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May 16, 2024 22 mins

Tras la pregunta que Enrique le hizo a Aleska de La Casa de los Famosos, su respuesta se fue viral y dio mucho de qué hablar. 

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Cricky Santos podcast streaming live and radio the Scar.

Speaker 2 (00:14):
Wherever you go.

Speaker 3 (00:15):
You mean Enrique Santo's podcast or.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
No, and they're gonna tell then like.

Speaker 3 (00:31):
Endrique Santos Show, Happy Thursday, Everybody Mining Friday, Gina Gina
el Pasado, fla bajo poco pressio, com.

Speaker 4 (00:40):
Yes la vivienda si subiendo Federal, Greglain Flacion that cal
Mando po is the s super mercaos cap los precious
is Ildi Parliamento elves pelo.

Speaker 2 (01:02):
Yeah, yeah guy, how.

Speaker 5 (01:06):
Alium super macalo tried to prop Yeah, the coos the.

Speaker 4 (01:14):
Contra mean no, not the mate mona sincos and tabossa
undo jevasto the world.

Speaker 2 (01:25):
Price mean the super marical persona com ye look rito
storage the.

Speaker 3 (01:43):
Sorry try to serve that and look locritos and the
cover and so many and when handel press the anti persona,
the o b O Narkian.

Speaker 2 (02:00):
Yeah, but the runt t Coudron, the mano.

Speaker 3 (02:06):
Laboration la Africa normand no wal prop hen Erica, the
laventa and narla sal much persona.

Speaker 2 (02:21):
And barto.

Speaker 3 (02:22):
The policy has either umberto the fire rescue in national
or the turn person in ar can lasses. The op
is is not not in people the effecto and in
ja revolutionaryment, Cambiago Yes, Gina ko gi Uh Lamento Mucho, Machova,

Moosa school.

Speaker 4 (02:51):
Chart and Amentido Caro g the s poet commentmos portistan.

Speaker 6 (03:00):
Present honestly because aca every.

Speaker 2 (03:05):
Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 3 (03:08):
That like.

Speaker 6 (03:11):
Those two sex novious look oh no yours whatever me
No so learn so let.

Speaker 4 (03:18):
No implemented, No legos mariscos Leonard.

Speaker 6 (03:27):
M that's all.

Speaker 2 (03:32):
That's a white lie, is the.

Speaker 7 (03:36):

Speaker 2 (03:36):
That's when we pick no so eric So alerica.

Speaker 3 (03:40):
No po como coms okay no salu come you yeah,
I say, do not like Cosina per implemented, okay, so Leo,

Maria Repetta, in.

Speaker 2 (04:05):
Redo this.

Speaker 6 (04:07):
J la persona and Cambia too Main I'm gonna make you.

Speaker 2 (04:11):
Like this and then you know they take the credit.

Speaker 3 (04:13):
Chico Yoka cas when form America Caro this is sate.

Speaker 2 (04:20):
To you Plateau and.

Speaker 5 (04:22):
Tobagoaco are you not Amira? And in them maloa young binol.

Speaker 7 (04:41):
Let me go.

Speaker 3 (04:43):
Said on the loa in Hong Kong and main in
Lachina and Hindu Alimento plata Gina de la jasilas the
Comerica to to Plateau Laila al no in.

Speaker 6 (04:59):
Mano is that to take.

Speaker 2 (05:04):
It was an image words.

Speaker 4 (05:07):
Really that lokay a s in the soon ony g on.

Speaker 6 (05:11):
They can google leo so they can on.

Speaker 4 (05:17):
Oh Javi okayla rose blanco nala.

Speaker 6 (05:23):
Al al as embolic So.

Speaker 2 (05:28):
You got.

Speaker 3 (05:32):
How am in Santo Domingo see Plaongo, Creaky Santa.

Speaker 1 (05:53):
Podcast, Creaky Santas podcast, one of.

Speaker 3 (06:03):
The Happy Thursday when Difficult Otras Mohris Yes Andrique Marando
MBAs also and the reality show and Telemundo.

Speaker 2 (06:21):
Participants here and reality show Candela Yes.

Speaker 3 (06:34):
Tempund here and Para Alea Henes Plema and La Casa
Gons not the plem Soris.

Speaker 8 (06:47):
Andrique Punto pre conflicto Legos Petrea mos.

Speaker 3 (07:05):
La Polemica y as with al conversation Telemundo guad then
through like Casa Medas Pork and Tanta para sing Otras
Mouhris and ri K eight for four nine, three seventy six,

seventy four, Good Morning.

Speaker 7 (07:28):
Celts, Creaky Santos.

Speaker 3 (07:33):
Podcast, The Morning Santos Thursday Whoever pre socilgunt and Difficult
Patras mos Ul participants in like Casas.

Speaker 2 (07:50):
Near El.

Speaker 3 (07:53):
Punta Aleska Hennes repuetas and new biral Co prolemas in
la caasa con perno prolema.

Speaker 8 (08:02):
Solo interna pregunto porque okay there in conflicto REGOs competes.

Speaker 2 (08:24):
Telemundo alando check it out, imber.

Speaker 8 (08:31):
Momental like Lirique Santos als yes, prolemas if I look
at mundo, Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 3 (08:42):
You can you.

Speaker 4 (08:47):
Know Savis j Into, Kelska contesto and Primera Persona Yeah
I love a Comavlando, the ajams my just JTella competencya
dechous compagnas and dicho trust the last mass Lin that's

the gamos, la miss uni verso, la mis colombel romee
per n media play lot and.

Speaker 6 (09:19):
Toss croquest Lando, the com.

Speaker 5 (09:24):
Competency Condola, mola precated cosentia conto into say yes it's
necessity center Latin to sola to sorry and to say

I competence more sombre no los sombres lottdo tra kipo
so sorry.

Speaker 3 (09:53):
Yes and que eight four four nine, three seventy six
seventy four difficult Mira mean, look, this is a low
participants want ye low participant like altictricate being say yeah
a Lando to.

Speaker 2 (10:11):
The name, no.

Speaker 6 (10:17):
Christ, the new conflict.

Speaker 9 (10:21):
Can Calvidia the whole Burgos contest, croquees fors for competencial Yes.

Speaker 3 (10:36):

Speaker 9 (10:40):
Some fortest start competing.

Speaker 2 (10:43):
Look, so that's the previous contact.

Speaker 4 (10:53):
Presume the.

Speaker 6 (10:58):
Supposition is the is the myl coon j cal contestant.

Speaker 2 (11:06):
So it's not La Vita and the.

Speaker 6 (11:17):

Speaker 2 (11:19):
Yes and difficult Ditras.

Speaker 7 (11:26):
Creaky Santos.

Speaker 3 (11:29):
Podcast, Good Morning, Happy Thursday, every dams and conference, Prince
and part advantis here Mia para cafe, pork prolemas and
la casa.

Speaker 2 (11:50):
Prolema. Yes, enricaults a very extreme again.

Speaker 10 (12:03):
Abigail, good morning?

Speaker 2 (12:06):
Why do women? Why can't I get along with others?

Speaker 3 (12:09):

Speaker 2 (12:10):
Okay, well.

Speaker 11 (12:13):
All there s fellows.

Speaker 8 (12:18):
Your crekay for me for the hen blow you.

Speaker 11 (12:24):
Okay, pen.

Speaker 1 (12:29):
And okay?

Speaker 2 (12:31):
What is your jo?

Speaker 6 (12:33):
The what I know?

Speaker 1 (12:36):
Yea mark.

Speaker 2 (12:40):
You gott okay call it you gottay call.

Speaker 3 (12:43):
Martis people at me when Markers they said, whatever you
call you okay, Hell's hell.

Speaker 2 (12:54):
You know broke code it broke So no, no, no no.

Speaker 3 (12:58):
The were.

Speaker 2 (13:00):
And comparting and salon.

Speaker 7 (13:04):
Is no, no no.

Speaker 3 (13:05):
It's the people who phenomenal to waki to simon vida
loc you and go called into and Teresa and march.

Speaker 6 (13:21):
Pendrique you intend thee not carnal macho.

Speaker 4 (13:24):
Yeah look to tennis verse felices commo to stas macho
no sonic wi felices eras to like lat and super.

Speaker 8 (13:47):
Le him.

Speaker 1 (13:57):

Speaker 3 (13:58):
Thank you have a good day man having with Almeno
manuel o money you cass count and sugara cosa boom
parent cot cos campania, the audio, the b the selo

lacem brew.

Speaker 2 (14:21):
Yeah see you no money, see me mo p mo
no come gimbre you know met.

Speaker 7 (14:46):
B Li.

Speaker 2 (14:50):
S cuenta lu.

Speaker 4 (15:00):
Perfect gass, stamos thendo mass and media you know stamoso
masquer penzablo oh mens my group set the champo samos plante.

Speaker 2 (15:17):
When competent will come at I'm always got to la
or I wanted to everything.

Speaker 8 (15:29):
I want.

Speaker 11 (15:31):
Yeah yeah, yeah, okay for priss So Martin ceros mas
buenosnco la caa the like make and did so on

competence here some competitl ma that okay, km be as
soon as competing pars.

Speaker 3 (16:11):
Why you know. And Serra and rique a F four
nine three seven thirty six seventy four.

Speaker 7 (16:25):
Cricky Santos.

Speaker 3 (16:29):
Podcast driest conflicto and manos l elm massin Sero eight
four four.

Speaker 2 (16:43):
Yes, and ricadis one of the.

Speaker 10 (16:45):
See wente comparanta so brido man alesta una persona and

ma like como ke.

Speaker 11 (17:18):
Com com.

Speaker 7 (17:22):

Speaker 10 (17:25):
See your competencial is it a competent okay ma and
show general you are.

Speaker 2 (17:36):
Delivered that k my competency dilema. This implemented.

Speaker 3 (17:45):
Your report daughter participanties if well, productions.

Speaker 2 (17:55):
Participants, you're not doing control pun to falter repetto.

Speaker 10 (18:03):
No no no no no no no no no no implemented.

Speaker 1 (18:08):

Speaker 10 (18:08):
Cracola U vocala is a bear at a persona ta
coular like a d n a la post like the
ya collor problem. You know you cannaperate.

Speaker 1 (18:29):
Problem mondo per.

Speaker 2 (18:33):
The reality is that look you know me, you know.

Speaker 3 (18:40):
You know.

Speaker 10 (18:43):
Y like competence v any maria multiplicam. He says you
a competencia hic into Yeah, basy joky Sierra Sierra Canara.

Speaker 11 (19:10):
Yeah but.

Speaker 10 (19:12):
Canla talam Toronto man yeah, Mari.

Speaker 2 (19:17):
Pilar want okay ya no yeah, okay yeah yeah yaqui Sierra.

Speaker 12 (19:35):
Basic man not Angle Report.

Speaker 6 (19:44):
Top three, the top three, there's three prices in Premier Maripi.

Speaker 12 (19:50):
Daisy Mari because Clarosa Leantalando and program Lampilia.

Speaker 10 (20:04):
Maripiam Clarompilli you know yea and show your hey. Let's
come on a persona town shoes Ma. It's a problematica
but gonna cosa hugar yes and claro on of coursas

hugar youtra cosas fald respedo, look at your posday.

Speaker 3 (20:37):
See you two has an and a conferenceial Princa Aleca ken.

Speaker 10 (20:47):
The only has a bi show Aleca Creo cares la persona.
Mass Intelli handed the show because.

Speaker 2 (20:59):
To look at the pere.

Speaker 3 (21:12):
Day Aria like hero to the Miamis watch party and
Tarrano the the Calo Lunas and Miami Soa, Miami Plado,
Lune Camsos watch party Lunas and lower Tournan Telemundo and

luran so. Thenet changed the Northwest me Temprano sot un
gral camso a watch partio conmisically to a watching party
a trim Tijingo call that can they see the like

our lamna.

Speaker 7 (22:19):
And be sent creaky Santos.

Speaker 1 (22:24):
What podcast
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