended up together, Like,
she's totally the person to end up on the Bachelor. Yeah,
she ended up with the rich guy on a private jet.
You're right, it's Rachel. God bless, I love her. Okay,
you guys are flooding our inbox. We love it so much.

It's so cool to hear from all of you. Um okay,
So we have some questions with listener questions. Are you
girls ready for this? How invasive are there? I'm not
feeling witty today. I'm sorry. I was going to say
something about my last kynecology appointment, but that would be
totally appropriate, okay. Um. Simon was wondering what your first

impressions of each other were, which we talked about a
little bit, and whether they still remain the same now,
and do you think filming on location in particular made
you all much closer. Well, I still think Sophia is beautiful,
and I was blown away to find out that she
was so incredibly brilliant as well, Like what a what
an amazing um double double header double hitter? What do

they call it? God really told out with both hands
on you, kiddo, She's a winner. Listen. I remember realizing
how smart Sophia was when we started doing Crew Christmas
presents and we would get the entire crew best Buy
gift certificates, and Sophia was a person that was like,
you guys are stressing me out. I'm going to handle this.
And she would go to best Buy by like a

thousand gifts certificates and then have the lists of names
and figure out who got what and like being her trailer,
just managing that and it was a task. Girlfriend. You
got the money, she got all the money from everything. Yes,
and that's pre Venmo and Hillary, I still think you're

also beautiful and so cool and so soulful and smart,
and I mean yes, our for my first impressionce of
both of you stuck and have deepened for sure a
hundred percent. Hillary, You're like wickedly intimidatingly cool and so
yourself and and actually something you share. I was just

about to pivot to you, Joy, but I realized one
of the things that like, I love the most about
you both, and that also makes me feel intimidated because
I feel like I don't know anything, is you have
such a deep well of like expert level musical theater knowledge.
Sometimes together, but when the three of us are together,

one of you says something and then you go off
on a tangent and I'm like, where are they going?
What are they talking about? What is this? It's usually
straight to Jean Valjean, Yeah, it's it's it's lames her
into the woods. It's one of the two. Yeah. My
first impression of Joy, and this is something that continues
to ring true is Joy is the all American girl

next door. She is wholesome and like so easy to
love right out of the gates. But Joy has a
naughty streak that I always felt so privileged to know about.
And so just recently we have a mutual friend and
we were talking about Joy and she's like, you know,
Joy is just so wholesome and so good, and I'm like, what, Joy,

are you hanging out? Because I know, I know party, Joy,
and she is fun Joy. When Joy lets you into
that cut, loose circle, you've made it, that's the that's
the upper echelon. It feels real nice because it's true.
You're so beautiful and talented and you sing like an angel.

And and I think because you were playing Hayley, we
all were like h and then and then we can
get into like the Whiskey nights, and you're just like, oh,
I've made, I've made. Give me, give me a glass
of Johnny Walker and a nice long Virginia Slim and
I'll have a real good night. Good bad girls club

here we come, bad girls, all right. What's our next question? Oh, Hillary,
this one's for you, Stacy says Hillary. In the pilot episode,
did you actually almost run over Chad with the comment? Christ?
I mean didn't. So here's what's up. I hadn't really
driven a car since high school because I lived in Manhattan,

Like why would I drive a car? Uh? And so
I came down. I don't know that my license was
even good, and they give me this car that is
you know, it's a vintage car. Brakes aren't awesome. It
shifts in and out of gear on its own and
they're just like, Okay, honey, what you need to do
is pick up a little speed and then like hit
the brakes and hit this mark exactly because he's just

gonna be standing here and because I couldn't even hit
a mark walking, Like, how am I gonna Chad's quick?
He's limber, he survived. What do you want to out? Yeah? Um, okay, great.
So those are our listener questions. Will you guys keep please,

please keep sending them to us to figure out what
you want to talk about. We know what we want
to talk about. We could just go on and on forever.
Can we talk about Joy and her secret talent? This
is truly one of the greatest things, and especially you know,

a year into not being able to not only be
together because we don't live in the same place as
all of us, but no one could be together because
of this pandemic. And then it was finally safe for
us to do this and we got to do our shoot.
And I mean listen, we may or may not have
taken all those bottles of Jane Walker home from the
bar with us. In my in my defense, I did

bring them for us. I brought them as presents. And
then we opened them all um Joy's Ranch. No, who
would ever waste a great bottle of whiskey. We took
them to Joy's ranch and we were like out with
the horses and the dogs, and then we turn around
and this goddess woman with her mermaid hair is mixing

the stiffest drinks that were just so good. Well, the
rose petals are what got me. Joy goes down to
her garden and it's just like plucking rose petals to
put in drinks and like she fairy this. It was glorious. Yeah,
you made us this like floral version of an old
fashioned I mean it's what inspired the cocktails that we

literally made with Jack. We got to make boxes of
them because of you. So cool, so we got we Okay.
I love mixology. It's something that I kind of started
over the pandemic, and it's to me, it's kind of
like the closest I know how to get to potion making.
Like there's like all these pretty bottles and you can

pour stuff out and mix things and they taste good
and they make you feel certain ways and it's very exciting.
So yeah, it's been become a bit of a hobby.
And uh yeah, that was one of my favorite I
really love there's a rose syrup. It's it's not a syrup,
it's a laqueur. It's rose laqueur. And when you mix
it into kind of like an old fashioned style drink
with whiskey, it's particularly particularly great. So um, yeah, I'll

have to post that that recipe as well as our
our smokey um Lepsongong smoky syrup t infused cocktail that
we got to make with Jane Walker, and it's called
the Iconic, So pass the word around. That's the Iconic
Drama Queen, and we'll post those recipes soon. But yeah,
that was fun, and I'm so glad that you girls

came over because it was really haven't been able to
really do that just all all together. We were supposed
to come to your house just for dinner, and so
when I didn't leave to like one o'clock in the morning,
it's like like, I hope we get a car out here,
and we did. Um, But yeah, it was an adventure.
I love it out there, just sitting out on your
patio and like seeing the horses and all the stars

and being able to catch up. That's like the first
time we've gotten to hang out in somebody's backyard since
we were in Wilmington's. Oh my gosh, that's right, that's
so true. Yeah, because so much of what we've all
been able to do, you know, over the last half
decade has been in cities around the world, like we'll
go to Montreal, we'll go to Paris. We haven't been

able to just sit at home. And it felt so nice.
Uh so, how should we wrap up? Guys? Should we talk?
I mean, well, we need to talk about what our
favorite lines of the episode are for sure? Okay, well
I don't think there's any I mean I guess, well,
your Art Matters is, like, that's the one that's like
the star line. Yeah, it's it's tattooed on my heart,

Like I'm not in real life, guys, Like I don't
really have a tattooed, but um it, yeah, I feel
like that's the heart of Peyton, Like that line. Everything
comes back to that and and it's your art Matters
is that iconic line. But it's it's the support line.
It's what got me here, Like that's the whole thing

of it. You did something and it made me brave.
It didn't matter after you gave him that whole speech,
the whole ground up speech at the car and what
does it matter, doesn't matter to anybody anyway, and that
he took the risk to say that to you in
spite of how often you reject him. Boys should always
talk to us that way, Just always tell us what

we want to hear. Thank you, And I gotta say
the sleeper hit for me was definitely that place knows
too much. That was a punch in the gut, the
grown up line that hits us now as grown ups,
where it's like, yeah, yeah, girls, this has been so fun.

I can't wait till our next one. I love you.
I'm so dirty from farming today, so I love that
this is our lady break like where we get to
just like pause and the seventeen year old girls again
and have great. Al Right, guys, saddle up, we'll see
you next week. H as always were your drama queens.

We love you. We all about that high school drama girl,
drama girl, all about them high school queens, and forever
we'll take you for a ride at our comic girl
cheering for the right drama cueen up girl fashion. But
you'll tough, girls. You could sit with us. Girl drama Queens,
John mcqueens, Drawn mc queen's drama John McQueen's drama Queens,
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