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May 22, 2024 9 mins

El virus del papiloma humano es uno que se puede prevenir con una vacuna, pero ahora hay una prueba casera que te puede ayudar.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
And Cricky Santos.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
Podcast santostor personal doctr j ok lemos doctor and.

Speaker 3 (00:20):
Cancer. The responsibily because the quatro mill and est grassias
uh cace doctor us.

Speaker 4 (00:33):
See the agina e l Leno, then is nenta nio
perciento is effective over that is kid bo como s.

Speaker 1 (00:55):
T brend.

Speaker 5 (01:02):
Exactly perueta the salle to.

Speaker 4 (01:07):
Ilomanda I and tons the puest medicol lore pasa and
Paolo il poland.

Speaker 5 (01:15):
Canda is as pro.

Speaker 3 (01:18):
Masco munees doctor quali los the go los prosilos. Contrast
thelo and la the nemous lam is my helis profession.

Speaker 4 (01:32):
Who the kings percento the po examin posit verdabing being la,
theo being in in in into medico pri marioke no

nemo kanda consultorio is la personas eta e.

Speaker 5 (02:04):
L guardia sil ll h p v.

Speaker 3 (02:08):
And has with d n ant the quandoes like Patres
the familiar pars.

Speaker 1 (02:18):
And know.

Speaker 4 (02:21):
Paranos, baranos col terminal aquaring ty cinco and the m
p the l and a quaring sink the contract, the u,

the no solo l bu and in e la matris
and ela ma trid l H L L L the
cancer cancer the arganta and don't say the lector thing
and domitre Michael Douglas cancer right yeah yeah who cancer

concho prolema c mean like the co pro whom whom
who cancer mat is that person?

Speaker 5 (03:25):
And I get prevents you.

Speaker 3 (03:31):
Look salvar beat us.

Speaker 5 (03:39):
Ten doctor to continues young all right.

Speaker 1 (03:51):
Tricky Santos podcast K Santos.

Speaker 5 (04:03):
Podcast, Sandos comp doctor Isa when doctor and doctor and
mote problema Gray perro doctor isa p.

Speaker 3 (04:24):
Las Here is the so in stinto maternal yam kelos recoup.

Speaker 5 (04:33):
Rapids, says l S Studio.

Speaker 3 (04:36):
Okay, it's so rohanna ya your looga saying in Canada concluded, Okay, lass.

Speaker 5 (04:45):
Women can do better know see problema and in Canada right,
but it's okay, I I like.

Speaker 4 (04:58):
Let man let major paciente and and it also new
and so queta rental of medico. You know the mo
quenta la ruhana la mores s u hana kel obreshno
herrang young massa man men infection, mano prolema, la mo

periadra buen pinto mater verna and tos you croke sea
periadra tetra mat ma Ma ma ca ninol O lombret
and major mel berda in Cometo and oke Siuhia platica

or t queta la moret and young major porke ho
por young diamos majore mejor gutog diamo.

Speaker 6 (06:03):
Ok okay okay ll d j j America America lombri
man Maria.

Speaker 3 (06:19):
Mass free, mass grande, damp the pende, the pendl specially
Meerico exactly in colog simpre is the port made tif
no solo, the mis casas okay joseba sent mass libre,
the costs.

Speaker 4 (06:41):
Baron no gina i pa Latino marcmfortable latino more in
cool sempremore you al entry per mental.

Speaker 3 (07:07):
Choices, se yes grass yes, doctorsa yes and a roba
so no squsa doctors And Instagram.

Speaker 6 (07:23):
Is a.

Speaker 3 (07:27):
Pretagramy Santos.

Speaker 2 (07:35):
Podcasts one of the as grasses plas Antonia and you
know sol the program solution see Leo Messi.

Speaker 5 (07:50):
To your Instagram.

Speaker 2 (07:54):
Contraia right, yeah, your prolema arentina puts miess fans amportant
quabos quanto dinero unt Mexico Suskinian to lament so argentinosvantres

like onoma loa varentina quan dump and supposed its young
getta casa economica and economic amente dandolo.

Speaker 6 (08:29):
Not prolemaado, peng doesn't.

Speaker 5 (08:36):
I t I t re cvo.

Speaker 6 (08:39):
You that the cause your quanto is the guesse, your
guanto tree. Yeah, Dia siendo umpira caado in tournamente in
the tabloo in grelema international Sonandola lilian A gi, I'm

you sure getting a lot go to you basic like
am I t.

Speaker 2 (09:05):
Is I said ecsta again prit t co haro vern
isuela wow, and I t harold re to.

Speaker 6 (09:25):
You wanna go sa persdual tto no no let a
persona getting.

Speaker 5 (09:35):
Daniel Abbi alb a hell la abi The I t.

Speaker 2 (09:40):
Republican Creaky Santoce

Speaker 1 (09:50):
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