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May 21, 2024 22 mins

Celebramos por todo lo alto el triunfo de Maripily en La Casa de los Famosos.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Ricky Santos.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
Podcast, Good morning Everybody, Antonia streaming live and young I
heart radio smartest bank. You know the my Gina grazan
or Adams ran like yampol yare okay okas like jave

where copy.

Speaker 3 (00:36):
And it's a it's rosokyes to circul Undermann and theo
as so x no.

Speaker 4 (00:49):
Dil gnu.

Speaker 3 (00:52):
Ja and nadi is the analys sandolos proximos passos as
are perk generous so a persona gratta parent.

Speaker 2 (01:03):
You know, and cancellat momento the canceller hint the singing
bargo ok h p dr persona totalmente in p I
mean the bona semana l l come l apt the
control hal really really our new momental, the cool pass

a la victim as x none don't.

Speaker 4 (01:31):
Mention number the.

Speaker 5 (01:34):
Mandato paso includo I found also y un following know
the you Lebron James let your on follow p oh yes,
Anita leo.

Speaker 3 (01:47):
Now follow for the se the ca raky I sell
not then.

Speaker 4 (01:51):
Followed jo local oh y I mean the mote okay,
so you know, not.

Speaker 2 (02:00):
A ometic I hal go to talmente or really to
talmente in acceptable IBM, the Mimo, tel toba in quenta,
mild parano, sulta c l a persona, the pa and
the pacia at the time pacific ametica landraa that the

all piece of bark and super taata and Condela ratrando
or really its talment in acceptable Portola red labs here,
la capital carrota like retortive film or Sao local viertus
and la Granatan, malgatto o mal maane home or vicho,

the bart, the the Lino internamente e la pandemi and
all recopera and poc Nilo's biscus, lord sal a.

Speaker 4 (03:01):
Lobster row and so so no salon return see your
local and your pa.

Speaker 5 (03:10):
Was in casa sad gets like Sam's Club or costcover
Banna go pan you know oky ok little Fracaso relapsed
and the candol Porta.

Speaker 4 (03:34):
And gota you know, and.

Speaker 2 (03:38):
Coos camaron they were still seafood Commando beach and no
era lobster.

Speaker 4 (03:47):
And p and Primo camar c You.

Speaker 2 (03:54):
Can go, like I said, we're tally certificate Gina Ricardo
Rhona second, the aquam.

Speaker 3 (04:12):
Salio, the para conta adria arhona ie level mossto embarrassed
plliculas the Hollywood, You're not the last game. In Cantos,
the Father of the Bride that a Glorios stepan is. Yeah,
they diego a pellicula. In Cantos La visto recommend arghonaka

the Ricardo Arcona.

Speaker 2 (04:41):
That's cool, Thanksgiving the man Ricardo can aquaman. Yeah, com pavito,
it's a nice thing. I'm just trying to think of
the thanksgiving. The should be a salmon aquaman.

Speaker 4 (04:55):
The don't need their own kind. No, I haven't done
a commerce appropriate man.

Speaker 3 (05:00):
In Trauno Junta par for stavas cone Pendi Enrique, Christian Casso,
Travis Lo Mandan Plcio traves Mariela Legustava po no Legus Thomas,
this star ConA personam machine lord, file case, constantente persandol.

Speaker 4 (05:31):
Family sociality. Okay, Rica sold ms.

Speaker 5 (05:53):
Again, he's gonna he's gonna send that in in a
couple I messages.

Speaker 2 (05:59):
Were receiving my critian catrole Sushio.

Speaker 3 (06:02):
Com was and n D m yelet lokmll crimata as.

Speaker 6 (06:12):
If you was.

Speaker 4 (06:17):
Telephonica, I'm okay.

Speaker 2 (06:19):
When like Mosos, Alexander, the hinters on m BeO mensai
that boy you know semna la bara for well Domingo
enjoy Domingo aleca hennesi amando the video su sal Sallyo
aleca Henes like Casla.

Speaker 1 (06:39):
Mossy, Creaky Santos Podcast, Creaky Santos.

Speaker 2 (06:54):
Podcast, Rixandrola India. Yes, Enrique eta caro do opinions Number
one is in Portadomas, English and Spanish. And to thousands
from Tempora.

Speaker 4 (07:14):
To Martovida, go to you why why why why can
Henderson the Henderson most perro and.

Speaker 2 (07:24):
Perimental said no soa to Maria Joyce, you know noe
p s a tamil format show not necessarily mean the
best comopian man serentifica is warientificant perimento socio. Yeah, it's

the banda. And then to the posa to posta tuo
to mamta to TiO television, rati to to show preferrido
malta casamosos YAAA quadr yes, drique que fermo oil then
Famoso y ocha quadra quadron tequadro eight for four ninety seven,

thirty six, seventy four.

Speaker 1 (08:15):
Santos Cricky, Santos.

Speaker 2 (08:20):
Podcast and Drique Santos buoys happy toesday, got a quarta
te casamosos mari pilli rivera la calici Paraa trian and
trivita gono canalo YouTube drique santos not lan trevita ConA
the la casta FamoSOS quarta tempora Maripili rivera ca lo

FamoSOS amare porkee kea second vertin Parma mabito singing portrido
and to thousand news o qua quadru yes endrique ooqua
quadron ue tequadro casilo amos eleanore Gubert control the to
the levisor and control the control remoto the posta or

to sell hooked the main guadro riga you got the
direcs riga, the riga one of the portress combat and
Jo Maruno singing ports.

Speaker 6 (09:24):
News real PII.

Speaker 4 (09:32):
See transparencia scientific and.

Speaker 3 (09:39):
See real to us obvious and lamas.

Speaker 4 (09:55):
Me okay, so the child otami.

Speaker 7 (10:01):
The REPI over see I get canas.

Speaker 2 (10:10):
To cancer lament the show the gancho tresso t leroo
pro conti.

Speaker 7 (10:19):
To press the true punto the comparision man ver trahente
am when the identifica sid you know so you know
not not not to fatiago persona persona.

Speaker 2 (10:39):
I went to canomica ke mala persona comna punto comparassion to.

Speaker 7 (10:50):
See s p calada loke pas ento.

Speaker 2 (10:58):
The guadro, the temporal extreme at a super adict o,
Marcus monica de durl omar tamoss no you.

Speaker 7 (11:10):
Got jo the second pointment to.

Speaker 1 (11:25):
RONI ven got.

Speaker 5 (11:32):
Okay to week.

Speaker 2 (11:36):
What you're saying he bade seal bar set phrasing the
position tres no.

Speaker 6 (11:46):
You say you say to say rob the men got.

Speaker 1 (11:52):
Saying yeah and don't say to.

Speaker 2 (11:56):
So is a wholly give in the hour that I
mean they let you like okay Rome garaganda se he
can know to Aleka the top three erpreneur No, but
the play so questioning yes and Rique for four ninety

seventy six, seventy four and likeasa FamoSOS they wur like
Yessa yes Andrique Maria again Europe. Next, I think will
show Rick Santos continuation sent.

Speaker 1 (12:39):
Creaky Santos.

Speaker 8 (12:42):
Podcast came finalmsos I'm not king Maripill you know, like.

Speaker 4 (13:01):
The Temporada here he goes song, then siung.

Speaker 2 (13:24):
Tnsimo celerang in Felicida.

Speaker 4 (13:43):
Then the Puerto Rica, Los.

Speaker 2 (13:45):
Angele in Miami, likes to mid the reality shown television
and the Taoso music in port and Lean like Asa
del FamoSOS and Telemundo Maripili Rivera Yes, and the contact
Maria Bario, the sur Prime Maripilio over that I meant
to do the potential a Mariah.

Speaker 6 (14:12):
And prim like you Maria, Yes, the portor y s
Mari plic.

Speaker 4 (14:24):
You Maria and t make any fans mean.

Speaker 6 (14:31):
Per second look in and come to Maria.

Speaker 4 (14:39):
Maria part television.

Speaker 6 (14:47):
You know Mario okayllot thy.

Speaker 2 (14:55):
Lotta and you yeah, attack and you perto Rico to.

Speaker 6 (15:04):
Hang out. My son solon Dela with c y y
come signy to term locate.

Speaker 2 (15:16):
Oh yeah me Maria main Amason mahinomso like and paget
am my son then my Repelli Maria, Manuel Westron beach
On Manuel Money, good morning Yeah cotmosos.

Speaker 7 (15:39):
Se No.

Speaker 9 (15:42):
You're not like Asa, get me said, Bonny likes me.

Speaker 4 (15:51):
Okay, okay, come.

Speaker 9 (15:56):
Carino Amri Bailey, Yeah La your.

Speaker 2 (16:02):

Speaker 4 (16:02):
I came went to to b to the Proama. The
reality show Repent.

Speaker 6 (16:12):
Joe Loma Lupo so Susio Alti Television.

Speaker 4 (16:28):
Okay, scientific I to her you know that guy my
billy married Please movies you know me?

Speaker 2 (16:44):
You know what Mantero Hello, Plando and string didn't tremendaga
a squats Mary Billy Iem Michael and Miche you know here, Michael.

Speaker 4 (17:03):
Michael, Michel Michael Hello, Hello.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
Downsla Chicola.

Speaker 1 (17:22):
My man.

Speaker 4 (17:22):
Okay, moving on America. I'll tell you something. You get
your y.

Speaker 2 (17:30):
The you say people put up the front, it's a
to cosatup you core m Yeah they can person that
to c and Ylo Moso's boy.

Speaker 4 (17:56):
No you're not think but that tre messes.

Speaker 2 (18:00):
The connector, the mundo bron controler competencia colleg and radio
trying tonto suy so familiar, the premio.

Speaker 4 (18:13):
Ek realm conto.

Speaker 5 (18:17):
No tabros in the contain rom punto to say, okay,
you entered basa.

Speaker 4 (18:24):
You want know.

Speaker 2 (18:29):
The prima ambrick trying to to do familiate the inn
big time is tally is what I'm saying. That market
to market to cancer with the continue to the perimento

SoC orlanet t mosover.

Speaker 4 (19:00):
The con eric your some talk from me.

Speaker 2 (19:08):

Speaker 5 (19:12):
Hotel calls found the cas and the port him.

Speaker 4 (19:28):
What I said that both of my ceo, Talan Cravel.
You're in the watch party in Miami.

Speaker 2 (19:34):
When I'm hearing a single telephone, you can get about
you till my pill May Billy.

Speaker 4 (19:40):
Mary Billy, matild.

Speaker 2 (19:45):
Ma tild Party Mary Billy, Clara and West Palm Beach
get the pars.

Speaker 9 (19:53):
Good morning went single single that the hotel when then
so young not in youngst away perro to the Gerald
d Alesta and Carlos trap Gerald and t M B

and Strap lahosla ah no black alas you okay yeah
ado Lamba.

Speaker 4 (20:37):
La la car and really came for mamp No, I
can't take a.

Speaker 5 (20:58):
Resent, say okay, PoCA were not and so.

Speaker 7 (21:17):
Know yeah.

Speaker 5 (21:19):
Better the girl in Factory don the Dominicanola you don't
know yet, Yetta Conto man that yeah, yeah you call.

Speaker 3 (21:41):
I get starting contradict and contract, I guest start in contract.
I can fandom yes that Rome okay extreme extremely Gena
like Clara for extreme or por Ginam for.

Speaker 9 (22:04):
Gina Gina.

Speaker 4 (22:07):
Gina like the.

Speaker 2 (22:11):
Postman and Final Final Finale.

Speaker 4 (22:17):
Two It is two Gina almost like an aura called
Chakra Oran ding.

Speaker 2 (22:27):
Ding thing.

Speaker 4 (22:30):
Gina, thank you just give her a vinyl.

Speaker 2 (22:33):
Yeah, it's a vinyl Thank you Shaqui and on the
od Biny not Mean t Semana and YouTube Andrik Santos.

Speaker 1 (22:42):
Santos Creaky Santos Podcast
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