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May 24, 2024 17 mins

Eva Méndes demostró que hay cosas que los latinos hacemos que nadie más hace.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Cricky Santos.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
Podcast, Good Morning, Happy Friday shows us if we had
the Pasa.

Speaker 3 (00:12):
Hero, the Delta Airlines, Stade mandand the dollar is di
costilla hue thoasos m pio is the reposols okay zuelo
is ula rego s contorijdico mada and yeah the Stade

Manda costilla if you the other you medic coestavan and
costa on.

Speaker 4 (00:45):
The dueto que passion sina and sina from when punto
tevana like the bads Harold and Harold.

Speaker 3 (01:10):
Intando redore to consume of the sal at tension c
because the liver say that they happened, and the royadocha
like tricamula para sbor sal lado the laco see the
la comida in cippato beneficials doing gold pedestals in Miedo.

Deket to press On Arterial said, this parana real maintains
is the coucharall is so lamentido Santa is poniveless.

Speaker 4 (01:47):
Deficial our.

Speaker 3 (01:50):
Sal re abslado singla commit really.

Speaker 4 (01:57):
Electric cord.

Speaker 3 (02:04):
Gambier, the para contarsl para oh you go musica, the
me you know, the miss crushed Marcantoni, pusta casa con
conuna mos yes, Olivia Ki cantante dambi ah comlo sa

Josia cantar Google Ye como canta bastante pero croao comoke
so intends you in sea como se pass Yeah, get
the inten praciso cantar no solamente model yes and preciso

cantante our casa machines el cant cantante marc Antoni rametto
LEAs disco prospers and was quite guerti formica no s
what any and what any GUNI is l idioma or

los idio mas officialist the Olivia the okamos esculture so
Linda Melodia just danist maslida Alan Sarlos a.

Speaker 4 (03:30):
Leur m.

Speaker 3 (03:33):
Canta moviec Keetrio.

Speaker 1 (03:39):
Creaky Santa podcast, Creaky Santas podcast.

Speaker 4 (03:52):
Man But the point on the instagram on the a
this platos it is couano. Check it out.

Speaker 3 (04:03):
Plant I trying to cocina not tak.

Speaker 4 (04:15):
Yeah you kula you do cosina trustee Yeah Plato a
mano this was I think she's just talking about being cleaned.

Speaker 3 (04:33):
Our mere contrast and let lava plato clasona.

Speaker 2 (04:40):
Amano overnight look when not cocarag and yeah not know
gonna cat and to casa guarag you know ya Turin
but casa I cook quarter clarog for four class NY

three seventh th six seventy four, Termina frances no ky
no a Latino, Yeah, Gails, Spanos nor scutos con cornalo
coendo no know every co.

Speaker 3 (05:27):
Respondent Puerto col permos right to Capara, the silos, pornos.

Speaker 4 (05:33):
G Pasaro, Lena text to see quana no a for
four yes, Andriquez and Loso no Columbiana for four yes,
Rica Quater Garing and Ken the corner there was not

you know love how long you know?

Speaker 3 (06:10):
And the po.

Speaker 4 (06:15):
And fish come back? Look what is.

Speaker 2 (06:21):

Speaker 3 (06:22):
You know them yellow? A know sala con.

Speaker 4 (06:29):
Brooke bun you know the do you know you know what?
And lambassade la man. Yeah, I cannot believe it's not
butter country you know ever that you know brown country country, crock.

Speaker 2 (06:56):
See not.

Speaker 4 (06:58):
Feel is yeah, the cos and tin can like.

Speaker 2 (07:04):
You know exactly, Dramjse and Boston away Boston Termina do
hotel la France no okay.

Speaker 4 (07:10):
No Latino no mo.

Speaker 3 (07:13):
Caf latino.

Speaker 4 (07:17):
Kuk In bent Guano.

Speaker 2 (07:24):
Uana Gray Jose a for four Yes, drique Quadron, the
quatro Lejandro and homestead aver Alejandro.

Speaker 4 (07:31):
No okay, no Latino that the yagua see the farm,
the farm.

Speaker 2 (07:51):
Wod sal host then impost a four four nine three

seven Thury six seventy four. Yeah, maa termina la frasse
see no ka no ris Latino.

Speaker 1 (08:21):
I know, Hey, Creaky Santos podcast, Good morning Lando.

Speaker 4 (08:31):
They like em this n.

Speaker 2 (08:34):
Socialist Kuana, you know, Lava plantos, you know, Limpia to
Cosina com like Kuana and Ceo Latino and and Latina
Organiza Cocina solo Latino as pacifica mente la fra poetmina
la frase, termina la frasci see no k no ris Latino.

Speaker 4 (08:54):
I'm gonna called Michael in Atlanta. Michael, Yeah, what's good?
Rick Tamo m we do not do not or not.

Speaker 2 (09:12):
Absolutely lay storage and the heating.

Speaker 4 (09:23):
Yeah. Yeah, you said about a platicac exactly plassic.

Speaker 3 (09:32):
As to the instagram this you know where the suna boils.
And then through the yes, the plastical Latino.

Speaker 2 (09:45):
There you go, mamatend the super macals pla bols and
into certain Ari gavet and you're thinking my bols a
platical and supermercal.

Speaker 4 (09:59):
Over you never know poop bag Charlie and yes bos
are you lo Perito park and parkling U the ruing No,
the okay Latino.

Speaker 3 (10:23):
Pion to put.

Speaker 4 (10:26):
Can't let all okay to come.

Speaker 5 (10:30):
But h.

Speaker 4 (10:34):
Champoo usually.

Speaker 3 (10:40):
Know mabe leando this not when Solana sacrifica so vi coletto. Okay,
all right, last come cit has some yellows T shirts
and some pr.

Speaker 4 (11:02):
Man you get get the rest.

Speaker 2 (11:09):
The more more look a s implement the good change
mute for a Hemples to the mute is you know
strim you know, okay, some money now?

Speaker 4 (11:20):
And then Rodney and Naples you know they are Rodney okay, Latino,
Yeah you know it's you know it's no.

Speaker 2 (11:35):
Oh yeah, Rodney gras Mano Artino and Chang Naples, d
J pool and Philly d J Pool Pool time here man.

Speaker 4 (11:47):
You know said, oh you see no Olympias like music
the elena or no Latinos don't do gaza. No you know,
oh you know that cat? You know that cat?

Speaker 2 (12:09):
You Aluelo, No, I can tell you got you pe
te portrigant at all Lanco extreme the ways over here
because you know Pa borriqua no Dominican no no no
rock and webl Frido roblancol free to cat you okay,

I know it got you a pa Frita, got you
a boding Catu Aluelo you yes, Andrique Aron ram no
see okay no Latino roum yo ma wa se bo

look on the by Miami couna port in public called
Maleta las.

Speaker 4 (13:09):
Window Yeah now yah one mind for four.

Speaker 2 (13:20):
Yes and drink yeah via La frances no k no
latinos okay no Latino quarter quatron tret quatro sans Cricky
Santos podcast two Morning Santos Quatro for four, nine, three, seven,
thirty six, seventy four Lando man this la trees but

on Instagram platos to no ku wana and for four
yes and dri queeti la frances Se no ok no
Latino quart quat see no ns una pintura photo the esus.

Speaker 4 (14:01):
And allow no Latino Yes Marcantonio sol see to.

Speaker 2 (14:14):
See the pensando Jose a bookkeeper on marc Era Ermano
or midtipos loose like.

Speaker 6 (14:27):
Latino long, I'll go effect to a television. They would
stop what they were doing, and it was like yeah,
Pausa and momentary he.

Speaker 3 (14:40):
So exactly not sooner with Maria and to cass Latino
you not you, Pio, who's the child? See no comes Chile, Latino.

Speaker 4 (14:55):
See not the n S, see not the n s.

Speaker 2 (14:58):
Picante And to Almosticana a for four yes andriquea Georgia
Uri one of the Uri Okay Latino, you know a
fist you mean moment but more like Claro concert this

ticket to the metal Bano so you you weren't coming?
You are coming on mon Gracia Natasha and Philly one
of the Natasha you know Latino when.

Speaker 3 (15:33):
Not Rias he know so so reviviented.

Speaker 4 (15:37):
Chan jaquan Latino. We were just Enrique Santos Latino.

Speaker 2 (15:51):
Everybody I want to call Leo Ellis and Miami we
know the Elle okay Latino?

Speaker 4 (15:57):
What else you're more constanto bars se no who else? Boy?
Who are the Domino? No Latin.

Speaker 5 (16:10):

Speaker 4 (16:11):
You know where Latino? And cancl yes there but she
pap late this.

Speaker 3 (16:21):
Labin it is Latino. Maybe it's containplate that it is Latin.

Speaker 4 (16:27):
You know, like I said, it's sold bumpies and plata Latino. No, no, no,
you're a perver. You know, seen you perper you do that,
but see you I wanted champion.

Speaker 5 (16:42):
No, I don't know.

Speaker 4 (16:46):
You know, Latino, you.

Speaker 2 (16:48):
Don't don't go to tenclate that.

Speaker 4 (16:50):
I'm not gonna senclate that.

Speaker 5 (16:53):
Yeah, you know what, going away yours against part He's
going away, mam, mam coholo.

Speaker 4 (17:05):
I'm gonna I know, mama's gonna be to see like
a ninja. They're going to Pana.

Speaker 2 (17:14):
Socialist Enrique Santos and Rica Santo's show A Terminal La
Francis You okay?

Speaker 4 (17:19):
No reading? Good morning Santy.

Speaker 1 (17:23):
Creaky Santos Podcast
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