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May 20, 2024 19 mins

Conocimos la historia de unos novios que no se besan para no despertar bajos instintos. 

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Cricky Santos podcast.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
Bueno the Ueno Baby like Final calamosos ibarious, watch parties
so young different as young in Miami, Miami, Miami get
tremos and on watch party gratis af we go into
Returan Heritranel Carlo Telemundo. So the diet changed the Northwest

Metico Guy and Loo to Informacion. You got t Pranoxandola says,
watch party paramosos. In Miami Ataxando Alas say is one
of the ass O yes lone ben mayu Gina president
Republican luis another well.

Speaker 3 (00:48):
Tole yesla relexion elos Comisius day is the Domino, the
Mario de man Bloa, harold As content to cons yeah.

Speaker 4 (01:02):
It's it's I came, you know mams all As Alex Banner.

Speaker 3 (01:15):
Likesmbo tam election and mexic Kin said yes yes Thus
and symbol gremos common in Crado.

Speaker 2 (01:29):
It's important. Latino is the elector important is like a
Frontier Airlines like Yo Frontier Airlines Nova al Pas camard Thello,
So I come into two planets, two competitors Frontier the

FI so now not that's good news. And Amrita by
Templement and no Normal Maria Contra must t s a
most busy our of the Semana Memoro, the Weekend Yes

mont or ex Number record, the vi Heros Verano Milan
guard Personas and brann is is he gonna play? Play
to grave man he is a solo play to all,

Chloe is aa aria a number, the are ari l.

Speaker 3 (02:47):
His case is present as part as the stand commercial
Teles Juntos, the podcast.

Speaker 2 (02:55):
Aleskaskuchen you even you can't.

Speaker 5 (03:09):
Perrito Monter manager and be any case who over perfect
Nicky jam, I don't know what.

Speaker 2 (03:19):
Yo story. It's the podcast Carlos Whome podcast you Housing
Home podcast cast and a part of the then a
part can tell Moon, the Hohome podcast can tell then
reality showing like Amos, the g p T and the Cala,

the amsos and so you know camsos not you. I'm
pretty sire. You have to show you spin off show.

Speaker 3 (03:54):
Okay, see okay, see that, okay, no novel. Marip Rom said,
yeah lost perfectos our cat is Arianna, Silo, Pigio Lo
lorac Alyska c I real Mite.

Speaker 2 (04:11):
Romancic Ketty Arianna.

Speaker 6 (04:13):
So this.

Speaker 2 (04:18):
Is your pet Leva Christian.

Speaker 3 (04:27):
Dinner, Christian Okay, solo okay a list oh like Alesta
and Travis.

Speaker 2 (04:41):
Farm like so so and Fama Claros introp entropy christ
Look I move tore again the Sports Telemundo and Hey

Creaky Santas hard Kind Podcast.

Speaker 1 (05:13):
And Hey Creaky Santas Hardt Podcast.

Speaker 2 (05:20):
One of the Happy Monday everybody, Thanks for listening, Thanks
for waking with us. Can know this this again, you
can yegging al matrimonial easy very most of the one.

Speaker 7 (05:39):
I'm not ptemonial and it's when I'm with Ramon and
it's too steample San with steam mulos physical.

Speaker 2 (05:49):
Mental Lando and with this is it loc I met
depot not Hey TikTok no no a b here, matrimonial

comb quando company afflic parando Batman j Yes and to
sing besar st in Timida a altar st in Timid New.

Speaker 8 (06:28):
Besito, Creaky Santos.

Speaker 2 (06:35):
Podcast, Matrimonio j Loo like a man who from mark
mana no no no romo ex morison here the ben
Affleck all right, well it is you don't believe, I

don't know port Ca Paparazzio Jelfs and the altar Proos
Mira el Caso j LOI benefl like a perfect borgos
comer planet the planets personas and Ali got up a bend.

Don't get no porque by the boy be you know
that no I okay para TikTok and chaos no sar

and trying and pe you beat al matrimonio.

Speaker 3 (08:01):
That's very most manizes.

Speaker 5 (08:03):
The par pemonial and it's dan and it's too steam
posts sales stimulos, physicamento.

Speaker 2 (08:14):
Land in local is three profo, oh yes, Hamila maga
in to the show of Paris and Mandil and some
from and red cosas can when.

Speaker 7 (08:38):
In Moss and Santia in America Portano.

Speaker 2 (08:48):
Hashtag super cringe. And I think it's a close to DNA. Yes,
annual conservation are para and decided Yes, Andrique, let's go
with androo he Andrew.

Speaker 9 (09:09):
The ganta I do matrimonial.

Speaker 2 (09:19):
Andrew took gay LOTAO Polo likes lotl being on jamagam
Popolo likes lou Yes andri qu A f four nine
three seven Thury six seventy four in Satia. Then Basso
singing to me that g chando to no to relation

diego with him al Altara I meant to see le
fun and fun you know.

Speaker 8 (09:46):
Sent Creaky Santos podcast t I s C.

Speaker 2 (09:58):
You to be hang a mat ammonia yes, anddri que
you know TikTokers and you know bald O know so no, no,
no no, I'm gonna come melemas like in d C
M B wow.

Speaker 8 (10:19):
Let me.

Speaker 2 (10:21):
Yeah, I'm sorry men so the inco and.

Speaker 1 (10:41):
Cristian lore K.

Speaker 2 (10:48):
Serament and you know you Parson, oh no, you know
Justice you to see your tremendo okay fro and.

Speaker 6 (10:59):
Me ce.

Speaker 2 (11:03):
Mama and a super ban me Mama like maman and
les ye Marino okayn tann happy tank contains to problem.

Speaker 3 (11:29):
No not.

Speaker 2 (11:32):
He didn't given the solo tamento.

Speaker 3 (11:38):
Viaso that curiosy that's okayama basis in my ands l
D the theti mida this is no so okay you no,
it's as soon as graam party and last.

Speaker 2 (11:54):
Right and I see a Netflix be the Netflix and
show Netflix and pray oh see you can be com
be COOMBI young and no no co part.

Speaker 4 (12:14):
Yeah yes, so you see basil.

Speaker 2 (12:24):
Qualit analysis there to take the qualet analyses analysis that
it's the table.

Speaker 5 (12:39):
Do you.

Speaker 2 (12:45):
Say that looks gentifigure, the want when there there when
they are.

Speaker 9 (12:57):
So mentally he's a gay ye mac loc.

Speaker 2 (13:10):
So is no yes, no yes, and dri qu for
four nine three seven thtery six seventy four. You gotta
beating on matrimonial wo no.

Speaker 8 (13:22):
Hey, creaky Santos podcast one of.

Speaker 2 (13:27):
The times, and TikTok he's okay, I gotta beating on
matrimonial so so no yes, in no easy that in
most of.

Speaker 6 (13:41):
Pemonial and.

Speaker 2 (13:44):
Provo beating yes, endrique practical, Okay, you cancy going.

Speaker 6 (13:56):
In hello one of here? No yes, when I mean
Jose inserrament and creo Joe digo, Mammy s premri mercia
many laudando to John there is your ja mimo a

ten sito cosa no hett peco nola.

Speaker 2 (14:31):
Ponga wow, you know, and like to Leo we.

Speaker 6 (14:40):
Have Now that's a lutaments the brutal men see exacto malo.

Speaker 3 (14:51):

Speaker 6 (14:52):
I'll go in legal, I'll go marlow and then yes,
he says to t Skills.

Speaker 3 (15:03):
Stostam being portia and cressido contanto tumus casara jolosston mamus
ca sara there is jagara utro passos.

Speaker 2 (15:21):
My press, I say semno is l o t s momento.

Speaker 6 (15:37):
Matrimonial I.

Speaker 2 (15:43):
Kevin mac yeah, DiPT camo or.

Speaker 6 (15:53):
I see I all go, I mean one of the
pend depend and more and amoral acho for the okay
you huna on a persona of samente and erma and
mend the mira elbaso albaso am tripea it co couentes

a persona persona kay no solo teva being and persona cametam.

Speaker 2 (16:26):
Exact exact company having so being so beating behaming be
and beninco Wow, okay.

Speaker 9 (16:45):
Miami relating. Everybody said what no man ligion Mario, no book,
mamal to go just sea mediama cool for me, you

gonna you know.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
I can't.

Speaker 4 (17:13):
I can't get that with the way elementary stripla fantastic.

Speaker 2 (17:20):
No no no, you look at and Miami in Miami.

Speaker 9 (17:27):
In santo in something.

Speaker 2 (17:30):
Madamente santo or you may not legion, ok so and
just correct sue Mama met your male for like leci oklon.

Speaker 9 (17:49):
Like lets like les Mama, Mama pato piata.

Speaker 5 (17:56):
You know.

Speaker 2 (17:59):
And okay, I know there is a terror.

Speaker 3 (18:02):
Combalo respect as mo hairs tournament.

Speaker 2 (18:11):
No SIGNIFICU. Yes, your chic war. That's where John Love.
That's a mo tm B I from.

Speaker 9 (18:28):
Your come part. No crimino.

Speaker 2 (18:44):
Mal and you have my own port.

Speaker 8 (19:02):
No, I mean the who.

Speaker 2 (19:07):
You only had to do your and you close it?
How do you they bell and kills it?

Speaker 1 (19:12):
Floriak Santos Creaky Santoce

Speaker 8 (19:20):
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