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March 8, 2024 181 mins

N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the Drink Champs in this episode the champs chop it up with the one and only, Affion Crockett!

Affion sits down to share his journey in comedy. A master of impressions, Affion shares stories of doing Standup, Film, and much much more!

Affion talks about his new movie “A Hip Hop Story” where a pioneer of hip hop’s culture joins forces with some of rap music’s elite performers in an attempt to save hip hop.

“A Hip Hop Story” is in theaters now! 

Listen as there’s lots of great stories that you don’t want to miss!

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Speaker 1 (00:11):
He is drinks chants, motherfucking podcast man.

Speaker 2 (00:14):
He's a legends every Queens rapper.

Speaker 3 (00:17):
He ain't sag greed as your boy in O r E.
He's a Miami hip hop pioneer, put up his DJ
E f N.

Speaker 4 (00:22):
Together they drink it up with some of the biggest players,
you know what I mean, and the most professional unprofessional
podcast and your number one source for drunk drinks.

Speaker 3 (00:32):
Chans mo D is new year CST. It's time for
drink champions. Drink up? Motherfuck? Would it good? Be hoping?
These woulda sho be? This is your boy in O
r E. What up is dj E f N.

Speaker 1 (00:48):
This is milling tem Me, crazy World, drink Champs, Yappy.

Speaker 3 (00:50):
Hour, Make some now.

Speaker 1 (00:55):
When I tell you this man here is proving your point.
The independent route, the IPO route. From what I understand,
he wrote, produced, directed along with the Home You're Gonna
bring him in a little later. They took that route.
They wrote it in two thousand and eight, and it's

twenty twenty four. Hip hop is just one day older
than him. So the man is out here monkey footing
the game at fifty years old, doing what he gotta do.
All his comedy specials he owned. From what I understand,
he pays for himself walking it and paid for the

movie himself. Oh, it is one of the illest sketch
writers in the game. And I can keep going on
and on. But in case you don't know who the
fuck were talking about, we're talking about two days.

Speaker 3 (01:57):
I bet that before we go over, say my name.
How do you say my name all day? You've been
drinking to drinking. You know, it's crazy. Usually black people
get your name right.

Speaker 1 (02:11):
It's like white people fucking your name up right, That's
what That's what's making me puked up. I've been watching
you for a whole week and I've been seeing that,
you know, saying, I'm just lexing though I'm like real dyslexic.
But the water in the sholass you can't. You can't
read m So listen, there's two things I better on.
One that you would be on time, says no way,
he's not gonna man. You came three day early forty seven,

three forty seven because we knew your schedule.

Speaker 3 (02:36):
Yes, yes, your fan knows you.

Speaker 1 (02:38):
Very just but I understood, and I also bet that
you would come in here on bright with bright colors
on so I tried to get my light scared outfit
on for you got you got what I'm saying, I.

Speaker 3 (02:47):
Try to get lights.

Speaker 1 (02:48):
Guy trying to get big birds meant that the two bets. No, no, no,
The bet was that you're gonna have on bright colors. Okay,
I've been watching you on on the tour run. You've
been brightening it up, you've been seeing Yeah, yeah, you're
not seeing the sway Kelly Clarkson.

Speaker 3 (03:04):
Kelly Clarkson, I don't even know who she is. That's how.

Speaker 1 (03:07):
That's how normalhood. I was like, who is that? But
I had to watch you know what I mean? But
this movie, let's get straight into it.

Speaker 3 (03:15):

Speaker 1 (03:17):
At first I felt like it was what is that ship?
Like the ghost of Christmas Past? Like you know how,
like how they show you like Scrooge, Like Scrooge, That's
what I mean.

Speaker 3 (03:29):
So so like past president future? Right? Right? Is that something?

Speaker 1 (03:34):
Because that's something that I adapted. Am I the only
one who saw that?

Speaker 5 (03:38):

Speaker 1 (03:38):
No, no, overybody else picked that up. This movie is
definitely a combination of some of my favorite movies, even
down to it being called a hip hop story. I
wanted to feel like a classic, like a Christmas story,
a Christmas story, or on the music side, a children's
story written great of course, So there is that element

of Scrooge, like, let me show you what it was,
let me show you where we are and where we
possibly could go. Right, you know what I'm saying, the
journey of the backpack wrapper talking to the successful hip
hop billionaire who may have lost touch with where the
culture is currently because he's so far up in the

private jets and in the office buildings he doesn't really know, right, Interesting,
I'm gonna go where we're at. You pick it, being
that you're not drinking. You pick what I drink, bakka
or Japanese whiskey.

Speaker 3 (04:33):
Japanese whiskey. Let's go. Let's go. We're going Japanese whiskey.
That was very interesting.

Speaker 1 (04:37):
You just picked the interview I didn't have to take
about Okay, so I'm taking water. One thing that fucked
me up. We searched you again. This time you were
born in It was German, you know, Malina Germany.

Speaker 3 (04:52):
Born in North Carolina, Carolina, and then and then you
grew up in Germany.

Speaker 1 (04:56):
But I didn't remember, Like, just why you don't remember?

Speaker 3 (05:00):
You don't what doing the interview. I do a lot
of interview, you do. I don't. The Germany.

Speaker 1 (05:08):
We spoke about the Germany War. Really I need to
ask about that again. How because is one of my
favorite places on earth, the only place he ever mentioned. No, right,
come on, is the only man was doing for good
to me?

Speaker 3 (05:26):
Man? What good to me? Man?

Speaker 1 (05:27):
You had some good.

Speaker 3 (05:32):
Take out some good guy's going too far?

Speaker 1 (05:36):
But because I forgot that reitervate that being born in Germany,
Like how is that?

Speaker 3 (05:43):
And like I mean, I mean, you know.

Speaker 1 (05:45):
Were raised I'm in I'm a mill North Carolina too.

Speaker 3 (05:49):
That's like two different.

Speaker 6 (05:51):
But here's the thing. My dad rest in peace. He
was an army guy for Bragg at the time, but
they changed the name. But for brad is the biggest
military hub on the East coast, right, and a lot
of the families get stationed in Germany, so there's a
lot of uprooting and going overseas. You basically are touring

with your dad. The whole family goes on tours. So
you gotta uproot, go to a new school. And it's weird,
like when you I went over there first time, I
was five years old. I didn't even understand the concept
of people speaking different languages.

Speaker 3 (06:24):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 1 (06:25):
You just go to this new place with your with
your family, You think everybody's gonna talk like they did
back home from North Carolina. Was you eating Chitlin's No, okay,
you know, never know because your mom's just h You
ate a lot of curry, a lot of little tea.
I'm double I'm full of jerk chicken right now. You
came from church and keo, so you know I'm full

of jerk chicken. And then you just got coconuts. Bro,
we just got over nuts from where's that Marrimart? And
I had my friend right here brought me veggie jerk chicken.

Speaker 3 (06:54):
But let's still go back to you. Yeah, God damn it.
Let me. Let me, let me.

Speaker 1 (06:59):
After a while me toring, I started to learn that
if I wanted things American overseas, I would go.

Speaker 3 (07:05):
To an army basis. Yeah, so that like reminds you
of home, being like being.

Speaker 7 (07:11):
On an army basis.

Speaker 1 (07:12):
Yeah, that's what made it livable and adaptable. You were
with other American families on base, right, so it just
felt like a neighborhood that was from the States, but
in Germany and this foreign land.

Speaker 3 (07:23):
Right. So even people ask me do I speak fluent German?
I don't.

Speaker 1 (07:29):
You don't spreaking the line, now, you don't spreaking the Deutsch,
spreaking the joy, spreaking the dorit client a little bit. Yeah,
no planing, okay, yeah, yeah, kind so you don't. You're
not married, right, we won't talk about personal shit. Okay, cool,
but I'm saying it's not personal. But it's not person
But if you was to talk to somebody and you

think you could get, you could hold a full conversation
in Germany.

Speaker 3 (07:52):
Like no.

Speaker 6 (07:53):
Look, one time, that's what I was saying when I said,
I'm not.

Speaker 3 (07:55):
Fluent, right, okay, but what means.

Speaker 1 (08:00):
Blew with means I could hold the full guns Okay, okay.
But one time, one time, I mean, I'm with my brother. Look,
we have compensations. Randomly, he was really gonna call me
in four the more like yo.

Speaker 3 (08:16):
He is not.

Speaker 1 (08:17):
But one time, though, one time, I'm I'm working with
Rockefeller Records. I see, my man, we're gonna be Rockefeller Records,
Rockefeller Records.

Speaker 7 (08:26):
I didn't know. So they asked me to go to
a fight.

Speaker 3 (08:30):
I didn't know. The fight that they were in was
what was it? What was his name? My cord on
my yoga.

Speaker 1 (08:39):
He had just signed to Rockefeller and he was against
Tito Trinidad. And they sat me next to Tito Trinidad's mother,
his brother, and his whole family.

Speaker 3 (08:51):
And at that moment I knew that.

Speaker 1 (08:52):
Rockefeller was trying to set me up. I refused to
go out. I said, I can't go against my Puerto
Rican people. But that when I had to say to myself, though,
but do I know enough Spanish to get the fuck
out of here?

Speaker 3 (09:04):

Speaker 1 (09:05):
If you put in a situation like that, do you
know enough that you can get to the to the door.
I know enough to get to the door, because I
just want to see a black master Germans.

Speaker 3 (09:14):
Yeah, I know, I don't see that.

Speaker 1 (09:17):
That's not you got to you gotta call it Boris Kojo.

Speaker 3 (09:19):
He's fluent.

Speaker 1 (09:19):
He's actually German. Wow, yeah, Boris Krdjo. Oh yeah, he's German.
He got mad at me one day. I told him
to relax. It was I don't like that, said God.
I was about to say, we're at okay, moving on?

Speaker 3 (09:31):
Yeah, I don't know, moving on, okay. I got mad
notes okay.

Speaker 7 (09:37):
To Kanye.

Speaker 1 (09:39):
Was that something that you had to go back in
because I'm saying you wrote it in two thousand and eight.

Speaker 3 (09:44):
Yeah. Yeah, so.

Speaker 6 (09:46):
Because I wrote it in two thousand and eight, the
history doesn't change, and because I made it about my history,
it doesn't change. So there were some references that I
had to update, update, implement all that.

Speaker 3 (09:58):
Kind of stuff.

Speaker 1 (09:58):
So yeah, the kind of the face mask kind right, Definitely,
My pen game was like, now, let's get in this computer.

Speaker 3 (10:03):
Let's that.

Speaker 4 (10:05):
It was.

Speaker 1 (10:05):
At one point I didn't know if it was him
or not because he was yelling at that's my man, savvy,
the amusing. He does all the Kanye voiceovers online on
i G. So that's my man. I was like, Yo,
you gotta you got put the mask on and come
do this role because you did that. You you impersonated
Kanye before with the Rabbit on your show. Yeah so yeah,
so I that's the thing, like I can do the

Kanye voice and I've done the Kanye impression. But I'm
already playing twelve to fourteen characters that this.

Speaker 6 (10:34):
I still haven't counted yet. That's why I keep sitting
twelve to fourteen.

Speaker 5 (10:36):
The credits are crazy, name ridiculous, right.

Speaker 1 (10:40):
But yeah, why not spread the love to people that
I know are like technicians, even my man Dylan from
uh that place eminem or slimming them in the movie
he does the eminem joints on. I G yeah, that
was the same m TG, the one with the white shirt.
And then at the end, yeah, same guy, same guy,
the same guy. But I've done an eminem.

Speaker 3 (10:58):
I kept looking to you. Was you?

Speaker 1 (11:00):
I was like, everybody thinks that, but it's like, is
that racist? I have done you? No, I put on
the white face before. I've done the eminem impression before,
and you've done the black face too. But Chris Rocks, well,
there's no such thing as black face if I'm black,
So I just put on darker makeup AS's happened. Yeah man,
so yeah, I've done it. But yeah, I like to

spread the energy out to people that can get down
right and really get down. Now, what is the significance
of changing these character names that based on real characters.

Speaker 6 (11:31):
It's kind of like my bizarro world of hip hop
right to be able to tell the story.

Speaker 3 (11:36):
We know exactly who they are.

Speaker 6 (11:38):
But I just knew that the audience would be tickled
by and it proved to be correct. When I watched
the movie with a few different crowds. They love the
name changes.

Speaker 1 (11:48):
Because it's just like kind of poking fun, like we
know what it is, but.

Speaker 6 (11:50):
The creative take on the name, you know. And it
also helps me to avoid anything legal.

Speaker 1 (11:55):
Yeah, I'm not saying this is actually fifty cent, this
is actually jays see.

Speaker 3 (12:00):
You know what I mean?

Speaker 7 (12:01):
That scene with fifties Oh yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1 (12:04):
Okrah Whitney, Oh yeah, on the Okra Whitney Show.

Speaker 3 (12:07):
Yeah, I feel like I.

Speaker 1 (12:08):
Feel like I feel like Okrah is like Oprah in
real life. You think so, Yeah, I think I think
Oprah behind the scene, me telling me shut the fuck up.

Speaker 6 (12:17):
That's what we want to Yeah, we wanted to tap
into what we thought people really are like.

Speaker 1 (12:21):
And you know what I'm saying, because they get to
they they breaking points.

Speaker 3 (12:24):
Think about it.

Speaker 1 (12:25):
We most likely don't book guests, and guests come to
us and we're we've been only doing this for eight years.

Speaker 3 (12:31):
Oprah been doing this for twenty eight thirty years.

Speaker 1 (12:33):
Well, she'd probably be like she probably be like, fuck
you nigga, Like on the behind the scenes you never did.

Speaker 3 (12:39):
I'm sure she's got a couple of fuck you niggas
in there. Yeah, I her dna, her dna. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (12:44):
You don't get to that powerful position without having to
tell a few people to kiss your motherfucking know.

Speaker 3 (12:49):
You open niggas kill.

Speaker 1 (12:53):
Now, I got my bounce around the place, all look
a little bit right, I know who you are. So
so he's said that, like I want't supposed to know around?

Speaker 3 (13:02):
Would you ever go?

Speaker 1 (13:06):
I don't want to say I don't want to start
with two B, but like a two beach type like place,
yes to take here?

Speaker 3 (13:12):
Yes? Yeah, yeah, yeah, one hundred per tow B is business. Yeah,
you know what I mean. And it's also up ship
to going.

Speaker 1 (13:19):
It's the people that they've opened a platform for entrepreneurs
and for people who want to independently produce. It's not
two be's fault that the people's production value.

Speaker 3 (13:30):
Isn't as high as we're used to, you know what
I mean.

Speaker 1 (13:33):
So no, I would definitely do to be This is
a distribution outlet actually gets it to places.

Speaker 3 (13:39):
They take your movie. If you're spilming on your on
your on your on your like, we can we can
shoot a movie right now.

Speaker 1 (13:44):
We're shooting a movie right now today on my phone,
right now, and we can put.

Speaker 3 (13:48):
It on, So why AMC.

Speaker 1 (13:52):
It's theater, it's theeter and we had a relationship with
somebody at AMC, and so.

Speaker 3 (13:56):
The opportunity came.

Speaker 6 (13:57):
First of all, there's no we don't have any studio
behind us, right, it's me and Domain. We financed it,
and so we're it's like we're slaying in the movie
out the trunk type of deal.

Speaker 5 (14:07):
And you told me that early on when you was
hitting this up to be a part of it, y'all supposed.

Speaker 3 (14:11):
To be in the movie. Yeah, I'm I was.

Speaker 1 (14:16):
Not that you've seen it with the just seeing the
trailer that I hit y'all last.

Speaker 3 (14:22):
Year, you know what I'm saying. After when I saw,
I was like, this was supposed to be like Funk
Flex or the Joe.

Speaker 6 (14:28):
But well, so we was gonna we were gonna blend it, right,
So it's my portrayal as Joe Budden and the funk
Flex scene we have my man Ski playing Funk.

Speaker 3 (14:36):
But those scenes and just the whole.

Speaker 6 (14:38):
Portrayal of everybody feels so real To add in some
real face, like it just grabs like ras Cas and Fredro, right,
So we.

Speaker 3 (14:49):
Wanted to have y'all.

Speaker 1 (14:50):
Actually there instead of doing an impression of y'all to
have Roscoe come sit down with y'all, y'all do do
an interview? Thought it was I thought when I watched
the movie, I didn't think it was Roscoe that I
thought it was the artist that that flex was playing.

Speaker 3 (15:03):
It was.

Speaker 6 (15:04):
It's supposed to be Google and Roscoe and Google, Yah, Google.
It was all it was in the script. But it
didn't happen. But I'm here now, but let me no, No,
it's because of Noor that it didn't.

Speaker 3 (15:20):
Was very.

Speaker 1 (15:22):
I was running on over all over the world. I was,
I'm sorry, but we hear now right, stop bringing up
old ship.

Speaker 3 (15:31):
Because for people who.

Speaker 1 (15:36):
Who like people, they only see the end of the marathon,
like they don't my fault. I forgot to tell you
the other reason why theaters. Okay, right, okay, this is
a live concert type of a movie. Watching it on
your phone or your laptop doesn't do it justice. We
watched it in the theater at least seven times, and
we had a big premiere in l A in the theater.

The music in this movie is ship like I have real.

Speaker 3 (16:01):
Original, Yeah, all original, all original, but some sound a likes.

Speaker 6 (16:05):
But we got real easy mob, real producers them joints
focused ron brows, my boy Devine O Bannon, We got
a lot like real shit, me and Domain producing bets.
We watched the audiences in the theater like oh, like nodding,
like they had a concert, and shit, they're cheering at
the end of the joint. So it's a different experience

to do it in the theater. So that's that's the
biggest reason why we wanted to do it in theater.
And then, like I said, we had the plug and
we took it to MC.

Speaker 3 (16:34):
Who doesn't want to see their movie in the theater anyway? Yeah,
just seen the Bob Marley movie in the theater? Yeah
I saw that. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (16:41):
The only problem is I want to smoke weed. Yeah
it inspires that. Yes, yes, So we go to New York.
I can tell that cool Heirk scene was in LA.
Couldn't fake that New York To me, I was looking
like that, ain't the bronx nowhere? Well, what is the
purpose of that? Purpose of what? Like you know, because

I see that you have real New York scenes like
real yeah, did.

Speaker 3 (17:06):
You have you know things that we do it?

Speaker 1 (17:08):
Is it more of course effective doing it like that?

Speaker 3 (17:11):

Speaker 6 (17:12):
Because imagine we fly the whole crew out to the
Bronx and try to maneuver around there.

Speaker 1 (17:18):
No one lives in New York, you know what I mean,
So we have to put people up and do it.
That's just way crazy. So we had to shoot in
l A because that's all I could afford, you know
what I mean.

Speaker 3 (17:29):
It was It was dope because I could tell. But
only real New.

Speaker 1 (17:32):
Yorkers know that, Like some people watching there, like yo,
y'all shot at New York, right, You.

Speaker 3 (17:36):
Know I could tell the b roll.

Speaker 1 (17:38):
I could tell the difference, you know what I mean,
from from when, because I had that skill since sign Feld.
You know, none of Seinfeld was filmed in New York
at all, only only to be I don't know.

Speaker 3 (17:48):
If you know that. They also have a show called
King King of Queens nowhere near Queens. It's all la.
It's all la. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (17:54):
And when I found that out, I start I start
to see things like that. But is it like like
when you started it in two thousand and eight.

Speaker 3 (18:04):
You know, most of us, you.

Speaker 1 (18:05):
Know, are kind of spoiled, you know what I'm saying,
Like most of us with success are kind of spoiled.

Speaker 3 (18:10):
And if you don't get it at that moment.

Speaker 1 (18:12):
It's like the idea goes away or you lose you
know what I'm saying, Like you lose the enthusiasms, you
lose the enthusiasm.

Speaker 3 (18:21):
Right, So did did did that happen? All this or
how was this?

Speaker 1 (18:24):
It happens from time to time. But man, I'm I'm
a journeyman. I'm here for the long the long road.
I've been in this game since ninety four, God damn it.
So since you had braves all of that, let's not
talk about Soul Train. We're not forgeting about us depth Jam,
Soul Train, Apollo on it. But there being guys and

women that I've seen along the journey that aren't here anymore, you.

Speaker 7 (18:49):
Know what I mean.

Speaker 6 (18:49):
And that's not to knock them or whatever. But I've
just always been locked into There's always tomorrow. Okay, there's
always tomorrow. We're gonna get it.

Speaker 1 (18:56):
Tomorrow, We're gonna get it, and just work your ass
off until you get to it.

Speaker 3 (18:59):
That's right, special that right?

Speaker 5 (19:03):
How did you go ahead, like go about picking who
you wanted to be featured in terms of the artists
in the film.

Speaker 6 (19:09):
It was whoever we knew we could portray convincingly. Most
of these these characters, We've already Me and Demane have
already done parodies of them on YouTube, you know what
I mean? For years, since early two thousands, we were
already doing the jay Z, the Kanye, the Russell Russell,
Jager Woods, Uh, Tiger Woods.

Speaker 3 (19:29):
He was doing the Freeway impression.

Speaker 6 (19:32):
So we just this was me wanting to write a
movie that was like, all right, let's put all these
characters in one place, but.

Speaker 3 (19:38):
Make it not feel like a spoof movie.

Speaker 1 (19:41):
Right, Let's lace a really dope message in here, and
delivered that message with comedy as the backdrop.

Speaker 3 (19:48):
You know what I mean. You know it was so
dope about that.

Speaker 1 (19:51):
It was at times of the movie I couldn't tell
what was real all faith, you know what I mean,
Like how you was like like you was like, you know,
was redoing the story of hip hop and then automatically
made me think that you was reading on all these stories,
like you had inside information about all these stories, right,
so I could, I honestly could, and I'm an industry dude,
I honestly couldn't tell what was like official was like

you know what I made to just be there So
it's a really, really, really really fucking great movie.

Speaker 3 (20:16):
Man, Thank you man.

Speaker 1 (20:18):
I appreciate it so for me.

Speaker 6 (20:24):
Because I wasn't in the Bronx and I didn't grow
up with I didn't go to the cool mold versus
busy beating battle. I mean, we know about it from
YouTube and we know the audio, right, and I've seen
enough documentaries. I never went to the park when herk
was I was born then, So this, the whole movie

in a sense, is fiction based on reality and based
on real events. I like, you know what I'm saying.
I like, that's another reason why we changed names. It's like, look,
I'm not representing that this is the actual history, right
because I wasn't there. This is my reimagining of the history.
And then from what I said and from what we portrayed,
you can go do your research. And I have people

doing that now saying I didn't know who Heirk was.

Speaker 3 (21:07):
I didn't know who this.

Speaker 6 (21:08):
This person was, so I didn't know about this event.
Was that a real thing? So the same thing that
you said is pretty much what the mission was for us.

Speaker 3 (21:16):

Speaker 1 (21:16):
Now the download star is Jay bum who the download
star or the whole movie is Jay he's the backpack.
He's like the guy who kind of makes it make sense. Yeah,
first at first he called him with jay Bum. He
yells out the thing he yells out to Russell and
I'm like, oh, this is one of them fucked up
rappers that never made it.

Speaker 3 (21:36):
And then you know what I mean, and you.

Speaker 1 (21:37):
And they always have a bad story, those guys, and
they always have dis records. But jay Bum wounded up
being kind of like the.

Speaker 3 (21:44):
Hero at the end. Yeah, like he will.

Speaker 1 (21:47):
He ignites the hero in thel of the story Freeway exactly.

Speaker 3 (21:52):
He's the catalyst. Right.

Speaker 1 (21:55):
It's not saying that his point of view is right,
because remember he's saying it's dead, it's fucked up. He
represents the old heads right as we go along in
the movie, we start understanding on us.

Speaker 3 (22:07):
He said, look, I added myself to that right white
we don't ahead.

Speaker 1 (22:17):
And look that's the thing old heads don't want to
admit that we old head there's a fucking there's a
thing that happens that.

Speaker 6 (22:24):
Mid life shift when you look in the mirror you're like, god, damn,
my headline A where.

Speaker 1 (22:29):
What ten years ago? And so he represents that old
head conversation. But it doesn't start with him.

Speaker 6 (22:36):
If you remember in the barbershop scene, the same conversation
is happening between Yeah, between soul versus blue.

Speaker 3 (22:44):
It's the same ship.

Speaker 1 (22:45):
There's always gonna be old versus young, And so what
the what I hope to get to in the movie
is no one is responsible for ruining it. No one
is single handedly responsible. We all are as a culture
as are We're all responsible for where hip hop is
or isn't, where black culture is or isn't.

Speaker 3 (23:05):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 6 (23:06):
So my thing was, I don't want to, you know,
place the blame. But the j Bum character is the
catalyst to get them on this journey of discovery to
find out what the real problem is.

Speaker 1 (23:18):
It looks like it's the young niggast. I thought I
thought he was going to be the mad rapper, Like,
I mean, he kind of is. You're right, he kind
of is. He definitely is. Yeah, that's what he is.
He's the backpack rapper, the purist if you will, All right, Okay, okay, there's.

Speaker 3 (23:35):
Some layers in this movie, man, you know what I mean.
I went in my shit. It's deep. It's deep, man,
It's deep. Okay, Okay, let me go on my notes.

Speaker 6 (23:42):
I got this nigga going to his notes. I stumped them.
You can't never shut this.

Speaker 1 (23:47):
Yeah yeah, yeah, Okay, Now did we spoke about you
being Chinese before too? Because that shit is just amazing
the randomness of this nigga's mind. Yeah, my grandfather was
Chinese Chinese Trinidadian. Yeah, which is not I'm trying to

figure out how exactly. I'm trying to figure out what
kind of food that tastes like. It's definitely Curry's rotea
chicken and all that egg.

Speaker 6 (24:15):
Right, No, Chinese, double Chinese, Trinidadian, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese m Trinidadian,
but Chinese descent like the.

Speaker 1 (24:27):
Chinese Jamaicans the exactly.

Speaker 6 (24:29):
Yeah, yeah, they call them Chinese tiny hold him? What
Chinese Chinese? Was that Chinese body?

Speaker 3 (24:33):
The Chinese? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (24:35):
Yeah, so where did you take that up from the Chinese?

Speaker 3 (24:43):

Speaker 1 (24:44):
I I was, I was bugging. We visited the Germany thing,
We visited the China thing.

Speaker 3 (24:50):
Germany and Chinese.

Speaker 1 (24:53):
U your mother Trinidadian? Like that ship is just like ill.
I thought I was exotic. We both exig many a
black and Puerto Rican.

Speaker 3 (25:02):
I was like, he kind of talked. He kind of
took me out.

Speaker 1 (25:05):
He's in German, North Carolinian. This Nigga's all type of ship,
all of it. So what's what's what do you like more?

Speaker 3 (25:13):
Stand up?

Speaker 1 (25:15):
Because I know you you took a break for fifteen
years due said you wasn't doing that.

Speaker 3 (25:19):
But is it? Is it sketches or stand up? I
like them all right?

Speaker 1 (25:26):
For me that it's just different ways to express.

Speaker 6 (25:30):
Stand up is how I pay for this movie. So
stand up is a whole business model that and for me,
it's like that's where I learned the timing and the
pulse of what the culture is responding to in real time. Right,
they're right in front of me. I can't escape that.
Like I'll be in front of the hoodiest crowds to

spend their hard earned money.

Speaker 3 (25:53):
You better make them laugh.

Speaker 1 (25:54):
They're like, don't waste my mother fucking money only had it.
I ain't had this money. I had to take my
girl out, you you know what I mean. So I
had to dig in to the piggy bank to get this.
So you got to understand the mentality and respect the
people that you're in front of. And because I have
that every weekend or every other weekend test of what
my comedy muscle is. By the time I'm writing something

and I don't have the immediate crowd in front of
me judging.

Speaker 6 (26:20):
What I'm what I'm writing, I know that when I
produce the movie or the TV show or the sketch,
I know what they're gonna respond to it for sure.
A strong sense of what's gonna be visceral. And that's
what's been happening in these uh these screenings of Hip
Hop Story. The ship that I knew they was gonna

go crazy over, I see it happen.

Speaker 3 (26:42):
I know the rhythm, I know the timing, I know.

Speaker 1 (26:44):
The next scene is coming up, and I know they're
gonna flip out over the Cornell West, I know what
they're gonna respond to, you know what I mean?

Speaker 3 (26:50):
Cornell West, get manager. I never met him before.

Speaker 5 (26:53):
I don't know has anybody responded to you?

Speaker 1 (26:55):
You know?

Speaker 3 (26:56):
But did you most for the most part, I mean,
I don't know him, but I know everybody else.

Speaker 1 (27:00):
Communicated with everybody that I ain't complicated.

Speaker 3 (27:02):
Them all, but I know them, you know what I mean?
Because for the most part, legs and it's very uncomfortable,
but we just spoke to Russell last night. That's that's
what you're talking about over. I was like the black
professor like that, I'll get it.

Speaker 1 (27:22):
I say this at all the people in the movie
that I portrayed, I'll take my chances in a fight
with Cornell.

Speaker 3 (27:29):
I'll take my chancewers. But you know, respect to the
to the o G.

Speaker 1 (27:34):
But I think I might be a little faster than him,
so I'll run awwn in some of these cases.

Speaker 3 (27:40):
When did it makes sense.

Speaker 1 (27:42):
For like Joe Buttons to play Joe Buttons or Nigga.
That's what I was trying to do with you. Yeah,
it would have made sense. It would have made tall
fucking sense. It's funnier if I portrayed Joe Button though, right,
and then you play yourself and then right, you know,
you bounce off the fake Roscoe.

Speaker 3 (27:59):
Right, was that Beijing that you had on?

Speaker 1 (28:02):
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, it was all the Beijing, the
beard makeup because I had no facial hair the whole
movie because I had to play the Rascal ball head
all that. Yeah, so that my makeup artists, Coully called
the Wrong and Karen Rhoades, they did hear and makeup
like nobody's business.

Speaker 6 (28:19):
It was crazy. Wow, So hold on, I'm curious what
did you like about it? What did you you just
you seem really excited when I sat down.

Speaker 3 (28:25):
Can you just watched it? So, I mean it resonated
with you.

Speaker 5 (28:29):
It got deep, like I thought, the moral of the
story and kind of like.

Speaker 3 (28:33):
What you were trying to get across. It got a.

Speaker 5 (28:35):
Little deep, and towards this half, I'm kind of serious now.

Speaker 3 (28:39):
Because it's deep.

Speaker 5 (28:40):
Yeah, But then I started having these these laugh out
loud moments like the Corner West was the fifty cent
Joe Budden, and it kind of like it brought something
that was getting deep and serious to a humorous place.
So I think it married those two things together really well.

Speaker 3 (28:55):
So it blended.

Speaker 5 (28:56):
Yeah, especially for like a hip hop purist or if
someone that cares, you know, like like we need this,
but we need to laugh at this as well for sure.

Speaker 3 (29:04):
Yeah. Yeah, I call it a spoonful of sugar method.

Speaker 6 (29:06):
Like we can theorize and do all kind of debating
and all that, but at the end of the day,
what always brings us together is a good laugh and
good music.

Speaker 3 (29:19):
Right, So this movie has all of it. You know
what I'm saying. Now, have you ever.

Speaker 1 (29:27):
Thought that comedians be out here acting like rappers, in.

Speaker 3 (29:32):
Some cases worse than rappers.

Speaker 1 (29:34):
You know what's funny, it's not new to me and
anyone who's a comedian. The first time, this is the
first time the public has seen it.

Speaker 3 (29:40):
That's the first time. None of this is new. Right.
We all know who don't like each other. We all
have heard the stories. We've all seen fights at the
comedy you know, I'm just getting on. I'm just.

Speaker 1 (29:51):
That's the problem. I've said this before. It's it's like,
you know, it's the NBA. When NBA players.

Speaker 6 (29:56):
Fight on the court, they at the press conference afterwards
or the post conference, they asked.

Speaker 3 (30:02):
Him about the fight. Do you really have a beef
with Lebron? Do you really?

Speaker 1 (30:06):
And they always say the same shit, it's just fast talk.
It's part of the game. I respect his game. He's
very competitive. That's just what it is, you know what
I mean.

Speaker 6 (30:17):
The minute they start spilling out into the public with it,
That's why the whole what's my man named him? And
Lebron is going into what he called him old stealing Brooks.
That's why that got blown out of proportion. It's because
he perpetuated it. In the conference instead of you know
what I mean, like it got disrespectful. That's what's going

on in the comedy world right now.

Speaker 1 (30:39):
The public is not supposed to have a say soul
in comedy beef. It's supposed to stay behind the lines.
It's been saying they've been behind the lines.

Speaker 6 (30:48):
Yes, it's been behind the lines, and it should stay there.
But now that everybody's you know, on the mic talking
bringing shit up, it's like, now the public is weighing
in on it and making it way bigger than it's
supposed to be.

Speaker 5 (31:00):
Which is what's been happening and everything else. Yeah, except
now it's it took a while for it to.

Speaker 3 (31:05):
Hit hit comedy.

Speaker 6 (31:06):
Yeah, but Kat has always spoke his mind. He's always
said these things. When he used to say them, the
audience would call him crazy and that he was on drugs.
Now the generation has changed a little bit. The audience
is a little different. They're they're here for all the smoke.
They want to hear that stuff. So now his message
is resonating with them, and now it's getting out a
little more monique.

Speaker 3 (31:24):
Same thing like at the end.

Speaker 1 (31:26):
Of the day, it's not a public conversation, you know,
I don't live by that code.

Speaker 6 (31:32):
I stay silent if I don't like you. No one
in the public will ever know it.

Speaker 1 (31:37):
Because I remember it was one Sunday. I believe it's
during COVID. It was a Mother's Day and I turned
on my Instagram lot and you and Kevin Hart was
just trade and blow going for it.

Speaker 3 (31:48):
I believe he said you had a white woman's neck.
I have never heard. Yeah, and y'all went at it.
I'm talking about he crying, you crying.

Speaker 1 (31:56):
That's what the comedy I'm used to to tell you
the truth, Like y'all even though y'all like trying to
hurt each other's feelings but like not to or not
even not too far, but you're trying to win, like
you know what I mean, we're testing with yeh was sparring, right,
you know what I mean, And it was so in
the moment, like that's just what that moment was.

Speaker 6 (32:15):
But never in my life will you see me talking
shit about any comedian, you know what I mean. I'm
actually the guy that, even if I don't fuck with
you like that, I have positive shit to say about people.
I respect people's craft, I respect people's artwork and the
fact that we're all successful, there's no room for us

to be fighting, Like, why is niggas mad?

Speaker 3 (32:38):
I'm like, what you mad for? Why is niggas mad?

Speaker 6 (32:41):
So you know, I got love for everybody and for
those that I don't have love for you never, You'll
never know it.

Speaker 1 (32:47):
I'm gonna lie. I'm gonna keep it honest. I was
with Dave Chappelle just hanging out the other day stunt.
I told him I just had to tell them. I
just was like, yo, I kind of like, y'all be
finished because you a rap for niggas.

Speaker 3 (32:59):
I wanted to make the we want to look very
similar to what he's saying.

Speaker 1 (33:02):
You know, he said he didn't like it, and I
realized it wasn't kind of like funny to him, Like
I was like, I like you.

Speaker 6 (33:08):
And Niles better as friends than you talking about you
gonna beat his asd.

Speaker 1 (33:15):
But I'm not gonna lie to you like it took
me to see that to say, you know what, We're
not just crazy. It's not just rappers. It's not just rappers.
Everybody has feelings. Everybody like having this show taught me
that the most powerful men in the world have feelings
because they'll call me and they'll be like, I don't

can't even say it, but you know what, people have feelings,
and it was dope to see other people being humans, like,
for lack of a better term, see comedians.

Speaker 3 (33:47):
Be humans, you know what I mean? Comedians were very sensitive,
you know what I mean.

Speaker 6 (33:51):
It takes a lot of vulnerability to get on stage
and believe that you're funny, risk getting booed faster than
any other art form, and you know, persevere through the
years to build something that becomes successful, build a name,
build a brand, build a voice for your comedy. It
takes a lot to build it, man. But you know,

like I said, I'm a I'm a.

Speaker 1 (34:14):
Purveyor of peace, but I'm the zen comedian, you know
what I mean. Did you see Larry what was his name?
Holmes and Larry what's his name? The comedian he was
speaking with Donna Rowlands Like it looked like a rap
korey ho ho both of them, is my guys.

Speaker 3 (34:31):
And that's the thing.

Speaker 1 (34:32):
Did you see how he was going back and forth,
I'm rap padal Bro. What the fuck is the difference?
Like That's when I knew comedians y'all going, y'all y'all going,
I like it, you know, to each their own. You'll
never see me yelling at another comedian. It's it's not
gonna happen. But one time I do try to heckle
you though, right, and it's always you always get heckled.
That was after Dave Chappelle. But that's before the Dave Chappelle,

which time he's talking about you, talking about the I
got on stage, the yeah, when the Karen got on
say Karen, oh yeah, but it's always hecklers.

Speaker 3 (35:05):
Again, none of this shit is new. None of this
ship is new.

Speaker 6 (35:09):
When it gets out into the public and it starts
to circulate, that's when it starts to get blown out
of proportion.

Speaker 1 (35:13):
But but we've been dealing with this ship. So you're
saying that's that's when it happened. Karen has been coming
on your stage.

Speaker 6 (35:19):
I'm just saying, heckling ship getting a little edgys shows
that is not new, you know what I mean. As
a rapper, you know, back in the day, there was
some cities you went to when niggas was throwing beer
cans or bottles like it was. Ship just happens in
the art of performing, right, Depending on where you go.

Speaker 3 (35:36):
So there ain't nothing that it ain't nothing.

Speaker 1 (35:39):
That I fear or shy away from. I remember that
happening to me, and I remember me particularly just saying,
I'm only going to markets that I'm welcome. I learned,
like the first year we had we had the war report,
and the war report was music. It was straight for
the streets. We could not go to certain places. So
I remember immediately saying, Yo, take this off of the market.

This is off of the off of the itinerary, this
off of the schedule.

Speaker 3 (36:04):
Is that something you ever had to do.

Speaker 6 (36:06):
Yeah, I'll do it for if I don't trust the
club manager or if I feel like they was disrespecting
me and my team, and I just won't fuck them.
I won't go back to that city. I'm wanna go
back to not the city. I won't go back to
the venue. Okay, the people in the city, you know,
if they if they are fans and they rock with me,
I'll figure out another venture because it's limited.

Speaker 3 (36:26):

Speaker 1 (36:27):
Degree make it take it out in the whole city,
on the whole city.

Speaker 3 (36:35):
Don't I don't here.

Speaker 8 (36:36):

Speaker 1 (36:36):
I love my fans, especially when I had the number
one records. Because it's like when you have the number
one record, it feels like I'm the number one dude,
you know what I mean, Like you're supposed to get
saucy when you get the number one shit, and then
you go some places and then people are looking at
you because you know they're I'm realizing that this record
is just getting there. It's a regional record, it's just
getting there.

Speaker 3 (36:56):
But I'm thinking I'm already to man, I'm number one.
Mother fuck.

Speaker 1 (36:59):
What the fuck motherfuckers are sitting there looking at me.
I'm like, I never take this off, take this off
of the ship. We're never coming back. Yes, I take
the promoter out. I take it out on the club.
The bartenders maybe times they always been cool with me
sometimes how the show was set up, though Sometimes it's

who you're with. They might just be really big fans
of that person and then they don't give a fuck
about who's coming on the stage before them. Yeah, out
need to do that on certain things. But we got
a game to be played here. It's called a quick
Time with Slim. But before we do that, we want
to give your flowers. You give more flowers. They spelled

my name right the first time, so just so y'all know.
I got two of these at the grid judge. One
of them is spelled wrong. My last thing is spelled wrong,
but they were gracious enough to send me correctly. But
you can I can tell that as mister Lee's doing
you could you think I speak fucked up?

Speaker 3 (37:59):
You hear this? He said?

Speaker 1 (38:04):
Yeah, so we're gonna play quick time with Slid.

Speaker 3 (38:06):
Said that, Oh not yet. What do you mean now yet?

Speaker 7 (38:09):

Speaker 3 (38:09):
Yeah, right, cool. I I got a couple of Yeah,
let's go. It is right here.

Speaker 1 (38:14):
The movie's out, is already out. The movie's already out.

Speaker 6 (38:17):
We did a soft launch, only one hundred and fifty
nine AMC screens. So this is let me educate people
in the business of it.

Speaker 1 (38:25):
Most people think that when you see a movie, and
especially with what we put into the production value, they
just think, oh, this shit is gonna come to the
theater right by my crib. It's gonna be on streaming
next week. Oh man, this is this ship is lit.

Speaker 7 (38:37):
It's up.

Speaker 6 (38:38):
That's not how it works. Right again, there's no studio.
It's just me and him.

Speaker 1 (38:42):
Most studios have a budget for marketing and placement and
all that kind of stuff you have to pay per
screen to house your your film there. Right, So again,
all of this is out of my pocket, it ain't
you know what I mean. I ain't sitting on no
no one f a Leprechaun pot of gold type of shit.
It's just me investing in the business. So I spent

the money on as many as I could, and I said, right,
that's that's enough.

Speaker 3 (39:07):
For what we where we are, and then we're.

Speaker 1 (39:10):
Gonna have meetings with other companies to widen the net
and of course do uh figure out the streaming deal
as well. But it's not as easy as people think
it is, you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (39:21):
And the theaters have to approve your movie.

Speaker 6 (39:24):
If it was coming from a bigger company, a big,
big name, of course they'd be like yeah, by all means,
and that company has the budget to just put the
movie in whatever theater they want. But because it's us,
it's a little more scrutinized and they can fine tooth
comit and say we don't want that movie here. There's
no track record of me and him as producers with

that theater.

Speaker 1 (39:47):
So it's a lot of elements Phil seats. I mean,
that's what big care. And that's fair like that business.
We totally get that, you know what I mean. They want
to make room for the cartoon or the big action
hero movie that's gonna bring the people into the theater.
So that's just a little bit of the business side
of it. So people understand, like it's not just as
simple as man, how come it's not playing in Detroit.

Speaker 3 (40:07):
They didn't approve it in Detroit. We couldn't get it
in Detroit.

Speaker 5 (40:10):
But it performs well and the ones that it's in now,
will it expand in some more theater.

Speaker 3 (40:14):
Yeah, and that's been happening.

Speaker 6 (40:14):
So it opened Friday last Friday, right the twenty third, Okay,
and yes, a lot of the screens, especially in the
bigger cities New York, LA, We've been adding shows. So
it's it's been a really decent few days in the movie.
But the biggest part about it was us watching the
audience's reaction to it. Like they already gave us ninety

percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a hard ranking system,
you know what I mean. So the reaction has been consistent,
damn near one hundred percent. Everyone is saying it's a
brilliant movie, it's hilarious with a message. They loved the
characters and how many scenes it was, and how many
journey like the journey of it all, and they love
love the music.

Speaker 3 (40:57):
And the cinematography. It's well made.

Speaker 5 (41:00):
Yeah, color correction looks ill for like the time period
you're trying.

Speaker 3 (41:03):
To display, Like it's dope. It's very well made.

Speaker 5 (41:05):
So people watching this go and watch it if it's
near you in a theater.

Speaker 3 (41:09):
Yeah, if it's still in the theater.

Speaker 1 (41:11):
If not, Like I said, we're going to restructure the
deal and we're going to shop it around.

Speaker 7 (41:15):

Speaker 3 (41:16):
Now that we have.

Speaker 6 (41:18):
A litmus test and a focus group, we have some
evidence of what this movie can do.

Speaker 3 (41:23):
Again, it's just me and him doing it. So what's
the What is the end result of this is to
we upgate into a movie theater or for I would
love to do that.

Speaker 1 (41:32):
Yeah, I would love to do like a wide distribution worldwide.
I would love for this movie to be one hundred
million dollars. You know what I'm saying. It's worthy of that,
you know what I mean.

Speaker 6 (41:40):
Compared to Bob Marley, Bob Marley is about an icon
that we all know, right. Hip hop is iconic. It's
a culture full of the movie has icons, in it.
So it's like we have the same appeal as not
to say that, you know, no disrespect to Marley at all.
And I know those producers as well, and I love
that the success that the having, but we would love

to be able to have our film in that same
type of conversation or that same type of success rate.

Speaker 3 (42:06):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 5 (42:07):
Is there a business model where a big studio comes
in and says, you guys are performing well independently, We're
going to come in and get no.

Speaker 3 (42:15):
Absolutely, yeah, yep.

Speaker 1 (42:17):
But again we just we proved ourselves every step.

Speaker 7 (42:21):
Of the way.

Speaker 6 (42:21):
With an independent movie, you prove yourself and it's a
different it's a different model.

Speaker 3 (42:26):
Not everyone is doing it this way. You know.

Speaker 6 (42:28):
Most people take it directly to a studio when it's
still on the script, when it's still on the page,
and you may give up most of the ownership.

Speaker 3 (42:38):
Of it, take money once you take money, exactly. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (42:42):
The whole people people have notes and they want to
tell you let's do this and let's do that.

Speaker 3 (42:47):
And that's the thing.

Speaker 1 (42:48):
We made the movie we wanted to make from front
to back. So that's another thing, like we made the
movie we want to make, so we don't look at
it as ah man, we got bad notes and we
wish that scene was different. That's the movie we shot,
in the movie we made.

Speaker 3 (43:02):
That we want to make.

Speaker 1 (43:03):
So because I heard you once say that you didn't
recognize your show on Fox like after it, like you
film completely opposite experience.

Speaker 3 (43:11):
So so how does that work?

Speaker 7 (43:13):
You film it?

Speaker 1 (43:14):
I mean you guys film it, I mean not you
feel it, right, but you get a version and you
approve a version, and then it has to go to
the higher ups. And then now what they do, all
they do is every step of the way in the
editing process, right in post production, they're giving notes every day,
sometimes every hour. Right, you send them a new cut

and they'll be like change this.

Speaker 3 (43:38):
Do that. We don't like this, and we don't like that.

Speaker 1 (43:41):
It's always, you know, the people that know the least
about what you're doing that's feeling you the most. Yeah,
because they spending the money, right, you know what I mean?
So you know, but again, it's business. We understand it.
We're not We're not knocking the business. The business is
what it is. We love the business, right because we're
still succeeding in it. But this is just a new

venture that we're like, all right, let's see what this goes.
Like me, I'm always me and EFM. We always argue
and he's always independent. I'm always major, right. But one time,
I'll give you a scenario. I had a record with
Jairou and the record was cool. We filmed the video,
but it kind of really wasn't.

Speaker 3 (44:24):
Me and Leo Coles did have edits.

Speaker 1 (44:27):
Leo Colmes came to me and was like, listen, I
kind of invested in Nori, not Jiro. Like it's like,
I don't want a job popcorn He said it was popcorn.
He was like, I don't want to jay tongue. Yeah. Yeah,
So and he was right this time, and you know
what happened for that, I went and I made Homeboy.
I came to party, so that record wouldn't even exist. So,

and sometimes these producers are correct, I mean the executives.
I mean to say the executives. Oh, there are some
of course, but to lose owner for good I'm not saying.

Speaker 5 (45:01):

Speaker 3 (45:02):
Let me finished my question.

Speaker 1 (45:03):
So as opposed, so let me ask, are you opposed
to never working with a studio?

Speaker 5 (45:08):

Speaker 3 (45:08):
No, no.

Speaker 1 (45:09):
All I'm saying is this is something that we decided
to do because we were passionate about it. We had
a vision for it, and I had the money to
be able to get it going.

Speaker 3 (45:19):
Well, yeah, to do it my way. I'm still in Hollywood.

Speaker 1 (45:21):
I still you know, work for other projects and audition
and do all that kind of stuff.

Speaker 3 (45:26):
I still do all of that.

Speaker 6 (45:27):
But when it comes to independent filmmaking, this is the
film that we wanted to make and it could change
our lives based on how we've had to do things
in the past, you know. I mean now, you said
something in the past too, you said Hollywood could be.

Speaker 3 (45:42):
A little racist.

Speaker 1 (45:44):
You said, because there's never been a black man to
play Batman. And then it wasn't rumors of a playing Batman,
but it was rumors of a black man playing James
James Bond. I feel like, I feel like that's colse
of you. No, you don't want that, you don't want
give you that's not because of me. And I'm saying
because I'm saying you said it, and I think Hollywood

is like, you know what, that'd be.

Speaker 3 (46:07):
Cool to have a black James Bond.

Speaker 1 (46:09):
I may have said it in jest, Yeah, but he's
coming through maybe voices like yours your part, don't want
those I'm.

Speaker 3 (46:16):
Giving you those props. Just take him just.

Speaker 4 (46:23):

Speaker 1 (46:23):
I think I would rather because it was approaching Idris
Elba to be and everybody was saying that they wanted him.

Speaker 3 (46:30):
To do it. He got the ad already.

Speaker 6 (46:32):
I understand his mentality on it. He's just like, why
why do we always have to do the black version
of what they created? Why don't we just create our
own like he did with Luther, you know what I mean?
Instead of said that, you know, he said that I'm paraphrasing.

Speaker 1 (46:50):
Okay, right, but but he was like, now, I would
rather focus on Luther because he keeps getting asked if
he's going to do the James Bond thing, and his
answer as of right now that I know of, is no,
that he doesn't. He's not interested in doing that, you
know what I mean. But again, I don't want to
speak for him, but that's the understanding of it. But
that's my my thing too, is like, look, we are

very creative. We don't have to rehash anything or you know,
be the new black version of this character that's been
in their world for a long time. I think we're
creative enough we could come up with some fire.

Speaker 3 (47:25):
I think I'm fifty to fifty on that.

Speaker 1 (47:27):
What if I grew up being a fan A Flash
Gordon and I just want to see the black Flash Gordon.
What ain't nothing wrong with that? Look, there's nothing wrong
with That's the whitest and whitest character that I just
like to push the culture to be more creative, that's what,
you know what I mean. I don't always like to
see a remake. Yeah, I agree, Like I.

Speaker 3 (47:43):
Don't want to get a black vidy, you know what
I mean.

Speaker 1 (47:45):
I get that just a shitload of remakes right now.
So you know it's all, but it's sound.

Speaker 6 (47:57):
That I would like the play, Oh for sure. I
mean I'm working on my action uh star leading man
energy now, that's that's why I'm going next.

Speaker 3 (48:11):
Yeah, you know what I mean.

Speaker 1 (48:12):
I'm not the guy who's one dimensional. Who I mean
you see this from the movie like I played, Yeah
a thousand niggas a desjoyed So but I want to
be very clear, we're me and Demaan are actual filmmakers.
We're not just hey, let's do this spook movie because
it's some some cultural ship and do it because it's
it's an easy play let's put this film out. Let's succeed,

and then let's go into our sci fi bag. Let's
go into an action bag. Let's go on our kung
fu bag. Like we got we are filmmakers. Yeah, I
gotta si mo. I want to smoke weed in.

Speaker 3 (48:47):
Space domain Write that down, write that down. I want
to I want to.

Speaker 1 (48:53):
Always oh yeah, about to be like that ship, like
because thinking about it, there's been a lot of space movies,
but even one of my favorite ship on Netflix is
a thing.

Speaker 7 (49:07):
Called Sports Space Force. You've never seen it, no, I
heard it?

Speaker 3 (49:12):
I heard? Is it a movie? It's a comedy about
like a fake Star Trek, like a spoof on Star Trek,
isn't it?

Speaker 1 (49:18):
I wouldn't say Star Trek, But it's like, what's this
guy name for forty.

Speaker 7 (49:21):
Year old version?

Speaker 3 (49:23):
Paul Rudd? Steve that that dude, Yeah, for forty year version?

Speaker 1 (49:29):
Right, yeah yeah, yeah, so he's he's like the general
Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, he got It's like dope.

Speaker 3 (49:38):
It's dope, but.

Speaker 1 (49:38):
It's like in space and it's like em you know,
all right, like and that's what you want to do.
But it's like, yeah, that's what I'm thinking. That was
like nobody smoke in the space like I think you
want to spend three in space?

Speaker 3 (49:53):
And Chong did those movies they do that? Yeah, but
they did. I don't think like he was the new version.
New version. Shit.

Speaker 1 (50:00):
They catch beef with China. China run run over all flag.
It's America against China in space in space. Yeah, this
is real ship. They run over all flag, fly or
run the moon like they're on the moon, on the
moon and the flag this is real ship is in
the in the thing. So the American flag is there
and China just runs it over. So the people in America,

the people like the generals because they have real min
What do you put in your I ain't never before,
but if it gives me that imagination, you got to.

Speaker 3 (50:36):
Face for it. I might at least want to smell it.
So this is what they did.

Speaker 1 (50:40):
So they had me and this is the Navy, the army,
and they're like, yo, the Navy, the Army, they all
meet together because they're like, yo, you look the Chinese
people destroy American flag. So they're like, yo, we got
to attack. And this is in space watching space force
sh is hall.

Speaker 3 (50:57):
How do y'all? How do you do it? How do
you because you've seem very clear headed. And then there's
story he's thinking about. I'm telling you, I.

Speaker 1 (51:11):
Promise you when you watch, you're gonna watch this to be.

Speaker 3 (51:13):
Like but let me ask you. Do you actually say
my bad? But you always do? You always have like
are you a d D? Do you have a D
D A d h D? Yeah? The way it is
all of this ship, all of the yea because you
just you you.

Speaker 6 (51:27):
It's like we'd be having a conversation about one thing
and you'll pull out a giraffett the giraffe that it's.

Speaker 3 (51:34):
Gonna be the promo po. I loved every second of that.
Thank you, we're doing quick time was actually call him
it to me. I don't know if you do that
now now.

Speaker 7 (51:46):
It wasn't this.

Speaker 6 (51:46):
It was just I'm just trying to understand. I'm understanding
how your your minds. Yeah, because you know it's just
so much stake. I'm doing part two. Yeah, I'm studying you,
got you gotta I'm studying you.

Speaker 3 (51:59):
Really? Is that serious? Wait? What wait? What happened? Okay? Yeah, yeah,
who's gonna have you?

Speaker 1 (52:08):
You want to bring anybody in, you want to bring anybody,
you want to tell the comme you can be the
designated drinking Now, who's talking about you?

Speaker 3 (52:16):
You want you want one of your people, you want
want to people. None of us drink, None of y'all drinks.
None of us drinks.

Speaker 7 (52:21):
So we're gonna you want something to you want to drink.

Speaker 3 (52:25):
Okay, you a big was happening. You don't get a
good speech?

Speaker 1 (52:36):
Yeah, yeah, give them give me a chair, right there, mister,
you're Comminican, Dominican, Dominican to Dominican.

Speaker 3 (52:45):
Yeah. That that fade the Black scene. Yeah, yeah, that
was the faith the black scene. Yeah, because fade the
black can't have dregs, no, no, but we did our
version of like the newer version of that that energy. Okay,
you can't. You can't do that kind of music. Jah,
you can do that. We're talking about. This is this
is Jesus smile.

Speaker 1 (53:08):
I said, slugs hit a bigger than you through your
passionate side to ups ground you side.

Speaker 3 (53:12):
For I'm telling these niggas to be delivery man. That
was hard, wet, that was hard. You made people want
to do kwan. You can you can say one or
the other if you pick both.

Speaker 1 (53:27):
Your man, you played this last time, right, Yeah, your
man drinks, but we drink with them.

Speaker 3 (53:32):
We don't leave him out there.

Speaker 7 (53:33):
Yeah, I've been waving my whole life for this movement.

Speaker 1 (53:35):
Okay, cool shout out. Shout out to Tonyo Skits. He's
king of Miami comedy. And when I called him, he
was like, Yo, I'll be there. He flew himself out
to l A. He showed up on, said he knew
his not like. The dude is a professional man. He
really rocks out and he has his own brand. Like
I'm not just saying no like me putting him on.

This is him saying, nah, I want to be there
for this moment of the theater. So shout out to
Tonio is an affection. He's professionally drinking for you right now,
no doubt, no doubt, no doubt. Okay, Kevin Hart or
Cat Williams who.

Speaker 3 (54:13):
Put Caddy Williams, Yo, take a drink. I speak fluid.
I say fluid, mister Lee.

Speaker 7 (54:23):
Oh that's good.

Speaker 3 (54:24):
I know exactly what he meant. But look, I got
some mamajuana.

Speaker 1 (54:26):
Okay, he said, bro bring me okay, little personal tupac
or biggie.

Speaker 3 (54:36):
Oh, that's a personal mamajuana for you.

Speaker 7 (54:41):
Thank you, I need more, I need more drinks.

Speaker 3 (54:44):
No, no, no, it's going. But what do you want
to drink? You don't have to drink that, that's what
you want you Yeah, because we got drink.

Speaker 1 (54:51):
We don't drink okay, yeah, because yeah, you can drink.

Speaker 3 (54:57):
Shake it, shake a little bit. Shake, Let them take
that home.

Speaker 9 (55:03):

Speaker 3 (55:04):
Because we got we got we got mars, we got
shots for you.

Speaker 1 (55:07):
I'll say this, I like this one that's in this
cargo pocket, like keeping this Showtime at the Apollo or
Soul Train, Showtime at the Apollo. Why because show Time Apollo.

Speaker 3 (55:21):
Came first.

Speaker 6 (55:24):
Apollo for me. Apollo for me has uh it just
has a different rawness to it. And because I danced
on Soul Train, I understand how exploitive Soul Train was
to the dancers.

Speaker 1 (55:41):
And when you got the Soul Train, because it wasn't
the Soul Train that you knew it. I already knew
that it wasn't that. What I'm saying is for years
they I mean for the whole run, they never paid
the dancers, and the dancers are what made Soul train,
you know what I mean? And you know I understand
the legacy of Soul Train. It's it's legendary, it's iconic.
The principle of not paying the dancers and seeing some

of these people that I still know to this day
and they're not financially well off. I think it's it's
it's not right. So I would I would go show
tell me the Apollo. But hold on, you sucking out
my childhood. So you mean to tell me all these
years of me watching, nobody got paid them people walking
down that nobody got a minimum any cold fried chicken?

Speaker 3 (56:26):
Wow, damn that fucked me up. Okay, but did it
apollow pay?

Speaker 5 (56:31):

Speaker 1 (56:31):
No? I mean it's amateur Night, so it's a different
it's a different muscle. Okay, it's a different it's a
different system. The dancers on Soul Train were regulars, okay,
you know what I mean. Every week you see these people.
They became names off of it. So it was great exposure,
but they didn't pay.

Speaker 3 (56:50):
Them, right.

Speaker 1 (56:51):
And new socks that you had on on Amateur Night,
my white the white Sox, that was those the Michael
Jackson had glittering and glitter.

Speaker 3 (57:02):
Kept focusing in. I'm sure I'm sure that was you know,
Walmart or something like that.

Speaker 1 (57:07):
Oh really, okay, yeah, yeah, okay, all right, come on,
sketches and movies.

Speaker 6 (57:16):
I would say movies. I love sketch, but movies gives
me the the range to to stretch out that that
that muscle pause. Yeah, it gives me the range to
exercise a different creativity, and it gives you the time
to shape it in a way that that's that's different.

Speaker 3 (57:35):
Sketches so fast, you know what I mean? So I
would I like movies and.

Speaker 1 (57:39):
Real quick it's the Bootlegger uptown. But he didn't have
Michael Blacksmith play.

Speaker 3 (57:46):
I called him. He was in Hollywood.

Speaker 1 (57:48):
No, No, he was in Ghana because you know, he
has a school out there, so he was in He
was in Ghana taking care of that when we were
filming it. So I definitely he was the first person
I call. Yeah, start like him, yeah, yeah, yeah, Okay,
what's his name?

Speaker 3 (58:05):
Michael? What Michael Blacksman? Blacks Men, Michael black Son. That's
I'm bad. He knows what I mean, He knows what
he knows what I mean. He knows what his Dave is,
Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock mm hm. Take a drink.

He already was taking one.

Speaker 7 (58:28):
Yeah, yeah he was.

Speaker 3 (58:29):
He could wait.

Speaker 6 (58:30):
But No, both of those guys are goats for different reasons.
But Chris is our og like Dave and I at
the same age. So it's like Chris is still our og,
but Dave is obviously, you know, the goat in his era.
He's He's phenomenal in his output, his the way that

he thinks. But if you notice in the movie I
played the Chris Rock you know, a whole in his
cadence and all that kind of stuff. So Chris is
one of the people that I've studied for a long
time and I've always respected his social uh social consciousness,
if that makes any sense, that goes into his comedy.

Speaker 3 (59:10):
He's very brilliant and very smart in how he approaches it.

Speaker 1 (59:16):
Like that. You know, I'm sorry this is a boring
one because I'm not gonna the controversy guy or Seinfeld.
Curb Curb is the DNA of Seinfeld, you know what
I mean. So you got to give props to a
lot of people would say Seinfeld he wrote it, but

Larry created time Lowry created so but that's what he's saying.
You say, but I thought you said Curb is Curb
is the DNA of Seinfeld. But because he created Seinfeld.
He brought that same template to Curb, but it's him
doing it. It's not him giving his formula to actors, right,

it's him doing it. And you really see it the
life in curve because he's playing a version of himself. Yeah,
and it's way more off the chain. It's it's HBO.
You can cuss, So imagine Seinfeld could cuss. Then maybe
I you know, Seinfeld was brilliant, but when you watch Curb,
you gotta respect that.

Speaker 3 (01:00:15):
Oh this is the mind that Seinfeld came out of.
So I got to go to the source. Did you
realize that Seinfeld and Elaine was both horse? That there
was what both horse? Horse? Oh? Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1 (01:00:28):
I think they had a different day every week. I mean,
you know, being young and single in New York. Although
they filmed in in l A. They filmed it in
l A. I watched it, we like, I love it.
So I go back and I visited and I'm like,
I didn't peep it.

Speaker 3 (01:00:44):
They were horse.

Speaker 7 (01:00:45):
She was very promiscuous.

Speaker 3 (01:00:46):
Yeah she was.

Speaker 1 (01:00:47):
She's smashing everything was crack and was talking about it too, like, yeah,
I smashed him, I like his ship there, right, she
smashed time fel too.

Speaker 3 (01:00:58):
Yes, but in all.

Speaker 1 (01:01:02):
Because we can't be sexist. So was Sienfeld. You said
both of them he had, I mean.

Speaker 3 (01:01:09):
Don't remember I emphasized both of them.

Speaker 1 (01:01:12):
Yeah no, but I just said, like Elaine, but I
just want to say you said about it was justice guilty.

Speaker 3 (01:01:17):
Yeah. Yeah, you started out with right, go ahead, e
the next one. But you don't think you can read that.

Speaker 7 (01:01:27):
You think the English haunted house or soul Man.

Speaker 1 (01:01:34):
I'm gonna go hunting House because that's the Ray Ray character,
even though people love Leicester Leicesters. Yeah, a hundred house
because Ray Ray that. I went and shot that scene
for like a couple of hours. I never knew that
that thing was gonna live on like it does. Like
I'll be having little white kids come up to me

like I don't give as.

Speaker 3 (01:01:59):
That is weird.

Speaker 1 (01:02:00):
That was the first time in that movie I heard
I heard somebody say fuck the kids and peoples.

Speaker 3 (01:02:10):
Three kids. I say, holy Ship was like, word it up.

Speaker 1 (01:02:15):
Holy You felt him when he said that, And now
I said Earthquakes say that on his special album the
other day, and I was like, holy Ship, like that's cool.

Speaker 3 (01:02:24):
Now they put the kids.

Speaker 1 (01:02:25):
I never knew that. You said, yeah, yeah, Okay, m
O per mob deep, take a drink. This is a
great game for Tonio. Outcast or U g K, why

would you do that?

Speaker 3 (01:02:47):
Man? Shout out to my man bun real Burgers.

Speaker 1 (01:02:54):
But I I listened more to outcasts growing up, so
I would say outcasts, that's cool. Got stopped at the
model the other day. Heard a call from the other
way that I just came from. So Nigga was saying
something tom about, hey, what's up? Remember me from school?

Speaker 8 (01:03:08):

Speaker 1 (01:03:08):
Not really, but it kept smiling like a clown facial expression,
looking silly. Then they kept asking, will kind of car
you drive? I know you paid, I know you got
Bootkool bill Folds from all them songs that shall have made.
I replied that that I'm going through the same thing
that he has. True, I got more fans in an
average man, but not enough loot that last me to
the end of the week.

Speaker 6 (01:03:23):
I live by to beat. Let you live, check the check.
If you remove your feet, then I don't eat that.
We let next to Nick.

Speaker 1 (01:03:28):
Yes, we don't come along. We let them send them
as cigarettes from Virginia. This ain't gonna stop, so we
just gonna continue.

Speaker 3 (01:03:34):
Me and you your mama and your.

Speaker 4 (01:03:39):
This bo.

Speaker 3 (01:03:43):
Go boom.

Speaker 1 (01:03:48):
Now this one, I'm very curious. This is I don't
know if this is a regional question. Well, but it's
a legendary question or just a classic question. N w
A or Wu Tang clan take a fucking drink, that's both. Yeah,

I could never listen. Man, I'm thinking the amount of
influence that both of those groups had West Coast. I
mean n w A was West Coast, they were before
Wu Tang, but they had influence on everybody and there
was no real even though they was straight out of Compton,

the level of skills, and that's kind of what the
movie points to as well.

Speaker 3 (01:04:34):
When they came out.

Speaker 6 (01:04:35):
Even though they were from a different region, it's not
about the region. They still had the formula of having skills.
They had rhymes, they had ill beats. So we all
rocked to them. We didn't care where they were from.
We were big fans of them. And then Wu Tang
they just in the whole. They're aliens, man. Both are movements,
were sure movements, you know what I mean? So you

respect every MC was crazy with it. Now, Yeah, shout
out to n w ain't wo thinking we just ye, yes,
he shout out the Snoop. Snoop is uh, you know,
son of n w A and this thing.

Speaker 1 (01:05:09):
I mean, yes, for sure, rest in peace, Snoop brother,
exactly exactly, rest in peace, being man. I told Snoop
I was gonna wear the jacket for him, man, so
rest in peace. It's crazy because I had text Snoop
the other day and just just I said positive positive energy, right, blessings,
and Snoop called me, called me and like me and him,

look got more of a text bless his relationship.

Speaker 3 (01:05:34):
But he called me. I knew that it was something up.
He was like, yo, yo, cud you.

Speaker 1 (01:05:40):
Know, I can't say what he yeah, you know, because
I don't know if that was between me and him.
But it was just like I texted him at a
moment where you know, I think he just you know,
found out what happened to us.

Speaker 3 (01:05:51):
For sure, for sure, rest in peace the Snoopers brother.

Speaker 6 (01:05:54):
You know, he called me around the same time because
he when it had happened at the same time he
found out about my movie, right, so he asked me.
He's like, man, can I please see a screening of it?
Just before it hit the theaters? Wow, He's like, man,
is it any way I could, I could see I
just need a laugh right now, and I was like,

anything you need you know what I'm saying. So he's
he's a big support of mine anyway, But in that moment,
it felt it felt good to be able to just
be able to, you know, have something that could.

Speaker 1 (01:06:27):
Ease some of the pain for him, you know. I mean,
that's something that I wish comedians y'all know that more
of is we need y'all to make fun of. Not
not that obviously, but you know we need to laugh
sometimes when it's you're going through turmoil, you need to

go look at something.

Speaker 3 (01:06:51):
You need to go you know what I mean, and
just laugh, you know what I mean, like that shit
is real.

Speaker 6 (01:06:56):
Well, that's one of the biggest compliments I've ever gotten,
and consider get. It's people saying, man, you helped me
through the pandemic.

Speaker 1 (01:07:03):
That's what's up by going on IG Live and acting
facilly or your movies or your this wilding out whole episode.

Speaker 6 (01:07:10):
So I don't take my purpose in this comedy game lightly.
I respect that, which is another reason why I will
never talk bad about any other comedian publicly. I don't
care who it is I actually like I got I
got love for Cat. You know what, I haven't told

any of these stories, so I'm gonna do it here
on drink Jams.

Speaker 3 (01:07:32):
Can I do that? I love it.

Speaker 6 (01:07:38):
Kat Williams, we started out on Wilding Out. That's where
I met him. I've seen Kat's heart at work. We
was auditioning for the network, right. This is at the
end of auditions when everybody's kind of like they chose
all the people that they want as possible, and they
get us all in a chemistry kind of.

Speaker 3 (01:07:58):
A reach their network TV continue.

Speaker 6 (01:08:00):
So they get us all in a chemistry kind of
a read where we're all there, they mix and matching us.
Let me see a Pan and d Ray do these jokes.
Let me see Atheon and Corey Holcom do these jokes.
Let me see how they all how they bounce off
of each other. We were there all fucking day and
we couldn't leave because it's an audition. We don't know
when they're gonna call us back in the coats whatever.
And this is at the time when Cat had.

Speaker 3 (01:08:23):
The money.

Speaker 6 (01:08:23):
Mike had already happened the Friday after next he was torn.
He was already making a little bit of change at
the time, so had all of us. He had more
money than all of us.

Speaker 3 (01:08:31):
Right. He sent his driver to McDonald's.

Speaker 1 (01:08:34):
And came back and fed everybody that was there auditioning.

Speaker 3 (01:08:38):

Speaker 7 (01:08:38):

Speaker 1 (01:08:39):
He didn't do it for no accolades. He just was like,
you know, people was like thank you, Kat. He was
quiet about it. Another time, we did a wilding out
live show in Vegas. This was the first time we
did a wilding out live show. Now they're doing arenas
and shit, but we were doing it and we did
one in Vegas and Caesars Palace. Kat sees me after

the show with some of my homies that live in
Vegas is like a family settings, like twelve fourteen people
at the table, and he comes up to me.

Speaker 3 (01:09:10):
He sees us, he weighs.

Speaker 1 (01:09:11):
Then he comes up to me about twenty minutes later,
he says, your eighth just pay the tip.

Speaker 3 (01:09:18):
I was like what. So he took care of the
bill like on the love Wow. He didn't owe me nothing.
It was just him one. So he has this generous side.

Speaker 6 (01:09:27):
Of him that's like everyone says that's dope, and he
doesn't want accolades for it. I've seen him throw cash
up in the air on wild'n Out. You know what
I'm saying that everybody grabbing for the cash. So he
has a very giving heart. Cedric d entertainer, Obviously he
kills it in this movie. One of the nicest niggas ever. Right,

He's always been gracious with me. I mean when I
first moved to LA, He's like, man, take my number down.
If you ever need anything, just let me know. Most
superstar guys don't do that kind of shit, you know
what I'm saying. I know Cat went at Ricky Smiley,
but Ricky Smiley is another guy who early in my
career gave me a lot of gems. He was already superstar.

I called him up. This was before I moved to LA.
I said, man, I'm doing this show at my college.
We really need a big comedian to come down.

Speaker 3 (01:10:18):
Would you do it?

Speaker 6 (01:10:19):
Then it was like, of course he showed up immediately.
I'm not nobody at the time, and he showed up.
So I'm just going down the line if everybody that's
involved in these in these things earthquake is the first
person to pay me any money in the industry. On
the Uptown, Yeah, the fancy Uptown that was off Peatrie

in Buckhead Earthquake is the first person to pay me
any money. He saw me doing stand up in Charlotte,
North Carolina. He was like, Yo, you need to come
down to my club. You got the skill set, you talented.
I want to bring you down for a weekend opening
for Steve Harvey. You know what I'm saying. So again,
these are the types of stories that I want to tell,

that I want to talk about with these people who
are wildly successful. Steve Harvey's another one. When I was
opening up for him, I was getting moved because they
didn't give a fuck about me. That's why I was
telling you earlier. Sometimes it matters who you're opening up for.
They always the city.

Speaker 1 (01:11:18):
It's how the show is set up, set up for Steve, Steve,
Steve's show.

Speaker 6 (01:11:24):
I'm nobody at the time. They don't know nothing about me.
I'm just a local comedian opening up and they were
just sitting there looking at me. Like to the point where,
if you know anything about a stand up comedy club,
when the headliner leaves the stage after they're performing, everyone
else leaves and they're gone, right the crowd is still
there because they're paying their bills.

Speaker 3 (01:11:44):
And I'm up there they want me to do.

Speaker 1 (01:11:45):
Another twenty minutes after he's off stage that I'm up
there dying but a slow death. And then I hear
from the back of the curtain, Hey, for'all man gone,
sit on down, now gone, sit on down. Yeah, they
wanted me to come on back out.

Speaker 3 (01:12:03):
Here because they said he up here just talking.

Speaker 6 (01:12:07):
And he does another like Q and able or and
he stays out there for to give the club time to.

Speaker 3 (01:12:12):
Collect the bills.

Speaker 6 (01:12:14):
After that, he had every opportunity to just walk by me,
shit on me, or do some whatever. Steve Harvey sits
me down for an hour and gives me jewels about
how talented he sees that I am.

Speaker 3 (01:12:30):
He said, fuck that show. He says, you got all
the talent, you got, the characters you got, you can
make millions at this.

Speaker 1 (01:12:39):
He said, you go to Hollywood, you can make millions
at this. He said, don't give up, don't don't be
concerned Hollywood. He's one of the one of the few
that was that saw the magic in what I was doing.
But he spoke to me for an hour after he
just headlined two shows, you know what I mean. And
he didn't have to do that he didn't know me
from Adam.

Speaker 3 (01:12:59):
So these are the.

Speaker 1 (01:13:00):
Stories that I like to tell about people, man, because
it's just what's going on right now with the public
comedy beef. It's too divisive and it causes the audience
to have to pick a side. And it's enough room
for all of us to be out here and spread
the love, spread the joy, spread the.

Speaker 6 (01:13:19):
Last and we're all making money. Everything Steve Harvey said
to me that night was became true. So why would
I ever, you know, sidewipe his name in any kind
of way.

Speaker 1 (01:13:29):
So you said, like almost every the comedian, but you
I think you forgot Kevin Harky.

Speaker 3 (01:13:35):
No, keV is my guy. Yeah, I mean like yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah yah history. So keV.

Speaker 6 (01:13:42):
keV actually financed one of my pilot ideas in the
last two years after.

Speaker 3 (01:13:46):
We did the roast on the IG Live. Oh okay, that's.

Speaker 1 (01:13:51):
When I went to him with my first Standard special
and was like, yo, let's let's do some business together.
And my Standard Special was the first special that he
liked on lolow on a network which lol They're on.

Speaker 3 (01:14:04):
Peacock, NBCP Cock and.

Speaker 6 (01:14:08):
There's a couple of Exfinity and Sumo and all these
other other platforms. So partnering up with him had my
standard special out to a lot of way bigger audience
than if I would have self distributed. After that, I
went to him with a pilot idea for a sketch show,
and he heard me talking about it, and for a

minute he was giving me his executive Kevin hartbring and
he's telling me why it probably wouldn't work. And I
just convinced him. I said, listen, man, I think the
wrong people are doing sketch. That's why you're hesitant. That's
why the networks are hesitant, I said, And I just
gave him all the a couple of reasons that was
like very you couldn't argue them.

Speaker 3 (01:14:48):
And he looked at me.

Speaker 1 (01:14:49):
He said, he I think you know exactly what the
fuck you're doing. He said, I'm going to write the check.
He said, you go shoot whatever you want and bring
it back to me. And he said, just go shoot
like two or three videos, shoot whatever you want. I
went and shot a whole pilot with the money he gave.
So I flipped that bird, chopped it up.

Speaker 7 (01:15:06):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 1 (01:15:08):
Boy, I got busy, But no, he's he's a true friend.
He's a true professional. He's a he's a great guy.
All these comedians are great man. Funk out of here,
all this, all this.

Speaker 3 (01:15:21):
Beef, stop the balls ship keep going. What's man? Okay?
Where we're at after n w A but we're still
playing the game? My fulk No, no come up from this,

please no, no, where's okay?

Speaker 1 (01:15:47):

Speaker 3 (01:15:47):
Okay, shout out to Charlie Mack in the building. Charlie Mac,
Charlie Max and them.

Speaker 1 (01:15:59):
Did not make this question though, the Columbian guy that
the Dominican guy right there, famous hazard it sounds and
mister Lee, you might see me jogging, you might see
me walking. You might see me walking the dead rat
with the dog with his head chopped off in the
park with a spy Kyler holland at him because the
son of a bitch won't quit parking, or lean out

of a window with a cock shotgun driving up the
block in the car of the shot pocking looking for
bigs killers, dressing ridiculous blue and red like I don't
see what the big deal is, uh, eminem And by
the way, I worked out to him and the music
twice the other day, is I just wanted to there

I have witnessed this. I might have not filmed it,
but I have. We gonna get Benzi know that drunk.

Speaker 3 (01:16:51):
If you watch it.

Speaker 1 (01:16:52):
We trying to stop it. I felt bad. I was
like yo, from the beginning, we were like waves. But honestly,
though the drunker he got, the more since that he
was making. Yeah, he was right start ripping off the
persona in a sense.

Speaker 6 (01:17:05):
Yeah, exactly exactly. But what he was saying resonated. I
feel the same way. We gotta come together, we gotta
do better.

Speaker 7 (01:17:14):
Said he really had no real beef with eminem Yah.

Speaker 3 (01:17:17):
Yeah, like it was. Yeah, the mask came on.

Speaker 7 (01:17:21):
What look at y'all gave him.

Speaker 3 (01:17:22):
Though we.

Speaker 1 (01:17:28):
Only have do say an Acus Spade here, so if
this Hennessy here, they bring their own.

Speaker 3 (01:17:35):
He came on a mission, he came on.

Speaker 1 (01:17:37):
But that's the homie. Okay, much love to him. Man,
John Candy or Chris Farley.

Speaker 6 (01:17:45):
Chris Farley, Man, I love John Candy, but Chris Farley
just had a different Yeah, both.

Speaker 3 (01:17:52):
Of those guys.

Speaker 6 (01:17:52):
Yeah, Tommy boy is one of my favorite your Tommy boys. Yeah,
Chris was that dude. And then his sn L days
was highlights, highlight, real fat guy.

Speaker 3 (01:18:03):
And a little Cold Fat Guy and.

Speaker 1 (01:18:08):
Co yay or Pharrell whichever yay and whichever Farrall producer artists,
which whichever version you want to pick.

Speaker 3 (01:18:19):
You gotta take a drink on that. Okay, Yeah, both prolific.

Speaker 6 (01:18:25):
You know, of course, I don't prefer the rank Kanye,
but it made ran Kanye was good body right.

Speaker 1 (01:18:33):
I'm not gonna say it made for great comedy in
the movie. Go see a hip hop story, guys, Yes, yes,
exactly theater near you. Okay, I'm gonna if you go
with that one.

Speaker 3 (01:18:45):
Walling out or Key and Peel Show, both great shows,
but I gotta go with the home team.

Speaker 6 (01:18:52):
Shout out to Nick Cannon, but shout out to Key
and Peel as well, because them motherfuckers.

Speaker 1 (01:18:57):

Speaker 6 (01:18:58):
I still watching Peel to this day. I'll just be
on tour and it's on Netflix, so I'll just I'll
just catch them episodes.

Speaker 1 (01:19:05):
One of the greatest kids killing pill shows. When he's saying,
how black people Obama.

Speaker 3 (01:19:11):
Obama shaking the hand, that's what that's my favorite sketch.
That's my favorite sketch. That ship is legendary and.

Speaker 1 (01:19:16):
Keith Can said it really happened when they met Obama.
He said, really, I felt like it. Really, it did happen.

Speaker 6 (01:19:22):
I did not want I did not said, I did
not want the fact check just now, no son, He said,
it happened for when when they show was popping, when
it first came out and everybody was everyone was watching it,
and they didn't realize Obama watched it and saw the
impression of them and everything.

Speaker 3 (01:19:39):
So they went to I guess a.

Speaker 1 (01:19:40):
White house type of like press conference where they invite
somebody entertainers there and they've watched him shake white people's
hands very sternly, like hey, hey, hey, what are you
doing all right?

Speaker 3 (01:19:51):
Make sure they say he stopped the beating down, he
gave him the cookouts.

Speaker 7 (01:20:08):
What's going on?

Speaker 3 (01:20:11):
That's my favorite scam. I did not want to.

Speaker 7 (01:20:13):
I did not want that.

Speaker 3 (01:20:14):
You did you needed that? I needed? Uh Dre or
Quincy Jones take a drink. Yep.

Speaker 6 (01:20:27):
But at the same time, you don't anybody. You don't
have Dre without Quincy, you know what I mean? So
but Dre understands that. Yeah, but it's not it's not
one over the other. But Quincy's he's everybody's o g
there he is. He went the next one but Dre

is the big homie.

Speaker 1 (01:20:48):
So if I ever said, if I said somebody, if
I chose another name over Dre, he'd be like, hey, nigga, and.

Speaker 3 (01:20:55):
Talking about Quincy, you've seen that? Uh that we are
the world? Oh yeah, away Quinn.

Speaker 1 (01:21:00):
See master brilliant. That ship was crazy, Like who had
this footage? All these I don't know about this story?
Like who had all that footage? That's crazy?

Speaker 3 (01:21:13):

Speaker 6 (01:21:13):
That ship was crazy because looking at it is almost
as if they filmed the song yesterday.

Speaker 3 (01:21:19):
Yeah, damn, that ship was crazy. Where we at Jim
Carry or Bill Burr?

Speaker 1 (01:21:27):
I mean it's two totally different comedians. I'm a Jim
Carrey influenced guy. Yeah, Color Yeah, yeah yeah, East Ventura.

Speaker 3 (01:21:36):
Yeah. I mean then you know Jim is.

Speaker 5 (01:21:39):
R O G.

Speaker 6 (01:21:41):
I think Bill Burr would have tested that. But Bill
is just raw. He's raw. He's gonna give it to
you the way he sees it. And he's a brilliant,
brilliant comedian. I love what he does.

Speaker 3 (01:21:51):
And he married to a black woman. Yeah, he's got
a sister. Who you pick? Jim Carry? Okay? Would you
rather be feared? Bronx Tale? That's my movie. I'm gonna
go with Sonny on this one.

Speaker 6 (01:22:12):
Love it's a cool emotion, But I think when people
fear you, there's a respect that comes along with that
that could feel like love. But because they fear you,
they won't get out of line and they won't cross you.
Mad niggas that love you cross you because they that
love is a vulnerability. I mean so yeah, I'd rather

be feared.

Speaker 3 (01:22:34):

Speaker 5 (01:22:36):
I mean, fear could make people do something erradic because
they fear you. Also, I'll always keep people in line.

Speaker 3 (01:22:43):
Love doesn't keep you in the line. Neither of those
motherfucking things keep you in line. I think fear does
a little more.

Speaker 1 (01:22:49):
If I'm comparing the two, I would definitely say fears
keeps some motherfucking line a lot more than love does.
I can respect that. Push it to your fab, push
your tea or fab. That's tough, take a drink, damn.

Speaker 3 (01:23:13):
Yeah. Because fab is.

Speaker 6 (01:23:16):
Punchline like one of one of the punchline kings. Him
and Luda are my favorite punchline rappers, and I think
I can add Cassidy to that too. But Push just
has this. He has a very descriptive scorsesey kind of
rhyme pattern. Or you know what I mean, the way

he describes ship, and.

Speaker 3 (01:23:39):
He's gotten better at it. I feel mm hmm like.

Speaker 5 (01:23:43):
Clip stays to now. I think he's better even sure.
Yeah that new joint who's in the homie from t
D Yeah.

Speaker 3 (01:23:50):
Rayvon Rayvon.

Speaker 6 (01:23:51):
Yeah that that ship that's hard just great. But fab
Fab gets the consistency thing. So he's been in the
game for a long time. He just never lets off
the gas. So he gets a ton of respect from
me for that. And that's how I actually started working
with the main. The main was doing Fabulous impressions on
on YouTube back in the day and the early Freeway ship,

so that's actually how we connected and it all led
to this movie.

Speaker 3 (01:24:17):
I would like to add that Fabulous is half Dominican
shut out.

Speaker 1 (01:24:25):
Yeah, I'll be throwing it out there too. I'll be
making sure he remember. But does fab make music that
makes people want to do quime? He Dominican sneakers at
that time, and time has a little little flag on
it of time that he went the next one.

Speaker 3 (01:24:44):
Hannibal Burrs or Craig Robinson. Mm hmmm, I don't know.

Speaker 6 (01:24:50):
The funny thing. I don't know Hannibal that well. I
met him and we you know, know we know each other,
but we just really linked last year. I will go
Craig on that one because I've known Craig is a
deaf comedy jamo g.

Speaker 7 (01:25:05):
He can't.

Speaker 6 (01:25:05):
He's one of the first people that brought up prop
on stage. He had his piano in the stage and
he did the whole joke about the DJ. You remember
that joke. So he was he's at the piano and
he was like, shout out to kick Capri. Last night

after the taping we went we went to the bar
across the street and we had a few drinks, some
ladies in there. We have some laughs and as we
were walking back across the street to the hotel, a
bus was speeding down forty second Street and Craig didn't
see the bus and he's about I was about to
walk out and kick Capri. Just he grabbed me and

he made sure that I was good. You know, he said,
you had a little bit too much to drink, he said,
last night a DJ saent Yo def comedy champ went up,
shout up to Craig Robinson.

Speaker 3 (01:26:08):
It wasn't Annibal, the one that we was drinking with
right here. You want to tell that story.

Speaker 1 (01:26:13):
I mean, I remember, I think you got arrested. After that,
I fell back and we were like, oh ship, we
was just he was just with us. He was at
the bar with there. I mean we didn't like get
him on.

Speaker 3 (01:26:23):
He was already there there. I think he was already drunk.

Speaker 1 (01:26:28):
We seen each other that we had some drinks together.
He left us and left up and he was he
was he was already touched down Miami. That means you
know he got arrested because you know, Miami is the
place you come on vacation and you leave on probation.

Speaker 3 (01:26:44):
Hilarious, all right, cad DC Young Flyer d Ra take
a drink. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (01:26:55):
Both my brothers man different errors, both brilliant, both my brothers,
Jack Black or Will Ferrell. Will Ferrell, I just look
at Will and just laugh. He's funny, motherfucker. He can't
do no wrong with me.

Speaker 3 (01:27:14):
That's funny.

Speaker 1 (01:27:17):

Speaker 3 (01:27:17):
Elf is my favorite holiday movie. Elf, isn't. He's anchorman
for me as far as as far as Will ferrell
movies Holiday movie. That's hilarious, man, for sure. Brother, what's
the ship with him and keV and they went to jail?
Get hard? Yeah? But you know, slept on I love
wedding rhetor ringer, wedding ringer. Oh yeah, well Will Ferrell

wasn't in there. No, I'm saying I slept I was
changing the subject. But you understood me. You just said
you understood me? What? Yeah, yeah, I'm glad. Did you
really know what he was going on? Because Kevin is
in there. I was also trying his mind is kind
of laughing, Yeah, kind of like, uh like how he
beat like you need out? I like how I like

how he was like this.

Speaker 1 (01:28:07):
Exactly as a therapist. It's like, listen, this is what
you have to stop doing. You have to start focusing
and fuck on. Yeah, I knew he was going with
that because he heard the name Kevi and then he
said wedding ringer because I've been trying to say that,
pauls get this out for a long time. Read and

Winger is one of the most under movies.

Speaker 6 (01:28:30):
It's a good movie, man, I love it's a good movie.
Shout out to my boy Jeremy Garlic, the director. He's uh,
he just has a different eye. Jeremy's one of them
dudes that just too Yeah.

Speaker 3 (01:28:41):
Yep. Me and Corey Holkum was also one of the
same death comedy Jam episode Yeah oh g o gs.
So the leads me to my next question. Corey Hog Oh,
Donald Rowlands.

Speaker 1 (01:28:56):
Take a drink, right? I wanted to take a drink
to that too. I love them both, like how they battle.
I'm not like beef.

Speaker 3 (01:29:03):
You like you like controversy you don't. I just want
to make you like.

Speaker 1 (01:29:08):
Thatppers like we not only looked at it's crazy.

Speaker 3 (01:29:11):
I got you.

Speaker 1 (01:29:12):
I need everybody else to be like we normal. We
all got feelings. Okay, everybody need.

Speaker 3 (01:29:18):
To chill out. There's the last one. Go ahead. Loyalty
or respect? Mm hmmmm.

Speaker 1 (01:29:31):
I think respect Gardner's loyalty. So I'm gonna pick respect.

Speaker 3 (01:29:36):
Okay, I'm glad because I didn't want to drink no more. Man,
Can I tell them what the scene was? Yes, the
joke of the scene. Do we want to save? In
any case, we do it again?

Speaker 5 (01:29:47):

Speaker 1 (01:29:48):
Man, move, move a chair over, I whatever, get a champo,
get a chairp.

Speaker 3 (01:30:02):
Here you there, you go now because we gotta talk
about your freeway woe.

Speaker 5 (01:30:08):
We gotta shout out Underdog. I'm doing to make sure
everybody downloads under what we got Underdog Fantasy app use
your code drink Champs or drink or Champs.

Speaker 3 (01:30:19):
Drink or Champ.

Speaker 5 (01:30:20):
You can get massive to one hundred dollars. On damn,
let's go in the dog shouts under the dog. Fants
following me under the dog.

Speaker 3 (01:30:27):
I'm gonna be honest. You should just stick with me.

Speaker 9 (01:31:11):
H drink Chands, Army underdog Fantasy.

Speaker 3 (01:31:32):
Underdoor fantasy, Fantasy. Get your hundred dollars, school drinks or chance.

Speaker 9 (01:31:38):
Putting a hundred dollars will match you a hundred dollars matching.

Speaker 3 (01:31:40):
Come on, come ahead for this.

Speaker 7 (01:31:50):
All right.

Speaker 3 (01:31:50):
Don't want to have me very scared of that first,
but hold on.

Speaker 1 (01:31:53):
But we said talk about that. But let me let me,
let me say something hilarious. Let me say something. We
asked him earlier, did anybody like come at Adam because of.

Speaker 3 (01:32:06):
The freeway m At times, I didn't know, But the
audience loves the freeway character fro Away. They love I
love it me.

Speaker 1 (01:32:23):
He has one of the most quotable early everybody walking
out saying early, and they're cheering for him when he does. Director,
I don't want to say the scene, but they're cheering
for him throughout this movie. So we even told freeway.
That was like, look, man, so you're going to okay,
go ahead, Okay. When I first see it, I'm like, okay, damn,

where's he working at? But then you realize that it
got all rappers working and you have to make a
good point, right, it's an exaggerate if you just see
it all exaggeration though, you're right, but for the think
the culture, for the specific people.

Speaker 3 (01:33:03):
For the specific people's specifically.

Speaker 1 (01:33:05):
But then at the end he's he's at the self
destruction Reckett. He's dead. So he actually makes it at
the end, but at points it felt hard. It did
feel like and even though it might not be true,

I don't know how it felt.

Speaker 3 (01:33:29):
I think you're feeling. I hear what you're saying.

Speaker 1 (01:33:32):
Okay, you're feeling the sensitivity of the culture right now,
because that that type of what you're talking about is harsh.
Is it jokes, it's shown in its ros and he's
close to it too. To be close to it also
might be different from yeah I'm close to it. Yeah,
I'm close to it because as I had a work rapper,
which any of you what us can be at the time,

any of us could be had of work rapper and
it's not saying that y'all was saying that he was
out of work, Rapps being off.

Speaker 3 (01:34:00):
But I know the point of that is we throw
away our gems.

Speaker 1 (01:34:04):
And I've said this before as a culture hip hop,
R and B black culture period, we throw our gems away,
meaning meaning cooling.

Speaker 3 (01:34:14):
A gang, earth winning fire. They're not doing the numbers
that you two is doing.

Speaker 1 (01:34:21):
You two can do arenas for the rest of their
life by themselves, the cooling of gangs. They'll do a
jam with a bunch of different artists and it's great.
It's a theater, but it's not the same. And we're
in a culture where we like to we want the
new ship.

Speaker 3 (01:34:37):
We always want to do. That's the reason why we
started drinking.

Speaker 1 (01:34:40):
But why that's the reason why to give a platform
to the artists.

Speaker 3 (01:34:44):
And maybe people haven't forgotten about it. It starts with
up Piers of the nineties.

Speaker 1 (01:34:48):
That's the reason why the point of just freeway part
not everyone. Yeah, this three ray part felt a little
too risky because I suppose people believe that and they're like,
yof we wait, it's really working in the fucking grocery store.

Speaker 3 (01:35:01):
People can believe anything. Some people, some people can't believe that.
Some people don't at all.

Speaker 1 (01:35:07):
There's still some people who just go to the movie
theaters and don't have Instagram. Does that hurt his image?
I'm asking, like I'm clearly doing.

Speaker 2 (01:35:15):
I'll say this, people have been probably hitting Freeway up
and wanted to know about Freeway now more than Okay,
then they have it, and he said it.

Speaker 7 (01:35:24):
The relevancy all of that stuff is just people are
calling his name.

Speaker 2 (01:35:28):
Okay, remind you I've been doing that character for over
twenty years, but a lot of people don't know it.

Speaker 7 (01:35:33):
No, they don't know that, Okay, but but he he knows.

Speaker 2 (01:35:36):
Remember when I first my first job was that Rockefeller
Like I was the cameraman, Like I was that guy
who traveled all around the world with the State Property,
with the Dame, with everybody filming everything. So when State
probably got signed and I've seen those guys come in,
I've seen State Property come I spent time in Philly
with them and all of that, he was a guy
that stood out to me. He was somebody admired his

voice because look, I never seen the be I never
say any of that. I believe you said you never
saw I wouldn't do in these parodies and I would
go home and when I first did it, I did
him fabulous all of that. I would go to Rockefeller
and I would show him these videos. They would be
in there. They loved it. Back then, I'm talking about,
you know, early two thousands, So it's something that just stuck.
So once me and a fian got together, it was
it was he wrote it specifically for his friends. It

was like, I want all my friends that are dope
at what they do, and I'm gonna bring them together
and we're gonna make this movie.

Speaker 1 (01:36:25):
You know, for the culture, for an all fairness. That's
before hip hop had sensitivity. Once there was a ray
J fabulous moment through social media, it was like everyone
kind of got on point and everyone kind of changed
because although we didn't take it serious, we knew that
it was serious. So like, I have to take that

in consideration as an artist, as a rapper, did you
take that into consideration that someone might just take it
too far? Remember fab was joking on ray J. He
was playing with the ray Ja.

Speaker 3 (01:36:58):
He was, well, we what we are is.

Speaker 1 (01:37:02):
I'm just being Davids allocate. No, I get you, but
I'm gonna give you the Angels at it, Okay.

Speaker 3 (01:37:08):
I like that.

Speaker 1 (01:37:10):
What we are and what we represent is when comedy
was comedy, yes, and the Wayns was doing comedy, when
Robert Townsend did Hollywood Shuffle. Yes, we represent niggas laughing
again right and not taking themselves too seriously. So sure,
anyone can believe whatever they want to believe. They can

take something and twist it however they want to twist it.
But I think what you when you walk away from
this movie, you walk away feeling like you took a ride,
you took an experience, and you laughed your ass off.
You learned something, I learned something, and you heard some
dope ass bars in the voices of these people.

Speaker 3 (01:37:48):
But it was all written by me, him and my
other Homiejevin Smith.

Speaker 1 (01:37:52):
So I don't think there's anything disrespectful or anything overly
sensitive about that.

Speaker 3 (01:37:58):
It's an experiences. It's a feel good movie. And for
Freeway specifically, no, that's our guy, Early, you know what
I'm saying, Early, and you.

Speaker 5 (01:38:06):
I don't want to go back, and because after watching
I want to go back and listen to Freeways catalog.

Speaker 3 (01:38:11):
It reminds me I know that that's not him, but
it reminded me how dope he is. You did that.

Speaker 1 (01:38:17):
I'm glad that you're telling me that because I'm not
looking at it like that. I'm looking at it from
an artist point of view only you know what I mean.
And the artist point of view is just like damn,
I don't want to be like you know, even putting
that category like yo, okay, this is where you was
at and now this is where you're at now, Like
you know what I mean, I get like that because,

like you said, he but then if you and if
you watch the whole movie, then he's on the self
destruction record.

Speaker 3 (01:38:43):
He's actually he actually makes it.

Speaker 7 (01:38:45):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 3 (01:38:46):
But you know what I mean, like up the movie's hero.

Speaker 1 (01:38:53):
Listen to the audience loves that character. I'm done with
the shots, so I'm going straight to drink. He's quick times.
We know the audience loves that character. He's one of
the favorite He's one of the favorite character.

Speaker 3 (01:39:05):
Who's the body double running around?

Speaker 1 (01:39:08):
Oh man, you're run boy yeah boy key one key one,
So one again, that wasn't a knock to freeway the
main Yes, I'm.

Speaker 2 (01:39:21):
Six six right, so obviously you know, as I'm making
a film, I'm on my knees and I have to
play this character I've been through for twenty years.

Speaker 3 (01:39:30):

Speaker 2 (01:39:30):
But when when we have to do full shots with
them walking down the street or running whatever, I can
be shuffling.

Speaker 7 (01:39:36):
So we had to get somebody just saw the double
for that.

Speaker 3 (01:39:40):
It was funny. It was Hollywood shuffle. I'm gonna get
your sucker.

Speaker 7 (01:39:44):
When she's fighting inside.

Speaker 1 (01:39:46):
The yeah was fighting in the bar. And then they
showed the white dude with the mustard. Yeah, okay, right,
that's fire.

Speaker 3 (01:39:55):

Speaker 1 (01:39:55):
We we paid homage to We tip our hat to
all ab out o G's in this movie. To barbershop
scene is reminiscent of Coming to America, you know what
I mean, the coming to I'm going to get you sucker,
energy crush groove. The scene with a little little young
Rasco New Jack City right the open Jack City is
opening is New Jack City.

Speaker 3 (01:40:15):
The drone person that caught that right away, that right
away midst of course that's the way it works.

Speaker 2 (01:40:27):
Just wait and I come back after the draft, and
I risked, I risked it off of that drone shot
them drone shots. I flew to New York with my
drone and I went down to Brooklyn where you can't
shoot no drones in New York City, none of that.
And I flew it like flewid Yeah, I flew all
over the city. And when I was landing in the drone,
the FBI was right there. Way as I was landing

in the drone, they tracked the drone down and it
came up to me.

Speaker 3 (01:40:52):
It was like what are you doing? You know?

Speaker 2 (01:40:54):
You can't you know, And I tried to act like
a tourist. I was like I do know what I
was working. Yeah, And it was like Luckily I talked
myself out of it, and they took all my drone
information down, the cereal codes and all of that, and
it was like, look, you can never fly just we
was gonna shoot your drone down if we were about
to shoot it there, you.

Speaker 3 (01:41:15):
Can't fly drone. Can't say you something.

Speaker 1 (01:41:22):
Then be places I'll be at and there'll be drones
all the time.

Speaker 7 (01:41:25):
So no, no, no tell you.

Speaker 2 (01:41:28):
Let me tell you if you if you go to
places like that in the airports and you see drones,
there's a drone hack that can tap into for your
drone for dj I that will unlock certain areas that
you can.

Speaker 3 (01:41:39):
Still fly in.

Speaker 7 (01:41:40):
So if there's a map that we have on it,
on it, that's a map.

Speaker 2 (01:41:43):
That is when it's a big red circle, it's nothing
in there can be your dron won't even take off.
They'll be like, you can't take But if you is
that act that allows you to bypass some of them,
you know, some places. But this is a dumbo Brooklyn.
You're saying I started them to shoot, but I was
lying in Manhattan.

Speaker 3 (01:42:02):
Yeah yeah, man, So yeah, you was on your bed lane.
Ship you gotta relax. Oh yes, was one by any
means necessary to get it done? Everything great, agreed, Ship down,
I would agree. Get it out of.

Speaker 1 (01:42:17):
There pays to a lot of a lot of our
favorite films, including Fade the Black.

Speaker 6 (01:42:24):
You know what I'm saying, Like we just blended all
these these these elements together. And that's where Tony came
in with that scene. You had Google, let me ask
you do you do you?

Speaker 3 (01:42:34):
Yeah? Why why why didn't you hit young Ghoul to
play Young Gul? I hit Goo Goo is busy Goo
is a college professor.

Speaker 1 (01:42:45):
All of the things, man, Because some of these characters,
I felt like war was available.

Speaker 3 (01:42:52):
Yeah, it's like he hit drink Champs and they were not.
So you gotta understand it too.

Speaker 6 (01:42:59):
I'm I'm spending my own money, right, and we got
to work within a certain window when we have everybody available, right,
I can't chase people down. I can't wait for one
person type of dun. We gotta just we gotta go,
you know what I mean. So it was a lot
of that too. But I mean, look, everybody, I would
say about ninety of the whole movie was my first choice.

Speaker 1 (01:43:22):
Was it was people that I saw that I wanted
in these in these roles.

Speaker 6 (01:43:26):
I always saw Cedric as Biggie always because he's, first
of all, he's one of the greatest comedians, I mean,
of our generation.

Speaker 1 (01:43:32):
But to play the Biggie role, me and him playing
off of each other is did he do something to
make his voice that way, like something specifically. No, he
just that was naturally he was able to do that.

Speaker 3 (01:43:42):
Yeah. He just came in.

Speaker 2 (01:43:43):
We had had for thirty minutes for said he was
coming off doing his TV. Came from the dress already
dressed adady. We had everything lit ready, just like how
you guys have him.

Speaker 3 (01:43:55):
We sat down and it was like we walked about
it just I could see this. I can see as
you said, I see it.

Speaker 6 (01:44:03):
So it's me doing the Biggie voice on the track
on the rat but the credits yeah yeah yeah, but
now he did that, that's all him.

Speaker 5 (01:44:10):
And then Biggie and Jay talking about Brooklyn's funds.

Speaker 3 (01:44:14):
It's hilarious yea. And then you made your fade. You
made your fade.

Speaker 1 (01:44:18):
Yeah, I got hair and makeup team, man, Karon, your
hair makeup team was that it was on it. You
felt like you was really back in the day though,
when you like each era felt right, like the Big
Daddy main scene. Big Daddy came MC hammer, we hit
Latifa Light.

Speaker 6 (01:44:37):
We we we wanted to make sure we we kept
it as authentic as possible to make you feel like
you was taking a journey throughout time.

Speaker 3 (01:44:44):
And is it true that you had MC light come
in and we make the rect one.

Speaker 1 (01:44:49):
Not only is it true that we made the record,
you were actually in the studio actually did it absolutely? Yeah, yeah,
Yo Light is I know people throw around the word
that's my big sis, that's my big bro.

Speaker 3 (01:45:05):
She's really big cists like she really looks out. She's
a heart of goal.

Speaker 6 (01:45:11):
And she's just very supportive, like whatever I need it
she was like, no, you if you need that song,
I figure out how we can make it work and
shout out to my man Focus who redid the beat
a big record big so he replayed.

Speaker 3 (01:45:23):
Everything live and it sounds just like the original ship.

Speaker 1 (01:45:26):
So she said it, but but it's different. The only
difference is like a hip hop story at the beginning.

Speaker 3 (01:45:30):
I asked her to do because I think about it,
She's one of the most iconic.

Speaker 5 (01:45:36):
Voices, and right now she's voicing everything, which is amazing, That's.

Speaker 3 (01:45:39):
What I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (01:45:40):
And her voice was already original, right and now she's
voiced female.

Speaker 3 (01:45:43):
Samuel Jackson right now with the voice overs man with
the voice you know how everything he doesn't do it
as many voices. Mama, your min mama is mine.

Speaker 1 (01:46:05):
Because I was like, wait, what Samuel j Man was
he got Capital one and some ship. Yeah, and he
was in your show to you hit him with the
golf balls, Tiger Woods Wolde shout out to.

Speaker 2 (01:46:20):
All of the your shout out the light and the
people who came in and lock at the end of
the movie.

Speaker 3 (01:46:25):
That was.

Speaker 7 (01:46:27):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, what the show that Charlie my show, and.

Speaker 5 (01:46:33):
They always I figured that's where it was, Yeah, did
you guys ever having the script anything having to do
with Park because I felt that that was the only
one that might have made sense.

Speaker 2 (01:46:44):
To I got one more that I felt that hip
hop is so big, there's so much story to telling
him that you can't put it all in one ninety minute.

Speaker 3 (01:46:52):
There's a lot of people also, got one more.

Speaker 6 (01:46:56):
Yeah, people that we can can insanely portray, because it's
all kinds of people that would watch this movie, Like
why they didn't do me?

Speaker 3 (01:47:06):
Grant Masters, isn't it? How Melly Mail?

Speaker 5 (01:47:08):
Isn't it?

Speaker 3 (01:47:09):
Who are ogs? They are the building blocks of this thing.

Speaker 6 (01:47:12):
But we wanted to make sure we could convincingly look
like them, sound like them, and you know, just we
just wanted to tell the story that we wanted to tell.
But we're not trying to exclude anybody for any particular reason.
It's just we have limited resources, and.

Speaker 1 (01:47:29):
Uh time, there was one character part eighteen.

Speaker 3 (01:47:33):
There's a lot of stories character.

Speaker 1 (01:47:35):
I was like, damn, why they ain't have that at
this particular moment that's when you said hip hop is Dad?

Speaker 3 (01:47:43):
I felt like NAS should have been there at some
point saying that. So it's funny, Well, shit, if I
could have you, you can't blame us. This is the thing.

Speaker 1 (01:47:53):
Nas has always asked me to do an impression to him,
because like, why how you ain't doing an impression me
and I did the voiceover. I did a couple of
cartoons with him and jay on on on I g
and he heard that he was he was dying laughing
at the ship.

Speaker 3 (01:48:09):
But Nas is a hard needed to get a hold of.

Speaker 1 (01:48:11):
Oh yeah, and again if we we we we gotta
shoot within this window because think about.

Speaker 6 (01:48:18):
A movie, right. We have to rent the location. It
all has to be available when we need it. But
we have to rent the cameras, we have to pay
the crew, we gotta feed people. It's so mainly Union.
You were saying, I saw at the end of the
second dot every every t and so yeah, we don't

we Unfortunately, we can't just wait for whoever.

Speaker 3 (01:48:43):
What did you reach out to him for this?

Speaker 4 (01:48:46):

Speaker 1 (01:48:46):
I never saw Nas in it. No, I mean I
saw a version of Nas in it where it said
hip hop is over. Like maybe for one second you
could have had to have move part on. I don't
think I would pay it, guys, to be able to
be to portray him on if you.

Speaker 3 (01:49:02):
Know you like sir, That don't mean I look like you,
but you made it work. You made it work. Your
makeup team what's their name again?

Speaker 6 (01:49:14):
Again favorite, the audience goes up for the Drake was
again shout out the focus man. He was like it
was in the studio, he said, y'all want to break
the beat down right here? He did that ship, He

played that R and B ship. He made that s
in like three minutes. Wow, but it was perfect And
the audience goes nuts every time.

Speaker 3 (01:49:42):
That's part imagine that. So how do you guys feel? Man?

Speaker 1 (01:49:48):
Man, we we're on a cloud right now for so
not just because I'm contact high, but yeah, I'm just
giving probably yeah, give him a shot just because.

Speaker 2 (01:50:01):
Just like a full circle moment, you know what I mean,
when you work so hard to try to get to
this point to let the world see your vision and
your content and the stuff you want to do, you
know what I mean?

Speaker 7 (01:50:11):
So if it feels you know, we don't fly out
nine right and we.

Speaker 6 (01:50:14):
And we did a movie with our friends, like I
was able to work with my guys like this is
my guy, Jevin Smith, that's my dude, Charlie Mack that's big, bro.
Charlie is the connector. He makes every call that we need,
and he's positioning us. Honestly, he's positioning us on some
will Smith shit I love, on some Martin Lawren shit.

Like he's really trying to make sure he grooms us
for the success that we've worked hard for, you know
what I mean.

Speaker 3 (01:50:43):
And so we're always.

Speaker 1 (01:50:46):
Around those caliber of people or that caliber of people
because of Charlie, and we're able to like just have
to ask questions and talk to them about the movie
making business.

Speaker 7 (01:50:59):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (01:51:00):
I'm not gonna lie. When Charlie hit me, I said,
did we do something wrong? He speak to you? I'm like,
what the fuck did we say? What did we want
to say?

Speaker 4 (01:51:09):
What said?

Speaker 1 (01:51:10):
When Charlie hit me, I was like listen, because you
know Chris Rock said drink Champs called him a bitch.
I said, I ain't got that was a lot drink
Champs never called Chris Rock, I mean Willisonier bitch. Oh yeah,
I told Charlie to call you all. That's what Chris
Rock said on the special. By the way, we love
the shout out. It just we didn't say that. No
club who said that. I told Charlie to call you. Yeah,

because again me and you talk random hours. But just
tell you you don't always answer my call when I
tell you how. Let me tell you how gangster Charlie is.
We're coming back from Leo cons Flex ship. We got
the private plane Flex the grad Man.

Speaker 3 (01:51:51):
That was the most hip hop plane. That was the
most hip hop. And I saw you that night.

Speaker 1 (01:51:55):
I'm sitting there, Charlie. The only niggas film body don't
say ship niggas like man, that's that's Charlie Man. That's
Charlie man. Man trying to get up on anybody here.
He's he's trying to document the motherfucking moment. And nobody said,
I've never seen this before in my life, like nobody.

Speaker 3 (01:52:17):
He didn't care. He was just he was just filming
every moment. Charlie was rock taking the ship. That's kind.

Speaker 5 (01:52:26):
And I do.

Speaker 1 (01:52:26):
That's what I said. This nigga is super, super super,
by the way, been for years, been for years, such
a great guy. God damn it.

Speaker 3 (01:52:37):
We don't know if he want to be on camera
or not. We don't know. You don't know, pup, you
can pull up, yeah, come on if you want to
come on. Pull up, pull up. We got chairs. We're
gonna make it.

Speaker 7 (01:52:48):
We're gonna make it happen.

Speaker 4 (01:52:49):
Come on.

Speaker 3 (01:52:51):
He definitely need a little chair. He needs a big chere.

Speaker 4 (01:52:56):

Speaker 3 (01:52:57):
What's happening? What's going on?

Speaker 1 (01:52:59):
Going on?

Speaker 3 (01:52:59):

Speaker 4 (01:53:00):
Listen man, Noriyah, yeah you you you Yes, they say
life imitates art, that we was on the true soul plane.
Huh yeah, that was the true song plane. That like
the moments, you know what I mean, you know they're
gonna be created. But that was a moment in the sky.
It was so badful, beautiful.

Speaker 3 (01:53:17):
She didn't know.

Speaker 4 (01:53:19):
I sure didn't know. Yes, people was on the plane,
was gonna be on the plane. I think it was
just me and Leora. It was like you fly on
the paneky, cool, let's go. I'm like, Nori, yes, Eric sermon,
it was that was That was when I say a moment.
I had many moments, but that was a moment. Listen, listen,
red MANA. Jeff was from the video in the air. Yes,

but we're sitting.

Speaker 3 (01:53:42):
I believe it was Kane who who d J making.
I think you know he was the DP. He was
the DP. He was camera. Okay, he's holding the camera
holding the cameras kicking.

Speaker 1 (01:53:53):
Pree that was kicking might have been playing with DJ okay, okay, yeah,
and I'm like, I'm just sitting there.

Speaker 3 (01:53:58):
This was a great hip hop moment.

Speaker 1 (01:54:01):
So you know, Lee all gets a lot of slack
from certain people in certain areas, and I wanted to big.

Speaker 3 (01:54:07):
I love Lee, you know what I mean?

Speaker 1 (01:54:12):
So so so okay, you guys got the script. What
makes y'all say me bring Charlie mack in Charlie's hip hop? Yeah,
Charlie hip hop. He's always been like a big brother
to me. I mean we again, how yeah, I'm so
connected through no comedy club. He was at the Laugh

Factory in Hollywood. I said, what's up to him? At
the time, he didn't know who I was. So when
I sugar his hand, he kept the lockout, like you know,
he the giant.

Speaker 5 (01:54:43):
He gave.

Speaker 4 (01:54:47):
And uh, bro your brother and every since don't love
you right, so you can't bring people in you.

Speaker 3 (01:54:52):
I love it.

Speaker 1 (01:54:53):
But then a couple of weeks after that, he reached
out because d J d Reck from Wilding Out Out
Shout Out to Direct.

Speaker 3 (01:55:01):
He reached out and said.

Speaker 1 (01:55:02):
Charlie might want to get ahold of you for his
party for Peace Weekends in Philly.

Speaker 3 (01:55:06):
So I ended up going out to maybe six of those.

Speaker 4 (01:55:10):
Everyone that I had every weekend I have, yeah, and uh,
that's real weekend in party for Peace Weekend.

Speaker 7 (01:55:16):
Yeah, it was.

Speaker 1 (01:55:17):
He had everybody out there and the first one was
like Will and Jada was there, t Sha Campbell to
Sheena Arnold.

Speaker 3 (01:55:24):
Everybody was one hundred celebrities over a three day weekend.

Speaker 1 (01:55:28):
Run run like it was ridiculous. But it was through
that that, you know, we were just able to connect
and just you know, outside of the industry and just
have real conversations. And we just created a friendship and
a brotherhood and I respect him. We literally could talk
about whatever and and so that's that's how I gauged
my industry relationships.

Speaker 6 (01:55:50):
I don't like users. I don't like people that want
to use me to get to somebody else. So the
fact that we can talk about whatever, and this is
the first time we've done bus together, That's that's how
real our friendship is. You know what I'm saying, Like
he's he's brought me around the Will camp and all
that kind of stuff, and most people clamor for that, right,
But I've never asked him. He always reaches out to
me and says, yo, man, come to this premiere, come

to whatever this event. But I don't ask Charlie for anything.
This is the first time that I was like, Yo, Charlie,
we got this movie that I think you'd be interested in.

Speaker 3 (01:56:20):
And once he listen after you filmed a Pride to
you film prior?

Speaker 6 (01:56:24):
Yeah, Yeah, because he was on set for every every day,
especially the first half of what we shot. Charlie was
there and because he experienced a lot of this stuff,
he was there for it.

Speaker 1 (01:56:36):
It was nostalgia for him. He was on set like
a kid, and the kid he stought. His camera was out,
his phone.

Speaker 3 (01:56:43):
Was out, and he was documenting everything, like said ship like.

Speaker 2 (01:56:47):
He was my dialogue coach for all the freeway throway
stuff I did, and he was doing everything.

Speaker 3 (01:56:52):
Every line.

Speaker 2 (01:56:53):
Make sure you sound like making sure you can't say John,
you gotta say John, you gotta say you.

Speaker 3 (01:56:59):
Young bull that stuff.

Speaker 4 (01:57:01):
You know what I mean?

Speaker 2 (01:57:02):
Radio could I was, I was saying radio. He said
you got that radio. You got to like the way
he was radio.

Speaker 3 (01:57:08):
So you know it was authentic Phillys. Yeah, man, And
one of my early Will Smith's spoofs. He plays Charlie Mack.

Speaker 1 (01:57:16):
We did a Hancocks bool for years when Hancock.

Speaker 3 (01:57:18):
First came out, and at the end of it, I
had him step in and do.

Speaker 6 (01:57:21):
Charlie Mack impression and then that's their connection out, know
what I mean, He's like young, young Charlie.

Speaker 3 (01:57:27):
I'm cracking up. Yeah, definitely cracking up.

Speaker 1 (01:57:29):
Sure, So I mean Charlie because you know, because we
want to tell the people.

Speaker 3 (01:57:35):
Yeah, yeah, your story as well.

Speaker 4 (01:57:38):
Hey man, you say you can write a book, and
fortunately enough I did write a book. So I want
to come back. You know, I made but again, you
know what I mean. My story started nineteen seventy eight,
what you know was being a street team.

Speaker 3 (01:57:51):
I was doing that for my uncle.

Speaker 4 (01:57:52):
Started a label called April Records in nineteen seventy eight. Wow,
I was like a street team a cat for m
fourteen years old. That was kind of what actually hit me.
I did that in a house party and I was bit.
I was like entertainment because I wanted to I wanted
to play basketball.

Speaker 1 (01:58:05):
You know.

Speaker 4 (01:58:05):
Doctor J of course was in Philadelphia, me saying doctor J.
I used to hang out with the Sixers. So all
those moments you see there was clips. I was in
the sixers, you know, at the spectrum seeing them. So
for me, I thought it was basketball. But I seen
I'm saying hip hop y figures. Hip Hop's nineteen seventy three.
I'm eight years old now, I mean when hip hop
was born, you know what I mean. So for me,
it was like a love affair. And I said, I
could never let down. Then then the opportunity to come

from music, and he did R and B, but I signed.
I signed the first rapper to the label. His name
was Georgeous George. We did a record called cabbage Patch Fact.
I remember the cabbage Patch Cames Up, came out, and
I did a rooker called cabbage Patch Scratch. And that
was like what actually got me into it. Because everybody
thinks as Will and Jeff. It wasn't Will and Jeff.

Speaker 3 (01:58:46):
No, no, no.

Speaker 4 (01:58:46):
I I had already been in the business from seventy
eight if my brother didn't come out to eighty six
eighty seven.

Speaker 3 (01:58:51):
So I was already in the Yeah. So I was
already in it. But I have a book coming. Who
is Charlie Mack dot dot dot Mister Phillipia, Come on,
let's make the first down, hope have me back.

Speaker 1 (01:59:04):
But let me ask you one more question. Philadelphia seems
like a wow wow place.

Speaker 3 (01:59:15):
Like now. I don't know if it's always.

Speaker 1 (01:59:19):
Been like this. I mean since I've visited it, I've
only been famous twenty five years.

Speaker 4 (01:59:25):
Only been famous twenty five years. Yea, yeah, yeah, I
think it realized twenty five years ago.

Speaker 1 (01:59:30):
And I've never known Philly for not being like a
little bit like crazy. Has it always been like this?

Speaker 4 (01:59:39):
Because I think I think everything is heightened today, Okay,
we heightened, like you know what I mean, Like he.

Speaker 3 (01:59:44):
Was saying earlier, like yeah, like you're saying filmed.

Speaker 4 (01:59:46):
Yeah, what Will says the whole time, you know, I mean,
racism didn't change, It just got filmed, you know what
I mean. So I think the thing about is which
is unfortunately because the drill rap I didn't realize it
was basically like you kill rap, right, they actually talkalking
about how they're going to kill you.

Speaker 7 (02:00:01):

Speaker 4 (02:00:02):
So I think everybody do things for clipbait, clickbait, you
know what I mean. But again, you know in the
movie they say, actually cut they get something, go home, Raby,
don't go home.

Speaker 3 (02:00:11):
You know what I mean? When they when you murder somebody.
That's it.

Speaker 4 (02:00:14):
And then that little kid, that little kid is going
to the penitentiary, you know what I mean. So I
think the thing about it is they don't think about
it after the fact. They think about in the moment,
and they want fames so bad that they willing to
do whatever. That's the unfortunate thing. So, no, fell Off,
You wasn't like that When I grew up. Violence was there,
it just wasn't as prevalent as as today.

Speaker 1 (02:00:32):
That was one of the things that I wanted you
to kind of focus on just a little more, was
the young rap now of how they really murder killed
rap right, Like it's really like, it's really like that now,
Like what is it called drill?

Speaker 3 (02:00:47):
What you just said I just talked about doing. It's
talked about.

Speaker 1 (02:00:51):
But what that characters that character, the young the young
character that flex dropped the bombs one googie?

Speaker 3 (02:00:59):
Yeah, who who was he based on? Nobody?

Speaker 1 (02:01:01):
He's based on generations. Yeah, he's based on the generation.
He's based on lazy rap.

Speaker 6 (02:01:10):
So it's not necessarily he's a representation of lazy raps.
So it's not even necessarily young versus old. Because I
say it all the time, there was garbage niggas in
the eighties and nineties.

Speaker 3 (02:01:21):
Two you know what I mean. Yeah, so he represents
lazy because his whole song is.

Speaker 1 (02:01:27):
Yeah, yeah, yeah right, and most people would say yeah,
which first in this year is good.

Speaker 3 (02:01:32):
One. We just flipped what's popular now what's dope? Now?
We would have never let certain things slide and assume
that that's an Uzi verb jab. But it's not like
Uzi is my guy, like some people.

Speaker 1 (02:01:44):
I was some people thinking it's Uzi and some people
thinking it's twenty one because of the nah the thing
in the middle. I wasn't even thinking about twenty one.
That's funny. But no, I used Uzzi's the tempo of
his beat because that was a popular song. And it
takes this now because then he goes like yeah yeah.

Speaker 5 (02:02:02):
But then the dude in the when they're watching the
video in the store, the TV in the store, the
kids dancing, Yeah.

Speaker 1 (02:02:10):
But it leaves over for a sequel to right, and
it also leaves over flects to respond because I sincerely,
one million percent believe that funk Flex has never took Paola.
It's never what took Paola. I'm just being honest again,
Never I know it's a comedy. I know it's a comedy,

but he might watch this and be like, you know,
as a as a DJ, Like I'm just let me
ask you. Yeah, like I know it's comedy, like somebody,
but if somebody says yo, I paid, yeah, yeah, of
course I'm gonna get on drinks pay yeah. Because the
way that people perceive things. Yeah, And I'm telling you

from what I know, everything I know, Funk Flexes never
took money from no one.

Speaker 3 (02:02:57):
I promised that.

Speaker 6 (02:02:59):
I believe again from what I know, the movie Salt
and people don't really work in Dina right right, influence work.

Speaker 3 (02:03:10):
Is not a school teacher. But let me just be
advocate because.

Speaker 1 (02:03:16):
Part it's something that he's been accused of before.

Speaker 3 (02:03:20):
I don't know that. Yeah, so I could. I don't
know that I can take all DJs have been. It's
a radio thing. I used to be a radio DJ
and Charlotte but so yeah, that's what that even that
term because not even says Polo anymore.

Speaker 1 (02:03:38):
I know that term because exactly people let's say dream Champs.
You cannot platform that that gets things out. People are like,
if they don't get it becomes a conspiracy. Yeah, but
by no means do we really believe or are we accusing?

It's a comedy. And this is why I keep saying people,
I want the freedom to be able to write now again.
He has the right to feel whatever he want to feel,
if he feels a way. I don't think he does,
but because I'm spoken to him.

Speaker 3 (02:04:12):
But at the end of the day, I don't think
he's done anything.

Speaker 1 (02:04:17):
He's just he just happened to be the relevant djail
that I could, that I could use as a character.

Speaker 7 (02:04:23):
To make the point in the movie. But think about it,
I don't think he will.

Speaker 1 (02:04:26):
But I think he's so engaged with like his haters
and the people who don't like him, very engaged, very engaged,
with a little bit tightened, so they will come back him.

Speaker 3 (02:04:36):
And then he'll might be like, man, why would these
guys do that? And then he'll if you're watching, there's
no you. I'm a fan.

Speaker 4 (02:04:46):
I supposed to. I called him up, I spoke to him. Okay,
he said, whatever you need from me, yes, okay. That's
what I think about.

Speaker 2 (02:04:53):
When was the last comedy that opened up this type
of dog conversation about the whole post?

Speaker 3 (02:04:58):
And that's why hopefully not hip hop. You know, you
know what, you know what?

Speaker 1 (02:05:02):
And this is just me being the devil's advocate advocate, right.
I think Flex would have played himself. I think Joe
Waddens would have played itself. I think whoever, I think
most people would have played itself.

Speaker 3 (02:05:15):
What you need at the time, you.

Speaker 7 (02:05:18):
Don't love you? Yeah, yeah, you would have been funny,
you know, a version of.

Speaker 3 (02:05:26):
Nord to come on like because he's already so.

Speaker 4 (02:05:33):
Characterstice you and then well you gotta play him.

Speaker 3 (02:05:42):
You gotta, you know what I mean, maybe.

Speaker 1 (02:05:43):
Have some approach on you, and you would have added
more credibility to the old hip hop of it all.

Speaker 3 (02:05:47):
And it was me to me.

Speaker 1 (02:05:51):
I apologize because I was I was busy. I really
wish I was a part of this. But even with
us not being a part of I looked at this movie.
I saw so I said by coming out. Hold On,
hold on, I said, I saw no flaws in this,
you know what I mean. I watched it and I'm

a I'm a comedy guy, contrary part of belief. I
love music and everything, but you ain't coming to my
house listening to music.

Speaker 3 (02:06:24):
You come into my crib.

Speaker 1 (02:06:26):
I got motherfucking living color playing Seinfeld.

Speaker 3 (02:06:31):
Kirbyan, You've always shown me that respect.

Speaker 5 (02:06:33):

Speaker 1 (02:06:34):
We first met like you love like Yo, you a
bad comedy so I know you you rock with the
with comedy world.

Speaker 3 (02:06:43):
You know, I live and.

Speaker 1 (02:06:44):
Breathe comedy maybe more than I live and brief hip
hop because hip hop is just it just comes to me.
But comedy, I gotta want to feel that moment. I
gotta be wanting to be like, yo, you know what,
let me let me go laugh.

Speaker 3 (02:06:57):
It's a release, Yeah, it's a release. He's a release.

Speaker 1 (02:07:01):
But do you feel like this is a movie that
you would watch over and over like classic and stuff?

Speaker 3 (02:07:07):
I feel like you might miss what you want to watch.
But I wanted to the boy I did this. I
watched it for this interview. Other than that, I would
have went to the movie.

Speaker 1 (02:07:15):
Did for sure, Like I swear to god, I'm like,
I don't say it like that, but I'm flying to
a movie to go see this.

Speaker 3 (02:07:22):
This is what happened. Damian John, Damon John, you know
you know up everybody.

Speaker 1 (02:07:34):
So he said to me, they'll come come watch the
premier of Bob Marley and I was like, Okay, that's
some flash.

Speaker 3 (02:07:44):
We spoke to you when you were down Flash.

Speaker 7 (02:07:45):
So I came.

Speaker 3 (02:07:46):
I went, I watched not even the premier. He didn't
even do it.

Speaker 1 (02:07:49):
I didn't even make it to the permier. He did
a private screening of it, and I went to it,
but I said, I felt like I'm not supporting the family.
So I went and I went to see it on
my own. And that's exactly how I feel about this movie.
It's like, as much as we're here when we're doing it,
and like we're helping each other, but it's like, I
gotta go to the movie. So I don't know where

the ship is playing out in Florida, but I'm driving
the ship.

Speaker 3 (02:08:13):
It's still in the Miami.

Speaker 4 (02:08:14):
This we in Miami, and you want that, you want
the experience of the theater. We ain't saying ship go Thursday.

Speaker 3 (02:08:28):
You're popping out drink Champs Avage people to the movies.
Where'd you go? Let's get this stre drink Champs screen.
I'm in, I'm in. Yeah, I do about the.

Speaker 2 (02:08:48):
Can I give a quick full circle moment real quickly? Okay,
So I'm working at Rockefeller the camera man only I
never did anything in the film business like that. Besides
filming people. Chlodi B says, hey, I want you to
go to the studio because he's there working on the
album or project. I go to the studio studio, I
meet you there, you on in there and the music

comes on and the first thing I hear was if.

Speaker 7 (02:09:12):
I'm a nigga again and some nigga he was doing
with p d Krack.

Speaker 3 (02:09:18):
That's a classic.

Speaker 2 (02:09:19):
And I met you and I said, hey, man, I'm
an upcoming writer, filmmaker, all of this stuff, and I
just want to get some knowledge. He looked at me
and he says, Yo, I'm making I want to make
a movie. And you're the first person that let me
write a script for you for the first time.

Speaker 3 (02:09:38):
We're going because I remember, I mean, I remember gas,
I remember the gas. Remember I'm not about that. Yeah,
and you look extra cold. It's just.

Speaker 1 (02:09:54):
I don't know where you don't see me sweating? Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I don't know if you a hole you with.

Speaker 3 (02:10:02):
Telling me I'm going.

Speaker 1 (02:10:09):
Drake sniggers because I begging you would feel this, because
this this is my love of boys.

Speaker 3 (02:10:14):
This is Drake's exclusive night escort. I've been waiting for this.

Speaker 1 (02:10:18):
We show. Wherever did you I said, you know, I
know y'all don't go to karate class. You Drake d
j en Vy, y'all want of the same karate late
street class.

Speaker 8 (02:10:31):
I know that, I know that.

Speaker 7 (02:10:33):
I heard it.

Speaker 1 (02:10:33):
I'm in a little bit. I'm on the other side
of Luminadi. I'm the brownskin version. Charlie has seen some things. Yeah,
he'll kick your head straight off. Yeah, yeah, I know
he can.

Speaker 3 (02:10:45):
I know, I know.

Speaker 7 (02:10:45):
I've seen him in a many pocket yard.

Speaker 3 (02:10:47):
I know it's going down. I'm peaceful man. And you
like Bruce Lee Love, that's a teacher.

Speaker 1 (02:10:54):
So you be fucking with Bruce Lee moves? What do
you What do you doing boost leak class when you're
win ship out of a nigga? Because I'm not, I'm not.
I heard you say you don't want to fight at all.
Now I also heard you say you would like to
kick people's head off. So I'm confused.

Speaker 6 (02:11:14):
I have the ability to kick people's heads, but I don't. Yeah,
but I don't. Yeah, I'm not at all.

Speaker 1 (02:11:23):
You know, Okay, I'm the guy who's gonna talk my
way out of some ship at first.

Speaker 3 (02:11:27):
That's what a kick ass. I don't want to fight you, right,
I'm about to get your head kicked off and keep
your head in turn the person who is trying to
stop a fight.

Speaker 6 (02:11:38):
Yeah, I get anxious when that that beef starts. I'm like, oh,
this is about to happen.

Speaker 3 (02:11:43):
This is really But as long as you're talking, I'm
not in any danger.

Speaker 1 (02:11:48):
The only time you're in danger is when a nigga
is either pulling out something or if the fist is
coming right towards your head or your face.

Speaker 6 (02:11:57):
You can say whatever you want from over there, right,
I'd be like, word, no doubt. Look you mean the
guy told y'all they being like rappers.

Speaker 3 (02:12:04):
Look that wasn't mean.

Speaker 1 (02:12:05):
You know, I ain't that I'm funny, but I ain't
on you. God damn it, I'm not good guy. So
so Charlie Mack you here man, Oh damn, here it comes,
here it comes. Somebody told me said they was like,
you gotta be careful. I'm like, so tell me the tome.

He said, Besna, he's gonna slotted in there.

Speaker 4 (02:12:30):
But I remember, I remember, I remember the moment I came.
When I first came, I went in two minutes, you thought, I'm.

Speaker 3 (02:12:41):
Like whoa, I'm like noriay where's the love? You know,
I just love.

Speaker 7 (02:12:47):
It is love.

Speaker 1 (02:12:48):
But you're a legend, and I honestly think you were
there that night. So the way you answer it, you
can answer it.

Speaker 7 (02:12:55):
The way you want to know.

Speaker 1 (02:12:56):
You're going with it, so you you don't have you
know what I mean, love love, Everybody get a moment.

Speaker 3 (02:13:02):
You want to say, but go ahead.

Speaker 1 (02:13:03):
Call we love, we want, we want will all heead
we love Chris, and we love Chris absolutely.

Speaker 3 (02:13:08):
But what did you think when you saw that?

Speaker 10 (02:13:10):
Come on, why are you bringing up it already happened.

Speaker 4 (02:13:27):
Yeah, not even just saying that it really is love.
But everybody get a moment in their life. Everybody get
a moment.

Speaker 3 (02:13:32):
Like I was talking. He was talking to not name.
He was with Martin on the beach yesterday out here.

Speaker 4 (02:13:37):
Yeah, he was saying that we would say, everybody get
a moment. He said, I had a few, you know
what I mean, And so everybody had the moment missing
human human, you know what I mean.

Speaker 3 (02:13:45):
That's just what it is.

Speaker 4 (02:13:45):
It was just a uh, very unfortunately situation in time.

Speaker 3 (02:13:50):
But you move on from you, you know what I mean.
You listen, you have you go through with your own family.

Speaker 6 (02:13:54):
Yeah, so it's the same thing I said about the
comedians beefing is it was a moment that shouldn't have
happened in the public.

Speaker 3 (02:14:00):
Guy, you know, but this ship happens. Learning. You move on,
you know, learn and move on. I love you.

Speaker 7 (02:14:06):
My question is if we do do a sequel, you're
gonna be available to be next one.

Speaker 3 (02:14:12):
I want to be there. Let me do, let me
know we do came this suggest. I suggest good when
you get your word, because you give us some work. Yeah,
you know, I think this, This is what I suggest.

You start us now.

Speaker 1 (02:14:34):
But we're gonna we're gonna do three different scenes. We're
gonna come with We're gonna come with different changes the
outfits because we know how to cheat the camera, right right,
three different If you want five, we can go five.

Speaker 3 (02:14:45):
Okay, you just want to drink that much?

Speaker 1 (02:14:47):
And then we're gonna no, no, no, We're gonna change
do different scenes.

Speaker 3 (02:14:52):
You know what I mean?

Speaker 7 (02:14:53):
Yeah, I want to interview money.

Speaker 3 (02:14:55):
He has nothing to do with hip hop.

Speaker 1 (02:14:57):
Yeah yeah, but but that's that's what's going to make
it funny. It's like, Yo, you want to fight fory Mayweather.

Speaker 3 (02:15:02):
Do you know you shouldn't, right?

Speaker 5 (02:15:06):
I don't.

Speaker 3 (02:15:07):
Okay, So the movie.

Speaker 1 (02:15:10):
Let me let me get more shot, get more shots,
let me get one more shot.

Speaker 3 (02:15:17):

Speaker 1 (02:15:18):
So I'm gonna say we're going to interview drink Champs. Right,
we're gonna interview drink No, no, no, no, no, no
one of the characters. We can't interview whole because you
did you see Vince Staples. Just do it out there
that drink Champs was on jay Z drunk? You think
about drink Champs. Yeah, you want to take.

Speaker 3 (02:15:39):
A shot for the jay Z on drink chants. You
really want jay Z on drink Champ. No, I really
want you to show me how you feel like he
would be. What what are you asking him? What are
you asking Jason? Get him drunk? Oh, you want to
get him drunk?

Speaker 7 (02:15:56):
So act like.

Speaker 3 (02:15:59):
Not regular jay Z? Can you do drunk jay Z
on drinkings?

Speaker 1 (02:16:03):
And now he asked me to act? No acting, You
asked me to act, okay, because you know we got
the space. If he would be here, these will all
be gone. That idea is limited.

Speaker 3 (02:16:18):
He knows that we know that idea is not making
it back. He's thinking about his video game. So we
know that.

Speaker 1 (02:16:37):
He knows that idea we've we've hung out for six
hours drinking this and Japanese whisky and it was fantastic.

Speaker 4 (02:16:45):

Speaker 3 (02:16:45):
No, uh what was the song when Jay Niles and Cali? Oh?

Speaker 5 (02:16:52):
I love that? H not?

Speaker 1 (02:16:54):
God did He's whiskey on the measin.

Speaker 3 (02:16:59):
That saw the video. I talked to you because that's
how I started drinking. And now it was like, y'all
like that I heard that verse Japanese.

Speaker 1 (02:17:11):
It's like, y'all got to go in the booth my ship,
through my ship. I gotta call prect.

Speaker 3 (02:17:23):
It with the Japanese whiskey line. He was like, y'all
Japanese whiskey. Yeah, get some flashy with the so like
this f.

Speaker 1 (02:17:34):
Who he just dropped the wraps on Okay, recently, I
don't know how this is got rather than to this conversation.

Speaker 3 (02:17:48):
Oh he's still drunk. I don't know if you noticed.
I sold it up a little bit.

Speaker 4 (02:17:55):
Yeah, drink.

Speaker 3 (02:17:58):
This is what we do.

Speaker 7 (02:17:59):
We navigating, Yeah, navigate.

Speaker 1 (02:18:04):
So next movie, Tyler Perry comes to y'all. I'm sorry
saying Tyler Perry teller. I mean that we're taking the
budget right. If Tyler Perry comes, right, Tyler Perry comes
and says, whatever y'all want.

Speaker 3 (02:18:26):
What's my next check? What's the next movie y'all want
to do? Cut the check? What what movie are y'all picking?

Speaker 1 (02:18:32):
I don't want to say what what the next movie?
But we know what the next movie is.

Speaker 3 (02:18:34):
We want to do. But can you give us a
giving us something? You said action? You did serious your movie? Yeah?

Speaker 6 (02:18:45):
Okay, well and other movies as well, Like I see
myself alongside the Mark Wahlbergs, the Will Smiths.

Speaker 3 (02:18:53):
I have that range, and I want to do the unexpected.

Speaker 1 (02:18:58):
You know, most people know me for being an animated comedian,
but what I showed in this in this hip hop
story was I actually have acting range as well.

Speaker 6 (02:19:07):
He has acting range. He's a director. We're both producers.
So this isn't something that's just like a viral movie
or its Internet level. We're like, nah, we really are
Ryan Coogler, Michael B. Jordan's Stephen Stephen Cable junior type
type energy, like we're really filmmakers from.

Speaker 3 (02:19:27):
On screen from behind. Yeah, I'm gonna be honest. I
see it, be honest it again. I see it and
I believe it. Clap it up for that.

Speaker 1 (02:19:45):
I guess it's easier for me to see it and
believe it because of how y'all see it and believe
in yourselves.

Speaker 6 (02:19:50):
Yeah, but we're talking about Michael Bay, Jerry Brookheimer level
stuff like that's those are the people that.

Speaker 3 (02:19:56):
We admire, you know what I mean.

Speaker 6 (02:19:58):
We admire big films, big action, high octane type of stuff,
even on the TV side.

Speaker 3 (02:20:05):
Bruce Lee's daughter did Warrior, which.

Speaker 1 (02:20:09):
Was a concept that Bruce Lee made back in seventy four,
not seventy four, sorry, he died in seventy three, but
he made He had this treatment that he wrote and
they wouldn't Hollywood wouldn't let him start it because they
told him that Asian people wouldn't be able to lead.

Speaker 3 (02:20:26):

Speaker 6 (02:20:28):
And she found the treatment and her and Justin Lynn
partnered up and Warrior is incredible. I'm talking about the action,
the camera work, everything about the writing.

Speaker 3 (02:20:41):
So I'm on that shit.

Speaker 6 (02:20:43):
He's on that shit, Like, we're not just hip hop
comedy movie makers.

Speaker 3 (02:20:48):
This is just, you know, something very close to our hearts,
and we could really do that too.

Speaker 6 (02:20:54):
The fact that we wrote bars in the voices of
all these different iconic mcs was us saying no, we
we actually are of the culture. But we're actors too.
This isn't just an impersonation. We're acting as these people
so that you really believe you're listening to a Joe
Burden verse on that song, or free Way verse or
a Drake verse.

Speaker 1 (02:21:14):
So whoever, whoever, we we imitate. E forty too short
like what he was great, crazy that JEFFN. Smith crazy, But.

Speaker 2 (02:21:23):
Not only that, I just want to also just give
my brother also flowers because his pen game is crazy,
from his script pen game to his rap ping game
is crazy.

Speaker 7 (02:21:32):
So I just got to give him his flowers.

Speaker 3 (02:21:34):
Put this right movie. Yeah, you're gonna finish it the
whole time. Thank you, brother.

Speaker 2 (02:21:40):
He led me as a friend. He could have got
anybody to direct this movie that he wrote for us
a long time ago, but he put his trust in
me and this is my first feature that I got
to direct, and he put his trust in me and
his money and allow me to do that.

Speaker 7 (02:21:54):
So I'm grateful to my brother.

Speaker 1 (02:21:59):
Let me tell y'all something. We tell you something what
I see again because we said it earlier. It's like, yo,
why do we have to do other people's movie? But
I have no better example than what I'm about to say.

Speaker 3 (02:22:15):
Right now. So I'm gonna say it, y'all can be
like the Adam Sandon you know where they go and
do movies with the same crew and friends. Man, they
say appetite Adam, I told you loyal. I love that comedy.
You know the seth Rogans.

Speaker 1 (02:22:34):
They hire the same exact people, the Adam Sadler's hiding.

Speaker 3 (02:22:38):
The same exact people. And some of them most of
them are some of them are black people. But there's
now they're all.

Speaker 1 (02:22:43):
But when you got the director, of the producer, the
writer and everybody and you continue to do that, that
ship is just so like, for lack of a better term, attractive.

Speaker 7 (02:22:53):
To me, we've been doing that.

Speaker 2 (02:22:55):
You go back to his sketch show that he had
back and fix all of the people that in there,
all the people out doing this movie friends make up.

Speaker 3 (02:23:04):
All of this. Wow, yeah, same hair and makeup.

Speaker 1 (02:23:07):
Keep the people we already been makeup and now the
world is starting to me hair and making the I'm
about to hire them. Oh yeah, well he called her own.
She was my makeup artist on Wild and Out. That's
where we met.

Speaker 6 (02:23:17):
She was Knicks makeup artists for a while, but when
we were on sets, she told me and we did
some sketches there. But that's when I learned that she
does special effects makeup too, and she can really transform people.
She turned me into eminem when I did the dream
just on YouTube. But she really knows what she's doing.
Her her partner Karen Rhodes on the hair, she really

knew the errors.

Speaker 3 (02:23:38):
And anytime we told her what we needed or who
we wanted to portray, they did the googles, They pulled
up the the images went right to work, and they
started sending me images of the wigs being cut on
the dummy heads.

Speaker 7 (02:23:53):

Speaker 1 (02:23:53):
They would send me photos of like mc lights wig
and this wig and that wig, and it already was
looking like the person on the win on the dummy.
I was like, oh, ship, wait until we get this
wig on little Mama, Like it's gonna be.

Speaker 3 (02:24:06):
Shut a little moments light. I had to look at
it three times. She was light. She embodied like light.

Speaker 7 (02:24:16):

Speaker 1 (02:24:18):
Right, No, listen, the whole movie is on the page,
like I wrote that ship nigga, I'm nice ship.

Speaker 7 (02:24:30):
Game cheese.

Speaker 5 (02:24:35):
But when you were around Rockefeller, were you involved in
any of the films that the Dane was doing, like
paper Soldiers, or anything like that.

Speaker 7 (02:24:42):
Death of a Dynasty.

Speaker 3 (02:24:44):
Okay, I heard you.

Speaker 2 (02:24:45):
During that time because I was just filming, and I
was filming all the behind the scenes stuff with with
all of that.

Speaker 3 (02:24:49):
So I was around State property too.

Speaker 7 (02:24:51):
I was around there.

Speaker 2 (02:24:52):
I was around filming all the behind the scenes of that.
But yeah, so I was around. I was around for everything.
I still have all of that footage, I like and
hundreds of tape of the whole Rockefeller like era of
that time filming. So, man, nobody's gonna ever see that,
like the guy with with his uh with his footage,

you know what I mean. At some point, yeah, at
some point.

Speaker 1 (02:25:16):
Yeah, oh yeah, when it makes sense absolute Sometimes it
just doesn't make sense.

Speaker 3 (02:25:20):
Some things at.

Speaker 1 (02:25:23):
And did you ever think that Rockefeller will break up
when you first came to them?

Speaker 7 (02:25:29):
No, I didn't.

Speaker 3 (02:25:30):
I didn't.

Speaker 7 (02:25:30):
You know, nobody ever thought that. I just kind of
came out of nowhere. But I was a fly on
the wall.

Speaker 3 (02:25:34):
How did you get man?

Speaker 7 (02:25:37):
I was filming the Harlem Shakers.

Speaker 2 (02:25:39):
The Halem Shaker has just got real big in New York, right,
So I'm filming these guys. Yeah, g WebStar. It was
like the the guys who danced you know what I mean.
You used to dance in the Eve video and all
these other videos. And then uh, I believe Tone Hooker,
Tone Hooker and Claudi By they reached out to me
because they saw the stuff that I was doing around

the lock around the neighborhoods, and it was like, hey man,
they need somebody to come travel with him and film
all the Rockefeller stuff. And they just brought me to
the office and I got there to day Dame looked
at me, He's like, yo, I got the camera, he
gave me, gave me the camera, gave me the equipment,
and proceeded to snap on me for about the next
three or four hours at Rockefeller. That was like my

intro to the to the initiation to the family, and
and I just traveled around with that's I got to
meet you man and write my.

Speaker 7 (02:26:27):
First script and all that.

Speaker 3 (02:26:30):
But was you with them in France?

Speaker 11 (02:26:32):
No, I didn't go to France. I didn't go to France. Yeah,
some other people win. So yeah, Charlie Mann, Yes, sir,
what's our chances again?

Speaker 3 (02:26:45):
Will Smith? Oh, very very well, he's here, he's.

Speaker 4 (02:26:48):
Here, He's gonna come. I give you that, he's definitely
gonna come. It's gonna be great.

Speaker 3 (02:26:54):
Now if we get Will Smith and Mark what the hell.

Speaker 4 (02:26:57):
Is that's even I think that's a possibility as well,
you know, with them tonight.

Speaker 3 (02:27:02):
So let them know. You gotta come to I love
the floor, I got it. I just want to give
them their flowers.

Speaker 7 (02:27:07):
Man. But but.

Speaker 3 (02:27:11):
But it's right, it's right then they come up. You
know what I mean? Culture? You know is the new
marketing campaign.

Speaker 1 (02:27:17):
This is it.

Speaker 2 (02:27:18):
This is on the top of the marketing in the
world that you can go to. But to express your art,
get your projects.

Speaker 3 (02:27:25):
Out, got it?

Speaker 4 (02:27:27):
Well you gotta Will Martin, you gotta come over here
and sit with he and Nor.

Speaker 3 (02:27:30):
You know what I mean?

Speaker 1 (02:27:36):
Yeah, man, I god, damn man, I ain't gonna lie.
It wasn't just that I'm smiling. I'm just being honest.
I've been I've been happy this whole time.

Speaker 3 (02:27:43):
That's beautiful. Let me tell us, no, no, you go,
it's not no.

Speaker 1 (02:27:49):
I wanted to piggyback off of what he was saying
about me give give me my flowers. The reason why
I didn't go to some other director in Hollywood is.

Speaker 6 (02:27:57):
Because this is my guy. Like we've been doing this
ship YouTube. So I already know what we think of, Like, right,
I wrote this movie for us, and he's a genius.
He knows, he really knows like cameras and editing and
like he's a special effects guy. He does all kinds
of shit. So I want to rewrite the narrative. Like

Hollywood loves to hire the same people. They go to
the same people over and over and over, and I
think at some point those people hit their ceiling. They
don't you know what I mean, Like they hit a wall,
Like the creativity is not as great as it could
be because they they're oversaturated. That he getting called So
why not go to somebody who you know personally and

give them the shot to become the next big director?

Speaker 3 (02:28:46):
Why not? And why not take that journey together?

Speaker 6 (02:28:49):
And I mean it shows on the screen like everything
that we did worked really well together, from the writing
to the directing to the casting.

Speaker 3 (02:29:00):
Friend, it's Tim's story, right, yeah, I mean it's my guy.

Speaker 4 (02:29:03):
But I could have been like, man, let me get story,
but no.

Speaker 3 (02:29:10):
Yeah, Tim story. Definitely.

Speaker 1 (02:29:12):
He read the script two years ago, but it's before
the whole Kevin Hart movies and all that stuff. And
but yeah, at the time, he was still looking to
get his big movie. Malcolm Lee wanted to do it,
but he was busy, he was doing other things. But
it was meant to happen right now, you know, Hip
Hop fifty.

Speaker 5 (02:29:31):
I think it should be said though, and that it's
not just because people are your friends, it's because you.

Speaker 3 (02:29:36):
You trust that they have the skills to thousands.

Speaker 5 (02:29:40):
Even like when we're talking about Adam Sandler, the people
they're funny. It's funny for what he's trying to accomplish.
It's not just what he has, the skill sets that
he has. And you're right, I was.

Speaker 3 (02:29:52):
I was more than willing, thank you.

Speaker 6 (02:29:54):
I was more than willing to put my money up
and invest in him right the same way I'm willing
to invest to me with your focus absolutely.

Speaker 1 (02:30:03):
So what we gotta do is, I'm just throw this
out there. Besides the gas station movie, we gotta do
a handball movie.

Speaker 5 (02:30:13):
Oh what you already have the I guess the pilot
demo for the movie A handball Handball.

Speaker 3 (02:30:19):
You gotta listen because they did. They did Dollgeball. So
it's not let's look at it.

Speaker 4 (02:30:23):
I'm just we can never know we're listening. But don't
get don't get all the Jews handball. Don't get away
all the Jews on there, you know what I mean.
So yeah, yeah, I grew up playing.

Speaker 3 (02:30:38):
I mean we need you got to show them the footage.

Speaker 1 (02:30:43):
We did, Like I even got like a like a
handball baseball card picture, Like well, I'm like.

Speaker 3 (02:30:50):
When do we film that. We filmed that like in
early two thousand. We did. Yeah, the footage is terrible
now in terms.

Speaker 5 (02:30:56):
Of like the quality, the idea, the ideas there and
there's crazy.

Speaker 1 (02:31:01):
It's crazy because yeah yeah yeah, and it's two things
that's like hood handball and Bayes what I said, stickball,
stickball and handball. It's very hood and you we do
a handble we let yeah yeah, yeah, we go in
the hood with the hood, play the hood in the hood,
the hood and everything is good and everything is good.

Speaker 3 (02:31:25):
Yeah, I mean playing. Yes, molested and there was double
jall is in there, y'all, Like you gotta relax, by
the way, there was no molester in that bar in
at birth. Yeah you said that the whole time. I'm sorry,

I heard Court just said Court just after.

Speaker 8 (02:32:00):
What I heard.

Speaker 4 (02:32:02):

Speaker 7 (02:32:04):
I'm like, so relaxed.

Speaker 3 (02:32:07):
How was it that the Rockefeller days it was great
changed my life.

Speaker 7 (02:32:12):
It was the first obviously, this is the second thing
that changed my life.

Speaker 2 (02:32:14):
That was the first introduction of just being around the
people that imed forever and being a hip hop you
know what I mean, seeing those guys. So it was
a great experience, you know what I mean. It was
just dope traveling the world and all of that fun stuff.

Speaker 7 (02:32:28):
It was just dope. Never I've never, I don't know
any error. It's my favorite era of hip hop to me.

Speaker 3 (02:32:35):
So you don't got these other people's stories. It was.

Speaker 2 (02:32:42):
I was just the camera man me too, I said,
I said h in, and I shot everything.

Speaker 3 (02:32:47):
That's it. Well, my whole Rockefella days was great.

Speaker 4 (02:32:51):
I love it.

Speaker 3 (02:32:53):
It was great. Alloise to Rockefeller. We guys signed Rockefella
listens the manager to.

Speaker 1 (02:33:06):
I got a question for you. Yes, let me let
me tell you something. When I keep studying you, your
memory is too good. You remember everybody where you know them,
from where you know them at, and the time you
met them.

Speaker 3 (02:33:26):

Speaker 1 (02:33:27):
So what are you about to say? I'm scared of
that something. You know what I'm about to ask you.
It's a legendary cipher DMX to your Mexican cannabis. Yeah,
I think they was jumping clue if you felt what
I thought they was jumping me how.

Speaker 3 (02:33:48):
Because they knew each other? How you know them? I
want to make sure what sighte were you talking about
that when you was on that was? It was a clue?
Who's a FlexE on the radio? On the radio? Yeah,
wasn't it? Who was it was?

Speaker 1 (02:34:07):
There's a couple of if you know, you know, you
tell me bringing this ship up and checking me this whole.

Speaker 3 (02:34:20):
Let me finish that motherfucker.

Speaker 1 (02:34:24):
He wanted too much, you had too much, too much
more Because I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready to answer.

Speaker 6 (02:34:31):
No, you're you're a part of a legendary cipher with
I'm part of a couple of a few.

Speaker 3 (02:34:36):
But that was my favorite one.

Speaker 1 (02:34:38):
I might have the the second best posse record, maybe
maybe the third best problem TV from TV in the world.

Speaker 3 (02:34:47):
Was no one ever even realized I am got hooked? Yeah,
So can I ask my question? I thought you finished? No? No, no, Like,
how was that that energy for you? Like?

Speaker 1 (02:35:01):
How do you feel about that cipher? You cannabis and
DMX going back and forth, Like that's that's a legendary joint.
It traveled the world, and I don't know if you understand, Okay,
the impact of that cipher.

Speaker 3 (02:35:14):
I feel like we're confusing a couple of different ciphers. Zoe,
and you heard about that. It was cannabis and DMX
cannabis MX seven.

Speaker 1 (02:35:23):
Okay, funk Flex, I'm the hottest dude in the world,
but guess what SO is cannabis?

Speaker 3 (02:35:30):
So is DMX.

Speaker 1 (02:35:32):
I went up there and all I remember was funk
Flex mowing it but not telling me. He's promoting it,
and Pun hitting me immediately like, Yo, let's I'm coming
up there, And I was just like what because I

didn't know what I was walking into. It was two
way days, so I walked in. I didn't know cannabis
or DMX.

Speaker 3 (02:36:02):
Just legendary that Pun hits you about it is legendary.

Speaker 1 (02:36:06):
He was listening to Hot ninety seven, like back then
that was our We didn't have links, right, we didn't
have my Space, we didn't have such and us. So
Pun knew what I was walking into before I knew when.

Speaker 3 (02:36:19):
I walked into it, and he was like, yo, tell
Flex to let me up. And as the time, I
don't think either. I didn't know cannabis or X, and
you know.

Speaker 1 (02:36:32):
They rhymed, and when they rhymed at first, they gave
each other five and I ain't like, like the fuck
so you felt away from the door, you felt like
I didn't, not from the door. I felt the way
after the rhymes was spits right after the round spit,
they like, it's like you and your comedia on me, like, yo,

your finished your boom. But I'm like, damn, there's three
of us, let's hit O the night cool. So I
keep going in pun Is calling me, flexus calling me.
And that's when me and d m X became friends,
right because me and d m X and cannabis and cannabis, damn,