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May 15, 2024 18 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Creaky Santos podcast.

Speaker 2 (00:08):
Fade Year from the pop Up A year in Miami
is a brick to show the videos the fans, the
fade the pop up concert and Hunter, the Brico with Miami,
Downtown Miami and the Tobarcos look at seeing to the

middle personas know not polto personae around can extra see.

Speaker 3 (00:37):
The diament.

Speaker 4 (00:40):
Cis and guy you go to, I didn't do it correctly.

Speaker 5 (00:47):
Brenda O Coast Guard.

Speaker 2 (00:53):
Momento game in Miami, conta coriente so you're looking for
roll down he is her roll down. No no no,
I can said the ponzalaf I mean Harold in the
propa at the Paso and the King and Taming by Ceo.

The video Barco Pasoa qiando in Laos was on bing
p Rossell Police get put the real control the personasa
menlo Policeymo para cat part like the Young Ky in
Downtown Miami and persona candles and us casas al condominio,

the viola calo Miami parat concert to pop up you
see a person a mente conve and iloi al programma
contento trivitatl language Sure Socialist and contin tanto virtuos Suhira

I Delta land Hutto and ant O Miole Department Policia
Miami and Tania man Solbreto or Plato Repetalo fans pet
pert al Punto and organizalla in sus fans the interest

until el caos color d form VirtIO lay in Miami
Downtown videos and entas the Instagram, Facebook and Santo show
the Mr Coles Kings and Gina Florida da luc and
s Lui.

Speaker 6 (02:50):
Timo informed the US News and World report 's as
the matricula altas that's as the gradua and see that
as public as a maas excels examines s A T
E A c t a c k f see that
graduando los exostos metamic just.

Speaker 7 (03:17):
S that.

Speaker 2 (03:23):
Madridas you so Madril, Gina anita Udo.

Speaker 6 (03:33):
Pork or k pork pu soon as photos and tregrandos
and ceremonia, the Sante Ria perm sco Charty heroes, a
b C mamoiselle looks.

Speaker 7 (03:52):
Alra and you know the prat Cado's really here slican
doomble listane and as critical fans cat or list and
this is the best pluma the po and the story
and instagram Ma and and solamented those born intolerances and

to be the other and ye Partica Loo must popular
in Brazil as plum Yeah he so implemented and pre

different like Ransia.

Speaker 3 (04:39):
Circum know that body hasn't said song album and.

Speaker 5 (04:47):
Sol album.

Speaker 2 (04:51):
Effect the know, you know, getting a on the fans
seeing those okay and the VIDEOSO super ferencia crecia really
affect that you look to treat extreme mimo to momentos
you know real lam Yeah.

Speaker 6 (05:17):
I see Claro is mit Anderna. You're not pluly.

Speaker 3 (05:26):
Ertando you know Aleska Yeah, I don't understand.

Speaker 5 (05:32):
Compleat on man.

Speaker 4 (05:35):
Then then you have Aleska who did something complete, I
mean the one contrad They all then get to them
whatever like Nikki jam You know what I'm saying, Like,
come on, dude.

Speaker 5 (05:49):
Tomented to you.

Speaker 8 (05:55):
Really you.

Speaker 2 (05:57):
Like come and persona and Cafe So when I really
repay the last and ante day accept and yaulment accept
c h.

Speaker 5 (06:11):
As maritos as you know.

Speaker 9 (06:15):
Is the.

Speaker 5 (06:17):
Lambri presso co persona no.

Speaker 2 (06:23):
Plaudun likes tools who Commentary.

Speaker 1 (06:29):
And Creaky santas Hord podcast and Creaky santas Hord.

Speaker 2 (06:46):
Podcast one of the felissa mane mir coles Ma manita
grico may like colon or sentiment Clara, prolema andre wye
a police simple h the shu and turn to continue socialists.

Speaker 10 (07:04):
Our lot post.

Speaker 7 (07:15):
So mucho Inmosira, I problem pro sal.

Speaker 10 (07:26):
Mosel come on like no, not that and.

Speaker 2 (07:30):
Town oh yeah, I algos combertios a position a coma venezulana,
mahi fluento re socialist camed.

Speaker 5 (07:41):
Los collapse cho go on Paris. Hilton called jaquira.

Speaker 2 (07:47):
W Linda the pa as he said, as willing happened
not and part had you know, like a s socialists, Yeah,
you know, to Pelro, thea sui too, you know.

Speaker 3 (08:02):
Is bidas yerra so no I stam being.

Speaker 2 (08:09):
Pactica and canta ver algo true in the planet room
tabular constant to your personally to yes and Rique four
four nine three, seven Thury six seventy four.

Speaker 1 (08:28):
Creaky Santos.

Speaker 2 (08:32):
Podcastle pere la scon combine and s the Serro and
Mo went to pomenos and prolemas clar.

Speaker 11 (08:50):
And treat muchomos.

Speaker 10 (09:06):
And I problem, I problem my salve come on like no,
not that and no.

Speaker 2 (09:20):
S l pel and c affect you part the photos
photo on the Mabe todoto.

Speaker 4 (09:30):
Came back to photo no no you poland little sorry
let yes yes Pueto he had a good bad ugly
everything in between.

Speaker 5 (09:44):
You know my consider on a brisona sex no m.

Speaker 2 (09:49):
A photo and the maohn p and is to solo
and photo look and listen photo Ami and Rick Contro
thirst trap and said we like mana and prolema photo help.

Speaker 5 (10:10):
Klo crito com macho when you are quote the algo
the only liro. It is a problem RelA young Premio.

Speaker 2 (10:24):
Exact Colo compartes ya and regular problems and the problem
relasim Yes Andrique harald To and Ta persona and two
Instagram for hamplold Radio two comparties Cosa personally tanto them.

Speaker 5 (10:49):
See you know you.

Speaker 2 (10:52):
And the critic Gona Kwando and socially and say intend
socally parenting me and tool so see your your come
considered okay, so funny la pongo show la pongo because
a personal not to though Henderson Mosa and win away

the leo.

Speaker 8 (11:16):
Not getting.

Speaker 10 (11:19):
No I mean.

Speaker 2 (11:23):
Is pad me d d and why she is coronati
utel present I could to don't Stega and Hangelia la

mano This is the Hookahs.

Speaker 5 (11:48):
Yes, yell to.

Speaker 2 (11:54):
Guadro and Juola par has public and constant and arrest
Qualasio too experience hit us up eight for four Yes,
Rick show and drink Santos.

Speaker 1 (12:06):
Tricky Santos.

Speaker 5 (12:09):
Podcast, No Babby one of the Persona m part and
social co photo.

Speaker 2 (12:21):
Quasi to experience Buena Yes Enrique Imo contact to go
on your soil one as.

Speaker 9 (12:27):
Well, too happy very good morning, I happ.

Speaker 5 (12:36):
Happy, very good morning. Grandi remo.

Speaker 8 (12:43):
Demo as well, No programente okay, I mean come on
like yes you know photo come on the hill, come
on you Pero seen personal I mean and Timundo that's

just too much drama m video so I again move
and corona.

Speaker 9 (13:14):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 8 (13:15):
Your corona. T'm being the loko perro and temundo bay
look to you.

Speaker 2 (13:25):
To talment on it to your sell comeo see dio
and and you count x two your para photoels curios.

Speaker 5 (13:38):
To okay, ignored.

Speaker 9 (13:51):
By Bravado and you can go songe were as well,
get hen toxic hand bully and blow Prince and and
alguin and getting controllers Persona.

Speaker 2 (14:15):
We Tranpa you can know well ban Ganiarlos Henke and
quentas and conjunto mister and missus and facebooks away you
know mister and missus Gonzales photo the first and promo
prom and prom king and Queen Perutine you know train
A quarentinos.

Speaker 8 (14:39):

Speaker 2 (14:39):
I can't then let them mean you know so technologico
junto I going to bio and you know jud to
you mo com photo you know super in fill like
tell meo I mak bully and the dipo at the

photo the teple midio mio bamon William the William at
the tiple mio me your me your miyo.

Speaker 12 (15:15):
Why not them bro No John pero tengo okay to okay,
So like loulu to mo.

Speaker 3 (15:36):
Booth us pressing me and plo son clam oh yeah
to pasa ma.

Speaker 5 (15:51):
Macho man.

Speaker 2 (15:54):
Okay William, lady you know the a lady do you
letty your boot choosing the Instagram?

Speaker 5 (16:01):
Would you.

Speaker 8 (16:03):
Know in poor.

Speaker 9 (16:07):
You know if you were rive you know to you
tho you know.

Speaker 3 (16:24):
Photos or really.

Speaker 5 (16:30):
To sign gin and loos the.

Speaker 3 (16:34):
Instagram Majornyong and retic.

Speaker 5 (16:39):
Coms before him blows Thanksgiving and sue o suez.

Speaker 9 (16:53):
Me on your trankia see you know I can I get.

Speaker 5 (16:59):
And lanar.

Speaker 2 (17:11):
Cryption to have to Instagram is one of pound description
into Instagram. I you onto Facebook cause this young neutral.

Speaker 12 (17:20):
That you know your woman's.

Speaker 10 (17:26):
When you wanted some boo.

Speaker 3 (17:30):
Get film, I turned them.

Speaker 5 (17:39):
Agree text those tress.

Speaker 2 (17:47):
Letton triquots and and tepo and no publica or contained MACHOs.

Speaker 9 (17:55):
No no, no, you.

Speaker 12 (17:59):
Sa lok.

Speaker 7 (18:01):
You know.

Speaker 9 (18:03):
Eurota movie and it is.

Speaker 5 (18:09):
Yes andri k for four nine, three, seven, thirty six,
seventy four.

Speaker 6 (18:12):
You know again, Let's focus Brenda and cavesn k B.

Speaker 3 (18:16):
And there were that and I'll tell you.

Speaker 5 (18:18):
I'll tell you something real quick and real quick.

Speaker 2 (18:21):
Longer get the n K helic control socially no humbre
oh control outy.

Speaker 1 (18:31):
Creaky Santos podcast
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