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March 9, 2023 8 mins

El doctor Issa respondió a las dudas sobre el insomnio, la importancia de dormir bien y el uso de las inyecciones de moda para bajar de peso y sus riesgos como el Ozempic.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Que santos podcast lotor is welcome, doctor, how are you?
And thank you for being here? Um famosompic oil we

go uh and cerio, you know this persona gastric by

passing bypass doctor Harold bypass the bypass in grand in

sing no no scartis a broducer obstruction inclusive in person

no vetico pero m dia vetica oko no porque mass

in selina injectas gondo come is pancrea seuna persona como
como personlando not produce cellula and beta cells. There you go,

ohlo expert of the is a algo no h reproducing
producing movieing la persona me being pego no the also

doctors implemented or I used to and you want to
doctor persona aura no no person is muccio no no

paging doctor Valezuela doctor paging doctor Ramirez or the emergency
room place extreme have a doctor on the Can you

gonna be so momentozheimers? Okay? The person retroactive study, retrospective

study persona no person super sonia in c C no

a real all right zempic face Yeah, maybe is that true?

If you're jogging? Let the actual guy who went to
school for this answer, now the real answer. Look, we
have two hundred and something muscles in the face. Etomico no, no,

no bueno. They can tello, tello, cambia pero not a

concert l Instagram, d R Moises Creeky, santos Po Podcast
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