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April 26, 2024 30 mins

The girls discuss a OTH sequel series featuring original stars(!), They reminisce about great food, cheap drinks and good times and they reveal their favorite teenage dramas growing up! It’s hard hitting fan questions with down and dirty, thrilling answers!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
First of all, you don't know me.

Speaker 2 (00:02):
We all about that high school drama.

Speaker 3 (00:04):
Girl Drama Girl, all about them high school queens, We'll
take you for a ride.

Speaker 4 (00:09):
And our comic girl cheering for the right teams.

Speaker 3 (00:12):
Drama, Queens of girl Fashion, but your tough girl, you
could sit with us Girl Drama, Queens Drama, Queens Drama,
Queens Drama, Drahma Queens Drama Queens.

Speaker 1 (00:27):
You guys, we have a Q and A for you,
just the hard hitting questions.

Speaker 4 (00:32):
This week, Down and dirty.

Speaker 5 (00:34):
Yeah, you're gonna hear us be you know, real long
winded little yin Yang Twins and here because Joys offshooting
a movie, so.

Speaker 4 (00:44):
You're stuck with Hillary and I.

Speaker 1 (00:45):
Today are apologies first friends. Okay, we have a question
from BIZ. They ask what show would you enjoy more?
A prequel of Dan and Karen in high school or
a sequel with all of your kids as teenagers.

Speaker 4 (01:06):
I mean, okay, our show did two things very well,
flashbacks and time jumps.

Speaker 1 (01:14):
Yeah, so.

Speaker 4 (01:16):
I can't give you an either or, Biz, But what
I can say is I would love a flashback episode
to see Dan and Karen in high school, but selfishly
because I really like my friends I would want to
see a sequel where our kids were teenagers so we
could all hang out and go play pool at the
Blue Post after work.

Speaker 1 (01:33):
Like having a teenager in my house makes me makes
me want to know the teenagers of Tree Hill so badly,
Like I want to know my Sawyer. I want to
know your twin boys. I want to know Lydia. I
want to know all of these kids so badly because

it's fun watching a kid grow up, like all of
Gus's friends I've known since they were like two and
three years old, and you see them blossom into these
angsty little animals, and I just love it.

Speaker 4 (02:06):
Well and it's cool too, Like I think about that
a lot when I you know, when I get like
either when we're facetiming or I get like a video.

Speaker 2 (02:15):
Or when George grabs your leg and doesn't let go
of you.

Speaker 1 (02:18):
I love her.

Speaker 4 (02:19):
Oh she wraps her little paws around me. I feel
so special. But like truly, sometimes when I look at
Gus and I think about the fact that Brooke has
these twin boys, and that they would be around his
age now, a little younger than him, I'm just like, man,
this kid is like one of the coolest people I know,
and I would love to know more of them. Does

Gus want to cosplay as Judeter Davis Baker?

Speaker 1 (02:43):
Honestly, you know that he does. Like Gus is chopping
at the bit to work. He wants to work really bad,
and he's trying to take some scene study classes this
summer and he's doing He's doing so many plays this
year in our town and at school.

Speaker 4 (02:59):
I love that he's into community theater. Girl.

Speaker 1 (03:02):
He days it so seriously, and I love it. I
love it. I love it for him. I love who
he is in that space, and I just want to know,
like there's this curiosity factor for all of the kids
of Tree Hill, not even like just our kids, but
like where's baby Jenny?

Speaker 2 (03:19):
Yeah, you know, where is Lily? Because there's there's like Crop.

Speaker 1 (03:24):
A of kids that's like Jamie Lily, Baby Jenny. They're
all in their early twenties now, and then Crop B
that is Sawyer, your boys is was Jude and Davis?

Speaker 4 (03:39):

Speaker 2 (03:40):
Did Mouth have kids? Who else had kids?

Speaker 4 (03:42):
I don't remember if we ever saw Mouth have a kid,
like you know, all the montage stuff end, but.

Speaker 2 (03:48):
Bevin had a kid. Oh remember did you Evin have
a kid with Tim.

Speaker 4 (03:52):
Bevin and Tim had a kid. Oh my god, Yeah,
they had a little boy, I believe. And then we've
got Lydia and Sawyer were the girls from y'all.

Speaker 2 (04:01):
Wait, they had a boy they named Nathan.

Speaker 4 (04:04):
Oh my god, that's right. Oh God, that's right.

Speaker 2 (04:07):
Oh my god. I want to see that kid.

Speaker 4 (04:10):
Yeah, I want to see that That's fine. I can't
decide if he'd be really athletic or like like a
total theater baby.

Speaker 1 (04:18):
Oh yeah, I mean he's soft, that kid, because he's
like a mama's boy. Yeah, I love it.

Speaker 4 (04:25):
Oh, okay, well, this is a great question. I pick
both answers.

Speaker 1 (04:30):
Yeah, because I also again super curious about Dan and
Karen because I love a villain origin story and like,
what if there's we don't know, Like what if Karen
was so mean to Dan in high school? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (04:46):
Like what if she was the popular one and was
just like love like you, Dan? Yeah, we don't know.

Speaker 1 (04:54):
You know, Karen could have been humbled over the years,
and that's when we meet eat her as Lucas's mom.
I would love if she was like a Heather's type
bitch in high school.

Speaker 2 (05:05):
Wouldn't that be great?

Speaker 4 (05:06):
From Moira Oh my god, she'd have so much fun.
And by the way, like part of I think what
would be so cool about flashback episodes to see them
is that they did go to high school in the eighties.

Speaker 2 (05:17):
Yes, that's hot.

Speaker 1 (05:19):
Oh, it would be heavy.

Speaker 4 (05:20):
Shoulder pads and perms.

Speaker 1 (05:22):
Give it to me, I won't it. Yeah, all right, business,
that was a really nice question to answer.

Speaker 4 (05:29):
Okay, Piper wants to know what is your most played
song on your Spotify right now, I'm opening my phone
to check. I have a hunch I know what it is. Yeah,
mine's definitely most wanted by Beyonce am Miiley Cyrus. I
love this Cowboy Carter album.

Speaker 1 (05:45):
Baby, I have strong feelings about Miley. I'm pretty going
into both her and Beyonce same. I'm gonna give you
three guesses what mine is? Mmm?

Speaker 4 (05:56):
Is it Pomp Pom Square? Man? I'm like, it's one
of those two bands. Did I get your one and tu.

Speaker 2 (06:10):
You're gonna larious?

Speaker 1 (06:13):
Uh, it's Pomp Pomp Squad and which it's just the
whole album is up here. So what my favorite song
is this song she has called Crying and it's got
a real Roy Orbison feel to it, and I Okay,
there's a line in there where she says, feels like
everyone who loves me can hates me, and I have.

Speaker 4 (06:36):
Never never felt more seen.

Speaker 1 (06:39):
Girl. I just I know, I know that everyone loves me,
but also I know that I'm insufferable. Like I know this.

Speaker 4 (06:49):
I don't think you're insufferable at all. I actually wonder
is that sort of the cross to bear of being
a cancer? Yeah, where you are so sensitive. Like, here's
the thing that I've learned my year. My word of
the Year for twenty twenty four was tender.

Speaker 1 (07:07):

Speaker 4 (07:07):
I have been experimenting with being more tender with myself
and others, even in like pursuit of justice, even in
what is true, Yeah, communicating more tenderly for the last
couple of years. And it's really a place that I
feel like I've arrived. But it's painful to be as
sensitive as we are, which is where the little crabshell

comes from. Like it literally protects you from getting stepped on.
But then people just see a hard exterior and they're like, Oh,
you're tough, you're never affected by anything. You always seem good,
and you're like, I'm sorry, do you know what it
feels like on the inside of my ribcaits. I'm sobbing
all that. So that thing I realize turns into like, well,
I know you love me, but are you sure you're

not mad at me?

Speaker 1 (07:50):

Speaker 4 (07:51):
You seemed quieter this morning than normal, And it's like, well, yeah,
because I hadn't had a cup of coffee yet, And
I'm like, yeah, but are you mad at me?

Speaker 1 (07:59):
Oh? The hyper vigilance is insane.

Speaker 4 (08:03):
Is that being cancers or is that just our trauma?

Speaker 1 (08:05):
It might be trauma, it might be well here's the problem.
You can't traumatize a cancer because they'll never get over it.

Speaker 2 (08:13):

Speaker 1 (08:15):
Anyway, I love Mia from Pom Pom Squad and uh,
just a little, a little nugget. You heard it here first, folks,
I produced a movie last summer and we're in post
production right now. And the whole time we were making
the movie, I was listening to her album and so I.

Speaker 4 (08:37):
Think she's gonna score your movie.

Speaker 1 (08:39):
No, she's but she's gonna play heavily in some of
our music choices, and I I just want everyone to
know about her. I think she's kind incredible. I think,
you know, in terms of female voices out there doing
things that are kind of different. I think she's different
and cool and I like the cheerlead vibe, and I like,

know the romanticism of what she's doing while she's playing
an electric guitar and just like kicking ass and we're
in big, huge platform boots, and you know, she covers
not a surf who was on one Tree Hill, who
was a band that Peyton went to see, and so
I like all those kind of easter eggy connections.

Speaker 4 (09:18):
So I love that.

Speaker 1 (09:19):

Speaker 4 (09:20):
Yeah, man, Okay, more pump pumps, thank you.

Speaker 1 (09:35):
Okay, we have a question from Sydney. What is something
small but completely annoys you, Sydney? Why why would you
want to know this?

Speaker 4 (09:48):
Yeah, people want to know about our pet beeves. I
feel like I've talked about this a lot lately, but
it is the top of my frickin' list. People who
watch videos on their freaking phones on airplanes with no headphones, Like,

I think y'all are rude, just straight up rude.

Speaker 1 (10:15):

Speaker 4 (10:15):
I just I'm like, we are trapped in a tin
tube that pings the sound around. I can't possibly survive
five and a half hours like this, Like I want
to claw my own ears off my head.

Speaker 1 (10:28):
Yeah, I agree with that it.

Speaker 4 (10:30):
Like, it feels like you know what it is that
that that adage about nails on a chalkboard. It feels
like that on the insides of my bones.

Speaker 2 (10:39):
Well, because we have that auditory maybe my.

Speaker 4 (10:41):
Gentle autism, but really it makes me nuts.

Speaker 1 (10:45):
We both have the auditory thing where we get overwhelmed
if there's like a TV on and music plane, like, oh,
I can't if there's two things happening, Uh, I can't
do like, I really will start to freak out.

Speaker 4 (11:00):
I also have learned there's like a and I can't
remember what it's called because I don't have a degree
in music, but there is a certain pitch that some
people can hear and some people can't. And I always
just thought I was crazy. I'd be like, what is
that buzzing? What is that beeping? And people would look
at me like, what are you talking about? And we
were having a party here at the house in La once,

not long after Vanessa moved in with Ricard, but when
they were not living together yet and she was still
my roommate. We joked he was basically like our house husband,
Like we were just like our husband's home. Those are
helped Recard is the best, and you know, he's an
incredible music producer, and we we were like cleaning up
one night and he walked over. I was at the

sink and he was like bringing some platters over and
I was like, God, that fucking sound is driving me
so crazy and I don't understand how no one else
can hear it.

Speaker 2 (11:49):
Do you hear that?

Speaker 4 (11:50):
And he went, oh, yeah, that's blah blah blah, and
like told me what the pitch was and how like
what the percentage of people who can hear it is.
And he was like I have that and I was like,
well that makes sense because you literally make a living
writing music, so you should be able to hear that.
I don't want to hear it.

Speaker 2 (12:05):
It's unnecessarily want to get rid of it.

Speaker 4 (12:07):
I just feel like a crazy person all the time.
And he was like, yeah, it's kind of a bummer,
isn't it. But cool that you can hear it too.
I was like mm.

Speaker 1 (12:14):
Hmmm, mm hmmm. Yeah. I do that thing where I
force blood into my ears to drowned out other sounds,
you know, like the homo. I don't know, you just
tense muscles in your head. No, I just tense muscles
in my head and it creates like, Oh, I'm.

Speaker 4 (12:27):
So glad nobody can see us right now because I'm
trying to do what you're doing and I don't get it.
This is one day where I'm very grateful this is
an audio medium. Watch. This is going to be a
blooper on Instagram. I'm like, uh no, you.

Speaker 2 (12:39):
Just like force the blood into your ears and it
creates I will like shake mine audio.

Speaker 1 (12:45):
Yeah, audio stuff bugs me and I don't like I
don't like TV on at night. That really I get.

Speaker 5 (12:57):
I get.

Speaker 1 (12:57):
I'm just triggered by sound a lot. Are you really
jumpy when you watch movies and stuff? Like you react
big to loud noises.

Speaker 4 (13:05):
Big, It's terrible everybody. People actually like to see scary
movies with me because I apparently break up the tension
because I make them laugh with how jumpy I am. Yes,
And I'm like, well, I'm glad you're having a good time.
I'm actively upset.

Speaker 1 (13:18):
Yeah, every all of my like you know, adrenaline and
all the bad chemicals are going right now. Oh.

Speaker 4 (13:24):
I like this question from Laura, especially because we've been
talking about places we want to travel, like Bulgaria, where
Joy is making Sophia Burgaria, Sophia Bulgaria. Honestly, it just
feels deeply cool.

Speaker 2 (13:36):
That's a sexy name, that should the rhyme.

Speaker 4 (13:40):
I'm like, okay, but Laura wants to know what is
the best city you've ever traveled to and your favorite
thing that you did there.

Speaker 1 (13:47):
This is hard because there's like there's us as lone
wolf creatures, right, and then there's us with our people.
And so I will say at Hillary as a lone
wolf creature really had a great time in New Orleans
as a young person like you and I both spent

so much time there.

Speaker 4 (14:12):
We had such a good time there.

Speaker 1 (14:14):
We identified with that place. It was there were ghosts,
there was good food, there was great music. Everyone was
a little bit rowdy, like we fit that.

Speaker 4 (14:24):
Yeah. Well, and when you think about it too, like
in our twenties, you.

Speaker 2 (14:29):
Know, we weren't going to Europe. We weren't like.

Speaker 4 (14:32):
No, I mean not to be crass, but like you know, yeah,
we were working on our show, but we weren't really
making money. None of us had any credits. They signed
us for nothing, and you know, that was a long journey.
And so like I remember watching people who were on
like big network shows, be able to go on those
big European trips or whatever, like we couldn't afford that.

Speaker 1 (14:54):
No, we needed like spring break quality travel.

Speaker 2 (14:58):

Speaker 4 (14:58):
Man, I loved being able to go to New Orleans
and get like an oyster Poe Boy sandwich for like
four dollars and a Long Island iced tea for eight bucks.
We were like, oh my god, we're living like kings
down here.

Speaker 2 (15:10):
You know how I feel about a Pim's cup.

Speaker 1 (15:13):
Like I had Rob Buckley do a movie with me
down in Louisiana and he hadn't been to New Orleans ever,
and I was like, let me just take you on
a little trip. And he had to carry my son
on this ghost tour and we had like he ate
like a monster.

Speaker 2 (15:30):
He ate like full meals everywhere I went.

Speaker 1 (15:35):
It was.

Speaker 2 (15:36):
It was so fun.

Speaker 1 (15:38):
I'll never not think of I'll never think of New
Orleans and not think of Rob Buckley just like yeah, yeah,
I'll eat that whole thing. Yeah no, I'll eat that.

Speaker 4 (15:48):
Oh yeah, I love it. We should go back. We
need to go back as like.

Speaker 2 (15:52):
Grown up sophisticated.

Speaker 1 (15:54):
We'll stay in the garden district this time, we'll.

Speaker 4 (15:57):
Stay in a fancy hotel.

Speaker 1 (15:59):
Okay, but like as grown ups with our people, where
are we traveling that we love?

Speaker 4 (16:04):
Yeah, I don't know. I I also probably because i'm
you know, I'm looking at your face right now. Like
I have such a nostalgia for Paris because we started
going there together for conventions and like going to the
city and working and then like we'd get off and
you know, put on a fancy little outfit and go,
you know, down to some restaurant by the river. Like,

I don't know, man, I just love I love those
memories running around these beautiful old cities late at night.
You know, I get that movie montage of like the
lights on the Eiffel Tower and everybody laughing and dinner
plates hitting the table, like it just feels so.

Speaker 1 (16:44):
You Paul and I had that magical night like under
the Eiffel Tower at that riverside cafe.

Speaker 4 (16:50):
Yes, with the blue lights along the water. We were
there so oh they had to kick us out. They
were like madams, missus.

Speaker 1 (16:59):
You must they were Americans. I agree with you. I
agree with you, And I just had the conversation with Jeffrey.
There's a convention in Paris in September that I think
I'm gonna.

Speaker 2 (17:11):
I think I'm gonna we go, try to go, but
because you're going, I'm going.

Speaker 1 (17:16):
My kids have school off the following week for holidays,
and so I think I might bring all the Morgans
and we'll.

Speaker 2 (17:26):
Takes French. And he's in the unit right now.

Speaker 1 (17:29):
And I know this because his French teacher approached me
yesterday and was like he needed to make up a test.
But he's in the unit right now that discusses train schedules,
and I was like, Madame Peterson, this is fantastic, Like.

Speaker 4 (17:42):
Can't wait for my son to be my tour guide.

Speaker 2 (17:45):
Yeah, Sophia, we'll just make us do all the work.

Speaker 4 (17:48):
I can't wait. Can we get him like a little
conductor's cap? I feel like you might like it.

Speaker 1 (17:54):
Yeah, he went to that Tomas the Train phase if
you remember.

Speaker 4 (17:57):
Okay, great?

Speaker 1 (17:57):
Yeah, paris just dreamy. It's dreamy and romantic and also creepy.
Like I was telling George about the Catacombs, like, we
can't not take George, my creepy six year old to
the catacombs.

Speaker 4 (18:14):
She'll love it. I can't wait to see her little Green.

Speaker 1 (18:17):
Yeah, she likes creepy stuff. She's been on this planet
multiple times and think she's our age. She for sure
thinks that you're her friend, not my friend. Courtney wants

to know when you were growing up, what was your
one Tree Hill or like your favorite teen drama you
are obsessed with.

Speaker 4 (18:49):
I mean, come on, Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ah,
what else were we really into? I mean I watched
like a little bit of nine O two one zero,
and then my parents watched an episode and I got
in trouble because they thought it was salacious, and then
I wasn't allowed to watch it anymore. And then in college,

my my best friend from my freshman year dorm hall,
my friend Brenna, got me hooked on watching Sex in
the City with her, and I was like, this is
so outlandish. These people are so bold. Do people really
have like in the world.

Speaker 2 (19:26):
It just it like shocked me.

Speaker 4 (19:28):
Everything about it was so shocking, And I remember feeling
like very grown up because I was watching HB.

Speaker 1 (19:35):
So I was allowed to watch any of those shows,
like none of them.

Speaker 4 (19:38):
Well yeah, you weren't allowed to listen to modern music, babe.

Speaker 2 (19:41):
This was a real sheltered childhood.

Speaker 1 (19:46):
But when I was a kid, I was obsessed with
this show that was it Nickelodeon that would air all
the old It was like TV Land, which was a
offshoot of Nickelodeon. Yeah yeah, and they would air like
I Dream Genie and Bewitched and stuff like that.

Speaker 2 (20:01):
But this show Girl. They played a show called.

Speaker 1 (20:06):
What's Happening and it was it was a black show.
It was all like black teenagers. It was Dwayne and
Roge and Oh Shirley ran the local diner. And I
loved the camaraderie and friendship. Oh Rerun, everybody knows Rerun.

I was just obsessed with this show. And I just
loved that they were kids that were always getting into
trouble but also like helping each other. And when I
think about shows that informed One Tree Hill, there's a
lot of parallels between those. You know, everyone everyone is

funny but also tender, and I'd like, I still love
that show, love it. So TV Land was where I
was allowed to watch TV.

Speaker 4 (20:59):
Love well, and I love that, you know, as the
weird little kids we were when we first met, Like,
I remember when you first told me how much you
loved Bewitched and I was like me too, yeah, And
I was like, she's mine. You know, like there were
some of those classic shows that we grew up watching
reruns of it. I really think, yeah, they really did

feel so seminal to us.

Speaker 1 (21:23):
Is there a home for rerun shows like that anymore?
Because I know, like Kobe, you think there should be.
There should be like a streaming platform that's just yeah,
TV land kind of stuff. Because we watched The Brady Bunch,
we watched The Partridge Family.

Speaker 2 (21:39):
I mean everything I watched was we.

Speaker 4 (21:41):
Are producers chiming in to say, Pluto TV.

Speaker 2 (21:44):
Oh my Pluto TV. Would I need to be watching
Let's go? Okay? Love it?

Speaker 1 (21:50):

Speaker 2 (21:50):
Yeah? What's Happening was such a good show.

Speaker 1 (21:54):
Just loved it, loved it. I remember a very specific
episode Shirley was talking about wearing Charlie perfume and at
a yard sale, I saw like a half.

Speaker 2 (22:05):
Used bottle over like two dollars.

Speaker 1 (22:08):
Oh, Charlie perfume, and it's very strong and very chemically.

Speaker 2 (22:12):
I had to have it.

Speaker 4 (22:13):
You had to have it because miss Shirley had it.

Speaker 1 (22:16):
God. I loved that show.

Speaker 4 (22:18):
I love it.

Speaker 1 (22:19):

Speaker 4 (22:19):
Man, all right, well we've gone from favorite TV too.
Lauren's question, what is your favorite breakfast food?

Speaker 1 (22:28):
I have not a good answer. I don't think it's toast.

Speaker 2 (22:37):
I just really it's just.

Speaker 1 (22:45):
And I didn't even realize what a terrible answer it
was to you asked.

Speaker 4 (22:49):
It's a bland answer, babe, it really is. Listen. The
thing is, especially when you work in the circus like
we do, you can't always guarantee that you can get
a good thing to eat. So it is nice to
have like a plain, basic that you can go to
on set, whether it's like four forty five in the morning,
or you know, you start you're doing night shoots, so

you're having breakfast at six pm, and like, yeah, you
just you gotta just get it in and keep moving.
I get that.

Speaker 2 (23:18):
What's yours?

Speaker 1 (23:19):
Well, it's probably it's like fancy, is it a frittata?

Speaker 4 (23:22):
Oh my god, stop it. So here's what I was
gonna say, is I'm like, okay, if I if I'm
traveling or I'm on set, it's really plain. I want
one of those like crunchy rice cakes, plain peanut butter.
I do like you know me, I travel with a
little thing of salt everywhere, So I salt. If I
can find a banana, great, If not, I'll just eat
the rice cake. And peanut butter. That's like my toast.

But when I am home in LA and I have
a free weekend, like my Saturday breakfast is always really
important to me. And then it's either a Courage bagel
or a crispy rice bowl from Squirrel, and I feel
very fancy.

Speaker 2 (24:02):
You do love that bagel place.

Speaker 4 (24:05):
I am the mayor of Courage Bagels. They want you
gave me my bag of bagels that I ordered and
put Mayor Sophia on it, and I was like, I've arrived.
This is more meaningful to me than any award I've
ever won. I am a this is my hometown hero moment.
I am the baroness of bagels. Thank you so much,

And I went home.

Speaker 1 (24:26):
Needs a key to the city when you've got that
bag of bagels.

Speaker 4 (24:29):
I don't the fact that I can walk up to
that window and they're like you're usual, and I'm like,
you can know it. That's a love language to me.

Speaker 1 (24:36):
Yeah, nailed it well. Speaking of Lisa wants to know
what are are you? A love language? Uh?

Speaker 2 (24:45):
Yeah, that's literally the next question.

Speaker 4 (24:46):
Okay, wait, what are yours?

Speaker 2 (24:50):
So I feel like mine used to be physical.

Speaker 1 (24:57):
I was not a kid that was enough, I guess,
and like physical touch was how I understood love to exist.

Speaker 2 (25:08):
But my husband is.

Speaker 1 (25:12):
He is an acts of service person. And so for instance,
like you know, you know that Jeffrey just walked into
this room and said, I'm going to the grocery store.

Speaker 2 (25:20):
What can I get for you?

Speaker 1 (25:22):
Like my understanding of love has changed over the course
of my relationship with him, where I see how meaningful
acts of service are and that's what he's really good at.
So now that's what I'm really attracted to. Yeah, that
weird how it can change.

Speaker 4 (25:39):
I really love that I think similarly to you, and
like maybe it's because I was the only kid in
the house. Physical touch has always been one of my
biggest love languages, and I think because I'm so lucky
to have the friend community that I have, like sitting

next to you without my head on your shoulder and
vice versa.

Speaker 1 (26:03):
Oh my god, there was a puppy pile moment at
Bevan's house that was literally.

Speaker 4 (26:08):
In the dog bed, like on the floor.

Speaker 1 (26:12):
It was over I.

Speaker 4 (26:15):
Anytime I'm anywhere, I'm either sitting in a friend's lap
there sitting in my lap, like I am the kind
of person. Oh God, back in the fall. I spent
a couple of days in New York on my way
to that trip with my family, and I was I
was staying in the city with one of my best friends,
and a bunch of our friends were in town. Everybody
was there for like music stuff and fashion stuff, and

my friend Jacob was in town and I didn't know.
And I was walking down the street and so out
of my friend's apartment going to get lunch, and I
see Jacob and I go no, and he's walking towards me,
and he goes no, and we ran at each other
like it was a movie. And before I knew what
was happening, I was in the air and I had
like my legs and arms wrapped around me, spinning me

around in the street, and it was like this whole moment,
and I watched people be like what is happening? And
then like he put me down, and then like the
guy he was seeing ran up and wrapped his arms
around him. And then people were like, oh, they're not
a couple, and I was like, no, I just like
I want to be smushed together with my people all
the time. I hold hands, I hold arms like I

just I love safe physical affection, and I think I've
leaned into it, especially like since leaving a job years ago,
where like my physical body was very unsafe. Yeah, in
a way, it's almost like the people who I'm comfortable
physically with, I'm even more comfortable with now because I'm

not very comfortable with strangers. But yeah, I don't know.
I just I love hugging. But then to your point,
like my other one is definitely acts of service. Like
I love to pack for people. I love to help
you move, I love, oh my God, like to go
to someone's house and reorganize their pantry is like my

absolute dream come true. Like I I will show up
if you have anything going on, whether it's good or bad,
I will show up to help you with it. And
that that's something I like about myself and that I
really value in my friends like you, because you're the
same way, Like if something's going on, you're just like

what do you need? Where are we going? What time
do we need to be there? That stuff that feels
like an extension of like a safe hug. To me,
it's like a it's like an it's an energetic hug
in a way.

Speaker 1 (28:39):
Yeah, that felt really safe on our Drama Queen's tour,
Like I wanted to drive because I wanted to take
care of everyone, and you wanted to get our outfits,
and you know, like you were doing all of the
social media posts, like you were just like handling all
the business that I couldn't because I was driving, And
it felt so loving. It like taking care of each

other in that way. Yeah, that, I think the longer
you're with someone, the more those acts of service. They're
easier to do, but also they mean more. It's like, yeah,
this is someone who's not bored with me and still
wants to show up for me. How cool.

Speaker 4 (29:19):
Well, and in that way that you talk about your
relationship with Jeffrey, like you guys have been together for
fifteen years. You and I have been together for twenty years. Yeah,
when you can, like when we can get in the
two front seats of a vehicle and divide and conquer
and we don't even need to talk about the plan.
We're just doing it and we're laughing the whole time.
It's like, God, that that's a nice shared language to

have with someone.

Speaker 1 (29:42):
Shorthand, Baby, that's the love language. Shorthand.

Speaker 2 (29:45):
You guys, these were great.

Speaker 4 (29:46):
I love these questions. Thank you friends.

Speaker 1 (29:50):
Yeah, don't use our pet peeves against us.

Speaker 4 (29:53):
The Yeah, please don't come to conventions and like bang pots.
I'll cry.

Speaker 2 (30:00):
Hey, thanks for listening.

Speaker 4 (30:01):
Don't forget to leave us a review. You can also
follow us on Instagram at Drama Queens O t.

Speaker 1 (30:07):
H or email us at Drama Queens at iHeartRadio dot com.

Speaker 2 (30:12):
See you next time.

Speaker 4 (30:14):
We all about that high school drama. Girl Drama Girl,
all about them high school queens.

Speaker 5 (30:20):
We'll take you for a ride at our comic girl
Sharing for the right teams.

Speaker 3 (30:24):
Drama Queenslease my girl, up girl fashion with your tough girl,
you could sit with us.

Speaker 4 (30:29):
Girl Drama Queens, Drama Queense, Drama Queens, Drama Drama Queens
Drama Queens
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