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November 10, 2023 105 mins

N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. In this episode, the Champs chop it up with Elliott Wilson and NEMS! Live from Rolling Loud the guys stop by for a good time! Lots of great stories that you don’t want to miss! Listen as we continue to celebrate 50 Years of Hip-Hop!! Make some noise for Elliott Wilson and NEMS.!!! 💐💐💐🏆🏆🏆

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:11):
He is Drinks Chants, motherfucking podcast man.

Speaker 2 (00:14):
He's a legendary queens rapper.

Speaker 1 (00:17):
He ain't agreed as your boy in o R.

Speaker 3 (00:18):
He's a Miami hip hop pioneer put up as d
J e f N.

Speaker 1 (00:22):
Together they drink it up with some of the biggest
players you know what I mean.

Speaker 2 (00:26):
And the most professional unprofessional podcast and your number one source.

Speaker 1 (00:31):
For drunk drinks Chans post every day is New Year's Listen,
It's time for Drink Champs. Drink Up mother.

Speaker 4 (00:44):
Yesterday we was filming and one of the craziest times
and Drink Champs history is when we used to have
the Elliott Wilson train and then Elliott Wilson pulled up
and he pointed at us and we all said the
Elliott Wilson training. Before we start anything, let me just

say something. Whenever a person comes in the presence of
Rock Kim, whenever a person comes in the presence of Knives,
whenever a person come in the presidence of Jay z Uh,
everyone SHOs start off their conversation and start their sentence
by saying you are to go, and I would I
would like to start off this by.

Speaker 1 (01:25):
Saying you are to go and We all come from
your treaty.

Speaker 4 (01:30):
Whether you as a rapper trying to get an interview
from you.

Speaker 1 (01:35):
Or now a rapper trying you know about the story.

Speaker 4 (01:40):
Because this is great, man, it is crazy, but let's
just let's just take it from the beginning.

Speaker 1 (01:46):
Why what's up projects man?

Speaker 4 (01:51):
You you started into this hip hop thing? And was
it echo that you started.

Speaker 1 (01:55):
At no beat Down? Beat Down?

Speaker 2 (01:58):
Be Down? What I'm thinking thinking about Sasagai.

Speaker 1 (02:05):
The key. Sasha was the one that taught me.

Speaker 2 (02:07):
Like you could do your own shipness went to school,
No I met him. We went we actually went town school,
didn't know each other, and then like I saw him
at a party, Carris one party and we connected. He
told me about the magazine was doing and then we
became real good friends and we did beat Down for
two years and it was like, okay, let's do something
else ourselves.

Speaker 1 (02:24):
And that was eager.

Speaker 2 (02:26):
It's funny because the last our last issue at the
death squads on the cover and we did something with
you were like as like high choice to some kind
of crazy ship.

Speaker 1 (02:34):
Do you remember that? Its like, is Noriega diabolical? And ship?
The cover of Lines the Stick is so okay, boom, Wait,
did you go to journalism school? Did you?

Speaker 5 (02:47):

Speaker 1 (02:48):
No? That was just out here kid from Queen's just
loving the culture. Run DMC was the inspiration, Like that
was my ship. Like I was like, and I read
the source.

Speaker 2 (02:58):
I was like, I want to be the like that
had the music edit with the source, Reginald C.

Speaker 1 (03:01):
Dennis. I was like, I want to be that guy.

Speaker 2 (03:03):
He gets all the albums for this just come out,
he reviews him, he controls the mics.

Speaker 1 (03:07):
That's what I wanted. I wanted to control the mics.
I think even talking about editing.

Speaker 2 (03:10):
Chief and I wanted every rap album for anybody else
had it, and I wanted to give the mics. That's
all I cared about. So when Dave May's changed the mics,
that's why I quit. And that's what the falling out was.

Speaker 1 (03:21):
Okay, let's that's not my speed.

Speaker 4 (03:23):
But so what you mean Dave May's changed the mics?
What do you mean he changed the review of what
was it? Corrupt?

Speaker 2 (03:31):
And then I think a Cannabis record, like he changed
reviews on me, changed the mics on them without telling him,
like what you had said?

Speaker 1 (03:37):
He changed that with I talked to three and a
half and then he gave them four Yeah.

Speaker 2 (03:41):
Yeah, he pipped it up and took it down whatever.
So that was the thing, Like even with Ray, I
have no real problem with Ray. I had a problem
with Dave Mays.

Speaker 1 (03:49):
Let me tell you something years later I'm talking about.
This is years later after the source of Wars because
Hilton Show could beat me and so you know, you're
a traumatized by by the way, I love you something Shaka,
but he beat me. Pun d m X Corrup cav

Dona Camera had no limit advertising.

Speaker 6 (04:19):
To be massive.

Speaker 1 (04:19):
People used to call and book his own ads back.

Speaker 4 (04:22):
And so years later, I don't want to say where
with me and Viz you know we we we live
on the same block, of course, and I just just
say something to him and he's like and he doesn't
admit it. He goes, he goes, he goes.

Speaker 1 (04:35):
You're still mad, And I'm like, I'm like, yo, he goes,
he goes.

Speaker 4 (04:41):
But they were spending seventy five thousand I had, And
you got to think about what seventy five thousand was
back then, think about.

Speaker 1 (04:48):
How many ads they had. It was like it was
every other fucking package.

Speaker 2 (04:52):
But but it's trying to master I remember he used
to call, but it was like there wasn't all yet
like that.

Speaker 1 (04:56):
It's before the Imbody movie came out. That's when it
took off. So he would call and book back the
cheap ads in the back of the book she had
cold ship the Master.

Speaker 2 (05:07):
P Yeah, like he did all that from I remember
we did a cover of him. Maze was like, yo,
is he really good enough to be the whole cover?
Like split the cover, like we had like money behind him,
and she was like, yo, he's the guy right now
New Orleans, Like he's taking off. So that's probably what
it was. They were so used to dealing with him
on some billing ship. He literally like came from like
the classified ads back of the book. Yeah, so Master,

we went from booking that ship to booking like major ship.

Speaker 1 (05:33):
So that what it was.

Speaker 4 (05:35):
By the way, we've been here way too long without
popping a bottle of ace. And if y'all don't know,
last night, me and Elliott hung out all night last night.

Speaker 1 (05:44):
We dranked.

Speaker 6 (05:45):
We didn't even so beautiful.

Speaker 4 (05:48):
It's so beautiful, like to sit around and just chop
it up, you know what I mean, like no bullshit,
just so we could if I would ask you to
pop a bottle a but I don't have no faith
in you animal.

Speaker 1 (05:59):
I don't know models, yo yo, people, would you like
to show off tonight?

Speaker 2 (06:03):

Speaker 1 (06:03):
Limit, let me let you hipop this.

Speaker 2 (06:05):
But I do want to say I love that I
said him doing it last night, So I toltally like,
I like how you got that shine with the ice
cube ship. Oh okay, you like your you know, you're
quiet legend, you humble, your humble soul type nigga, but
you that nigga. So I love how the ice cube
shit happened, and like organically like the attention to that, right,
so you know, and we all hip hop. We know
ice cubes a great storyteller, but maybe a generation doesn't

know you educating him with.

Speaker 1 (06:28):
That so appreciated.

Speaker 4 (06:29):
And by the way, and by the way, let me
just tell you something that's e f n every episode.

Speaker 1 (06:33):
It's just he argues with me every episode, so people,
people don't understand that he's a passionate dude. I can't
get him from Cuban.

Speaker 3 (06:42):
I can't.

Speaker 4 (06:43):
I can't get I can't get him to get a Chaine,
I can't get him to get once.

Speaker 1 (06:47):
He's just he's taking he's he's spending little kids, but
he's a passionate guy. And it was so dope to
see how many people called me.

Speaker 4 (07:00):
Was like, yo, you know, the event has a point
and that was and then there was other people who
from Brooklyn, and I was like, for a long time,
I don't go to Brooklyn, Like you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (07:12):
Best, I just cut it off the list, you know
what I mean? Because but I was just playing. You know,
that's a joking. People say, Yo, you was right though,
actually because it's very it's a very healthy conversation. And
that's what I feel like hip hop. I mean I
felt that with you the other day.

Speaker 4 (07:30):
Yeah no, no, no, no, no, I did. I did no, no, no, no,
I did because I had to actually think about it.
Like the thing about it is that's what hip hop
was based on at one point. One point it was like, Yo,
I'm better than you. Doesn't mean I'm better than you.
I mean I'm a better person than you. I'm just
saying I'm better than you.

Speaker 1 (07:46):
And a lot of times.

Speaker 4 (07:49):
It trickled down to beasts, and it trickled down to
other things. When in the beginning, I don't remember k
arrest one and I don't remember mc shan saying I'm
gonna shoot you or whatever. Yeah, cool od and these
people not remember that. I don't remember that. I remember
them saying I'm just better than you and battling you.
So I think that that this generation and what we're

going through, like sometimes when we say that, uh, they
automatically think it's a negative thing.

Speaker 2 (08:17):
So I know where you're coming from. Agrees with me
with that competition? Competition anymore?

Speaker 4 (08:22):
Right, Yes, I agree with you, Robs. What type of
shit you you're gonna want the bottom and put.

Speaker 1 (08:27):
It back in there and look the way, come on,
come on and me and Elliot was got drunk his
hair last night. And so what I say is I
say that the same you know, I love that you
and Rob you know, you know whatever. I had to
call him real quick. Yes, I love that. I love that.

I love Rob. I love that because to tell you the.

Speaker 2 (08:51):
Truth again, I want to reiterate something that you know
that because Rob, we get competitive at times, me and
Rob market Rob Markman and at one point right why
helped him excel early days and stuff, But then you know,
he shining on his own, so he gets competitive. I
get all that so I don't remember what exactly what
it was, but I think it was something about like
a baby Face interview.

Speaker 1 (09:11):
We're both trying to interview baby Face some crazy shit,
and then we kind of fell out.

Speaker 2 (09:15):
And then this thing that really blocked me on Twitter,
like he was like blocking me like this, like yo,
And I was like, ya, I got beef.

Speaker 1 (09:21):
For Rob Martin, like I like, I like dude, like so,
but I accept my fault in that ship.

Speaker 2 (09:26):
So ho Bin's funeral we pulled up and I had
I had a feeling like me and I was like,
if I see Rob Martin, I'm just squatching that ship.
Fuck it like it's not I know Hobin would want
us to be one hundred with each other, you know.
So and then Rob, to his credit, he came to
me first, so we squashed it. So when that shit happened,
I'm like, Yo, I don't want to go back to

having no beef with this thing. Like That's why we
called and talked it out. So solute, rond.

Speaker 4 (09:51):
But let me ask you, and this is over all honesty, elliot,
you ever think that you're too competitive?

Speaker 1 (09:56):

Speaker 2 (09:57):
Absolutely, Like Yo, Sway is the most beloved figure in
him hot, Yes, so for me to step on this
moment which Rob said was wrong.

Speaker 1 (10:12):
I agree.

Speaker 2 (10:13):
Okay, So who says the right to say I'm the
right to say that I'm the fucking goalt. Nobody was
branding themselves as that ship before me, nor you know,
we come from everywhere. It's like radio and press, but
everybody's media now, everybody's.

Speaker 4 (10:27):
Who's the artist that I've said that swear was to go?
And you commented on it? Who's the artist that that swear?

Speaker 1 (10:33):
Little baby?

Speaker 2 (10:34):
And okay, but they would say that because they was like, yo,
he's a good guy. Fucking him that he's cool, Like
he respects us, so we show love to him. So
I'm not gonna be the most beloved.

Speaker 4 (10:45):
Comput that to jay Z called himself the goat and
then and then l L invented himself as the goal and.

Speaker 1 (10:51):
Who is wrong? Like who was wrong?

Speaker 4 (10:53):
Like I can't say jay Z is not the goat
and I can't say we love home that's our friend.

Speaker 1 (11:00):
Yes, but I was.

Speaker 2 (11:00):
I was actually but I have the same jame with
forty birthday as old who j So the movie that's
part of my whole ship. Like I feel like I'm
the gold I'm just gonna try to prove it to you,
like I'm just focused on that, like it's important to me.

Speaker 4 (11:10):
But Ellie, let me just tell you something why in
in case you don't know, this is drink Champs about
giving people their flowers, and this is a this is
a mini version of it. But let me just tell
you something. What you did for hip hop. You're passionate
for hip hop, and how you pursued it, and how
you would go and get interviews in people's hoods.

Speaker 1 (11:26):
You would do, you would do whatever you had. Trust me,
trust me.

Speaker 4 (11:30):
Let me just tell you something we recognize, we know.
Don't nobody want to compete with you.

Speaker 1 (11:35):
We want to eat with you. A lot of people
want to eat with you. But what it is is,
I feel like I feel like no, I just want
to be honest.

Speaker 4 (11:42):
I feel like as soon as we get a little
close to the rim, you'd be like blocking off shot
and be like, yo, you the ball?

Speaker 1 (11:50):
You think I go too crazy with it? How you feel?

Speaker 7 (11:52):
You feel like you're real petty. I'm not mad at you,
but you're real petty. You're no Caption posts are.

Speaker 1 (12:02):
The things I've ever seen. But but one thing for sure,
thing for certain we know you for the culture, we
know you're a getting you.

Speaker 2 (12:17):
This is why I don't get credit for him. It's
like your niggers be doing this fucking five hour interview.
God bless y'all. I hear about e fn ice Cube,
him and Yale. I literally ripped. I'm not in your
social media team, nigga. I rip like this segment that
I think is the hottest segment of the fucking interview.
I put the ship up. You get engagement, nigga. I'm

doing your love. That's why I do. Nobody else, nobody
else's content that way. So competitive as I am, I
still acknowledge, like if Yo, you had to shot, nobody
does it like that, and you're correct and give me.

Speaker 1 (12:58):
And it never will. That's right. That's what in fact,
I think World Star bid off of you. I think
you did that first and the World Star.

Speaker 2 (13:07):
Oh social media strategy and style. Now I saw the
whole social media strategy style with that ship, like nobody
was doing it at the time.

Speaker 1 (13:16):
So that's right, So hold on.

Speaker 8 (13:19):
You know what I got to witness though, I got
to witness Elliott Wilson and Eddie the Asked Eater have
an asked eating conversation like ten minutes when this happening.

Speaker 1 (13:29):
I never thought. I never thought in my life I
would hear this behind me. I like it. I like it.
I did I like it. Oh my god, I wasn't ready.
You're supposed to text me this next question that was
I was not ready. I was not ready. But so
that's pre marriage. That's the way. But let me ask you,

Let me ask you.

Speaker 4 (13:51):
This is real tal yes, sir, and I want you
to be honest, as honest as you could be because
I felt this way too, but obviously you might have
felt this way way before me. The fact that everybody
has a computer set.

Speaker 1 (14:09):
A mic and a speaker.

Speaker 4 (14:12):
Everyone thinks that they can now be a journalist or
part of media or even a phone.

Speaker 1 (14:18):
Yeah. Now, some of these guys are worthy.

Speaker 4 (14:21):
Some of these guys are funny, some of these guys
are like, way okay. But then some of these guys
just look at what another person is doing and say,
I'm a mimic fact, and everyone kind of feels like,
that's why I hate being on social media, because at
that time, we're all on the same level. It doesn't
matter how much I am or how less I am
or whatever, whatever, did you ever think that the media

game would be this.

Speaker 1 (14:48):
Warded down? Man? I do. It was not warded down,
but so active.

Speaker 2 (14:53):
Like then it makes sense, Like we was talking about
little bit last night, I was like, it would make
sense that someone like yourself that like MVP in the game,
like you see Charles Barkley, he made a transition, right,
So you have a whole generation doesn't even know Charles,
like a cannibal player want championships.

Speaker 1 (15:11):
So my thing is like, you don't make that segue.

Speaker 2 (15:13):
It makes sense that you come from the culture and
like you was staying it and become commentators on the culture.
But you know, I didn't see that. And also I
didn't think that media would be looked at as like
a cool thing. It wasn't cool, But I was a
nigga trying to lead that that is cool. People brought
into the Wyan persona. This guy's crazy, he's battling the source.
Like they connected to that thing that made it somewhat cool.

If you're riding with us it was against them, you're
connected to that. So that's what bugs me out is that,
like it's cool. And then the other thing I said
to you yesterday too, it's like no Ye but Joe
Budden Fact, Joe Jilly the motherfucking kid. Yes, you always
no disrespect. Muckle has you almost like the wild live

wire dude. So for y'all are like, figure it out
and be whatever it is.

Speaker 1 (15:59):
I never saw that coming. Love to all y'all. You
know you know what's crazy.

Speaker 4 (16:04):
But I always always, I always knew I was more
than an artist because I always remembered I would never
want to be late.

Speaker 1 (16:11):
Yeah, and when I never was late, I remember a
friend of mine, his name is Rob Love Shout.

Speaker 4 (16:17):
Rob used to say, you're not an artist, and I
used to be like what he used to be, like,
no artist comes on time. And another person who reiterated
that was my friend Shampoo, so big of a shampoo.

Speaker 1 (16:30):
I think he's around here somewhere. And I knew I was.
I was destined to do something else. Now was was
it media?

Speaker 6 (16:35):

Speaker 1 (16:35):
No way?

Speaker 4 (16:36):
Now we just hung out with uh Cipher Styles and Rosenberg.
The ciber size in Rosenberg is credited the first first
hip hop part. They absolutely were And what do you
feel about that? Because they were. They're lucky that both
of them, that both of them. Sipher has a luxurious

career out, just on on to first guess, get the.

Speaker 1 (17:01):
Out of here.

Speaker 2 (17:07):
I recognize people when they like I was like, Yo,
what y'all doing is cool? I want to be a
guest on the ship. No, I guess I did it.
It was the first guest on one scene. Clue to them.
That's my point is, like, I guess my whole thing
when you look at me, I'm the most competitive, and
I guess sometimes I do go too far. But at
the same time, nobody gives as many love and as

sister as I do too. Yeah, that's a fashion.

Speaker 1 (17:30):
Yeah I'm not. I'm not.

Speaker 2 (17:33):
I'm not like, take your shine away, Like that's a
great moment you you and yo talking about motherfucker.

Speaker 1 (17:42):
That ship is legendary. So that dessert.

Speaker 2 (17:44):
I'm a rat fan. I want to see that on
my time. So that's why I rip that ship because
that's what's in the culture, you know what I mean.
So my thing is I'm always challenging the status quo.

Speaker 1 (17:54):
But I always like, at the.

Speaker 2 (17:55):
End of the day, I'm always gonna play the game
the right way. I'm not gonna play in a fout way.
I'm always gonna credit you know, situation, Like, so do
you think there's.

Speaker 3 (18:03):
A lack of Okay, hold on, do you think there's
a lack of passion and hip hop journalists?

Speaker 4 (18:06):
Absolutely? Absolutely, some people are doing it just like normally
has a passion.

Speaker 2 (18:11):
That's like, that's what I said again going back to
my live why guys know everybody the thing why they
win is they have the passion. Nobody was like Joe
Budden's really gonna be this dedicated to do what he does.
Nobody was like, noriy is gonna be this dedicated to
what he does? I said, as I'm like, yill know
how you still stay motivated? Like what what gets you
right to get?

Speaker 1 (18:30):
Like you? Why do you care why you're so motivated?
Like who'll took it.

Speaker 6 (18:33):
Back on me?

Speaker 2 (18:33):
United's like Elliot's time to talk to you again because
in his mind, he's building content all the time in
his mind.

Speaker 1 (18:39):
So that's that dedication. I respect it.

Speaker 4 (18:41):
And by the way, like I said yesterday, and I
didn't realize it was live yesterday, but you know it
was at one point we were just you know, go
on Twitter back and forth, just doing what competitors, competitors
do and b dot dot said, and I will always
give him the credit for this and that I said
the differ between us as we're really fans, And that

was the one quote. It wasn't disrespectful at all. He
didn't curse, he didn't say fuck you, he didn't say.

Speaker 1 (19:08):
Fuck my mother. He just he just said, you're really
a fan.

Speaker 4 (19:11):
And I sat back and I was like, that shit
hit me so hard because it's like, how the fuck
can I really be a fan of DMX when I
want his number one spot?

Speaker 6 (19:19):
How can I?

Speaker 1 (19:22):
How can I be a fan?

Speaker 4 (19:23):
So I'm thinking about it and I'm like, damn, that
was so true. So instead of me actually you know,
you know, rebutterant or whatever, what I did was, you
know what, I threw away my artistry. I was like,
you know what, fuck it, I'm going now. I'm gonna
now reintroduce myself. My name is fan, you know, like

you know what I'm saying. I went and I went
back and I listened to ill Matic. I went back
and I listened to the biggies because I was like,
you know what, I wanted to do that and that
shit made me better.

Speaker 6 (19:56):
Like and even even even like we.

Speaker 1 (19:59):
Had this funny joke, I always wanted to ask you
about this. The Elliott Wilson train like what we was
doing CBS hilarious And what happened was how did that start?
Even how it really started? How did that really start?

Speaker 5 (20:11):

Speaker 3 (20:12):
We was We was at at a spot that had
a train track next to it, and every time we
had a good moment in the pod, trained were being
competitive and CBS with each other, and then we would
be like Elliott Wilson sab yo.

Speaker 1 (20:29):
It was so fun.

Speaker 4 (20:30):
But by the way, the fans loved that. By the way,
to me, I believe me, you E F N and
B that we we built what is podcasting now? Of
course with Joe Budd. Of course with Joe Budd, we
built it. I believe the people that kind of started
it was Simon Siles Roseenberg comback Jack can't forget taxed

one even though he has tea I see was the
first one the internet radio Yes rappers, so he's going
with this.

Speaker 1 (20:59):
He's saying that somebody rap Radar and drink.

Speaker 4 (21:01):
Champ every what happened podcast it was we started, we
started making the algorithms changed because he started to say listen.
Even though we were competitive against each other, but it
was like competitive, what's guests that you'll.

Speaker 1 (21:15):
Have Boom boom boom, and then that was that one year.
I believe you had Drake and then Jay back to
back and we was like, fuck it was.

Speaker 3 (21:22):
It was a pond wars that I was like, that
happened running. It was like rap battles. It was fun
for the audience and it made them engage.

Speaker 1 (21:31):
More with us. You know how mad I was that
that fucking Kanye ship.

Speaker 4 (21:37):
Ship because I said it on Home Complex, we gotta
say it on our own ship. Let me tell you something.
I searched for where the fuck they did jay Z's
and I just was like yo.

Speaker 1 (21:48):
I was like yo, So I searched, I'm searching, and
then I've become a member of Mallible right, so Mallible.
Actually I actually rented a house just to be a
member of Mallible House because anybodyho was brought of Soul House,
you know, you could do the oil house, or you
could do the local house, or you do whatever. I
did the all house.

Speaker 4 (22:07):
But then I realized when I came to Malleable one time,
they was like you can't get it in, motherfucker. And
I was like, so I rented the house and I
ran here and I ran when they said that I'm accepted.

Speaker 1 (22:17):
I ran. I went to orientation.

Speaker 4 (22:19):
I'm walking around doing all this dumb ship and when
they walked me into this room, I'm with nothing but
white people in one black people with dress.

Speaker 1 (22:28):
He looks like he paints or something. I don't know.
And we stood there and I looked into this room.
I said, motherfly.

Speaker 6 (22:39):
Orientation, and I'm like, holy shit.

Speaker 1 (22:42):
But that's that's what's crazy. And this is something. Let
me just ask you this.

Speaker 4 (22:46):
This was crazy one that was remarkable because it made
it seem like it was JYZ crib. But to what
made y'all fucking do the interview in black and white?

Speaker 1 (22:56):
The whole era?

Speaker 2 (22:56):
I was doing everything black and white because we had
the CBS Radio era. Okay, so with title, I was like,
yo's gotta kind of a reburn. So I wanted everything
to be black and white. So remember we did y'all
black and white like one.

Speaker 1 (23:07):
Of the first ones.

Speaker 2 (23:08):
We did you in the f N We did that
like it was the fourth episode. So Will Smith changed
that ship because beat Out was like, Yo, we did
it hungry. Will Smith had rented out the hotel. The
ship looked fly as fuck the past Hungry it's already
black and white. What so beat Out was like, Yo,

we gotta do this in color, and then we were
right back to color. But before the every episode was
black and white. Because of that, that's why it was
I wanted to be like classic.

Speaker 1 (23:36):
But do you still own that episode? Yeah? Absolutely? So
could you drop that episode in color? Oh wow? I
could look at its animal? No, No, you know, let

me just tell you something. Bust and ROMs and my
friend and I always tell them just because.

Speaker 4 (24:02):
I'm telling you this, I'm explained to that. So because
you're my friend doesn't take away from me being your fan.

Speaker 1 (24:09):
You know what I'm saying. I'm saying so yeah, and
I'm just saying that that would be crazy. I'm getting
you know what I'm saying about the Malibu. So the
maliboun ship was like.

Speaker 2 (24:20):
Damn, we had a couple like you know, yeah, it's
like you're going to get the big interview, Okay.

Speaker 1 (24:24):
So he finally agreed, finally agreed. Okay.

Speaker 2 (24:25):
So then it's like okay, and I'm still living New York.
He's like, well, come to Cali or whatever. So I
told you that we're not hitting until we land because
you know Castle chased the mind like, so, I'm like,
he gave us to go. I'm titled with the time
Boom Boom, so I'm like, we get into playing boom.

Speaker 1 (24:43):
We land.

Speaker 2 (24:44):
As soon as we landed, I was like, okay, we
where are we doing this? You know, ho what we're doing?

Speaker 1 (24:48):
Like he's like.

Speaker 2 (24:49):
That was back and forth, and then he said the
SO House and I thought it was the Hollywood Joint.
It was the main one in Hollywood. Then it's like Malibu.

Speaker 1 (24:57):
I'm like, oh, ship, we got to get to the so.
We got there and that's that's how it went down.

Speaker 2 (25:01):
But the funny thing that happened was it was set
up with all the food that was geeked out because
he was coming.

Speaker 1 (25:07):
And I wanted the whole thing of like the whole.

Speaker 2 (25:11):
I wanted the window to kind of be open so
you can hear the sea breeze type vibe of it.

Speaker 1 (25:15):
And they was like that's gonna fuck up with the sound.
Up the sound.

Speaker 2 (25:18):
But then once Jay sat down, they all fanboyd outs.
They got closer the door and up and running.

Speaker 1 (25:24):
So that was the COO.

Speaker 2 (25:26):
That's why we didn't touch the food. It was just like, yo,
let's get to the if only have them. We really
didn't eat none of that food. It was so the
whole time.

Speaker 1 (25:35):
You know what's crazy.

Speaker 4 (25:36):
When me and Ben first started, y'all was our blueprints.
So if I don't know, if you remember our first
couple of episodes, we were standing in front of the
CBS Sun were doing the.

Speaker 6 (25:46):
Same exact thing.

Speaker 1 (25:49):
I remember.

Speaker 4 (25:51):
So we didn't know, like we just didn't know what
to do, and the CBS signed us. And then what
we did was like you said, let's just go, let's
just do what we wanted, and that was to give
people their flowers. And I want to give you know,
people that that's forgotten about because like we just did
an interview with Shade Rock mm hmm. That's the first

female artist ever invented, and she was she was there
standing across one scarlet, and to me, this was so.

Speaker 1 (26:28):
Because this is the.

Speaker 4 (26:30):
And then this is what the new, you know, And
I'm like in my mind, I'm like, this is what
the gods want, this is what the gods of hip
hop want.

Speaker 9 (26:41):
This ship and.

Speaker 1 (26:43):
Again, our coaches should be preserved so much. Our culture
should be uh, you know, it should be that, it
should be, it should be the new teaching the old.

Speaker 4 (26:55):
The problem is a lot of people don't want it.
So what was my man name from yesterday?

Speaker 3 (27:00):

Speaker 1 (27:01):
That you you had with you they were sitting in
here king my generation.

Speaker 2 (27:05):
Yeah, because what I knew him from Adam twenty first,
started with Adam twenty two.

Speaker 1 (27:10):
The only thing now our generation is something that you're doing,
you embracing new bloggers. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (27:16):
I never met the brothers, so yeah, absolutely, yeah, okay, absolutely, okay,
holy ship, holy ship.

Speaker 1 (27:22):
Man, I'm a nice guy who would have known.

Speaker 4 (27:27):
Let's break down the affiliation with you and Joe Budden, because.

Speaker 1 (27:33):
That's the right word.

Speaker 3 (27:35):
I don't know, is it I'm saying because something happened
where you because you're saying you're back outside and it.

Speaker 1 (27:40):
Was noticing complex ship. I don't know what it was. Yeah,
I don't know what it was. It seemed like you
just took a the media list that ship bothered you
went crazy. Yeah, a good Patty person takes that.

Speaker 6 (27:55):

Speaker 1 (27:56):
Now, Patty, I think it's like, y'all, y'all fucked up.
Lit then like let me remind y'all. But but his
what's crazy about that complex list? Said drink Champs.

Speaker 4 (28:06):
They never said that's yes, that way to me, Nori
is not as affluent influence you as drink Champs. Just
drink Champs. That makes it, you know what I mean?
I respect the list, don't get it twisted. I liked
it where I was at.

Speaker 1 (28:21):
It was cool. But I was like five or something
like that. It was five, and it was like, I
respect being ahead of Elliott. I just I'm just don't.
I'm not an influencer. I'm they had just influencer. I
felt like I had only fan TikTok on motherfucker on influences.

I'm influencing ship that was already out.

Speaker 6 (28:53):
I mean, if you fucking b.

Speaker 4 (28:55):
And me, motherfucker, Like, how am I influences? They was
the influencer and I'm just influencing.

Speaker 1 (29:00):
Yeah, but it was cool. I loved the complex.

Speaker 2 (29:02):
I'm not how do you feel when you know you
have one of those interviews you're about to drop.

Speaker 1 (29:05):
That on us and like we don't see it coming,
and how do you feel? Now? That's how I fund
about the Tony yo?

Speaker 2 (29:10):

Speaker 1 (29:12):
Yeah, I know it was dope, but no, you made
a good point last night. Ye you said, like everybody
did ya? Yo? Last like kid him this ship, let's
keep on. Yes, that's what's true. Sit with me. You're paying.
I believe it's five to ten K, but go ahead.

Speaker 2 (29:31):
Ain't the fact that Yale's outside doing so much press
shay yo, He's a good dude.

Speaker 1 (29:35):
Watched now watching him on Blade? How does noid make
that special? That's the bed? What what you do? I
think about it?

Speaker 4 (29:41):
Think about it is it's always sitting there watching and saying, oh,
he don't know what he got, she don't know what
she got, And I'm realizing that I'm looking at him
and I'm like, yo, one, I was in the locker
room with ya.

Speaker 1 (29:58):
Yo. That's the difference. That's a difference between.

Speaker 4 (30:01):
Me being a journalist, me me saying you know what,
but not only that if you don't really realize. I
had just had a clip where I was like, yo,
fifty and Nelly.

Speaker 1 (30:11):
I put both of y'all on. Nelly used to be
with me, keep going, you want to pop it out one,
you better know how to pop it. I can't do it, Okay, cool,
So hold on, this one's still open, this one still
turn to give me a sorry? Yeah yeah yeah yeah,
come on so.

Speaker 6 (30:27):
Yeah yeah.

Speaker 4 (30:29):
So when I said that, I said to Nelly, because
you know, Nell used to hang out in Penalcy Records,
and then fifty I was the first person to do
a feature with fifty two times, sir. So then I
said that I was just playing around and I saw
the comments and I saw that Everybody's like, Yo, that's
so dope, and I was like, you know what, it's yeah,

Yo's time, It's the loyal Person's time, It's gum Places times,
It's Memphis Bleak's time, Jim Jones time.

Speaker 1 (31:01):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 4 (31:02):
It's it's Jungle's time, It's Emery's time, it's Tata's time.

Speaker 1 (31:08):
You know what I mean. It's only people that were
standing next to the man that's the man, that's that
man now that people don't know about you understand what
I'm saying.

Speaker 4 (31:16):
And I thought about that because a lot of people
don't understand, which is crazy. Copone was on before me,
Faith Newman. Compone was signed to Faith Newman. So in
all actuality, I'm not the front man of seeing that.
I'm actually the Jim Jones is seeing it.

Speaker 1 (31:35):
I'm actually I'm actually the Tony Yale.

Speaker 6 (31:39):
I'm seeing it.

Speaker 1 (31:41):
I just I took the motherfucking fifty cent C.

Speaker 2 (31:45):
But I started the hottest, the hottest ship. I don't
feel know, remember tell me what you did the solo record. Yes,
they put out a snippet that.

Speaker 1 (31:53):
Had like that records. No, no, no, I can't let
you take that away from the big that was that
snipper ship. Yes on tape. I got it.

Speaker 2 (32:06):
Everybody that was ever fronting up, you know, the whole
thing was like seeing that we got my deep.

Speaker 1 (32:11):
They sounds like that's right, ye, yes, I love that.
I'm gonna keep it on you. So then Noid steps out,
you know, sadly had to do what I do.

Speaker 2 (32:22):
Noid steps out, and it's just like, oh, y'all Nory
fans all of a sudden, like everybody likes what's that?

Speaker 1 (32:28):
Even the like, oh no, he's amazing. Wait word, that's
what it was like. He wouldn't give it a cover neither,
but that but that snippet, that snippet though with the
I don't.

Speaker 4 (32:39):
Know if you remember that snippet I love my life.
It was not singing that hook.

Speaker 1 (32:44):
It wasn't that vinyl with have that vinyl yeah, white label,
So you was that? You was that? But how did
that feel? He was the hardestiger right there instill in
the game.

Speaker 2 (32:58):
He was with it.

Speaker 1 (32:59):
Yeah, it wasn't instantly. What I did was.

Speaker 4 (33:05):
I kind of realized the world was leaving New York City.
I knew it because I went down South and juvenile
them had already had their own movement, clips in them
kind of had their own movement. This is after the
Capon and this is me going seven kind of because

I made I made the album in ninety seven, so
this is.

Speaker 1 (33:31):
And I kind of knew. So when I kind of
knew that other areas that having their moments we connected
in ninety seven. He's so invested in our relationship. So
I made I made the album actually in Miami. Oh,
I didn't know that. I made half of the album, most.

Speaker 4 (33:49):
Of the album and the other half with track mastertone
Ton and Poke and Steve Stout. You don't get enough
credit for the NRI album Jungle, you know what I mean?
They all bung me. Half of the album I did
the Miami and the other half I did in Bensville.
So I didn't But when I went to the clubs
in Miami, what I would understand was they would be

like this, and I was like, so in phar Real,
this is the funniest shit in the world. I connect for.
I got the tight shirt on everybody is working for
I don't remember, but it wasn't it wasn't gangster color.

Speaker 1 (34:26):
Whatever it was.

Speaker 4 (34:27):
It was, and he had a tight shirt and he
said to me. I listened to two beats, and he said,
listen to this third beat. And I remember exactly. He's like,
don't listen to this third beat till you get to Miami.
And I had a walking on this was CD shit,
and I listened to the first beat. I listened to
the second beating. I was so curious for the third beat.
I landed, went to the k Hotel whatever whatever. The
Kent Hotel still is opened, the most fastiest hotel. I'm

just stayed there just to humble myself. Yeah yeah, I'm
gonna stay there, not even go in the room. I'm
just going to the bar and just leave, you know
what I'm saying, Just to humble myself. Anyway, I wrote
the whole but as soon as I heard that ship,
I wrote that ship. I came back and when I
realized that this was a South beat, no matter how
New York I rhymed on it, it was so this
won that was my first record that resonated in the South,

Like I was number one in New York, but I
was number one in the South at the same time,
and I was really number one in the Bay Area.
The only place I wasn't number one was LA And
I always attributed that to like, oh okay, maybe the
l A LA ship.

Speaker 1 (35:26):
So I spent so much time in LA at that
time trying to do it. And that's where I formed
on my relationships. But let's get back to you journalism.

Speaker 4 (35:43):
In the beginning, it was this mic system, right yo, listen,
I might I don't want to say in the beginning
like this the beginning of the hip hop saying in
the beginning for my version, like when the mic system happened.
I remember if you when you got four mics, you

immediately went gold. You're immediately went platinum.

Speaker 1 (36:06):
Was that something that was left up to you or
that was something that was the staff?

Speaker 2 (36:10):
Mean they told me that, uh, you have to like
get the advanced concess because that's the whole thing. Press
would send the advanced cancets they dub it. You make
cassetts for everybody on staff, and then we're gonna have
a big meeting and discuss it. So I remember it
was earlier in the year. It was like April or so.
It was like so the it wasn't being released. It
was like Warren g and like some other releases that

nobody cared about.

Speaker 1 (36:32):
So I called the meeting.

Speaker 2 (36:33):
Nobody shows up to the meeting the music you're saying,
because it wasn't like party comes out with his out
and everybody cares. When this was told me that I'm
after Mike meeting with the people. So I gave them records.
I dubbed the cassette for everybody.

Speaker 4 (36:52):
I give them the part I'm not understand that was
the mic system already in play or.

Speaker 2 (36:57):
This is I was okay, said it has to go
through a process to get to what you think it
should be, which is involving everybody involved. So when I
reached out to everybody and then receptive, I'm like, I'm
just gonna do.

Speaker 1 (37:09):
What I want. And then I get someone hides it.

Speaker 2 (37:12):
The Times terran chief and they made the publisher. So
if they agree, that's what's gonna be. So every time,
you know, I'll bring it to them.

Speaker 1 (37:19):
And that's what it was. But I didn't do the
whole like big meeting and like it was like I cared.

Speaker 2 (37:25):
About it so much. I was like, yo, you have
to trust it. That's my opinion. Now what you remember?
I remember the funny thing with you was like so
seeing that comes in again the ship is hard. But
then like certain records didn't make the album, like because
samples and ship with no odds the joint so bad.

Speaker 1 (37:44):
We wanted four and a half at least so bad,
like I fought for four whether y'all three and a half? Now?

Speaker 2 (37:54):
Then Toppy boy ran up with the four mics in
the thing and like no he remember, know you you
push the album back?

Speaker 1 (38:00):
Know what happened?

Speaker 3 (38:01):
Was that?

Speaker 1 (38:02):
Because' right?

Speaker 4 (38:04):
But what happened was we sampled closer sam see Steve record,
and then they wouldn't clear it. And then we put
the album out and the album actually did good and
the people that we sampled from stam Steed called back.
It was like we shut you down. Wow, wow, yeah
we and even you gotta remember we had I don't

remember if this is in the review, but we have
oh no music make the We couldn't only not clear nas,
but we couldn't clear the samples because the.

Speaker 1 (38:44):
Yeah, and so that's the.

Speaker 4 (38:45):
Reason why God blessed us to sound so crazy for you.

Speaker 1 (38:48):
Remember that it was mad though, because you wasn't you
wasn't known enough yet. It was early.

Speaker 2 (38:54):
This is Carris One, still carre Us one. So I
gave him leave review. He gave him free and a
half mike.

Speaker 1 (39:00):
They was mad.

Speaker 2 (39:01):
And then right after that seeing that four mics, that's
what that's why people was mad.

Speaker 1 (39:05):
It was just like, oh, I call a lot of
heat for that.

Speaker 2 (39:08):
If let me ask you this and be honest, is
you can't you know why you he asking me to
be honest honest?

Speaker 3 (39:18):
Did you ever feel that you had regional bias when
you were when you're reviewing some of the music that
was from New York.

Speaker 2 (39:25):
No, I had to change that though, let me tell
you because the humbly I realized that I love New York,
but New York ain't ship.

Speaker 1 (39:31):
So he's here's where the magic happened. I mean, that's crazy,
but I met. Yeah, I'm the ultimate New York nigga.
I can't even drive little clip.

Speaker 2 (39:50):
I'm New York for life. I'm in New York to
my core. So wherever I live, I'm New Yorker. Let
it be a problem, which different. So, but my point is,
I remember in benis New York doesn't show up the
way that New York is a a as a loud voice.
But it's a smaller thing and the world is very big.
You get caught up in that. So sometimes I got

it right. Since I got it wrong dip Set with
Jim Jones, he was mad at me for a long time.
We good now shout out to Poppo because I didn't
think dip Set was like a national thing.

Speaker 1 (40:20):
I thought it was a New York thing. I was wrong.

Speaker 2 (40:23):
I didn't realize they wearing the jeans and the belts
and so it was international at the time.

Speaker 1 (40:29):
But I didn't see it at that time, and I
got it wrong.

Speaker 2 (40:31):
I remember doing a cover where it's like, I'm gonna
do a Jadakiss cover in Nelly, so Jadakiss He's on
the cover of ten markets really from Maine down to Florida,
all the East coast markets, and then I'm going to
get Nelly across Midwest to the West, and that would
sell and I would see the power if and I
would know, okay, cool, like that's what it is like.

You can't get so caught up in that side of
the globe, that Eastern run of Like, so.

Speaker 1 (40:57):
You said you can read the algorithms, he read his algorithm.

Speaker 3 (41:06):
Because you're discovering the power of these artists in terms
of what it means numbers wise, like business numbers whatever,
or we create so music musical tastes.

Speaker 1 (41:15):
You might have said, you might have discovered that and
still not thought the music was no. But it's kind
of like what Noori is saying earlier. We were proud
of New Yorkers.

Speaker 2 (41:22):
We created this whole ship, don't get it fucked up
fifty But at the same time, it's not us to
possess forever.

Speaker 1 (41:30):
He sort of transchanging. That's how he started to move.

Speaker 2 (41:33):
In a different way, which was the lineage even for
drink Chance to be here now absolutely that's the adaption.
I'm like, yo, if this guy Nelly, like, it doesn't
matter if New York doesn't think he's hip hop enough
and he's not the.

Speaker 1 (41:44):
Cooler like no Midwest and West. It's like there's a
whole other world. Acknowledge that I used to hang with.

Speaker 4 (41:51):
Nelly when him and Cooler Love just trying to get
a deal that penalty records. I should just hang with
Nelly's just be around Nelly when it was not cool
to be around fifty cent. I used to be around
fifty cent when it was not cool to mess with
cash money.

Speaker 1 (42:03):
I was with cash. It's not cool to even know
who loulu Wayne was.

Speaker 4 (42:07):
I was with lu Wayne because I was traveling to
these markets and I was realizing these markets had something.

Speaker 1 (42:13):
And it wasn't that I wasn't proud to be from
New York, but I was just still proud to say,
let me introduce this to my markets. And now we're
looking at the.

Speaker 4 (42:22):
Same way I looked at Reggaeto and when I saw
reggae Tho, I was like yo. I was like, yo,
this ship is going to pop because there's nothing like
I'm so sorry. I'm married and my wife is right
over there.

Speaker 1 (42:33):
You know what I'm saying. But there's nothing like a
Latin our woman just grinding and you're just looking at her. WHOA,
You're gonna like him? You gonna like that's right, that's right.

Speaker 4 (42:46):
Did I don't have apologize my bad so, but when
I'm saying, okay, I'll pop another one, you don't. You
got no faith in you? But but yeah, So it
was like that and and The thing is, man, our
coach is so beautiful, man, when you really think.

Speaker 1 (43:03):
About it, Man, I love it. Competitive man, So tell
us about this Rock Nation brunch.

Speaker 2 (43:12):
Yo, beat having chests out that ship wear. His last
window was dope because we we got working after that.
So it's like like todd the Creator, like I need
ten years ago. Yes, and I've been trying to talk
to him for ten years the Creator.

Speaker 1 (43:30):
Man, Yo, he'd be ill drink. Yeah, we got like
the greatest relationship. Like it's weird, and it's like.

Speaker 2 (43:46):
He's a great kids, he's a great kill So wherever
you what happened wasn't that brunch, Like I have my
history with him. It was the first time at the brunch,
but you know he's a little socially awkward with these
are weird kids of that. So like I felt like
we was like protecting him, like fans are coming up
with like trying to grab me and beat out, and

did him even beat out? Like talked for like forty
minutes to have a great conversation, Like you know, all
of a sudden.

Speaker 1 (44:11):
It was time to do a podcast. So it was up,
you know Toddler, Goddamn, I gotta go now on somebody. Okay, alright,
cool That shoot shooter shooler, come on.

Speaker 2 (44:24):
The brush was great for us because that helped us
bond with Tyler to get that interview babyface to him
and his wonderful.

Speaker 1 (44:35):
It's Girl weekend, his camp that does his ship kicked
it with him.

Speaker 2 (44:38):
So I feel like that was a major networking thing
that led to that good podcasts after that.

Speaker 1 (44:42):
Shout out to them, run God damn, shout to the
rock Nations.

Speaker 6 (44:45):

Speaker 1 (44:46):
But nobody got more as than Norri. How did you
do that? No, ain't because nobody got more say something.
I love that, But let me just say something to
the cameras because nobody drink more ace. And that's the fact.

Speaker 4 (45:00):
By the way, let me just tell y'all something because
I was saying it earlier.

Speaker 1 (45:04):
What do we do earlier?

Speaker 4 (45:05):
I forget the monster fifty monster. Let me just tell
you something. If it's hip hop, if it's.

Speaker 1 (45:10):
A tril Burger, I'm gonna find out where the trill
Burger is. I'm gonna hunt that down and I'm gonna
eat me a trail Burger.

Speaker 4 (45:18):
If it's motherfucking acuspade, this is hip hop, I know
the owner, I know the person that invented it. Why
would I ever? You don't drink any other champagne if
I'm a champagne drinker. If it's deli on, if it's
motherfucking what is that called?

Speaker 1 (45:34):
To killer?

Speaker 4 (45:34):
If it's to Killer, I ain't drinking nothing else but
motherfucking delion.

Speaker 1 (45:38):
And that's a fact. And if it's Conyak, as long
as Hove is involved, I ain't doing the And if
it's hand nas c.

Speaker 4 (45:48):
P nas see, you know I'm drinking every last ship
because if hip hop is involved, or.

Speaker 1 (45:57):
You forgot my Maauna, you gotta tell how much you
like the water.

Speaker 4 (46:00):
Yes, even my Mauana is and created by hip hop
in the top of kindle and bath water with people with.

Speaker 1 (46:07):
Seats stepping on it. I don't mind. I'm not gonna
personally drink it, but I'm gonna watch eat Fen drink it,
and I'm gonna support him as he does. Such if
it's finger licking and it's about chicken, I'm a supported.
I'm a supported. What else we got to hip hop?

Speaker 4 (46:25):
Come on, wingstop, I'm gonna support it, Bella, I'm gonna supported,
Bamboo Bomboo.

Speaker 1 (46:34):
I'm gonna support it because John Day.

Speaker 6 (46:40):

Speaker 4 (46:41):
Listen anything in hip hop, even Patty Lavelle Pies, even.

Speaker 1 (46:49):
Pancakes her breakfast. I'm supporting it. I'm doing it. This
is what we do.

Speaker 4 (46:55):
And if you hip hop and you're not doing that,
that's that's the problem with us is and especially this
is why I'm I'm gonna just relate it to a
bum Bee's Trio Burgers. If you have never had a
tril Burger, it's one of the best burgers on the planet,
if not the on the planet.

Speaker 1 (47:14):
So I'm not only telling you to.

Speaker 4 (47:15):
Support hip hop, but I'm telling you to support some
real GENI wind quality ship. When I tell you to
drink a spade, I'm not telling you to sport it
just because this is the best champagne on the motherfucking
planet to them, And.

Speaker 1 (47:28):
This is real talk.

Speaker 4 (47:29):
A lot of these products, most of these products that
I name is the best ship on the motherfucking planet.
And you know the owners or you know the co owners.
Why wouldn't you support that? Oh, ain't Sam Rocky's whiskey,
Boosy's Knyac his joint. Come on, bring limbs in, Mandy,
I cannow kick you out. I'm sorry, Come on, bringing

limbs in just suspect me pull.

Speaker 1 (48:05):
Yeah yeah, yes.

Speaker 4 (48:12):
So so let me let me first off, congratulate you, bro.
I've been to say that to you earlier. The first
time I see uh Paul Rosenberg come back outside.

Speaker 1 (48:27):
Yeah, my god. And what's great about that is you
know he's really really rich. He doesn't So if you can,
if you want, let me get some of that. Let
me get some of that. Today's a little while to day,
like it is there more than that? So how does

this how does this process happen? Who calls you? But
he has a history he can tell you, but he
has the history with the told you had stretched arm strong.

Speaker 10 (48:59):
And so look back in the days when I was
battling during the fight club ship Riggs. I was fucking
with Rigs Morales Yeah yeah, fast.

Speaker 5 (49:12):
To take me up to Shady every week, and was like, yo,
them killing everybody with the battleship. We love your music,
and Shade even want to start developing you as an artist.

Speaker 6 (49:22):
What the jail?

Speaker 5 (49:24):
And then I came home and I was back on
my bullshit and they just stopped returning my polls.

Speaker 6 (49:30):
I was like, damn, that was my shot up?

Speaker 1 (49:32):
What is that?

Speaker 6 (49:32):
This is like early two thousands. Yeah right when when
when yeah fifty just came just went Diamond. I remember
Riggs and the Diamond.

Speaker 4 (49:44):
You know, let me just say something I want to say.
I apologize, right because let me just tell you something.
Then Ben is booting for you, and I was like, man,
I was like, yo, like I need it.

Speaker 1 (49:54):
I need ten years.

Speaker 4 (49:56):
And then Pete Rock Croke posted you the other day
and then I looked and then I had to call
it and I.

Speaker 1 (50:01):
Was like I did not know. Yes, I did not.

Speaker 11 (50:09):
Continue, and yo, I just I just put my head
down and kept putting it hard work, saying like I
stopped all the bullshit like I said before the Master Ship,
I stopped drinking, I stopped doing drugs, and I just focused.

Speaker 6 (50:22):
On making this ship happen.

Speaker 5 (50:23):
And I started doing the album with Scram Jones during
the pandemic and uh.

Speaker 10 (50:30):
You know Scram is and they called with Paul and
Paul we played on the album and he was like, yo,
all I see what you want to do.

Speaker 6 (50:38):
I funk with this album. The ship is fire and
he was like, yo, give me a couple of months.

Speaker 1 (50:43):
I got you.

Speaker 6 (50:44):
And then he started Goliath.

Speaker 1 (50:46):
You know.

Speaker 6 (50:46):
Goliath was management it was like, Yo, we stopped.

Speaker 5 (50:49):
Yeah, yeah, we gonna start the Regulabel and you know
you're gonna be the first artist Goliath Virgil album.

Speaker 4 (50:58):
Deal because I was so happy when I read the article.
I'm sitting there reading and I'm like, obviously I'm my
old older I'm my older, older older nig So you know,
sometimes I don't that much. Ain't over you, no, but

you gotta realize why, Like I'm out of this world sometimes,
Like I really looked at this, Like one day, I'm
just sitting there talking to people that's randomly just talking
and that dame in the country and I was like,
I've been there, and I was like they didn't look
like I've been there.

Speaker 1 (51:35):
I was like I've been there.

Speaker 4 (51:36):
So like that shit just makes me older because I
actually around the world did all this ship, like you
know what I mean.

Speaker 1 (51:44):
So when I seen the.

Speaker 4 (51:47):
Posts and I've seen people saying, yo, he been doing
it for years, and then today I'm seeing Rosenberg and
Rosen was breaking it down and I was sitting like, damn,
that's what's crazy about hip hop, Like I was saying
at that sets, and like when I went to that
Kit Cuddy, like I didn't know that there was a
whole nother version of hip hop.

Speaker 1 (52:07):
I thought you could only be tough. I think you
can only be.

Speaker 6 (52:13):
Like like like what they say alternative, yeah, alnative hips.

Speaker 5 (52:18):
So so.

Speaker 4 (52:21):
Just so you know, just to reiterate what I said earlier,
I was like stuck in hip hop purgatory. Now hip
hop purgatory it's real because it's.

Speaker 1 (52:29):
Either you get another hit or you you miss and
it's done for you, and it's done for you, and
then your legacy is done too, and your legacy is done.

Speaker 4 (52:38):
So you got to be like very careful. So I'm
I'm sitting around with the money I got and I'm
out on l A. An alchemist says to me, yo,
I want to want to do your favor, And I
was like, do me a favor.

Speaker 1 (52:49):
What did you want to do?

Speaker 4 (52:49):
He's like, I want you to come out with me
tonight and I want you to go to this Kid
Cuddy show. So I was like, I bet.

Speaker 1 (52:57):
And the minute I walked in this Kid Cutty show.

Speaker 4 (53:00):
They were like, you the god you fucking and I
was like and they always they didn't say I was
the guard because of me.

Speaker 1 (53:06):
They were saying, you put on for brow.

Speaker 4 (53:09):
The first time we see it, I was like, holy shit,
and for real had created this whole nother sauce.

Speaker 1 (53:15):
In between him and Kanye. And I did not know
like I was good in that neighborhood. I was just
likely ship.

Speaker 4 (53:24):
So what is the time in the hip hop that
you have discovered that there's five different hip hops?

Speaker 5 (53:31):
Right when I came out of jail, net Ro hit
me up, Wow, Underground, under ground.

Speaker 6 (53:38):
So before he hit me up, I didn't know him
from a hole in the wall. He seen me on
like my Space son.

Speaker 5 (53:43):
I was like, y'all want to take me on toward
me and sign my labor just off of like the
songs he heard from me from seeing it the crap.
Every show he had was packed. Every show a naked
bitch came out. Every show off the off the audience
would come out and get butt naked on sething like yo.
He let me know that you don't have to have

a show on the radio, be commercial, become a millionaire
in this game, really do your thing. So once I
seen that, I was like, I'm gonna keep going doing
what the funk I do and it's gonna stick. Whether
it's major or independent, it's just I'm gonna I'm gonna
do my own thing.

Speaker 3 (54:17):

Speaker 6 (54:18):
Nobody else said, fu your life if you don't like it.

Speaker 3 (54:24):
I tell you what I think was important and what
I saw when I just started seeing all your stuff.
And this is what I think is dope about hip
hop is authenticity will always win. You gotta trust it, though,
because too much in this entertainment business, you don't want
to be authentic.

Speaker 1 (54:39):
Chasing chasing. You want to get on hip hop.

Speaker 3 (54:43):
If you ahead, you always know authenticity is gonna win,
and and it shines through like when you and I
saw that and everything he was doing man.

Speaker 5 (54:52):
E FN manf I just met him today and when
we when I met him and felt like we were,
I'm sad.

Speaker 6 (55:02):
And he's just been showing wild love just started.

Speaker 4 (55:07):
Let me tell you something about e f N. Since
we all given each other flowers. He will not sell
out at all.

Speaker 5 (55:17):
I sell the up, I'm selling out, let the check
be back, I'm selling the fun.

Speaker 1 (55:30):
He liked the money, but he he does not like
the integrity. He does not like.

Speaker 2 (55:39):
Is how you fucked up though. Yeah, he made it rich,
but having to do it say he's never gonna do it.
And by the way that we made each other.

Speaker 6 (55:47):
When at first it is like this first time, I
was just always just a ship on this one.

Speaker 1 (55:53):
What is he doing sitting.

Speaker 4 (55:57):
Him back disperspect I'm gonna be honest. I you ain't
hear it earlier, but let me just tell you something.
Elliott is a goat when when it comes to journalism.

Speaker 1 (56:08):
Absolutely, and I'm not I'm saying he is a goal
to his face. You know a lot of people don't
want to.

Speaker 4 (56:13):
You know, sometimes a lot of people say your goat
behind your back or whatever I would say to your face.
You know what I mean, you are a goat, and
a lot of us was what was trail blazing, blazing.

Speaker 2 (56:24):
You know, Dream Chances, rap Radar, like the whole podcast,
we bought the spirit of like that and raise the.

Speaker 1 (56:30):
Level of I definitely believe that.

Speaker 4 (56:32):
By the way, I don't want to take up with
any other podcast everybody, respect.

Speaker 1 (56:36):
Because I don't. I don't mean that at all.

Speaker 4 (56:38):
But what I meant was in this climate, it was
like it was like when Jah Rule and d m
X was going at it. You know who benefited Death
Jam and at the time, at the time it was
like rap Radar and Drink Chaney.

Speaker 1 (56:54):
That was you know, at the time CBS. We were
both sides of the CBS, so it was like, but
we learned that and now what you're seeing now, what
you even.

Speaker 4 (57:03):
When you see God bless and I don't mean this
like that, but even when you see Gilly and Joe
and them go at it and you see that ship
is just raising the level because every time they do
whatever it is.

Speaker 1 (57:15):
Is gonna go that one. I'm gonna tell you something.

Speaker 4 (57:19):
I'm gonna tell you something that's real, Joe. Butden exists
without me, and I was worth a game. Man that
was worth a game exists without rap radar. Rap Radar
exists without.

Speaker 1 (57:34):
No, no, no.

Speaker 4 (57:35):
What I'm saying is we don't actually do the same thing.
We don't do the same thing, like honestly, That's the
reason why I wanted to prove that by having Tony Yo,
because I've seen Tony Yo at.

Speaker 1 (57:49):
The Breakfast Club. Get your Tony.

Speaker 2 (58:04):
That was the cover shoot in the club. Yes, they
told me that magazine cover was the m J fifty.
They told that was in the club shoot. The shoe
pulled up, They're like, oh yes, yeah, yeah, that was
in no covering.

Speaker 1 (58:18):
It was the same video. Shoot, I know, I know
what I'm saying, let me need to finish it.

Speaker 4 (58:24):
So I'm saying this in all actuality, we're not in competition.
Like at the end of the day, I'm gonna be honest.
I'm gonna be honest. I'm not saying this because Elliott
is here and for artists coming there to have them
review their music. There's no better person to go up
to Elliott when it's about their music.

Speaker 1 (58:45):
Actually bought some some crazy and you get the yes.
I know how it is to be an artist.

Speaker 6 (58:53):
Story behind the story.

Speaker 1 (58:54):
The story behind the story.

Speaker 10 (58:56):
I'm gonna take it out of him that he can't
because he he's gonna take out of him that you can.

Speaker 1 (59:01):
Put a hardcourt interview.

Speaker 4 (59:03):
I'm gonna go to Elliott like for me, like when
that's comes time to tell my story, I'm gonna go
to go to Elliott because I understand that there is
a difference we would do. And the offriend told me
that a long time ago. He was like, stop sucking,
saying you're a journalist, Like damn wow. He was saying,
we're not journalists, bro. You guys as journalists. You guys

are documenting. We're not fact checking. We're just trying to
celebrate the guests culture. We're trying to have a party,
have fun. We're trying to recreate what he was doing
in the studio. We were doing backstage. He was drinking
and that's all he was trying to do. Real conversations.

Speaker 1 (59:48):
You're gonna get that ship and you're gonna get some funny.

Speaker 4 (59:52):
Different the whole thing, right. So, and that's really really
what it is. But man, now, how does it bill
grinding all these years? I'm finally getting this nice finally getting.

Speaker 1 (01:00:05):
This deal now validation? Yeah, because is you moving out
of coney Oh yeah, yeah, Okay, Okay, you know what's funny.

Speaker 6 (01:00:17):
I was Tembassi in Telfait of NBA Conel building. Right
behind me.

Speaker 5 (01:00:22):
He was like, yo, if I could do it all over,
I felt a big ass for it right in the hood.

Speaker 6 (01:00:27):
I was like, I'm in my mind outlide. I was
like me and me you were and my mind.

Speaker 1 (01:00:32):
I was like, not me out of here.

Speaker 5 (01:00:37):
You know what I'm saying, Like, Yo, it's just I
was tired of my whole family. When I'm over for christ, Yo,
you you're still rapping you when you're gonna be on
the radio when you comes too much.

Speaker 6 (01:00:50):
I ain't never gonna be on the radio. And now
I got little kids in fucking Oklahoma yelling out, fuck
your life, right.

Speaker 5 (01:01:00):
That ship is just validation. But to you, I wouldn't
be the artist I was. I got everything I got,
I got World Report.

Speaker 1 (01:01:09):
You know all Eve Melvin the Reunion.

Speaker 5 (01:01:11):
I know you're explained the cocker Spaniel line, all that
this stick of broom and your butts, how you.

Speaker 1 (01:01:20):
Got hand boom, yeah boom. That's my favorite Noory line.

Speaker 6 (01:01:25):
Hey yo, hey yo.

Speaker 1 (01:01:28):
Yo said, he is the one of the only.

Speaker 6 (01:01:33):
Rappers that could say some ship like that and niggas
still fuck.

Speaker 9 (01:01:37):
With That's.

Speaker 1 (01:01:41):
No no, I'm gonna be honest with you. You.

Speaker 4 (01:01:45):
One of my favorite artists was biz Marky. And when
biz Markey said, I tick a booget in my put
it on the basketball and he passed to you, I say,
it was outrageous, you love, It was outrageous. So I
knew I wasn't swarm enough to say. When I was twelve,
I went to help us nothing. I knew I wasn't
smart enough for that. So I was like, you know what,

let me dumb my ship down and let me speak
to the special education people that went to school with me.

Speaker 1 (01:02:12):
So because like I mean, I loved it. You know,
you don't understand how many special education teachers called me
after I won no award. We won no ward. When
I said your soil is a special education I was
in the resource room. Resource room teachers, special educations teachers
was like, yo, can I use this case? I guess
they don't have permission they think they So I was like, yeah,

so I just be I always wanted to do that,
a special TV band, froom TV. I purposely wanted to
go last. I mean, it was on your album and
that yeah, yeah, you know what, You're right, it was.
It was leaving that era though I was trying to

hold on to that era. I was trying to hold
onto that era.

Speaker 4 (01:03:03):
And I was like scared, like I'm and I said,
because I said, Hennessy straight shot a tomato.

Speaker 1 (01:03:12):
Juice, but it couldn't fit it, puks, it couldn't.

Speaker 6 (01:03:21):
But he said that he looked at me dead.

Speaker 4 (01:03:24):
Hennessy straight shot out tomato juice, and then Hennessy straight
shout out to me. So Hennessy straight with tomato juice
fit fit more. And I knew people always would never
understand sad me. But but same thing with Pharrell. When
I did what what that was a hook?

Speaker 3 (01:03:42):
That was?

Speaker 4 (01:03:42):
That was never And then Pharrell said, you know and
when I said I light a candle, run laps around
and in this channel, that was I got a cock SPANU.
Well at that time in Queens it was a gun.
So yeah, so like the cock Spion was the twenty two,
you know what I mean? A rock Waller was a
four Father was some dumb ship. I always wanted to

shock value. I always wanted to do women people go
ooh ooh, and I didn't care which way it was.

Speaker 1 (01:04:11):
And the more simplistic I made it. What I understood
is all of the War.

Speaker 4 (01:04:16):
Report never got played at the club, and that hurt me.
That hurt me the whole They got played in the hoods.
But got to remember when I got on stage, that
wasn't who I was t O n why and and
why if I didn't actually jump the t o and
why you went and jumped the teer?

Speaker 6 (01:04:33):
Yeah yeah, yeah, think about it.

Speaker 1 (01:04:35):
It's mad Low just trying to ship on me and
make history supposed but now if I home it this way,
but actually I just think about the rhythm of it,
and I realized I was like, Damn, this is great,
but it's not who I am. I wanted to touch.

Speaker 4 (01:04:58):
And God, blessed God. I don't know if I'm asking
you a question, but but then for real came in
and I'm just being honest with you. Like me and
him spoke the other day, but it was just like
like we were really like Batman and Robbing Beauty and
the Beast.

Speaker 1 (01:05:13):
Really, because.

Speaker 4 (01:05:16):
I'm definitely the Beast. I'm definitely the best. Yes, he
actually knew, and I remember his words to me.

Speaker 1 (01:05:26):
Swear to God.

Speaker 4 (01:05:27):
Remember he's like, no one listens to me, but the
person that does, it's going to go number one and
they's gonna.

Speaker 1 (01:05:31):
Listen to me right to the bank. He asked him.
The point they want to connect to his vision? Yet
about it? Right? No one will. So many he was
a ghost do something they didn't want it.

Speaker 2 (01:05:43):
Now he's a genius now, but like back then, yeah,
because he looked different.

Speaker 1 (01:05:50):
Different, he looked different. Definitely got the best person. It
was the first to kind of break him in that
and that's why he loves forever. I love you, and
you're crazy. Let me just tell you something. Let me
tell you something. This a couple of times. I just cried. Recently,
my man twin, his father just passed away. I went

to the funeral. I cried there.

Speaker 4 (01:06:12):
But when I seen the Louis vuitar thing, and by
the way, I just left Paris and I hit and
was like, yo, stay, And I did not.

Speaker 1 (01:06:20):
Know why he was telling me to stay. I just
went to the Mafy coast. I felt rich. I was like,
let me get the fuck out of here.

Speaker 4 (01:06:28):
But had he said, yo, I'm this is my Louis
vuitar because he, you know, for us, just so humble
no matter how much he gets. He was like say,
I want, I want to show you something. And I
had I knew what he was talking about. Wow, because
when I seen that, it wasn't that hole came out.
It wasn't that time of the case. It was it
was like, this is a guy that I actually see

and his was fucking crazy about this.

Speaker 1 (01:06:52):
My wife is out here. You can ask her. You
can ask your own.

Speaker 4 (01:06:58):

Speaker 1 (01:07:00):
You like like my shorts. It's just like my don't
you ever my shorts?

Speaker 6 (01:07:08):

Speaker 4 (01:07:08):
But you know what the crazy ship was Me and
my wife was doing off our tenth anniversary over. That's
why that's Wheely twinth anniversary over. You know who was
styling me Virgil, Wow, poor Louis Baton four Louis Bauton.

Speaker 1 (01:07:27):
So we went there and rich ship and you know,
I just sech ship. It is like man, my man,
Felix and that ship.

Speaker 4 (01:07:45):
What's crazy is like Virgil sitting to us to something like,
you know, a remote spot for me to get fitted.

Speaker 1 (01:07:52):
I felt. I was so glad my wife was there
because I felt crazy, how this ain't right? They waiting
to police. I'm like, wait a minute. I was like,
all right, cool, this is how this happens. I was like,
all right, that's how you get your life.

Speaker 9 (01:08:19):
Illuminati definitely the Illumina. Hell yeah, I don't never disrespect
sound like a look, you got a fat stand for that.

Speaker 4 (01:08:38):
But in the last time Virsion was supposed to and
then for I say that to say it's weird because
for for this to happen and then and then for
real to actually you know.

Speaker 1 (01:08:54):
Take over, that's next level. Yeah, v shout for U
and let me tell you something, skate ward P.

Speaker 4 (01:09:06):
He's so focused, like he immediately became designer, like you know, yeah,
like like, like, you know.

Speaker 6 (01:09:14):
Like the president, they stopped, he got a couple of months.

Speaker 4 (01:09:16):
Yeah, like just went back then you know, he knew,
he like he's been I don't know. By the way,
I'm I'm spitballing this. When I spoke to him, he
was like, you know, if you don't understand, but but
what I'm saying is, in my opinion, this is a
position that he's been waiting for his whole life, and
he's going to kill his ship.

Speaker 1 (01:09:36):
Like, let me tell you something.

Speaker 4 (01:09:38):
I looked at all the designs. I looked at every
last one of them, and I was like, this ship
is ill. And I looked at I'm Virtues. I was
at Virtue's last fashion show as well. It was fucking awesome.
So I fucking love what Farrell was doing. Man for
wherever you're.

Speaker 1 (01:09:54):
At, Man, Yes, yeah, about I like to dream, Yes, yes, yes,
And I'll tell you I'll tell you that part later.
But you know, yes, listen, I'm so.

Speaker 4 (01:10:12):
So proud of you for I'm so proud of your
your wife, your children and what you're doing and the
fact that I had a piece to do with the
beginning of that.

Speaker 1 (01:10:23):
I'm so honored. I'm so you know please, and I'm
gonna continue to support it.

Speaker 4 (01:10:29):
And then you came out and he came out that
the first fashion show with the component nor viego army fatigue,
and I.

Speaker 1 (01:10:38):
Was just like, I know he probably I don't know,
but that's how I took it. I took it last
he came out the whole family.

Speaker 2 (01:10:48):
So we had on the podcast finally what was that like, like, you,
you know what, how did you feel right before?

Speaker 1 (01:10:56):
And like talk to me about the whole ship. That's
a great question. You know, it's crazy. This is the
best ever. That's how you know you're big.

Speaker 6 (01:11:07):
Big people take a COVID test before they meet you.

Speaker 1 (01:11:09):
Okay, I think I'm not with logic.

Speaker 6 (01:11:13):
Like, yo, take this test first.

Speaker 1 (01:11:24):
Yeah, my god, so much blood. Show me that COVID test.
This is a foul COVID test. This is a break Listen, listen.

Speaker 6 (01:11:37):
This is how they got your blood.

Speaker 1 (01:11:38):
This is the middle. He was but I was like,
I finally got him. But we got this pandemic. Check
it checks, we got a mask on.

Speaker 2 (01:11:48):
Let me.

Speaker 1 (01:11:51):
Let me explain, let me explain, let me play. So
where am smack in the middle of COVID? But Miami
opens back up yeah, yeah, over that up so close
at least clocking respiratory. So so.

Speaker 4 (01:12:15):
Miami opens up, we do. I didn't even do college
before that. And we had to walking flocking first walking
we caught cod.

Speaker 1 (01:12:25):
Episode covid. We caught caught covid. I'm not saying that
walk up.

Speaker 6 (01:12:32):
I'm not taking din't care.

Speaker 1 (01:12:36):
He was beer. Everyone who's drinking beer, drink ladders Champ at.

Speaker 6 (01:12:44):
That time anyway.

Speaker 4 (01:12:46):
Anyway, anyway, and then so then for this is why
I respect for bro because me and he was just
talking and he didn't want to like like go through
me to do the interview, so he was going through
his people's So I was like, are you sure he
really coming? Like spoke to him yesterday, brung up nothing

about drink chip. It was like three times I spoke
to him. We didn't bring ubout drink Champs. And then
we got a crew chat and I'm looking at like,
I'm not sure, I'm not sure I speak to the
right Foraral, But then it's mister Lee. He's on all
the themes out all the clips. I I was talking
about his son, the cocaine and ship. I mean that
was back in the days.

Speaker 1 (01:13:29):
So anyway, the very last hit, and they said, Yo, listen,
he's gonna do it, but he wants all of y'all
to have a COVID test.

Speaker 4 (01:13:35):
So we're like, fuck it. We know these guys just
got over their ship. My bad, all of your great cruise.
So we're going back there. I'm talking about this blood.
They gotta pick our ship. Then forrellh walks in and
just like I'm ready to record. Yeah, by the way,

I never caught Kobe.

Speaker 5 (01:14:04):
I caught that ship three times, and the second time
I gave it to my Mom's that my girl for Christmas,
so that it's right with Big Boss. First, I was like, yo,
I caught it.

Speaker 1 (01:14:17):
I had mad bookings that week.

Speaker 5 (01:14:20):
I stayed the first time, I stayed in the second time,
I was like, y'a, I'm not staying it.

Speaker 6 (01:14:24):
Everybody getting this brother.

Speaker 1 (01:14:28):
To my mom, you have to go to the hospital. Here.
What I'm saying, you caught Kobe was white? Yeah twice Dan, Yo,
he got mad serious, but he said he didn't catch Kobe.
He didn't test for that ship y'all at the flu

By the way, let me just tell you test them
than all three of y'all. I was feeling loving hand
marriage move can. They had the hotel outside by the way. Listen, listen.
The first day I go to marriage boot camp, they

give me a bag.

Speaker 11 (01:15:10):
I like it.

Speaker 1 (01:15:13):
I like it.

Speaker 4 (01:15:13):
They tell me stay in. They also tell me Drake
got a party. I looked at my wife.

Speaker 1 (01:15:22):
I said, I'm not sure we're going out. I said,
We're going to Drake's party. And we went. We went, and.

Speaker 4 (01:15:33):
I'm trying to be modest. You know, it's just me
and my wife. I didn't go with no because I'm
bid for America, so I.

Speaker 1 (01:15:38):
Don't have nobody. I got a driver outside. What's gonna
be the driver of security?

Speaker 4 (01:15:41):
It's like, fuck it, I'd rather the driver because I
can just I'm just jumping in the car. So I'm like,
all right, cool. So I got to depend and then
you know, Drake has the best security of the world.
In case you don't know, like real like, nobody's doing
nothing that Drake. I'm just telling y'all just leave him.

Speaker 1 (01:15:59):
Anne, because do you ever just drinking trying to approach him. Listen.
So anyway, so I'm sitting there and the chop see me.

Speaker 6 (01:16:10):
He goes, yo, what are you doing?

Speaker 4 (01:16:13):
Because I'm just sitting there because I'm sitting there with
me and my wife. But I was sitting there be
the most moderns person. He's like, what the fuck, legend,
what are you doing?

Speaker 1 (01:16:24):
And I'm like most some chumps. He's like, come on,
you not see the boy.

Speaker 4 (01:16:28):
And I went over there and I see Drake and
we just take shots immediately, and I was like, oh ship,
he's kind of doing drink champs right now. He's making
noise doing all this. And then we take a picture
and it was so dope. But what I'm saying is
I don't even know when I put that up, but

fuck it, d Kobe. So I'm not trying to post
a picture. My wife posters picture. They don't follow my
wife at the time. And then Drake we posted. I
was supposed to get fired that day. I broke curfew

and you have to get the bag back.

Speaker 1 (01:17:15):
No, I wouldn't have get in the bag man. They
had to suit me.

Speaker 4 (01:17:21):
But luckily we came home to the COVID test. We
took the COVID test that morning. Negative, the same negative.
So I say, I took a COVID test Monday, Wednesday
and Friday for two and a half years to two
and a half years bro. Like, so after I left

marriage Boutcamps, I came home and I did what happened.

Speaker 1 (01:17:46):
I'm gonna take a bitsins Okay, yeah I did marriage butcamp,
I came home and I did love and hip hop
for another year and a half.

Speaker 6 (01:17:55):
Did Loving hip Hop?

Speaker 1 (01:17:56):
Yeah, I did it.

Speaker 4 (01:17:58):
That's season and a half. Yeah, and it might be back.
I ain't got no drama, that's yeah.

Speaker 6 (01:18:05):
I always look at them shows.

Speaker 5 (01:18:06):
I'm like, yo, if I was on them shows, that
wouldn't be no drama. Like, I don't want to show
that side. Even if there's drama, you won't see it.

Speaker 1 (01:18:11):
Yeah, straight up, I mean say the truth? Uh yeah.

Speaker 2 (01:18:16):
How do you prose that ship? How do what the
whole reality? How do you approach that ship? How I
approach I never approached it.

Speaker 1 (01:18:22):
I was like, I'm with it, Like what it was was.
I'm a fan of marriage boot Camp and you've never
seen it. And if you married the judge, yeah, like yo,
I don't want to be sore els did it? Did it?

Speaker 4 (01:18:37):
That's the reason why ghost And by the way, I'm
gonna be honest with you, you know me and working
together for so long, like I actually actually listen to
the therapy that that I got, like I actually was
sitting there like you know not because like if if
it's a chance that I could my wife can't hear,

I can't hear.

Speaker 1 (01:19:00):
This is a case.

Speaker 4 (01:19:01):
Uh, if it's a chance, you know, I don't want
you to like, but if it's a chance that I
could love my wife, Mare, I take that chance to
learn how to love my wife Mare.

Speaker 1 (01:19:08):
Because she saved me, you know what I'm saying, Like
she saved me. Like when when I'm talking about being.

Speaker 4 (01:19:13):
In hip hop purgatory, that's who was holding me down
and just and it's by the.

Speaker 1 (01:19:17):
Way, hip hop purgatory don't mean you broke. It just
means you don't don't know the next move. You know
what I'm saying.

Speaker 4 (01:19:22):
I'm saying because everybody judge you that when everyone judge, yes,
everyone's saying because you gotta realize you. People will say
he can't do it no more or it's old for him,
and you can have all the money in the world,
but that doubt fucks you up.

Speaker 1 (01:19:38):
I'm not and I give you.

Speaker 2 (01:19:39):
All the opposite. They think you lit but you have
your own struggles. Now, yes that's true. Everybody look at
you like you rich Rich Richard, don't out the window
and you're like, yo, dog, I'm trying to restructure my
whole ship.

Speaker 5 (01:19:50):
That's why dudes like Fat Joe, dudes like Buster take notes,
like younger artists from artists like this, Norri.

Speaker 6 (01:19:57):
You know what I'm saying, you gotta take you know what's.

Speaker 2 (01:19:59):
Wild, like judging your edgy earlier like you seem like
you're like you know, you have a heavy spirit of
like your live wire.

Speaker 1 (01:20:10):
Wall Joe.

Speaker 2 (01:20:11):
But they're always that too, like the ones who survived.

Speaker 1 (01:20:13):
Are like that.

Speaker 6 (01:20:14):
Listen when you don't and.

Speaker 1 (01:20:19):
That excel.

Speaker 6 (01:20:20):
I tell my story that I use drugs. I did
all this. You know why, because when you put it
out there, nobody can use it against you.

Speaker 5 (01:20:26):
You know what I'm saying, I'm gonna be me whether
you like me or not. If you don't like me,
show be it. But you can't hold nothing that character
it was. You canna put me in any hood anywhere.
What I'm saying, I'm gonna be good because genuine I'm
not faking to be somebody I'm not.

Speaker 6 (01:20:43):
You know what I'm saying. I'm not the toughest, I'm not,
but I'm I'm a regular human being. You know what
I'm saying that you know, and being from New York.

Speaker 5 (01:20:51):
Especially Cony Allen and everybody of this Chinese, Black, Puerto Rican,
we all like one.

Speaker 6 (01:20:56):
You know what I'm saying, Like nolorid be saying, hip
hop is like one.

Speaker 1 (01:21:00):
How did you start the whole? Though? I ever disrespect me?

Speaker 5 (01:21:03):
My album, I don't know my last album and twenty
twenty one before being long and none of that was
taken off, was coming out and I was putting it
out myself, and I was like, I ain't got nobody
to help me market this, to promote this.

Speaker 6 (01:21:17):
I'm gonna get the word out.

Speaker 5 (01:21:18):
So a week before I just started everybody in my
block this man, crazy people that walked by my block.

Speaker 6 (01:21:24):
It's like the top of Cone wherever.

Speaker 5 (01:21:27):
You're going past my flock and Conye is one way in,
one way out, so I believe it pass my block too.

Speaker 6 (01:21:34):
So I just started my phone and being like, YO,
don't have a.

Speaker 5 (01:21:38):
Disrespect me, looking like the Mario Brothers. My album coming
out with seven days, and then after it with six days,
then I did it with five days, pray and two
and then by the time it was time for my
album to come out people.

Speaker 6 (01:21:49):
It was like, yo, we kind of don't want your
album to come out, man, because you keep some of
these videos.

Speaker 1 (01:21:56):
You know.

Speaker 6 (01:21:56):
It came out of necessity, you know what I'm saying.
This came out of the hustle.

Speaker 1 (01:21:59):
No reactions. Anybody ever did that.

Speaker 6 (01:22:01):
Only one A little a little alternative, you know what
I'm saying, A little alternative guy. And I ain't even
go hard on them.

Speaker 1 (01:22:09):
No, don't disrespect me.

Speaker 6 (01:22:10):
Looking like a mini Mobs. He had his hand back.

Speaker 1 (01:22:13):
He came up to me with his hand on my phone.

Speaker 6 (01:22:14):
Yeah yeah, I was like, yo, ho, I snacked.

Speaker 5 (01:22:16):
The ship out what I'm saying that joking ship and
real quick turn he did me like one of those
living color like hated it, like one of those get
out of here, and he just kept him moving. That
was the only time ever ever somebody came out ship
because most of the time I'm not doing it to
be a dick. I'm laughing while I'm doing it. Look
I'm six four three pounds, Like, if you really want to.

Speaker 6 (01:22:39):
Go that round, figure, go that round.

Speaker 1 (01:22:40):
But I love it what they catch it. They laugh
at it too.

Speaker 6 (01:22:43):
Yeah, that's what everybody does.

Speaker 4 (01:22:45):
Like I love you saying my apartment for cutting off.
But I love what you said earlier. You said that
if I joke on you, it's kind of a sign
of love. Fact, going to joke on a person that
I don't know exactly, I'm gonna joke on the person
where I think that it could go there exactly.

Speaker 1 (01:22:59):
So you ain't competing somebody you don't respect. I'm joke
on you.

Speaker 5 (01:23:02):
If I don't like you, I'm gonna just leave you
over there. Man, Like that ship is like a term
just like fu your life. When I s thought it
was like really like everybody's life, but.

Speaker 1 (01:23:14):
Now it's just like a your life. People laugh at
the ship.

Speaker 6 (01:23:19):
I'm saying, it's just like, you know, you just changing
the dynamics of it. You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (01:23:24):
Absolutely, So.

Speaker 2 (01:23:28):
What what so?

Speaker 1 (01:23:29):
This is your first major label? Me?

Speaker 4 (01:23:37):
Me and this guy, we we battle all the time
and we say major or independent. He's always independent, I'm
always major. But then we all both have you both
have a twist to it, which means I say independent
with a major distribute ship and then he says pretty

much the same.

Speaker 6 (01:24:00):
You know what I'm saying, If.

Speaker 1 (01:24:00):
You can function as an independent, you take advantage of.

Speaker 6 (01:24:04):
That's what I'm trying to do.

Speaker 5 (01:24:05):
So yeah, so yeah, So basically it's like this because
now just I'm starting to see how the majors move independent.

Speaker 6 (01:24:12):
You can move how the fuck you want.

Speaker 5 (01:24:13):
If I want to put something out tomorrow, out tomorrow,
the major labels, man, they hold.

Speaker 6 (01:24:19):
You up a little structure. You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 5 (01:24:21):
Now, with all the features on now, if y'all have
them sign this, I'm like, yo, homie, I'm not even
the coolest with these people.

Speaker 1 (01:24:26):
They out of love.

Speaker 6 (01:24:27):
I'm not going back to them this contract. But you yeah,
you go do motherfucker give it to scam Let's scraam go.

Speaker 5 (01:24:37):
But yeah, you know it's it's just like I always
sat from the beginning of my career. I'll sign a
one album deal and get shirked because I know I'm
gonna make that ship work a million times after that
ship is over.

Speaker 6 (01:24:48):
You know what I'm saying, I'm gonna make my money.
One thing about me, I'm gonna make.

Speaker 3 (01:24:52):
It no matter what.

Speaker 6 (01:24:53):
I know it in my heart of hearts, I know
that no matter what I do, I believe I'm gonna
be successful. Because that's yeah, I gotta do.

Speaker 1 (01:25:02):
Let me stop you right there, though.

Speaker 4 (01:25:04):
Let me tell you something because I'm part of that
same generation of saying, yo, even I take that deal,
even if you jerk me, and let me just tell
you something. What it is is I just stopping in
my generation, so it's trickling down to your generation, is
triggering down to the next generation, tricking down the next generation.

Speaker 1 (01:25:20):
We gotta stop saying that.

Speaker 6 (01:25:22):
No I said it, get a decent one.

Speaker 1 (01:25:25):
Yah. I didn't get joke.

Speaker 5 (01:25:28):
I didn't, But I'm just saying that I'm gonna make
it work because I know myself.

Speaker 6 (01:25:33):
But I did not get RK.

Speaker 5 (01:25:34):
You know, Rosenberg came to me and I already had
traction well like already before any of this, before any music.

Speaker 6 (01:25:42):
I still ain't get no music money yet. The check
still ain't coming well because you.

Speaker 1 (01:25:45):
Know, we just kind of.

Speaker 6 (01:25:49):
About money.

Speaker 1 (01:25:50):
All of that comes well.

Speaker 6 (01:25:51):
I'm saying, the actual label money hasn't come in. I
already bought my mother house already six change, I read,
got three rolls already whatever, But was like, sonna make
some to me. It's like you gotta do it on
my terms.

Speaker 1 (01:26:05):
Or funk your life.

Speaker 3 (01:26:09):
Like that?

Speaker 1 (01:26:10):
Why would you save your life? And here's different than
everybody saying your life because I mean it, mother stomach again. Yeah, okay,
you're not drinking. I just I do.

Speaker 6 (01:26:29):
I haven't drink thirteen years. If I if I don't
choose love drinking, that's how I know I'm not gonna choose.

Speaker 1 (01:26:38):
Away. Yeah. We're gonna get some douce safe for this.
Oh wow, you guys.

Speaker 6 (01:26:44):
I'm new with a new one big artist, so I'm
not on that political.

Speaker 4 (01:26:50):
Okay, okay, Elliott, We're gonna start with you. Yeah, poems do.
We're gonna open up us.

Speaker 1 (01:26:57):
Get don't get. But this is a shot that is
play bro. You're going in. You know what this chance? Before?
I was like, yo, you had me so turned up.

Speaker 2 (01:27:08):
I was like yo, snicker Nord didn't take a piece
of me at the end, like funk this nigga he
is sitting with But he did.

Speaker 1 (01:27:14):
I didn't even realize that's how that's how fried. I
was so all right. So let me ask you, Elliott,
the Sauce magazine or XXL the Sauce what the source
or x Excel excel they know already know all the

rules is all that was doesn't know if you picked both,
you took a shot Okay, you asked me if my
ship is not better than them niggas, like you asked
me that that was a crazy question.

Speaker 2 (01:27:51):
That was that was easy easy, I'm saying, Okay, I'm
always by all right XXL the source.

Speaker 1 (01:27:58):
Yeah, excel nigga talk to me.

Speaker 5 (01:28:02):
But you ever just respect me with these Alchemists A Scram,
well Scream, I'm doing the album with him.

Speaker 6 (01:28:09):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 5 (01:28:10):
I go al cll Okay, you're going by the catalog
ALC in my book, but Scram because that's my both
great people.

Speaker 1 (01:28:18):
Yeah, way, I love Scram and I love Alchemists too.
I got one for him.

Speaker 6 (01:28:25):
Got We'll go ahead, BRONI with a game with Joe
Budd but.

Speaker 1 (01:28:30):
Joe button Mouse Okay, okay, I got good shot. Give
me wild though, but no disrespect. But reports which one way?
Or report inflight and wall.

Speaker 6 (01:28:47):
Reports my ship.

Speaker 2 (01:28:53):
Yeah yeah, I'm infamous, but war reports to classes.

Speaker 4 (01:28:58):
Hell no, no, I ain't gonna lie without the infamous,
there would be no worri report for y'all made the
right decision?

Speaker 1 (01:29:04):
Would that be the right ding? Like play that ship
like that?

Speaker 4 (01:29:07):
I said this, I don't know if you don't understand
like Alchemists did five beats on the War Report, he
did my favorite beat.

Speaker 1 (01:29:16):
Yeah, yeah, Alchemists happened. I told y'all going on because

this reason why. So we know, like the whole scene
in my era, like ceing that my comparisons. Yeah, with
all that going on. So having just showed a lot
of love to support you all with the beats.

Speaker 4 (01:29:55):
Like all tragedy, all tragedy. God blessed me with tragedy,
you know, help help have it going or whatever.

Speaker 2 (01:30:05):
And but think about that, like you're competing with like
the Queen's Niggas. That's a group in real time with
havoc when of the Ill Niggas shook ones.

Speaker 1 (01:30:16):

Speaker 5 (01:30:17):
In my opinion, there's no three albums in a row
from Tony. Artists can touch infamous hell on Nerve and
murder music.

Speaker 12 (01:30:25):
They you can't the three in a row. You surprised
didn't have to only when that comes to this is illmatic.

Speaker 1 (01:30:36):
It was raining and I am.

Speaker 6 (01:30:37):
But to me, that's still not working with them and
and that's.

Speaker 5 (01:30:41):
Still Queen's Bridge, the best of my generation. Nobody touching
those three. Nobody else got three albums in the road.
That's touching those three. You know what you're trying to
think because you can't come.

Speaker 1 (01:30:51):
Up showing me. I do say, yeah, come on, come on,
you know what are you talking about? Nigga? Come on,
come on, come on. So things make me questioning me?

Speaker 3 (01:31:08):
All right?

Speaker 1 (01:31:08):
My bad, I'm bad. I'm bad. Hold on, hold on,
he drinks some more.

Speaker 2 (01:31:11):
He might.

Speaker 6 (01:31:13):
Never disrespect me. Looking like flame is by Son.

Speaker 3 (01:31:17):
You know.

Speaker 1 (01:31:22):
I'll stay home, right, I'll stay on everything. I'm I mean,
I love it. Take a shout of a shot, shout.
I know what I'm drinking. He shout drinking. Yeah, I'm drink.
I've been drinking, been drinking this whole time. I'm a

sot ber alcoholic.

Speaker 13 (01:31:46):
I gotta go to work any damncause I love it
all right, So let me just about this story over.
Let's walkout l A l a chance.

Speaker 6 (01:32:06):
School out.

Speaker 1 (01:32:07):
He's freshest dude if he plays me New York now yo,
right dog pound boom? I mean from I'm like, He's like, yo,
you think they this in US?

Speaker 6 (01:32:16):
And I'm like that was the days when they didn't
come direct. They said some slick ship on the side,
but that one was New York.

Speaker 1 (01:32:29):
Bill be So the video that was stupid and the
thing that's when the intro, Yes, just what else? We
just walked the only question you asked me. Who's next?

Speaker 6 (01:32:50):
Hammer walks in the room?

Speaker 1 (01:32:51):
No, so good one.

Speaker 6 (01:32:53):
So anyway, we go to queens Bridge.

Speaker 4 (01:32:57):
We go to queens Bridge, they pick us up whoever
it was, and then we go to stretched Armstrong house
see and habit by the way, they on fire. I
don't think they like when we go to Queensbridg's, they
got like five hundred people around. I'm like, these niggas
is never gonna come. They're never gonna go to the studio.
And it's E and J that's popping at the time.
I don't know if you remember that.

Speaker 6 (01:33:19):
Yes, the end of my alcoholic career, he said every time.

Speaker 1 (01:33:26):
So yeah, and they're like, let's go to the studios.
We go to the studio. No, one can't think of nothing.

Speaker 4 (01:33:33):
I don't want to say like I was a genius
behind it, but you will, Okay, maybe when I said
I just suggested it.

Speaker 1 (01:33:40):
I said, yo, listen, can you pull up the dog
Pound new album? Because of your BOYE. So shout out
to your boy Cha. I always say this and say this.
He's still smoking dust chat kicked all that's good. You
gonna actually Brooklyn. This was crazy. He's from Brooklyn that
lived in my.

Speaker 4 (01:33:58):
And when we played it, everybody was like, yo, we
can't tell them they this in us. So they said,
why don't we just respond.

Speaker 6 (01:34:08):
And not this thing?

Speaker 1 (01:34:10):
So I don't know if anybody's you know, because is
not like them.

Speaker 4 (01:34:14):
So if you understand, the only bars that was kind
of dissing was prodigies bars. They said, JFK on our
way to lay So when the record.

Speaker 1 (01:34:25):
Actually I want to pause you for a second for
on purpose please. You said at one point that you
spoke too big, right, yeah, I'm getting to that. So
this is this doesn't happen yet. No, this hasn't happened. Yeah, okay, so.

Speaker 4 (01:34:43):
I remember it was like NYC, you are not very
supremacy havoc in pete queens niggas. So it seemed to
be we got worked back from no Riega and then
he was like, he was like, uh, JFK on our
way to l A And he actually used that same verson.

Speaker 1 (01:34:58):
He actually used that same verse on.

Speaker 6 (01:35:01):
Some ship not a way to send the ball break.

Speaker 1 (01:35:04):
But but if that original verses on l A l A, Yeah,
and if you.

Speaker 4 (01:35:09):
Think about it, it did sound like he was going
at l A and everyone else.

Speaker 1 (01:35:14):
So it dropped. And when it dropped, no no, no, no, no, no,
hit him up. Ain't dropped yet. And it's for the
mixtape that Chill.

Speaker 4 (01:35:21):
Yeah, yeah please, it's my first time. I'm gonna say,
let me, let me go, let me go. We laid
all five verses because remember it's.

Speaker 1 (01:35:35):
Maths, a long long and trash.

Speaker 4 (01:35:41):
Yeah, Percy, we we put it on the on the mixtape.
I see Big at the Tunnel. I didn't know Big
New I was.

Speaker 2 (01:35:54):
Whatever Big was this first time right after this or
why but right nine seven not seven right after?

Speaker 1 (01:36:03):

Speaker 4 (01:36:03):
Yeah, So for some reason Big New no Big was
because remember I said this on Drinks Champson as well,
Kapone rhyme for Big and Big Ones decided, yeah, he
tied me because.

Speaker 1 (01:36:15):
I didn't rhun. I was too nervous. I don't like,
oh shit is over me, just going to Brooklyn's over over.

Speaker 4 (01:36:28):
But anyway, mixing me in the Tunnel and it's like, yo,
I just want you to know I'm not using that
record on a bad Boy mixtape.

Speaker 1 (01:36:37):
So the time I'm eighteen nineteen, maybe twenty years old.
I'm looking like, Wow, these niggas.

Speaker 4 (01:36:43):
Just disrespected you, like and I was like, I feel
like we was representing for you. He was like he
said something that I didn't realize till I was forty
or maybe what I was. He was like, sometimes when
you don't do something to someone, you don't have to
respond to them to a lie.

Speaker 1 (01:37:02):
And now I've realized that, But back then, I was like, Yo,
we're from New York.

Speaker 6 (01:37:05):
We can't just let this happen.

Speaker 1 (01:37:08):
So Stretch called us and was like, yo, Daddy. All
of them told us you can't use this. They're not
going to use it. They're not going to use it.
So what do y'all want to do?

Speaker 4 (01:37:22):
And I can't say it was me. I can say
I had a part of this, and I was like,
I think we should still drop it and trash I
said it. But but but by the way, let me
give tragic props. I mean, not erased him out of history.

Speaker 1 (01:37:37):
I mean, let me make sure he's stamped in history history.
He was like, I got this.

Speaker 4 (01:37:43):
So he was like, yo, Stretch, would you put up some?
Stretch put up some and we white labeled it. So
the reason why was once it took off. We couldn't
clear the sample. So that's the reason why.

Speaker 1 (01:37:59):
That's the reason.

Speaker 4 (01:38:00):
No, no, no, you're rushing it, Okay, I mean e mentionally,
So the reason why it took off and we won
Battle of the Beats.

Speaker 1 (01:38:10):
In case people was the biggest ship in the day.
If you win Battle on the Beats, you're on your way.
It's like being So we won Battle on the Beats?
How many nights every night?

Speaker 6 (01:38:23):
Five five nights every day?

Speaker 1 (01:38:26):
New York wanted us to represent New York wanted the
record to represent.

Speaker 4 (01:38:29):
It was against hit him up. And by the way,
I mean, I'm just saying this was it wasn't get
hit him up, hit him it was crazy.

Speaker 1 (01:38:41):
This is a response. So what happens is this is
a real story. I was totally before them.

Speaker 4 (01:38:51):
I'm gonna say it here, right is he acces for
his verse to be taken off, says yo after Battle
of the Beats. No, just before a battle. Okay, So
he says, Yo, you know, I feel like I was
the only one that kind of went too hard.

Speaker 1 (01:39:08):
Okay, that's not that's not nah. No. At the time,
I'm be honest, you're talking to twenty one year old
twenty four year old people. Yeah, we all was about
it and they're about to go to the mattresses.

Speaker 6 (01:39:19):
And he don't want to all.

Speaker 1 (01:39:20):
His life like that. So I was I was read
than your hat. I was reading and I was like,
all right, cool.

Speaker 4 (01:39:29):
So then we chilled. So then it comes down to
do the video. This is why Havoc has to be praised.
Havoc still came to the video.

Speaker 1 (01:39:38):
Wow. But guess what happened the night before that video.

Speaker 6 (01:39:42):
I hit him Wow.

Speaker 4 (01:39:46):
He wanted to be a part of that. Yeah, reiterated
this set. I'm coming to that video because he wasn't
suposed to go to the video. And remember he wrote it,
that's the first time you see the mac TINJ. You
want to couldn't shange because because that was the first time,
like you saw, yeah, you know what I mean, And

he had stayed with that verse. I mean, I loved,
I want. I will always honor his memory. But that
moment was like a staggerant in our in our whole
ship because it's sent a sense of separation.

Speaker 1 (01:40:26):
And I understood. I wish we had the internet back
then because we were to understood that Park didn't give
a fuck. So then when it hit him up came out.

Speaker 4 (01:40:36):
He was like, that's the reason why because Park got
the version with when we stood out and I said, mark.

Speaker 1 (01:40:40):
By, I know that's the way the record though. That's
what I was trying to say. We couldn't clear it.
I couldn't clear it. So when we couldn't clear it tragedy.
In my opinion, I think this was him said.

Speaker 6 (01:41:00):
He'll put that on all.

Speaker 1 (01:41:03):
King actually co signed this, Steve because the record was
blowing up so much.

Speaker 6 (01:41:08):
Take it said.

Speaker 1 (01:41:11):
It's still like this to this day.

Speaker 4 (01:41:12):
So so so I say that to say that was
a great time in hip hop. It was a great
proud to be from New York. Yes, I ain't gonna
lie to you.

Speaker 1 (01:41:23):
It wasn't nobody hold y'all. And and that was had
a response record to he didn't. He did this in
Big too, though, Oh I didn't. I forgot that. Yeah
world His record called world wide, Yeah you.

Speaker 6 (01:41:39):
Sa worldwide in the beginning of the world Wide. It
seems like he.

Speaker 1 (01:41:48):
Told the big trigger snap when he was damn, I
forgot that. I sing with that is another one that yeah,
that's what he's on to.

Speaker 3 (01:42:04):

Speaker 1 (01:42:04):
What a shame, but easy people man, it's hard. I
did a video for that too. Yeah, I know. I
was not both him down. Yeah, but I love it.
It's Cuban connections. Yeah, I said whatever. I'll take anything

Cuban right now, by the way, you know, or his
Cuban I know, yeah, he is Cuban. Yeah, I don't
know if it's half a whole.

Speaker 5 (01:42:34):
But you gotta watch motherfuckers like that or THEO because
you're going to the store, you're talking about them.

Speaker 6 (01:42:40):
They know everything. My man is Panamania. But look straight
black to the Wow, you gotta right back to the Spanish. Oh, y'all,
niggas got caught.

Speaker 1 (01:42:53):
But guys, let me see is this that thank you
for coming? Say? Artist louds rolling loud? Did you guys
catch the show? I'm about to go. I gotta do
some Okay, what the heck?

Speaker 6 (01:43:10):

Speaker 1 (01:43:10):
What this fast? College? Hey, but we gotta tell them both, y'all.
We need y'all.

Speaker 6 (01:43:17):
Privilege just to be in your company.

Speaker 1 (01:43:20):
Man now, y'all, Yeah, Elliott.

Speaker 4 (01:43:25):
Once again, we're gonna say. We're gonna started with saying,
but let me just we're gonna start listen.

Speaker 1 (01:43:33):
Yeah, he loves what he's holding his leg hold on.

Speaker 4 (01:43:37):
Yeah, listen, we're gonna started by saying years ago and
guess what, by boss Golly, we're gonna get it by saying,
you the go. That's and all of us in journalism.
I feel like you don't have to compete with us.

Speaker 1 (01:43:51):
We're not journalism. Bro Jordan, Michael.

Speaker 4 (01:43:55):
Jordan doesn't want to play born with Howld Minor, and
he just he also doesn't want to play boy with
Lebron or Kobe neither. He just understands who he is.
And we hopefully did you understand that you the go.
You don't have to compete with none of us. You
don't have to like God, bless that Rob Moss is
one of.

Speaker 1 (01:44:13):
My closest legends. Nobody so to go talk, but yes, Yo,

shout up. You got to relax, mister, Okay, right right now,
bro the door and start talking.

Speaker 3 (01:44:54):
Drink Champs is a Drink Champs ll C production in
association with Interval Presents hosts and executive producers n O.
R E and dj e FN from Interval Presents executive
producers Alan Coy and Jake Kleinberg.

Speaker 1 (01:45:10):
Listen to Drink Champs.

Speaker 3 (01:45:11):
On Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Spotify, or wherever you get
your podcasts. Thanks for joining us for another episode of
Drink Champs, hosted by Yours Truly, dj e FN and
n O r E. Please make sure to follow us
on all our socials That's at drink Champs across all
platforms at the Real Noriagon, ig at noriag on Twitter,

mine is at Who's Crazy on ig at dj e
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