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February 9, 2024 โ€ข 169 mins

N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the Drink Champs in this episode the champs chop it up with the one and only, G Herbo!
G Herbo shares his journey in Hip-Hop. The Chicago native shares stories of coming up, creating music and much much more!
Lots of great stories that you donโ€™t want to miss!
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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:11):
He is drink chants, motherfucking podcast man. He's a legendary
queens rapper. He ain't agree. That's your boy in O
R E.

Speaker 2 (00:18):
He's a Miami hip hop pioneer, put up as d
J E f N.

Speaker 1 (00:22):
Together they drink it up with some of the biggest players,
you know what I mean. And the most professional, unprofessional
podcast and your number one source for drunk drink chans
mo das New Year's c That's it's time for drink Champions.
Drink up, motherfucker mother. What a good be hoping the

winship be This your boy in O R E? What
up is DJ E f N? And this minitamy? You
have to make some of the now.

Speaker 3 (00:54):
This brother here man comes from one of the craziest
cities in the world. He's been putting this down since
two thy and eleven. Everybody in the industry, nobody has
nothing bad to say about him. That I that I
came in cross with. This is our first episode of
twenty twenty four. We are so happy to be back

and to introduce shot Town's own the one and only
motherfucking g Herbo.

Speaker 1 (01:27):
Going on. What's the word? What's going on? Good man?
I'm happy to be here. Man, Okay, you're a funny
Marcael y'all good? Yeah heah yeah, man, So what happened?

Speaker 3 (01:38):
Just tell the people because I know you did a
phone call like explain to some of it. But Jame,
you got get a drink. I want to ask stories
with a club, so down a limit. Ah, So what happened?

Speaker 1 (01:50):
So look, Marco first and foremost like that's my man
had a relationship probably to doing the interview and shit.

Speaker 2 (01:57):
So originally Sizzle was supposed.

Speaker 1 (02:01):
To did the interview like okay for the episode and
they had it like his production staff told us to
like troll them like it was supposed to be a
surprise to come on that to control him. Oh weren't
originally just own bullshit with you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (02:16):
But we was a little.

Speaker 1 (02:17):
Like off the salt was you know what I'm saying,
extra overboard. But the whole thing was to come on
there and like intimidate him on his own show, like
pulling him on him, put on him. Yeah, and I
spoke to him like before it even came out, and
you know what I'm saying, we was good, Like I
ain't know where if it was like a confusion between

our staff and his production team where they was thinking
we didn't want it to come out.

Speaker 2 (02:42):
We was like, no, it's cool. I ain't really tripping.

Speaker 1 (02:44):
You feel what I'm saying, Like public perception and what
people going to take from it, that's another thing, But
that's the name of the game. That's what come with it,
you feel, I'm saying, we got to be able to
take that you feel. But it wasn't like no bad
blood or no no shit like that, you know what
I'm saying. Like I know they was because he was
saying like after it came came out, like no, take
it down, take it down, like we ain't never do that,
Like I ain't never tell him like nah, bro, we

got us looking crazy and some shing like that.

Speaker 2 (03:07):
It was still all love.

Speaker 1 (03:08):
You know what I'm saying. What's you surprise how I
l that went? Yeah? I was wherever was you at?
Well was when it happened, Like I mean like when
you was in Atlanta. I had hit him like I
hit him and told him like no, it's good. You
knowee what I'm saying, like the ship with with with
the Watch and all that ship, Like, bro, I got
you up. You know what I'm saying. You know, it's

had on something. At one point, Bro, we was doing
so what you say, But no, I was like, it's
all love, bro. I know, like had came out to
the internet. It looked like Nigga was on some bullying ship.
That's that's that was a word that was thrown around,
like bullying, and that's what That's when I really like
took yours. But I didn't want to like put nothing

on the internet or like I don't know how to
really play the internet, like go back and forth, even
when it's defending myself. Like you know what I'm saying,
I know, if it's real love between brun we got
to understand that that was all that mattered to me
as long as he knew it was the respect between
us still, you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (04:07):
I mean me as outside of looking in I saw it.
I thought that was a joke that everybody was in
on it.

Speaker 1 (04:16):
I'm telling you, like he always too that was come
and like troll him and intimidate on the show. But
then when they tried to spend it like we was
on some bullying ship, That's when I'm like, no, I
ain't really with that you feel me because I got
fans that probably you know what I'm saying, situations with bullying,
and I ain't with that.

Speaker 3 (04:32):
I got kids, right, because he always does that awkward
stare right like he like like he tried to make
you seem like you ain't making sense.

Speaker 1 (04:40):
That's what I'm scared of that show.

Speaker 2 (04:42):
That's his whole interview style.

Speaker 1 (04:43):
You got really like like the people who had the
best interviews with him, the people who could like troll
him back to switch it back on. Yeah, that's what
we taught.

Speaker 3 (04:54):
Let's make no noise for you now. Now we all
heard the rumors of uh, you supposed to be going
to jail for five years by the grace of God.
You know what I mean, you motherfucking you. You was
on vacation, but you left on probation. Goddamn goddamn drink

that Jesus Oh ship, that swiggling like a catwoman.

Speaker 1 (05:24):
Holy mo. So what happened?

Speaker 3 (05:26):
Like you gotta be fuckingstatic, man?

Speaker 1 (05:29):
Yeah, yeah, man, you know God man for real, we
got to get all praise to God for show, but
just you know, staying alone, staying the course and a
lot of.

Speaker 2 (05:40):
Money for show.

Speaker 1 (05:41):
You know what, I'm saying a lot of to stay free,
and at the end of the day, it was taking accountability.
You feel me for a minor role in some ship,
you know what I'm saying, and just me being a
kid being I aid to the fact I don't like
everybody that know me, and I'm being personal like I
did some ship.

Speaker 2 (05:58):
I really was able to sit across from.

Speaker 1 (06:00):
My judge and tell them, like, you know what I'm saying,
I barely know, not even use my cell phone, like
I ain't never committed fraud against nobody. You know what
I'm saying. You feel me like I was accepting full
accountability for whatever my role was in the whole situation.
You know what I'm saying. I wasn't doing that to
further my career or nothing like that.

Speaker 2 (06:18):
She's doing PPP loss.

Speaker 1 (06:20):
Nah, they thought I was doing some shit like basically
using funds or fraud or cards or whatever identity of
some shit to fun videos and shit like that. I've
been making money since I was sixteen years old, off
rap already. I was already well off when that whole
situation to court. You feel what I'm saying, It was
basically me paying for goods like basically like if I'm

a jet, I'm paying half for the shit. Like if
it's forty thousand, I paid twenty thousand. I gotta have
cash already to do this shit, you know what I'm saying.
So it's like it was a situation like that, but
I was seventeen eighteen at the time. I'm twenty eight
you feel me, my judge, No, I never even think
about committing any type of crimes. I'm a real father,
bade and citizen. I pay taxes, you know what I'm saying.

So it's like it's really just with me accepting full
accountability as a man in my and my judge really
knowing you know what I'm saying, I'm trying to still
straight and be on the up and up, you feel me,
And really I believe in being vulnerable and just talking
about situations because you know where to help the next
generation that helped you, somebody looking up to me, you
know what I'm saying, Because you got to just accept

about it and whatever role or whatever you do in
life and whatever is, you got to be able to
just stand up and take whatever punishment if there is
a punishment. You know what I'm saying that My judge
knew I was willing to do that, and by the
grace of God, he let me walk out black judge,
white judge, white judge space noise for white judge. I
don't know my judge, Sure, he definitely gave me grace,

you know what I'm saying, and my family in there,
and I was able to walk.

Speaker 3 (07:53):
Out a free man. God damn. One thing that's just
so like me going through life.

Speaker 1 (08:01):
Right. I always know, like.

Speaker 3 (08:03):
The guy with the ice gral, he's probably not the
guy that likes he's throwing up a front. One thing
about you, You smile, and I believe your smile. That
lets me know that you've been through a lot.

Speaker 1 (08:16):
Appreciated bro, because one of the motherfuckers smile and it's
sincere like when you smile, I smile like I've seeing
you Like, I'm like, yeah, nigga, I don't know what
you're going through. You was listening to my song.

Speaker 3 (08:27):
One day more than he was having a Puerto Rican
was having a goddamn ball. I was like, Damn, I'm
not I'm not there, but.

Speaker 1 (08:37):
I can tell without you.

Speaker 3 (08:38):
You know, you don't have to be bragging or whatever.

Speaker 1 (08:42):

Speaker 3 (08:42):
I can tell you've been through things? Is rap something
that is it all that you thought it was gonna be?

Speaker 1 (08:50):
Yeah, it's like on the flip side though, like me
like what I mean and what I thought it was
gonna be as far as like the pros that come
with it, nah, but like just the responsibility and what
you take on and just like actually like I believe
in like purpose and that like I really feel like
I was meant to do anything I'm doing that while

adversity everything I ever had to overcome. That's why I'm
able to smell. That's why I just be so grateful
for any situation. I take the bad with the good,
and I don't really look at the bad like it's
a bad. I just try to learn whatever situation I'm
going through so I could come out on top of it.
Like that's why I'm able to just be able to
smell through all the bullshit. So what I mean like

I felt like what I mean by when I said, yeah,
that it was everything I thought it was gonna be
because I really had vision for this, even as when
I first like made a decision like all, I bet
I'm finna really do this raption?

Speaker 2 (09:46):
And what age was that when you made that decision.

Speaker 1 (09:48):
Come to yeah, like on the serious tip, like yeah,
like sixteen years old, six ten years old, for real,
for real. It was like I always had the vision
to be this one day, Like I always wanted to
do it independing route better on myself. You feel what
I'm saying. I always hear aspirations of being able to
be in a conversation with like you know what I'm
saying my peers in the greatest, Like.

Speaker 2 (10:11):
I'm saying this because I'm a humble nigga.

Speaker 1 (10:12):
I don't want to jump the gun, but I always
wanted to be considered like a legend, like I looked
up to the holes the waynes and I want to
be considered like you're letting niggas, You're letting your nigga.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I got for real though, bro,
So I knew what it was gonna take to get there.
So I took everything that came with this ship, all

the ugly and I never complained about it. I just
did it, and it always benefited me because now I'm here,
Like you said, you know what I'm saying, So it's
like that's what I mean on the flip side of it,
because it.

Speaker 2 (10:44):
Ain't always like glittering gold.

Speaker 1 (10:46):
People on the outside looking in and they think this
ship sweet, like it's, oh yeah, what's some of the ugly?
So people, the ugly is just being able to take
a loss, whatever the loss is, you know what I'm saying,
Because all this ship come with losses and trials and tribulations,
being able to take that, especially as a man and
a leader. Like I was just talking to my brother
the other day, like everybody don't got the ability to

be able to lead in general, Like not even with
no music, just your household, everybody in a family. I
just told them, like, everybody gonna stop what they're doing
and follow you if that's what you say. If they
if you say go left, you people gonna go left.
Like the ability to lead. I always heard that. So
when you got that, it's a lot of weight that
come on your shoulders. You know, I've been in that roads.

It's alway sixteen seventeen years old. So it's like all
the ugly, that's the downs that come with that shit,
because it's like you gotta deal with family, you gotta
deal with music, you gotta make all the sacrifices to
be like, oh what a by any means type of
you know what I'm saying, shit attitude. You feel me
like it's whatever it takes for me to get there.
Sometimes you might hurt the people you love along the way.
Sometimes you might lose people along the way. But by

any means, I'm still gonna get that you feel I'm
saying a lot of people don't really get that drive
and that dedication and that shit like a gift and
a curse because they put a lot of stress on you.
I had a lot of stress on me since I
was a kid, but I always just took that ship
and rode it and like made that ship look easy.
You know. I'm like niggas say I'm smiling, but it's
like you don't know what a nigga going through. I'm
just grateful for everything that comes with this ship. You

feel me. So, we can't have a bad day as
a rapper. You can't have a bad You can't have
a bad if you're not in the mood to take
a picture, to stay homes over with, don't do through
the shows, don't go You know what I'm saying, You
can't have no bad days no matter what you feel me.
You know how that ship. Yet when you think Drake
is sending that hook, well, I'm gonna get old Drake. Ass.

I just feel like it's coming broke, broke, I really
I ain't gonna lie. I got out of like the
mood of just sending songs though I'll be having so
much going on.

Speaker 3 (12:42):
So you're trying to tell you Drake actually to send
a song, and you said.

Speaker 1 (12:45):
No, no, Hell, I sent them the song. I sent
them songs. But I really feel like I really just
get in anyway, like type of time bro on. Yeah,
like we say the same stupid thing. Stud that's that nineties.
That's why the music came out.

Speaker 3 (13:04):
Better back then is because we didn't have the option
to send versus like if you have to do a
record with Fat Joe Chemisal.

Speaker 1 (13:11):
I had to go to they had to go to
their studio. They had to go to your studio. Chemistry,
and you build a bond that comes through in the music.
I feel like my best ship come out like that. Anyways,
you're together. You got a lot of features. You're telling me.
Most of your features is yeah, I'll be here, Yeah,
I'll pull up, You'll go to hell.

Speaker 3 (13:31):
Yeah, Okay for real, we're gonna get to that. You've
got a lot of features. Goddamn it, everybody hip hop
love you.

Speaker 1 (13:37):
Yeah, I don't know.

Speaker 3 (13:37):
I heard you say one time you don't think hip
hop love you back.

Speaker 1 (13:41):
I was saying that on some like not the industry,
but not the love that you actually get from being
in hip hop. What I mean, like you know how
that should go, like they love you, they hate you,
then they love you again. Yeah, everything over come. Yeah,
all the adversaries. So if you don't know that, people
don't take that, That's what I mean, Like, you gotta
look at it like they don't love you back, so
you don't expect nothing. Just do you you feel what

I'm saying. Nah, I'm talking about like nigga, Yeah, I
can't because I know you strategy. That's that's how you that.
That's why I keep.

Speaker 3 (14:20):
I can say, never play talk about yourself wrong because
your body doesn't understand your pot You know what I'm
saying saying?

Speaker 1 (14:29):
You know what I mean?

Speaker 2 (14:29):

Speaker 1 (14:31):
Come on, man, let me get that right there, because
with thinking that, you know, sometimes it just put you
in the manse that like you're not being as motivated,
like don't care. You know what I'm saying, like I'll
be trying to put myself in the man said to
always be motivated. I don't want to have no date
just thinking about negative ship too, right, I gotta do

some like productive in some type of way.

Speaker 3 (14:56):
Let me let me, let me ask you about about
your city, right, one that I used to go to
the Chicago. You know, I got family in Chicago. Got
Spanish and Black family in Chicago. They don't talk to
each other, but yeah, they gang, they opposite gangs.

Speaker 1 (15:09):
They don't fucking each other.

Speaker 4 (15:10):
And I'm not making they're gonna try to bring them
together to the They're not family, right, Oh, I guess
you got he got Puerto Rican family that are family
that don't talk. Don't you got that too? You got
that too.

Speaker 3 (15:24):
But Shottown, Chicago is a beautiful city. But then it's it's.

Speaker 1 (15:33):
The flip side show. Do you still live in shot Town? No? No,
hell no, I just go back to go visit family
and go take care of benness I've been.

Speaker 2 (15:41):
That was one of the things that like I did first,
like I.

Speaker 1 (15:45):
Just here to get in a mental headspace where I
couldn't be in Chicago that shots too. It was crowding me.
I got out of Chicago when I was like twenty one,
twenty two years old. Yeah, I've been at it. You
believe that most rapids downfall is staying in their own
city for sure? Yeah, because it ain't even got a
lot to do it to. Hey, it's just the you know,
the comfortability too. You get too comfortable around your people.

Everybody know you. You get accessible like a lot of
this ship just you know, like you got to lead
or become bigger than the city. I tell you I can't.
When I go to New York.

Speaker 3 (16:19):
It's the worst thing for me because one I don't
know how to not answer the phone right.

Speaker 1 (16:24):
Like, I got that problem. Got that problem? Oh, get
out of that. Get out of that.

Speaker 3 (16:28):
I've been going through it for twenty years. You don't
want that problem. You gotta learn how to cut people off.
I don't because I trying eventually still answer.

Speaker 5 (16:37):
Yeah, I know.

Speaker 1 (16:37):
I'm not supposed to be with this dude. I know.
I know what. I posted a picture at Newark Airport.
This dude hits me. I tell him where the hotel is.
He's like cocaine. Still, he just left the block. Why
why did I do this? What am I trying to
prove did I still got connections. It's the comfortability, I'm

telling your nigga, just comfortable like these my people's holy molyam.

Speaker 3 (17:05):
But so for a person who's never been to shot Town,
can you describe it?

Speaker 1 (17:11):
I always do. Like everybody like that's never been there,
they feel like it's just like the wild wild West
running around there everywhere. It's really like he said, that
ship super beautiful. You got good ass food, a lot
of good restaurants. When I'm when I'm in the city,
I don't really go to my old neighborhood. I'll be
over there. You feel me. I be low key downtown

and all the beautiful parts and ship. So it's like
you go down there, it's got good shopping, good food.
You feel me. But you just gotta like be in
that realm of things. You feel me. Once you go
to Chicago and you want some tourist ship trying to
go ride through old Block, everybody the city's anybody try
to do that, and now you feel like tourists and ship.

I used to do that every place. I used to
do that too. As soon as it's to do, you're
gonna go to the trenches immediately, You're gonna go to
whatever hood right there. You know what I'm saying, Like,
you know but if we knowing what's came with that
back then it's before the really like when I started
traveling twenty eleven, twenty twelve, going to New York, going
to all these places and stuff like that, like Internet

one really super lit like that everybody wasn't posting everything,
so we was going right to the hoods soon as
you touch down in any place, you feel me like.
But now people going down to the hood they record
podcast out broadcasting where you are anything coming that your tours.
It ain't even gotta people be the people who from
around now that fuck with you. You know what I'm

saying that you don't know who watching your page.

Speaker 2 (18:36):
You feel me like, and they know you before you
ever know who they are.

Speaker 1 (18:39):
Exactly you feel me But like Chicago is smooth or Brian,
I go back home because I love be on my
fa beautiful city. Hell Ya, I tell people all the
time you go out there, you really enjoy yourself and
ship little spots. You gonna go kick it chill this
place you could be with your kids and ship. You
know what I'm saying, It's super smooth. You got beaches
out there too. Yeah, we got lakes.

Speaker 2 (18:58):
Yeah, that type of shit lakes. Now they got a lake.
It's a lake, bro, No, it's a leach.

Speaker 1 (19:02):
Spots beach that beaches, but it's it's basically Lake Michigan.

Speaker 2 (19:06):
Yeah, bro, what you think name was by an ocean man?

Speaker 1 (19:08):
What you think I see a beach lake? Only got ship.
I can't lie to you.

Speaker 3 (19:20):
My brother brought me to he said, one of the
number one piece of spots in the world, Chicago. It
was called come on you, you got to eat the
pizza with a fork in the night.

Speaker 1 (19:31):
I love that.

Speaker 2 (19:32):
That's not they took the Donalds.

Speaker 1 (19:34):
He tried to come on with the deep disch, but
people from Chicago don't eat deep dish. But really, yeah,
that's right. New York we got the best life. That's
like tour stopped. Y'all. Man, you want to clap. You
know New York got the best pizza. New York got
the best piz De Troy pizza is good, though I
ain't never heard. I never heard nobody nobody you what

what are you gonna say? Jk just joking, yeah, just kidding. No,
it's no Jesus Detroit but big up to the trick trick.
You know that's my people out there. Oh ship boom,
you better got blue Booe cross Yeah yeah are they
have Yeah they have of course yeah yeah your hell

you got a bulletproof. Put me on level six for
the bomb proof or thing damn bomb proof the Cadillac
Cadillac truck like like two eighty four.

Speaker 2 (20:39):
That's not bad actually, but you're not trying to go
to war.

Speaker 1 (20:41):
Now, trying to make sure, like I ain't gonna lie, bro,
growing up in the streets, like I always hit a mass.
I never put nobody out love in Harm's weight, no
matter like even with like I'm just paranoid.

Speaker 2 (20:55):
I don't even be having ship going on.

Speaker 1 (20:56):
I get I get real love in my city, bro,
like I'll be able to pop out and shit. But
always like even like what I'm saying is when I
was young as a kid, like I never when I
used to drive cars, I always had cars sixteen seventeen.
I never used to have my mom in the car.
I never used to have my sister in a car
because I just was paranoid if anything happened. I'm putting
people that I love and Harm's way always saying, I'm

going to be able to make sure my people safe
when I really get some real money. You feel me.
So I'm round with my kids. I want to make
sure no matter what, my kids, everybody that I love
family is safe.

Speaker 2 (21:27):
When we ran in Chicago, you never know what.

Speaker 3 (21:30):
Cars just for Chicago, Yeah for real, Okay in Chicago
like that, ain' you're gonna make nobody want to go
to Chicago right now?

Speaker 1 (21:37):
No, it ain't even that. It's just like you don't
never know what happened. You know, it's dangerous everywhere. You
treating me what you just said, and Kanye, this isgerous.

Speaker 2 (21:47):
Just like it's different.

Speaker 1 (21:48):
You know what I'm saying, Like you never and what
I'm saying is I'm from there. You never know who
love you, who hate you? You know what I'm saying.
So it's like I got to make sure I'm straight
at all times.

Speaker 3 (21:58):
I don't take no chances that a car is that
everywhere kind of it's just Chicago morning.

Speaker 2 (22:03):
I mean everywhere, a lot of rappers. You know what
I'm saying. Go back home and feel like that.

Speaker 1 (22:08):
You feel me especially, you know that paranoia not you know,
you gotta always be on point anyway. Because you're an artist.
Everybody know you gotta like you showing love. You don't
know if they live real or not. You just gotta
always be on your square all times, you know what
I'm saying. You know what's crazy about That's what I
feel like being in Chicago because I don't know who
was who? You know what's crazy about Chicago. I remember

at one.

Speaker 3 (22:30):
Point I used to go to queens Bridge, right, and
it's to be A and R's just hanging out in
queens Bridge. They didn't know they was in the most
drug infested places in the world. They're just sitting there
trying to find another nos and they're sitting there trying
to find another mob deep. It's so many people that
go to the coast side rack trying to find another
version of y'all, and they putting themself at harm's.

Speaker 2 (22:48):
Way, and sometimes they got to do that though they
take that risk. I ain't gonna lie.

Speaker 1 (22:51):
That's why you got a shout out to Mickey Houston. Bro.
That was that when I first started rapping. That was
my that was my manager at the time. Heat when
I first met him, Bro, I was what sixteen seventeen
years old, probably no I was fifteen, like fifteen sixteen,
and I always been bad with phones. You see how
I just pulled up my phone all cracked up, and shit,

I've been like that and I always lose phones like so,
and I know numbers about herd I promise you I
know everybody knowing that be with me about heart and shit.
So I used to like not have a phone and
not really get no fuck, just be standing on the
block posted up all day because shit, that's what everybody
outside anyway, if I could get in.

Speaker 2 (23:31):
Touch with whoever. But he really used to pull up
looking for me on my block.

Speaker 1 (23:35):
I'm fifteen years old, with his family, got his kids,
his wife and the cars, kids like two three years old.
He pulling up like what heard? You feel what I'm
saying because he was trying to be my manager, and shit,
you feel what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (23:47):
And that made me gravitate to him.

Speaker 1 (23:49):
I'm like, damn, this nigga really pulling up right here
with his fans dangers and the dangerous reds on Save
Life and pulling up four five times like straight, like
come on, show y'all fuck with you, Like damn, He's
silent for that with his family though, like he's coming
from church doing this too.

Speaker 2 (24:05):
But it's a little crazy. But how was it working
with Juice world?

Speaker 1 (24:10):
Man? Juice was he was like a if you could
describe it, it's like one of them, like one of
the billion phenomenons. Like when you see him, I ain't
even I'm not even being funny like when you when
we first ever met Juice, and we just used to
see his recording process alone, like how he used to
get in the studio and make like six songs in

a role. But damness, like he then made twelve thirteen
songs because for each song he doing two three covers
with different patterns, Like he's not saying the same shit
now hesing the same hook. He doing this for like
fast six songs straights, but making two three covers and
the first shit he's saying so hard. Were not wanting

him to erace it, were like, what the fuck he's
racing it? Afterwards he yeah, he ain't even no more.

Speaker 2 (25:00):
He's not statching no version.

Speaker 1 (25:03):
He's just using the one he wanted to use. We like, man,
like it was some crazy shit. We never seen nothing
like that, man. And it's as just like I was.

Speaker 2 (25:11):
Really in love with the craft like the art of it.

Speaker 1 (25:13):
You feel what I'm saying. And it was weird working
with him like at first, and like because he was
like his ship. He he he's such a natural red talent.
And that was back when I was there and still
writing versus a long time, like I'll be off.

Speaker 2 (25:29):
The top now I look like okay, I heard.

Speaker 1 (25:35):
Yeah, But that was like when I was really still
ranking on the phone and he used to go so
like quick freestyling so and that shit was so hard.
I'm like, it's taking me a long time and like
you feel me? Like I felt like I couldn't really
like vab like that. But he one of the reasons
why I stopped writing a little bit, Like I just
used to like go off the vab with him here

and make you do ten fifteen songs like you feel
what I'm saying because I'm looking at it like I
ain't gonna lie. It was crazy now I'm looking back
at it and now that little bro dead, Like I
wasn't really realizing like how much he really looked up
to me. You feel what I'm saying, like like on
a like him being a fan of my music. I'm
so a fan of his shit because I've never seen

nothing like him before, and he's so big, but he's
just such a genuine person. He not even really realizing
how big he is for real, for he happy to
just be doing what he's doing. You feel what I'm saying,
Like he trying to do songs with me because he
thinking he's stacking up fifteen g herbro versus. And I'm
telling him, like, Surety, you the biggest shit in the world,
Like I'm not finna be rapping on all these songs

because all he's not even gonna come out, Bro, you
pop star shit, we might drop one of these for
my al one of these for yours for real. But
I feel like he was challenging me to be better too,
like you feel me. But I'm not even looking at
it like that, you know, like it was just that
nigga he when I look back at it, like that's
like I never seen nobody like that, you feel me, Like,

and I didn't heard that shit from like Pluto, from Thug,
like from motherfucker that like them really the goats of
this shit, you know what I'm saying, Like that really
didn't locked in with Bro and seeing his recording process
and feeling like that's some shit they ain't ever seen before.
The lass was different.

Speaker 3 (27:14):
Do you think Juice world saw how big he was
prior to him passing.

Speaker 1 (27:20):
I mean yeah, I feel like yeah, and then no
one away could just knowing him, he's so humble, like
he wasn't really like you feel he was just in
love with the art of him music and he knowing
he's big as fuck. Of course he knowing, but it's like,
I don't even I think he was having so much
fun with it. He wasn't even flying on how big

he could go, Like I feel me, he wasn't even
like on some as far as like just embracing it,
like that's the thing. That's what I mean. I feel
like he would have been ten times bigger if he
just embraced how big he was. You feel him just
being such a real pure soul. He ain't even like
popping it. We used to tell them, like pop it, shorty,

like get out here ship on niggas, Like that was
never his thing, Like we've been telling him to do that,
like boy shit on niggas. Well. You the one, you
feel me like, act like you the one he never
was on that you feel me, That's what I mean great,
I'm bouncing around on a little bit. I'm bouncing around
little right.

Speaker 3 (28:20):
This is something that I always wanted to ask people
from Chicago.

Speaker 1 (28:23):

Speaker 3 (28:24):
They said that there was a plot to kind of
like get rid of all the ogs, like you know,
the Larry.

Speaker 1 (28:31):
Hoovers, right, Like, Yeah, I used to hear about that ship.

Speaker 3 (28:36):
And that's how the city became wild, like it is
you think that's true?

Speaker 1 (28:40):
I believe shit if it's like, I ain't gonna say
I'm like a conspiracy theorist like belief type of nigga,
but like once I hear like how they break it
down and ship, Yeah, I do believe that she was
true because it's not no coincidence how shit happened and
don't happen you feel, I'm saying, like, no matter regardless,
I can't. I'm I'm twenty eight, so I can't really

say what really really happened in the past. But as
far as it when me knowing when I grew up
and being no guidance out here for real, it wasn't
like you feel, I'm saying. You even had people who
was like and that's crazy you said that. Because I
was having a conversation with one of my homies not
too long ago, Like like even in certain neighborshoods, people

was really even scared to even feel like, all right,
I got authority, like I'm finna try to tell these
little shorties what to do or not be out here
or don't you know what I'm saying, because they scared
to get on some kingp and shit they thinking the
fuck going grabbing them just being having like the ability
to tell people what to do or orchestra even if
it is some positive outcome, like like these might be

a neighborhood full of street niggas who got criminal charges
or whatever, but one person come and be like, all right,
I'm finis straightening this shit up. They might really look
at them like they own some chief type shit. You
feel me, And they ain't doing nothing but trying to
make the shit better. You feel me like I was
having a conversation with my homie like and that's basically
touching on the same point you just mad.

Speaker 6 (30:04):
Remember it's not a conspiracy Moore cointil pro It has
been proven that that's the real thing that the FBI
was doing back then, exactly depending on what you think
the intention was.

Speaker 1 (30:12):
But they was really doing that and they was bringing
people in.

Speaker 6 (30:14):
There was taking a part of these organizations from the top,
and those organizations back then were really.

Speaker 3 (30:18):
Trying to do community based things. It wasn't really street
shit back exactly. Like like my brother, he's Latino. But
when COMPETI Green was up, you know, I wanted to
go to COMPETI Green. This is a good time projects,
funny dude. I was like, Yo, I gotta go. I
got like, this is this restaurant called Sammy's. You know,
it's fried chicken, spies, It's nothing crazy, but I had
to go. My brother got you know, the coat sign

and when I got there, I felt the most safest
I ever felt in my life. It was I felt
like everyone was just around just like yo, Norway's here,
like you know what I mean. And the police came
searched me and Ship, the whole neighborhood was with me,
like yo, get leaning over alone.

Speaker 1 (30:54):
I was like, oh Ship. That was in the nineties though, yeah,
exact thing about Chicago though, like people you were feel
that type of love, you know what I'm saying, and
like that being a project. I ain't from no project building,
but back then when projects was up, like everybody knew everybody.
So basically in the project, it's probably eighty sixty percent
of the ass all related families and shit, staying all

through this shit. So you feel me, you would get
that type of vibe. Somebody funck with you. They gonna
definitely make sure you straight. I'm sure you probably felt
some real love because I didn't been to New York
and felt like that, Like young nigga like eighteen years old,
and I'm going outside and I'm really feeling like, oh,
I'm posting up in New York for two hours, three hours,
I'm all through all types of boroughs. You feel what

I'm saying, like, you don't really feel like that, and
when you go to the hood and just embrace it,
you feel me Like, Now.

Speaker 3 (31:43):
Let's talk about ptsd D. I know we were talking
about juice word earlier, but that's about.

Speaker 1 (31:48):
You think you have PTSD. Yeah, what is that? Post
traumatic post stress disorder? Yeah, I got diagnosed with it. Really,
that's the ship that motherfuckers in Wall get right, Yeah,
but you can get what. Yeah, I had. That was
was I was going to therapy though. That was when
I first started going to therapy. Therapy, so age, but continue, Yeah,

I started going to therapy prob what year that was
two thousand and nineteen, twenty eighteen, and just talking to
my therapist, she diagnosed me with post roumatic stress disorder
because I was really I I was fighting the case
at the time though, Like I had got arrested in
twenty eighteen when my son was born. Y'all got arrested

for some gun in Chicago. That's when I was living
in Chicago. I feel me right before I moved to
LA and I was really just you know me living
out there. I ain't had no security, you feel what
I'm saying. And I was even in that situation, like
I said, accountability. I'm talking to my therapist like I

ain't never really feel safe leaving out my house as
I was fourteen, fifteen years old. You feel what I'm saying, Wow,
And we haven't.

Speaker 2 (32:58):
I was.

Speaker 1 (32:59):
I was with with with south Side when it happened
that situation when I got arrested for the guns. You
feel me, Like Bro was already a millionaire. He had
security with him. You feel what I'm saying. They was
able to get his security guard. Cello was on the case.
He did that, guys, So that was his security guard
who we paid staff. You feel what I'm saying. I'm

living in Chicago, I wasn't able to have no security guard,
So me carrying the firearm, I was, you know what
I'm saying, basically just telling my therapist. I'm telling the
same shit with the lawyer on fire the case. But
I was able to get off on that well misdemeanor.
You feel what I'm saying. But at the end of
the day, I really like I didn't even know what
they're like, the therapy, the whole situation to me going

like it was me taking a chance. You feel what
I'm saying. I was, I ain't really open up to
like nobody in my life. You did it on your own.
You chose to go to therapy on your own. Yeah, yeah,
yeah yeah.

Speaker 2 (33:53):
It was really like it wasn't no court stipulation.

Speaker 1 (33:55):
Nothing like that. I was talking to my lawyer and
my lawyer like kind of insistent on me going, and
I just took the chance and just really went on
my own. You feel me. But like I said, like
taking that leadership role early on, it just I don't
really I feel like me complaining about my situation and
what I got going on to the people around that
that's really depending on me. It's like, that's not really

you know what I'm saying, That's that's the I feel
like that's the that's that's what's what's really wrong, like
with for lack of a burn term with it, I'm
trying to say, like that the stipulation that that they
that they put on black men growing up, just not
being able to open up people around you and your family,

open up to your mother, open up to your girl,
to whoever. You can't do that, take it on, you
know what I'm saying. So it's like it ain't nobody
referring therapy. So it's like I was really I I
didn't even feel like it was going to be helpful
at first, to be honest, you know what I'm saying.
When I first started going. But it was though, like life,

just me just talking to to her about everything I
grew up, like experiencing and everything that I was going
through as a man at that time. And she just
went on her own and and diagnosed me with postramatic
stress disorder and actually sent it to the courts when
I was fighting the case at the time. And that's
how I was able to really get get off on
the whole situation and get and get it down to

a to a misdemeanor. Basically, what do they give you
for that? Yeah, I had, I got diagnosed, I got
the medical card they gave me. Yeah, yeah that's fire. Yeah,
I got my car legally. Yeah, that's how I was

able to get it through having postramatic stressed disorder, you know.
But and it's like, man, really, that's why I had
I named my album PTSD because it all happened around
the same time, and that's why I put all those
people that I had lost on my cover, like it
was over fifty people on the fifty dead faces. You
feel what I'm saying because I'm talking about all this

and therapy. You feel what I'm saying, like everything I experience,
and it's like just the reality of a nigga experiencing
seeing so much depth. But you were able to just
act normal all day, navigate through your life like ain't
nothing going on. You're still going to school and it's
still going to work, and they're still providing for their family,
taking care of their kids. But all it's still on
your mind every day. And if we don't really talk

about it, it's like you got to find a way
to like compartmentalize with all of that. You feel me,
you can't really hold it in and still think you're
going to have a level playing field when you're dealing
with life.

Speaker 2 (36:39):
You're going to always be on a roller coaster, you
feel what I'm.

Speaker 1 (36:42):
Saying because and on that yeah, is because most times
were you really able to release and be yourself, you
around the people that you're most comfortable with and them
people you love. So you probably exploding on your woman,
exploding on your kids, or you know what I'm saying,
on your mom, whoever the case may be. You feel
me so like because you or you really like hold

it in where you just go to make a decision
that you can't in and shit come back from for
the rest of your life. That's how nigga wind up
getting killed, Nigga wind up going to jail because you
wearing this shit on your shoulder and then you snap
what a ten second decision costs you the rest of
your life, you know what I'm saying. So it's like
that's why I started to like open up about therapy
and name my album PTSD and just openly just wear

that shit because I felt like that was the time
of my life when I was most vulnerable.

Speaker 3 (37:28):
So I was just rapping about was any soldiers offended
by that, because like I guess that's the most of
the people who get diagnosed with that.

Speaker 1 (37:38):
No, because I really I did, really get clinically diagnosed.
So I'm opening up about therapy. You feel what I'm saying.
And I was like, I wasn't saying I was like
first hearing like paying hamage to the soldiers, But I
was talking about like how people who live regular everyday
last suffer from the same you know what I'm saying,
diagnosis that somebody who go to war who signed up

you know what I'm saying, not saying that they work
is unnoticed. Of course. The people put their life on
the line every day, on the on the scale that
we couldn't even imagine, you feel, and everybody's different. At
the end of the day, it's people who live every
day life that didn't sign up for that. At the
end of the day, it is what it is. Post
Man stresses saw its post Man stresses sort, no matter
how you put it.

Speaker 6 (38:20):
And it depends on like people get it in car accident.
People have a car exactly. They get like it was
just you guys, yeah, domestic abutiy and they get that
ship one robbed one time.

Speaker 2 (38:31):
People. They get posted like.

Speaker 1 (38:34):
Its really having like certain situations that you've been through
that that triggered you on on a day to day basis.
So it might be one thing that happened ten years ago,
but it's like every time you get in the car,
like you said, you're thinking about the situation. Every time
you're on the bus stop, you're thinking about the situation
because something happened on the bus stop. Right. Let me

ask you, how did you become as wise?

Speaker 3 (38:57):
Like, because I know we touched on the fact that
you're twenty eight, but your brain is not twenty eight
like you you advanced and this shit Like I sit
here like almost like I'm talking to my pair, like
I know you younger than me, but your brain ain't
telling me that.

Speaker 1 (39:14):
At all, Like how'd you get that? Wise? Man? I
think I just really to be honest, i'mna be completely
hungry with you. Man. I've just been outside for a
long time, really, just since I was probably twelve thirteen
years old. I've been hang on my big brother, he older,
he five years older than me and just you.

Speaker 3 (39:33):
Know, just for five years older than he's thirty three. Yeah, okay,
which means that he forty three, right, basically cool.

Speaker 1 (39:43):
Yeah, Wise, It's like I've just been always and I
don't really got nothing to do with like how I think,
of course, but like I think, I just I looked
up to him and already hear like some type of
structure just being my own own man. You feel what
I'm saying it And while I grew up at it

is like you gotta I ain't even being I ain't
even lying, bro.

Speaker 2 (40:06):
Like you've done it, even if you're not in the streets.

Speaker 1 (40:08):
You gotta dan that be wise or you gotta like
be a little It's like you gotta be a little
witty in some type of way growing up while I
came up, you feel what I'm saying, because everybody like
out for something, everybody wants something about you. You feel
what I'm saying. So when I'm fifteen, sixteen years old
and I'm trying to rap in at the end of

the day, my name, I'm buzzing, I'm really in my neighborhood,
I'm having all types of street shit going on. You
feel me. So it's like I gotta be twice as sharp,
Like I really want hanging over people my age. I
was hanging with people older than me. I'm thirteen, I'm
hanging around eighteen, nineteen, twenty, sometimes twenty five years. You
feel what I'm saying, and I gotta you know, I'm

gonna get a lot of credit to my pops. Two
though my dad put a lot of a lot of
structure in me growing up. You feel me. But when
when I was outside in the streets, I was on
my own, though, you feel You're like I just had
to take what he gave me and try to use
that to navigate. You feel me, But I don't know.
It was just experienced a lot of life. I've been
through a lot of shit early on and just like

took it for what it is, Like you know, I
think that's why, like going back to the therapy that
shit helped me, because like the shit was so normal
where I come from. Like you can't really complain about
I feel like I said that before, and I don't
want to sound like crazy or like bias or nothing.
Like I feel like a nigga like me, I feel
like I can't even complain about my situation or whatever

I go through because I didn't seen and experience much
worse in the hood where I come from. Like you
think your situation bad and you look at one of
your homies like, damn, he got it worse, way worse. Well,
this nigga got it ten times worse than me, Like
it make you just over grateful. Like that's how I
had that mentality when I was younger, because I'm seeing
shit like you know, I didn't been in the trenches.

What shit is so fucked up? Like nigga's growing up
even worse than I'm seeing. So it's like, damn, I
always had a reason to just be like, my sh
it ain't so bad. You feel me, even if the
worst of the worst situations you feel me.

Speaker 3 (42:08):
I want you to enjoy a little more, man enjoy
it because I got I got a friend I don't
want to say his name. We hang out right, and
then we don't even want to take pictures because we
got survivors re morese. We're just sitting around thinking like
a once we take a picture, there's gonna be people
hating bro, and that's like fucked up. Like our wives

were looking at each other like yo, some suckers, like
we out like three days a week and like y'ah no,
we're we're over here.

Speaker 1 (42:39):
We don't want to take this picture.

Speaker 2 (42:41):
Like fuck that I gotta I got a real album calls.

Speaker 1 (42:47):
That's what I said. That that's what But I know
I'm knowing. But it's like the ship that's like second
nature though you feel me. I don't even think Nigga
intentionally really beat. It's like like you said, like in
the beginning of the interview, like you ask your phone
so much sometimes you just don't even want to deal
with the energy of certain ship that's just not even

changed my dad or more you feel me all the time,
never changed, man, I say that ship all the time,
I be wanting to change my number. But then it's
like I be thinking, like I know, what if somebody
really Nigga really be feeling like that this real ship?
How much?

Speaker 2 (43:27):
How much you think fatherhood has helped you mature as well?

Speaker 1 (43:31):
One hundred percent? I feel like fatherhood is if it
won't for me really having my first kid, I would, like,
I know, I wouldn't have really like grew up and
just like been on some ship where like I know,
like what having a kid teach you is your first
and foremost, like your main responsibility. Owe everything to them.

So you got to make decisions knowing that are you
owe everything to your kids because what happens to you
happened today exactly. So before you had kids, you feel
like you owe something to the mother fucker. But when
you really have kids, you're like, oh no, I really
don't own nobody shit. I own my kids everything. So
you know, like that just like changed my whole way
of thinking when I had children. You know what I'm saying,

It's like and then like no, funny shit, people always
ask me, like what's my like like most places of
comfort or happiest place, like no matter what I'm going through,
when I'm around my kids, I could literally just zone
out and not think about nothing, like no matter what,
like five regardless, Like I don't feel like I had
no other vice like studio all that should be therapeutic. Q,

Like you know, I love what I do, but like
my purest place is just like no matter what, I
could be like the most depressed ever and be in
the room my kids and then that shit just literally
go away, you know what I'm saying. So like even
if it's for the time being to being around my kids.
And then when that's old, I snapped back right in reality,
like I feel like that's the purest form of love.

Speaker 2 (44:56):
You knowe what I'm saying here people exactly so like
and then it's.

Speaker 1 (45:00):
Like another thing is too that should be tweaking me out,
like no matter what, Like I'm learning my older you know,
you know son, he fat you can be six years old,
like he know what's going on. But at the end
of the day, your kids don't really know, Like they
don't know who I am, what I know, They don't think.
You don't talk about none of that. They don't know.

I still think I'm corny with my kids. You always
doing it for like like like like the last thing
I watching my son, I watched Ted. I know that's inappropriate.

Speaker 3 (45:33):
No, No, youngest, we watched Ted the series. You've seen
that ship on peac racist?

Speaker 1 (45:40):
Very racist? What is hilarious? Yeah, he has a series.
Yeah you think for me on dead Boy, I ain't
never see that ship into My son watched that. He
ain't supposed to be watching that. No, No, I ain't
gonna lie I'm a bad father. Let me tur that
out there. Don't say you're not a bad father, but in.

Speaker 3 (45:58):
This situation is like that cause I watched it, and
now I start to realize he's asking me to watch
it because he wants to watch it.

Speaker 1 (46:06):
Right, So I'm looking at and then my.

Speaker 3 (46:08):
Wife's getting her hair done, I'm getting a haircut.

Speaker 1 (46:12):
And everybody in the house is just looking like, oh
my god. And I'm sitting there with my son, and
I looked.

Speaker 2 (46:16):
I'm like, damn, I'm kind of he just made that
point over. But that's what I'm saying. I'm saying that
to say, like your kids don't really know like who
Like my son.

Speaker 1 (46:25):
He wanting to do the most random ship, and I
gotta do it, like like wherever we at, he want
to go to, whatever target, he want to go out to,
the closest jumpy house, the nearest arcade, just random ship
for the moment. How you failures, old, Okay, I'll be
having to go do that ship, no matter if there's
a million fans in there at all.

Speaker 2 (46:46):
I just go do it because that's what he wanted
to do.

Speaker 1 (46:48):
Like he not thinking about that ship and he not
knowing like you feel me. So that's what I'm saying.
Your kids, How you how you're doing the most random shit,
like fuck it, Like just say fuck it. I always
do that with one kid, Like fucking you're going he
got the fatherhood park has. Let's make too much for
your father.

Speaker 2 (47:08):
Let's do it.

Speaker 1 (47:08):
He don't do nothing. He don't leave the house for
ship at.

Speaker 2 (47:12):
All, all kinds of ship.

Speaker 1 (47:14):
Yeah, right now you're having active and ship with my kids.

Speaker 2 (47:18):
Why they're too busy? Fuck the whole crib up.

Speaker 1 (47:21):
You gotta leave up. How many kids you have? Three? Three?

Speaker 2 (47:24):
What's the age one?

Speaker 3 (47:25):
Oh, it's fourteen. They going through puberty. I gotta have
the birds and the bees. I don't know if they
already had the birds and bees.

Speaker 2 (47:37):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (47:38):
Like I'm scared. I'm scared of like they damn there
the homies and ship may be telling me let's go to.
I know why they want to go to. I'm alright,
got that man, All right, listen, So we got a game.

Speaker 1 (47:56):
Wait, yeah, yeah, yeah, you handle it. Handle that we wanted.

Speaker 3 (48:01):
We want to let you know how much we appreciate you,
how much you are a legend, how much love and
hip hop you got is you know That's one thing
I do when I interview a guest, I call.

Speaker 1 (48:11):
I just call.

Speaker 3 (48:11):
Everybody, and everybody, Yo, I kid you not you wanted
like the third guests maybe you look you're up, you're
up there like that. Nobody had nothing.

Speaker 1 (48:22):
Bad to say. I was like, that's fucking fire. You
know what I'm saying. Like everybody was like, yo, man,
it's a stand up dude. It's a good dude. You
know what I mean.

Speaker 3 (48:32):
And so our show is about giving people they flowers.
So we want to give you your mother.

Speaker 1 (48:38):
Yeah, it's like a Grammy because it's coming from your people.
This is your people, man, this is your house. I
want you to know. I want you to know that.
Before we get to QuickTime of Slim, I want to.

I want to. I want to say something and just
I want you to tell me. What do you hear?

Speaker 3 (49:03):
Uh when I say this? When I say that, okay
you ready? Yeah, humble beast, Well, I think hunger. Hunger, Yeah,
hunger immediately more than one?

Speaker 1 (49:22):
More than one? Like what more than one? Whatever?

Speaker 2 (49:25):
Humble beasts? I think hunger. Man think uh uh?

Speaker 1 (49:30):
Dedication, I think I think gold oriented. I was on
a mission gold Yeah, gold oriented for sure. I figured
I had I think of having a point of prove
I had something approval to myself, I felt like at
that time and like to the industry, you know that

being my like debut album, like on some ship. Okay,
still swerving, still swerving, consistency like uh, I think, uh.

Speaker 2 (50:10):
Living life, having fun, I think uh.

Speaker 1 (50:18):
Ship. Uh, I think I God damnit swerving on Bro
swerving and what I think? Uh? I think of a
ship gratefulness on Bro, being grateful right out of town
Bro okay, PTSD, PTSD. I think of Chicago. I think

of hustling. I think of ship, savage life. I think
of death mm hmmm, mm hmm. Ship. I think a
grieving pain, anger and ship. I think of vulnerability and

awareness twenty five, twenty five, I think survivals of morse.
I think of grief. I can't say that gratefulness. That's
my next question, Bro, I'm gonna I'm gonna go into
I'm gonna go into that with that you're doing my interview.

That was but for twenty five, I think I think
of gratefulness too though. Okay, I think of gratefulness. I
think of life. I think of celebration, I think of grief.
M hmmm. And I think I think of victory and

now survivors of Mars, survivors of Morse. I think of sorrow,
anger again. I think of confusion. I think uh, I

think the resentfulness. I don't know if I said pain, well,
I think of pain again. The reason, the reason why
I had was, like I had said, survivors of Morese
when I said the two five was because like turning
twenty five was like like the whole time, like period

of me just where I was as an artist, as
a man everywhere, just like actually being grateful to turn
twenty five at such a young age. It's really crazy
as fuck, you know what I'm saying. And now that
I'm twenty eight, f goin to be thirty. You feel me.
It's still being young, but you just be grateful for
the me is cause niggas really don't get that far
where I come from, a lot of my homies didn't

get to see eighteen twenty one, you know, So being
turned at twenty five like and that was one of
my last birthdays that I turned with my little brother,
you feel me. My little brother, uh he died seven
days before it's twenty fifth birthday. Got like you two
plus five and seven, Like the whole reason why I

was like putting that whole album two five together. You
feel what I'm saying, It was just like it was
a different like just time or you know, like they'll
let you know, like well, well we all mentally, not
just me, like everybody around, everybody I ever know knew
growing up, Like it was like, of course everybody excited
to see their twenty fifth birthday, but while I come from,

we feel like it's a mouthstone even be alive at
twenty five, not to actually enjoy twenty fifth birthday, and
on you feel me, Nigga, just happy to be here.
You lost so much, you feel me, So it's like
looking back at that, I feel like shit, I feel
like I wish, you know, Nigga would have like celebrated
like more. You feel me with that being like my

last birthday even with you know, because I had a ball,
Like you feel what I'm saying, But I'm just saying
like not even not even like what I mean. It's
like on some just like fastest, like not even my
whole twenty fifth birthday was around the fact that just
being grateful to be alive, you feel me and my
the brother they didn't even see his twenty fifth birthday,

so that it was like it was like a weird
feeling for me. You know, God bless bro. But Nigga
just that's why i'd be having that. Master, Nigga, just
be grateful for shitting right, be grateful, quick Time and slob.
You want to explain to him the rules.

Speaker 6 (54:57):
Yeah, we're gonna give you two choices. Pick one and
we're not drinking quick time or slim. Yeah, two choices.
You get two choices. There's a list of things. These
guys over here came up with this list, So don't
blame us, Columbian and the Dominican. Right, so you get
two choices. You picked nobody together. If you say both,
like you say both of them, what do quick time

or what? That's just the name of the game.

Speaker 1 (55:22):
Drinking game.

Speaker 6 (55:23):
Yeah, you're picking something. But if you if you say both,
are neither we drinking. All of us are drinking. Okay,
but if you pick nobody drinking, If you pick something,
nobody drink. But if you don't pick basically we drinking.
Remember this, Are you ready and go light with the
shots because it's a long game.

Speaker 1 (55:39):
Yeah, yeah, you go light with the shots. Okay, you ready?

Speaker 3 (55:43):
This is your shot Towns is going to suck you
up right now you're ready, let us do it, Chief
Keith or Little Dirk.

Speaker 1 (55:56):
So okay, Chief right, Tupac or DMX Tupac ok Drake
or Lula, Wayne Wayne Nas or jadakiss kiss.

Speaker 2 (56:16):
You guys have to say about that.

Speaker 6 (56:19):
Right if you want to elaborate, tell the story anything
but Jada Kiss Okay.

Speaker 1 (56:24):
Kanye West or no I D obviously produce.

Speaker 2 (56:27):
It and obviously both Chicago, I'm gonna go.

Speaker 1 (56:31):
No I D. As you know, Big Bro, he was
one of the first that ever really embraced me to though,
really like O I D. I got, I got, like
I got placements, like songs with no ID when I'm
like sixteen years old, when I first started rapping, Like
when you work with Common, Who's yeah exactly? That was
that was the whole play. No I D put that
whole play together with Common. You feund and Big Bro

always just been like a mentor for me, Like I know,
if there's anything I really need to like get off,
if I ever need to come here for any advice,
it's just a phone call fee. That's fine. That's a
big dog too, a shout to be. He always showed
me love from the beginning. Since they want juice World
or P M. B Rock.

Speaker 2 (57:13):
That's the piece and I could do both. It's called
the ticket both.

Speaker 1 (57:18):
Let's take both of my brother. I've been feeding him,
take a shot. Let's do it. But I wanted you
to go with the right choices.

Speaker 2 (57:31):
The next even we're back.

Speaker 1 (57:43):
Hey, man, I don't know if I can say it.

Speaker 2 (57:45):
But I don't want to take my brother P and
B anyway, I got to take that.

Speaker 3 (57:49):
Yes, future twenty one savage. Uh, we take a shot,
you know, take a.

Speaker 1 (57:57):
Shot, brother Brodian Right, Yeah, don't choose, don't don't choose side.

Speaker 2 (58:03):
That's a two headed go.

Speaker 1 (58:05):
Yeah, ice gub that motherfucker. I've been holding this one.

Speaker 6 (58:10):
Want to shut chilling Common or lupid fiasco Common, it's
South side of Metro booming Well, taking a shot on Flo.
That's another two head to go. Sorry about that drinking.

Speaker 1 (58:28):
You know what he's drinking?

Speaker 3 (58:32):
What was It's called mam Wana but he's not from
dominic in Republic?

Speaker 1 (58:37):
What is it? It's made in the tubbing kind he.

Speaker 2 (58:41):
Make that ship up.

Speaker 1 (58:42):
It's telling you, man, don't don't start.

Speaker 7 (58:46):
He's gonna ask you for a shot. Called wife the
movie should try. By the way, the best baptob in candle.

Speaker 1 (59:00):
I know it's some times breaking it anyway, just let
me take my.

Speaker 2 (59:08):

Speaker 1 (59:08):
I'm sorry, so I'm so happy you came here. Man, man,
I want to get you and your fans is crazy.

Speaker 3 (59:18):
By the way, I tweeted out that got question questions
with you heard they went crazy your fans. You got
some crazy ass fans, yeah, man, yeah, okay podcast or radio.

Speaker 1 (59:32):
Podcast, okay, dropped podcast. Okay, Yeah, this is good. It's
a good one.

Speaker 3 (59:43):
Cat Williams or Kevin Hard, don't take a shot. I
was gonna take a shot. I don't want no smoke.
Give us both trouble, take a shot. We outside, we
love them both shut out. But it's entertaining. I never
seen control. And that's the funniest on the craziest ship.

It's just dope.

Speaker 1 (01:00:08):
You ain't. I want to with everybody getting the loan
and spreading love under entertainment.

Speaker 2 (01:00:15):
It's entertainment. That's the name of the game, right.

Speaker 1 (01:00:17):
But I'm like that other people is beefing other than
rappings exactly. That's hard. That's hard. This is what to
be damn it. Okay, Luda or t I take a shot.
Do I old shot?

Speaker 6 (01:00:35):
Yeah, take a shot, take a shot, tip mm hmm, okay,
Rick Rosser, jez.

Speaker 1 (01:00:42):
Uh take a shot man, Okay, take a shot for
Big Bro.

Speaker 3 (01:00:47):
Now it's going down. Okay, here putting the ice in
every shot, Bro Man, that's ships hottest like I don't
like it. That ship is like Russian cheating.

Speaker 1 (01:00:58):
Man's DJ drama or d J Collin drama. Mm hmm.
Scarface or ice Cube? What we say drama cattle. We
gotta take a shot, take a show. You take a shot, said,

I'm a little I'm a little tipsy. I had consume.
The question is okay, I didn't even shopping Big Bro.
Now we remember for another two headed girl? All right?

Speaker 2 (01:01:31):
Scarface of ice Cube?

Speaker 6 (01:01:33):
Mm hmmm, scar Face, Boys in the Hood or medicine Society,
Minis Society.

Speaker 2 (01:01:44):
L A or Miami U l A.

Speaker 3 (01:01:49):
Travis Scott or Asap Rocky Travis, Biggie A big Al
Biggie our Castle, u g K.

Speaker 2 (01:02:01):
Hugk Hey, who's d the come on?

Speaker 1 (01:02:05):
Bro? Little g or little Wice take a shot. I
respect that big and both of cheer boy take a
shot and fold up.

Speaker 2 (01:02:16):
So take a nice.

Speaker 1 (01:02:21):

Speaker 3 (01:02:21):
What me do it's it's still hot. It's like fucking
taking a coffee shot. Little baby or Rocky Fresh Baby,
little yachty, a little.

Speaker 1 (01:02:35):
Oozy, take a shot that big Yeah, he's some good ass.
Questions by the way, thank you Kodak or Denzel Curry Kodak.

Last one, it's the most important one, most important one
loyalty or respect?

Speaker 2 (01:03:07):
Respect? Explain because I'm built off loyalty.

Speaker 1 (01:03:14):
I'm a loyal person anyway you feel what I'm saying
that you can't really if people don't really have a loyalty,
you can't probably instill that anything. But I'm gonna make
you respect me. If you don't respect me, I demand
respect regardless of what. You don't have to be lord
to me. You don't have to be whatever, but you're
gonna have to be respectful me because I'm gonna leader
respect whatever. I don't have to enforce loyalty, force respect,

applying anybody, so respect, so you would respect and respect.
I ain't a lie. You're not supposed to take a
shot for that, but I think we should. I mean,
that was a hard answer, Like that was I was
fucked up. I was like, we can take a shot
for that. You want to take a shot, Bro, I mean,
do you want to take a shot for the answer,

like it's deserves deserves shot. I do it for myself.
You say wanted to take a shot. I wanted to
take a shot too. But that answer was.

Speaker 6 (01:04:10):
Awesome, bro. Going back to to no idea when you
were Common? Right, did you record with Common in the studio?

Speaker 1 (01:04:19):
No? No, have y'all linked though?

Speaker 2 (01:04:21):

Speaker 1 (01:04:21):
He yeah, ain't gonna low with comments so tough, man,
I was. You know, it's crazy. I actually was supposed
to start acting like years ago. Man, But I really
was just so focused on rap, Like I was, like,
I'm a type of person, like I ain't gonna say
I'm stubborn, but in a way, when I'm super focused
on something like that malestone self for myself, I just
gotta do one thing like I was supposed to really

been in when they did. Which one was he in?
Was comments and Barbershop three? I believe I was supposed
to I was supposed to have been in that, And
I just said in Chicago, right, Yeah, yeah, I went
and I went and I went and uh went over
my script with him. Yeah, me pull up on him
at his hotel.

Speaker 3 (01:05:01):
I was, Yeah, I feel like he smells like baby powder.

Speaker 2 (01:05:05):
No, no, big Bro.

Speaker 1 (01:05:08):
That was my first time. He was a nice ass,
nice ass sweet I forgot what hotel it was. It
was a minute ago. He had me pull up to
him and I went over my script with him for
like two three hours. You feel me. Big Bro always
just embraced me, like even on rap ship and just
anything like he hit me like, oh you got the
they trying to get a roll. I pulled up on
the one over the script. You feel me. He kind

of wanted me to do my video on syndity and
right there, but I was on some nervous ship. I
ain't doing it right then.

Speaker 6 (01:05:34):
I had because it was an audition that you were doing. Basically, yeah,
I had over the script.

Speaker 1 (01:05:40):
I ain't sending shit. I ain't s I was supposed
to have been in a barbershop. Three damn. It would
have been year role if you would have been in there.
I think I was supposed to been. You know Tarik
from Power he was in there. Tarik was in there.
He played uh. I think he was ice Cube son
and Ship. I was supposed to be his homeie niggas

in the video somewhere that was game Man and one
of them type of little Chicago niggas, an of the
niggas that was took the cashiers to ATM No, this
was three. Oh, this is three. That's that's one. I'm talking.

Speaker 2 (01:06:16):
But that's dope that come and took the time to
do that with you that right. Yeah. And the reason
I asked the whole point.

Speaker 6 (01:06:21):
Because it's ill like it's like Chicago from this era
and this era, like like how's that coming together? Like
y'all y'all discussing the state of affairs in Chicago.

Speaker 1 (01:06:31):
But really, you know he's been just always like reached
out and like show little took a liking to me
from the beginning my first project, I dropped walking the
Phase O Land. Matter of fact, I should have mentioned
that first. Really he gave me the feature on I
on't still fucked up Me and him chance to rap

up Wow. We it was a video we shot probably
like twenty fifteen, twenty fourteen or something. You feel me
pulled up on Big Bro in this neighborhood, you know
if eighty seven over there, we pulled up in his
neighborhood at the barbershop, like you know, he used to
really be coming back to Chicago showing love.

Speaker 2 (01:07:07):
Yeah, yeah, Yeah, he's one of the first artists that
a lot of people heard.

Speaker 1 (01:07:10):
Of face like really big Boy used to really you
know what I'm saying him man twister all him Lord,
I would say, I mean it could be around the
same crucial conflict. No, no, this after Yeah, you can
come and comment.

Speaker 6 (01:07:25):
When he was common sense okay, and he had the
song take It Easy, was one of the first common
sense no more no no, he just comming.

Speaker 2 (01:07:31):
Yeah, his first album was common Sense No id produced
the whole thing.

Speaker 1 (01:07:34):
Yeah, No, he definitely just wanted like one of the
first artist really like that.

Speaker 2 (01:07:38):
I heard a lout of Chicago. I mean Twist as
well for sure.

Speaker 1 (01:07:41):
Yeah. What's your relationship with kan Ye with Yeah, you
know it's okazy with his new sniggers, I'm not sure.

Speaker 2 (01:07:48):
I don't really, I ain't even.

Speaker 1 (01:07:49):
Look at his niggas wrong, really be.

Speaker 2 (01:07:50):
Pretty big on the fast.

Speaker 1 (01:07:52):
I love him. That's my brother. I love it.

Speaker 2 (01:07:54):
The one that fold called them because he don't want shoes, right,
you gotta make I'm really asking.

Speaker 1 (01:08:10):
Inside and said I was trying to see what what
sucks he was talking about.

Speaker 3 (01:08:18):
You ain't see the nigga socks. I know what's wanting
to right, yeah, like air parts. He called him home bro,
right right, I'm ready for him, like just too long,
Like I wanted to make sure they could have went
on the house shoes, bab.

Speaker 1 (01:08:35):
Too much, bouchal lea movies at that bro, and then yeah,
because let's as soon as you get back to some
nigga ship, I'm back. I'm gonna fuck with him, like
I mean, like I'm backing Wise.

Speaker 2 (01:08:45):
I want to wise Yeah.

Speaker 1 (01:08:49):
With you.

Speaker 2 (01:08:49):
Man, you got it, you got it, like I gotta
acting like it's me.

Speaker 1 (01:08:52):
I got a different No, I got a different like
just like respect for you I love yeah, yeah, like
just off the strips for like his genius for you
know what I'm saying, super genius. You know what I'm saying.
Whoever you are, here's gold dude, shout own. You got

the whole ship going on.

Speaker 3 (01:09:15):
Yeah man, Holy moly, let's talk about damn. I got
mad notes for you.

Speaker 1 (01:09:28):
You got some ship from me, Mercy, Let's talk about
uh cry no more with a little t J. She said,
that's my boy.

Speaker 3 (01:09:40):
I never got to meet him yet, but I like
I like his style, like it's oral, so so tell
us how y'all collaborated t J.

Speaker 1 (01:09:51):
I've been fucking with a little bro for a little
minute too, though, you know little bro style that we
locked in on a bunch of different ways. But really
it was or me and me and Polo did it first.
Though Polo did the hook. You know, we was in Chicago.
That was one of the times, and I really was
stuck in Chicago at the time. I ain't gonna lie
had it was a period of time where I couldn't travel,

Like I said when I was when I got diagno
supposed tomatic stress and ship I cut my angle breakless, nah,
I went on.

Speaker 2 (01:10:21):
This was before COVID everything. That's why COVID was kind
of easy for me.

Speaker 1 (01:10:25):
I ain't gonna lie because I had like a year
where I couldn't travel really do too many shows unless
acc he was just to Chicago. My judge ain't let
me do no traveling, ankle nothing. It was like for
a whole year. I had to do the summer like
it was at least like ten months. It was on
quarantine already. Yeah right, it was right before quarantine hits.

So it's like I Danny did two quarantine, so but
I was in Chicago.

Speaker 2 (01:10:52):
I was like locked in the studio and ship.

Speaker 1 (01:10:54):
So me and Polo had did that song man broke
We we had when me and broke in and we
be doing like a lot of ship back to back though,
like we probably got fat tend like TJ. No, I'm
talking about Polo Polo. So we had did a hook
and then I had sent the ship to TJ after that,
and then me and TJ did it in La. You

feel me like that's sit like a it's like a
dynamic though, like Me Polo TJ. That' shit like the
same we get in the studio. If we get in
one day, we probably could do fastic songs literally right
off the like that type of chemistry. You feel what
I'm saying, Like we all already familiar with working with
each other. We just did shit in the studio together,

did shit separately. I get in with them, we do
three four songs. I get in bro we do three
you know what I'm saying, Like that's just how we work.
So this shit just came naturally. I did that And
that was, like I said, at the time, where I
was just going through a whole bunch of shit mentally,
I couldn't travel. I wasn't doing on shows. I was
fighting the case all type of shit. I just was,
you know, feeling like I was just I feel like

it was a growth period though, like one thing I
learned about.

Speaker 2 (01:12:00):
Like that's why I speak about it openly.

Speaker 1 (01:12:02):
Like when you go through ship, like just adversity overall,
like all that you will feel frustrated, like Nigga be
having a lot of stress, a lot of built up
ship in them, and you will feel like you going
through the motions or whatever the case may be. But
that shit really just building character, like I learned, like
when I really go through ship, sometimes I ain't trying

to sound like weird, a little crazy or the fucked
up way, like the kind of give me comfort, Like
damn ship a little rough, So I got it. Once
you figure it out, you figure it out, and it's
like it's always leads to elevation. So you you you
should lead towards that ship, you know what I'm saying,
like leaning towards you. What I'm saying that to say,
like that was like a hard ass time period where

I didn't really want to do ship but record music.
But me recording music. That was the PTSD album that
was and that was like Ship.

Speaker 2 (01:12:54):
Literally that's my best album still to this day.

Speaker 1 (01:12:56):
You know what I'm saying, Like all this Ship came
about from me really not being able to travel do shows,
being around my piers, but niggas really just fucking me
off the strength they pulling up on me. You feel
I'm saying when I was able to go to La,
TJ pulled up on me, little bro Polo was using
the rack he pulled up on me. You feel I'm saying,
I'm getting this shit done and then that shit coming
out like still, that's probably one of my biggest songs

on that album too, though you feel me so let's
shit just be happening to naturally gang I ain't. Yeah,
God damn hold on.

Speaker 6 (01:13:29):
When you go back and you say you start like
around sixteen, who were the inspirations that that you was
looking around around you, not not on the bigger scale,
like around you locally, who was doing things that you
was like, I want I want to do like them?

Speaker 1 (01:13:43):
Uh. I was looking up to niggas from my hood though,
Like that was rapping like nickname react here old nigga.

Speaker 2 (01:13:52):
Uh My Homie Hollow was rapping.

Speaker 1 (01:13:54):
Baby was rapping before me too, though, Baby was like
actually going paying for studio time and shit, like he
was like fifteen years old. Baby was like head yet
older than me. So he was like sixteen actually going
to the studio where folks was smart. He knew how
to structure hooks and I ain't know how to do
ship a rap like I ain't know how to put
no hook verse and know what. The sixteen boy was

none of that type of shit. You feel what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (01:14:18):
But he could tell you stories he didn't know either.

Speaker 1 (01:14:21):
Jesus, don't be out there you say it on time.

Speaker 2 (01:14:23):
I'm saying that that inspiration Like niggas.

Speaker 1 (01:14:25):
I feel like niggas didn't know how to rap never
really knew how to put songs together though, like never
really Like that's the same thing. That's how I used
to count bars. The reason why that that song?

Speaker 8 (01:14:35):
What what?

Speaker 1 (01:14:36):
What? What what? What? That's how they count boss? What
what what? What?

Speaker 2 (01:14:40):
He was counting his bars and they made that a hook,
bro And.

Speaker 1 (01:14:44):
Then was just a genius. Yeah, nigga know how to
be hate. He just made I feel like Bibby was
a nigga that probably would have knew how to do
that same ship if you know what I'm saying, Like
Bibby knew how to you don't want to drink? So
y'ah could y'all good? Jeez, Louise, Papa Cheez, we want
you to have fun too, You know what I mean? Yeah,
you know what I mean. But I like, yeah, I

feel like like when we was getting the studio early,
like Bibby Head he was, he was like the brains
when they came to like putting the songs together, like
kill Ship right now. Still that's our biggest song in
this day. That was his idea. He picked the beat.
He the one told me go first on the ship.
You feel what I'm saying in the end, you know
what I'm like, I just used to just wrap for

thirty bards thirty two bards straights. You feel what I'm saying.
Like Bro always had like destructure, so like when I
first like I used to listen to what Bro was
on Bump Jay another nigga that I really was like
super Bibby and Slap Polaroy. You feel what I'm saying.
It was like that like locally that was going crazy
that I was like, right, that really made a nigga

want to rap.

Speaker 6 (01:15:48):
You feel right, And when you say you stopped writing
your rhymes and you said you had them on your
phone and he was going off the top, were you
doing the Biggie jay Z ship where you was writing
you had or you're just freestyling. No, I was like, yeah,
kind of writing in my head for sure. I definitely
wouldn't really just freestyling off the top of going like that, right.

Speaker 1 (01:16:08):
I was like thinking ship, like faux bos and then
just recorded like that. You feel me? Like even when
I was writing, like, I felt like I was wasting
time writing because I'm thinking of the ship. And then
when I'm writing, shit, I'm thinking too long, trying to
write down one bar instead of just like all right,
that's alady in my head, say it and then just
keep going from there. You feel me, I felt like

I'm wasting that's like literally when you think of the elite,
that's the least status ship. Yeah, I ain't elitet status.
I can't. I can't remember ship.

Speaker 2 (01:16:39):
Yeah, south Side.

Speaker 1 (01:16:40):
I used to say that Tuto when I first started
recording south Side, like he used to see my process.
That's when I first like that was around the time
when uh, when Juice was like going crazy and ship
when I'm learning how to really freestyle for real. So
I used to just sit in the studio and listen
to the beat and probably listen to that bitch for
like five ten minutes. But as I'm listening and niggas thinking,

I'm just listening to the beat, but in my head,
I'm coming up with at least like eight bars that
I remember. For shure, once you come up with the
first like eight to twelve bars, you good, Like I
got like eight off the top of my head. I
could do now the next twelve. All that shit like
really a freestyle. I could just come in and just
punch it like I feel like I always had, like

when I first started rapping.

Speaker 2 (01:17:22):
This shit don't really happen no more.

Speaker 1 (01:17:23):
It's a little easier for me. But I used to
have the most trouble with like my first four in
my last four because I'm trying to really make the
most sense and tell the story anyway. So it's like
the last four going to the hook. So you gotta
kind of coincide with the hook. The first four is
what you leading them with. You gotta get them intrigued

with the first four bars at least you feel what
I'm saying, alright, So that was my whole models was
my first four I got. If I'm coming there with
eight bars, I could just cruise my way through and
make sure my last score or two going to the hook.
Like That's how I really learned how the freestyle type shit.
Let's talk about I Don't want to die? Yeah, why

would you name a song that that was I don't
I Gotta I Gotta. That was south Side. Really that
was south Side I did. I Gotta get credit to
Big Broke. He sent me that song and he was
he was getting ready to drop his album, which still
ain't came out to this day. His nigga Rich He

ain't he about to drop right now though, but he
was gonna make that the intro to the to the
next album he dropping. And I just he just told me, like, man,
just go crazy. But I I he had put the
Simple in there where it was seeing like, you know,
I don't want to die, and he's like, man, just
go crazy on that ship and I was listening to it.

And when I heard the Simple, I was in Chicago
too when I recorded that ship. That was during quarantine
by the File, when nigga just stuck in Chicago and
when I heard it, just putting in a different type
of like mass on but like the shit a nigga
was rapping about. I think it probably like was like
right on key because I was in Chicago. You know,

when you in Chicago, you got a different like it's
a different aura. You're feeling that energy. You feel what
I'm saying, like if I'm in La I'm gonna ride
around and a regular car. You feel I'm in a
regular form. And when I get Chicago, I want to
be in a bulletproof truck just a mask. That is
just what Chicago do or just the shit I've been
through and the shit I experienced. It made me think.

It makes me act the way I got to move
and everything when I'm there, So I feel like I think,
just me doing that shit and like it's I like
that song really crazy though, like when you really think
about it, like a nigga talking about like how I
shot the video, like with all the kids in all
the different scenarios or like kids situations, like it's bigger

than just being in the streets. You feel me like
when you in Chicago, it's anything could happen. You know
what I'm saying, like kids getting trades cross that ship
is so frequent in Chicago, like you know what I'm saying,
more than any other city. So like it just put
me in a different man frame to try to like
talk about my situation and like what I experienced and
still like recollect to like what happened on the day

to day that don't got nothing to do with anything
street related, you feel me, Because people try to like
associate anything that's going on in Chicago with just like
street shit. But that ship, like it's beyond that, because
it affects everybody, you know what I'm saying. It don't
just affect victims, that affect the mothers affected, you know

what I'm saying, affect everybody who don't got nothing to
do with nothing street oriented at all, you feel me,
So the whole family is yeah, exactly, That's how like
that shit came about, like mentally, like the ship I
was rapping about.

Speaker 3 (01:20:50):
Let me ask you, because like in New York City, right,
every summer the crime rate goes up because they say, like,
like that in Chicago, but your crime rate is still
crazy in the winter, yeah, yeah, but the summer's wild.

Speaker 2 (01:21:04):
The summer even worse.

Speaker 1 (01:21:05):
Though someone's even worse, even worse they give the credit
is crazy when they're.

Speaker 3 (01:21:12):
Below and Nigga's still shooting. They got gloves, special gloves,
and what then happened?

Speaker 1 (01:21:20):

Speaker 2 (01:21:21):
I don't know what it is cold. It's not funny,
but I guess it's not funny.

Speaker 1 (01:21:26):
But it's like like you just think about it statistically
in New York City summertime. So he's saying in New York,
like the crime rate, really it don't really be his
hat during the winter. Yeah, motherfucker's too cold and the
Timberlands is heavy, you know what I mean? Like, motherfuckers

don't be wanting running and ship.

Speaker 2 (01:21:47):
I don't.

Speaker 3 (01:21:49):
You know, it's mandatory October first Timblans come out with
the winter.

Speaker 1 (01:21:55):
That is the window came. You don't got.

Speaker 2 (01:21:58):
Miami, I don't know.

Speaker 1 (01:21:59):
All right, down, all right, that's why I get it,
all right, That's why I really like I ain't gonna
like you got it, like it'd be big. It's like like,
now you know, no joking shit to like talk about
this shit and people think, like as an artist, you
are glorified. You feel what I'm saying. But it's just
like the experience and the ship nigga go through you

or think is man blowing? You feel what I'm saying? Like,
how you saying that shit happened through sixty five? No matter,
no matter what you feel me, And that's just built thought,
like shit, whatever trauma, motherfucker you got going on? What
they going through? You feel what I'm saying. So like,
as an artist, we just speak about this ship and
you know what I'm saying and that way you feel me.
But people will think like it's non existent, but that

shit really happened.

Speaker 2 (01:22:44):
Let's go back to gangster rap. Start like they call
it gangster.

Speaker 6 (01:22:46):
Rap, right whatever, NWA going from that lineage right, going
back quick, and then you're going to drill and then
people try to say drill. The difference that it did
in hip hop negatively is that it started talking about
real things happening in real time and started getting people.

Speaker 2 (01:23:07):
Hurt in real time. Because they're talking about real things
in real time.

Speaker 1 (01:23:12):
I feel like they can't really put all that responsibility
on artists. For one, you know you're right, you're right,
And they can't put all that responsibility on just the
category of drill because rap was always rap where there
was hip hop gangst the rap. You know what I'm saying, Like,
who's to say nwa not talking about things that was

happening in real time and what's going on and had
the effect that other people it's no different than what
they were saying. And what with Drill. You feel what
I'm saying, Like how we came up rapping, We didn't
try to category as rap, like we finished just talk
about a straight John recalled drill. You know what I'm saying.
When we're talking about negative shit, you know, it was
just really just talking about our life and what we

was experiencing. You fee what I'm saying.

Speaker 6 (01:23:55):
That's why I don't like when they categorize things and
they try to separate it.

Speaker 2 (01:23:58):
I feel like they they glad we having this common
station right now.

Speaker 6 (01:24:00):
Because I think it's important because people try to they
want to separate it, and then they isolate things to
see like this is waged is not waged, this good
is bad, and then they everybody feels they go into
different areas and they're like, all right, we're not that,
but we're all hip hop.

Speaker 2 (01:24:14):
Everything's hip hop. Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

Speaker 6 (01:24:16):
Old school news School, this school, that school, South East
Coast it's all hip hop.

Speaker 2 (01:24:19):
It don't matter, right, That's what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (01:24:21):
So it's like, that's what I ain't never really heard
a conversation where like I was, it came in a
way where we're really able to categorize, like it all
being hip hop. You know, drill was just basically it
was originally like a term. It's not like we was
just like, oh, this is drill rap. It's not hip hop,
you feel me. It was all supposed to have been
rapped in hip hop because that happened here in Miami.

Because in Miami, that's what happened with Miami base. It
tried to make it a sub genre. It's not hip hop,
it's Miami based music. It's booty music, they called it.

Speaker 6 (01:24:52):
But now looking now that we're wearing a different time frame,
now it's all hip hop hip hop, you know what
I'm saying. It's different areas and they they interpret hip
hop differently, right, So.

Speaker 1 (01:25:02):
It's like, yeah, I ain't like.

Speaker 2 (01:25:04):
I ain't never like, And that's crazy.

Speaker 1 (01:25:06):
Even though like people when I used to do interviews,
you can even pull my old interviews up, I never
categorized myself or like looked at myself as a drill rapper.
I always felt like I was a rapper like pop
artist because I rapped about like soulful ship. I never
just only did drill beats, you know what I'm saying.
I told stories of my rap I looked up to
rappers to hold to Lil Wayne and the Jada kids

to you know what I'm saying. That's what It's always
versatile to be able to do that. You know. So
I think I came up in an era where they
just considered the drill, but I never really considered myself
as a drill rapping noise for us. Yes, you got

you more shots. I'm sorry, let's do it. We just cut.

Speaker 2 (01:25:53):
You know, why.

Speaker 6 (01:25:56):
Are you putting in your shot? That means we're taking
a shot.

Speaker 3 (01:25:58):
Yeah, because you know why, brother, you really legend out here,
really deserve all the roses, the flowers, all the accolades, everything,
Like ye're you out here and you're doing it honorably,
you know, you know what I mean, Like so many
people from your generation, we'll go, yeah, you know that

they take that funny route. We don't like that funny rout.
We like hard work.

Speaker 1 (01:26:34):
Yeah, No, for real, man, I ain't gonna lie, Niggas
is right. Really want to just do this ship the
right way to you, mother, appreciate you, Herbal. You don't
want no drinks. I see I see you getting a drink.
I see you, I see you. The ladies. You don't
want to drinks.

Speaker 2 (01:26:49):
They got something.

Speaker 1 (01:26:50):
They got something so about riding with it, right with it,
right with it?

Speaker 4 (01:26:57):

Speaker 1 (01:26:57):
That was That was another song like that's crazy, all
these songs. It was a ship I recorded like during
the quarantine period, like when niggas really couldn't like travel.
When I was on like recording PTSD and all that
ship was going on, I felt like Chicago was outside
when people was inside. Yeah, okay, I was like COVID

at all. And then I was outside.

Speaker 2 (01:27:23):
He was already quarantined before that.

Speaker 1 (01:27:26):
I ain't gonna, I didn't. I was outside. Yeah. I
went to Prime one twelve one night. I felt like
we was outside the middle of COVID quarantine side. It
was literally the game. I said, were outside on my block,
hunted two hundred deep, in the middle of quarantine, in
the middle of COVID, sunny outside. Shoot the video.

Speaker 2 (01:27:49):
I just bought my Rose Royce spent five no mask.

Speaker 1 (01:27:53):
It's about the color that put that bitch right up
on the block shot the videos. You feel Me, I
was just you know like masks. Yeah I had der
mask in the video on Bro.

Speaker 8 (01:28:03):
You know that.

Speaker 1 (01:28:06):
The mass on man in the Trenches, But yeah, that's
that song was. When I look back at it, man,
it just makes me like real really be like just grateful,
like the moment of what you get first and foremost
at the artists, because that's like as an artist, I mean,
that's one of like like my one of my biggest

songs still to this day, and that's just me on
some that's the ship I just do naturally like comfortable
on some rapping shit, just talking about you know what
I'm saying, the trenches and what I'm thinking on the
day to day. You feel me. That's still one of
my biggest songs today. But I'm saying that to say
like it's just making it like grateful looking back because

I wasn't even thinking of what it was gonna be
to this day and just looking back at people from
the video that's like not even still hit to this day.
People that I lost, You feel what I'm saying, Like
shit like that just gotta not take moments for granted,
God bless you do you because a lot of people

say living in LA it's dangerous as well. Do you
look at it like that? Yeah? Yeah, that's where you
live now, Yeah I look at I mean I really
look at that air place like that, just because I
feel like to be aware as to be alive, you
know what I'm saying. Like always I'm a super alert
kind of like people might look at it like I'm

pairing it or whatever, but I'm just always thinking of
like how I was raised. I think of the worst
case scenario, so I always be prepared to just do
whatever to make sure I get home, to make sure
I'm protected in my family protected, you know what I'm saying. So,
like I feel like, and it's crazy because I moved
to LA to get away from that type of ship LA,

right that. Yeah, Like no, I'm saying I moved to
LA because I just not even get away from like
islence and shit. But like I felt like in Chicago
at the time, it was like a crabbing a bucket mentality, crabbing,
a bureau mentality type of shit, you.

Speaker 6 (01:30:08):
Know what I'm saying, Because that's happens every city in
every city, each in there grabbing.

Speaker 1 (01:30:14):
They're like yeah, so it's like I felt like LA
was to get away from that and I could go where,
you know, be with my family and be with my kids,
go and enjoy life and enjoying myself without always looking
over my shoulder, you know what I'm saying. But like
I'm still taking precaution no matter where I'm at, you
know what I'm saying. It's they don't want to be

capital hard accidents.

Speaker 3 (01:30:43):
Because I know you're twenty eight, so you probably can't
fully understand this, But do you realize they say the
first gangs that ever was invented was in Chicago.

Speaker 1 (01:30:53):
Yeah, yeah, I ain't gonna lie.

Speaker 2 (01:30:55):
I'm I really be like.

Speaker 1 (01:30:59):
As like I'll be paying attention, and I studied that
type of ship like always. I'm big on like history,
you know what I'm saying, No matter why, man.

Speaker 2 (01:31:08):
Like definitely the biggest game. Yeah it's come out.

Speaker 1 (01:31:11):
I'm big on like just history, especially black history, like
anything black history, any type of you know what I'm saying, Like,
I'll be into that type of ship. So yeah, I know,
I feel like a lot of ship was brought on
just by for coltrust and kind of rational trauma type
of shit. You feel me because kind of LA's culture.
I don't want to say mimicked because that might be

the wrong word, but I believe Black Pea Stones. Yeah,
it's like the first game in Chicago, and Black Pea
Stones is the oldest gang in LA or one of
the oldest gangs that's credibly not saying transformed into what
what would have transformed into in LA bloods? Oh yeah, yeah, okay, yeah,

but that that originated wasn't wasn't Christ before bloods?

Speaker 3 (01:32:00):
Yeah, but that that's the blood part of it, you
know what I mean. So I believe Raymond Washington if
if I'm not.

Speaker 1 (01:32:07):
I mean, we definitely don't. I don't know, I'm not.
But but what I'm saying saying is the first recorded
originating in Chicago. Yeah, originated in Chicago.

Speaker 3 (01:32:18):
So like I don't know if it's the terminology that
they use gang, if that's what it is.

Speaker 1 (01:32:25):
But yeah, yeah, that gang definitely originated in Chicago.

Speaker 3 (01:32:28):
Like I remember going to Chicago. I swear to God
and I have my my my leg my past leg
up and people.

Speaker 1 (01:32:35):
Were like yo yo yo yo one up. Yeah, I
didn't know what the fun was happening on some games
on the gang ship. Yeah, I was wearing my hat
the wrong way one time. They were like hat.

Speaker 2 (01:32:46):
But I ain't never heard about the legs. Yeah yeah,
maybe you here's.

Speaker 1 (01:32:49):
Your leg and your head on the same I was
in Puerto Weecan section. Maybe it was some weird ass
ship look telling me to talk about it. I never
had's take a shot of that. Let's take a shot
for that. Goddamn it. That was take a shot for that. Motherfucker.

Let's make some noise. I do not them convince you
to take a shot of that. Yeah, I ain't taking
a shot. Can you stand my my candle er please?
S thank you? Bro?

Speaker 3 (01:33:37):
Kill ship, kill ship, kill ship a little bit me.
We were speaking about it earlier.

Speaker 1 (01:33:43):
Yeah, like I said, Bro, put that whole ship together.
That's crazy, Damn.

Speaker 2 (01:33:50):
I ain't never really even spoke with this. I recorded
that verse in My.

Speaker 1 (01:33:55):
Little Brother creb Man long Live, look great. Little bro
just passed away three years ago, yesterday, yesterday. It was
just three take a shot for a little bro man.
You gotta pull me in another shot. But uh, yeah,
I recorded that video in the living room at Libertal Spot.

Uh and baby really put the whole ship together. Shower
dj L recorded, I mean cook the beat up right
on the spot ship and we really like, I think
that's probably still one of my biggest streaming songs to
this day. We really ain't even like know what we

was doing with that ship. We shot the video. Man,
he was probably sixteen seventeen, So we shot that video
at five five in the morning on sunny on Sidney
a fan Kingston. It's outside posted up on some young ship.
Just I got a video viral, man, I got a
video that's still viral. Oh shure, let me take this

shot for a little bro. Man, So I look so
for a little broskie. I got a video viral. Me
and baby free I was freestyl Biby standing next to me.

Speaker 2 (01:35:34):
I got drunk.

Speaker 1 (01:35:36):
I had dj L d j L who made a beat.
He was cooking the ship up on the spot. Like
literally it's four five in the morning. Niggas young and
said breaking curfew twenty deep on the block. Uh just
shot nigga Jordan him shot the video just on some

random ship, bro, and that ship just went legendary. Man,
just just just kids trying ship like you felt when
I look back on it, you know what I'm saying, Like,
we ain't even know where that ship was going. We
just shot this ship on some random ship on the
block literally four five in the morning, and that ship
took us where it needed to go. Got damn fucking

beautiful all right?

Speaker 3 (01:36:25):
All right, By the way, this is this is three
questions back to back because we got three fucking records
with little Uzi Verkin.

Speaker 1 (01:36:32):
Yeah, yeah, very that's my man. Well, we got bro
got h on my phone, We got everything. Uh, he
don't know who running ship we got. I got just
trying to think right the way you think I forgot
why I've seen him? It was like seven o'clock in

the morning.

Speaker 2 (01:36:54):
Yeah, you saw him at seven o'clock in the morning.

Speaker 1 (01:36:57):
Yeah. I sent him a shot. He took it at
seven o'clock in the morning. Yeah. Yeah, it sounds like
what shot? Did you send him whatever he wanted? Wait, whatever,
he's at another table. I was like yo, I was
testing him. I was like yo, telling him, send him,
send him whatever he wants. And he was like, yeah,
he took the shot. He walked over to my table

and I sent him another shot and he took it,
and then he sent me another shot. And we was
going all night. I'm talking about I don't want to
say where. Yeah, bro, real nigga, the show like me
and who he ain't gonna let it me and Who's
he got a different relationship bro, Me and me and
broken locked in like literally just like the beginning, like

I mean since the beginning of his career, like literally
type of ship. You feel me? This is my shot?
I mean it's not ours? Ye shot already? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (01:37:54):
Yeah, is this my fault? Definitely definitely an't drink unless
your ice melted, just.

Speaker 1 (01:38:00):
Like like I think your ice soldier that was just
hanging around your buddy just melted. That's probably just fuddy
m hm. And you got ice in them, motherfucker, that's probably.
That's all. I ain't gonna lie to you. If you
would have hit that stole the elite with concrete, yeah,
you wouldn't be discreet. I ain't running up on it

as I know who run it first? Yeah, who run it?

Speaker 8 (01:38:29):

Speaker 1 (01:38:29):
Shout my boy, baby, Man shout baby for Dallas for sure, Man,
that's who running. That's crazy. I'd be like when I
thinking about ship, like that ship told me like I
had there's some funny ass ship, right, I stole my toe.
I hit my toe on the edge of the bed,
and my ship was hurting bad as fuck. I couldn't

even put my shoe on. Which toe? Is that really?

Speaker 2 (01:38:54):

Speaker 1 (01:38:55):
The little told I couldn't walk the little toe the
little one bro ship turned black.

Speaker 2 (01:39:02):
Man, it was fucked up. It was at the top.
Was like, I don't really look though.

Speaker 1 (01:39:08):
Man, I couldn't. I couldn't want you take a picture.
Little To this day, nobody noticed. I really went up
to the ship, rolled up on the little chill. The
little one that rolled it wasn't a wheel channel, you know,
the little chair that spin around the folk. I rolled
one of them bitches all the way on the elevator
up to the ship. Did the freestyle. Ship was sucked up.

I'm like, man, I ain't even want to do this ship,
but that ship can't win so viral. After that, I'm like, damn, man,
I got to just start doing ship when I don't
even want to do it, Like fuck it, this just
go through it. That ship taught me a little mintal lesson.
But anyway, I had did the freestyle and put that
ship on my page. Then drake head DM me like, man,

make that ship a song. Okay, talking about Bro, I
had did a freestyle. I told you I wanted a baby.
I did freestyle after I stub my toe. I want
to take your dam after your toe was hurt. After

I posted the ship on my page. Drake had hit
me in the DM like, man, make that ship a song.
Drake is a lection bro, he's alec. Yeah. I wanted
to drink man, and he told you you the future
he did, Bro, that's.

Speaker 2 (01:40:27):
All the record got got to get a record again.
He can't say that and then not do the record.

Speaker 1 (01:40:35):
You know that, Man, I'm gonna get it done. You
know that? Who you played basketball? Yeah? Who you thinking?
But me and Drake? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (01:40:44):
As was he?

Speaker 1 (01:40:46):
Hey what big bro? What man?

Speaker 2 (01:40:48):
We gave Drake ass work man?

Speaker 1 (01:40:50):
He was man. He put us out of the studio.
We want he advels to it. He knows they we won.
They lost? Wait wait talking about he was in the
big show? Who was Okay? Hold on, so what happened?
All right?

Speaker 2 (01:41:02):
Tell us tell you said the crib in l a
hooping who was on our team?

Speaker 1 (01:41:07):
It was me, big Bro? Who's big Bro? We need
to know a one right there? It's big Bro?

Speaker 2 (01:41:14):
Okay, Addy was on our team. Wanted to get added
all all on bro and so.

Speaker 1 (01:41:21):
This is shot talent against Toronto. Is this what happened? Uh?
It was that was ourful dash dash he my bro
Aaron Sharral, you know, big c over geffing on Brodie.

Speaker 2 (01:41:33):
Okay, Brodie was four and four and we was playing.

Speaker 1 (01:41:38):
We played. We played Drake little Man, We played Drake
twenty one Savage who was on the team. It was
like two more people, ain't lie, we bust the ass though,
we're not going to Drake bust Drake and twenty one
Savage twenty one was playing with him to bro But
that was a little That was a little scrimmage though

I ain't really gonna do too much bathroom on it.

Speaker 2 (01:42:02):
But they.

Speaker 1 (01:42:04):
Beat yourself up and took your back. I'm not sure, y'all. Yeah,
what was the game? What? What was it? Like? Like?
How many wines? How many were probably played? Like eleven
weelve eleven or some ship. It was probably like four yeah,
four four court court, full court? Where was this at

l A L A l A. So you smoked Drake.

Speaker 2 (01:42:31):
And twenty one We.

Speaker 1 (01:42:34):
Won in the phone for Yeah, we beat them. That's
what happened, everybody.

Speaker 3 (01:42:42):
I just want to be commentary for parking sure, you
know versus once this ship goes, contends to.

Speaker 1 (01:42:48):
Let's start the back. Nobody gonna want to rematch, you
know how this ship goes.

Speaker 2 (01:42:52):
We're gonna do the side commentary.

Speaker 1 (01:42:55):
Yeah, I want to do the side commentary.

Speaker 2 (01:42:57):
You we're gonna host it. We're gonna host it.

Speaker 1 (01:42:58):
We're gonna host it.

Speaker 2 (01:43:00):
About shots, and it's gonna be a charity game.

Speaker 1 (01:43:03):
We can't wait. So you saying if you all right?
So you and who against Drake and twenty one Savage
two on two, Me and Brow, me and Brunt, No smoke,
He just said no, we won't. Yeah you said no,
Like I'm gonna smoke them like He's like, no, yeah,

you talk about so two on two. I'm calling ice
Que tomorrow. We're gonna make a different league. Me and
bro against him in twenty one. That's sweet. Let me go.

Speaker 2 (01:43:35):
That's over league.

Speaker 1 (01:43:39):
Do we got this? Okar? We think if we come right,
come on, we all yeah, under dog Fantasy.

Speaker 3 (01:43:53):
We finally are able to, you know, speak about sports,
make a little bit.

Speaker 1 (01:43:57):
Of money, save some people some money.

Speaker 2 (01:43:59):
Yes, that's right, makeable some money, money, money.

Speaker 1 (01:44:02):
So what we're doing this week, We're going right into
Super Bowl Sunday big.

Speaker 6 (01:44:08):
We need the Drink Chances Army to download the Underdog
Fantasy app.

Speaker 2 (01:44:12):
Used the Drink Champs or drink or Champs, that's right.

Speaker 6 (01:44:16):
And for every hundred up to one hundred dollars that
you deposit, it'll get matched because you use the Drink Champs.

Speaker 1 (01:44:22):
Coach Efn's got money. He's batching the money himself. That's
those that have been sleeping on the rock. Is the
Kansas City Chiefs versus the San Francisco forty nine ers
in Las Vegas.

Speaker 2 (01:44:37):
I go with the Chiefs.

Speaker 3 (01:44:39):
Ask me why I'm going with the Chiefs. Why are
you going with the Chiefs. We do not go against Mahomes.
I love that alone time ago.

Speaker 6 (01:44:45):
And we don't go against Strange Music Tech nine man.
They celebrated two shoutouts to them man as their team's love.

Speaker 1 (01:44:50):
How you made that? Make it?

Speaker 2 (01:44:51):

Speaker 1 (01:44:52):
Okay, Strange Music shut shout out to all that. But
I'm going with San Francisco forty nine ers. I think
Defense is going to step it up. I think they're
they're gonna follow suit and destroy the Las Vegas numbers.
The Super Bowls in Vegas. Yeah, okay, allegiate stadium marijuana

is legal, so it's hooking. Watch yourself pick. However, I
like Kansas City to squeak it out. It's gonna be
a close game, but it's three to one right now.
As an underdog and underdog fantasy, I think I'll be
the underdog in this pick. I think forty nine ers
will do it.

Speaker 2 (01:45:31):
Why do you think forty nine is an underdog in this?

Speaker 1 (01:45:33):
Absolutely bro everybody's not picking again Mahmie or Kelsey, But
forty nine has got Christian McCaffrey and deebo I like
his name, deebo Man. Yeah, it's deebo I like them
on Friday too.

Speaker 2 (01:45:47):
So what are the picks?

Speaker 1 (01:45:48):
Man? What are we doing? What? What are we what?
How am I going to make bread? Yeah? Let me breaking.
Not this motherfucker who's lower, let's go take him out.
Of all these pigs that we're discussing, they're all on
the under dog Fantasy at we're just not making this
ship up right. That's right. You download on the Dog
Fantasy and use the promo code drink Champs and get
you a.

Speaker 3 (01:46:08):
Drink or chance and get your one hundred dollars the
code Drink Champs Promo Code Drink Camp Drinks or Champs
under Dog Fantasy download right now.

Speaker 1 (01:46:37):
So let me ask you what's your favorite? Making the
record or performing the record? May making your record, right,
I think making the record because just to create a
space of I feel like when you like from an

artist respect. In my opinion, I'm already making the record
with purpose and knowing if I'm going to perform and
shoot it or whatever. Already already know what you're doing
with exactly. So it's like I'm already like once once
I'm at least getting the process of it. I can
figure how that's gonna recollect and shows or whatever from
the first day I'll make it, you know what I'm saying, Shows, video,

how it's gonna be. You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (01:47:23):
You do a lot of festivals, right, yeah? I do festivals. Yeah,
So what I'm saying, I mean I heard you you
you be out the big festival.

Speaker 1 (01:47:31):
Yeah, I done LATAs. I did LATAs and you know
rolling laughs and all this ship. Yeah, all the big
festivals that's turk Urban. Yeah. Yeah. I like the fact
that you say that.

Speaker 3 (01:47:41):
Some people say that they think that you don't have
a hit record, but you say, I can't tell because
my fans.

Speaker 1 (01:47:46):
Is it's a hit with fans and matter every motherfucking night.
So it's like I'll be saying this a lot, like
like not in a bad way. I feel like it's
I'll be like I feel like one hit record away
because I never really called a break while I went
top Billboard and no shit like that, you know what
I'm saying. But I always built the core fan base

because I stayed consistent in a way where I feel,
you know what I'm saying. The people who fuck with me,
you feel me like organically, whether it's like me dropping
enough projects on me just being featured on enough shit
because everybody fuck with me, and you know what I'm saying,
delivering in that type of way. But and I ain't
gonna lie. I feel like I ain't never really had
the advantage to just really drop consistently how I wanted to,

because I ain't never mapped it up the way I
wanted to. You feel what I'm saying and what I'm
saying that like on some shit, well like me being
independent the whole time, I can drop music, but I
ain't never really like putting the rollouts where it's like,
all right, bet I'm from the drop folk mixtapes or
two albums or some shit. There's a certain budget allocatese

how you do it exactly because I know Nigga really
doing this shit independence so on. Everything is how you
can do it when that can do it, you feel
I'm saying exactly, you know how this shit goes. It's like,
I feel like we're having that. If I would have
had the advantage to really do that. From a perspective
of somebody who got a label budget or whatever, he'll say,
you know what I'm saying, Like, shit, I feel like

ship would probably like slowed me down. I'm glad it,
Like you know what I'm saying, I'm glad I built
some shit organically where it's like I don't have to
chase it, right, I don't have to chase it.

Speaker 6 (01:49:29):
You're better than most artists, you know what I'm saying.
You don't need that machine. You don't need that budget.
If the budget comes to you, eventually, you're gonna know
how to use it, but you don't need that like
to have to not have a hit record like the
technical hit record and have the falling you have is amazing,
man like like salutes.

Speaker 1 (01:49:49):
Your fans are crazy.

Speaker 2 (01:49:50):
B I'm saying, it's like I feel like that ship
really but I'm.

Speaker 3 (01:49:55):
Gonna Benna be his devil advocate if they come with
that bag. Some labels take that guy, Damn.

Speaker 1 (01:50:04):
Me and him.

Speaker 6 (01:50:06):
Read the contract problem. Don't just take the back. The
one is that the back is a loan man. It's alone.
It's not a bad It's very true. Very I'm gonna
hold onto it a little bit like it's like.

Speaker 1 (01:50:19):
This, you know it's very true.

Speaker 2 (01:50:21):
I don't.

Speaker 1 (01:50:21):
I feel like it was like I said, it was
like some I didn't even know what it was like
in my math, didn't know what it was. I felt
like I was building like a real business where I
can go. I got the opportunity to like say, yeah, Nick,
you know what I'm saying. You feel me like we're
building it because I don't have to like put it.

I could put out music and just feed my audience,
Like I don't got to make sure I got a
single or whatever before I drop an album or you
know what I'm saying, Like just certain ship, I got
the advantage. It's just pros and cons with being able
to just be like independent, having a coin fan base
where it's like they just wait on me to drop music.
They don't get on.

Speaker 2 (01:51:00):
You're in a place where every artist wants to be in.

Speaker 1 (01:51:06):
It is like, do't matter what the fuck I drop
or drop it, they just tuned in for what's coming up.

Speaker 3 (01:51:12):
And you got this weird balance, right, Because what I
mean by that is most of the time you have
the respect from the fans or you have the respect
from the industry. A lot of people don't have that
balance of having both, and you got that, like, you
got the respect from the fans. The fans respect you

equally how the industry respects you. And that's, like I said,
I labeled it weird because I have no other word
to name because that's weird. I've never seen that. I've
never really seen the equal amount of respect. Do you
do you feel that?

Speaker 1 (01:51:48):
Yeah? Yeah, I think that's just like and when I
hear it from like like from people, Yeah, we can
definitely take a shot for that. You know that.

Speaker 2 (01:51:57):
I'm just let's take two shots for that, brother, Let's
do it.

Speaker 1 (01:52:06):
Because because because because.

Speaker 3 (01:52:08):
I ain't gonna lie shots, we've been doing that shots.

Speaker 1 (01:52:17):
Okay, Well, I need another one. I've been we've been
doing shots. She said, I got you. But that's a
that's a seldom very rare thing. Now I'll be noticing
that though, Bro, I don't last like it just comes
from from being solid. Man. I just been trying to

like and it's like I felt like in a way,
no funny ship, Like I think when I when I
was so young and when this ship started taking off
of me, I think I didn't just like understand why
I start power understand who I was. Well I never

really got close to like certain other artists or it
did certain capitalize all that. Yeah, I didn't capitalize on
it early on, you feel what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (01:53:06):
So I felt like with that, like and people fucked
with me.

Speaker 1 (01:53:12):
By the time it got to a point where I
think I felt comfortable with myself. People fucked with me,
and then I was able to build general relationships where
it's like now these people I fuck with, I actually
fuck with, like on a genuine relationship or level, or
a personal relationship level, like a business relation, business relationship,
you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (01:53:30):
Like it's just really growing on that type of shit,
you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (01:53:33):
So it's like, I think that just came from really
it was natural though, because I wasn't And I see
now like I started learning years later that shit really
handled my career where it's like certain shit, I wasn't
pulling up to certain shows when artists was in town
come out and do certain shit, Like I remember one time, bro,

I ain't gonna lot my homie Kobe Man god Rich.
So he got killed in twenty and thirteen, and and
TI had came to the town. He had came to Chicago,
and he was like, you know, trying to get up
with a nigga, like Tip was trying to get up.
You're like, man, he wanted me to pull up to

the shop on Stony and but literally I saw the
gone outside waiting on the ambulams and picked my homie
body up. Off we write there, sorry for that watching them.
You feel what I'm saying, like certain shiit like and
I feel like it hinted like hinting my career because
I used to have that same type of mask. Said well,
I wasn't just doing shit because I felt like I

was like too like deep in the streets. So I
felt like I was too like stuck in my way
as well. I ain't want to like put myself in
an uncomfortable environment or uncomfortable like place to try to
like go mingle with other people with stars and shit
like that. You feel what I'm saying, like, because I

ain't want to, like just going to LAMB was just
trying to like you should me. So it's just ain't
gona lie for years and year that ship was my problem. Though.
I moved to Miami, right, and I would like to
say Miami saved my life. Right, Well, you're welcome, damn
tell them how you really feel.

Speaker 3 (01:55:19):
But I was saying, I was like, yeah, I would
just say that Miami kind of saved my life, right, because.

Speaker 1 (01:55:28):
But I still get those phone calls. Yeah such and
such is over for him. You know, he just died.
They killed him over there that I fell to a
certain extent, Miami helps me deal with that pain that's
being in La. Help you, because I mean, I'm sure

we get the same phone now, That's what I'm saying.
I feel like La definitely did that because that's dope,
even like just being in a different environment that it's
not a brown You feel what I'm saying, Like, I
remember Chief Keith moved to l A right exactly, Like
That's why I got with the Paintball ship. That's why
I really that's another reason why I really just like

fuck with SoCal so much because he just always took
a chance and just doing ship like he just went
to l A. You feel me like they gave other
niggas like that's what it's like, Damn Social could do it,
we could do it, Like that's what I felt like.
You feel me like Social more to l A. I'm like,
I could go to LA you know what I'm saying. Yo,
when it did, bro Like you know, but that ship

was like when that ship wasn't possible to us, like
niggas going to move to l A type of Los
Angeles lost one and never coming back Like that was
my intentions, Like I'm going to go out there and
never come back. You feel me like that's what I
felt like and still rep the city and still the city,
you know what I'm saying. But of course nigga really

went back and you know what I'm saying. I'm just
saying like we didn't even think that shit was possible
for folks went out then that made me like, all right, man,
folks could do it. We could do it. That's real ship.

Speaker 3 (01:57:08):
Talk about Blues feature in the future. Blue was on
Bro very hard to get Future on the record on him.
Yeah you cannot get Future on the record. Yeah that's
big Brow.

Speaker 1 (01:57:18):
I ain't only.

Speaker 2 (01:57:20):
Future like no boys shit.

Speaker 1 (01:57:22):
He he wanted to like real, like real niggas that
really like gave niggas some like guy, that's when they
came to real life ship like this is why I
really fun with fun with Big Bro for real, because
he employed you to the side and like tell you
some ship that you wouldn't even think he was paying
attention to. Like that's what made me know, like big Bro,

it is a real nigga, Like he had come tell
me some ship like yeah, man, I've seen this or
some ship they got probably do it like your carell
or some personal ship and you wouldn't even think you
no big like big up, yeah, big Bro for real
because like that unless you know, like he really fuck
with me gingerly trying to taste and ship that like
I really help you, you know what I'm saying, Like

so like music.

Speaker 3 (01:58:04):
He see the whole ship like heep keeping down with
Dungeon Family exact then.

Speaker 1 (01:58:09):
He's hip hop.

Speaker 2 (01:58:11):
The first time I metic Bro was was in the
hood anyway, like in my neighborhood.

Speaker 1 (01:58:15):
You know what I'm saying. What what the first time
you met Future was in where Yeah? Yeah yeah, shout
of the zone, man, big bro. Bro, first time I
met Pluto was h you call him Future. We realize
you've been calling interview you know, yeah, that's that's name

the world. But yeah, the first time I met Bros
ship like twenty sixteen or some ship, and like in
the neighbor in my neighborhood though, like right, but he
was just hanging out in your neighborhood, bro, Nah, stop
for real, no bullshit. He didn't on you. No, he

was outside posted up in the trenches. Man, stop that
I ain't for real, Future just outside on your hood
in your.

Speaker 2 (01:59:11):
Hood, brola.

Speaker 1 (01:59:15):
He was to his own man shouts on the front
of Yeah, the first time I met him just pulled
up on on some random ship. But yeah, bro, real nigga.

Speaker 2 (01:59:23):
Ain't know you before you met.

Speaker 1 (01:59:24):
Him, like you just hain't no hanging on me? Hell no,
not for real. Well he knew me a little bit,
but not. No. Yeah, that's fine, Future, you know that
let's talk about this record. How did you how did
you come about? Since on bro south Side south Side

he had put the ship together. I was putting the
hour he was in Miami. I had pulled up on him.
You know, broke. He you know that's ship easy for broke,
for for for for the future man, that ship he
definitely don't right. Yeah, this shit come like second Nation.
Just you put up on brow in the studio, you
just play some shit. If he fucked with it that ship,

then it takes him like twenty minutes. He's just like,
I ain't never really like and I ain't lie when
when when he recorded that ship? When he recorded it,
I had went back on my second verse cuz like
I seen like how he like his whole process and
ship like how he did it. It made me go back.

It made me go back on my ship like on
the second part, like on the second part of my verse,
like just basically how like you go like different catuses
like I'll be like I'll be seeing some rap shit.
You know, I just really just try to like go
by for bah like I like, after bro putting some
shit on there, I may it made like take the
bars off, go different catus like on some a lot

of shit type shit, but like yeah, shout out the
broke on he he just challenging niggas just on some
how it was recording process. He get in and just
and I'm sure any nigga could contest when you getting
in the studio, Pulo, like how you record it just
makes you want to.

Speaker 2 (02:01:05):
Like, I love.

Speaker 3 (02:01:10):
Listen because you got like fifteen thousand.

Speaker 1 (02:01:13):
Features, right, yeah, I got a lot of features. Now
I got you sot sourced up.

Speaker 3 (02:01:23):
Has there ever been somebody that fronting on you that
you wanted to do a record with.

Speaker 1 (02:01:27):
Let's keep it real.

Speaker 3 (02:01:28):
Now you're wanna drink chance, keep it real now, one
person in fronting on everybody. Let's just keep it real.
I got my Maya front of it on me. She's
coming under this. She did a record with her.

Speaker 1 (02:01:40):
Yes, I did a record with her. You I won't
really say fronted, but if I was gonna say, like
any creature I really anticipated coming out that never really
coming and came out that I was trying to fuck with,
was was ya your head for me?

Speaker 2 (02:01:53):
He was, Yeah, this is before down. That was like
two three years ago.

Speaker 1 (02:02:00):
I was locked in. Yeah, we had did like two
three songs. I pulled up on in the rack and
I did some other ship in New York. He had
sent me. We had blond hair at this time. This
was like, right, be photoblode, before the blod before the.

Speaker 3 (02:02:16):
Spots in the head, toause, I'm trying to figure out, bro, Bro,
this is before before that, before the spots in the head. Okay,
all right, so y'all winning the studio.

Speaker 2 (02:02:27):
In Chicago, y'all.

Speaker 1 (02:02:29):
But we had did some ship. He really like, I
had I laid some ship and he told me to
redo it. Of course, you know how he is. He's
super like strategic, picky and ship. But when he did,
I feel like when he told me to redo it,
that ship was over hard, like he made me do
some crazy.

Speaker 2 (02:02:44):
He wasn't feeling that. No, no, I did. I liked
that I fun through the ship. But you was agreeing
with him telling you to redo it?

Speaker 1 (02:02:51):
Y yeah, yeah, okay, yeah, but like what really, what
I'm saying is like, when I did the ship the ship,
I was thinking that sh was going to come out
on his project. But I was trying to use it
too though. I was trying to use it for some
of my ship. So he basically, ain't let me use
it for me trying to get some ship thinking it's
gonna come on his ship, and it ain't never come

on his ship.

Speaker 2 (02:03:14):
But other than that, I ain't really Why couldn't you
use it?

Speaker 1 (02:03:19):
I don't want to use it no more? After after
it was already put my Huh you didn't want to
use it? I had already put my project out. Yeah, So.

Speaker 3 (02:03:32):
If you have a chance with you work with Kanye
gon produced or produced and feature.

Speaker 1 (02:03:41):
You know he probably like work. Then they're gonna produce
the ship anyway. Let somebody else do it, you know
what I'm saying. But like, I ain't gonna lie to
with or like, I just like just got a different
type of love for you because you know he's from
the crib man. Yeah, I got a lot, but he's
super genius. Let me just say, yeah, superhasic. I write

rhymes and calligraphy in my mind.

Speaker 2 (02:04:05):
Calligraphy I killed that out of control right now.

Speaker 3 (02:04:12):
And graffiti calligraphy and graffiti, calligraffiti, calligraphiti No one if
I if you, if I show you how I write rhymes,
you'll be like, there's no way.

Speaker 1 (02:04:25):
That's a rhyme.

Speaker 3 (02:04:26):
The only man in the world that could read my rhymes. Kanye,
that man read my ship. We were in carbon and
were sitting there. What's the guy name was? What's the
guy named.

Speaker 1 (02:04:43):
U? Trump's trumps homie Jared Kushner.

Speaker 2 (02:04:48):
Come on, that's a weird name drop right now.

Speaker 1 (02:04:52):
Bro, Oh you think I'm bullshit?

Speaker 2 (02:04:53):
No, no, no, I don't think I got that and
everything that aut Yeah, you don't know we talking about.
So I'm in Crump's daughter's husband.

Speaker 1 (02:05:02):
Yeah. Yeah, So I'm in car Phone who was a
part of Trump's cabinet. So I'm in there and then
and then and Yea said something to me, and I'm like.

Speaker 6 (02:05:13):
Oh, yeah, I was when Jared was right there, Yeah, Jared, Jared,
he said listen, you're right.

Speaker 1 (02:05:21):
He said, well.

Speaker 3 (02:05:22):
I was like, so Yay said something and I said, oh, ship, Look,
I was writing this earlier. So I showed it to him,
thinking like, because no one can read my handwriting, it's
just not possible. Nobody pone my wife, nobody that nigga
ye read my ship like he was.

Speaker 1 (02:05:45):
Proh was like he really read. And when he was
wrapping it, you know what I'm saying, like, y rapped
rapping it like he's reading like I grabbed my phone,
giving me my ship. I had never knew any no, no,
go back, go back, go back, relax list hold on, yeah,
wait wait yeah, come on, let's go.

Speaker 2 (02:06:07):
Now. We both we got both got quite away what
I'm saying. He read your lyrics that you wrote, he said,
rapping it, like all right.

Speaker 1 (02:06:16):
And this is real talk. He had just did the
Cardi B verse.

Speaker 3 (02:06:21):
So when he did the CARDIV verse, he says something
and I was like, oh, ship, look I wrote that
this morning. Whatever he said on the Cardi B verse,
I was like, loo, I suanted to say I wrote that.

Speaker 1 (02:06:32):
Most people would look at that one line and give
you back your phone. He sat there and read my
whole rhyme.

Speaker 2 (02:06:38):
He was like, how many how many verses you had?

Speaker 1 (02:06:41):
How many? It's like a.

Speaker 2 (02:06:42):
Twenty four bar verse, and he reaped it the whole line.

Speaker 1 (02:06:47):
I said, motherfucker, I never capoon, can't do that. I
wrapped your pool for my whole fucking life.

Speaker 2 (02:06:56):
But he wrapped in a way that you were like me, yes,
what you said? He wrapped in what because this is
the thing you're saying that.

Speaker 1 (02:07:03):
He said it in a way that it sounded like
you yes, yes, I swear to God I had never
I gave him my phone expected him to be That's
what I'm trying to figure out. Like that's saying he
reading it or you're saying read it like like you're confusing.
Wait hold please, So I'm here for the ship. So
you're saying he reading it off your notes right or

your handwriting? It's not your hand right now? He goes
my hand right on his phone owns my hand, right
hand right right right? Bro stopping, bro, what do you
mean it was my hand? It was my notes.

Speaker 2 (02:07:36):
There's my notes tell writing?

Speaker 1 (02:07:39):
Wait what.

Speaker 2 (02:07:42):
You you another?

Speaker 1 (02:07:44):
You're another way?

Speaker 2 (02:07:45):
Is he tripping on my tripping?

Speaker 1 (02:07:46):
He's tripping? Okay, what's your phone right? It's on my
phone hand? All right? Listen, listen, listen. Let me let
me read editate just saying he plays me the Cardid
verse that he had just did for Cardi B.

Speaker 2 (02:08:02):
This's not outright.

Speaker 1 (02:08:03):
So one line on there, I wanted him to know
on your phone what you just said. I wrote this
on your phone, on my phone. So I showed him
my notes, my voice, not my voice. No excuse me,
Uh you know a yellow pad, but you ain't.

Speaker 2 (02:08:20):
I'm not your hand.

Speaker 3 (02:08:21):
It's not my hand, right, Okay, you're fucking found motherfucker.

Speaker 1 (02:08:27):
The I'm so I'm tripping though, that's my what I'm
saying that because the reason why I'm saying, I don't yeah,
all right, you know I don't know what you what

I'm saying. No, one can't read my ship, all right,
because I'm writing the feeding all right, so he read it.
But I'm saying, all right, so even how you read it,
he read me and your flow, how you would have
rapped like me? Like how you would have wrapped it?

Speaker 3 (02:09:04):
Yes, And I got scared if a motherfucker, I said,
give you up my phone?

Speaker 2 (02:09:10):
Have any bards like it.

Speaker 1 (02:09:12):
Was it was like twenty four he hit all twenty
four but like he was just like and I'm looking
at this motherfucker like because I'm like, who the hell
said that? Yeah, I'm like, oh my phone, give back
that niggas a gens. I believe that. Let's talk about

lawyer Feest, Lawyer Feast.

Speaker 2 (02:09:38):

Speaker 1 (02:09:38):
Let's yeah, let's see that's that's that's Polo again. Man.
You know little good Yeah, man, liberal got a different
type of chemistry. Man, you call him. You got a
nickname for heybody, what he said? Bro, I said, Polo,
that's just Broski Bro Okay, Well yeah, man man, we
got a different type of chemistry for Shure, Like I said,
we getting it. But Bro, thank you. Listen, guys, I

got nothing to do with this side of the room.

Speaker 2 (02:10:06):
Work like that.

Speaker 1 (02:10:10):
That you know that one with the Champaga Kodak, you
go break He's home bro home, Yeah for sure, man man,

that's the homie. Bro. That's my dog. Is a good dude. Bro.

Speaker 3 (02:10:37):
Yeah, Coke Coke cod I ain't gonna lie, you cannot.
We love you, Kodak, stay home, stay home, Kodak.

Speaker 1 (02:10:46):
We love you. Bro. I love that that boy. Let
me just tell you something. Let me address the critics
real quick. The critics and what a lot of people
are like, Oh my god, he was so fun drink chance,
he's fucking drunk. That's a lie.

Speaker 3 (02:11:02):
That motherfucker stayed here for four hours afterwards if he
was high.

Speaker 1 (02:11:07):
And fucked up out of here.

Speaker 3 (02:11:10):
That motherfucker stayed out here and shut down on the block,
the whole block. He stayed here and fucking sign autographs.

Speaker 1 (02:11:17):
Bro, like you broke bro Man, niggas smart as hell,
Kodak and real on, man, come on, man, let's leap.
And I hate addressing like you know, ship like that,
but you know, I wanted to defend him one to
defending him. He was not high, he was he was,
he was cool, he was he was just Kodak man bro.

Speaker 2 (02:11:41):
Yeah, well Yak was just being yak man bro.

Speaker 1 (02:11:44):
And that's the thing about y'all generation.

Speaker 3 (02:11:50):
There's a lot of our generation started to judge.

Speaker 1 (02:11:53):
Y'all in that aspect.

Speaker 3 (02:11:55):
What I mean is that's we was exactly y'all, exactly
everything y'all did, we did, but then now that we're older,
we were.

Speaker 1 (02:12:04):
Over they let him do that. I think it's I
think it's probably like the internet perception, like everything being
broadcasted on the Internet. You know what I'm saying. I
think like everybody clicked the judge us and like I'm
George y'all. You know what I'm saying. But at the
end of the day, bro, every like every artist, everybody

got their own flaws, got an on every you know
what I'm saying, Like personal ship going on, you know
what I'm saying, But like like I ain't saying like
no artists for instance, or whatever the case may be,
Like and I'm glad that you're saying that, because Ship,
all we did was follow the footsteps of what we've
seen and what we do.

Speaker 2 (02:12:46):
You know, we're just right, which is not necessarily right.

Speaker 1 (02:12:49):
That wasn't necessarily right, but it was right because at
the end of the day, it was the foundation of
helping us get to where we are. You know what
I'm saying, all done something that was unthinkable or seeing
or heard, and what's wrong and it was wrong. It
was wrong.

Speaker 2 (02:13:06):
I always say something our generation fucked up.

Speaker 1 (02:13:11):
Our generation fucked up this kind of And I'm not blaming.

Speaker 2 (02:13:16):
I'm not blaming Noor.

Speaker 1 (02:13:18):
Ain't nobody pointing on fish. No, but no, I'm telling
you something right now.

Speaker 6 (02:13:22):
This is what I'm from the DJ aspect, not the
artist aspect, but the DJs. What happened is in the
nineties hip hop started making money, real money.

Speaker 1 (02:13:34):
This is my my opinion.

Speaker 2 (02:13:36):
I can't tell you what it is.

Speaker 1 (02:13:37):
It's my opinion.

Speaker 6 (02:13:39):
And what I think happened is that the artist said,
who Ship, we're making real money. We're not going to
ever get hold It's like the Yolo forever. We're not
gonna pass down information and we're not gonna change anything.
We're not gonna this is not a culture. We're gonna
make this business. We're gonna make money forever. And then

that's what happened. There was a stagnation of information of
culture and.

Speaker 1 (02:14:06):
To a mad big words and information.

Speaker 6 (02:14:10):
But he knows, he's words. He don't know, it's just real, man.
And that's that's what happened, bro. Like like there was
a part of a section of time where people stop
informing each other.

Speaker 1 (02:14:27):
No, for sure, he right now, because it's like we
picked up the the back the ship, the backlash and
everything y'all did right and wrong. Y'all right, everything wrong
y'all did? We picked up too? You knowe what I'm
saying right was yeah, wrong and right. So it's like
it was a you know, we gotta of course be grateful.

We got to take what come with it, like you said,
you gotta take that come in the bad. But as
far as like the like the perspective imagery, like the
perspective of an artist and what you put out and
the negativity that come behind that and just the misinformation
of the business and whatever. You know what I'm saying exactly,

that's what I'm saying, Like you just said the same thing.
So like both of them, it was like it was
like a two flip coin. We took in a good
and a bad. It was just what came ahad, you know,
the generation before us, and then it's like the generation
after us going to do the same thing.

Speaker 3 (02:15:29):
That was like, I mean, it's deep because to a
certain extent, I take place in that right you do,
we do?

Speaker 2 (02:15:47):
We do?

Speaker 3 (02:15:49):
Meaning there was a lot of foul artists that came
before me, and when I seen them, they never gave
me advice. So I was like, fuck it, right, fuck them, nigga,
right this industry, it's true. I'm gonna stay in my
own fucking zone. And then I actually didn't give advice

to young homies when I seen them. When I seen them,
I felt like they felt like how I felt like
fucking this young, this older nigga, because everybody.

Speaker 1 (02:16:19):
And the older older is actually dope. The older you
get to be old.

Speaker 2 (02:16:24):
It's a luxury. It's a luxury.

Speaker 6 (02:16:27):

Speaker 2 (02:16:28):
That's why I look up to to That's why I
look up to you.

Speaker 1 (02:16:32):
I mean so much. You know what I'm saying. But listen,
like how you seeing that that ship only passed on
generating the marijuana. You want to go back to blunt? Yeah, yeah,
this is this is, this is this is you want
to call it. You want to color cocaine, Yeah, this

is blunt. I ain't smoking cool so long my lungs
are still on drink. But so what I'm saying to say,
it's like so like for like the generation you're saying, like,
all right, fucking these niggas, I ain't sharing, no, lie,
ain't showing up what Like in the industry, I see
first hearing the niggas like you might have like bad

experience with a certain artist.

Speaker 2 (02:17:15):
Now you don't fuck with nobody dudes, like and that's
you Just that's terrible.

Speaker 1 (02:17:20):
That it's like, damn, Now the next nigga who you
might really fuck with, you look, he might looking at
you like you a certain way. You might be looking
at him like he is a certain way. You feel
what I'm saying just off the fact that you just
holding on to that and that's going hinder your career too,
just like you feel me. It's just like I didn't
seen that shit firsthand, Like you got to meet Nipsey,

Yeah yeah, yeah, Nipper, you know it's so crazy, man, bro,
I ain't even being funny. I'm glad you asking these questions.
This shit like coming up because one of my first
experiences when I first met Nipsey, I was I used
to be going to l A like I was like
twenty younger said, I'm in the rental. I think I'm

in like a Bentley or something. I'm going to a
random as seven eleven. That's when I'm used to be
drinking lane all type of ship. I'm going to a.

Speaker 2 (02:18:10):
Random seven eleven and I'm going to grab like a
kid or something.

Speaker 1 (02:18:14):
This nigga Nip pull up in a black may Back dole,
little bad itself go to the ATM looking. I'm like this,
Nip do look I know that seven eleven. No, we
wasn't even in Beverly Hills. He was like, we was
about a wash boss on gal so someone we was
in the We wasn't in no Beverly Hills. Now he
pulled up eating the Mayback on bro. I hollered on

like damn you know like this was early on and
U g herbro at this time. No, we were like, yeah,
you know who I am. You know I wouldn't turn
turn I'm like on some like I'm just turning in. Yeah,
I'm turning in on Bro and I see Bro, you know,
like we just fucking around like damn, like you know
what I'm saying. That just maybe like that's how we
locked in, Like I ain't gonna lie. It was just

like like every like since that day, you feel what
I'm saying. Me and Bro like always had like a
different you know what I'm saying, but that shit crazy.
That was one of my first like LA experiences, was
what I'm saying, like you you just moved there at
that point.

Speaker 2 (02:19:13):
I was just visiting that.

Speaker 1 (02:19:15):
I wasn't even moving there, like it was one of
my first LA experiences, and I'm seeing him like it
was I was like on some fan shit, Yeah you
feel me Like I'm like, damn, I gonna nep. You
feel what I'm saying, Well, he pull up in the
maybag though little bad self. But I'm like, damn, Bro,
real street nails. You like though little Badself, you feel
what I'm saying, like godless and so I saw the

god that ship that made me like super gravitate to
him like damn. That was my first time ever meeting
him though, But it wasn't on no rap shit. You
feel me like me and Bro never got no chance
to do no music or nothing like that. But every
time we see each other it was much you love
and shit, it's off that one acounter bro, Bro, we
got to a shot for that on Bro, Damn, damn.

Speaker 2 (02:20:00):
I ain't got no They gotta bring me on from here.
She said, you want some of this?

Speaker 1 (02:20:07):
You I think you want you want some of this, Bro,
I'm gonna put some of this in him. Come on, man,
cook gag some of you. Just gonna try to get
you across over to the.

Speaker 2 (02:20:23):
Look recipes in that.

Speaker 1 (02:20:25):
Bro, But me keep it back to you. Man, Do
you realize how much hip hop love you? You realize
how much hip hop fuck with you?

Speaker 4 (02:20:40):

Speaker 1 (02:20:41):
You do? Now you I'm starting, yeah, like all finish,
I'm starting to realize for real.

Speaker 2 (02:20:47):
You go, like appreciate the culture for it's doing for you.

Speaker 5 (02:20:50):

Speaker 2 (02:20:50):
I'm definitely appreciating it. You know what I'm saying. It's
like it loves you.

Speaker 1 (02:20:54):
Bro. I started so early and it's like still young,
and I'm just yelling. I think I'm so ambitious. I
feel like it's like just me trying to be trying
to go out legendary and be perfect. I feel like
i'd be a little hard on myself, but I do realize,
you know what I'm saying, like I ain't gonna lie.
And then what made me realize I'm gonna be honest
is getting loved from like niggas that I really grew

up listening to and looking up to, like niggas like
you and these niggas like kids, or just any niggas
that I really grew up fucking with. You feel what
I'm saying, like the Waynes Drakes, Plutos, everybody that I
really like, ad Maya. You feel what I'm saying like
ever in my life, and I really feel genuine love
from them. That'd be the like the really extra push

that I really fuck with, you know what I'm saying.
And then like it'd be like when I fuck with
like my peers and like the youngest generation too, I
be always wanting to like just fuck with niggas Like
That's why even any little artists that come out of
Chicago or any other city that I know going crazy,
like I just gam shit, I just be jumping on

shit like whatever, because I wanted to do like I
feel like I Maya when Wayne went on that run
and he was just on everybody shit, no matter who
you were, as long as you was turned up and
coming whoever. Like he just went on everybody's ship. Like
I got that same mentality because I looked up to
it and like, Wayne, you feel me, and it's just
like it's showing love at the end of the day.

But it's just like it's like it's competition because I'm
in competition with myself. Well, I just want to be
on everybody's ship. I want to be heard. You feel me,
But I'm just showing love. There's so many artists and
I don't mean look at it like that. You feel me,
and you're gonna do a record, bro, got a fine

one because you are elder crazy tomorrow. But man, let
me just say we're not Internet's motherfucker hitting too. Hey man,
you know more boy boris right there rolling in hip hop.

Speaker 5 (02:22:57):
Starting the park it all. You know, Uh saved all
of my life. But hip hop.

Speaker 1 (02:23:10):
It's a business. At what point did you start to say, damn,
just this ain't about the law. This is about the business.

Speaker 6 (02:23:21):
You know.

Speaker 1 (02:23:21):
It's so crazy. I'm glad you're aking that. Like now
just became to a point after me doing this shit
for ten twelve years where it's like I did so
much shit I love it don't even matter no more.
I've done everything you can out of the world. You
feel what I'm saying this, And it was really like,

well a point where like you know what I'm saying.
You know, some certain people say that shit where they
feel like it's coming from a place of resentfulness, you know,
like meaning what like when people say like, alright, there's
no more, no more shit, I ain't doing no more
shit out of love. You feel what I'm saying Like,

I feel like certain times when people do that, it's
come from a place resentful. It's where they feel like
they don't want to do it because they angry about something.
You know what I'm saying, Like I'm on some shit
where it's like I just know everything I put forth.
I know my work, so it's like I don't have
to like already done, like where it's like even when
it got to do it actually charged us, Like I

didn't did so much shit out of love. I don't
got to charge for nothing. I could go get a
favor from it. Then anybody in the industry justice my
face card good. But I did so much side of shit,
you got credit. You feel what I'm saying, like no bullshit,
and like that's worth more than money, you feel me,
So it's way more worth them, Yeah, exactly. And I

learned that really like on some shit right now where
it's like I didn't did so much shit just on
some here here here because I'm just trying to show love.
But it was actually beneficial to so many people where
it changed last it did help niggas careers or you
know what I'm saying. So it's like, shit, it put

me in favor, you know, it put me in favor
to be able to go get you know what I'm saying.
Shit doesn't need to be if I need to, you
know what I'm saying. So it's like shit, and it
happened organically. I wasn't doing the intensity like all right,
I'm doing this because I want to favor, you know,
Like shit just happened, and it's like now I could
go reach out to my reach go far, like whether

it's for me or anybody, like I could be building
an artist and go get you a bed, a good
artist or a placement where they probably favorite artists, just
off the strips of shit that I didn't done. You
know what I'm saying where it's gonna be like easy,
you know, and that's not what's never my intention. Just
like certain shit just go hand in hand because your

face card go along way. Like I built that over
the course of shit ten twelve years of just doing
shit out off the love, just me being a solid.
You know. Take a shot to that. I'm sorry, you
ain't got to tea. We take a shot, so you

got a tan, yes, soler, because they're like the tim shot.
I mean, I mean, count ten twelve, who's counting? Who's counting?

Speaker 2 (02:26:23):
I'm gonna take a peepees twenty times.

Speaker 1 (02:26:27):
I'll let you go first, then I go after we
all go together. You gotta take a piss too.

Speaker 3 (02:26:34):
Boom good, all right, cool yead, Holy moly, come on,
this is the first time smoking the blood?

Speaker 1 (02:26:46):
What was your smoking earlier? Uh? Backwood with a joint
with the papers around? Where do they do that ship?
I've been smoking so long, I just like to I
stually got to hit my chest hard. I'm like the
feeling them. So what do you smoke on a regular basis?

Speaker 6 (02:27:08):

Speaker 1 (02:27:09):
Like what like some more? Yeah, like what kind of
But what's your favorite.

Speaker 2 (02:27:15):

Speaker 1 (02:27:16):
Any any anxiety, any purpose.

Speaker 5 (02:27:18):
It was gelattoo on a gelato home.

Speaker 1 (02:27:23):
Bro, you ever smoked our diesel? I used to smoke
stout diesel like early freshman yeah, high school type shit.
It smoked Hayes. Yeah, I fuck with the Hayes. I
used to fuck with Hayes, like when I first started
coming to New York. That was probably like two thousand

and hang it with Dominican sixteen. Only smoke Hazes a
few times though, Like, but I fucked with it though.
I wasn't mad at that type of ship, Like, but
I ain't never I wasn't.

Speaker 2 (02:27:59):
You wasn't man, I fuck with hate.

Speaker 1 (02:28:01):
I ain't gonna whow to fuck with a little bit.
He was indictment. You ever been indictment? I was in
youngest younkers? Okay, yes, Jada Kiss shit, he got the
Hayes there, that's yeah, that's all that, Jady Kiss. We established.

Speaker 3 (02:28:24):
You trying to work with an artist, But there is
there any artists that you want to work with that
you haven't worked with yet?

Speaker 1 (02:28:32):
Yeah, there's some shoot. I ain't gonna live. But if
I had to really pick, like my ultimate, I always
be seeing this ship. I don't know why I was
just like, I really like I want to I want to, like, man,
this ship sounded crazy. I want to really get in
the studio and really like do a song like with

like Lawren. Hell want some.

Speaker 3 (02:28:56):
Lauren, Yeah, I want some real life with the braves
of the boy had either either the Lord, either the Lord.
We're gonna take either version of what I'm just saying,
Like if.

Speaker 1 (02:29:09):
I had to pick all the way Lord, dream feature,
my dream feature though.

Speaker 3 (02:29:16):
Okay, so God comes down from heaven. Okay, Aliens come
down from heavens. The Aliens say, I need you to
make one record for me.

Speaker 1 (02:29:32):
I need you to pick who's going to be the
producer and who's gonna do the hook? Who won't be
the producer, who won't do the hook? Yeah, Aliens and
God together, I don't know why they get stay together,
and they say, gee, we gotta save planet Earth. One record,

one one producer, anybody on the hook'd all live, They're
coming outside. That was Presley Nigga. That Presley could be
I want to anybody.

Speaker 3 (02:30:13):
Jackson one Dad all live, you hit Mike bro I
gotta go, Prince Jackson, Prince could be the one.

Speaker 2 (02:30:22):
I gotta go. I gotta go prins on.

Speaker 1 (02:30:24):
The hook, rints on the hook, and I'm going and
I'm going yay on the beat. Bro, I gotta take
a piss coming. You killed that? You win? Bro, going
like that too hard.

Speaker 6 (02:30:50):
I don't know what the funk y'all were talking about,
but I'm gonna bring it back to Chicago. So you
got connected with Common through no Id, Right, So where
were you guys? Like what was the connection between old
Chicago hip hop and new Chicago hip hop?

Speaker 1 (02:31:10):
I think it was like, like what was a respect
level as well off? And I think I really think
it was a transition of like Chicago hip hop always
was on some like.

Speaker 2 (02:31:23):
In a way it was like can I say something
real quick before you keep going? And I don't want
to interrupt.

Speaker 6 (02:31:29):
I'm interrupting, actually, but I just want to say, like
I was reading on you, right, and people were saying
like Drill had a perception of non lyrics, but you
actually brought lyrics, like you was actually a person that
was spitting right, And I feel like you was bringing

the what was happening already with Common and Kanye and
these guys like he was bringing that level of lyricism
to your music.

Speaker 1 (02:32:03):
Yeah, So that's all said for like often to say,
I think in Chicago, like the transition of like you know,
niggas like Common, Yay, Twist all them.

Speaker 2 (02:32:13):
They really raped thrills what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (02:32:16):
So, like in Chicago when the drill scene and the
whole era came about, it wasn't really like on a
lyricism type shit. It was like it was me up
tempo urn music. That's why they felt like drill was
a whole another genre. But it wasn't.

Speaker 2 (02:32:32):
It was just like a term of like expression.

Speaker 1 (02:32:35):
Basically, drill was an expression in the music that we
It was just a beat, a certain type of beat.

Speaker 2 (02:32:42):
That's it exactly but exactly.

Speaker 1 (02:32:45):
So It's like what I'm saying is like what Chicago
music was before and then was like rap. You know
what I'm saying, ship like that from the comments, the
Twisters and Yay's and all that shit. You know what
I'm saying, Like you feel what I'm saying, so like
loope you feel me bump right all? You know what
I'm saying. Like when that music trans like transcended into

some whole water shit, I never really did in that
lane like I always was on some rap shit anyways
like you feel me, I grew up listening to that
type of era.

Speaker 2 (02:33:24):
You did listen to that era? Yeah, heah yeah.

Speaker 1 (02:33:27):
And I grew up listening to New York rappers too.
You feel what I'm saying, Like I grew up listening
to all type of genres when it came to hip hop.
I mean not genres. I'm just saying all types of artists.
You just love.

Speaker 2 (02:33:37):
Yeah, I love hip hop as the best way to
say probably so Yeah.

Speaker 1 (02:33:43):
I was saying, like when I came out, I never
really like labeled myself as a drill artist. Always like
was on some shit like I'm just a rapper. You
feel what I'm saying like I could exactly. I was
fifteen years old, sixteen years old when that shit came out,
but I was on I was one of the only
people that actually was rapping on old simple beats, saying

rapping over shit that kiss made a wrapped over or
meat was wrapped You know what I'm saying. I was
really on some shit like my first two three four
freestyles I put out was over meat beats. You feel
what I'm saying. This was twenty ten to twenty eleven,
and shit like you know what I'm saying, Like, yeah,
so it was like I was always on some shit
I was trying to rap anyway, Like I was never
trying to put myself in that box of drill wrap,

you know what I'm saying. So it's like I think
that's why I was able to like connect with the
comments and shit like that, like how you saying, Like
it reached out and like nothing like to go off
subject all the way.

Speaker 2 (02:34:41):
My uncle who passed away, his name was kay Tom.

Speaker 1 (02:34:43):
He already yeah, he already knew them like he already
like knew Common and uh yay and the legendary tracks
to they had. They was a group called Trevin Tracks.
So in Chicago, my uncle was like a legendary producer
away and that was my blood uncle, you feel what
I'm saying. So I was like I'm in the studio
around him and already getting that foundation with twisted them around.

Do it that all these crystial conflict all in My
uncle was already well respected in the industry in Chicago
when it came to that type of stuff. Like Mickey Houston,
who was my first manager, he knew my uncle, like
you know what I'm saying. So already like had like
a love for music when it came to just looking
up to him and wanted to be like him. You
know what I'm saying, So like when they like I

feel like when my whole, like when me and Baby
when we came out. I don't know, maybe it's just
like over East, so it's just the music we listened to.
We didn't We was always on some rap shit like
the whole. We never steered away from hip hop. You
feel what I'm saying. We need to try to, like
to tear away from bars like lyricism twelve sixteen thirty

two of US rap rap. You feel what I'm saying,
Like lyricism, We never like we never shot away from that,
Like That's what I'm trying to say, Like that's always
what I was on from the moment.

Speaker 3 (02:35:57):
I choose to be a rapper, right, Yeah, I know
wesed on it earlier, right, but I went and looked
at my Twitter when I went to the bathroom, and
it's still people think that drill music started in London.

Speaker 1 (02:36:16):
Yeah, I don't know why. That's crazy. Why do you
think that? I think because I don't know. I feel
like overseas, like in London. They had such a big wave,
which just like how they was able to trans wait.

Speaker 6 (02:36:33):
Through following in London. Let's just start with there. I
ain't really imagine you have.

Speaker 1 (02:36:42):
The biggest following tour or then nothing in London yet.
But I want to go out.

Speaker 6 (02:36:46):
Haven't gone overseas? No, No, I ain't got I guarantee
you got a big overseas audience.

Speaker 1 (02:36:52):
Bro, you gotta go, you gotta go.

Speaker 2 (02:36:54):
No, I ain't got no overseas. No here bro getting
the funk out of here. You got a big audience
outside of here, bro.

Speaker 1 (02:37:03):
Yeah, yeah, I ain't never did nothing as much as
they appreciate, appreciate much like two weeks with Juice World
and Ship we had he was on tour with Nicki Minajs.
I had did Tim Westwood and Ship. That was like,
you can't yea London. You went to London that was
like three four years ago. No, I ain't been there since.

I ain't in no shoes just London. Yeah, I need
to go back Westwood. That's big, that's big. Ten Muths
was big.

Speaker 3 (02:37:33):
I played the best hood O t with Tim Westwood.

Speaker 1 (02:37:37):
Second good bro. Oh yeah but too much? Yeah yeah, yeah,
yeah yeah, that's a legend. That wasn't crazy legend? Bron Sure.
So what's your favorite place to perform? If I had
to choose, of course, it'll be Chicago to exclude Chicago.
If I had to say, my all time favorite place

to perform be in New York. Yeah, for sure. New
York fucked with me. Like I had some of my
best shows in my career in New York, Like one time,
this is how I knew New York love me. Look
this is like two thousand and man, it said to

be twenty sixteen, twenty seventeen, I did a show shot.

Speaker 2 (02:38:23):
Johnny Ships shout out Johnny SPEs Bro.

Speaker 1 (02:38:26):
It was U.

Speaker 2 (02:38:28):
I think it was one of those Smokers Club shows.

Speaker 1 (02:38:30):
Well, I don't know what a venue was. It was
like four thousand, five thousand fans that I had lost
my voice. I couldn't even speak, and I'm sunk. They
sung the whole ship for like thirty minutes straight. This
was the beginning of my career. I never seen nothing
like it. And it's like that that support just transit. Yeah,

turned off through my career. That shot Town Energy fucked
us up in New York long for sure. I ain't.
I never felt no love, like like even like ain't
gonna lie me, I swear to god. We was just
talking about this sh like the other day, me and
my girlma brother. Everybody was just saying, uh, the PTSD tour,

like like that show. It was my very first show,
Like that was I did the show the day the
album droped, so the fans didn't even know the music.
It was just like the energy of them seeing me
is just like everything, Like that ship was one of
my hardest shows that I did. You knowee what I'm saying,
Like we were just talking about that like two days ago.
What's the worst place you ever performed at? Worst place? Fuck? Heys,

New Mexico, probably like eight tenth fans and some ship.
Those fans love you, bro, I know they did what happened?
I think it was like some ship. Well, like it
was the the promoter fucked up awesome and do the

promotion ship right or like the club people you're supposed
to post, Yeah, no we did. I don't know some ship,
Like I was just saying, that was like my worst
show that that ship was like yeah years ago. Well
I'm just saying with some ship with like I literally
performed in front of like eight people when I game
perform for like, I did really perform. That's dope. I

performed in front of eight people in Dubai. Literally that
was I'll never forget that ship though it was in
New Mexico, performed from like eight people. I performed eight people.
It was their family though in Dubai it was fantastic.
That was fantastic, and they paid.

Speaker 2 (02:40:47):
Me, paid you fantastic and mon Sometimes.

Speaker 1 (02:40:53):
I don't even think they even made eye contact with me.
It was just like, what songs did you performed?

Speaker 2 (02:40:58):

Speaker 1 (02:40:58):
Man, leave it at all? Yo. Man, I'm gonna be
honest with you. Man.

Speaker 3 (02:41:05):
Every time I see you, You're a real one happy
wow you rapp it man, And I really wanted to
give you a flowers man, literally, man, because and figuratively,

because you're actually a legend out here.

Speaker 1 (02:41:34):

Speaker 3 (02:41:35):
You actually did your job. We're proud of you, Statesman
like me, like Fat Joe and so on and so on.
We're proud of you, man, and we want you to
continue to do your motherfucking thing and continue to be great,
and continue to be family oriented, continue.

Speaker 1 (02:42:01):
To stay in that gray zone that you said. In
the gray zone, you know that. Listen the industry got
your back. So when I was researching you.

Speaker 2 (02:42:13):
This is a shot.

Speaker 1 (02:42:14):
Okay, fuck it. I don't know how this popped up.
That's the only shot. Bro.

Speaker 2 (02:42:21):
I tak another one.

Speaker 1 (02:42:22):
We don't like it.

Speaker 3 (02:42:24):
I want you to know hip hop loves you, man,
because it actually hurt my heart to hear you say that.
And you was like, no, I love hip hop and
hip hop don't love me back. And it's true because
what you said is accurate. Hip Hop will never love
us back the way we love hip hop, but hip

hop loves us.

Speaker 1 (02:42:49):
That's why I'm a grab my flowers man. Bro. Got
damn god, damn you know that.

Speaker 3 (02:42:57):
Every time you rock up a beautiful watch like that
and your ice out chick, that's hip hop, man, that's
hip hop.

Speaker 1 (02:43:05):
That's hip hop. Bro. That shit got nothing to do
with anything else.

Speaker 3 (02:43:09):
So we gotta salute hip hop because hip hop salutes you.

Speaker 1 (02:43:13):
And I really want you to know that, man, like
like like, I've been doing this since ninety seven. I
got everybody's number, and I'm a relationship based so I
call people. I just ask everyone.

Speaker 3 (02:43:35):
Everyone I call had nothing But I said that earlier,
but I want to say it again.

Speaker 1 (02:43:39):
I want you to read iterate what I'm trying to
tell you. People are not only got love for you,
they're saying that they got love for you, and they
rooting for you. So I don't know if those pom
poems are out in public or shit private, but the

fact that they're rooting for you, period means a fucking lot.
Trust me. I call people were like the call. You know,
I'm interviewing. Everybody's like, what do you need? That's something.

I was just like, you know what, I actually don't need. Ship.

Speaker 3 (02:44:25):
Oh, they already described your character. People describe the character
of you without you even being.

Speaker 1 (02:44:35):
That's that's dope, dope, appreciate it. You under saying what
you said, ship.

Speaker 2 (02:44:45):
And I love it. Yeah, I feel good, but I
don't love it.

Speaker 1 (02:44:49):
I love it.

Speaker 2 (02:44:51):
We don't love it, but gotta you gotta gotta love it.

Speaker 1 (02:44:58):
You gotta love it everything the big Okay, I'm in
it like this.

Speaker 3 (02:45:02):
There's a lesson than a five percent degrees says love
hell alright, which means sometimes you gotta love hell in
order to come out right, which means sometimes you can't
even go to heaven.

Speaker 1 (02:45:16):
As you go to hell first, less you've been to hell. First,
I like it, Bro, Welcome that happened. See her? We

got them new teeth man, new teeth? Bro, Yeah yeah
yeah dress come on, ye dressed the new teeth because
you a good picture. Let me show, let me show

the like.

Speaker 2 (02:46:00):
Yeah yeah, that shus been going viral.

Speaker 6 (02:46:02):

Speaker 1 (02:46:03):
Yeah, I take a BIG's like a big thing. I
guess I ain't gonna lie. I know I ain't gonna say.
I guess I said I ain't never getting my teeth done. Bro,
I said I never get my teeth domb. Bro, you
outside this ship? Do look look this ship? Do look
crazy fire you outside? You changed? I got all teeth done,

like all twenty four man, I got a ship did
I said?

Speaker 2 (02:46:31):
I never get my teeth done?

Speaker 1 (02:46:33):
Man? When I got my ship done? Why would you?
Why wouldn't I? Man? Would you? Why weren't I gonna
turn that money like elevation, get money, get money?

Speaker 2 (02:46:43):
Feel like yeah, man, take.

Speaker 1 (02:46:53):
It the shot. I'm sorry, she where she goes, Let's
take it.

Speaker 3 (02:46:56):
I'm sorry, come on, let's do it and dre just
another shot.

Speaker 2 (02:47:01):
Shot Bro, I'm not gonna lie to you.

Speaker 1 (02:47:03):

Speaker 3 (02:47:04):
I'm happy you came here today, happy you showed up.
I'm happy you arrived. I did lose the bat did
tell you that, right, Yeah, it's gonna be on time.

Speaker 1 (02:47:13):
I ain't gonna allowed to post a been on time, bro.
I posted been on Then they told me they blame
your girl. I was like, there's a good excuse.

Speaker 2 (02:47:19):
I'm taking my shot.

Speaker 1 (02:47:21):
I blame my girl. They said they blame you. Yeah,
I don't know if maybe it's your team. They said
they blame your girl.

Speaker 8 (02:47:31):
I said to my wife all the time, I threw
her under the bus, and then they threw me under
the bus by saying that, say that your wife.

Speaker 1 (02:47:41):
Let's take a shot. Hey man, gee her bro, me
just tell you something. You're a legend. No take your shot, bro,
what you're doing, she should your legend.

Speaker 3 (02:48:02):
Thank you for coming through Drink Champs. Thank you for
hanging out with your family, bringing your family. That's a
beautiful thing. And we allow you continue to go anytime
you want to promote anything, even if you want to
promote your your little toenail.

Speaker 1 (02:48:18):
We don't mind, we don't mind. Come over here, we're
gonna promote that little nigga. Let's do it.

Speaker 2 (02:48:26):
Let's do it.

Speaker 1 (02:48:26):
Take it down.

Speaker 6 (02:48:33):
Drink Champs is a drink Champs LLC Production and association
with Interval Presents, hosts and executive producers n O r
E and dj e f N from Interval Presents Executive
producers Alan Coy and Jake Kleinberg.

Speaker 2 (02:48:49):
Listen to Drink.

Speaker 6 (02:48:50):
Champs on Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Spotify, or wherever you
get your podcasts. Thanks for joining us for another episode
of Drink Champs, hosted by your truly dj e f
N and n O r E. Please make sure to
follow us on all our socials That's at drink Champs
across all platforms at the Real norriegon I g at
Noriega on Twitter, Mine is at Who's Crazy on I

g at dj e f N on Twitter, and most importantly,
stay up to date with the latest releases, news and
merch by going to drink Champs dot com
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